Will AW build our team around Ozil for the next 2-3 years?

Ozil has been our greatest “marquee” signing in years and according to me, AW would like to build the team around him. If so, how should we set-up our team?

It is quite obvious that Ozil is not only a great dribbler but that he is, above all, a fantastic passer that has the ability to pick his teammates out with ease. Despite the current set-up, Ozil has been able to deliver quite some assists but many of them have been coming from set-plays.

In order to maximize his contribution to our team, it seems logical to surround him with the right kind of players, namely players that are able to make runs on the wings and also behind defenders. We do have such players in our squad but in limited amount and there is a big gap at the crucial Striker position. This gap and the current set-up hence begs the question: which set-up for next year?

Most of the teams around the EPL and in Europe operate in the following 3 systems:

– 4-3-3 (our current set-up)
– 4-2-3-1 (Chelsea)
-3-5-2 (Juventus)

Given our current squad, I believe that we should operate in a 4-2-3-1 as of next year. This would, of course, require the recruitment of, at least, 2 new players for the starting XI: a defensive midfielder and a striker.

Szecesny – RECRUIT, BFG, Kos, Gibbs – Ramsey, RECRUIT – Walcott, Ozil, OX – RECRUIT

I believe that Walcott, OX and Ramsey make intelligent runs that do not only add width but also depth to our game and I think that Ozil can easily connect with them. However, we need to have a striker that can also benefit from Ozil’s passes and this means replacing OG and most likely, getting rid of Podolski and definitely Bendtner. It also means that we have to add depth to our squad on the wings and up front.

All and all, if we decide to set the team around Ozil, it would mean quite a lot of changes in the team, which I think would be beneficial to freshen things up in the locker room as well. Here is my list of players that should be sold:

– Sagna
– Miquel, Vermaelen
– Diaby, Arteta
– Miyaichi, Podolski, Bendtner

I love Sagna and Vermaelen but they also represent our lack of success and I would have added Rosicky to the list but he just got extended…

All and all, I believe that we need to revamp our team to add steel and pace so let us hope that we do that during the summer…

Written by RC78


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  1. mickydidit89 says:


    Definitely two world class players short. The winner, battler, and leader DM and the goal machine.

    On Ozil. Yip, he’s the No10 for me, and I agree that Theo and The Ox switching flanks could be deadly and most of all, very exciting.

    We are nearly there. I wouldn’t get rid of Verm or Bac though.

  2. victor says:

    Taking into account the players that you mentioned should leave, which players should arsene wenger buy ?

    Can I just emphasize that we don’t need a bulldog dm or another lampost upfront that has no technique or would not suit our passing/possesion football.

  3. Norfolk Gooner says:

    ‘morning all,

    “Ozil has been our greatest “marquee” signing in years” shouldn’t that be “Ozil has been our only “marquee” signing in years”? 😀

    I think it is wrong to build a team around any one player, we tried it with Henry after Bergkamp had gone, we tried it with Fabregas after Henry had gone and we tried it with van Judas after Fabregas had gone. Did it work in any of those three cases? I don’t think so.

    Modern well coached teams know all there is to know about the opposition, they know that in order to beat a team set up around one player, all they have to do is nullify the kingpin and the job is half done.

    Teams set up around one player become one dimensional, everything had to go through Henry, then Fabregas and van Judas demanded the ball at every opportunity. Were we successful during those periods?

    Football is a team game, teams must consist of a variety of players who bring different talents to the whole. Teams must have a Plan B.

  4. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Oh! One small point, will Wenger be here next season? 😀

  5. AQ- Gooner says:

    I agree that the team needs to be built around Özil. Proven himself as one of the best play makers in the game (if not the best). Bit unlucky with all the bad press he’s been receiving even though he has similar stats in his first season as David Silva, having played less games. Hypocritical!

    A new DM definitely required. hopefully Luis Gustavo will realize Arsenal is a better challenge than Wolfsburg. A goal scorer that can move and sniff goals. Really tired of Giroud. how can he be leading the line for a team like Arsenal. The man has the mobility of a tree!

    Drmic being linked with Arsenal looks good, as a backup striker, we need a world class striker up front!

    A new CB as well, to replace Vermaelen. Hopefully Sagna will stay. I hope they will reward him for his loyalty and consistency over the years.

    A new LB is a must, I’m not really convinced by Gibbs and Nacho.

    BUT ABOVE ALL!! we need a completely new medical team. its a joke with the amount of injuries we have, compared to other clubs. We’re always leading the prem injury table (have a look at the link: http://www.physioroom.com/news/english_premier_league/epl_injury_table.php), and the common denominator to all these injuries must be our incompetent medical staff and fitness coaches that are widely being criticized by leading industry professionals.

    My dream starting XI for next season?

    Sagna BFG Koscielny Alaba (wishful thinking)

    Luis Gustavo Ramsey


    Theo/Chambo Cazorla

    Diego Costa/ Lukaku/ Chicharito

  6. AQ- Gooner says:

    Would love it if Wenger could finally spend some cash. We NEED to be competing with BIG teams in Europe! it doesn’t suit Arsenal to be mediocre.
    If he is still resisting, then its good time we thank him for his services and he moves on!

    We need to be competing for big name signings! We, the fans deserve it after 8/9 trophy laden years. Our loyalty is still strong, but I feel the club are not taking us seriously!

    Bottom line. we need to get rid of lots of players this season. Bring Arsenal back to its greatness!

  7. Blimey, Norfolk
    You’re up and about early. Must be an all-time record.
    Nice to see you’re still blogging like a good ‘un; thought you had catamarans and was giving it all a rest for a while.

    That’s all I’ve got time for today. I’m having a massive Spring clean.
    First clean since last April truth be told.

    Anyway, RC78… I agree with Norfolk Gooner… every word.

  8. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Hi Big Al, great to hear from you. Like you I have a bath every Spring, whether I need it or not!! 😀

  9. Tom says:

    Definitely agree about Ozil. Watching him have to pass backwards due to the lack of runners has been infuriating.

    With regards to new recruits, we’re in this position every year yet nothing changes. We either buy a couple of duds or waste the summer dithering. Still, here goes…

    In total I think we need 5 new players – RB (to replace Sagna), CB (to replace Vermaelen), 2 CM (upgrades for Arteta and Flamini) and a forward.

    In terms of formation, I would like to see us shift between a 4-3-3 and 4-3-1-2. In the 4-3-3, Ozil would play on the left hand side; in the 4-3-1-2, he would play behind the strikers.

    I would also like to see Walcott moved inside to centre forward (with Giroud on the bench) and the likes of Gnabry given more opportunities. There are a few youth players that should get promoted as well – Akpom, Aneke (who’s doing well at Crewe) and Bellerin.

