Blimey — We look really good.

When you think about it, playing City one week before the start of the season was a very smart move, some very clever scheduling must have gone on behind the scenes, clearly designed to give us a stern test before the real football starts next week against Villa.

If this was indeed the intention and indeed meant as a test then Arsene Wenger’s men passed it with flying colours.

But I must admit I didn’t expect it. City started as positively as you would expect. A collection of players brought for around five hundred million seemed to be effortlessly moving the ball around us. I feared the worst and started wondering how I would write a report, if required, and found myself thinking that if we lose I might have to trot out the chestnut that you can’t hide the difference in quality that five hundred million buys you.

But I was wrong, there was no need, this was one of those precious moments when the hearts of Wengerites, of which I am one, soar.

We stuffed City.

Arsene’s team, put together with a fraction of the opposition’s budget, showed a far greater level of skill and clinical finishing. In short, we were treated to some pre-season Wengerball of the highest calibre.

Ramsey was for me our Man of the Match a cross between S Gerrard’s ability to move powerfully throughout the midfield, R Keane’s determination and C Fabregas’s finesse.

Because — that pass — to set up Walcott for the first goal was class; with slide rule precision it carved the City defence open, finished off with some aplomb by the man who had a hand in every goal today. Well, done Theo, you really have been giving doubters like me a good kicking recently.

I was a bit surprised to see Podolski starting at number 9; the first thought that ran through my head was this is in response to John Henry’s blunder bus of a statement that Liverpool would not be selling Suarez; it seemed like Arsene Wenger’s more subtle way of saying, we have options and our negotiating position is better than you think.

Excluding Podolski, I got the impression that both teams started with their strongest possible line up, but, where City were struggling to find a new format, Arsenal simply picked up from where they effectively left off last season.

There weren’t too many other chances for the good guys in the first half that I can recall but I do want you to share the pleasure in remembering Bacary Sagna’s left foot pile driver that hit the post – damn, did that man play well.

Second half started, changes were made and I thought here we go; we are all well aware how Arsenal are capable of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory but once again – none of it.

We got stronger and stronger, scoring a second goal and then a third. The second was a deftly weighted pass from Theo who I think Cazorla stepped over allowing the ball to roll to Ramsey who, in turn, rounded the goal keeper before slotting home. The ease with which Ramsey rounded England’s number one was Messiesque and made all the better by the look of embarrassment on Joe Hart’s face.

When there is goal scoring going on Oliie does not seem to be the kind of striker who likes to be left out. A pass from Walcott some thirty yards made fools of the City defence allowing Giroud to control and lob over the oncoming and even more foolish looking Joe Hart.

The game as a competition was over, Arsene had the luxury of bringing on more young hopefuls and Carl Jenkinson’s family and army of friends had a chance to shout his name.

City, of course, did score; Koscielny got bundled off the ball a bit too easily but I am not convinced that would have happened in any circumstance other than being three up.

So, a great warm up, a great result, a great boost for the collective confidence and all is looking well for next week.

Have a great Sunday.

Written by LB

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  1. kgooner says:

    Thanks for the pre-match LB.
    Looking round it seems like i’m FIRSST!
    Our stability and cohesion built up from last season might be one of our strengths this season. Our rivals have significant changes that will take time adjusting to. Not us. In the past 2 seasons we have struggled to pick pace in the early season and picked up as the season dragged on. Not this time however. This time, we start with a bang!

    COYG! Can’t wait for the start of the season. 4 goals against Villa i dare say

  2. kgooner says:

    sorry *post-match

  3. clockendjim says:

    Don’t get too excited, it was only a friendly but all the signs were good.
    I have said recently that the panic to buy a new striker was a bit overplayed as I believe Giroud will get better and better.
    I still think that Fellaini to protect the defence would be the final brick in the wall but there does not seem much likelihood of that just now.
    However after being one of the ‘Ramsey is never going to make it’ critics, I am now eating my words. The signs were there in the last few games of last season and yesterday he certainly was the Man Of The Match. If he continues like this then the defensive midfielder problem could be over.
    Talk of signing another midfielder in Gustavo mystifies me somewhat; I was just thinking how is Wenger going to fit in Wilshere, Ramsey, Arteta, Rosicky, Cazorla, Oxlade-Chamberlain and even Diaby if he ever get off the treatment table.

