Who gets the credit for our current form?

Lots has been written and said about the spectacular fall of Man United and the steady emergence of the new champions, yes the Arsenal. Reasons, factors, stats and graphs were produced to help analyse the reasons for the manure’s drop to mid table. Similar activities have been occupying both the fans and the enemies of the AFC and as a result our own AAers apportioned some of the credit to Ozil, some to Wenger’s visionary talents and recently my friend Rocky told us that it is Giroud who made the difference.

Right, that’s enough, my feathers have been sufficiently ruffled to force me to write the following:

Oi you, ungrateful ones! Can’t you see what made the biggest difference to our team in the past 5 or more years?? You all seem to love the stats, so could you please check goals conceded and clean sheets over the past few years? No, I am not talking about the amazing Koscielny and the great BFG, or even

Sagna. Keep thinking….. No, I am not talking about Szczesny either. STEVE BOULD my dears, he is the one guy that truly made the difference to the way we play.

bould at training

Bouldie played as a centre back for us for some 11 years. At the beginning of the last season he became Wenger’s assistant, replacing the seemingly irreplaceable Pat Rice. This is by no means dig at Pat’s tremendous work, we will be forever indebted to PR, but at just 51 Steve has brought with him hands on experience of the modern game and good knowledge of new training techniques. He is a very likable man and players, especially defenders adore him, they cannot do enough for him. I believe that it is Steve’s doing that Koz, Mert, Gibbs, Jenks and Szczesny are a true force to be reckoned with. Our excellent defending recent records are a testament to his hard work, attention to detail as well as total commitment to the cause.

I was petrified that there might be a grain of truth in the rumour that Steve may replace GiE’s Tony at Stoke City in the summer. It was a huge relief for me to realise that is was the usual summer bullshit story, to draw in the readers. Panic over, Bouldie is staying put. He has recently stated in the papers that he loves his position at the Club, enjoys working under pressure and has long term ambitions for us.

Lovely,  I think he is the best thing that happened to us in a very long time. I am truly impressed by Bould’s work, are you?

Written by evonne

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  1. arnie says:

    wow, Evonne, what a fantastic tribute to Bouldie’s continued contributions to this great team. Another Evonne delight!!!! Brilliant!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 Love this very much. Nice positive uplifting thoughts for the Sunday. Thanks a lot. 😀 😀 😀

  2. Big Raddy says:

    evonne. Clever, very clever. Of course “he’s got no hair but we don’t care” has had a huge influence upon our defence. Takeout the AV and MC games and this defence has conceded just 10 goals in 20 games.

    Nothing short of outstanding.

    Having Stevie B, BFG, TV and Sagna all with huge experience is a factor but so is fighting spirit. All have it in spades.

  3. 26may1989 says:

    Blimey, evonne writing a post, and without a single insult of dog-owning lesbians or her male Polish compatriots…… 🙂

    Lovely post, evonne, the tribute to the Hairless One is well-deserved.


    I always resisted fans’ and pundits’ criticisms of Wenger’s coaching and training arrangements when things were going badly, on the basis that, without being at the training ground and observing what goes on, and without being football professionals, we simply cannot know what is good and what is bad. So it follows that when things are going well, I have to be consistent and say “Who knows if Baldie Bouldie has had a decisive impact?” We are just not in the position to make the assessments of something like coaching, all we actually see is what happens in matches plus all the tittle-tattle in the media and on the webernet.

    My guess would be Bould’s been a positive influence and has had a great impact on the defensive side of the game. But it’s no more than a guess. The fact that our core players are of a more mature vintage now is helpful, as is the fact that the spine of the side has been together long enough that they defend and position themselves well. But the vibe we get when we look at the bench and see Bould alongside Wenger is certainly enough to make us feel good about the way things are right now.

    Credit, just like the criticism, must go primarily to Wenger, including for the selection and development of his coaching staff (Bould having cut his teeth coaching the youth team).

  4. arnie says:

    This lovely post on Bouldie is a good opportunity to discuss our defence this year. First point is that we have the best defensive pairing in years, and the best pair in the PL. With Chesney at goal to boot. And therefore we keep clean sheets.

    Second, and at the same time, it is noted that we offer opposition, even weak opposition like Coventry, too many chances! There is a certain contradiction between the above two statements that I find troubling. 😀

    But the broader confusion I have is about defensive formation. I have noticed that we have started defending very deep, from within the box, literally. This is one of the reasons that we do not get too many offsides. Even our left back Gibbs/Monreal also defends from the box. Sagna usually defends a bit higher and so do our DMs.

