Fulham 1 Arsenal 3 “A thoroughly professional performance.”

You have got to love Martin Jol; he sets out his teams in the same attacking formation every time he plays against Arsenal and every time they lose, ok there was the one exception but that, as far as I am concerned, only proves the rule; he certainly was never able to beat an Arsene Wenger team while manager of Tottenham and he was no where near doing so yesterday.

Arsenal carried on from where they left off on Wednesday against Fenerbahce beating Fulham at Craven Cottage in what turned out to be a convincing style. 3-1 to the good guys was just what we needed to get the media off our backs, to stop rogue Arsenal supporters taking swipes at the club and to set us up nicely for the coming game against Tottenham.

poldi v fulham

Wenger rotated his squad (lol) leaving Wilshere on the bench, moving Rosicky further back and adding Podolski to the front. This was a very attacking move that had the much desired effect, in my view, of helping Giroud avoid being isolated which he appeared to for the best part of the game against the Turks.

The tactics seemed to be to play our way past Fulham’s onward rushing attack and pick our way round their defence. This required accurate, pin-ball passing which as the game went on Arsenal were doing with more and more fluency and speed.

The break through came after a long range shot from Ramsey was deftly, yes deftly, controlled by Giroud before poking it past the keeper for his now customary goal per game. I have noticed that since the Frenchman has been scoring so regularly that the priority signing to some is shifting from wanting a striker to wanting a centre back, well not for me; I still feel that Suarez would score twice as many of those kind of goals if he were to come to the home of football. That said, I don’t want to appear to be ungrateful to Ollie, the man works like a Trojan, always putting in a shift; he really is the perfect example of what a team player should be.

Being a goal up forced Fulham to come onto us and that in turn forced the focus onto our back line which I must say I thought put in their best performance to date, there was a real understanding between them: Mertasacker oozed confidence, Sagna got better and better as the game went on, Gibbs was simply very good once again and Jenkinson never seemed to be caught out of position, as he is sometimes prone to doing, with Sagna there watching his back.

During the game I was trying to work out, if I were to write the report, who I would award the MOTM to? For ages I couldn’t see anyone who stood out as every player seemed to be doing his job very well; Ramsey may have been given it by the BT sports and indeed he did play well but no better than Cazorla who seems to have finally digested that massive paella he consumed during the close season; the magic in those boots is back, the twists and turns that takes him past opponents are one of the vital skills that makes us a better than the likes of Fulham. I toyed for ages with the MOTM going to the team but then it became clear, there was one player who produced something over and above what I think we have come to expect – Lucas Podolski is my MOTM, scorer of two goals that gave us the points and put smiles on our faces this Sunday morning.

When we are one up space appears and Theo usually starts to shine, yesterday was no exception and it was one of his runs, combined with a Cazorla shot, parried by the Fulham keeper that fell for our Johnny on the spot, Lucas Pololski to side foot in from 18 yards, no easy task, the man did well and gave us a two goal cushion to go into half time with.

If Theo starts to shine at one-nil up he becomes lethal when we go two up, it was his charging run and the quick feet of Cazorla that brought about the third goal for Pololski who rifled home, low and true.

Wilshere came on and added a bit more steel to the defence, Nacho got a run out and Sanogo got a few minutes, I can see him going on loan when the real deal arrives.

Anyway, we took our foot off the gas a bit and this allowed Fulham to score but that only had the effect of focusing the team again, enough to see the game out and bring the points home.

Happy, happy.

Be afraid spuds; be very afraid, the mighty Arsenal are hitting their stride.

Written by LB

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  1. Neil says:

    Check out Carles Gil no 15 for Elche CF bossed his first La Liga game top class

  2. Gooner In Exile says:

    Nice wrote up LB.

    A convincing performance the best about it was the pace of the passing and constant options for the player on the ball that I found most pleasing.

    As we said yesterday there were several who could’ve been awarded MotM….even Szczesny who put in some top saves to keep our advantage.

  3. Rasp says:

    Great match report LB.

    There were good performances all over the pitch and our tempo and work rate was excellent except for the usual lapse after we scored the first goal (why does that happen?)

