Ramsey – The New Denilson?

It was the start of the 2011/12 season. Captain Cesc Fabregas, one of our most talented Arsenal midfielders ever, and the man that the team was built around, had left to join Barcelona. Samir Nasri, coming off an excellent previous season, had gone to Manchester City, Jack Wilshere, England’s great hope, was injured (for what we later discovered would last all season), Abou Diaby was injured. Thomas Rosicky was in an out. Andrey Arshavin had grown fat and unmotivated.

It was a midfield crisis to rival the fullback crisis that hit us later in the season. Wenger was basically left to work with Mikel Arteta, Francis Coquelin, Yossi Benayoun, Alex Song and of course Aaron Ramsey. A midfield triumvirate of creativity and steel from all sides was formed: a creative Song ostensibly as the defensive midfielder, a metronomic Arteta in the middle and poor Aaron Ramsey in the advanced Cesc role. Yes that’s right, less than 10 games back from that horrific, psychologically damaging injury, Ramsey was to replace the great Cesc Fabregas.


When I look back in retrospect, I wonder why Arteta and Ramsey’s roles weren’t reversed. Arteta had been a more creative force at Everton and Ramsey spent the 08-09 season playing between Song and Fabregas. It would have taken some pressure off of young Ramsey and onto more experienced shoulders, as well as given Ramsey his preferred role in the team. I guess perhaps, that Wenger was loathe to move Arteta who was preforming his role in the team better than anyone bar RVP. If Arteta had to replace Fabregas, I wonder if he would be receiving the same amount of love and adoration from Arsenal fans that he does today.

And so Ramsey became a source of frustration for many fans. ‘He slows us down’, ‘He’s too often looking for the killer pass rather than keeping it simple’, ‘He just passes backwards and sideways’, ‘He’s simply not good enough for Arsenal’, and of course ‘He’s the new Denilson’. I also wonder whether for some, the painful memory of the collapse during the ‘Do it for Aaron’ title campaign taints their image of the player. I must say at this point that there were some fans who fiercely defended him, and debated for him on the blogosphere, (hands up in the comments if you always believed in Aaron) but they were in the minority. And the more Ramsey was unable to produce the wonders of Cesc, the more criticism he got and the more his confidence and form dropped. A vicious cycle. Ultimately, it was a resurgent Rosicky who saved us in the creative midfield department later in the season.

This season, Ramsey has also frustrated some fans. I think frustrations reached their peak when Wenger was playing him on the wing, in my opinion attempting to achieve the same results as the previous season’s successful experiment with Benayoun on the wing. Some of the abuse of Ramsey that I’ve seen on the internet is staggering. Some have described a seemingly genuine wish that he would again break his leg. This starts to make you lose hope in both Arsenal fans and humanity.

2013 has been much kinder year for Ramsey, and boy is he due a break! He’s hit form, put in some excellent performances and silenced (mostly) his critics. One reason for this, I think, is that Arteta has been made to play defensive midfielder (quite well I think too) freeing up room for Ramsey’s favourite spot especially with Wilshire, who also has a claim to that position (where to play him is another mammoth question entirely), out injured.

This is definitely Ramsey’s most preferred position. But one of the best qualities is his versatility. This season he has played on the left wing, the right wing, as an attacking midfielder, as a defensive midfielder for the injured Arteta (I think playing well here kicked in his excellent form), and even as a full back! He is a very useful player for Wenger to have at his disposal.

Lastly and most importantly, Aaron Ramsey is one of the hardest workers in the Premier League. I am astounded by his running, his Arsenal spirit (beaten only by Jack and Carl and Szszeney) and his determination.

If he is simply a quality squad player who loves to play, can do a job all around the ground and gives everything each time he pulls on the jumper, he is worth his wages. But the great thing about Ramsey is this is his minimum. He is young; there is the potential, with a lot of improvement and hard work, for him to become an exceptional player and a starter. If not, we’ll still have a hard working and high quality squad member, a player every title winning team needs.

Written by Gus


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  1. bless says:

    Simply crap of a tale.your tale about Ramsey is ridiculus…

  2. Rasp says:

    bless, why bother with such an inane comment? This is not the blog for you, we prefer sensible debate to crass one liners.

  3. wambam says:

    Last night showed what a player like Martinez can do for a side. If Ramsey had a player like that behind him then I think he’d do better.

    Ramsey wouldn’t be in my first choice 11, but he’d def make the bench, and make starts to rest others.

    In a 3-2-1-4 with wing backs is my favoured formation for Arsenal. I would have Wilshere and Cazorla next to each other behind the front 3. I’d swap Ramsey for either as the season rolls on.

  4. chas says:

    Excellent, Gus.

