Beer and pies ruin football ………….

Much has been written about prices of tickets for football games and the proud club of ours is, as usual, top of the table of most expensive tickets. I am sick of hearing the clap trap that footy has become the sport for the wealthy. It’s not the tickets that screw up the bank balance, it is all the booze and pies you consume when at the Emirates. Bring your own pies and flask, and you stand to save yourself a few bob.

And it is you, yes you moany git who is the first to moan about the ticket prices, but at the same time insisting on Wenger buying Benzema, Cavani and Krychowiak in one big swoop.

I am sure some will come after me with open flick knives, but I am a keyboard hero and don’t care and will carry on – I was stunned after reading the following comments yesterday:

“Couldn’t get tickets (for WBA at the Hawthorns). It’s getting harder and harder.

Or for Aston Villa. Villa sold out to 20+ – we have 19! (away credits)

Liverpool away on a Wednesday flippin night in January for over £50 and a crap view. Probably won’t go down to our level of away credits anyway.
Might have to go to flippin Stoke away 4 days after. At least we’ll have 20 away points then and have a little more chance for other tickets.”

Two most disgraceful Arsenal fans, with season tickets and 100 years of support between them cannot get tickets for the above games. Not that they wanted to see those games, after all it is just WBA, Villa and Pool, but they live for those trips away – camaraderie, greasy pies, crisps and lots more of junk food, washed down with gallons of booze, sing alone, some funny snaps and their lives are complete.

They schlap week in and week out 300 miles round trip by car, by train and on foot, pay year after year for the season tickets and cannot attend games because all chits were sold out. Shocking! And there is only one way to resolve it – bump up the prices! That way there will be plenty of tickets for those who really want to see a game and are prepared to bring their own sandwiches to balance the books.

How much are you prepared to pay for a ticket? I think £50 is reasonable for most games. Double it for most popular games and half for lesser opponents.


89 Responses to Beer and pies ruin football ………….

  1. WOW…. an Eddie Rant 🙂

    I wouldn’t mind paying the ticket price if I was still in the UK but I would refuse to buy below standard pies, tea and beer. Stock up well before the match at a decent pub or restaurant.

  2. I’m back to NB69…… Twinkle has been retired, for the time being.

  3. LB says:

    Good rant Eddie, I assume it was Chas and Bro who couldn’t get tickets for West Brom? Amazing, how hard it is now days.

    As for buying beer and pies in the ground, who still does that?

    “Twenty is Plenty”

  4. RA says:

    Yes, well this is like intruding on a private lovers tiff – get a room is what I say. 😀

    Anyway, Eddie, you is bonkers. 😀

  5. Big Raddy says:

    Eddie. Is that as angry as you can manage?

    Totally disagree.

    The Emirates stadium is so sterile it needs a belly full of booze and food to bring some atmosphere to the game. Piebury Corner costs about a tenner, a decent bottle of red about a score – so that is already 30 quid.

    I like LB’s Twenty is Plenty which would bring the days entertainment up to a round Bullseye.

  6. kelsey says:


    Is the word schlap Polish or Catholic 😉

  7. PV4 says:

    I think £1, 7 shillings and sixpence is reasonable. If all sold out – wait for Jimmy Hill and MOTD in glorious black and white.

  8. ‘morning all, a proper rant, one we can all relate to. Well done.
    But I have to agree with Redders, you is bonkers Eddie. 😀

    I don’t have time to do so now, as it’s time for a walk, but I have the solution to problems of getting tickets and reducing prices.

    More later, depending on the quality of the pub lunch and my need for a post prandial kip.

  9. Eddie says:

    yes, me is bonkers 🙂

    BUT – am I really completely wrong?? How many fans can afford to buy a few rounds in a pub every week and yet £50 for a ticket once in a while is out of their reach?

    I say – go to see football, not all your drinking mates and kebab eating partners. You will half the price of the outing 🙂

  10. stevepalmer1 says:

    Well well well, a Rant from one of our fairminded females, i love it when a woman moans years and years of experience of that, but you know what she certainly has a point.

    For years i have heard the same moans and groans from supporters, Post after posts of someone making a point against The Arsenal Tickets to dear, food crap, shit players bad manager skinflints money grabbing owners , shit doctore trainers assistants quiet stadium no atmosphere dear beer even their fellow supporter gets some stick, iVe said it and so have you lot, but we are second in the league coming up to Christmas, yes we have a few out but we are still trying.

