Arsenal are Back in Business.

For people like me who believe that we have the right man for the job as manger then today was particularly satisfying. Arsenal’s win over Aston Villa vindicates Wenger’s tactics, his signings and his team selection and sends those involved in the mini meltdown, which took place as a result of loosing our first game since April, scurrying to collect their toys they were oh so quick to throw out of the pram in the week.

But I write this with a sigh of relief; Wenger came under huge pressure to change things but, no, he was having none of it or very little at least. The three players who bore the brunt of the criticism, namely Arteta, Ramsey and Özil were all included and it wouldn’t surprise me if they were the first three names on the team sheet such was Wenger’s defence of them following the midweek reverse.

Whatever the thought process it worked: Arteta looked back to his best, some may argue that he should be judged on his performances against top European opposition such as Borussia Dortmund rather than early season, high flying Brummie upstarts – and those people would have a point but it is also true to say that you can only beat who is in front of you and we did.

The second in the trio was not quite so good, I chuckled as Ramsey took to the field having changed his hair style back to the way it was last season, I thought to myself: there’s the headline and the reason why the Welshman has not been as good as he was last season; but no, his passing was just as poor regardless of hair style and he was rightly subbed – however, having pointed out the bad I think for the sake of balance I really should point out the good and that is that Ramsey’s positioning was absolutely first rate; he was always in the right place at the right time without exception.

Which brings me to the best part; this is a bit like eating a meal and saving your favourite bit to the end: childish I know but sometimes you just can’t resist. In the space of five minutes Mesut Özil went from a player out of form to the future Arsenal captain. His goal was clinical, his pass to Welbeck to score his first goal was exquisite and his swagger throughout the rest of the game was the reason why it suddenly hit me that one day this man will lead our club.


There is little doubt in my mind that recent criticism had found its way to him and that he had a choice to either hide or come out fighting, well our Mesut found his inner German and chose the latter; he ran the show and was Man of the Match by a country mile. I wanted to try and find a way of getting the line in ‘Ozil finally swaps his flip flops for football boots’ but I couldn’t find a space. Lol

The game, the game I really should say a few words about the game: determined is the word that keeps on coming to mind and rightly so because that is exactly what the team projected from the first minute to the last. It was a very determined performance and a deserved win.

I haven’t had time to cover all aspects of the match and obviously not all the players, perhaps people could add these in the comments.

Written by LB

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  1. Like how welbeck drifts to wide areas mainly the left flank when it is congested in the middle. We haven’t had a mobile forward for a while now. Reminds of a very gifted player we had in our ranks. Fingers crossed and hoping.

  2. chas says:

    Nice one, LB.
    Twas a fun day, indeed.

    However, I would like to say we only won because Villa had the Tom Tits and Wenger only changed his tactics and played Ozil at no. 10 because the blogs demanded it this week. 🙂

    Did you go to the 12 Pins? Was it like this?

    The chap in the yellow and blue shirt pissing himself laughing after the 3rd goal sums up the day for me.

  3. Akshay kothari says:

    There are a few people who think just because ozil was played in middle he was superb…bt guys understand..these are tactics…we will again c ozil in left wing against tottenham..he will be great..

  4. Norfolk Gooner says:

    ‘morning all,

    Well done LB, a fine summation.

    One thing I disagree with though, Wenger did make one significant change to the formation, he played Ozil in a central position, behind, as he himself put it, the opposition’s mid-field. This has to be Mesut’s best position as he really is a genuine No.10.

    I thought Ramsey came within a whisker of having a really good game, two shots on goal were only inches wide, OK a few passes went astray but as you say LB, his positioning was pretty good.

    Those three goals coming in about four minutes knocked the stuffing out of Villa and they merely acted like traffic cones on a training pitch for most of the second half.

    A very good and very necessary performance and result. Let’s hope we can repeat it next week against the Spuds.

  5. chas says:

    Mesut’s heat map against Villa.

  6. stevepalmer1 says:

    You sound a very happy post writer LB,
    Not much about the game but you certainly know who was the top man. Well done mate.

    I agree with you about Aaron, Not having a good time at the moment, somebody said on the previous post, that they felt he is trying to hard. Now that is a nice way of wording it.

    Aaron has scored some important goals for us, and it has to be said that last season he was the supporters golden boy. Sanchez Campbell coming into the side has seen Ramsey looking around, he relises that these guys had made an impression in the world cup.

    I feel he has tried as hard as he can to maintain that x factot but as said tried to hard. I looked at his face when Mesut scored and i felt i saw a little resentment, i saw the same look after Welbeck got his as well.

    Mind you nothing wrong with a player wanting to do his best, and i would suggest extra shooting lessons for him.

    In my opinion Aston Villa started quite lively, i thought at first it was going to be a struggle, and although we needed the big Pole to keep them from scoring as soon as our first goal went in, seemed to extinguish Villa’s flame. In an eye blink Dannyboy got on the end of an exquisite Mesut Ozil, crossfield pass, and finished off as a centre forward should, Seconds latet the Arsenal wave again raced to the Villa shore confusion happened like when a rat runs in the kitchen and panic and mayhem causes an accident,

    Villa was shell shocked goalkeeper looking to blame villa players scratching their heads, Arsenal players celebrating Ant and Dec swigging back back a can of rot gut, and the Arsenal fans went mad.

    After the fire of 5 minute mayhem, The rest of the game was played to make sure all the good work was not undone, many’s the time we have said they cant shut up shop, but yesterday afternoon they did, and did’;t they do that well.

    I was particular impressed with the closing down, and when needed players taking one for the team, not a usual character of Arsenal play, but certainly affective. Well done Arsenal players every single one of you.

  7. chas says:

    “swigging back a can of rot gut” 😆

  8. Big Raddy says:

    Really enjoyable read.

    FairPlay to Lambert for not making too much of the virus affecting his team …. but let’s be honest, Villa were totally pants in the second half.

    We made 750+ passes in the game – the highest in the PL for over two seasons.

  9. Motning all.

    Thanks for your thoughts on yesterday and I agree that it’s sad that both a win or a defeat can polarise the Arsenal fanbase.

