Arsenal’s pre-season starts today

Morning all

Pre-season kicks off today with a game at Borehamwood’s Meadow Park where they have just had a new stand built and Gooners get to watch a match featuring some of their idols.

fa cup pic

I started to think about who would be playing and as the boss mentioned that he would change the team for both halves I wondered if we could have a stab at a couple of teams.

I’ve had a good look at the pictures from the training ground, there’ll be some fresh faces on show this afternoon – always an exciting prospect.

Coquelin is back with the squad, Zelalem too. Gnabry should feature and I hope we’ll see Eisfeld.

The FA Cups – Mens and Ladies – will be on show and I’m sure all the Gooners that are going will give Aaron Ramsey and all the players a massive welcome.

Here’s my stab a team

Szczesny – who else is there?

Jenks  Miquel ? Gibbs


Gnabry Rosicky Arteta Coquelin

Yaya Sanogo

Can anyone help out with another centre-back?

If you’re going to the game have a great time. If you’re watching it on then come and chat about it afterwards and let us know what you think.



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  1. FIRST !

    No Norfolk, then?
    Blog quietly as you can, chums. Don’t want to wake the old boy do we?

  2. fatgingergooner says:

    I think Isaac Hayden might be another young CB who made the bench last season a couple of times.

    Jenks Hayden Miquel Gibbs
    Arteta Ramsey
    Gnabry Rosicky Miyaichi

    Belerin Flamini Ajayi Monreal
    Diaby Zelalem
    Coquelin Eisfeld Akpom

    Maybe something like that?

    Will be good to see so many youngsters.

  3. Oooooh fgg both of your teams look great.

    I tried to get evonne to go to the game with me, it’s only down the road, I’ll feel really bad if it’s not sold out.

    Does anyone know if the pitch at Meadow Park has a similar lilt to it than the one at Barnet? First half uphill ……….. second half downhill 🙂

  4. James obadigie says:

    We are ready to do with wish ever player available.

  5. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Well done Peaches, here’s my team,


    Jenkinson Bellerin Miquel Gibbs

    Arteta Diaby

    Gnabry Rosicky Ramsey


  6. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Big Al, you’ve got a nerve, First? Oh yeah! @ 1054 am, that’s about four in the afternoon where you are, about the time you slip into your hammock and dream the rest of the day away.

    I’ll have you know I was awake at five this morning, bloody thunderstorm woke me and carried on for about an hour.

    Still it’s nice to hear from you again, is your carer still happy to guide your hand over the keyboard? 😀

  7. chás says:

    “Supporters unable to attend the match will be able to watch full exclusive live coverage of the pre-season opener on Arsenal Player.
    Pre-match coverage on Arsenal Player starts at 2.45pm, ahead of the 3pm kick-off. “

  8. etfaust says:

    I too tried to guess the team from the pictures from training. It’s interesting how little the club have said about this friendly. I can’t wait to see the match. Hopefully we see some from Kris Olsson, Thomas Eisfeld and Chuba Akpom. My preview of the match is here – – please check it out

  9. chás says:

    Here are some clues, maybe?

  10. chás says:
  11. arnie says:

    Brilliant, Peaches. 🙂 cannot wait.

  12. chás says:

    Thanks Peaches.

    Lovely feeling to know proper football is back. No more of this silly world cup nonsense

    Also a great occasion for Borehamwood. Puts them on the map knowing they are playing the greatest club in the world.

    Must make them feel wanted, everyone has to feel wanted so ime delighted for them.

    I recall a few years back been at a party to celebrate the engagement of my gay friend Jake

    I noticed at the party there was this guy getting all the attention from all these men and this irked me a bit.

    “Jake, why is that guy getting all that attention?”

    “Well, hes good looking and available Terry”

    “Yeah, but ime available. Why am I not getting any action?”

    “Terry your middle aged, have fag ash on your shirt, are married and straight and people have just overheard your rant about how Don Howe played Paul Mariner out of position”

    “So what Jake. This aint right”

    I approched one bloke who was obviously trying it on with this good looking guy and asked

    “Excuse me mate, ime looking for a flirtatious evening leading ultimately to a platonic relationship. Are you up for it?”

    “Err, no, sorry”

    “Why not, is it the Mariner thing? We can talk about Remi Garde instead”

    He tried to walk away, so i followed him

    “Look, ive got plenty to say on many subjects, ime not fixated about Paul Mariner. if you give me a chance I will prove ime a very desireable man”

    “Ok, your the most attarctive man ive ever met. I didnt talk to you because your good looks and riveting personality was just to intimidating. Satisfied?”

    “OK, great, I knew that was it. Are you interested in Hornby train sets?”

    He left the party after that. I must have been to much for him

    Anyway, this is how Borehamwood feel

  14. arnie says:

    Apols, Chas and Shard. Mistaken identity early morning. Too many drinks. 😛

    Chas, are you going to the north of Portugal? I know that place well. If you are looking for ideas, or company, let me know. 🙂

  15. Thanks chás


  16. arnie says:

    Interesting. Did Arsene not say yesterday that Theo will start training late August? hmm.

  17. arnie says:

    Terry 🙂

  18. arnie says:

  19. chás says:

    I presume Theo’s there just for the team spirit exercise.

