Sanogo Concludes Arsenal’s Summer Business?

Well not for me it doesn’t, I remain optimistic that the best is still to come and my rationale is this: put simply, we have at last moved up a drawer; we are still unable to shop in the top drawer, that remains the domain of Man City, Man U, Chelsea, Barça, Real and PSG and they are all hovering around Cavani but with the winks and nudges suggesting that Arsenal have 60 mil to spend we are able to shop in the next draw down, and that is where the likes of Higuaín can be found.

Some might suggest that with 60 million available we should have more financial clout than Barça or Real and I would agree but we all know or at least we should know that those two clubs offer a greater prestigious attraction than we do which will trump us if the money is equal.

But, just in case you think I am singing the praises of other clubs a little too loudly than is healthy, you might note I have not included any of the Italian teams. We have, quite simply moved ahead of that lot.

Other more observant readers are sure to notice that for all the teams I have mentioned above I have only suggested one top drawer player: Cavani, and those same people will also realise that one player is not going to satisfy five clubs so the fear is that they start looking in the second drawer down – which they may well do and that is what Real are surely waiting for because they know that if Chelsea show an interest the price will rise beyond our reach – But I remain optimistic as I am not sure that Mourinho’s ego will allow him shop in such a squalid place.

How many drawers are there for goodness sake?

Well, to me there are four draws, a bit like the four divisions of the old English football league. We have moved from drawer 3 to drawer 2.

Our knuckle dragging neighbours still shop in the bottom drawer.

Podolski, Mertasacker and Giroud came from the third draw down and as such we were able to pick them up quicker but there is a price to pay for moving up a drawer — we have to be more patient.

But for all my swan like calmness above the water, regarding Higuaín, my feet are panicking like crazy below the water about Fellaini, a striker would be good but if we could sign just one more player this summer my vote would be for the Belgian. That man would change everything. It would be impossible for Wenger to play the same style as we have for the last umpteen seasons. For me Fellaini would undoubtedly bring not only aggression but violence; he would bring fear, the kind of fear we exuded when Vieira and Petite were in their pomp.

And what drawer can Fellaini be found in? I don’t give a monkeys — just sign him.

If we could sign just one player out of Higuaín or Fellaini who would you chose?

Written by LB


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  1. sleepinggiant says:

    Chose? I wouldn’t. Simple as that.

    Almost a decade of being brainwashed (by our own manager of all people as well as the media and fans of other clubs) that we cannot complete, are punching above our weight, are not an elite club, seems to have taken its toll on many Arsenal fans out there. Wake up! The bad days are over! tPeople don’t seem to realise this is the summer when all of our plans came to fruition. We have CL football and the new sponsorship deals are in. To put is succinctly, it is never going to get any better from the point of view of potential as is right now.

    We are as different an animal to last years Arsenal as Chelsea were pre Abramovich. If we do not act on this, then the people at the top should quite simply disappear.

    So if you ask me to chose the minimum (stress minimum) requirement for this summer?

    Higuain, Fellaini and Fabregas. Or players just as good in those positions.

    Because wake up fellow Gooners – this is it. Unless FFP collapses and Alisher is allowed to buy the club, we have achieved the height of our financial clout. We are as strong now as we ever can be.

    No more excuses. No more apologists. Time to act or change. If we have any ambition other than to feather the nests of owner, manager and squad players, the time is now to prove it.

  2. Big Raddy says:

    mmmmm. Tough question.

    If we sign Fellaini then Ramsey – a player in whom I have great faith will drop down to 5th in the MF pecking order (JW, MA, SC, Fellaini) but as you rightly point out he brings something we lack.

    So does Higuian who is class and likely to put AFC back on the European map as a superpower.

    Why can’t we have both?

  3. Rob Lucci says:

    very well written article LB. But for a DM, I’m more happy if Arsenal can buy either Gonalons or Capoue to be honest.

    Here an excellent stats Tim from 7am kickoff.

  4. saikirthi says:

    Good day everyone. These transfer rumours are juicy and ofcourse I am refereshing these juicy stuff every now and then to find out if there is any reality in it. But it is indeed disappointing to find out the rumours were plain manipulated by the media. I feel stupid, more often than not to have believed in many of those rumours.

    While agreeing to the point that we cannot compete with likes of Chelsea and City yet, I totally fail to agree upon the “draws” you’ve mentioned. In reality, there are many factors that come into play. It’s not just the money or how other clubs evaluate a player. It depends on the player’s willingness to stay/ depart, age, form and so on… Take BSR to man uts or Santi to Arsenal last season. Where would you draw the line? They are both top, top draws caught up in different scenarios.