    Anyone of 4 or 5 players could have been MotM. On current form, I am more relieved to see Ramsey’s name on the team sheet than Jack’s, its just that Ramsey seems to have discovered better how to blend with the other midfielders.

    I’m eagerly awaiting your post on whether we need to buy a defender. For me, Sagna is as good a CB as kozzer – dare I say it he’s better at CB than RB! So we need defensive cover in the shape of someone who can play CB/RB.

    Nacho looks pretty rusty at the moment (understandably) and so I hope he gets 90 minutes against Fenerbahce.

  4. evonne says:

    What a happy match report, I bet you were giggling while writing it 🙂 Don’t you just love waking up on a Sunday morning in time to watch MotD and relieve the precious moments once again?

    Great game, great post, thanks LB.

    As much as I am craving for new signings (striker and goalie/defender) I am worried that the incredible unity of the team may suffer with a new arrival. They seem to be happy in their positions, ‘gelled’ together nicely, settled for the season ahead. What if we sign a superstar like Suarez, will he not upset the team dynamics?

  5. Rasp says:

    I’m not sure Sanogo actually touched the ball after he came on but after having watched him at The Emirates Cup, I think he’s a couple of years off being ready to be our bench striker.

  6. Belfastgooner says:

    Great write up LB. I really like Podoslski and was delighted to see him get a chance to shine. Good luck next week, you can offer up the pain and suffering you’re about to endure for a 3-0 win vs the Spuds!

  7. chas says:

    Nice one, LB.
    I particularly enjoyed the digesting the massive paella crack. 🙂

  8. chas says:

    Those two clips earlier were me trying to find out where the song came from which you may have heard yesterday from the away fans.

    I can’t find any footage from yesterday, but I think it’s this song.

  9. chas says:

    I can see peaches doing this on Tuesday.

  10. Gooner In Exile says:

    Also nice to hear a proper song for Rambo yesterday rather than just “there’s only one Aaron Ramsey”

  11. Gooner In Exile says:

    I think we need to decide who gets the Super song.

    Yesterday when Rosicky came off and Jack came on it worked as they switched from one to the other.

    Think Jack should have “Walking in a Wilshere Wonderland” which rang out at the Ems when we beat Swansea in the cup replay

  12. RockyLives says:

    Excellent LB
    (and I now understand your ‘thankyou’ comment from yesterday 🙂 )

    I think Szcz deserves a mention in dispatches. His saves when we were only 1-0 up were very significant in us getting the win.

    I’ve seen him criticised (elsewhere) for the Fulham goal, but Berba’s shot was goal-bound and Szcz actually made the only save that was possible. Unfortunately Jenks (who otherwise did really well) lost concentration at the back post for half a second and Bent got in front of him. I’m sure Jenks will have learned a lesson.

  13. Gooner In Exile says:

    Agreed Rocky it was one of those that very few decisions could have worked out good or bad. If he’d got a stronger hand it could have rebounded off a defender and in or fallen to a Fulham attacker on the edge like Pod’s 1st goal.

    Any goal against can be broken down into a combination of individual errors….Parker was under no pressure so easily found Riether, who was not marked right enough by Monreal, Gibbs failed to intercept the ball to Berba, BFG got caught wrong footed and Jenks switched off at far post.

  14. evonne says:

    Chas – are those are fans? Our song??!!! Fantastic!! All the old ones are not very musical, this one is.

    Peaches – have you learnt the words for Tuesday? Chop chop….. 🙂

  15. GoonerB says:

    Nice write up LB. I said i wanted a powerful and comfortable victory to silence the media negativity in the final week of the tw and i got what i wished for. Another good reason to field a good side on tuesday is to keep that positive picture of our squad and not allow for any media negativity. I still feel we need something world class up front despite loving giroud podolski and walcott. The former 2 seem a bit 1 footed and will miss out on some goal scoring opportunities as a result. I saw giroud move across a defender and open up a chance ti shoot on his right foot and he didnt take the shot. He would have on his left. Against better sides where chances come less i still feel we will come up short.