  20. JM says:


    Starting team:
    Szczesny, Jenkinson, Ajayi, Hayden, Monreal, Ramsey, Coquelin, Zelalem, Willock, Toral, Sanogo

    Martinez, Bellerin, Gibbs, Miquel, Rosicky, Pleguezuelo, Afobe, Akpom, Olsson, Flamini, Diaby

  21. RockyLives says:


  22. arnie says:

    cannot complain. COYG. 🙂

    Nice name, Pleguezuelo. 😛

  23. arnie says:

    hmmm. good news is we got to watch Arsenal after a while. 🙂 bad news is, poor game. 😦

  24. Eddie says:

    I was just thinking who is that lanky black fellow – you’ll never guess – DIABY!!! I am surprised Wenger is risking him being injured in a friendly and then missing another season

  25. arnie says:

    Diaby is doing well IMO. And Akpom. But still lack of incisive play.

  26. arnie says:

    nice goal by Olsson. Rosicky assist. Rosicky-Diaby-Akpom looking handy, together with Olsson and Bellerin. Flamster decent. Martinez has had nothing to do.

  27. RA says:


    Plegueuelo is another one pinched like Cesc Fab – signed from Barca as a CB/RB, and skilful, but a little skinny and short.

    I like him but I have doubts that he has the physique to make it in the BPL.

    Good Guys: Akpom, Olsen, Diaby, Rozzer, Bellerin, Hayden.

    Unsurprisingly from the 2nd Half against a tiring B/Wood.

    Not so Good Guys:

    Afobe, (anonymous, again) – sorry, he has got to go.

  28. arnie says:

    Nice analysis, agreed Redders. Except perhaps for Hayden, who I thought was little better than average. Jenks missed a chance to make a point IMO.

  29. arnie says:

    Apparently, interesting interview by Arsene. Changed subject quickly when asked about Khedira. 😛 Said more transfers are on, but cannot provide details. 🙂

  30. arnie says:
  31. arnie says:


  32. Eddie says:

    not a bad guess Peaches! I didn’t watch the whole game, but each time I looked, there were different guys attacking the hosts’ goal. Not a bad display, for a mid summer friendly.

    thank you for the post P

  33. ai-zed says:

    Hi guys! am I the only one who thinks bellerin was better than jenks today? great passing talent that zelalem boy’s got!!! Olsson, the Mozart clone! how similar are their playing styles? (& hair style too). Akpom!!!!!!!! Nuff said!!! TalenT!!! DIABY!!!!!! did absolutely nothing wrong. LANS!!! thought toral did okay too. rosicky is officially my best arsenal player of all time! (its personal!)

  34. Eddie says:

    what? better than DB10? No, ai-zed, you cannot be serious

  35. Eddie says:

    Javier Manquillo to join us. 20 year old defender. Easy name to remember – man and kilo. Oh, please don’t tell me that in Spanish double L is pronounced as p or even m

  36. ai-zed says:

    yeah evonne, for some its Henry, for some Dennis, for me its Mozart. he trumps Henry for me simply for the fact that he’s still here, says more about his love for the club than word of mouth really!! its just personal really, have a friend who would kill for bobby pires. I just love the never aging TR07..& really hope he retires with us

  37. Gööner In Exile says:

    Evening all I assume we are not touring this year?

    Did I hear United were heading off on tour this week? And no doubt some will complain come winter that we should have a break!? I guess that’s one benefit of not being in CL….

    Think there’ll be a lot of behind closed doors stuff for us as the team will not have much time together when the season starts in only three weeks til kick off?

  38. LB says:


    The double L in Spanish is pronounced like the Y in Japanese Yen


    But no one will do this

    So Man-Kilo will be what it becomes.

  39. LB says:

    Right on to the broader subject.

    Nice pre-match Big Peaches.

    Haven’t seen the game but Wenger usually uses these early games to advertise players who are for sale or to give players, before they go out on loan, a sense of belonging.

    All sounds good though, love that quote from Diaby.

  40. Eddie says:

    ai-zed – fair enough. It was Cesc for me, had he stayed he would be anybody’s favourite, probably, but we will never know.
    Rosicky suffered many set backs, shame, coz he is very talented.

    LB – bloody hell, ‘y’? So he is Monkey-yo 🙂

  41. arnie says:

    No, Evonne, Man-kiyo. 🙂

    Diaby had a good game, IMO.

  42. Dammit, I missed the game 😦 I was just settling down to listen to it while I played with some plants when the doorbell rang and daughter, granddaughter, friend and toddler arrived from strawberry picking laden with strawberries and that was the end of my football.

  43. arnie says:

    Peaches. eh? I thought you were going to the ground? 🙂

  44. arnie says:

    Evonne. where did you hear about Manquillo joining us? Seems to be very much under the radar. Only Metro reporting. No cause for excitement yet, IMO.

  45. arnie says:

    Fan power! 🙂

  46. arnie says:

    Wojciech Szczesny Is a True Gooner

    One of the first half highlights had little to do with on-field action and more to do with a neat piece of interaction between Wojciech Szczesny and the Arsenal fans.

    Arsenal fans in the standing end at Boreham Wood’s ground began singing, “Sit down if you hate Tottenham!” In response, Szczesny sat down in his Arsenal goal. The fans responding by singing, “Stand up if you hate Tottenham!”

    Szczesny stood up.

    Source: BleacherReport

  47. arnie says:

  48. Bayonne Jean says:

    Just caught the fotos of Ramsey: is he channeling David Beckham??

  49. mickydidit89 says:

    I am reading into things LB styley

    First. read here yesterday Coquelin back from loan.

    Second, Coquelin starts alongside Ramsey.

  50. mickydidit89 says:


    Here’s your surf report for Sagres

  51. chas says:

    Ah, the RamCoq combination – sweet.

  52. mickydidit89 says:

    Sagres Wave: “This perfect but very rare wave needs a monster W-NW swell or a decent S. Also picks up a little wind slop on the summertime Levante winds. It’s a hollow, bowly wave that gets very busy and is a little localised”

    “localised” ie you’re in for a fight 🙂

  53. chas says:

    Looks big and gnarly to me!

