Bale’s A Proven Diver: Why No Fuss?

Against West Brom recently Santi Cazorla was fouled in the opposition box and went down. We scored from the resulting penalty.

The camera angles first appeared to show little or no contact. Later an angle emerged showing clear contact on Santi’s shin.

Arsenal's Cazorla challenges West Bromwich Albion's Reid during their English Premier League soccer match in London

But that did not stop the media going into a frenzy about our little Spaniard’s alleged “cheating”.

The story ran for days – including calls for retrospective banning – and was a foul slur on an international performer who plays the game fairly.

Of course it was no surprise to us Arsenal supporters. We had seen the witch hunt perpetrated against Eduardo following a Champions League game versus Celtic shortly after his return from a (literally) shattering leg break. Eduardo may or may not have dived in that case, but the outcry was out of all proportion to any other diving incident in football ever.

Now fast forward to the Saturday just past. Tottenham’s winger Gareth Bale was booked for diving after what was, at best, minimal contact from a Sunderland player. Bale had reacted to the contact by hurling himself to the ground.

bale dive

Here’s the remarkable thing: it was Bale’s FIFTH booking for diving since the start of last season – three more yellows for simulation than any other player in the EPL, even Ashley Young!

We know that referees get things wrong from time to time, but five bookings for diving can’t be explained away by officials’ errors. It quite clearly points to a player who uses cheating as a weapon in his armoury.

And let’s not forget, those are only the occasions where Bale’s dives have been penalised. There are many other examples of dives that have gone unpunished by the refs. Often they result in a free kick or even penalties to Tottenham (as we have found to our own cost).

So we see that Bale is a proven cheat of a player. Someone who, while undoubtedly a talented footballer, has been shown up repeatedly for his dishonesty.

And against Sunderland he took his tally of bookings for cheating up to a shamefully high level.

With that in mind, I expected the Sunday sports pages to contain a barrage of articles demanding that he be banned for a long period, that he be made to apologise publicly, that his manager be forced to condemn diving and so on. Or at least some earnest debates about morality in the modern game.

Lo and behold, what did I find?

Match reports that barely mentioned Bale’s booking and did so exclusively in the context of the Welshman’s claims of being persecuted; and – most ludicrous of all – articles suggesting he would be “hounded out” of English football “like Cristiano Ronaldo” if referees kept targeting him in this unfair way.

So please, Dear Reader, answer me this: why does the media seek to make English football’s most proven cheat appear as a persecuted victim, yet sets out to crucify any Arsenal player against whom there is the slightest allegation of diving?

I can’t fathom it.

Perhaps it’s that Bale (unlike Eduardo and Cazorla) is British and the British media seldom take to task home grown players for blatant cheating and foul play (Ashley Young, Rooney and Gerrard all have extensive “previous” for simulation, but are never demonised by the press).

Or maybe it’s just that the reporters have put so much effort into building up Bale as the next big thing (despite his stats being not as good as Theo Walcott’s) that they can’t bring themselves to acknowledge a glaring flaw in his approach to the game.

Or maybe you have a better theory… I’d be interested to hear it…


263 Responses to Bale’s A Proven Diver: Why No Fuss?

  1. Mos says:

    Well to be fair there was contact on Bale.

  2. Rasp says:

    Morning Mos, there was minimal contact on Bale and certainly not sufficient to send him tumbling to the floor. The contact on Walcott was far greater and he got to his feet and scored. Bale has been cited too many times for diving for anyone to deny he goes down too easily and deliberately.

  3. Big Raddy says:

    There is no defence for Bale. His diving has been a feature of his game since he first came to London.

    We were embarrassed by Eboue’s theatrics but MonkeyBoy has taken the Thespian Arts to a new level.

    At any other club he would have been fined, at the Comedians down the road they plead victimisation.

  4. Destiny says:

    Against Sunderland you can see Bale flying along and then his knee is smashed to the left which is bloody painful and would send any player down, disgraceful you should highlight him with the reputation your team have, Cazorla dived it was ridiculous are you Wenger in disguise?

  5. Gooner In Exile says:

    The media love the tired old sentences, it helps them fill copy with little thought or proper journalism, one of those staples is “the foreign culture of diving” or conning the ref.

    If Aguero goes down in the area do you ask to see it again before deciding it was a penalty or do you give him the benefit if the doubt. Me I give him the benefit of the doubt, a player who has shown on numerous occasions that you can stay on your feet even with contact.

    Dermot Gallagher was on TS yesterday and clarified the laws surrounding diving, and split them into three classes:

    No contact
    Attacker initiates contact (the starfish)
    Attacker exaggerates minimal contact

    He suggested Bale was rightly booked under class 3, where was the media scrutiny for Defoe’s Class 1 dive on the edge of the box at 1-0 down?

    Furthermore Gallagher said that representatives of the Refs group went to see Bale and AVB at Spuds Training Ground to define the diving law, he clearly ignored it.

    As to why we seem to be subject to more media scrutiny? Because we are Arsenal and they are jealous. We operate on a different moral plane so are criticised heavily when we fall below our own standards of behaviour. The rest just behave like the cretins they are.

  6. Gooner In Exile says:

    Destiny “smashed into his knee”? Don’t make me laugh….that’s Bales old excuse “I get out of the way if I’m going to get hurt” I’ve seen girls blouses with tougher constitutions.

  7. THFC4EVER says:

    Little things pleasing little minds as usual. Sad really.


  8. Ads says:

    Bitter much?

  9. Billy says:

    Whenever the subject of diving is bought up I notice that people go on about Robert Pires and never mention Gerard or Rooney. Laughable really.

  10. cartel says:

    there was clear contact.
    Also lets take into account the contact was coming through bales knee from the side as bale was in full flow steaming fowards.
    I dont think the author has taken this into account, as most people now have, aswell as commentators, who have all witnessed the video.

    Sour grapes from an arsenal fan, taljung about one of the hottest properties in world football at present who happens to wear a spurs jersey.

  11. VCC says:

    Well….If we are going to give penalties (fouls) for the most minimal of contacts Bale took, we might as well give up watching football as we know it. There would be fouls given every minute.

    Bale is clearly a diver of the highest order along with Ashley Young.

