Tony Adams and Santi Cazorla at Loggerheads

There have been two important Arsenal-related statements this week – one from a club legend and one from a legend-in-the-making.

The interesting thing is that the two statements are diametrically opposed to each other.

The established legend – Tony Adams – says Arsenal are “miles off” winning the Premiership title.

The legend-to-be – Santi Cazorla – says the opposite. He reckons we can definitely be among the trophies next year and that our form during last season’s run-in has given the players the confidence they need to push on to glory.

So who is right? Little or Large? Rodders or Adam Sandler?

Both deserve to be listened to. Big Tone because he embodies the spirit of modern Arsenal and he knows what it takes to win the English league title; and little Santi because he knows the strengths and weaknesses of the players around him and, quite possibly, also has an inkling about our summer transfer intentions.

Tony’s exact quote was: “It’s time that Arsenal won something again, even the FA Cup or the League Cup. But, I can’t see it to be honest. They are still not good enough in certain areas of the team. And they are miles off the title.”

We can speculate about what he means by us being not good enough in certain areas. I would imagine he’s referring to not having a world class striker and, possibly, he feels there is still something lacking in our defensive play despite the successful run-in. Maybe a better goalkeeper is also part of his thinking.

Most fans would probably agree with those sentiments. It’s why we’re all anxiously scanning the news every day for the much-anticipated transfer coups which, we hope, will fix those weaknesses.

In fairness to Tony, there was no follow-up question (or at least none reported) asking him whether he thought we could compete if we made two or three good signings.

But his use of the phrase “miles off” suggests that he thinks our shortcomings are not going to be solved by the arrival of some new faces this summer. Interestingly though, he also maintained his backing of Arsene Wenger as the man to lead Arsenal to future glory.

Santi Cazorla, as you might expect from a current player, was more upbeat. He said: “When the team does not win and we do not get the results we want, the collective confidence does drop a little and that is natural.

“Now we have put in a spectacular run-in and you can see the difference in mentality. We have great players. I am sure we will be a better team and improve. This season we hope we can be even better and win trophies and the supporters can enjoy it. That is what Arsenal really wants.”

Cazorla had an outstanding first year in the English Premier League and was many fans’ choice for Player of the Season.

He has seen at first hand what we’re up against in our challenge to win the title next year. He has played against the financially-doped, overpaid stars of the Northern and Southern Oilers and against the referees’ favourite team from the red half of Manchester. He has tasted victory and defeat against our pox-ridden neighbours.

He has also seen what his team mates are capable of: the ability to grind out wins in difficult circumstances and the willingness to work for one another that was so evident in the last 10 or so games of the past season.

So whose word do we believe? Tony Adams’ or Santi Cazorla’s?

For me it has to be Santi – and not just because I am of a generally optimistic outlook regarding where Arsenal is heading.

He has been part of Spain’s all-conquering national side so – like Adams – he also knows a thing or two about winning and if he believes we can do it I am inclined to go along with him.

Tony, on the other hand, has a track record of making odd statements and, occasionally, some pretty negative comments about Arsenal.

For example, as recently as mid April he was slagging off the club’s transfer policy and confidently pronouncing that we would not make Top Four by the end of the season.

I have no doubt that he was speaking from the heart and from a desire to see Arsenal at the top again, but he was wrong about the Top Four (it may have been a squeaky-bum finish, but we did it) and his comments about our transfer policy are reflective of the ill-informed views of many fans (ie, they did not take into account the financial background of the last seven years).

It wasn’t the only occasion in recent seasons on which Tony talked down our end-of-season prospects while we are still in the thick of the fight. In fact he pops up with this sort of negativity as often as your common or garden Redknapp. And like Twitchy, he always turns out to be wrong.

If we make the sort of ambitious signings that we’re all hoping for it would be nice to hear some upbeat words from the big man before the new season begins.

If Tony thinks he should have been made Chairman of the Board at Arsenal after the news of Peter Hill-Wood stepping down, he might well reflect on what one of the principle roles of a chairman is: namely, to be the public flag-bearer of the club; to always talk it up and to keep his more pessimistic thoughts to himself.

Mind you, even if Chairman is a stretch, I think it would be a public relations masterstroke for Arsenal to invite Tony onto the Board as a non-executive director.



90 Responses to Tony Adams and Santi Cazorla at Loggerheads

  1. James Cameron says:

    Hit whoring, they aren’t at loggerheads, they haven’t even spoken to each other!