    As you say, it’s difficult to tell if he’ll end up more Romford Pele than Steven Gerrard but he certainly looks to be a big part of Arsenal’s future either way.

    Flippin heck, those of limited intelligence are out early this morning.

  5. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Good morning to you all,

    Thought provoking stuff from Gus, I’m one of those who have harboured doubts about Ramsey right from the start and those doubts persist still.

    He is a good player, but not a great player, his attitude and work rate cannot be faulted, but he has in the past and still does make too many negative passes ie sideways and backwards. He seems to lack vision and makes the obvious pass mostly to the nearest team mate rather than finding a slightly more ambitious pass.

    The biggest problem is his lack of composure in front of goal, too often snatching at chances and missing the target.

    He is still young and with time may well overcome some of his limitations.

    In my opinion, sadly her is destined to be not much more than an average squad player.

  6. Norfolk Gooner says:

    He not her 🙂

  7. Manthan says:


    I like such type of Article thanks mate..

    I agree with you he is the one who works really hard on pitch we plays on wing,MF as Right back anywhere team needs we need player like him in arsenal I am happy he singed the new contract…

    Everybody does mistake. At such a young age he was taking lot of criticism and now he started delivering. GIve him some time he will improve and even OG doesn’t have composure in front of goals being a striker.

  8. Rasp says:

    Thanks for the post Gus, a few people have had to eat humble pie lately as regards Ramsey.

    The Ramsey that displaced Denilson and pre the leg break showed the potential to be a truly great player. The Ramsey that returned from injury was (understandably) a lesser player, but he’s slowly improving. He’s not yet reached the level that his earlier performances promised, but he gets better every game and is worthy of his place in the team and the respect of supporters.

    Whether he will be a useful bench player and midfield stand-in to allow squad rotation or a first choice midfielder remains to be seen. If the stories of our interest in Gotze were true it would appear AW thinks we need some more creative ability in midfield and that may hamper Ramsey’s progress. He is a fine young man, I hope he becomes the best he can be.

  9. Reddawn says:

    Either you are born a footballer or you are manufactured as a footballer. I believe Ramsey is of the latter. I agree with what Gus had to say about Ramsey, apart from his last comment of Ramsey becoming an exceptional player. I hope I am proved wrong.

  10. deabbey says:

    get off Ramsey back you clown instead of you backing there performance you opt to the internet braking players confidence i don’t really know what you are up to Ramsey is good player that need more playing time to discover his self which i think he’s doing presently

  11. Rasp says:

    deabbey – stop drawing lazy conclusions, go back and read the article …. it’s supportive of Ramsey,

  12. I’ve always liked Ramsey.. Great post BTW

  13. Manthan says:


    Gotze already went to BM

  14. Rasp says:

    Thanks Manthan, I’m aware of that – I was just using the Gotze rumours to illustrate the point. Arsene loves a creative AM or 3, they’re his favourite plaything 😛

  15. Manthan says:

    Agree 😀

  16. Red Arse says:

    I liked your Post, and its positive support of a player who has had the diced stacked against him with an injury that could have cost him his leg.

    Ramsey has everything yo could ask for in terms of his character.
    He is determined, hard working and never complains.

    I hope that his present form continues and the further he gets from that dreadful injury the better he will become.

    Can I say, Gus, I could not help but smile at the juxtaposition of three sentences in your Post, namely;

    “Some have described a seemingly genuine wish that he would again break his leg. This starts to make you lose hope in both Arsenal fans and humanity.

    2013 has been (a) much kinder year for Ramsey, and boy is he due a break!”

    Cool! 🙂

  17. jon says:

    Has anyone been on the Arsenal website this last few days? You would see that without Ramsey we are actually worse in goals scored and points per game!! He has a 87% passing accuracy, a 76% tackle success rate and created 118 goalscoring chances all of which are better than Arteta, Diaby, Denilson, and Rosicky, and lets not forget he’s has played out of position in some of those games! also he is the third youngest player in Arsenals history to reach 100 premiership games. not bad!

  18. Red Arse says:

    Hi NG, 🙂

    After your mea maxima culpa, or did you mean mea mini-mus Cooper, can I ask you to clarify something for me?

    First, I agree that Rambo does make a fairly high proportion of sideways and backwards passes. But then he is not as culpable (see the Latin origins) 🙂 as many other players in the midfield and defence, such as Arteteteta, Sagna Mert.

    Rather than showing Rambo in a less than flattering light as a player, and I admit that tiki taki non-productive passing drives me crazy, is it not a reflection of the style of play AW wants — even if he wants it at a much higher tempo?

    If a player does not do what the manager wants — he will be out on his ear — if he does do as he is told, it seems that he can be labelled as in an unflattering way.