  12. coys says:

    Sure Bale is diver sometimes, but when there is contact and he is booked it’s really unfair. And that was twice in a row now. Cazorla was crucified, because it is not in his habit to cheat like this. There was really slight contact if any.

    Btw walcott fell down at a lot lower speed, so it was easy for him to get up. But Bale fell down at his max and ball was far away from him.

  13. Billnick says:

    Arsenal and their bad eyesight strike again! Sky News sports roundup the other day featured goals from all the weekend’s games with the exception of Sunderland-Spurs, where the only action shown was the foul on Gareth that should have seen a penalty awarded. There have certainly been times when Bale has dived this season, and been duly punished as a result, but on Saturday he got the rough end of the stick. Still, carry on with your ‘Why No Fuss/’ storyline in your own little world guys. It obviously makes you feel better.

  14. coys switz says:

    Diving has become a part of EPL now sadly. ‘Minimal contact’ means any striker will perform the dying swan. Sad.

  15. Big Raddy says:

    Thank you to all the Spurs fans who contribute today. A good laugh is always welcome

  16. pete says:

    That’s the pot the calling the kettle black! Your team has been diving since the days of Henry and Pires.

  17. Dean says:

    You really need to get a life mate. All this ‘Its not fair’ hypocrisy is really pathetic. Every premier league team has divers, it’s part of the game unfortunately. Some get away with it, some don’t.
    Get over it!!!

  18. Jamie galvin says:

    Hi Rocky lives. Maybe the reason there is no outcry is that of his 3 bookings this season 2 of them were clear cut fouls (v liv and Fulham) and even Saturdays effort, though he was looking for it, was definitely still a foul.
    Perhaps we should take it as a compliment that after your 7-3 win you are still choosing to talk about one of our players?
    Speaking of Saturday evenings cricket match, why hasn’t Walcott signed? If he was at all interested in signing then you must see that it makes absolutely no sense to let it run down til the last day. Head has been turned my pedigree chum.

  19. Destiny says:

    scum you invented diving FF sake! how can you dare critisize Bale
    Oh and are you back behind Wenger now? fickle twats

  20. Dean says:

    And I have noticed that every comment today, against your post, is from a ‘spurs fan’. As a neutral, I have mates that are arsenal fans.
    Arsenal fans are the only fans that worry just as much about an opposing team, as they do about there own.
    Year after year I see or read this. Yes you are in front of them, instead of rejoicing, you seem more concerned about them catching you. You, like spurs, play great football, I wish you would just enjoy it instead of looking for reasons to slag your rivals.
    It really us quite pathetic.

  21. laneagogo says:

    I was ashamed to see Defoe dive, but Bales was not a dive rather caught at a bad angle at full pace. Dives like Defoes and Carzolas that are no contact and chaeting shoulg be cited retrospectively and banned for 3 games. That would sort it out quickly – dive with no contact and try to cliam you were touched you get banned.

  22. Mark says:

    Because Bale goes down when there is contact Carzorla goes down when there is no contact. Simple.

  23. Jeff says:

    Another football know-it-all who has clearly never played on the wing (or in any position).
    Actually with the last 3 bookings, the camera has proved beyond doubt that Bale was fouled.
    Referees need to get experience playing the game.
    You’re not a referee are you?

  24. Rasp says:

    I suppose the irony is lost on all you spurs fans who trot out lines like ‘get over it’ …. why are so many of you coming on to protest? Bale’s a diver, you know it, we know it. He’s facing a one match ban because the officials know it.

    If you were honest you’d be saying, shame, he’s a really great player he doesn’t need to do that, he’s tarnishing our club.

  25. Rasp says:

    Cazorla has only been accused of diving in one match … that doesn’t make him a serial offender. Hardly a game goes by when Bale doesn’t ‘simulate’.

  26. goonerjake says:

    Funny enough this is a conversation me and my fellow gooner josh had over the phone while watching motd at our respective houses.

    I think it is because their is definetely a media bias being against the arsenal. I know and if they are honest so do all spur fans that the bbc have now and always had a ‘love in’ with the totts.

    Maybe the bbc sports department have a load of spurs fans i dont know, but they never get critisism and get loads of favourable coverage (how many times do we have to sit through replays of rikki villas fa cup goal?)

    But its more than that their is a real dislike of arsenal in the bbc. Think of motd the other night, it wasnt just bale who dived and got nothing said really, jonny evans took a swan dive and nothing at all was said.

    I……I…. well i just dont…………..

  27. Destiny says:

    Defoes dive was embarassing I agree, Bale is not a diver he has 3 yellows from Fulham Liverpool and Sunderland, all incorrect decisions.
    I would happlily agree if I thought he dived and I’d be smug about it the same way you lot are and always have been with your history of springboard champions

  28. Jeff says:

    Reply to Rasp: cameras proved Bale was fouled. Even professionals agree He was fouled. You are a fucking biast twat!

  29. Ok lets get to grips with something, does Bale fall naturally? For all of you who have played football as so many of you profess to have done my guess is the answer should be no.

    Contact comes from side at a height half way down Bales leg, Bale goes forwards perfectly flat… i’m no astrophysiscist, but i do recall something about momentum and force imparted.

    Wouldn’t there be some kind of spin imparted on Bale as a result of such a vicious tackle. The gif from early on in the comments needs to be a little longer, you only just start to see how his right leg stops moving in a natural way, in fact it stays outstretched behind him, not even trying to get it back to continue running, i’d have some sympathy if he didn’t get the penalty and had tried to stay on his feet, but then if he tried to stay on his feet he would have been in a goalscoring opportunity, like Aguero does week in week out.

  30. Well today is going to be fun isn’t. Thank you Rocky for sending us a crop of delusional spuds to deal with 😉

    If diving was so good for the game then surely everyone would be at it and it would be accepted rather than seen for the cheating that it is.

    We have all seen Bale dive on more than one occasion and so he’s a pretty easy target now. He just needs to man up surely.

  31. Martin Richardson says:

    Bale like most footballers clearly goes to ground easily everyone knows this, it’s not really up for debate.

