We’re Gonna Win the League: An alternative realism

Following on from yesterday’s “reality check” and Micky’s early morning questions, let us take another (very hasty) look at our situation:

What should Arsenal be achieving? Be honest, completely honest – did anyone really expect us to win the title? Not want us to win it but expect us to. Because if you did I admire your optimism. I hoped for a repeat of 4th and wished for better.

The huge spending from Spurs allied to the development of Liverpool worried me (then we signed Mesut). I didn’t expect MU to implode and that has been not just hugely enjoyable but also a fillip to our chances. I fervently want us to finish the season above the Oilers and the Chavs and we may still do so – but financial doping is effective as has been seen in every league in every country.

We are still in the FA Cup  and could easily win it. We have been very unlucky with our draws in both the FAC and the CL. A Group of Death, which we almost won, and 3 Top 6 teams in the FAC (thankfully all at home) is tough.

A Cup win, a few quality victories in the CL and a top 4 finish – I would be happy with such a season.

Given our wage bill where should we be? The figures say 5th – they don’t lie. We consistently punch above our weight.

Is Kroenke only in it for the money? Of course he is! He is not a football fan, he is American and he is a businessman – where is the doubt? But …. as a highly successful businessman man he knows that to make a profit he has to invest, as he has been doing (crap English but written in a hurry!!).

When buying a club one has to take time to see the core values and then add to them, SK has done that. Not for him the Shevchenko buys  – he doesn’t need to impress anyone. We appear, despite Hill-Wood’s early assessment, to have a sensible owner who will continue to buy players when his manager identifies the targets. I should also point out that last summer was the first summer in many years when we did not sell any of our best players – this is due to planning and not luck.

If there is cash, who is in charge of the risk factor and should it be invested? Here we have an area of contention. In my opinion Mr Wenger’s job should start and end by identifying the player he needs, sadly he is involved in every area of the purchase. Such is the way of a perfectionist and  – dare I say it – a megalomaniac! We have people to do the valuing and purchase so AW should keep his beak out of it.

Should we spend the money? Of course we should – this is a football club not a bank! Does a fan care about a balance sheet or silverware? Not for nothing is football called the Glory Game.

 If SK is not the best type of Chairman, who, or what model, is? You tell me. We are an old traditional club with traditional values, why not keep them or is the Glazer route preferable? I understand why Chelsea and MC fans are delighted that their clubs have been bank-rolled and am sure they don’t consider their silverware tarnished by financial doping – but We are The Arsenal. They will never have a The in front of their name!!

Ask Cardiff/Leeds etc fans what they think.

My opinion is that the club is on the verge of another brilliant decade. We have come through a tough financial time as the club commenced the stadium build just as the financial crisis enveloped the country. We are through this now and have the wherewithal to compete with the big boys – we are one of the big boys and the signing of Ozil proves it.

Arsenal are getting better on the pitch, we have all seen it. When Ramsey was knocking them  in for fun and Theo returned in such strong form we were on the verge of greatness – their injuries have blighted our season.

This season we have been TotL more than we haven’t, doesn’t that constitute an enjoyable campaign wherever we finish?

But it isn’t over, we can take the points from our rivals to win the title. Unlikely but possible and until the fat lady sings I prefer to believe that Arsenal will win the league at Carrow Road.

written by Big Raddy


85 Responses to We’re Gonna Win the League: An alternative realism

  1. chas says:

    Superbly cobbled together, BR.

    I agree with most of what you say.
    When the question arises as to whether Arsenal should spend its cash reserves to buy success, that risk factor means so much more to us than it does to a bottomless oil money club.

    Have a look at Man City’s purchases since 2008 when the sheikhs took over. look at how many players they’ve bought for ridiculously over-inflated prices to reach the situation they are in today. We definitely can’t afford to do that.


  2. RA says:

    Raddy, you were far too modest to describe your Post as having been cobbled together.

    The key points you have anchored your essay to may have come from some of yesterday’s comments, but it is very different, and chat worthy.