  4. davi says:

    Yeah I thought we let Negredo in because Arteta and Ramsey had gone off and the young players left the defence a little exposed for that pass.
    This is how Ramsey was playing at the end of last season – he’s looking like a new flamini with a bit more skill on the ball, which is devastatingly good. I’m saying it over and over – we wouldn’t have made the top 4 without his form at the end of the season, he practically dragged us there and he deserves all the credit in the world for it. Fantastic to see he looks like carrying that form over into the new season.
    It was a little disappointing to see that we were getting cut open a bit easily early on, which seems to suggest we’re continuing to be slow starters in matches, and that could have cost us in a proper match, and I still don’t think Podolski is convincing up front. IMO we still need another CF option and we clearly need a little more depth as Wenger was saying, particularly in defensive areas, but that aside we could have a very good team this year.

  5. Manthan says:

    Great article Mate!!

    Intensity with the team played was really good all helped each other and specially Ramsey what a work rate he has got he defended well scored a goal and a assist too.. I hope we continue with the same intensity ..

  6. Sav from Australia says:

    Very entertaining match report. Can’t wait for next weekend. Cheers LB!

  7. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Good morning to you all.

    Thanks for the match report LB, I didn’t see the game and read only the final score so your efforts were doubly welcome.

    Hopefully the team can carry their good form into next week’s clash with Villa.

    In view of the news that Arsenal are to play Fernebache in the CL qualifier, even though the Turks are banned from the tournament for match fixing, I have been trying to work out what UEFA stands for. Useless European Football Association?

    Nobody, least of all UEFA, seems to know what is going on. Both legs of the tie will be over before Fernebache’s appeal is heard, so should the appeal fail will the result stand? or will another Turkish side be promoted in their place? If so Arsenal will have to play another two leg qualifier.

    Now I’m not a highly paid UEFA administrator but the answer seems quite simple to me, bring the appeal hearing forward so that it is heard before the first tie. Simples 😀

    Perhaps they should change their initials to UEPB

    Unable (to) Engineer Piss-up (in) Brewery.

  8. Norris says:

    Nice write up, ta.

    I dont think we should be surprised that in a one off game, in isolation, with almost all our best players fit, that we can beat a strong team.

    That has never been in doubt for me. What is in doubt, is if the team than last the course and with no additions to the squad, that is not looking likely.

    But thats been exactly the issue sonce the last roller coaster like day of the season and the cxlub have comlletely failed to sort the problem out and they’ve had almost 3 months now!

    Whatever the issues are, whether Ivan likes Arsene, or Arsene hates Dick, or Doris the tea lady didnt produce enough french fancies, which pissed Gilles off, or whatever! The club seriously, urgently, drastically, no messing around now, need to be proactive finally and act and sign at least 3 top quality players as well as maybe a couple more squad additions (perhaps Peres is one of em?).

    WE can win stuff this year, but the club need to do what they promised, what Ivan was so eager to tell us we would be doing, that so obviously has not occurred YET.

    Why that is, I guess we will have to wait for Doris’ memoirs.

    But anyway, a great game and result in a good pre-cursoe to the real thing next week. (Next week? Jeeeeeez)

  9. Norris says:


    Great shout about Ramsey, agree totally. And with CEJ about Fellaini too. That would be an awesome signing, but we would have tried to get him already, wouldnt we?

