What went wrong? …….. Was it just one of those nights?

These are the thoughts of some AA regulars ……

Kelsey ……

If I continue in the way I am known to express myself I am apparently a doomer but others who can be far more critical than me don’t even get a response.

I actually thought apart from the now familiar juttering start that we were very unlucky to not win and there is no doubt that their keeper was on top form.

I don’t have the technical knowledge of others such as GIE and there is no doubting our stamina but I feel every game we play we are getting more and more predictable that I can see the next move before it happens and therefore if I can see it so every team we play will have a plan to stop us which in recent weeks has led to no wins in four vital matches whilst the other contenders march on despite dropping the odd point here and there.

We really either don’t have a different way of playing or AW will not alter things dramatically.You decide.

We will know in the next month if we are still in with a shout of the title or (dread to think) in a battle for forth yet again.

The margins in so many games are getting finer as the seasons roll on.

I don’t usually get involved in a discussion about refs but in the first half he showed a definite bias against us.

I am not going to critisize any one player only to say the Kos/Gabriel partnership is not as good as I thought it would be.

It now becomes very much a mental thing for all of the top 5 either to sustain winning or getting back to winning, and we all know which category we fall into.

GoonerB ……..

I have a feeling that many will not want to discuss anything Arsenal or AW related his morning. I think a lot will run for cover which I wish didn’t happen because to get the Yin and Yang going we need all the regular contributors from those more negative to those more positive.

I am somewhere in betwixt most views. On one hand I recognise that we had a more difficult run of fixtures recently (say compared to Spuds). As such the league title is still on and there is till reason to feel hopeful. Have a look at GIE’s input and predictions from late yesterday.

On the other hand I would say that we don’t take care of our own business well enough. I get that the ref was awful and agreed. This would have influenced the balance of the game to some degree. Not enough though for me that we shouldn’t have been able to overcome Southampton at home with the team put out and the players available to us. The referee thing has now also been used too much to explain away poor results.

I get their keeper had a blinder and that it was just one of those games. The problem is that every season we, more so it seems than any other team, seem to drop points against teams whose keeper has his best game of the season. Now I would look at why this happens so often and wonder if there is something about the way we attack that is slightly different that gives a keeper a better chance to put in these performances.

Unfortunately we just don’t seem to take care of our own business and look at our own failings and weaknesses. That needs to be done first before we start portraying ourselves as some unlucky put upon club.

Chas ……

I don’t understand how those who like to constructively criticise can recognise:

that the ref was bent
that Forster had a brilliant game
we created more than enough chances to win by 2 or 3

But still want to have a pop at management for:

lack of tactics
lack of signings
thinking Giroud is a striker ( 🙂 – amazingly it didn’t seem to be him that was culpable last night).

Aren’t you simply

a) reacting to the result and the fact we didn’t score or
b) simply carrying on seeing things with your own confirmation bias?

Cage rattling? 🙂

Can you add anything to the debate? ……..


216 Responses to What went wrong? …….. Was it just one of those nights?

  1. RC78 says:

    And so it officially ends 😦 Our dream of winning the EPL. Now we are again going to have to battle it out for a top 3 finish…

    We lost the title at Stoke, at Liverpool, at home to Chelsea and Stoke. These are the four games where got 2 points out of 12 since Christmas. A loss of 10 points during that period is fatal and here we are now lying 5 points behind surprising Leicester, 3 points behind title-favorites Man City and behind Tottenham (more solid than us at the back) on goal average.

    What went wrong yesterday?
    – Poor passing in the first half and lack of urgency
    – Poor finishing in the second half
    – Foster was on-fire

    Kos, Walcott and Ozil should have scored. This game could have ended 5-0 for us if it was not for our poor finishing and Foster’s grand performance.

    So I hope that now, we will agree that we should not expect the EPL title this year and that we have missed a great opportunity of winning it since Man Utd, Chelsea and Man City are having relatively difficult seasons compared to the last 5 years…

    Our level has not improved either despite the addition of Cech who has saved us some points for sure, which would mean that overall as a team, we have actually gone worse at defending…

    There you go – it was one of these games where you can win 5-0 but end up losing 2 points. Anyways, c’est la vie and now let us try to finish above Tottenham and keep the FA Cup (meagre consolation).

  2. chas says:

    Haha, cheers, Rasp. 😆

    2 points behind City, RC78.

  3. Rasp says:

    chas, you were outnumbered 2 : 1 … but you had the last word 😆

  4. RC78 says:

    Kelsey – Gabriel has the same profile as Kos so that partnership will not be great…Gabriel is the back up for Kos. We just need a better alternative to BFG as a partner to Kos.

    Garay, Varane, Pepe, Marquinhos, Cahill fit the mould.

    I don’t think yesterday was Arsene’s fault or a problem with our squad depth or the ref. We just did not put in a good “finishing” performance. That said – Aguero scored, Vardy scored and Kane scored so maybe there is a case that our striker is not grabbing enough goals but yesterday, the chances mostly fell to our wingers and midfielders so it is hard to say…Honestly, I think that on that game, we may have missed Wellbeck…anyways…

  5. RC78 says:

    Chas – sorry, yes 2 points :-p

  6. Bvumai says:

    I am troubled by how predictable we are.
    I also wonder if they strategise. there games according to the playing style of their opponents.
    One more thing we lack is mental strength.The desire to win must be shown by body language’ a follow up when you lose the ball and show physical strength when you fight for the ball.
    I will never doubt the talent that is there but the strong desire to win is really lacking.

  7. kev says:

    The thing is it could have been.3-4 nil last night. If the chances had been put away, we’d all be saying that Wenger is a genius and we’ll win league. It was just one of those days, need to support the team. Fact!!!

  8. fatgingergooner says:

    I don’t agree that the title is lost RC78.

    I agree with Kelsey’s comment in the last post when he said something was missing. I believe it’s to do with our central midfield pairing. The loss of Cazorla and Coquelin has finally taken its toll. Thankfully Coquelin is now back so he will replace Flamini, but I’m not sure what to make of Ramsey in there at the moment. He needs to find his shooting boots and fast. We really need some goals from midfield and he’s the one who can provide them.


    I think the major problem of Arsenal still lies on the lack of a quality striker and defensive mid-fielder which is the problem of the manager AW and board.Team that win the EPL have strikers like Vadey, Kane,Aguelo and not Giroud although he could be excused for the performance of last night.

  10. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Thanks Rasp

    FGG. Agree with your 11:18 comment. Coquelin makes a massive difference to the dynamics of the side, and is the only player who provides a sturdy platform

    Also agree the title is not lost, but we’ll need to find goals. Coquelin will help to release Ramsey in that respect, but the right side of our attack is so poor.

  11. RC78 says:

    FGG – we will see at the end of the year. My reading of the league is that for us, the title is over but I hope that I am super wrong 🙂

    We are missing a few things:

    – 1 Stronger CB pairing
    – 1 more potent LB
    – 1 Stronger DM-CM pairing
    – 1 more potent RW

    I do not think that Giroud is necessarily the problem. We can get an upgrade on him but there are not that many and even less available.

    It is just that we need more diversity in our game – we need more goals from our FBs, from our CM, AM and RW. At the moment, if Giroud or Sanchez do not score, no one does…That’s why I would like to see Coleman join us as a back up to Bellerin and Baines as competition to Monreal. We need a FW that can play on the right side and score goals also – not that many but some available maybe in the summer and then we need a better DM-CM and CB pairing, which means out BFG and in a better CB and brining in a solid DM like Xabi Alonso or Vidal and let Flamini and Arteta leave…

  12. RC78 says:

    ‘We’ll see at the end of the season. It’s too early to say that,’ he said when asked if he was worried that Arsenal were starting to tail off.

    ‘It’s true that we’ve had a stuttering start in 2016. Our January was bad, starting from the last minute at Liverpool, and then at Stoke. Where we especially have a big deficit is in our two home games.

    ‘We have to catch that back and we have a difficult programme, especially away from home. We need to respond quickly away from home now.’

    – A.Wenger

  13. RC78 says:

    Would you bring Mata in? He is probably leaving Man Utd…

  14. fatgingergooner says:

    We have what we need to win the PL this season, they are just not performing at a time when we need them. Our strikers have all stopped scoring at the same time, which is a nightmare. Hopefully now they will all start scoring at the same time and we can go on a run.

