Do You Really Want Suarez …. Do Ya? … Your Vote

If you believe the media, Arsenal has invested all its hopes in signing Luis Suarez. I’m not so sure and wouldn’t be at all surprised if there isn’t negotiation for another player going on quietly behind the scenes.

Luis_SuárezBut assuming Suarez is the man we want, wouldn’t it just be so ‘Arsenal’ to pick a player whose notoriety means he further divides an already polarised fanbase.

It’s ironic that when we decide to announce our arrival amongst the big spenders we target a player who certainly doesn’t embody the high principles for which our club is renowned.  Yes sure, Bobby may have gone down a little too easily once or twice, but Suarez has been the butt of criticism by many Arsenal supporters in his time at Liverpool.

This is what one respected Arsenal blogger, 26May1989, had to say about the Uruguayan only 2 days ago:

…….in the past I detested Suarez. That’s certainly true, his cheating and general behaviour really got to me, and the one and only time I’ve edited a page on Wikipedia came after Uruguay’s win over South Africa in the 2010 World Cup – he dived several times that night, once winning a penalty and getting the South African keeper sent off, prematurely ending the keeper’s home World Cup. And later in the tournament, there was the famous goal line save against Ghana, after which the crucial penalty was missed which was celebrated by the player after being sent off.

Yet he later concluded  …..

……. But I’ve changed my tune. My logic is that recruiting a top quality striker this summer is vital for Arsenal – with that one player a good side could become an excellent side, and the signing would also cause confidence to flow through the club, the players and the fans.

So it seems that even the most objective of us is torn. I certainly am in the same camp as 26May1989. I’d love his skill and the goals he is likely to bring, but would be extremely uncomfortable if he continued to dive at every opportunity or worse still indulge in the occasional amuse bouche of a cannibalistic nature.

Is it right that a club that is continually lambasted for not having won a trophy for 8 years, should compromise its principles and take a chance on a supremely gifted but ultimately flawed human being in pursuit of the highest honours? It’s time to have your say.

So I’m going to invite you to examine your conscience and vote in 2 ways; first a simple Yes or No, and secondly for those who voted ‘Yes’, in a more qualified way.

In this second poll you can tick as many boxes as represent your view.

If none of the above represent your view, please feel free to express that view in comments.

Written by Rasp


110 Responses to Do You Really Want Suarez …. Do Ya? … Your Vote

  1. Epicurean says:

    What a fantastic poll! Love the split questioning, this makes it interesting to interpret. ❤ AFC!

  2. Savage says:

    We need his directness – he will release the handbrake on our attacks.

  3. Adedayo says:

    I want suarez too play at arsenal

  4. 26may1989 says:

    Excellent poll, Rasp! The second question is especially hard to answer, given how few quality players are (or appear to be) left on the Great European Striker Merry-go-round. If he actually is available (very doubtful), I think the only one I would really prefer over Suarez would be Lewandowski. And if we were to include those who’ve gone elsewhere, I would have loved Falcao or Cavani, but they wanted to cash in on the franco oligarchs.

    I missed the boat on the end of yesterday’s discussion, so will repost a comment I put up a few minutes ago:


    Going back to Rocky’s sledging of Rodgers, I feel more than a bit of sympathy with the Nornirishman. Yes, there’s plenty of hypocrisy on his part (look up his own pledges of loyalty to a club shortly before moving to a bigger one, and does anyone seriously think Rodgers or LFC would have backed up one of their mediocre players if he had bit or racially abused an opponent?). But all the playes, including our club, our manager and us, the AFC fans, also come to this with some hypocrisy. But all of the characters in the story, including Suarez, LFC and Rodgers, also have a point.

    Why shouldn’t a player be able to pursue his ambitions with a club he feels is commensurate with his abilities, especially when they only have a few years in the sun, and LFC has shown itself to be a long way from being able to realise his ambitions, i.e. CL football? Would any of us seriously compromise ourselves to that extent in our own careers? And yes, I do realise Suarez gets fabulously well paid at Anfield, but the point still holds.

    But why shouldn’t his employers also expect their most prized employee to avoid damaging the club’s interests in public? Van Persie did it to us a year ago, and I was mighty peeved about it, because it’s embarrassing, hurtful and calculated to reduce the current club’s negotiating position.