  16. Gooner In Exile says:

    Evonne not our fans but seem we have adopted the song.

    Palace used it the entire 90 minutes against Spuds last week.

  17. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Good as it was to see Poldolski and Giroud get three between them yesterday we still lack a “fox in the box”. Our front three, of those two plus Walcott, do not seem to have the instinct of a true goal poacher. Giroud’s goal was a bit fortunate although he did do well to take it.

    Podolski may be playing to orders but seems a bit reluctant to get into the box quickly enough on occasions.

    I remain convinced that we need to buy a top class striker.

    Sagna was very good against both Fernebache and Fulham but could struggle when up against better strikers and we need him at full back, he may not be as good going forward as Jenkinson but is a much better defender. With Vermaelen some way short of being ready and Koscielny attracting red cards too often we must sign a good, experienced centreback.

    Szczesny still worries me, he pulled off some good saves again against Fulham but most should have been regulation ones for a ‘keeper at a top club. Again we need a top class, experienced goalie, what concerns me is that the ones we are linked with don’t seem much different to what we already have. Iker Casillas appears to be out of favour at Real Madrid, as does Victor Valdes at Barcelona, either would be an ideal short term, one season, solution.

  18. evonne says:

    GiE – in that case we absolutely must also use it for 90mins next week 🙂 It might become anti-Spud song, something they really hate

    I had a young lad from Dyson fixing my hoover last week. He is a Chav and his brother a Gunner. He said that the only thing they have in common is hatred of Spurs

  19. jnyc says:

    Nice report LB. – nice to see Pod and giroud gaining confidence.
    RASP, i agree about Sagna, he seems so comfortable and responsible at cb. But also WE seem so much more dangerous down the right side when jenks is in there. When Bac plays rb we just seem to relinquuish that whole right wide threat, especially with theo drifting in, which is fine by the way, because i like when he goes aggresively for goal. I hope we see Bellerin in some cap one.cup matches.

  20. I’d like to wish Swansea and Cardiff all the best for today do arsenal a favour and beat spurs and man city

  21. Gooner In Exile says:

    In away colours

  22. RockyLives says:

    Nice one GiE 😀

    He’s a fine little fella.

  23. fatgingergooner says:

    Great write up LB and I agree 100% that we need another striker. Suarez would’ve been perfect as his movement and ability would’ve given us something totally different to Giroud. I also believe they could’ve played together against the lesser teams with Suarez in the number 10 role, thus making sure they both played enough games and were kept happy. Doesn’t really matter now of course because we aren’t getting Suarez!

    We could still get a striker though and someone with clever movement and speed over 5 yards is what’s needed IMO. A bit of variety gives us more options.

  24. Rasp says:

    Aaaah cute GiE 😉 can we have a new pic for the sidebar ….. one in the first kit please 😆

  25. Nice one GIE handsome lad a junior gunner.

  26. Afternoon all

    Lovely write-up LB, thank you. Once we went two up I was worried that Webb would decide the game needed to be abandoned because of the weather, it was dreadful.

    I loved the way Poldi celebrated, whatever has been going on behind the scenes with him I hope he stays, he certainly looked like he was happy to be there.

    It’s good to be able to watch MOTD and glance at the Sunday newspapers – a tradition I really enjoy 🙂

  27. Smashing pic of George GiE 🙂

  28. We love you we love you we love
    And where you play we follow we follow we follow
    Cos we support the Arsenal the Arsenal the Arsenal
    And that’s the way we like it we like it we like it

  29. X factor for peaches sheep thinks 👍

  30. Bayonne Jean says:

    In all of the chatter about AW/management not getting things done quickly enough in this about-to-end transfer window, I’d like to start an upcoming chorus of “please get this done quickly” re Sagna. Yes, he’s getting on, he’ll have issues in dealing with pacey wingers, and he could do with crossing lessons from the corporal, but he’s exactly the kind of steady, versatile, and committed professional who is still very talented and looks as if he can continue to flourish in a dual role for two to three more years. You need the presence of experienced players like him, Arteta and Rosicky to blend with the young talent. So, please, AW, get it done!