  5. erick otieno onyango says:

    i agree with yaya if could bring in bwt the two,then arsenal be ateam 2 dream about.

  6. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Good morning to you all.

    LB’s excellent post gives us an excuse to air our views on transfer gossip.

    Let’s face it, that’s really all this talk of Higuain, Fellaini, and sums of money to spend is, gossip.

    We have apparantly offered £30 million for Suarez, and been knocked back. A top drawer player?

    Edinson Cavani has signed for Paris St. Germain and Lewandowski has aggred terms with Bayern, two more players gone from the top drawer.

    My answer to your final question LB, Higuain every time. Second drawer or not.

  7. Henry says:


  8. fidele says:

    i prefer fellaini

  9. RockyLives says:

    Great stuff LB
    Higuain for me. We need a world class striker more than we need a midfield fighter.

    I’d like Fellaini but I feel he’s a bit over rated.

  10. mickydidit89 says:

    Bang on the money LB.

    To answer your question, Fellaini every time.

    PSG, City, Chelsea and Madrid will be after a top striker (assuming Madrid want to release Hig). Available are Cavani and Suarez.

    I will be very pleasantly staggered if we get Higuain.

  11. stephen says:

    what will be will be . what we need is stress free summer and a good start to next season

  12. RockyLives says:

    Amazing piece yesterday – simply excellent piece of writing.

    It’s given me an idea for another Post about AW – but comparing him to a certain Roman general (not Caesar) rather than a Japanese samurai.

  13. mickydidit89 says:

    Very interesting the divided opinions.

    Mind you, I have inside info on this, and allowed a full season as first choice, Ollie told me he’s scored 30 already next term. Fact.

  14. Bryan says:

    Firstly I thought it was 70M but what ever it is I do agree that Fellaini would be my priority signing but Higuain would be great too.
    What annoys me most, is that any deals Arsenal do, take forever, no other team seems to fart ass about like us, total content for us fans in my opinion.
    Seems pretty simple to have got Fellaini on board by now, trigger his release clause & pay him the 100K a week that he wants because I am sure he will be well worth it.

  15. mickydidit89 says:


    Not sure, but I don’t think his release clause kicks in until August. Might well be wrong on that. I’d also be amazed if Moyes didn’t want Fellaini and Baines at Utd.

    I’m sounding a bit doomy, but I don’t think we’ll get either. New faces yes, just more of surprise signings, like Santi.

  16. Rasp says:

    Great post LB – I agree with every word.

    Your analysis of the Cavani situation is spot on. I wonder how much our reported offer for Suarez has to do with making the Higuain camp realise we aren’t going to wait forever for them to make their minds up.

    I don’t think we ever intended to sign 2 top strikers, but it looks like we are determined to sign one and that player will be real quality. It could be Higuain, Rooney, Suarez – even Lewandowski. It would be good to get a signature before the fall out from Cavani’s destination gets the big spenders sniffing elsewhere … but that is what I fully expect to happen.

  17. LB says:

    I won’t both of course but it seemed like a good idea for a post.

  18. Rasp says:

    ……… As regards Fellaini, he would be my other ideal signing although I have yet to see any concrete evidence that we are interested in him. Fellaini defending corners in our box and attacking corners against the opposition is a mouthwatering prospect and his power and aggression would provide the midfield muscle we lack at times. He can play football too, its not just about his physical presence.

  19. GunnerN5 says:

    Morning all,

    LB a well thought out piece, but you left out the drawer that AW shops in – the secret drawer!

    I wish I could join in the chit chat about possible transfers but frankly it does my head in.

    I cannot remember a single time in the past 16/17 seasons when either Arsenal or AW divulged a transfer target and nothing will change this season. We’ve learnt that one thing we can count on is that we may not even have heard of the players we end up buying.

    It will be a total shock to me if we end up buying any of the players that the media have touted – it’s just not the Arsenal way.

    Regardless of the media playing up the status and stats of the players “linked” to us AW will have his own plans and he will do his level best to execute them in private.

    I look forward to some pleasant surprises.

  20. Rasp says:

    Micky, if the tiny totts can sign Pauinho, then a big player should be interested in joining Arsenal … this assumes we are prepared to break the wage barrier as well as paying £20m plus.

