Oh No!! We’re Favourites…

I don’t know about you but as an Arsenal fan of many years (not as many as some who frequent AA) I like it when we are underdogs. In fact some of my best memories supporting Arsenal and winning trophies have come when we were not expected to win, or facing the impossible task.

The first trophy I watched us win was the ’87 Littlewoods Cup, up against the all conquering Liverpool of the 80’s we had not seen a glimpse of silverware since our last FA Cup win in 1979. We went to Wembley with some optimism as George Graham had arrived to revolutionise the Arsenal team, clearing out the old guard and bringing through young talent and supplementing with purchases he had made from the lower leagues, players that were to go on to become club legends. The job was made more difficult when Liverpool took the lead, the fact that Ian Rush had now scored meant that we were now deep into underdog territory, as we all know from the commentary, up until that point Liverpool had never lost a game when Rush had scored. But Charlie changed all that, firstly knocking in when the ball bobbled around the box, and then Perry Groves came on with his pace, skinned the Liverpool fullback who was tiring and teed up Charlie to score the winner.

Then there was that Friday night at Anfield, going to Liverpool with the task of winning by two clear goals, again the stats were against us, Liverpool had just won the FA Cup, they hadn’t lost by two goals at Anfield for over three years. Smudger nodded in a Winterburn free kick, and then we had to wait wait and wait until…well you all know what happened next….Thomas charging through the midfield….it’s up for grabs now. I smashed a light in my living room having jumped high from my armchair. Arsenal heaven.

Was that it for being underdogs? Not really, the English FA hated that we were getting successful again so deducted 2 points and Manchester United only 1 for a 21 man brawl at Old Trafford (Big Dave didn’t like getting dirty or a hair out of place unless it was absolutely necessary and stayed out of it), somehow on the day Nige and the Super Swede got booked for having the temerity to be kicked whilst on the ground by Mclair and Irwin who suffered no punishment from Hackett, and the latter punishment of points deduction probably started our dislike of the FA and theory that we don’t always receive the rub of the green from the officials. Anyway come May we were telling the trophy presentation committee to stick the f’ing two points up their arse, as Manchester United players had to applaud us on to the pitch with a guard of honour in the return fixture at Highbury after Nottingham Forest had ended Liverpool’s title chances earlier in the day.

And then maybe our most famous underdog win, George Graham’s side by 1993-94 had become a dour side to watch, route one football was the order of the day, we were now a long ball side, up to Smudger, get the knockdowns and let Wrighty do the rest. We were a cup team now, this style wouldn’t win any Leagues, the previous season we had won two cups, we were neither favourites nor underdogs, Sheffield Wednesday played a very similar style to us, so fans that attended made their own entertainment whilst the ball was in the air, and in the brief moments the ball actually touched the ground got interested. But Parma, well that was a mother proposition, made worse by the injury to John Jensen and Wrighty’s suspension, the media gave us no chance, Brolin, Zola and Asprilla all featured for Parma, whilst we had Selley, Morrow and Campbell in ours. But somehow Smudger scored probably his only goal from outside the area on his wrong peg in his career, and we held out for a triumphant 1-0 victory.

So what about when we were favourites?

Well I’ll do my lifetime:

League Cup
1988 – Arsenal 2 – Luton 3
2011 – Arsenal 1 – Birmingham 2

FA Cup
1980 – West Ham 1 – Arsenal 0
2001 – Arsenal 1 – Liverpool 2

So am I disappointed Wigan knocked Manchester City out yesterday……well as the draw had been made we were only going to be underdogs for the Semi Final so in the grand scheme of things I guess it doesn’t matter. But I hate being favourites…..can we talk up Wigan please, after all surely the holders are favourites?

