Aaron Ramsey : A Lesson in Patience

This week saw Aaron Ramsey put in the kind of performance that many of us have hoped for since his return from that injury. This wasn’t a one off this has been a slow gradual process, towards the end of last season we started to see signs of his importance to the team and how valuable his stamina and work rate were. Now we are seeing his range of passing and his shooting come back to the fore.

It hasn’t always looked like he would make it back, he suffered dogs abuse from the fans, on blogs, on twitter and in the ground.

But what he never did was hide, it’s what convinced me he we would be ok. He constantly showed for the ball and tried to do the right things with the ball, it didn’t always work, let’s be honest in some games he gave the ball away more often than finding a teammates boot.

But that refusal to shrink in to the background is now paying off, eventually things started to go for him, and now we are seeing the benefit of that game time.

This raises an interesting question, whilst Jack’s injury was nowhere near as severe as Aaron’s the lay off was as long. How long will it take Jack to rediscover the magic, and where should he do it?

The interesting question for me is the second one. Jack like Aaron is too good to be loaned out, but the team will potentially suffer as he regains his match sharpness. But he can’t regain the sharpness sitting on the bench or playing in the reserves.

We the fans will need to be patient, and learn the lesson that Aaron Ramsey has taught us.

Written by Gooner in Exile


97 Responses to Aaron Ramsey : A Lesson in Patience

  1. NW says:

    Its very interesting. The team has Jack and Aron in the mids and Vam + Kos at the back. Jack and Vam were the pairt that was tipped to be the great and they got all the attention. It seems though when the four start to move into another stage of their career (no more apprentice or young rising player), Aron and Kos are the ones who seem to be making more effect than Jack + Vam.

    Jack + Vam both do not seem able to find their role and Vam actually loses form…

  2. chas says:

    Lovely stuff, GIE.
    Let’s hope Aaron goes on to have a great season.

    Patience is never going to figure very highly in most footy fans list of virtues.
    Playing devil’s advocate, characters such as Bendtner and Denilson have exhausted many a fan’s ability to give players time. (I realise that neither suffered long term injuries as Jack and Aaron have).

  3. njstone9 says:

    Ok here’s something interesting. Wenger quoted on BBC Sport:

    “Every player’s first question is ‘do you play in the Champions League or not?’ That is the first requirement.”

    Now Gazidis said not long back that whether or not Arsenal had qualified for the CL had never come up in negotiations before. Who’s telling the truth?

    Last year we got our transfers done early. This year and two years ago we waited until we had qualified. The evidence suggests Wenger is the truthful one.

    I wonder what is happening on the Man U blogs. They haven’t got anyone in significant and as everyone knows, in football, standing still is going backwards. They must be concerned about Spurs’ splurge and what Arsenal might finally do if we spend our cash. As for Man City spending £90m and Chelsea looking to have spent around £60m if they get Willian, it seems that there’s no point talking about the extra cash from TV deals etc because predictably it has only resulted in massive inflation.

  4. chas says:

    It’s a good job Jack has put on a bit of muscle to help him withstand the battering he gets every game.

  5. ik says:

    Very well said. I just hope the team doesnt suffer too much in the process.

  6. chas says:

    Rambo v Fenerbahce

  7. Big Raddy says:

    GIE. Totally agree and share your concerns about JW.

    Because of this it makes sense to sign Flamini (or similar) which will allow a better rotation for Jack.

    My concerns with Flam as our new /extra DM is about physicality. We need big men, as our MF is full of midgets. The loss of Diaby leaves a big hole.

  8. wally says:

    I like the kid a lot. Obviously a great engine, he gets stuck in, his vision gets better each year, box to box player. Nice kid as well, although i wouldn’t mind seeing him put a foot in once in awhile.
    A more talented ray parlour?

  9. chas says:

    I keep seeing that Gazidis said that whether or not we’d qualified for the CL had never come up in negotiations before, but I can’t find the quote anywhere.

    Can anyone help? Presumably the Gazidis quote wasn’t just made up.

  10. LB says:

    Good post GIE and an important point to make, great tittle.