    That of course is nothing new for tenty years we have been in the top four Champions league every year a brand new venue with comfy seats. Is it me or am i seeing a change in supporters, where once a supporter was never happy, i now see supporters supporting the management, only yesterday after reading our daily post which asked us what we thought of how Arsenal are run, i see supporters standing up for kroenke, with statements of 3 million is not a for a company giving advice, blimey a season ago he was a thief and a tightwad know all, but today he is doing a grand job. Wenger not so long ago was past it no idea run out of idea’s finished we need another new blood with a list of names who could replace him right away, no the same supporter is hoping he will sign an extension.

    Trouble with Arsenal supporters is they are never satisfied, Yeh me too. Second is never enough being a runner up is much the same as being last, Well its not, being second is better than all the rest behind you., being second gives you scope of being first, only one team who were probably lucky on the day who cares, were up there and by the looks of it staying up there, Season tickets are like rocking horse shit impossible to get why because thousands want them thats why.

    A couple of years ago, i read a season ticket holder say, i have rented my ticket out this year as i am against what Arsenal stand for at the moment, i had a go at him and said if you feel like that give the bugger up and let some body that wants one have it. Of course matey never thought much of my comment, but i bet that same bloke is now saying i have been a faithfull supporter for so bloody long claptrap thats not a supporter thats a bloody trophy hunter.

    Thank you Eddie you never disappoint.

  11. RA says:


    You are not going to try and convince me that there is such a thing as an apostrophe — what next, an asterisk. We all know that asterisk is a Gaul.

    Are you saying that commas are like baby slugs – a little one at the bottom, and a single inverted one oop top, unless it is a double one in which case there are presumably two of the little buggers inverted (disgusting).

    Chas and I have discussed this nonsense at length, and have come to an agreement there are no rules regarding punctuation marks – so leaf it owt boy.

    By the way, no one is going to believe you if you try and say there are mummy bears and daddy bears loads of thingies like full stops (periods), question marks, exclamation marks (points), commas, (oh, yeah – them’s OK), colons, semi-colons – dashes, hyphens, parentheses (brackets) – ooh look there’s one – braces, quotation marks, and ellipses – and they especially won’t believe you if you say there is a weird thing called an apostrophe!

    And if you start on about things like these; ¿¿ § ⁉ ❣﹟❝ ❝ ‡ ̂ ⸘
    — I will simply refer you to Chas the doyen of such matters! So there.

  12. RA says:

    Kelsey, ‘Catholic’ is not a race or a language, it is a religion. 🙂

    Signed: Henry


    Lovely Eddie

    Nothing better than the rant of a women. About 5 years ago I stumbled home about 4 in the morning, drunk as a Japanese tourist at the sign of a photo opportunity, and was met by the wife, my mum, and daughter

    I cant exactly remember what happened, but the next morning I woke up in the shed with my pyjama top substituting for the bottoms and in urgent need of a Doctor.

    Prices should be reduced to a tenner and no ticket required. First come first serve. A bit like a Bay City Roller concert.

    Of cousre, there will be mayhem, and loads of angry people when they find out Arsenal arnt selling the latest Nike trainers or i phone, but thats how democracy works

    The thing that worries me most about modern football is that young people are getting squeezed out from attending. Well, actually it doesnt, i couldn’t give a toss, but you know what I mean.

    If it keeps going at this rate then the crowd will be dominated by old aged pensioners, with people forgetting were there sitting, forgetting there names, and demanding to know were Matrons gone. Do we want that?

  14. Eddie says:

    Terry 🙂 you are right you know. Last time I went to a game I sat amongst people even older than me and I did think to myself that only they can afford the tickets.

    But it doesn’t really matter if they forget where they are sitting, as long as they don’t start cheering for Spurs 🙂


    Spot on Eddie

    last game I went up to this old boy in row 1 and told him I was his son and that his ticket was row 30, and the fat bloke up there next to his seat was his nurse, so we had to swap.

    I really enjoyed the view down there. it was only spoilt a little bit by the old boy, fat bloke, and steward angrily roaming around looking for some con artist. Thankfully, the old boy couldn’t remember his original seat.

  16. kelsey says:

    I will give you a one line rant.

    If sanchez is knackered who are the 5 forwards for tomorrow in a traditional line up ? ( juniors don’t count )

  17. LB says:

    One pound, seven and six?

    PV4, you must have been sitting in the Directors Box

  18. GunnerN5 says:

    Well done Eddie, I for one would relish the thought of watching a live Arsenal game – regardless of the weekly cost.

