I am already nervous and thinking about when to start my alcohol intake, lunch-time seems appropriate ! Tonight BR will be decked out in everything lucky , having eaten his lucky dinner, be drinking the lucky wine and watching the lucky stream. I will do everything possible to help the team because tonight is a huge game.


Score early tonight Theo ….. pretty please

Of course, if we consider 4th place just to be an invitation to go out of the CL at the group stage like MC and the Chavs then I guess it isn’t so vital – but that rarely happens to us. Then there is the matter of finishing above the N17 Miscreants, not because I think it proves they are better than us but because they will think they are, and a Cocky Spurs fan is a cock indeed.

An Arsenal win tonight knocks Everton out of the race, a loss severely damages our hopes.

Trouble is Everton are really on a roll and arrive full of energy and confidence. For a club with the financial restraints they have to consistently finish above their “noisy neighbours” is a fantastic achievement, and a testament to the Joys of Moyes.

What should we expect tonight? I would be happy if Everton came to attack but I doubt they will – they know we have the pace to hammer them on the counter. No, I expect Everton to be combative in midfield, close down our creative players and attempt to staunch our ticky-tacky approach play around their box. They have a sound defence and in Mirallas and Anichebe fast attackers in a rich run of form. They come into the game unbeaten in six.

Before I get too negative about our chances, our run is even better than theirs, and we are at home where we have not lost to Everton since 1996 – I was there that day and Southall saved them, the Fatboy made save after stunning save as the Toffees stole the points. Let’s hope that Tim Howard has a poor night, though he usually does well against us.

As you know, I rarely delve too deep into games and tactics because so many other blogs do it much better than I can, but I see two areas where the game will be won or lost. Firstly, if Santi gets space and plays well, Arsenal will win, end of. By his own very high standards Cazorla was poor on Saturday but knowing him this season he will be looking to compensate tonight. The other area is Walcott up against Coleman. If Theo plays as he did in his cameo vs Norwich then Coleman will have to defend deep which cancels out his attacking threat. I believe Theo will score tonight.

Of course, there are other battles – Monreal/Baines, Fellaini/BFG etc – it will be an interesting game.

My team


The loss of Rosicky on Saturday upset the rhythm this team has developed, if fit he has to start, which will also allow Wilshere a little more time to regain his mojo.

But what of Podolski? My 2nd favourite living German is desperate to start and made a huge impact on Saturday. He is by far our best finisher but is he ready to spearhead the attack? In some games, yes, but tonight I would stick with the height of Giroud and bring Lu-Lu-Lukas on for the final half hour.

Tonight’s English Explorer: St John Philby (1885-1960). All our explorers have been brave men, some extraordinarily courageous but the we have the Loonies, the blokes who in any other area of life would be confined to a small padded room. If however, you are educated at Westminster and Cambridge you get the chance to travel and act out your fantasies. This chap managed to do so and do it with some aplomb.


Clearly had a Public School Education.

A fanatical bird watcher he was educated in both ornithology and Oriental languages, St John started his adventures in the Punjab, India. He then travelled to Baghdad where he organised an Arab Revolt against the Turks. Travelling extensively through the Ottoman Empire Philby seemed to bring chaos wherever he went, which typically won him great plaudits back in Blighty and election to The Royal Geographical Society! A series of political appointments in Arab lands followed. He then started working for the British Secret Service before being sacked for “going native” – one of his plans was to sell Saudi oil to the Spanish who would then sell it to the Germans who were gearing up for WW2. After the war , having chosen the wrong side, Philby and worked all over the Arab lands.

St.John married and had a son who also became a famous traitor – Kim Philby. In fact it was Kim’s father who recommended him to MI6 ! St. John died in Beirut in 1960, 3 years before his son was disgraced as a double agent.


Written by Big Raddy

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  1. Rasp has a gremlin in his computer and can’t put the pitch layout in the post at the moment, he hopes to add it in later.

  2. Fabulous pre-match Raddy, I love the idea of you pacing the floor wondering when to open the bottle 😉

    I’m nervous too, but Saturday’s finish was so special for this team and us that I’m hoping they’ll be fueled for the fight.

    The ticket exchange closed before I had a chance to buy a second ticket so if anyone knows of a spare please let me know.

  3. SORRY, but I couldn’t do this yesterday as I wanted to watch a two-hour footy TV programme, and, also, I hadn’t cooked/eaten…
    So, to tie up a few loose ends…

    GoonerB says to GambonWalksOnWater : That is just a series of game results dating back to 1995 that you have conveniently dragged up to enhance, what I imagine will be, your extreme negative viewpoint regarding Arsenal.
    GambonWalksOnWater replies to GoonerB : erm, excuse me, there are two big ARSENAL wins shown that I have “conveniently dragged up” – both 7-0.

    GoonerB says to GambonWalksOnWater : We have put a few past teams ourselves. Think Southampton at home this season… How many did we put past Blackburn at the Emirates?
    GambonWalksOnWater replies to GoonerB : You have a go at me for showing big scorelines, which include 2 Arsenal wins, then you yourself talk about big Arsenal scores. Contadictory on your part, and on my part… “Damned if I do, damned if I don’t.”