Gooner in Exile


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  1. Well done GiE, I was having similar thoughts myself this morning but you’ve added more meat to the bones. I just walked the dog with a spud mate ……… he says the football gods are smiling on us …….. 😦

  2. Big Raddy says:

    Wigan are massively under-rated and a team who could hold their own with any side in the world. They have cohesion, tactical nous, some superb ball players who were distinctly unlucky not to be on the voting list for the Ballon d’Or. A brilliant manager who has worldwide respect, and now an easy ride through to another FA Cup victory.

    We should be honoured to share a pitch with them. There will be no shame if we can limit them to a 5 goal victory 😉

    Thanks GIE

  3. LB says:

    You only become a favourite when things have gone well for you. We are favourites in the FA Cup because we have beaten spuds, Liverpool and Everton and as we know there is only lesser opposition standing in the way of silver ware.

    We remain, however, underdogs in the League, but when we beat City and Chelsea, we will rightly once again become favourites — rightly because we would have done well.

    I could stretch this theory to the CL but the elastic may break 😉

    Good read GIE

  4. kelsey says:

    This post is right up GN5’S street, GIE.

    Barren years the new breed keep saying. Well We were in the middle of a 17 year drought when I started supporting Arsenal and when we got to our first final who beat us….Swindon,Bobby Gould cried, so did I. We had all turned up thinking it was a formalitty.

    You mention 1980 loss to West Ham, only time Trevor Brooking scored with his head.Beating United the year before I don’t think we were cast iron favourites.Ipswich the year before we were.

  5. Big Raddy says:

    I went to the Swindon LC Final game …. 😦 (thank goodness I didn’t go to Wrexham)

  6. Sav from Australia says:

    Brilliant post. Off to bed. Bloody brilliant!

  7. ogban says:

    We have done well against ‘lesser’ teams when we were considered favourites. Wigan will be the same. If we play half as well as we can, we should see them off.They can’t stand our passing.

  8. chas says:

    Haha, GIE.

    Wigan beating the best team in the world has to make them favourites, surely?
    For some reason his goal against Parma left me with the dodgy (incorrect) memory that Alan Smith was left footed. 🙂
    I doubt he scored that many from outside the area with his right foot either!

    We were favourites against Southampton in 2003.

  9. kelsey says:

    A big month coming up and the press and general media will practicall all be willing that we fail.

    As far as tomorrow is concerned if ever there was an under dog, it is us. All I want is a respectable performance against a Bayern Team that keeps improving.No one expects us to win,but then neither did anyone give Wigan a chance yesterday. They have beaten City twice in major FA Cup games under two different managers and yet got relegated.

    Sherwood is a fool to blame his players publically and I really expect us to get a result at The Lane.

    Not many refer to it but our last win we we were holding on to dear life against United in 2005 yet smashed them in the penalty shoot out,which makes this game of football so unpredictable.

  10. chas says:

    That’s not to mention all of the times we’ve won when we’ve been favourite for a semi-final.
    That ‘going to Wembley for the semi’ thing really throws you off, doesn’t it?

  11. chas says:

    Ant and me went to this one at the cowshed………

  12. chas says:

    But unfortunately missed this one…..

  13. chas says:

    I’ve only been to eight of these.
    Never really been that keen on a semi.



    Cheers GIE

    I went to all those disappointing losses.

    The most traumatic one was Luton. Our end was so packed that when we scored our second I got crushed so badly that I was lifted of the floor and ended up facing the wrong way. I also lost a shoe in the process.

    The bloke in front was very nice, though I must say, that boil he had on his cheek was very disturbing “enjoying the game mate?”

    “Yeah, what’s happening now?” For the next five minutes he proceeded to give me a running commentary. Apparently we were all over them but couldn’t score.

    Eventually a new surge meant I was now facing the game. Though when Luton scored there winner I couldn’t handle it so managed to wriggle myself backwards to face the wrong way again.

    P.s., never underestimate the necessity for shoes. On the way home I was trod and kicked so many times I couldn’t walk properly for a week, and some lady tried to give me 20 pence for a cup of coffee.

