Arsenal 1 – Aston Villa 3 : How Not To Start A Season

I’m not even sure where to start, as no one else has offered to do the report i’m going to try and fill the breach.

I have to admit that I missed a portion of the first half between our opener and their equaliser (parenting duties called).

There were no surprises with the team and bench, we are down to bare bones before a ball has been kicked, the absence of Arteta was a concern to all. We had seen in the Emirates Cup that Ramsey and Wilshere are not yet ready to partner each other in the deep lying midfield roles, this is due to a mixture
of inexperience and lack of understanding between them when it comes to one staying and one going.

We started brightly our opening goal a lesson in how to break quickly and clinically, Rosicky playing a great ball down the line to Oxlade-Chamberlain, he in turn picks out Giroud who finished well having made a good run in the box.

What was all the fuss about? We were going to prove the doubters wrong.

What followed was a combination of our old failings, individual errors that brought pressure and lifted Villa, an injury stretched squad
picking up more injuries in innocuous challenges, and our complete inability to get a ref to do us a favour once in a while.

The Villa equaliser came from a bit of good play from Abonglahor, he drifted past too many half challenges with ease no one getting close enough in red and white and was hurtling into the box, Szczesny had few options….stand big and hope he fluffed his shot or go for the ball, he chose the latter and raced out to the feet of Abonglahor, he lost the race Abonglahor pushing the ball past him and taking the contact. Taylor let play go on to see if there was an advantage but as the Villa player stuck it in the side betting he brought it back for the penalty. (Remember this later when I give a full assessment of Taylor).

Szczesny got down well to save the initial penalty but Benteke was first to react and nodded it home. That was disappointing as when watching the replays you see Benteke stop after he takes his kick which should have meant we could at least make his second chance more difficult but Szczesny was left exposed and the Villa front man nodded gratefully home. I should say I think Szczesny made a bad choice on the rebound, he jumped towards the ball, which made Benteke’s header a bit easier…..not that I am blaming him, it’s just another lesson our young keeper can learn.

Not long after we were being forced into a reshuffle, as Gibbs challenged for a header, his forehead connected with the back of the Villa players head. I was surprised at the amount of blood on Gibbs forehead and unable to be stitched and return he was substituted, I guess with the midweek trip in mind as much as for the players safety.

This is where the first calls about our squad lightness will appear. I have two comments:

1) If Monreal had been fit it wouldn’t have been an issue, if anyone believes we should have three senior left backs in the squad please do not moan about squad bloat or paying too high wages to squad players ever again.
2) Even if Monreal was fit he wouldnt definitely be on the bench, after all you don’t have one player in each position on the bench, and we could have easily seen Jenkinson on anyway.

For me I would have left Sagna at right back rather than switch two positions, although to an extent I can understand why you wouldn’t want to young players making combination on the left.

We made it to half time at 1-1 with a couple of scares along the way and not much more created going forward.

We started the second half ok, Cazorla on for Oxlade-Chamberlain another injury….Cazorla seemed to help the team retain possession and do a bit more with it but it also unbalanced us, there was no real cover for Sagna on the left side of midfield.

That was until we undid ourselves again, the ball moved far too easily through the midfield leaving Koscielny tracking back to win possession, which he did with ease, clearly playing the ball, it looked good on first viewing it looked better on replays, Taylor and his linesman decided otherwise awarded the penalty and booked Koscielny. Koscielny’s look of disbelief and smile said it all.

Benteke took the spot kick and sent Szczesny the wrong way.

Just six minutes later Taylor decided to put the icing on the cake of one of the worst refereeing performances I have seen by producing a second yellow card for Koscielny, he had hardly touched the Villa man (if at all I haven’t watched a replay) but he made another step before sprawling himself to the floor. Taylor bought it and showed Koscielny the second yellow.

At this point it was game over, if we wanted to get anything from the game anyway, we could have opted to shut up shop and go away with a 2-1 defeat, but instead we tried to find the equaliser, which was always going to leave us wide open at the back.

We went close a couple of times, Rosicky sending one high and wide and another into the body of the Villa keeper. Giroud had a half chance to hit one with his right peg but chose instead to try and bring it back to his left.

Villa took the opportunity to add a third as we had over committed to attack and Szczesny was left 2 on 1 and no chance.

It is hard to deny we are light on numbers, however the only position that would have helped us yesterday would have been defensive midfield, as with (the panic bought) Arteta missing there was too often a big hole in the centre of the park, and I would guess with his presence we would not have conceded so much ground on Villa’s opener. But this comes down to when we want to spend and who we are trying to spend the money on…do we want a Premier League defensive midfielder or a Champions League one? In two weeks time it may be irrelevant, but surely better to wait and buy the best we can get than rush in and buy average, remember no one likes average squad players on good wages.

As I said earlier despite injury to Monreal surely spending on a left back would be frivolous unless we plan to let one go as well. A centre back would be handy at this point, loaning out Miquel seems crazy if we don’t plan to buy big in this area, as I’d prefer a young centre back raised the Arsenal way to another Squillacci.

The same goes for the spear head of our attack.

And now the ref…..where do I start. He allowed Villa to get away with numerous fouls before being booked, the same did not appear to apply to us. He played advantage on their penalty, but rarely have us advantage for innocuous fouls when we had the ball. I can remember two clear occasions, Rosicky fought to turn his man, once he had turned and had taken him out of the game Taylor blew his whistle for the foul to allow Villa to reset, a late foul on Wilshere by their full back in our half, the ball was with Cazorla ready to get moving and Taylor pulled it back and allowed Villa to reset. Garbage,

And then bookings:
Koscielny 2 fouls, 2 bookings
Cazorla 1 foul, 1 booking
Abonglahor 4 fouls (repetitive ankle taps) 1 booking (last one)
Westwood 4 fouls 1 booking (last one)

And then the curse of rotational fouling, we suffered 18 fouls, 8 on Wilshere, targeted? Just a bit! Allowed to get away with it….absolutely….but of course it’s up to Arsenal Football Club to protect Jack for England…do me a favour!!

So what did we learn, well nothing new really we already knew it all, but it makes it harder to judge when all the other footballing gods appear to be against us.

I do know that this coming fortnight is going to be very tough, and we will see signings one way or the other, it’s just a question of what level of player they are.

If anyone wants to rate the players they can, I can’t after that result because I don’t think it would be fair.

Gooner in Exile

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  1. AZEEZ NIGERIA says:


  2. Feel free to actually give the opposition some credit. Deary me.

  3. gus says:

    I’m really worried, its gonna be really tough to actually field a team now. Vermalen, Monreal out, now probably Sanga (was that a broken neck!) and Gibbs, and Kos suspended puts us under consierable strain. Only Jenko and Per left!

    Why was Djourou and Miguel loaned out before we got a replacement? That’s just utterly inept and screams of no planning.

    Mids are in trouble too. Rumours of an Ox injury. Arteta is already out, Ramsey and Rosicky have ‘problems’. Diaby er… And then we don’t know how Jack will react to 90 mins. Leaves us with Cazorla and um can we count Frimpong?

    So that’s:

    Sczc, Fabianski, Per, Jenko, Frimpong Cazorla, Jack, Poldi, theo, Giroud and Yaya Sanogo.

    11 players albeit two are goalies!!

    Scary times!

  4. Ali they’ll be doing that on the Villa blogs, funny we’re Arsenal focussed over here.

  5. Chris b says:

    Excuses; bitterness; self pity

    The Arsenal way

  6. Rasp says:

    Thanks for stepping in with a report GiE πŸ˜› I didn’t see the game – your description of events makes me rather relieved.

    I have responded to your comment to me on yesterday’s post as I don’t want that debate to spill over onto your new post.

    We don’t want or need another LB but we do need a CB or utility defender who can play anywhere across the back four. It has been known for some time that TV would not be fit for the start of the season and the Monreal injury has been going on for about a month as far as I know so we’ve had time to organise cover.

    I know we shouldn’t stand in the way of an ambitious young player’s development, but I feel we should not have sent Coquelin out on loan, he can play DM and wing back.

  7. gus says:

    I can understand why the whole Higuain, Surez, mythical release clause and cashed up Cavaniless Napoli disaster. It was out of the hands of Arsene et al and while it was shambolic it’s understandable.

    But it doesn’t explain the inertia in other areas of the field.

    Teams need 4 centre backs. We started the season with 3.
    Teams need 3 Keepers. We started the seasonwith 2.
    Midfields need depth. We started with 5 fit.

  8. gus says:

    Ok that’s all my whinging done.

    I’ve always believed that its the job of the fan to be the eternal optimist. It’s sort of psychotic to ignore the obvious, but we fans aren’t completely sane are we?

    I’m gonna look for that video of our away fans singing when we were 8-2 down at Old Trafford. Always makes me realise that we come out of the dark times eventually.

    Come on Arsenal! We won’t feel like this forever.

  9. gus says:

    I’ve always wondered why Wilshere gets targeted?

    He’s so tough and brave. And just look how much muscle he’s put on in recent seasons.