    I wouldn’t waste my money on non essentials like food and drink etc: and make sure I had enough money left for my ticket.

  19. GunnerN5 says:

    Pounds, shillings and pence – when I was a kid we still used the farthing, anyone else?

    My Dad who betted on the horses every day would work out his winnings in his head – no easy task when your bet was in pounds shillings and pence and you had a winning treble at odds of say – 11/4, 1/3 and 5/1 – he was rarely wrong. Back then there was no such thing as a calculator only the abacus.

  20. njstone9 says:

    Honestly ticket prices are not that bad unless you plan to go all the time. For me, thanks to living abroad most of my adult life, I’ve only seem Arsenal play twice.

    I paid about £15 in approximately 2000 to see Arsenal win 1-0 at Coventry (Bergkamp with a rare header). I recently saw them again in Singapore where I live. That cost closer to £70 and I gladly paid it because it was a once off.

    My wife wants me to go with her to see Les Miserables: that’s more expensive than the football tickets. Much more. Why shouldn’t we consider football to be a form of art in the same way?

  21. Njstone9, why would anybody want to see The Miserables? By the way we call them Spurs over here.

  22. GoonerB says:

    Brilliant Eddie. No-one does a rant like you. It must be all the ranting practice you put in with each comment 🙂

    I would like to complain about the food at the emirates though Eddie. It is just not international and diverse enough for my liking. Is it really too much to ask to get some Czernina soup or some kasza every now and then? I long to find myself munching on a Kaszanka sausage while sitting high up at the ems next to mad Eddie for a full 90 minutes of inane ranting 🙂

    Are the Vine brothers bringing out their own Christmas diet and fitness DVD Eddie. I think you gave the game away with the following comment :

    “camaraderie, greasy pies, crisps and lots more of junk food, washed down with gallons of booze, sing alone, some funny snaps and their lives are complete”

  23. RA says:


    Take no notice of Norfolk ‘no-one-loves-me’ Gooner he is only interested in doing marathons, swimming the channel and riding around the Isle of Man – all before lunch. 🙂

    Go see Les Miserables, it is fantastic and you and your Mrs will love it – quite an appropriate show in the circumstances.

  24. RA says:

    I think it was ‘sing along’ Wormy – those lads would never do anything on their own – well….within reason. 🙂

  25. RA says:

    Hi GN5,

    Pounds, Shillings and Pence? Well I know 2 of them so two out of three isn/t bad. [I am using forward slashes now just to show NG the punctuation rules mean nothing to me — or Chas!] 🙂

    The Shilling is now the 10p, I guess — as for the Farting, never heard of that, but Wormy’s camels are pretty good at that. 🙂

  26. RA says:


    That 12:06 is not a rant, it was a question! 🙂

  27. chas says:

    Thanks for the post, Eddie.
    I thought the post was about us Vines brothers (not Vine, CW) until I read the bit about greasy pies. Must be about some other fat barstewards.

    There are bloody rules about punctuation marks!
    Rule number 1 – You cannot pluralise words by putting ‘s on the end of them, even abbreviations. 🙂

  28. chas says:

    ArseGent’s weekly ramblings – our best French players.
    Speaking of which, where is Le DidIt Mickoise?

  29. chas says:

    After reading Mr njstone’s comment, I was gagging to see DB10’s rare headed goal against Coventry.
    Here you go……………………

  30. Eddie says:

    still no DidIt
    can’t be surfing in the dark,surely?

  31. I do hope you haven’t all been holding your breath in anticpation of reading my solution to the ticket prices and availability problem, but at about 11.20 this morning, while off the lead, Narla my neighbour’s German Shepherd, spotted four deer and set off after them. Although we did our best to follow her a combination of a huge, newly ploughed and very muddy field brought us to a standstill.

    Despite much whistling and calling the dear, deer loving doggie continued the chase over and beyond the visble horizon.

    About thirty minutes later we spotted her trotting towards us across a stubble field. By this time we were somewhat off the prescribed route and had to work our way through a small forest and towards a distant church tower that luckily turned out to be in the village from which we had set off a couple of hours earlier.

    We then headed for The King’s Arms in Reepham where we sat down in front of a lovely log fire to a well earned pint and fine lunch of sausages, mash, peas and onion gravy.

    Oh, the solution…I’ve forgotten all about it.

  32. Le Coq Monster says:

    Thanks E va va vonne !.

