Be Gone November, Arsenal Match Report.

Well that turned out better than expected considering the length of the injury list. Strangely enough, although, Sunderland are residing in a part of the league table I rarely bother looking at I am not sure that we were favourites to win before the start. Unlike November, due to the higher calibre of team that we were able to field, there was little doubt, if any, that we were favourites to beat the other equally small clubs we played namely Norwich, WBA and Tottenham and yet we failed to win any of them.

So apart from the month, what changed?

With the silky skills of Cazorla and Sanchez missing a more basic workman like style was inevitably going to be deployed; well, that was the excuse for the midfield and attack but the first choice back four were out there as usual and yet they started game with all the fluidity of a rusty shopping trolley that had been laying at the bottom of a canal for six months.

There were bright spots in the first half, two of our three world class musketeers may have been injured but the third, Ozil, was alive and kicking or should that be alive and assisting, sorry I couldn’t resist.
Campbell who had been about as useful as a wooden stake driven into the ground for the best part of the first half was put through with a sublime pass from the German Maestro and slotted home with aplomb, this immediately triggered the selective memory of myself and the people around me at the game making us remember how we had always thought that Campbell just needed more game time to show how good he really was. Funny goal celebration though, all seemed normal at first and then he seemed to became fixated on tying up the cord in his shorts rather than continue soaking up the praise.

One nil up and half time approaching what could possible go wrong? Enter the FFP: a corner to Sunderland, dummied by one of their players before being sliced in past the helpless Cech to make it one all. Nice one Ollie. We did have a good chance before the break with Monreal cutting the ball back to Ramsey but he unfortunately blasted wide.

General Rambo did well in the middle I thought considering how few minutes of game time he has had recently, as Rasp said, we missed Sanchez far more than we missed Cazorla. Ramsey is not quite as familiar with the role as Cazorla but there is little doubt in my mind that he will make that position his own in the not too distant future.

The game was crying out for Walcott’s pace. It had been that way, in fact, from the outset. I can only assume that the reason for him starting on the bench was political. It would not have been PC to have started the game with Giroud riding the pine considering how he has had to carry the Arsenal banner while Walcott has been injured. Anyway, however this was decided the FFP got the nod and preceded to lumber around the pitch for most of the game until Walcott took his track suit off which was the signal for Giroud to come to life.

Have you noticed this? Giroud started the season like, well, like a FFP culminating in his petulant sending off in Zagreb but as soon as it looked like he would actually lose his place to Walcott, no doubt Ollie, like most of us, never actually thought that Walcott really had a number nine in him; anyway, as soon as Ollie realised his place was seriously under threat he suddenly started to find his inner Ibrahimovic. Well the same thing happened today, as soon as it was clear that Walcott was coming on Giroud changed and scored a brilliant header which again triggered my selective memory and those around me who remembered that we had always thought that Giroud was a good goal scoring addition to the squad.

Two – one up, all seemed well but no matter how hard we tried to help Sunderland get a draw, with Monreal almost turning it into his own net and such, we couldn’t. Finally, after a comedy of errors in front of the Sunderland goal, Ramsey put the game to bed with a vital third. Yay, December and our first three points. Ozil was MOTM by the length of an autobahn. If Mertersacker had had to go off for one reason or another Ozil would have taken the band, who would have envisaged him as Captain this time last season?

Onwards and upwards chaps and chapessess the league is ours for the winning.

Written by LB

43 Responses to Be Gone November, Arsenal Match Report.

  1. LB says:

    A little something to read before the main event.

  2. fred1266 says:

    So glad for the win, didn’t want my first game to be a lost or draw I must say the fans was really quite

  3. LB says:

    It was a bit quiet today Fred, at least we won. I hope you enjoyed the game though and are enjoying your time over here.

  4. Nice one LB, I’m just about to watch the extended highlights on Sky. I’ll mark your report afterwards. 😀

  5. LB says:

    Thank you NG

  6. TotalArsenal says:

    Superb match review/analysis, LB. 🙂 To the point and every sentence is relevant/ cannot be left out of your report.

    Love the inner Ibrahimovic bid re Giroud, even though I don’t agree fully with your view that Ollie needs competition to try and get the best out of himself. Agreed re us missing Sanchez more than Santi, but it can also be said that either of them would have made us play better today.

    The Ozil autobahn line also made me laugh. There are no restrictions in Mesut’s play.


  7. Rasp says:

    Superb match report LB, I agree with every word – especially where you quoted me 🙂

    I also observed how much hungrier Giroud is when Walcott is around. His habit of angling his head back and staying offside when he doesn’t get the perfect pass he desires drives me crazy. – but he took his goal really well and as long as he keeps doing that we have to be happy.

    Ozil is on a different planet, the full backs were immense but Koscielny saved our bacon several times in the first 30 mins and gets my motm

  8. LB says:

    Hi TA

    Good to hear from you.

  9. TotalArsenal says:

    Hey LB

    You were quiet about the Ox. Did he underwhelm you?

  10. LB says:


    I thought the Ox was OK, he seems to have plateaued recently, he needs to step things up a bit more, start getting closer to the player we all dream he will become.

  11. LB says:

    Right MOTD time, I want to see Chelsea and laugh.