    Our defence isn’t that bad and will only get stronger with Coquelin back. 4 clean sheets in our last 6 PL games is nothing to worry about.

    There were real moments of quality from Sanchez and Özil yesterday that give hope, and if Ramsey can get in on the action then we are good to go.

    I agree about the RW so we just have to hope Walcott pulls his finger out and proves he’s got what it takes to be a proper finisher. He’s the one player who can play there who is capable of getting 10 goals in the last 14 games IF he plays well. I like Campbell’s work rate and all round game but goals are what we need.

    The next 2 rounds of fixtures are pivotal for us. Beat Bournemouth and Leicester and we are right back in it.

  15. Gunner Smith says:

    Arsenal are too predictable . How to score when confronted by ten defenders? Watch how Vardy score. Only one defender to beat and the goalie.
    I believe Arsen al attack is too slow . Wenger doesn’t play through ball and it is passing passing times ten before shooting.
    By then the defences have already come and suffocated the gunners.
    So don’t be surprised the gunners will slog for 4th.Forget the cl.
    They will be cannon fodder for Barcelona.

  16. fatgingergooner says:

    Not Mata for me. Doesn’t bring us anything different to what we have. I’d prefer a scoring RW and think Yarmolenko is worth a punt.

  17. GoonerB says:

    Chas you may be right that I only remember the Arsenal games where keepers put in great performances. That would be natural and I am going by instinctive memory rather than from a log book of events.

    I missed the first half but managed to see the second half and have watched the highlights since. It was definitely more a game where credit needs to be given more to Forster rather than being negative to us.

    Being critical I would still say there are times that we don’t try our luck enough around the edge of the box and take a shot when the keeper least expects it. This is an old argument but there is still maybe some merit in it, and we still seem to want that final touch to tee it up more.This maybe gives a good keeper that fractional moment of anticipatory time so that there body is pre-prepared to make a save. The unexpected shot can catch them out. This is more in situations near the edge of the box rather than the old cry of “Shoooooot” when we are still 35 yards out.

    Another minor criticism would be not anticipating and following up enough in the 6 yard box. The poachers / goal-hangers goal. That is especially relevant in following up the unexpected shot that, if hasn’t already resulted in a goal, the keeper stopped but didn’t push to safety courtesy of not expecting it and reacting late to it. Our play around the box, while being sublime at times, still seems to have an overall imbalance of too much predictability and too little unpredictability to it.

  18. GoonerB says:

    Having looked at the game again there are very few guilty moments in attack. The really guilty moment for me was Kos with his header. He had time to get to it and get the right jump but just got his timings wrong. That looked like the moment that Forster wouldn’t have been able to stop.

    Ozil’s 2 earlier chances? Thumbs up to Forster or thumbs down to Mesut? Definitely thumbs up to Forster and I don’t think Ozil could have done much better technique wise. In fact the first one was a massive thumbs up to Ozil’s skill anyway.

    Mesut had a good game for me. The one he may have been guilty of was the one when through and he was tackled and it fell to Sanchez who was also blocked. Mesut had the opportunity to hit that first time low to the bottom right but took the 1 extra touch. A harsh criticism though.

    Giroud had a good pot shot on his weaker foot. Executed it well and again more thumbs up to Forster than anything. He had a few headers. Could he have done better with some? Not sure. Again slightly harsh but I felt he lacked some instinctive anticipation to go into the 6 yard box with Sanchez’ across goal cushioned header that Forster parried. He seemed to stop. Could it have made a difference if he had gone more Michael Owen / Gary Lineker and continued on in on goal?

    Walcott had his double chance. It was from the more narrow angle of the right where ideally you would prefer the chance more central or slightly to the left for a right footer. To the left of Forster was reasonably well covered by the keeper himself and 2 defenders coming across. Theo picked the right option for me to go low to the right. His touch and control, the time he took to take the shot, and the way he executed it all looked fine to me and it didn’t look like he could have done anything much better. Forster just spread himself well and got his toe to it and it didn’t manage to go between his legs.

    The follow up shot was also well executed IMO. Theo did well to engineer a further opening for a shot with his first touch and opposition players near him and actually hit it well and at a good angle and trajectory. It was heading for the top corner but once again more a big thumbs up to Forster.

    Based on that, if you agree with it that is, there is very little to criticise the team for (in an attack sense) on an independent basis looking at this game in isolation. However…………………

  19. fatgingergooner says:

    Gunner Smith,

    If Vardey is one on one with the defender, then how has that got anything to do with beating a team who play 10 men behind the ball!?

  20. Le Coq Monster says:

    A £100M striker would have made great use of this stat !……………………..”Mesut Özil created 10 chances tonight – more than any other player in any Premier League game this season”……………….actually, Didit`s daughters pizza would have been more clinical than Theo and Olly !. hahaha
    Winning trophies is what it`s all about, but if not, then the next best thing is the abuse we can dish out for f##king up from great positions !…..dooming is much more fun to read than just being happy to watch others win stuff and excepting our averageness on the field, but being awesome in the bank accounts !. 😆

  21. MickyDidIt89 says:

    “Didit`s daughters pizza would have been more clinical than Theo and Olly”

    I’m going to struggle to argue against that, Cockie 🙂

  22. fatgingergooner says:

    Win our next 2 games and we are guaranteed to be no more than 2 points behind the leader.

    How’s that for dooming!? 😄

  23. GoonerB says:

    I think Bvumai and Bayamukama make excellent points, and ones I struggle to disagree with. I hate to say it but in stepping back and looking at it I would have to say that Leicester, Spurs and City are all operating with better a striker, or at least better currently.

  24. Le Coq Monster says:

    If we have what we need to win the EPL this season, FGG, then it has to be down to tactics and the way we play and that is down to Wenger to get them right !…..Great manager….average coach !.
    My blue print for a title winning team !…..all the P`s…………Pressing, Passing, Pace, Passion, Pain and Penetration !…………….yes !….very similar to what I do to all the http://WWW….Wenger Worshippers Wives !……..with a lot of Practice !. hahaha

  25. GoonerB says:

    Good point Fgg. It is not over as many say. Still very much there for the taking in fact IMO. However instead of giving ourselves a more guilt edged chance we will have to do it the hard way now. Personally I think we will need away wins at City, Spurs and Utd (where others can drop points) and secure the home win against Leicester.

    All very doable, just that we have again left ourselves with no margin for error and will have to get wins where draws would have been otherwise acceptable. This is more our current situation rather than we are out of the title race IMO. The problem is it is hard to see us currently securing those results in those games.

  26. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I think I may have found a silver lining, although it comes with an equal dollop of doom

    Good news: On current form, Bara won’t be after Ramsey
    Bad news: On current form, Barca won’t be after Ramsey

    Oooo, meow

  27. GoonerB says:

    Le Coq. I go the other way around. Great coach, questionable manager. I look at the coach as the day to day training aspect and the manager as the match day fellow. I think his match day decisions and game management are the more questionable than how he coaches at London Colney.

  28. Le Coq Monster says:

    Just for you Micky !………………I know you possibly may agree with me that a Pizza would make a better manager than Arsene at the moment, so how good would a pizza cat manager be ?. 😀

  29. MickyDidIt89 says:

    ha ha ha

  30. Le Coq Monster says:

    Cottee lookalike !………I meant Bank manager !…….of which there is no doubt !.

  31. Le Coq Monster says:

    Not forgetting his Pizza StevieB assistant !………………………someone has to drill the defense !

  32. fatgingergooner says:

    Le Coq,

    I don’t agree with much of what you say 😄 But I do agree about the tactics. To me though Wengers issue has always been his inability to adjust tactics when he doesn’t have his first XI on the field. When we are at, or close to, full strength I would argue this team is good enough (United, Bayern home) but where we have often struggled is when injuries have hit and Wenger doesn’t adjust or somehow his tactics don’t suit our lesser players. I would add this is an area Fergie excelled in as he often got players like Phil Neville, John O’Shea, Wes Brown, Nicky Butt and countless others to play well above their level.

