The Ox’s breakthrough season?

If I was Arsene Wenger, I’d be saying to Alex, ‘Alex, mon petit choux, I was thinking about going out and buying a right-sided attacker for the team?’.

‘The question is, do I really need to? Surely you could give me 10 goals from that area of the pitch? Yep, I realise, GoonerB thinks you’re played out of position and should be coming in from the left, but the little Chilean is fairly good in that position already’.

‘Come on, what do you say? Breakthrough season to that elevated position in the world rankings we all know you have in you?’


……………….Coming up Boss……………………..

Sorted, so we just need a 30 goal-a-season guaranteed striker, La Cassette or that one Eddie fancies? Who else springs to mind?


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  1. GunnerN5 says:


    I believe that he has the speed, desire and ability to succeed on the right. I missed the two US games as I was moving house but I was impressed with him in the Lyon game.

    Unlike Walcott he appears to be able to adjust his style whereas Walcott seems to be stuck in an unchangeable mode.

    He has a great attitude and I for one hope that he comes through.

  2. GunnerN5 says:

    Wenger discusses the transfer market

    Arsène Wenger discussed transfers at his press conference at the Stubhub Center on Saturday.

    Here’s a transcript of what he said:

    on transfer approach…

    I buy players that I feel can strengthen our team. Today you have to be very strong inside the club when you are responsible, not just to buy [for the sake of buying]. There’s always a wave of opinions. I must say people are better informed today – they know all the players. They tell you always that you should buy but when you ask them who to buy, they become much shorter. If you look at the market in Europe, there’s a lot of money available but not many players who really strengthen the teams. If you look at the teams that spend the most money in Europe, they’re not necessarily the teams that won the championships. The global investment of the clubs around us didn’t stop Leicester winning the championship.

    on transfers…

    We are still on the market for players. [Be it] at the front or at the back – we are on the market. Unfortunately we are not alone.

    on Mahrez and Lacazette…

    The best way to conclude transfers is not to talk about them, which is very difficult in the press conference! We are on the market but I don’t want to talk specifically about any player because that makes it more difficult for me – and it’s difficult enough.

    on if he expects to sign a defender before the season starts…

    Yes I do.

    Copyright 2016 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to as the source

  3. Rasp says:

    Great stuff chas, thanks.

    The Ox has looked very sharp in the clips I’ve seen in the 2 friendlies – I’d be inclined to give him a run of games wide right and place our faith in him = no Mahrez …, but hopefully La Caz 🙂

    I’m beginning to wonder whether Arsene is talking about a centre half or a wing back when he talks about looking for a defender – Holding and Chambers are both looking pretty useful at CB

  4. mickydidit89 says:

    Well played Chas, thanks.

    I would love The Ox to make it at Arsenal, but I think it’s a question game time, so that he’s not always playing as though it’s an only chance where he almost tries too hard to impress.

    If I had to choose between Arsene buying a wideboy or a striker, I’d go for the latter, on the understanding he gave Joel and The Ox all the games out wide in a shit or bust season for them both.

  5. Rasp says:

    Snap Micky 🙂

  6. LBG says:

    Good one Chas, thanks for the new post – no scrolling.
    Hope you are right as I always felt the Ox had the potential to be the diamond (particularly compared to TW).
    Agree with most comments so far. Think the head thing is what needs to be overcome! “I do have the pace and skill and can take on that man in front of me comfortably. Agree playing time is required and stepping up in important games ie Liverpool, could be the start of a big season. Hope it’s not a flatter to deceive pre season effect as if it’s not this season, I suspect it may be never. Come on Ox show us what you can really do, regularly!!!

  7. mickydidit89 says:

    We’re beautiful people Rasp 🙂

  8. Rasp says:

    I’d certainly choose Oxo over Theo wide right … let’s hope Arsene sees it the same way. The best thing for Theo would be to find a new club. I think he’s got a couple of years left on his contract and so I guess he’s quite comfortable how he is.

  9. Eddie says:

    ox is a very talented player, but he will never be world class. Since 2011 he has had 100 appearances already and only 7 goals, not good enough. Having said that he is still only 22 and 2-3 years away from the peak of his career. Given every game start he can improve ten folds.

    I want him to go and I want him to stay. Can’t have both, so let him go, set him free to blossom in a perhaps lesser club.

  10. Eddie says:

    Eddie does not fancy Ikardi.

    micky – given a choice between a wideboy and a striker DidIt chose the latter. Ha ha ha ha. If you were to chose between a manager and a striker you’d chose the latter

  11. GunnerN5 says:

    I don’t really care what position he plays – I just want somebody who can score goals.

  12. LB says:

    Sell the pair of them and yes I have watched both games in which the Ox has been very impressive but head down, fast, run at the opposition is all well and good but he will just be running into the Sunderland bus even faster.

    What we need is someone who has the skill set to intricately find a way past the two banks of 25 players (or that is what it seems like at times) and then either score or, if not, then have the ability to play a pass to a player who can and that person is simply — Ryad Mahrez.

  13. Shard says:


    Interesting. Head down, running into defenders, and poor recognition of the situation is exactly what my problem with Ox has been. In these pre season games however, I have noticed him running more sensibly and judiciously, and while keeping his head up. This gives me hope that it’s not too late for him.

    Still want someone like Mahrez though. Sell Walcott. I would say Campbell too, but I like him too much. Almost an anti-Ox (idant :P) A player who plays within himself to make the team better. Has a decent finish, has at least one great pass a game, and has decent dribbling skills. Also works hard. I think he’s an ideal squad player, and could also perhaps grow into a greater role.

    If we get a wide forward like Mahrez, it’ll be hard to find games for all of our guys. Alexis and Mahrez as first choice. Ox and Campbell/Iwobi as second choice. Then there’s also Jeff and Gnabry, both of whom are also great talents. It’ll be a nice problem to have though.

  14. mickydidit89 says:

    How was yesterday?