    That’s just a bit sad.

    I’m toying with the idea of the Baggies away game and was wondering if our away day expert Chas had any thoughts on this as in best place to park or travel to the Hawthorns from north west of London and the potential for aggro in this fixture.

  10. Big Raddy says:

    Chary. I deliberately highlighted the wonders of a vegetable curry yesterday but our resident veggie was absent. 😦

  11. Ah right Mr Dandy, I was off line yesterday but I have a touch of the Raj Kouthrapallis when it comes to curry.

    My favourites are Italian or Mexican food but thanks for thinking of me. 😀

  12. RA says:

    Good Post, LB.

    I suppose it was not so much a post-match report and more of a fan’s summary of matters impacting on players within the context of the game.

    And very interesting to hear your thoughts on that. There is not much to disagree with there.

    I saw a recording of the game after the event, and knew the score, which undoubtedly makes a difference as the adrenaline does not kick in in the same way as watching live.

    There is no doubt that there are a number of players at the club who see themselves as No.10s and want to play centrally.

    Among them are Wilshere, Santi, Rosicky, Özil and oddly enough I suspect that Rambo likes playing there too.

    The best of them is without any shadow of doubt is Mesut, and he should stay there.

  13. GunnerN5 says:

    mickydidit89 says:
    September 21, 2014 at 9:11 am

    Exile and GN5

    Slight Tit for Tat, I know, but I do find your criticisms of this site very patronizing.

    So people have a moan after a bad performance, but on here it is always polite and civil.

    Sorry, but had to get that off my chest.


    So let me understand you MD89, you believe that polite drivel is acceptable – whereas I believe that all drivel is drivel.

    Just to drivel home my point…………..

  14. arnie says:

    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant, LB. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Outstanding performance from Ozil yesterday. Carried the whole team with him. But, future captain? Frankly, I dont know. It is a bit of a personality thing for me. Credit where it is due, IMO. Arteta marshalled resources very well yesterday. 🙂

    Given yesterday’s game, there is some potential for technical bolleaux for the knowledgeable in this space. “Can Mesut and Alexis play together” or something like that. 😛

  15. arnie says:

    I do not understand what is wrong with a little bit of moaning! So long as one is not disrespectful to other patrons of the blog, or to Arsene and the good guys.

    IMO, as fans it is our privilege to rejoice, mourn, even moan at the performance of our club. If we cannot share a bit of our feelings with fellows on AA, what is the point! Anyway, that is my tuppence. 😦

  16. Pat7 says:

    I was lucky enough to see the game live, unfortunately with Turkish commentary, but that is one bonus of being out here :-).

    We started very nervously and took about 15′ to get into the game, evading going down to some decent efforts mainly due to TPIG being right on form bar a poor clearance kick down the middle to an AV player which almost came back to haunt him…….

    I thought Ramsey was pants but late on he had a couple of good shots that only just missed the target and one of the other sites says he was always there and was in on the build up to the goals which I did not notice. He did work hard even though his accuracy was out again.

    The three goals were great and Ox was on hand to put the ball in the net if their man hadn’t i felt. Fab to have us playing Wengerball again and tension off, just wondering how many more would go in – sadly none!

    On the negative side I felt we were very lucky to keep Chanbers on the pitch after he replicated Ramsey’s mistake pulling the player back on his shoulder which should have earnt a second yellow. I was also dismayed that AW dodn’t make full use of the corcumstances to give game time to those in need, a rest to those that have been overworked, and remove Chambers (and Ramsey earlier than he did) to avoid that problem. Having said that i think i recall Bellerin was not on the bench (?) so maybe that possibility was not there. Jack needs to be careful as he sailed close to the wind yesterday……

  17. arnie says:

    OK, so we walloped high-flying Villa away. Understandably since the opening day debacle last season Villa has attained a bit of a larger-than-life image to us fans. So, well done.

    The understanding is developing well and the team is gelling. However, big challenges lie ahead.

    We drew to Shitty at home, so in the mini-league at the top we are already a bit behind the curve. Likewise, by not defeating Everton away. These are two games that we would have to win in the reverse legs. Let us see what happens in the Shitty-Chavs showdown today. I am hoping for a draw. 🙂

    Tough challenges in the CL as well. We have lost in the toughest challenge in our group. Not the end of the world. But, we would certainly aim to win all games in our group from now on.

    Where yesterday’s performance was heartening is that, for the first time this season, the team seemed to play like a team, players anticipating each other’s movements, playing for each other. It can only get better from here. 😛 Onwards and upwards! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. Shard says:

    A great performance yesterday, even though for almost half an hour it looked like we wouldn’t find a way through and were vulberable to the counter. But we kept our focus (except on that free kick) and eventually our talent told.

    Mesut Ozil. People seem to be saying he was played in the centre, and I have read Wenger’s comments, but I am unconvinced he actually did play in the middle. The way I saw it, it was tough to declare a position for any of our front 5. Cazorla popped up on the left and right, Ox was in the centre or on the right. Ozil was everywhere, and Ramsey was in various positions more laterally. Welbeck too would drop deep or wide.

    I think rather than a switch in formation, it was more an instruction to Ozil and the rest to find the spaces and switch around.

    Of course, I could be wrong and maybe Ozil was playing as a no.10 and maybe that is the secret of his revival. Personally, I would find that worrying because I think he has the tools to play well regardless of whether he’s nominally on the left or centre and this would indicate him cherry picking when he plays well. He was certainly determined yesterday and it was good to see.

  19. Shard says:

    The heat map seems to back up my feeling on Ozil’s positioning 🙂

  20. arnie says:

    Ah yes, the heat map. Thank you, Chas. 🙂

    It is a lovely thing, except that I would prefer the read and yellow colours to the blue and green.

    I dont know about you guys, but the red and yellow makes me feel more warm and snug. Appeals to my senses more, and this includes the olfactory senses as well! 😛

  21. Pat7 says:

    LB – a great post to get people talking. Mesut for me has no chance of making captain. It is guys like Aaron, Jack, Kos that will take that role as they fight to the core when things aren’t going well rather than opt out as Mesut has done in many performances.