    In fairness to Wenger, we’ve done ok whilst missing loads of players this season, but I still believe his desire to play perfect football when he doesn’t have the perfect players at his disposal is, and always has been, his major downfall.

  33. fatgingergooner says:

    Quattro For-moggy…….

    Sorry 😄

  34. fatgingergooner says:


    Oops, did it again 😄

  35. fatgingergooner says:


    Right I’m off before I get banned 😬🔫


    Cheers Rasp

    chas is spot on

    The ref only likes violence on Arsenal players but cowers away when its subjected on him. The man gets an erection every time one of our players is fouled. ime surprised the bastard didn’t have a heart attack? One day I will test this theory by assaulting him. if he gets a boner I will apologise.

    We had enough chances to win the game easy. it wasn’t our night, Shocking as it seems, there are nights we dont score and I dont have sex.

    We did change our tactics. In the second half to avoid Southampton’s press/fouling and the referees erection we went a lot more direct.

    The criticisms of Arsene are ridiculous. Two points here. Firstly to suggest he is somehow stingy or tactically naive is a failure to understand the bigger picture. Secondly, I say it is ridiculous.

    We can still win this league. One thing Arsenes team consistently prove is there courage in adversity. They have a tendency to bounce back, and I expect a similar response now.

  37. TotalArsenal says:

    I think we missed Podolski last night. Pressure to win made us lack composure and calm which is of course a normal thing. The Pod could have come on and boom it in like only he can. We missed that old fox on the bench, but hey we will bounce back. Like the wise Arshavin once said: we cannot afford to indulge ourselves in melancholy… however attractive it seems to be to some. Have a cup of tea with some marshmallows, I ‘d say! 🙂

  38. GoonerB says:

    Chas I wanted to respond to you more before you departed with eyes closed and fingers in ears shouting Lalalalalalalal. 🙂 Not by way of criticism to your views but more by way of an explanation to the reactions.

    Your Rasp inspired pilfered comment has merit in the referee and the performance of Forster IMO. Your points questioning the areas where people want to have a pop at the management also have great merit. However I would ask whether that is a comment based on the reaction of fans to this game purely on its own, or are these points that fans are more expressing concerns about across a number of games?

    On this game alone criticisms in those areas may be a bit harsh, and I agree with you there. I do however subscribe to the fact that football fans and their reactions will be based on a collective experience of emotions and feelings, so that what can appear an over-reaction on one game is in fact more to do with a greater scope of worries about how things are being done. I think fans don’t actually realise this is how they are reacting so it comes across over the top and knee-jerk rather than as an objective assessment of one game.

    I personally have great worries about longer term issues with the club and AW, and have a concern and fear about us extending well beyond this season.

    I think RC makes a great point when he points towards other poor games and results having more hurt us than this one. The problem is those games then place a greater emphasis on this one and so when we don’t get the 3 points it can’t be as easily independently analysed as one game and is more analysed as part of a collective evidence that once again Arsenal and Arsene appear to be shooting themselves in the foot and blowing our chances. I can get that.

    I think we have massively overly consoled ourselves as fans about other results and performances that spring to mind earlier this season thinking, “well it is still early days”. That is only ok when later days become more faultless, otherwise the reaction that you dislike so much occurs.

    Every point you made about the strikers position, tactics, use of players, recruitment of players e.t.c has some merit IMO in terms of circumstantial evidence suggesting we are not getting it right.If these areas are longer standing concerns amongst fans that seem to linger as an issue for a long while and opportunities to address them come and go I can fully understand why so many fans react the way they do, even if I personally feel it is sometimes OTT and not objective enough in its criticism or analysis.

  39. Le Coq Monster says:

    Hahaha FGG…………………..I `d be annoyed if you agreed to much with me !. 🙂

    I know a lot of you are trying to find some crumbs of comfort from our dismal 4 game EPL run and good on you all for trying to fight the obvious depression you must all feel in side, but I cant, I just see it as it is…..a surrender of our tiltle chances !…..the sickness I feel is amplified a 100 fold by the realisation that the Spuds could win it, they are playing the type of stuff I envy and are full of confidence and dont look like losing !….all in all, my worse fears !
    As for us doing well considering the injuries we have had, well, that`s another bone of contention for me…….we (club/Wenger) should have bought players to cover a situation which we are afflicted with every season before and since I have been blogging…..not to look at our injury history is/was plain naive .
    Shock horror !……I actually expect us to beat Leicester and Bournemouth !…………then again I expected to beat Soton !……….it`s the away games at both Manchester clubs, Everton, West Ham and Spuds where I cant see us getting much change…………too tall a challenge for us !……………………..love to know now how the fans who were wanting Leicester to win a while back, thinking they would crumble are feeling now we are 5 points adrift with them only playing one game per week with loads of rest inbetween !……I was the only AA member of the …”We hate Leicester Club “. hahaha

  40. Eddie says:

    GB – why is it OTT? have the fans got no right to want the EPL cup after so many years of waiting patiently? We have money in the bank, a filthy rich owner, one of the most expensive tickets and the most expensive burgers – why didn’t Wenger buy players during the summer? How could he go to another season without a top class striker?

    I tell you what – if Chelsea, ManU were not so poor this season and City didn’t have Aguero injured, we would be mid table now. We are in top 4 because others were so unfortunate, nothing to do with us being good. How many REALLy good games did we have this season, how many that we scrapped through and laughed saying that that is what the champions are made of – winning games while playing poorly. bulls. Champions my backside.

    Last night’s game is not what hurts most – what hurts most is knowing that we were so close, we could have won the league in April

  41. RC78 says:

    In the last few years – the best team in Europe on one season was not Barcelona IMHO but the Bayern Munich of 2012-2013 under Jupp Heynckes. That team was just able to control the tempo so well (except against us in the return leg in Munich) and was able to play direct football (vertical) and tiki-taka as well…Joy to watch a team play as a block defensively and offensively – best balanced team of the decade so far…

    Neuer – Lahm, Boateng, Dante, Alaba – Martinez, Schweini, Kroos – Mueller*, Mandzukic, Ribery

    *When Robben was available, Kross would be out of the squad and the team played a 4-4-1-1 with Mueller playing behind Mandzukic and Robben and Ribery on the wings.

    The reason I am brining it up is because that team was putting opponents on the back foot with its runs and its pressing. If only we could do something similar, it would be amazing…

    We may be slightly weaker overall but I would love to see our team provide a similar approach to the game…to actually mix things up during a match.

  42. Le Coq Monster says:

    Two points Stretch !
    Firstly…….you cant talk about a bigger picture when you have not described what the bigger picture is and I fail to know what it is, so what the f##k is it ?
    Secondly……what the f##K has a big picture got to do with anything…….unless it is the big jiz covered picture you have on your bedroom ceiling of Arsene !.

  43. RC78 says:

    My worry also is that Tottenham are actually looking the most solid team out of the 4. They have struck a great balance and have some players on fire like Dellie, Chadli, Verthongen, Son and Kane so we should actually beware that they are actually more legit contenders than we are at the moment…Let s say tht City or Leicester win the league, it would be horrible because we should have won it but if Tottenham wins the league or finishes above us, I am not sure I would be able to cope

  44. Le Coq Monster says:

    Nice rant Eddie !…………………feel free to use the knuckledusters on GB !…….and Transplant….. for talking about big cinema pictures on a day of depression !.


    Cornwall me old mucker. You notice I put an m instead of an f? hahaha

    I cant show you the bigger picture because it comes from one self. You must look within and you will find it.

    What I will say is this. Its funny how those who failed to find excuses for Arsene and the club when they failed to mount a serious title challenge now find excuses when they do

  46. Le Coq Monster says:

    Oi !….stop all that Jedi nonsense !…..obviously the big picture was Star Wars…the force awakens !….. I saw it, f##king brilliant, but is Kylo Ren…. Arsene`s father ?…….and Princess Leia !…..the only force she encounters is the force of Greggs the Bakers by looking at the size of her !.

  47. GoonerB says:

    Eddie and knuckledusters….Mmmm….how much does it cost?

    Eddie, I need to whisper it but I don’t necessarily disagree with you. Just trying to strike a balance between Cockie,and you on one side and Mancini, GIE and Shard on the other 🙂

    It is a good point about the poorer form of the other traditional rivals. I don’t expect it to extend beyond this season, at least not for all of them, and it forms part of my greater concerns about the direction we are heading in and what it means for us beyond this season.