    It looks like Micah Richards is leaving Man City in the summer. We could do a lot worse and he’s a lifelong Arsenal fan as well.

    I won’t hold my breath though.

  10. Norfolk Gooner says:

    I’ve got to head off into the Great Norwich Metropolis on a holiday wear buying expediton, Clothing suitable for Dubai and Borneo, so I’ve just added the following, in the hope of stirring a bit of debate, no reflection on RC78’s fine post intended.

    Is there a hint of dissent in the Arsenal dressing room?

    Apparently Cazorla has been calling for radical changes to the squad in the summer, even hinting that if we don’t strengthen significantly he might look for the exit door.

    Others are dissatisfied with the lack of information about the opposition’s players and tactics from the coaches. Bertie Mee famously prepared a detailed dossier on every team we played and disseminated the information contained in them during pre-match coaching sessions. Some of our players would like something similar, rather than merely being told to “go out and play our own game”.

    Teams must have a Plan B.

  11. chas says:

    Cheers, RC78.
    Build the team around Ramsey, Ozil, Walcott and Chamberlain. Yep.

  12. chas says:

    Give me strength.

  13. Rasp says:

    Thanks for the post RC78.

    I agree Ozil is a great player – he’s not a one man team, but he is a brilliant player who can make everything tick in the final third. To do this he needs to be surrounded by other players of quality. We saw it work in some of the earlier games when Ramsey and Theo were both fit, but lately he has had no outlet and had to defend more than attack.

    I don’t propose to labour on about the injuries except to say that we are the architects of that situation to an extent.

    Our second string players should not be second string players – they should be quality players who understand that they will be part of a squad rotation system. Until we have greater depth of quality in the squad, we will continue to suffer too many injuries and players like Ozil will not be able to perform to the height of their ablity.

    To answer the question … yes, we should recruit players who can protect Ozil as DM’s and feed off him in our forward play.

  14. I am perturbed that you guys value Szesny yet he is part of the comical errors that has been Arsenal. A new top drawer goal keeper, utility defender,top class holding midfielder ,a squad wide player and finally a top notch goal poacher is what is needed to compete. I am not for building the team around anybody but getting to learn how to play in different setups depending on the opposition if Arsenal is to come out of this mediocrity.

  15. kelsey says:

    First of all let me say that as AA is a daily blog therefore we can only offer our opinions on what we would like to see to enhance the team for next season though others have stated that they would prefer to comment when the season ends.

    We can’t afford to make wholesale changes and we still don’t know if AW is going to commit himself for another 2/3 years,and that in itself has a huge baring on who we may buy and if our formation might change dramatically. A new man might have a different view to introduce a so called plan B or maybe AW will, or maybe we will get a carefully selected manager to follow AW’s blueprint.

    Regardless what happens we need a better squad strength.

    The future of Vermaelen and Sagna has not been resolved,and there are doubts about Podolski staying or if he himself is prepared to play a cameo role,nor the long term fitness of Wilshere.
    Sanogo could be anyhing or nothing and then there is Giroud 🙂

    I said earlier that I am not sure if we can play both Oil and Cazorla and Rosicky at the same time. Add to that IMO Wiltshire is in no mans land.I get the impression he doesn’t want to be a defensive midfielder as his natural instinct is to drive forward.

    We need a keeper, a replacement for Arteta,a winger and a fox in the box or call him a striker a false number 9 or whatever..

    But above all 100% commitment from every player and if AW stays for him to look carefully as to when he needs to make subs, as he often gets that wrong.


  16. mickydidit89 says:


    Clothing for Dubai and Borneo? Simples. One powder blue safari suit (see Les Patterson) and a pair of bicycle clips for the jungle leg of your journey.


  17. mickydidit89 says:

    Kelsey and Frederick

    Sorry Lads, but I simply don’t get the new goalkeeper thing. Sz is only about 12 yrs old, so will continue to improve. Anyway, he’s made goodness knows how many world class saves this season, and no more howlers than any other so called world class keeper.

  18. Shard says:

    I agree we need a DM and a striker. Possibly also a winger. But if we have the squad spaces, I don;t see why we have to sell Arteta, Diaby (who will buy him anyway?), or Podolski. We want squad depth don’t we? Why sell players who can still contribute (Diaby is only a bonus)

    Oh and in defense, we’ll need to replace Sagna and get 2 CBs,(3rd and 4th choice) because Sagna is our 4th choice CB. We could get Micah Richards who can play both roles like Sagna, but I don’t think he can be the sort of fullback we like to play with.

  19. kelsey says:


    I said or meant we need competition for Szsney not for him to be replaced.

  20. Rasp says:

    We can dismiss all the current rumours in the media about being interested in player A, B or the rest of the alphabet … but equally there has been evidence that we are looking at strikers … but DM’s? I’m not so sure

  21. Big Raddy says:

    11.09 Says a man who wears a pair of broken plimsolls for a hike ….

  22. Big Raddy says:

    RC 78. Thought provoking post.

    I agree with NG about the dangers of building a team around one player, but to build one around one type of player is afferent and this is IMO Mr. Wenger’s target.

    We have a slew of little No.10’s,, almost interchangeable but with slightly different skill sets – JW, AR, SC, MU, SG ,TR and AOC

  23. Big Raddy says:

    kelsey. It is so difficult to find someonene to challenge TPIG. This season we have been fortunate enough to have Fabianski who would walk into almost every PL team and it is understandable why he wants to leave – and that is exactly the reason why a good GK will not come – they want to play 1st team football every week.

    The only ones available are old chaps coming to the end of their careers who want a large pension fund. We have done that before with John Lukic and Lehmann.

  24. chas says:

    Broken plimsolls 😆

  25. chas says:

    Gustavo and Bender possibly?

  26. Lei says:

    Id have Wilshere as one of the 3AM (with Ox and Özil) Theo upfront and Aaron + DM behind them. I think Jack would be much more useful in an attacking role as he lives the quick pass and move play and can link up well with Özil, Özil with Ramsey, Ramsey with Ox, Theo with all of them. Those players form a good base around which the team should be built.

  27. Rasp says:

    I’d be delighted chas, I’m just not sure a midfielder will be a high priority on AW’s list

  28. chas says:

    I meant that it had been reported that we’d made enquiries for them which I thought you were disputing?