    Now this to me seems to be the reason that opponents can come up right to our box before they are stopped. My questions for technical guys out there are: Is this a fair observation and assessment? Why do we defend so deep? Is this good strategy? 😀

  5. LB says:

    I couldn’t agree more Evonne, I have been thinking exactly the same. No, of course, none of this can be proved but blogs are about expressing an opinion based on probability and I think there is a high probability that you are certainly right.

  6. fatgingergooner says:

    Interesting post Evonne.

    The biggest improvement I’ve noticed defensively, apart from the great CB pairing, is that this the first season in a long time where our pressing of the opposition has lasted more than 10 games.

    Usually it tails off around November, but for one reason or another (bigger squad, less injuries, top of the league, Steve Bould, more mature players) the players have continued to find the energy to press in numbers.

    Hopefully it will continue into the big games and we don’t back off as we sometimes do against the bigger teams.

  7. Norfolk Gooner says:

    ‘morning AAers, a lovely post from the lovely Evonne 😀 .

    All down to Bouldy? It would be nice to think so but, like 26May, I doubt it, an influence certainly but the real reason must be the terrific form of Kos, Merts and Sagna allied to the growing experience and confidence of Szczesny and Gibbs.

    Fitness must also play a large part and, with the exception of Gibbs, the back five have been largely injury free. Even when we have needed a replacement left-back Nacho Monreal has proved to be more than adequate and Jenks can fill in on the right.

    For me the major reason, tactical bollix aside, is the fact that Wenger plays the same players in the same positions as often as humanly possible, no tinkering, no rotation, no need to juggle, The defensive team sheet is pre-printed.


  8. fatgingergooner says:

    Very true NG,

    The amazing stat about Merts and Kos finishing matches together says it all.

  9. Rasp says:

    Thanks evonne, lovely bit of optimistic speculation 😛 I suppose the proof of the pudding has been the quality of our defence this season so it is only logical to attribute part of that to Bouldy. I’m just loving Mertesacker this season – he is the captain in everything except name. Koscielny is obviously the perfect foil to PM, they dovetail seamlessly to produce the ultimate pairing – long may they stay fit!

  10. RA says:

    A very interesting Post, Evonne, and I enjoyed it, especially as 26 said you left your handbag at home. 🙂

    I wrote a comment a little while ago on this subject, so if it feels like I am repeating myself I apologise in advance.

    In an earlier revival of Arsenal’s defensive fortunes, Arsene was asked whether or not the improvement was down to the relatively recently appointed Bouldie.

    A very irate Arsene responded very categorically that it was not, and that he (Arsene) had been a manager and coach for many years and he did not need to delegate the defensive coaching, because both offensively the team attacked together, and offensively they also defended as a team, and he also believed he had players who were expected to know how to play in their positions, so there was no need to separate the coaching phases of the teams play,

    At the time there was a lot of tittle tattle on the blogs that he and Stevie were not getting on too well.

    As 26 implied, their is no contradiction in giving Bouldie credit for the continuing improvement in our defensive performances, but Arsene is responsible for the overall recruitment and appointment of all first team posts, as well as the junior team staff, and he expects them to be centres of excellence for those areas of responsibilities under his tutelage.

    More recently, Bergkamp, in his autobiography, said that AW did not preach tactics to the team, because he wanted players to be capable of changing the tactics on the field and be flexible and responsive to the conditions and circumstances during the game.

    I think there is a distinct correlation between AW’s brilliant managerial and coaching philosophy, and the superb way Bouldie has carried out his coaching duties.

    Well done, again, Evonne. 😉

  11. wjc says:

    Well he was part of the great Arsenal back 4/5 adams bould/keown, winterburn & Dixon , who all learned from Graham who was part of the 70/71 side , BFG even does the corners like bould use to with flick on`s at the near post , its taken a season but its now showing who solid they defend and sides that defend well will win the league , come on the arsenal

  12. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Well said wjc, the Poldolski goal was straight out of the George Graham coaching manual.

  13. Norfolk Gooner says:

    ….although I think Don Howe had a big hand in writing it. 😀

  14. Rasp says:

    Calling GunnerN5 …….

    arsenal.com want to reproduce your article on the 1930 FA Cup Final on their ‘Best of Blogs’ page. I have emailed you a question that needs a reply before we can progress.