  22. stevepalmer1 says:

    Most days of the week, i tend to look at Arsenal blogs, i like to see how the many Arsenal supporters see our side, i like to read their views and the many ways we could get Champions League Trophies and League cups in our cabinet.

    I tend to find many supporters comments tend to favour our last game played, if we had been poor then of course Wenger is at fault, his tactical nois is ancient or his lack of spending, or the sheer lack of quality.

    When we win of course we have the many who are over jubilant, we have those who only think of the next game, and we have the ones who are happy with the win but still think whatever happens we have the wrong players manager or owners.

    Blogs like this one i find are |Arsene friendly, but now and again we have the supporter that really doesn’t know what they want, Yes they want Arsenal to be successful, but lots of times after a bad result the world is coming to an end.

    When i read a lot of these blogs i see that some of the supporters are going into hospitals for ops and some people more serious problems, its those times i realise that football is just a game and even after we die the Arsenal will still carry on.

    Many dig at one another, where we all have our different views, but what makes me laugh the most is that we all support the same bloody team why the hell do we wind each other up, must be a human thing.

  23. RA says:

    arnie, you are a big softie!! 🙂

  24. arnie says:

    Nice analyses, Pat7 and Shard. Top comment as ever, Steve. 🙂 Nice warm feeling.

  25. arnie says:

    Redders. “big softie”? 😛

  26. arnie says:

    Steve. “lots of times after a bad result the world is coming to an end”. yes, that is me! 😛

    what can I do about it, though? sometimes I react to this sorrow and frustration by posting rubbish from the twatter world, some other times by shouting my heart out, yet other times by enjoying some Buddhist chants posted on AA.

    At least, there is always AA, where whatever I post, I know people will have a look and share some of my frustrations. And likewise, I can share others sorrows and exuberant joys through their posts.

    AA is perfect by me. It is like a huge family. I would not like to have AA in any other way! 🙂

  27. chas says:


    The threat of trouble at The Hawthorns is virtually zero, but then again, we never wear colours away from home just in case it stops you getting admission to any pubs. 🙂

    I don’t really know much about parking in Birmingham. Ant doesn’t really like driving in our 2nd city, much as most from outside London find the capital daunting.

    I just had a quick look on trainline for Nov 29th and it looks like you can travel for less than £15 in cattle class from Euston.
    That would get you into New Street. The tram runs to the Hawthorns from Snow Hill which is only 5-10 mins walk from New Street. There are some great pubs on the walk, too.
    Trains also run from Moor Street station via Snow Hill to the Hawthorns.
    The tram/trains also stop at the Jewellery Quarter before reaching The Hawthorns station. Now the Jewellery Quarter has some other belting pubs, so Ant and me tend to have a couple on the way to Snow Hill, then get off after one stop, have a couple more at the Jewellery Quarter before re-boarding to the Hawthorns.

    Just had another quick look and you can get a ticket for £16 to The Hawthorns. Hope this is useful?

  28. chas says:

  29. chas says:

    Last comment (well re-posted tweet) in moderation for some reason.

  30. arnie says:

    ah, that explains, Chas. I was wondering why you guys did not have your uniforms on yesterday. BTW, JC looked good! 🙂

  31. stevepalmer1 says:

    Afternoon Arnie,
    Arsenal supporters come in all shapes and sizes, and boy i am glad of it. I wear my heart on my sleeve where Arsenal are concerned. a loss see’s me stomping down the garden spitting and farting, and a win punching the air and cuddling up to the Mrs.

    I take knocking comments about the Arsenal a bit to heart i must say, many’s the time i agree with what someone has said , but i still get annoyed at the comment.

    I tend to wait five minutes to take in what someone has said as i can fly off the handle when Arsenal are knocked, and i find i dont stick my foot in my mouth that way.

    I keep reminding myself that it is only a game, and another will be played the next week , where views will be completely different but it is the Arsenal after all and if you care it seems so important at the time. bloody madness 🙂

  32. chas says:

    Sorry, arnie, the JC photo was a red herring. I only posted it because I hadn’t seen it before yesterday.
    It was taken outside the Emirates against City last weekend.
    There’s no way we could take him to an away game.
    You’re right though, he is looking chipper.

  33. RA says:


    I was referring to your ‘warm feelings’ comment. Yep, you are a big softie – all heart!! 😉

    Manure 2:1 up (away) (bar stewards)

  34. RA says:


    I love the way you and Ant look after JC — just saying!! 🙂

  35. Thanks for the info Chas and I may tap you up for more nearer the time if I do go.

  36. 26may1989 says:

    Well done, LB, very nicely written – I always prefer those very subjective, impressionistic numbers – we all get the details elsewhere, so much better to hear how it felt to the author.

    I still haven’t seen anything of the game, will have to do that when I get home. But I do like Shard’s comment that Özil wasn’t necessarily playing a strict No10 position. I don’t know if he’s right to say it, but the real point is our four-pronged AM line doesn’t have any wingers in it, they’re all there to swap and move around. That heat map thingy does bear out the point, not only because it shows Özil on the flanks as much as through the middle yesterday, but also because it looks a lot like his heat map from games when he started on the left. That said, he did look a right miserable bugger starting there.

    Have managed to find coverage of the Leicester v United game. With a four man defence, I’m sorry to say United look decidedly balanced and settled. Even Blackett looks right. Still hoping for a Foxes’ equaliser though.

  37. 26may1989 says:

    Nice goal from Herrera. Bastard.

  38. 26may1989 says:

    2-3, come on…..

  39. arnie says:

    26 and Shard. I agree. Ozil had a fantastic game. He had freedom to roam, which all our MFs generally have. For me what was different yesterday was that Ozil had some space to work with. Maybe Villa did not press hard.

    Ozil IMO is brilliant when he has a bit of space to work with. Will he get such space in other games? IMO, yes. What we have been lacking is a MF who can challenge for the ball and wrest away possession. Alexis is doing this well IMO. He is also carrying away with him 2, sometimes 3 hackers. This should leave space for Ozil to work with, provided he is released early.