  31. evonne says:

    have you gone mad Peaches ? 🙂

    very good, you just have to run it past me before Tuesday

  32. Welsh teams both 0-0 half time with spuds and shitty

  33. Big Raddy says:

    LB. Good read – always better when we have won.

    What showed yesterday was that this a TEAM. No-one shies from a tackle, everyone works their kishkars off, no-one is the star and all take responsibility. I guess this happens when the team stays together through the summer.

  34. Gooner In Exile says:

    Bayonne excellent point about Sagna.

    Rasp I need to order the home kit for little man was waiting until Christmas but guess there is no time like the present. 😀

  35. Big Raddy says:

    Once again the media look to rubbish AFC.

    Now the narrative is that Benzema refuses to come to us whereas the truth is stated by his agent …. that no-one has put in a bid for Benzema. The media fabricated our interest.

    Strange they don’t do this with MU.

  36. Big Raddy says:

    GIE. He will look very chic in a new kit.

  37. Cardiff 1-1
    Spurs 1 swans 0

  38. evonne says:

    the new Cardiff owner changed their home strips from blue to red. How bad is that?? Can we imagine Kroenke changing our colours? Cardiff fans should not buy new shirts, boycott it and wear old colours

  39. Gooner In Exile says:

    Evonne, he did it at start of last season, as you can see half fans have refused to buy it as they are the Bluebirds. The ground also remains mainly blue which is a bit weitd. But they wore it and got in to the PL, so maybe it was a good luck omen. And the fans know in their hearts they wouldn’t be in the PL without their owner.

    There are some who have boycotted home games so are only going away, I’m sure thy resolve has been tested this season with PL football on their doorstep.

  40. evonne says:

    hm, this is a hard one GiE.

    Blimey, it is lucky 🙂 2:1

  41. Cardiff goooooooo on

  42. Gooner In Exile says:

    Joe Hart claiming te foul when he in fact did most of the pushing on the man in front of him.

    As a goalkeeper I never let anyone mark the man standing on me, two bodies rather than one to come through. And when you try and push the striker out the way he hasn’t got another player blocking him back against you.

  43. Evonne he injected millions in to the club and he wanted a red shirt to make a point Wales play in red
    Hope that helps

  44. evonne says:

    Fraizer Campbell is a good name for a boxer, but he is a good footballer that lad.

    back to blue shirts – it is nonsensical to think that shirts’ colour is more lucky. I think it was a disgraceful disrespect for the club’s history. I would absolutely hate it if it was done to the Arsenal, even if we were to win the league twice in a row.

  45. evonne says:

    it helps me, dear Sheep, but does it help the fans? Doubt it judging by the numbers of bluebirds at the game

  46. evonne says:

    foocking ell!!!!! 3:1 🙂

  47. Brigham says:

    Good result, but Jenkinson was to blame for ther goal. He was wrong side and got caught out. Other than that, we wer okay,but room for improvmen needed.

  48. Cardiff were on there arse mr tam saved them
    3-1 get in some of the crew still were the blue shirts and refuse to buy the new ones

  49. Campbell x man poo

  50. Spurs still one up its 3-2 here

  51. JanMan says:

    With all of the strikers that are being linked to Arsenal I am surprised that the name Stefan Kiessling from Bayer Leverkusen in Germany has never been mentioned. He was the leading scorer in the Bundesliga last season and is currently scoring for fun already this season. Rumor has it he is looking for a new challenge!

  52. JanMan says:

    I wonder if the British press will now hammer Man City for their loss at Cardiff as badly as they did us after losing to Villa? Are city now a club in crisis or are such comments from the press only reserved for Arsenal Football Club?

  53. Gooner In Exile says:

    JanMan they are not in crisis because they spent a lot of money.

    Although they will be in for a Centre Back no doubt with Kompany out for a while they need one urgently.

    They do seen to have spent all their money in top half of the pitch….someone needs to remind me just how much it has been.

    Lots of people saying Townsend dived for Spuds pen.

  54. Rob Lucci says:


    I look up on Youtube and he looks like a slightly better version of Chamakh, so no.