    “If you were to chose between a manager and a striker you’d chose the latter”. Of course. I work on a worse case scenario basis. I could stand in as Manager, whereas, ace goal hanger that I once was, my full kit days are a long way behind me.

    Rest of you,
    My bones tell me we’re going to get a goal machine that we’ll be happy with.

  15. Rasp says:

    I think there is more likelihood of us signing this 31 y.o. CB …. Nicolas Lombaerts, than Mustafi – he’d give Holding and Chambers another couple of years to develop


    Cheers chas

    Ox has got the ability, but for some reason he aint doing it?

    Last season against Newcastle there was no desirable women or men with a criminal appearance to stare at, so I decided to watch Chamberlain closely.

    The guy lacked movement, awareness, and know how. When he did move it was so telegraphed that it made Newcastle’s defenders look so good there fans angrily demanded some shit defending.

    When he gets the ball at feet and is facing an opponent he is very dangerous, but so is a frustrated Ostrich. That’s not good enough, Ostriches don’t get paid big bucks, i dont even think they have a contract? If I was Arsene, I would call Ox into my office and politely let him know that unless he improves, we are letting him go. And then point to the Ostrich in the corner and say that is your replacement.

    But yet, he has ability? I have recently been getting great success on online dating. Using that picture of the Argos male model is finally paying dividends and is also getting me a 20% discount on a £99.99 Bosh Drill. Throw in a bit of witty repartee and the odd lie that whilst messaging I do so fully clothed, i have procured plenty of dates.

    Whats this got to do with Chamberlain? Well, on my first date I lost the ability to talk so was reduced to using sign language. The only problem is when she walked in to the restaurant I was having a conversation on my phone. Pretending to be deaf after that is very hard to pull off. Thats Chamberlain, like me hes a bottling it.

    By the end I was reduced to passing notes from under the table but the pencil broke so frantically went round all the other tables using aggressive sign language to get hold of a pen. I just got to the point were I had this bloke in a headlock and my other hand in his pocket fiddling for a Biro when I looked up to see she had gone

    But I’m not giving up. Next time I’m turning up with a laptop.

    Thats what Alex has to do, persevere. But hes got to do it soon, otherwise one day he will be walking past a restaurant and spot his women engaging in an intimate and fun filled dinner with a very pleased looking Ostrich.

  17. Rasp says:

    Top lunacy TMHT 🙂

  18. mickydidit89 says:

    Can’t think why, but I’d never thought of it like that, Transplant.
    Lucky you’re around really 🙂

  19. LB says:


    Four and a half hours, average speed of 31.5 Kilometers per hour.

    No stops, my right thigh was on fire at the end and not in a good way.

    All in all, for someone of my age, I am pleased.

    It really is something special being able to ride along the roads with no traffic, it takes a while to realise that you don’t have to take any notice of the traffic lights. Flying through Wimbledon village at 55k was fun.

    Far fewer accidents, only saw one face plant, last year they were all over the floor, maybe that was because I went a bit earlier and the standard of rider was higher.

  20. Eddie says:

    very effing funny mr transplant. It is just that I am one of those stupid women who go on internet dates. Once I met this amazing guy, funny, witty, handsome etc until I met him. He made Mr Bean look cool!!! The ****k held the credit card reader to his ear pretending he mistook it for a phone!!! I have never been so embarrassed in my life!
    And for that reason Ox is out!

  21. kelsey says:

    I watched your race LB from my vantage point.35000 in the the two amateur races is some going.Sad about the guy who had a H A going over Kingston bridge and died..

    On to the pro race I thought Thomas was home and dry when he went passed me which is exactly 9 miles from the finish but I should have known better.34 police motor bikes and about a dozen police cas plus all the support teams, was quite a sight.

    The Ox is The Ox isThe Ox. Let’s wait and see but not as long as with Walcott

  22. LB says:

    Oooooh, I didn’t know about the HA Kelsey. Very sad.

    35,000 people, incredible, who would have imagined not so long ago that cycling would become so popular.

  23. LB says:

    Right, I can feel a signing being announced tomorrow.

    I wrote a while back about delayed signing announcements. The rationale was this: do you think Holding would have been able to build the confidence he has in the last two games if he had known that the club had just signed an experienced CB? No he wouldn’t.

    Do you think that Oxlaide-Chamberlain would have played as well as he has if he had known that a really skillful goal scoring right sided striker had been signed? No he wouldn’t. Do you think Theo, ahhhh, whats the point?

    But, now that those two shirt selling games are over we are ready to unfurl a couple of big guns. Mahrez tomorrow and Lacazette before the end of the week. Job done, bring on the scousers.

    The more eagle eyed will say, what about a CB, hmmmm, I am not convinced that Wenger is serious about that one unless it is a loan or a player right at the end of his career, either way I do not have high hopes.

  24. fatgingergooner says:

    We were never going to sign anyone whilst in America so we are bound to be announcing signings this week seeing as we need players before seasons starts.

    Rumours of Ashley Williams to Everton for £10m. Worth every penny if you ask me. Plenty of PL experience and a decent age to allow the likes of Chambers, Holding and Bielik to continue progression.

    I definitely see a ST coming in but not convinced on a RW unless Theo leaves. Best case scenario is a ST, Mahrez, CB and Walcott out. Worst case, ST.

  25. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    Lacazette in an Arsenal shirt looks just a little bit like Terry Henry 🙂

  26. LBG says:

    In my opinion Napoli have immediately done a fine deal, following the offloading of Higuain, Milik from Ajax.
    Williams should be our next CB buy, Arsene.

  27. Shard says:

    Milik is awesome. Really talented. But perhaps it might have been a bit too early for him in England. Going to Italy is a good move for him to grow. In the next 2 years, he’ll probably move to a bigger club.

  28. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All

    Fine post chas..

    Ox is going to be a super player and it is significant that AW is playing him in the wide positions instead of Theo.

