Arsenal and Saturdays are back.

The Emirates Cup. What’s it all about then?

Well, it’s the first get together of the season at The Emirates. Four teams playing two games each over two days. A competition in its seventh year, it begins at 14:00 today with Valencia playing AS Monaco, followed by Arsenal taking to the field against Benfica at 16:20.

It’s a fitness sharpener, a chance for mates to get together, and it will be the weekend when many of the next generation of supporters get their first taste of seeing The Arsenal, and we all remember that day.

It will be the first glimpse of our new signings, and fans may well see Sanchez, Chambers and Debuchy, while Ospina is definitely ruled out.

I will be particularly interested to see how Joel Campbell performs now that he’s back in the squad.

For those going, there’s a sense of “thank God, the summer’s over”. Hour upon hour of pretending to be in interested in some bloody awful sport to fill the gap. “Ok, I thought, I’ll really get to grips with the Tour de France as that’ll occupy me for two weeks. Then the English bloke fell off after ten minutes. Athletics? Oh blimey, no Usain Bolt, forget it. Synchronized diving? Nope.

Today, however, the wait is over. Fans get to see their second home again. Some can even get there early to see the wonderful new posters hanging around the ground on their elegant galvanized steel posts. Something for everyone today.

Most importantly, the sacred turf. Ahhh…sigh.  Many of us mow lawns, and many of us do the Arsenal Head Groundsman Stadium thing. You know damn well what I’m on about. The lines one week, wide ones, narrow ones, little circles the next. For me the highlight of any seasons’ first game is that first glimpse of the green carpet laid out before you as you enter the arena. The promise of so many memories that will be forever engrained in your memory over the coming season. Hope. Expectation. The unknown.

I won’t do any kind of team sheet, as it would be purely guesswork ahead of two days of change, but if you are going, enjoy seeing your chums, getting back into the familiar surroundings of your pre-match routine, and knowing that finally, all is once again as it should be.

Our weekends are back, and they start today.



112 Responses to Arsenal and Saturdays are back.

  1. Thank you for the post Micky.

    Yes, Saturday’s are back and there’s Arsenal football to watch.

    The Emirates Cup is great fun and as you say Micky, the turf looks just amazing.

    Our friend Irish is over for the weekend and going to both days, maybe she’ll pop on and have a chat.

  2. mickydidit89 says:


  3. mickydidit89 says:

    Let me be perfectly clear. This blog has many highlights, but I think the Ant ‘n Duck show is the highest of the high 🙂

  4. kelsey says:

    Not a bad attempt to fill in for Raddy 🙂

    Any idea who is not available apart from the Germans and the keeper ?

  5. chás says:

  6. chás says:
  7. chás says:

    Don’t try any of that smarmy nonsense on me; I find it quite vulgar. 🙂

  8. Peter says:

    great post micky,..we are certainly back to watching the arsenal today…what an exciting summer of signing that was!..great times ahead!

  9. chás says:

    Cheers, Micky.
    The whole football matchday experience is all about the friends and family whose company you get to enjoy.

    I still quite like the Arsenalisation of the stadium, though, as it masks the truth that it’s just a soulless concrete bowl.

    Maybe in 70 or 80 years from now it’ll be held in as high esteem as Highbury by the future crop of Gooners?

    “The ghosts of the Wenger reign are stirring” 🙂

  10. Peter says:

    kelsey,i read somewhere TommyV wont be playing.

  11. chás says:

    182 year old tortoise photographed in 1902 and now.

  12. chás says:

    Life in the old dog yet.

  13. Norfolk Gooner says:

    ‘morning all, thanks Micky for the first pre-match of the season. No tactical bollix, no team sheet guessing, just honest to goodness scene setting, brilliant!

    At last! proper football’s back! Nothing all summer except some tuppeny-h’penny tournament in the Brazilian rain-forest. Now it’s back to the real thing at THoF.

    I’d love to be there to sample the atmosphere, to enjoy the excitement of looking at all our new toys, you all know the sort of thing, “The roar of the linament and the smell of the crowd”.

    All four games in The Emirates Cup are live on BT Sport, free to BT Broadband customers. (How about that Eddie? 😀 ).

  14. stevepalmer1 says:

    Morning all.
    Micky does it again 🙂

    Reading this post started the hairs on the back of my neck starting to go erect, hope it keeps on travelling
    Nice one Micky, Well proper footie again, and a taste of some of our stars. To be honest, I know some players played in the world cup, and some got knocked out early and some played in the final, but when competitions start i would have liked the whole squad together at the start.

