How would we react following a two week International break?

Well, the fans certainly got right back into their stride and were clearly showing Grade A Withdrawal Symptoms. The Arsenal came out of the blocks fast enough, as did The Saints. A good game appeared to be on the cards.

Twice in the opening 17 minutes, The Arsenal hit the woodwork. From a delicate chip across the face of goal from Jack, and a wonderful Mesut pass directed back heel from Aaron.

On 22 minutes, we were treated to one of those memorable goalkeeping clangers. Here, our Pole proved why he is THE Pole in Goal, as his opposite number failed miserably to emulate the silky skills of our No 1. Pressure from Ollie, and he fumbled his lines. 1-0.

Then The BFG had his Flak Jacket tugged. Penalty. Ollie 2-0.

Look, you’ve all seen the game, so you know these things. So, my feelings about the overall performance?

Back Five: The Dog’s Swingers these boys, they really are. Every one of them. At least 10 points each.

Defensive Midfield: Not the best of days here, although very much job done. That Wagamama Bloke of Raddy’s sure was a big unit, and I bet I wasn’t alone when looking at him and thinking “Ooooo”.

Next Three: I have to say that I’m not convinced that the moving parts are as interchangeable as Arsene likes to think. Santi started slowly, and although his second half was fresher and crisper, I’m not sure we will ever see the best of him away from the No 10 role, while the movement between Jack, Santi and Mesut did sometimes appear to baffle and confuse themselves as much as the Saints defence.

Right, back to that No 10. Why move Aaron from there, Arsene? Have you gone mad? You’re a defensive midfielder short without Flamini, so you move your form player and top scorer. Quite baffling. I wrote very recently how Jack will only move to the next level when he learns to move the ball faster. Yesterday it appeared he was aiming for as many Saints bodies as possible. Apart from moves breaking down, the most likely outcome is him breaking down. He is still very close to being a seriously top player, and I love his energy and movement.

Up Top: Ollie. Worked exceptionally hard. Scored twice. Great work.

Overall, very pleased. However, it was clear that there was some ring rust. Individuals were performing well, but the usual fluidity lacked lubrication. It would also be unfair not to praise what has been achieved at Southampton.

I’m sure many of you recall some of the whingers’ classic lines “bloody tippy tappy football, no end product. Look at Utd who know how to win ugly”.

Now, some people look great until you remove the make-up. Well, if yesterday was us without the slap on, then gis’ us a snog!

Today, we are even Topper of The League than we were yesterday morning. Very hard not to like that.

Feelings by MickyDidIt


  1. Räsp says:

    I’m going to read the post and empathise with Micky’s ‘feelings’ in a mo ….. here’s a comment I wanted to get off my chest that was orphaned on the end of the last post ….

    Talking of refs, has anyone else noticed that increasingly our players are being obstructed off the ball. I’m not talking about the jostling in the box from corners, but impeding our players (who are not in possession) to stop them making runs. This must be a foul, but when was the last time a ref gave a freekick for obstruction off the ball. This must be a foul – we are not playing American football!!!

  2. Räsp says:

    😆 Great matchy feely post Micky.

    I agree our embarrassment of riches in midfield is yet to settle to a perfect blend. Obviously too many perform to their best in the centre … the danger is that playing the likes of Aaron wide will eat into his confidence. I think Santi should be able to play wide left. Maybe if we play the 2 holding midfielders and get them to sit back to allow the fullbacks to provide the width, we can have 3 ‘fluent’ midfielders playing around the centre.

    A draw between the spuds and oilers would be a perfect result today.

  3. Norfolk Gooner says:

    ‘morning AAers, MickyDidIt did it again. Excellent work!

    Rasp, at least we got a penalty for a shirt tug, when was the last time you saw that happen?

    I know you shouldn’t laugh at others misfortunes, but Saint’s Pole in goal’s attempt to dribble the ball around Giroud had me in stitches.

    Right it’s time to put Saturday’s events behind us and concentrate on the little matter of Marseilles at home on Tuesday, well it would be but I’m going to have another laugh at Artur Boruc’s balls up first. 😀

  4. Räsp says:

    Morning NG,

    I agree about the shirt tug on Per – normally refs let those go, but
    there have been some seriously ridiculous red cards this season – Sunderland being the latest.