  29. Alfygun says:

    Santi Cazorla’s comments are spot on!
    And good on him for speaking out instead of just putting out the same old rhetoric , ” we are focused on next game” ” we will look forward” etc.
    It is blatantly obvious that things are not working. Excessively long and frequent injuries, failure to tactically look at opposition game plans, failure to boldly make necessary changes during games, failure to accept a desperately thin squad depth and then to blame injuries and say the returning players are like new signings. A very, very vicious circle.
    Everything Santi said is brutally honest and he is including himself in all of it!
    With all due respect to Mr Wenger the days of just letting the team go out and do their thing, are over, the quality we had then was all through the team, unfortunately now we only have a handful of quality players that require building around with quality signings.
    Again with all due respect for Mr Wengers unflinching belief in his methods only an excessively stubborn man tries the the same things time and time again and somehow expects a different result.
    Especially over 5 or 6 years.

  30. RA says:

    Kelsey @ 11:03

    Reading your comment you seem to be saying your not sure of anything, but you are effectively proposing a whole new team.

    You aren’t a politician in real life by any chance, are you? 🙂

  31. kelsey says:

    Arsene Wenger has confirmed Lukasz Fabianski will start in goal during the Gunners’ FA Cup semi-final with Wigan Athletic.

    The Polish stopper, who plays second fiddle to countryman Wojciech Szczesny at the Emirates, has been a key component of Arsenal’s run to Saturday’s showdown. Wenger confirmed the 28-year-old’s inclusion during his pre-match press conference, reported by the club’s official Twitter feed:

    Got it in one RA 🙂

  32. RA says:

    I liked the topic, RC78, but I must say I had an odd feeling of dèja vu while reading it. 🙂

    This is good fare for discussion, and there will be plenty of comments, but I doubt you will get much agreement.

    I quite like your suggestions, tho’ I do not agree with all of them – where would we be if I did. 🙂

  33. Lei says:

    *..he lOves* that is

  34. Shard says:

    chas and Raddy

    I think Gustavo said he had an offer from Arsenal but instead decided to go to Wolfsburg because he wanted to be playing every week so he could make the World Cup squad, (and although he didn’t say it) he wanted German citizenship for which he needed one more year in Germany.

    Also, 7amkickoff made a point recently about how we may not need a Vieira replacement because Ramsey is a sort of Vieira. He makes lots of tackles, knows when to run forward and support the attack, is good with interceptions etc, and is even scoring. He suggested what we need is a replacement for Arteta. That seems easier to get. One player I would suggest is Ivan Rakitic. (Not that I’ve seen him play much) Plays further forward generally, but is good at his distribution and long passes, has a great free kick, and is versatile. Is also above 6 feet tall.

    Also, I think Wilshere needs to step up his game next season. He seems to not fit into any role for this Arsenal setup. He’s good at making some runs forward like Ramsey, and can play the occasional through ball, but is poor defensively. He can’t play the number 10 role ahead of Ozil or Cazorla, and he can’t be the destroyer of course. None of the 3 midfield roles seem ideal for him. He needs to add something to his game, especially because the Ox is also seen as a similar player and has shown better form. For my money, I think Ox makes a good ‘backup’ for Ramsey in the team. Flamini can be the Dm backup. Arteta can play either role but only in certain games. Wilshere might just be expendable.

  35. GoonerB says:

    Excellent post RC78, and can I say well done to Arnie for yesterdays.

    Sorry Arnie things ended up conspiring against me yesterday and I couldn’t manage get on in the end. I was hoping to escape from the lesbian supermodel cult that had abducted and imprisoned me that morning to use as a reproductive sex slave by lunchtime, but it took a bit longer than expected. 2-3 times I got out only to feel a bizarre urge to re-enter the gated compound, and having to start my escape all over again.

    I think we should alternate between 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3 depending on our set-up. My definite additions would firstly be CDM. I would like a top player here and I do want size, strength and technique but feel pace for this position is imperative. I would rather see a Makelele or Ramires than a Fellaini. We then have the option of playing 2DM’s in Flamini + new player (i.e tough away fixtures) or 1 of those 2 and a box to box player that is part attack part defence such as Rambo or Jack.

    Having said I see Ollie as our plan B I actually feel now we should rehash our front line more than that. I only think we need 1 big lad up top option in the team and would only keep one of Sanogo or Giroud. If the rumours about Ollie’s wife wanting him to return to France are true I would use it as somewhat of an opportunity and let him go, in addition to the surplus strikers like Bendtner, and probably somewhat unfortunately Podolski. I like him but AW doesn’t quite fancy him so why clog up a team space and it would be fairer to him to be somewhere that will play him as a regular.

    I want pace and technique added to the forward area and I would look to bring in Morata, the young Swiss lad at Nuremberg and Reus.

    In defence I agree with Micky that I would definitely keep Sagna and Vermaelen if we are able to, otherwise the amount going out and coming in becomes too many and we may then see a little blip at the start of next season due to the lack of continuity. I would largely leave the defence as it is if possible and add a young developing CB to ease in and replace the BFG in the next 3 seasons or so. Maybe someone like the highly regarded young lad at notts Forest.

    My one defence question mark is with the lack of pace in Monreal as 2nd choice to Gibbs. I think good teams that think tactically will target him, as Martinez did putting Lukaku on him. I would opt for pace and slightly less experience than more experience and a lack of pace here. Maybe we have someone we can start to promote from within but I don’t know enough on our academy LFB’s.

  36. Rasp says:

    chas @ 12:13, OK, I didn’t give those stories much credence, maybe you’re right 😛

  37. Shard says:

    All this talk of transfers is exciting (I participated too 🙂 ) but we must also remember that Wenger has said, even at the start of the season, that too many transfers in a short space of time can have a negative effect.

    Sure, due to the fact that some players might leave and that we need upgrades and additions anyway, this should be a busy transfer window, but I don;t think we’ll see Arsenal ever do stuff like..Sell Arteta, getnew DM and another player. Sell Podolski and buy another player to replace him, sell Giroud and get 2 forwards. I think that will happen only in exceptional circumstances or when the player demands to leave. Not as a normal course of building the squad. Continuity is important too.

  38. GoonerB says:

    BTW is it just me or should we not just play our best GK option in the semi-final now? I would understand playing TPIG2 if he is staying with us next year to keep him in the loop so to speak but if he is off as is expected why promote him over TPIG1 for the semi-final?

  39. kelsey says:

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger insists there are “a lot of positives” to take out of the season – and says keeping the squad together is crucial.

    Ahead of Saturday’s FA Cup semi-final against Wigan, Wenger is refusing to be drawn on whether cup success or qualification for next season’s Champions League is top of his priority list.

    And speaking at the pre-match press conference, he was adamant no wholesale changes to his squad will be require this summer, claiming injuries to key players have proved destructive to the club’s ambitions in recent months.

    Arsenal currently lie fourth, just one point ahead of Everton who have a game in hand over the Londoners following their 3-0 victory at Goodison Park last Sunday.