  10. Adam Ndagi says:

    i dnt know d miracle arsen wenger want 2 perform wit injuries,& also letting go of 17 players without quality relacement.wenger pls do something better.GUNNERS 4ever

  11. dandan says:

    Fine write up GIE at a most difficult time. I do not often get angry watching football as most regular AA posters know I am a pretty laid back guy. But yesterday I was moved to shouting abuse at the TV as I watched the most inept and disgraceful refereeing display I have seen since the RVP sending off V Barca. Much of the press of course were delighted to see their dreams come true and the witch hunt starts now.
    As an adjunct to that, again this morning listening to the smug Shaun Custis the bigoted bard of Newcastle bad mouthing the club when he supports the club with the fastest managerial revolving doors in the country, again induced in me an anger I had forgotten existed within these old bones.
    We lost a game of football, against a 12 man team, has the refereeing been mentioned, hardly.. Man U would have had the man banned Sin die.
    We will buy some players, before the transfer window closes and things will improve. But yesterday had we fielded the double winning side at its peak we would have lost, no Danger,

  12. whizzkid says:

    This says it all “our complete inability to get a ref to do us a favour once in a while.”

  13. fatgingergooner says:

    Ironic that the first season we have actually got the money to buy players, arguably the 8 richest clubs in the world (City, United, Chelsea, PSG. Monaco, Bayern, Madrid and Barca) have all changed manager and are taking all the talent and pushing up prices! To add to that you’ve then got the likes of Napoli and Spurs profiting from large sales (Cavani and Bale) and splashing the cash.

    Whilst this is no excuse for starting the season 5 players short of a full squad, it certainly doesn’t help matters. I was hoping for a fresh start this season with us getting rid of all the under performers and bringing in some real quality, but it seems our inability to compete on the transfer market is going to lead to another season of doom n gloom, calls for Wengers head, and scrambling around for a CL spot that is getting less desirable with every passing year.

    I hope AW and IG sort something out before Sept 2nd or its going to be another long season.

  14. evonne says:

    GiE – you poor bugger – you missed the only part of the game that we looked really good! I hope that George will appreciate it one day πŸ™‚

    You are a brave guy. Thank you for stepping in with the match report.

    Nothing much to add – it happened, shit happens, let’s get over it and concentrate on the next game. It is a worrying prospect, but then again we have seen our lads like a phoenix rising from the ashes to make our support worth while.

    Me thinks that Fenerbahce are for good spanking

  15. evonne says:

    Ginger – did you put on weight again? No matter if AW buys any players or not the season ends on 11th May πŸ™‚

  16. Simon says:

    Yes the ref had a shocker but we can’t blame him fir the result, credit to villa they tore us apart on the counter at times, helped by the fact that we seemed to forget what a tackle or tracking back is. How agbonlahor was allowed to run all that distance for the first penalty with not a single challenge would give a Sunday league manager nightmares let alone Wenger. As for the third goal, I know it’s late in the game, down to 10 men and there’s some tired legs but no one seemed to want to get back and at least try and stop the goal.
    As for the 2nd penalty, my 1st thought was that it was a fantastic tackle and the full speed replays from the other angles showed he got the ball. Having watched Motd I can see where shearer is coming from but kos foot is an inch or two from the ball when he makes contact with agbonlahor, there’s no way the ref or linesman could have noticed that at full speed and only one view of it.

  17. fatgingergooner says:

    Fatter than ever Evonne!

    I’m more worried about when our season starts tbh! If we leave it as late as last year then CL will be a pipe dream. I don’t for a second believe we will have the same squad come 3rd Sept, but I am worried that we will only paper over the cracks rather than go all out and get the quality needed to seriously challenge for trophies.

  18. Tomas says:

    Why is it that the most brilliant people are often the dumbest . For all his linguistic skills( eight languages), degree in economy ,and bags of managerial know how( 30 years managing in a top flight), Wenger has failed to recognized the basic symptoms of fandom unrest that’s bordering on incendiary . So Real Madrid moved the goal post on Higuain’s asking price from 23 to 34 million pounds- tough. It still would’ve been worth getting him at that price. 23 million for Higuain’s services and the extra 11 million to make the fans happy and to shut them up. 23 million for Fellaini- a little steep, but a proven Premier league performer with no history of injuries( how refreshing for Arsenal FC), a player who would’ve easily prevented Agbonlahor from waltzing into area uncontested and would’ve provided some steel on the park on offense and defense . 57 million later Wenger still could’ve added a central defender for 13 million pounds to reach the quota of 70 million pounds Gazidis said Wenger had on transfers this summer. So why hasn’t happened ? The short answer is – Wenger never intended to spend 70 million to begin with , and he misjudged the market as well, offering fraction of asking prices , pissing the selling clubs off in the process. No wonder other clubs don’t want to do business with Arsenal. To offer 6 million for Williams when Swansea value him at double that, or 14 million for Gustavo when Bayern was asking 20 , is no way to do serious business in a sellers market, concept of which should be familiar to someone with a degree in economy. Now every club knows we are desperate and we’ll be asked to pay premium for any player we show interest in. Not to mention by the time we do get some players in ,we very well could already be out of title contention . Regardles wether Wenger failed to reinforce because he didn’t agree with selling clubs evaluations , or he simply believed his squad is good enough, he fully deserves the blame and should suffer the consequences . A contract extension at this point would be ludicris .

  19. Hang on what did Munich sell Gustavo for?

  20. Ignore me €20m/Β£17m, fair enough I suppose.

    But Tomas I think you are being rather too simplistic about the sums available and who is blocking him……

    Here is the situation…

    Ivan tells us fans and Arsene we have money to spend, Arsene has identified his targets.

    Whose job is it to actually spend the money?

    Do you really think after Wenger says he wants Higuain and Gustavo Ivan couldn’t just go out and get them? Of course he could, so why hasn’t he? Same reason they didn’t with Mata, because the rpice went above what Arsenal the Football Club was prepared to pay.

    If Ivan is so committed to spending and trophies…..why the f**k doesn’t he back the manager and help him get his targets?

  21. Arsenal Forever says:

    Good morning to you all.

    A fair write up GiE, before actually watching the game, the replay on Sky, I was spitting blood at what seemed to have been a totally inept performance by Arsenal.

    On reflection this wasn’t the case. The ineptness was exhibited only by the referee, surely one of the worst displays we have seen in recent years.

    That said, after a good start with a fine goal after six minutes and a few more good chances we then slipped the hand brake back on a let Villa get into the game. There is definitely something lacking in the motivation of this team.

    I could see no fault with Szczesny for the first penalty, he did his best to claim the ball, his save was very good and he had no chance with the rebound.

    The outcome of the match hinged on the second penalty, it should not have been given, Koscielny got the ball first. The linesman admitted later, to Wenger, that he didn’t see it as a penalty yet the ref after hesitating gave it and booked the centre back. Without that booking Koscielny would most probably not have been sent off.

    With a full complement of players still on the pitch there was every chance that we could have salvaged a point and even to have gone on to win all three.

    There must surely be something happening on the transfer front, we are down to a skeleton squad and one that looks less healthy than that recovered from beneath a car park in Leicester of King Richard 111.

  22. Gooner In Exile says:

    Oh and Mr Always Fit Fellaini:

    “Fellaini was stretchered off in the 34th minute of the Merseyside Derby on 6 February after a two footed tackle by Sotirios Kyrgiakos, ruling him out for the rest of the 2009–10 season”

    “Fellaini suffered an ankle injury in an FA Cup replay victory against Chelsea in February 2011 and although he was able to play in a 2–0 win against Sunderland a week later, the injury caused him to miss the remainder of the 2010–11 season.[17] He did not play a competitive match until August 2011”

  23. kelsey says:


    because there is a rift between them.As i stated earlier this morning not all is well behind closed doors. Personally i believe that Wenger is not entirely to blame.

    Just to mention again that leaving Szsney in goal with no competition is not a good idea.

    Wednesday is a huge ask now, not a test ,as we are literally running out of players.

  24. Norfolk Gooner says:

    “Arsenal Forever” formerly “Norfolk Gooner”

  25. fatgingergooner says:

    There’s nothing more frustrating for an Arsenal fan than watching the club being operated at 80% of its full potential. We know we can’t compete with the mega-rich, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get a squad big enough, or good enough to challenge on the field. Imagine if we had signed Vertonghen, Cesar, Fellaini, Higuain and Mata? All realistic targets over the last few seasons. We would be top of the league. Looking after the future of the club is important, but it feels like its taking over from present ambitions

  26. Wake up says:

    Look at this geezer. He was indicative of most people in the ground yesterday. He’s not some spoiled fan or JCL. A mate of mine says he’s seen around the Arsenal since the sixties and home and away from the seventies onwards. Is he a stupid fan

  27. fatgingergooner says:

    We can still put out a decent 11 on Weds, but the subs will be anyone’s guess! I wonder how much of our transfer business depends on this CL qualifier? We seem to do business late on when we have to qualify. Problem is that it will look like panic-buys again. The image this club has at the moment is not desirable to potential ‘world class’ signings.

  28. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Can anyone tell me, is Koscielny available on Wednesday?

  29. Gooner In Exile says:

    No Norfolk

  30. fatgingergooner says:

    Should be NG. 1 game domestic ban for 2 yellows I think.

  31. Gooner In Exile says:

    That is no he is not available

  32. Gooner In Exile says:

    Both he and Cazorla picked up second bookings in CL second leg I believe.

  33. Thanks for the report. Dandan said most of what I’d say.
    It wasn’t a penalty no matter how much that arsehole shearer tries to fool you. A still picture can easily be used to help an argument. John Hartson and Robbie Savage felt moved enough to tweet that it wasn’t a pen and shearer was wrong.

    I also hope that bad things happen to agbonlahor. he asked for the 2nd card to get kozzer sent off then clapped the ref.

    My son was at the game and said where he was sitting most of the chanting was directed at the ref even before the 1st pen.

    Personally I believe we’ll get Suarez and someone like Bender provided we get past Fener. If we don’t qualify for the CL then I don’t think we get top 4 this season.