    Theo’s days may be numbered as a first team player at AFC but will any other club pay his vastly inflated wages?

    TMHT. Magnificent comment.

    LB. Chapeau!

  29. BR

    I hope the Ox can have a stellar season, I really do👍

  30. Eddie says:

    yeah, big secret. He meant no new players. Snake of a man

  31. chas says:

  32. Eddie says:

    ha ha ha, very good
    chas, can’t see the greatest signing, who is it?

  33. chas says:

    Spot which one is Eddie

  34. Eddie says:

    the ugly gremlin? that is nice, thanks

    some say Vermealen is coming back. Surely not

  35. chas says:

    It’s a character called Oscar the Grouch. Fits perfectly.

  36. Eddie says:

    and that’s me? the Grouch? why?

  37. chas says:

    You’re not really the Grouch; you’re actually a very sunny person like Ant.

  38. chas says:


  39. chas says:

    That was good, Ant.
    I tend not to read the ‘She Wore’ stuff anymore because of too much negativity. Lesson learnt.

  40. LBG says:

    Pure quality, Ant. A pleasure to read and empathise with!

  41. RC78 says:

    Ox must shine this season – it is his time but he needs to remain fit. It seems he is doing well in the pre-season especially in the last third. We can keep him on the right side at the beginning of the season for sure but ONLY if we do not sign Mahrez and to be honest, I would rather buy Mahrez…

    Line-up vs Liverpool:

    Cech – Bellerin, MUSTAFI, Kos, Monreal – Xhaka, Coquelin, El Neny – Ox, Walcott, Campbell

    Starting XI as of 01 September:

    Cech – Bellerin, Mustafi, Kos, Monreal – Ramsey, Xhaka – MAHREZ, Ozil, Sanchez – Giroud

    Subs team as of 01 Sept:

    Ospina – Debuchy, Chambers, Gabriel, Gibbs – El Neny, Coquelin, Wilshere – Ox, MANDZUKIC, Cazorla

    You then have to decide on the fate of Walcott, Campbell, Iwobi, Chuba, Jeff, Gnabry, Bielik, Holding, Zelalem

  42. LB says:

    Thanks for that one Ant.

    Made me smile about his reaction to finding out someone was a spurs fan.

    I try, I really try but I cannot stop myself from doing exactly the same. I like to cycle as I often write on this blog and we sort of try not to talk about football which allows us to leave our prejudices aside, this works really well for me when Arsenal have lost, not so much when we win.

    Anyway I had made a really good cycling buddy, we went all over Europe in a really good group and I really liked his company, then one spring cycling trip to Mallorca we were putting our bikes together after the flight when he casually started singing something about white heart lane, my ears pricked up, I really hoped that I had miss heard as I knew how I would inwardly react and then I realised there was no doubt he was one of them.

    I can’t ride with him any more, pathetic I know, but I just can’t.

  43. chas says:

    Especially in his slipstream – the putrid stench would be intolerable. 🙂

  44. chas says:

  45. Jeremy O Dwyer says:

    Ha chas.
    Such simple genius.

  46. chas says:

  47. Big Raddy says:

    That vine has made my evening. Crying with laughter …

  48. chas says:

  49. Eddie says:

    never mind Cameron’s friends, his wife’s hairdresser is to get an OBE too 🙂 What the feck for??

    ya gotta larf

  50. mickydidit89 says:

    Cat vid
    Save it forever 😎

  51. mickydidit89 says:

    Half an hour to log in from bloody mobile
    Not goog

  52. Big Raddy says:

    Definitely not goog

    Can anyone tell me why we are so excited about Lacazette? If he is so good why did OG start ahead of him for France?

    I must be missing some nugget of information.

  53. Big Raddy says:

    Draxler. Drool. Better than Mahrez and prettier.

  54. chas says:

    He’s a new feckin toy, BR.
    Isn’t that good enough? 🙂

  55. Rasp says:

    Hmmm, I believe I predicted the ‘defender’ AW said he was looking to sign would be a full back, not a centre half ….. watch this space 🙂

    We actually have loads of CBs, it’s just that many are young = Chambers, Holding and Bielik. Add Koz, Gabriel and Merts and that makes 6 – I can’t see AW signing another. I expect to see Holding start an EPL game for us this season.

  56. chas mobile says:

    I can’t believe we’re in for Danny Alves?
    Pass the sick bucket.

  57. Rasp says:

    Nice try chas 😆

  58. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    Trying to decipher Newsnow Arsenal is like trying to translate Greek. Are any of the ‘potential’ signings that they put on there a chance to be signed? Its starting to do my head in.

  59. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    Just listening to talksport with cundy & lewis re whether Ozil is or is not world class 👿 That cundy bloke must be a numpty tbh.

  60. fatgingergooner says:


    Because Lacazette is better than Sanogo! Joking aside though, I’m with you on this one. Don’t see that much potential in Lacazette. Draxler on the other hand! If he wants out of his current club then surely Wenger will be in for him. I hope so anyway.

    Going to be a fun few weeks watching the transfers come in. Don’t often get to say that as an Arsenal fan.

  61. TotalArsenal says:

    Nice one Chas. We all want the Ox to break through but a few good performances against half hearted teams will not convince us. Let’s see whether he can do it when it matters and the pressure is on.

    Love the vids and comments as always. should hire you to spice up their site! 😄💄👙

  62. fatgingergooner says:

    Apparently Juve want Draxler too, aswell as any other player we are interested in. Also talk of Inter going for Cavani which could see Icardi leaving.

    Its all bull***t but fun to read!

  63. mickydidit89 says:


    Re Lacazette. “If he is so good why did OG start ahead of him for France”.