  54. mickydidit89 says:

    Big and gnarly 🙂

    Goes from nothing to bleedin enormous.

  55. mickydidit89 says:

    Ha ha, brilliant, love the pic of Maureen at the end 🙂

  56. chás says:

    Citeh splitter

  57. mickydidit89 says:

    Ah ha Chas

    Clearly two very different beaches in Sagres

    This one looks fantastic. 2-3ft every day, whereas the other was 0-1 for three days, then staaight up to 5-6.

    Water temp 21. Can I come?

    We’ve been surfing 4 out of last five days, and looks like today and every day next week. Life has never been better.

  58. chas mobile says:

    Book a flight.

  59. fatgingergooner says:

    So this Manquillo can play LB aswell apparently. Maybe Monreal could be shipped out after a pretty inconsistent season?

  60. LB says:

    I’ve gone from being curious about surfing to down right jealous.

    “Surfing every day next week”

    As diverse and interesting as The Edgware Road is, it does not offer anything any where near as exciting as surfing.

    And then there is the women: I’m picturing scantily clad Californian looking babes.

    At my end of the Edgware Road the women are dressed head to toe in black veils.

    It’s at moments like this I realise that I am doing something wrong.

    Still I can cycle to THOF in 20 minutes.

    Blah, I want to go surfing.

  61. LB says:

    Monreal was pants by the end of last season. We definitely need an upgrade there.

    I don’t know anything about Manquillo, should be interesting.

  62. mickydidit89 says:

    Such a liar me. “Life has never been better”. What bollocks. I’m actually losing my voice, so bare with me here, but let’s face it, in our twenties we could….leep….omen…..every….eek and…rink…nd…oke….oads of…………….nd shit

  63. fatgingergooner says:


    Agreed. His shirt numbers gone to Sanchez aswell so maybe there is something in it. Otherwise I’m not sure why we’d sign a 20 year old (on loan, but future fee agreed, apparently) when we have Jenks at RB.

  64. chas mobile says:

    What’s the sea temp in Devon?

  65. mickydidit89 says:

    17 degrees right now, which it shouldn’t be yet. Really warm for us, but we do get the gulf stream.

    Bought a new summer wetsuit yesterday and it’s unreal. You hardly notice you’re wearing anything. Superb, really flexible and really cheap.

    Cycling to the Ems in 20 mins is a major plus.
    Women in veils should be banned like wot the frenchies did.

  66. mickydidit89 says:

    Was Coquelin any good?

  67. Gööner In Exile says:

    17 degrees and a wetsuit needed? ………tart.

  68. mickydidit89 says:

    Fair point Exile

    It’s as thin as a condom if that let’s me off. Mind you, we’ll be in the water for maybe five or six hours today.

    Whisper. It’s 17.8 degrees!

  69. mickydidit89 says:

    Hey LB

    I thought you were in Little Venice, not Edgeware, which in my day was a lovely (and Saudi free) green and leafy area.

  70. Eddie says:

    it was so hot last week that my fat pug and the old German sheppard couldn’t go for long walks. I took the staffie for a bike trip to a local park. Happy staffie was laughing, running, rolling in the grass; I was moderately happy watching him UNTIL that thing looking like a letter box but all in blue attacked us, shouting at me and staffie. Poor English so I couldn’t understand what it was all about. Stopped to hear real abuse telling me to kill me dog or she offered to do it.

    Right, back to football. Manquillo is a defender and I have never liked Spanish defenders. Ok, he is a big Spaniard, but still, I’d much rather have PerKos type of players at the back.

  71. Eddie says:

    oh god……..
    “Arsenal are close to completing a £15.8m deal to sign Italy and ex-Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli, 23, from AC Milan” – sometime I love rumours to be just a pile of poo

  72. Eddie says:

    I think my comment at 9:19 was a little bit not PC,sorry.
    I don’t mind anybody’s religion, honestly. A druid, or a rasta, Jewish, or the Pope, is all fine by me, we all have a God and way to worship (except for Chas). But unless you are a Jehova’s witness, please do not try to impose your believes on me. Simple.

  73. arnie says:

    motning all. great banter.

    are we pushing Jenks out. getting a 20 year old RB, who apparently can also do LB is push comes to shove, sounds like that. A known Jenks who is an affirmed Gooner better for me than an unknown Monkey. I can understand a loan deal foe Jenks to gain experience, but this sounds different. Sad, really sad, if this is true. 😦

  74. arnie says:

    Evonne. “please do not try to impose your believes on me”. you mean like Micky at 8:10. IMO, the blame lies on LB’s friends who loved Edgware Road so much that they decided to move out and make a quick buck by selling their property and land.

    IMO, freedom of choice is a basic human right that our societies have fought very hard to earn. This includes choice of clothing. I do not mind naturism, I do not mind head to feet veils.

  75. arnie says:

    Ah, now that I have disagreed with everyone, I feel much better. Grumpy Old Man. 🙂

  76. arnie says:


  77. mickydidit89 says:

    Those veils have nothing to do with religion. They are Saudi inspired tokens of repression. Freedom for Women, I say 🙂

    Surf calls. Bye all.

  78. Eddie says:

    arnie – I much prefer head to toe veils than naturism, definitely.

  79. Norfolk Gooner says:

    ‘morning all, Edgeware Road? I used to work around that area as a GPO telephone engineer in the early sixties. For about a year I had the job of maintaining all the telephone boxes in the Paddington and Ambasador area, there were hundreds of them, I had an official GPO push bike with a carrier on the front, just like Granville’s in Open All Hours. Our depot was in the telephone exchange in St Michaels Street, it had a back entrance in Star Street. At the time I lived not far away, just off the Harrow Road.