    GambonWalksOnWater says to GoonerB : I was merely taking up the hard-to-resist challenge laid down by Chas : “…when the evidence before everyone’s eyes is that all premiership games are a battle. I hope some come on today to give an opposite viewpoint.”

    Chas says to GambonWalksOnWater : …you’re picking out extremes as if they’re commonplace.
    GambonWalksOnWater replies to Chas : No I’m not. I didn’t select those results arbitrarily, randomly or in any other way. I simply copied-and-pasted from the following website…
    Now, why don’t you contact wikipedia and accuse them of posting extremes as if they’re commonplace.
    That comment is directed to GoonerB also.

    Chas says to GambonWalksOnWater : Do you want me to produce a list of fixtures where the top teams got beat at home by lesser opposition…
    GambonWalksOnWater replies to Chas : Yes please. Home AND away if you like. And If you do I’ll reply with a list of my own where ‘lesser’ opposition got beat by ‘top’ teams. But, be advised, your list will be considerably shorter than mine.
    You don’t think so? Here’s my Arsenal list for starters…

    We’ve lost 7 games this season, to date.
    Here’s our extensive list of defeats at the hands of ‘lesser’ opponents :
    Norwich (a) … Swansea (h)

    Here’s Man United’s slightly smaller list of defeats to ‘lesser’ teams :
    Norwich (a)

    Here’s Man City’s list of defeats to ‘lesser’ teams : Sunderland (a) … Southampton (a)

    Here’s Chelsea’s list of defeats to ‘lesser’ teams :
    West Brom (a) … West Ham (a) … QPR … Newcastle (a) … Southampton (a)

    Here’s Spurs’ list of defeats to ‘lesser’ teams :
    Newcastle (a) …Norwich (a) … Wigan (a) … Fulham (h)

    Here’s Everton’s list of defeats to ‘lesser’ teams :
    West Brom (a) …Reading (a) … Norwich (a)

    NOTE : I apply the term “lesser” to all teams lower than 6th as I feel that those 6 only have a realistic chance of a Top Four spot. Liverpool in 7th are ‘borderline’.

    Rhetorical Question :
    Why are ‘top’ teams ‘top’ teams?
    Answer :
    Because they beat the ‘lesser’ teams more often than the ‘lesser’ teams beat the ‘top teams’. If that weren’t the case then the ‘lesser’ teams would be the ‘top’ teams and the ‘top’ teams would be the ‘lesser’ teams, innit!

    OK, now let’s lighten up with a simple “question-answer” routine to finish with…
    …which is the odd one out?

    …and your time starts NOW!!

  4. Good post Big Raddy.
    Just one thing… sorry, but does “My Team” mean the team that Big Raddy himself would choose, or is it the team that you think Wenger will pick. It’s just that if I want someone to blame after the game (unlikely) I’d like to know who to lambast.

    Actually the team looks OK anyway, although I prefer Vermaelen to BFG.

    The subs may well be as important as the starting eleven.

  5. Norfolk Gooner says:

    What does it matter Gambon? It’s all in the past! It can have no effect on current events! What’s the point?

  6. Big Raddy says:

    Big Al. Blame me, most people do.

    Rasp is editing and I would like to correct typos and add a final paragraph but can’t, so ….

    Just ignore the typos and make up your own conclusion because BR is going out to join Queen Margarethe 2 of Denmark’s birthday celebrations.


  7. evonne says:

    Great post Raddy. I agree about it being a tough game, both teams have a lot to gain. I heard Moyes confidently stating that they WILL take something from the game, but I hope that they will take no more than a few bruises. The points are ours, not negotiable.

    Yeah, Santi had a quiet game on Saturday, let’s hope he recovered for tonight.

    Your theory about crazy public school graduates tallies with my motto that only very poor people are mad, I am eccentric

  8. GoonerB says:

    Great post Raddy. I too am nervous. Everton is always a difficult nervy game but the ramifications from this game are greater. Lets hope the players do not suffer with our misgivings and put in 90 minutes of positive nerve free committed football. I am wondering what your lucky meal and wine are Raddy. I am plumping for beans on toast and a bottle of Asda’s mid range Libfraumilch!

    GWOW (or BAKST), I will not be falling for that one again. Just because you are sitting basking in the sun with your feet up with time to kill it does not give you the right to wind up us poor stressed out blighty based gooners.

  9. Cheers BR
    As I said, the lineup looks fine.

    Hi Norfolk Gooner
    The point is that I couldn’t finish the post yesterday. So it’s run over to tie up ‘loose ends’, that’s all.
    It’s not a big deal… however I would have liked to do it yesterday but simply couldn’t. I’m six hours ahead of you if you’re in Norfolk so doing a such a long post is not that easy for me sometimes.

  10. Hi GoonerB… fair play mate.
    My post is done-and-dusted now… as I just said to Norfolk Gooner I don’t like loose ends, that’s all. It’s certainly not a big issue even though It took me longer than I thought it would.
    I surf fast, but key awfully slow. One-liners from now on.

    It’s for Chas mostly anyway 🙂

    As for basking in the sun… it’s raining!


    Thanks Raddy

    Personaly i would stick with Gerv and leave Rosiscky on the bench. My reasoning is that we see the best of Giroud and subsequently the team has more balance.