  11. fatgingergooner says:

    Ramsey has arguably been our best player for the last 6 months and has worked his socks off to not only get back to where he was before that injury, but actually improve as a player. Deserves all the praise he gets. I just hope Jack and Vermaelen are given more support than Rambo was whilst trying to get back to peak form. I suspect Jack will get the support, but I’m not so sure Vermaelen will.

    As for Flamini, I would have to pass. We are not talking about the Flamini who was bossing games with Cesc. He is now 29 and has had cruciate ligament surgery since then. In fairness to him he seems to have recovered and played 20+ games for AC last season, and I understand they wanted to keep him, but we are in need of quality players. Adding Flamini to the wage bill just after getting rid of so many fringe players would be daft. We need players who can challenge our first team, not players who are happy to sit on the bench and await their turn. We’ve already got the likes of Frimpong as cover. Now we just need someone as good, if not better than Arteta. Flamini is neither.

  12. Gooner In Exile says:

    I think Chas it is probably a bastardisation of his utterances that CL football does not affect our spending power…that is probably true, but for the players we are hopefully targeting my guess is CL is the factor that means they complete or otherwise.

    As for today’s post it was hurried and I could have spent more time extrapolating this to the other youngsters around the squad past and present, the current players being loaned out across the domestic and European leagues will not benefit if they don’t play.

    Denilson wasn’t a bad player but he started to hide in the face of the critics. Ramsey was initially well received on his return but he certainly became the target for much of the 11/12 and early part of the 12/13 season. His character has seen him through, andir is a testament to one so young.

  13. Thanks Gooner In Exile, Ramsey is the latest in a long line of lessons in patience for us Arsenal fans.
    Big Raddy 😀

  14. GunnerN5 says:

    I have no issue saying that I was of those that I was not at all convinced that Ramsey would re-discover his pre injury potential. Many of his performances were sub par and characterized by poor passing and losing the ball far too often.

    Obviously the home crowd’s reaction was not at all helpful o him at that time. But as you say GIE it has been his strong character and will that has driven him to succeed – and who knows perhaps the crowds reaction made him realize that he had to work harder and dig deeper.

    I’m very happy to be proven wrong.

  15. TT says:

    Hi chas,

    About your 11:20 am question, here’s what I found:


    Q: Why do Arsenal labour in the process of buying players? We don’t seem to ever get business done early or quickly?

    IG: [Interesting preamble… but removed to get straight to the answer you’re looking for]
    Obviously our aim is to do business as early as possible. The Champions League qualifier in August won’t affect our plans. It’s never been an issue when we’ve discussed with players before and it doesn’t affect our planning.”

  16. Rasp says:

    Clever post GiE. I’m delighted for Ramsey, he’s got what it takes between the ears aswell as on the pitch. He has a big heart and a big future at Arsenal.

    Jack’s role and development is the cause of much conjecture. I wonder how many midfield playmakers any team can have? With Rosicky, Santi, Jack and Aaron you have 4 players who can drive the game on.

    In cricket, if one batsman is playing really well, the other assumes a support role. I wonder if creative midfielders work in the same way. I guess it works if we have a DM sitting back to mop up if we lose possession.

  17. GunnerN5 says:

    I just listened to Arsene’s interview pre Fulham.

    He had a little grin on his face when asked about Flamini – I would be happy to see him offered a 2 year contract, he can add a few goals and he can also fill in at left back. It would be a typical AW move and would give us additional cover and experience with no long term commitment and at a minimal cost.

    Assuming he can gain his fitness levels, what’s not to like about that?

  18. Rasp says:

    I don’t like it at all 😦 if we want a DM there are younger and better options, the only difference is we’d have to pay for them.

  19. Gooner In Exile says:

    Rasp with the four you mention I think it’s all about age. TR7 probably hasn’t got many top level years left in him (sorry Irish), Santi is not that far behind, then you will have Jack and Rambo coming into their own.

    Constant conveyor belt of footballers is what we need in every position. Ideally with 3/4 years between them and not all positions maturing at the same time.

  20. fatgingergooner says:

    There are a couple of negatives GN5.

    It takes up one of our squad positions for the coming season, means we probably wouldn’t sign a better quality DM, and pushes Frimpong further down the pecking order.

  21. LB says:


    This is how I see it: we only need a DM for 10 games, more or less, per season and those are the games when teams come on to us.