    When asked whether winning ending the club’s nine-year wait for a trophy, or securing Champions League football for a 17th season, Wenger said: “I will not choose because we must respond well after our game against Everton last week because that’s where our future lies.

    “We need to have the capacity to respond with a strong performance in the next game. It is important to focus on Wigan who have already beaten Man City this season at Man City – as well as last year’s final – and we respect Wigan for that.”

    He was also asked whether he plans a major overhaul of his squad during the transfer window, following the disappointment of slipping out of the title chase after starting the season strongly and being top of the table for long stretches.

    He went on: “Let’s see where we finish this season. We have the basics in place and we must get our players back and available. Our main task will be to keep the team together and think about where we went wrong because there have been a lot of positives in our season.

    “There is no perfect team and we will always try to improve our squad and our

    team. We have been the league leader 17 times but dropped off when we lost our players at the important moments of the season and we don’t want to repeat that.”

    As for the match against Wigan, Wenger admits he is unsure on his starting XI: “We have a lot of uncertainties. It is very difficult to give you any percentage because we have Kieron Gibbs, Tomas Rosicky and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain all at the moment not available and we will make late decisions on all three.

    “Certainly I will decide to start Aaron Ramsey because Mathieu Flamini is suspended. Jack Wilshere has not started to run. I think that is planned next week. At the moment all is going well.”

    I hope we don’t fall between two stools.reading the above he may not put out his best team as we have 3 games in a week or so.
    He did this once before in a Cup Game.We need the win so the players ca look forward to a Cup Final.

    This keeping the team together were his exact works over two summers ago. Mixed metaphors to me.

  40. stevepalmer1 says:

    Good thought provoking post.
    When building a team i would just like to say that i feel we should look at how the season has been conducted, and look for what we could better from the season before.

    My view would be to see where we are lacking, and you don’t have to be blind to see that pace lets us down all over the pitch. We have injuries that have pace but have we seen in the past that these players have what it takes.

    Walcott has pace but rarely will he take on a defender, his pace comes in when he slips through from an Ozil type pass.

    I don’t feel that we should build around one player, as injuries take there toll on our players, and a well working engine is useless without the plug’s.

    Up front is a major problem, not by our players skill, but by the lack of pace. Giroud is an apt striker but lacks what all good strikers have, and that is the ability to outpace defenders. Walcott has the pace but not the strength.

    As you rightly said Ozil is a Marquee Player, but his temperament has come under scrutiny, quality all the same but still early doors for him.

    Goalkeeping has me worried. Chzezesney i had hoped would come of age but he cannot catch a ball and still has trouble kicking. Fabianski leaving at the end of the season has made me feel that goalkeeper is as important as a striker.

    Arsenal players are getting older, Arteta Flamoney Rosiski Sagna, there running and stamina has started to be questioned, and younger players need to come in..

    At the back we have a problem with pace again from Big FG and that will hurt us in the future. Vermin looks Jaded and sometimes lost, while Kosi looks the best. Gibbs i have no problem with, but Sags looks like he is leaving.

    Arsene will have his hands full there’s no doubt about that, but i don’t think building a team round Ozil is the answer.

    We need players in of that i am sure, but will the cash be available in the amount we need. Has Arsenal arrived at the point where a rebuild can actually happen. .

  41. kelsey says:

    Good post steve, so not much needs changing 🙂

    Joking aside we are not a mid table side,we topped the league this season several times,and though unexpected in August and even allowing for injuries we should have bought one or two more better players and possibly again in January.

    That’s why this disastrous run hurts even more.The players really looked flat at Everton,moreso than I have witnessed at any other time this season
    We live in hope and Saturday would be a good start
    Wigan though a division below will be bruisers and will try and hustle out of our natural game so these next three games could decide AW’s future and posibly some of the players.

    I watch other teams who have played as many or more games than us,but their energy levels are far higher.

    Is it the coaching,the system,Wenger,Bould or a mixture of all these things.

  42. stevepalmer1 says:

    Kelsey, I wish i could answer that i really do.

    Of course your right, we knew we were short in some positions and it seems that we say the same things year after year. For some reason, we seem to attract more injuries than some other clubs, and as you say the reasons are unclear.

    Arsene Wenger as we all know, has had a problem with spending money. We can see who is needed and i am sure he can as well. Wenger, i believe is a top Manager and had he the funds available i am almost certain that he would address those area’s.

    Looking at Wengers buying and selling over the last few years, and tallying up what he has to spend tells me that he only seems to have that Money. Ozil’s signing knocked me sideways 42 mill for one player blimey i thought but come the winter and we needed another 42 mill i feel the cupboard was bare.Many feel he is stingy i think its not there.

  43. stevepalmer1 says:

    What Worries me even more Kelsey, is if Wenger does leave and a new man comes in, and the money is not there, what can we expect.

  44. JM says:

    I have been gathering from “cold-hard facts/information” and personal observations throughout our season, on 2 issues:

    (1) regarding our upcoming transfer window in summer and

    (2) AW’s (and our entire backroom staff’s) future with the club.

    The players (some of them, likely our captains and vice-captains) may have already known but under media-gag from our club management.

    I would/might only reveal them after our season is completed (PL and victory in FA Cup). They are extensive and might need 2 lengthy posts to cover most grounds.

    Stay tuned or otherwise wait for the official announcement(s).

  45. stevepalmer1 says:

    JM your a tease, i wait for your two lengthy posts with anticipation


    Thanks RC78.

    Of course I agree with none of it.

    We cant build a team round Ozil. Hes a great player but we have loads of potentially great players. If anything, Jack Wilshere will become our main man. I had a nice discussion with LB and we both agree that Jacks the man and by virtue of my unseemly body hair I would not make the best cyclist

    I leave the system to Wenger. Last time I looked he knew slightly more about football than me, though I accept its close.

    We cant get rid of all those players. Have you ever tried to get rid of a squatter? ive tried and gave up. I now share a single bed with a man from Uganda and another who claims hes a heroin addict, though the fat bastard weighs 18 stone.

    As for recruits? well I dont think its as easy as that. The last time I recruited I went to the loo to find it occupied by the recruit who “ime having a dump. Dont come any closer, I kill if disturbed” So, you see, recruiting can be a dangerous business.

  47. Big Raddy says:

    Steve. Good post earlier.

    I disagree about the GK. IMO TPIG is one of the best in the PL, and he is getting better.

    I don’t think Flamini is good enough and see our future MF like this …

    AR JW Ox.

    Wilshire and Ramsey will alternate as DM’s. Trouble is none are big chaps who will win a header but neither are Arteta or Flamster

  48. jnyc says:

    If we thought the transfer market was difficult and frustrating before, imagine if we are not in the Champions league.much harder to recruit quality. Instead of the big step forward we expected, we may get the opposite. Ozil, koscielny, maybe others may not want to stay long.