    Chapeau!! 🙂

  3. Big Raddy says:

    Thank you but I agree that the subject has been covered by yesterday’s comments. Hopefully something else will occur during the day for us to chat about.

  4. Vinay says:

    yeahhhhhhhhhhhh brilliant read and absolutely what i feel as well. We have been punching above our weight from a long time and its just that its been taken for granted. Top 4 is now a minimum for all fans, how is that taken for granted? because we seem to be able to do it more consistently than most, how many seasons have chelshit/city been in the top 4 in the last 17 years? definitely not as many times as we have been.
    I still think we will win the league if not the double, i mean i can never say we wont because i can never give up on hope and the team, its my Arsenal and its my hope.

  5. Vinay says:

    Stan Kroenke is a businessman and so is Ivan Gazidis so they should be assessed in terms of the business deals that they get to the club than be checked on how many games they had been to or how much of a fan they are of the club.

  6. Sadat says:

    We shall only win da league if AW also leaves Giroud out den plays either Bendner en sanogo upfront.

  7. Guest says:

    From what I understood in yesterdays debate Mr Janman seems to think we can compete with the kind of money the oilers throw to the window.. That left me astonished

  8. Big Raddy says:

    Sadat. Interesting 😀 😀

  9. RA says:

    I am not sure that you meant to ask if Silent Stan is the best chairman for the club, as it is far more important to know that he is the best sort of owner, or not.

    He has recently appointed his son to the Board, which shows both family commitment and the basis for longer term continuity.

    There has been a lot of hysterical conjecture about SK only being interested in extracting money from Arsenal, mainly by keeping transfer fees to a minimum, and charging exorbitant ticket prices so that he can squeeze every penny out of his investment, and this plays well to those who are very critical of the club, but the facts of the matter are that is not actually true.

    There are two ways of ‘making money’ out of an asset for any owner.

    The first is why people invest in public company shares via the stock exchange, with the intention of earning dividends, voted by their Boards, based on how successful the company has been.
    Arsenal have become more and more profitable under Kroenke!

    Kroenke has never called for or received any dividends to date.

    The second, is the growth of the share value in the company and then to sell those shares and make a substantial profit on the original investment, or part of it.

    The Arsenal shares have appreciated markedly since Kroenke first bought them and he could make a substantial profit on them now – if he wanted to.

    The facts are that he has all the appearances of being the owner of our club for the longer term, and certainly there would be any number of suitors for his share should he have a change of heart, not least being the even richer Usmanov.

    I am not a Kroenke apologist – he does not need one, and in fact his interests and ours are the same.
    The more Arsenal are successful in winning trophies, the more world wide interest there is in the club, and the greater the sponsorship because of that, and there will be far more money for investment in players, who will win more trophies in a virtuous circle, and the greater the value of the club for the owner, if and when Kroenke decides to sell up.

    It really is that simple – why do you think everyone, other than certain types of Arsenal fan, knows that? Beats me.

  10. Rasp says:

    Great stuff Raddy, that’s a perfect balance to yesterday’s post and proof that RA’s theory is correct in that the mentality of supporters is what produces differences in opinion but the level of support can be equally fervent.

    I vacillate between the two camps depending on my mood. Today, I am swayed by your argument …. well done 😛

  11. Guest says:


  12. chas says:

  13. chas says:

    There you go, just spend your money; it’s that simple.

  14. RA says:

    The other cause of much angst among fans is the perception that AW has a finger in every pie at the club.

    It is the case that he gives the appearance of being omniscient and being involved in the coaching, the finances, the selection of players he wants to buy and the value Arsenal should put upon them.

    In fact he is such an accomplished man that he is well qualified to deal with any of those issues and others too, if the need arose.

    However, going on the assumption that he does indeed have a significant and perhaps final say in all those things, I would have concerns that he could be over-reaching himself.

    I do not wish to get into the whole deal of management delegating responsibilities and duties, other than to state the obvious, that however much a manager wants to do everything, to ensure it gets done properly in his eyes, there is only so much anyone can do in a given time frame before efficiency deteriorates.

