Arsenal Arsenal’s Friday News Round-Up.

Friday can often be a bit of a dead day for Arsenal related news at least until the Manager’s press conference in the late afternoon. Much of the news has been touched upon over the course of the last several days in the various excellent posts and the myriad comments by AA regulars and others. Just in case you missed the major news items of the week, here’s a round-up of some of them.

Sunday. Arsenal went back to the top of the Premier League with a handsome 3-1 win against Stoke City at Emirates. Mesut Ozil supplied all three assists in a demonstration of just why Arsene shelled out £40.2 million for him. Goals by Aaron Ramsey after just five minutes, Mertesacker on thirty six, to restore the lead after Cameron had equalised for Stoke on twenty six minutes, and a rare headed goal by Bacari Sagna wrapped it up on seventy two minutes.

Monday saw the publication of Arsenal’s Statement of Accounts and Annual Report 2012/2013, a fairly healthy set of figures despite a fall in pre-tax profit to £6.7 million from £36.6 million in the previous year. The club have no short term debt and a cash reserve of £119.7 million, of course these figures do not include the summer transfer dealings, so at least £42.2 million must be deducted due to the purchase of Mersut Ozil.

Commenting on the results for the year the Club’s Chairman, Sir Chips Keswick, said:

“It is my job to ensure we steer further along the course we have set. We must continue to grow commercially to provide the Club with the best opportunity to achieve success and we must do this in a way which remains true to our values and which ensures and protects the long-term sustainability of the Club”.

It was later revealed that Theo Walcott would be out for some weeks after requiring surgery on a groin and pelvic injury.

Wednesday’s Capital One Cup brought yet another away win, to add to the fine run of form, a mostly young side gaining a win on penalties after a 1 – 1 stalemate against West Brom. There is no need for me to add to the excellent match report posted by 26may89 yesterday. Our reward for the win is a juicy home tie with Chelsea in the next round.

Thursday brought the news that Mikel Arteta was subbed on Wednesday not through injury but merely cramp. For which we are all mightily relieved.

Friday. Read all about it!! Long interview with Stan Kroenke in this morning’s Telegraph Sport Section. Kroenke is in for the long haul, there’s money in the kitty Oh! And Arsene is staying!

Have a good weekend all.

 Written by Norfolk Gooner

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  1. Bïg Räddy says:

    NG. Fine work.

    Unable to read the Telegraph Kroenke interview as I am timed out and do not want to buy a subscription.

    Can someone copy & paste?

  2. Sav from Australia says:

    A very well written round up of the weeks events. Is this going to be a regular column Norfolk?

  3. Sav from Australia says:

    Hey Raddy I read it off the telegraph link on and it didn’t want to charge me. Maybe because I’m in Australia tho…will copy and paste when I get near a PC…doing it on the phone is beyond my skills.

  4. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Sav, better ask Peaches that question, I gave her some grief by including some old news and also left her to do the editing. All at the last minute! Sorry again Peaches. 😕

  5. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Norfolk countryside calling, lovely day for a six mile walk, back later.

  6. dandan says:

    From Todays Telegraph

    Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke gives unequivocal backing for Arsène Wenger to extend his stay into third decade
    Stan Kroenke is only five minutes into a near hour-long interview but any doubts over whether he wants Arsène Wenger to continue into an unprecedented third decade as Arsenal manager have already evaporated.