    Just curious. 🙂

  19. Red Arse says:

    I’m with you, jon! 🙂

  20. Dick Swiveller says:

    In actuality, people calling him the new Denilson aren’t far wrong imo. When Denilson could be arsed, he got around a fair bit and hassled and tackled, as well as having his usual positioning game, plus he kept it simple with his passes but kept the ball moving (ironically speeding up play, despite Liverpool fans missing the point and claiming this slows down play) and used it intelligently.

    Of course, Denilson was a lazy bitch in the end and never developed or did what he could do consistently but Rmabo is providing a brilliant base in midfield atm, and the confidence returning is making the talent we saw pre-Shawcrossing obvious again, he needs a goal and then we’ll see something.

  21. ,,,,,, says:

    Thanks for the nice comments everyone. I’m glad my ‘crap of a tale’ has stimulated some conversation!

    Norfolk Gooner, you make some excellent points. I’m also happy to see someone stick to their guns when they have an view on something rather than simply be swayed by popular opinion. I actually agree with the two deficiencies of Ramsey’s game you point out. He doesn’t seem to have the vision to make one of those amazing passes where you don’t know how they’ve spotted it. But then, not many do. This perhaps is a limit on how good of a midfielder he can become, then again Song developed that skill out of the blue? I also think he is beginning to have the confidence to drive us forward too.

    As for his finishing. I don’t know how this has happened but he seems to have got worse at this! I recall him having a great eye for goal but lately he’s had countless Gervinhoesque misses. I don’t know why this skill has regressed when everything else in his game, since his leg break, has moved forward. Finishing, however, is definitely something that can be learnt, especially at his age.

  22. gusmcmanus says:

    Can anyone remember why Arteta wasn’t deployed ‘in the hole’ after we bought him? He seems in retrospect to have been the best option we had there at the time.

  23. gusmcmanus says:

    Wow Jon, they are some great stats!

  24. die gunner says:

    my player for the season (ramsey).i guess he would end up more of shwienstieger.a great midfielder in future.we could do a bayern by building a team around ramsey just like they did to shwien the german.he might not be the attacking focal point like muller or kruz.but with creative wing players like carzola on the wing.ramsey could pass the long ball he loves and help jack or rosicky in keeping the ball in our hands with a good striker we could be wining a treble.these also allows less wieght on jack all he has to do is creat a dense of attention on himself and allow ramsey to do the danger(whiping the ball to the wings) so the wingers and striker could finish the job.arsenal need a winger(gerv could do it with better passing and finishing),a defensive midfielder just like javi martinez to shield the back four and gain possesion for others with thier collaboration in defending like a team and a striker like cavani (had to get)lewandowski,or may be jovetic would do.

  25. Ian Ure Face says:

    Thanks Gus.

    For a moment there I miss read it and thought you were asking if Ramsey was the new Dennis Nilson , the infamous serial killer and necrophiliac !. Although Denilson is/was probably slower than some corpses jogging back !. hahaha
    There`s much, much more to come from our talented Brit-Packer Ramsey.

  26. RiffRaff says:

    If Ramseys so good then how come he does’nt play for ENGLAND then.Answer me that!!! To many oh, so, smug comments for my liking.

  27. zigzag says:

    Ramsey, Walcott and Chamberlain need nurturing and developing into better players, yet under Wenger they’re regressing, he has no skill in cultivating players.

  28. Manthan says:


    He plays from Wales as he is from wales for you kind information he was captain of Wales team at 21 years of age

  29. Recently Ramsey topped the Arsenal tackle count with 5 successful tackles…..I don’t remember Denilson making that many in his Arsenal career!

  30. Joey says:

    Arsenal fans always talking about a player being prepared for the future, even if he’s played 3 or 4 czons. That’s why we aint moving forward. i agree with one of the previous comments. ramsey is just an average manufactured player.

  31. RiffRaff
    That was definitely a wind up.

    Although I don’t like Munich much and taking Goetze now is a bit like the mancs taking Jack just as we are about to play a massive game it was nice to see the drug cheating divers get a spanking last night

  32. Joey says:

    somebody said player for the season is ramsey.
    no wonder players like van persie keep leaving us. you guys cant even rate players.

    Ramsey is good squad player; for the bench and relieving players like Wilshere, Santi.
    if there’s one thing i have noticed, his work ethic has gone up so well of late.

    van persie needed players like cazorla around, but it was too late.

  33. zigzag says:

    Denilson and Ramsey are like for like both second rate.

  34. gusmcmanus says:

    Zigzag, I agree Arsene seems to have lost a lot of his old ability to develop talent however its a pretty big statement to claim the man who developed RVP, Cesc Fabregas and Henry has no skill in cultivating players! I hope Arsene can bring out the same greatness in the three players you mentioned however there is plenty of evidence to the contrary.