    I am probably the “Perfect Storm” when it comes to the Arsenal games as I only pick the Grade Z games and COC games or Transplant getting me a ticket for nothing in exchange for me buying him a pint at The Tavern which is ironically paid for by himself after I nick the cash from his wallet !……as for the pies !……I am the deliverer of award winning pies !….cushdie !.

    The only downside is the cost of the massage parlour, but have got this down to 2 chicken and chorizo pies in exchange for a Polish Pole dancer dancing on my pole !…….beats fcuking surfing, which in these freezing waters only cause an ingrowing penis !.

  33. RA says:

    Well, dear, NG, what happened to the dear deer?

    {Really worried about Chas and his thing about plurals and s’s – [oh no, what have I done] so have to keep on his sunny side.) 🙂

  34. “The only downside is the cost of the massage parlour, but have got this down to 2 chicken and chorizo pies in exchange for a Polish Pole dancer dancing on my pole !…….beats fcuking surfing, which in these freezing waters only cause an ingrowing penis !.”

    And he delivers award winning pies too…… wonder if he could deliver to the Emirates?

  35. RA says:

    No, it’s OK, those s’s ☝︎ and this one ☚ are only separated by a non-existent apostrophe, or is it an Asterix the Gaul. 🙂

  36. Eddie says:

    oh dear, this is not going according to plan 😦

    I was hoping that there will be some fools taking the post seriously and trying to argue with me that the tickets prices are extortionate. Not such luck and apart from some nice comments and some filth, I have not had a decent fight 🙂

    Raddy – just read your morning comment about trumpets and wedding. I mailed you breaking the engagement last week, did you not read it?

  37. Big Raddy says:

    Eddie. It must have gone into trash!

    NG. Sausage , mash and peas 🇬🇧 I am deeply envious of your English pub lunches – just super dull smørrebrod over here

  38. Eddyvonne

    Who would ever take you seriously………..

  39. Le Coq Monster says:

    `69er !…………………..this is the Dennis honest truth !……..must be a couple of years ago !… boss shows me an official letter from the Spuds enquiring about the “award winning” pies!….the tight fcukers only wanted to pay pennies for them, always wondered if I was going to be delivering to the shite hole on a Saturday if it had happened !. Harrods is the most up market client we have, but it all goes by haulage as they don’t buy enough !.

  40. Coqui

    Next year when I get back to the UK I will have to take a little trip to Cockiewall and try one of these pies….. if not, a trip to Harrods. Can you name them? or is that against the rules?

  41. It’s alright Redders, there isn’t a non-existant apostrophe, there is only an apostrophe. But don’t let yourself become any more confused than is your normal state.

    If you look carefully at the words isn’t and don’t above you will see an existant apostrophe in each, in fact there are two more in this sentence. See if you can spot them. 😀

    As to the dear deer that the dear, deer loving doggie desperately desired to decapitate, I suspect that they got clean away.

  42. Norfolk…. you missed out It’s….

  43. Shh! That was a test for Redders, NB. 😀

  44. So is it Redders, Redder’s or Redders’………… apostrophe’s always confuse me….

  45. Eddie says:

    nb – true, nobody.

  46. it’s interesting that there isn’t an apostrophe in apostrophes….. that’s if I’m correct?

  47. Le Coq Monster says:

    Pop down to Cornwall `69er and I`ll get you a free sample box of…..Steak and Ale,……Lamb, Mint and Potato……..Chicken, Gammon and Leek…….Pork, Apple and Cider……Blue Cheese, Mushroom and Walnut……Homity……….Chicken, Chorizo and Chilli……Steak and Cornish Blue(cheese)……..Venison, Red wine and Bacon…….Beast of Bodmin.
    You can sit stuffing your face outside the Tate Gallery at St Ives ( Artist Colony ) with your piss artist buddies !. 😀

  48. Sounds bloody good Coqie…… never been to the Tate Cornwall.

  49. Ask Redders, or Redder’s, or Redders’. One of them will know. 😀

    Thank Dennis there’s a football match tomorrow, we can all get back to proper blogging.

  50. You do realise that I willl probably take you up on that offer…. and I’ll be bringing my French Ex and her niece Chloe.

  51. Le Coq Monster says:

    Fcuk all this religious stuff !… way can I name all of the twelve apostrophes !

  52. yes Norfolk…. football returns and proper blogging LOL

  53. Le Coq Monster says:

    Yes !…..back to hiding behind the sofa for me !