    This will take some more understanding, but it is coming. COYG. 🙂

  40. arnie says:

    26. Brilliant. ha ha ha, so much for United’s defence. 🙂

  41. 26may1989 says:

    To be fair, I think it’s really United’s midfield that’s been their problem in the last ten minutes. Herrera, Blind and di Maria don’t offer a lot of cover and support. And there’s no way the attacking three are going to track back.

  42. 26may1989 says:

    And now Spurs are losing at home to the Baggies!

  43. LB says:

    I agree with Shard.

    As convenient as it might seem for people to say that Wenger bowed to the pressure to change Ozil’s position, I don’t think he changed a thing.

    We all know things haven’t been clicking as well as we would expect from a group of talented players, the difference is that yesterday they made advances in their understanding of each other and came closer to playing like a coherent unit. I say advances as I don’t believe it is anywhere near the level that they are capable of achieving.

  44. LB says:


    Damn, I purposely stopped watching as soon as united went 1-3 up.

  45. arnie says:

    ha ha ha. What a Sunday. Mouth-watering ROLF opportunities. cannot really complain. 🙂

    I mean cannot complain that much. 😛

  46. arnie says:

    ha ha ha,. 4-3 to Leicester now!

  47. arnie says:

    The weekend just keeps on getting better! 😛

  48. fatgingergooner says:

    This is hilarious!!!! Go on Leicester!

  49. 26may1989 says:

    Penalty and red card against Man U!!!!

  50. fatgingergooner says:

    Oh, and don’t forget West Brom!

  51. RA says:

    You are not a bad judge, 26M, well ….. yes you are really

    4:3 and a penalty and a red card ….. very balanced!! 😀

  52. arnie says:

    ha ha ha, penalty and red card as well! 🙂

    me too, LB, switched over to F1. 😦

  53. arnie says:

    5-3. tra la la la. 🙂

  54. 26may1989 says:

    Oh my word, from 1-3 and looking really good to 5-3 and ten men, all in 20 minutes! Very, very sweet!

  55. RA says:

    And Hammy Hamilton won the Singapore Grand Prix.

    Love it!! 🙂

  56. fatgingergooner says:

    A few red cards and injuries at City and my weekend is complete!!!

  57. arnie says:

    FGG. 🙂 and a draw. I am not being too demanding, you know! 😛

  58. RA says:

    I am not being fair, 26M, as I was watching F1, but your comment was the first I saw back on AA .. can you comment on the next match too, please? 🙂

  59. RA says:

    And both to lose, FGG. Unrealistic? Moi? 🙂

  60. arnie says:

    ManUre fans complaining about refereeing! ROLF. Divers all.

    But 6 mins Fergie time!

  61. wally says:

    Oz was clearly happier in the middle and it made a difference in the game. He found the space and the ball found him. When he’s out on wing he has to wait for it or go get it. And his options for finding space in the middle are far greater than on the wing. Oz would never have been in the position he was for the first goal if he’d been started on the wing.
    Yes Cazorla and Ox were to be found in the middle but are mfs are always drifting inside aren’t they. That’s why we have no width. If he pushes oz back to the wing wenger needs a knock upside the head.
    On the negative side i don’t see the same result for arteta. He still wants to get forward when we have a bit of possession and leave the cbs on their own. And gibbs still gets to far forward. I remember seeing him ahead of cazorla even when the ball was on the other side of the field.

  62. 26may1989 says:

    For you, Redders, of course. 🙂

  63. arnie says:

    Apparently, LVG said this earlier this week:

    “I know everything about the team [Leicester], about individuals, substitutes, what the atmosphere will be like in the stadium, how they take free-kicks, everything.”

  64. arnie says:


    Tottenham 0-1 West Brom


  65. Big Raddy says:

    What a brilliant game at Leicester. I was disappointed we got a draw !!

  66. fatgingergooner says:


  67. RA says:

    The FI had just finished and I turned over to see 3:3 and then the last two goals.

    What joy — Lewis back on top of the Drivers’ Championship and the Mancs losing, having been 0:2 up when i last popped on – and at the time i agreed with you!! 🙂

    And the Spuds lost 0:1. What a day!!!!! 😀

  68. RA says:

    I was referring to you 26 — [I agreed with you] 😉

  69. fatgingergooner says:

    City win would be good. Might as well add Invincibles Day into the mix whilst things are going so well!

  70. RA says:

    What a day. Now let’s see Maureenio get egg on his face.

  71. Big Raddy says:

    Great weekend so far.

    Swampies get beaten by the bottom team in the PL at home. Manchesterlona thrashed.

    Theo wins in Singapore.

    Durham won the cricket.

    Ozil and Welbeck score as we beat the team 2nd in the table and who had just won at L’Pool away

    Can it get any better?

  72. fatgingergooner says:

    The only change I saw in Özil was his work rate. I only saw extended highlights, but he was running all over the place, even when we were defending! He was putting himself on their deepest midfielder (Sanchez I think) and making sure he couldn’t receive it. At one point the ball went out of play for a Villa throw and he sprinted over to mark a man. This was at 0-0. I’ve not seen much of that from him since he joined.

    I don’t expect him to run around like Welbeck or Sanchez, but if he’s clever then he only has to make sure he puts himself on the oppositions HM and puts a bit of effort in to help the side defend. If he does those things he won’t be such an easy target when things aren’t going so well.

  73. Gööner In Exile says:

    Strange that with all that money spent the master tactitician LVG couldn’t see there was a gaping hole in defence. Smith doing my head in on SS saying how it was two fouls in the lead up to both penalties. Think they just need to toughen up Smudger.

    Spuds booed off according to Twitter. Very funny weekend, and to think a couple of weeks into the season I was considering writing a post about how I was worried N17 was quiet as were the media and this might be the season everything came together for them.