    Can’t really talk about transfers until we know where we stand, because it will make a huge difference.

  49. Bayonne Jean says:

    A fine post, and solid responses. But premature, IMHO. Let’s wait until the AW situation is resolved. For example: from all evidence, it was AW’s direct conversation(s) with Oezil that clinched his move here. If AW departs, will you have a Purple Proboscis/van Pussy buyer’s regret situation, so what happens to the plan to build around the sensitive Oezil?? Should never build solely around one player anyway….

    On another note for those on the left side of the ocean: Tuesday next (tax day) ESPN’s 30 30 documentaries series is doing one on Hillsborough and its aftermath. These are usually top drawer and this one worth a viewing.

  50. stevepalmer1 says:

    BigR, I watch a game and i don’t have a clue what the keeper is going to do, what i do know is he won’t catch it, Parry around the post or over, but its the parry out in the middle of the goal to incoming forwards has me shirking. Will he rush out or will he stay whatever i think he should do he does the opposite, granted i am not a keeper and he is ours, but give me a safe pair of hands and a steady nerve and someone that can kick with either feet every time.

  51. Bryan says:

    I like both 4-3-3 & 4-2-3-1 formations & think we should use both.
    I totally disagree that we should build our team around Ozil as don’t think its a good idea to do things like that.
    Lars Bender would be very high on my priority list as he is a big strong man, that can play & give us a back bone.
    A left back is also a must, I really do rate Gibbs but his injury problems means we need another LB & don’t get me started on Monreal as he is totally shite in my opinion, utterly useless.
    Most of all we need a Striker though & it needs to be a world class one, I’m struggling to think who we could realistically get, I think we missed an opportunity with Higuain.
    I hope Sagna stays but we obviously will need to replace him if he goes.
    Remy would also be worth bringing in as would come pretty cheap at todays prices.
    Also Ginter, I could see turning into a Kompany, so need to get in quick.
    Sadly I think we need 200M to get what we need 😉

    & finally I think it may be a good time for Wenger to move upstairs (hopefully winning the cup to end on a high) & a new manager who actually uses tactics to come in as it really frustrates me that Arsene just believes you have to worry about what you do.
    He also does not seem able to motivate the players anymore.
    I mean look at the shit side we had out when we beat Parma 1-0 in the Cup winners Final in 93/4, Selley & Hillier in midfield against Brolin, Zola & Asprilla, they were crap but George Grahams tactics were brilliant that night.
    I love Wenger for what he has done & won’t say bad things about him but I really think its time for him to call it a day.

  52. stevepalmer1 says:

    The feeling i’m getting is that the majority Know more than i do about Wenger’s future, Maybe a win in the cup is maybe good or bad, but i’m sure some supporters will be happy and some sad.

  53. Bryan says:

    Winning the cup is only good 😉

  54. stevepalmer1 says:

    Yeh, fair doo’s Brian 🙂

  55. stevepalmer1 says:

    Sorry Bryan

  56. kelsey says:

    JM @1.58

    look here,I am the one with the crystal ball 🙂

    Let’s be logical.

    Would Wenger be sacked ? Well we all know the answer to that….NO

    Is he weighing up his options with “judge me at the end of May” which is fairly obvious what he means.
    Will he chose his own successor then or in two years time ….PROBABLY

    With regards to money,this is World Cup year and Chelsea will buy a Striker (we can’t compete on price)

    United need a complete MOT. How much will the Glazers invest ?

    City regardless if they win the title want more especially in the CL so expect at least two signings.

    Can we compete with these crazy transfer prices and escalating wages ?


    So the only conclusion I can come to is that Wenger is staying those who he is getting rid of, know already and the players we are going to buy have already in principle been bought.

    If this is all bolloxs and AW resigns a new man comes in and gets as much as he wants to spend,and the new players all can’t wait to join us regardless where we finish,then we have been conned by the manager.But is that really likely…NO

  57. kelsey says:

    Oh and of course with CL football Liverpool will also strengthen.

    Spurs, well Spurs are Spurs 🙂

  58. Bryan says:

    The one thing I really do not agree with is:

    Why should Wenger choose his successor, it is the most stupidest thing that is happening in football.
    Just because your a great manager doesn’t make you great at choosing whos right to take over from you, & often your view is clouded.
    Look at Ferguson, he got it totally wrong, bias with another Scottish manager, damn ridiculous, UTD could of got much better Moye’s.
    I just hope when it comes to it, Wenger does not have a say, going by his choice of captains for Arsenal I would let someone else choose.

  59. JM says:

    @Kelsey April 10, 2014 at 3:27 pm

    There’s more than meets the eye, you may have the crystal ball; I am an oracle.

    First issue matters not only to AW personally, but most of our backroom staff (Bould, Banfield, Primorac, Peyton, Colbert, G.Lewin, O’Driscoll). Recent developments only add fuel to more probabilities.

    Second issue contains our club’s links with 2 major powers in the commercial front; where most of our transfer kitty will be generated from.

  60. kelsey says:


    Have you looked into the new Puma deal carefully with the caveats ?

    Sky extra revenue helps all clubs.

    Backroom staff….sack the lot of them 🙂

  61. kelsey says:


    who else would do it except Dein if he came back. The rest of them wouldn’t even recognise Messi if he walked through the Marble Halls.

  62. Big Raddy says:

    Steve. You are obviously like an old fashioned keeper! Name me a GK who catches the ball like Seamo? The ball has changed and with it goalkeeping methods.

  63. stevepalmer1 says:

    We’ll have to disagree then Kelsey, if a man can trap a cross field pass with one foot, and a man head’s an in swinging corner surely a keeper can catch a ball with two hands.

  64. JM says:

    @kelsey April 10, 2014 at 3:57 pm

    My post on April 10, 2014 at 3:46 pm is enough juice to ponder for now. Until the end of the season then. (or official announcments, whichever comes earlier)

  65. Sav from Australia says:

    Excellent suggestions and a very well reasoned post.

    Only one objection – Diaby.

    God willing, if he breaks through the injury curse, he is the the beast we are looking for. I think he only has one season left. He will stay, surely. Lets see what he can do. But taken as a bonus, not a regular.

  66. RC78 says:

    hey guys – excellent feedback.

    I do agree that

    – Ozil has been our only marquee signing in years, although Cazorla was also quite nice 🙂

    – We need Plan B in terms of how to play but I also think that our team could get a lot more from Ozil and that building a team around him is not a bad idea as long as we have other weapons on the bench that allow us to break the opposition in different styles as well

    – Luiz Gustavo would be a great DM

    – A LB is urgently needed (I like Nagatomo from Inter)

    Off to London in a few minutes guys so I gotta go but thanks for all the replies and I will reply in greater depth once in London.


