Alexis Sanchez to sign for Arsenal?

Yes it’s a only a question at the moment but what would Sanchez bring to the party?

To give him his full name, Alexis Alejandro Sánchez Sanchez , so good they named him twice, 25 year old Chilean born striker who currently plays for Barcelona.

Alexis Sanchez

To start with he is a goal scorer and a provider of assists, his World Cup stats are played 4 scored 2 and 1 assist. His record in La liga last season was a .72 of a goal every game, when assists are added it becomes 1.09 goals or assists every game. Those figures put him fourth in La Liga behind Ronaldo, Messi and Bale.

He can play left, right or centre and can play deeper if needed. He has pace both on and off the ball and is expert at picking out his team-mates with clever passes. He has always been noted for his work rate and has the acceleration and outright pace to get onto the excellent balls played in by Mesut Ozil.

For a player to score 21 goals in a season playing for a team that fields a player of the calibre of Lionel Messi takes some doing. Could Arsenal use him? A resounding yes.

If we do get him, he’ll be in direct competition for a starting place with the likes of Cazorla, Oxlade- Chamberlain and Wilshire. Given the injury problems of the latter two that may not be a bad thing. In addition, there has been talk from Cazorla’s camp that he would welcome a move back to Spain.

What do AAers think? Will he fit in? Will he put a few noses out of joint? Will he help us win trophies?

Can Arsenal sign him? At the moment it seems we are the favourites, Sanchez wants to come to Arsenal, the clubs have agreed a fee of around £32/35 million and his salary shouldn’t be a problem, but Juventus are sniffing around so it’s not yet a done deal.

We just have to wait and see.

Written by Norfolk Gooner.



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  1. Arthur Schopenhauer says:

    I am in two minds about Sanchez: from a personal point of view, I think he will make a great addition to Arsenal. However from his point of view, I think it will hurt him as the press in the UK will hammer him like they hammered Ozil and anything else to do with Arsenal. I hope he is made of strong stuff so that he will be able to stand up to the abuse that he will undoubtedly suffer from the media and some of our fans.

  2. arnie says:

    Brilliant stuff, Norfolk. 🙂 Sanchez will be a brilliant signing. No questions. He will be brilliant in Arsenal. My honest opinion is that there is currently a certain lack of quality which means Ozil’s brilliance is a bit misplaced. This gap will be plugged by Sanchez.

    Most importantly, there is an enormous statement of purpose here.

  3. arnie says:
  4. arnie says:

    From arseblog.

    With offers from Liverpool, Juventus, AC Milan and others, the Barcelona forward had plenty of options, but after requesting a sit down with the player, the Arsenal manager worked his charms and convinced Sanchez that London, and the Emirates, would be the best place for him.

    Sport say that Wenger gave the player the ‘love’ he needed, and assured him that he’d been following his progress since he was a young player, keeping tabs on him as he moved from South America to Udinese in Italy, and then on to Barcelona.

    Having had a couple of days to reflect on the meeting, Sanchez told his agent, Fernando Felicevich, that his mind was made up and he wanted to join Arsenal. Having already laid some of the groundwork with Barcelona, Dick Law then put the rest of the deal in place knowing the player’s intentions and full agreement between the two clubs was made.

    Yet it appears the manager’s personal touch is what swung things Arsenal’s way. It’s not the first time it’s happened either.

    Mesut Ozil spoke about how a meeting with Wenger was what convinced him to join Arsenal last summer, and when Manchester United got Gary Neville to show a 17 year old Aaron Ramsey around their training ground, the Arsenal manager trumped that by flying the Welsh youngster and his family to Switzerland to personally convince him to join the club.

    The final line of the Sport article says: The seductiveness of Frenchman is inexhaustible.

  5. arnie says:
  6. fplaaron says:

    Who else will sign?

  7. Eddie says:

    fpl – what, like Sanchez not good enough for you ?

    I was walking in the woods today and had an image of Ozil passing to Sanchez and the ball landing where it should. Mmmmmmmm that sent very pleasant shivers down the spine….

    Good post NG,, big thank you from Evonne, White Bear and Eddie

  8. wally says:

    I’m liking it. Brings the power and pace we talked about needing to add. Oozes quality. With him in the side i expect we’ll be playing a bit differently. It’ll be interesting to see what that looks like.

  9. Eddie says:

    my fav moment from the vid above at 5:20, so funny 🙂

  10. Good post… my knickers are damp already at the thought of him playing in the Red and White!

  11. mickydidit89 says:

    Hi Norfolk.

    Let me pause to think a moment. One of the world’s genuinely class players at Arsenal. Mmmm……back in a mo

  12. mickydidit89 says:

    Ok, thunk.

    Yip, I’m in. Like really, really in.

    Now, where’s the first doom comment? 🙂


    Cheers Norfolk

    Yeah, I reckon we will get him.

    I would just like to take this opportunity to congratulate Arsene and the Club for a magnificent 2014/15 title victory

    Cant see nothing stopping us now.

    You know what I mean Norfolk. Up your way you see a well groomed man wearing trainers and jeans ploughing through a muddy field. He steps in cow dung, but cant quite work out the odour.

    On closer examination, you notice he lacks the ruddy complexion and necessary face boils to be a Norfolkian. The man is obviously an outsider, he cant even play the banjo.

    As certain as been outed in Norfolk, Arsenal will win the league this season.

    The Ghosts of the Thirties are Stirring

  14. fplaaron says:

    Eddie, no but just Sanchez after being linked with Di Maria and Remy, sounds like a bit of a come-down…

  15. Eddie says:

    fpl – just Sanchez 🙂 Seriously though, I think we still need defenders. hopefully the Boss will sort it out soon

    Micky – mmmmmmm…….yummy init? I missed your sense and sensibility

  16. fplaaron says:

    Yeah, but who are you after

  17. Norfolk Gooner says:

    ‘Morning all, just back from my Wednesday swim and looking forward to the announcement,later today, that Alexis Sanchez has signed a four year contract on wages just in excess of £100.000 per week.

    Since Arsenal have published pictures of the team training in the Puma kit, there seems no reason to delay the announcement until the the new deal actually comes into force.

    If/when the signing does go through it will give us all time to salivate over the prospect of Mesut playing passes for Theo and Alexis to run onto and tear the opposition apart.

    I think some fast food joint has a slogan that sums up my feelings exactly, “I’m lovin it”

  18. GunnerN5 says:

    The Indian With One Testicle

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    Everyone knows..

    You can’t kill Two Birds



  19. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Eddie, I can quite understand your feelings about Germany, but you have to admit that they showed the Brazilians just how to play the beautiful game.