  15. kelsey says:


    I won’t mention that Bould started his playing career at Stoke, and was there for 8 years. Is there a clue in there somewhere ?

    I have and still am convinced that a settled defence that plays as a unit including the keeper is the making of a good side and in fact needs little coaching at all. Fitness levels is an entirely different thing.

  16. Rasp says:

    Hi Kelsey, can you contact GN5 for me please? – I think you may have his number. All I need to know is, does he want to be credited by his real name or his blog name?

  17. GunnerN5 says:


    I’ve responded.

  18. Rasp says:

    Thanks GN5, I’ve responded to your response and copied my email to arsenal to you 😛 – well done, that’s a first for AA (hope they use it now 😕 )

  19. chas says:

    Well done, Evonne.

    Bouldie must have had a big effect on our defence. Whether he should get the biggest credit for our current form is another matter.
    It seems as though many factors have all come together at once.

    When I first started reading, I thought you were going to say that it was you because you’ve changed your pre-match routine to get your hair done early doors. 🙂

  20. arnie says:

    well done GN5, well done Rasp and Peaches, well done everyone. A very proud day for us!!!!!! We can all pat ourselves in the back. Vet very happy. 😀 😀 😀

  21. kelsey says:

    Does that mean the club read AA ?

    Nevertheless I know as you all do how much enjoyment GN5 gets in writing these posts let alone his numerous statistics he comes up with.

  22. kelsey says:

    By the way I have done a rehearsel for the draw twice and the names Charlton and Liverpool keep appearing 🙂

  23. arnie says:

    kelsey: it does mean the club reads AA. That is the best bit. We can all be proud, particularly Rasp and Peaches. Amazing effeort, all. 😀 😀 😀

  24. GunnerN5 says:


    Does your crystal ball work?

  25. evonne says:

    thanks guys!b
    My theory about Bouldie is a bit more than sheer speculation, but as you rightly said the defending results are not exactly a tangible data that GiE or TT draw a graph from. But I refuse to believe in coincidences and the fact is that since the arrival of SB we have improved at the back, significantly. From having a wonky defence we are probably the best defending team in EPL,

    A couple of interviews with players (Gibbs and Jenks) confirmed that Bouldie is the factor behind our strength.

    Kels – all defenders should start their careers at Stoke 🙂

  26. kelsey says:

    Nott sure GN5 but Townsend is doing the draw so maybe Levy will try and fix it 🙂

  27. Rasp says:

    The Welsh Messi should be starting games again soon ….

  28. RockyLives says:

    Great stuff Evonne.

    I will accept your theory that Bouldie has been a significant factor in our better defending.

    But I stick to my guns that the style of play we now follow – with Ollie as the battering ram – has been the magic ingredient behind our success 🙂

  29. RockyLives says:

    Congratulations Gn5 – a very well deserved recognition for a great Post.

    And well done Rasp and Peaches too.

  30. evonne says:

    GiE – Deadman’s on the telly

  31. Big Raddy says:

    GN5. Congrats. The post deserves a wider audience.

    Have a look at this piece of JW skill and the telepathic understanding of the passer (Gnabry/Ox?)


  32. fatgingergooner says:

    Home v Liverpool
    City v Chelsea

    Win that game and suddenly got a good chance in the cup.

  33. Big Raddy says:

    kelsey 😀 😀

  34. fatgingergooner says:

    In Feb we now play

    Liverpool away
    United home
    Liverpool home
    Bayern home

  35. Big Raddy says:

    FGG. And I am away for every bloody game in a place with no TV or internet Grrrrrr

  36. fatgingergooner says:

    I feel for you BR!

    It’s better than hiding behind the sofa though like I will be doing! 🙂

  37. fatgingergooner says:

    At least we are at home and at least City and Chelsea won’t have an easy game.

    February and March will make or break this season.

  38. Gööner In Exile says:

    Right I’m not saying anything untoward happened during that draw…….but there was a general “meh” response to the games from the 4th round. Today the Top 4 in the PL draw each other.

    There is a camera that films what balls are in the bowl and is there anything to stop someone with access to the video giving a wink to the man with his hand in the bowl in some kind of human version of those arcade machines?