    So far this summer our transfer dealings have been shambolic and we’ve left ourselves open to the anti Arsenal press and all the Wenger out people.

  34. Nicholas says:

    Thank you GIE. That post cleared away some of my misery.

    Last night I felt so incredibly down. Angry. Ashamed almost. The wretched certainty of knowing your club is the laughing stock of the Premier League. I now know what it is to be a Liverpool fan.

    What makes me really angry though is that Arsenal could be in such a better position. With money to spend this summer could have been a real statement of intent. Instead we’ve got nothing while seeing all of the top, top players Wenger claims there are so few of buggering off to other clubs.

    Are we really going to be getting outstanding, quality players come in at the end of the window? That’s the only thing that can redeem Wenger now. He made a conscious decision not to go ahead and bid for Higuain. I am sure Arsenal would have been made aware of Napoli’s final bid and that therefore Arsenal essentially passed on the opportunity.

    When Arteta got injured he could have swooped for Gustavo. Or put in a proper bid for Bender – Β£30m+. We win 20% of our matches without Arteta. He must have a backup or equal quality player to fight for his place.

    Now I’m so scared we’re going to see a procession of so-so players come in just because all the good ones have gone or because the best players’ clubs won’t sell them.

    And Wilshere must be dropped. Our best run of results came with him out of the side last season. Wenger hasn’t found a way to play him and Ramsey together yet.

  35. fatgingergooner says:


    Would it usually be a domestic ban then? Is he banned because of the previous CL game rather than his red yday?

    Can we appeal his red yday?

    Was a shocking decision.

  36. Red Arse says:


    Your 12:03, this not a dating site you know! πŸ™‚

  37. fatgingergooner says:

    What am I listening to Chris Kamara saying here!? He got the pen right!!!!!????? FUCK OFF!

    Absolute jokers.

  38. Yes Ginger, domestically his ban yesterday will be 1 match (Fulham) unlikely to be able to appeal as both decisions subjective and FA won’t overturn, unless no contact on second can be proven.

    CL we miss Cazorla and Koscielny both who picked up bookings in the second leg of the CL against Bayern which was there second of the European season.

    Always find it strange that CL bans carry over to the next season but not card count, so anyone who finished last seasons CL campaign on 1 card is back to 0 for this season.

  39. Red Arse says:

    Just watched the Kozzer ‘penalty’ on Goals on Sunday and I still do not think the ref had a clue about the supposed foul on Agbonlahor who was beaten to the ball. Disgraceful!

    Then, as I said yesterday the second yellow card and red card was given even tho Kozzer never even touched their player.

    Amazingly, both the presenters and the guests agreed it was never a yellow card, and Schmeichel said it looked like the ref was looking for an excuse to send Kozzer off, and Hamman agreed.

    Crikey – even Sky personnel agreed it was a poor decision.

    Incompetency personified by that ref.

  40. Red Arse says:

    Yellow cards cannot be appealed, GIE, even if they lead to a red card – I think.

    Sorry, forgot to say, well done with standing up to write a very good Post on a difficult day. πŸ™‚

  41. It’s not incompetence RA he should have sent one of their players off but he didn’t. he was biased for some reason.

  42. Red Arse says:

    GM, πŸ™‚

  43. Red Arse says:

    I hear you, GM, but incompetent or biased, he was wrong!

  44. RyanG says:

    Bit of a one-eyed assessment I feel. The replay on MOTD clearly showed it was a second penalty. Koscielny was marginal but did lunge in needlessly. Don’t look to the referee, take a look at your average team instead

  45. GunnerN5 says:

    Hi GIE:

    Wonderful write up – I’m completely in sync with your thought’s. You should consider doing all of our game reports, as yours was right in touch with the same game that I watched.

    I’ve avoided reading the majority of the comments both after the game and this morning – after all why bother reading when you already know the content. Instead I select the views that I know will be unbiased – yourself, Kelsey, RA, dandan, Chas to name a few.

    However one thing that has struck me for a while now and was brought to light again yesterday is our style of play, It’s out of sync with the way the majority of PL teams.

    Our teams are always small in stature, technically superb (with the exception of goalkeeping), very nippy and very fragile. My question is straightforward when did such a team last a trophy in England?

    We get kicked around far too much, our players are too small and every PL team knows that if they let us play football there will only be one outcome – simple solution to that – don’t let us play football.

    Things need to change for us to become successful again and that may include management, style of play and a different recruitment process.

  46. Red Arse says:

    Agreed, GN5, πŸ™‚

    Of course we could occasionally buy a physically bigger midfielder.

    Cazorla is a great little player, but it was his half baked mistake giving the ball to Agbonlahore (also diminutive) that led to their 2nd penalty.

    What made this result all the worse, was the inept refereeing performance throughout the game resulting in the 2nd penalty and subsequently Kozzer’s wrongful sending off, and if anyone had read my half-time report, they would not have been surprised as I forecast just that possibility.

    I have both my fingers and toes and eyes crossed that Arsene brings in a couple of good players – not for us fans actually, but to help adjust his own unfortunate reputation of being a tight wad, responsible for the result. [All this after just one game! Sheesh!].

    Nothing would have made that referee perform better in yesterday’s game – but some fans don’t let the facts spoil a good moan!

  47. racey says:

    Regarding the penalty incident, Koscielny should have stayed on his feet and narrowed the players angle.

  48. Gooner In Exile says:

    Gn5, it’s an interesting question….I don’t necessarily think size is the issue but strength probably is.

    Listen to anyone who played against Maradona and they will tell you he was strong as an Ox, that made him the player he was despite his height.

    If I was to look for a hole in your argument it would be the CL finals featuring Barca and ManUre. Despite ManUres physical strength they were out manoeuvred by the generally smaller technicians in the Barca midfield and up front.

    In Ox we have what appears to be a strong player, Goroud is no push over, neither is Pod, Sagna, Koscielny or BFG.

    But maybe that’s the problem, I think we are currently stuck between two stalls, our technical players are not yet as good as that Barca side and we are nowhere near quick enough to support each other as teams like Barca and Dortmund do.

  49. Jeanette Kliger says:

    magic hat

    The first question is, even if the ref is penalised by the FA for his horrible performance, which he most definitely should be, how does that benefit us? It reminded me of Dowd against Newcastle, same defender got the benefit of his ineptitude.

    Wenger has done exactly what so many fans have been demanding, got rid of what they call “deadwood”.
    He has also learned to say sorry to us – another first.
    The problem is that he has failed to recognise that we are no longer The Invincibles and players are not queuing up to join us – certainly not at his cut prices.

    it makes me sad to say it, but I really don’t think Jack is up to it.

    For god’s sake, ArsΓ¨ne, buy Fellaini. We desperately need a midfield enforcer, more than anything else.

  50. IanRealGunner says:

    Kos should have stayed on his feet – sorry I forgot that tackling was now banned in football. I was 10 yards away from it and it was NEVER a penalty. And before you start quoting Shearer again, there is always contact between players in a tackle, to still-pause it and then claim that the left knee made contact with the player before Kos got the ball is a joke – the ref would not have even seen that and was just waiting to give it. A disgrace.

  51. racey says:

    You are always risking giving away a penalty when you make last ditch tackles in the penalty area especially to a referee looking for any excuse to book players.

  52. RyanG says:

    IanRealGunner…hahaha. So the ref got it right but you’re complaining that he should’nt have been able to from his angle – thats what the linesman is there for.

    Face it, Arsenal were just not good enough and stop blaming the ref. The sending off was marginal but that’s balanced out by the fact that the keeper could have gone for the first pen.

  53. IanRealGunner says:

    Ryan G,
    Not blaming the ref for the loss, and I never said he got it right – not sure where you are coming from on that. The linesman was as close as I was and didn’t give anything – did the ref consult him (not overtly, but not sure what was said on the mic). Could he at least have gone across and checked?? Who knows.

    We were average at best, but key decisions change the outcome of games. Most of the poor decisions were the less contentious ones, breaking up the game, playing or not playing advantage, booking or not booking, allowing players to time waste, kick the ball away ( I could go on and on).

  54. RyanG says:

    Sorry mate but the only decisions that effected this match we those taken that decided not to invest during the close season. Referee had a decent game in my opinion – got both penalties spot on!
    Worrying times for Gunners fans!!

  55. RockyLives says:

    Excellent report GiE

    The ref’s performance was atrocious but the result has given the Hysteria Mob the opportunity to throw their toys out of the pram.

  56. goonerjake says:

    does anyone know what has happened regarding the fans forum on arsenal tv? Monday night now has a new show called the clock end with Adrian Clarke. Is the fans forum going to be shown at another time or is the clock end show replacing the fans forum. if so I will miss tom watt.

  57. Szcesny could never be sent off for the first penalty……for one very good reason….lets see Ryan if your knowledge of the laws of the game can answer….i doubt it.

  58. Anyone remember the furore for the penalty given for us last season against Norwich?

    Remember the pundits? “The linesman shouldn’t give that it was miles away from him”….”surely the ref had a better view”…..”ok penalty was correct but it shouldn’t have been given because no one had a clear view”

    I’m sure we can all go dig out some headlines.

  59. Rasp says:

    Totts 1 up against Palace, all 4 of their new signings are on the pitch …… if we had those players, I’d expect most of them to play in the CL qualifier

  60. Are you watching Rasp? Because I’m not so sure having seen them play.

  61. Our current first XI is still better than theirs

  62. Rasp says:

    Soldado was one of the hottest strikers in Europe last year and has played for France at every level, he has a goal scoring record of 1 every 2 games across his entire career. Paulinho plays in midfield for the Brazil national side, Capoue has played for France at every level from under 18 upwards and Chadli is a Belgium international. These are not mugs. I wouldn’t expect them to be brilliant from their first game but their pedigree is unquestionable and had those same players come to Arsenal we would have been ecstatic.