    There should be a change to the rules to say that a ref cannot issue a red card unless he has consulted with the nearest linesman. Obviously 2 people can still make a mistake but it would cut out some of the worst travesties.

    Poor refereeing can cost a club millions. Personally I have no problem with video reviews for serious incidents. It wouldn’t take any more time than elapses when the players crowd round the ref when there is dispute over a decision.

  5. Norfolk Gooner says:


    Then you get a case like yesterday in the Everton/’Pool game, the tackle on Suarez was horrendous, Dowd seemed to be talking to his assistants and took an age deciding to issue only a yellow card. A ludicrous decision, the tackle was one of the worst I’ve seen in ages.

  6. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Perhaps Chas could find the clip and post it.

  7. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Hey Micky are you taking the P out of SouthamPton 😀

  8. Räsp says:

    Thanks NG, I’ve put the ‘P’ back in SOUTHAMTON now 🙂

  9. JanMan says:

    Micky: Nice post, thank you. You mentioned ring rust, what I noticed the most was that we seemed to give the ball away more than usual with some bad passes. However, with that said, Southampton were no push overs so if that is how we do with “ring rust” and coming back from the International break, then I am very happy. Again the work rate of Giroud was outstanding. I too was somewhat surprised that Wilshere played the whole game. I have to agree with Rasp, there are a lot of off ball incidents on our players that are strangely “allowed” by some refs. Wilshere seems to be the main target? Any way at the end of the day we have three well earned points and remain top of the league! Hopefully we can push on with a win in the CL on Tuesday and maybe seal up qualification depending on other results.

  10. arnie says:

    Nice feelings, Micky, really enjoyed reading this. Provoked a lot of thoughts, which I guess is the objective, and points of difference. Yes, difference. My feelings from the game were a bit different from yours, so let me say how I saw it.

    12 games in (out of 38, about a third) and We are Top of the League. We are top by a clear 4 points, which means that, even if we were to somehow draw a couple of games, which we are not going to do, we will still remain Top of the League. We are Top despite losing the first game to Villa at home. We are Top not fleetingly, but have consistently maintained our Top position since game no 5. We are Top not by playing a predatory game, but by producing a hard fought yet beautiful game. Quite a handful there, is it not? If I may venture to say, the first time in some years as well.

    Some journos and pundits are still writing us off, but many others are getting converted to our form of the beautiful game, slowly but surely. Likewise the fans. The fair weather flock have started migrating slowly back to AA. Some pundits are still biased against Arsenal, but they are so embarrassed about it, it is a sight to behold. We have even started getting a few lucky breaks from the refs? So, what exactly are we complaining about? Maybe, the winter has got to us too quickly.

    Yesterday, we played at home against the Saints, the most compact defensive unit in the PL this year. I thought it will be a game of attrition, a cagey affair, few chances. They will continuously nip at the ankles of our crafty midfielders, and negate the possibility of a good game. Given our recent record, we will probably be unable to break through the Saints backline, and desperate times will ensue 60 mins on, with Theo and Rosicky thrown in to try and rescue the situation.

    How wrong was I!!!! The midfield was fantastic yesterday. First, I think for the first time this year, Ozil managed to consistently send deliveries beyond the oppossition back four. This I think made a big difference. Second, we were able to spread the game wide. Both wings worked really well, spreading the Saints back 4 out, so there was more space to work both through the middle and through the wings. Third, the tireless efforts of Ollie. What more can we say!!!!

    Yes, I share some of Micky’s disappointment that the flamboyance of Rambo was held up slightly. But this is a team game, and the strategy was necessitated by Flamster’s inavailability. But look at the threat we posed all the time, and the number of chances we produced against arguably the best defensive side. There were the two goals. Perhaps a touch of luck involved as well. But, there were also the two dream moves when we hit the post. Plus, there was the Ozil shot and the Theo attempt. Plus, constant threat in the air from set-pieces.

    And I haven’t even discussed our defensive show, which was supreme. All in all, I was very happy, and just wanted to share these happy feelings with you all.

    I leave you with some sombre thoughts from Olivier Giroud, our hero of the day: “Two days before I lost my grandfather so I’m really motivated to dedicate these goals to him and I hope he is proud of me in the sky.”

  11. Räsp says:

    Hi arnie, do you think if we’re 12 points clear with 3 games to play, Shearer might give us a chance of winning the PL?