    In addition, it is really important to empower the company employees, and if their roles are impinged upon by another employee, however capable, it will have a detrimental effect on the team sense of ownership of those duties and responsibilities .

    In short, if I were the boss, the first thing I would do, is to establish a clear division of duties, and in the matter of transfers as an example, I would require Arsene to identify the players he wants and then require that the Finance Director and the CEO make the necessary negotiations for the purchase of the player.

    Gone would be the notion that Wenger is just a Scrooge like figure incapable of spending money, and a deal would be struck dependent on all the usual project management criteria.

    Now this may already happen – we just do not know – but while it is not made clear that there is a division of these duties, it becomes a running sore that does neither the fans nor the club (particularly AW) any good.

    Finally, every Chief Executive Officer (Gazidis) must plan for the eventual departure of subordinate staff, and if, heaven forfend. Arsene should walk under a bus today, there should be a system in place that would mean there are capable deputies to ensure the continued smooth running of the organisation.

    That will only happen if key responsibilities and duties have been properly delegated, and the future well being of the club does not rely solely on the well being of one man.

  15. Shard says:

    On Wenger not having a say on the value of targets, I disagree. The manager, in order to plan how his squad will shape up, needs to be more dynamic than simply handing over a list of targets and expecting the club to get them for him. It can perhaps work if your club has unlimited funds.

    Say he wants Draxler and instead of 30m, he costs 40m. Ok no problem, Arsenal have the money. But that extra 10 million means he can’t buy Balotelli and instead has to get Morata. Wenger might prefer to get Griezmann for 25m and Balotelli for the rest of his budget. Alternatively, he might choose to promote Gnabry/Campbell/Zelalem and get Cavani instead.

    Also to be kept in mind is that transfer prices aren’t stable. They will change according to various factors. Another club can come in. The player might change his mind or raise last minute demands. The perception of how much Arsenal need the player. What other options there are etc etc. Player availability isn’t a constant either. Contract negotiations between the player and other clubs can cause someone to be put on/off the market, injury can change the situation, a signing can cause a player to be sold (Ozil).

    For the manager to not be a part of these fluid calculations is not something I would advocate.

  16. Big Raddy says:

    Shard. You have convinced me. However, it is also true that the people at AFC whose responsibility it is to complete player transfers are also well versed in player valuations.

  17. DM says:

    Sorry to change the subject. I’ve been wondering about this for a while and not sure where to ask it, and I thought this might be a good forum for it.

    Regarding Suarez and his release clause. John Henry has now said that Suarez DID in fact have a £40m release clause, which we DID activate with our bid of £40m + £1, but they decided not to sell him and let us take him court if we choose to… That’s all well and good, and clearly paid off at the time. However, since he’s now publicly admitted exactly what he did, would that not give us the right to NOW take it to court, claiming we made a bid which they had an obligation to act on, but failed to do so.

    Understand that I’m not coming at this from the viewpoint of a bitter Arsenal fan, desperate to get our hands on Luis. I don’t think Luis would particularly want to come to us now anyway, with Liverpool doing so well, and I’m not suggesting that we SHOULD take them to court over it. I’m simply wondering if what John Henry did was pretty stupid opening himself up for retrospective court action?


  18. Shard says:


    Oh absolutely, and I think Wenger has mentioned that he’s not actually involved in the negotiations for players. I just reckon that a manager should be deciding the make up of the team and how players would fit into it rather than just handing over a top 5 list of players of every position to the board.

  19. Big Raddy says:

    DM. Interesting. We have a resident lawyer but he is AWOL at the moment. I am sure one of our clever bloggers will know.

    Shard. Agree.

  20. Shard says:


    There is a possibility, but I think it was Suarez, more than Arsenal, who would have had grounds to sue. He held the contract with Liverpool. Arsenal might find it tough to prove damages even if they decided to sue. Suarez would probably have taken Liverpool to CAS (or beyond) if it were Madrid who had triggered the clause. He didn’t want to come to Arsenal enough for him to go against Liverpool and the PFA, who backed Liverpool’s stance, although initially he claimed the PFA were on his side.