  21. Rasp says:

    Hi GN5, we knew Nasri and Podolski were coming way before it was fact. I’m sure that was because the deal had been done in principle and the club were waiting for the transfer window to open.

  22. mickydidit89 says:

    Here’s my predictometer:

    Cavani to Chelsea or PSG
    Torres to Naopli (and Rafa)
    Suarez to Chelsea or Madrid
    Ronney to stay put.
    Lewndowski only to Bayern at some point.
    Higuain to Arsenal, only if Madrid secure a replacement.

    Loving it. Now work 😦

  23. Shard says:

    I am not only optimistic, I am certain that Sanogo will not even be our only signing in the attacking positions, let alone overall. Arsenal have been talking a good game in earnest ever since they signed the Emirates deal. They have been shouting from the rooftops about them having money now. I know it’s become established as truth that Arsenal and Wenger are somehow negligent about building a team, but I don’t believe that. Who we buy, of course depends on factors other than money too. But money helps.

    If it came down to a choice between Fellaini and Higuain, I’d pick Higuain. Fellaini might have something we lack, but his overall game I feel might also detract from ours. No such worries with Higuain. And if we were to get a DM instead of a striker, I’d prefer Capoue or Gonalons as mentioned by Rob Lucci above.

  24. Shard says:

    Thank you Rocky. Roman general? I feel you are trying to draw me to take a guess, but my knowledge of Roman history is more superficial than to be able to manage that. I shall wait and see who it is, and how Wenger compares. Just don’t tell Micky to visualise it. 🙂

    I was toying with the idea of turning my collection from the trip to Barnet into a post, and even a quiz of sorts. Just need to get some stuff sorted before.

  25. GunnerN5 says:


    I agree with your 11:46am.

    Arshavin may also have been known before his last second signing.

    But my viewpoint remains that we are most unlikely to sign any of those touted by the media.

  26. GunnerN5 says:

    Shrad one of my cousins sons played for Barnet and my cousin and I spent many hours in the clubhouse absorbing the atmosphere and soaking up the beer…………..

  27. Big Raddy says:

    GN5 Re: Barnet. Me too. For many years I had a season ticket at both Barnet and Arsenal, but it changed when they got in to League and stopped being semi-pro. Somehow the fun went out of it.

    However, I spent many happy hours in the shed at Underhill and try to visit whenever I am in London

  28. Big Raddy says:

    Shard. Don’t toy – get busy.


    Nice one LB

    I would take Higuain first. The Club needs a top striker more than a midfielder, but dont get me wrong, Fellani would be great to.

    Getting both would bring the title home. I have studied pictures of Higuain and he has beady eyes, bit like a large hawk. Not beady enough to ring the police, just enough to score plenty of goals.

    Apart from the hair Fellani looks like King Darius from the film 300.
    He should shave of the barnet and adorn magnificent gold and pearls to go with his new shiny Arsenal kit

    Fools like Carrick and Toure would have no choice but to bow at the feet of the God King. But if my cousin Leonidas is playing against us weve had it.

    I do think we are trying to get quality in, and if get both these players we will win the league.

  30. Ian Ure Face says:

    Higgy baby for me. I spoke to a posh scouser ( Everton supporter ) on Saturday and he said, Fellaini`s a lazy bastard and doesn`t give a Gareth Bale if he leaves !. One of my pet hates is lazy bastards, ala Arshavin , Abebarndoor etc`, do we need another !

  31. Bryan says:

    all supporters say things like that about players who are going to leave there teams 😉

  32. Shard says:

    Barnet and Underhill has such a different feel to it when compared to our stadium. I completely understand why some people, such as Raddy, tend to follow two teams in different leagues.

    The King in 300 was Xerxes, son of Darius, but I think you have a point about the resemblance 🙂

  33. Big Raddy says:

    BTW I thought it was top drawer as opposed to top draw but maybe that is old-school

  34. neamman says:

    I would like Fellaini I actually think OG and LP will be better this year after their bedding in year. I echo whoever it was that said we need intimidation which we certainly don’t have now. Higuan wont add that much IMHO, maybe 4-5 goals, but it does make a statement of intent.

  35. neamman says:

    that much extra I mean for Higuan..if OG gets 20..he would get 25.

  36. neamman says:

    As you guys are talking Barnet..I always enjoy going to see the Orient if Arsenal are away

  37. Norfolk Gooner says:

    It’s not “old school” BR, it’s correct usage.