    There’s no one I feel more strongly about and I think he is doing a great job,” says Kroenke. “We have been very supportive, we have never wavered, we are proud of him, proud of the club, the way the club is run and how it holds itself out to the world.”
    Wenger is now in the final season of his three-year contract but, when asked whether the club’s most successful manager remains central to his “long-term” Arsenal vision, Kroenke could not be more emphatic.
    “That’s exactly right,” he says. “Arsène knows how we feel, what our philosophy is, what we want to do and I feel like we are totally aligned. I think he wants to do it the exact same way as we do.”
    There is a caveat, however. While Kroenke senses that Wenger’s passion is undiminished for what he has called “the club of my life”, he also knows that his manager is approaching 64 and, by common consent, has just endured one of the most challenging periods of his 17-year tenure at Arsenal.
    Initial talks have been held and an offer will be made but Wenger has so far suggested that he still feels a need to prove himself again. Kroenke does not share that sentiment and, with the team having made such a good start to the season, there is optimism on both sides that a deal will be struck.
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    “Arsène is his own man, he will make up his own mind,” says Kroenke. “There is a lot of pressure in the job, he has handled it very well but at some point we all make up our minds whether we continue in our careers.
    “I don’t want to say something about Arsène that is not the way he feels but, to me, I think he seems to love what he does. I had my son and a bunch of his friends at the training ground. A couple of them are NBA players.
    “We were standing out in the rain watching. It rained like hell. This was going on for several hours. I was getting worried about players getting hit by lightning and Arsène was out in the middle of it. He’s out there coaching every day. You’ve got to love that or you can’t do it. That’s a passion.”