    Dechamps likes a big oaf up top, like Arsene. He even picked Gignac ahead of the cassette

    France lost 🙂

  64. mickydidit89 says:

    Eddie Eddie Eddie

    Im Gegenzug könnte ein anderer Spieler Inter Mailand verlassen: Der FC Arsenal hat ein Auge auf Mauro Icardi (23) geworfen. Der Angreifer wäre kein Schnäppchen: 60 Millionen Euro müsste der Londoner Traditionsklub für den italienischen Angreifer zahlen


  65. mickydidit89 says:

    Verm is coming home. We’re going 3-5-2. One less defender. Hooray 🙂

    Der FC Arsenal holt offenbar Verteidiger Thomas Vermaelen zurück. Laut der spanischen „Sport“ sollen die „Gunners“ ein Angebot für den 30-jährigen Belgier bei FC Barcelona eingereicht haben. Vor seinem Engagement bei den Katalanen kickte Vermaelen bereits fünf Jahre bei Arsenal

  66. mickydidit89 says:

    The cat vid just gets better and better 🙂

  67. kelsey says:


    Looking back we have had so many players in the last ten years that were absolte shite but too many dwarfs however skillful tend to get injured time and time again.|Too many diddy men who are easiy dispossessed and because of their stature prone to injuries time and time again.

    Perry Groves was saying when he was in the squad most of the team were 6 foot 3 or 4,now look at us.

    Webeck was never injured at United and even Rosicky had a pretty good attendence record when playing in Germany.

    The Ox has lost a whole season so no one of us know how he will recover.He is still very young,has a lot to learn but needs to look at Ozil, who always has head up looking for that killer pass.

    Wilshere is a bigger concern and one of Wenger’s traits is being loyal to his players,IMO far too long in most cases, and I fear for Jack.I can’t see him having a pivitol role in the squad and mentally when you have had so many ankle injuries at a comparitively young age it must play on his mind.(I know the current injury is his knee)

    Then there is Mertesacker who reads the game well but is as slow as a cart horse and Wenger should have had a ready made replacement in the wings last season and now who knows when Pers will return.Will scrooge buy or will he chuck the Bolton lad straight in.

    Bad management last season and though we get the “actively trying” quote every day it’s all bolloxs.
    Please prove me wrong and spend about 100 million on two or three quality players,sell Walcott and Debuchy whilst they still have some value and then have a real chance.Buy those quality players and they make average players or youngsters better.We need more mentors.

    Suddenly I woke up and realised it was a dream. 😉

  68. mickydidit89 says:

    I think in your case, we should take that as a very positive comment, Crystals 🙂

  69. kelsey says:

    Thank you your majesty 😉

  70. mickydidit89 says:

    I saw your and LB’s comments about the bicycle race. Blimey, some event.
    Thoroughly disapprove of bicyclists on the public highway, but then again, I would 🙂

  71. chas says:

    Hmmm, one of Wenger’s traits is being loyal to his players.
    I suppose you got that right, at least. 😉

  72. mickydidit89 says:

    Anyone see the BBC2 doc. last night about New Zealand south island?
    Wow, what a gaff

  73. mickydidit89 says:

    Well, I think we all know who on here worships at Satan’s altar.

    Morning Erik 🙂

  74. chas says:

    Do they have pockets in the ceremonial robes for your rizla?

  75. chas says:

    Apart from the Insanity, I thought it looked quite appealing.

  76. mickydidit89 says:

    Ha ha, true Chas. The Ad. is like a “come and get me” invitation to all fun lovers everywhere 🙂

  77. chas says:

  78. chas says:

  79. chas says:

  80. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    Great work chas.

    As to pockets in the robes …. of course there are pockets, and deep ones too. An occultist needs to rub the crystals .

  81. mickydidit89 says:

    When is the High Jump in Rio. I’m watching.

  82. Big Raddy says:

    I live close to the Swedish high jump training camp. After the recent court case I have been told that if I visit again I will be arrested.

    Have to settle for their hurdles track.

  83. mickydidit89 says:

    Ha ha Erik

    I think the trick is to head down to the beach and the ladies beach volley ball.
    I pretend to be a sand. It’s the ideal camouflage for the enthusiastic fan

  84. Big Raddy says:

    Now I understand the surfing …

  85. mickydidit89 says:

    Right, 9am. Time to hand over to transfer activity fans

  86. Eddie says:

    I scanned the comments quickly, no striker yet?

  87. mickydidit89 says:

    Always look for the opportunity ie if we don’t sign a goal machine, you can get odds of 80-1 that Arsene is first prem. manager to part company with his club
    In other word, for a mere £100, you could be sitting on 8k before tinsel time 🙂

  88. mickydidit89 says:

    Ok, must dash.

  89. Rasp says:

    Morning all …..

    2 questions …….

    1. Is it a choice of Caz and Mahrez … or … Caz or Mahrez in Arsene’s eyes?

    2. Will we be buying a centre half or a full back?

    My answers are:
    1: One or the other
    2: Full back

  90. Evening all,

    Is this Mahrez talk bullshit or not?

  91. Big Raddy says:


    1. I don’t know
    2. I don’t know

  92. Rasp says:

    🙂 Raddy, none of us do … it was an invitation to conjecture 🙂

  93. RC78 says:

    Morning –
    Rasp –

    1. If Mahrez comes, it is to play on the wing not in the middle of the park so it would be competition for Ox, Walcott, Iwobi, Campbell.

    2. I think the defender we will buy would be able to play at FB and CB like Mustafi…Then we could just sell Debuchy and loan out Jenkinson again when he is back to training.

    Our squad is a bit imbalanced now in terms of position and quality.

    CECH – Ospina – Check

    BELLERIN – Debuchy, Jenkinson – OK but back up is weak
    BFG, Chambers, Holding – OK but BFG is injured and Chambers and Holding are still in progres
    KOS, Gabriel, Bielik – OK but Gabs and Bielik need to improve
    MONREAL, Gibbs – OK but I think we could improve this position

    XHAKA, Coquelin – OK
    RAMSEY, Wilshere – OK
    EL NENY, Zelalem – OK

    OZIL, Cazorla, Campbell – OK

    OX, Walcott, Iwobi – OK
    GIROUD, Wellbeck, Chuba, Asano, Sanogo – OK
    SANCHEZ, Gnabry, Campbell – OK

    If you bring in Mahrez, you must send send Iwobi and Gnabry on loan so they get some playing time and/or you sell Walcott and then you keep Iwobi. Sanogo must go on loan again.