    Ladies keep their drawers in their drawers, they only draw out their drawers, from their drawers, in order to draw on their drawers.

    You may draw your own conclusions.

  38. Red Arse says:


    Do they use crayons to draw on their drawers? 🙂

  39. Big Raddy says:

    No, they draw on their experience to draw their drawers

  40. Bryan says:

    I think we should draw the line on that topic 😀

  41. GunnerN5 says:

    This conversation is getting drawn out………………

  42. LB says:

    That has just made me realise that I spelt draw wrong, it should be “drawer”. So much for proof reading.

  43. Red Arse says:

    Hi Rocky,

    You have said you will write something comparing our illustrious manager to a Roman Geneneral.

    Hmm, I mused, who could it be …… Julius Caesar Drusus; Publius Cornelius Scipio; Nero Claudius Drusus; Marcus Antonius Creticus; Gnaeus Mallius Maximus or any of the myriad of better known generals ………..?

    But no! My money is on you writing about comparisons between Le Prof and Benito Mussolini, teacher, general, Il Duce, dictator and primarily a politician, because nearly all the famous Roman generals were first and foremost politicians, of course, and then coming to the conclusion that AW was quite unlike any of them!! 😀

    Well, that’s your Post done, so on to NG’s epic about ladies drawers and their place in football myth and legend.

  44. GinnerN5 says:

    Now there’s a surprise Patrick Vieira just overtook Tony Adams and, so far, has received more votes than any other player.

    I wonder if one, or more, of our forwards will end up beating them both?

  45. evonne says:

    Aha LB, you are already trying to get out of this summer’s forfeit. You think we have forgotten that if we sign both Higuian and Fellaini you promised to run naked screaming in your back garden. Well think again mate.

    Easy choice for me – Fellaini. I don’t know enough about Higuain and have seen too many unknown rough diamonds that failed to shine, ever to get excited about Gonzalo. Fellaini on the other hand is proven (in EPL) at the highest level as top player. Not sure how the cupboards are arranged in your kitchen, but in mine Fellaini would not fit anywhere but on top.

    thanks for another great post!!

  46. LB says:

    Hi Evonne

    Talking of EPL experience, I would prefer Suarez to Higuaín given a choice.

  47. evonne says:

    wouldn’t we all 🙂 but you know what they say ‘when there is no fish..’ 🙂

    Suarez, Fellainin, Rooney, Higuain in this order. Thank you, but no thank you to Torrez

  48. MickyDidIt89 says:


    I’m not completely comfortable agreeing with absolutely everything you say but once again I’m with you on Suarez over Hig 🙂

  49. steve says:

    Arsenal don’t need Fellaini we already have a battering ram in the shape of Olivier Giroud

  50. MickyDidIt89 says:

    You cannot simply brush aside the impact of his hair

  51. Shard says:

    Fellaini can’t brush his own hair to one side.

  52. LB says:

    Hi Micky

    It’s just been one of those days.

    There will be better ones round the corner when we can disagree like cat and dog. lol

  53. ces1ne says:

    Evonne, I don’t want to pick your comment apart, but it must be done, sorry doll. “I don’t know enough about Higuain and have seen too many unknown rough diamonds that failed to shine, ever to get excited about Gonzalo.”
    –If ANY 1 of the recent “rough diamonds” we signed over the last few years was 75% the player Higuain is, we would have won the league at least once.
    –Unknown? Maybe before he signed with Madrid
    –Your only saving grace was saying you don’t know enough about him, but then you followed that by implying that bc of your lack of Higgy knowledge he must be a “rough unknown diamond”……and that couldn’t be any further from what he is or has been for the last few years. C’mon Evonne, you’re better than that

  54. chas says:

    Nice one, LB.
    I’d go for Suarez.
    Don’t know anything about Higuain, apart from he can’t get in the Madrid side.

    Fellaini might lose his aggression once he hasn’t got Gollum, eyes a bulging, telling him, ‘this is how we play fitba up North’. I bet if he came to us he’d shave all his hair off and want to express his feminine side.

    By the way, LB, this caught my eye,
    “That man would change everything. It would be impossible for Wenger to play the same style as we have for the last umpteen seasons.”
    Are you suggesting you are desperate for a change of style? Maybe build on the defensive base that was established in the last 10 games of the season and go back to counter-attacking?
    Please explain.

  55. chas says:

    Haha, nice timing on my part.
    Please don’t call me “doll”, ces1ne. 🙂

  56. chas says:


  57. chas says:

    O-Oh, Atsrenal stylee.