  2. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Good morning to you all.

    Well written Rocky, It all sounds like sour grapes from Tony Adams, I believe he thought he was fated to become a legendry manager of Arsenal following his retirement from playing. Arsene never invited him onto the coaching staff and I think that rankles to this day.

    His career as a manager/coach has been dismal to say the least and as he has little experience of anything outside of football to occupy his mind the bitterness repeatedly bubbles to the surface.

    Sadly I think Tony Adam’s Arsenal DNA has faded.

  3. RockyLives says:

    Get back to the bottom of the ocean James.

  4. dadagbon emegbor says:

    Tony Adams unconscious and a big joker.

  5. goonerjake says:


    Big Tone now speaks as a fan.

    Little Santi speaks as a player.

    Please don’t read anything into the big / little tittles. Both great players.


    Thank you Rocky

    Are you sure were not related? we seem to agree to often. I have a cousin called Rocophilous who lives in Heraklion. In fact he looks more Irish than Greek, and does an awsome jig. hahaha

    Of course you are right. Santi is just expressing a desire to succed, and thats what we need from our players.

    As for Tony, oh dear. he comes out with his statements at a time when we are entering a new phase and fails to understand that the chairman is just a figurehead. Keswick drinks tea with the Queen for gods sake, hes perfect for the role.

    We should start a campaign to stop Tony from reading French philosophy, playing the piano, and drinking herbal tea, its obviously muddling his brain cells.

  7. RockyLives says:

    Cheers Terry
    You remind me of my bog-trotting cousin Terence O’Manchainy of Ballybunbrogan – maybe we are related 🙂
    Despite being a born-and-bred Irishman he’s covered in thick drak hair and keeps running up huge debts. I’m sure he’s a bit Greek 🙂


    hahaha, yes Rocky. I wish my head was covered with thick dark hair, except its migrated to every other part of my body,

    On holiday i use my hairy hirsuitness to scare of Germans from my sunbed, The only time any one gets close is when some young punk has forgoten his towel

    Ive lost count of the times ive been half asleep on the sunbed whilst in the distance i can hear “go on, use him, hes perfect”, and then seconds later the young punk is drying himself on my hairy leg or back. hahaha

  9. MickyDidIt89 says:


    I too hope I get “damped” 🙂

    I can’t help but “oh bless” Big Tone” as he’s simply not the sharpest tool around. I do agree with him that we are miles from the title, however with two top players and our settled and improving defence, I spy Transplants ghosts.

    Great read, thank you. Hope you are having a great time.

  10. RockyLives says:

    It’s hot and relaxing Micky, with great food (including superb cured meats!)

  11. excellent post from the holiday king, ta very much

    I didn’t hear Tony’s interview, just read it, hell knows what he really said. But if he did come out with those negative comments, then he was wrong – rule number 1 – never shit in your own nest (another polish wise proverb).
    Personally I’ll go along with Santi’s prediction – if Manyoo could win it last season, there is no reason why Scoucers let alone Arsenal couldn’t do it this year. Is there a better team in EPL than us? Chelsea – nope. ManShitty – maybe. Manyoo minus Fergie – nope. the rest don’t even matter. I seriously think we are the best, 2 more signings (including goalie) and the title is within reach.

  12. less of you DidIt 🙂

  13. Rasp says:

    Great post Rocky. I’m with you in preferring to believe Santi’s version of the situation.

    Dear old Tone is about the Steve McClaren/Stuart Pearce level of intellect … but still my favourite defender.

    However I do want to see more (younger) footballing people on the Board and wonder just what Sir Chips will bring that is different to PHW … or maybe that’s the point, they don’t want change????

    On the subject of transfers; AW’s popularity rating has gone up and there is a general feeling of optimism …. but we haven’t signed anyone yet. I know the window doesn’t open until July but deals can be done.

    For me its simple, if we sign Higuain, we’re definitely heading in the right direction. If we also sign Fellaini then we are in with a chance of winning the prem.

  14. Rasp – and if we sign Wayne too, we won the league 🙂

  15. Rasp says:

    Hi FT, I can’t see how Rooney could fit into the team if we sign Higuain. Fellaini joining would probably relegate Arteta to the bench.

    Having Higuain will reduce either Ramsey’s or the Pod’s starts. I imagine the interest in both Higuain and Rooney is all part of a smokescreen rather than Rooney being an expensive second choice if we fail to get Hig.