  12. arnie says:

    No chance, Rasp, but the looks of embarrassment on his face will be fantastic. Yesterday’s situation on MOTD with Hansen was comical!!!!! 😀 😀 Good times!!!!

  13. JanMan says:

    The likes of Shearer and Hansen are a joke! If either of them were worth a shite then they would be doing something worthwhile in football! As aggrevating as it is, all we can do is laugh at some of their comments. Hopefully we can rub their faces in it at the end of the season 🙂

  14. arnie says:

    Rasp: I do not blame Shearer and co that much here. I have very strong views. The EPL has marketed itself as the best place in the western hemisphere to convert black money into white. And there is plenty of such black money. These pundits are paid to maintain this aura. However, if the likes of Arsenal start winning without spending (that much) money, it defeats the enterprise. Everyone realises that the main purpose of spending is not winning trophies or playing a good game, but something else. Shearer and co are paid to not allow this to happen. Hence they have to continue doing what they do at the moment, which is rubbish ARSENAL’s chances!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  15. Räsp says:

    Wow arnie, that is quite a conspiracy theory! I haven’t heard of ‘black’ or ‘white’ money – is it an accountancy term?

  16. arnie says:

    My pleasure, Rasp, the same with 20-20. Come on, everyone knows where all this money in football comes from!!!! 😀 😀 Conspiracy theories are the spice of life!!!!

  17. arnie says:

    On Wilshere playing the whole game, he said clearly that he did not have a niggle, so he does not know where all this rumour comes from. Interesting, but is it a surprise, really? 😀 😀 😀

  18. Räsp says:

    Hush your mouth arnie … the press only print what is gospel 🙄

    On the subject of players not in possession being obstructed (I know I’m getting boring) There was a set piece goal highlighted on MotD a while back (I think it was Stoke) where a rehearsed set piece involved players off the ball blocking defenders so that their striker could have a free header. It had been worked on in training. Managers are training their players to stop the movement of payers off the ball so that ‘clever runs’ can be counteracted by cloggers.

    Which team has the best movement and the players who make the most intelligent runs? – Arsenal. For many years it has been the ploy to kick us off the ball because we could be physically bullied – now lesser teams are targeting and obstructing our players in build-up play, not only by persistent fouling on the player in possession but by body checking the runners. I hope this subject will be highlighted this season as I see it all too often against us.

  19. RA says:

    Micky I enjoyed your ‘feelings’ Post which is a classic of its kind. 🙂

    I am trying to remember a poem which included the key words Ealing, feeling and ceiling, but I cannot quite recall it.

    I will have to ask the Rasper – he knows everything!! 🙂

  20. RA says:

    Arnie, Hi and where do you get this ‘black and white’ money stuff? Sounds like a chocolate Easter Egg.

    Are you in the Mafia? 🙂 And you seemed such a nice man too.

  21. Räsp says:

    As if you didn’t know Redders 😳

    There was a young woman from Ealing, who had a peculiar feeling, she lay on her back, and opened her crack, and p%$£&d all over the ceiling

  22. RA says:

    Rasper, howdy. 🙂

    I am shocked at your ditty – the poem I was thinking of went something like;

    They made a film in Ealing
    Because of the way they were feeling
    They wanted money back
    To spend it on smack
    Which left the studio reeling

    Classy, eh? 🙂

  23. arnie says:

    Rasp and Redders: 😀 😀 Yes, time to shut up. I had half a thought of doing a post during the interlull, Thank heavens I didnt!!!!!

    Rasp: Your point is not boring. I have been thinking about this all morning. Here are my current thoughts. Moving off the ball is a key part of Arsenal’s game. And they are supreme in this game, in the EPL certainly. Refereeing standards are set in Europe, where there are certainly Barca and Real. Perhaps also Bayern, but I have not seen that much of their game to know that well.