    Ah! The good old days!

  80. Eddie says:

    NG – what are ‘telephone boxes’ ?

  81. Norfolk Gooner says:

    As well as Javier Manquillo, we could be in for William Carvalho, apparently we’ve had a €30 million bid turned down, his release cause fee is €45 million.

    Eddie, Javi and Billy nice easy names? 😀

  82. arnie says:

    Did you have to climb up telephone poles, Norfolk? When I was a kid I used to watch telephone engineers at work, and thought what a lovely life it must be. You can climb up poles without anyone telling you off! 😛

  83. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Eddie, you’re obviously too young to remember them, they’re those old fashioned red kiosks that stood on street corners and in railway stations where you could go to make telephone calls, they usually had broken windows, smelt strongly of urine and did’nt work.

  84. Norfolk Gooner says:

    No, Arnie almost all the telephone cables were underground in Central London, but I did have to learn how to climb them as part of my training but we did it indoors on an eight foot high pole. A bit of a joke really.

  85. arnie says:

    Norfolk. 🙂 you took me back to my childhood, lovely memories, thank you. 🙂 🙂 We have unfortunately made modern life too stressful. 😦

  86. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Arnie, at the time I as working in the area, there were illegal drinking clubs, illicit gambling clubs and brothels, the Profumo Scandal was the big news and Christine Keeler, Stephen Ward and Mandy Rice-Davis all lived around there. All sorts of things were going on under the public radar. A great place to be for a nineteen year-old.

  87. arnie says:

    yes, indeed, I can only imagine the great excitement for a 19 year old. 🙂 that part of my life is unfortunately blurred, was thrown out of school, left home early (17) and went underground, was offered amnesty and returned to mainstream society much later (23). I have consciously tried to forget most of it. Colourful life, no deep regrets.

  88. Norfolk Gooner says:

    I’m not sure who said it but it was certainly true of growing up in London at the time. My school was split between Lower Regent Street and Brewer Street, I daily walked between to two at lunch-times, right through the heart of Soho education for a twelve/thirteen year-old indeed. The quote? “We were lucky to live in interesting times”.

  89. arnie says:

    Norfolk. 🙂 Chinese proverb. “My we live in interesting times.” 🙂 🙂

  90. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Arnie 😀

  91. fatgingergooner says:

    Just finished the Leeds 10k in 1.02.17

    Wanted to do it under an hour but the heat took its toll!

    I’m now going for a massive pudding! 🙂

  92. arnie says:

    well done FGG. 🙂 🙂

  93. arnie says:
  94. arnie says:

    hmmm. comment in moderation. 😦

  95. kelsey says:

    LB said:Monreal was pants by the end of last season. We definitely need an upgrade there.
    I totally agree he isn’t a LB,LHalf or winger

    I heard yesterday that in the Tour de France when it was near 40 degrees 2 days ago the riders drink 7 LITRES and even allowing for sweating 3 to 4 off how do they hold the rest of it in 🙂


    I had a showroom in D’Arbley street in the seventies and there was a discreet knocking shop next door and Clement Freud had a season ticket.As you know he was an emminant Liberal MP in those days

  96. Eddie says:

    Kelsey – the Dutch style showroom with prozies sitting naked in windows?

    Well, well, well for once TalkSport agree with my views. They had a rant today about joys of life. The general idea was that life is all about enjoying yourself, unless you are Jack Wilshere. He is not allowed any fun!

    They have ridiculed all the press for the stupid story featuring our lad with bikini babes and everything else that comes with the babes. I couldn’t agree more – Jack wouldn’t be normal if at his age he didn’t partake in such activities while on holidays. Good on him, I say

  97. arnie says:

    Jack is not a normal person for his age, IMO. A normal youngster does not represent his country in the World Cup, does not represent a fantastic club at the topmost level, is not a role model and idol for millions, does not make an earning like he does. What is normal about all this?

    Previleges come with responsibilities. If one cannot learn that the normal way, roundabout ways should be available. 🙂

  98. arnie says:

    William Carvalho, hmmm, not bad at all. Not happening at the moment, but who knows. Good to know that at least the club is trying. 🙂

  99. arnie says:

    Evonne. What were your idols Henry, Dennis, Santi doing at the same age? How did they conduct themselves in public life? What cant Jack take the right examples?

    Or others in the current team, Santi, Ozil, Sanchez and Rambo? What is so special about him that he should be different? No, sorry, I do not understand. If he cannot gain focus, he will be a sad loss. A waste?

    Or, even more sinister, is this just to manufacture a move away? Only Dennis knows! 😦

  100. arnie says:

    Interesting article, from Sport Witness.

    Full story on Arsenal’s Carvalho bid, €30m could actually be accepted

    Sporting Lisbon wanted William Carvalho to be one of the stars of the World Cup in Brazil and for that to lead to a queue of clubs ready to pay his buyout clause of €45m. That didn’t happen, Carvalho wasn’t a stand-out star in a poor Portuguese team, the lofty €45m was looking a more inflated figure than ever.

    Stories about the player’s future went very quiet indeed. At one stage before the World Cup the Portuguese press, and O Jogo specifically, would have had their readers believe that Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Juventus, PSG, Monaco, Real Madrid and Barcelona were all fighting for the player’s signature.

    That clearly isn’t the case. However, Carvalho’s past season was so good that there will certainly be interest. The Sporting Lisbon player was the best in Portugal last season despite being just 22 years old, his rise to glory following a loan season in the Belgian wilderness was truly remarkable and unexpected.