  63. Rasp says:

    I don’t believe our first 11 is now stronger than the totts and I certainly believe their squad has more strength in depth.

  64. Honestly Rasp there would be a lot of question marks if these players had been our big signings!

    At half time Hoddle and Sounness suggested Palace would not be able to keep up the energy levels, to keep Spurs out, a penalty separates the sides and that hasn’t come to pass, it should have done because Palace are poor, poorer than Stoke were against Liverpool.

    Palace fans have been expectant of an equaliser most of the second half.

  65. Rasp says:

    We’ll have to disagree GiE. The fact that they are not setting the world alight in their first game is not surprising. The fact that they’re deemed good enough to play at all today shows their manager has brought in players he believes will strengthen his squad. We haven’t brought in a single player to strengthen our squad.

  66. If




    is better than





    I am giving up.

    Because right now it isn’t much better than Palace’s.

  67. Rasp says:

    They have Kaboul, Holtby and Sandro to come back and Brad Friedel is their 2nd choice keeper – I’d have him in front of Sz until he can learn to be less hot headed.

  68. Bayonne JeanJ says:

    Ask yourself this question:

    If you were a top drawer player who wants CL, and look at the Arsenal side as it is currently constituted going into Fenerbahce, why would you even consider signing with Arsenal?

    This has 2011-2012 signing period written all over it; once again, the folly of the fourth place trophy…

  69. Gooner In Exile says:

    Ok more pro Spuds than pro Arsenal

    I’m out of here.

  70. Rasp says:

    I’m certainly not pro totnum and after the second such response today I really am out of here

  71. IanRealGunner says:


    Reference your 2:34, I agree. Yesterday was the culmination of a lot of inactivity since last season. Not sure about the pens though!!! We’ll have to agree to disagree on that one.

  72. kelsey says:

    Arsene Wenger has rounded on his critics in the press following his side’s opening day defeat at home to Aston Villa.

    The Arsenal manager felt his team had once again played out their opening fixture in a negative atmosphere because of criticism over the club’s lack of moves in the transfer market, having failed to secure the signatures of both Gonzalo Higuain and Luis Suarez.

    “You got what you wanted, you should be happy,” Wenger said to reporters in his post-match press conference. “Before the start the season that was all you write in the papers so what do you expect?”

    Wenger, though, insisted today’s 3-1 defeat was not down to a lack of summer investment.

    “Could we have won the game with the players we had on the pitch? I say yes,” he continued.

    If we don’t spend the money, it is because we don’t find the players.

    “I am not the only one to work on that, we are a team that works on that and we are ready to buy the players if we find the players good enough for us.

    “My job is to make the fans happy, but we haven’t lost a game because of that (not spending).

    “We take our work seriously and we analyse every player in the world and spend 24 hours a day doing that.

    “We are ready to spend, but until we buy players we have to win football games and it is not an excuse not to win the game today.”

    Wenger also criticised referee Anthony Taylor for his part in Arsenal’s defeat. The Gunners had led through an early Olivier Giroud goal before Christian Benteke equalised from a penalty rebound.

    In what proved to be the defining moment of the match, the visitors were awarded a controversial penalty on the hour when Laurent Koscielny looked to have won the ball in his challenge with Gabriel Agbonlahor, before Benteke netted from the spot.

    The France defender, booked for his challenge, was then soon shown a second yellow by Taylor for clattering into Andreas Weimann

    New signing Antonio Luna added a late third for the visitors – before unhappy chants of “spend some money” rang out from the home support at full-time.

    Wenger, though, was left perplexed by the whole series of events in a match which was also notable for featuring the first use of the Premier League’s new goal decision system (GDS) when a 52nd-minute effort from Villa midfielder Fabian Delph struck the inside of the right-hand post and rolled across the line.

    “I didn’t like his performance, but more than his performance I didn’t like his spirit of how he refereed the game,” Wenger said of Taylor.

    “I didn’t like the fact the way the game was refereed and this is a deeper question that just one decision.

    “I don’t like to lie, I didn’t like what he did.

    “The linesman said he to me he did not give the penalty and he was at the level of the tackle, so why does the referee who did not give the penalty straight away suddenly give the penalty? That is what is amazing to me.

    “I would understand if the linesman said it was a penalty, but you have to live with that and just because you get these decisions given against you that doesn’t mean you should go on to lose the game.”

    The Arsenal manager added: “Not only did we lose the game, we had many kicks, many injuries. We have some problems for some people to recover for Wednesday night.

    Notice the word we .

  73. Oh stop it you two 😦

    Just watched Maureen take his seat in the dug out at the Bridge, now there’s a set of ecstatic supporters yuuuuk ……..

    ……. although I have to confess to being a bit of a Maureen fan, don’t tell Mr DidIt shhhhhhh

  74. Well done for stepping into the breach, Gooner In Exile.
    No household names in Villa’s seven signings, but such is their depth, Lambert had the luxury of only having to start one of them – and what did he contribute?
    But Lambert’s not good enough for Arsenal, is he! I know which one of the two manager’s I’d have preferred to see in Arsenal’s dugout.
    One of the saddest fall-outs from this wreckage is the supporters, and there appears no middle ground. It seems you’re either an ignorant Wenger-hating oik who uses abusive, industrial language – as if it’s supposed to lend your point more creedence – or you’re a myopic sycophantic Arsene Wenger lover who will use all manner of excuses to defend his management, from stars not being aligned with certain planets to whether or not you wore your lucky socks to The Emirates, and will verbally slaughter anyone who dares suggest the manager is culpable.
    The arguments have got so nasty and vindictive it has spilled out to real violence among people who claim to want the same ultimate conclusion – success for the club they love. There’s plenty of hypocrisy, denial, and higher moral ground posturing from both sides. It has descended into madness and caused such deep-rooted divisions some relationships will never be repaired. Is supporting a football club who couldn’t care less for your existence really worth such a price?
    As Kelsey and Peaches said this morning, there are major problems inside the club which has been allowed to fester for a few years, which I have mentioned on occasion too, and was ridiculed for.
    It is a joyless task watching supposedly intelligent people making the same basic mistakes over and over again and continually expecting folk to excuse it, it defies logic.

  75. GunnerN5 says:

    Just got back in and I realized that I had left out several people who I think have very sound reasoning and I always read their posts but I won’t mention just them – as I’m sure to inadvertently offend some other people. But from my responses to posts it should be obvious who I favor.

    But now on to AFC……….

    I was deeply concerned about our lack of depth and quality and I even wrote a couple of articles on the issue and the fears that I expressed seem to be happening.

    It really did not take too much knowledge to see how woefully short of depth we are – we have a wonderful veneer but inside we only have immature players.

    I am still on the BoD’s of several companies and have been on as many as 15 over my career. One of our key responsibilities is to highlight problems and then to recommend an in depth analysis of the issue which includes potential solutions and then based on the report we make our determinations.

    Arsenal need to both identify and solve their issues but it may already be to late to salvage this season – even after only one game.

  76. johnnie nyc says:

    GIE, all true about the ref, but I think you are too focused on that aspect..
    Its all about the lazy play that led to the player bursting through wide open for the first penalty. or the ball being given away by Cazorla with no one behind to help…sloppy disorganized and lazy..
    why could that be ?????
    I think our players, in their hearts are feeling let down by the club.. they look at the bench and see a 16 yr old and an 18 yr old, AND 2 players who are injured and cant really play !!!!!
    OUR PLAYERS ARE NOT STUPID. they don’t just kick the ball around ignorantly, they have an idea how to run a club….Cazorla, Kozzer and jack will want to leave in the near future, because of the clubs lack of ambition.
    RASP IS RIGHT. if you compare our depth to spurs, its scary. they are strong physically, fast, and deep even without bale. we would have needed 2 or 3 quality signings just to keep pace. You want to see ambition—look at tottenham….

    and who thinks there are bargains at the end of the window.. if we look for a cb, any team will hold out for more because they know we are in a desperate situation. (how long we knew about vermaelens injury.. same for midfield because of Artetas injury, and Jack should not be overplayed, because it can ruin his career.—-nothing to mention of the fact that we did nothing to add in attack either– our greatest need at the end of last season…
    __- Arsenes stubborn streak has cost us another season start. and it can get very bleak very fast.

  77. harry671 says:

    GIE well done, probably one of the hardest match reports ever… Whatever you said and concluded, you would not please many….

    I could say loads and really rant over fans reactions, the abusive vile comments littered across the web, the mistakes made by Ivan , by Wenger and I could do 90 mins on the inept ref performance from yesterday, truly shocking… I could praise villa, unlikely, systematic fouling ain’t football, but I won’t… Pointless and I have calmed down slightly now…..

    Everyone’s focus ( apart from dick law) should be on Wednesday nite, if you are half fit, can kick straight and free Wednesday you might get a game, so limber up and no drinking this week….

  78. GoonerB says:

    Watched it away on my hols. I am becoming concerned for AW. We seemed to become exposed in the very areas that most fans are crying out for signings in down the spine of the side. I can understand a player like suarez being difficult to get but why is it proving so difficult to secure some of the others we have been linked with like Cesar, Fellaini, Gustavo. With Liverpool winning are we really looking an attractive option to a player like suarez now. A couple of those types of players and an opening win sends out a good message to the top players but how convinced will the likes of suarez and lewandowski be about where we are right now?