  48. fatgingergooner says:

    For all this talk of Spurs being on fire and their manager being the next best thing since sliced bread……they are above us on goal difference!

    Let’s see if they maintain their form once the EL starts again and let’s see how our form goes to the end of the season. I’m 100% confident we will finish above them and finish top 2.

  49. RC78 says:

    FGG _ I hope u r right but this is the first year where I feel that they have more solidity as a team…

  50. Le Coq Monster says:

    I suppose GB, it all depends if you think Wenger is a Jedi or a Sith Lord ?…..with a line up of Transplant, GIE and Shard on his side I think more darksiders !………..so the question is, do you want to join us Jedi`s or the darkside ?.

  51. RC78 says:

    By the way – Episode 7 did not really feel like a Star Wars. Tons of reference to it but it felt like I was watching a Pirates of the Carribbean rather than a Star Wars


    Cornwall, a few years back i saw a Porno themed star wars. Great film, should have won an Oscar, specially Darth Vaders helmet.

    There was this one scene were Han Solo was coming home from work, think he was an insurance salesman or something, when he hears his Mrs, Leia, groaning from the bedroom.

    He goes up and opens the door to find his best mate, some black geezer called Lando giving it to Leia and speaking the greatest line in the film “Feel the power of the dark side baby” hahaha

    ive watched it several times, great acting and dialogue.

  53. GoonerB says:

    Deviants 🙂

    I reckon you can dress Wenger up any way you want Cockie and Terry would still have the same unsettling response.

  54. primus says:

    I think Wenger is not a good coach, if not why will he be buying players and don’t use them? What did he sees in flamini that should be playing him instead of Elany?

  55. Eddie says:

    cheers GB, sometimes I feel completely alienated on this blog. Not sure if they are all on drugs or pretend not to see that there is something wrong, but their cheerfulness is sometimes close to craziness 🙂
    i like football for what it is, a beautiful game and as far as I’m concerned it’s not all about trophies. But, you cannot be considered one of the best teams if you don’t win trophies. And anyway, why should we not win cups? We seemingly have all that it takes!

    Pochettino is a great manager, Spurs are playing very well and have more of a chance of winning the league than we do, watch it. The difference is that they this year they are better that they were in the past few years. Are we? No, we are still the same – one or two players short of a winning combo.

    Finishing 2nd is not good enough, you don’t get a trophy for it

  56. Aaron says:

    1st agree with Chas.
    2nd how the other team was not carded is beyond me?
    3rd another penalty call not gone our way.
    4th Arsenal played well enough to win, 21 shots is amazing against southhampton.
    It is just the way it goes sometimes. Coached a game our here in sunny CA onetime, semi-finals of county championship and our team took over 40 shots yes 40, and we lost 1-0. The other team scored on their solitary shot when they were able cross the midfield line. Sometimes this happens in futbol.
    Looking forward to the next couple of games as the goals with come,
    Arsenal will climb the table and all will be normal again.

  57. Eddie says:

    Aaron – what is normal?

  58. Jeremy says:

    I could understand people being upset a few years back. Every season seemed to be a struggle for 4th and we were losing good players every year.
    The last few years though we’ve actually been involved in title races, bought great players that would have been a pipe dream a few years ago, and won two fa cups in two years. And we’re in the title race again this year.
    And people are still so mad and angry.
    It’s hard to argue we’re not in the best position Table wise that we’ve been in for years.
    Reading the reaction around the blogs got me thinking of the 89 season. Especially those games towards the end where everything went wrong and arsenal went from champions elect to needing a miracle at Liverpool. The 2-2 draw with Wimbledon. The Tony Adams og. The loss to Derby? I wonder how much vitriol would be aimed at them today.


    Normals boring Eddie. I tried it once and ended up walking without arm movement and enjoying countdown.

    Now I walk like an orangutan and study the countdowns contestants faces to detect the threat which they pose society.

  60. Eddie says:

    Jeremy – i think it is the other way round – I wasn’t upset a few years ago, those were the austerity years and we had to stand by our manager to see us through to better times. But there is plenty of money available now to buy players to strengthen the squad.

    I tell you what – all these millions sitting in the bank earn you feck all these days. They would be better invested in a player that can win us trophies and better sponsorship deals. And yes, single players can make humongous difference – like R$P to ManU or Suarez to Liverpool,

  61. MickyDidIt89 says:


    I do think you have a point about “us lot”. I’m sure a shrink would have an absolute field day about bottling stuff up and all that leftie emotional claptrap they go on about 🙂

    However, more worryingly, I think GB’s term for Transplant as “unsettling” could have broader usage 😦

  62. Le Coq Monster says:

    I would like to comment on Porn Wars, Stretch, but the threat of Daft Rasp and his Lightsabre banning me is ominous !……………………..May the Forthplace be with you !.

    Trouble for you RC78D2 is that watching Star Wars being dubbed in French takes the shine of off it !……Darth Vader with a poncey Maurice Chevalier voice singing Thank heavens for little girls makes it more like Savile Wars !

  63. MickyDidIt89 says:


    Good point. I think many of us on this site were at those games, Wimbledon and Derby, and it’s easy to forget, what with age 🙂

    One of the highlights in my career as an Arsenal fan came out of those two games. The biggest tosser I knew at the time copped a strop saying we’d blown the league and promptly booked a holiday to be away on May 26.

    We never saw his face again 🙂

  64. Eddie says:

    what did you say yesterday micky – Spurs being above us in the table is highly undesirable? Highly undesirable, that’s it. I rest my case

  65. MickyDidIt89 says:


    I said unacceptable, and it is. That situation MAY be temporary, but having said that, I never said or thought we’d win the league, so I’m neither surprised or especially upset today.

    I’ve always felt you’d have to finish about City first and foremost and always felt we’d never score enough goals for that to be possible. Nothing has changed for me since the summer window closed.


    hahaha what do you want Micky to do Eddie? Hunt Daniel Levy down and demand he cure hair loss?

    Been generally cheerful and balanced, epitomised by Jeremy s post is normal. Unlike a small minority on here who though personal issues vent there anger, anxiety, and depression under the mask of Arsenal Football Club.

  67. Big Raddy says:

    I’ll never forget the walk home from the ‘Dons and Derby games. There was silence as we left Highbury.

    But out of Darkness came Light 🙂

    Jeremy 3.51 summed it up for me – a terrific comment.

  68. Big Raddy says:

    Wow. Terry. Is there really a cure for hair loss??

  69. Eddie says:

    you are right micky. I stupidly allowed myself to dream of the title. Even after the first game, walking home crying i thought we could do this, this season was our season.

    raddy – if there was Terry wouldn’t be wearing a wig

  70. Eddie says:

    micky – so you are saying that not signing during the summer TW cost us the title? You agree with me on this one, yes? Without beating around the bush…say it

  71. RA says:

    Good Evening All,

    All vented out? 🙂

    Haven’t been on ’til now to allow the flames of angst to burn themselves out, and I do not need to read the comments as I can guess what they say.

    Umm; ‘Wenger is a crap manager‘ — there has to be at least one comment like that – maybe a lot more.
    ‘Giro could not scratch his ass with a banjo’ – I am just making a stab in the dark here, but it’s a shot to nothing to say that there is at least one who has said this, or similar.
    we should have bought 10 new expensive forwards last summer, and Messi – the club are skinflints – Yup, that old chestnut has to have had a run out.
    ‘We are doomed’ – well comfortably home in 4th I presume?
    ‘We played well enough to have won 21:0, but were stopped by the bent ref, poor finishing, no new forwards, etc’ — that sound about right?
    we are still in contention for the title — the poor sods who said that must be regretting letting the bandits throw brickbats.
    I went to the game dressed as the front end in my zebra outfit, and got a cold ass because Cockie-doodle had the hump — well if Terry was on, he must have said that, or similar.

    There you are – 2 mins to sum up a day’s comments, and like Kelsey I did not need to read anything. 😀

  72. MickyDidIt89 says:


    Honestly and from the bottom of my heart, I was 100% sure we needed to strengthen the attack last summer.

    I believe it was possible and I believe it would have improved our chances of the title.