  67. Although I live in South East Asia, I have “Sky News” on my TV. Yep. The same “Sky News” as in the UK.

    About 2 weeks ago a clip was shown of Arsene Wenger in a QA session. A question from a journalist was regarding his signing (or not) of a new contract.

    Arsene replied “I’ve given my word. My word is my word”. Or words to that effect. Short and sweet. His facial expression and vocal tone was that of a man tired of the ‘same old, same old’ question.

    It’s always been the same with Le Prof at contract time. He doesn’t want to enter into a long protracted contractual issue at this time of the season. He wants to focus on the handful of remaining League games, and an important semi-final this weekend. And maybe a Cup Final to follow.

    At this particular time the team and the results come first, the contract will then follow at the end of the season. It’s always been that way, even back in the David Dein era

    Therefore, rest assured, as long as the contract on offer is to his satisfaction, he’ll sign. Sure as eggs are eggs.

  68. kelsey says:

    Not me Steve, you meant the bald eagle,Raddy 🙂

  69. kelsey says:

    Big Al

    Wenger will only answer questions that he has agreed to be asked beforehand,ask anyone who attends the AGM. He can veto something that is not palatable to him.

  70. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Blimey, that didit character must have snaffled Kelsey’s crystal ball, at 11.09 he correctly predicted my purchases while I was still on the stage-coach heading for Norwich. But he missed the best bit…I’ve bought a pair of diamante bicycle clips. Classy or what?

  71. JM says:

    @Big Al, Koh Samui, Thailand April 10, 2014 at 4:24 pm

    Something is unusual this time round, which brings the uneasiness/anxiety along in our club. Arsenal FC has been late with “THE” announcement for more than 1/2 year.

    Quote from part of my comment on March 27, 2014 at 3:33 am
    under the headling, “Yet another Dismal Lacklustre Performance, but Why?”

    “Usually, AW has been given 3-year extension renewal (his last renewals are in Sep 2007, which starts from Jun 2008 to Jun 2011 and then in Aug 2010, which starts from Jun 2011 to Jun 2014. All 3 years gap);
    In normal circumstances, an announcement of his new contract renewal phase should have been published around Aug to Sep 2013.”

  72. Gööner In Exile says:

    RC well done on an interesting post. Would I build a team round Ozil? No because you shouldn’t.

    Do I think we could change our shape? Yes do I think Wenger has another plan? Well in his career he has gone from managing Monaco with Hoddle sweeper and big man up top collecting quarterback balls, to 4-4-2 to 4-5-1 to 4-3-3 to whatever it is we line up with at the moment.

    What would I do?



    ………Kozzer ……. BFG …….. TV5


    Obviously that’s with our current players.

    And for those wondering about TPIG1 have a look at Seaman’s comments about him. I’ll take his word for it……don’t forget we watch him every week, there are many poorer keepers. Mignolet is so crap at catching crosses Skrtel and Agger would ratger give penalties away than have him have to deal with them.

  73. Bryan says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head, bring back Dein & let him appoint the new manager.
    No seriously its not that hard is it, look at the top managers that are available & also ask enquire about the ones that aren’t available.
    Wenger’s more likely to choose someone low key or we’ve never heard of

  74. stevepalmer1 says:

    My apologies Kelsey. getting old mate. 🙂

  75. Hi Kelsey
    You’ve confused me. “He can veto…” ?
    If what you say is so, then he obviously didn’t veto the question, thereby ‘happy’ for it to be asked, and therefore ‘happy’ also to answer the question.

    So, I don’t understand the point you’re making (?)

  76. Vinay says:

    In terms of buying players, this is the world cup year and there is now way we will buy any player till the world cup gets over until and unless it is someone unknown like apparently that Dmiric bloke.
    Can we build the team around Mesut? yes, provided he has a defensive midfielder/box to box player next to him who can make those runs from the midfield or provide him the outlet for a pass when he gets man marked.
    Arsenal need for me atleast 6 players- a GK, RB,LB, Holding midfielder,striker and a left winger, even with the coming back of theo,jack and ozil i believe this team is short and we need solid if not spectacular replacements.

  77. Hi JM
    Am I to understand you’re implying that a contract is not on the table, so to speak?

  78. Norfolk Gooner says:

    I seem to recall Wenger saying something along the lines of “I would have no wish to take any part in selecting my successor”. I can’t remember where I read it, but it was only a few weeks ago.

    Kelsey, look at those available, they have all, without exception, been deemed failures and sacked by their previous club.

  79. Norfolk Gooner says:

    By “available” I mean not currently working as a manager or coach.

  80. Hi Norfolk
    “I would have no wish to take any part in selecting my successor”.
    It wasn’t Wenger who said that, it was Gunner N5.

  81. chas says:

    Football tonight anyone?
    Ist leg FA Youth Cup U18s semi v chavs 7.05pm kick off.
    On Chav TV so streams probably available on here after 6pm.

    2nd leg Thursday 17th April on ITV4.

  82. kelsey says:

    Big Al

    veto means veto and AW has publically said he lies as do all managers.


    He never said that.

  83. RA says:


    Will you stop with the ‘Wenger will probably choose his own successor’ rhubarb.

    He categorically stated last week that he will NOT have any part in choosing his successor.

    You are a mischief maker – again! 🙂

    Also, there is no question of him ‘resigning’.
    If he decides to leave the Arsenal, it will be at the end of his current contract. Job done – Full stop.

    If he continues as the Arsenal manager, HE has said it will only be for 2 years, and he will sign a contract for that period of time.

    There is no mystery.

  84. chas says:

    As far as I know, any veto only applies to the AGM not to journalists at press conferences.
    The vetting of AGM questions was introduced after some ridiculous question about signing geriatrics or some such.

  85. RA says:

    Thanks, Chas, I will try to see that. 🙂

  86. RA says:

    I agree, Chas.

    Wenger is well known to journalists as the most accessible manager and will answer any question thrown at him.

    In my opinion he shouldn’t as it give those fcukers a chance to twist the answers.

  87. RA says:

    Hi jnyc,

    Spot on – as they say in the UK.

    Until the 4th spot is captured by Arsenal, the transfer speculation is even more ‘speculative’ than usual!! 🙂

  88. chas says:

    Have you got a guitar vid like this for us to see?

  89. Kelsey
    “veto means veto”.
    Yes. I know that.
    Veto = refuse to accept or allow.

    Wenger DIDN’T refuse to accept the question being asked.
    Wenger DIDN’T refuse to allow the question being asked.
    Wenger DIDN’T veto the question.

