Arsenal Trivia Quiz

How much do you know about Arsenal’s Managers?

This quiz will require both knowledge of Arsenal and research work, research is not cheating – It’s acquiring additional knowledge.

All questions refer only to the Managers careers in League Football, with the exception of the questions specifically on trophies.

Good luck and happy researching.


  1. Which Manager has the lowest overall goals against per game average?
  2. What was the average in # 1?
  3. Which Manager has the overall most goals for per game?
  4. How many goals for per game did he achieve?
  5. Which Manager has the highest % of overall wins?
  6. What was the % in # 5?
  7. Which Manager has the highest overall % of points won?
  8. What was the % in # 7?
  9. How many Managers did Arsenal have before we won our first major trophy?
  10. How many different Managers have managed Arsenal?
  11. How many never won a trophy?
  12. Of the Managers in # 11 which one managed for the longest period of time?
  13. How many years did he manage for?
  14. How many Managers managed for over 200 games?
  15. How many Managers have managed for 10 years or longer?


I will not discuss or publish the answers until the day after the quiz is posted.





41 Responses to Arsenal Trivia Quiz

  1. RC78 says:

    Sorry Gunner 5…post unrelated to your questions 😦

    1. Chelsea agrees deal with Atletico Madrid for Diego Costa.
    2. Chelsea is also trying to fetch Godin and Filipe Luis from Atletico for 60 Mln EUR
    3. Chelsea will also get Tiago back
    4. Chelsea is also ready to pay the 33 Mln EUR for Fabregas. Fab is keen to come back to London…Would be sad to see him go there.

    PSG is after Abate who Arsene should really monitor as he is a good RB.

  2. Big Raddy says:

    Tough but with a little research all becomes easier.

    I will publish my answers after Gn5 tomorrow 😀

    Cesc to become a Chav? Say it ain’t so …..

  3. RC78 says:

    Emre Can from Leverkusen to Liverpool…Promising player but not sure why they bought him unless they want to get rid of some players in the midfield…

  4. Bunjo Obedi says:

    Wenger pliz spend dat money if ur to strength Arsenal,Fabregas is just waiting for your word,Aurier,Loic Remy dont base Olivier Giroud who scores once in a while.Pliz look at the size of squade,physic of your players can they compete for the title,”Wenger,why u always?”

  5. 26may1989 says:

    Spoiler alert. Some of my answers are guesses (because I’m lazy) and others are from Wiki (because I cheat).

    1. Wenger (I remember that in 1998-99 our defence was the most miserly it’s ever been, so am hoping that indicates something more general….)

    2. 1.5

    3. Chapman

    4. 3

    5. Wenger

    6. 57% (I cheated here, it’s on Wiki but haven’t checked other Arsenal managers percentages)

    7. Chapman

    8. 65%

    9. 8, Chapman being the 8th and the one who first brought us a proper trophy (1930 FA Cup). (That does include one caretaker manager.) That’s from Wiki too….

    10. Excluding the 6 caretakers, 18.

    11. Of the 18 permanent managers, 11 didn’t win a pot.

    12. Is a trick question? I think it’s Wenger (closing on 18 years) but question 13 implies it’s someone else. I’m sticking to Wenger though….

    13. See above – almost 18 years. If it’s someone else, technically George Allison was in post for 13 years but for six of those WW2 meant there was no proper competition.

    14. Morrell, Knighton, Chapman, Allison, Whittaker, Mee, Neill, Graham and Wenger, so 9.

    15. Really, it’s only Wenger, but technically, as above, Allison could argue he did too.

  6. GoonerB says:

    Morning all and long time no see. My apologies for my prolonged absence. Everything has been a tad hectic and will be for a little longer but I hope to frequent with you all a bit more as the summer progresses.

    I have managed to keep up to date of some of the excellent posts but have had next to no time to comment. I will try and take on your quiz later GN5, although a quick glance at the questions I feel will force me to resort to cheating, sorry I mean research, just to get even one right.

    The Cesc to Chelsea thing looks sad. I can’t blame Arsene for passing him up because we have now plugged the giant gap he left when he departed us. I think at the time AW never envisioned that he would have Cesc’s role so well covered at this time and would have snapped him up again if he became available, hence the first refusal clause.

    I am also certain that it must be painful to AW that he can’t find a way to re-integrate him and am sure he has thought of all possibilities but not found a way. Ironically Cesc’s position is now our strongest area of the squad and I always felt another of our major players would have to leave before he could come back and I for one would rather keep this team together and let them develop together, and the reality is that we have 3-4 other types of players that are more pressingly required.