    For example, there would be very little point of having a DM against Fener as they were playing with 11 men behind the ball for the best part of the game.

    Most teams in the EPL play that way against us so having a DM twiddling his thumbs in front of the back four is a waste. This being the case, some kind of back up for Arteta is probably the best solution and Flamini on a one year contract is not a bad shout.

    Yes, there are younger and better versions of Flamini but they will understandably want to play week in week out.

    If all else fails I could live with Flamini for a year.

    Who knows, Diaby could be back by then and he will be like having a new signing lol

  22. LB says:


    At one point you were probably a very solid Arsenal supporter but now you seem to have become a very cynical one.

  23. Rasp says:

    Thanks GiE and LB. I take your points. What maybe we need is the flexibility to change things round in any given game. That may only necessitate having a player with more defensive qualities on the bench.

    Ramsey covers so much ground, as someone said the other day, if the chemistry between Ramsey, Cazorla, and Jack can be developed, its questionable whether Arteta will remain a first choice player.

  24. njstone9 says:

    A lesson in patience – if the club always intended to do business after the CL qualifiers, why did they at least hint at that earlier on and so deflect some of the nervous rage they got pelted with?

  25. LB says:


    Maybe our targets are using CL as a reason to sign or not. Suarez, for example, would be no better off coming to us without CL than he would be staying where he is.

  26. evonne says:

    Very good Mr GiE. I didn’t realize that Jacko was off for as long as Aaron, with admittedly less severe condition. But time off is time off, so he is bound to struggle for awhile.

    I hope that JW will not have to suffer abuse that Aaron received from the Arsenal ‘supporters’, because 1. no player deserves it and 2. he is not as level headed as Ramsey and could simply flip. Let’s just hope it never happens and Jack is at his best soon and everybody’s happy.

    Thanks for the article.

  27. fatgingergooner says:


    The key words you used there were ‘if all else fails, I could live with Flamini for another year’.

    As a last resort I would definitely take him, but we should be going all out to get a better option.

  28. njstone9 says:


    Wenger saying that CL football is a requirement for the best players…

    Spurs have bought good players, but not the best 😉

  29. RockyLives says:

    Well said GiE

    The attitude towards Ramsey from some of the Arsenal support in the first half of last year made me sick. Fair play to the lad for toughing his way through it. He still has a long way to go, but he’s showing signs that he could be one of the most important players in the “new” Arsenal of the next few years.

    A few weeks back I wrote a Post saying he was better than Fellaini. Naturally I took a bit of a bashing, but I stand by that opinion.

    Nothing against Fellaini – I’d be delighted to have him AND Aaron…

  30. evonne says:

    and anybody else Rocky? you are a greedy man 🙂

    There is a lot of talk about Rooney swapping places with Mata. I sincerely hope it does not come to that. I happen to almost love Mata, think he is a terrific player. Why couldn’t we get him?

  31. GoonerB says:

    Good thought provoking post GIE. I was interested in LB’s view at 1.59 that we only need a true DM for a hanful of games. It is difficult to know if this viewpoint is correct but i feel there is some mileage in it. If LB is correct then that DM when needed maybe needs to be more powerful and quick than technical. Could we revert to buying another CB and using TV as a screen in front of the back 4 in those games. Almost like an advanced sweeper.

  32. RedMJ says:

    The abuse that AR got from some in the crowd was sickening and ignorant. He has done fantastically well to rise above it and we should be proud of him and our club for sticking by him. Every superstar has to start somewhere and earn their status (unless your Bendtner) and our club has a knack of making that happen (from about 1996 onwards as a I recall).

    One person (and I use that description lightly) in the crowd behind me on Saturday wished Sagna serious harm when he bounced off his neck. He screamed with such venom and hatred at Sagna, the team, AW and anyone else who dared contradict him. For the first time ever, I contemplated leaving early and not because of the game. Glad I didn’t give it up to such an a**h**e though.

  33. LB says:

    Hi GB

    This hits a the heart of my argument as to why Arteta is not a man for all seasons. When teams are defending in numbers he is perfect because he brings a lot to the attacking table and his defending skills are not really called into question.

    Now take the Tottenham game Sunday week, they are going to come at us like there is no tomorrow. They always do, in these games and there are not that many we need a proper defensive midfielder.