    I think we need an ‘Eduardo’ as another option for striker position but apart from Aguero and Suarez I dont know which ‘big name’ we will sign for that position.

  55. Rob Lucci says:

    Whomever said that any Spuds player is better than what we got at Arsenal need to rethink themselves. ( is ‘rethink’ a word?)

    Only Towsend is the one that caught my eye which I will not swap with The Ox.

    Is the next game against spuds away or at home?

  56. Gooner In Exile says:

    Home Rob. So 5-2 win guaranteed 😀

  57. GunnerN5 says:

    Spurs 2 penalties 2 goals = 6 points.

    They have no goals from open play, so we should be on guard against them diving. But the referees attitude towards Arsenal is cause for worry.

  58. Gooner In Exile says:

    I think Laudrup has a job on his hands to stop the rot that set in after last seasons League Cup Win.

    They won that and were already pretty safe but went on a string of poor results, they haven’t started well again this season.

  59. JanMan says:

    Rob, You might want to look again. He scored 38 goals in all competitions last year 🙂

  60. Gooner In Exile says:

    The only thing that will count against Kiessling is his age, very rare for us to sign 29 year olds.

  61. JanMan says:

    GIE: As I said, it will be interesting to see how the British press cover the loss.

  62. JanMan says:

    GIE. Good point on the age. However, I am a firm believer that fitness is the deciding factor and not so much age. At 29 he has got at least another three-four good years in him but like you said Arsenal are somewhat reluctant to sign older players. I think he would be good shout until someone like Sonogo is ready for the first team and if we are looking for squad players and strength in depth he would be a good deal as he is a proven goalscorer and the Bundesliga is one of the best in the world. (only my opinion of course)

  63. Gooner In Exile says:

    JanMan I don’t disagree, the risk is he only manages to keep fitness up for 1 or 2 seasons and we have him on books for 2 more, there is always a chance you can lose the wages of a highly regarded player to the MLS or China if we really needed to be rid of someone.

    And I think the key factor is PL experience, take a 28/29 year old out of another PL club is one thing bringing one in from abroad who may take a season to adjust….not so sure it’s a gamble Wenger or Gazidis will take with the money.

    They would prefer a relatively young 24/25 year old, or EPL proven older head.

  64. Big Raddy says:

    Good point about experience. We have it with Pod and Giroud. In different circumstances Darrren Bent would have been a good buy

  65. JanMan says:

    GIE: Good discussion, likewise I don’t disagree with any of your points. I do believe that after we have 100% qualified for the CL we will engage in the market. I do think that available strikers are very limited though. As Rob said earlier, maybe there’s another Eduardo out there that we are not aware of! Lets’ see what happens over the next week. Cheers.

  66. JanMan says:

    GIE/Big Raddy. Based on the midfielders that we already have on hand do you think it makes sense to go after someone like Cabaye? He is a great player no doubt but I feel another quality defender should be priority over another midfield player. What are your thoughts?

  67. Rob Lucci says:


    I thought he look slow but his heading abilities is very good but we already have Giroud thats why I hope for another Eduardo. What I mean by Eduardo is a cold blooded killer in front of goal and can dribble as well. Apart from Gervinho which has gone our dribbling ability upfront is quite awful. Thats why maybe we go for Suarez instead of Higuain.

    The problem about defender is that we already have a three world class defender at our club. Either we get someone young with potential or another Silvestre. Based on Wenger record I’m not holding my breath on that one.

  68. chas says:

    Lickle Georgie Porgie on the swing.
    Spitting image of his Dad, too. 🙂

  69. Big Raddy says:


    I have mixed feelings. We need another body and Cabaye is a very good player but I cannot see how he can get near the first 11. Arteta is going to have trouble getting back.

    Yes, we need rotation but to buy Cabaye for the Carling Cup and Stoke away is questionable.

  70. harry671 says:

    LB, A thoroughly professional match report….

    Great performance on the back of a strong midweek outing in Turkey. The poor media hacks have had to find others to inflict their crisis bile on….