    It is difficult to blame Cesc also if he does go to Chelsea if, as reported, we passed up the option. I suppose my mind thinks, “why not one of the Serie A or Bundesliga giants, why does it have to be Chelsea and Mourinho”?. If this happens then in my mind that is the end of Cesc’s legendary status at the club. He will never sit alongside the likes of Henry, Adams, Keown, Bergkamp, Pires, Llungberg e.t.c for me now as an Arsenal great.

    I am not angry with him like I was with BSR but it now unfortunately goes into the same bracket of “Arsenal legendary status over”. While he was overseas you could still feel his deep love and support of the club but he will never be able to do this as a Chelsea player. You hear players like Parlour, Keown and Henry refer to Arsenal as “we” rather than “they” when talking about the club. Their spiritual attachment is to the club for ever even though they no longer represent them as a player. I could never see Cesc doing this now or sitting in the stands at 44 years old watching a game and cheering the team on. It will be a sad day but events just didn’t work out to allow him to come home.

  7. Big Raddy says:

    GB. Good to see your avatar after such a long hiatus.

    “Arsenal legendary status over”. Sadly, I have to agree – if he goes to another PL club


    HI GN5

    I am attempting this without research. I am also high on Marijuana

    1- Arsene
    2- 1.2
    3- Arsene
    4- 2.2
    5- Arsene
    6- 51%
    7- Arsene
    8- 69%
    9- 6
    10- 18
    13-18 and counting
    15- One, Arsene Wenger.

  9. LB says:

    Oh dear

    This is going to be painful to watch.

    Can’t blame him, he isn’t appreciated at Barça and he isn’t needed at THOF, what is he supposed to do?

    I don’t think it is right to put him in the same category as BSR, he has never said a bad word about Arsenal.

    Sagna has shown recently how it should be done.

    “It has been an honour to play for Arsenal”

    That is all you needed to do RvP but no……..rot in hell.

  10. RC78 says:

    I hope that Cesc goes to Bayern Munich where Guardioloa loves him and where Kroos is leaving…Kroos will go to Utd and Fab will replace him there…

  11. RA says:

    Crikey, GN5,

    That is a toughie. You come on to AA to have a chat and end up with a headache! 🙂

    1. Wenger
    2. 1.45
    3. Chapman
    4. 3
    5. Wenger
    6. 57%
    7. Chapman
    8. 65%
    9. 8,
    10. 18.
    11. 11
    12. Wenger (continuusly)
    13. 18 years
    14. 9
    15. Wenger

    My responses are too Wenger oriented, so probably all wrong – most were guesses anyway. If it isn’t Wenger – it should be. 🙂

  12. RA says:

    Terry Turtle, you are a bad example to good innocent AAers, and should be debagged and NOT smacked on the ass.

    That’ll larn ee. 🙂

  13. Sad Bear says:

    Cesc a Chav, oh no no no no 😦 i am very sad

  14. RA says:

    Evonne, White Bear, Happy Bear, Sad Bear, Naughty Bear — we know you are just trying to get included in plenty of Rocky’s Alternative Alphabet letters.

    As for Cesc — sod him, if he goes to Chelsea! 😦

  15. Sad Bear says:

    you have me sussed out RA 🙂 I sincerely hope that Rocky will include me in his alphabet. That’d be my claim to fame

    I am sure that Cesc would prefer to play for us. WE cannot blame him, it must have been AW’s decision. And I hope that nobody, including you RA will boo Cesc when we play Chelsea

  16. RA says:

    No – it’s not nice to boo, Saddy, 🙂

    In fact I will always like Cesc – unless he scores against us, of course.

  17. Big Raddy says:

    Fabregas must be gutted. He made a huge move to go home then gets there and a couple of years later he is not wanted!

    Then to top it all the club which was his home for most of his football career don’t want him either.

  18. Sad Bear says:

    I am not so sure Raddy. He fulfilled his dreams, played for Barca for 3 years, won some trophies. Now he had no problem securing a no doubt lucrative move to one of the top clubs in Uk, where he will win more trophies. And he knows that we still love at Arsenal

  19. RockyLives says:

    Oh Goody – another quiz!