  10. harry671 says:

    Great write up LB, always confident we could give the city slickers a game, we have outplayed them so many times in last few seasons, but failed to take chances, yesterday we were clinical, Walcotts’s finished would have be lauded as world class had messi done that…

    Time for now to all be calm and await some arrivals, wenger knows we are wafer thin squad wise, but we have a settled squad with a belief. Just can’t sustained multiple injuries, internationals midweek don’t help and we have a poor record for sustaining injuries in these matches.

    What’s the minimum that we need? A CB and decent DM gives us top four, add a truly WC goal scorer and we will challenge in earnest….add nothing and we will challenge until the injuries bite….

  11. evonne says:

    LB – so you were pleased with yesterday’s performance? Ha ha ha, you are buzzing!! Me too. I totally agree with you that it was almost faultless display of skill and unity, youth and experience from our lads, one of the best in many years.

    Podolski, hm………I still think he is too slow and too big. It might be because he is in a company of the super fast Theo, Ox and Aaron, but me thinks he is well past his sell by date. Great finisher, but too slow to get to the ball in time

    Yes doomers, it was only a friendly, but tell that to the Shitty fans, or check their blogs, they are less than impressed

    Thanks for a great report LB

  12. LB says:

    Hello Harry

    Good to read one of your comments again.

  13. harry671 says:

    Thanks London, hope to be around much more and subject you lot to my match reports again!! I am sure the dark haired one will be pinging me when she knows I am still alive….

  14. evonne says:

    harry, good to have you back!! I will alert Peaches now

  15. kelsey says:

    Nice concise post LB and welcome back harry.

    On our day when we play well we can beat anyone so just a couple of additions and more consistency at Home should show an immense improvement in narrowing the gap.
    Podolski doesn’t work as a CF and Szscney needs better competion,otherwise very pleasing and as I and others said earlier,Ramsey was outstanding.

  16. bradguns says:

    Obviously you didn’t actually watch the Emirates cup- we did Look good vs mancs though

  17. GunnerN5 says:

    Squirt, squirt……….

  18. neamman says:

    We still need to improve squad depth, but our best 11 on their day can match anyone. Arteta cant do 40 matches a season and Diaby will never do more than 10, and 6 of those he is finding his fitness after a layoff. I would welcome a defender, a Defensive MF and a striker, though I also believe Giroud will score 20 + this year..

  19. Mike says:

    How was it our strongest line up if cazorla wasn’t in? He was our best player last season?

  20. elkieno says:

    Nay Sayers will say it was a friendly blah blah, but I rejoice in knowing that our team is still going from last season and that is significant, but we will not keep it up all season long because squad is thin, so get some decent players in and away we go..

  21. evonne says:

    someone told me today that Manyoou and Pool owners, Glazers and John Henry respectively are friends and business partners. Is it possible that the Suarez affair is the result of that? It wouldn’t please Manyoo to see us doing well so they would be backing Liverpool in keeping the striker

  22. evonne says:

    Mike – for me it was Koscielny. BTW where is Santi?

  23. Gooner In Exile says:

    Afternoon all… to say you enjoyed the performance LB 😀

    I have only watched highlights….Rambos pass for the opener was perfection. His pass and move for the second just as good.

    Think Joe Hart should perhaps quit with the Head and Shoulders ads and concentrate back on what he is paid to do…..I mean I can’t believe the No 1 Anti Dandruff shampoos payment is really needed when you’re earning upwards of £5m a year?

    I was critical of Fab1 last week for making it easy for Napoli to score a second, whilst our finishing was good yesterday Hart made all three goals very very easy, the first he sat on his arse way too quick, the second he should have stayed on his line, coming out made it easy for Rambo to round him, and again the third….well that is schoolboy stuff, never come out to a bouncing ball if you’re not going to make the bounce, it makes the decision to lob easy, and the execution easier.

    That’s not to take anything away from our finishing, it was calm and efficient, but it is to remind us that all goalkeepers are fallible, with a keeper on better form last season City would have pushed United closer. Thankfully from a club perspective Hart hasn’t removed his issues, that’s disappointing as an England fan going in to a WCyear.