  35. Rasp says:

    Joey “you guys can’t even rate players” ? This is a site of multiple opinions, there is no ‘you guys’ just a wide range of Arsenal opinion from decent supporters.

  36. Personally I’d have Ramsey over Fletcher (the manc one) any day. Ask most mancs if they miss Fletcher.

  37. gusmcmanus says:

    Joey, it does seem like we keep talking about and planning for a great future that never seems to come! I agree that we obviously need more ‘world class’ talent like Cazorla and RVP to win titles. But don’t you think that to win titles don’t we also need hard working players, who give their all whenever they need to come in and do a job? Of course we do. The great thing about Ramsey as I said in my article is that in my opinion he not only fits that bill, he could potentially be more than that. However lots of people here seem to disagree and think he can’t be more than the hard working squad player.

  38. zigzag says:

    Henry, Van Persie and Fabregas were always going to succeed as players regardless of Wenger.

  39. gusmcmanus says:

    Hmm Zigzag, I think that’s impossible to tell. Henry was an average winger, Fabregas an abandoned Barca 16 year old and Van Persie a hot young prospect a bit like Chaimberlain although much less well known. We can’t say how they would have gone without Wenger but the fact no one can deny is that all three learnt their trade under him and flourished.

  40. gusmcmanus says:

    But on the other side of the argument zigzag, Vermalen, Arshavin and Gervinho have all seemed to regress under Wenger. They came as better players than they currently are. I think that used to be the exception rather than the rule but its becoming more and more common.

  41. zigzag says:

    No way, i saw Henry in the 98 World Cup he was raw but you could see the talent was already their, same goes for Van Persie and Fabregas.

  42. outamiarrs says:

    In fact they probably succeeded in spite of Wenger.

  43. outamiarrs says:

    Just as The Invincibles would have won more and drawn less if Wenger hadn’t been there.

  44. gusmcmanus says:

    Come on guys. I’m happy to criticise what he’s done the last 5 seasons or so, it hasn’t been good enough. But you can’t criticise what he did with the invincibles! No manager has ever coached a team unbeaten in the premier league!

  45. zigzag says:

    Wenger is a jumpers for goal posts Manager

  46. outamiarrs
    I take it you don’t like Wenger. You can even give him credit for his achievements

  47. gusmcmanus says:

    How do you think he’s gone cultivating Jenkinson zigzag?

  48. outamiarrs says:

    Perhaps the whole history of Arsenal Football Club would have been more successful for the last 17 years if Wenger hadn’t been there.

  49. outamiarrs says:

    Wenger is a manager of your local Curry’s at best.

  50. gusmcmanus says:

    A lot of the time I hear the term AKB used to describe those who cannot criticise wenger even if he played Arshavin at Goalkeeper. Now I’m seeing the opposite, someone who can’t praise him even if he goes the season unbeaten!

  51. and then again maybe it wouldn’t have

  52. chas says:

    outamiarrs is talking outahisarrs. 🙂

  53. gusmcmanus says:

    http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/85/Arsenal_league_positions_1947-2012.png This is a table of Arsenal’s finishing position throughout its history. What made the last 17 years different from the previous 50 or so?

  54. zigzag says:

    He’s regressing just like Manninger who was outstanding for us in 98 then dropped and shown the door.

  55. gusmcmanus says:

    You think he’s better or worse than when he couldn’t make the Charlton team? Yeah Arsene was a little brutal when he came in but I don’t know a enough about Mannigher to comment on that.

  56. Norfolk Gooner says:


    The Homesick Spaniard (I still can’t bring myself to use his name) was an exceptional player. A thing that stood out for me was his ability to take a very quick glance around him as he was about to receive a pass. This allowed him to spot team mates in good positions and to decide in a split second which pass to make.

    Ramsey tends to watch the ball when he doesn’t have possession of it and so is not as aware of the positions of other players. This is what I meant by my “lack of vision” comment, it may be something that could be coached into his game, it would certainly make him a better player.

    I still hold my view that he is destined to be a squad player rather than “first on the team-sheet”.

  57. zigzag says:

    Fabregas learnt that in Spain not under Wenger.

  58. gusmcmanus says:

    He was behind Seaman too.

  59. zigzag says:

    I don’t rate Seaman to many calamities i care to mention.

  60. gusmcmanus says:

    Yes he did Zigzag, but you have to admit we gave Barca a better player than the 16 year old they gave us

  61. Red Arse says:


    I think you are being saarki.

    Remember what we taught you! Two lines are good – a paragraph is better – one line is bollix.

  62. gusmcmanus says:

    Most keepers have disasters. Its inherent to the position. Seaman was an exceptional player and he won us many trophies. He’s possibly one of the best keepers we’ve ever had

  63. outamiarrs says:

    Seaman was doggie poo-poo

  64. gusmcmanus says:

    Although I admit he had that great back 4 in front of him!