  12. fatgingergooner says:

    Fantastic results today, less than convincing performance, but I don’t expect much else given the amount of quality players missing from our team at the moment. You can get away with 1 or 2 reserve players in the team, but when you have 4 or 5 in there it’s very difficult to maintain the same level. It doesn’t mean those players stepping up are not good enough and they will get better as they play more.

    I thought Özil was fantastic and really dictates the game for us. Player of the season so far. Great ball for the first goal.

    Cech made some great saves and is everything we hoped he would be.

    Shouldn’t have been a left footer at the near post for Sunderlands goal. A right footer clears it with no issues. Great goal by Giroud at the right end though.

  13. Dear LB

    I love your match reports, I’ve missed your match reports, they are so smooth. Thank you. Clearly, like Giroud, you just need a bit of competition to put pen to paper 😉

    Agree that we missed Alexis more than Cazorla.

    Theo didn’t disappoint and we just look so much better with some pace in the side.

    I’m still not convinced about Campbell sadly but it would have been so rude of him not to score after Ozil found him with a beautiful pass. I’ve just watched his goal celebration again and it’s plain weird.

    Ozil is just magic 🙂

    I felt we had the hand brake on in the first half, the fear of more injuries must make it difficult to play with freedom. This was always going to be a difficult game but in the end we won and November can be forgotten.

  14. Having just watched the Sky highlights I think the performance was better than indicated by the BBC’s live text commentary.

    We played a patient game which gradually wore down the opposition and so generated chances.

    Yes there were a few defensive “moments” and Sunderland caused us a few problems, but the final score could easily have been four or even five one.

    MotM…….Mesut the Magnificent!!!!

    LB, ten out of ten. 😀

  15. Red Arnie says:

    wow, LB, what a brilliant match report. 🙂 you remind us what we had been missing. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    My favourite: “all the fluidity of a rusty shopping trolley that had been laying at the bottom of a canal for six months”

    IMO, something is seriously wrong, and me thinks this is the botched CL campaign. we are neither here nor there, and truth be told, this is what we would really like to win. who cares about winning the league? we have won it many times, and will do so many more times.

    what matters is staying above Spurs and winning the CL place trophy. we may do better than that this year, even win it.

    I think once Tuesday is out of the way, and we know our CL fate one way or the other, the PL campaign will fall into place.

    As for today, I was as nervous at the beginning as the Gooner next door. Have to say, no matter how much fun we make of Big Fat Sam, I do actually have some respect for the man.

    In the event, Ozil was superb, my MoTM. Loved the autobahn comment. 🙂 Second Cech. 🙂 everyone else fought with their heart. Cannot complain. COYG. 🙂

  16. Shubham says:

    Mesut Ozil & Cech are the 2 most important players for the club now.

  17. kelsey says:

    Morning I had to put this up, again re Martin.

    Thanks for stepping in LB, I seem to hold a minority view about the game so wont spoil it for the others except to say that Cech kept us in the game at 1-1, our defense at times is absolutely non existent but Ozil is truly world class and this season can play a full ninety minutes which he couldn’t last season.

  18. fred1266 says:

    LB didn’t enjoy the first day since I got lost twice but yeah enjoyed the game, anyone going Olypiacos I have a ticket but would prefer to not to go there by myself

  19. fred1266 says:

    Lb what station is MOTD

    Is it on basic cable, and wat stations I get to watch football highlights

  20. chas says:

    Here’s the Arsenal MOTD bit, Fred.

  21. chas says:

    Brilliant match report, LB.

    Such a fluent, accurate and amusing read (even if the credit for Giroud’s goal does look a little like it’s gone to Walcott for warming up 🙂 )

    It really shows in the report that you enjoyed writing it – flippin marvellous to be back on the 3 points trail, especially with the other results. 🙂

  22. Good morning girls…. wow LB, match report up the night before the day after. 🙂

    Before my feeble Sunday attempt as well. Ramsey MOTM for me. Campbell…. that dummy has been in his shorts for every game he’s played wothout scoring… no wonder he’s been unable to hit the target…. must have been causing quite a lot off pain rubbing against his niagera falls. ha ha ha

  23. chas says:

    Or here and click ‘restart the current programme’.

  24. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    LB. Love the post and really pleased you published it early. Lovely to read a proper match report over my first cup af coffee.

    Fred. I think you are the only AA’er who is going to Olympiakos. We all envy you and ask whether you cantata us in your pocket? Peaches takes us to all the home games.

  25. chas says:

    I don’t think Fred is going to Greece. I put him off.

  26. chas says:

    Ah, only just seen earlier comment, apols.

  27. Chas…. I hopoe he washed it after everygame he didn’t score…. cos he then put it in his mouth…. aahhh smegma 🙂

  28. Who killed the blog…. me or Chas?

  29. Just watching that clip of Campbell and his dummy…. makes me think he’s an ego without the talent sort of bloke, a bit like Bentner. All he was worried about was getting the fecking dummy out of his shorts…. no acknowledgement of Monreal or his team mates congratulating him.

  30. oh well…. the blog has died, shame because LB put a lot of effort into his MR…. I’m off to the bar, Sunday lunchtime booze 🙂

  31. Big Raddy says:

    Not died, just sleeping until we we get Sir A’s post

  32. Ahh, Radish is awake, expect a new post any minute now. 😀

  33. Morning all

    Just sorting Sir A’s match report …………. back in a bit

  34. We have a New Post …………………..

  35. fred1266 says:

    How come no one going the game, also any recommended place to get flight tickets

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