  20. Norfolk Gooner says:

    I’ve just had a look at the pics of the new kit on What’s happened to red and white? The shirts are almost orange and when did the home kit feature blue shorts. I’m not lovin it!

  21. arnie says:

    welcome back, GN5. 😛

  22. arnie says:

    The league matters but not that much of a flying fig. With a GK, back up central defender, and with a fit Diaby or replacement, we can win CL. That has to be the next frontier.

    I know my priorities are different, but tehre you go. 😛

  23. GoonerB says:

    Sanchez to Arsenal will be a massive signing for us. Of all the top players and big transfers we have been linked with I think he is the best of all of them. That list includes Di-Maria, Draxler, Reus and Griezman. I have to still say at this moment that, as long as it goes ahead???, not only are we bringing in a truly world class performer, that IMO is the missing bit of the jig-saw puzzle, but I actually feel he is going to get even better. I think he has a RonaldoMessiesque level of potential.

    As others have said I think he will bring the best out of Ozil as well. I would still add Remy to the squad as well though. For me Sanogo needs to be a loan player for maybe a couple of seasons and we need to enter the season with Sanchez, Remy and Giroud as our front options. The fact that the first 2 can actually play inside forward and so can also play with Giroud at times gives us so many more options.

    I agree with the over-loading in ACM so would not be too upset if Santi did leave as much as I do love the guy. We have plenty of CAM options with Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshere, the Ox, Rosicky before we even look at any from the youth ranks. I actually feel that one of the ACM players not only could be but likely should be sacrificed to pave the way for not only Sanchez who is more naturally adapted to wide attacking play but also for a world class DM. These 2 types of players plus the addition of Remy would give us both the depth and also the balance we need to challenge for the title.

    If the new German fitness chap can also reduce our injury problems I think we will be flying this year. I believe that lack of balance and over-loading of too many similar midfielders plus the injury problems are why we fell away eventually last season. I trust AW that he will also address the GK and defence positions as well and Debuchy looks a good initial addition in that area. If we get these players we are looking at we should be serious title challengers this season.

  24. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Arnie, I’m surprised to see the words Diaby and fit in the same sentence. 😀 We could really do with either him fully fit or a replacement such as Lars Bender, on balance I think I’d go for the replacement.

  25. Norfolk Gooner says:

    GoonerB, Wenger has said in the past that the maximum number of new players that can be assimilated at one go is three, now that could just have been an attempt to camouflage the fact that he didn’t have the money to get the top quality players he wanted, but looking at the Spuds and Newcastle last season there does seem to be something in what he said.

    Even so I reckon we still need a ‘keeper, full back (Debuchy) a centre-back back-up and a DM.

    If we get Sanchez, Giroud, Walcott and Podolski should suffice up front. Remy could only come in if Sanogo goes out on loan, but would he be happy to be third or fourth choice striker?

  26. fplaaron says:

    Sorry, just a query, will let you get back to your conversation in a mo, but how many on here are from Ireland

  27. arnie says:

    Norfolk. 😛 Yes, Bender of likewise will be good.

    On the max of 3, so many announcements early to me suggests a smoke screen. So be it.

    But a leopard changing his spots is interesting, to say the least! hmmm.

  28. mickydidit89 says:


    What the hell are we going to need a Keeper for next season?


  29. LB says:

    Quality post Norfolk.

    And as to the question:


    Arnie, sums it up well for me, Sanchez is the kind of player we are missing and will bring the absolute best out of Ozil.

    And, and, and what’s more he is better than Suarez, if you ask me. Goodness only knows why Barça are even considering selling Sanchez and replacing him with the toxic Uruguayan.

  30. arnie says:

    LB. You know the answer. Suarez will sell more shirts, not only teh whole of Uruguay, but 10% of the remaining Latin America population. A bit disgusting, but that’s football for you. 😦

  31. LB says:

    This Cazorla unhappy thing sounds nonsense to me.

    We are not new to the home sick story; we have suffered it with Reyes and Fabregas, the difference in both those cases is that each player thought that the move back to Spain would be a step up.

    That is not he same in Santi’s case, where in Spain would he go? Certainly not to Real or Barça; as high as we may think of him he is simply not good enough for either of those two.

    So what’s left?

    No other club in Spain could match the wages that he will be receiving at THOF. Nope, all common sense indicates that this home sick story is tosh.

    I expect to see Cazorla smiling, giving his all as usual at THOF at the beginning of the new season.

  32. LB says:

    Very good point Arnie.

    I must admit that naively that hadn’t crossed my mind.

  33. Shard says:

    Sanchez. Yes!

    My first instinct when the rumours first surfaced was to say, not exactly what we need because I was unconvinced he can play through the middle. However, I always felt there was a lack of really quality forwards available. Which is why I was even considering Balotelli as an option 🙂 (as if my consideration matters)

    On Sanchez, I thought he’s too similar to the Ox. I still stick by that. Although he’s better than him in his dribbling and his finishing. But I realise now that that is no bad thing. His statistics indicate that he finishes like Podolski. So a Podolski with the speed of Walcott and the trickery of the Ox. Well.. YES again and again, especially now that we saw him play in the centre for Chile.

    A lot of people seem willing to let Cazorla go. Whether it’s to do with the reported statements about Atletico, or it is to do with his less than spectacular season, I don’t know. But Cazorla is a genius. He has simply been overplayed the past two seasons. By club and country. He’ll come back better than before this year. And with increased playing time of Theo & Ox and the inclusion of Sanchez, we don’t have to worry about a lack of pace.

    We also have Gnabry and maybe Campbell. If we add Remy – which I would like, I suppose one of them goes out on loan. My preference will be Gnabry on loan since I don’t want us to lose Campbell. I think he could be a decent forward for us, though probably not ‘World Class’. But I have a feeling we’ll see Campbell sold or loaned out.

    Giroud and Sanogo should both stay. If Giroud goes down, Sanogo is the only one who can offer us that physical presence up front.

    Similarly, if Ozil gets injured, Cazorla is the ideal replacement. I don’t think Ox/Wilshere are ready to play that role consistently as well. So keep Cazorla, even if he’s not happy to be on the bench as often. In any case, he and Poldi, along with the likes of Flamini, Rosicky, and maybe Arteta, are basically towards the end of their careers with us. Let’s get the most out of them while we can.

  34. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Sky Sports News are reporting that Alexis Sanchez has instructed his representatives to complete the deal with Arsenal!

    and… the Debuchy deal will be done tomorrow!