    Wenger is already the longest-serving manager of a Premier League club by 14 years and, despite all the change that has gone on around him, retains full power over Arsenal’s entire football operation.
    Kroenke does not want to alter that structure and also stresses that Arsenal’s funds – their annual turnover will soon join Manchester United at over £300 million – will be available for further signings of the magnitude of the £42 million Mesut Özil deal.
    “I really enjoy Arsène – very smart, very intelligent,” says Kroenke. “He has an absolute view on how he runs that team and the club. He has earned that right. Don’t look for me to interfere with that. I have learnt over the years that sometimes owners try do that and it is not so good.
    “We’ve always said that there are resources available. There are guys who say that we should push Arsène harder to spend. That’s fair enough – there are always lots of opinions but Arsène is an independent thinker and planner. He works very hard at it and has a wonderful record. He was trained in economics.”
    Wenger has previously likened football to art and, beyond just economics, it is clear that he has found something of a kindred spirit. Kroenke even admits that the presence of Wenger, as well as the club’s London location, infrastructure and business model, was fundamental in his decision to start buying Arsenal shares in 2007.
    Indeed, having begun watching Arsenal closely when they won the Premier League/FA Cup double of 2002, Kroenke still regards it as “my big mistake” not to become involved sooner.
    “The way they play, the passing, the ball movement, it’s beautiful to watch,” he says. “It’s boom, boom, boom – someone has got space and they open it up. It’s fun. Basketball is where I spent a lot of my youth. I could shoot the basket but the best feeling in basketball is when one of your team-mates makes a great pass.”
    It all amounts to the most resounding possible endorsement but Kroenke still debunks the idea that the club – or indeed Wenger – are satisfied simply by regular top-four finishes. Arsenal lead the Premier League table and it is winning this competition that he craves above all others.
    “There would be nothing more thrilling,” says Kroenke. “I’m not getting any younger. It’s something I would like to achieve. I’ve done it a couple of times in the US [in ice-hockey, American football and Major League Soccer] and it was unbelievable.
    “For the players, for the coaches and the manager, as well everyone around the club, I can’t imagine the level of excitement. The idea that no one cares or is passionate about that sort of thing is just beyond the realms of imagination.”
    It is certainly difficult to spend time in Kroenke’s company and not be persuaded that his passion for Arsenal is both genuine and growing. He is generally in London on a monthly basis and spends between 30-40 days a year in England on Arsenal-related matters. When he is in the US, contact with chief executive Ivan Gazidis and new chairman Sir Chips Keswick is continuous.
    With NBC now streaming every Premier League game live, he can follow matches on his phone or iPad. Kroenke uses the word “torturous” to describe the experience of watching any of his sports teams.
    “Part of the problem of being involved is that you get drawn in so much it can ruin your day, ruin your weekend and it sticks with you,” he says. “My mom says the key to life is to stay balanced. I get too wrapped up in it.”
    Kroenke is also keen to tackle head-on some of the fears and suspicions that have surrounded American owners in football.
    He is bemused by all the opposition to the Glazer family at Manchester United and, without prompting, cites the example of successful sports owners in the US who may take profits from their club. His argument is two-fold.
    There are different rules in US sports which limit spending on player wages and so prevent clubs from investing all of their revenue back into the team.
    Kroenke also highlights the risk that owners must now take in the billionaire world of professional sport and suggests that their ultimate responsibility is to underpin the club’s stability and on-field potential with the optimum commercial base.
    “You can say people are attracted by the Premier League around the world because they think they are going to come here and make a buck,” he says.
    “I think if they were looking at the league in the opposite way, you have got a lot of problems. I say to my friends, ‘people should want a healthy commercial club’.
    “When these teams fail, the ownership leaves, the players generally move on and the management get other jobs. The people that do stay are the fans. They are the core group.
    “If I was a fan, it would be extremely high on my list to get healthy revenues and a healthy system because that generally will have a correlation with the success of the club.
    “The Los Angeles Lakers in the US are big-time winners and their owners make it profitable, they take money for profit and yet the fans don’t care. They were the single most healthy financial club in the NBA and they won the most.
    “If you’re Jerry Jones [the Dallas Cowboys owner] he has tremendous revenue but can’t spend any more than the guy at Cincinnati. There are hard rules on that. Whether he takes money out of the club is irrelevant because he has been growing revenues and is limited by what he can spend.”
    And the Glazers? “If I was a fan, I would go, ‘OK, they have doubled the commercial revenues, they have been winning the Premier League, they moved well in the Champions League, they have reduced debt overall’.
    “I just think it is so interesting because what else would you ask for? I really do think it goes back to a time when finances were a lot different. When people have literally billions invested, to sit there and say, ‘this is an investment no one can touch’.
    “That’s unlike any investment that I know of. It is hundreds of millions if things go wrong. Everybody assumes nothing ever goes wrong. In an economic world that is just not the case.”
    Unlike the Glazer takeover at United, Kroenke’s purchase of Arsenal did not place any debt or interest liability on the club.
    With the deal valuing Arsenal at £731 million, and payments structured over five years, it represented the single biggest outlay for a sports club in the world.
    Kroenke stresses that he has always supported Arsenal’s self-sustainable philosophy that makes the club’s natural revenues available for squad strengthening.
    In answer to concerns that he might take money out of the club in other ways, he urges fans to assess his record during five years as an Arsenal director and almost two decades in American sport.
    With Alisher Usmanov still owning almost 30 per cent of the shares and seen by some fans as a potential ‘sugar-daddy’ alternative, Kroenke is equally sure that the alternative billionaire benefactor model that has been seen at Chelsea, Manchester City and now Paris St-Germain would offer less stability.
    “People talk about throwing much more money at it, not towards me but some other owners,” he says. “Yeah, for a while. People don’t do that indefinitely. Even the wealthiest guys and we know a bunch of them. After a while, they don’t like doing it. So when that happens, what happens to the fans?
    “I tend to think, ‘what do I have, what are our commercial revenues, what can we do to help them have the highest level of quality on the pitch?”
    And with his son Josh now running the basketball and ice-hockey operations in Denver, it is perfectly possible to imagine Arsenal being with the Kroenke family for a generation or more.
    “There’s a lot of reasons why you get involved,” says Kroenke. “I love sport. I like the values it teaches our youth. I’ve taught my own children through it. When I couldn’t play at the highest level, I always had a dream to own a team. I’ve never sold a share and I don’t have any interest in it.
    “I always had the idea of building something long term. I could make a lot of money just flipping, selling it on. That doesn’t appeal to me. I told my wife a while back, ‘I guess we are lucky. On the one hand you could complain about me working too much, on the other hand I enjoy what I do’.
    “That’s why I work. I would like to be really clear. We are here and we like being here.”

  7. LB says:

    “The Friday News Round Up”……..what a clever idea.

    Nice work NG

  8. Evönne says:

    NG – to answer your question from earlier on – ABSOLUTELY 🙂
    Need to go, I am looking forward to reading your post later.

  9. dhakka09 says:

    Wenger saying in his presser he wants to stay at Arsenal forever 😀

  10. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    “LB says:
    September 27, 2013 at 11:02 am
    “The Friday News Round Up”……..what a clever idea.

    Nice work NG”

    Repeated by SSG…..cheers NG !!

  11. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    Morning all

  12. RockyLives says:

    Great idea for a regular Friday column – well done NG.