    Neither was there a crisis, nor have we got together the squad we need to challenge throughout the season.

    Also as Cardiff proved money doesn’t guarantee you results, but man city do have the resources and will bounce back strong and challenge…

    Fine lines and margins, dodgy refs and good old fashioned luck will define the season for all, money, strength in depth just reduce the need for luck…..

    Wenger knows we are short and mentioned all areas in an interview yesterday on BT sport….

    Versatility is key and that’s why I expect and welcome Flamini, some will moan about the way he left, but his contract had run out, we had failed to offer him one early enough, so no issue for me. He can play left or right back and across middle, he is tenacious and knows this club, whilst he knows how to tackle a spud…. Some will moan he’s on a free, so what?

    Do we need a keeper? Szczesny was quality yesterday at times, he needs competition which not sure fabianski provides… I still see Caesar coming in on the last day, can’t see us paying big money for top line keeper….

    If Micah Richards is fit and available he would be my choice for defence….

    The big question is do we need a big name in the middle ? Fellaini has always been the one I would love to see come in… This is where I agree with Wenger, only quality is worthwhile….

    Cabaye is refusing to play for Newcastle, wanted him before he went there, quality player and versatile as well, 15 million max though for me.

    Di Maria is picking up rumour speed, interesting option, undoubted talent, would be a great addition, does he want to come?

    The one we all look for is the game changer, Suarez would of been a real statement that we are truly back in the game… That’s now a no-go…. Benzema would be interesting but seemingly he doesn’t want to come…..who else is available?

    Perhaps after the 2nd leg with fenerbache will see some activity especially with the refresh button on newsnow…..

    Will not get excited until I see it on arsenal.com

  71. Big Raddy says:

    Great days play in the cricket ruined at the end by officials.

    I blame it on Margaret Thatcher, UEFA, FIFA and The Boogie.

  72. Big Raddy says:

    Hi Harry,

    Fine summation. See my comment above about Benzema. I think Flamini is a better signing than Cabaye.

  73. JanMan says:

    Rob, I hear what you are saying. The problem is that the likes of Higuain, Suarez and now Benzima (spelling) are not available that is why I am saying our options are limited. I would not be surprised to see us make a last minute bid for Michu from Swansea. As GIE pointed out, one issue is that foreigners need time to adjust to the EPL. As for defenders that has always been our weak link over the past few years (injury wise) that is why I think we need another one. Some folks may not agree but Flamini may not be a bad shout as he can fill in at various positions but I think more of a Micah Richards is what we need, a powerhouse type defender. Again all of the above is just my own opinion.

  74. Big Raddy says:

    Janman. Why not both? Richards is rumoured to be a Gooner

  75. LB says:

    Thanks for the kind words folks, am a bit busy today, back tomorrow.

  76. harry671 says:

    Thanks BR, I see your comment, agree that most is fabricated hence comment only excited on arsenal.com news…..

    I agree Flamini is a great signing and the fact be is free is a bonus not something to moan about, as many will.

  77. RockyLives says:

    Flamini on a free makes perfect sense to me.

    AC Milan are not mugs and they offered him a two year contract extension, so it’s not as if he’s not valued by other top teams.

  78. LB says:


    Do you know why Flamini didn’t take AC’s offer?

  79. LB says:

    Or anyone?

  80. RockyLives says:

    I think he’s one of those players who cashes in by leaving at the end of his contract and having a new club pay him a fat signing on fee (which the club is happy to so because they don’t have to pay a transfer fee).

    He did that when he left us, got a fat cheque from Milan and now he’s probably going to do the reverse.

  81. chas says:

    Flamini may be useful as a squad player, who knows?

    The thing that worries me about him is that his great engine was his main asset when he played so well for us in his last season. That was 5 years ago. Surely he isn’t anywhere near the level he was then?

    Having said that, I hope he confounds any doubts I may have if he signs for us.