    Bonding as a unit is very important and winning everything as a team helps build that bond. Its my opinion that if you want to play for your country in Internationals then you should never forget who has put you there.

    Arsenal FC look to have a fine squad, they could even be better before the season starts, but with certain players still injured we wont have a full squad to pick from from the start.

    Players drifting in and out as the season progresses will be a normal type of thing, Theo probably a month or so before we know if he has healed up fully, then of course the obligatory hamstring that usually accompany a long lay off, so probably 3 months before he can be relied on.

    Winning leagues is all about being available from the start, we expect the groundwork to have been done by Wenger before the ball is kicked off in anger. He should know by then who he believes are his strongest players, and how the formation should be, and if you have not been fit its not possible to pencil that player in.

    Winning leagues is all about consistency from the off, as a point here and there can make all the difference. Fitness and bonding and also getting to know new players and finding out how you can help them and them you, but if your sitting in the sick bay or on a beach, you are next to useless.

    I look forward to when all the players are together, and we can pick our best, but seeing how we have been for quite some years i feel it could still be a time away.

    Good luck to who may play today and play your hearts out. COYRRGs


  15. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Peter, TV has a “minor” calf injury supposedly picked up in Brazil. Sounds like a convenient pre-transfer niggle to me, Manure are keeping up their interest in signing him despite the “injury”.

  16. Youdiditmicky…… nice intro to the first competition of the season. And not a fantasy team selection in sight. COYG’s

  17. peter says:

    hi norfolk,whenever i hear something like that from wenger i always take it as a definite exit….i dnt wat him to go manure though.

  18. peter says:


  19. VCC says:

    Micky…your sooooo right. We have our week ends back. Boy how I’ve missed them.

    Nice to see the new poster of Alexis out side the ground. I sincerely hope he becomes a legend for us.

    What a fantastic sight the groundsmen have given us, our hallowed turf.

    Meeting point for me will be my local, all dressed up in my pristine yellow away shirt ready for the usual banter and abuse from a few Chav/Spuds supporters that frequent my watering hole.

    Bring it on. COYG

  20. LB says:

    Excellent pre-match Micky.

    A very enjoyable read.

  21. GoonerB says:

    Thanks Micky. Off to the game today with my daughter. Her first time at an Arsenal match. Anyone else up there today?

  22. Norfolk Gooner says:

    “Anyone else up there today?” only about 59,998 others GoonerB. 😀

    Enjoy the day and don’t forget to buy your daughter a new Puma shirt..

  23. Any team news yet?

    Is Michael Owen still the no1 for commentary on BT sport? A very good reason not to watch haha

  24. Gööner In Exile says:

    Well done Micky nice pre cup.

    Doubt I’ll watch the game as I’m still rebuilding my floor since the builders have been in.

    Apparently plumbers and electricians don’t think removing and replacing floorboard is part of their job. So Thursday morning was spent removing it, and I’m now putting it back.

  25. GiE – you should have let Ali deal with the builders, they’d never have expected her to lift and replace the floorboards doh

  26. Does this mean Monreal is playing at centre-back?

  27. Gööner In Exile says:

    Don’t mind too much as I got to buy and use a circular saw.

  28. peter says:

    …did i just read monreal at centre back?!,why not try chambers there instead?

  29. Hi Peter – Chambers is the other centre-back

  30. …….. unless Gibbs is also going to play centre-back 🙂

    Don’t laugh, it could happen, we know how Arsene loves a ‘square peg, round hole’ scenario ………… now peaches, stop it ……

  31. GiE – new man toy 🙂

  32. peter says:

    hi peaches…is koscielny injured or something?

  33. peter says:

    i just got to my local pub to watch the game and the place is buzzing with opposing fans…you guys dont know what we have to endure from these people,they are so pathetic!

  34. mickydidit89 says:

    Budge up
    Late 😦

  35. peter says:

    sanogoo!,exactly what i was hoping for…what a first goal!

  36. mickydidit89 says:

    This is the best telly I’ve watched since some game at Wembley 🙂

  37. peter says:

    campbell!!!!…awesome leftfoot!!…such a debut!

  38. Eddie says:

    hardly worth watching the second half

  39. chás says:

    Rubbish from the Gunners.

  40. Evonne – did you find a stream?

  41. Chas – good thing that Sanchez bloke is on the bench eh

  42. mickydidit89 says:

    That was fantastic

  43. Now watch the BT Sport studio trash everything 😉

  44. Gööner In Exile says:

    Ok so managed to time food break for first half.