    I’m starting to get a bit worried that with him on form like this we won’t be celebrating many more St Totteringham’s days, pains me to say it but I’d take him over Theo any day 😦

  32. TonyRich says:

    Spurs fan here. Bale is prone to the odd dive – no denying. But he does it in anticipation of the defender cheating against him. So he is attempting to address the balance. I am not condoning anything. But vs Sunderland, the defender cheated, and won. He did not care about the ball, and his only objective was Bale. Which means that any contact is technically a foul. The only legal contact is upper body to upper body WHILST challenging for the ball. The defender used his KNEE and his arm – both illegal under any circumstance. Whether Bale goes down or not, the defender wins. He cheats, and he puts Bale off illegally. If Bale goes down via a shirt tug, NO ONE these days claims “DIVE”… This is because it is an acceptable way of showing the ref that you have been impeded. Bale goes down here because his opponent has illegally impeded him in the same way as a shirt tug – therefore it should be a straight decision: Pen or Not…. If NOT, then Bale does not deserve a yellow card. I hope it can be rescinded, but you never know with these silly FA rules! It matters not anyway because Bale will be collecting many more cards soon, so he may as well take the ban NOW vs Reading at home! One thing I do concede is that the average player would back off, and stop falling over so easily. Even Suarez is diving less these days (or getting caught less…) Bale is taking a stubborn stance…and I think that he should back off. I very much concede that Messi and Aguero stay on their feet even once fouled in the box – and they are Argentinian as opposed to a humble, honest Welshman.

  33. Rasp says:

    Jeff, watch your mouth, you are a guest on this site and we do not tolerate that kind of stuff. Yes there was contact on Bale but he is a big strong boy ad he didn’t need to go down. Contact does not necessarily equate to a foul.

  34. para says:

    What a lot of rubbish. OK i “hate” spuds too, but stop for one moment and THINK.
    Diving is part of the game and i guarantee there is NO ONE playing football today that is free of diving at some time or the other.
    Accept it and move on.

  35. Rasp maybe you’d like to add this to the post:

  36. Bukkake-breath says:

    I have a good theory you are a jealous gooner scumbag with little cock syndrome

  37. Rasp says:

    TonyRich, congratulations on posting a well reasoned and corteous defence of your player, shame some of your fellow supporters address the subject in a more tribal manner. I don’t agree with all you say, but you make your points well. I don’t believe yellow cards can be rescinded and therefore the ban will stand but you’re lucky he will only be missing the Reading game, that should be a goalfest.

  38. Jeff – do you know the story of the boy who cried wolf? At what point do you think it’s feasible for a referee to make a decision about whether there was contact or not? Bale is a diver, so now the referee has little choice if he thinks there was no contact but to call it so …….. sadly if the boy had never dived he wouldn’t be in this position.

    Stating that professionals have replayed video footage in slow motion to try and find a solution is not really any solution at all.

  39. Shelfside_72 says:

    Come on Gooners, concentrate on your own players. Gareth is fouled week-in week-out. It’s a little sad on you guys to be having a go at us, get over it, balance of power is changing and we can understand your concern !! COYS

  40. Jeff epitomize spuds fans
    COYScums LOL

  41. Dean says:

    Reply to rasp, very clever. Using ‘ we all must be spurs fans’ line to attack every comment that disagrees with the original post.
    We ain’t all spurs fans my friend. You just hate the fact spurs are catching up with you. 50% of all articles about arsenal I read, mention spurs. What is your problem with competition???
    Yes bale dives, so does Defoe, ,klinsmann,Bent,Keane but so does the majority of the arsenal squad, the Chelsea squad.
    You seem to be forgetting Walcott, nasri, Henry, pires, arshavin, carzola and countless other. One of your players, in the past got a ban for diving. It’s part of the game. Again I say, you really do need to get over it.

  42. Rasp says:

    I’ll leave the stupid insulting comments on for a while because it shows the level of the individual, but I would advise other spurs fans of a similar nature to keep it nice otherwise any decent spurs fans will be deprived of the opportunity to join the debate as a result of their actions.

  43. goonersaregay says:

    He is still a better player than anything your declining club has.

  44. “The only legal contact is upper body to upper body WHILST challenging for the ball.”

    Really? You can’t ever contact foot on foot? may as well ban tackling! And you are allowed to hold with hands and arms? Rubbish!!

    A direct free kick is awarded when a player commits any of the following in a manner considered by the referee to be careless, reckless or using excessive force:

    Kicks or attempts to kick an opponent
    Trips or attempts to trip an opponent
    Jumps at an opponent
    Charges an opponent
    Strikes or attempts to strike an opponent
    Pushes an opponent
    Tackles an opponent

    Or commits any the following offences:

    Holds an opponent
    Spits at an opponent
    Handles the ball deliberately (except for the goalkeeper within his own penalty area).

    An indirect free kick is awarded when any player in the opinion of the referee:

    plays in a dangerous manner

    impedes the progress of an opponent

    prevents the goalkeeper from releasing the ball from his hands

    commits any other offence, not previously mentioned in Law 12, for
    which play is stopped to caution or dismiss a player

  45. TonyRich says:

    Rasp – cheers mate. I am not particularly defending him because I feel that he should change. I am getting tired of it. I was there in the home game vs Villa, and he did a blatant dive – which had ZERO contact from Guzan – the Villa goalkeeper. I was disgusted because this was outside the box, and the only objective in diving would be to get Guzan sent off. This was the first half, and whilst I want my team to win, I do not want to see the game ruined after 20 mins by a sending off! That was the final straw for me. The Sunderland incident was different for me because I feel that the ref should have the scope to give no penalty, wave play on and tell him to get up. Then post-match, someone should review these incidents and punish players retrospectively.