  65. gusmcmanus says:

    What the!

  66. zigzag says:

    Disasters the word

  67. outamiarrs says:



    1995–1996 … SV Salzburg
    1995 … Vorwärts Steyr (loan)
    1996–1997 … Grazer AK)
    1997–2002 …Arsenal
    2001–2002 …Fiorentina (loan)
    2002 … Espanyol
    2003 … Torino
    2003–2005 … Bologna
    2004–2005 … Siena (loan)
    2005–2006 … Red Bull Salzburg
    2006–2008 … Siena
    2008 … Red Bull Salzburg
    2008 … Udinese
    2008–2012 … Juventus
    2012– … FC Augsburg

    15 clubs in 17 seasons.
    That says all that needs to be said about the bloke, other than…

    …a good goalkeeper makes the difficult things look easy.
    Manninger made the easy things look difficult.

  69. gusmcmanus says:

    Outamiasrs David Seaman was England’s goalkeeper, he won 3 premier leagues. I’m not sure if you’re taking the piss or not but I really hope you are.

  70. outamiarrs says:

    This save was well overrated.

  71. zigzag says:

    Besides costing us the double in 91 and Cup Winners Cup in 95 and the double in 99 and numerous League and Champions League matches he was an outstanding keeper.

  72. zigzag says:

    That was after Wenger destroyed him

  73. gusmcmanus says:

    Look what should Wenger have done! Sold Seaman, England’s goal-keeper, to Man utd for a huge pile of cash, letting them win the title so he can instead play the inexperienced but promising Manigher!!!

  74. zigzag says:

    Seaman gave the title to united

  75. outamiarrs says:

    I bet Seaman couldn’t have saved this.

  76. gusmcmanus says:

    I give up

  77. zigzag says:

    I wish Wenger would do the same.

  78. Breezy says:

    Ok, I’m going to put my head on the block and say that Rambo will become more then just a sqaud player but rather one of the driving forces behind future Arsenal teams. FYI this based on gut feeling nothing more.

  79. gus says:

    my gravatar thing has been playing up

  80. RockyLives says:

    Nice wind-ups ziggy and upyourarse 🙂

  81. RockyLives says:

    Great Post and I can certainly hold my hand up! I have been consistently pro-Ramsey, even when he was having some bad games last season and getting a lot of idiotic, counter-productive negativity from some “fans”.

    In fact, rather like Breezy, I could see Ramsey becoming our most important player in the years ahead – maybe even more important than L’il Jack.

  82. zigzag says:

    They would be wind ups if it wasn’t true

  83. gus says:

    They’re not not true zigzag, they’re opinions

  84. RockyLives says:

    Haha – good stuff Ziggy – keep it up 🙂

  85. chas says:

    Sorry, outamiarrs was me.
    Thought the name might give it away (and my ‘outahisarrs’ comment half way through).

    To begin with I was in a competition with zigzag as to who could write the most cretinous comment.
    You have to give him credit though, he matched me idiocy for idiocy.

  86. gus says:

    Oh my God, are you serious? I was listening to all these crazy opinions and trying to politely argue with them. I’m relieved

  87. 10 game ban for Suarez. I think that’s harsh

  88. chas says:

    Sorry gus.

    I can see how trolling could become addictive when you talk utter bowlocks and others think you’re serious. 🙂

  89. chas says:

    It’ll give him time to chew it over, GM.

  90. gus says:

    “The Invincibles would have won more and drawn less if Wenger hadn’t been there” – that wins most cretinous comment

  91. pert nips says:

    GROW UP!!!

  92. chas says:

    It was your fault ladyboy.
    Ramsey not playing for England made me laugh.

  93. gus says:

    Inside the head of the Troll – it needs someone to do a psychology thesis on it. Is it a bad sign that I can’t tell the difference between trolls and the genuinely moronic fans out on the blogosphere?

  94. chas says:

    I thought “Wenger is a jumpers for goal posts Manager” won it.

    At first I thought he was saarkii’s younger brother, but without the charm.

  95. chas says:

    In effect, there is no difference.

  96. chas says:

    Anyway, enough buffoonery from me.
    Back to the debate, I like Breezy’s comment at 2.37.

  97. gus says:

    So do I. He’s putting his money where his mouth is unlike me who is effectively fence sitting by saying he’s got the potential

  98. RockyLives says:

    10 games for Suarez? Bit hard to swallow…

  99. Red Arse says:

    That is saarki, Chas.

    He has already been banned on the other site when he went on as MmmmGiveUsaKiss; Julian-JustcallmeJules; and Rufus among others, on the grounds that his one liners were puerile, banal, boring and divorced from reality.