    Saying that, i reckon we would beat them if Big Al’s Thai house boy was up front, ime that confident. hahaha

  12. Hi again Norfolk Gooner
    I’m Big Al, Koh Samui, Thailand

    GambonWalksOnWater is my new pseudonym when I’m having one of my turns.
    Sorry if you was confused. Me and Chas were having a ‘set to’ yesterday…

  13. Knuckles says:

    Big Al’s my mate…

  14. chas says:

    You haven’t tied up any loose ends, just made a bigger whatnot of yourself.

    For example, the ‘not picking out extremes’ bit.

    If Wiki posted anything other than extremes in a list entitled
    then surely they would have got something wrong. The only reason you found them in one convenient list is because they are extremes, ffs.

  15. Manthan says:

    Great Report BR as always,

    Here in India Live telecast will start at night 1:00AM so it will night out for me. 😉 Having said that Everton is flying high this season so game will be tough for us but I think we will win it. I would go for Poldi instead of Rosckiy. I would go for 4-3-3 because whenever Santi plays in No 10 position he gives his best My team will be


  16. chas says:

    Thanks for the pre-match, BR, though it hasn’t done anything to settle any matchday nerves. Not that I’d ever expect to feel anything other than like a cat on a hot tin roof on a day we’re playing anyway. 🙂

  17. chas says:

    Btw, I’ve heard that Big Al is a fanatical bird watcher just like Sinjon Philby.


    No Problem Knuckles. You will never track me down. I have had many Brutish Bouncer types after me in the past, but through disgiuse and cowardice have avoided them all.

    A change of wig, growing a tache, and setting up someone else as me usualy does the trick. I have no morals on these issues. On one occasion i even set up my nephew as the fall guy, and watched from a safe distance as he took a pasting. hahaha

  19. 26may1989 says:

    Good one, Raddy.

    Big, big match tonight, of course, and one both sets of fans and players will be up for. This Everton side has both balance and some excellent players in it. In comparing first XIs, I don’t see a lot to choose between the two, but I think there are two areas in which we have a real edge:

    We have greater depth, and will have a very strong bench tonight. In comparison, on Saturday the only Everton sub of real quality was Jolevic. The strength of subs could easily decide the match tonight.

    I also think Everton are not that strong in front of their CBs. Fellaini, for all his talent, is inconsistent defensively and Gibson is no better than decent. Our attacking quartet, supplemented by FBs and CMs, can really get in amongst them.

    All of that said, they have some real form players right now: Pienaar, Anichebe, Baines and Mirallas all look good right now, and there is a lot to like about the rest of the side. But then we’re a form side too, and Everton will have plenty to fear too.

    It’s going to be a good one!

    Personally, I’d like to see Poldi start up front ahead of Giroud, but that’s probably not going to happen.

  20. Rasp says:

    Morning Raddy, sorry, I’m having a nightmare of a morning 😦 I’m out of the post now … over to you

  21. Knuckles says:


    And this?…
    Chas says to GambonWalksOnWater : Do you want me to produce a list of fixtures where the top teams got beat at home by lesser opposition…
    That’s the crucial and only point we need to concentrate on as regards your initial ‘challenge’.

    Yet YOU haven’t yet produced that list, Chas.
    But I did. And the number of ‘lesser’ teams (whether home or away) that have beaten Arsenal amounts to…TWO !

    I could have given you many results other than those ‘extremes’ as I mentioned yesterday with this comment…
    “I’ve kept the goal difference(s) to ’7 and above’ as there’s too many 6′s, 5′s and 4′s to mention…”

    And if I went even further by providing you with comfortable 3-0 results, would you consider that scoreline ‘extreme’, Chas?

    I’ve simply responded to your daft comment and then wiped your botty for you (again) by providing the stats that you have failed to come up with 🙂

  22. OOOPS…

    That post wasn’t from Knuckles it was from me. He’s such a naughty little chap sometimes.

  23. chas says:

    You don’t seem to realise that publishing a list of fixtures from this season where ‘lesser’ teams have beaten supposedly superior teams actually proves that those games should never be taken for granted as was the original point.
    (especially as Norwich appeared 4 times just as my original post from yesterday referenced)

    Arguing against yourself is unseemly and does not become you. 🙂

    Whenever you had the original Nobmag on the ropes you’d always know because he’d resort to pathetic insults as you are doing with your childish botty wiping comments. 😆

  24. Hi Manthan
    2am kickoff for me, but certainly not complaining.

    Do you watch the late games in a bar or at home?
    Always home for me personally, I can’t put up with the slightest distraction when the Gunners play.


    “You stupid bird!… how daft are you”…


    “You bloody dopey tart!… shift your *rse…”


    Can someone do something about…”


    “Get away from the telly…”


    “What the **** are you playing at ?… you stupid, stupid…”

    OK, ‘extreme’ case as I’m sure Chas would agree, however, it HAS happened to me in the past and it’s not gonna happen again.

    Of course, the birds in your country are not likely to be as daft as the Thai birds…

  25. CHAS
    Right then… that is IT!!
    You can definitely wipe your own botty from now on!

  26. chas says:

    Btw, do you know anyone called Nitnoy from Koh Phangnan?
    I was there in 2001 at the yoga centre and was just wondering how old the twins were.