    O Jogo say that Arsenal have officially and directly made a €30m bid for William Carvalho. That offer was sent to the offices of Sporting Lisbon. The amount of €30m isn’t something which made Sporting close the door to a deal.

    The Portuguese newspaper explain, in the full version of their article which isn’t on their website, that Sporting were happy to open negotiations with Arsenal at €30m. They make it sound like a deal could be done for around that figure and that Sporting have stopped clinging to the buyout clause of €45m so much.

    The Problem was Arsenal’s wish to pay the amount in two lots and that’s what made Sporting say a deal wasn’t happening. The Portuguese club only own 60% of Carvalho, say O Jogo, with the other 40% being owned by the Sporting Portugal Fund. Third party ownership is very common in Portugal and can sometimes make transfers difficult.

    Arsenal’s €30m offer works out at £23.7m, half of that upfront is £11.85m, Sporting’s 60% of that would be £7.1m. It’s easy to see why they want everything upfront. It’s not worth it for them to sell Carvalho and only get £7.1m now with the rest coming some time in the future. The financial pressure on Sporting means that getting the rest of the money in a couple of years or so is no incentive. Carvalho could be the difference between winning the league or not, he could be the difference between a decent European campaign or not, the financials don’t stack up for Sporting at £7.1m but at double that they probably would.

    This story from O Jogo could be spot on, Arsenal may have made the bid, but it could alternatively be a way of reminding the world about Carvalho and subtly letting everyone know his price has dropped. Interestingly, O Jogo say the Carvalho bid came from ‘his’ Arsenal, referring to claims the midfielder is a fan of the club, Thierry Henry is his hero.

  101. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Arnie, I’m with you on the Wilshere thing, He needs to sort himself out, he’s not a kid any more, he needs to take responsibility for his actions. I think with him it’s a case of too much money, too much adulation too much liking for the “celebrity” life style. He can easily become a world class footballer or the next Gazza.

    He’s already dropping down the Arsenal squad pecking list, one or two more signings, such as Khedira, Bender or Schniederling coupled with a few more indiscretions and he could find himself heading out of the exit.

  102. Eddie says:

    arnie and NG – what is Jack doing that in your opinion is so bad? And why do you think it is so bad?

  103. Eddie says:

    on a different subject – isn’t it great that we didn’t sign Higuain? If we did, we would not sign Oz last summer of Sanchez this summer. Fantastic turn of fortunes!

  104. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Eddie, we can only go on the media reports but it’s his basic lifestyle, he needs to recognise that with his injury history he can’t afford to lose his professionalism.

    Players of his potential calibre have about ten to twelve years at the top, he’s twenty-two going on twenty-three, he has about eight years left, he can’t afford to waste too much time.

  105. arnie says:

    What should he do? Well, get his ass back over here and fight for his place in the team. Like Rambo is doing. He has had a good holiday in Brazil, and that is enough IMO.

    If he is still granted another holiday by the club, unfairly IMO, and if he wishes so desperately to have himself shot by the papparazzi, he should do some charity work, give something back to his community, or just simply go to the shopping mall (or even the beach) with his family. Like all the other Gooners are doing at the moment.

    The party-loving care-free “come and get me” image that he tries to portray helps no one, least of all himself, and is harmful for the club. This is apart from promoting the idea that it is cool to have a smoke in public to become a national icon.

  106. Eddie says:

    For me he is a lad that is happy, content, knowing and showing his good fortune. I worked with many, many young men and women; most of them between 20-30, all with top degrees, top wages, posh accents and almost all of them behaving far, far worse than Jack. That’s in their free time. Back at work they were top professionals and a pleasure to be around.

    Actually, that photos of him in the pool bring a smile to my face – Jack the lad 🙂

  107. arnie says:

    The difference, Evonne, is that they are not public figures and they do not represent their countries abroad! 😛

  108. LB says:

    Jack is failing to realise that he is a professional athlete and that there is a physical responsibility that goes with that job.

    Athletes do not smoke.


  109. Eddie says:

    faddy daddies, the lot of you
    He didn’t smoke, had a puff of a mates fag, won’t do him any harm.

    Most of athletes drink; booze by definition is a drug, legal but a harmful drug. Why isn’t everybody screaming when footballers open champagne to celebrate a victory? Why a bottle of champagne is given to a match winner? Hypocrisy at its best

  110. arnie says:

    The problem for me, Evonne, is that he is keen to get himself photographed having a fag. And not on one of the many community programmes that Arsenal run. Self-styled self-conscious git! Its the quintessential symptom of the me-generation.

    OK, the generation thing is as such not his fault. But he can at least try to make a difference. Like other team mates do. Nay, not a chance.

    We will probably continue to differ on this.

  111. LB says:

    Errr, and the last time Wilshere was caught smoking? Was that just a puff?

    It’s not really the moral issue that bothers me it is as if he has watched too many clips of footballers from the 70s and thinks that is an acceptable way of behaving.

    The whole thing is fascinating to me.

    Footballers in the 70s and a fair few in the 80s which certainly includes Tony Adams just didn’t seem to twig that they were athletes. It was as if they viewed themselves apart from athletes that preformed at the Olympics for example.

    At the time many of them seemed to think: what in wrong with having a few beers after a game?

    This is not what modern day professional athletes do. To compare them to professionals in the everyday work place: solicitors, accountants, doctors etc misses the point completely.

    The Jack the Lad stuff is all good fun.

    But can you actually imagine any of the German World Cup team doing such a thing?

  112. LB says:

    Doh, the penny has just dropped: Eddie is Evonne.

    Hi Evonne, how’s it going?