    Refereeing standards in the EPL is poor. The question is, how do they deal with such blocking tactics in Europe. The problem is, of course, that this style comes from Latin America who do not set the international standards in refereeing, at least not at the moment. I think things are not going to change that much unless the standards are set higher. Probably in Europe. Otherwise this negative game is going to continue!!! Alas!!! 😀 😀 😀

  24. i like and respect your feelings Mickey. I hope we also agree that we are in a very good position to end our failing to win a big prize this year. I have whinged at times but I’m not doing so now. Tippy tappy football is excellent, especially when the end product is a goal as good as Jack’s sublime finish in our home game with Norwich.
    My happiness relies sometimes on the things I can’t control. I am proud of our manager. His dignity. elegance and loyalty. Indeed his whole persona and name fits our club. Arsenal existed and were at times successful in achievements before him, and though that may have pre-dated the birth of some of us, it must not be overlooked.
    I am proud of and celebrate all of our club’s achievements despite not having been born in some of those times. @ GiE- History. Herbert Chapman & before.
    If the term ” Johnny Come Lately ” causes the hackles to rise on some, then they can say they’re the new kids in town. Old people die first (usually),however, before too long, we will all be history.
    As far as that is concerned, I would like the history of Arsenal to be supremely positive. I love the Gunners. (past and present). Yeah!!

  25. Räsp says:

    Hi Tony, welcome again, its good to have your views on the site.

    I read your comment earlier and like others was interested to know who you consider to be ‘Johnny come lately’s.

    Most of the regulars on here have a rich Arsenal heritage, but we specifically try not to categorise bloggers in that way because all opinion is valid and those who are younger are very lucky to have less miles in the clock 😛

    Many of us lost a bit of faith in recent years when possession alone did not win games and the tired ‘trying to walk it into the net’ phrase was used to criticise the Arsenal. There is definitely a new spirit among the team and the supporters, the belief is back and with it, success.

  26. arnie says:

    Rasp: On the more general question about whether the referees in the EPL will take any initiative and try and set standards, unfortunately I think NO. They are at best a bunch of mildly competent rule followers, let alone any pretense of setting standards and trends for others to follow!!! We need to really look at Europe and if trends are set there, perhaps the refs here will follow, but with a lag.

  27. evonne says:

    spineless spurs, just rolled over for shitty

  28. Gööner In Exile says:

    Nice feelings Micky. 😀

    Now where are all those people who thought Spuds did a good job in the transfer window… long has AVB got?

  29. evonne says:

    Micky – ‘did sometimes appear to baffle and confuse themselves as much as the Saints defence’ – that was a cunning plan of AW, he’s done it deliberately.

    Yep, not the best of our performances, but as someone has rightly said before – that’s what the champions are made of, knowing how to win ugly when needed. We watched United winning while playing poor, so I have no complaints if the team has an average day, but exceptional result.

    Thanks DidIt, cheerful write up, you never disappoint 🙂

  30. evonne says:

    fantastic atmosphere at the Etihad stadium

  31. arnie says:

    Was it just me that thought yesterday was a fantastic performance. Very different shape, very different strategy, and it worked marvels against a defensively really good side. We did not look to attack mainly on the counter, we held a higher line, we got the wings working spreading the field out, and we got behind the back 4 sufficiently many times. Our midfield worked really really well, something that was missing for a few games as well!!!!! 😀 😀

  32. arnie says:

    shocking poor Spuds.

  33. Räsp says:

    Not that it matters in the context of this game, but City are subsidising Adebarndoor to the tune of £95k a week. That in reality is investing in totnum’s squad – shouldn’t be allowed. I know he’s crap but there is a principle involved.

    Very clever of the chavs to loan Lukaku to Everton – as a direct result they cost pool 2 points yesterday. As far as I’m concerned, players should only be sent out on loan to clubs in a lower division otherwise the super rich can bolster the squads of mid table sides so they take points off their rivals….. I’m having a ranting sort of a day 😦

  34. Räsp says:

    6 – 0 hahahhahahhahhahaaaaaaaaa 😛

  35. arnie says:

    fair points, Rasp. The 6-0 should cheer you up!!!!

  36. Räsp says:

    All I want is Cardiff to win 6 nil now arnie

  37. arnie says:

    Rasp: 😀 😀 😀

  38. LB says:

    Taxi for AVB

  39. arnie says:

    LB: No, not good enough for a taxi, public transport for AVB, Tube maybe ….. 😀 😀

  40. Räsp says:

    I must confess I was one who was worried that Totnum’s signings would make them stronger – how wrong could I be?

    I did say at the time that I suspected that many of the new signings would have release clauses in their contracts if they do not make the CL next season. If totnum was their shop window into the PL they’re not selling themselves are they? 😆

    I think AVB needs to learn that less is more. Too many mid range players, none of real quality, although I do think Paulinho could be good in the right team given time.