    I’m glad we are at home, shame it’ll be a Cat A game….and we will not be able to rest anyone. There are going to be some average teams in Quarter Finals as a result of today’s draw.

  39. chas says:

  40. chas says:

  41. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Well done GN5, that’s recognition for the consistently high quality of all the posts on AA, and very nice for Peaches and Rasp too.

    So what’s wrong with the draw? We go to Anfield and beat them there just to let them have a taste of what they are going to get at The Emirates.

  42. LB says:


    Do you know what the score will be when we play Liverpool?

  43. kelsey says:

    2-0 LB

    On reflection I would definitely prefer Liverpool at Home than Away or either Chelsea or City Home or Away.

  44. Madame Zizinsky. Medium to royalty! says:

    LB, Three goals to one for Arsenal, the first will be scored by a tall, dark Frenchman. The second by a shorter, dark Spaniard and the third by a German of Polish extraction.

  45. evonne says:

    madame 🙂 we have a few short dark Spaniards, which one?

  46. GunnerN5 says:

    Frankly I’m embarrassed to get the recognition as some of our other authors deserve it way more than I do – I won’t mention names as they know who I’m referring to.

    However, that said, I pleased for Rasp and Peaches and I’m happy to have been a minor assistant in getting the blog acknowledged by Arsenal.com

  47. Gööner In Exile says:

    Evonne, rude of me not to comment on your post before putting up my fixing accusations.

    Well done on a good post, for me it is a mixture of things that has led to our recent turnaround at the back.

    But I think the biggest is neither Wenger or Bould it is players prepared to take responsibility of situations caused by them or others, and prepared to make sure others around them know theirs. Take BFG and Koz as a starting point, if BFG is done for pace Kos covers, no drama no balling out no “it’s his man so I won’t get involved” he gets across and helps. We have seen Giroud give the ball away only to be seen tracking back to his own 18 yard box to recover the mistake and help his teammates who he landed in the shit out of trouble.

    This is the biggest change….maturity, selflessness, teamwork. Ask any of our Invincibles think was Wengers greatest tactic andit will be two things, playing with freedom and letting players do their own thing once across the white line.

  48. Gööner In Exile says:

    Congrats to GN5 for the Arsenal.com feature….top work. Perhaps Rasp and Peaches you should also show them the wonderful summer posts.

  49. Rasp says:

    evonne, your post has 3,200 hits so far – that’s way above average for a Sunday 😛

    I hope GN5’s post is used now, they may have wanted it for its relevance to the FA cup game on Friday 😦 we’ll have to wait and see

    Still its a tribute to GN5 that they chose his article.

  50. Gööner In Exile says:

    Evonne what was Deadman doing ? Please tell me he wasn’t refereeing an FA Cup match?

  51. evonne says:

    GiE – it was your opinion that i was waiting for all day, honestly 🙂 You know about defending much more than i do, and I was secretly hoping that you would agree with me about Bould’s invaluable input.

    Oh well, perhaps I am overenthusiastic on the subject, but I cannot help thinking that even Koz and Per’s success story started with SB’s arrival; season before that we were hanging out Per to dry.

    He seems to have good sense of humour, I noticed Le Boss giggling after Steve was saying something to him. Penny for his thoughts…

  52. evonne says:

    GiE – Yes he was there 🙂 I only caught his name at the end of the game, so I am not sure if he was the ref or the linesman, the latter I think

  53. evonne says:

    4th official
    12 Chelsea v Stoke City FC Sunday 26 January (3.30pm)
    Referee Christopher Foy
    Assistant Referees Simon Long & David Bryan
    Fourth Official Darren Deadman

  54. Rasp says:

    Good news, I’ve just heard that GN5’s article should be up by Tuesday lunchtime with a link I sent to his first article on AA ……


  55. dhakka09 says:

    Excellent piece, Evonne.

    While we all should praise our Stevie Bouldie (he grows hair when he wants), I would like to credit Monsieur Wenger for having the courage to trust his assistant withthe defensive load as well.

    Managers with conviction in their methods can be found plenty but it takes a visionary with humility and absolute love for his club to hand over partial reigns to captaining his ship for the good of the club. Better late than never; Kudos Arsene!

    While everyone was rubbing their noses with Sir Red-nose over at Manchester in summer, I had my slight reservations. The skeptic in me, while fully crediting Sir Red-nose with strong-arming officials, installing his team with belief and many more attributes that won games and more importantly countless titles for that lot, still wanted to see how they fare when he leaves. And based on current predicament of his minions, it doesn’t reflect well on him.