    The interview with Kroenke should dispel some of the abusive claptrap that gets written about the man, based entirely on ignorance and vindictiveness.

    When I look round the landscape of big club owners, I don’t see many better then ours.

  13. MickyDidIt89 says:


    That’s Fridays sorted out 🙂
    Superb idea, and great write up. Thank you.

    Well now, where are we? Autumn Swells are here (no, not the autumnal version of springs’ sap up time), but big surf. Great weekend ahead, starting in two hours time 🙂

    When is Santi expected back in action?

  14. MickyDidIt89 says:


    Couldn’t agree more about our Owner. I look around and see the meddling owners and think “thank God for the not-so-silent one”.

    Great interview, and thanks Dandan for publishing it.

  15. GunnerN5 says:

    A superb interview, we can always rely on Dandan to post great articles from the telegraph. This is being typed on an I pad, while I am sitting on the beach here on the Palm Coast.

    It never fails to amaze me how pervious doubters and self made critics jump back on the arsenal bandwagon as soon as we string together some vIctories. However I refuse to say I told you so – there I never said anything – did I

    I have no idea how to capitalize letters on the I pad.

  16. 26may1989 says:

    Afternoon. Sterling contribution, Mr Norfolk.

    Mickster, I think Cazorla is expected to be back for the West Brom league game, so weekend after this one. If I remember rightly, Rosicky is back.

  17. GunnerN5 says:

    = previous, pervious.

  18. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Thank you for the kind comments folks, it’s nice to feel appreciated.
    Thanks to DanDan for adding the Kroenke interview, I’m having trouble with Adobe Reader and couldn’t download it.

    Just back from that walk, along field edges, farm tracks, quiet lanes and across stubble fields, all dry underfoot and beautiful warm sunny weather as well. Lunch at The Edgefield Pigs, smoked bacon and Binham Blue cheese sandwich with a pint of Adnam’s Ghost Ship. Almost as good as some West Country surfing.

  19. RockyLives says:

    Haha – now AW says he wants to stay at Arsenal for ever 🙂

    I bet that’s gone down like a rat sandwich over at LegOver 🙂

  20. MickyDidIt89 says:

    You are capitalizing all over the place! 🙂

    Thanks 26 and Oooo goodie.
    Theo is going to be a big miss, so having more skill merchants around has to be very good news. We can then wiggle our way through defences, rather than flashing past in a haze of chalk dust

  21. RockyLives says:

    I hope your holiday is relaxing and enjoyable. And you clearly have just enough internet access to stay in touch with the goings on at The Mighty.

  22. 26may1989 says:

    Ditto, thanks dandan for posting the full Telegraph article. There’s a lot in there from Silent Stan – there are some aspects I don’t agree with, on which I might comment another time, when I’ve digested it properly. But there is a lot more to Kroenke than a lot of the bleating over the past months would have you believe.

  23. MickyDidIt89 says:


    Bet the beach I’ll be on soon is better than yours

    Nah nah, nah nah nah 🙂

  24. MickyDidIt89 says:

    You keep your negative “aspects” to yourself Mr 1989.

    It’s Friday and we’re very happy 🙂

  25. MickyDidIt89 says:


    Genius. One of those anagramy thingys

  26. GunnerN5 says:


    I accept that some English beaches are wonderfully scenic. We are staying at cinnnamon beach in Palm Coast, the temperature is in the 30’s and you would just love the surfing, the sand is a beautiful shade of orange, hence cinnamon beach.

    Rocky, I can,t get to watch any games so I,m stuck with listening to the audio on arsenal player.

  27. LB says:

    Rosicky is not available for tomorrow’s game but could be in the squad for Tuesday according to

  28. 26may1989 says:

    No, I was wrong, apparently Cazorla isn’t going to make it back for the West Brom game, seems it’ll be the Naaaarwich game after the national teams have their go at wrecking our players.

  29. chas says:

    Nice idea, NG.

    Talking of LegOver, yesterday I had a quick look and was amused by the following…..

    Nobmag was asked why 90% of his comments were still negative even though we’d had a good end to last season, had signed Ozil and were top of the league with a record number of consecutive away wins.