  35. Shard says:


    I think the story was nonsense. Cazorla was linked with Atletico by the paper. We don’t know what question he was asked but no player would publicly deny the possibility of a move in concrete terms. He was vague that’s all. From memory, I think he just mentioned finishing his career in Spain. Not that he was looking to move.

    And considering it’s Santi, there might also have been a problem with the language. And if the interview was conducted in Spanish, there can equally be a problem in translation.

    Even Ramsey said he wouldn’t (eventually) turn down the chance to play for Barcelona or Real Madrid. Maybe we should sell him too.

  36. Norfolk Gooner says:

    My sports forecasting has taken a Brazilian style bashing recently.

    I predicted Mark Cavendish would win the first stage of the Tour de France and that Chris Froome would win the race out-right…Mark crashed out in the last two hundred metres of the first satge and Chris has just abandoned the race after crashing once yesterday and twice today.

    So I’m predicting that Spuds will win the treble this coming season. 😀 Or is that tempting fate too far?

  37. mickydidit89 says:


    Nah, what’s the point

  38. RC78 says:

    He would be a great addition and he will actually bring that much needed pace and skills on the wing along with the touch of strikers’ killing instinct. It is also, according to me, a clear sign that Wenger wants to build his team around….Ozil as a play maker in a 4-2-1-3 set-up.

    If everyone is fit, our team from midfield onwards (and if we get a true defensive mid as a recruit):

    Starters: Ramsey, DM RECRUIT – Ozil – Sanchez, Giroud, Walcott

    Bench: Rosicky, Arteta – Cazorla – Oxlade, Campbell or Recruit or Podolski, Gnabry

    Let us imagine that we get
    – Bender or Khedira or Schnederlin or Leiva as DM
    – Lukaku, Rémy or another top tier striker

    we are slowly looking like we can compete for the EPL…especially, if we also do the right business for the back line…

  39. RC78 says:

    by the way, big mistake from my side in my bench line-up: Read Wilshere instead of Rosicky

  40. LB says:

    “My sports forecasting has taken a Brazilian style bashing recently.”


  41. Vinay says:

    He will be massive, he can just be that 20 plus goal scorer we need along with Giroud and Theo and with a midfield of Ramsey, Ozil and Cazorla, holy cow we can dare to dream the league again. He is a fantastic player, an absolute coup if we have indeed got him.
    I want the official status update on to confirm it and then lets rejoice for we have a world class talent with us.

    Debuchy and Remy will complete the trilogy but most importantly we need a DM and a GK to complete the team. Bender/Khedira or even Schneiderlin will suit fine for the DM role, GK???? how about a cheeky bid for Cech or Casillas??? . Maybe not at their best but quality is proven.

  42. stevepalmer1 says:

    Evening all, Nice post Norfolk, you say he play’e central or to the left to the right and on the wings, i can only surmise that Wenger play’s him at the back in that case, as he normally waits a season to see if a new player can play all the positions, he may even play cup games in goal.

    Nice to read a post that has that much enthusiasm, New signings before the transfer deadline what the hell is happening at Arsenal, and talk of another bugger tomorrow, well i don’t know 🙂

    Over the years that is the Emirates years we seem to have had very long pockets with short arms, but now as some of our debts are being paid off we are starting to emerge as a top football club again,

    Now i know its early doors and nothing written down on paper yet but the future is starting to look very exciting, I find it very surprising when Values are around the 30 to 40 million and we are in there with a bid, am i awake or am i dreaming, my ears are not believing what they hear, and i need to see players in shirts before i wake up.

    I do like posts like this one, i hope there are a lot more 🙂

  43. arnie says:

    Evening all.

    Changing tack, there are other events forthcoming down in the jungles somewhere. 😛

    What is your take, chums? I am for the Argies. Falklands or not, they have shown some quality. Holland deserved to lose to CRC, they are lucky to progress. And since Raddy is not around. I cannot bear to see the grin on R$P’s face.

    The news is that he got too used to the curries up north, and grabbed the first piece of shit he could get his hands on in Brazil. Result: very painful, not only for him but everyone else in teh dressing room, including the diver. Result: he is banished to the toilet.

    Front bottom OUT, hairy or shaven. 🙂 Come on Argies! 🙂

  44. arnie says:

    I meant since Raddy is not around, I do not have to be generous to the Orange circus party! 😛

  45. stevepalmer1 says:

    Evening Arnie, I take it you are going for the Argies tonight then, I’m afraid i can’t bring myself to side with your pick so for one game only we will have to differ 🙂

  46. arnie says:

    Steve. 🙂 as you know well, we celebrate diversity in this space! 😛

  47. stevepalmer1 says:

    Watching Sanchez on YouTube this guy looks like a greedy bugger to me, in the clips. he had plenty of chances to lay the ball off nice and easy but he kept hold of it.

    Now i like talent don’t get me wrong but i also like intelligent players who know when to release the ball, this guy could cause us problems

  48. chas says:

    Cheers, NG.
    Sanchez brings cocaine, hookers, the finest Jamaican rum and a touch of MDMA to the party.
    I’ll believe it when I see him wearing an Arsenal Puma top and with Arsene working him from behind like Lord Charles

  49. mickydidit89 says:

    Argies for me.

    I win my WC Wall Chart challenge with my Son, and I like them anyway.

    Can’t wait to watch Messi.

  50. Eddie says:

    come on you blues!!

    it is important that DidIt puts Junior in his place

  51. mickydidit89 says:


    How the hell are you?

    He’s firmly in his place. He’s got a Brazil Spain Final

    Me? Germany Argentina

    Could be a landslide

  52. Eddie says:

    Mickyyyyyyy!!! I have been posting messages for you not knowing you were away!! I was away too, it was great, had lots of fights, have you?

  53. mickydidit89 says:

    Hoping the Argie left back had an extra rare steak tonight and gives that little shit Robben a thump

  54. Eddie says:

    shame that suarez never got his teeth into the diving bastard

  55. mickydidit89 says:

    Seem to remember you posting a comment suggesting people ignore me.
    Perfectly reasonable advice I have to say. No, no fighting as such

  56. mickydidit89 says:

    Just realized we sound like a bunch of absolute thugs ROLF

  57. Eddie says:

    good, nobody is going to feck about with us 🙂
    No fighting? What do you for fun then?

    Well balanced game at the mo, we need a goal Lionel

  58. Eddie says:

    what has van P done to his hair, is it permed?

  59. arnie says:

    Micky and Evonne. Good to know the rest of us on AA are safe. 😛

  60. mickydidit89 says:

    Safe Arnie?
    Step out with Eddie, and danger lurks behind every shadow

  61. Eddie says:

    Safe? Far from it arnie. I have Leonard Cohen and some razor blades ready in case Dutch or Germs win the WC

  62. mickydidit89 says:

    This game needs a moment from Messi, although I’m terrified that “moment” will come from a Robben break away

    Do we like the three at the back thing?