  41. Big Raddy says:

    Micky. Nice work. I agree the defence deserved 10+. To think that people seriously believed Spurs have the better back 5!

  42. Big Raddy says:

    30 mill for Lamela was inspired 🙂

  43. arnie says:

    The fact that you need to build a team, and not a collection of players is often not understood enough.

  44. Gööner In Exile says:

    Well said Arnie.

    Rasp on the blocking runs at set pieces, there are none greater than Mourinhos first Chav team….Terry and Carvallho were masters defensively and attacking.

    How many times after the United game did we hear pundits say Zonal marking only works if you have players blocking the runs, not running with, they specifically said block. If everyone did it and the refs look for it we would be in for a number of indirect free kicks against.

    However I think obstruction is very hard to rule on, for years defenders have got away with allowing a ball to run out of play whithout touching the ball but blocking the attacker getting past, for some reason this is considered acceptable

  45. Räsp says:

    Good points GiE, but at least when a defender is shepherding a ball into touch he can be said to be in possession of the ball. What I am talking about normally happens in open play outside the box and occurs when we try a give and go, and the player moving into position to receive the ball is deliberately blocked.

  46. chas says:

    Cheers, Micky.
    Definitely not one of our more fluent performances, but as you say, a fair bit of that was down to Southampton. Three points, clean sheet, what’s not to like.

  47. chas says:

  48. chas says:

  49. chas says:

  50. chas says:

  51. Bayonne Jean says:

    Shocking! Rooney should have been sent off for that kick out at the Cardiff player. Only a yellow, which is what the ref is for not showing the red. Purple Proboscis is in the house, and so probably is his money in the official’s locker.

    And Rooney scores! Bloody hell……!

  52. arnie says:

    fecks sake, more refereeing howlers! Rooney should have seen a straight red, nothing given, and now scores a goal!!!! 😀 😀

  53. arnie says:

    The smiley faces are a mistake, should be angry faces, apologies.

  54. evonne says:

    fecks sake, get your act together arnie 😦

  55. arnie says:

    Evonne: 😳

  56. evonne says:

    I know, I know that i am going to get abuse from you guys, but I have to say that 1. I feel sorry for the tottnumbs fans and 2. I still don’t think that AVB is a terrible manager. They were not great last season and if not for the ape, they would never finish 5th. So this season the monkey is gone and they have 6-7 players that won’t play together for at some time yet. The new acquisitions will not make rubbish teammates look good, ie the likes of Adebarndoor can refelect badly on any performer.

    I have to add to my defence, that I would never, repeat never feel sorry for Spurs if they were a threat to us. But feeling extremely superior to them makes me more generous.

    Frazer Campbell!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. arnie says:

    ha ha ha 1-1

  58. neamman says:

    A deserved win yesterday although I have to admit I prefer Flamini to Arteta. I really don’t think Mikel deserves to be in the starting 11 although a great sub to bring on.
    As for the blocking.. I am sure we are not the only team who gets it and also suspect that players like TA and Martin K were experts at doing it. We just have to deal with it.
    After roughly a third of the season we are in a great position and, unless City improve their away form, maybe only have Chelsea to fear.

  59. Räsp says:

    Cardiff level, Rooney to get sent off next …….

  60. dandan says:

    Henry Winter ‏@henrywinter 1h
    #mcfc fans singing: “Adebayor…what’s the score?”

  61. neamman says:

    I was more surprised at the Spuds good start than I am at their recent decline for exactly the reasons you mentioned. How can you meld 6-7 players into a new unit so quickly, but I certainly don’t feel sorry for their fans.

  62. arnie says:

    Rasp: I like that. Let us have a look through Spuds blogs when we did poorly in the past. 😀 😀

  63. Räsp says:

    Yes arnie, I’ve had to put up with a lot of stick from totnum fans in recent years – and yet they’ve never finished above us in the eps

  64. arnie says:

    Not to mention the drama in the transfer window…..

  65. arnie says:

    Evonne: AVB may be a nice bloke, and some Spuds supporters may be decent human beings. But no sympathies for shocking performance. If they had taken a point off Shitty, that would be different

  66. Big Raddy says:

    Never finished above us this century.

  67. Big Raddy says:

    Rooney decision was understandable given how far the ref was from the play but where was the linesman? It should have been his call

  68. neamman says:

    anyone know if Arteta is injured seriously?