  74. Eddie says:

    LB – this line rings true today even more than it did yesterday: ‘For people like me who believe that we have the right man for the job as manger then today was particularly satisfying’ 🙂 We could have had Moist or even LVG 🙂

    Very good report, thank you! Flip flops for boots, great line. I think you are right, Ozil heard the critics and stood up to them. Good, we knew he could do it and yet again he proved us right.
    Also agree about Ramsey’s hair style – he looks better, but plays poorly. He must be injured

    It is difficult to judge the whole game when all the goals went in within less than 3 minutes; after that our lads just enjoyed themselves. Not too much mind you or we could have a repeat of Newcastle’s 4 all, but just enough to be a pleasure to watch. Good game!

  75. Afternoon all

    Great post LB, it’s always nice when the players one admires put in a great performance and Ozil was a joy to watch. Maybe there was a lot of criticism of him in the German press too and he took that to heart.

    Two beautiful Arsenal goals, ones to watch again and again 🙂

    Leicester have just scored a couple of those against the Manks, bless them. It looks like we got a good point against Leicester they ran all over the Manks hahahaha

  76. Eddie says:

    oh, I think I know why I LOVE football

  77. Yes Eddie, we win and everyone else has to lose 🙂

  78. So, we want City to beat the chavs right?

  79. LB says:


    “Flat Faced Dutchie”

    Perfect, it makes me chuckle every time I think of it.

  80. Shard says:

    The commentators making quite a bit about the referee in the Manc loss. Ok, a penalty was wrongly given, but that still made it 2-3, and even then, if that was given against us, they’d be talking about there being contact and that the real issue is our poor defense.

    Similarly Liverpool yesterday get talk about transition, and CL football.

    I just smile, shake my head, and with the exception of this comment, move on 🙂

    PS. Spuds lost too? Hahaha. This is turning into a good weekend. Chelsea dropping points will make it perfect. Don’t care whether they draw or lose. Some red cards for both teams will be nice though.

  81. fatgingergooner says:

    That’s what I’m going for Peaches. I’d rather one of the teams lose than neither of them.

  82. chas says:

    Haha, I stopped looking at the scores when the mancs went 3-1 up, as well.

  83. chas says:

    I’m not sure why my comment at 1:29 went into moderation?
    I’ll try posting it again.

  84. Eddie says:

    LB 🙂 I was very careful while driving in Herts today 🙂

    Nay Peaches, minus 2 points each and a couple of injuries would be perfect end to an amazing weekend

    Watching All Ireland gaelic football – punching opponents is allowed 🙂 they are all amateurs but they play with their heart, amazing really

  85. stevepalmer1 says:

    Diego Costas cannot be properly fi,t he will probably break down.

  86. RA says:


    ‘Theo’ wins the Grand Prix. 🙂

  87. 26may1989 says:

    Redders, you agree with me? Why would you do that? You know that just confuses matters…. 🙂

    Raddy, just don’t forget, Yorkshire are county champions! (My cricketing sympathies lie in Headingley, I know, doesn’t make sense.)

    And Shard, what was wrong with Leicester’s first pen? Pretty clear push in the back, it looked to me. Rafael was pissed off about being done shoulder to shoulder.

  88. GoonerB says:

    Thanks for the report LB. I have been very busy today tearing around Hertfordshire. I wondered if I may have passed you LB while you were up here cycling. Having never had the pleasure of meeting you it was obviously difficult to spot you, but have you got ripped abs, a steely glare, and George Clooneyesque looks and don a skin tight lycra pink cycling outfit. If this is you LB, sorry for not saying hi.

    Great result. I have always been in the camp of getting off Mesuts back and let him show us his quality. I think being able to put better and pacier players around him will bring out the best in him. We didn’t totally dominate and there is room for improvement and room for improving a couple of areas of the squad.

    I think I was most pleased with Welbeck who is looking like the striker that I wanted. I loved his goal and just the sheer fact he got himself into that position. Hopefully no more “who was there?” exclamations as we watch a dangerous ball go across the box with no-one attacking it. On top of this he was excellent dropping off and linking with players getting past him. Early days yet but he will easily justify the £16m but could become so much more.

  89. 26may1989 says:

    Yup, that’s definitely LB…. 🙂 Well, the steely glare in any event….

  90. fatgingergooner says:

    How dull is this?

  91. Eddie says:

    fatie – dull is good! There is a Chinese curse ‘may you live in exciting times’

  92. Big Raddy says:

    I think Giroud would have scored the Welbeck goal as well. Having both will be a luxury and when Theo gets fit we have so many options.

    Chavs spend €200m on forwards and play super-dull football. The Meriinho Effect

  93. 26may1989 says:

    Five yellow cards and counting… come on Mike Dean, you know you want to send some of these buggers off.

  94. chas says:

  95. RA says:

    It seems we were lucky, yesterday, it was a win courtesy of the bugs in the buggers. [So say a number of the sports pages – and TV pundits.]

    Sheesh. And have any of our guys been bugged by their bugs?

  96. Shard says:


    It looked like he went down too easy to me, but I only saw it once in real time. IN any case, I’m not shedding tears for ManU. Commentators seem to not have let go of their old habits and are still trying to keep ManU relevant.

  97. Shard says:

    It seems I might still get my wish for some red cards, bt sadly it looks like it’ll be City on the receiving end. Not becaue they are more dirty, just that Chelsea are the masters of the dark arts.

    Mourinho is so boring. Honestly. WOuld the likes of Steve Bruce or Tony Pulis do any worse given those sort of players and funds? I think they might even play better football.

    I see Señor Fabregas had something to say about Arsenal and his transfer to Chelsea again. He’s a **** as far as I’m concerned. Any guesses why he brought up Wenger’s 1000th game? I dislike Nasri, but Nasri is just an idiot and he’s more transparent. Fabregas has the most media savvy PR advisor I’ve seen. Wenger’s only comment on him was ‘he went where he wanted to go’. I think Fabregas and Darren Dein were trying to play Arsenal against Chelsea in a bidding war and we simply refused to bite.

  98. chas says:

    I think Ivanovic may have had buttock implants.
    I may have to get them next.

  99. Big Raddy says:

    Must be great for Sagna. Picks up about half a mill a month and plays once.

    That is what I call career management

  100. fatgingergooner says:

    Everton losing now!

    Could be United, Liverpool, Spurs, Everton, City and Chelsea all dropping points this weekend.