    It seems to me AFC have conducted themselves pretty well in all of this. Of course, they have had lots of contact with Suarez’s agent (hence the £40m plus £1 offer), and that is certainly in the grey zone of the rules, But, quite like United last summer, they have studiously avoided really undermining the reluctant seller. If LFC really thought they have a complaint, they should look at their own conduct in relation to their failed efforts at getting Mkhitaryan from Shakhtar Donetsk, earlier in the summer, in which the player forced his move, which was initially to be to Liverpool or Spurs, but ultimately ended up being Dortmund.”

  5. clockendjim says:

    After being at The Emirates on Sunday and see us play pretty football again but with no-one able to finish, I very reluctantly agree that we need Suarez. I was going to say or someone like him, but who else (other Robin Van Persie) can put the goals away like he does.
    You could see on Sunday it just needed someone to produce a spark of genius and no-one out there was capable of doing that.

  6. evonne says:

    Chamakh having a medical at Crystal Palace!!!! Wayhey!!

    I voted and seemed to choose least popular solutions 🙂

  7. kevin says:

    I think all the transfer noise about first higuain and then suarez coming out of arsenal is all bs to placate us the fans. Wenger is again saying all the same crap like…”name me a player to buy who is better than those I already have” . I would bet any money that we go into the season without any top class purchase, we have already seen that we don’t have quality against Napoli and Galatasery… another aw season of faliure ahead!

  8. Arsene Hall says:

    I’d rather have Jackson Martinez of Porto – £37m release clause, 26 goals in 30 appearances last season and career goal stats of 1 in 2. Looks like a safer option than the volatile Suarez

  9. 26may1989 says:

    Imagine if your trade union rep disclosed in public and to your employer that your position wasn’t as strong as you thought it was. Gordon Taylor, what is the point of him?

  10. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Good morning to you all.

    Yes I want Luis Suarez at Arsenal.
    Yes without any reservations.

    I’ve been an Arsenal fan for long enough, 63 years, to appreciate the history, the class, the high standards and the “Arsenal Way“. I’ve lived through the barren years, and the highs of cup wins, league titles and doubles.

    I’ve watched the boring crappy football played in days gone by and the scintillating high speed attacking football of the early Wenger years.

    Sadly since the inception of the Emirates building project and the financial doping by Russian Oligarchs and Middle Eastern oil billionaires Arsenal have descended into the second tier of the Premiership, seemingly content to scramble into The Champions League while feeding on the crumbs falling from the top table and seeing our best players picked off one by one and moving away.

    Well now we apparently have money to spend, we have scuttled along buying the cheap, the second rate, the promising for long enough, now we can dare to look into the windows of Harrods and Fortnum and Mason.

    As far as I’m concerned it’s time to put aside some of our higher feelings and get into the real world. If Luis Suarez can get us 25/30 goals in the coming season we might, just might actually win something and not turn into the laughing stock we are in danger of becoming.

  11. Rasp says:

    Morning all, thanks for the responses and voting. It’s early yet, but the issue of dividing fans is proven – its currently 50/50 in the yes/no vote

  12. 26may1989 says:

    Have just discovered there’s someone in my new firm called Pat Jennings – love it!

  13. goonerjake says:

    I’d voted pro Suarez, just because he would score goals, I’m not happy with myself or my decision, but have put what is good for arsenal ahead of my personal misgivings. I’d like to think wenger will be able to help him with his behaviour.

  14. Harsharday sarmord sunkanmy says:

    I Will be glad if suarez join Arsenal

  15. kelsey says:

    Norfolk Gooner

    I could have written your post but as I posted earlier we need an enforcer and another man of steel at the back.
    Suarez may score 25/30 goals (as RVP did) but its no good if so many teams can walk through our defence and for that reason I wouldn’t touch him as he carries too much baggage .We have other priorities but not the available cash.
    Don’t put your eggs in one basket 🙂

    I didn’t vote on the second poll as none of the options appealed to me.

  16. Suarez is a proven PL player, 30 goals per season striker, fighter, winner with a dark side in him …. mmmmmm… no give me Chamach back …
    Are you joking? Suarez is excatly what we need.
    Nice guys never win in the PL.

  17. 26may1989 says:

    Hi Kelsey

    I agree that we should recruit a new 4th choice CB, a new GK (capable of being first choice) and perhaps a deeplying midfielder to be an option for Arteta, Ramsey and Wilshere.

    But I think the defensive side of our game has become solid, built around the excellent understanding that Koscielny and Mertesacker have established. And the figures bear that out: we conceded our smalest number of goals in the league for five years (37), and had the second best defensive figures in the league, something we haven’t done for at least nine years.