    As also recently discussed in Arseblog Arsecast with author of the new Herbert Chapman book, the author points out that a manager’s worth is also seen in how the club fares when he leaves and I fully concur with that.

    With Fergie, it was all about his personality, his aura, the allure, the bully in him; that got United what they’ve got. With Arsene, its the way he teaches his youngsters how to have belief in themselves and how to play the right way.

    A fair example could be a school-going kid who gets into fight with his mates. While Fergie acted as a father who’d threaten the kid’s peers and kept them away (even smacking them occasionally to protect his spawn), now when he’s gone; they are again in danger of being overwhelmed by the same peers. With Arsene, he is more transformative in nature; more like the Karate Kid’s Mr. Miyagi who teaches his boy how to defend himself using the techniques he taught. So, I’d wager a tenner to anyone that once our Mr. Miyagi…errr… Arsene leaves us in future, our lads will be far better equipped to handle pressure than those Mancs.

    Bar trophies-count (which too is a qualified assessment given how Arsene’s hands were tied for more than 7 years of financial parsimony), Arsene beats Sir Red-nose hands down in almost everything else (more dignified, stylish football, more transformative of footballing culture, outstanding developer of young gems).

    One day we’d all look back over these days and realize how lucky we were to be managed by a truly legendary manager of all times in Arsene.

    (P.S: Sorry. Should’ve watched word-count of my rant)

  56. Rasp says:

    Did I tell you that I came across Steve Bould in John Lewis in Welwyn recently?

    My god he’s a unit – he’s massive … legs like tree trunks etc but with those strange eyes that look as though he may be wearing a bit of eye liner. I wouldn’t suggest anyone mentions that to him though 😆

  57. RA says:

    Fantastic! Kudos to you, GN5!

    To have your Post selected for publishing by Arsenal.com is a wonderful compliment to you, and it is great that others outside of AA will get a chance to read your excellent article. 🙂

    I am delighted for you. Well done, sir.

  58. RA says:

    Steve Bould told me he came across this strange guy wearing an Alcoholics Anonymous T shirt, while buying some sexy bra and pants in John Lewis.

    He told me the T shirt had the large capital ‘As’ on the front, hence the alcoholics anonymous reference.

    I will have to tell him that it was the boss of Arsenal Arsenal, — but that I have no idea why Rasp was buying bras and pants.

  59. RA says:

    Excuse me, GIE, @ 7:23

    Were you copying my 12:38?

    Anyway we seem to have the same view of the reasons for the defensive improvements this season. 🙂

    Still pretty mild and sunny here so it is GG time for me, as there is no one around. Ta ra. 🙂

  60. Gooner in Exile says:

    RA i may have copied you, but i may just have skim read and blurted it all out without realising you had already covered what i said.

    Evonne, its not that i underestimate Bouldie’s coaching, i think he is very good, but I also have a lot of respect for Pat Rice, I think Bouldy is lucky to work with players that Pat could only have hoped for over the last few seasons.

    Most importantly improvements in the midfield ahead of the back four is more important than improvements he is making in coaching the defence.

  61. Rasp says:

    😆 Redders

  62. Well done Evonne, excellent erudite Post, and there’s no doubt ‘Bouldie’ is a brilliant servant to the club, but I tend to agree with RA and Gooner In Exile with regard to the improved quality in front of the back four. In many ways for me the signing of Flamini has been equally as significant as the purchase of Mesut Ozil.
    GunnerN5 – I just want to add my congratulations to you for your fantastic piece the other day on the 1930 FA Cup Final,,and having it accepted by the club as a stand-out work of literature. To echo the words of RA, well done, sir. And a nice feather in the cap for the tireless administration team on by far the greatest Blog! 🙂
    Arnie – read your mammoth comment yesterday, and I shall get back to you at some point with my own opinion.

  63. chas says:

  64. chas says:

  65. Gööner In Exile says:

    Dhakka Wenger as Mr Miyagi is masterful observation.

    For me the biggest change at OT this season has been the removal of the back room team rather than the top man himself. Moyes (fair play to him I guess) wanted to do it his way so changed everyone, an further indication to me that SAF left a lot more to the coaching staff than many realised. When they were struggling they changed coaches and the refresher brought improvements.