  101. LB says:

    Hey Chas

    While you are here I have a question. I did go to the Twelve Pins yesterday and the atmosphere was as good as ever. For someone like me who doesn’t get to too many away games now days it is a rare opportunity to get into some good hearty Arsenal singing.

    But, and here is my question: there was a song being sung by most of the pub that I did not recognise do you know the words.

    Playing the Arsenal way.

    Does this mean anything to you?

  102. 26may1989 says:

    Hi Shard. I have a special place in my heart marked “My Hatred of All Things Chelsea”. But Fabregas does have a point – where was he meant to go once Barca decided to get rid? There are only a few clubs in European football a player of his quality could go to, and none of the others was in for him.

    I can’t stand seeing him in that shirt, but I don’t begrudge him his move.

  103. Eddie says:

    49 49 undefeated,
    49 49 I say,
    49 49 undefeated,
    Playing football the Arsenal way and again

    49 49 undefeated,
    49 49 I say,
    49 49 undefeated,
    Playing football the Arsenal way 🙂

  104. Eddie says:

    changed my mind (woman’s prerogative) and want Chavs to lose

  105. chas says:

    Do you mean the ’49 undefeated’ song LB?

  106. chas says:

    For a change, Mike Dean is the most important man on the football pitch. Wanker.

  107. Big Raddy says:

    Dean just gifted the Chavs the game.

    Can I add another to the Friday rant? Merinho winning with his defensive tactics.

  108. chas says:

    Who would have thought Abramovich could outbid the Abu Dhabis?

  109. chas says:

    I honestly think Jasper Carrot could have done a better job.

  110. chas says:

    How about a Fat Frankie penalty?

  111. Eddie says:

    super, super Frank
    super, super Frank
    super, super Frank
    super Fat Frank Lampard

  112. 26may1989 says:

    We play the Chavs at the Bridge in a couple of weeks – the way things are going, we’ll need to get a result.

  113. 26may1989 says:


  114. Eddie says:

    lampard saves the day 🙂 against Chelsea 🙂 what a weekend

  115. chas says:

    Fatty. hahahahahahaha

  116. Big Raddy says:

    Now that is very funny 😀

  117. RA says:

    Maureenio looks like he is having his monthlies.

  118. Eddie says:

    if every weekend was like this one I would probably quite like footy

  119. RA says:

    Everton are losing 2:3 to Palace in the 90th min.

  120. RA says:

    Everton beaten. 😉

  121. chas says:

    It’s a shame it looked like someone had jizzed on the back of Fat Frankie’s head for his big moment in front of the cameras.

  122. RA says:

    What a terrible start to the season — only 4th, one point behind the joint 2nd teams, Southampton and Villa.

    Thank goodness, Arsene has so many experts on other blogs to help him sort the mess out!

    [None of the ‘know-it-alls’ are as smart as the boss, but they are too stupid to know that!]

  123. Shard says:


    I don’t begrudge Fabregas any move he wants. But this whole I love Arsenal thing drives me crazy. As far as moving to Chelsea is concerned and what he was supposed to do. He moved before the World Cup. If he really wanted to assess his options he could have waited.

    I think it was a personal decision to move to London, which is fine. I also think that while Arsenal refused to use their purchase option, it was partly a result of discussions with Fabregas and his agent, along the lines of Chelsea are willing to pay me 200k per week plus 8m in signing on bonus, plus agent fees. Pay me that much or else I’ll go there. Also, apart from all that, I think Wenger might have decided that Fabregas the person won’t fit into the team, and that Arsenal are better off without giving Darren Dein access into the club again.

    I’ve been over Fabregas since he engineered his move away. I just get annoyed by his PR speak and that it seems to work on people. He’s simultaneously sucking up to both Gooners and Chavs. That takes some doing, and some cheek.

  124. Shard says:

    Well, Chelsea just went and threw that away. Any chance the journos will call it a result of a soft underbelly? Or will they praise ‘Jose’s’ tactics and say that he got what he came for and hence it’s all going to plan for him?

    Chelsea should have been called for at least one, if not two, penalties as well. The Diego Costa one on Dzeko was a definite foul, and even Ivanovic clipped the City player even as he had his arm across him. Of course Chelsea will claim a handball penalty too, but I didn’t see that one properly. Maybe it was.

    All in all though, a great weekend for us. 4 points behind the leaders, and that is despite some bad luck for us, and while bedding in new players and the Germans coming back late from the World Cup.

  125. arnie says:

    tra la la la
    la la la la

    BTW, where is the troll? havent seen him/her for a while! 🙂

  126. arnie says:

    I watched the Shitty-Chavs game in a pub. a few observations.

    1. Diego Costa is just too violent and a cheat. Thank heavens he is not with us.

    2. Chavs defence is not that good. Ramires was playing in his penalty box much of the time and made 2 crucial saves.

    3. Happy with a draw. tra la la la!

    4. Schurrle is class. The way he rand around chasing spaces outside and inside the box and then put the ball in was brilliant.

    5. I never thought I would say this about Lampard, because he was a Chav, but he is class. Not celebrating after scoring your former team should really be a rule, not an exception!

    6. We drew against Shitty at home, the Chavs drew away. Shitty earned a draw against us away, but could only draw against Chavs at home. We are getting there, but not quite there yet. The best team in the EPL at the moment is still the Chavs, even if Shitty try to play proper footie.

  127. Gööner In Exile says:

    Ok I wanted a City win, but somehow that was better 😀

  128. stevepalmer1 says:

    Fabregas is where he wants to be, he’s earning a good living and he’s back in London. I loved Fabregas but he left us when we were in trouble, we finally got Mesut and he is settling well, No room at Arsenal for Fabregas, and the Govner didn’t want him, Great player yes but legend No. Lampard left Chelsea didn’t want to go, but got off loaded he was gutted today and it showed, he was a Chelsea legend.