    If you bring in Mustafi, you must offload Chambers or Gabriel on loan and also get rid of Debuchy or Jenkinson on sale.

    If you bring in a CF like Mandzukic, then you must send Chuba out on loan.

    To be honest, if we buy Mustafi, Mahrez and Mandzukic – we get three very good players and their names all start with an M.

  94. RC78 says:

    Cech – Bellerin, Mustafi, Kos, Monreal – Ramsey, Xhaka – Mahrez, Ozil, Sanchez – Giroud

    Does that look ok?

  95. kelsey says:

    I actually find these rumours where we are linked to practically every half decent player, laughable.

    Now we are read this.

    English Premier League side Arsenal will hope the inclusion of Olivier Giroud will tempt Inter to agree a deal for captain Mauro Icardi.

    Serie A rivals Napoli have recently been the most likely destination for the 23-year-old, should he decide to leave, and have offered numerous deals, each time with an increasing amount of money.

    According to Corriere dello Sport, however, Arsenal will submit a bid for the striker in the hopes that around €30-35 million in cash plus French international Giroud is enough to convince the Nerazzurri to let him go.

    Giroud was one of Les Bleus’ key men in their Euro 2016 campaign, appearing in all nine of their matches and scoring three goals.

    This new bid is a variation to a previous one presented by the Gunners worth €60m, although the overall cost is about the same.

    Giroud was included in a possible transfer for former Napoli striker Gonzalo Higuain early on in the summer window and was given an estimated value of €20-25m.

    Arsene Wenger and the rest of the club’s management will have to move quickly, however, as Icardi is set to hold contract renewal talks soon.

    I know there is still 4 weeks of the window left but we seem to make hard work over every deal even loan deals.Giroud has his limitations but is an integral part of the team, and the media love all this and show us up as a penny pinching club and Wenger always but always never prepared to pay the going rate or maybe everything is under wraps and we will sign someone or even two with hours left of the window,yet AW always says players need a settling in period and the other big clubs are doing the business quickly and the longer we wait the more the need is more urgent and therefore the price goes up.
    That is the reality and we are becoming a joke as a club with Gazidis and Wenger contradicting each other on a weekly basis.

    I sincerely hope I am wrong but a leopard never changes his spots

    I wil say it again AW should go but only if a new man is given assurances and funds by may take a blip for a couple of seasons and I am pretty sure that whoever the next manager is, it will be a short tenure,but I say again the game has passed Wenger by, the scouting system is crapped and I honestly believe we,Arsenal are no longer an attraction to many top players and even Vardy who was the first rebuff this Summer.

    I don’t expect any of you to agree with me but I forsee a very bumpy road next season.Wenger is too stale and predictable and kroenke is clyeless but very rich.Arsenal Investment bank 2016 😉

    What a great job at 8 million a year.No interference and just try and get top 4 and if we miss out don’t worry..

  96. Shard says:

    I have only ever heard Arsenal fans refer to Arsenal as a joke.

    Gazidis and Wenger didn’t contradict each other. They were just speaking for different purposes to different audiences, and hence with different emphases.

    No one has ever told me when Arsenal were last seen as a serious destination for the top players in the world, and how this has changed now that we’re buying Alexis, Ozil, Cech and Cazorla.

  97. kelsey says:


    Good try but must try better 😉

    Aw and gazidis have contradicted each other many times. We are not taken seriously by many players or managers anymore,just listen and read.

    When did ozil fall into our lap.Look it up He had to be sold as a demand by real madrid bankers,an eleventh hour signing,not exactly planned.

    sanchez wasn’t deemed good enough for barcelona but he is a an integral part of our team one of our very few class players.

    Cech is still good but celsea let him go as he had already peaked.

    Cazorla has been with us,how long.

    Not exactly a long list of outstanding players.

    You mustn’t be selective young man, look at the whole picture and be honest with yourself.

    If you are happy with things I am delighted for you, i and an increasing number aren’t happy at all.

  98. Shard says:

    Henry and Bergkamp. Both deemed not good enough for two bigger clubs at the time, fell into our lap (or they chose us)and both have statues outside the stadium. Vieira was deemed not good enough to be in the first team at Milan.

    Maybe you should consider that there are now more clubs who have greater resources than before, and that while Arsenal have never been closer to being a tier 1 club (except for a brief period which allowed us to plan for a stadium move), there are now more tier 2 clubs than previously. Statements like ‘we’re not taken seriously’ need evidence. Pretty big evidence. Not just media nonsense.

    Ozil CHOSE to join us, even if he was pushed out of Real Madrid. Or did the best no.10 in the world (Mourinho’s words) not have any takers?

    How is Gazidis saying we have to be careful on who we spend our money on, and Wenger saying we’ll spend big on the right players a contradiction? It’s exactly the same but the emphasis is different, because while Gazidis was speaking to a newer American audience, educating them about the club’s ‘philosophy’, Wenger was speaking to the fans who are up in arms about every newspaper rumour.

  99. GunnerN5 says:

    Shard, It’s the “supporters” who refer to Arsenal or Arsene as a joke that are the real joke.


    a person who approves of and encourages someone or something (typically a public figure, a movement or party, or a policy).

    synonyms: advocate, backer, adherent, promoter, champion, defender, upholder, crusader, proponent, campaigner, apologist; informalcheerleader

    •backer, helper, adherent, follower, ally, voter, disciple;

    •contributor, donor, benefactor, sponsor, backer, patron, well-wisher

    But I guess some people can also support doom and gloom philosophies.