    PS. I’m not a lawyer.

  21. DM says:

    I’m just curious as to why this has not been mentioned anywhere. It’s all, oh look how clever John Henry was, gambling on Arsenal not taking him the issue to court… I just don’t see why we can’t still, if we wanted to.

  22. DM says:

    Shard, fair point about Suarez. But, technically, we could argue that us not obtaining Suarez this summer lost us the chance to purchase Higuain, etc..?

    Again, I’m not saying we should.. but surely it’s a pretty stupid thing for John Henry to do?!

  23. Shard says:


    I think he’s trying to curry favour with the Liverpool fans about how he cares so much, and also putting Arsenal down is part of the same act. Liverpool sit above us now, so Arsenal are fair game. It isn’t stupid from the point of view of legal action in all probability. It might be stupid in terms of giving certain players a disincentive to sign with them seeing as they don’t honour the contracts they sign.

  24. RA says:


    Not for the first time your response to my comment is specious, argumentative and contradictory.

    a) You said: — “For the manager to not be a part of these fluid calculations is not something I would advocate.”

    b) You then go on to say — “I think Wenger has mentioned that he’s not actually involved in the negotiations for players.”

    Well let’s get it straight. I did NOT say he should not play a part in the selection of players for transfer or the discussions on valuations. That would be ridiculous!

    Division of duties does NOT mean that no one speaks to each other about changing circumstances – do wake up, and stop implying I said something that I actually did not say!

    To then backtrack and contradict yourself by saying that you think Wenger said he did not get involved in negotiations – and clearly that would agree with my actual point – is called arse covering. grow up!

    Come up with your own comments in future, don’t feed off mine and stop being ….. the confrontational Shard known on many blogsites!

    Don’t bother replying – I won’t be here.
    Still you have BR agreeing with you – somehow.

  25. Shard says:


    Your comment came on the site as I was typing out my comment. It was not aimed at you, rather at the post itself, and for the record, I do agree with you and see no contradiction between what you said about clearly defined roles, and the manager having a say on transfers.

  26. Shard says:

    Anyway.. I’m off.. I’ll be the ‘avoiding a confrontation’ Shard today.

  27. kelsey says:

    The other side of the coin from Raddy 🙂 and we aren’t that far apart but I have already expressed my views.Half glaas full or empty.

    I was always lead to believe that Wenger identified who he wanted though I don’t know for certain who deals with the very complex arrangements in buying a player,especially since the curse of the invention of the football agent.
    David Dein did a bloody good job even though many say he sold his soul for big bucks,but at least he is Arsenal through and through,remains a very good friend of AW yet his son acted for two of our our biggest assets when they left us.
    I am no accountant but isn’t usual practice that whatever a player costs it is agreed on staggered payments over a number of years, therefore why lose out on a top player for the sake of a few millions,if that player adds quality to the squad and therefore the team.
    With regards to Suarez,how did Arsenal know about the get out clause ?

  28. chas says:

    Looks like he misses games against Norwich, West Ham and Villa.
    Shame we get no benefit at all.

  29. chas says:

    Just suppose the orcs next three games had been chavs, dippers and camel diddlers.

  30. Big Raddy says:

    chas 3.19 Some might say he would have just got a warning

  31. Vinay says:

    Suarez was to be blamed for that deal not going through, he wanted to please all yet want the mega bucks, if he had handed a transfer request then he would have been our player now. Pool did not want to sell him, he wanted to come yet he wanted Arsenal to offer pool an offer they couldnt refuse, Arsenal offered them a decent enough offer, pool wanted to make more money and in the end it came to a stage where we lost out on all, pool ended up winners retaining him and suarez i still think will leave to madrid end of this season.