    What Arsene has that Moyes doesn’t is a been there done it sounding board in Bould to add to his own years.

  66. MickyDidIt89 says:


    Great idea for a post. We do tend to overlook the contribution made by those behind the scenes. My view: don’t know, and I’ve always felt the body language between AW and SB to be weird at best. Still, no doubt defensive side is working.

    I’d put a large chunk down to stability between back three cb’s/gk. I said a few years ago that I’d never rate any of our famous back four as WC. As a well drilled unit, yes.

  67. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Right now for this GN5 stuff.

    Frankly, I’m livid and struggle to share in the joy. GN5 himself says “some of our other authors deserve it way more than I do”.

    Too right Matey, and you can make that “author” singular. Yes Me. Fucking cheek. I’ll be calling Arsenal.com first bloody thing.

    However, and here’s my sensitive side (take note Evonne), I’d like to say “bloody epic news GN5. Well done” 🙂

  68. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Ooo, and Pool at home in the cup. Great draw. Going to have to beat the big boys, and we’ve avoided chavs and oilers. And, at home.

  69. evonne says:

    note taken, well done DidIt.

    As for GN5 stuff – amazing, simply amazing

  70. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    Cold enough here to kill a hog …..

    Very happy with the FAC draw. Only concern is that given the difficulty of the games around it AW may well play a second string team.

  71. Big Raddy says:

    Love GM’s pic 7.29 He hasn’t changed at all 🙂

    And chas. Please do not find any skeletons in my cupboard!

  72. kelsey says:


    You are always so pessimistic 😉

  73. kelsey says:

    That picture od GN5 was taken in the Big Brother Room.

  74. Big Raddy says:

    What is a Big Brother Room? Unlike you to make a George Orwell reference kelsey.

  75. evonne says:

    Political correctness has gone one too far – introducing non-competitive rugby for youngsters, where there are no winners or losers. Hardly worth watching, init

    Thank you all, once again for kind comments. According to you the whole team takes credit for our good defending record. I can live with that 🙂

  76. chas says:

    Bouldie making Safe Hands and Rodders look small.


    Excellent post evonne

    I love Bouldy and hes doing a great job.

    I feel Redders and GIE have it spot on and echo my view to a tea.

    Arsene tells Bouldy what to do. I hear on the grapevine he makes a great cup of tea and can carry more than four cones at a time

    Of course I jest. The two elements that have Bouldy stamped all over it are near post flick ons and the back four line of string.

    Defending deeper and introducing Flamini to the squad would have pleased Bouldy to.

    Arsenes the man though. If things go wrong he gets stick, if right, hes lauded. The manager takes responsibility.

  78. evonne says:

    just realised that we are playing Pool twice in the second week of Feb. My house is going to be a cheerful place to be, not

    Chas – one for your animal curiosities album – dogs hate jam but love honey, no idea why


    Bouldy has a very upright gait. Ive never seen anyone so vertical. He probably sleeps standing up.

    That explains the eye liner look. The bloke must be knackered

  80. chas says:

    It’s the pips


    Oh yes, congratulations GN5. A well deserved recognition for our most experienced Gunner.

  82. Gööner In Exile says:

    Evonne there has always been a different code for rugby, a friends son played, firstly rules were introduced slowly, ie at under 7’s no kicking or offsides etc.

    Also if the score became greater than a set maximum, say 21 points the game was stopped, which meant if both teams wanted to play they had to show some empathy for the weaker team.

  83. Gööner In Exile says:

    Score difference that should be.

    Also worth looking up the original footballers Corinthians who always missed penalties because the ref must be wrong because gentlemen would not foul another, also if an opponent retired hurt they would remove one of their own players.


    I dont like Rugby

    Most Rugby players I have met are invaders of personal space.. When talking to you they stand an inch away, nose to forehead.

  85. chas says:

    Here’s a dog that likes to jam. 🙂

  86. evonne says:

    just as well we follow footy not rugby. I would have no interest in watching a friendly game against Spurs

  87. evonne says:

    cool dog 🙂

  88. Big Raddy says:

    A cat would just walk away

  89. chas says:

    Congratulations, GN5.

  90. Morning all

    I didn’t get a chance to comment yesterday but I concur with everyone else’s feelings that GN5 should be mighty proud to have an article published on Arsenal.com. Well done 🙂

  91. We have a New Post …………….

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