  79. You can blame whoever you want but the moral of the story is We were not good enough.

  80. GunnerN5 says:

    I propose we make a straight swap with Crystal Palace, all of their crowd for 20,000 of ours.

    We gain an immediate change of atmosphere and a twelfth man – all at no charge.

  81. GunnerN5 says:


    I would like to know your source for this detail?


    “The arguments have got so nasty and vindictive it has spilled out to real violence among people who claim to want the same ultimate conclusion – success for the club they love. There’s plenty of hypocrisy, denial, and higher moral ground posturing from both sides. It has descended into madness and caused such deep-rooted divisions some relationships will never be repaired. Is supporting a football club who couldn’t care less for your existence really worth such a price”?

  82. johnnie nyc says:

    sorry, messed up my last comment..
    GOONERB, great point, I was also thinking, what players would look at us as the attractive option right now.. we are becoming a punchline, a joke to outside observers.
    the 16 teams below us, are not worse off, because they appear to be doing EVERYTHING they can, with their resources, to improve themselves to challenge for a much as possible, even if its just staying up, or Europa league…
    at least they appear to honestly care…
    right now Arsene seems as if he thinks hes smarter than everyone else in world football. everyone elses targets and additions are beneath our quality, according to him …
    at least other teams have proper squad strength.

  83. RockyLives says:

    Sad that good bloggers are getting grumpy with each other.

    We all have strong feelings about the Arse but this is absolutely not the time for anyone to be over-sensitive.

  84. LB says:


    Thanks for the post today, you are a better man than me.

    I have also enjoyed reading your comments, while others have been running around like headless chickens you have remained calm.

    The question you raised that I agree with above all is: would we have been happy with the Tottenham singings, would they really constitute the step up that we have been craving for so long?

    Well, not for me, I don’t want another Giroud, I don’t want another Podolski, we have, for the first time in a long time, a chance to get some real quality but there is obviously less of it around which is why I will continue to patiently wait and will not show frustration until the end of the window.

  85. William McGoonagal says:

    The consensus seems to buy buy buy! yesterday’s defeat was the first in the premiership for several months. Why not a bit of continuity and build on the side that performed so heroically last season? Further to my rant about Arsenal baiting at BT Sport,re.all Arsenal defeats and spers victories on their classic premiership games show, did anyone see who Danny Baker’s sidekick is on his BT slot? that sack of lard spersgit Fanny Smelly! Could it be Smelly has editorial control over what classic games are aired? that’s the sort of crass thing he’d do, anyone remember the godawful ‘Under the Moon’ on channel 4 Smelly fronted? wall to wall spers players on it as guests…zero Arsenal.

  86. Rasp says:

    Hi LB, but you wanted Higuain and you wanted Fellaini. Higuain chose another club over us and we didn’t even try to trigger Fellaini’s buy out clause before it expired at the end of July.

    Phillipe Auclair is a staunch Wenger supporter and he has just said on the radio that the Arsenal transfer policy and those who operate it have failed …. I totally agree.

    There is very little top quality left out there now to buy and anyone we target will have an inflated price tag.

    I believe all the totts signings would have strengthened our squad. Capoue is an ‘Arteta’ type DM and would probably start when he’s not fit; Paulinho would have played instead of Cazorla on Wednesday and Soldado will score more goals than Podolski.

    Incidentally, I didn’t read anything that could be described as from a ‘headless chicken’ on here – were you referring to another site?

  87. GunnerN5 says:


    What has to be taken into consideration is the fact that AW/AFC have only acknowledged an approach for Saurez and nobody else.

    We all have opinions about players we think would suit the club but given that we have “ample” funds available to purchase players like Fellani and Higuain it seems obvious to me that AFC did not want them, at least for the prices asked for them.

    We are in a deep mess right now and one that the club would have wanted to avoid but it’s apparent that they could not get the players they wanted due to either, price, salary or the club not wanting to sell. Of course we are all disappointed with the present situation but buying players for the sake of buying players makes no sense at all.

    Maybe we are doomed to another year of no trophies and maybe no CL next season but if so I would still put my money on all of our incumbents staying at AFC, learning from their mistakes, and bouncing back next season.

  88. GunnerN5 says:


    I should clarify what I mean about them learning from their mistakes. As I’ve said previously I feel that a full scale analysis of our management, playing style, player choices and transfer process should be undertaken during this season and the results of that study should form the basis for our future planning. with or without our current management.

    All the booing, hissing, name calling, head hunting, blame seeking will achieve diddly squat – other than to please a few small minded people.

  89. I agree with the the fan on that video
    Go please

  90. We are becoming a laffing stock

  91. Gn5 – you talk a lot of sense, are you thinking of a root and branch type assessment of goings on at the club? If you are then I agree with you although I’m not sure that it will be enough to appease those vociferous supporters asking for the board to go or Arsene to go. Difficult times ahead 😦

  92. GunnerN5 says:


    It`s easy to support a team when they are winning trophies but it`s really tough when they are not achieving – but true supporters stick by their team through thick and thin.

  93. GunnerN5 says:


    Yup a deep cleansing type of analysis that gets to the root problem of the issues. In my experience these studies should be undertaken by an independent and impartial outside group.

    The studies are never easy to accomplish as incumbents are not always forthcoming with their responses to the groups questions.

  94. Rasp says:

    Thanks GN5, as always you talk a lot of sense. What I don’t necessarily agree with is the assumption that ” it’s apparent that they could not get the players they wanted due to either, price, salary or the club not wanting to sell”. This is not apparent to me and I see no evidence to verify this assumption.

    If “AW/AFC have only acknowledged an approach for Saurez and nobody else” then that is not trying very hard in my eyes. The assertion that there are no players out there who would improve the quality of our squad is one I cannot accept. We sold our only world class player when van Persie went.

    The prognosis that we are not attractive to players we target is much more disturbing to me. I think the main stumbling block is likely to be that we place a value on a player that is inflexible and are not prepared to up it even if that player would bring a lot to the team or as is currently the case – sorely needed.

    To send Miquel and Coquelin out on loan when we are already short in defense is unbelievable. If Sagna is not fit, we will not have another CB in the squad for Wednesday.

  95. Hmmmmnnnn I can imagine that would be difficult.

    Someone has hacked Nina Bracewell-Smith’s twitter account and just broadcast this ……..Amy Lawrence re-tweeted it and someone put her right.

    Nina Bracewell-Smith ‏@NinaBracewell 36m
    Bring David Dein and give Usmanov representation on the board if we are to have success going forward. #AFC

    Nina Bracewell-Smith ‏@NinaBracewell 57m
    And how deeply I regret selling to Kroenke. #AFC

    That Kroenke must be some smooth talker.


    Good Evening

    GIE, you are a voice of reason and calm, but i expect nothing more from you. Top man.

    I will never disrespect Arsene Wenger. The man is a legend who has given us his all and continues to do so. If he were to get us relegated i would still admire and honour him as the greatest manager i have seen at our club

    Rasp and Kelsey are right in many ways. There is something wrong at board room level. I have closed my eyes to these problems because my love for the club makes it difficult for me to critcisise. Incompetence, inexperience, i dont know?

    i just want to support the team, the manager, and be proud of the club i support and continue to do so.

    My faith in our future is unshakeable. Every thing is in place to be succesfull, we just need the men in the suits to see it through. if they are incapable, then we need people who can turn our enormous potential into reality.

  97. johnnie nyc says:

    i agree with everything in your response to LB, but—— please dont say Higuain chose a different club…all indications are that he was happy to join us—-
    over 2 months ago, long before Napoli had the Cavani money, it was us vs juve for Higuain, juve had nowhere near enough cash..–
    we had plenty to pay the 30mil price at the time… we bid 27, had to have a bargain, — wouldnt pay the quoted price…we had the player excited to come to us, then —
    we waited week after week for Madrid to come down. — they never did, — they didnt have to– then they decided– lets wait and see what happens—
    THEN, yes, they raised the price because Napoli was flush with cash, and prepared to pay for quality. Can you blame them??? we would have done the same.
    we needed to be decisive, and let it slip away–not the players fault. but after watching the rest of the tw activity, Gonzalo must feel like he was very lucky. …. his team is trying build a winner, and i think they will be very good this season.
    he was ours early, if we had stepped up. it might have been a strong start, with one or two others players to follow, creating a buzz among our current players,—— but when do we ever step up?
    lets not even discuss the Suarez release clause.

  98. Rasp says:

    Thanks jnyc, there are many who would ask where you got your information regarding the Higuain transfer. I can only see that we were genuinely interested on the player. It would appear that we do like a bargain πŸ˜‰

  99. GunnerN5 says:

    Rasp said…

    What I don’t necessarily agree with is the assumption that ” it’s apparent that they could not get the players they wanted due to either, price, salary or the club not wanting to sell”. This is not apparent to me and I see no evidence to verify this assumption.

    Rasp how could that be an assumption – if those conditions had been met for players we wanted then we would now have those players on our team today.

    Rasp said…

    If β€œAW/AFC have only acknowledged an approach for Saurez and nobody else” then that is not trying very hard in my eyes. The assertion that there are no players out there who would improve the quality of our squad is one I cannot accept. We sold our only world class player when van Persie went.

    Rasp – that is not an assertion it is a fact that AFC have only acknowledged going after Suarez – it does`not mean they have not gone after other players who we don`t know about.

  100. Rasp says:

    Like Micky, I would actually give higher priority to a defender and DM and maybe even a GK before signing a striker as things now stand.