  129. Shard says:


    I agree with your points 1 through 4, but undecided on point 6, and disagree on 5. I really don’t care about this celebrating/not celebrating. I appreciate it when it’s meant genuinely, like Lampard today, or Ramsey against Cardiff. But other times it is simply for show. eg. Van Persie’s supposed non celebration against us. His non celebration, if you saw his expression, was meant to suggest how he is awesome and how he was right to move, but that he’s also so generous so as to not celebrate. I actually found his celebration against us next time round more worthy of respect, because it wasn’t fake.

  130. Eddie says:

    arnie – tra la la la is my song

    Just watched al Leicester goals – you’d think that all Manu defenders are Blind 🙂

  131. Gööner In Exile says:

    Arnie I think the non celebrating thing depends on how you leave the club.

    It got a bit out of hand when Hoolihan didn’t celebrate a goal against Aston Villa last season when the deal to move to them from Norwich collapsed and it was past transfer deadline day.

    If say Ignasi Miquel scores against us for Norwivh should he celebrate? I’d want him to.

  132. LB says:

    Yeah, that’s the one thanks.

    49, 49 undefeated.

    We don’t experience such high jinx in the prawn sandwich seats.

  133. 26may1989 says:

    Shard, no player loves a football club the way a fan does. And neither can they either. So whatever Fabregas says he feels about Arsenal can never match what we feel. But there could still be some genuine affection in there. Plenty of fans wouldn’t care what an ex-player says, once a player has gone, that’s the end. And that’s fair enough. I just happen not to read Fabregas’s comments in the same way as you do. I fully expect him to get a negative reaction when he plays against us but I don’t think I’ll feel that way.

  134. Big Raddy says:

    Fat Frank should have done an “Adebayor” on the Chav fans and run the length of the pitch to slide on his knees in front of them.

    Instead he bottled it

  135. Shard says:

    Hahaha.. Big Raddy. That is brilliant 🙂

  136. Shard says:


    I guess we disagree about this. I get that about the player vs fan bit, and I actually think he is bound to have some affection for Arsenal. Which makes his actions worse as far as I’m concerned. But anyway, arnie will soon ask why we are discussing the dead 🙂

  137. Eddie says:

    BVB lost 2:0 to Meinz today, I cannot believe it

  138. 26may1989 says:

    Agreed, Shard! Anyway, time for bed, catch up with you guys soon.

  139. arnie says:

    Shard. ah, yes, never speak ill of the dead! 🙂

    I think my point about celebrating is something I personally care about, but not so important that I will go on about it. Except to say I will be happy if Welbeck does not celebrate against ManUre. That will demonstrate to me positive effort to get the Mancunian out of his character. But that is just me!

    Evonne. copyright violation! troll la la la la la la, then. 😛

    26. Fans come in many shapes and characters. So do players. Knowing so many unworthy Gooners as we no doubt do, how can I put my hand to my heart and say an average player is no better fan than an average fan? I cannot, and somehow I think it is wrong for a club like Arsenal as well. Again, perhaps it is just me!

  140. Shard says:


    I will be happy if we get the chance to discuss whether or not Welbeck should have celebrated against the Mancs 🙂

  141. arnie says:

    Personally, I am convinced that there is a club project led by Arsene. This project has no chance of success if the players are not part of it. The fans as well, but they matter a bit less.

    The Invincibles were Gooners, IMO, otherwise they would not be able to forge an invincible team. 🙂

    We live in hope! We live in hope that our good guys play the game in the best spirits, upholding the traditions of the club, and with a passion that comes from being a player and a fan! 🙂

  142. arnie says:

    agreed Shard. 🙂


    Cheers LB

    Weve always been in business my friend. Arsenal are like my local Chemist Mr Shah,very accomodating.

    Just when you think weve shut, were miracalously back. Serving those wonderful behind the counter little blue pills with a big Mr Shah grin and “better than Pele”

    Mind you, Just like the Gunners, now again I get a little bit annoyed with him. He recently sold me some hairgrowh pills with the promise “better than Stalin”, but unless I misheard and it was really “Just like Kojack”, then ime paying him a little visit.

    I knew we would bounce back. At times we may not be the best team in the world, but there is nothing wrong with the carachter of this side. I love them for that alone.

    arnie, your right about obese Frank, the guy is a class act.

    However, this is what makes him a serious danger to society.

    He dont fool me. Ive got my eye on him.

  144. Gööner In Exile says:

    Just read your terrific match report? Or perhaps Ozeulogy?

  145. chas says:

  146. chas says:

  147. LB says:

    Thanks GIE

    Yep, I am back in love.

  148. LB says:

    Did anyone see the interview on MOTD with Welbeck? Bless his cotton socks, he was trying so hard to make sure he didn’t accidently say United instead of Arsenal.

    “We are still getting to know each others play but I feel that this will get better and better which will hopefully bring success to manu, opps I mean Arsenal”.

    You could tell he found it so weird to say the words success and Arsenal in the same sentence.

    Keep scoring the goals Danny Boy, you will get used to it.

  149. LB says:

    He bloody well better celebrate if he score against that bunch of spoilt brats.

  150. arnie says:

    LB. A goal goes, another comes. Even those scored against ManUre. Goals are permanent, class is permanent. 🙂

    Goals may come easy to a Mancunian, but not class! 😛

  151. arnie says:

    I meant: Goals are temporary, class is permanent. 😛

  152. Just realised that with Rocky taking a sabbatical we need a writer of a post for tomorrow ……….. anyone?

  153. arnie says:

    And before people get all serious about this, let me just confirm. This is not meant to be racist or discriminatory towards the people from Manchester. Who I hold in the highest respect that I am capable of.

    I meant that as a joke to say how much I hated ManUre and anything to do with it! 😛

  154. Gööner In Exile says:

    As I didn’t watch the game and have only seen MOTD highlights can anyone confirm that the highlights were a true reflection?

    To me it appeared that Villa made the early running we sucker punched with three goals in short time and then didn’t do much else.

    What I liked about Welbecks goal was the one thing I hoped he would bring over and above Oli. He was involved in the link up to set Ozil away but showed the extra yard of pace to finish the move, with Oli we need a midfield runner to go beyond which obviously weakens our midfield if we lose the ball.

  155. LB says:

    No the MOTD highlights were not reflective. Villa did have the one real chance which they showed but we were the dominant force and I know use the word above half a dozen times but our performance was determined which is not a word that would have got anywhere near the team in the week.