  54. No sofa against the baggies…. win for sure , that’s it for me, my ex has just woken up and I’ve promised her a nice thick soup. ha ha ha

  55. RA says:

    I can see no apostrophe’s [close your eyes, Chas] .

    I can see no ships – only hard chips – in honor of Kornflok – and NB is a lazy zee, he promised to show his artwork, but nothing since the nude lady at least a year ago.

    We need more nudes news – how is it going, Norther? 😀

  56. RA says:

    ‘The 12 Apostrophes’ — nice one Coquie Doodle. 😀

  57. GunnerN5 says:

    I’m happy that nobody corrects my grammar for me, I know that it stinks but it’s served me well throughout my life. I always had an assistant to type my business communications so that made me lazy.

  58. chas says:

    Apostrophe’s what?

  59. Eddie says:

    I got most of these questions right, clever Eddie 🙂

  60. MickyDidIt89 says:

  61. mickydidit89 says:

    You only beat me because I had to log in first, so not that you are better than me or shit

  62. mickydidit89 says:

    Oh God, do I really have to push play on a Wenger pressie at this hour
    Just looks soooo boring or is it Rick Astley? 🙂

  63. mickydidit89 says:

    Oh do come back Gorgeous
    Promise not to be rude about community grieving before the game today
    Promise. Really promise.
    Anyway, some great news while I wasn’t around, Mrs Frith has said YES. One more x-ray to get the all clear, and a proper musician I will be.

  64. mickydidit89 says:

    Ok, off to do some research

  65. chas says:

    Listening to the viola

  66. RA says:

    Morning people, 🙂

    Good pics, Chas.

  67. RA says:


    – “Mrs Frith has said YES. One more x-ray to get the all clear, and a proper musician I will be.”

    When did she let you out? 🙂

  68. RA says:


    – “Apostrophe’s what?” Exactly, Gorgeous, there were obviously lot’s of them’s.

  69. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All.

    Oh no. Terrible news about Mrs Frith. Thank goodness Micky lives 1000 miles away.

  70. RA says:

    It’s not really ‘correction of grammar’ GN5 – it’s just a bit of mickey-taking by all concerned. 🙂

    Typing errorses? Now that is a different kettle’s of fishe’s. Oooer! 🙂

  71. RA says:

    Morning, Randy, sanity at last, and your concern about the Micky’s freedom reflects my own. 😀

  72. Only seven hours five minutes to kick-off!

    ‘Morning all.

  73. Congratulations to Aaron Ramsey and his missis, on becoming the parents of a baby boy.

    Sadly, whilst leaning over to kiss his son for the first time Aaron pulled a muscle in his left shoulder and will be out of action for three to six weeks.

  74. mickydidit89 says:

    Morning other boths

    Hey Erik, I’d watch what you say. Me and The Frith are practically best mates already. She’s short and Scottish and reminds me a lot of Ernests’ hound. Unleash her, and she’d chew the legs off your furniture.

    She recently had an octogenarian learner. Killed him, but he still got to grade five in four years

  75. mickydidit89 says:

    Ah ha Eddie. In love or anything else ridiculous?

  76. nope, just cold.

    I wrote the rant to upset chas, of course, to provoke some idiots and to flush you out – you do like the Disgraceful Duo under a spot light 🙂

  77. mickydidit89 says:

    To be clear Eddie, I’ve raced through the early morning comments, but not posts and daytime comments

    However, upsetting Chas and provoking idiots are both good causes

  78. Have you hit the fifty Mark Eddie? Congratulations if so.

    Now altogether…Happy birthday to you….

  79. getting you back was the best cause. I was beginning to worry, almost emailed you (well, not that worried actually 🙂 )

    this is very pleasing, especially when you read some of the comments below the photos 🙂

  80. NG – yep, almost 7 years ago 🙂 me is an old bird, old and grumpy. But you can all sing Happy Birthday to my granddaughter, who is 2 today, big girl 🙂

    Today could be a start of recovery for Mourinho, ie end of fun 😦 never mind, as long as we win and stay at the top…

  81. Big Raddy says:

    Crikey O Reilly. I have to write a PM; could be short 😦

  82. mickydidit89 says:

    Thanks Eddie
    Back for game

  83. Happy to wish your granddaughter a very happy birthday Eddie.

    No need to worry about the Chavs getting three points today, The Canaries are on their case.

    “On the ball City”

  84. Big Raddy says:

    There is a …….

    New Post

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