    Anyone remember when Ramsey was according to a vocal group of fans “not good enough for Arsenal”. Oh how these things make me laugh. The passes he has played in and around the 18 yard box were second to none.

    Have liked Campbell coming off the flanks. Can see us playing with speed merchant forwards a lot more this season, Theo, Sanchez and Campbell all suited to the role.

    If Rambo continues playing like this and if we ever buy the elusive DM, and Ox also continues to develop we may not have space for Ozil let alone Wilshere. 😀

    Oh and Chambers, first time I’ve actively watched him play, my guess is only his youthful pace is what has made him a right or left back. His build says centre half to me.

  45. Kelsey – where are you?

  46. peter says:

    from sirnogoal sirhatrick in a single half!wow!how good that mus feel for the young man!…i always believed in his ability!..thank God he prove me right…another gem unearthed by wenger from league 2 me thinks…and Campbell!,i Just Hope he is retained.

  47. mickydidit89 says:

    Bellerin has impressed me also

    This is great

  48. chás says:

    Is that Craig Burley who thinks Arsenal have signed Judith Chalmers?

  49. Eddie says:

    yes peaches, absolutely awful stream 🙂 It keeps rebuffering

  50. Agree about Bellerin Micky, this is great 🙂

  51. My picture was rubbish so I called BT and said I was a friend of yours and a Gooner ………. they fixed it straight away

  52. Look at Coquelin, he’s all grown up, beard and all

  53. Eddie says:

    glad to see you are learning Peaches 🙂
    Next week we will tackle swearing

    Damian Martinez might be gorgeous, but he failed to convince me yet. Looks shaky, no?

  54. peter says:

    hi micky,you beat to that…Bellerin Is top class,even better than Jenko Imo ofcos!

  55. Sanchez stripping off ………. I’m sooooo excited

  56. I thought he took some good catches

  57. Eddie says:

    calm down Peaches, he is not going to take his pants off

  58. Eddie says:

    Martinez read my comment, good lad

  59. mickydidit89 says:

    See Peter
    This is why you don’t want Eddie roaming free in Africa 🙂

  60. Goal must be in the wrong position 😉

  61. mickydidit89 says:

    Wow wow wow

    Reckon GoonerB’s daughter will remember today

  62. Where’s that happy video ………..

  63. mickydidit89 says:

    Very impressive display, and so much to look forward to this season.

    Chambers, Bellerin, Sanogo, Joel all looked really good.

    Fantastic to see Sanchez too. Great day.

  64. Adrian says:

    Pretty much all of the players had a solid game but Campbell and Bellerin stood out for me in particular. Bellerin looks so much comfortable on the ball than Jenkinson. Campbell and the ox on both wings give us some much needed pace, penetration and directness to our play (something we lacked at times last season). Sanogo.. Still not entirely convinced but he must be over the moon today. Still had some really dodgy touches, if I were to choose to loan him out or Campbell he would get my pick.

  65. Do you think they’ll all stay Micky? Not room for all of them sadly, I’m sure GiE will remind us about squad rules ………..

  66. Adrian says:

    So much more*

    Oh and how could I have forgotten Ramsey’s brilliance today. Absolutely vital for him to stay injury free throughout the season, will definitely be a huge driving force behind the team.

  67. kelsey says:

    Well you can’t ask more than that.Really impressed with Chambers and Bellerin and Rosicky looked as fit as a fiddle.

    I know he scored 4 goals but I just laugh when Yaya is on the ball but those goals willl give him massive confidence.

    Alexis oozes class, who do we pick so many choices.

    Great goal from Campbell and fantastic move at the end when Le Coq hit the bar.

    Don’t under estimate that save from Martinez from the free kick.

    All in all a good day at the office.

  68. kelsey says:

    I think my stream was from the gaza 🙂

  69. kelsey says:

    By the way where was Diaby ?

  70. mickydidit89 says:

    Now that is a very good question, Crystals. Mmm

    I don’t know. Unwell?

  71. aizedlittlemozart says:

    hi all. must have been a dream debut for Campbell & what a goal too! my not so obvious man of the match would be bellerin, his displays since the game against boreham wood have gone to show why it was jenko going on loan. SIR-4-GOALS!!! they did say once he starts scoring he wouldn’t stop…well let’s hope he doesn’t. has actually scored a hat-trick for the arsenal before my man OG12. good thing it was him scoring 4 & not alexis today as some would have beaten giroud with that stick. Chambers? SOLID. his future has got to be as a CB with that physique no? good run out generally for the team & good to get a really nice win under their collective belts.