  32. jnyc says:

    On the suarez thing, at the tume liverpool wanted us to up our offer to 50-55 m. Then they would have have sold him, even to us. Brenda came out and said it at the time. He didnt pull those numbers out of the air, something like that was discussed ahead of the press conference. It was when suarez was pushing to go. But that ship has long since sailed.
    They played hardball with us and won big time. They held on to their asset, got the best season so far from him, and can sell him for even more now if they choose.
    We got nothing from the exercise.
    We need to finish above them, we need to show something of progress this season, third, close to second would be decent. Fourth would be disappointing. Fighting to hold on to fourth would be even worse. That would mean 0 progress.
    But I still like our nucleus of talent, im not sure if Arsene intends to add world class players or just fill gaps.

  33. Rasp says:

    Great comment jnyc, that certainly sums up my assessment of our situation.

    We’ve discussed the possible effect of our poor track record regarding injuries, and looked at this from all sides now. To really believe we were going to win the league was maybe a bit too optimistic. As you say, anything less than 3rd would mean we haven’t really progressed when all the portents suggested we should have been much stronger this season.

    I was of the opinion that we have ended the season strongly in recent years when in fact, apart from last year, we have tailed off. We can’t do that this season or we will be fighting for 4th.

  34. kelsey says:

    Off subject did you know that Alan Pardew is the second current longest serving manager in the PL.

  35. Domhuail says:

    Great response Raddy!

  36. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Blimey Raddy, that is not the work of yer average Cobbler.

    Me thanking you.

    Damn, I feel I’ve missed out on so much in the last two days. Kind of pre-occupied with work, as I have to get things in order before sugaring off next week.

    Horrible thought. Only just realized there’s an England friendly tonight. Oh God, pleeease leave our boys alone.


    Cheers Raddy, you are a man after my own heart.

    Of course I agree with you. Things are good and will only get better.

    Given time, we will be debating whether certain players are good enough to take us to our third title in a row.

    None of us can be certain of the truth, only give our opinion. I have had a very strange today. A lady Tax Inspector keeps calling me and advising on how to get my client off.

    This is just not right. Its like Stan Kronke calling you and giving away his bank details, or Max Bygraves and Beyonce doing a duet

    Does she fancy me? Cant be, shes seen me.

    Does she fancy my client? Cant be, shes seen him

    I can only conclude that the world is a mad place and things never fail to surprise

    Come on you mighty Ghosts

  38. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Rip Roaring Ghosts.
    That works for me, unlike blogging at the moment. Think I can settle down and..tring tring tring

  39. GoonerB says:

    Great post today Raddy. It balances out well with Kelsey’s excellent post yesterday in a Ying and Yang way, and I have enjoyed both of them. The problem is I seem to be a bit both Ying and Yang. Not in the nether region obviously. I am not a Hermanites, but I do agree with many points from both of you.

    I agree with your sentiment that exciting times could be on the horizon Raddy. I say could because we will have to see what the Summer Santa brings to us. I will slightly buck the trend though on the expectations of this current squad and whether it can compete with the oilers and say yes we can and should.

    Our step up a level actually started last season so, although it may be right that we should not have expected to be where we are now, conversely we could say that we have actually followed the natural projection that we were already on, and being top of the league should not have been so surprising.

    I still feel we will get stronger next year and add the quality players that balance our team out more, but will say now that I feel we already have one of the top squads not just here but in Europe, that I actually don’t see as inferior (or not far off) any of the others. If you were to go through our players and look at the like for like at any of the other top clubs how many would you actually swap? Mostly it would be in the strikers area that some of the others surpass us in but from defence through midfield are we behind the others?

    Don’t get me wrong having top level goal-scoring strikers or forwards is very important and can cover other deficiencies in the side. Many times over the years Fergusons sides haven’t looked brilliant but they always made sure they were well stocked in that department and could literally score their way out of trouble and often to a title. I actually feel that is a description of Liverpool this year and bar that part of their squad for me they are weaker than us in all other departments.

    If Liverpool finish above us the difference in the quality of the forward line will play a large part of it but we can address that in the summer. I still feel though that we have not utilised what we have available properly in a few games recently and have let ourselves down with poor results that shouldn’t have happened. I feel we are far more able to compete for this league than many believe. We can still win it but will now need to pull out the big results in the big games.

  40. kelsey says:

    Jack and Nicci both start tonight and Thomas scored a beauty.