    Just wiki’ing Gustavo and it says he has spent most time in Germany playing DM or CB, so that’s two birds with one stone then?

  24. LB says:


    Re Gustavo: Wiki says DM, DM and LB, it seems this man can multi task.

    He played 90 minutes for Brazil when they beat Spain 3-0, I watched the game; I wish I had taken a bit more notice of him.

  25. LB says:

    Gustavo, if he signs, must be cover for Arteta, it is a bit optimistic, to say the least, to expect the Spaniard to play the whole season without injury.

    I think I have just convinced myself that Gustavo is our man.

    So that makes Suarez curing all our attacking problems and Gustavo covering the defence, do we need any more?

    I know you can never have enough but who else? Szezceny is the DB’s for me I wouldn’t swap him for anyone. The defence would be good, the defensive midfield would be fine, the attacking midfield is covered, the wings and the attack with Suarez would be good to go.

    Can’t think of anything else?

  26. kgooner says:

    Joke on arsenal mania on Rodgers’ ‘Apology’

    Rodger- “You can train with us if you apologize”
    Suarez- “No”
    Rodgers-“I’m sorry, please play for us”

    Nothing else LB. Maybe a GK but we could make it work.

  27. Rasp says:

    Lovey report LB …. you haven’t lost your touch 🙂 There are only positives to be taken from this game.

    I am very happy for Ramsey, he’s a terrific young man and has had the strength of character not only to overcome the leg break but to ignore those who wrote him off when he came back into the side.

    I hope our players can demonstrate the same composure in front of goal when under pressure in the PL games.

  28. OMGArsenal says:

    A great result but maybe we had best wait and see how the season starts. I noticed the new players mixed in very well with the more experienced and longer-serving members of AFC. we are not yet at full strength nor are we in top form just yet but after a few games in the EPL and CL, you can expect to see some strong football from the Gunners very shortly. IF we get a top striker a la Suarez or Rooney or Benzema, then we can really begin to believe.

  29. Gooner In Exile says:

    LB defensive cover sounds right for Gustavo so doesn’t worry me that there is no where for him to play as the abundance of midfielders we have are mainly attacking.

    As you say expecting another full season from Arteta would be risky, and in addition the fact that we have definitely needed to start some games with two defensive types in midfield means he could start alongside him too. Coming from a very footballing Bayern side (even if he wasn’t a regular starter) is also good for us.

    That’s a typical Arsene signing taking someone under utilised elsewhere and making most of their attributes. According to the Meteo Chavs were also interested… that means I have another reason not to believe anything written in that paper…..

  30. 26may1989 says:

    Lovely report, LB.

    Having caught up with you lot and now watched the full 90, overall I must say I’m impressed by the maturity and solidity of the performance. Shape was retained throughout, and our passing and pressing games were good.

    I do maintain that our defensive side showed enough errors to require attention – all the players in the defensive unit had good games overall, but errors of positioning or poor interventions gave too many good openings to City.

    But that feels like quibbling. For the most part, that was a very, very good performance.

    I completely agree with Exile about Hart, he was terrible yesterday. I thought he sold himself especially cheaply for Ramsey’s goal. And the defence in front of him was decidedly weak.

    Continuity is going to be one of our greatest advantages this season. For the first time in years, we haven’t lost major players in the summer, and this team is growing into a real unit, one that will serve us very well. We just need one piece of artistry on top, plus two or three bits of squad depth. Then we’ll be going places, then we’ll get to shove the cynics’ words down their throats.

    Gustavo could be an interesting signing: as has already been said, perhaps his job would be to provide cover in midfield and at CB. With Sagna showing a veteran’s nous to play CB too, the cover we need could be at hand.

    In goal, it really does look like the two Poles have Wenger’s faith. I assume the idea is that Martinez would be promoted to take over as third choice. I remain worried about that – LB’s faith in the dog’s nether regions is something I would love to copy – but will trust Wenger’s judgment if he feels that we should go with a unit of Szczesny + Fabianski + Martinez.