  101. GunnerN5 says:

    Have to go soon I am cooking a family barbeque and I escaped for a few minutes with a glass of wine so that I could keep up to date with the comments – and get a bit of peace and quiet.

  102. Rasp says:

    Thanks GN5, it is an assumption because you imply that we actually tried in a determined way to sign other players and I don’t subscribe to that view. Since we have the funds, we could have bought any of the players listed if we had chosen to and the player and the selling club were up for the deal.

    Describing your words as an assertion does not mean I do not accept it as fact. Your assertion that the club have only officially acknowledged the bid for Suarez is indeed … a fact πŸ˜†

  103. GunnerN5 says:


    I`ve never felt that goal scoring was our weakness, but I have often worried about a porous defense.

  104. Rasp says:

    I’m with you on that GN5. I have been highlighting the need for a CB since the end of the season. I also called for a utility defender/DM as cover in times of crisis … like now!!

  105. GunnerN5 says:


    (If we had chosen to) is what is in question – as my assertion would be that if we did want those players then circumstances must have prevailed that made a deal unacceptable to AFC.

  106. Rasp says:

    Haha touchΓ©

  107. johnnie nyc says:

    my numbers are estimations, from following daily, because i thought at the time that he would have been a great finisher for us… but more important is the chronology, and the outcome.
    and by the way, liverpool did look sharp, better than the score indicates. coutihno as was said, looked good, and i always liked sturridge as a player.. his record for liverpool as striker is impressive so far, and he sure has some good ability.
    so how should someone like suarez look at his own situation, decision, now..–
    i would love to have him, world class. — but maybe he should publicly thank Brendan rather than apologize??

  108. Rasp says:

    But seriously, we are a big club and in the CL (at least for the timebeing), we should be able to attract top players. The Gustavo to Wolfsburg deal sticks in my craw.

  109. GunnerN5 says:


    In closing off today, I acknowledge many deficiencies in the club`s dealings and to find ourselves in our current situation is simply mortifying. I highlighted that in an article just last week – but we are where we are and all of the festering in the world is not going to change that fact.

    I`m off now grain feed veal chops are waiting to go onto the barbeque.

  110. Rasp says:

    This is going to be very annoying to you all, but I heard evidence today that suggests Bale is 90% certain to go to Real as the deal is very generous (I cannot reveal my source), this idea is also reinforced by the Β£60+m the totts have spent so far this window.

    So Suarez will not get his dream move to Real and then may focus on coming to Arsenal – but that is purely conjecture.

  111. GunnerN5 says:

    GunnerN5 says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    August 18, 2013 at 9:56 pm


    What is that all about…………..

  112. Rasp says:

    GN5, I found a comment of yours sitting in moderation for some reason so I let it out.

  113. GunnerN5 says:

    Thanks – goodnight all.

  114. Rasp says:

    Enjoy your barbeque GN5

  115. chas says:

    Thanks for the report, GIE.
    Pretty much as I saw it with my own eyes.

    The Ron Vlaar not getting sent off for a second bookable after Kos had been sent off for less seemed to confirm to me the slightly biased nature of the refereeing.

    “Just five minutes later Weimann was caught by Koscielny. The incident seemed innocuous but the ref reached for his card again and the home side was down to 10 men. Three minutes later Vlaar was lucky not to receive his second yellow card for a much worse foul.”

    This quote is from the Villa blog

  116. Chas says:

    On a side note, I wouldn’t big up a spud transfer even if it was Lionel Messi.
    Horses for courses I suppose.

  117. neamman says:

    I think we certainly need to buy some quality squad players. I don’t mean a superstar but a Gustavo level CB, MF and striker. Our first 11 is excellent but I worry when we have the injuries we now are getting. I don’t blame AW for not signing but I find it incredulous we have loaned players out without getting cover. To me I want Coquelin back, decent cover at MF and as a FB.

  118. neamman says:

    I don’t see how Suarez could come now he s apologised to all and sundry.

  119. njstone9 says:

    Who says Suarez has apologised? It all seems very fishy to me. He certainly will still want to leave – no one goes from that angry to satisfied after nothing has happened. He might have accepted he isn’t going anywhere this window…

    But in that case, why did Liverpool repeatedly suggest he could leave if Arsenal paid Β£50m? Seems that that is what is going to happen at the end of the transfer window. Fingers crossed.

  120. kelsey says:

    Morning all.

    I have benn spending a lot of time where possible as my wife fell last week and cracked two bones in her shoulder and one in her arm as I think I mentioned which makes concentrating on Arsenal a little difficult with all our other problems but nevertheless there has quite understandably been a lot of discussion on the TV,radio and good blogs as to what is actually going on at Arsenal.

    Firstly let’s concentrate on us not Spurs and what Rasp has said above has ben voiced by many re the funding of players as we nearly all assume Bale is off. if he isn’t that would be an incredible amount of money for Spurs to have spent.

    Now on to us.

    I believe the wage structure has been modified and we have released more players than ever before under Wenger and though the transfer fees were not huge the saving on wages is considerable..

    Wenger didn’t suddenly decide to get rid of Gervinho,Santos et all without logically thinking he could replace them with super super players (his words not mine.)
    It hasn’t happened and the key is why.Do players not want to come to us or has Wenger got absolute full control as to how much he will bid and won’t budge or is it a bit of both.
    To me it is quite clear that we have more money to spend than at any time these past few years, Gazidis told us 4 months ago, and Gazidis and Wenger do not agree on a players worth and ultimately no deal goes through.
    Now with two weeks of the window left and a bad opening result plus endless more injuries every club in the land know they can increase their fee on any player that is still available and that is the punch line,as there aren’t many quality players available at our budget and I strongly believe we need at least 3 players but there are still one or two available within the PL but Wenger still would prefer to pull a rabbit out of the hat and unleash on us a nobody and turn him into a star,but it’s too late for that now.

    Yes we have bid for Suarez and even if we got him that wouldn’t be enough IMO though our CL two way game looks harder as the days go by.
    We just shouldn’t be down to the bare bones after one game and I am afraid someone has to take responsibility.
    I can sympathise with the attending fans who pay a lot of money to watch and support our beloved club and the rational amongst them would at least like to see us challenge for trophies not the “forth place cup”.
    it’s a sad state of affairs and as his name implies Stan stays silent.

    This was going to be a post to discuss but most of it has already benn said but I just rounded up most of the relevant comments these past few days.

  121. Dyutimoy paul says:

    Its disappointing and Mr. Wenger must take the blame, the buck stops with him

  122. JM says:

    {A personal opinion}

    The previous headliner (2 topics back) from Red Arse previously is slowing materialising. (as well as what I have replied with my posts on the same topic)

    Our board and senior management should have made their final Decision. They have the choices of making an easy resolution and a more complicated one; nonetheless, the ending will still be the same.

    We shall support the club, no matter what happens next.

    “The past is archived; The present is happening; The future is unfathomable”

  123. Shard says:

    A very very good write up GIE. I was reading the comments yesterday but decided to stay out of the discussion because I was certain I would end up angering some people.

    So let’s take a step back and see what the problem is. I think we’d all agree that the reaction against Arsenal and Wenger isn’t to do with one game. So that’s step 1.

    If it isn’t about the game, what is it about?

    2. This transfer window? Perhaps. I’m inclined to agree that we’ve made mistakes, potentially serious ones, in this window. Although that must be balanced against the fact that we don’t really know what’s been going on. What we do know is that a lot of the squad has been let go, and that there has been a major cull even in the reserve squad. This has left us not just short of quality for the start of the season, but also numbers. Yet, I don’t think anyone begrudges the fact that those players have left. So far, we should all have agreement.

    3. This begs the question. Why are we in that position? This is where disagreement probably comes in. There are possible explanations.
    a) The club intends to make profits alone, at the cost of the team
    b)the club intend to get in the sort of players that need more wage space, and that they are on their way.
    c) The club miscalculated in clearing the wage bill before they actually bought anyone, and they have come up blank in terms of identifying targets or in convincing the other club to sell, or the player to join them. This could be because of money or other factors.

    In my view, it is difficult to pass judgment on any of these because the transfer window is still open. If you believe a) then that would beg the question of what those profits are intended for. If you believe b) then we need to know why those players haven’t come yet, and if you believe c) then again you need to be able to explain why. Is it incompetence in identifying targets? For this the evidence is that Wenger keeps saying we haven’t found players to improve us yet. Is it a question of money? I don’t know what the proof for this is except that it is widely accepted that Arsenal are stingy or that Wenger refuses to go above his valuation of a player. The counter to this is that Wenger says it isn’t about the money, and that we don’t need to worry too much about the money anymore.

    Personally, I believe that it is a combination of b and c in that we’re waiting to qualify for the CL, either because of our budgeting, or the players’ desire to play CL, or most likely a bit of both, and that we haven’t been entirely successful in identifying gettable targets of the requisite quality.

    But to go back to point 1. It isn’t about the game, what is it about?

    4. The past 8 years of ‘failure’. This is where it gets really tricky. There has been so much written about Arsenal. Some of it accurate, a lot of it inaccurate, and almost completely all of it guesswork based on facts, myths, and half truths.

    Broadly speaking, you can either believe Arsenal have failed (no trophies), or you can believe that Arsenal haven’t failed, but instead have done quite well. The qualification for the latter is the fact that we built the stadium, and that our income was restricted compared to not just the oilers, but also most other clubs in the league. (With the exception that we won CL money through our own efforts) Our spend on transfers is certainly lower than anyone’s. While our spend on wages is a result of our CL qualification. Denilson, Diaby etc are said to be wastes of money and not worthy of being in the club, and yet those players were part of a squad which finished in the top 4, and hence it is hard to argue our wage spend has been poor, especially taken in conjunction with the lack of transfer spending.