  46. Pete says:

    Ok – I am a spurs fan in peace. I would like to say, I hate the dives Bale has done this season, particually our home game with Aston Villa when he dived with Guzan coming in to clear only to dummy. It was shocking, disgusting if you will. He has brought the reputation on himself because of this and he is getting punnished. Not only himself, our team.
    That being said, Saturday’s yellow card was not justified. Granted, there may have been minimal contact, but there was non the less. The defender had eyes for him and not the ball. Any other supporter up and down the country would have seen that as a pen for their side and would feel agrieved if not given. Now, I’m not saying that every player would go down in those circumstances, but if Carzola was in his boots on Saturday and went down, you would defend him to the hilt.
    Also, on a note, you talked about Eduardo’s dive against Celtic and how it was just after a broken leg. Granted, you obviously have a phycological thing going on there because of the injury you have had and I can understand that presence to remove yourself from danger. I’ll fight for Bales case, he has only had serious injuries because of bad tackles, Charlie Adams twice and Scezney another. I don’t see a difference. If you have been badly injured three times due to bad tackles, phycoligically, it will have an effect on you. Now I’m not saying he is justified in his actions because of this, simply using your defence for Eduardo for Bale.
    That being said though, I’m not a theatrics fan and I agree with you regarding the whole media favouratism thing, I agree Gerrard has done it for a long time and has got away with it consistantly. The thing people keep asking for is a pannel of referees to watch the footage after play and then decide, it is the only way to consistantly get it right and punnish players appropriately. The FA and EUFA seem unwilling to do it though.

  47. Rasp says:

    Nice try Dean, we try not to mention spurs and the debate today is on this particular subject as Bale’s propensity’ to try to fool officials is currently a hot topic and spread across all the media.

    Incidentally, it is good practice for guests to reveal who they support so we can judge whether they have a bias they wish to conceal.

  48. Homophopic pseudonyms …. yep that’ll be a Spurs fan!

  49. TonyRich says:

    Gooner In Exile – you are right, but you took my coment too literally. I meant in that specific incident where the ball has gone – therefore foot on foot IS ILLEGAL contact. You can only do foot on foot if you play the ball first.

  50. Rasp says:

    Thanks TonyRich and Pete. You’ve written pretty much what I reckon I might say if I were a spurs fan. We like to put a positive spin on everything our clubs do … but there has to be room for a bit of honesty.

  51. Red Arse says:

    Interesting observation, Rocky, 🙂

    I would be putting myself into an invidious position to try and argue an alternative to the anti diving case you put, as it would appear to be akin to defending a Spud (Bale) — but to hell with that, so I will try to rationalize a non-partisan response. 🙂

    Let’s try and separate the wheat from the chaff first.

    — Bale has been given 5 yellow cards for simulation, so is he a ‘diving cheat’?
    The factual and inarguable response is YES!

    — Is there a degree of footballing jingoism in the reaction of the media and the footballing authorities to the perceived ‘cheating’ by foreign players as compared to their British colleagues?

    The reports in the media as well as the somewhat hysterical reactions of certain fans would bear that out – though club loyalties/dislikes for and against a particular player would probably have a bearing on this too – but the answer here is a slightly hesitant YES too!

    I suspect that before we answered the above questions we really should have looked at what comprises simulation/diving?

    Any objective answer would have to recognise that in the final analysis, however simulation is defined, any conclusion by a referee on whether or not a player has dived is at best a ‘guess’, because he is frequently only guessing at what their intention was.

    Anyone on AA good at mind reading?

    Let’s leave the ‘interpretation’ of diving aside — a bit tricky, like so much in football — (the offside rule?).

    Next, what gets the media in a strop over diving? Well, first and foremost is IGNORANCE!
    Again, to so many of those professionally employed in football such as journalists, TV presenters, managers and players, the actual rules are a mystery, and what grows up in the minds of the majority is hearsay and misunderstanding, and this applies to ALL the rules, and not least the definition of simulation.

    “He had his shirt pulled – and went down”; “there was contact with his ear-lobe — and he went down” or “there was a touch on his boot lace” etc; all these are common examples of the nonsense churned out by the journos.
    At no stage do they stop and think, ‘did any of these ‘contacts’ force a player to stumble or fall?’ If not – then it MUST be cheating –surely?

    But the response, all too frequently, is that “He was touched on his elbow/ear/bootlace and was ‘entitled’ to go down”, the sub-text being; [that is irrespective of whether or not he could easily have stayed on his feet]. Entitled? Entitled? what bollix is that?

    Therefore in the miasma of ignorance; rival fan hatred; the need for journalists to promote paper sales, and a rule that relies so heavily on the referees subjectively mind reading a player’s intent, it is easy to see how views and opinions on what constitutes a ‘dive’ that are clearly diametrically opposed but which each have their impassioned champions, however illogical that is, can be and are arrived at!

    [Sorry if this response does not seem to be cohesively argued or is poorly written, and not fitting for a Rocky Post, but I am watching Miss Piggy and co in “The Muppet Treasure Island” and it has me in fits of laughter!!!]. 🙂 🙂

  52. Craigo says:

    Ok I’m a neutral here so not fuelled by the amazing bias of some previous respondents nor the author – but lets be fair here:
    1) “bale is a proven diver”
    Well at the start of the season I’d have said yes… But over the past few months – and I have watched all the incidents – he has repeatedly been clipped and the Sunderland one in particular was a nailed on pen for any other PL player, other than Ashley Young of course. The facts – Gardner (?) makes no attempt for the ball, is clearly snapped looking at Bale, has one hand on the shoulder and prods his knee in to Bales leg. Now the shirt pull is nothing, but I’d challenge anyone going at that speed to keep their feet when someone knees them from the side.
    2) fact – Bales latest problem is the theatrics rather than the contact. He really needs to work on that. Jeff winter may say otherwise but he was one of the prems worst refs of all time
    3) Ashley Young is a whole different case – he has been shown time and time again going down with zero contact, or when he flaps his trailing leg to ensure some contact… This is very different to bale…. Genuine contact but theatrical falls. Even MOTD are backing bale on this – even Hansen!

    Penultimate point,, the only way to stop this is to review the incidents at the time which would take seconds as with rugby – then review other highlighted incidents and introduce retrospective yellows and bans. Will they do it – probably not

    Finally, jermain Defoe is the player who should be spoken to after the game – not bale. With Defoe there was zero contact, which is clearly cheating, which I despise.

    Anyway – that said – happy new year all

  53. Stu says:

    Far more concerned with who scores more goals …

  54. bruno von erugafayevitch says:

    None of you aresholes will be able to recall Wolstenholme’s fatuous TV comment during the 1961 cup final: “That Welshman [Cliff Jones] is flying so fast down that left wing that any little tap will send him flying”.

    But how could you? None of you have grown any pubic hair yet!

    Will it take a broken leg on Walcott or Willshire to convince you? Mugs!