    He was given lots of chances on the grounds that he is loopy — but we adults just have to move on.

  100. Red Arse says:

    Look! He even has Rocky Mountain doing one liners.

    Ban Rocky while you are at it!!

  101. Gooner In Exile says:

    Gus…..top top post sir. I had been thinking of writing a piece about Rambo for some time I like the lad and I think he has been harshly done by by some fans.

    The thing that most fans seem to have forgotten is that we need to give youth a chance…..very few young players will come through and be hits from the off, even fewer will do it without suffering a dip in form or a crisis of confidence. I think at 24-25 you can actually judge a player as a finished article.

  102. Red Arse says:

    Funny tho’ Rock!! 😀

  103. evonne says:

    Great post Gus, really enjoyed reading it
    “hands up in the comments if you always believed in Aaron” – my hands are up. Always loved the lad and never lost faith in him. Yes, they were some under par performances, but his work ethic and clear love for the Club make him a very special Gunner.

    I didn’t know about the hatred towards Aaron. but you are right, some fans are just a hindrance to the Club, the world would be a better place without their ‘support’

    Keep writing Gus!!

  104. evonne says:

    10 match ban??!! Dis-gus-ting!! What did Defoe get for biting?

  105. GunnerN5 says:

    Suarez obviously bit off more than he could chew, a 10 game suspension will certainly stick in his craw!

    Slime balls of his ilk need to be taught serious lessons.

    Liverpool is where my wife was born and I always liked both their history and their supporters, I’ve been to Anfield on many occasions and I’ve always been made welcome, however the way the current managers/owners have stuck up for his antics must make the likes of Bill Shankley turn over in his grave.

  106. GoonerB says:

    That was an excellent article Gus. I will hold my hands up and say that I supported Ramsey. My support of him wasn’t without question though and I felt he was a player that would still require 2-3 more years to develop to the level I think is required for an Arsenal 1st 11 player. MY support of him was more aimed at those that jumped the gun in assessing and writing him off as not being good enough for us.

    He has improved a lot recently but in my mind he still hasn’t quite got to the level I think is required of a player (that can be considered part of the strongest line up) who plays for a club that wants to compete for the EPL and ECL. He may end up always being second choice to someone else, even in 2-3 years, but if that ends up the case I would still consider him a valuable player anyway what with the need to rotate across a season.

  107. GunnerN5 says:


    I was one of the Ramsey’s detractor’s early on in the season and for good reason – he just was not performing. The fact that he was not playing in his preferred position does nothing to change my opinion of him, as it’s performances that I rate and not players personal preferences

    He has improved immeasurably of late but I still believe that he will only be a Ray Parlour type of player, which is not at all bad as Ray played in 466 games for Arsenal.

  108. Big Raddy says:

    GUs . Great stuff – a really enjoyable read. Most of us forget that Aaron was thrown in at the deep end on his return.

    I have been a big supporter of Ramsey since we took him from under MU’s nose. IMO he will become a central cog in the Arsenal team of the next 6+ seasons.

    Every team needs a workhorse and AR is ours.

  109. Big Raddy says:

    There was some laugh out loud stuff earlier. Thanks chas and the other imbecile.

  110. Arsenal are doing an away screening of the Newcastle game.

  111. Big Raddy says:

    Gooner B. You may well be right that AR becomes a squad player and one cannot compare him to a player like Martinez, but we must cut our cloth…..

    Gn5. Given your rating of Ramsey earlier in the season that is a major shift of opinion 🙂

  112. Big Raddy says:

    GM. Good evening to you. I used to love the screenings and the chance to enjoy my television frustrations with others.

    Wonder if they use Wizigig Flash or Sopcast streams?

  113. Gooner In Exile says:

    GN5 I have to give Liverpool some credit this time round the MD and Manager were quick to criticise Suarez on Sunday, they have handled this far better than the Evra incident, altho they were led by Dalgleish on a dangerous path, the owners eventually had to intervene to put the craziness to an end. The club has learned the player hasn’t.

  114. Big Raddy says:

    GIE. Well said.

    Unfortunately the FA have once again shown their stupidity by confirming OG’s ban.

  115. They use nutjob TV Raddy

  116. goonerjake says:

    I always had faith in Ramsey… what happened earlier today while I was at work? just read some of the comments and thought I was on Le Yawn I mean grove. I was expecting speccy to show up at any minute. I don’t mind negative comments as long as they are backed up with intelligent arguments…

  117. zigzag says:

    Give me one reason why you value Ramsey so highly

  118. zigzag says:

    gooner in exile it was a PR stunt

  119. goonerjake says:

    My reason for valuing ramsey so highly cant be seen by everyone I am afraid only those who not only watch football but study it. watch the games (the games not always the results) and see how arsenal (not ramsey on his own) play with him and then without him. We play better with him in the team, sometimes its not always obvious things that make a player great its the things you see when you study the game. Believe me ramsey is a great player.