  27. GoonerB says:

    Big Al. I am a bit computer illiterate so can’t do the smileys very well. Just to make sure I am not sending the wrong message I thought it was quite funny that you caught me out yesterday and got me on my soap box, but couldn’t believe the cheek that you thought you would get me again. Do you think I have the memory of a Goldfish. Well I can tell you that………erm, sorry forgot what I was going to say Gambon. Anyway I am sorry to hear it is raining in paradise. The sun has just popped out briefly here.

  28. As regards the SMILEY FACES, there’s a few here at AA that can’t seem to get their heads round it.
    Don’t know why… it’s easy!

    You could paint your own face yellow and get a friend (if you’ve got one) to take a picture. Then make a jpeg and use that.
    That should work. So, have you got a polaroid or what?
    Also, there’s always the photo booths as well if you’ve got one near to home. Get painted just before you take the pic for that fresh bright look!

    And yes, you did hop on the ol’ soapbox a bit smartish. Fair play to you, buddy 🙂 .
    That bloody Chas is still on HIS soapbox, bless him. I saw him once in Hyde Park. I realised quite recently when he posted a video of himself singing, and I thought “Blimey, I know him from Hyde Park” … trying to get Spuds to convert, he was. Luring them with photocopies of season tickets at half price.

    Still, credit where credit’s due, the boy’s taken one hell of a pasting and still he comes back for more.

  29. GoonerB says:

    Big Al. I don’t think a genuine picture of me, even painted, is the way forward. We don’t want to be scaring off the lovely lady regulars on AA.

  30. GoonerB
    I’m sorry but I couldn’t put SMILEY FACES on my long post at 9.47am. I’ve actually run out of paint.

    So I hope my smiley-less post extraordinaire didn’t send a ‘wrong message’ to you.

  31. GoonerB says:

    I am always confused with messages anyway Big Al. I have had 3 ladies undress me with their eyes already today so after approaching them and making a reasonable proposition I end up with 2 slaps in the face and one kick in the Gonads. What’s that all about. Maybe it is a new technique they teach them in the girl guides these days.

  32. Chas
    Nitnoy from Koh Phangnan … and was just wondering how old the twins were.

    I do know a bird from Koh Phangnan by the name of Nitnoy as it happens. And she does have twins. Do you think this could be one-and-the-same? I saw Nitnoy and the twins about a year ago… strange thing though, how such a gorgeous bird can have such funny looking kids. It’s such a shame…

    Oh, and they looked about 12 years old. Why do you ask?


    hahaha, GB, i know how you feel. I swear ime at the stage were next time i try chatting up a lady i will be wearing a fencing helmet and a cod piece.

  34. GoonerB says:

    What an erotic picture you have just placed in my mind Terry. We had better ask Rasp to remove your comment before Peaches or Evonne come on and read it or they will be besides themselves.


    Besides themselves with fear GB.

    It works perfectly. I approach in fear, hence the fencing helmet and cod piece, and they are in fear because, well, ime just approaching. hahaha

    Forget that love rubbish. i always knew “Fear conquers all”

  36. chas says:

    Funny-looking and 12 years old.

    Have you got any pictures?

  37. chas says:

    This was me in 2001.
    Any resemblance?

  38. Red Arse says:

    Gadzooks , you are good looking, Chas.

  39. RockyLives says:

    Peaches and evonne might be beside themselves, but they certainly won’t be beside you 🙂

  40. RockyLives says:

    Nice one BR

    I’m 100% with you on the team selection.

    This is a proper game, isn’t it? Two in-form teams both striving for the same “trophy”. So I’m certainly nervous but I also have faith in the AW style of play as being superior to Everton’s. Also, I feel we tend to do better against better teams, even though our record against the “top three” this year is pants.

    I watched a fair bit of the Toffees game when they played at Spud Central. They were very cautious in the first half and I expect more of the same here. Moyes will get his men to defend above all else – but the difference between Everton and the likes of Norwich is that when they break into attack they have the ability to move the ball well and they have the players to capitalise on any mistakes we make at the back.

    Set pieces will also be dangerous, which is why starting Giroud is a must. His work defending at opposition free kicks and corners is excellent.


    No need to be like that Rockalisious. I have had plenty of approaches whilst doning my fencing mask. Usualy from the Police. hahaha

  42. RockyLives says:

    It was more the codpiece that was worrying me Terry… 🙂


    Oh, no need to worry about that Rocks. I wear the codpiece strapped over the trousers so everyone can see whats going on. if any one enquires i just tell them “ive had an accident”, and yes, then they move away. hahaha

  44. Gus says:

    Thanks Raddy for the excellent writeup. if you haven’t seen this before.

    We might see Wojciech back tonight if Fabianski is injured. This video reminded me what a true gooner he is (remember him leading by far the greatest team at Wigan?).

    I love how he points out Jack’s spirit and love for football, something we fans adore about Jack. Its easy to forget that our players recognise the same traits in their teammates as we do. Remember Cazorla commenting on what a great leader Arteta is?

    Szczesny: ‘When we lift a trophy together, what is the first thing you will say to me?’
    Jack: ‘Probably, you owe me this after Birmingham!’

    Love it! CYRRG!