  58. chas says:

    Atsrenal, hmmmmm.

  59. evonne says:

    ces1ne – sorry petal, but I am not going to pretend that I know an awful lot about Higuain. I did see him play a couple of times, but that is all; not enough to make an opinion. And because I am proud not to listen to anybody else’s opinion, I can safely say that Gonzalo is a big unkown, ok to me 🙂

    Fellaini on the other hand I watched week in week out and can confirm that in my opinion he is a great player.

    And lastly luv, are you sure that Higuain is going to be a great player in Sunderland or Stoke on a rainy, cold Wednesday night?

  60. evonne says:

    my comments are disappearing 😦

  61. evonne says:

    all my comments are disappearing 😦

  62. evonne says:

    ces1ne – I replied but it vanished 😦

  63. Gooner In Exile says:

    Evening all, apparently we have an audacious stunt tomorrow when the away kit is revealed……excited?

    As for the post LB I’m sorry I just don’t like Fellaini. I think he is a tad overrated.

  64. LB says:

    Chas, you have found my exposed nerve.

    Only after a certain length of time blogging can you pick up on that sort of subtlety.

    As requested, my explanation:

    The lowest ebb in my recent past of supporting Arsenal (last fifteen years) came just before the spud loss.

    I hated the midfield, I hated the predictable patterns, the repetitious passing to Sagna who more often than not wasted a cross. I don’t blame Bacary by the way I blame the midfield and the lack of ability to get past defensive lines set up on the 18 yard line by the opposition. This I believe led to our midfield copping out — which passing to Sagna is. I haven’t finished, our midfield was boring predictable, toothless and for the first time ever I was looking for an excuse not to go.

    Wenger’s decisiveness just about saved me; he dropped Szezceny, Vermaelen and Wilshere got a fortunate injury.

    As you say there is something to build on and Wenger almost certainly will do just that but I fear the same repetition will reappear and because of that I would be very happy if Fellaini were brought in.

    You sit him in front of the back line and you get aerial support, you stick him just behind the front line and you get a great aerial threat, he can tackle, he can pass, what’s not to like?

    He is not world class but then again nor was Vieira but I really think he is as close as it gets to the great man right now.

  65. LB says:


    I respect your opinion, I just don’t share it on this occasion.

  66. Gooner In Exile says:

    Shard glad you enjoyed the game at Underhill.

  67. Gooner In Exile says:

    LB the man you are looking for is already at the club, he is just unfortunately a bit injury prone as a result of the front bottom in Sunderland.

    If only Diaby hadn’t had the temerity to be skilful when we were already winning by a clear margin. 😦

    I do agree re the pass to Sagna I don’t agree that Fellaini offers a solution, given the parked bus defence and two big men I think we will end up with more ball to Sagna and more wasted crosses hoping to pick a scrap off two big men (assuming OG plays). Why doesn’t the ball get passed to Gibbs in the same repetitive way, and if it does why doesn’t Gibbs put in so many crosses. Answer the ability/brain of the man in front of the full back to take the right position and have a positive impact on the team going forward. The left and right wing/forward positions are crucial to the way we want to play, when Santi was out on the left and the ball came to Gibbs he made the room for Gibbs to be able to play 1-2’s and get beyond the back line, Podolski did this too not quite so well. Where does Theo go when Bacary gets the ball? He is either running head down aimlessly across the front line or he is occupying the space Bacary needs to run into, too rarely does he offer the 1-2 ten yards in from the touch line.

  68. chas says:

    Audacious stunt ( I was hoping it was the Hig in the maillot jaune)

  69. chas says:

    Please don’t look at the photo above if you want to be thrilled tomorrow by the audacious stunt.

  70. chas says:

    I’m not quite sure why I find this so funny.
    Beware bad language.

  71. chas says:

    By the way, LB, thanks for the reply.
    ‘Looking for an excuse not to go’…..that’s scary.

  72. mickydidit89 says:

    Interesting thoughts LB and GiE.

    Morning Chas.

    Let’s face it, not many of us are exactly ecstatic about the Higuain. Very much a case of a new striker would be great, but….

  73. chas says:

    Yeah but all of our recent signings are less than 75% the player the Hig is.
    So Rejoice.

    I think he’d be a great signing by the way, but there’s been too much faffing about on Madrid’s side for it to happen now.