  16. Red Arse says:

    Loved the Post, as usual, Rocky, until I came to your final sentence, ” I think it would be a public relations masterstroke for Arsenal to invite Tony onto the Board as a non-executive director.”

    What burr under the saddle makes me think that would be totally inappropriate?

    First, I would say that Tony and Cazzor expressing different opinions is par for the course where football is concerned, but TA is very inclined to shoot from the hip, often without any adequate explanation for his comments.

    I truly hope that TA is never given a post within the club based on sentiment. It cannot be denied that he was undoubtedly a great leader and very accomplished team player, but that does not automatically mean he has the skill set to be an ‘officer of the company’ of a large Public Limited Company.

    In any event, as you mentioned, his frequent public mouthing off against the club’s policies shows he has little tact or subtlety and his recent revelation that he applied for an unpaid directorship ‘to sort Arsenal out’ speaks to a man who has become divorced from reality.

    I do not mean to diss TA’s contribution to Arsenal as a player, but the club is professionally run administratively both in the boardroom and on its playing side, and a loose cannon would not be helpful.

    Cazzor’s view about our prospects in the near future is nearer the truth, and based on his experience as a current player.

  17. Red Arse says:

    Sniffer, you are one hell of a conceited troll, if you believe that anyone, let alone TA, would ever be arsed to agree with any of the crap you write.

  18. LB says:

    “Hit whoring” I haven’t heard that one before, quite clever, must be popular at the bottom of the ocean.

    Thanks for the read Rocky, always appreciated.

  19. LB says:


    How do you work out that Higuaín will reduce Ramsey’s appearances, the Argentine is a number 9 maybe a number 10 at a push. Do you see Ramsey as a striker?

  20. Janman says:

    Tony Adams needs to shut it! A true Arsenal football legend without a doubt. However, life after Arsenal is not doing big Tone any favors. There is no way I would want him any where near our BOD or even as an Arsenal representative. Sorry, but he is a now a washed up pathetic individual who is prepared to make any statement for five minutes of recognition. Such a shame.

  21. LB says:

    I agree with the idea that Rooney is just a smoke screen though.

  22. Rasp says:

    Hi LB, I agree Ramsey and Higuain are players who operate in different positions, I was assuming that The Ox/Podolski (the fit, better Podolski we’ll see next season) will be wide left and the rest of the midfield will comprise Theo, Santi, Wilshire and Arteta/Fellaini …. but I could be wrong.

    Maybe Giroud will not start with Higuain, but if he does we may line up 4:4:1:1 which remove another midfield slot, that’s why I think buying Higuain will reduce Ramsey’s chances (and the Ox too)

  23. Janman says:

    Rasp. If the Higuain transfer does go through, in your opinion, do you think Arsenal should go to a classic 4-4-2, with two all out strikers? Higuain/Giroud, Higuain/Podolski, Higuain/Walcott.

  24. LB says:

    Tony Adam’s comment that he thinks he would have been a good choice to replace PHW reassures me the TA hasn’t lost any of his great sense of humour.

    As for the point that he thinks we are miles off winning the EPL, well he does have a point.

    This is one of the most optimistic Arsenal blogs out there and I do not believe that there is a single regular who, as things stand right now, thinks Arsenal that will win the league next season.

    I have renewed my season ticket, I will go every game and I will support the team but I don’t expect us to win the league.

    Although, like Rasp, with the addition of Higuaín and Fellani I could be persuaded.

  25. LB says:


    I hope you are right about Pod being fitter and better adapted next season but I have my doubts, his speed or lack of it is not going to change.

  26. Rasp says:

    Thanks LB, I couldn’t work out how AW intended to blend Pod, Giroud and Gervinho into the team last season so I’d be even more confused if we get Higuain 🙂

    All I know is Higuain is world class and I cannot understand why the big spenders haven’t shown interest. Once he’d adapted to the premiership he’d have to be a starter for all the big games – so where does that leave the other aspiring strikers?

    Janman, I don’t think AW would ever start a game with 4:4:2, he prefers 4:3:3 = 4:5:1 with Giroud. The idea of a sneaky 4:4:1:1 is just a variation on 4:5:1 and may be in his mind.


    LB, wrong mate, i think we will win it next year.

    We will buy a couple of top players, our young players will improve by 20%, and we are brilliantly run with the best manager in the world.