  120. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Really sorry not to be around to join in. Superb post thank you.
    Who knows when Rambo will stop getting better and better. Its great to sit back and watch, particularly with a player that was on the end of so much abuse.
    Long may it continue.
    (always said that Chas bloke wasn’t quite right 🙂 )

  121. He’s quite handsome. I would (if I was that way inclined) 😉

  122. zigzag says:

    That’s weak and wishy washy a bit like Ramsey.

  123. GunnerN5 says:


    Agreed they were quick to condemn his actions but although that took some of the bite out of it they still believed it was only worthy of a 3 match ban.

    If they had stayed quiet on the length of the ban then it would have been praiseworthy condemnation, but they trivialised it by suggesting a 3 match suspension would be adequate.

  124. goonerjake says:

    I presented a well thought out argument backed by facts if you were prepared to do the research I have done, it’s true you can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink, do the research I suggested and study those games… you will come to the right decision then…. I for one arnt going to join all the dots together for you…. then again if you love the arsenal why wouldn’t you want to rewatch the games? anyway all the very best in whatever you choose to do.

  125. GunnerN5 says:


    It will also be interrsting to see if they want to challenge the suspension, that will tell us a little more about the depth of their character as a club.

  126. goonerjake says:

    anyway flying visit gotta go

  127. zigzag says:

    I don’t need to study the facts i can see he’s Championship standard

  128. GunnerN5 says:


    While I admire your passion for the player you may be going over the top in your praise for Aaron.

    I don’t feel that he’s had very many “great” games let alone be considered a great player.

    Of late he’s had a few very good games – but great?

    For the record Jake I believe I’ve seen every 1st team game that he’s played.

  129. zigzag says:

    He’ll be playing for Reading next season.

  130. evonne says:

    sorry guys, but I cannot agree about Suarez. A player gets 3 match ban for breaking someone’s leg, but for 10 match for biting. Where is consistency? I don’t care that Suarez bit someone before, not in this country he didn’t. I am convinced that he was dealt such long ban because of who he is. That is not right.

    If it was John Terry he would get a yellow card. Defoe wasn’t even punished for biting Mascherano.

  131. RockyLives says:

    True evonne.
    I would rather have someone have a tiny nibble at my bicep than snap my lower leg in two.

    The British game is still mired in the past when it comes to dangerous and reckless tackles.

  132. evonne says:

    Thank you Rocky. Are you watching the game tonight?

  133. Gooner In Exile says:

    Evonne I think it does have to have something to do with previous disciplinary always used to.

    I got sent off once in my playing days, it was unnecessary and came about because I was playing a former team, the forward (who I had wound up all game) finally scored. The whole team decided to celebrate in my face, if it had been just him I would have laughed it off but it went on longer and I threw the ball at the player in my face. One of their players swung a punch (which to my shame I milked and went down knowing I was already in danger if walking I should try and take one of them with me and should make sure the ref saw it)…..the player shouted “he’s trying to get me sent off”….I opened my gloves to smile at him and blow him a kiss. We both walked.

    I got given a seven week ban for throwing the ball. I appealed it and at my hearing they asked me what my previous discipline was “I replied one booking” which agreed with their records, the ref so attended and spoke on my behalf saying it was under intense provocation. Result ban was reduced to 1 week.

  134. evonne says:

    you are a nasty piece of work Exile 🙂

    What does 10 match ban mean – all competitions including pre season friendlies or just PL games?

  135. dandan says:

    http://news-source.tv/user/login/ref-hds Does anyone know anything about this site.

  136. evonne says:

    Micky didn’t want Lewandowski, too many ~ski’s for his liking. He wanted more ~o’s. So we got Gervinho.

  137. The Germans to strong again tonight the Germans are invading wembley .
    Much love

  138. zigzag says:

    I told you they would crush em

  139. Big Raddy says:

    DD. I got the same email this morning. Could it be our old friends liveonlinefootball?

    Great to see RM get a pasting. Jose gutted

  140. manthan says:

    So final score BVB 4 – 1 madrid. .Enjoyed the game BVB are showing great dedication and class. . they wer strong in both department attackin and defending. . . madrid looked agaisnt them 1 goal they scored was because of error made by hummels otherwise score would have been 4-0.
    liked the fella kloop very calm an intellgent

  141. zigzag says:

    Mourinho names his Team a day before game, what a mule.