  55. TonyRich says:

    Red Arse – Whilst I do not agree with Bale’s justification of any sort of “contact” makes a foul. We cannot possibly define where that line is. As people have said, the faster you go, the less contact is needed to impede you. It is NOT JUST the falling down. If you run into the box, and someone holds your shirt enough to stop you getting the ball – it is a penalty – whether you fall over or not. It is whether you are impeded without a fair challenge. That is my main contesting point – that the Sunderland player had no idea where the ball was. There was no fair challenge. So in that one circumstance (I am not defending any other) any significant contact that impedes Bale is a foul. But the ref probably did not see the contact – as it was so quick. So I definitely feel that the diving punishments should be taken retrospectively – where we can review them more consistently – with slo mo, various angles and with more certain rules. I think that any visible contact could be deemed as not a dive – BUT not necessarily a foul. That grey area is not handled well by refs at the moment.

  56. Destiny says:

    Gooner in Exile please stay there, your diagnosis of the tackle by Gardner on Bale is scary in its amount of analysis combined with stupidity, you need to get out more and play rather than watching frame by frame fouls its bad for the mind.
    Also have you seen the size of Bale compared to Cazorla Aguero or any othe midgets that more easily stay on their feet

  57. Rasp says:

    Destiny, GiE has played the game for may years at a reasonably high level. and trained with some top players so he is neither stupid nor speaking without experience.

  58. Rasp says:

    Go away bruno, you’re not worthy of a response.

  59. Big Fish says:

    You tag this article so it appears on the Spurs section of NewsNow. The nature of the article is clearly designed to wind up Spurs fans (Cazorla = no dive, Bale = cheat). There is only ONE motivation for this, and that is to maximise visits to this “blog” – I was certainly fooled! Reality is that Arsenal fans have absolutely no grounds to complain about diving whatsoever as its been an integral part of your game since Wenger took over. Your whining is even more hilarious than Bale’s attempt at a double tucked somersault (with pike).

  60. Destiny says:

    Rasp how do you expect me to take your comment seriously? reasonably high level? trained with some top players? are you in cahoots with him.
    I played and trained at a high level too but am not using that as my form of visual judgement.
    And actually MOTD do not usually support Bale but they did this time FF sake Gardner only had eyes for Bale

  61. Rasp says:

    Good comment Craigo. I agree Defoe’s dive was far worse and he does it too regularly for my liking. Messi get clipped all the time, Henry and Walcott are/were as fast as Bale but didn’t go to ground as easily as Bale. I believe there are many times when he is ‘clipped’ and could stay on his feet. I do not buy the ‘just getting my own back on defenders’ line .. it’s cheating in my book.

    Yes Arsenal players have dived in games but it is not a feature of our current team and none have been as guilty as Bale on a regular basis.

  62. Big Fish, yes you’re right, look at all the ad click revenue that we are generating from being here……oh thats right none! We do not have ads (unless WP is adding some for us being a free to run blog)

  63. Rasp says:

    Destiny, I know the man, you don’t. You accused him of stupidity – he’s far from stupid. I don’t care whether you take me seriously. We are trying to have a grown up debate here and you are confusing opinion with fact.

  64. J says:

    Wow, you’re deluded. Not only has the incident been mentioned at length in every match report, there have been endless articles across the media discussing this “dive” and Bale’s reputation as a diver, with quotes from the player and AVB, breakdowns of every incident he’s been booked for – in fact it has been covered in tediously minute detail and is one of the highest trending sports stories on the internet. And since the entire premise of your piece is completely flawed from the offset, I feel no need to contest any of your other points, other than to make the brief and passing comment that you’re retarded.

  65. Destiny says:

    Rasp go away youre pathetic now, Defoes dive was a joke but he does not have a reputation unlike Arse who do, also I admired Henry once but then the basketball moment confirmed hes a cheat.
    BTW Cazolas acting after the Ade red was disgusting, he cheated and has done since no doubt encouraged by Wenger who seems to coach cheating and being ungracious

  66. Stoney says:

    The easiest person to deceive is yourself. What an absolute pack of lies you have posted. Bale has received 5 yellow cards this season but only 3 have been for ‘simulation’ and on all three occasions he has been tripped. The media has not stopped going on about it. I don’t know what media you have read or watched. You are very selective. As for Cazorla. He clearly dived. There is no camera footage of your alleged ‘shin contact’. You’re a bare faced liar. For a goonie fan to post an article complaining about cheating and diving is quite frankly the greatest of liberties. The article stinks of utter hypocrisy. Under Wenger’s stewardship the goonies have perfected the art of cheating. Pires, Eduardo, Nasri, to name just three. It’s players from other clubs copying your cheating players because the refs were fooled by your past masters of the dark art. If you are really offering this up as an article to be taken seriously you need medical help as you are obviously short of a chromosome or two. Absolutely pathetic, but what more could we expect from a goon.

  67. Rasp says:

    We don’t make any money from this site. Our subject matter is diverse and provided by guest authors who are not required to tow any particular line. We have published articles by supporters of rival teams. Our subject matter is only required to be football based, reasonably well written and free from insults, racism, homophobia etc.

  68. Mo Khan says:

    This article is embarrassing. Bale was clearly clipped and it was a definite penalty and Gardner should have been given a yellow card. People should comment on facts rather than base their opinions on club rivalry. The referee could not even keep up to Bales electrifying pace so how is he going to make a correct decision from distance. He needs more help in my opinion.

  69. Bill says:

    As a Spurs fan, I have no absolutely no problem calling Gareth Bale a diver. However, he actually has to have dived for that to happen. Against Aston Villa earlier in the season, sure, he dived. Against Liverpool, Fulham and Sunderland, well, even former Liverpool and Arsenal players (Sky Sports, MotD, etc) admitted that contact was made on all three incidents. Let’s not let our biased opinion cloud our judgement, eh?

  70. Rasp says:

    Stoney, you are missing the point. Read back through the comments. One mans trip, is another’s contact, or someone else’s dive. It is subjective, but the regularity and body of video evidence show that, to put it mildly, Bale goes down a little too easily. As a result it may mean that he will not be treated fairly by refs in the future. I would suggest that Bale’s actions may be harming your football club and perhaps you should be unhappy about that.