    So if were losing and any one at the game spots a man with a crown of hair that looks like it should be on a goat facing the wrong way, that will be me.

  15. RA says:

    An excellent Post, GIE.

    As for bigging up Wigan — they have a much bigger pier than we have! 🙂

  16. GunnerN5 says:


    Well done GIE as you have reminded us Blasts from the Past are not only from back in the Terry’s 30’s. Great reminder of more recent events and as Kelsey correctly previewed I really enjoyed the read.

  17. GunnerN5 says:


    Can you please keep us abreast of any other occasions when Gail has left Mrs Clichy uncovered?

  18. Gööner In Exile says:

    Afternoon all, glad the post is being enjoyed. RA’s pier being best bigging up yet 😀

    Chas I’m now doubting whether he was right footed or left footed, the biggest surprise probably that as you say he could muster a shot like that from there.

  19. Big Raddy says:

    I was in Copenhagen that night – my first visit. We sat just in font of Johnny Jensen.

    Smith scoring from outside the area was as big a shock as the result. From what I recall our only other shot on target was from Kevin Campbell.

    Happy Days

  20. Vinay says:

    89 for me was the greatest, i dint watch it live but i have watched fever pitch movie i think a zillion times seeing myself in paul that for me that feeling will never be replicated.
    Wigan has history, class tradition, are the defending champions, have played in wembley more recently than us, have the know how, have great penalty takers, ok god i am tired now,wigan come turn up and get lost, in fact roll over and get lost, Arsenal need to win this and we shall.

  21. Hey says:

    Ox box to box or fox in the box?

    Surely the Latics are favorites. They are the holders after all :O

  22. GunnerN5 says:

    When asked to list the best things about Wigan here are some of the residents responses.

    The road out of there!
    M6 Southbound
    Going out of the shxt hole
    The bus station out of Wigan it takes u to bigger and better places
    Pies, Piss and Puxxy
    It’s close to Manchester
    Wigan was de-civilized 30 years ago.
    Nothing of any note
    One day I’ll escape.
    Pies pies birds pies and birds.

  23. GunnerN5 says:

    A senior moment ( some of you have them to look forward to)

    A Preacher was explaining that he must move on to a larger congregation that will pay him more.

    there is a hush within the congregation. No one wanted him to leave.

    Joe Smith, who owns several car dealerships in the city stands up and proclaims:

    ‘If the Preacher stays, I will provide him with a new Cadillac every year, and his wife with a Honda mini-van to transport their children!’

    The congregation sighs in relief, and applauds.

    Sam Brown, a successful entrepreneur and investor, stands and says, ‘If the Preacher will stay on here, I’ll personally double his salary, and also establish a foundation to guarantee the college education of all his children!’

    More sighs and loud applause.

    Sadie Jones, age 88, stands and announces with a smile, ‘If the Preacher stays, I will give him sex!’
    There is total silence. The Preacher, blushing, asks her, ‘Mrs. Jones, whatever possessed you to say that?’

    Sadie’s 90 year old husband Jake is now trying to hide, holding his forehead with the palm of his hand, and shaking his head from side to side, while his wife replies,

    ‘Well, I just asked my husband how we could help,
    and he said, ‘Screw him!’

    Isn’t being a Senior Citizen wonderful?

  24. GoonerB says:

    Great post GIE and some great nostalgia. I was going to come on here with a hugely sarcastic comment but can’t top Raddy’s @9.50. That is exactly the kind of thing I was going to say, just not so eloquently.

    If Wigan can beat Citeh then they can beat us. Everything from here on in in the F.A cup is a potential Banana skin. I do however think Citeh took their eye off the ball. They already have the Capital one cup and can go top of the EPL if they win their games in hand, and I also think they had half an eye on Barca and still believe they can turn it around. I wouldn’t put it past them either.