  63. chas says:

    I know football is about attack and defence, but that was chuffin boring.

  64. mickydidit89 says:

    That was the first technical footbally comment all night 🙂

  65. arnie says:

    Evonne will attract all the attention from the goons, and that will be safe enough to get away. 😛

    boring game. 😦

  66. mickydidit89 says:

    chuffin boring, apparently Arnie

  67. Eddie says:

    I thought that Brazil v Germany was going to be boring, with both teams scared of conceding. I also thought that tonight’s game was going to be open, fast and furious. There you are, I should take up knitting

  68. stevepalmer1 says:

    Man this is a shit game, fell asleep halfway way through the first half, but it looks like i missed nothing, Dont think the Germans will have to much trouble with either of these

    The Argies need Aguero to liven this excuse of a game up

  69. arnie says:

    It is getting a bit better. Reluctantly I have to concede Holland has started stringing together a few passes.

  70. stevepalmer1 says:

    Apparently if Holland win the world cup, a Dutch firm are giving them a trip to outer space i just hope they keep them there.

  71. arnie says:

    Steve. you have your wish. Aguero on.

  72. mickydidit89 says:

    Falling asleep
    Nite all

  73. stevepalmer1 says:

    He looks a bit ring rusty Arn

  74. arnie says:

    getting better now.

  75. stevepalmer1 says:

    Bloody hell another 30 minutes

  76. arnie says:

    quite a torture, Steve, maybe more than 30? 😦

  77. stevepalmer1 says:

    Arnie the only way i see a goal coming is penalties

  78. arnie says:

    yes, right, agreed Steve. 😦

  79. Eddie says:

    I no longer care who wins tonight as long as it is over

  80. arnie says:

    ah, Evonne, that we can be sure of. this torture will definitely end tonight. oh, hang on, is it tomorrow already! 😛

  81. stevepalmer1 says:

    The Dutch goalkeeper has never saved a penalty in his life, looks dodgy as well

  82. arnie says:

    it is, for Raddy. 😛

  83. arnie says:

    sorry I must have fallen asleep. have they made all subs? No Krul tonight?

  84. stevepalmer1 says:

    No took a gamble on Huntrlar

  85. arnie says:

    first moment of quality. good save.

  86. arnie says:

    thank you, ref, put us out of our misery

  87. arnie says:


  88. arnie says:

    hmmmm twice

  89. Eddie says:

    seeing Dutch crying would really cheer me up

  90. stevepalmer1 says:

    Still he hasn’t saved a penalty, well called Arn. Nte
    nte all

  91. Eddie says:

    there is Robben crying !!! how lovely 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  92. arnie says:

    cannot say I feel happy. very poor game.

    you know what, Argies may just scrape it. the favourites tag for Germany is a disaster

  93. arnie says:

    nte all.

  94. Eddie says:

    not sure why Mascherano is crying, he had a great game, took Robben out of action tonight

  95. chas says:

  96. Gööner In Exile says:

    Morning all.

    Norfolk….Sanchez? I’ll take him if there’s nothing else going 🙂

    Quick, great feet, eye for goal….what’s not to like. As LB says why are Barca wanting to sell him? The only fear would be the winter, but judging by Chile’s performance in the World Cup I’d say they are made of sterner stuff.

    Also I don’t think you have to worry about pics on because surely that Puma kit they’re wearing is training kit.

    As long as home kit is red with white sleeves how wrong can they get it?

    The only problem with spending big cash is we will now be called two faced or hypocritical by those who have been moaning about not spending for the last ten years, the fact that we are now doing with self generated funds will be beyond the wit of most of the pundits.

  97. mickydidit89 says:

    Thank God I went to bed

    However, Yesssssssssssssssssss an Argie Kraut Final

    Exactly how clever am I. You do not need to answer that, but when he wakes up, my Son will. More than once 🙂

    Oh shitballs, what odds would I have got on that when I did me chart

  98. mickydidit89 says:


    That is a brilliant vid. Best ever. The look of “look what I got” on Arsene’s face.

    Will be emailing that 🙂 🙂

  99. mickydidit89 says:


    Just emailed that to Raddy from you (if that makes sense)

    Funny thing about those Leftie Hippy Sorts is you know they like the underdog and equal rights for woman and poofs and shit, but underneath their ponytails and robes, they like nothing more than splashing obscene amounts of cash on world megastars

    Motning Raddy if you’re reading 🙂

  100. stevepalmer1 says:

    Morning all,
    Holland and the Argies were abysmal bored for most of the game and asleep the rest, If this is the best in the world , England don’t have to get much better before they kick their arses.

    Mascarano was superb he played exactly as he should, he had everything covered and he also kept the diver under wraps. Argentina and Holland found it very difficult to score goals, they cancelled one another out and through the type of defending on show, made for a long drawn out night.

    Holland had the same problem in their last game, where scoring a goal was beyond them, two games that went to penalties. and only skulduggery by their unsporting reserve keeper was the difference,

    Last nights debackle was similar, struggled to score but made the mistake of replacing Van Persie with another non scoring forward, probably been better if they had played with 2 goalkeepers.

    Holland’s goalkeeper, it was said last night by a commentator that he had never saved a penalty before, and after seeing his efforts i would assume it could be some time before he does.

    Its nice to be able to say that the best team won, but i am afraid that i cannot say that as this game bored the pants off me, all i can hope for is a better game in the final that is if i can stay awake long enough.

    Yes another result i got wrong, that seems to be the pattern of play so maybe i shall keep my mouth shut for the final.

    Germany look to be the outright favourites, at least they know how to score goals but we all know about finals anything can happen.

  101. Eddie says:

    is anybody out there not happy about the Dutch losing? The bastards played for penalties. The ref treated Robben with due disrespect and let him wriggle on the ground. The master technician with flat face let the worst player take the first penalty . All good. It can only get better if Brazil redeem themselves

  102. Eddie says:

    oh yeah, and Krul was left sitting on the bench, ha ha ha

  103. Eddie says:

    the shower chanteur has 20 quid at 66 to 1 for Germans to win and Muller be a top scorer.

  104. Eddie says:

    Right, the Sanchez deal is delayed because of the Suarez move. Will Rogers sell the cannibal before he has a replacement? Liverpool wanted Sanchez, who chose us. I can see this situation to get rather messy yet. Remember Spuds playing silly buggers last year? I won’t be surprised if Pool are equally stupid

  105. stevepalmer1 says:

    Your up early Eddie, couldn’t you sleep or are you up to gloat 🙂 I see you have your Eddie face on today but will it change for the final, i’ll have to wait and see.