    I think most people have a problem with certain specific aspects of the club, and yet this is extrapolated to include the whole club as being a failure. Nobody likes to believe that about themselves, but in my view it is a result of the media’s incessant negativity and distortion of the debate. For example, it’s ok to have frustrations with some of Wenger’s tactics. A lack of a DM is often cited. It’s also ok to disagree with the wage distribution (although, based on very rough estimates and guesswork, I’ve tried to rework it and I don’t think it could realistically have been improved, considering our transfer spend) It’s also fine to believe we could have spent more money in transfers for a few years at least. We probably could have.

    But all these specifics are taken together to mean that there has been wide incompetence, and even malafide intentions, and this is thus indicative of failure. Sure, at some point specific complaints should lead to a questioning of systemic issues. But would we be having this discussion on systemic issues and failures if say we’d won a trophy recently? Maybe, but with much less vitriol. Would we be conducting such an audit if we’d spent like no tomorrow and failed to even make top 4 like Liverpool leaving us on a struggle to get back. I’d say that we wouldn’t do it with anywhere near the level of strife now.

    Why? Because of the media. It has been drilled into us that Arsenal haven’t won a trophy and that this must construe failure. It has been drilled into us that Arsenal’s ambition and intentions are suspect because of a lack of transfer spend. This has then resulted in people who are for that argument to pore over the specifics with a magnifying glass to look for any sign of failure, and scream eureka at every single flaw, and has resulted in even those who are against the argument having to pore over the club with a microscope and see those same flaws, but have to account for them in a larger perspective, which in many ways is a defensive move, and not really a constructive exercise meant to understand how the club could improve. The media narrative affects us all. No matter to what extent we believe them.

    So what is this whole fuss about? Arsenal’s flaws? There are plenty. There are bound to be. Arsenal’s successes? Surely not, because why would that attract such strife? We all want Arsenal to be successful after all. It is about the fundamental belief that Arsenal have failed, and the need to find recourse for that failure, and sometimes this takes the form of a need for a scapegoat, rather than a desire to address Arsenal’s faults and flaws because that is much much tougher to do. That last bit is actually what GN5 suggested the club do. But will any exercise of that sort succeed in an environment as charged as this? It just makes the viewpoints even more entrenched, with any little bit of evidence in favour of a theory being proclaimed as ‘proof’. I’m sad and horrified it has come to this, especially because I genuinely see no need for it to be so, except that Arsenal’s story has already been written, with the actors -us- left to improvise within the script.

  124. Red Arse says:

    Good Morning All, πŸ™‚

  125. kelsey says:

    Morning Shard

    There might be the odd heated argument on here and elsewhere but I would rather call it a difference of view by many some more harsh than others and we pride ourselves on AA to generally rspect each and every opinion without insulting each other.
    We can’t keep harping on about the last 8 years as we have to look at the picture as it stands today.

    You express yourself on paper better than I do but I get the feeling that you must always have the last word and if i am wrong I apologise.
    I don’t agree with a lot of what you say and surely you can see we are actually a club which could really be in a mini crisis within the next few weeks.
    I don’t demand trophies as I and several others on here have seen far bleaker times in the fifties and sixties,seventies and eighties.
    There is a completely new board with a majority share holder who is genuinely interested in making the club more profitable but the bottom line is that none of his franchises win trophies.
    Wasn’t Karen Brady muted as CEO before Gazidis.Has there been heated arguments within the board. Does any of this help and what do you think the few outstanding players think of the present situation. They want to play with better players or at least players as good as them it improves their game, and if things don’t change soon who will be the next to leave.
    I really think the way the club sends out messages of intent infuriates the fans as nothing has happened.
    Even if we qualify for the CL proper I have already explained the few players available will cost us even more.Fellini is a good example if we had bid before july now he would cost more. it is irrelevant if Wenger actually wants him.

    It is not doom and gloom but I am not impressed with which our non transfer business has been handled and there is no doubt the snowball of discontent could turn into an avalanche,yet ironically the people who really matter,the attending fans will still fill the stadium.
    AST only represent 1% of Arsenal attending fans. We are litterally held by the short and curlys.
    Oh before you question me I did and still have very good connections at the club.

  126. Red Arse says:


    There is a latent violent streak in all human beings, and when hurt, physically or emotionally, we all to some degree or other want to lash out and someone, something, anything.

    Many people say that they went home after a losing a game and wanted to kick the cat, or row with the wife, or some such however innocent the recipient may be.

    It is a transient feeling which time cures, and guilt at the volatile feelings sets in ………… usually.

    The same emotional hurt applies to many Arsenal fans, but in their case the time needed to cool the often irrational emotions is much more greater.

    Dissect the possible reasons as much as you will, but this common human trait cannot be overlooked, and even all referees can be scapegoated and castigated based on circumstantial evidence and without the usual burden of proof. πŸ™‚

  127. Rasp says:

    Morning kelsey, Redders and Shard

    We can dress it up in as many clever words as we choose but the basic situation is very simple. We have been very successful at moving on players who are surplus to requirement but failed at bringing in players of better quality to improve the squad. Its a fact.

    If we land some outstanding targets before the 2nd of September it will be very good for our prospects of having a successful season – but it will not have been ‘clever business’ because prices will be going up not down and had we acted sooner we may not have dropped points or even failed to get into the CL.

    I do not accept the argument that we needed to get into the CL proper before signing quality. We can all see that now we require the quality to achieve that end as our team on Wednesday is going to be short of at least 4 of our best first team players.

  128. Red Arse says:

    Hi Kelsey, πŸ™‚

    What? Shard always wants the last word? Surely not!! πŸ™‚

    Sensible stuff from you, as usual.

    The club and its management have brought to club into the modern era with a brilliant new stadium and financial sustainability etc; but it cannot be denied that they have royally screwed up in the whole transfer window saga, from start until now.

    The BoD, Arsene or the tea lady, still have time to get it right, and intelligent people can learn from their mistakes and adapt to the new reality.

  129. Red Arse says:

    Hi Rasper, πŸ™‚

    Our comments were written at the same time — and we agree on the key matter in question. πŸ™‚

    Incidentally, I do not think you always realize how much regular bloggers on here like and respect you.

    My earlier comment about the way people react when hurt or disappointed means that, sometimes, what is said is misunderstood, and that works both ways.

    My favourite adage in that respect, as you will have seen me write many times, is;

    “I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.”

    This particularly applies to well loved, respected and sensitive bloggers!!! πŸ˜€

  130. Shard says:

    Don’t start RA πŸ™‚

    I will say this that a referee ruining a game bothers me no end whether it involves Arsenal or not. It is not scapegoating and I have looked at it in detail. Much more than I’d like to have. Proof? That isn’t accessible. But there is a lot, literally a lot of evidence, albeit all circumstantial, that exists to back me up on this. And I don’t think it is the referees to blame. They are just the visible part of what happens. If it were just some referees, they would have been removed by now.

    Kelsey and Rasp
    It wasn’t an attempt at clever words, or dressing anything up. I was trying to take a step back and understand what the anger is about. As RA points out perhaps it was an exercise in futility to examine the anger rationally because anger isn’t a rational emotion most of the time.

    I share the concerns about the transfer window, I share the worries about players potentially leaving (and kelsey, I don’t know why you feel the need to talk about your contacts. They don’t entitle your views to being above reason, and I never questioned your views because they are reasonable anyway) It might cost us more to do business now, or it might not. I don’t really care either way. We needed to be careful with money in the past. While we can’t piss it away now, we don’t need to worry about ‘good business’. We need some good players, we don’t know what the hold up has been, and I shall judge the window properly once it closes. I would have wanted players earlier, but am willing to accept them a few weeks later. I feel we now need a miracle to get through in the CL, and that this is massively important if we are to get the players we want. I am stunned that we let Miquel leave on loan when we knew TV was injured and Kos suspended for the CL, but just because I don’t understand it, doesn’t mean I will castigate it. I just hope it works out.

    I know you don’t demand trophies. Didn’t I say that the media has a way of affecting even those that don’t agree with them. Including me. Trophies are a by-the-by, and yet we’re all filled with this sense of underachievement as regards Arsenal. I’m not sure it’s entirely logical to feel that, even if we feel we can improve as a club.

  131. Red Arse says:

    Poor old Oxo is out for at least 6 months it seems. Bugger!

    Where are you Chas and tricky Micky? Come out and cheer us up! πŸ™‚

  132. evonne says:

    RA – how do they still have time? We have already lost a game and players to red card and injuries. The preseason training/bonding/gelling is over. We have 4 massive games in less than 2 weeks!!

    Not too late??

  133. Shard says:

    About the last word. I hope that’s not the case with me, because it is a very annoying trait.

    I do recall however that you have once or twice threatened to write a headline post as a counter to my arguments, but this never materialised. Even day before when you brought up the product on the pitch being the sole reason for fans’ discontent, I simply pointed to the fact that clubs whose output on the pitch is worse than ours have a much happier clientele..I mean fanbase.. I was hoping for a response.

    Now if you stop debating with me midway through one, it is hardly my fault for having the last word is it? πŸ˜€

  134. Red Arse says:


    It is becoming even more difficult to ignore the feeling that with injuries and no new faces qualifying for the CL is becoming a potential nail biter.

    I am putting my hopes in the view that even if we lose, and the thought makes me feel weak, πŸ™‚ that they will be thrown out after the CAS judgement is revealed shortly.