    Our problems last year in defence seem to be in unforced errors – I read somewhere that we had the largest number in the league, and in those pretend scenarios where the errors are taken out, I think we would have won the league without them! So there is certainly plenty of room for improvement, but I feel much less insecure about the defensive department than I did previously.

    The GK bit is the one I find worrying. Like you, I think Cesar looked like the perfect addition: relatively cheap, good pedigree, established in English football (albeit in a failing team), and apparently wanted to stay in London. Obviously, the club see things or know things that we don’t, but that does feel like a missed opportunity. I like Szczesny but just don’t trust him to be anything more than a second choice right now.

    But in front of the keeper, things look pretty good – not perfect, but better than they have done for years.

  18. Last year everybody was suprised when Furgie signed RVP from us. United fans wanted enforcements in other areas. United had many established strikers (Roony, chichirito, wellback). The result was that United outscored everybody last season.
    AND there was no moral issue for United in the whole transfer. It was very painful for us to see RvP leaving after everything the club did for him.
    Suarez will come to us this season. The only thing which may pervent that if Real Madrid would try to sign him.

  19. van says:

    Its like the Suarez issue is becoming a song at the Emirates besides being the order of the main headlines in many news pappers and media houses in the world. No doubt about the skills and the goals Luis would bring to Arsenal, Arsenal boss and board should act fast as well as showing interest in the striker so that he may feel wanted and solve the issue with Liverpool faster. AW should go sign up the man faster.

  20. ligom teryila says:

    arsenal should sign suarez if possible

  21. Red Arse says:

    Interesting Poll, Rasp. 🙂

    Because I think Suarez is our plan A, B, and C for a new quality striker, I would vote yes, otherwise I would worry that we are not improving whereas the Spuds are bringing in a lot better players – even if Bale moves on.

    In the second part of the Poll, you list ‘without reservations’, but do not list ‘with reservations’ which I would tick.

    It is inevitable that Suarez will move on from ‘Pool, if not this summer then next January, but although they say ‘business is business’, I think a lot of this Suarez malarkey has become personal, and they will not sell him to us at any price.

    Another consideration for not selling to us, is that even with him they would probably not overtake us or the Spuds for 4th place, but if they sell to us it makes the fight for fourth between us and Spurs.

    Unlike Arsenal and the RvP situation wher we had to sell or lose him for nothing the following year, Suarez still has 3 years left on his contract, and if he does not go now, it is likely RM or PSG will sell a player in January or next summer and snatch him up then — FFP be blowed.

  22. dandan says:

    Suarez yes he will do for me, two years then on his way? probably. But clutching at least one medal I reckon. Kelsey you will have your centre half and enforcer by month end, worry not.

    Nice to see you back 26 hope all is well.

    All this media nonsense about bringing us into disrepute makes me giggle when I think of some of the guys who have worn the red and white,over the years. Drunks, thieves and pimps, still spoken of in reverence by many of the same guys that genuflect in the direction of the PC brigade that delight in playing “rent a gob” on media outlets desperate to fill the continual 24 hour chasm the lies before them.

    Who would you rather have representing your club Suarez on the field or Adrian Durham off it?

  23. LB says:

    I like a poll but I couldn’t answer the second part.

    First part was easy, I am a season ticket holder and I want all the goals that can possibly come our way.

    I would also be happy if the club spent 50mil on him, if they did it would finally put to bed that stupid, childish criticism levelled at AW that he doesn’t like spending money — as if a budget isn’t handed down to him.

  24. Rasp says:

    Hi Redders, the options after ‘without reservation’ were examples of possible reservations with the invitation to express yours if different from those listed …. so let’s be hearing them 🙂

  25. Rasp says:

    Hi LB, a bit below the belt but I’ll let it pass. There was no mention of AW’s attitude towards spending in the post so I can’t see why it was so hard for you to see if any of the options in poll 2 represented your view – such as ‘without any reservations’

  26. LB says:

    Suarez to Real Madrid

    There are a few comments above warning about the possibility of the Spaniards coming in for Suarez.

    But, to me this doesn’t ring true: as I have written before, Real Madrid have had so many opportunities to sign him and yet they have passed on every occasion and as such the chances of them turning to him now seem slim.