  113. Eddie says:

    “Eddie is Evonne” 🙂 ha ha ha, I am fine, thanks! You see, when I am Eddie people tend to take me seriously 🙂

    I know you guys are right, but all things are ok in moderation. As long as Jack doesn’t smoke as much as arnie, or drink as much as Raddy, or shag as much as Chas, he’d be fine. Bentner didn’t make it not because he liked good times, but because he wasn’t good enough. Tony Adams said that he played some of his best games while off his nut. George Best and Gazza, and Maradonna were all geniuses on the pitch despite their unhealthy habits.

  114. Shard says:

    Once again I agree with Eddie about this. Much ado about nothing 🙂

    Jack Wilshere is a professional footballer, yes. A role model? No. Not all public figures are role models. Not all professional athletes are role models. Away from their line of work, they should be allowed to do as they please…as long as it doesn’t affect the quality of their work. Do a few cigarettes affect the quality of his work? No. I don’t think so. The rest is none of my concern.Unless it is something illegal that he’s up to.

    The bigger concern is of course the effect the media can have on the club, but once again, a young footballer smoking a cigarette is hardly a major shock. I doubt it causes much problems. If Wilshere’s attitude/performance in training is spot on, I doubt Wenger gives him a hard time. Probably just tells him to beware the papparazzi.

  115. Shard says:

    What is the new BT ad? Is it true they are now trying to appease Gooners? That’s funny if so.

  116. arnie says:

    Evonne. 🙂

    Yes, Shard, if he does not pose to the papparazzi with afag in hand, good enough for me. 🙂 But no role model. No future England captain or Arsenal captain. Sorry. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  117. Shard says:

    But can you actually imagine any of the German World Cup team doing such a thing?


    Just type in ‘Ozil smoking’ into Google. You don’t need to imagine.

  118. Shard says:


    I don’t know where this thing of future Arsenal captain come from. I mean I guess I do. He’s English and been with the club since he was 9. But for me he’s never been captain material. If he shows it in the future fair enough. He’s an Arsenal player, and while I like that we expect our players to behave a certain way, I don’t think it should (or does) extend that far.

    The thing these days is that the term ‘papparazzi’ isn’t necessarily confined to just journos with big cameras to lug around. Anywhere you are with your friends, at any instant, someone can take your photo with their phones. I don’t expect him to worry about his public image at all times. Only a complete c**k like Cristina Ronaldo would do that.

  119. arnie says:

    Shard. generally agree. But it also seems to me Jack enjoys a bit of the negative publicity thing.

  120. arnie says:

    This is motning crew stuff, but cannot resisit the temptation to post this.

  121. arnie says:

    Allegedly. L’Equipe reporting

    Nice Arsenal agree Ospina deal?

    Nice-Matin announced Sunday night on its website that OGC Nice and Arsenal would agree to the transfer of David Ospina in the London club. The transfer fee is estimated at € 4 million.

    Colombian keeper (25), No. 1 in his position with the Aiglons, had two offers in Spain, including Valencia CF, and one in Mexico. At Arsenal, he will compete with Wojciech Szczesny.

  122. LB says:


    Who said anything about role models?

  123. chás says:

    How dare you cheapen the motning crew’s contribution to this site!

    “shag as much as Chas” is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on here.

  124. chás says:

    How things have changed. 🙂

  125. arnie says:

    why, Chas, did you not like my contribution? I thought that your good self as a distinguished memb er of the motning crew would appreciate! 😛

  126. LB says:

    Ozil had a cigarette?

    So, it’s only a cigarette, I don’t know what all the fuss is about 😉

  127. Shard says:


    Haha. Yes, that was my point. Ozil, Zidane, Balotelli, Sneijder, all have been photographed smoking. Gallas was at it too when with us. Although by far the coolest is Berbatov. Now HE makes it look cool to smoke 🙂

    I think arnie was mentioning role models, though I could be mistaken.

  128. arnie says:

    yes, I was, Shard. Ozil? If one can play like Ozil, everything goes. But if you are struggling to find a place in the fantastic Arsenal side, every little helps. 🙂

  129. Shard says:

    haha arnie.. I have the feeling I’m being lawyered… or maybe professored.. 🙂

  130. mickydidit89 says:

    Here’s the solution. Why doesn’t Jack wear a veil when smoking. Low profile. No evidence for the media. Equal rights and shit. Everyone’s a winner 🙂

  131. arnie says:

    Brilliant idea, Micky. Or better still, find a secluded place to have a fag. Like you or myself would do after a meal, deep in thought, and not a creature in sight. 😛

    Shard. 🙂

  132. mickydidit89 says:

    Genius move bringing Ozil into the smoking debate

    Class reply

  133. Eddie says:

    thank you Shard! you saved my skin yet again 🙂

    LB – you rascal!
    micky – just stop it you nut nut

    I did google Ozil and checked the pics of him and Messi sharing a very long cigarette, hm…… boys 🙂

  134. Shard says:

    Anytime Eddie.. But I’ve seen you fight your corner. You need no saving. It’s the others I’ve saved 🙂

  135. arnie says:

    Shard. 🙂 Yes, Evonne has quite a reputation, built on years of hard work. So I’m told. 😛

  136. Eddie says:

    ha ha ha 🙂
    As I told you before – the barking dogs are least dangerous 🙂

  137. arnie says:

    If this is true, very tough competition for Szcz.

  138. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Just looked in to say g’night all.

  139. Gööner In Exile says:

    Evening all, I have more of an issue with the dad of two playing with bikini clad women on a lads holiday than smoking. Only because I’m pretty sure as a Dad of two there is also a Mum of two.

    Anyway as Evonne says drinking is a harmful performance affecting drug too, but it is not frowned upon the same way as smoking in British culture. Unless it’s a pre major tournament binge.