    It will be close, but we will win it.


    I also believe we have a good chance if we buy no one, but we will buy.

  29. Manthan says:

    Hi all,

    Hope you all are doing good ;). Nice post RL i do believe in what santi is saying we are 2 or 3 signings away from winning the league. If we complete Higuian and Fellani transfer then surely we gonna be title contender next season…

  30. Manthan says:

    Higuian is a world class player. I have read some stats about him and it says he has scored goal every 89 minutes in his career while BSR has scored at 133 minutes while OG is way behind him. OG has scored a goal every 200 minutes


    Just a thought, what happens to the Trolls when we win the league next year? Do they get a P45, what about redundency pay?

    Do they apply for jobs on other sites. On “The Bald Truth” forum we get the odd nasty type but they all look like kelsey, i suspect the Arsenal Trolls are balder than me.

    And what is there parting shot? Do they come on and say “I hate you all you bastards”.?

    How much do these guys get paid anyway?


    Jim, are you “Ive got a great quiff” on The Bald Truth forum?

    He threw the 9 lives comment at me when i predicted i cure for baldness last year. He also sent me a lock of hair in the post. hahaha


    Your right there Jim, i now fully accept Baldness will not be cured until at least 2020. Bad news for me, and i suspect for you to.

    And dont try sending me an old cut out of the 2004 league trophy. hahaha

    Next may i will be sending you a P45. hahaha

  34. RockyLives says:

    Sniffer Norris… they seek him here they seek him there… but Sniffer can stink out the place anywhere.

  35. Joe says:

    TMHT i tip my hat to you sir you are a master troller


    Poor Jim, something nasty must have happened to him as a kid.

    Jim, if your out there, and if like me as a young lad you were cornered by a tall man with spindley fingers, i feel for you buddy. hahaha


    Thanks Jim/Joe. hahaha


    Yes we do Jim/Joe. i find amusement helps me forget the awful memories of those spindley fingers, what about you, whats your technique? hahaha


    Got to go Jim/Joe, dont think other AA,ers will be to amused with me indulging you, they dont seem to like you very much

    But of course, unlike us they never had to fight off the spindley hand. hahaha

  40. Good post, RockyLives,
    except for the daft Cazorla stuff.

    What comments. other than positive, would one expect from a first-team player playing at this moment in time?
    What present player would say we “are miles off the title”?

    To put it bluntly, Cazorla’s comments are worthless. Totally.
    The only ‘truth(s)’ any of us can ever expect is from ex-players, or ‘sensible’ neutrals. Not from the like of Cazorla, or any player presently at the club.

    And, bear in mind that Tony Adams isn’t the only ex-Arsenal to have said ‘negative’ things about Arsenal in relatively recent times.

    McLintock, Wright, Merson, Smith, to name but four.
    Freddie Llundberg also passed comments, perceived by some perhaps as negative, though perceived as spot-on by yours truly, as regards the OTT celebrations for fourth place.

    @ Norfolk Gooner : Sour grapes from Tony? Maybe, but I don’t think so. But, even if so, the list of names is a lot longer than only Tony Adams and the few others I’ve mentioned.

    As regards the “Chairman” nonsense, I think the main point for us to consider (that Tony was alluding to) is that Chips’ age is 73!
    Figurehead, THMT, yes, but an old figurehead nonetheless.

    As regards Tony’s other concerns re Arsenal – no arguments from me. As regards Friendly Troll’s “in one’s nest” comment, I don’t necessarily agree or disagree, but don’t we live by the rules of a democratic “free speech for all” society?

    Tony Adams is a Gooner. Should he, and others, be given a ‘gagging order’ simply because he played for Arsenal. What are you all so concerned about? A man saying something, or a man saying something you’d rather not listen to, or hear.

    This coming season may decide Arsene Wenger’s future; there’s a good chance at the end of the coming season, he’ll ‘walk’. And, if we don’t achieve top four this time around, I personally think he will.

    Isn’t that a pretty big cause for concern? For a good percentage of Gooners, yes… including Tony Adams.

  41. GunnerN5 says:

    Rocky, as usual your Monday morning post creates a lot of comments, you have a knack for waking the dead.

    I share some of your feelings, but I’m with Big Al when in comes to statements from current players. It seems that the only time they have critical comments is when they are negotiating a new contract.