    Furthermore, Arsenal’s contacts would have known by now if the Spanish giants were likely to be interested and the answer must be coming back as no; because, I firmly believe that Arsenal would have found a way to retreat with dignity by now, in the same way they did with Mata — but Arsenal haven’t retreated.

    Could you imagine how Arsenal would look if we lost out on Suarez now — embarrassed to say the least. The club know that neither Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG or Chelsea are interested, hence the bold statements from AW:

    “Arsenal are on stand by to sign Luis Suarez.” (AW)

  27. Red Arse says:

    Sorry, Rasp,

    Your 12:18

    You are correct, of course, and I suppose having a choice of;
    “I am a moralizing git” would, in my case, probably be a statement of the bleeding obvious. 🙂

    I am thrilled that my vernacular language skills have improved — difficulty now is to know when not to use them in ‘polite’ company!! 🙂

  28. Red Arse says:


    I suspect you are right in your analysis of the current Arsenal/Suarez transfer ‘negotiations’.

    However, I still think there is time for Arsenal to wash their hands of the whole unpleasant Suarez farago, and reclaim the moral high ground by walking away —- provided they go and buy another 2 players for the £50m they might have spent on him. 🙂

  29. Rasp says:

    That’s a reasonable shout LB, I think they’ll come in for him if they don’t get Bale and I think that ranks up there with the likelihood of us signing Torres (for a much smaller sum)

  30. Red Arse says:

    It’s really good for two of AA’s big hitters, DanDan and 26M to have returned to the fray — it adds a little welcome piquancy to the discussion threads!! 🙂

    Of course those treacherous sods, Micky, CharyB and Enormous Raddy baling out is quite beyond the Pale, leaving —- well, leaving us pale ones behind and holding the fort for them!”

  31. LB says:


    You misunderstood my comment.

    In the second poll I simply could not find a satisfactory box to tick, I couldn’t tick the “without reservations” because I do have some.

    As for my views about the club spending money, this was inspired by someone who wrote earlier that they wouldn’t want to see Arsenal spend 50 mill on Suarez, I thought to myself — why not, I want to watch the player and it would have the added bonus of putting to bed the criticism that Wenger doesn’t like spending money. Most of the people who perpetuate this nonsense are found on Le Grove, a place I find childish and often stupid.

  32. LB says:

    In the days of Avenell Road 😉 my 12.35 comment would have been a post; but now, the bar is so high comments like that just slide under.

    Oh, well, onwards and upwards.

  33. GunnerN5 says:

    Rasp these are the questions I think we should be asking about a possible Suarez transfer.

    1. Would we be biting off more than we could chew?
    2. Will he end up biting the hand that feeds him?
    3. Is his scoring sharper than his bite?
    4. Do we really need a player who provides more bite?
    5. Do we know his preference for a pre-game meal?
    6. Is his ‘memory” better than his “byte”?
    7. Would AW bite off his own hand to land him?
    8. Do you think he simply wanted a taste of the CL when he bit Ivanovic?

  34. Red Arse says:

    I confess that I said to Evonne, earlier, that I hoped the club would not spend £51m on Suarez, but that was not to do with the player, in that instance, nor a reluctance to spend big bucks, it was because the hypocritical public utterances and the hysterical reaction of Gabby Rodgers aimed at Arsenal for daring to lodge a bid, has really peed me off with both Rodgers and ‘Pool’s current owners.

    Spend the £50m by all means, but not necessarily on Suarez. 🙂

  35. Rasp says:

    Fair enough LB, we’re cool 😉
    It’s fascinating that in the yes/no vote the regulars are fairly equally divided:

    GiE disagrees with 26may
    LB disagrees with Redders
    Peaches disagrees with Rasp
    And I’m guessing dandan disagrees with GN5
    and Raddy would disagree with Micky

    So who are the pragmatists and who are the moralists?

  36. GunnerN5 says:


    I actually agree with dandan I believe we need more teeth in our attack but In a few short years they will decay.

  37. Rasp says:

    Well done GN5 😛

    I’m ashamed of myself but I voted yes for 2 reasons:

    1. He’s a top player and wi hopefully score 25+ goals a season for us ….and …..

    2. It would prove me wrong and show the footballing world that Arsenal has emerged from the post Emirates monetary restrictions.

  38. titch says:

    It’s obvious unless the proviso of big money signings are made the new sponsorship deal with Arsenal become null and void.