    I think they had their minds elsewhere so thought they could win it at a canter because it was lowly Wigan, where i think we were more focussed because it was Everton who are a top side. I also think we are currently a bit more practical about our chances in the EPL and ECL this year so are taking the F.A cup seriously. That is also why I feel we will live up to our favourites tag in this case and not play a weakened side or leave anything to chance.

    GN5, I like that one. A little chuckle did it bring from me.

    Terry, there is a nearby pub to me that has goats in a pen in the beer garden. Just for you I will go and shave off one of them goats barnets and send it to you. If you put it up top the opposite way to your current masterpiece you will look symetrical from all angles.

    Hey, I know AW mentioned Gerrard as a comparison to the Ox and I know some prefer him in a deeper CM position but I just don’t see it is the best use of him, so for me it is a fox in the box when talking about the Ox.

  25. jnyc says:

    I hope we take our opponents seriously, and get the job done. We have had some luck so far, but even though we have played at home mostly, we still had to beat spuds, pool, and Everton. All difficult draws. And we deserved all the wins. Outplayed them all.
    This cup, and a strong finish to the league campaign would do very nicely.
    Going into next year with the real emergence of Ox and Rambo along with Ozil in his second season will be exciting.
    We still will need Arsene to spend a fair amount to put us where we need to be. No time to be cheap.

  26. Gööner In Exile says:

    GoonerB I think when Arsene makes that comparison he is talking about the Gerard of old, the box to boxer who could pass from deep, run with the ball through the midfield , shoot from distance, and play the very occasional cute pass.

    I think Ox can be better because not only does he have those attributes, he has a much better cute pass and is a far greater dribbler, one of the few who can run at pace and with strength but still retain the ball on his toes rarely giving the opponent time to get a tackle in if they can keep up with him.

  27. mickydidit89 says:

    Broadsword to Dannyboy
    Come in Dannyboy. Over.
    The eagle has landed.
    Over and out.

    And yes lads, you’ve got three days of this bollocks B-)

    Great work Exile. I’m with Evonne. Celebrating already.

  28. chas says:

    I did try and find some evidence about Alan Smith.
    This game against United you mentioned which turned into a celebration party features a Smith hattrick (at 3.40).

    First goal turned in neatly with then right foot.
    Second goal a bit scuffy with his left.
    The hat trick goal, a penalty is taken with his right foot, but when he places the ball he looks like he’s going to take it with his left foot, then turns around and mouths something like “right foot”, do you think. 🙂

  29. chas says:

    This makes him look left footed.

  30. mickydidit89 says:

    ‘you could stretch this theory to the cl but the elastic might break”

    Come on, you love the sound of snapping elastic 😀

    Off air now

  31. chas says:

    Don’t you think it’s a bit early to be celebrating when we haven’t even beaten Bayern yet?

  32. GunnerN5 says:


    Every time I see Gerard I’m reminded of how we lost the 2001 Cup Final to Liverpool. Arsenal were winning 1-0 and were on the attack when Gerard stuck out his leg to stop a through ball – the ball stuck the front of his boot and deflected to Owen who was in the clear – the rest is history. What really riled me was the claims of him making a brilliant through ball and displaying amazing vision to make the pass…………it angers me just writing about it………….

  33. Big Raddy says:

    Gn5. I was at Cardiff that day. We were robbed.

  34. Big Raddy says:

    Grey wolf to Broad Sword. Be careful out there. They come out of the sun….

  35. GunnerN5 says:

    BR I watched it with a bunch of my Arsenal mates and a huge throng of Liverpool supporters in a pub. You’re so right Owen stole the game from us – even my Liverpool friends were in shock at the outcome. But in 2005 the football Gods looked down on us – one once.

  36. chas says:

  37. chas says:

    2004–05……41….. 16
    2005–06……41….. 16
    2006–07……60….. 33
    2007–08……32….. 15
    2008–09……42….. 14
    2009–10……44….. 37
    2010–11……46….. 13
    2011–12……35….. 13

  38. GunnerN5 says:

    But who cares??