    The second half was simply an exercise in control and we did it very well.

    I think you sum up Welbeck and what he brings to the table really well.

  156. arnie says:

    I agree, LB. And about Welbeck as well.

  157. arnie says:

    OK, I will draft a quick few lines, just in case it is needed.

  158. arnie says:

    Peaches. Potential conversation starter in NUTS. Use if required. 🙂

  159. RockyLives says:

    Excellent Post LB

    We were indeed determined. The second half reminded me of watching the great Liverpool teams of the 70s… just knocking it around, keeping possession, denying the opposition even the sniff of a sniff of a chance.

    What a weekend of great results!

  160. Gööner In Exile says:

    Thanks for MotD answer, the “punditry” didn’t feel like it matched the game they just showed, but then this is MotD we know that means nowt.

    I’m really pleased Maureen’s tactics yesterday came back to bite him. Surely letting a one goal lead slip to a ten man team is poor?

    What I didn’t quite understand is Souness saying that those two are a cut above everyone else in PL based on the football they played…..Excuse me? That’s whg City with 11 men drew with us 2-2 then?

  161. Gööner In Exile says:

    Haha just read LVGs quotes!

    Van Gaal said: “It is not good because we had the game in our pocket and gave it away. Not because of Leicester; we gave it away and I don’t like that.

    “We have too many players who want to seek for the goal.”

    There is a man who puts all the blame on his players and try’s to be Teflon Terry. Too many players seeking a goal? Who the f*** signed them? Didn’t seem to mind last week when everyone was hailing the second coming after taking an average QPR to the cleaners, the same QPR who that shower in N17 put 4 past, didn’t hear anyone claiming them to be the new force!

  162. arnie says:

    motning all.

  163. arnie says:

    what a lovely weekend indeed. we showed some nice football, and all else was ROLF ROLF ROLF. 🙂

    I wish all, or at least most, weekends were like this. 😛

  164. stevepalmer1 says:

    Morning all,
    Makes me wonder at times of the mentality of Arsenal supporters. Many listen to pundits on the TV who are talking about a game nothing to do with Arsenal at all, but we know that at some point Arsenal name will come up in the conversation in a derogatory comment.

    Graham Souness had to bring up Arsenals lack of commitment in the tackle in our away match at BVB. When talking about Chelsea and Man city. What that had to do with Arsenal i haven’t a clue, but not many English sides had a great week in Europe but we just so happen to be picked out as an example.

    When i thought about that afterwards, i realised that Arsenal was one team who won very well this weekend, points were made up where many at the top of the league dropped points

    We get suckered in to pundits who have affiliations with. other clubs who in essence is trying to repel the flack from their miserable sides. Its as if they want to bring Arsenal down to the same level when their favourite teams lose, and when we have a bad result they deflect every question to Arsenals result.

    After watching programs like MOTD for many years, its not often that commentators or pundits have very much good to say about the Arsenal. Now of course we all know that, but it still sticks in many of our throats.

    I have read of war stories where the press or media use propaganda to bring certain things to the public.s attention. And i think that that is what is happening .

    We are seen as the enemy, and criticism should always be used to deflect your own weaknesses. So in essence we are being congratulated for being such a fine club.

    Funny when you think about it, it can be turned round to anyway you want it, if it really bothers you. 🙂

  165. arnie says:

    Steve. We are different and defiant, we continuously show the mainstream two fingers. No wonder we get a lot of flak.

    Does it matter a flying fig? Nowt. Just helps us moan a little once in a while. 😛

  166. stevepalmer1 says:

    Morning Arnie. 🙂

  167. chas says:

    Strange clip from the Villa end of the away section showing….
    first goal celebration
    second goal celebration and
    they even managed to get the own goal, too. 🙂

  168. arnie says:

    motning Steve, motning Chas. Forgetting my manners. 😛

  169. arnie says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  170. arnie says:

    off now. back laters.

    good luck Kelsey.

  171. chas says:

    I haven’t got any, so can’t forget what I ain’t had.

    So you were finishing a post at 1.30 and are on here again at 7.20; you’re worse than me. 🙂

  172. chas says:

    Just imagine if we could sing like the Ghanaians. (From May but only just appeared on youtube)

  173. chas says:

    Not a bad weekend all told.

  174. Gööner In Exile says:

    Good luck Kelsey

  175. VCC says:

    Hope all goes well today Kelsey. Be thinking of you.

  176. The Cockie Monster says:

    All the best Kelsey !……just don’t let them touch the hair !.

  177. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    Kelsey. Best wishes from myself and the people of Scandinavia

  178. The Cockie Monster says:

    Listen arnie, you`re a lovely Gooner, but you`re taste in music a bit dodgy !. I was half expecting a waiter to appear and ask me how was my food whilst eating my brekkies !. hahaha
    I worked for years in the tailoring trade as a top cutter for Indians and probably know every Bollywood musical song off by heart , the line……” international crook ” !….. still gives me nightmares !. hahaha
    MAESTRO !……more like Austin Maestro, we need awakening, not putting back to sleep !.
    This is the kind of Indian I thought you would be more like !….moving with your AA posse ….peaches and e va va vonne …… the Emirates !. hahaha

  179. Eddie says:

    what is the matter with Kels? Does anybody know?

  180. Eddie says:

    thanks cockie! you can all slaughter me,, see if I care. I love this:

  181. Eddie says:

    now that I completely disgraced myself, I am going to sound clever about football, which I know as much as I know about music

    So to add to a Christmas come early weekend of awesome result, BVB Dortmund lost to a lesser team 2:0. Should Mr Wenger watch the game and see how it can be done? Does the result knock back some of the arrogance out of the wurst stuffed Krautz? What I am really trying to ask is – can we demolish them at the Ems?

  182. Eddie says:

    and my fav wake up track

  183. Eddie says:

    I know, I know, you are all playing over and over again the Westlife clip, great init?

  184. Eddie says:

    one more 🙂 🙂 🙂

  185. Morning all

    We have a New Post ………………………

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