    I prefer to think positively without clouding my head with negative

  100. Shard says:


    Tell me when higher profile players than those we currently have that you dismiss/belittle wanted to join Arsenal. Ever in our history. The 1930s?

  101. kelsey says:

    Why don’t you learn to respect other people’s opinions because thats what they are.Belittle me as much as you like GN5 I couldn’t care a fig.

  102. Shard says:


    I almost said the same thing about who the joke is. Not because of the definition of a supporter (it’s ok to have and express doubts) But the assumptions they have about how a football club is run, team managed etc, and are expert enough to pass a comprehensive and complete evaluation of Arsenal – one of the most responsibly run clubs there is – as a ‘joke’.

    That isn’t doubts, or an evaluation or an expression of how we can be better. Anything Arsenal do well is never to be credited, almost as if they couldn’t help but do it. Anything that they deem should have happened and didn’t, proves how Arsenal is such a joke and an embarrassment. If they are so easily embarrassed because they support a club like Arsenal, perhaps the problems is not with the club, but with them.

  103. Big Raddy says:

    Shard. Unlike me to support kelsey but ….

    In the last 20 years we have bought players who were in huge demand. Ian Wright,, David Seaman, David Platt, Overmans, Pires, Wiltord, Sol Campbell, Lehmann, Rosicky, Ramsey, Nasri, Arshavin, Podolski etc

    All of these player were established internationals whom other clubs coveted.

    Going back a little further… Woodcock, SuperMac, Alan Ball etc. We used to be certain to sign a player if they had the opportunity to join AFC – it is no longer the case. However, Kelsey’s assumption that it is the fault of the AFC management is way off the mark.

    I could go on but am watching England struggle in the cricket.

  104. GunnerN5 says:

    According to Kelsey…………

    Cech is still good but celsea let him go as he had already peaked.

    According to Cech……………..

    With Prague’s skyline as a backdrop, Petr Cech recalls the moment he knew his Chelsea career was over.

    He remembers it well. March 1, at around 6pm under Wembley’s arch, having just notched his 12th major honour as a Blue.

    ‘The moment I knew I had to leave? After the Capital One Cup final,’ reveals Arsenal’s new goalkeeper.

    Goalkeeper Cech says his desire for success is the same as 10 years ago and is raring to go with Arsenal

    Cech (left) says he knew he had to depart Chelsea after beating Tottenham in the Capital One Cup final

    ‘I knew there weren’t many games left for me after that. We were out of the FA Cup and Champions League, so there were only league games, and I knew that was it. I knew then this wasn’t the way I wanted to have another season.

    ‘As tough as it was to make the decision, it became clear that it would be this way because I have the same motivation as I did 10 years ago. My commitment to training, the will to get better is the same. I don’t want to waste that sitting on the bench.’

    There is no hint of sadness, however, though Cech admits that the decision to leave was the hardest of his career.

    But he has no regrets.

  105. RC78 says:

    Ultimately we all want our beloved club to do well

  106. Shard says:


    Now can I say don’t be selective 😛

    I don’t see any player in that list that seems like a higher calibre/ higher profile player than Ozil. Some of them are similar, some less so. My point wasn’t that we never signed great players. My point was that we’re no worse off now than we were throughout our entire history. So to refer to us as a joke and not being taken seriously by players, and pointing to some red top article on transfers as evidence of this is unfair.

    And then to keep repeating that mantra provokes me to counter it. Unchallenged, any myth oft propagated becomes generally accepted as truth, even when it quite clearly isn’t.

  107. kelsey says:

    Do you really think Chelsea would have sold Cech to us if they thought he was still good enough to be their number one.


    football is business and please don’t assume you are always right.I will say it again that we, we being Arsenal as a club are becoming a joke.That has nothing to do with supporting the club.Do you understand the difference.

  108. Shard says:

    ‘please don’t assume you are always right’

    Right back atcha ol’ friend.

    My assumption is that Arsenal, a club who have grown in 20 years from smaller than Tottenham, Liverpool and Villa, to being in the top 10 wealthiest clubs, recognised around the world, while building a once in a lifetime team, and a new stadium, can’t be run by nincompoops or idiots. Also, I assume they know the facts of their business, and the industry they operate in, much more than any of us do.

    Does this mean I assume they are always correct. No. And I often disagree with them and Wenger. At no point do I assume though, that I have enough facts or expertise to brand them as a joke.

    Only you do that, and all I’ve done is ask you for evidence to back your assumptions. The best of which I’ve seen you offer is some random transfer story.

  109. GunnerN5 says:

    Kelsey how can you possibly expect that I would respect such a morbid view of our club, especially when you make unfounded and unsubstantiated comments like –

    ” i and an increasing number aren’t happy at all”

    Where is the data to support such a comment. Other than by those that read and recite Red Top trash talk.

    I clearly remember the “anti Arsenal/Wenger” mob being out numbered and out sung during the last game at The Emirates – in what was purported to be a mass demonstration of dissatisfaction – it just went plop!!

  110. GunnerN5 says:


    It was obvious that he was no longer # 1 at Chelsea but it was his choice to leave and we gained one of the top keepers in the PL – but you somehow find a way to make it sound as though all we can get are the left over dregs – Good grief!!!

  111. kelsey says:

    I can prove it GN5 but no point in debating with you as you think everything is wonderful I a think the opposite.

    You also have a knack of picking out selctive phrases or sentences that I write.

    A club as big as ours hasn’t won the PL for 12 years a lot of it down to Wenger not being prudent or looking into the future say five years ago because he has no pressure on him.

    For one of the richest clubs in the world one CL Final appearence ever and it’s considered a success to manage to get into the knock out stages.Wow. Playing Sanogo in a CL game was beggers belief.

  112. LB says:

    RC78 says:
    August 3, 2016 at 11:24 am

    Cech – Bellerin, Mustafi, Kos, Monreal – Ramsey, Xhaka – Mahrez, Ozil, Sanchez – Giroud

    Does that look ok?

    Yes indeedy, that looks more than OK, that looks like the cat’s whiskers.