    But the problem is we will only need him for those kind of games, and here lies the conundrum, if he is so good he will want to play week in and week out which we cannot offer and if he is not that good then he is simply not good enough.

    If Arteta was fit and Flamini was available (this is the old Flamini I am talking about, none of us know how good or bad he is nowadays) but if the old Flamini was available the one that could defend and still add a bit to the attack I would play him next to Arteta with Ramsey just in front of them.

    Vermaelen is a tricky one, as a DM he has crossed everyone’s mind and yet Wenger has never tried what seems like a fairly obvious option.


    Very good post as usual GIE.

    I seem to be agreeing with everything you post these days. Would you like to be my spokesman? haha

    Jack will ride the storm, and hopefully like our young Welshman come back stronger than ever.

    RedMJ, i know what you mean. For the next home game i plan to take my ear muffs with me and a placard proclaiming “do not disturb” on one side and on the other “moaning free zone”

  35. evonne says:

    Wilshere has pledged his future to Wenger. Wenger goes, Jack will follow. That says a lot to me. Are you paying attention Underminers?

  36. Ian Ure Face says:

    Maybe Jack likes climbing Wengers bean stalk !. What next ?…use of Bouldies eye liner !. hahaha

  37. evonne says:

    Terry – you do that son, good idea. I was thinking the other day about those Black Scarf brigade. Do they have meetings and if they do, do they play The Funeral March to start with, followed by circulating some Kleenex tissues that are to be used when they talk about good old days?

    Or do they have punchbags?

  38. evonne says:

    IUF – behave!!! Bould uses an eyeliner? Never! That’s gross

  39. Shard says:

    There’s that word again. Patience. Didn’t GNR sing a song about that? Was popular back in the day, but nobody’s got time for that these days.

    I remember Ramsey coming back from his injury, and then traveliing to Stoke. He was going into 50-50s and winning them. That boy has some serious courage. His ability, before his injury, was also very clear to see. It’s been slow work coming back, but now we’re starting to see what he can be capable of. He’s a willing runner. He can tackle. He can pass. He has vision. He’s even started to try more dribbles. And it seems like he’s adding goals to his game.

    Ok, so he’s not great at all of that. But he’s got the ability and the character to become a great midfielder. When he was younger, I thought he could be Cesc’s replacement. Then later, I was told he’s more like Steven Gerrard. I think in the next few years, all of that will be redundant. He’ll just be Aaron Ramsey.

  40. Ian Ure Face says:

    e va va vonne………………the evidence !.

  41. Gooner In Exile says:

    Evonne if you think about it the last side Jack played in before his return last season had a midfield of Cesc, Song, Nasri, Arshavin and Theo.

    When he came back only Theo remained.

    He missed the entire 11/12 season and much of last season too.

    Rambo only missed February to November 2010 with the double break.

  42. evonne says:

    bloody ell GiE, was it that long?? Lazy little bugger 🙂

    IUF – yuk!

    Right, Bale deal is done. £80m for Spurs and £7m a year to the player for 6 years. Effing bloody un-be-lievable. He ain’t that good, no way.

    Real are keen to sell Benzema who is considered lazy by many fans. They adore Ronaldo because he stood up and spoke against Maureen, good lad. If Real sell Benzema they will bid for Suarez.

    So it seems the poor relatives from UK will end up with lazy Karim. Great.

  43. Good 5-0 win for Tottenham last night vs Dinamo Tbilisi. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re this small club from North London.
    Sheep Hagger™

  44. chas says:

    very small

  45. chas says:

    and Middlesex, properly.

  46. RockyLives says:

    Sheep 🙂

    If we beat Fulham tomorrow will you cheer up 🙂

  47. Yes but we will struggle against them we always do

  48. Brb later I’ve a thing called a wife

  49. RockyLives says:

    If we struggle and win that’ll do me

  50. Well said Rocky, I think a struggle and win is my favourite kind of game, it always feels like a real achievement 😉

  51. neamman says:

    Flamini I always liked but hes a decent squad player, I would still want a “name” in defence or DM, preferably both positions.