  45. 26may1989 says:

    Giroud defending set-pieces, good point.

    If the starting XI is as Raddy predicts, the outfield players on the bench would be something like: Vermaelen, Gibbs, Wilshere, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Gervinho and Podolski.

    Looks good to me.

  46. ZGunner says:

    the only thing that makes me nervous are the fans at the emirates… I hope they’ll get behind the lads

  47. 26may1989 says:

    Despite having been critical of home fans (of whom I’m one), I’m pretty sure it will be ok tonight: voices are always raised for big games, and everyone realises this counts as a big game. And being a midweek game always helps in terms of atmosphere.

  48. If fit Wilshere should start. This Everton team will suit his style.
    Save the speed merchant “super subs” for a 15-minute repeat of Saturday.

    @ CHAS…
    No. Have you ever seen the carved figured on a Gothic Church.
    That’s what the twins look like. But alive.
    Living breathing Gargoyles.

  49. Has anyone volunteered to write a match report yet? An insomniac or overseas blogger would be perfect ……. don’t be shy 😉

  50. 26may1989 says:

    Go on then peaches, I’ll do one. Haven’t written anything for a while, no apologies for shoddy drafting…..

  51. RockyLives says:

    Sorry Peaches – after the game it’s more pub time then going to see Fleetwood Mac 🙂

  52. Jolly well done 26 🙂

    Rocky – you’re excused, pub and Fleetwood Mac, have a great time 🙂

  53. Poor didit, is he still holed up in Birmingham? I expect he’ll be on later though.

  54. Big Raddy says:

    Didit is poor?

    Where are DD and kelsey and Gn5? we need some experience to get us through tonight.

  55. Red Arse says:


    In answer to your query this morning concerning Chezzer being let go by Arsenal, there appears to be nothing in any papers I have seen.

    D. Mirror: Paris Saint-Germain sources claim they will sign Manchester United and England striker Wayne Rooney in the summer.

    West Ham are set to scrap a deal to sign on-loan Liverpool striker Andy Carroll as they cannot afford him under new financial fair play rules.

    Spurs manager Andre Villas-Boas has put his scouts on alert to find a new left-back – raising doubts over the long-term future of Benoit Assou-Ekotto.

    Anderlecht and Senegal defender Cheikhou Kouyate claims Arsenal has been watching him and the £5m-rated 23-year-old says he would love to move to the Premier League.

    Harry Redknapp wants to stay at QPR and build a new team – even if the Rs are relegated from the Premier League.

    Brian McDermott wants Bolton defender Matt Mills to kick off his Leeds rebuilding job this summer.

    Wolves have warned Hibernian that they have no chance of keeping on-loan striker Leigh Griffiths beyond the end of the season.

    The Sun: French giants Paris Saint-Germain are convinced they will land Manchester United frontman Wayne Rooney in a £25m summer swoop.

    Swansea have denied reports that 29-year-old goalkeeper Michel Vorm is about to join Barcelona.

    German Bundesliga side Augsburg could make striker Ji Dong-Wong’s loan spell from Sunderland a permanent one in the summer for £2.5m.

    Everton, Fulham and Wigan want to bring Espanyol keeper Kiko Casilla, 26, to the Premier League – but Barcelona and Real Madrid lead the race.

    D. Star: Manchester City keeper Joe Hart is ‘devastated’ after finding out he will not play in the FA Cup final next month.

    Millwall’s 16-year-old midfielder Fred Onyedinma is wanted by Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester City.

    League Two side Chesterfield have agreed a deal to sign Hibernian striker Eoin Doyle, 25, in the summer.

    D.Mail: Napoli striker Edinson Cavani says he is ready to leave the club this summer with Manchester City leading the chase after he revealed he would like a move to the Premier League.

    Big-spending City are also being linked with a move for Bayern Munich striker Mario Gomez with the German side willing to listen to offers for the 27-year-old.

    Manchester United frontman Wayne Rooney wants to open talks about a new contract and has no desire to leave and join Paris Saint-Germain.

    German sides Borussia Dortmund and Bayer Leverkusen are in a fight to sign Chelsea winger Kevin de Bruyne, 21, who is valued at around £14m.

    Fulham are close to a deal for Athletic Bilbao defender Fernando Amorebieta, 28, who has been offered a four-year contract.

    D. Express: Manchester United and England striker Wayne Rooney is heading to PSG this summer, according to sources in France.

    Newcastle have said they will issue life bans to supporters who caused the “embarrassing and appalling” violent scenes that erupted after the derby defeat by Sunderland as police also warned those involved can “expect a knock on their door”.

    The Telegraph: Wayne Rooney is determined to resist opportunities to leave Manchester United this summer and wants to sign a new deal.

    West Ham boss Sam Allardyce fears his bid to sign striker Andy Carroll on a permanent deal will be scuppered by next season’s fair play regulations.

    Manchester City target Edinson Cavani, 26, will ponder any offer to leave Napoli in the summer, with Real Madrid also interested.

    The Indie: Wayne Rooney is likely to sign a new contract to extend his Manchester United career this summer, despite reports in France that Paris Saint-Germain have sealed a deal for the 27-year-old striker.

    No mention of Chezzer.