    Up front, are LFC seriously going to try to hold a player to his contract in these circumstances? It would be lunacy. Let’s be honest, Suarez isn’t worth £40m or £50m. He’s very good, but I seriously doubt Liverpool would ever again be able to get a sum like that for Suarez. Especially after he’s spent the next 6-12 months being pissed off at being called a liar and being humiliated, as well as feeling that his career development is being blocked – his performances will dip, and he’ll drag everything down at Anfield. I’m not commenting on whether he should be more loyal to LFC (that’s one for debate), but just as a matter of looking after their own interests, keeping Suarez would be a terrible decision. Cash in, get rid of a divisive character (letting us try to deal with him), and recruit two or three quality players with the money (which they could do in the remaining time, whatever John Henry says). I actually think they would be stronger for it (though I also think it would be great for us).

    But if they’re not playing poker with these statements, and really will try to keep Suarez there against his will, we would have to go for Rooney. Obviously, he wouldn’t be our first choice, and us not his, but he would probably be just as good for us as Suarez, and would be £15m cheaper. Plus I think we would actually be better for him than Chelsea, whose attacking midfielders would occupy too much of the space he likes to exploit. Anyway, I think this week will see some major developments in the game of strikers’ musical chairs.

  31. evonne says:

    26may – and what about the legal side of things? Would LFC win if the matter was taken to court/employment tribunal?

    I mentioned a conspiracy theory earlier on, ie John Henry and the Glaziers are friends and business partners. No way either will sell to Arsenal of Chelsea.

  32. 26may1989 says:

    Hi evonne. From the legal side, it could get very complicated.

    The precise terms of Suarez’s contract with LFC would be highly relevant, as would English employment law and FIFA’s Regulations for the Status and Transfer of Players. From my limited understanding of the Regulations, I don’t think Suarez would have a strong position, unless LFC really screwed up as that nutter from Lithuania who bought Hibs was when he chucked a player, Andy Webster, out of the first team squad when he refused to sign an extension. That gave Webster enough justification to walk away, and the Regulations gave him scope to do so. In addition, in theory, if Suarez were omitted from 90% of LFC’s games in the 2013-14 season, he could walk away from LFC next summer, but that’s not really relevant to the current saga.

    In English employment law, Suarez might have a stronger position, but even then still difficult. He would need to show either that he signed his new contract on the basis of a misrepresentation (evidencing that would be very tough) or he would have to show that LFC have effectively repudiated the contract by their conduct. That would also be difficult; they will say they only seek to keep the contract alive. But do their public statements, calling Suarez a liar etc, amount to a repudiation? No, I don’t think they would, but there could be some argument about it, especially if there are further developments.

    So, all in all, Suarez’s legal position doesn’t look the strongest. But he still has all the power he could want. He chose to sign a contract not long ago, one that still has three years on it. But he can’t be forced to play, or to play well, that is the simple problem that all football clubs have. Liverpool’s financial interest is not in destroying Suarez, it is in either getting the best out of him on the pitch or selling him for the highest price. Which is why I cannot believe that, if Suarez holds his nerve, they will not sell; it would be stupid not to.

  33. arnie says:

    Fantastic post, LB, and what a game!!!! I am late off the blocks and realise most of the things I was going to say has already been said, most particularly by 26may @ 9:14. So, here is just a couple of additional points.

    First and foremost, and worth repeating, what a game!!! I know, I know, it was only a friendly, but one of the reasons I am a fan is because Arsenal can produce such a game. The final pass and the finishing on goals 1 and 3 were briliant, but for me, the crowning glory was Goal 2. Just “poetry in motion”! This kind of passing game is very very special and not many teams can produce such a game, ever. And we are luckuy Arsenal produces this ever so often. The other Giroud attempt, rightly ruled offside, was also brilliant!