  135. kelsey says:

    Morning Red Arse and Rasp

    I got the feeling as players talk to each other three seasons ago.

    Regardless if you feel Dempsey would have been beneficial to us or not he rejected the thought of playing for us even at nearly double his wages and chose Spurs. WQhy I ask myself.

    We bid for Schwarzer which meant one can onnly assume Wenger felt the need for more experience in goal. Fistly 2 million then 4 million but Hughes doesn’t want to deal with Wenger and Schwarzer didn’t push it further. Why / Now he has left on a free.
    The Torres bid might still happen and that depends on Chelsea further strengthening,though he had an average game yesterday but regardless I don’t think he feautures in mourinho’s long term plans.He might be a gamble to regain his form at his age but I actually believe we need competition in attack and he may well be bought at 15/20 million if Chelsea decide to sell. Torres has a point to prove and he like others wants to play in the World Cup.

  136. Red Arse says:

    Hi Evonne, πŸ™‚

    I was referring to getting the inaction in the transfer window right.

    Candidly, when you see the way that Chelsea have stuffed their club with superb players, and lots of them, and probably the same can be said of Citeh, and Manure, any reasonably realistoic person would say that even if we had bought Higuain or Suarez, however unlikely that is now, we could only expect to fight for 4th place.

    [It’s an opinion, OK, based on nothing more than what I have seen — no castigation please — I am still suffering from Saturday’s horror!] πŸ™‚

  137. Red Arse says:


    We all have our intrinsic traits, and you are no exception.

    You have already twice demonstrated your tendency to want the last word this morning.

    It’s just you, and its OK. You probably do not even know you do it! πŸ˜€

  138. kelsey says:


    i have not threatened to write a headline post but said when time allows I would. I have a lot of personal issues at the moment and if I wrote a post i feel I would need to be available to answer any questions on that particular day. I have in the distant past written several posts.
    I wasn’t trying to be rude to you as it is not in my nature but I just get the feeling that you keep refering to some aspects going on at the club as opinions when they are in deed facts. Sorry if i offended you.To put it mildly I am a little stressed at the moment.

  139. Red Arse says:

    I hope your comment at 8:19 is wrong.

    My fear is that we will pay top dollar for people who will be no better than Santos, or Mert, or Nacho, such as Michu and Williams and perhaps Torres.

    None of them twiddle my knobs, frankly.

    Controversial? Me? πŸ˜€

  140. Red Arse says:


    It is good to see you on AA whenever you get the chance.
    Don’t put yourself into any more stress — it is supposed to be fun, although that view can get lost in the passion of the moment.

  141. evonne says:

    sorry RA, we are all a bit fragile now.

    I am just shocked at how badly the transfers were conducted this summer. I try not to look for other clubs for good/bad examples, but cannot help noticing the we sold the most and bought the least. It makes no sense whatsoever.

    Never mind the media stories linking us to half the strikers in Europe and some from the rest of the world. I care little for their bullshit stories. But I care about the Club promising us big signings. I care about the need to strengthen the squad. And I care about all the high spirits and confidence leaving the lads on Saturday. The summers fun has been erased, Wenger will have to start and try his hardest to motivate the team before Wednesday. Was it necessary? Was it feck.

    And what would have happened had we won that game?? They wouldn’t sing anybody because the current squad was good enough.

    And if they sing now, whom will they sign?

    Nay, that aint good enough anymore. I didn’t wait all the long summer for the season to start and find myself scared shitless before the next game. Excuse my language, but I am no longer a happy bunny

  142. Shard says:


    No worries. I wasn’t offended, and I was only kidding about the ‘threatening to write a post’ bit. Mostly because I’d like you to write it, and to see your arguments put out in an article rather than having to be gleaned through comments. I am sorry that the humourous intent did not come through in my comments. I am aware of some of your personal issues, and I wish you all the best in dealing with them.

  143. Shard says:


    I don’t know about the last word, but I do know I am giving you the middle finger 😈

  144. evonne says:

    Shard – the funniest thing here happened several months ago, when 2 distinguished AAers couldn’t agree on something, it got pretty ugly and they arranged a duel outside the Tavern πŸ™‚

  145. Feng says:

    absolutely agree on all counts.

    Rotational fouling flashes its backside at the card system so often you wonder why things haven’t changed.

    Why not give the card not for individual players but for the entire team? Say player 1 from team A gets a caution for dangerous play. The second time any player from team A gets called for dangerous play gets booted from the field–problem solved.

  146. Shard says:


    Are you suggesting I organise a duel with kelsey? I’m issuing an open challenge to all comers. Fight a duel with me, but it’ll have to be in a Tavern in Delhi, and involve a couple of bottles of beer πŸ™‚

  147. kelsey says:

    Bracewell-Smith regrets Kroenke sale

    Posted by: arseblog 30 mins ago in Boardroom, Finance 16 Comments

    Former board member Nina Bracewell-Smith has publicly said he regrets selling her shares to Stan Kroenke.

    In the wake of Arsenal’s 3-1 defeat to Aston Villa on Saturday, she used her Twitter account to say, β€œWhat a shame the board recommended a Kroenke takeover and paid Rothchilds 3m fee.”

    β€œAnd how deeply I regret selling to Kroenke. Bring David Dein and give Usmanov representation on the board if we are to have success going forward.”

    The Tweets have since been deleted. Bracewell-Smith, who sold a 15.9% share in the club to the American for around Β£120m, was given a position of Honorary Vice President at the club, and has a seat in the Director’s Box.

    It remains to be seen how things will play out after being so openly critical of the majority shareholder.

    See,it’s all kicking off. πŸ™‚

  148. evonne says:

    ha ha ha Shard, it wasn’t a laughing matter, so you’d better stop giggling. One of the distinguished AAers involved didn’t blog for a while. I was sure the other one killed him. I think they are friends again, thank Dennis πŸ™‚

  149. evonne says:

    Kels – Peached posted the tweets yesterday, look her up @9:13pm

  150. Shard says:


    If I’m not mistaken, she has criticised Kronke’s lack of ambition or something before. Something like a year and a half or so ago

  151. Old news kelsey, I posted the tweets last night πŸ˜‰

  152. I still have the twitter page open at the time they were published

    tim payton ‏@timpayton 12h
    @gunnerblog @amylawrence71 I spoke to her on the night she sold, shame she didn’t listen then

  153. I think the whole conversation has been deleted now, I’m surprised arseblog has used them, the general view was that her account had been hacked ……… but maybe not?

  154. Amy Lawrence ‏@amylawrence71 12h
    Somebody just said @NinaBracewell has been hacked, which would explain that extraordinary admission.

  155. Janman says:

    There are a lot of strong opinions on this blog that is why it is one of the better blogs as they are discussed accordingly. Perhaps it is not a case of Shard having the last word but others not enjoying being challenged. Facts are our transfer buying policy is a shambles but who is at fault? Since the departure of Henry and Vierra no actual like for like (equal strength player) was purchased. It has festered for many years and the same policy has applied as others departed, no equal like player was bought. Fact is as I said, our transfer policy leaves a lot to be desired but it all could be solved by 02 September so maybe it is not a fact after all. I do concur with Shard and do not hold to much faith in those who claim to have inside info or special contacts, if that is the case then name the source and back up the comment correctly. Closing point for me, Mr. Wenger is our greatest manager of all time but his failing in my opinion is that he has not moved with the times and therefore other managers are now considered to be ahead of him. Therefore he needs more modern day type advisers around him and be prepared to move forward but that is just my opinion.

  156. evonne says:

    peaches – of course it wasn’t hacked! she wanted her views to be known.

    Right then – how could Kroenke be removed? This is a genuine question. Presumably the Uzbek would have to have majority of shares?

    PS I know it is not going to happen and I am not even sure he is the culprit

  157. Red Arse says:

    The poor English and factual inaccuracies made me think instantly that it was a hoax, for example,

    — “Nina Bracewell-Smith has publicly said “he” regrets selling “her” shares to Stan Kroenke.

    — β€œWhat a shame the board recommended a Kroenke takeover and paid Rothchilds 3m fee.”

    The Board did not recommend that. It was individual board members, like Lady Nina, Dein, etc who chose to sell their personal holdings.


  158. evonne says:

    RA – that’s a shame! I’d love to have someone, anyone but Wenger, to blame 😦

  159. Red Arse says:


    Do tell! Who challenged whom to a duel, and with what, a pair of kippers, a couple of ferrets, and who won?

  160. I don’t know evonne …….. the story goes that she blew the whistle on David Dein and was then marginalised by Danny Fizsman which led to her resignation. Obviously cares about the club though if you look at her twitter timeline.

  161. Red Arse says:

    Don’t blame anyone, Evonne.

    Until the ‘facts’ are known whoever is accused of ‘blame’ is very probably innocent! πŸ™‚

  162. We have a New Post …………………

  163. Red Arse says:


    Didn’t she resign after the death of Danny Fizman?

  164. Red Arse says:

    No I am wrong. She resigned in 2008, and Danny died in April 2011.

    The one who publicly attacked her for saying the whole board should resign was Dennis Hill-Wood.

    So, that’s me told to shut up! πŸ™‚

  165. kelsey says:


    To answer you, Clint Dempsey is a personal friend of my son and until he moved to The States socialised on a weekly basis. Dempsey and Schwarzer were both at Fulham at the time and furthermore a very close friend of mine’s son worked for Fiszman for 16 years and still works for the family. To me that is enough proof in what i have relayed.Please yourself what you believe πŸ™‚

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