  113. GunnerN5 says:

    I would love to see your proof of mass disaffection Kelsey, go ahead and show us. If you have valid (non Red Top) data I would like to see it!

    For the record I have NEVER felt that everything is wonderful, I see all of the flaws very clearly. Like all supporters I would be ecstatic if we were to win the PL and the CL however regardless of if we do or don’t I would NEVER resort to ridiculing our club, team, ownership. players, tactics etc. I’m simply not as clever as some of you who seem to know all of the answers – I’m just a faithful supporter.

    The last time I looked it up our world wide support was over
    20 million.

  114. Bvumai says:

    Well the Ox performed very well in. Pre season but for how long is that gonna happen.
    History has taught us a great lesson about such talent at Arsenal. whose performance is so so good on such occasions but to faulted when it comes to competitive situations when we feel like winning.
    At the same time I feel happy when we are linked with high quality player who can take us a mile towards winning trophies without issues of injuries or loss of form when you are needed most.
    So I mean bringing new talent would give lots of completion and will take the club to a positive dimension.
    We need to try new blood and see how that gonna change our game

  115. kelsey says:

    Name them 😉

  116. kelsey says:

    Go to Specsavers old boy ,it’s there before your very eyes. I am amazed someone so knowledgeable about Arsenal can’t see what’s happening.Every year your spreadsheets will look worse.

    Why settle for aiming for top 4 and think that’s an achievment especially now as we have real funds but Wenger is still on the ego trip to try and buy a no one and make him a star or not prepared to give the asking price even though I think transfer fees and wages have gone completely out of control.

    We have been very near the last few years only to predictably blow it time and time gain.

  117. Aaron says:

    Yeah Arsenal suck..
    from wiki:
    Arsenal’s tally of 13 League Championships is the third highest in English football, after Manchester United (20) and Liverpool (18),[140] and they were the first club to reach a seventh and an eighth League Championship.

    As of May 2016, they are one of only six teams, the others being Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, Chelsea, Manchester City and Leicester City, to have won the Premier League since its formation in 1992.[141]

    They hold the highest number of FA Cup trophies, 12.[142] The club is one of only six clubs to have won the FA Cup twice in succession, in 2002 and 2003, and 2014 and 2015.[143] Arsenal have achieved three League and FA Cup “Doubles” (in 1971, 1998 and 2002), a feat only previously achieved by Manchester United (in 1994, 1996 and 1999).[56][144]

    They were the first side in English football to complete the FA Cup and League Cup double, in 1993.[145] Arsenal were also the first London club to reach the final of the UEFA Champions League, in 2006, losing the final 2–1 to Barcelona.[146]

    Arsenal have one of the best top-flight records in history, having finished below fourteenth only seven times. The league wins and points they have accumulated are the second most in English top flight football.[3] They have been in the top flight for the most consecutive seasons (90 as of 2015–16).[4][147]

    Arsenal also have the highest average league finishing position for the 20th century, with an average league placement of 8.5.[5]

    Arsenal hold the record for the longest run of unbeaten League matches (49 between May 2003 and October 2004).[55]
    This included all 38 matches of their title-winning 2003–04 season, when Arsenal became only the second club to finish a top-flight campaign unbeaten, after Preston North End (who played only 22 matches) in 1888–89.[54][148] They also hold the record for the longest top flight win streak.[149]

    Arsenal set a Champions League record during the 2005–06 season by going ten matches without conceding a goal, beating the previous best of seven set by A.C. Milan. They went a record total stretch of 995 minutes without letting an opponent score; the streak ended in the final, when Samuel Eto’o score a 76th-minute equaliser for Barcelona.[57]
    Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal!
    All the while spending about 1/2 of manure and 3/4 that of chavs and $h*tty, moving to a new stadium, and growing the fan base.

  118. GunnerN5 says:


    Unfortunately the doom club don’t deal in factual information – they just deal in doom…………………..but they even get a failing grade at that.

  119. Big Raddy says:

    kelsey. Please do not call my team “a joke”.

    A team which in the last 3 seasons has won two FA Cups and finished 2nd last time out (ahead of the mega-rich 3) is clearly not a joke.

    Nor are they a joke in the transfer market. I would say that clubs who spend €40+m on a striker who scores less than 10 a season (Chavs/L’pool/MU/MC) are the ones who make one laugh .

  120. chas says:

  121. chas says:

  122. Jeremy O Dwyer says:

    I think kelsey is just pulling our legs at this stage. He’s really a super passionate, arsene loving, team praising, gunner through and through, but only in private. Here online he riles people up by saying whatever negative nonsense he can think of, in order to get lesser fans like us to stand up and be proud and declare our love for Arsenal. It’s genius.

    Even though he knows we’ll be angry at him and call him names, he’s willing to take those bullets for the good of the team, for the good of Arsenal. He makes us all go off and fact check and compile lists and reasons, all to prove how great Arsenal is. He makes us all better supporters. And all the while he’s secretly loving Arsenal more than all of us put together.

    Kelsey is like Batman.

    He might not be the hero we think we want…..
    But he is the hero we need, now, more than ever…

  123. Shard says:

    Jeremy and chas

    Genius 😀

  124. chas says:

    This scrolling’s getting on me tits.
    Anyone got a few lines for tomorrow?

  125. kelsey says:

    I will let you off Raddy as you said “please”.however I may have got up your nose 😉

    none of you understood what I meant when i used the word joke or deep down you don’t want to see the reality.

    history is the past you have to look at the now.

  126. Big Raddy says:

    Kelsey. The “now” is as it always is …. and today we are Top of the League. 😀

  127. Shard says:

    Sorry Raddy..We’re second. AFC Bournemouth are top 😛

  128. Jeremy O Dwyer says:

    Great picture chas. 🙂

  129. Jeremy O Dwyer says:

    Hi Kelsey.
    I was just having a laugh and poking a bit of fun. I don’t mean any disrespect to you personally.