    However I do share the overall opinion that 1 to 3 key signings could be a great springboard and our chances for a trophy season would be greatly enhanced.

    Tony Adams simply does not do himself, or Arsenal, any favours with his critical comments. I believe that he is ruining any chances of him being a future Arsenal employee, in any capacity.

    Along with most Arsenal supporters I am in awe of his on field performances but now he sounds just like a lot of other disgruntled supporters and not an Arsenal stalwart – which diminishes him in my eyes.

  42. GN5 – wise words young man

  43. GunnerN5 says:

    Oops, I clicked over to Arsenal .com and what do I find —
    Tony Adams talking sensibly.


    Adams – Familiarity key for centre backs

    Familiarity is the key to a successful centre-back partnership, according to Tony Adams.

    The former Arsenal captain was the bedrock of championship-winning sides in three decades and built valuable relationships with Steve Bould and then Martin Keown under George Graham and Arsène Wenger.

    Adams watched with interest as Laurent Koscielny and Per Mertesacker’s partnership blossomed towards the end of last season with just four goals conceded in the 10 games they started together from March until May.

    Steve [Bould] was a zonal defender and he knew how that system worked. Playing with Martin Keown was different. He was a man-to-man marker and when I used to play with Martin, I used to play differently alongside him. That helped Arsenal end the campaign with the second best defensive record – shipping six goals fewer than champions Manchester United – and Adams thinks continuity played a part.

    “It’s the only position where you need familiarity,” said Adams, speaking at the World Refugee Day charity match.

    “You need to play with your mate on a regular basis to gain confidence and I think that really worked for Arsenal defensively. [Arsène Wenger] left that alone and they gained confidence. It’s the fact that they play regularly with each other that they’ve learnt [about] each other’s game.

    “I used to play with Steve Bould. We used to play zonal defence. Steve was a zonal defender and he knew how that system worked. Playing with Martin Keown was different. He was a man-to-man marker and when I used to play with Martin, I used to play differently alongside him.

    “To keep changing that scenario is very difficult. If I was playing with Bouldy one week and then Martin the next, it would have been very difficult for me to go from one to the other.

    “I think that’s what really helped Koscielny and Mertesacker – that they got to know each other’s game. For me, Mertesacker is a zonal defender and Koscielny is a man-to-man marker. They got to know each other’s game because they played with each other week in, week out.”

    Copyright 2013 The Arsenal Football Club plc.

  44. Gunner N5

    Well, well… what I am going to bore most of you with now may actually interest you, GN5. You like stats, don’t you.

    The Tony Adams piece you’ve just supplied is sort of “coincidental” for me, as regards stats I have on two centre- backs (and pairings) of the past. These stats were produced by myself in the past two weeks only.

    a) Ian Ure… b) Willie Young

    For this exercise we’ll look at Ian Ure only, as the actual stats for Willie Young are produced in the same style. The following text is EDITED for you, GN5, for this post now here-and-now on “AA”.
    I have produced it in reply to a post (on another site) which annoyed me.

    ” I personally think there is a particular reason… why Ure wasn’t as successful at Arsenal as he might have been… he played in an unsettled side from the very beginning… continued for a couple more seasons before necessary stability was attained.

    In 1963-64, his first full season, he played alongside Laurie Brown 22 times, with John Snedden 14 times, and with Terry Neill 7 times. Behind the centre-backs the goalkeeping situation wasn’t definite either; McKechnie and Furnell sharing the position. Ure played 41 games.
    82 goals conceded. Arsenal finished 8th. ”
    I then produce stats in the same manner for the next two seasons.

    ” The man who signed him, Billy Wright left the club. Bertie Mee was installed as manager. Ure remained.

    In Ure’s 4th season, 1966-67, the team lineups were far more settled. A Neill/Ure partnership was pretty much order of the day.
    Neill played 34 times. Ure played 37 times.
    The goalkeeping position was stabilised; Furnell played all 42 games.
    Full-backs Storey(34) and McNab (25) played regularly. Simpson (10), Court (5) filled in, though out of position.
    Defensive midfielder, Frank McLintock, played 40 times.
    47 goals conceded. Arsenal finished 7th. ”
    I then produce stats in the same manner for the next two seasons.