    The question was asked. The question was answered.
    So, I STILL don’t understand the point you’re making (?)…

  90. chas says:

    Big Al
    Stop being so rough.
    Isn’t it time for a beer and some fine company? 🙂

  91. wally says:

    1)Improve the medical training staff. I’ve harped on that before.
    2) Get more out of the squad players. If Wenger is ever to be considered among the greatest he needs to emulate that Manure wanker and get more out of less. Culling guys like Arteta aren’t necessarily bad (presuming you have a replacement or two). It reminds people that their position is not safe.
    3) Spend some fcuking money on what is needed. Stop worrying whether you are getting value or not. (That responsibility should be taken away from him.)The only bargains we will find are aren’t ready for prime time. If you want to play with the big boys you have to pay like the big boys.
    4) Freshen the coaching staff, the tactics. The rotw has caught up with us. Their technique has improved and they’ve added tactics as well. You can’t just play people off the field anymore.

  92. JM says:

    @ Big Al, Koh Samui, Thailand April 10, 2014 at 5:01 pm

    It is an unusual case for our club and manager this time round, where previously his contract (with regular renewal in every 3-years) has been sought out and announced officially in the early part/before each season started.

    Nothing more, nothing less.

    Although, there might be a “strong element” of a “perculiar” sort haunting behind the scenes. Who could that be? It’s anyone guess.

    A quote from somewhere.
    “Mein Ziel ist es, ein Top-Team in der Premier League zu trainieren”, sagte er deutschen Bild-Zeitung. “Ich habe nie die Atmosphäre erlebt in England.”


    JM, what the f*uck you on about? hahaha

    If you got something to tell us just tell us. You sound like my uncle Petros when I spotted him with a women that wasnt my aunt.

    “Who the f*uck is that women Uncle Pet?”

    “Terry, what is in the dark shall come to light, and the light shall be dark. Have you got a score on you Tel? This women aint cheap”

  94. kelsey says:


    Yes, stop fucking about JM, I speak German and so does Jayman .:)

  95. kelsey says:

    It can’t be Hitler as he turned East instead of West.

  96. Sorry JM
    I meant to reply to you that I read your post carefully, and took it on board. I understand where you’re coming from (unusual, yes, and interesting), but… (sorry to repeat)… Arsene said “I’ve given my word”.

    Given his word relating to what?
    The CONTRACT question. What else?
    And he won’t have given his word to signing a contract that actually doesn’t exist, would he?

    Therefore, the contract obviously does exist, and is awaiting his signature at the end of the season (yellow smiley face).

    THMT will have the answer to the ‘haunting behind the scenes’.

  97. Chas
    Behave (yellow smiley face)

  98. RA (the abbreviated man)
    I’ve lost the notes you gave me about three years ago for yellow smiley faces.

    Can you help me out, ol’ mate, ol’ buddy?
    Just one will do.

  99. By the way those asking for Dein to come back and choose a manager, do we know that he is still playing charades?

  100. Big Al

    colon closed bracket 🙂
    colon open bracket 😦
    colon twisted colon 😈
    colon oops colon 😳

  101. Cheers GIE

    testing NOW 🙂

  102. Kelsey
    Here’s my missing 🙂


  103. chas says:

    Ooooo, Danny Crowley is fit.

  104. MickyDidIt89 says:

    When you say “fit” Chas….

  105. chas says:

    Tits like Pamela Anderson – what did you think I meant?

  106. RA says:

    Hi Big AL,

    If you see a smiley face you like, just point your cursor onto that smiley, and lo and behold its composition will emerge, : – ) with no gaps. Try pointing your plonker at this one – sorry, your cursor! 🙂

  107. chas says:

    0-0 half time.
    Bit of a rearguard action from the young lads.
    Struggling to get Crowley on the ball.
    Zelalem fairly anonymous.
    Long ball to Chuba is the standard tactic.

  108. stevepalmer1 says:

    2.1 Chelsea after Arsenal scoring first. Akpon scored a very good goal but suffered cramp from about seventy minutes. Lot of players was suffering with cramp, so the ground must have been spongy. Watching the Arsenal defence was a bit like watching the first team, as players surged forwards on long runs Arsenal defenders backed off till it was almost to late DM;s was non existent and the player looked like they had 10 rounds with Tyson whatever we feed these players its not energy bars. stray passing from players who think they are playing a team on their own. Don’t we teach passing now adays.Chelsea looked like they deserved to win and Arsenal looked losers as soon as the equaliser went in, some heroic saves from our keeper kept the score respectable. I have to say that our players looked to me to be arrogant and at times the ref had to tell them several times to come here and they looked like they tried to ignore him. what the fcuk are we teaching these youngsters. Chelsea attacking and our boys jogging back as if they haven’t a care in the world. .

  109. chas says:


  110. chas says:


  111. chas says:

    That’s a fair match report.
    Though, give it another week and Crowley will tear them a new one.

  112. stevepalmer1 says:

    Sorry Chas, I hate to lose but at least try. Hope your right mate. 🙂

  113. RockyLives says:

    Nice piece RC
    I’m not very good at coming up with names of players we should buy but I can’t disagree that a DM and nippy striker are top of the wish list.

    Enjoyed your Post yesterday – sorry I was too overworked to join the discussion.

  114. arnie says:

    sorry have not managed to be around.

    sad about the young Gunners’ loss today, but all to play for in teh return leg.

    nice post RC78, but sad I could not be around. 😦

    off to Aveiro, Portugal tomorrow. Micky, how is the surf in Nazare?

    onwards and upwards. 🙂

  115. arnie says:

    Not to worry, Rocky, I have been largely away as well. Alas. 😦

  116. arnie says:

    Thanks a lot, GoonerB. Just managed to get through all comments from RC78’s post. Good day of blogging. Well done RC78, well played all. 🙂

  117. neamman says:

    don’t see whyPoldi should be sold and I like Sagna.

  118. JM says:

    @TERRY MANCINI HAIR TRANSPLANT April 10, 2014 at 6:08 pm
    @kelsey April 10, 2014 at 6:17 pm

    Now is not the right time and situation to discuss of the 2 issues (transfer & future contracts). Our club needs our support this coming weekend battle against Wigan in FA Cup SF, and further down, getting good results in our remaining PL matches.

    @Big Al, Koh Samui April 10, 2014 at 6:19 pm
    I rate his situation in the balance.
    Liam Brady left his youth coaching role to become our club ambassador, Terry Burton is leaving. Most of his backroom staff (Bould, Banfield, Primorac, Peyton, Colbert, G.Lewin, O’Driscoll) have either similar contracts due renewal or they leave for free this summer.