  82. Gooner In Exile says:

    Sorry Sheepy 😀

  83. fatgingergooner says:

    talking of ex players being re-signed, I think Carlos Vela could be a decent option. His record at Real Sociedad (75 games 28 goals 17 assists) seems to suggest he has finally developed into a reliable striking option, and at only 24 he still has plenty of time to develop into a top class player. He would give us something different to Giroud and could provide vital goals in games where a little bit more guile is needed instead of Girouds power.

    There’s also rumours we have a buy back clause in his contract which could make a deal easier. I’m not saying he’s the star striker we all crave, but he could certainly be a good addition.

  84. fatgingergooner says:


    Apparently he felt he deserved a longer contract than the 2 years AC put forward.

    That makes me think it may be difficult for us to sign him. I can’t see Wenger offering anything more than 2 years to a 29 year old, and if he accepted that then he’s got little chance of getting a final bumper deal aged 31. Sounds like players wanting 1 last big contract is becoming a common thing, and it appears Flamini is part of that group.

  85. kelsey says:


    IMO the frantic transfer activity if that’s the right word will start this week, which isn’t rocket science.

    Chelsea are the big players and one might see them move first and that might lead to United and us then following.

    A lot has been speculated as to how much money is actually available at Arsenal but no one really knows.

    When we bid for Suarez I was amazed at the amount Wenger was prepared to pay for one player,but that deal is now dead.

    When he talks about super super players those are his estimations of the definition of super.

    He and the majority of fans agree we have the nucleus of a good team but the squad is thin.
    I would like to see more steel in defence and I have a gut feeling bar a striker that Wenger is looking at players who he can use in more than one position,something he has done before,and I still expect a couple of signings.

  86. chas says:

    Looking at who’s left the club, we’re only really Gervinho down on last season (premiership appearance wise).
    If that’s the case, then two signings and we are stronger than last year surely?

  87. Gooner In Exile says:

    Strange isn’t it Chas, we are mainly worried about not having the players that no one wanted to see feature anyway (Squid, Arshavin, Cham etc).

    I’d rather have kept Coquelin, but I guess he probably requested the loan to start playing regularly.

    I’d go with utility type signings as suggested by Kelsey above.

    I expect them to start arriving on Wednesday.

  88. chas says:

    I just looked up Coquelin’s appearances in the prem and was surprised it was as high as 11.
    In actual fact it was 3 starts and 8 sub appearances which isn’t so bad. Not enough for him when he wants to play regularly though. If only Bendy had the same commitment.

  89. evonne says:

    Why is everybody thinking the new players will be signed on Tuesday?

    It was a good game Cardiff had yesterday. I think one of the factors in Bluebirds’ favour was their winning mentality – they refused to roll over for Shitty, the.y were confident they can win that game. It was amazing to see such maturity in a newly promoted team. I am sure that winning the lower league was key to their confidence.

    The second factor was amazing crowd, bleeting for 97 mins

    Chas – you forgot an explanation for the dog vid. Me is bit slow

  90. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Well, everyone else appears to have quit, or threatened to quit the site, while I was away, and no more transfer gossip?

    In the spirit of the current trend, I quit also.

  91. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Okedoke, transfer gossip then.

    A Racist, a Scouser, a Rapist or an Angel.

    Mmmmm, while I tempted by the Racist, the Angel is exactly what we are after. Goals and ammunition from the left, and if Theo is poorly, ditto from the right.

  92. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Morning all.

    Thanks everyone for some great reading.

  93. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Lads, question. Is this Flamini rumour just based on the fact that he is training with us?

  94. Kgooner says:

    Wayne rooney is a seemingly well rounded. He can play deep in midfield, behind the striker and as a striker. I’d say he’s versatile in the midfield area. For a price of 30/35, it would buying an equivalent 2 player. Or 3, though that would be a stretch.

  95. evonne says:

    Kgooner – some would say well rounded, some would simply call him fat 🙂

  96. Kgooner says:

    Thats hilarious Evonne 😀 aching ribs.

    I think there is a strong case for signing him on. Shirt sales. The british core would be an even bigger brand. He’d get to train with 4 of his fellow internationals possibly for world cup gel. He’d be the huge ego we lack at arsenal to make up fierce swans 🙂 he seems to have lost that at united because of van persis shadow.
    Next week should get here soon and calm some of up down

  97. Gooner In Exile says:

    Micky…more than likely, Arsene has remained tight lipped, strikes me that the agent may of fed that one to the media to gain some interest from elsewhere.