  52. evonne says:

    Peaches – I am shocked! My favourite type of a game is when we score early, make it 2:0 before half time, add another for good measure in the second half. That way I don’t have to worry for full 90mins, a luxury at AFC 🙂

  53. evonne – I like those games too but I love the ones that we win with a real fight back ……. today might be one of those I feel 😉

    If we’re going to stroll it I like it when there are lots of goals, 6-0 is good fun although my favourite scoreline has to be 5-2 😉 🙂 😀

  54. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    Not much new around but we do have a match today and that is far more fun than silly rumors.

    I don’t know why Wilshere said his situation may change should AW leave given AW has yet to sign another contract

  55. Morning Raddy

    Maybe Jack was pledging his support to AW and the words came out wrong ………

  56. evonne says:

    5:2 is awesome 🙂
    Another good result is 5:1, that’s the scoreline of England v Germany in 2001. I was working with this gorgeous but not nice girl, who was half German. Before the game in 2001 she was giving a large one about the brilliant Deutche team.

    The next morning, after the game the techies changed her screensaver to show a huge 5:1 banner. She came in, switched her PC on, looked in disbelief at the banner and ran to the toilets bright red and crying. That was fantastic 🙂

  57. evonne says:

    Peaches – that’s how I read Jack’s statement – he wanted to tell us what a great man AW is, how much they owe him. He intended to silence Wenger’s critics, me thinks. But the prospect of him walking out hand in hand with Le Boss is a real prospect.

  58. I hope there are going to be photos of the fleet of boats carrying the away boyz to Fulham today, thats going to be so cool ….. except the weather is rubbish 😦

  59. evonne says:

    what boats Peaches?

  60. One of the joys of going to Craven Cottage is that you can take a boat along the Thames instead of struggling with public transport and it seems that a flotilla has been organised by the away fans for today.

  61. evonne says:

    wow. that is cool!

  62. kelsey says:

    I hope none of the boats are named Titanic 🙂

  63. Have you watched the video ……….

    Morning kelsey

  64. Some of it’s a bit rude but my mum’s in Spain 😳

  65. I defintiely want to do that …………..

    chas/ant have you ever done that?

  66. fatgingergooner says:

    Going to be very tough today on the back of a CL game against a side who won last week and have Parker and Bent ready for debut’s. Normally I would be reasonably happy with a point, but circumstances dictate that we need all three, otherwise the knives will be out again.

  67. kelsey – have you got any inside info on Benzema?

  68. kelsey says:

    A far as PR is concerned it would help if Gazidis and Wenger sang from the same song sheet instead of contradicting each other.

    The PR is a bloody joke yet we are so near to having a team to really compete.

    Flamini is that what we call a super super player 🙂 🙂 🙂

  69. fgg – our boys got out of the cauldron in Fenerbahce with three points and scoring three goals ……… what’s to worry about 😉

  70. kelsey – you forgot the super smiley after that comment 🙂

  71. Can I keep this positivity up all day d’you think?

  72. kelsey says:

    No peaches but we are trying still to get Torres at a knock down price .Have to wait on Chelsea first. mata and mourinho do not get on and I expect Chelsea and United to act first and then we pick up th dregs.

    Benzema ticks all the right boxes for AW. French,striker, on a pending rape harge. Remnid you of someone 🙂

  73. kelsey says:

    I just posted this elsewhere

    We can argue,debate,have our opinions but facts are facts and this has been a total PR disaster to those who really should matter i.e. the fans.

    We really are only a few players short providing we don’t get any more injuries or red cards yet reading between the lines Wenger’s only real target was for a world class striker of which they are few and far between.

    Even if we do last minute buys that is awful preparation.

    Let Wenger do the coaching and get someone in who can actually negotiate properly,preferably without daily comments to the media.

    The supporters have been misled perhaps moreso than anytime in the last few years but obviously provided the stadium is sold out no one at the club cares a shit.

    I don’t want to hear aa growing number of fans shouting abuse at Wenger but you can fool some of the people some of he time but you can’t fool them all of the time.
    I would love to know what Kroenke is thinking. Many will argue the point that he deleagtes,well he isn’t doing a good job and we will regret big time that he is the majority share holder.
    Maybe we will get a few more Cold Play concerts or even an annual American Soccer game to add to the revenue.

