Arsenal. Player Ratings.

In the absence of both our post game analysts, I will try to fill in.

I have ambivalence – happy with a point given our current malaise but disappointed that having equalised we didn’t push on and attack a fragile defence.

How many clear cut chances did we created? Hopw many did we allow? Was it a penalty with the Monreal “handball”?

Perhaps it would be easier to do this by player assessments.

Ospina. Could have done better for the Aguero goal. Beaten with a cross shot. Cech may have saved it but Ospina made some good saves and was secure   6

Bellerin. One of his worst games. Where is the wonderful player of last season? Awful defending for the first goal. Poor passing throughout the game. He made Sane look a good player  4

Mustafi. Fine goal. Good in the middle of the area and made some good passes out of defence. He tried to lead the team after Kos’s substitution   7

Koscielny. Let’s hope his achilles is short-term. Quality player who is let down by his colleagues.   7

Monreal. Very good going forward and consistently gave Sanchez an outlet. Some decent crosses and stopped attacks down the right..  8

Xhaka.  Another yellow thanks to a dive fro a MC cheat. Combatative and won the midfield battle in the second half.   6

Coquelin. His best game for some time against a strong MC midfield.  7

Ozil. I expect more. He is world class and today had a chance to influence the game. He didn’t. Appears to to lacking in confidence  5

Sanchez. Busy, as ever. City always double teamed him and reduced his effectiveness.    6

Welbeck. Anonymous. Worked hard but didn’t get any service.  5

Walcott. Scored. Unhappy to be subbed which is not an issue. Worked hard but was a bit of a passenger. Extra point for the goal.  6


Gabriel. A good half and one must wonder why he isn’t starting. 7

Giroud. Hardly touched the ball and didn’t receive a single cross.   5

Iwobi. We had more impetus when he came on. Could have scored.  7

Team: As a whole it was obvious the team lacked confidence. They worked hard but lacked the lovely intricate pass and move of earlier in the season. It was a workmanlike performance. Once again our defence looked porous.

I was concerned (as were others) about spirit of the team, they seemed very fragmented and this raises concerns about the common good. Walcott’s petulance, the lack of excitement when Walcott scored  but perhaps they just don’t like Theo!

Overall, a point against City was acceptable given the circumstances but if we were to achieve Top 4 a win was essential, and it is worrying that the team did not push on after Mustafi’s goal, if anything City looked more likely to take the 3 points.

written by Big Raddy

29 Responses to Arsenal. Player Ratings.

  1. GunnerN5 says:

    Morning Raddy,

    Both the team (in themselves) and the crowd (in the team) are lacking in confidence and it shows with their reactions. Oxil is a total enigma what has happened to the player of old?.

    Normally we would have considered this to be a fine point to gain but this is a time when we need all three.

    Change is in the air (sounds like the headline for a post) – but what will the change be?

  2. GunnerN5 says:

    Wenger – I want to thank the fans

    Arsène Wenger has thanked our fans for the part they played in helping us earn a point against Manchester City.

    An early goal from Leroy Sane could have knocked the stuffing out of the team – as could Sergio Aguero’s strike just before half-time. But the home fans willed the team on and were rewarded with a second equaliser from Shkodran Mustafi.

    “I would like to thank the fans today,” Wenger told Arsenal Player.

    “In the moments we suffered, they were absolutely amazing in a positive way. Today, that was a very important moment in the game. If they had turned against us when we were 1-0 down, alongside dealing with the nerves, it would have made things worse. They really helped the team recover and we are grateful for that.

    “Overall, yes 2-2 was a fair result,” added the boss. “You could see that we played with a bit of nerves as we started the game in a nervous way. Our confidence was not at its highest. Today was a real mental test about how united we are and how ready we are for a fight.

    “Could we respond when we were a goal down against Manchester City who are very dangerous in the transitions? On the mental front it was a very positive response from our team. I hope and I’m sure it will help us to restart with more confidence in the next games.

    “We were 2-1 down having just conceded a goal before half-time. There’s no worse moment mentally than that but we responded well in the second half. I felt the team deserved a point today. Mathematically it was not the best operation but mentally for the end of our season, it was an important point.”

    The big regret was conceding so soon after Theo Walcott’s goal to make it 1-1. Just seconds had elapsed when David Silva fed Aguero and he found the bottom corner.

    “I felt we were a bit out of position, out of shape,” said Wenger. “Our structure was suddenly loose. It was quite good until then and after, in the second half, it was good again.

    “That was just the moment when we were caught and we lost the ball in our own half. After that we lost a tackle and then we were caught. They have the quality players who can punish you with any mistake.”

    Copyright 2017 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to as the source


  3. Zed says:

    Well done, again, Radster, a good Post written with your heart on your sleeve.

    For myself, I get no pleasure in saying that for most of the game we played liked a Championship league team playing a Premier League team, and Citeh could have easily have been 0:3 up before we scored if they had taken their chances.

    That said, the lads put on a good show, given the limited abilities of some, and it was an exciting game for all that, and you are correct, it could have been a Gunners win [fortuitous tho that would have been].

    Walcott did what he often does – scored a goal – and then disappeared, in full view [is that a magician’s trick?] until finally he acted badly to being taken off. If only he could understand that we would all have liked him staying on the pitch — but he needs to put the work in.