  56. Red Arse
    Your post is too long. I haven’t got the time to read all that.

    Can you please edit it, and re-post.

  57. RockyLives says:

    Ah but Redders, have you checked the Cleveland Plain Dealer? Or the The Youngstown Vindicator? to name but two…

    I fear your search has not been exhaustive…

  58. Red Arse says:

    Big Al, 🙂

    No! It was addressed to DD — push off!! 😀

  59. Red Arse says:

    Very lamentable omission, indeed, Rocky! 😦

    However, the guy with the dodgy newspaper is DD — he should complain to his local MP about rubbish Arsenal transfer rumours. 🙂

  60. Red Arse says:

    Did someone say poor Didit is poor? I done don’t believe it! 🙂

  61. jnyc says:

    I hope we start sharper than last match. We should take these guys very seriously and expect a dog fight. i wont be disappointed with whomever Arsene chosses to play, because im happy with the way our squad is playing and being rotated lately. Lets take three points and put more pressure on chelsea and spuds!

  62. William McGoonagal says:

    I just threw my last rolo out of the car window as a sacrifice, who is tonight’s linesperson? but seeriously wasn’t Saturday’s ref v the norfolk inbreds ☺ the same one caught up in the Cazorla V WBA penalty controversy ? MOTD pundits STILL haven’t apologised for their lying verdict!!

  63. RockyLives says:

    Fair dos Redders – let’s agree to blame dandan 🙂

    Any team news yet?

  64. Shard says:


    Szcz, Sagna, Per, Kosc, Gibbs, Arteta, Ramsey, Wilshere, Cazorla, Walcott, Giroud

  65. GunnerN5 says:

    TEAM NEWS: Szczesny in for Everton clash

    Wojciech Szczesny has been recalled to the Arsenal team for Tuesday night’s game against Everton at Emirates Stadium.

    The Polish international replaces compatriot Lukasz Fabianksi, who has been ruled out due to a rib injury.

    Elsewhere, Thomas Vermaelen drops to the bench in favour of Per Mertesacker, while Theo Walcott starts on the right flank in place of Gervinho.

    Tomas Rosicky has recovered from the hamstring injury that ruled him out of Saturday’s game against Norwich City, and takes his place on the bench.

    Team in full: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Arteta, Ramsey, Wilshere, Cazorla, Walcott, Giroud

    Subs: Mannone, Vermaelen, Monreal, Rosicky, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Gervinho, Podolsk

    Copyright 2013 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to as the source16 Apr 2013

  66. RockyLives says:


    I hope we see a different Wilshire to the one who played against Norwich.

  67. California Gooner says:

    Big Raddy, your write up is fabulous. If the game follows suit, it will be thoroughly entertaining… and a big win for the Arsenal.

  68. Gooner In Exile says:

    Waited til on my sofa to read the Raddy PM…now outside having nervy cigarettes as a result of reading it….I hate stats like “we haven’t been beaten at home by X since……..” Because sometime it’ll have to happen. Everton have the team to run recent history out of the window when the first choice is fit….and I think it pretty much is.

    Glad to see BFG and Koz reunited. Surprised to see Jack back in after Wenger saying Saturday was too soon but maybe a bit of mind games and maybe a bit of realisation that there will be as much phiysical as tactical battle tonight and that might require a bit more steel than Tomas offers.

    Big big big 3 points tonight in the offing, lets get them sewn up early please!

  69. Gooner In Exile says:

    The bench looks strong tho 🙂

  70. evonne says:


  71. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Yes it bloody well is “poor Didit” because if the f’ing broken down lorry in front of me blocking my way out of the f’ing NECdoesnt shift soon i wont get back to my F’ing awful hotel in time for KO

    Really really enjoyable posts from Rock and Radd. Thanks lads

    Hope to join you all soon

  72. dandan says:

    Evening all, Firstly tell Rasp to stop worrying tonight’s win is in the bag.
    GIE Put that fag out save your puff for singing as we head for the champions league qualifying
    Now as for that Red Arse and his scandalous talk of me and dodgy newspapers, suffice it to say the article in question discussed flappys injury and said that Chesney had not played since being dropped and put on the transfer list. Consequently I queried this expecting to be correctly advised by the likes of the elegant mickey or worldly BR only to find that Rascal Red casting aspersions.

    Needless to say my lawyer is on it .

  73. Big Raddy says:

    Wake up boys.

    Get it and hold it for a few seconds

  74. mickydidit89 says:

    Evening all
    This for top 4
    Come on you Gunnnnnnners
    See you half time

  75. Big Raddy says:

    Don’t like this ref. He is giving us nothing

  76. Gooner In Exile says:

    What’s the betting first yellow will go to man in red and white?

  77. Big Raddy says:

    How many times has JW been kicked? This ref is rubbish

  78. mickydidit89 says:

    Brilliant game. Loving it.
    Just popping outside for a quick chat with Brother Exile 🙂

  79. Gooner In Exile says:

    I don’t want to hear anyone tell me Moyes is a good coach….that was the height of anti football, ref should have aired his cards a little earlier then maybe they don’t body check Theo twice or continually hack at something moving quickly in their vicinity

    Moyes teamtalk: “Ball, sock, boot, leg, face just kick it when we’re not in possession and if its moving past you”

  80. Big Raddy says:

    Half time and a miracle all of our players escaped injury but there are some bruised bodies. How has Fellaini not been carded at least once?