    If he has an occasional fag is it really going to affect his performance that much? I remember Liam Brady saying Jack was tee total but things may have changed….who knows.


    The real problems not Jack, its us. All this Larry Grayson hand wringing about wether the odd fag is bad or not, role models, youngsters enjoying themselves etc

    I had the same problem when confronted with the baying mob after been caught red handed nicking the Christmas bonus money

    After a while I convinced them that they were making a mountain out of a mole hill, so they laid off.

    I then took a very expensive, but enjoyable holiday to the Maldives

  141. mickydidit89 says:

    Yes, it is a Good Motning

  142. mickydidit89 says:

    Why haven’t Totnum signed 17 players yet?

  143. ai-zed says:

    & a very good morning didit

  144. mickydidit89 says:

    & a very good morning ai-zed

    How shall we begin the day

    1. Surfing news
    2. Chas style filth
    3. A new and expensive DM and the side is complete
    4. Updates on an Eddie fight
    5. Lunatic political correctness Arnie style 🙂

  145. mickydidit89 says:

    Don’t know why, but I thought you were in The US, but this time of day doesn’t tally

  146. ai-zed says:

    well now didit, the USA! USA! USA! would be a nice place to live but I live in (& ‘am from) NIGERIA. so its about the same time as you guys have in engurrrrland!!! started my day with a 5km jog (not much I know), have a very nasty mastiff to attend to today & want to be in tip top shape *grin* a DM & the squad is (almost) complete would be my choice but with an empty house (barr the 2 of us) don’t think we’d be competent enough to flog this horse some more *teeth*

  147. ai-zed says:

    & i’m sure surfing is a whole lot o’ fun but I can’t even swim & we don’t surf here in 9ja (that’s our short for Nigeria)

  148. mickydidit89 says:

    Ah ha, Nigeria eh
    What’s the surfing scene like there? 🙂

  149. mickydidit89 says:

    Sorry hadn’t seen your 6:26
    No surfing there? That’s weird, I’d have thought it would be fantastic.
    One of the great surfing films is called Endless Summer. A 60’s film following two guys following the summer and surf. There’s a wonderful scene where they land in West Africa with their boards and surf in a small village where no-one’s ever seen the sport. The whole village turns out to have a go, and I’d reckon a whole new beach culture would have been born.

  150. ai-zed says:

    well, I hear there are a few surfers in lagos though & port-Harcourt, but you’d have to contend with the dirty water & crocs respectively

  151. chás says:

    On the subject of DMs, I’m sure I read that we we needed a DM like Gustavo to reduce the possibility of further away from home thrashings.
    Didn’t really work for Brazil against the Jarmans, did it?

  152. mickydidit89 says:

    That’s a bit harsh on Gustavo. He was, after all, in the same side as that world class central defender Luiz and the goal machine that is Fred

    Shoot the crocs and water polluters 🙂

  153. ai-zed says:

    no it didint chas :grin:, bayern had a world class DM last UCL (two if you count lahm) & that didint (‘am loving this) help them against bayern, I truly think its a team effort this defending issue, the spuds also have quite a few DMs & got their butts smacked multiple times too. its a team issue. when the chavs shut up shop they don’t do it with just the defensive players, they do it with the whole team, we just went to gung ho in those games, & we shouldn’t have, (except maybe the everton loss & the mansours were referee assisted)

  154. mickydidit89 says:

    I believe it was Laos that film was shot in.

  155. chás says:

    From 15:30….

  156. chás says:

    Endless Summer 2

  157. chás says:


  158. chás says:

    Completely agree with your ‘defending as a team’ comment.

    If you played 2 dedicated DMs and your full backs still played as wingers, you’d still be vulnerable.

  159. ai-zed says:

    its not even 7:00 & we already have an agreement in the house!! well the good part about arsenal defending as a team is that we don’t make it come out so drab as the chavs are wont to do, an example is the away game to Dortmund, & the 2nd half against napoli @ home, but I must admit arsenal defending gives me heart attacks.

  160. ai-zed says:

    and if we are going to make my name into just two letters then it would be “iz” instead of “az”. /ai/ = I & /zed/= Z

  161. mickydidit89 says:

    “its not even 7:00 & we already have an agreement in the house”

    We’ll change that 🙂

  162. kelsey says:


    My crystal ball is ready having just had an MOT

  163. mickydidit89 says:

    Look here Iz
    I shall be the judge of what I call you, ok.
    Rather like that Hippy (he calls himself Big Raddy) calls me CAUK (complete and utter knob)
    It’s how things work
    Isn’t it Gorgeous Duck

  164. chás says:

    ok, i-and-i zed 🙂

    p.s. I’m not sure you can choose how you are referred to on here.
    i.e Micky would never have chosen Utter Knob or BR, hippy faggit

  165. mickydidit89 says:

    “Brazil Argentina Final, guaranteed”
    Ring any bells? 🙂

    Whereas Didit said “Germany to beat Argentina in the Final”

    Move over and OUT OUT OUT

  166. mickydidit89 says:

    Chas 🙂

  167. kelsey says:

    Half right Micky.

    Stop having a go at me you bully 🙂

    Podolski enjoyed the Grand Prix, now let me think.Who was the last of our players to be seen at a Grand Prix. Oh yes I remember.