  39. Rasp says:

    ….. 😆 GN5 …. top dentistry quips

  40. Red Arse says:


    I voted ‘yes’, and ‘only if it is him and no one else’! If that’s what you mean. 🙂

  41. Red Arse says:

    After all the trouble we are going through to get him GN5, it would be terrible if he proved toothless in front of goal! 🙂

  42. Rasp says:

    Tanks Redders, its still neck and neck. Strangely 480 so far have voted yes – yet 731 have gone on to vote in the 2nd poll which was for yes voters only. This suggests to me that some of the No’s were fibbing 😕

  43. GunnerN5 says:


    The fact is our current forwards have no teeth, the proof being that they are all big sucks.

  44. arnie says:

    Fantastic poll. Well done, Rasp.

    I am still thinking about how to vote for the second, but will figure out soon. But before that.

    The Surarez transfer was always uncertain, even unlikely, and it is still. I cannot see Arsenal splashing upwards of 45m – fantastic player, but too much risk. Unless of course, somehow SK, the Board, or AW feel obliged (pressured?) to demonstrate money power by joining the bandwagon.

    The real purpose appears to be to create a smokescreen for “nosey” journos and us fans, behind which they continue to quietly negotiate with 1, may be 2, strikers. Then, somehow if the Suarez transfer happens, it is even better.


    1. Sure, he will bring firepower.

    2. Almost surely, we will not have to endure him too long. He will want to hive away to greener pastures in a year, perhaps?

    3. If he misbehaves, Arsene the strict schoolmaster will keep him on the bench, which is certainly what he doesn’t want. Assumption: we are signing at least one other striker.


    1. If he is the only signing upfront, it will be a complete disaster. He will have tremendous bargaining power, and play with the club at will. Misbehave on the field, perhaps abuse other players in the locker room, threaten legal action every week, … Scary thought!

    2. A moderate bit of diving I will be able to take. Perhaps go and make myself a coffee when the replay is played on the tele!!! An ocassional snack of an opposition defender is OK. If it is “full of class” Rodgers, perhaps even exactly what the doctor ordered. In any case, everyone knows Suarez is mentally demented, so I think it does not harm the club that much. But, what I will not be able to accept is racial abuse on the field. This is so much against the Arsenal ethos, and will damage the club big way. It will be so, so wrong, particular for a club like Arsenal. Oh dear!!!

    I am so scared, I need a cup of coffee now!!!!

  45. GunnerN5 says:

    Tanks Redders, its still neck and neck. Strangely 480 so far have voted yes – yet 731 have gone on to vote in the 2nd poll which was for yes voters only. This suggests to me that some of the No’s were fibbing 😕

    But Rasp the second poll states “In this second poll you can tick as many boxes as represent your view”

    I would take that to mean either for or against plus you can vote for as many options as you want – hence more votes?

  46. GunnerN5 says:


    Think nothing of it it was just a temporary fill, during a painfully slow time.

  47. Red Arse says:


    GN5 and I were discussing Suarez and with his sweet tooth, if he comes to London, he is almost certain to miss bee hive. 🙂

  48. Red Arse says:

    What happened to my ‘fangs for the memories’ comment to GN5 – it’s disappeared just like Terry’s hair! 🙂

  49. GunnerN5 says:


    I have full faith that AW will straighten everything out we just have to brace ourselves.

  50. GunnerN5 says:

    RA That was strange because I responded to that past and wondered is it had been chewed up?

  51. Red Arse says:

    WordPress must have spit out my fangs a lot.

    I wonder if Suarez will visit the US one day? There is a wonderful state or commonwealth I would recommend to him called Massivechewsets.

  52. GunnerN5 says:

    What I really meant was—

    That was really strange as I responded to the post and it got chewed up.

  53. GunnerN5 says:


    I really think he would prefer to make a meal out of a New York?

  54. GunnerN5 says:


    Do you think we’ve hit a nerve with Rasp?

    Is that him moaning in the background?

  55. GunnerN5 says:

    Maybe we both need more painkillers?

  56. RockyLives says:

    “Massivechewsets” 🙂

    I voted “yes” for bringing in the bitey one.

    I remember being at the home game against ‘Pool the season before last. We were having a terrible start to the season and the game came early on. We lost 2-0. Suarez didn’t start that game, but came on with about half an hour to go and it was immediately apparent that he was head and shoulders above everyone else on the ‘Pool team (and well above almost all our players too). He is a top quality striker and, like LB, I would love to see him do his stuff with a cannon on his chest.