    Good we are standing up and fighting back.

    First 10 mins we were 2nd best but have grown into the game and really should be one up. OG did well to get there but an awful finish.

    Santi yet to get space but once he does …….

  81. Gooner In Exile says:

    Kos looking solid, Ramsey having another good game in the middle of the park (and wherever else his legs take him).

  82. Gooner In Exile says:

    Brother DidIt you’re late!

  83. Gooner In Exile says:

    Quick word on Szczesny thought his kicking was better and he has been sharp and comfortable handling…..keep it up!

  84. Gooner In Exile says:

  85. MickyDidIt89 says:

    How can you say that Brother Exile, you just lent me your lighter 🙂

  86. Gooner In Exile says:

    Mirallis you little shit……

  87. Kgooner says:

    Lights just went out before 2nd half!! Just when the game was about to pick up. 😦

  88. Big Raddy says:

    JW looking tired, it must be Ox time

  89. Rasp says:

    Time for subs

  90. Big Raddy says:

    Is AW reading the blog?

  91. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Panic will begin to set in on around 84 mins as by then I’ll know there’s only time for about three goals 🙂

  92. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Ok, so CL spot cannot be guaranteed tonight (oh yes it would) but we’re still in the driving seat. All will be ok.

    All that excitement and I need a puff of fresh air. Exiiiiile?

  93. Shard says:

    Maybe that was just me projecting my feelings and thinking that’s what I saw from the team, but I think we were afraid of losing that and played first to secure the draw. Might not be a bad point to take though. 3 points would have been lovely but no late heroics today.

  94. Big Raddy says:

    We had the chances but not the clinical finisher. If the 3 chances had fallen to Podolski we would have won.

    Have to win at Fulham which is no easy task.

    My MoM. Difficult, a few played well but no-one stood out. Sagna, Ramsey , BFG & Kos

  95. Gooner In Exile says:

    Unlucky, great effort.

    If we’d had a football match for 90 minutes rather than the 45 minute punch up in the first half we may have won that. Ref was too slow to clamp down on Everton fouls.

    If Monreal gets booked at end Gibson should’ve got a second yellow, same foul, same position.

    Hate that commentators think that Everton deserved something, they may be quite good with ball but they were no better than Stoke without it in first half.

  96. Gooner In Exile says:

    Late again Micky 1 down I’m on second 😉

  97. Big Raddy says:

    Well said Shard. For 75 mins the handbrake was on & it started with AW not playing 3 upfront

  98. Big Raddy says:

    We should sign Fellaini

  99. Gooner In Exile says:

    We all watched the same game right? 😀

    As Everton tired and couldn’t get close enough to kick we got more chances, but we were always probing even in the first half, if Theo doesn’t get fouled twice in close succession there were two good chances.

    OG looked heavy legged tonight, positives were that Ox and Pod looked lively when they came on.

  100. Shard says:


    I wasn’t criticising. Nor was I saying we didn’t try to score and were just sitting deep. But as BR said, the handbrake was on, in the sense that we were mentally not really looking to force the issue. I’m not even sure that’s a bad thing. Everton are good enough to punish us, and after the fuss kicked up by the media about the Norwich game, we were never going to get anything from the referee. Maybe playing safe was the right thing to do. Especially because we did have some good players to bring on and could have hoped to score one in the last 10-15 minutes. Almost did too.

  101. Shard says:

    If Fellaini plays for us, we better be prepared to be a man down.

  102. Big Raddy says:

    GIE. They should have been on 10 mins earlier. And I would have given Gervinho 15 mins in place of the tiring OG.

    As you say, Everton were exhausted and we should have committed 100% to attack. We won nothing in the air in their box so why continue to knock balls into OG? Better to have players running at defenders.

    TR was a miss tonight, we could have used his thrust. And JW is still not match-fit.

  103. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Now Exile, I may not know the size of your dwelling, but I had to wait for the lift, descend a few floors, through a very large lobby and only then, out!
    All good points about the game. Ref should have clamped down. Very hard to play our football in the first half knowing you stand a good chance of getting your leg broken.

    I’m not remotely worried about our top fouring the season 🙂

  104. Big Raddy says:

    Normally, I am the positive one 😀

  105. MickyDidIt89 says:

    You just like his hair 🙂
    I don’t think he’s the player for us.

  106. Gooner In Exile says:

    Nicotine Raddy… relaxes the soul 😀

  107. Gooner In Exile says:

    As you are in hotel room with nothing better to do I assume you are writing the match report?

  108. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Ok I’ve just made myself feel better.
    Spud fixtures: City h, Wigan a, Southampton h, Chavs a, Stoke a, Sunderland h.
    I mean, come on, exactly how many points are the going to get from that lot?

  109. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Oh do keep up. 26 is our man.
    And when you say nothing to do, I’m about to sign off and work for the next hour or two!!!

  110. LB says:



    Knew exactly what to expect and how to deal with them.

  111. MickyDidIt89 says:

    He cheated. Inside info 🙂

  112. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Talking of cheats, I love Raddy’s Explorer. Philby. Sacked for “going native” ROLF
    No danger whatsoever of me going native up here in Brum!
    Nite all.