    You obviously don’t like Holland and i guess you like Robben even less i guess you see Van the man in the same light, so in all honesty, you are probably glad we got rid of him, I liked RVP i thought he had had a tough few years with us, but once he got his act together he did the business for us, yes he upped and left and went to one of our biggest rivals where he scored quite a few goals, but he was getting on and Arsenal had made no moves to improve our team, we got a good price for him and he did us proud for his last couple of seasons.

    I have no problems when players up and leave especially if they have done their best for us. Bendtner i will be glad to see the back of him but even he had his moments.

  106. stevepalmer1 says:

    I said on a blog last year, that Sanogo would be a 20 million pound striker in 2 years, but i have my doubts now, as he has probably had all his chances, and i cannot see him get too many more, i think i should give this prediction thing a miss in future.

  107. Eddie says:

    Stevie – “I have no problems when players up and leave especially if they have done their best for us”. Ditto my friend. Van persie has done his best for himself. He sat on the physio table for 7 seasons and only managed 1 full season when he wanted to move. This was to attract the buyers, not for us. I loved him, but now he is the worst enemy. I would welcome an opportunity to inflict a real injury on him

  108. stevepalmer1 says:

    Eddie, remind me not to get on your wrong side, if i ever i should 🙂

  109. LBG says:

    Great post Norfolk. Sorry for delay. Been keeping away from site while World Cup is main topic. Roll on Sunday and a chance to talk about the Greatest Football Club in the World. Still prefer Sneiderlin or Khedira to Bender and would like a few hints from AW re our new centre back. Sure a GK will become available and prefer one to compete with Scz. Disappointed that Aurier deal seems to have evaporated but imagine there are other perceived problems…wouldnt want another another batty Eboue.

    Morning to all AAs

  110. Eddie says:

    LBG – I liked Eboue 🙂 such a silly character. Why ‘batty Eboue’?

  111. Eddie says:

    stevie – do you know how to tell a dangerous dog? He is the one that doesn’t bark, goes straight for the kill.


    Not quite true evonne.

    You can tell a dangerous dog when your strolling through a busy park and from a distance spot a frothing beast bounding over.

    What makes this beast particularly malevolent is that the park is busy with many characters deserving of a clenched jaw upon there buttocks, but does this hound attack the hoodie or the fat man? No.

    You are the victim of the beasts unwanted attention.

    Through the agony of feeling your arse as you have never felt your arse before, you ponder, “why me”?

    Now, thats a dangerous dog.

  113. arnie says:

    motning all. lovely banter.

    Are we the team with the second largest number of finalists, after Bayern?

    I have a sneaky feeling that the Argies will scrape it. I really want an European team to win in Latin America for the first time. And Germany really deserve it. And there are the three good guys.

  114. Eddie says:

    Terry – but did ‘your’ beast bark? No, they don’t give warnings
    I am the barking dog

  115. mickydidit89 says:

    Champing at the bit to pen my formations with Sanchez, but that would be tempting fate, even for a transfer gossip tart like me.

  116. mickydidit89 says:

    Cannot think of even a one-liner post to kick things off.


    Cant remember evonne. Was to busy worrying whether a butt deformity results in social consequences.

    The thing that really annoyed me after was over hearing my wife have a serious conversation with three of her friends.

    She was saying that you could tell a dogs intelligent if it attacks me. All her friends were agreeing and one even said. “Is it ok if I bring my pup round to see if it goes for him or not”

    My wife agreed

  118. arnie says:

    Terry. 🙂

  119. mickydidit89 says:


    Easy life

    You know when you’ve hit rock bottom in god’s great chain of command when a guinea pig goes for you. So cheer up.

  120. mickydidit89

    “Cannot think of even a one-liner post to kick things off.”

    That’s a good enough one liner 🙂

  121. mickydidit89 says:

    Hi Northbank1969

    We haven’t met, so a word of warning, we cant stand baldies with beards, so my advice is lose the gravatar or get a rug 🙂

    Actually, now I think about it, scrap that 🙂

  122. MDI89

    I can’t stand baldies with beards either…. but I have no choice! A beard gives me a chance to do the hair thing on my face otherwise I’d have nothing to do! I like my gravatar… somehow it just seems more honest 🙂

  123. RA says:


    Why don’t you pop onto Norther’s Blog and pinch his Post and stick it on here – no one will notice. 🙂

    He is a brilliant artist by the way, when he can fit his painting in between his wine drinking and chorizo munching.
    His life in the South of France is idyllic!!

    He and Terry will get on famously when they compare notes about the best tonsorial remedies.

    Anyway, I thought you were away for the month on holiday, or something?

  124. arnie says:

    Redders: AA is Micky’s holiday and surfing his day job. 😛 I see you have emerged out of slumber

  125. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Sanchez deal is done and dusted!!! at least according to his barber it is. 😀

    Morning all, what a miserable game that was last night, even though I had recorded it and could fast forward through the really boring bits, it still almost put me to sleep.

    I’m rooting for the Germans in the final, at least they play attacking football.

  126. mickydidit89 says:


    A couple of 🙂 ‘s

    An artist is he? Mmmm, might have to go easy on him. Like artists, but a sensitive lot 🙂

    ps I was away for four days. Raddy and hippies do months.

  127. mickydidit89 says:


    Doubt Northy would want our sort ponging out his site 🙂

  128. micky

    Don’t worry about that, I’m not your usual sensitive Artist…… anyway, I’ve done my mornings work, going back to bed for a while cos the sun seems to have gone on strike! 😦

  129. mickydidit89 says:

    I’ve penned a quickie. Anyone around in the control centre?

    I’ll send it and see what happens.

  130. Gööner In Exile says:

    Micky if you have my email send it to me.

  131. GunnerN5 says:

    PUMA Arsenal kit launch – watch it LIVE!

    The new PUMA Arsenal kit will be unveiled at a special launch event at 11pm (UK time) today!

    A live video stream of the event will be available on PUMA’s YouTube channel – and we’ll link to it right here on

  132. GunnerN5 says:

    Thats a strange time for a kit launch (11pm) – maybe something else is going to be announced at the same time?

  133. 26may1989 says:

    Yup, a very odd time GN5. As you imply, perhaps it’s to allow certain medicals and contracts to be completed. And perhaps it’s also to allow Le Prof to join by videolink from Brazil at a sensible hour…..

    Certainly hope this Sanchez and Debuchy thing can be completed soon, I want to move onto other bits of speculation and gossip.