  73. GoonerB says:

    Nothing stupid about dreaming of winning the title Eddie. We all should be dreaming of that at the start of the season. Micky is right though that we could have given ourselves a much better chance but didn’t take the opportunity.

    As this season progressed the dream should have become even greater peaking around Christmas, and now it has diminished a bit but not been fully extinguished. Still all to play for but I personally feel that AW will need to mix things up a bit and identify what has not been working. Not sure that is really him though so my dream has reservations.

    Terry has dreams with reservations BTW Eddie. He told me about them over a glass of Mountain Greek table Cognac. You know the terracota coloured stuff with sediment. He dreams about reservations for him and Arsene at the annual South East rubber and spandex conference, held at the Bounds Green naturist society headquarters.

    I can tell you about this Eddie without him finding out I have betrayed his confidence. He doesn’t read my comments you see 🙂

  74. Herb's Army says:

    Hello everyone. Happy New Year (yes, I’m well aware we’re in February).
    You’ll remember how unbelievably positive I was after beating United 3-0 at The Emirates, and how I proclaimed this was our season to win the PL title.
    The main protagonists are still under-performing to clear a path for us, so the question has to be whether the club want it enough.
    A club spending at least four times less than Arsenal are five points clear after 24 games, so what exactly are Arsenal spending money on that from a football perspective, is four times superior to that of Leicester?
    We have a quality first XI that can and will beat anyone on their day, as has often been proved, but it is never sustained over a long enough period to significantly register.
    For 12 years since Roman Abramovich turned up, Chelsea have bullied us, often quite embarrassingly, and it hasn’t been addressed.
    Arsenal are a massive global football club, and much of that is through Arsene Wenger, but they don’t look like a club geared up to challenge Europe’s elite. The money and the facilities are all in place, but the ruthless ambition is missing. We are simply far too nice and accommodating.
    It’s something United and Liverpool have had since the days of Busby and Shankly, Abramovich has instilled it at Chelsea, same with the Sheik’s at City, even Joe Lewis at Tottenham.
    We just lurch from season to season always offered a little excitement and hope before inextricably watching it turn to dust before our very eyes.
    There is something deeply flawed in our make up to keep repeating the same pattern.
    Nobody in England or Europe fear Arsenal, certain clubs openly laugh at us, and unless there is a massive paradigm shift in the club’s mindset, we will continually fall short when it matters most.

  75. Eddie says:

    thanks micky.

    GB – it is Bounds Greek, init

  76. MickyDidIt89 says:

    As a little add on, never did I think City would be as inconsistent, thus presenting everyone else with this opportunity. I thought they’d be out of sight by now.

    With Chelsea 🙂

  77. MickyDidIt89 says:

    HA HA HA 🙂

  78. GoonerB says:

    Spot on R.A. with your assessment 🙂

    We are definitely the groundhog day club with the groundhog day fans who come out with the same groundhog day comments because….lets see….the club has the same groundhog day issues for the same groundhog day seasons with the same groundhog way of not dealing with them.

    I just want a squirrel or badger for once…..fed up with bloody groundhogs.

    Now R.A I notice you haven’t mentioned groundhogs once in your summary of what has likely been said today, so your not that bloody insightful are you 🙂

  79. Eddie says:

    so in all honesty it is just Chas who is crazy 🙂 Radddy’s on drugs 🙂

  80. MickyDidIt89 says:

    And Happy New Year to you too, Herb

    “but the ruthless ambition is missing. We are simply far too nice and accommodating”

    I only have one mate in the football industry, and he’s quite important, so knows what he’s on about. Of course I’ve asked him about Arsenal, and your words above are almost word for word what he said was the perceived view of our club.

  81. GoonerB says:

    Micky, do you want to form a club with me whereby we only come on and comment when things are bad? We could stay away when things are good. Say we beat Spuds away 5-0, I think we should get on first thing and state that we will not be around today until all the positive crap is done and dusted as we can’t be doing with all that nonsense. We could turn up again say 24-48hrs later once all the unnecessary elation has died down. I reckon Eddie might be up for it as well.

  82. MickyDidIt89 says:

    RA 🙂

  83. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I can’t stay away. I have no mates and I’m an addict. Tough luck on you lot, but there we go.
    Mind you, I’m equally happy dooming, in fact, I prefer it to being happy

  84. Eddie says:

    micky and herb – and for that reason i am struggling as an Arsenal fan, I am old and unwell now, but in my day I got what I wanted, often. Nice and accommodating would not get me far. And it won’t get Arsenal titles either

  85. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Old Eddie!!!!!!!
    You’re the same as me. Someone today expressed surprise I’d taken up the viola. I explained I could have as long as a violist as some people have working lives ffs

  86. MickyDidIt89 says:


    Take a leaf out of Beardy Arnie’s book. Screw the league. Done it.

    CL is where it’s at.

    Ok, yikes, but maybe we should aim for 4th every season ( 🙂 ), then rest players during tough nasty fixtures, thrash the minnows, and focus on the CL all fresh, fit and frisky

  87. chas mobile says:

    Haha, you loonies make me laugh every time. 😆

    Your 1.09pm comment might as well just have said, ‘yep, my confirmation bias is alive and well’. 🙂

  88. Eddie says:

    ha ha ha 🙂 I think that everybody should have at least 3 hobbies to go into retirement with or they will go nuts. But you have too many, you will have no time to wait in hospital queues!

    Are you too old to learn viola? Isn’t it hard to learn the notes and ‘shit’ as you call it? I tried to learn Spanish last few years, but cannot get past ‘algo más’ 🙂

    Perhaps if I drop Arsenal I could take up another hobby….like what? There is growing number of post boxes enthusiasts

  89. GoonerB says:

    No don’t get me wrong Micky, I far prefer it when it is positive. I am not a natural self imposed misery guts, but do like to look at good and bad and what could and should be done to be better.

    It was more a revenge mission against some of our friends on here who refuse to come on a chat with us on darker days. Kind of like fair weather golfers to me.

    I excuse Terry because he comes on anyway, and I have a suspicion he doesn’t read any other comments (at least not mine) anyway, and just goes into Mancinibonkersworld mode regardless.

    I excuse R.A because he (eventually) comes on anyway and is also equally bonkers in his own way, and you don’t really know what he is saying anyway.

    I once had to study one of his comments to try and get the gist of it. It was during a period when I had just started studying hieroglyphics as well because those ancient Egyptians knew a thing or two about camels. I needed 3 dictionaries, including an old one of obsolete ancient English words. By the end I still didn’t have a scooby what he had said, but I am now the worlds foremost expert in deciphering ancient Egyptian camel remedies.

    I also excuse Chas because he doesn’t bother talking footy chat whether it be good or bad. He is so metrosexual and in balance with his inner yin and yang that one. Quite happy just having him telling me I am talking absolute bolleux over a pint at the FFB.

    Oh damn, I have excused near enough everyone anyway. Right bin the club idea Micky.

  90. GoonerB says:

    Chas, your 6.37 comment might as well just have said “you are talking absolute bolleux GoonerB”. You could have saved it for a more appropriate time over a pint at the FFB 🙂

  91. chas mobile says:

    It’s already a well-known fact in the Arsenal blogging world that there are far fewer comments on days when there is nothing to whine about.
    Your ‘club’ is already in existence. 🙂

  92. chas mobile says:

    I was always told off at school for my brevity. Others could write 3 pages – 1 paragraph was enough for me. 🙂

  93. RA says:

    Hi Herb,

    A belated Happy New Year to you too. 🙂

    A well thought out and clearly expressed summary of how you think things are going in Arsenal world.

    I detect something of a regression in you to the less positive side of blogdom, but we are what we are.

    You don’t have an alter ego going by the name of GoonerB Damned do you? 🙂

  94. chas mobile says:

    Is your mate in the football industry, Robbie Savage?

  95. RA says:

    Hi Chas,

    I’m afraid you are not in Kelsey’s ‘brevity league’ – when he is not being as long-winded as Corky’s mate.

    Example: “Arsenal are known as Arsenal. I rest my case.

    On the descant side you are not cuckoo. 🙂

  96. GoonerB says:

    Ah good, there you are Redders. Sitting here bored with my dictionaries at the ready. Come on write something to me, or at me if you prefer.