  39. chas says:

    2012–13……… 47……17

  40. chas says:

    Who cares about Drogba v Giroud?

  41. GunnerN5 says:

    I’m okay with Drogba – but Gerard?

  42. GunnerN5 says:

    Gerard is so fat he stepped on a scale and it said one person at a time.

  43. chas says:

    I don’t care about Gerrard one tiny little bit.
    I thought it was you who brought the scouse fucker up in the first place.
    Ah no just had a look back, it was that twat Wenger (as mentioned by GoonerB). 🙂

  44. chas says:

    Have you been on the sauce first thing in the morning, GN5?

  45. GunnerN5 says:

    Steven Gerrard, Raheem Sterling and Glen Johnson have all been ruled out of the next Liverpool game.

    The Liverpool trio are all said to be suffering from altitude sickness after spending time at the top of the Premier League

  46. GunnerN5 says:

    No Chas the only time I drink these days is at dinner – always a good bottle of red.

  47. GunnerN5 says:

    Steven Gerrard’s has been asked by the judge to give some disadvantaged people football lessons.

    As a goodwill gesture, he’s going to take them to The Emirates.

  48. GunnerN5 says:

    Steven Gerard was on Celebrity Who Wants To Be A Millionaire he was having some trouble with a question so chose to phone a friend and called David Beckham.

    When he answered the phone Gerard asked him the question that was troubling him “Should I do 50/50 or ask the audience?”

  49. GunnerN5 says:

    Okay nobody’s responding so I’m off – did I hear applause?

  50. GoonerB says:

    Hoorah, wolf whistle, encore encore….

  51. Gööner In Exile says:

    First vid froze on me but second vid certainly looks leftie, maybe he was actually a three footed player (his head was equally as good). Almost like he was the first “good feet for a tall lad”.

  52. Gööner In Exile says:

    GN5 I’m with you on Gerrard being overrated, of he wasn’t English there wouldn’t be the hype. Cue LB to come on and say similar about LJ 😀

  53. chas says:

  54. chas says:

    He’s reffed us 3 times in the League since those figures were published. Perhaps he’s mellowing. 🙂

    23.12.2013….. Arsenal….. Chelsea…. 0:0
    22.09.2013….. Arsenal….. Stoke City…… 3:1
    14.05.2013….. Arsenal….. Wigan……. 4:1

  55. chas says:

    Which means our win percentage goes up to a massive 16.7%.

  56. Sounds like Gibbs is out for tomorrow 😦

  57. Talk of Sagna at LB and Jenks at RB 😦 ………………..

  58. It’s ok, the boss has got it covered ……….

  59. Gööner In Exile says:

    Gibbs probably being rested.

    Was listening to a debate about England a Left Back spots in WC, general consensus is that Baines is first pick, the second berth between Shaw and Cole. I’m glad in away but also sad for Gibbo as he seems a decent professional and has been one of our most consistent performers in the last two years.

  60. Hey says:

    “belief” lets BELIEVE!


  61. This comment it to Koscielny and Flamini

    So do we Arsene, so do we …………………

  62. JanMan says:

    Nice post GIE. I believe we were also favorites against a certain Birmingham City in the League cup a few years ago. Dare I remind you all what happened there!!! One game at a time, first up Bayern tomorrow night, can we do it….yes we can.

  63. JanMan says:

    Oh dear me. If Gibbs is out and Jenks plays at fullback….I am now scared to death of our chances.

  64. Hey says:

    Even though im feeling nervous about Robben/Muller vs non natural left back

  65. Big Raddy says:

    Is there a ref who gives AFC a decent lick of the lollipop?

  66. RA says:


    Got to say that any player agreeing to a ‘lick of the referee’s lollipop’ would be going a bit above and beyond the call of duty.