  69. arnie says:

    2-2 yo ho ho!!!!!

  70. evonne says:

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees you beauty!!!

  71. neamman says:

    Some of the Canadian based members here may remember. If they were at the Mad Hatter when we won at WHL 3-1 about 5-6 years ago. What a great game and we had only one spuds fan there who was crowing at 1-0 to them at the half. After the 3 second half goals there were about 10 gooners slagging him off in a friendly fashion and he stumped out in a huff.

  72. evonne says:

    cardiff equalize in Fergie time aha ha ha ha aha ha ha ah ha

  73. Big Raddy says:

    We will see how poor MU’s performance was next saturday. Cardiff look a tough team to break down and good at set pieces.

    MU fans all over the web complaining about how poor their side is, yet they are only 1 pt behind MC and 3 behind the Chavs. Spoiled Surrey prawn-sandwich eating morons – still hope they beat Spurs next week.

  74. evonne says:

    nay Raddy, I know that wanting spurs to win is pushing things too far, so I’d settle for a draw. Let both teams lose 2 points each

  75. Big Raddy says:

    evonne. I was being foolish, a draw is the best result.

  76. Gööner In Exile says:

    Sorry what’s this nonsense that they can’t be expected to meld together, they train together 3/4 days a week, they have played 12 PL games and a handful of cup games together.

    If I was Levy I’d be asking Baldini why we spent so much money on this shite, ‘Arry could’ve done that. Spuds were busy flashing the cash from the Bale deal and new TV money fully expecting it to give the CL status and therefore more Revenue with which to build their new stadium. Whilst they may not have spent much more than they received in terms of transfer fees can you imagine the wage cost that these new players demanded.

    Spuds first club to fall foul of EPL FFP? Very likely!

  77. LB says:

    Adebayor — Daniel Levy — Good business man?

  78. LB says:

    I was also wondering why Wilshere stayed on for the full 90 and then I just noticed that we play Marseille on Tuesday.

    It’s political, Wenger can now justifiably leave him on the bench and start with Rosicky or at least he should. This is based on Arteta being fit of course.

    Thanks for sharing your feelings Micky.


    Fine post Micky

    I have consulted my crystal ball and now know that in 2 years time we will embark on a European adventure were we will win the Champions League and then the following year retain it.

    We are on course to having a side that will be accepted as the best side in Europe

    We have every chance of winning the Champions League this year, but I accept at the moment we are not the best side yet.

    As for the league? We will sneak it this year and piss it the next.

  80. RockyLives says:

    Nice feelings Micky

    Enjoyed the read.

    Looks like Shitty and the Chavs will be our big rivals when it comes to the EPL this year. Liverpool may also hang in there. It sure is interesting.

  81. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Evening all.

    I know we’ve moved away from the post and on to gloating, but just read my post back and want to clarify something.

    I don’t think we should be after Wagamama just me being boring about wopping great powerful DM’s. If he could pass well, that would be a different story.

    Back to gloating. Some ROLFINGLY funny scores 🙂


    Totnumb got what they deserved Micky

    I dont know why they deserved it, but they just did.

    I am a great believer that in life you get what you deserve, and I dont know why, but no one deserves what they deserved today more than them

  83. Gööner In Exile says:

    Had to go peek at a Spud blog, this made me ROLF

    Boy Charioteer
    November 24, 2013 at 2:44 pm
    Just got back with the dogs off the field. Wtf has happened?

    Phil McAvity
    November 24, 2013 at 3:29 pm
    Totenham have been bummed by Man City. That pretty much sums it up!!

  84. chas says:

    JC is not going on Tuesday as it’s on ITV.
    Any regular want it for 40 squid?

  85. chas says:

  86. chas says:

  87. chas says:

  88. chas says:

    Right off to watch the comedy special on the Beeb.


    Just watched it chas.

    I can only come to one conclusion. Totnumb deserved that.

  90. i recorded MotD2 for the laugh tonight, be back soon.

  91. LB says:

    AVB: “I am ashamed of Spurs.”

    Its getting better and better by the minute.