    I have reservations but they weren’t in the list in the second Poll so I didn’t vote in that one.

    My reservation is about having someone with such a bad reputation.

  57. GunnerN5 says:


    I’d spit teeth to get him?

  58. RockyLives says:

    Redders, Gn5
    Will you too stop masticating and get back to the serious matters of the day? 🙂

  59. arnie says:

    RA and GN5: “sweet tooth” indeed, ha ha ha!

    I have to say, no matter what I (or the somewhat rational in me) write, inside myself, the thought of Suarez in Arsenal makes me shudder! “Sh… bloody bricks”, as they would say in the North!

  60. arnie says:

    Rocky: “masticating”? Not really! The more serious matter of chattering teeth, I think!

  61. GunnerN5 says:

    There’s no way of flossing this over – I would like to see his football skills at our club, it’s his dietary tastes that concern me.

  62. Norfolk Gooner says:


    Re your 10.43,

    I am only too well aware of the deficiencies in the ‘keeper and back up central defender departments but the question was do we want Suarez?

    Signing him will not cure the propensity for defensive lapses, that solution must be left for another day.

  63. GunnerN5 says:


    The salient question is what day? and will it ever come?
    Waiting for the end of the transfer window is like having teeth pulled?

  64. 26may1989 says:

    Arnie, I think we’ve signed that second striker already: Yaya Sanogo.

  65. arnie says:

    26May…. : oh, dear!!! and we still have “the world’s greatest striker”, of course!

  66. 26may1989 says:

    I’m perfectly hapy about Sanogo, so long as we do get Suarez across the line. We only play one striker, so having three specialists plus Poldi and Walcott is fine – the unit will be well balanced as between the different options. Not all speculative acquisitions work out, but there have been enough successes to make one think Sanogo could have the talent to succeed.

    As for the B52, it’s a shame how he’s lost his way. A little bit more good grace and he could have been perfectly good, just not top of the pile. Perhaps he’ll rediscover himself somewhere else, when he stops asking for too much money.

  67. arnie says:

    26may @2:55: I agree completely. I also think that Suarez will be well-behaved this year. From my experience, one thing that nut cases (remember, “hard molars”) understand well is self interest. And the threat of being on the bench will “bite” because (a) there is a world cup looming, and (b) greener pastures beckon, perhaps next year.

    But, the Suarez transfer may not hapen, because Liverpool will make the same calculations. And, Arsenal may not bid too much higher, just in case they have to offload next year!

    I still think this is a smokescreen for other negotiations in the background. Whether they materialise or not, only time will tell.

  68. 26may1989 says:

    If it’s true that previously moneybags club, Anzhi Makhachkala, are about to sell all their expensive players after slashing their budget, there could be a few options in there that might interest us: Willian in AM, old boy Lassana Diarra for DM and (dare I say it) Chris Samba for back-up CB. I know, I know, Samba was woeful for QPR last year, and I don’t want him to be targeted. But the other two could be interesting (though Diarra’s character is a concern).

  69. 26may1989 says:

    Fair points, arnie, but I do think Suarez is very likely to be joining us now. Can’t see how LFC can keep him any longer with this week’s developments (Rodgers may have felt better saying what he did but all it did was make the move more likely).

  70. arnie says:

    26may: Yes, that is possible. Either way, I think it is win-win situation Arsenal. Whosoever plays these games in the background, whoever made the 40m+1 bid decision, hats off!!!

  71. Bayonne Jean says:

    Sure, Suarez’s goals would be welcome addition. Plus he’s a battler; he’ll fight you tooth and nail…..

    On to another matter; out of Sociedad, Pacos, Fenerbahce, Kharkiv, Eindhoven, what would be the best draw for the Arsenal to advance to the group stage? Not knowing anything about the quality of these sides, I would peg Eindhoven as the choice matchup, based simply on geography, with Fenerbahce being the worst matchup. Any thoughts?

    Just shows again why fourth in the EPL is never a trophy, with added impact of having players who might sign with Arsenal having to wait-and-see to find out if there’ll be a real CL season for the side,

  72. Red Arse says:


    Referring back to your 9:56 a.m. I think you raised a fair point (or two) — sorry, chatting to GN5 made me feel light headed, so I went down to the barber for a snazzy haircut and now I feel like a light headed prisoner of Zenda 🙂 anyway:-
    the way that clubs treat their players, with or without 2 or 3 years remaining on their contracts is fairly brusque when they want to get rid of them.