    He replied we’d still finish 4th etc etc and……..
    “If you havent got anything negative to say about the team I suggest you fuck off.”
    He was taking the p*ss out of himself and the whole site really and therefore was pretty funny, I thought.

    Just looking at football on TV over the next week and can you believe ITV have chosen Celtic v Barcelona for their game next Tuesday?

  30. LB says:


    I think the reason for the confusion over Cazorla’s return is because he himself said that he expected to return for the West Brom game where as the party line has been after the internationals.

    Can’t wait for Ozil and Cazorla to be on the pitch at the same time.

  31. 26may1989 says:

    So, let me get this straight: for an English audience, ITV chooses a match between two foreign teams, rather than an English team take on one of the best teams in Europe? Bloody hell, I’m glad I’ll be there on the night, not relying on these numpties…..

  32. 26may1989 says:

    Thanks LB, that must have been why I got it wrong! 🙂

  33. MickyDidIt89 says:


    Hate temps over 29 and think orange sand is vulgar 🙂 but ok, it does sound very nice. Have a great holiday.

    We have 8′ clean waves tonight. Rock ‘n Roll. Nite all.

  34. Evönne says:

    now, I have a dilemma – would I prefer to sit on the cinnamon beach basking in the sun OR watch tomorrow’s game……No, sorry GN5 you need to sort out your priorities lad.

    And as for you Mr Norfolk eating delicious sandwiches in the picturesque English Pig – you deserve it, you’ve done well with today’s post, great round up and all positive!

  35. Evönne says:

    DidIt – didn’t see your comment, wouldn’t have bothered otherwise
    Nite all? It’s not even 5 o’clock yet.

    I listened (again) to my favourite Perry Groves story challenged to wear a Tottenham shirt for a charity 🙂 cannot not love him

  36. GunnerN5 says:


    These will be the only games I have missed in 15/20 years, the beach condo where we are staying does not subscribe to the sports package.
    However I will avoid the results and watch the games “as live” on arsenal player the next day.

  37. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    Hey 26, I guess they are hoping for a mega upset by picking Celt Barca. But like you say why, two foreign teams on an English terrestrial channel.

    ITV idiots.

    To be fair it means I wont have to listen to Adrian Chiles and Andy Townsend. Every cloud….

  38. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    A big thank you to whoever told the FHWP that LOF was back as recently. I found it and have resubscribed.

    I tested it vs my SkyGo on the same laptop. Gameplay on LOF was about a min ahead of SkyGo, and a much clearer picture to boot.

    I’ll let this 2mth sub run, then may go for the full year option. Cancelling my Sky Sports will recoup me that in approx 1.5mths 🙂

  39. 26may1989 says:

    Bloody right, Sharkey, Townsend is an utter tool. I don’t mind Chiles that much, he’s just a fan really.

  40. Evönne says:

    SS – what do you mean whoever told me about LOF?? I am depressed not stupid you know! pshhhhhh……….

    There is another site worth knowing about. It is called Roja Directa – lots of streams, some excellent

    GN5- you just make sure that this not-watching-games doesn’t become a habit of yours, ok?

  41. Evönne says:

    No Kelsey, you are wrong

  42. kelsey says:

    Diaby installed in Islington Museum

    Arsenal midfielder Abou Diaby was installed in Islington Museum on September 26 as part of the Club’s ongoing celebrations to mark its 100th anniversary in the Borough of Islington.

    The Frenchman, who installed the first ever seat at Emirates Stadium when the Gunners moved across the Borough from Highbury, was exhibitioned at the Museum in St John Street, which features a range of rare and interesting artefacts charting the story of Arsenal’s presence in Islington – right back to the move from Woolwich in 1913 to the large regeneration of the area that has happened in more recent years.

    Some of the many items on show include a copy of the original indenture for the rental of the Highbury site, a horseshoe that was found underneath the old North Bank and a scale model of the Highbury Square redevelopment.

    Abou was installed by Islington-born Arsenal legend, Charlie George, the Mayor of Islington Cllr Barry Edwards, a group of local schoolchildren from Clerkenwell Parochial C of E School and young people from a number of Arsenal in the Community projects across the Borough.