  97. GoonerB says:

    1 paragraph Chas…..I wish I had brevity….I have always admired you from afar Chas….that is until you are sitting across a table insulting me, then the novelty wears off.

    Still at least you insult me in no more than 1 paragraphs worth. Would you believe my wife takes it to at least 3 pages worth. I am sure she could narrow it down and summarise it. Do you do private lessons Chas?

  98. MickyDidIt89 says:


    Sorry. Summoned. “Perhaps if I drop Arsenal I could take up another hobby….like what? There is growing number of post boxes enthusiasts” ha ha ha 🙂 🙂

    Have to say that learning a foreign language when you speak english is utterly pointless unless its for a bloody good reason or you want to be popular in which case you’re a dick anyway

  99. Eddie says:

    chas – i know you find it hard to understand my grief, so i will try to explain it in terms, that are familiar to you. Imagine world without pies, not one single pie for 13 years. You think, talk, dream pies, but there aren’t any. And then you can smell it, it’s getting ready in the oven, you are salivating, licking your lips…..and then you realise that the fecking baker didn’t bother with some of the main ingredients, like flour!!! got it now?

  100. RA says:

    Hi Micky,

    Do I take it that you are that Viola in Twelfth Night? How is your swordplay?

    I was once cast as Sebastian, your twin brother, but as I was more than a foot taller, the drama master changed his mind, and I was recast as Malvolio, a cross gartered, pompous, love-lorn idiot – and I was told after my debut on the opening night that my parents were disappointed I had not attempted to act — what? my parents thought my pompous idiotic love-lorn caperings were just me – being me!

    You, Micky/Viola have brought back some unhappy memories for me, and I am going to seek out my friend Corky the Camel for some therapeutic moaning. So there!

  101. chas mobile says:

    I don’t eat pies.

  102. GoonerB says:

    Take that back Micky. Nothing Dickish about learning the language of hieroglyphics to decipher ancient camel remedies.

    And before any of you with a critical mind (thats you Chas and RA) say that hieroglyphics is not a language but a form of written word, I would like to point out that I am aware that this is what it primarily is but unknown to any but a few intellects ( me 🙂 ) it is also a language.

    For instance if I said to you Heron, Spear, Fish, Sun, do you know what I asked you? Thought not.

  103. Eddie says:

    micky – you are right about languages, anybody wants a box of spanish lessons CDs, books and dictionaries?

  104. chas mobile says:

    Don’t go all handbagsy on me. 🙂

  105. Eddie says:

    ok – replace pie with sandwich, cheese and finely sliced cherry tomoto sandwich, or bap

  106. chas mobile says:

    Stick to postboxes

  107. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Well RA

    If it makes you feel any better, you’ve just brought back to life an unhappy memory of my own.

    As children, my elder brother and I had swords. Proper old Waterloo shit. His was nice, light and swooshy, while mine was heavy and slow. During one final duel he stabbed me in the leg.

  108. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Superb idea GB

    Lets talk in hieroglyphics from now on, and really scare off unwanted new faces 🙂

  109. RA says:

    Hi GoonerB, 🙂

    You know that I would normally love to have verbal, social intercourse with you and chat bollix football, but Corky told me you trod on his hoof, and he is not talking to you – so, I am sorry, but it is a question of solidarity with my ungulate mate. 🙂

  110. GoonerB says:

    Right off to a poncey exercise class that I can’t be bothered with. Still has to be done. catch you all later

  111. MickyDidIt89 says:


    “anybody wants a box of spanish lessons CDs, books and dictionaries?”

    Usual question. Can we have the box only?

  112. RA says:

    I think I like the cut of your brother’s jib, Micky. 😀

  113. Big Raddy says:

    What’s wrong with collecting post boxes? Are you all Boxists?

    My collection makes me very happy despite Mrs R complaints

  114. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Wish I’d cut his jib off, RA.

  115. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Now Erik, do behave will you. We’ve all had a very nice day, and don’t need all your positivity karma bollocks 🙂

  116. Eddie says:

    this one’s rare

  117. Eddie says:

    micky – usual answer 🙂

  118. Herb's Army says:

    Hi Micky, it’s annoying and frustrating when we all know Arsenal have the resources to be a Bayern Munich or Barcelona.
    With Klopp getting his first summer TW at Liverpool, Guardiola arriving at City, knowing United and Chelsea will/should be back, Tottenham rapidly improving, Arsenal need to really take stock and make some huge decisions or risk being left behind.
    Hi RA. You could say that, but a few years into blogging and Arsenal’s issues are exactly the same.

  119. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Thought so Eddie 🙂

  120. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I think my earlier idea of focusing on the CL is the best idea I’ve ever read on here. Might submit it as a post by adding the word POST to the top and posting it.
    The League is terribly tiresome, and awful lot of hard work, which is frankly, entirely avoidable in my book.

  121. Herb's Army says:

    Job done, Micky 🙂

  122. gormon says:

    I don’t expect apologies from a bunch of wet blankets but seriously how do any of you go about your daily lives, it’s baffling to be so wrong every season and still stick to the party line

  123. kelsey says:

    We all hear that Bellerin is faster than Walcott but who has the hardest shot. Sanchez can hit them tthen one has to start thinking. Giroud on occasions. All the other forwards want to glide the ball in bar The Ox who has lost his way. It’s a valid point after watching te chances yesterday.

  124. MickyDidIt89 says:


    “how do any of you go about your daily lives”

    In a trance is the preferred option

  125. Le Coq Monster says:

    This is true !…………Was outside some kind of Pets”R”Us sort of store when a mini convertable pulls up in front with stickers all over it and a massive one saying ….”Bude Surf Veterans”…..the door opens and two crutches appear and I`m thinking……. is it Micky Didit ?……Surf stuff, Crutches from bike fall and outside a pet shop getting toys for the new forthcoming Labrador !……then a short stocky pink haired looking lezzer bundles out !……for about half an hour waiting for my wife and grandaughter to come back I flirted with the idea that Micky had hoodwinked us all for the last few years with the persona of a macho man when infact he/she was a fat disabled pink haired skirt lifter !………………..Micky/Michelle please put me out of my wonderment with the truth !.

  126. MickyDidIt89 says:

    They’re all crap, but we just have to live with them. Could be worse 🙂

  127. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I will not comment on allegations 🙂

  128. Big Raddy says:

    Gormon. Copious amounts of drugs. And you?

  129. Le Coq Monster says:

    Nice to see Herb back !……he dooms so much articulately better than me !. 🙂

  130. LB says:

    The cycling season is underway……………………….

  131. MickyDidIt89 says:


    Are you trying to wind me up? 🙂

  132. LB says:


    That is a good question, the answer is, of course, that we know that things could be a lot worse, and when I say worse, I mean an awful lot worse.

    And class A drugs……………………………

  133. Eddie says:

    LB – excellent! On your travels take photos of post boxes for me 🙂

  134. LB says:

    Hi Micky

    BR’s comment at 8.04 is great don’t ya think?

  135. Big Raddy says:

    Micky. Positivity has its benefits.

    We Viking Hippies live in a hostile environment and if we started each day with “oh No, not another day of freezing winds – it will play havoc with today’s rape and pillage”, where would we be?

  136. LB says:

    Post Boxes?

    Can’t you be happy with a gnome in the foreground of exotic places?

  137. Herb's Army says:

    Hello Kelsey, good to see you.
    I can’t ever remember a club being so ‘Jeckyll and Hyde’ as Arsenal,
    but for the champagne football they sometimes offer, they aren’t clinical enough at the top end.
    We are an elite club only by proxy of our considerable wealth, but to not take advantage of this is complete madness.

  138. Big Raddy says:

    LB. Fair play to you. Muswell Hill awaits..

    We have gale force winds which have kept me off-saddle for the past week.

  139. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Yes LB 🙂

    Everywhere is a hostile environment for your sort

  140. Eddie says:

    no, sorry LB, I am over gnomes now 🙂

  141. Le Coq Monster says:


    “how do any of you go about your daily lives”

    Usually being arrested for watching porn on a 3D screen in PC World, Plymouth !……..who needs drugs !

  142. LB says:

    It’s funny you should say that BR but Muswell Hill is my favourite hill to climb in London.