    I find it farcical that any club, even Arsenal, should cry in their beer when a player decides that he wants to move on to better his career and fortune — however whimsical his reasons may be.

    What is often lacking is a little decorum by both parties, whichever way the ball is swinging. Politeness, courtesy and respect – we remember those old-fashioned virtues, but all to often neither club nor player do when money comes into the equation.

    That’s what the Suarez’s shenanigans are all about – money – not morals, not contractual clauses, not loyalty, nor those nasty Arsenal bullies as Gabby ‘Hypocrite’ Rodgers implies.

    Hypocrite? Just ask Watford or Reading what they think of the moralizing chump!

  73. 26may1989 says:

    Anyone but PSV and I’ll be happy. Pacos or Metalist Kharviv would be the easiest and therefore best. Fenerbahce can’t be all that, with an ageing Dirk Kuyt still getting a game.

    Whoever we get, it will be someone to take seriously. But we shouldn’t fear any of them.

  74. 26may1989 says:

    Completely agree, RA. The trouble is the vast sums of money tied up in something as fleeting as a football player’s contract make it inevitable that both employer and employee will behave aggressively.

  75. jnyc says:

    Im with Norfolk gunner! !!!

  76. Bryan says:

    I voted I wouId have preferred Higuain but yes I want us to sign Suarez simply because I feel that after all the effort we have put into it we need to get him & there is no doubt he is a very talented player.
    I have not got a clue who the other 40M strikers that are available are other than Rooney & not keen to have having him

  77. evonne says:

    If anybody is still in doubt why we let the Judas go last summer, read about what disrepute Liverpool got themselves into. Once the player makes it clear that he wants to go – let him. Otherwise he will bring the club’s reputation to his level, and no player is worth it.

    van Judas’s exit wasn’t pleasant, but we behaved in a dignified manner.

  78. evonne says:

    Arsenal are preparing a bid for Karim Benzema ha ha ha ha ha, oh ha ha ha ha ha you gotta love the transfer goss

  79. RockyLives says:

    Seems like we can officially add The Swerve to the “outgoing” widget…

    AFC site has confirmed that he’s gone.

  80. evonne says:

    I hope Gerv does well in Roma, nice guy

  81. RockyLives says:

    Agreed evonne.
    He was probably not at the level we want for the new, moneybags Arsenal.

    But he wasn’t as bad as many of his detractors would have us think.

  82. evonne says:

    No, he wasn’t bad at all. Different style or formation might see him improving, for he has all it takes to be very good

  83. titch says:

    Let’s wait until 2018-19 season before passing judgment this a transitional period for Arsenal with Stadium debt to pay down.
    I am sure by 2021-22 we will have sufficient funds to be able to compete again.

  84. evonne says:

    better late than never 🙂

  85. titch says:

    Don’t take my word for it evonne i am being very very very very very very optimistic

  86. evonne says:

    I am a pessimist titch and therefore never get disappointed 🙂

  87. evonne says:

    Rasp baby – I wrote something for you, check da mail

  88. LB says:

    Wow, Gerv a done deal; they really are clearing the decks aren’t they?

  89. Gooner In Exile says:

    I don’t get it LB, all this movement out and none in seems a little foolhardy right now, there must be a lot of deals waiting to be ratified ones that aren’t in the public domain.

    What’s the count presently 8/9 out, including 4/5 squad players.

    I voted against Suarez joining….he is not my cup of tea.


    Thanks Rasp

    Would i take Suarez? Of course, the guys different class and would add another dimension to our side.

    I have no moral objection to the guy, Ever since my first marriage i am immune from biting and rascist taunts

    On one occasion i happened to overdo the roast potatoes, so the ex done her usual by biting my thigh and and infering i must have had some kind of liason with a Cretan Donkey. I just ignored her and continued watching family fortunes.

    Suarez is a complete player. He is good in the box, can play from the half way line, and probably more importantly for us can unlock packed defences, sometimes by cheating but no ones perfect.

  91. Gooner In Exile says:

    Best news today is that Cesc has said he is not leaving Barca.

  92. I’d have Suarez. I thought he was badly treated in the racism affair. I liked Gervinho too.

  93. Everyone’s gone to bed

  94. neamman says:

    I want Suarez but would have preferred Higuan. I don’t see Saurez staying more than 2 years even if he came, which I doubt.