  168. ai-zed says:

    *smlie* okay guys, you can call as you deem fit *smile* BR really went radio silent didn’t he? krystals, hope your ball has no crack?, we wouldn’t want any errors once the season kicks off, some emirates cup score prediction test runs wouldn’t be out of order. if only falcao were fit

  169. mickydidit89 says:

    And when you say “if only falcao were fit” ?!?! 🙂

  170. kelsey says:

    I think we are divided about Jack’s smoking.Technically it most probably won’t do him any harm,but he has been caught before and is a bit of a rebel.he needs to grow up and even at 22 be a bit more responsible.
    We all have vices and footballers are in the limelight more than ever especially with mobile phones a million fold.
    AW won’t like it yet he isn’t squeaky clean himself but more and more unrelated to football rubbish get published daily and suddenly things get blown up out of all proportion.
    having said that Jack is already an international player yet could find it a struggle to get in our team. It’s up to him and him alone.

  171. kelsey says:

    My daughter in law has now had wto sessions of chemo poor girl and has reacted very badly the immune system in her body has been destroyed and she had to go back to hospital with a severe tummy bug.She is far braver than me,I really feel for her.

  172. ai-zed says:

    @didit, would have loved our defence up against a very stern attacking test vs Monaco in the emirates cup, to put things into perspective & see how good our young defensive lads are coming along.

  173. ai-zed says:

    my best regards kels, as one in the medical field I can relate to what she is going through, she really must be a brave & strong person

  174. mickydidit89 says:

    Really sorry to hear that Kelsey

  175. kelsey says:

    I wear my heart on my sleeve and I only put that up for the regulars who know me.Unfortunately with everything else going on it heightens my own anxiety.
    Apologies if I shouldn’t have written this,but I have a few good mates on here and I just had to get it off my chest.

  176. chás says:

    Thanks for the tips re Hawaii. It sounds amazing.
    Unfortunately the days when my budget would stretch to Hawaii went when I decided to semi-retire at 40!

  177. mickydidit89 says:


    Semi-retire at 40. Holy crap.

    I know one guy who managed that and he flogged his business for £120M. I shall look at you in a whole new light 🙂

  178. chás says:

    I’ve been partially successful with 120k.

  179. mickydidit89 says:

    Semi retiring at 40 is genius. On any level.

  180. Eddie says:

    d’you know what Micky? maybe I will join the army and get it out of my system. I could go to Ukraine, Gaza or even Afghanistan, what d you reckon?

  181. Eddie says:

    Kels 😦 terrible situation 😦

  182. mickydidit89 says:


    For whatever reason, I have a few friends who were in the SAS, and I have absolutely no doubt you’d pass selection with flying colours.

    I think you’d make a superb and top quality killer 🙂

    But don’t tell Arnie, because he doesn’t like that sort of thing, what with his equal rights for everyone including repressive cultures bollocks 🙂

  183. mickydidit89 says:

    If that doesn’t flush him out from behind the curtains, then I quit.

    Actually, because I didn’t start work in earnest until I was about 40, and I want to be like Chas, I reckon I’d better go and do some work before going surfing.

  184. Eddie says:

    SAS? ooooooooh, I would love that, honestly. I won’t say a word to arnie, you are right he’d have kittens
    Location wise – Isis in Syria? Nope, too scary. Al quada in Nigeria or Afghanistan – maybe? Gaza – no, it’s a no win situation. Ukraine – yes, I could blend in nicely, 70% of polish and Ukrainian languages are the same and I could fight Putin!! And there is decent footy there

  185. Eddie says:

    Sky engineer coming today to install 🙂 bastardly BT changed their tune now, maybe I should stay with them? No, they need to learn the lesson permanently

  186. mickydidit89 says:


    Would Birmingham be more convenient for you? 🙂

  187. Eddie says:

    no, don’t want to go north of London.
    Plus, I think I would stick out there like a sore thumb 🙂 I do like shortish skirts – can SAS wear skirts?

    I think I would take on Putin, I hate that monster. He is not even using religion to kill people off, no excuse in fact

  188. Eddie says:

    Well done Rory! What a champ, formidable

    Hi Gie! you are right about Mums and Dads. I thought what of the girls was Jack’s partner.

  189. mickydidit89 says:

    Who’s Rory?

  190. Eddie says:

    shit I forgot I have dogs to walk, laters

  191. ai-zed says:

    Eddie, no al Q in Nigeria, just the boko haram! but seeing as they hate educated girls & all you might become the hunted instead of the hunter…. *smile* we do have great footy though

  192. mickydidit89 says:

    What’s he done, side parted his hair even more?

  193. mickydidit89 says:

    Ooops. McIroy. I have heard of him. Durr. Won the golf I take it.

    Ooo, 9am. Lazy gits with no agenda to skive off work early and go to the beach will be in their offices.


  194. kelsey says:

    Wenger rules out striker signing FourFourTwo 09:39
    Arsenal to submit Balotelli bid Football Italia 09:38

    Typical from one of the leading sources to guide people to their respective sites.

  195. arnie says:

    motning all.

    I disagree with everyone except Kelsey, who is being very brave, here on AA and everywhere else. Life is cruel.

    Micky, repressive societies are reformed through education and welfare systems, not by neocon-style suppression of civil liberties. That is my opinion and I am proud to stick by it even if it does not please everyone. Civil liberties were earned through years of struggle, we cannot afford to give up on these. That would be moving backwards in time to try and meet up with cultures that have seen no reforms for centuries. Crazy.

  196. arnie says:

  197. Eddie says:

    arnie – I am afraid anything serious or sensible is wasted on me and DidIt

    Kelsey – football Italia are liars, obviously. 1. we don’t need a striker 2. Wenger always denies, so FourFour2 must be right. 3. don’t want Balotelli

  198. arnie says:

    Evonne, and Micky. Ah, Sense and Sensibility! 🙂

  199. Morning all

    We have a New Post ……………

    arnie – yours will follow tomorrow 🙂

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