    After finding out more about the Gunners’ origins in Islington, schoolchildren were invited for a fun and interactive quiz themed around the Club’s history and links to the local area.

    Speaking about being installed, Abou said: “It has been really good to find out more about the Club’s history and the reasons behind the move to north London 100 years ago. I’ve learnt a few things that I didn’t know before and coming here you realise just what Arsenal means to the people of Islington.”

    The visit follows an official launch event for the exhibition at the Museum that took place last week and which was attended by Club representatives including Ken Friar OBE, as well as prominent figures from across the local community.

    ‘It’s Arsenal around here’ runs at Islington Museum until 24 January 2014 and admission is FREE.

    To find out more, visit
    Copyright 2013 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to as the source 🙂

  43. Hi from Swansea u have my pleasure for the next hour
    Can’t wait for game tomorrow got a ticket but it’s in the Swansea end beggars can’t be choosers

  44. chas says:

    Can you post a picture of Knuckles?
    And is he going to be sat alongside you tomorrow?

  45. Yes he’s got me the ticket as his other mate is working
    Do you want to see him .

  46. Any why r u a homosexual chas?

  47. Don’t know how to posts pics on here

  48. chas says:

    No probs, sheepy
    I just thought it would be funny, that’s all. I’m not a bandit.

  49. Ok see u all Sunday bye

  50. Longfem says:

    Friday news round up, an intuitive innovation, Nice one there.
    Dandan, u re simply too much

  51. Gööner In Exile says:

    Norfolk Gooner nice idea for a Friday post, better idea for your lunch choice today….I am a big fan of The Pigs at Edgefield.

    Was thinking about taking some friends tomorrow but as weather is set fair we have decided on a late summer barbecue.

    The best news this week is that there is no news, the media frenzy is quieting around N5 as they feast on new prey. I’ve today heard George Graham say good things about the defence, as well as hearing Phil Brown compliment the team and manager this week, and Richard Keys had lots of good things to say about the boss on his Friday night show on TS, to be fair he hasn’t had many bad things to say about the man or the club, how could he when he supports the shipwreck that is Coventry City.

    Tomorrow the big story is Spuds vs Chavs, us away at Swansea will slip under the radar, a win or draw will be a good result at their place, they are no slouches and we know in the past they have had the game plan to beat us, high pressing and lots of work, really need Arteta back in the midfield offering the outlet for the defence along with Flamini, let Özil, Rambo and Jack play anywhere in front of them two and get close enough to provide support to OG.

  52. Gööner In Exile says:

    Dhakka the funny thing about that Wenger quote is the next line.

    “I’d like to stay at Arsenal forever, because that would make me immortal” which was greeted with hearty laughter.

  53. 26may1989 says:

    This is a good article, worth a read:

    Jamie Carragher, writing something thoughtful and insightful in the Daily Mail, who would’ve thought it? Gary Neville has a worthy partner in intelligent punditry.

  54. 26may1989 says:

    I love London, and I’m very, very proud of the city in which I was born, brought up, have spent most of my life and am bringing up my children.

    But there are times when I wish I lived elsewhere, hankering after something my city can’t offer. Reading Norfolk talk of an autumnal walk and lunch in a pub in the East Anglia in which my parents grew up is one of those moments – I can’t match being able to do that from my front door, however wonderful London is.

    Night all.

  55. Gööner In Exile says:

    26 I think Londoners sometimes are guilty of forgetting how leafy Londom can be.

    As an immigrant to East Anglia I find it strange that just because there is green space doesn’t mean the farmer will let you walk across it 🙂

    But if there was one thing to say in Norfolks favour it’s what your money buys you in terms of property.

    My 3 bed detached would afford me a studio apparent in London (if I was lucky!)

    £530k in Palmers Green buys this

    £550k in Norwich buys this

  56. Gööner In Exile says:

    Nice article by Carragher, can’t forget his interview after our young side had knocked them out of the carling cup I believe, and he sat their saying something like

    “They just kept coming forward, everyone wanted the ball, I didn’t know which way to go”

  57. dhakka09 says:

    Gooner In Exile: lol, Wenger, when in mood, sure has a very shrewd sense of humor. Love the man 🙂

  58. dhakka09 says:

    hahaha, where do you come up with these videos, Chas? They are absolutely hilarious.