  74. mickydidit89 says:

    Oh Chas,
    His youtubes are mighty impressive and whatnot, and if he does sign I’ll be very very pleased, it’s just I’d rather have a different style of player.
    I also need to point out that I’ve only seen him play a full 90 once, so for that reason and as well as the style thing, I’d be even more excited by a Suarez type, or even a Torres.
    However, like you, I don’t think it will happen.

  75. mickydidit89 says:

    Hope you saw my “thank you” comment for your roof strap advice.

  76. chas says:

    I did, Micky, but forgot to comment like a dithering old buffoon.
    Pleased it helped in any sort of tangential way possible.

    Our non-existent £30m bid for the shoulder-muncher has now become, “£40 million and he’s yours” 🙂

  77. chas says:

    Off for a bike ride on this fine morning.

    Soppy shit I know but I still like it. Laters

  78. mickydidit89 says:

    Soppy? Well, maybe, but I can watch a good looking girl on strings no matter what the music 🙂

  79. mickydidit89 says:

    Enjoy the bike ride. Damn the weather is beautiful. I’ve shifted exercise to late afternoon as I pick up children and it’s three hours surf.
    In the last four days, I’ve broken a toe, massively bruised thigh, neck ache, ball ache and shoulder ache, while my son is dehydrated and has dick as well as ball ache. Meanwhile my daughter has nothing wrong with her at all!

  80. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    What a man Carton de Wiart was. Don’t make them like that anymore. BTW chas …. if you read this, what made you research him?

    Micky. As an older gentleman I appreciate and empathise with your plight. The spirit is willing but the body is starting to betray you.

    Hope your son recovers 😉

  81. chas says:

    BR, it was a twitter link saying the best first paragraph in a biography. 🙂

  82. Big Raddy says:

    Soppy? I love Elbow

  83. LB says:


    You make some good points in your comparison with Sagna and Gibbs, as obvious as it might seem now I hadn’t thought of that.

    Maybe I went a bit over board on Fellaini for the sake of the post; he is not the answer to all our problems but I would be happy if he arrived at the club.

    I cannot agree with your comparison with Diaby, one is from Mars and the other is from Venus, completely different skill sets.

  84. evonne says:

    oh, I am out of jail! I posted several comments yesterday, all of them didn’t appear here, strange.

  85. evonne says:

    Ces1ne – sorry tiger, but I am not going to pretend that I know an awful lot about Higuain. I had seen him play twice and that’s not enough to make an opinion. And because I am proud of not listening to anybody else’s opinion, Higuain is a big unknown to me.

    Fellaini is a different proposition – I watched him playing week in and week out and can confirm that in my opinion he is a great player.

    And ces1ne luv, are you sure that Gonzalo is going to be a great player in Stoke or Sunderland on a cold, rainy Wednesday night? Are you?

  86. LB says:

    Chas, off out for a cycle, very impressive.

    Here is the site that you will be spending so much money you may as well set up a direct debit today.

  87. evonne says:

    I am digging myself deeper and deeper here 🙂 🙂 of course I listen to others opinions, just don’t take it as gosspel

  88. mickydidit89 says:


    “Chas, off out for a cycle, very impressive”… Oh come off it.

    He only goes out on sunny days. Sunny days at the time of day when young ladies are going to work. On sunny days, said ladies wear less, and he rides bare chested, with his phone number penned across his front.

    Don’t be fooled.

  89. evonne says:

    chas has big front to accommodate 11 digits 🙂

    ladies euros 2013 starting !!!

  90. evonne says:

    I looked at Premiership tables yesterday – we are top of the league and Spurs are in the relegation zone. Isn’t this great 🙂

  91. Big Raddy says:

    LB. The prices on that site are frightening!

  92. Gooner In Exile says:

    No wonder Paulinho is so upset Evonne 🙂

  93. LB says:

    Morning BR

    I am a slave to that site.

    Most bib shorts will do a job for the first two hours but after that the quality of Rapha is worth every penny.

    It is exactly the same material used by the Sky team riding today to St Michael.

  94. LB says:

    Micky 8:19


  95. evonne says:

    GiE – if he is not now, he will be when he realises what pile of poo he landed in! Another big unknown 🙂

  96. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Good morning to you all.

    Gareth Barry in talks with Arsenal? The Daily Star says so, it must be true. 😀

  97. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Has the site broken down? comments are disappearing.

  98. Morning all

    We have a New Post …………………

  99. Towsain says:

    I prefer fellaini than higuain

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