  67. RA says:


    You are the sort of fan I wish I was – for me the second leg of the Bayern game was decided when they scored the 2nd goal at the Emirates. 🙂

  68. JanMan says:

    RA. You are probably right but if you don’t have any faith and/or hope then what’s the point 🙂

  69. JanMan says:

    If Gibbs is out then why isn’t Monreal next in line? Is he injured as well? Surely Vermaehlen could play left back instead of Jenks?


    My dear friends, some thing very unusual happened to me today. I was heading towards Goodge Street tube when some bloke approached me and said “excuse me sir, but I cant help but notice you have the look of an underdog”

    Usually, I scare of road intruders by begining to take down my trousers but was a bit narked about his remark and asked why?

    “Well”, he then glanced at the wig, and then the groin area. I went for my fly but it wernt unzipped, so my anger grew.

    “Dont worry sir, every underdog has his day” He then proceeded to give me this leaflet which went on how a man, even if they look like Paul Daniels, can achieve his goals. Leaving other men to admire his magic tricks and women to fancy him, especially if there called Debbie Magee

    The key basicaly is not to give a shit. You know your crap, the other geezer is better than you, but why give a toss, you have F*uck all to lose.

    This is what makes Wigan, and coincidently middle aged men who enjoy watching re -runs of the 1970s show The Professionals dangerous.

    Beware the underdog


    Worried we may win something sniffer?

  72. LB says:

    I am very late with my cue, but yes English players are often over hyped.

    I think in the case of Jack we are in the process of a level is being found, although, what should be plain to everyone by now is that he is not the world class player we all hoped for.

    I remember saying to some Tottenham friends around the time he was making his debut that I thought we had the next Maradonna.

    As to what exactly he turns out to be is yet to be seen.

    I can argue my case and feel right in all my criticism of him; but, the one I point I cannot get round is that he could be the next Lampard, forget Gerrard in his prime that is never going to happen.

    But somehow, I am sure most would agree, the slow cumbersome Frank has made far more of what god gave him than any Arsenal supporter expected.

  73. kelsey says:

    Fabianski in goal, Jenks and monreal, raise the white flag 🙂

  74. kelsey says:


    Let’s be honest you have already made up your mind 😉

  75. Gööner In Exile says:

    Didn’t we win with those three in the side last season.

  76. kelsey says:

    Did we ?

    I was completely wrong about Pers when I saw his firsst season, I was nearly completely wrong about Walcott after 5 years, but with Jack I think Aw wants him to play one way and he the other and therefore we don’t get the best of him.I withold my judgement.

  77. LB says:

    Hi Kelsey

    That is a very interesting comment. What do you think the difference is; that’s to say, how do you see Jack wanting to play and how do you see Wenger wanting him to play?

  78. GoonerB says:

    I would concur with you Kelsey that Jack feels he is an ACM. I actually think it is his best role but we seem to have accumulated an awful lot of players whose best position is ACM and Jack is more adaptable to a deeper role than many of the others so is often played there.

    I respect LB’s opinion on Jack but disagree that we are finding a level right now and that he will not become the world class player we all hoped for. He may not become that but I feel it is far too early to say that about a 22 year old who has had injury concerns that is competing for a very competitive midfield role, and is arguably being played away from his best position due to his greater adaptability over other players.

    If we write him off now due to injuries then how do we assess what happened with RVP?

    If at 22 he is considered to be failing to fulfill his full potential then how should we consider Bergkamp who came to us at 26 but would have been viewed as a failure at Inter?

    Beyond even that TH14 arrived aged 22 as an ok winger and even took time to adapt and become a world class player.

    There are so many variables when you consider Jack and his performances this year such as how the whole team was playing in a game that he was deemed to have under-performed in, who he was playing with in those games, and what position he was being asked to play in.

  79. GoonerB says:

    I think if we get any semblance of a dodgy decision from Dean on Sunday then we need to shed our nice tag and request a full enquiry and for the authorities to explain those statistics.