  72. peter says:

    micky,you need not worry about Eddie roaming free in Africa. If he misbehaves we can always deport him,lol! re,Sanogo i think he is not old enough to be in the 25 man it over 21 is the required age?,…somebody correct me if am wrng.

  73. Eddie says:

    agree about Sanogo. I thought he was a very goo prospect last year, he matured nicely and next season will be ready for the starting XI.

    peter – pay no attention to DidIt. If I shall decide to roam free in Africa – don’t worry, there won’t be any problems. I get on well with people wherever I go 🙂 Unlike DidIt who is very intolerant. In his family killing a poor old dog was just a bit of fun for children

  74. fatgingergooner says:

    Sanogo reminds me a lot of when Adebayor first came to Arsenal and was very hit and miss. He soon developed into a real handful for us until he decided to be a t*sser!

    If Sanogo can develop at the same rate and keep his feet on the ground then he could become a useful weapon.

    I thought Campbell was excellent today and really looks hungry to impress. I thought a loan might be useful for him, but if carries on like that then he should stay with the first team and let Gnabry go out on loan. I really like his confidence and his attacking intent. He’s brave with the ball and not scared to take people on. Could add another option to our forward line.

    Last season we lacked pace as soon as Walcott got injured. This year, we could have Walcott, Ox, Campbell and Sanchez making the runs in behind. That is scary!!!!

  75. LB says:

    There are a few words about the game in drafts if someone needs them.

  76. fatgingergooner says:

    Loved the buzz around Sanchez today aswell.

    It really felt like there was a superstar on the pitch when he came on, and he didn’t disappoint. I’d love to know what the atmosphere was like in the stadium, because it even sounded good on my BT Sport stream!

    Cannot wait for him and Özil to be in the side together. We have real world class players in our side again, and I feckin love it!

  77. Gööner In Exile says:

    You are right Peter under 21 on 1 January 2014 do not have to be named. So whilst Yaya has turned 21 it wasn’t until 27 January so we are good this season, Bellerin, Chambers are in this group too.

    Miquel and Coq are both over 21 I think but because they have been with us so long could fill the home grown quotas to ensure we have a full 25 man over 21 squad plus a good array of youngsters to call on for CO Cup, and early FA Cup games if we get some lower league draws this year.

    All in all a good work out, though we lost our way when we made so many substitutions.

    Alexis looked good for a man who has only been with the squad for a day or two, he played with a swagger that said “I’m ready to be a star”. And the first thing he did that impressed me wasn’t with the ball, it was pressing the ball high, Rambo and Santi both do this well and I can see it becoming a feature of our game.

  78. LB says:

    Hmmmm, I would like to copy and paste that last paragraph onto my mini match report.

  79. chás says:
  80. peter says:

    hi GIE,thanks for that information.i read somewhere about it and i just wasnt sure i got it right….btw,how many players can a manager use in a season who are not in the 25man squad?if yes,in a maximum of how many macthes?…guys,excuse my grammer and some not so good with this!

  81. GoonerB says:

    Evening all and what a great day out. I was there with my daughter (7) and a friend and his 2 girls (6 + 8). It was all the girls debut at THOF and they all loved it. Gooners for life without a doubt.

    They were singing throughout much to the amusement of many around us and even did the stand up if you hate Totnm (although I don’t think they truly understood this one and they are far too young to be directed to hating).

    BTW did the prolonged mexican wave come through on TV. It was really well executed with literally the whole ground, upper and lower tiers, getting involved for what must have been 5 full rounds of the stadium.

  82. stevepalmer1 says:

    Evening all,
    8 points in one game, what can i say, Thats how a team bond, Sanogo has settled he does look like he has two left feet but he gets in the places a centre forward should be, and you cannot ask for more. It looks as though Wenger has found a diamond with Chambo he looked solid and with pace i bet you can;t guess who he is going to replace. If i had been sitting on the bench my arse would have been making buttons to get on, and Sanchez looked the same, The Ox looked disappointed to be the one to make way as i felt he really wanted to play with him,

    Martinez did a good job, looked solid in the air, just one little fumble which he grabbed pretty quick, but overall sound.. Our youngsters looked huingry, they want to impress and they did.