  130. kelsey says:

    I know that Jeremy. actually you were quite near the truth with your earlier post.

  131. chas says:

    That AFC Bournemouth thing is a load of cobblers.
    They are always known as Bournemouth in the tables.

  132. Shard says:

    Good ol Beeb.

    It was a definite story last season with their promotion as how Arsenal are no longer going to start the season on top.

    I just had a look and even the PL list Arsenal on top. The reports, as far as I can see, came out in the Daily Mail and the Metro.

    Guess I’ve been a victim of the tabloids too.

  133. chas says:

    Some wanker from OPTA tried to say the same thing last season before he realised he was talking out of his jacksie.

  134. kelsey says:

    Oh one final thing why do you have to put all thi on an open blog and GN5 always knows what he is saying. I have taken your advise Chas and will go and kindly take down those ridiculous pictures of me.grow up yourself.

  135. GunnerN5 says:

    Chas – I understood “batty” to mean you were a touch crazy…………

  136. GunnerN5 says:

    I found this in researching which clubs had the most supporters.

    According to Sport+Markt – a German company, here are the top 10 clubs with the most worldwide supporters.

    Juventus 20m
    Bayern 24m
    Inter 49m
    Liverpool 71m
    AC Milan 99m
    Arsenal 113m
    Chelsea 135m
    Real 174m
    Barca 270m
    Man U 354m

  137. mickydidit89 says:

    Evening all

    Shhhh, I’m thinking

  138. LB says:

    What are you up to Micky?

  139. LB says:

    I’m going to watch telly.

  140. GunnerN5 says:

    Holy cow my Batty Man comment gets binned because the sensitive one thought it had hidden meaning 😦 😦 😦

  141. Jeremy O Dwyer says:

    Looks like Wolfsburg are fairly insistent Bender is going nowhere this year. Things could change for sure but I’d honestly be surprised if he ended up at Arsenal. He seems like exactly the type of guy Chelsea would buy if he was moving to the Premiership.

  142. TotalArsenal says:

    It is a fine thing to be honest, but it is also very important to be right’


  143. mickydidit89 says:

    I want to hear how you’re going to tackle the problem of growing up.
    What’s the plan? 🙂

  144. mickydidit89 says:


    Sorry I vanished. Rude. I was “thinking” about a few lines for here, but made the mistake of going via youtube and got lost in music.

  145. chas says:

    Drink more, party more, put stacks more trivial frippery on here and try to enjoy every single moment of what’s left of my life.
    In other words, not grow up at all, I suppose.

    What about you?

  146. chas says:

    What would you stuff roasted peppers with?

  147. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    I tried growing up – hugely over-rated.

  148. VP of Oz says:

    Croatian Stuffed Pepper (Punjene Paprike) recipe –

  149. Eddie says:

    rice, minced meat and herbs. can add toms

  150. mickydidit89 says:

    Ah ha, Lads.
    I’m doing a post. Go get coffee, then back to chat.

    THAT is a big question. I keep thinking about my children and how to advise them about life. It all hinges on how short life is, so that tally’s with your outlook.

  151. chas says:

    I like the sound of the ingredients.
    Not sure if the photos do it justice!

    This is where I was drifting.

  152. chas says:

    Good lad, Micky.
    We need to say goodbye to battygate – and I’m not talking Nora

  153. Rice with chopped pepper, tomatoes, goats cheese and loads of fresh parsley, glug of extra virgin olive oil

  154. chas says:

    Thanks, Eddie.
    Thought you only did microwave?

  155. mickydidit89 says:

    I’d go like Mediterranean chopped shit
    Halloumi being the texture and salt base, then yer mushroom, unsalted anchovy, onion, garlic, thyme, rosemary type of gig.

  156. Eddie says:

    oh yeah, and go for minced pork or lamb rather than beef, softer and fatter.

    or you could stuff it with old arsenal shirts, photos of stars that failed to shine and finally chopped old programs. I hate peppers, boiled, raw or roasted, horrible veg.

  157. mickydidit89 says:


    So what you’re saying is use peppers, well the bell end bit, fill with crap you don’t like, and effectively use the thing as a bin liner

  158. Big Raddy says:

    Eddie. I agree about the peppers. Good for colour and little else.

    Strangely I cannot recall seeing Mediterranean chopped shit on any restaurant menu.

  159. chas says:

    Wow, thanks. I’m salivating.

    The Arsenal-stuffed peppers with a hint of bitterness are my favourite suggestion. 😆

  160. chas says:

    I love peppers and roasting them makes them even better.
    Mind you, I can’t think of any food I don’t like.

  161. VP of Oz says:

    I grew up on Punjene Paprike. It even has its own wiki page:
    Punjena paprika (pronounced [pûɲenaː pǎprika]) (lit. stuffed pepper) is a dish made of peppers, stuffed with a mix of meat and rice in tomato sauce, the ingredients consisting of green or red capsicums, eggs, spices, salt, tomato, minced meat and rice.

    Now I have a craving for it…

  162. VP of Oz says:

    an of course for appetisers, you cannot beat Cream Cheese & Ricotta Stuffed Peppadew Peppers

  163. Eddie says:

    you is a pig 🙂

    Don’t know why, but I hate peppers, probably the only veg I dislike. Oh yeah, the aubergines!! That is gross altogether

    yes micky, bin liners, perfect 🙂

  164. Eddie says:

    scanning through the comments, still no striker. Rubbish! its not happening, is it?

  165. mickydidit89 says:


  166. Eddie says:

    new post? wowey, that’s a treat

  167. mickydidit89 says:

    Don’t get too excited Eddie, it’s little more than a few words as requested. A scrolling saver.

    Within 30 mins, we’ll be back to the striker catastrophe 🙂

  168. Eddie says:

    near catastrophe micky, still a few days left.
    icardi still a possibility.

  169. Rasp says:

    Morning all ….

    …. New post …..

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