  134. arnie says:

    26may: “I want to move onto other bits of speculation and gossip” 😛

  135. arnie says:

    me too. 😛

  136. Vinay says:

    Come on Germany now dont make this a sad ending to a great world cup. You need to beat that average team and in fact pulverize them. If not 7-1 maybe a 3-1 scoreline will be fine with Mesut player of the game in the biggest game of the tournament.

    When will Sanchez be announced, starting to worry me now for this has happened so often that we are on the verge and then we see that player go somewhere else. Please not him, please.

  137. Eddie says:

    one month only till the community shield game!!!! hip hip hooray

  138. Norfolk Gooner says:

    White Eddie Bear, Only ten days to the first match, Arsenal vs Borehamwood, 3pm Sat. 19th July. Tickets Seats £22, standing £18. Why wait for the Community Shield? I’m sure all the first team squad will be there, or at least there’ll be a picture of them in the programme. 😀

  139. Eddie says:

    NG 🙂 Borehamwood – is that a real team??

  140. 26may1989 says:

    Was at Borehamwood on Sunday to watch Arsenal v Chelsea women’s match. Always good to see an Arsenal team beat Chavs 3-0.

  141. Norfolk Gooner says:

    They sure are Eddie, founded in 1948, but haven’t exactly set the world on fire…yet.

    It’s all ticket and they are available on 02089535716. Capacity 3800, sell out expected.

    Ramsey, Arteta, Flamini, Gibbs, Szczesny, Rosicky, Monreal, Jenkinson and Sanogo, are all expected to play.

  142. 26may1989 says:

    I thought this was interesting – the key message being “How do you react to failure?”

    How Germany’s 14-Year Plan Destroyed Brazil
    By Brendan Greeley

    By the end it was hard to watch Germany’s 7-1 demolition of Brazil. Poor Andre Schürrle, the substitute who came in at striker for Germany in the second half, couldn’t quite celebrate his two goals the way Thomas Müller had when he scored the first goal in the 11th minute. A friend watching at a bar in Berlin reported that when Oscar finally scored for Brazil in the 90th minute, all the Germans in the bar offered an empathy cheer.

    Brazil certainly underperformed on Tuesday and throughout the World Cup. Its wins have all been lucky, barely, or both. But Brazil didn’t just fall apart against Germany (although it certainly did fall apart). Germany beat them with the precise and inspiring soccer it’s played all month in Brazil. This is not an accident, a golden blessing of a generation of talented fussballers. It follows a 14-year plan to find all the kids among 80 million Germans who can really play soccer, train them young, and get them attached to a professional team.

    All countries do this, kind of. Belgium does it really well. After tonight’s game you could argue that Germany does it best.

    In the 2000 European Championship, Germany didn’t make it past the group stage. Imagine the anger and soul-searching in New York if the Yankees finished last in the American League East. So the Deutscher Fussball Bund, the organization responsible for Germany’s national team, came up with a plan. Traditionally in Europe, club teams had been responsible for their own talent development. Some, like Barcelona in Spain and Ajax in the Netherlands, have become known for their youth academies. But the DFB decided that talent was too precious to leave unfound, and so in 2002 launched a national program to find all of it.

    The Guardian wrote a great piece on the German program last year, or you can read the DFB’s own chest-thumping self-assessment from 2011. Germany’s standardized national program starts teaching the same skills to 6-year-olds all over the country. It’s run in every town by coaches who have to get a license from the DFB. Then by age 8, as training continues, scouts are watching for the kids good enough for the club programs.

    This spring I watched my German godson, Paul, play a soccer game with his youth team. He’s 8 years old. German kids at that age don’t play herd ball. They play their roles, make clean passes, and pick their shots. None of this is left to chance. His youth club, TV Rodenkirchen, is part of the national program. And standing on the sidelines—for a league game between 8-year-olds—were professional scouts.

    Every professional club team in the first and second division of Germany’s Bundesliga now has to fund its own soccer high school. Between 2002 and 2010, the amount that professional club teams spent on youth development almost doubled, to about 85 million euros a year. We can already see what this spending has helped create. Last year’s Guardian article listed them:

    Joachim Löw, Germany’s coach, is blessed with a generation of gifted young players—Julian Draxler (19), Andre Schürrle (22), Sven Bender (24), Thomas Müller (23), Holger Badstuber (24), Mats Hummels (24), Mesut Ozil (24), Ilkay Gündoğan (22), Mario Götze (20), Marco Reus (23), Toni Kroos (23) … the list goes on.
    Müller, Kroos, Schürrle. These are the guys who scored five of Germany’s seven goals on Tuesday. And Germany’s talent machine is only now just starting to produce. A 6-year-old German in 2002 is still only 18 now. (My godson is pretty good, actually.)

    We love the World Cup, in part, because it offers us a clear contest between nations with winners and losers. Except with an actual war, this clarity is hard to come by in international relations. Some nations get lucky. Did Argentina deserve its Lionel Messi or Portugal its Cristiano Ronaldo? But a national soccer team is a kind of mobilization, the end of a long plan, sustained over decades, with many moving parts, to find and train talent.

    Germany was not blessed with Leo or Ronaldo. But sustaining a complex national plan over years, and committing to it as both a metaphorical and literal investment? Perhaps we should not be surprised that Germany has done this very, very well.

  143. Sauerkraut und Bratwurst…. ze Germans are coming!

    Very good article, thanks 26May

  144. LB says:

    Blimey, 26, you went to Borehamwood to see the women play? Respect, I thought I had it bad but clearly nowhere near as bad as you.

    It’s a given, of course, that you bumped into Chas 😉

  145. chas says:

    Yay, I believe it now……..

  146. fatgingergooner says:

    Holy shit! We’ve just signed Sanchez!?

    Sanchez and Özil in 12 months, looking forward to next summer already!!!

    Fun time to be an Arsenal fan.

  147. chas says:
  148. Very good news…. well done Wenger 🙂

  149. chas says:

    Arsenal fans at the moment…..

  150. 26may1989 says:

    Superb, fantastic, just loving it. I was having visions of the Mata situation repeating itself, with some shitbags stealing a great signing from under our noses at the last minute. But the club have done it, well done to Wenger, Laws, Gazidis and anyone else involved. Still much to do this summer, but this is a wonderful start to our business.

  151. LB says:

    Fuck yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    Could we have wished for anyone better — as in, more likely?

    So, glad I renewed my season ticket.

    Ozil and Sanchez purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    No wonder Wenger was playing volley ball on the Copacabana

  152. LB says:

    GIE was right, it was all about the Puma deal.