  71. Destiny says:

    Actually Rasp I am talking fact not opinion and yours is under the microscope, give me fact and I will comment until then back off with your views on GIE, its opinion, I dont know him and dont care to, I am commenting on what I read and when I get fact I will be a happy Spurs fan.

  72. Rasp says:

    Destiny, if there were facts we wouldn’t be debating the subject. It’s not black and white, individual comments are just an attempt to get others to see your point of view. You can call something a fact as much as you like but if others disagree, its just your opinion … surely I don’t have to explain this to you any further.

  73. Big Fish says:

    @Gooner in Exile – did I mention ad revenue? Oh no, that’s right I didn’t 😉
    Enjoy building your “community”.

  74. Red Arse says:


    I was restricting my comment to ‘diving’ and not the consequences which can result in penalties being wrongly awarded or players being unfairly sent off.

    My comment implicitly related to the split second a ref gets to ‘interpret’ a foul, and in the case of Bale I think he was touched, from what I saw on playback, which of course the ref did not get to see.

    The question is ‘could Bale have stayed on his feet, even if he was touched?’ And the answer to that is that I do not know — any more than you do, or the ref did.

    The only one who does know is Bale, hence my comment about ‘mind reading’, and my belief that if someone does not need to go down but does – it is still cheating, but how can anyone tell.

    I made the point last night, on here, that I actually did not think Bale dived, in that particular instance, but he does have ‘form’, including against us, and tends to trail the ‘offended’ limb, and looks beseechingly at the ref, so he probably needs to work on his thespian projection skills. 🙂

  75. Destiny says:

    Rasp you are getting worse and knickers in a twist with the lies you are publishing.
    This crap appeared on the Spurs Newsnow so expect and reply intelligently as we do not have the history of diving that you have so find it hard to sympathise with amount of contact. FF sake they actually showed in close up Gardners knee hitting Bales while Bale was sprinting and his knee being knocked left

  76. Destiny says:

    The pundits then agreed unanimously the ref got it wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Trev says:

    80 red cards up to 2010 under Wenger, couldnt be bothered to look at what it is now……what a good honest club – NOT!!!

  78. Destiny says:

    RedArse strange name but I agree he dived against you last season no doubt and I agree fully

  79. Kettle black says:

    Thats a bit rich coming from a team who have gained 6 points do far this season from diving in the box (wigan Walcott & west Brom corzola). Bale goes down when he feels contact, watch corzola to see a dive when nobody touches him, In the eyes of the law of the game corzola is cheating and bale isn’t.

  80. Rasp says:

    Destiny, I’m perfectly calm my friend it is your fevered imagination that is getting carried away putting words in my mouth and ideas in my head. I’m probably going to bin you in a minute because your argumentative nature is becoming boring and the insults (crap/stupid) are tiresome.

    Answer these questions honestly:

    1. Do you consider Bale goes down too easily?
    2. Do you think his actions reflect well on spurs?

  81. LB says:


    I have just finished reading the tail end of yesterday’s comment and I am curious about something: why do you think that Arsenal have a reputation for being cheapskates?

    In view of the amount of polite requests for posts made by yourself and Peaches isn’t this the perfect subject for a more detailed explanation?

  82. Rasp says:

    Hi LB, we do have a reputation for being reluctant to pay the going rate for players, maybe cheapskates is a bit perjorative … prudent with the finances if you want to put it in more poilitical terms.

  83. Tom Daley says:

    Amazing reading all this, if Bale, Carzola, Wallcott, got caught on the knee flying at that speed they would go down not just because they think they can, because of gravity!!!!!!!! Bale quite rightly got booked against Villa, but how any ref can book someone when they get caught is bad reffing, they can still say no pen/free kick, but they cant judge the weight or quickness of the tackle or run. As a footnote when Zokora won a pen with a blatent dive vs pompey a few years ago, i couldnt even bring myself to celebrate i found it vile and shameful. its a shame its in the game and the only way out is retrospective analysis after the game, i.e recinding cards or giving lenghtly bans.

  84. JimB says:

    Regardless of whether or not Bale did dive, the ridiculous thing about this article is the risible persecution complex that inspired it.

    What world is the author living in? Has he hermetically sealed himself in a self contained pod on top of some remote Nepalese mountain, beyond the reach of TV, radio, internet and the football press? How else has he managed to miss the media storm about Bale’s diving? It is everywhere.

    The only reason why he believes that Cazorla (great player, by the way) was uniquely persecuted is because he is a gooner and consequently drawn to stories about Arsenal. His persecution complex is therefore based on an illusion.

    Time to wise up and man up, fella. There is no unfair treatment of Arsenal players. Just universal condemnation of divers.

  85. Rasp says:

    Jah Gooner’s comment has been removed because it contained racist terminology. and banana’s has been binned because he’s an idiot.

    JimB, I have watched Cazorla in every game this season and in truth I cannot be sure whether he dived or not in the incident everyone is referring to. What I do know is that it is the only such incident in 19 games and he gets targetted and clattered throughtout matches and doesn’t go to ground at every opportunity so I do not consider him to be in the same class as Bale in terms of being a diver – or Rooney and Gerrard for that matter

  86. Stoney says:

    I’m missing the point?
    The title of the article is… Bale a proven diver – why no fuss?
    I’ll quote you if I may.

    “Bale’s propensity to try to fool officials is currently a hot topic and spread across all the media”

    “If there were facts we wouldn’t be debating the subject. It’s not black and white”

    Your words, not mine.

  87. matt says:

    wow! you’re honestly saying that Bale (who is f@cking greedy) would pass up the chance to score? The contact to his knee is clear to see. Really it’s a red card for Gardner who has just denied a goalscoring opportunity.

    Bale’s other ‘dives’ this season that resulted in bookings against Liverpool and Fulham were both the result of lunging challenges at Bale in full flight and both showed contact. (go back and watch them – apparently these yellow cards are the proof that Bale is a diver!) Of all Bale’s dives only the Gardner one was in the box so what is Bale trying to achieve with these dives? Trying to get a freekick in a random area in the middle of the pitch? Or more likely trying not to get his leg broken as Charlie Adam did? If anything I think what most Spurs fans would say that Bale is a bit of a pussy sometimes, he’d rather just take the foul than try to get the ball and risk getting caught and injured. I think there’s a big big difference between diving to avoid injury and diving to win a penalty.