  95. Probably true but why call people fools?

  96. Gooner In Exile says:

    It’s the troll GM, we’ve kept him as a pet, his name is Sniffer.

  97. Gooner In Exile says:

    Seems John Henry is saying he won’t be sold to us…..suppose that’s easier when you’ve got three years left on his contract, but as he is training on his own he won’t be much use to them.

  98. Oh the same troll as before. They are just getting the price up. It will be stupid to keep him

  99. neamman says:

    stupidest rumour we are linked to a Romanian striker out of contract worth 2 million.
    Its not april 1 is it?

  100. Red Arse says:

    Good Morning, tiddleywinks, 🙂

    Another day of speculation and inertia?

  101. LB says:

    Two comments left me thinking over night: the first was Evonne’s:

    “Arsenal are preparing a bid for Karim Benzema ha ha ha ha ha, oh ha ha ha ha ha you gotta love the transfer goss”

    Then Rocky’s saying that he wouldn’t put it past Arsenal to be negotiating something completely out of the public eye.

    My first reaction was: I suppose this could be true, he is French and Madrid are going to need cash etc.
    Then I started wondering whether I would prefer the more humble Frenchman to Suarez and all the toxic baggage that comes with him.

    And finally this morning I realised that I didn’t: Benzema is too similar to Giroud, we don’t want another one of those we want — and I will leave this to Terry because I simply cannot improve upon it.

    “Suarez is a complete player. He is good in the box, can play from the half way line, and probably more importantly for us can unlock packed defences, sometimes by cheating but no ones perfect.”

    It’s all about unlocking packed defences for me, we need this so badly.

  102. evonne says:

    oh dear, someone is going to end up with an egg on their face.I sincerely hope that it is not our Boards:

    Luis Suarez is going nowhere. That’s according to Liverpool’s billionaire owner John W Henry.

    The big news splashed across several on England’s newspapers on Friday is that Liverpool’s mega-rich American owner has gone on the record to categorically deny that the Anfielders will sell Suarez to Arsenal

  103. LB says:

    Which should lead to the next statement from Henry saying that having a player at the club who doesn’t want to be there is bad for the overall morale and because of that and after careful consideration we have decided to accept Arsenal’s increased offer.

    Which, by that time, should be 40 million and 2 pounds. lol

  104. LB says:

    No one can really keep a player who doesn’t want to be there, we couldn’t with RVP and it looks like even manu won’t be able to keep Rooney and in the case of Suarez I think it is safe to say that he has burnt all his bridges.

  105. kelsey says:

    Morning all.

    Benzema has a rape charge pending to be heard in a few months, the perfect frenchman.

    Unless this is the biggest bluff of all time John Henry was made it absolutely clear Suarez is not for sale and as far as I know no other club has made a bid so my conclusion is that this is another Tevez situation which will end in tears for all concerned.

    So Gervinho is off I wish the African Hleb all the very best and if we believe that AW is looking for more clinical fire power who is left that maybe available at a realistic price by our standards and then increased with the extra revenue available so say 30 million. Torres or someone we have never heard of.

    The european union have started investigations into Real madrid’s finances which could prove very interesting but I doubt they will get very far.

  106. evonne says:

    LB – Agree entirely.

    GiE – I punched the air yesterday when I heard that our Cesc said fat NO to Manyoo. Now, that got me thinking – Cesc at Arsenal wasn’t the highest player in EPL. He took a paycut to join the Cathalans. I am certain that Manure offered wages far exceeding what he earns now. He still said eff off Moyes. I really love the little fellow. He is a dying breed of genuine footballers

  107. LB says:

    Benzema on a rape charge, hmmmmm, I didn’t know that.

  108. 26may1989 says:

    Good morning.

    Interesting comments from Smokin’ John Henry. I’m with those who think it’s more about getting Arsenal to put more on the table than a literal statement of intent. If there’s one thing worse than selling your best player to a rival and only having 3-4 weeks to find a replacement, it’s being stuck with your best player being unpickable and demoralising everyone around him, without a massive wedge of cash to console you.

    In the words of Sting, “If you love somebody, set them free”.

    Makes sense for LFC’s yankee owner to be the one to make these statements, it would be much less damaging for LFC for him to take say £50m and back done, as opposed to Rdgers, who probably can’t afford such a knock to his credibility. And making these bold statements now will either convince the player to change his mind (not unlikely) or help get LFC up to another £10m. Very worthwhile effort.

  109. New Post …………………

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