    By the way where are our white sleeves?


  153. GoonerB says:

    Brilliant signing. Well done to Arsene, Gazidkis and Law. This really announces Arsenal as serious big time players now and I expect other top players will be casting admiring glances our way. Lets get the Debuchy thing done and add Khedira and Remy (plus GK and CD) to have a EPL and ECL challenging squad.

  154. LB says:

    “The first images of the Chile international striker in his PUMA training kit after he agreed to join Arsenal”

    TRAINING kit, ok now I understand.

    I am so excited

  155. LB says:

    Picture a middle aged man jumping up and down like a little kid in a sweet shop.

    That’s me right now.

  156. 26may1989 says:

    It’s a training kit, LB, match kit to be launched this eve.

    You should check out the women’s footy, it’s proper good stuff. After years of Arsenal having it easy, the league is competitive this year, any of the eight in the super league could win. The technical levels are way higher than they were once upon a time. It’s great stuff.

  157. fatgingergooner says:

    Cesc who!?

    F*** off Chelsea, Wenger’s still got it!

  158. LB says:

    I’ve got goose bumps and tingles at the same time.



    Our time is coming

    Super quality combined with the best young and improving British talent in the premeirship.

    But more importantly, we have stability and harmony

    The Ghosts of the Thirties are Stirring

  160. VCC says:


  161. Eddie says:

    la la la la! tra la la! tra la la 🙂
    and it is only 10th July!!!!

  162. Gööner In Exile says:

    What wonderful news 😀

    Kit launch very clever marketing time. Who are most likely to buy kits? Those in areas without access to big football clubs so Africa/Far East/Oz etc will see kit launched before going to work and those in the US as they come home from work, and local Arsenal fans will watch because we are local Arsenal fans.

    Right who is going to be first to come up with a song for Sanchez?

  163. fatgingergooner says:

    I’m so excited by this transfer. I thought getting Özil was as good as it got, but getting Sanchez 12 months later is even better!

    Cannot wait for the new season.

    Well done Wenger, you’ve outdone yourself in the transfer market.

  164. Shiny new toy!!!!!!!!!!! So excited about the Sanchez signing as are all of Goonerdom, my twitter timeline makes joyful reading.

    Thank you very very much M Wenger 🙂

  165. White sleeves 🙂

  166. Watching a countdown to a kit launch……….the internet age!

  167. a spectacular water projection on the River Thames? This should be fun

  168. 26may1989 says:



  169. 26may1989 says:

    Was that it???

  170. Nice speech by Arsene, graphics looked mocked up like some North Korean Prpaganda video……

    stream has gone a bit slow now too

  171. 26may1989 says:

    Bleedin rubbish!

    Glad they got the news out about our Red Hot Chile Pepper beforehand, I’ll stick to thinking on that.

  172. OK kit on now……site is crashing…think they should have put a bit more content on YT then not everyone would be rushing to get better look.

    I like the away kit.

  173. goonerjake says:

    All kits can be seen on puma website. i like that all three are different styles home round neck away v neck cup shirt colar

  174. Do hope they do a more relaxed fan version otherwise there will be some awful sights down the Blackstock Road (including me)

  175. 26may1989 says:

    Interesting, Sanchez appears to be our new number 17. And Monreal is therefore going to be…….?

  176. 26may1989 says:

    “a more relaxed fan version” – 🙂

    Or we could always go on a diet, Exile……

  177. No beer or Yildiz pre match?

  178. LB says:

    Hmmmm, don’t like the necks very much, still at least the sleeves are white.

  179. arnie says:

    over the moon, tra la la la

    Champions League, here we come!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  180. 26may1989 says:

    Like the home kit (reminds me of the kit we had c2002).

    Away kit good, though I don’t like blue sleeves.

    Third kit ok – something in it that goes back to that zig-zag blue kit we had in the mid 90s.

  181. 26may1989 says:

    Exile, see you at The Tavern before we head for a lovely mixed kebab…..

  182. Gööner In Exile says:

    Bloody ell the blue kit isn’t a third kit it’s a cup away kit.

    Quite like the Forever, Future, Victorious slogan. Hooped red and white socks a throw back to 1933 allegedly for Forever, the away kit representing Victorious (71, 79, 89) and the blue being future.

    The Stronger Together branding is clever too playing on Victory Through Harmony motto.

  183. fatgingergooner says:

    Apparently we are in for Manquillo on loan from Atletico now. Maybe that’s why the Debuchy deal isn’t done yet.

    Get Debuchy signed and Manquillo on loan, then let Jenks go to Newcastle on loan? It would make sense if AW sees Jenks as long term.

    Not convinced with Debuchy though. Doesn’t look anything special. Maybe would prefer Aurier but then he’s similar age to Jenks and has ACN to play in so suppose Debuchy makes more sense. We will see.

    Not a big fan of the skin tight kit.

  184. chas says:

    Arsene lands a big one……….

  185. chas says:

    Eeeee, it’s great to be a gooner – yesterday, today and tomorrow.

  186. arnie says:

    Motning Chas, motning all.

    Yesterday was for real, was it? 😛

  187. chas says:

    Morning, arnie.
    No it was all a dream……

  188. arnie says:

    ha ha ha, Chas. On 7 July I was on the same page as Chary.

    Is it only Puma why this was announced so early, or is Arsene plotting another coup? 😛

  189. mickydidit89 says:

    Before I scream like a banshee, has Sanchez been seen on or in anything official

  190. mickydidit89 says:

    Oh fk it, yesssssssssssssssssssssss

  191. arnie says:

    cannot help but post this again. Apols, Chas.

  192. arnie says:

    yesssssss, that was loud enough, Micky. 😛

  193. mickydidit89 says:

    Thanks Arnie.

    Wow, that is some piece of business and exactly what we (and Mesut) needed most.

  194. mickydidit89 says:


    That is sooo sooo brilliant as I said yesterday

    Can imagine Arsene cruising the Kings Road in the hear of Chav Country. Look what we’ve got.

  195. arnie says:

    Agreed, Micky. I could not sleep all night, watched his videos. 😛

  196. mickydidit89 says:

    Exile, dear Exile,

    Now you know my feelings on people wearing sports clothing outside of doing sports, and people over twelve doing it in particular, but this really tugged at me strings:

    “No beer or Yildiz pre match?”

    Can’t bear it. All is forgiven. Climb into the skin tightest version you kind find, get into Yildiz and order a double right now 🙂

  197. arnie says:

    Is FFP really working? Why else would Barca sell Sanchez?

  198. mickydidit89 says:

    I did read Exile’s (think t’was he) explanation about shirt sales, but I’m staggered Barca have done this.