    MOTM has to be Sanogo, God he scored four goals, dont remember Henry doing that,

  83. peter says:

    how funny that no has mentioned Nacho Monreal on here thus far!…personaly i thought he did well at centre half,not a bad option there in odd game here and there imo ofcause!

  84. chás says:

    Included a Panenka, but 4 nonetheless…….

  85. LB – I’ll do that bit of editing for you if you haven’t managed to do it.

  86. stevepalmer1 says:

    I stand corrected, but i meant on a Saturday 🙂

  87. Peter, 25 man squad that is named is over 21, not more than 18 non homegrown. Arsene can field as many under 21’s (home grown or not) for as many games as he wants. We have always had a relatively youthful squad with regular starters who are under 21, which is a very good way around the squad rules whilst keeping the wage bill down. But it does limit our ability for a prolonged assault on three fronts (assuming CO Cup is not something we bother with). Although it should be said that squad rules only apply to Premier League, but i doubt many clubs will pay players over 21 just to play FA Cup and CO Cup,

    Having a full quota of 25 plus youngsters takes a lot of planning, as you have to know which youngsters are going to make the grade and plan for their inclusion in the 25 at the expense of a senior player. If it is timed right it is not a problem, take Ox and Rosicky, when Ox needs to me named i would guess TR7 will be allowed to leave. Unfortunately i think it may be why Arsene let Jenkinson go out on loan, whilst he is homegrown, he takes a valuable squad berth that could be used to strengthen in other areas.

    The only difference is Champions League where the home grown are divided into two categories, club homegrown and association home grown, so the rules for CL are maximum 17 non homegrown, maximum 4 association homegrown.

    Manchester City really struggle in this area, and as they have had their CL squad size reduced due to FFP breach they have a very small squad for CL purposes.

    I did write a post recently showing our squad but it is interesting how it has changed in only a few weeks with the signings of Debuchy and Ospina.

    So basically current squad is:

    Club Homegrown:
    1. Szczesny
    2. Gibbs
    3. Wilshere
    4. Ramsey
    5. Coquelin
    6. Walcott
    7 Miquel

    Jenkinson (Loaned Out)

    Non Homegrown:
    8. Ospina
    9. Mertesacker
    10. Vermaelen
    11. Koscielny
    12. Monreal
    13. Debuchy
    14. Rosicky
    15. Arteta
    16. Özil
    17. Cazorla
    18. Flamini
    19. Diaby
    20. Podolski
    21. Giroud
    22. Sanchez
    23. Campbell

    Not named:
    Akpom ……..

    So in short we have room for one more association homegrown player and one non homegrown. The eagle eyed amongst you will notice i left Miyaichi off my list, he would count as the last non homegrown spot so can’t see that happening.

    Don’t forget to be association or club homegrown doesn’t mean you have to be English or Welsh, you could like Szczesny, Coquelin and Miquel have come to the club at a young age and qualify.

    All those in the not named section will be club or association homegrown except Sanogo.

    In short to add to the squad we will have to loan out or sell someone. But also we can’t loan out for example Coquelin without finding another association homegrown player to replace him, same if we sell too, so that makes the job harder.

    Basically Arsene has one free transfer in both homegrown and non home grown numbers, after that it’s going to need us to sell or loan out to buy, or just not name a player or two, although anyone think a player would be happier waiting for CO and FA Cup games to play than leaving to play week in week out elsewhere, whilst we may have started putting a bit more meat in the pay packet i don’t think we have gone that far yet.

  88. Gööner In Exile says:

    By the way Lampard back to Man City on loan……anyone else see more FFP loopholing from the oily sheikh?

    Basically Lampard signs a deal with New York City, a club owned by Man City and then surprise surprise he is loaned back to Man City to keep fit before the next MLS season. Now assume he is on £100k plus a week, assume the deal between Man City and NY City is that City will only pay 25% of his wages? I’m sure this will be picked up by FFP if they try it, but if they don’t could start some very muddy waters.

  89. mickydidit89 says:


    I think you need to drink more, as having your technical hat on at midnight can’t be too healthy 🙂

    Good for us though, as it’s interesting.

  90. mickydidit89 says:

    Even seeing just twenty minutes of Sanchez, you could tell the difference genuine world classness will bring to our attack.

    Who might feature today that wasn’t in the squad yesterday?

  91. chás says:

    Some are suggesting Diaby has a hip injury and a scan yesterday.
    However in here Arsene says that
    “on the injuries…
    Diaby was not in the squad, he is just going out to practice, but is not injured. Zelalem has no problem, I could just put 22 on the list.”