    And my final comment of post…
    ” Stability, or rather instability, played a big part in Ian Ure’s underrated (IMO) career at Arsenal. ”

    Gunner N5, et al
    Note the goals conceded in Ure’s 1st season under Billy Wright : 85
    Note the goals conceded in Ure’s 1st season under Bertie Mee : 47

    Please understand, this is EDITED from my post. When seeing the further stats, and reading further comments from myself, the picture becomes even more illuminating.

  45. LB says:


    June 24, 2013 at 2:09 pm (Edit)

    “I also believe we have a good chance if we buy no one, but we will buy.”

    Terry this seems like you are back tracking a bit. Do you or do you not believe we can win the league AS THINGS STAND which was the main point of my comment? I don’t mean a “good chance” (back track) I mean win.

    Never mind about buying new players, if you look at the end of my 1.53 comment you will see I covered that, do you seriously think we can win the league with the players we have today?

  46. GunnerN5 says:

    Ok Big Al,

    We may end up driving the stats adverse bloggers insane but here goes.

    I have always felt that having a settled defensive core was beneficial and your stats, at least for two seasons, seem to back up my feeling.

    However looking at a few more stats for those two seasons another issue is exposed.

    1963/64 goals against were 82 or an awful 1.95 per game, however the goals for were 90, a very healthy 2.14 per game.

    1966/67 GA 47 or per game 1.12. GF 58 or a very poor 1.38 per game.

    Mee did not solve this issue until 1970/71 when our goals against of 29 gave us an incredible .69 per game and our goals for were a respectable 71 or 1.69 per game which equaled a goal difference of 1 per game – and we won the double.

    It indicates that you cannot focus on defence at the expense of offence or visa versa and that a team balance is more critical than a balance in only one area.

    This is also shown in the results of our last 5 seasons where our goals against per game has been a poor 1.09 while our goals for have been a credible 1.94. A poor balance equals poor results.

  47. kelsey says:

    “1963/64 goals against were 82 or an awful 1.95 per game, however the goals for were 90, a very healthy 2.14 per game.”

    and we finished eigth despite geoff strong and joe baker scoring 31 goals each.

  48. LB says:

    That us an incredible stat Kelsey, both Baker and Strong scored 31 goals and we still didn’t win the league.


  49. LB says:


    Do you mean the Higuaín deal in your 5.50 comment?


    hahaha, sorry LB, i misread your comment, and then hoped you wouldnt notice, but i was 79% sure you would, and then pull me up.

    I dont think we will win it unless we buy, though i do think we have a chance. But we will buy, so therefore next season we will win it.

    This is what the last 10 years or so has been about hasnt it? Get ourselves into this current position and then go for it.

    We will be Champions next year.

  51. LB says:

    Fair does Terry.

    I love reading your comments by the way.

  52. GunnerN5 says:


    Your stats appear to be all games played, because in the 1963/64 Baker was our leading scorer with 26. In 1964/65 Baker and Strong were tied as leading scorers in the league with 25 each.


    Thanks LB. Whats great about our current situation is that we have now got to the stage were we expect to buy quality, were as the last few years it was more a case of who was leaving rather than who was coming.

    Were on the cusp now, and i reckon the club will go for it.

  54. LB says:


    I secretly hope you are right, I think I will go screaming around the garden in happiness if we buy both Fellani and Higuaín.

  55. kelsey says:

    LB, yes

    GN5 you are right but nevertheless still an impressive toll in the league. I think we drew 4-4 with Spurs at Home that year.

  56. kelsey says:

    In 1963/4 we scored 90 goals, just two less than champions Liverpool. We put four past Bolton, Fulham, Tottenham, Forest, Sheffield Wednesday, and Birmingham (twice), five past Blackpool, and six past both Ipswich and Everton. Joe Baker and Geoff Strong both scored 31 League and Cup goals in the season. So we must have been top four, right? No, we finished eighth, having lost fourteen games, including fixtures against sides that finished below us in the table. Wolves, Leicester, Aston Villa, Forest and Sheffield United all finished in the bottom half of the table but defeated us at least once.

    That Arsenal side could enthral one week, and stink the place out the next.

    Sounds familiar 🙂

  57. GunnerN5 says:


    I never realised that you were a closet stats man?

  58. Thanks for reply, Gunner N5, and Kelsey too.

    The reason for my post on AA is relating to Tony Adams comment.
    And, my initial post (directed at another site) was ONLY regarding URE in particular, the defence secondary to a degree – and in particular relating to the importance of familiarity and STABILITY required of a central pairing (as Tony Adams is also stating).