    Whoever is the manager next season, that squad needs to be gutted and another player rebuilding begun. AW was responsible for bringing that squad in – and I fear he will rebuild with another bunch of largely second rate, diminutive but skilful players.

    I enjoyed the game – but I have no confidence in this team in the longer run.

  4. jjgsol says:

    If you compare the ratings in the Times today, with yours, you might think that you and they were watching a different game.

    I agree more with yours, except I thought Sanchez was our best player. He was busy throughout and showed the sort of ball control that we have come to expect from cazorla.

    We clearly lacked confidence as a team and as individuals.

    Looking at the context, however, with Man$ity having the best away record in the league and our team with their current abysmal record a draw was a good result, especially when we allowed them to score after a couple of minutes.

    Clearly Guardiola has started to get his team to play the possession football that was his trademark at Barca and Bayern.

    I think we can clearly see why Real Madrid were so happy to sell Ozil. Great player that he may be, his consistency leaves a lot to be desired.

    It was interesting to see how many professional fouls Man$ity were allowed, without real sanction. We did them as well, and yet it seems like our player was booked each time.

    Apart form the I do not think the ref could be faulted, as I do not think it was a penalty, whatever Monreal is alleged to have said to Pep.

  5. jjgsol says:

    I note your comment about Gabriel.

    I have said before that I have felt that the defensive deterioration started when Mustaffi was brought back from injury, to replace Gabriel. From then onwards things got from bad to worse.

    The media has decided that it sells papers and adds to internet hits if they go all out against AW. I have seen it in the Times and the Evening Standard.

    No one in the press ,that I have seen, has yet mentioned that, as against the teams we have played this season, compared to last season, we are 2 points up.

    It was inevitable that, with 3 new grade A managers, Chel$ki, Man$ity and Manure would improve this season over their woeful performance last season.

    One might have thought that with the players that we brought in, at great expense, we might do the same, but clearly, but, clearly, they have had difficulty in settling in to the new style of play in the EPL, and some of our better players, seem to have lost their way, somewhat.

    Theo did what he does well, which is score opportunist goals. That he seems to disappear may be as much to do with the lack of service from Ozil and the other midfielders, than anything else.

    All players, unless they are injured or genuinely tired, do not like being substituted, so his lack of enthusiasm at going off is understandable. On the contrary, if he had been happy to go off, I would have been much more worried.

    We surely want our players to be keen to get on the pitch and do their stuff, not keen to get off it.

  6. Zed says:


    I pretty much agree with the points made in your two comments.

    For me, Mustafi has the physique and the inclinations to be a midfield player – he is not a CB, either physically or by temperament, which I guess is another way to say I agree with you that Gabriel is much more suited to being a CB.

    One cannot ignore the fact that Theo scored an important, tho somewhat lucky first equaliser, and credit to him for doing so, but other than that he adds very little to the game, and to act up with a manager already under pressure from all quarters, especially from some irate fans, showed a lack of responsibility and/or loyalty.

    How is your Post writing going? 🙂

  7. Zed says:



  8. fred1266 says:

    Saw Gabriel came to for Kos is Kos ok

  9. GunnerN5 says:

    He went off with an achilles heel issue Fred.

  10. fatgingergooner says:

    I’m really pleased with the fight the players showed yesterday. Recently it’s been levelled at them that they don’t want to play for the manager or AFC, but I didn’t see any of that yesterday. What I am seeing is a huge lack of confidence and that is a recipe for disaster in an Arsene Wenger team. Our strong points as a team are our attacking fluency and quick passing. When confidence is low we start to slow the game down, make bad decisions and stop making runs. This has a very negative effect on our ability to attack and keep the ball, which in turn puts more pressure on our defence and results in the poor form we have been witnessing recently.

    If our confidence improves, our attacking play and ball retention will improve and thus our defensive stability will improve.

  11. Bob says:

    Fair review on a fair result. Happy to see Theo on he scoresheet!

  12. chas says:

    Very fair assessment, BR, cheers.

    Like you I was a bit disappointed we didn’t have another gear to move into once the second equaliser went.

    Then again, you reminded me that we lost our best defender so, all in all, I’ve got to be pleased we got a point.

  13. Big Raddy says:

    “All in all” sums it up.


    BTW Peaches has told me that LB is out of the country. As our results have deteriorated with his absence, the blame lies firmly on his head.

  14. Red Arnie says:

    Nice work, Raddy..😊 yes happy with a point but I expect more.

    One other quibble. My MOTM is Ospina

  15. Red Arnie says:

    Micky. Brilliant, just brilliant. Have you been there? I fully recommend it. What an experience! What a day!

    How did you know going to the beach and pretending to be a lizard would not be my kind of thing? 😊

  16. fred1266 says:

    Heard there was a protest before the game yesterday and also heard it had some sort of fighting is this true


  17. chas mobile says:

  18. chas says:

  19. chas says:

  20. chas says:

  21. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    The swimming vid is amazing, so graceful, and I thought it was just a stupid sport.

  22. fatgingergooner says:

    Aeroplanes, advertising trucks, what next!? It will be like a scene from Die Hard when the budget runs out!


  23. fatgingergooner says:


  24. fatgingergooner says:

    Oops. Having trouble uploading photos this morning! 😄

  25. fatgingergooner says:

  26. Morning all

    we have a New Post …………………

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