  92. dhakka09 says:

    Tottnumb landed on their butts, ShaLaLaLaLa
    Spuds got kicked in the nuts, HaHaHaHaHa
    Gunners fly the flag high up at the top, OléOléOlé
    Just to take the ball out of net, Spuds need another Goalie 😀

  93. dhakka09 says:

    Top post Micky. My apologies for a brief commenting hiatus for the past week or so. Won’t happen again, I promise 😉

  94. MickyDidIt89 says:

    “There’s a power shift in North London”

  95. MickyDidIt89 says:

    “Yeah right, course there is My Dears”

    ROLF he he he he he he he

  96. MickyDidIt89 says:


    Just saw your ticket alert.

    I’d like more than anything to join you, but just not poss. Need to be too far away first thing weds.

    Real bugger is that this term the CL is sending me ghostly messages. “Beeee there Didit. Beeee there”

    I’ve been to Napoli (our best ever half), and obviously Dortmund.

  97. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Men in Lycra already gone!

  98. chas says:

    I don’t really wear lycra. Just lazy today.
    It’s a must win game, Micky. Turning point for the season.
    Massive step on the road to Lisbon. Should be good.

  99. arnie says:

    motning all

  100. evonne says:

    shall i go?
    tough decision, seeing Baby1 or the game…..don’t know

  101. evonne says:

    that Evra gif is fantastic, I love it

    nope, sorry guys, I feel for Spurs because I know how it feels to be afraid of leaving home on Monday and facing other fans lurking round the corner to take the piss. 8;2 is still freshly in my mind

  102. chas says:

    Never rip the piss directly unless you can face the same coming back when it’s your turn, but amongst like-minded folks it’s one of the best feelings.
    Don’t deprive yourself.

    Surely Evra and spud fans are at a similar level anyway?

  103. chas says:

  104. chas says:

  105. chas says:

  106. evonne says:

    oh no, I hate Evra much more
    Chas, if nobody else is desperate to take JCs ticket, I will go. What’s wrong with the old Casanova?

  107. chas says:

  108. chas says:

    No-one else has shown interest as yet.
    Only go if you want to, though.
    There’s nowt wrong with JC, it’s just the lure of his sofa when it’s on ITV (also he’s less keen on leaving his missus on her own in the evenings).

    My older bro was saying that they’ve really destroyed the one way system around the back of Seven Sisters. We’re going to have to start taking him via the A10 and Green Lanes, I think.

  109. evonne says:

    i ALWAYS want to go! It is my health that doesn’t.

    Why doesn’t JC want to leave his wife in the evening, she woudn’t run away with the neighbour, would she?

    Chas, London is undrivable these days, traffic is shocking. The offer still stands – park at mine and take few stops on the tube, by far the fastest way.

  110. Big Raddy says:


    I share evonne’s dislike of Evra – a truly odious individual but he will be gone next season and Spurs will still be in our shadow for the coming decades.

    Piss taking is an essential part of the football experience.

  111. arnie says:

    Evonne: you are too nice. I wonder whether your Totnum fan friends thought of your welfare in the same way after the 8-2 disaster…..

  112. evonne says:

    arnie – don’t know. i stayed indoors for a week 🙂

  113. arnie says:

    evonne: 😀

  114. chas says:

    Trouble is JC lives in Brimsdown nowhere near the tube and he doesn’t walk very far without getting tired. We have to park near the Tavern and walk to the ground from there and that nearly kills him. He’d never hack the Tube.

    The Piccadilly from Cockfosters wasn’t running on Saturday. We had to go to New Southgate overground.

  115. chas says:

  116. chas says:

  117. Räsp says:

    We should all try to ‘innocently’ work the number 6 into conversations with spud fans today 😛

  118. Big Raddy says:

    I guess most of your Spurs supporting colleagues will be on six leave

  119. Räsp says:

    😆 six as parrots!

    I’ll have to treat both sexes the same – I don’t want to be accused of sixual discrimination

  120. chas says:

  121. Räsp says:

    A lot of them come from Essix you know

  122. chas says:

  123. Räsp says:

    I think they have to go back to basix

  124. chas says:

  125. Räsp says:

    What’s a totnum fan’s favourite television series? ……. Six in the City

  126. Räsp says:

    Favourite road – rout 66

  127. chas says:

  128. Räsp says:

    He had a lot of wives that Henry VIII

  129. Räsp says:

    I hear the manager has changed his name to AVIB

  130. Big Raddy says:

    Rasp. Like that one!

  131. Räsp says:

    That’s enough triumphalism 😆

    ….. New post ……

  132. chas says:

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