  143. MickyDidIt89 says:

    ha ha ha ha ha

    Hey Gorman, please please come back, we’re like, really really bored

  144. LB says:

    We have a little route we call the 10 Cols of North London. This is most of Highgate and Hampsted and loop via Ally Pally, takes two hours and then coffee in Highgate.

  145. Eddie says:

    the Green Man and Manhattan Lights…..good old days. And then I became the Arsenal supporter

  146. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Dear God. If I had to get from Maida Vale to Muswell Hill on a bicycle, it’d take me three days just to get to the foot of said mountain 🙄

  147. LB says:

    We need another question Gorman.

  148. Le Coq Monster says:

    Just looking at the league table and I honestly think we are more in a battle with Manshafter Std (who are 5 points behind us) for 4th place than we are in a battle for the title !……………..not so much a doom as looking at the stats and facts of games to play !.

  149. LB says:

    Manhatten Lights was at the top of Muswell hill?

    A club/bar on the right.

  150. Eddie says:

    yep, that’s the one 🙂 I danced the nights away there 🙂

  151. LB says:


    We don’t just go from Maida Vale to Muswell Hill, we ride up 5 hills in between. I have never been in a gym in my life so this is how I get my cardiovascular thingy.

  152. LB says:

    They are turning it into luxury flats now.

    Nice views…………………………

  153. Big Raddy says:

    That’s right. ML was behind the pub. Easy pick up joint that I frequented.

  154. Eddie says:

    hold on a sec, you said the club was on the right – do you mean you cycle up THAT hill?? you are nuts, even cars struggle there

  155. MickyDidIt89 says:


    I hadn’t read the full horror of your circuit when I made that comment.

    I must now lie down for a short while

  156. Le Coq Monster says:

    I have a 3 mile time trial tomorrow night, after years of injuries I hope to beat my YB(year best) of 22 mins 33 secs !……………trouble is the last mile is all up hill !………….why do us old bastards still go though the pain ?

  157. Eddie says:

    no Raddy, Sammies’ was the pick up joint. That was if nobody was killed there that evening

  158. LB says:

    That is my favourite climb in London. I honestly love it.

    Eddie, I pay good money to go to the Alps so that I can climb longer and harder hills.

    Cycling is an endurance sport, we love it.

  159. Big Raddy says:

    Hampstead Hill is a swine but Muswell Hill is much harder.

    My route was to go up Highgate Hill, down to the NCR, East End Road, across to Muswell Hill and a very fast ride down to Crouch End. Much easier.

  160. LB says:

    OK, good chat, time for me to go.

  161. Big Raddy says:

    LB. You MAMILs are such masochists 😀

  162. Gööner In Exile says:

    Eddie I asked you to do it yesterday I’ll ask again today show me the striker that we should have signed…..it’s very easy to complain about money sitting in the bank….but where are the players that we could have signed, or players that moved elsewhere having better seasons.

    And for the love of God can people stop talking about £200m sitting in the bank….it’s one number from a set of accounts….surely we all have more than one brain cell and understand that it’s not ours to spend today.

    First I’ll put it in basic terms:

    It’s pay day you receive your monthly wage, let’s say for arguments sake £2k.

    This month you have to pay for your mortgage/rent, food, rates, clothes, fuel etc.

    Do you have £2k to blow on a night out in London?

    Hopefully the answer is no.

    Now let’s get to the Arsenal figures:

    Fixed Assets (Land, Buildings, Investments) £596m

    Current Assets (Stock, Debtors and cash of £228m) £323m

    Current Liabilities (Creditors, loans etc) £273m

    Long Term Liabilities (Mortgages etc) £314m

    Add first two deduct second two Net Assets are £330m

    Now let’s understand something, Net current assets are £60m, so the most “cash” we had to spend was £60m, we have to generate profit to keep paying mortgage without reducing our cash more, in 2014/15 we would have lost £8m if it wasn’t for profit on player sales of £28m, if anyone failed to notice we didn’t sell anyone this season so that’s going to be more than likely. Loss in 2015/16 and out cash would have gone down by whatever that loss is.

    So please stop regurgitating nonsense heard on media outlets with the sole objective of winding Arsenal fans up.

    If the fans that want to believe we are so bad are correct can someone explain me this….how the f*** are we even 4th? Because everyone else is rubbing this year? Well that doesn’t really hold water does it?

    We should have spent £x million on players as we haven’t got a squad capable of doing anything great, but the manager is also poor for not getting the most out of these average players?

    Sorry you can’t have both, either manager bad and players get him out of jail, or players bad and managers system and tactics gets most out of them.

    Or perhaps we are just in a bad run of form.

    Earlier this season so many of you wrote off Champions League qualification, well the team come back from that and proved you all wrong. Yet you all continue to write them off.

    I just hope that if we do turn it round and we do win the league you all don’t spend a second enjoying it.

    Here’s the thing I’m clearly labelled as a Pro Wenger man by many on this site, but in effect I am just a supporter, the success of Arsenal is all I care about, and I think that a unified support that believes in the team and manager would be far more productive that constantly sniping at every half bad result.

    When we bet City many thought we were on a roll, only 4 and a half weeks later we are out of the race?

    We are well and truly in the race for the title and we might or might not come out victorious in May, but i’d much rather expend my energy supporting the team than doing them down at every opportunity.

  163. Frustrating isn’t it GIE?

    Funny that the ones who bang on about £200 million have little to no understanding of interpreting a balance sheet.

    I know quite a few other chartered accountants who generally interpret the figures as you and I, they have no choice, it’s there in black and white

    There is one colleague, an Arsenal season ticket holder who though agrees with the general premise feels we fail to take enough risks. Fair enough, I don’t agree but it’s his point of view but whilst having a beer with him the othe day I mentioned I know some people who think we have £200 to spend today, we both spilled our beer from laughing.

    On the striker issue, the question is answered by the Manchester clubs and Chelsea. Three of the biggest financial giants in the world in the hunt for a striker are reduced to Martial, Bony, and Falco.

    The other point is general. Despite years of unwanted hallucinations I supprisingly possess a decent memory. When top of the league a month ago the usual suspects cracked on how this is Wengers chance since all our rivals are shit?

    In other words they were and are basically making excuses for his potential victory in advance. However, when there is no title challange the lame excuses of been financially inferior or losing players to rivals etc do not apply

    It’s fools gold GIE. Make excuses in victory but not in defeat.

    Anyway, it’s all about perspective so they can have there’s and I will keep mine, no problem.

  164. Aaron says:

    Normal is Arsenal Ascending! Of course..
    Would have been nice to pick up Martial and dumped Walcott.. for the present and the future! Everything we need up front or out wide cutting in. Hope Arsene invests in a young, quick, pacey, strong striker to complement Sanchez in the near future..

  165. Eddie says:

    Aaron – that is if Sanchez is still around

    All right Gie, we are skinned, no money. Sadly, if you don’t invest in the club you will have even less money from say sponsorships. And the merry goes round – you don’t win trophies, you have less power to attract good players, as we have already found out, and so on, you know the score.

    What is the point of having a rich oligarch who won’t help out? Has Kroenke no money either?

    As for the strikers to could strengthen our squad – i agree, there aren’t any out there. Hell knows how other clubs find them, but we cannot, clearly. I am not going to mention unkowns from Spurs, but what about Charlie Austin – he is a good striker, Martial as Aaron mentioned above just to give you a couple to take apart 🙂

    No GiE, you can do your accounting tricks, but I will remain unconvinced. I am sure the club could and should find money and candidates to get us a better chance of winning the league. They didn’t, we won’t win it this season,possibly lose existing good players and fail to attract others in the coming summer.

    Something is wrong at the Club, either they are not with the times or they don’t give a damn. Sorry, but fans and players do and that is the bottom line.

    I am off to bed in a hoof.

  166. chas mobile says:

    Definitely postboxes.

  167. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All.

    Enjoyed GIE’s financial explanation. Thank you.

  168. Big Raddy says:

    I have to admit I am not interested in the post but boxes …

    From the lowly cardboard to the fancy inlaid wood, they are all so damned useful

  169. Big Raddy says:

    Just noticed that chas blogged at 05.06!