  59. dhakka09 says:

    “The target of any team is to win it all, but I don’t think any team in England can say ‘we are going to win it all’. The competition is so open, so tight, it could be down to injuries or even goal difference. It is the most open season for a while. At the moment, if I tell you we cannot do it then you will tell me I am completely stupid. It will be down to consistency, getting the injured players back and then I believe we have a good chance, of course.”; – Arsene Wenger

    What did he actually mean by “At the moment, if I tell you we cannot do it then you will tell me I am completely stupid.” Is he trying to lower the expectations and saying title is not realistic? Don’t do this Arsene (if that’s what you’re doing); I haven’t been this much excited about our title prospects in a long long time; don’t you dare take that away from me, Monsieur Wenger. Thank You 🙂

  60. Evönne says:

    dhakka – not lower but manage the expectations, clever difference 🙂

    BTW – are you Dhakka the capital of Bangladesh or Da Hacker?

  61. Evönne says:

    I wonder whom Raddy is going to play today? Wizard and Santi sound like a fairytale to me

    GiE – that house in Bounds Greek is hugely overpriced. You could probably buy one like it for £400k. The house in Norfolk is nice, but no huge south facing garden, hence a no-no.

  62. Gööner In Exile says:

    🙂 Evonne the Norfolk one is in a sought after area of Norwich and is a period property, most go for a bit more up here……but point holds. £400k for that 3 bed terrace is still £240k more than I paid for my 3 bed detached.

  63. Evönne says:

    ok, ok, you win. London is more expensive 🙂

    Ready for tonight? It is going to be EXTREMELY hard, possibly mission impossible

  64. Evönne says:

    GiE – to be honest I was seriously thinking about moving out of London last year; prices of everything are higher than elsewhere, overcrowding is extreme, traffic diabolical and people are angry. It is no longer a nice place to live.
    But then I found out that I am to become a grandmother and I can no longer move. I will have to look after the baby when the maternal grandmother is at the Emirates!!

  65. Gööner In Exile says:

    😀 Evonne, give it six months and you’ll be looking to move further away so that you’re not the drop off centre.

    Every time I visit London I fall in love again, but I am glad when I return home to Norfolk, one of my only issues with Norwich/Norfolk is being surrounded by a few too many bigots and xenophobes for my liking, but I am always re educating the stereotypical views held by those I meet.

  66. Maternal grandmother here 😉

  67. My village has an amazing pub, serving truly delicious food, all sourced locally. I have woods opposite my house and fields to walk in two minutes from my front door and it takes me 30 minutes to get to THOF …………. result 😀

  68. mickydidit89 says:

    Excellent. Evonne and GiE.
    Why does one of my laptops download speed 17Mbps and the other 1Mbps?
    Is it McFee or Java related?

  69. mickydidit89 says:

    It takes me four and a half bloody hours to get to THOF, so I’m not playing this game

  70. mickydidit89 says:

    17 years today Mr Wenger

    Congratulations you smooth talking Frenchie

  71. Yeah but it only takes you minutes to get to the sea …….. a bit jealous here in leafy herts 😉

  72. …………. and our smooth talking Frenchie wants to stay forever …….

  73. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Fair point Peaches.

    England is the best country in the world to live in, and yet nowhere within her kingdom is perfect.

    I miss London for example.

  74. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Right. Stuff to do.
    Back for the game.

  75. London says:

    I will try and visit more often. lol

  76. MickyDidIt89 says:

    🙂 LB
    Off to Sea

  77. LB says:

    Off to sea? I wish I was off to sea.

  78. LB says:

    A crowded Edgware road is not quite doing it for me this morning.

  79. Evönne says:

    “England is the best country in the world to live in, and yet nowhere within her kingdom is perfect” – very true.

  80. Evönne says:

    DidIt – why does one of my laptops download speed 17Mbps and the other 1Mbps – on the same broadband, downloading the same data from the same source?

  81. …………..New Post …………….

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