    I’m guessing there’s a net outlay (Suarez Sanchez), our man is two years younger, and bite or not, it’s impossible to imagine Suarez getting a grip on his inner loon enough to avoid lengthy suspensions every season.

  199. chas says:

    Sell to buy?

    I’m off lads and dads camping.
    See you in a bit.

  200. mickydidit89 says:



  201. arnie says:

    OK, just this one more time. 🙂

  202. arnie says:

    Shirt sales was my suggestion, Micky. Yes, sell to buy is the only reason I can think of.

  203. arnie says:

    I said this at the time. Last year was the perfect time to get Suarez. As Arsene tried. The World Cup was too precious for the cannibal, and hence he would behave well all year.

    This year, hmmm, not so sure. 🙂

  204. mickydidit89 says:

    Have a great time Chas. Hope you’ve packed the spare tent 🙂

  205. arnie says:

    Spare tent? Micky, are you planning to drop by? 😛

  206. mickydidit89 says:


    You’re the site expert at reading hidden messages.

    The pic of Santi, Flamini and Arteta in the new kit. All staying?

  207. mickydidit89 says:


    Not sure if you were around this time last year, but for Chas, it’s his annual Dads and Sons camp, but given how sordid he is, they take an extra tent for “special occasions” : roll :

  208. mickydidit89 says:


    I sent a rushed post yesterday. Given the Sanchez news, can we not use it, so that we can spend the entire day gloating.

    A simple headline and pic is all we need.

  209. Eddie says:

    AS9. I recon AS will take Podolski’s shirt

    I cannot tell my shrink how I feel about the new signing, not safe to tell her everything

  210. Eddie says:

    micky – and a poll – how happy are you about Sanchez arrival, on a scale 1 to 100. LB not allowed to vote

  211. Eddie says:

    or make it more tricky – Cesc or AS

  212. mickydidit89 says:

    Love the home and away kits. Red and white, no dark stripes, and great socks.

  213. arnie says:

    No, I was not, Micky. My first AA anniversary comes up in another fortnight. 🙂 Free drinks that day in Harrison Roadhouse, East Lansing MI. 😛

  214. mickydidit89 says:


    Genuinely 100.

    Always wanted a fast, strong, dribbly goalscorer. Sanchez is right up there with the worlds’ very best.

    I’d argue it’s Arsenal’s greatest ever signing (given that neither Dennis or Henry were at their best when we signed them).

    Actually, sod the arguing bit, it is our best ever signing.

  215. mickydidit89 says:


    “or make it more tricky – Cesc or AS”

    No, that makes it so much easier 🙂

    A player we don’t need or one that we are desperate for.

  216. Eddie says:

    what was in that post Micky ? A touch of doom and glood? Like – long transfer window, no signings, can still miss out on the best, bla bla bla…

    Mind you, given that you love a bit of transfer gossip, you must be a bit disappointed with the early business

  217. mickydidit89 says:

    Actually Eddie

    There’s todays title post

    Sanchez. Our greatest ever signing?

  218. mickydidit89 says:


    What was in that post?

    Smut and bollocks. Usual stuff 🙂

    As for the doom comment or that I’m disappointed, errrr…..I like you, so won’t respond to either 🙂

  219. God, I woke up this morning with a hell of a boner and was thinking of Alexis Sanchez. I’m fcuking worried about this!

  220. mickydidit89 says:

    There’s actually nothing wrong with being a poof NB69 🙂

    ps please tell me the face on gravatar doesn’t conceal a pony tail at the back, because that would be dishonest wouldn’t it? 🙂

  221. Eddie says:

    DidIt – go on, respond, make my day punk!

  222. Eddie says:

    a pony tail???????? brrrrrrr, there is nothing worse in this world than bold men with beards and pony tails

  223. fatgingergooner says:

    Great business by the club. Now we need to get the rest of the squad sorted.

    Debuchy seems to be almost done, a sub GK (Ospina or Navas), a young CB (Manolas or Ginter would be nice), and a proper CM (Khedira) and I’d be happy. If we were to snap Remy up aswell then great, but not sure where that would leave Campbell and Sanogo so can’t see it happening.

    Does anyone see any of the players leaving? I think at least 1 or 2 will go. Maybe Vermaelen and Arteta.

  224. Sorry to disappoint but no pony tail…. as if! But a bald man has to compensate somehow, hence the beard.

  225. mickydidit89 says:

    Actually NB69

    Now you mention it, I see what you mean. I may not be a poof, but the sun shining combined with the Sanchez news does make one feel unusually frisky

  226. Eddie says:

    fattie – Podolski

  227. You are too bold Eddie! 🙂

  228. Micky

    “I may not be a poof,” You have doubts then?

  229. Gööner In Exile says:

    It appears we are not selling the blue kit? Restraint from the PR/Merchandise boys.

    The only issue with changing kit supplier is that one of the shirts will only be for one season assuming we go back to yearly intervals home/away.

  230. Morning all

    Gosh, I woke up at 4.30 thinking about Sanchez 😳 😳 in a footballing way you understand, then I looked at the new shirts again and thought of Ollie relishing the idea of being squeezed into one. When’s the Borehamwood Game???

  231. stevepalmer1 says:

    Morning Gooners,
    I go for a days fishing in the rain, come home and find that Arsenal FC have started exorbitant spending, Also changing our football strip, Well well well, turn your back for a second and everything has changed. Never caught a thing, some things never change.May have to go tomorrow as well, at this rate we may have built another stadium by the time i catch my fish.

  232. arnie says:

    You have to try harder, Steve, Arsene is catching all the big fish. Stiff competition and more …. 😛

  233. Keep fishing steve…. you never know, you may catch a wopper. But don’t turn your back on mickydidit…… he has doubts about his sexuality apparently 🙂

  234. Gööner In Exile says:

    Micky the reason Arteta, Santi and Flamester were at launch? Simples all are Puma endorsed.

  235. Norfolk Gooner says:

    GOT ‘IM !!!

  236. Just finding some nice pictures of our new man for the post …….

  237. We have a New Post ………………

  238. kelsey says:

    Morning all.

    A really good signing which should boost our goal tally and remember Theo isn’t expected to be fully fit until Xmas.

    Is Sanchez the first player from Chile to grace the Arsenal shirt.

    Strange our last three players to leave us to go to Barca,Hleb,Song and Cesc didn’t set the world alight.

    Not sure if the rumours about Jenkinson going out on loan is a good idea.

    I still expect at least two more signings . A GK and a RB.Maybe cover for Arteta aswell.

  239. mickydidit89 says:

    Or dog

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