  41. Big Raddy says:

    GB. I have to agree with your final para. We could and should have done better. Drawing with MU is inexplicable and an important opportunity missed.

    Is anyone in the same league as Suarez has been this season? If so, can we afford him?

    Looking forward to seeing a few Gunners this evening. Will NB & Ox start?

  42. chas says:

  43. Gööner In Exile says:

    Just screamed at Jack not to go for that ball….I know its hard to pull out of a tackle but he had no need to pressure that ball, especially against Agger…..don’t you dare let him carry on Hodgson.

    Jack ask to come off!!!!

  44. Gööner In Exile says:

    Raddy exceptional cobbling sir.

    I hope you are right that we are on the eve of a good decade, i think we have the ability to push on now, we can’t simply can’t match spending of City and Chavs, so more we can develop the better adding experience of BFG, Ozil etc around our own talent or bought young talent.

  45. Big Raddy says:

    Don’t know what to watch. England finally winning a cricket series or JW getting a kicking

  46. evonne says:

    great post, a bit too optimistic for me, but very uplifting. I may have to read it again and again throughout March 🙂

    can’t stop to chat, soz

  47. Big Raddy says:

    My word, this England football team is poor. Even JW is looking average. Only bright spark has been Sterling.

  48. jnyc says:

    Goonerb, excellent points.
    I agree that we can address the forward line in summer, as you said, but WILL we?
    Will we compete for top level forwards, or look for value. ? I like value as much as anyone else, but when there are just a few in the world who really produce, isn’t it worth paying top prices?
    Would Arsene spend 25m on a strong dm, or just try to get by with Arteta and Flamini, because they are here already? This is the type of spending that I would like to see, that could improve our chances and results against the top teams, which is obviously our Achilles heel. The club doesn’t need to commission a report or use a computer system to see our needs. They only need to pull the trigger sometimes.

  49. Gööner In Exile says:

    Can’t work out why even with Sterling, Johnson, Henderson, Gerard, and Sturridge in the team England still look like they have no understanding and there is no spark…..oh that’s because they aren’t really the players that make Liverpool click. Unfortunately every PL team bar S’oton gets it’s creative flair from non England internationals.

    I think we should be grateful of one thing, Kieran Gibbs looks set to be another Nigel Winterburn. Good enough to be an England international, but usurped by players coming before and after him.

  50. Big Raddy says:

    Looks like the cricket team are making a other pig’s ear of it and the football is dull, dull, dull.

  51. Big Raddy says:

    Having watched most of that my fervent wish is for Hodgson to leave all the Arsenal players at home.

  52. arnie says:

    Fantastic, Raddy, and following on from a superb reality check yesterday. Certainly lifts my spirits! 😀 😀 😀 Thank you Raddy, thank you Kelsey, and apols for not finding any time to get on to AA. 😦 Will read all comments later today. Cheers. 😀 😀

  53. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Mount Wank.

    I’m going to Mount Wank. Hands up who wants a postcard?
    Just looking for things to do for two days in Munich. One hour by train, then up cable car to Germanys highest peak. Option two, next door, is Mount Wank.

    Juvenile, I know, but


  54. MickyDidIt89 says:

    “Annual Wank-Pass
    Just the ticket for Mount Wank enthusiasts”

    Surely, they’re taking the mick

  55. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I kid you not, there’s a bloke called “Handwerker” who has something to do with a Beer Hall. Bet he’s an “enthusiast”.
    This is clearly going to be a very mature cultural trip.

  56. chas says:

    Put me down for a postcard.

  57. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Oh, what a surprise your hand is the first to go up 🙂

  58. chas says:

    It’s usually the first to go down.

  59. chas says:

    I saw this posted on twitter yesterday. Not sure if it’s any use but….


  60. Vinay says:

    England wont be able to win anything, they are set up for games with a mindset of lets not lose the game than lets win the game, any manager who comes does the same and players never play with freedom at all.
    Ozil with an assist again, well he plays with refrain there but here he is under immense pressure,get off his back please, he is world class.