    My post (for the other website) is about URE and the INstabilty in the defence (in all 3 seasons he played under Wright) which made life very difficult for Ure.

    Then assessing the difference when playing in a much more STABLE defence, under Mee.

    In a nutshell : Wright = instability ….. Mee = stability

    Goals conceded under Wright (3 seasons that UREplayed) :
    82 (8th) … 75 (13th) … 75 (14th)
    INSTABILITY due to Wright chopping and changing continually.

    Goals conceded under Mee (3 seasons that URE played) :
    47 (7th) … 56 (9th) … 27 (4th)***

    SPECIAL NOTE : *** 27 goals conceded


    The other stats you provided Gunner N5, are nevertheless interesting, but straying somewhat from my URE post.

    I think it best that I shouldn’t have EDITED.

    See next 2 posts
    (1st post to follow – WRIGHT / URE …… 2nd post to follow – MEE / URE).

  59. IAN URE

    In 1963-64, his first full season, he played alongside Laurie Brown 22 times, with John Snedden 14 times, and with Terry Neill 7 times. Behind the centre-backs the goalkeeping situation wasn’t definite either; McKechnie and Furnell sharing the position. Ure played 41 games.
    82 goals conceded. Arsenal finished 8th.

    His 2nd season 1964-65, he played in only 22 games. (half a season).
    The centre-back pairings were : Ferry/Neill; Neill/Court; Neill/Ure.
    Again, the goalkeeper situation wasn’t definite; Furnell and Burns contesting.
    75 goals conceded. Arsenal finished 13th.

    In his 3rd season, 1965-66, he played only 21 times (half a season).
    The centre-back pairings were : Neill/Ure; Neill/Court; plua a few games for Simpson and McLintock.
    As for full-backs – the pairings were as follows :
    Howe/McCullough; Howe/Storey; Court/Storey.
    In goal Furnell featured 31 times, Burns and Wilson contested for the other 11 games.
    75 goals conceded. Arsenal finished 14th.

    The man who signed him, Billy Wright left the club.
    So, would Ure be leaving, too? No.

  60. IAN URE (continued)

    Bertie Mee was installed as manager. Ure remained.

    In Ure’s 4th season, 1966-67, the team lineups were far more settled. A Neill/Ure partnership was pretty much order of the day.
    Neill played 34 times. Ure played 37 times.
    The goalkeeping position was stabilised; Furnell played all 42 games.
    Full-backs Storey(34) and McNab (25) played regularly. Simpson (10), Court (5) filled in, though out of position.
    Defensive midfielder, Frank McLintock, played 40 times.
    47 goals conceded. Arsenal finished 7th.

    In Ure’s 5th season, 1967-68, Ure played only 21 games (half a season). The centre-back pairings were : Neill/Ure; Neill/Simpson.
    Furnell (29), Wilson (13) contested in goal.
    Full-backs Storey (39) and McNab (30) added stability.
    McLintock, at DM, played 38 times.
    22 goals were conceded in Ure’s 21 appearances.
    56 goals conceded in total. Arsenal finished 9th.

    In his final season with Arsenal, 1968-69, Ure played 23 games (just over half a season).
    Neill/Ure; Ure/Simpson; Neill/Simpson were the centre-back pairings. Three players for two positions was pretty stable. Wilson played all 42 games in goal. Full-backs Storey and McNab each played all 42 games, also.
    McLintock, at DM, played 37 times.
    Only 12 goals were conceded in Ure’s 23 appearances.
    27 goals conceded in total. Arsenal finished 4th.

    Stability, or rather instability, played a big part in Ian Ure’s underrated (IMO) career at Arsenal.

  61. Ian Ure Face says:

    Ian Ure is a f**king Ledge !……fair enough, he`s probably below a window on a Glasgow council estate propping up some flower pots…..but he is a Ledge !. hahaha

  62. kelsey says:

    Better than a closet queen, GN5 🙂

  63. Gunner N5

    I hope that’s a clearer… 🙂

    Sorry, would have been better had I done this in the first place.

  64. kelsey says:

    Ian ure was a compulsive gambler and i have told this tale before but once on a train to play United (some fans travelled on the same train in those days) the train stopped at some station, Ure ran out to phone a bookie to get his bets on and held the train up for about 8 minutes.

  65. chas says:

    Nice one, Rocky.