  142. Hi all

    For some reason I thought there was another post in drafts for tomorrow but there isn;t so if anyone has an idea for something to publish in the morning can they let me know please. Thanks 🙂

  143. Gooner In Exile says:

    Zigzag Mourinho is best manager ever….he does no wrong. 😉

    Evonne 10 games will be domestic games League, FA Cup and CO Cup (not European, Friendlies or Internationals)

    Won’t play domestic competitive match until October.

    GN5 think their statement about 3 matches was to try and reduce FAs punishment and is probably their attempt to start negotiating point. I would have thought 6 games would have been a happy medium so I wouldn’t be outraged if Liverpool appealed.

  144. zigzag says:

    I know that was tongue in cheek but you’re still a mug for saying it.

  145. RockyLives says:

    Blimey Ziggy
    I’ve been away for hours and you’re still keeping it up.

    I have to say I tip my cap to you. I couldn’t keep that sort of charade going as long as you.

    But be careful – if you play the idiot for too long the boundary between normal and insane starts to blur.

    Do you remember that classic episode of Colditz where one of the British prisoners decided to try and get home by feigning insanity?

    It took many months of behaving like a right Spudder, but eventually even the German guards decided he was barmy and sent him back to Blighty on medical grounds.

    The other Colditz prisoners were delighted that one if their number had tricked his way out.

    That was until one of them received a letter some months later from the “loony” prisoner’s sister. She wrote to thank the prisoners for looking after her brother during his illness – and to let them know that the doctors at Broadmoor said he was doing “as well as could be expected.”

    There you go Ziggy.

    I’ve enjoyed your tomfoolery and your pretence of being an idiot – but beware: if you wear the hat too long it can start to fit…

  146. njstone9 says:

    One flew over the cuckoo’s nest…

  147. Big Raddy says:

    nj. Spot on, and a fine film it was.

    Have my Final Exams today. 10 grueling hours so I will not be around to chat or enjoy today’s post.


  148. Manthan says:

    Hi GoodMorning All,

    Have any body got chance to watch BVB vs Madrid match Yesterday??

    If yes What about approaching Lewandowski. He has everything arsenal needs next season clinical finisher, good aerail ability, he can hold the ball, beating defenders,,

    He is mixture of Poldi and OG

  149. evonne says:

    good luck Raddy xx

  150. chas says:

    That was the episode of Colditz I’ll always remember the most.
    It was a salutary lesson that if you play the fool for too long, you end up becoming one.
    It was a real shame I was never was one for learning lessons.

    I’m sure you don’t need luck. Thorough and exhaustive preparation is the order of the day, just as you’ve done.
    10 hours sounds an absurd amount of time to spend in one day, so good luck anyway. 🙂

  151. Manthan
    Good morning. Apparently Bayern have already bought him.

  152. Good luck with the exams Raddy

  153. Gooner In Exile says:

    If I was a Dortmund fan I’d have to be a little worried about Goetze facing his future employers in CL final, if Lewandowskoi is also on his way is there a chance the game will be 9 v 13?

  154. Jeanette Kliger says:

    Just a quick comment on top-class players and winning.
    Can you really claim that ManUre have top-class players in every position? You must be joking!
    Chelsea and Citeh have much better players on paper.
    BUT ManUre have the best manager and the treacherous RvP.

  155. dandan says:

    BR that was the conclusion I had come to, that is good news, loved the Saturday football.

  156. Shard says:

    Jeanetter Kliger

    I’m sorry, and much as I’m opening myself to ridicule here, I couldn’t let your comment pass without adding to it.

    ManU also have some other things go for them as regards referee decisions, which other clubs don’t. It’s up to everyone to decide what they feel is the most defining factor in their success. I know where I stand.

  157. Shard says:

    boy that was a conversation killer wasn’t it? 🙂

  158. Hi Shard – Bloggus Fartus, as it’s known in the trade.

  159. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Morning all.
    On a train, but have just sent in a post.
    Anyone there with any power?

  160. Have you sent it to Arsenal nuts MDi89 as I can’t see it in drafts ?

  161. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Keep going through and under things and losing reception.
    If nothing better Chary then fire away

  162. Shard says:

    Haha..I didn’t realise there was a name for it Chary.

  163. I can see a GiE post in drafts, but I don’t have access to the arsenal nuts e mail address though ,sorry.

    Shard, we all let off blog farts every now and then. 🙂

  164. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I’ll try again

  165. Shard says:

    haha..either that was an excellent choice, or a very poor choice, of words Micky.. Telling Chary to fire away just after he’s mentioned farts..

  166. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Are you peeping through the letter box?
    It has gone twice now

  167. I only have limited power, I can’t access the arsenal nuts e mail address where you post resides.

    Actually MDi89 you could put your post in comments, then I can cut and paste it into a new post and then delete it from comments. Simples.

  168. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Editors note: see next post

  169. You lot seem to have lost the plot !!

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