  61. chas says:

    When I saw this I started looking at loads of accordion videos.
    I presume the cajun accordion originated from France somehow but was changed somehow?


  62. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Oh yes
    Go down to “this morning” pics, then see forecast for the weekend 🙂
    Please tell me it’s not an early KO Saturday. What a weekend ahead.


  63. chas says:

    This made me laugh though it is very juvenile. (probably why)

  64. chas says:

    Micky, you must know it’s 12.45.
    I’d go surfing if I was you.

  65. chas says:

    Does the wave period get longer with onshore winds?

  66. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Ha ha vid. Guess I must be juvenile as well. Cheers for German Gunner link.

    How the hell would I know it’s 12:45? Lazy Peaches hasn’t updated the ‘king chart.

    No, wave period has nothing to do with wind. Off shore is best as it is against the face of the wave and holds it up. Conversely, our usual on shore, when strong which it usually is in winter, blows the wave tops forward and makes for lousy surfing.

    ie when off shore, you seize the moment. When sunny as well, then you drop all other plans, and I mean all.

  67. chas says:

    What determines wave period, then?

  68. MickyDidIt89 says:


    Didn’t watch the England game, but the chief reason they won’t win anything is that the players are not good enough.

  69. MickyDidIt89 says:

    The motion of the ocean. Literally, the gap between waves, which is determined by meteorological events way beyond our shores out in the Atlantic.

  70. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Right, work 😦

  71. chas says:

    I watched up until Jack came back on. So tedious. I wonder if Jack’s foot will be too sore for Saturday.

    I did see a bit of Jenks playing for the u21s and he looked very good on the ball.

  72. kelsey says:

    Morning surfers and wankers 🙂

    no one believes me,Jack isn’t fit and has suspect ankles. It has been evident for months,so why did he play last night. AW should have pulled him out.
    Koscienly didn’t play last night and by all accounts is out for Saturday.

    With regards to England I am absolutely positive they will score one or perhaps two goals in the entire WC tournament.:)

    The lack of players available to make up a full squad is a joke and shows how far we have fallen behind many other countries.
    It would help if Woy played who is at his disposal in the right position.

  73. chas says:

    Everyone believes everything you say. You are the oracle.

    Jack obviously wanted to play for his country. He even came back on the pitch after having the perfect excuse to duck out of the game.

  74. kelsey says:

    He must be mad then,chas.It was only an insignificant game and he will be going to Brazil in any case.

  75. Big Raddy says:

    It is what makes JW such an interesting player. He loves to play and has a winning spirit.

  76. arnie says:

    Micky: hands up for a postcard, both hands, please. 😀


    Count me in Micky. I find the idea of a postcard of a mountainous wank stimulating.

    I have many such postcards. All done and created by me whenever I visit far away lands.

    Did anyone else notice that when Jack went down he seemed to start crying? It seems any kick that effects his ankle has him writhing with pain. I find this very unstimulating.

  78. kelsey says:

    “Did anyone else notice that when Jack went down he seemed to start crying?”

    I presume you are talking about football,Terry 🙂

    Raddy, come on. 😉

  79. Gööner In Exile says:

    I think Jacks ankle is in a shit or bust situation.

    Seems to me medics etc have done all they can, there are no muscles to speak of around the ankle to support the ligaments, not like say a knee where a key part of rehabilitation is to build up muscles around it. Added issue is the ankle joint is supposed to be multidirectional so how can a pin actually help?

    It’s psychological as much as it is physical now which is why he is being cleared as fit to play.

    One factor that he has I’m his favour is his size, he is not carrying the load that Diaby is and has a lower centre of gravity, both things should minimise the stresses on his ankle.

    But contact knocks like last night will always be problematic, question is how much strapping does he need to get on the pitch and how much can he wear without restricting his movement?

    My guess is if Jack plays until he is 35 he will be lucky and if he is walking without a limp at 45 it’ll be considered a bonus.

  80. Morning all

    Just sorting the post ………. back in a bit ……….

  81. We have a New Post ………………

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