    I’ll have to post my answers before reading the comments…

    1. Got to go with George Graham. But I suspect a trick question and it’s really AW…

    2. 1.58

    3. The Great Herbert.

    4. 3.1

    5. Arsene.

    6. 51%

    7. Arsene.

    8. 63%

    9. Three.

    10. 22

    11. 12

    12. Don Howe (but I bet it’s one of the blokes from the pre-War years).

    13. 3

    14. 6

    15. 1

  20. arnie says:

    ha ha, GN5, well done you. 🙂 🙂

    You have caught me in the middle of a tough couple of days, with no time to research, I mean cheat. Nevertheless, like Raddy I have done my homework. After the results are published, I will let you folks know how many GN5 got wrong. 😛

    If Cesc goes to the Chavs, good riddance. I have to say that it takes a lot of principle in giving up on Cesc, hats off to Arsene if he has indeed done so. 🙂 🙂

  21. mickydidit89 says:

    Do I exist?
    This is not some smart pass Buddhist styles existential question, simply…. can I ever again get back on aa

  22. mickydidit89 says:

    Bloody he’ll
    There I am, and I’m sporting me pink cat suit as well
    Ok, still on Mobile as no. Broadband till Monday now but hey

    No chance of Me.doing my homework, I’m afraid. Will do better next time

  23. mickydidit89 says:

    Any news on the ox
    Cesc to Chavs eh. Spose he has to play somewhere. Not bothered .

  24. chas says:

    1. Wenger
    2. 1.23 per game
    3. Chapman
    4. 2.34
    5. Wenger
    6. 56.2
    7. Wenger
    8. 67%
    9. 4
    10. 18
    11. 8
    12. Billy Wright?
    13. 5
    14. 7
    15. 1?

    Thanks, GN5.
    All guesses I’m afraid.
    If I researched the answers, they wouldn’t lodge in my brain for longer than 5 seconds anyway these days. 🙂

  25. chas says:

    Morning, Micky.
    Great to see the rinky dink back in his rightful place.

  26. chas says:
  27. mickydidit89 says:

    For some reason he only exists on my mobile, yet not on laptop via dongle.

    Would you expect the average fan to get many, or even any, correct without looking it up.

    Is there a place in the answers for Bruce Rioch?

  28. Sad Bear says:

    ha ha ha Ghost, I was going to do more to my liking quiz with a few levels of difficulty
    level 1 example – who is the current manager of the Arsenal
    lelvel 2 – who was the previous manager
    level 3 – name 3 other arsenal managers

  29. chas says:

    Perhaps you need to log in to WordPress on your laptop?

  30. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    Love the cat vid. The woman is wearing a purple tracksuit and just for that deserves all she got.

  31. chas says:

    So if Cesc plays for the chavs, all we need is for
    Everton to sign Song,
    the dippers to sign Eduardo and
    the spuds to sign Park
    and we’ll have ex players at all the other prem top 7 clubs.

  32. Shard says:

    1. George Graham
    2. Not sure.. But around 0.8
    3. Herbert Chapman
    4. 2.2
    5. Arsene Wenger
    6. 58%
    7. Arsene Wenger
    8. 65%
    9. 8 (Chapman was the 8th)
    10. 19
    11. 12
    12.George Morell
    13.7 years
    14. 9
    15. 3 (Allison, Mee, Wenger)

  33. Shard says:

    Most of that was guesswork 😀

    But at least I managed to get my answers in in time.

  34. Sad Bear says:

    Ox still very positive, hoping to recover for the later part of the world cup. Frankly, I’d rather he took it easy and didn’t play till August

    With some luck England will to be back home before Ox can play again 🙂 Don’t kill me, I am allowed to have an opinion 😉

  35. Shard says:

    Sad Bear Evonne

    You shock me. I thought you were a true Englander, despite your Polska roots.

    For what it’s worth, I agree 🙂

  36. Sad Bear says:

    Shard 🙂 Me is English until I open me gob 🙂 I love England and would be delighted if they won the world cup, but sadly I do not think it is going to happen, yet. It therefore makes sense to priorities my emotions and go with the Arsenal

  37. Shard says:

    Must be wonderful to have emotions so pliable to logic Evonne.. Which begs the question.. Why then are you such a Sad Bear?

  38. stevepalmer1 says:

    Morning all.
    Sorry GN5 went fishing yesterday and never got home till half 9 then spent a couple of hours making Elderberry Champaign with some lovely fresh Elderflowers.

    Must admit i am not great at quiz’s and afraid i haven’t the patience to research, but i do admire your effort.

    Do me a favour N5 research for me why i am no longer catching carp.

  39. stevepalmer1 says:

    PS, i have no problem with Cesc, He would have come back but Wenger has moved on. Personally i would rather have Cesc than Ozil but what do i know.

  40. Rasp says:

    Morning all …..

    ….. New post ……

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