    Andries Jonker is arriving from Wolfsburg; Frans de Kat and Jan van Loon will also join up this summer in the youth academy “re-organisation”.

    Changes …

  119. arnie says:

    JM: reorganisation in the Academy setup. http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/20140403/youth-academy-coaches-re-organisation Exciting times! 🙂

    Perhaps we should have a post on the academy coaching setup and its organisation? Can we also have a monthly post on the Academy teams and their performance? 🙂

  120. JM says:

    @arnie April 11, 2014 at 4:51 am

    Jeorge Bird’s Arsenal Youth

    has regular write-outs/posts on our academy. Readers may refer to that blog.

  121. AmosCP says:

    The real question is will wenger be there next season? Doubts in the Air

  122. arnie says:

    lovely blog, JM. Bookmarked it. 🙂

  123. arnie says:

    Micky: The macroeconomics/ unconventional monetary policy event turned out to be a slag fest in the end. Plenty of bickering and slagging brought about by Charles Goodhart’s claims that macroeconomics research and practise are in shambles. Have given nothing new in the past 30 years. No insights into how the markets function, the role of banking/ intermediation, and its impact on the macroeconomy. Oh, the good old days and so on. The current generation is hopeless, students should take insprtion and try to make positive change.

    Larry Ball and some other oldies in support, Ben Friedman sitting on the fence. Lots of bickering. Hardly inspiring stuff. Sad. 😦 One of the problems is that big bullies like Goodhart often view passionate arguments as lack of respect. oh dear! 😦

    Typical of economists? Maybe, but sad nevertheless. 😦

  124. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Hi Arnie
    I did see your comment to me the other day, but you weren’t around to acknowledge.
    To be clear, I know next to nothing about Economics, but was gripped by ’08, and have read many books on the subject.
    Blame game aside, I’m fascinated to see how the debt issues, in particular, will unfold. Hence the interest in central banking, regulation, QE and so on. Of course all that leads into the murky waters of moralizing and so on.
    I have a very good friend who is head of hedge funds at one of the four big US Banks, and he paints a very grim picture indeed.

    Here’s the beauty of this site, we’ll now switch to Rack of the Day or perhaps something footbally 🙂

  125. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Kelsey Out

  126. MickyDidIt89 says:


    I take it you were referring to my trip to the top of the Zugspitze.

    For your information, I was not wearing broken plimsolls. Inappropriate footwear you could argue, but plimsolls, no. 🙂

  127. kelsey says:


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    offski 🙂

  128. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I like this idea of having some regular, or even irregular, update on the Youth Sides.

    We are fortunate to have GN5’s looking back stuff, so something looking forward would add symmetry.

  129. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Wow Kelsey

    How did you go that, and does it have anything to do with Eels?

  130. RA says:


    You tell him! Nothing wrong with wearing sandals to climb a mountain.

    Goats don’t wear anything.

  131. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    Didit 7.18

    kelsey is the only one who has prescience. – though there are many pretenders.

    The man has the 3rd eye

  132. Big Raddy says:

    Goats have 4 legs and don’t surf

  133. RA says:

    What fun we will have with the new youth team coaches – Frans de Kat and Jan van Loon.

    The first must be a distant relation to Evonne, and the latter is what many of us call you. Any comment? 🙂

  134. kelsey says:

    Anyone know who is fit for tomorrow. I believe there is a doubt about Kos and Ramsey though not 100% fit may start.Fab is definitely in goal.Is Gibbs fit ?

    Sorry,this is football related.

  135. MickyDidIt89 says:


    Bollocks. At altitude, Goats wear huge boots and fluorescent puffa jackets.

  136. Kelsey I think Arsene said problems with Gibbs, Ox and Rosicky…. 😦

  137. Oli Says:

    “If sometimes you are not at 100 per cent in the head, you are not ready enough… we were not sufficient in our commitment and in our intention to play at Everton. We have seen our mistakes on the video and we need to learn about them and not do it again.”

    Oh wow we use video analysis!

  138. kelsey says:

    I am not 100% in the head who is 🙂

  139. arnie says:

    Micky: 🙂 this time from Stansted. 🙂

    Kelsey: @ 7:16 🙂 Kelsey IN.

    Yes, let us have some updates on the youth teams. Exciting times, and I think substantial bearing on the future of the club. 🙂

  140. arnie says:

    GiE: the problem is that some people have memory of goldfish. they may forget what they saw on video by the time they enter the field. we need memory pills. 🙂

    any suggestions, Kelsey? 😛

  141. arnie says:

    my ROLF attempt went to the bin. why? 😦

  142. arnie says:

    troll alert, mind the gravatar!!!!! 🙂


    JB, what you bloody on about again? Ime not talking about transfers and contracts, just wanted you to explain your teasing and cryptic post.

  144. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Dial Square, you utter prick.

    Using someone else’s name is cowardly and pathetic. You really are a sad man.

  145. MickyDidIt89 says:


    Ox and Rosicky injured!! How?

  146. White Bear says:

    I am watching you, just no energy to participate

    need to rest before tomorrow
    Who is not injured? Can we field a full squad?

  147. White Bear says:

    Micky – are you going to Wemberly?

  148. MickyDidIt89 says:


    No. I’ve formed a club, and we go to all European away games 🙂

  149. White Bear says:

    oh really? and when were you going to tell us? Or is it an exclusive club for free masons?

  150. White Bear says:

    Mind you, Wemberly is European away game, no?

  151. kelsey says:

    We have 43000 allocated tickets and everyone has to wear red which rules me out as I only wear pink.

    We have 11 first team players that are injured one way or another.

  152. kelsey says:

    I would play Kallstrom tomorrow,might as get the odd game out of him and congratulations to Theo on the birth of his baby boy.

  153. White Bear says:

    Kelsey 🙂 Pink is for girls you nutter!
    As long as we have 11 to start, we should be ok

  154. Morning all

    We have a New Post ……………..

  155. Ryan Morgan says:

    I see our line up next year very much like this, Sczesny (need a good back up as Fabianski is going), RECRUIT, Mert, Kos, Gibbs, Ramsey, Oxlade, Walcott, Ozil, RECRUIT, RECRUIT. The Ox looks like he can emulate Gerrard. Obviously we’ll be switching our midfield around with Jack so 3-4 decent recruitments we’re in for a good season.

  156. […] ArsenalArsenal makes a case for what the Gunners should do if the team is to be built around Ozil. “In order to maximize his contribution to our team, it seems logical to surround him with the right kind of players, namely players that are able to make runs on the wings and also behind defenders,” RC78 writes. “We do have such players in our squad but in limited amount and there is a big gap at the crucial Striker position.” […]

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