  113. RockyLives says:

    Mixed feelings about that.

    We could really do with a finisher. I like OG but he’s not the man.

    Who was the ref? He was shite.

  114. Gooner In Exile says:

    Maybe LB, altho could have got his feet sorted out better on that chance.

    Thought Ramsey was too quality again tonight, really relaxing into his game now and showing natural ability.

    Kos and Mert effective again.

    Credit has to be given to the the “mentally fragile” Szczesny, thought he coped well back in the firing line.

    Santi is still a joy to watch even if a few giveaways tonight towards the end.

    Theo has to be better when we haven’t got the ball, watch him he goes and sits ten yards in front of Sagna but doesn’t sense opportunity to press and intercept.

    Gibbs was very good tonight I thought.

  115. RockyLives says:

    I have criticized SZCZ but tonight he didn’t put a foot wrong.

    I’m tempted to say that if we’d started with TR7 instead of Jack we would have won, but who knows?

  116. MickyDidIt89 says:

    You’re just trying to get that LB bloke back by saying that, aren’t you?
    Right, now to concentrate. Really nite all.

  117. LB says:

    It took me a moment to work out why Wenger had opted for Wilshere over Rosicky and then it dawned on me.

    Everton were always going to attack, to get the forth place spot they needed to win more than we did.

    With that in mind we needed as much steel as we could get in the middle and Wilshere is a very good defensive minded midfielder.

    I thought Jack did what was required of him really well tonight.

  118. LB says:

    A quick flyby, night, night.

  119. Merseforever says:

    Back after a long absence. Frankly didn’t think everton were too physical. It’s the English game and frankly Arsene should have learnt his lesson by now. Go out and buy some physical players. It’s hardly been a secret that a physical approach works against us and has for years. If we have a weakness then the manager should address it, not complain and moan about it. I can’t wait for another Vieira/ Peter Storey type of midfield enforcer to play for the Arsenal. There’s no shame in it.

    Yes Everton made some tough tackles, but nothing to cry about. Ultimately we fought through it and we would have won if we had a clinical striker up front. I know he tries hard, but I reckon Olivier is just not upto scratch. Why Wenger doesn’t give Podolski a go in the middle is truly beyond me.

  120. Gooner In Exile says:

    Merse it’s not even the tough tackles that bothered me as we stood up to that, and gave our own back, it’s the cynical ones, and again I have no problem with them they’re part of the game, but they also come with expected punishments that the referee did not issue. Gibson should have been off after the second foul on Walcott that deserved a booking, as I said earlier if Monreal gets booked then so should Gibson.

    I feared before game last night that we didnt carry enough goal threat, knowing Everton would pack the defence and be physical it was always going to be harder for the midfield to get through and play off OG, so we were relying on the big man. But he can do other things that Podolski can’t (hold off a centre back and win possession from a long kick).

  121. Gooner In Exile says:

    For those that get annoyed by the swingometer I have bad news….we are back to -9 swing, and given we got 1 point from our remaing fixtures last season I doubt the swingometer is going to show us achieving 3rd/4th until 2 games to go.

    That really was a huge 3 points missed out on though, if we had one last night we would have had some breathing space, and we can probably still afford to lose to Man Utd, but we cannot drop points in any of the other games.

  122. Gooner in Exile says:

    We have a real quandary in the City v Spuds game on the weekend. Ordinarily I’d want City to take three points…..but if they don’t Man Utd can win the league before they come to the Emirates, otherwise even a draw will see them win the league when they come to us……..i’m not sure i could take it.

  123. evonne says:

    GiE – don’t understand your problem – of course we want Shitty to win on Saturday. United are not a great team and we can beat them on 28th

    It was a good game last night, shame about Everton’s dirty tactic – no punishable fouls, but constant nudging, clipping on the heels, obstructing. I guess they did what they had to do, but it wasn’t pretty

  124. kelsey says:

    Morning GIE and all.

    I actually enjoyed the game even though we didn’t win all is not lost.
    No question that again the ref showed inconsistency and Gibson should have seen red.
    In my mind Everton definitely started the more composed yet as the game wore on we got better and better but Everton are no Norwich and defended stoutly.

    I have three main observations
    Giroud: lays the ball off quite well but even though his stats are quite impressive he really should have scored one of the three excellent chances he had.I have a feeling RVP would have.A striker is a must or Podolski should start in a central position.

    Corners: What is the point of endless high balls into the box as nearly every team we play deals with them as our record shows with goals scored are few and far between.

    Monreal coming on at the end was a mystery to me and he hardly played a decent ball,why take off Gibbs.

  125. VCC says:

    Merseforever 12:06

    Word for word spot on.

  126. LB says:

    GIE 5:58

    First sentence, word for word spot on.

  127. LB says:


    Gibbs was injured.

  128. Rasp says:

    Morning all ……

    ……. New post ……

  129. Big Raddy says:

    I enjoyed the game but am disappointed by the result. Thought we played OK against a good team.

    Very impressed with Coleman who IMO was the MoM. He cost 150k!

    And I would love us to sign Fellaini. True he is going to get regular cards but so did PV.

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