  170. Big Raddy says:

    I still think we will beat them

    Barcelona’s ninth win in a row took the team’s unbeaten streak in all competitions to 27 games.
    Barca have not lost since a 2-1 defeat at Sevilla in October in La Liga.
    They have more than 100 goals this season

  171. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Eddie posted at 3:56!!

    Back in Manhattan Lights?

  172. Big Raddy says:

    Morning Didit.

    Any more news on the pooch?

  173. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Honestly Erik, it’s all getting a bit boring.

    Wife and Daughter banging on and on about who goes where, walks. Jeesus, it’s a dog. It arrives. It lives here.

  174. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Ooo ouch Exile

    Tell you what, I have a feeling only Crystals and Cockie mention the 200M figure, and boy will the doom kick in when they realise Arsene’s blown the lot on heat map analaysts and Giroud, now only 60M remains.

    I think you have fired the flames


  175. Eddie says:

    so you crazy lot believe that there is no money to buy as a striker?? Really?? See, this is what the accountants do – manipulate figures, no more than that 🙂

  176. Eddie says:

    micky -never mind what daughter and wife are planning. At the end of the day when it is cold and wet, you will be walking your dog. And no matter what the girls do for the dog, she will only adore YOU


  177. chas mobile says:

    How about Malcolm?

  178. MickyDidIt89 says:


    Superb letter box. Dog called Dotty. Must go school run. You get more shut eye. Later.

  179. Eddie says:

    BBC2 at 8pm tonight – Cats v Dogs 🙂 🙂

  180. Eddie says:

    Dotty. No wonder he ran away. Dotty.

    chas – or Derek? It’s a girl you div

  181. chas mobile says:

    You is called, Eddie

  182. chas mobile says:

    Dotty because it’s loopy, I see.

  183. Big Raddy says:

    Crap name. Needs a proper name like Thierry or Freddie or Robin 🙂

  184. chas mobile says:

    Can we have another cut down version of Swingo for the widget, GIE?
    I bet we’re on the verge of the Rothmans Isthmian.

  185. chas mobile says:

    At least Robin is a girl’s name, you div. 🙂

  186. Eddie says:

    Eddie for Edwina. Malcolm for….. 🙂 you is a div 🙂

    crap name – agreed. Vieira for a girl sounds good. Robin??!!! Robin??!! i think not.

    “The Isthmian League is a regional men’s football league covering London, East and South East England featuring mostly semi-professional clubs” – saves some of you googling 🙂

  187. Big Raddy says:

    If I wanted to be a div. how does one join the club? It isn’t one of those bare your right breast and funny handshake operations is it?

  188. Eddie says:

    it is not a club Raddy – some people are born that way, divs 🙂

    It’s almost half eight and nobody told me that Chavs drew against Watford 🙂 🙂 🙂 Fantastic!

    Sadly, my gorgeous Gary’s Valencia lost 7:0 to Barca last night 😦

  189. chas mobile says:

    I only know the Isthmian league because Enfield Town used to play in it.
    I’ve been to Southbury Road a few times to watch them play. Awful, it was.

  190. chas mobile says:

    Edwina Hapgood is a crap name.

  191. Morning, great blogging everyone, has anyone got a post for today?

  192. Eddie says:

    an elephant would forget 🙂

  193. Eddie says:

    do you want the programme?

  194. chas mobile says:

  195. Rasp says:

    Morning all, I used to watch Enfield Town in my yoof before some greek bloke bought the club and proceeded to sell the ground. Did you ever go to The Starlight Rooms chas?

  196. Big Raddy says:

    I cut my football supporting teeth in the Isthmian League. Had a season ticket at Hendon FC pre-teens

  197. Eddie says:

    aaahhh, gorgeous Gary 🙂

  198. GoonerB says:

    Funniest thing of the morning for me from Raddy :

    “I still think we will beat them

    Barcelona’s ninth win in a row took the team’s unbeaten streak in all competitions to 27 games.
    Barca have not lost since a 2-1 defeat at Sevilla in October in La Liga.
    They have more than 100 goals this season”

    Raddy, you must have just polished off a left over Jamaican Woodbine from last night. 🙂

    The first passionate declaration, ok I can go with that. Got me all roused up pumping fists in the air till I read your second bit which kind of looked like a brilliant explanation of why it wont happen 🙂

  199. chas mobile says:

    I’m not sure I did, Rasp.
    My sister used to go regularly though, I seem to remember.

  200. Rasp says:

    Can anyone purrleeaasseee write a few lines for today 😕

  201. GoonerB says:

    Use GIE’s comment earlier Rasp, if he is ok with it. Gives us an alternative perspective from yesterday to discuss and therefore balance (get it).

  202. Big Raddy says:

    GB. Good idea and I am sure GIE would be “stoked”

  203. GoonerB says:

    Whatzat men Raddy “stoked”, some kind of nasty Orkish disease?

  204. GoonerB says:

    Actually, should be spelt Orcish

  205. Rasp says:

    I’ve written something, but I will run out of steam soon …..

  206. GoonerB says:

    Not sure if GIE would truly want it, but hey it is a good comment that should spark some debate, so what he wants or doesn’t want is irrelevant. 🙂

  207. Rasp says:

    …. New post …..

  208. GoonerB says:

    Oooh Rasp is writing something steamy. Make sure you sit down and take your Valium when you read Eddie 🙂

  209. RA says:

    A special well done to GIE, for trying I suspect without any hope od people understanding, what is obvious to us, that a company’s working capital is just a snapshot in time and is continually changing.

    As it happens, I got paid for some work I did for a friend and got his check yesterday and banked it, without giving away personal info, let’s say it was for £750.

    So with £750 in the bank, or ‘cash’ as some like to see it, I am off down to buy a laptop today, so that I do not have to keep borrowing my buddy’s crap one.

    Only….I’m not. Why? Because if I did that I would not be able to pay my share of the rent in two weeks time, and I also have to pay my share of the fuel costs here.

    So this magical, mystery £60m, or whatever is the current flavour of the blogs, that Arsenal had at the end of May last year, did that include payment in advance for some season tickets in the current season, or does some of it have to go towards paying salaries, or our debts, or, or, or.

    I fear we are not getting the message across Exile and I wish you luck with that. 😀

  210. RC78 says:

    Idea for a post: How do you rate our Full-Backs?

    With the departure of Debuchy, our full-backs are as follows for the rest of the season:

    RB: BELLERIN, Chambers
    LB: MONREAL, Gibbs

    While some may think that we have 4 good full-backs, I think that we are “OK” in that department.

    Bellerin is a promising RB who has vastly improved and has really impressed me. He has gone better at defending and he is still doing well going forward ALTHOUGH there is a lot of room for improvement in terms of his crossing and in defending (especially alignment). However, he is a star in the making. Chambers on the other side is not pacy nor good enough to play RB and I think that we are taking a risk everytime we play him there. He is definitely one to play in the center of the defence so I hope that Bellerin will not get injured because otherwise, we are in trouble at RB…

    Monreal became good last year. He is doing relatively well defensively but he is not bringing much offensively. He never scores and assists, which is a problem because then team just have to focus on Sanchez. Lately, he has been also below par defensively so I hope he will get back to his 2015 level very soon (like the rest of the team really). Gibbs – the eternal talent that has yet to flourish. He is always looking good when coming forward but he is still struggling defensively (positional awareness is weak).

    All and all, I think we have a decent crop of Full-Backs with a rising star in Bellerin. However, we:

    – need to play Chambers as CB because he cannot cope with the demands of the RB position;
    – need to buy a RB (meaning sell Jenkinson and Debuchy) to really have competition for Bellerin;
    – need to loan out Gibbs for at least 2 years to a team that will teach him about defending (what about a stint in Italy?);
    – need to buy a LB to put Monreal under pressure.

    Some names:
    – RB -> Coleman, Carvajal, Piszcek, Lichsteiner, Van der Wiel, Aurier
    – LB -> Baines, Bernat, Kurzawa, Tremoulinas, Rodriguez

    What is your say?

  211. Rasp says:

    Hi RC, so sorry, I had published when your comment came up. We will gladly use your comment as post in the coming days. It may be better if you email us at arsenalnuts@live.co.uk with any offerings for a post in the future 🙂

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