    Torres was booked and sent off for diving against Man U for a dive that wasn’t (i’m not sure who Arsenal fans favour in that tie so maybe because Torres plays for Chelsea it’s a dive?) The refs are making a bit of a hash of all this. The bigger issue really is that players are suspended as a result of these poor decisions.

  88. Kettle black says:

    Bale dives, Walcott dives, corzola dives, Defoe dived yesterday, Ashley young dives, the list goes on and on. If it takes a few wrong decisions with bookings to get rid of it, so be it. But if that is the only thing you have to have a go at your local rivals at the moment, it must be worrying times, I’d me more concerned with the empty seats and shit team you currently have.

  89. Jah Gooner says:

    Rasp is my new girlfriend…its her time of the month, she’s always upset over something..go fix me a sandwhich Rasp, or the wifebeater comes out the drawers : )

    Up the Arsenal !

  90. Rasp says:

    Stoney, you haven’t made a point so I have nothing to respond to?

  91. Will says:

    Bit of a joke most of the comments here as they show no inkling of sprinting.

    At school i was forced to play rugby and being a sprinter i was made a winger. The number of times a gentle nudge put me out of play and on my face was incredible and that includes the slightest of taps with fingers on my back foot as it was lifting. I was so fast that I was arely tackled but usually just “tapped” and the effect of the tap was to push me over the line usually and I do NOT mean the tryline.

    You can rave and rant all you like but Bale has stated time and time again that if he is tapped and put off balance (as i was often) he will fall as opposed to continue and risk an unprepared fall. If there is contact it should be a freekick or penalty. The biggest joke was the one near the halfway line. WTF did the referee think ? That Bale could score from there? Ther is blatant descrimination as IMHO defoe DID dive(and disgusted me) but no yellow.

    It will be interesting to hear from you whiners if Ronaldo returns although I hear that he has lost some speed and hence may not fall as often. High speed sprinting places your balance on an edge and like it or not that is a truth.

    The funny thing is that IF he played for you …etc….touch of the old sour grapes mostly IMO

  92. Rasp says:

    Jah, I know you’re being humorous, but give me a break, I’m trying to keep this debate nice.

  93. Banana Shaped Knob says:

    I`m going to need more therapy sessions, as calling me an idiot has smashed my already weak confidence, the therapy sessions are not cheap you know, thanks for nothing fellow human being. 😥

  94. Red Arse says:


    You appear to have chameleon tendencies as apparently you are ‘biast’ according to one of the above Spuds.

    As I do not wish to offend you, does that mean you are a beast or merely biased, or perhaps the rather more exotic ‘biased beast’ — do tell. 😀

  95. Tom Daley says:

    Toothache is funnier…………

  96. Rasp says:

    Will, your view would carry more weight if every other player who can run fast went to ground as often as Bale – but they don’t so your analogy is ineffective. I agree lots of players dive and I’d hope that most of the commenters on here today would agree that diving is bad for the game and players should be punished for trying to cheat whichever team they play for.

  97. Jah Gooner says:

    Lol, Rasp is getting trampled…now thats “nice”. Poor bitter liitle spud. ho ho ho : )

  98. Banana Shaped Knob says:

    Bale dives, De Foe dives, Suarez dives, Drogba dives, Madonna Beyonce and Carey divas, Frogman dives, Muff dives !.

  99. Rasp says:

    Jah, do you seriously think I’m a spurs supporter? This is an Arsenal site, run by Arsenal supporters for Arsenal supporters and I am an administrator.

  100. davi says:

    @Destiny – take eboue out of it and you can count all the clear dives by arsenal players on one hand since Wenger joined. I agree Cazorla clearly dived and Eduardo did as well, but they only did it once each. Pires dived maybe a couple of times max, and the fact that you have to bring up an Henry HANDBALL that happened YEARS AFTER HE LEFT shows that you don’t really have much to back your assertion. If we do have a reputation, it’s completely unjustified, and it’s probably mostly with spurs fans.
    Bale is a diver, he does it in nearly every game now. Maybe he’s become convinced that any sort of contact is justification for going down, but it just isn’t. As mentioned, there was contact on Cazorla, but I think most people know he clearly dived. Arsenal fans should admit to the dive, but I do think the point about it being such a big deal when Arsenal players do it is totally valid (it was back page news when Cazorla did it ffs). Van nistelroy scored half his goals off penalties, a lot of which he dived for but he doesn’t have such a reputation. Utd players have dived for penalties since the Young ones last season (Valencia, Welbeck, Hernandez?), but they don’t seem to have a “reputation for diving” as we apparently have.
    On Bale again, spurs fans just need to admit it. It’s well beyond a joke now. Everyone can see what he’s doing and it’s so frustrating because he’s so easily the best player on the pitch in almost all of his matches – he beats people for fun fairly, but then he has to try to cheat them as well.

  101. Red Arse says:

    Banana, I am sure the therapy will help you straighten up! 🙂

  102. Rasp says:

    Brilliant davi, thanks for bringing some logic and sanity back to the debate…. but I’m really not sure Santi did dive 🙄

  103. Jah Gooner says:

    You act like a spud, with your comment wiping, man up, they call themselves yids ffs…but i’m not allowed to type it? Get a grip fatty.

    AFC (13 times)

  104. Tom Daley says:

    Rasp and Davi, but you believe Bale did? Specsavers is rather inexpensive these days…………..

  105. Ok, that’s enough, I’m putting the moderation on, sorry if any regulars get caught up in it I’ll let you out as soon as possible

  106. Rasp says:

    Jah, I’m going to leave your last comment up but you will not be allowed back on the site again.

    You are not worthy of our club and certainly not welcome on here, there are sites that encourage your kind of hypocrisy but this is not one of them

  107. Red Arse says:

    It is appalling to read the stick the Rasper has been getting, but for an Arsenal fan to join in is downright unacceptable.

  108. Andy says:

    To mention Gareth Bale and Theo Walcott in the same breath is enough to make me throw up in my mouth. Delusional gooner.

    To answer your question, the media reacts like thus because 4 of those 5 bookings were unjust, as noted by all pundits etc except you gooners watching through redcurrant glasses.