    Chas remember the draw with Chelsea was a game where even Neville and Carragher thought that Mikel (I think) was lucky to stay on the pitch and where they both thought we had a stonewall penalty when Willian clipped Walcott. He just waved both away so if that game is amongst his more positive stats with us then it is a tad worrying.

  80. GoonerB says:

    I’m with JanMan on tomorrows game. We are going to win it 3-1 in a reverse of last years fixture. It has a certain amount of Karma to it.

  81. GoonerB says:

    I have a reserve possibility that it could all go horribly wrong.

  82. White Bear says:

    Very good post, thank you GiE. But you were right earlier on today – White Bear doesn’t agree with it. Yes, I recall a few games that we had no chance on paper, but won on the pitch, and even more of those that we were hot favourites outplayed by underdogs.

    But this time round we are different favourites – team that won nothing for many years and has a chance of ending the draught. they have to win, there will be no excuses if they don’t.. Yes, that’s a lot of pressure on the players, but they are professionals, on the very top of their profession. I am absolutely sure that they will step up to the task

    BTW – we are the underdogs tomorrow. How confident are you Mr GiE that we shall win 🙂

  83. GoonerB says:

    Talking to myself. The psychiatrist warned me to watch out for this and call him immediately. Where is his number?

  84. GoonerB says:

    Thank god for white bears. Maybe I am not turning into Jack Nicholson in the shining.

  85. Gööner In Exile says:

    White Bear I think to be honest something I didn’t get over in the post that those three games as underdogs plus the 2 point deducted League campaign were more memorable because we were underdogs.

    And I think that’s maybe where I differ from more “entitled” fans. I never for one moment expected us to win those Cups and Leagues, and I still don’t expect us to win this one. I hope we will, and that’s all I can do.

    I don’t expect us to win tomorrow, but if we do I’ll be smashing a light in the living room again if I don’t get my seating right.

  86. White Bear says:

    GB – really? My shrink reckons that talking to myself is absolutely fine. Talking to voices is bad – never admit to that! Remember – no voices!

    GiE – you got your message in the post perfectly. it is me being awkward. It is a bit like knowing what you are going to get for Xmas and eventually getting it. Or knowing that you were naughty all year, expecting nothing and then finding a brand new shiny bike under the tree (or tits in Chas’ case).

  87. neamman says:

    I was also at the Swindon game and the Leeds game at Wembley as well. I had the misfortune to be at Copenhapen v Galatasary and after that game swore I would never attend a final again. Even when I was offered a ticket for the Southampton final game. I am obviously a jinx. On the other hand I have seen us play Liverpool in each of the last 2 EPL winning season.. so anyone who wants to pay my fare over for next year v Liverpool is almost guaranteeing us a Championship!!!!!!!!!

  88. neamman says:

    Its not on topic but I am really hoping Orient get promoted this year. I like to go see them if Arsenal are away when I’m in town.


    Neamman, if it means winning the league, not only will I pay your flight, i will also sort your ticket and let you stay round my house.

    But during the night you will have to lock your door.

  90. White Bear says:

    alles Gute zum Geburtstag Didit!! I hope your team will deliver your birthday present

  91. White Bear says:

    Catalan cheats – It is alleged that Barcelona tried to evade £7.58m in taxes after signing Neymar from Santos in June last year.

  92. kelsey says:

    LB I think GB @8.23p.m. summed Jack up in his first paragraph. , yet we have more talented players in abudence to pla attacking mid field and also their scoring record so far is better.

    I don’t think he wants to play defensively and is ever either tackling when a pass should be released or he is set upon by two or more players and of course none of us know the long term effect on his ankles.
    He has some glorious moments such as his goal against Norwich but they are few and far between,yet he is still very young,so for now as I said earlier I reserve judgement.

    So the big game is tonight and to the majority we have been written off and to see Bayern’s recent record,they get better and better.
    I don’t attach that much credence to the win their last year,even though the records will say we beat them on their own patch,as for all initensive purposes the game was lost at Home,but never say never.