    Evonne because once CL football is secured the full budget for 13/14 is known and those players that demand CL football (ie not the ones who signed for Spuds) who we are interested in will put pen to paper. (At least that’s what I am hoping).

    Gazidis has often said qualification for the CL will not affect our budget, but it does affect who we can get and when we can get them.

  98. Rob Lucci says:


    Interesting choices though his wages might be a problem. I think he will go to Chelsea because they easily can afford a fat man with a fat wages, like Lampard.

  99. Gooner In Exile says:

    KGooner I 100% agree on Rooney, would definitely be my pick of the bunch out there and seemingly available, a hungry Rooney with something to prove would be a real lift to the team.

  100. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Thanks GiE.

    As ever, I’d still only like two additions, and both “better than we have” 1st XI’ers, and Flamini falls way short on that level.

    True about the CL. Signing merrygoround after CL qualifiers, although sounds like Bale will be done before that, which could leave Suarez in limbo.

  101. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I’m with Rob on this one. Fatso to Chavs, but Utd will want a “face saver” in return. Mata perhaps.

  102. Kgooner says:

    gazidis was explicitly outspoken that we could afford him. 160k a week plus a sizeable chunk of a signing on bonus would be a win-win. The club maintains its strict wage policy and he earns.

  103. evonne says:

    Aha, thanks GiE, Raddy’s secret is out 🙂

    My buy preferences in this order:
    1. Mata
    2. Wayne with blue eyes
    3. Suarez
    4. Boss’s pick

  104. MickyDidIt89 says:


    Talking of Chavs, I did read your comment aimed at me about Maureen. Thing is, I do feel you and Evonne place too much emphasis on a Player/Manager’s looks, and I find this attitude rather degrading to Women (and Lesbians). Sexist is what I call it.


    I did think of you when I was on a beach in Italy, and on a couple of occasions was tempted to get my Phone Camera out for your benefit, but was frightened of being arrested for contemplating an alleged Benzema.

  105. Ian Ure Face says:

    If we were to buy Rooney I would like one stipulation put in his contract……..he has to give up his season ticket at Greggs the Bakers !.

  106. MickyDidIt89 says:

    My pick Evonne:
    1. Angel di Maria
    2, Fellaini (who said he wants a more defensive role)

    Right, two weeks of holiday stuff and three days festival camping clobber to unload, then low tide at 3pm. Yippee. Later.

  107. Rasp says:

    Good to have you back Micky 😛 Do you remember you and I discussing the relative merits of signing Podolski whilst feasting at your favourite Turkish restaurant. I thought it would be a good idea and you weren’t so sure – do you think either of us have been proved correct?

  108. Big Raddy says:

    chas. In answer to your 5.51. Yes.

    The youngsters have had a years more experience…… Wilshire has had enough time to strengthen. Ramsey has shown why he was so highly rated etc etc plus the team looks more compact and together.

    Add two players and we are certainly stronger.

  109. Big Raddy says:

    Welcome home Micky

  110. kelsey says:

    Having had a good 24 hours to think things over and not getting a reply or any advise from peaches I have to apologise to keep bringing negativity to the site in some people’s eyes.
    I was goaded and shouldn’t have taken the bait and in future all my posts will be purely football related.

    Janman who has been on here for 5 minutes seems to know a lot about me, which got me thinking, so I apologise to you to.

    I hope you all enjoy this Bank Holiday.


  111. Rasp says:

    I’ve put a new tab ‘Room 101’ at the top of the page as an experiment – maybe someone could turn it into the subject of a post. Have a read and see if you’d like to add anything.

  112. Rasp says:

    Morning Kelsey, we’ve all been a bit emotional lately – have a good Bank Holiday yourself 🙂

  113. Morning all

    kelsey – I’m just emailing you

  114. We have a lovely New Post ………….

    ……….enjoy ……………..

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