    Tony Adams talks bollix and has done ever since he left the club. He really thinks he knows how to manage a football club. Experience tells us otherwise. Can you imagine him giving an inspirational team talk in the dressing room? I can’t, he would lose half the players after a couple of sentences. Have you ever seen him as a pundit? Embarrassing to say the least.

    On the pitch he was fantastic, leading by example and constantly cajoling the other players to get the best out of them. Since he slept with Caprice his brains seeped out never to be seen again.
    I will always remember the Tony Adams I want to remember, the one in the red and white shirt who wore the captain’s armband with pride.

  66. kelsey says:

    Well said chas.

    Girls, The man with the 10 Stone Testicles is on channel 4 at 9p.m.tonight

    Anyone for tennis 🙂

  67. Bayonne Jean says:

    Watched the France – U.S. under 20 fixture earlier today, featuring Arsenal wannabe Yaya Sanogo. Played the entire 90 minutes.

    Verdict: meh….

    Has some size and strength and did boss around a weak U.S. backline. Shows some decent movement, and will fill out and get stronger with maturity. Did score France’s goal on a PK, which truthfully should have been saved (keeper got his hands on a poorly placed low kick). To the downside: seemed to flag in the second half. More importantly, fluffed his lines on two separate chances that a modestly talented striker would have professionally buried.

    U.S. commentators fell all over themselves stating how he was probably heading to the Emirates on a free, with one of them actually stating that “Arsenal followers can look forward to the second coming of Adebayor…”

    Really???? Look forward????


    Is that possible Kelsey? I, mean i know Jim weighs 10 stone, but to be fair hes only got one testicle.

  69. kelsey says:

    and a one inch penis TMHT 🙂

  70. chas says:

    Making Jamie Redknapp look eloquent.

  71. chas says:

    A couple of full backs, a centre half and a goalkeeper (along with someone better than a Real Madrid cast-off).
    This answers the ‘where we need to strenghthen’ question.

  72. chas @ 9:20 – Dumb and Dumber

  73. chas says:

    Ahhhhh, that’s better.

  74. chas says:

    So how big was this testicle?
    answer: 13 stone a pair 🙂

  75. why oh way won’t he let us remember him like he was in that clip @9:30??

  76. jnyc says:

    Great post Rocky. I, like Santi feel confident because of the strong finish. I– like Koscielny and Santi and others, would now like the club to add more quality to help our current players achieve these goals. I think we will do it.

  77. mickydidit89 says:

    Anyone else gripped by the Snowden story?

    Big Tone…. oh dear. Sad really.

  78. chas says:

    I’m a bit of a news heathen, Micky.
    Could you give me a very brief synopsis?

  79. chas says:

    Soz, that was a silly request.
    I just had a look and it makes me want to stop using a computer.

  80. mickydidit89 says:

    A Geek could easily bring down that slimeball Obama, and many others snakes at the same time.

  81. Gooner In Exile says:

    Morning all, hadn’t heard Tone’s comments…..but not overly worried by them. Good to hear Santi being positive at least he wasn’t saying “I’d love to return to Spain”.

    As for Snowden Micky it is a huge reveal but you have to wonder how they could sift so much data. Our Internet access is already controlled, The Internet Watch foundation issues a list of banned websites (not publicly available from my research) that 90% of ISPs do not allow access to, this is mainly set up for illegal websites but there is nothing to stop it being used for information control. And as a result pushes more people into Dark Corners of the Internet who maybe didnt look for them before…..when more people start using that place there is a big danger as its nigh on uncracksble and therefore users are untraceable due to a relay of information in and out of a network.

  82. Gooner In Exile says:

    This dark corner of the net is used by hackers, one (the leader of lulzsec?) only got caught because he logged into a chat room without his normal encryption protection, the IP address was an Internet cafe which had CCTV and he was caught.

  83. evonne says:

    I am surprised that others are surprised at the level of internet surveillance. It is the easiest way for state/institutions to spy on just about anybody. The ethical hackers collect information about us as we speak. Click ‘Like’ and your portfolio has another of your characteristics.

    I once told my psychiatrist that we live in a police state. He diagnosed me with paranoia, not joking.

  84. evonne says:

    left-back Benjamin Mendy to Arsenal? is he any good?

  85. Morning all

    ………… New Post ………..

  86. Golf says:

    I agree with this story.
    I support Santi Cazorla
    I’m an Arsenal fan
    Thank you for information sharing

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