    We could win but the key is keeping a clean sheet or scoring at least three goals,in both cases a big ask.
    Realistically it would be nice to mathematically still be in the tie with 15/20 minutes left but conversely if we fall behind it might be damage limitation.

  93. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Eh, White Bear? 🙂

    Thanks. Small matter of finding a train now for mountain trip.

    Got loads of new best mates. What a great lot we are.

    Who’s playing LB?

  94. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I see you’re back to your old dooming ways, Kelsey 😉

    Told you. 2-0 and pens, and my mystic balls are clean.

  95. White Bear says:

    white bear is me! the feistiest regular here

  96. MickyDidIt89 says:

    White Bear
    Gis’ us a clue. Are you a full kit wanker? 🙂

  97. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Any pics you’d like to share with us? 🙂

    Must go. Will be reading BR on train. Mmm, might save it for the summit, there’s an idea.

    Bye for now.

  98. LB says:


    Sagna, Mert, Koz, Monreal

    —–Ox, Rosicky, Arteta,

    –Ozil, Giroud, Cazorla

    If it becomes impossible like two down, expect Ramsey to come on for some pitch minutes ahead of spuds.

    Bridge too far this one but I expect a valiant attempt.

  99. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    kelsey. You are surprised that Barca cheat??? They are the Harry Redknapp of football clubs (alongside Malaga)

  100. kelsey says:

    Raddy…me say barca cheat…go to Specsavers…they are free at your age 🙂

  101. kelsey says:

    By the way Sanogo is injured.most probably did his groin in practising air shoots 🙂

  102. Gööner In Exile says:

    This is the kind of thing that locals call NFN (Normal for Norfolk)

  103. Gööner In Exile says:

    If it’s not clear the Fire Station was destroyed by fire with the Fire Engine inside.

  104. Big Raddy says:

    GIE. I just re-read the post and can I say how much I enjoyed it? Any jog to the memory -even to those horrible losses – gives an old fella a smile .

  105. Big Raddy says:

    kelsey. You got me all excited but — no free specs just a sight test.

  106. Vinay says:

    Monreal i believe is also ruled out so it just may mean Tv5 as left back which is better than having Sagna playing LB, I dont want jenkinson playing please, nothing against the lad and i know he played at the allianz has time around but no, not against Ribery/Shaqiri, it will be a slaughter.
    Arsenal need to play the game with freedom, no need to worry, no expectations yet we can hope for the best, pride held high, no injuries,i am fine,sunday is far more important, yet in the back of my mind i am praying for a miracle.


    3-1 Arsenal, and I shall hear no more about it.

    Munchens have showed that in Europe they are better away and have a tendency to panic, bottle, crap themselves, what ever you want to call it at home.

    We will probably get our winner with the last kick of the game.

  108. Gööner In Exile says:

    Cheers Raddy, happy memories, sad memories, it’s what Football legacies are about.

  109. Morning all

    We have a New Post ………. 10 hours and counting ……….

  110. GoonerB says:

    Morning all. I could actually weirdly see a 3-1 to us. Here’s a summary of the match report.

    We start brightly and score inside 10 minutes and you can see some nerves creeping into Bayern. Despite that the rest of the first half is a bit cagey with a couple of chances for both teams, with Arsenal looking dangerous on the break through the Ox. The second half sees Bayern up their game and we are up against it for a bit and eventually they get their break-through 10 minutes into the second half. Cue an Arsenal collapse? Not at all and this team is made of sterner stuff and while Bayern take their foot off the pedal to try and tie the game up Arsenal hit them for a second with some 15 minutes remaining. Now they are definitely nervous and we are going for it with nothing to lose. The game opens up and becomes full on end to end stuff and just when you think Bayern will see it out Arsenal hit them with the sucker punch on the break in the 89th minute. Bayern fling everything at Arsenal in injury time and lay seige to the Arsenal penalty area but with some heroic last ditch defending and bodies put on the line the glorious gunners see it out.

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