    Arsenal produces such a game may be once a month. It would be brilliant if they could do this every time, but that may be impossible. There was a time when Barca could do it almost every time. But thats about it. I think no other team in the world, and certainly none in the EPL. No matter how much money and effort has gone into producing the teams, a ManC or Chelski has never produced such a game, ever. And this is why I guess many of us stay fans, even if there are no trophies to show for it! Alas!!!

    Which brings me to the second point. Evidently, the wind has been taken away somewhat from the “spend money” brigade. Things have been very quiet today. The first point is that, money cannot produce such football. But that is a minor point, really. What I want to know is, given Arsenal can produce a game like that, what do we want them to do in the transfer market? Who should they bring? What positions? What level – 1st team, 1st team reserve, development team?

    This point has been made may times before in the forum, that we are a bit short of bodies. But, given what I have seen yesterday, there are not that many places in the 1st team. Maybe a brilliant CF could make his way in, but I doubt whether even a Suarez or a Rooney would get a game every week. 26may’s point about a thrid choice keeper is also well made. I agree. From what I have seen, and these are highlights from a single game, and it may have been an exception, Gustavo looks like a good backup at CB/DM. That apart, what we seem to need is a couple of players to warm the bench, and provide cover if there are injuries/ suspension, etc.

    This is my assessment. But I would like to hear from you guys!

  34. arnie says:

    In continuation: and worth emphasizing, we can certainly not sign a player who is looking to play every week. And remember, the World Cup is closing in…..

  35. 26may1989 says:

    Hi arnie. I agree, there’s very little about the first XI I’d change. Really just the striker and GK, but it does look like we won’t be getting a GK in.

    I have no problem with Wenger buying someone new if he thinks a very good player could be replaced by an even better one, but we have a cohesion in the side right now, and we should be careful not to ruin that.

    The top-quality striker is crucial, I feel sure about that. With Coquelin having gone out on loan, and having only three CBs plus Sagna means we’re weak in DM and CB too. If that could be resolved with just one player, Gustavo, fine. But having seen various players in recent years not perform that well when asked to play out of position (Vermaelen at LB, Djourou at RB and DM, Ramsey at RM, Arshavin at LM, Song at CB, Bendtner at RM etc), I don’t feel completely comfortable with that.

    Beyond those 2/3 signings, anything else would be a bonus. But I’m sure Wenger will have the numerous talented kids in mind – Zelalem has clearly impressed the boss and has been given plenty of time during preseason. And then there are the likes of Yennaris, Gnabry and Eisfeld. Some very interesting prospects amongst them.

    Anyone have any views about Perez, the Colombian trialist? I thought he looked pretty tidy.

  36. RockyLives says:

    Fine write up LB (and a great headline 🙂 )

    I’m on hols for the next week in the wilds of Nova Scotia so I won’t be around much.

    Keep well everyone. Not long now until it all starts again…

  37. Arnie thankfully we have a well qualified and well reasoned man who is in the main averse to knee jerk reactions in charge of the football side of our club.

    Ideally I would prefer players of similar quality to what we have who are able to rotate into the team seamlessly….but that costs wages. We can’t get through a season with 18 first team players, which sounds crazy but is more evidence of how the game has changed.

    If we want big name stars we have to forgo depth….if we want interchangeable depth we have to forgo big name stars.

    I can see the League Cup returning to a youth team only venture, and rightly so if we fail to add new players.

  38. 26May:

    “But he still has all the power he could want. He chose to sign a contract not long ago, one that still has three years on it. But he can’t be forced to play, or to play well, that is the simple problem that all football clubs have. Liverpool’s financial interest is not in destroying Suarez, it is in either getting the best out of him on the pitch or selling him for the highest price. Which is why I cannot believe that, if Suarez holds his nerve, they will not sell; it would be stupid not to.”

    Take out Suarez and add Rooney, Bale etc and this should be enforced reading for anyone who gives their club criticism for failing to hold on to, selling, or failing to renew contracts. The players hold all the cards.