    As for Flamini that is an insult to th fans when we are continuously told by Wenger we only want super super players.

    We maybe one of the richest clubs in the world but our football business acumen is a bloody joke.

    I will get my brolly.

  74. evonne says:

    Benzema is not liked by RM fans because he is lazy.
    Wenger always surprises us with new signings; I reckon we are going to get Ronaldo this year 🙂

  75. fatgingergooner says:

    I worry about the ref, Peaches!


    Benzema will depend on Suarez going to Madrid. Liverpool dont want to sell but If RM put in a bid for Suarez then I expect the transfer request will be straight in! Torres probably more realistic. Would like Di Maria though.

  76. kelsey says:

    evonne, keep taking the pills 🙂

  77. fatgingergooner says:

    Tbh I just want the window to close. What annoys me most is this was supposed to be a TW we could enjoy after the last few disasters! Was it that hard for Wenger & co to give us 1 quality signing? Maybe they can redeem themselves in the last 10 days, but even that may not be enough for a lot of fans. I’m with Kelsey on this one, a bloody shambles.

  78. kelsey – I can’t disagree with any of your comment. What I think is important is that so many fans feel let down by the lack of spending, we have the basis of a very good side but injuries will be our undoing and we haven’t strengthened.

    ……… and dodgy refs 😉

  79. Rasp says:

    Morning all, nice to read some uber positive early comments 😛

  80. kelsey says:

    Sorry Rasp

    I won’t spoil match day but I could list a number of facts not opinions that have not been adrressed.:)

  81. evonne says:

    you should try some Kels 🙂

    Ok, if not Ronaldo, then perhaps Messi?

  82. Rasp says:

    Hi kelsey, I want to hear your views but I think we should all remain positive. To have a ‘must win’ (not really) game this early in the season is an added pressure. Although its not a must win, in the light of everything else that is going on, 3 points and is a must.

  83. Big Raddy says:

    Rasp 😀

    That comment really made me chuckle – though I don’t know if it was your intention

  84. Rasp says:

    Morning Raddy, 😆 just my illustration of the confused state of many supporters at the moment. We’re starting this season under as much pressure as we ended last 😕

  85. Big Raddy says:

    No doubt about that. Backs to the wall etc etc.

    Frustrating isn’t it?

    Strange that nothing has been said about AW and the signing of his contract since the disquiet started. Negotiation tactic or is that too machiavellian?

  86. Rasp says:

    Doesn’t AW always leave his own contract to the last minute?

    I don’t know how much pressure he is under to produce, but he has said we are working very hard to bring in new players and is confident we will be successful – so I hope he hasn’t shot himself in the foot.

  87. Rasp says:

    OK, it’s match day 😀 ……..

    …… New post …….

  88. LB says:

    I know there is a different time zone between Spain but I didn’t realise that it is so different that the transfer window had closed already. In the UK it is still open and as Wenger has made clear; we are still trying to bring more players to the club.

    “Should have got them in earlier”, but you just don’t know what is going on or why deals cannot be concluded earlier. There isn’t a red button to be pressed to nullify the free will of the selling club and the player, everybody actually has to agree. (26)

    The most alarming thing about your comment Kelsey is you don’t seem to understand this most basic fact of football business.

    You criticise the club for not bringing in players earlier but then go on to recognise that world class strikers are “few and far between”.

    You constantly criticise the club for not informing the fans what is going on but please tell us how you expect the club to secure the best prices for players after making clear to the selling club that that is exactly the clubs intention.

  89. kelsey says:

    He will never be sacked but I personally believe he will resign,possibly by the end of the year, literally hounded out by a growing number of fans.

  90. kelsey says:

    Morning LB

    I assure you I know a lot more than you credit me for.

    Why put all your eggs in one basket and publically go for Suarez.

    We need quality in depth, a blind man can see that.

    My comment about world class strikers being few and far between are a fact but is that really a priority.

    I don’t constantly criticise without true justification as they have had 5 months to sort things out and have misled the fans.Total incompetence IMO

    I am amazed you have only just realised that la Liga kicked off earlier this year,a well publisized fact.

    I will continue to criticise the club and I am far from being alone ,until I see a dramatic change.

    Sorry LB we will have to agree that we both see it differently.

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