    So hopefully the answer is Diaby and Zelalem (that’s if the Jarmans are still supping steins in Munich).

  92. chás says:

    I prefer even French commentary to the English…….

  93. mickydidit89 says:

    Don’t think we’ve heard enough about your surfing holiday, Chas

  94. mickydidit89 says:

    Oh, and you asked how we can go 9/11 days. Answer is because like last week you get 6 days straight when it’s not worth going at all. Beginning to get slightly miserable.

  95. mickydidit89 says:

    The BT commentator kept banging on about Yaya’s easy four goals. Two easy, yes, but the others were very good pieces of opportunist goalscoring.

  96. peter says:

    morning all, thanks for the update on squad rules GIE.I bet that means we can expect a couple of signings then.

  97. Gööner In Exile says:

    What do you mean Micky? I was thinking I was keeping it brief 😀

    Actually was going to go on and suggest number of players in each position to see if we need bolstering or lightening anywhere.

    GK : Szczesny, Ospina, Martinez

    RB : Debuchy, Bellerin
    LB : Gibbs, Monreal
    CB : BFG, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Chambers

    HM : Arteta, Flamini, Diaby
    CM : Ramsey, Wilshere, Ox, Rosicky, Cazorla, Özil
    WM : Alexis, Walcott, Campbell, Podolski

    CF : Giroud, Sanogo

    Think that’s pretty solid? Especially with Chambers able to cover at left or right back and Ozil, Cazorla and Ox all able to play wide if necessary.

    The only real worry is the holding midfield as Arteta and Flamini are another year older and Diaby sadly cannot be expected to play week in week out. We’ve seen Ox and Jack play deeper, Ox is possibly more suited, Jack is a bit of a liability in there his tackling is not good enough and doesn’t really have the pace.

  98. kelsey says:

    Morning all

    Having now seen the highlights properly our build up play to at least three goals was exceptional.

    If I was going to be critical neither Monreal or Gibbs fill me with confidence at LB.

    Jack will struggle to get into the team.

    We are overrun with classy baa playing midfielders how do you fit them all in.

    I have to say despite this being basically a warm up for the season and that Benfica were pretty poor defensivelyy,Sango gets into good positions and at least faces the goal when there is an opportunity.

    Alexis,Ozil,The Ox and Ramseyand to an extent when required Rosicky and Cazorla, could destroy any team providing we turn the assists into goals,so by my estimation we will score more this season just have to sort out the defence especially at set pieces.

    It looks a happy camp and Chambers looked very impressive on his debut as did Bellerin.

    Where that leaves Gnabry not so sure as AW has said Campbell is staying.

    Arteta is this seasons target for the haters but it would be nice to see a more physical taller player in his position.

  99. I watched the BT emmision on streaming. At the beginning of the match the commentators were complementing the Benfica achievements last season…. treble and close to a quadruple with Europa league final. By the time the Arsenal were 4-0 up, they were saying, ” but we have to remember who the Arsenal are playing today” and you have to remember that Benfica played two games in mid-week. cunnuts cunnuts connuts

  100. Eddie says:

    I think GiE is practising the sleepless nights before the arrival of Junior number 2.

    GiE – are you saying that Lampard is home grown and therefore Shitty plug the loophole with him?

  101. Eddie says:

    Northbank – no point complaining here, email BT and tell them. Don’t forget to add that you will be going to sky if they don’t change their tune

  102. ha ha Eddie

    I’ll tell BT that I’m changing my free streaming from BT to Sky…

  103. kelsey says:

    According to Sky,Djourou has been sold to Hamburg for 2.5 million.Can anyone confirm that. If true we have recouped nearly 19 million from the monies and add ons from Cesc, the monies owing from Song and have also let go a few high wage earners such as Bedtner.
    So by my reckoning another quality signing is still very feasable.

  104. Eddie says:

    bloody hell, driverless cars! What next? they are going to spoil all the fun!! how can you beep at a driverless idiots? and what about rude gestures? Ridiculous idea

    A record of 109k fans went to watch Real Madrid playing in a friendly in USA. Perhaps footy is really taking off in America

  105. Peaches darling, my Sunday supplement is up the SoreArse… can I post here please:

  106. Morning all

    Sorry to be late, I had early grandma duties to perform ……………… back in a bit.

    Yes northbank, of course you can 🙂

  107. New Post everyone ………………..

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