  39. kelsey says:


    Have a nice holiday Rocky 🙂

    Reading the comments I see no one has challeged me about Podolski.

    Also when I look at the players that have now left for pastures new if you add up the total appearances of those who were in the first team squad, it doesn’t amount to many playing minutes.

    Wenger doesn’t do keepers so I expect the two Poles will be our two choices.

    Suarez: Has anyone else actually bid for him, I think not.My concern is if we buy him and the rumours persist is that he misses the first 6 games and if he gets into trouble again it could amount to a hefty long term ban and Wenger has to evaluate breaking our transfer record by miles for a player who might play one or on the outside wo seasons fo us. It’s a difficult decision to weigh up as it is for Liverpool.
    Jack’s fitness is a concern,then it’s gone very quiet about Diaby and Rosicky has had to go to see a specialist in Sweden about his latest injury,though I can’t find excatly what it is but certainly not a little niggle as suggested by AW and therefore is our midfield overcrowded.I think not and therefore the reported bid for the Bayern Brazilian makes sense

  40. Red Arse says:

    Morning Kelsey, 🙂

    I challenge about Podolski!!!!

    What will it be? Pistols or swords?
    Name your weapon and let’s get to it! 🙂

  41. evonne says:

    26may – thank you for the legal explanation; I was hoping that it was all in Suarez’s favour and that LFC would back off, but it looks like I was wrong. Oh well, que sera, sera and as Kelsey has pointed out the Uruguayan has a tendency to cause trouble, something we don’t need.

    Like you I have said that we need a better goalie and a top striker, that’s all. When you have the two polar positions covered you give the rest of the team room to manouvre, confidence and improved chances. It must be frustrating for our super midfield to create chance after chance, and see it missed by unreliable striker.

    Same applies to top goalies – defenders can work their socks off to keep a clean sheet and then watch an easy ball ending in the net.

    But it seems that we are stuck with Szczesny for the time being.

  42. evonne says:

    Rocky – another holiday?? you have just come back from Italy?? I am not happy about it 😦
    When are Raddy and DidIt back? And where is Chas?

  43. LB says:

    There are some really fine comments up there.

    Morning Kelsey

    I don’t think anyone has challenged you about Podolski because what you say makes too much sense.

  44. Ooooops, Rocky has gone on holiday and not left a post for today …… a bit of a cheek I’d say so if anyone can cobble some thoughts together and send them in it would be appreciated.

  45. evonne says:

    Rocky is bang out of order, that’s all I have to say on the subject

    Sorry Peaches, cannot think of anything

  46. LB says:


    There is a short comment in drafts, it is going to need pictures to pad it out. If you have better offer, take it.

    Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    My chest infection is finally going, so I’m off cycling this morning.

  47. Thanks LB, I’ll have a look …………

  48. Rasp says:

    Morning all ……

    ….. New post ……

  49. Sherry says:

    Hi everyone:)

    Great report LB..I shared the joy of seeing our lads performance in the match. It was a good game for us, and certainly a humiliation for city, although some would have negated it by saying it was just a friendly.

    Look how our boys played..I was so proud of them. Though I had to admit that I was a bit worried after we lost to Galatasaray. But that performance certainly cast my doubt away. What we need to do is to continue that performance throughout the next season, no more inconsistency.

    And what can I say about Aaron..he certainly has improved so much, continuing his improvement since the end of the last season. I have to say that he is yet another prove that Arsene still knows. He always had faith in him when everyone else doubted him, well including me to be honest..but i had taken back all my critics to Aaron.

    And city is yet another prove that when your team is not performing and getting results as expected, sacking the manager and replacing him with a new one is not always the answer.

    On a side note, did everyone see pictures of Marouane when he was about to be presented to the fans of CP? He looked sad (or was it just me?), and somehow it made me a bit sad too..
    I truly wish he will have a good spell there..

  50. Sherry says:

    Anyway..bring on the next season! Count down to Saturday..:D

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