    And to moan about general acceptance of Arsenal players – come on mate, arsenal get the best press, embodied by Walcott, wilshere and now chamberlain making FIFA front covers and England teams ahead of their years – young, British and play for arsenal = media love-in.

    Finally, the difference with cazorla was the ref gave the penalty, hence the post match inquest. Doesn’t take a genius to figure that out now does it.

  109. Rasp says:

    I’ve just released the reasonable comments, some of the stuff in trash is just vile abuse …what’s the point?

  110. Pete says:

    I think there are some sensitive people on here, as a spurs fan I can understand that we want to back our man – I do though find it difficult given his actions previously and coming away from my team, I can understand the views against him. Same way I look at Gerrard, Young, Suarez (multiple reasons)… list can go back a while.

    I think us Spurs fans have to take this on the chin a bit, Bale has been booked for diving too often. Whether rightly or wrongly, he has brought this on himself. You reap what you sow, if you have won something by cheating, the next time you may not get justice. I do not agree with the last three yellows (Liverpool, Sunderland and I forgot the other) but he would not have got them where it not for his reputation. He has earned it himself, nobody else, our club must stamp it out of him as this may happen again when it really matters and it will cost us.

    He does go down too easily, only he will know whether he is a cheat or not. Only he will fully understand the reasons for why he goes over the way he does. The rest of us have to formulate our own decisions, the referees clearly beleive that he is “simulating” and are wanting to crack down on it. He has a game on the sidelines due to his own behaviour, you cannot get away from it.

    At the same time though, there is an arguement to say their are many forms of cheating, diving is one, intent to deliberately bring down or worse injure is another. Now, you can take a yellow card for the team by checking a player and destroying a 3 on 2 attack and it is deamed acceptable as you get a yellow card (the old take a yellow for the team)- but it is cheating, your intent is to deliberately foul and stop a potential scoring advantage. To me, this is the same but it is much more accepted as part and parcel of the game, a proffessional foul it is called, cheating it isn’t.

    Now, it does not make diving acceptable what so ever, but I would like to know what your perception on this is? If I am honest, I hatre diving more, I guess the Endlish game has always had the “proffessional foul” in its game with the dive being a relitively new motion. If though the arguement is to punish diving more aggressively, I would think they would have to punish the proffessional foul more too – cheating is cheating regardless of how you do it, you are still trying to gain advantage by breaking the rules.

    In both cases I guess, you are asking someone to decide the purpose of anothers actions. It’s a pretty tough call. What is clear though is the current way of afficiating the problems we have is not sufficient and all fans would like something done about it. No one likes a cheat

  111. Great comment Pete, thank you.

  112. Rasp says:

    Thanks Pete, timewasting by keepers and players standing in front of the ball to prevent a player taking a quick free kick (not withtin shooting distance of the goal) are ways of cheating that appear to be tolerated not to mention shirt pulling in the box.
    I find the whole Stoke/towel scenario ridiculous. They can waste time by waiting for and then using a towel …. why is that within the rules?

  113. Rasp says:

    That’s your last comment too banana …….

  114. davi says:

    @Pete – nice comment mate. Imo the worst thing in the game is really dangerous tackling. Players don’t regularly go out to hurt others in my view, but far too often they just go overboard and risk the safety of their fellow professionals. That’s easily the most important issue in the game imo.
    wrt professional fouling and diving, to me it’s basically the same. In both cases it’s just a player cheating to try and gain an advantage. Professional fouling is just the defensive version, but it doesn’t have the femininity of diving.

    @Rasp – IMO if you believe Santi didn’t dive then you have to believe that Bale didn’t either in some of these cases. It has to be more than just contact. Every single corner kick there is contact in the box, a lot of which is unintentional or incidental and perfectly acceptable. So why is it that every touch is now considered a foul when it’s not a corner kick? Surely the only issue is whether Cazorla or Bale or whoever was impeded. Caz clearly wasn’t really impeded by the contact but decided to go down. Similarly in the Bale one, the contact didn’t affect him at all, he just decided to try to buy a FK and maybe a card for the Sunderland player.

    @Tom Daley – Tss, good one.

  115. Red Arse says:


    Excellent and sensible comment, and reflects much of how I see things too.

    The ex-players revel in praising ‘professional’ fouls because most of them have done it at some time, and it sounds much better than ‘cheating’.

    BUT, cheating is cheating by whatever name it is called, and by whichever player does it, at whatever club!

  116. Trev says:

    bale has dived in the past, Defoe had bitten ugly Argentinians playing for hammers, and Taricco was about the dirtiest player i have seen. BUT,……Lehmann fell to ground as if shot when lightly pushed by drogba, ian wright cowardly punched David Howells from behind in a derby game, and Pires was worse than Bale. Every club has these players and everyone has their own opinion as to who had the worst of them!

    Although, all of the above is just about covered in a single game by Suarez!

  117. Stoney says:

    I did, you just missed it!

  118. davi says:

    Andy – Bale completely dived and won a penalty against Arsenal last season but I didn’t hear a peep after the game genius. You’re lying a bit that all the pundits believe Bale received 4 out of 5 yellow cards unjustly, Collymore was taking him to task last night.

    And you’re having a laugh if you think Arsenal get the best press. They tried to get Eduardo banned ffs. They supported taylor and shawcross over the players they destroyed and have you heard an Arsene Wenger interview? They treat him like garbage. Only he and Benitez get/got that kind of treatment, as opposed to Ferguson and Harry who are the real media darlings. Have you heard a single conversation about arsenal that hasn’t included the fact that we haven’t won something in a number of years? Is that really necessary EVERY time?

  119. Rasp says:

    davi, the 🙄 was an indication of the sincerity of that comment.

    There is a lot of rubbish talked about ‘contact’. Some ex-player pundits seriously believe that if a player gets the ball there cannot be a foul. No consideration of the damage the trailing leg or the effect of the follow through ona fellow professional. The toon player who went straight throught the back of Giroud on Saturday should have got a straight red, Giroud was lucky to survive without serious injury. Health and safety has to be observed on the football pitch. Contact has to be allowed, but it is up to each individual to ensure they do not cause serious injury to others.

  120. Stratty says:

    There was hardly ‘no fuss’. There was contact. How many times have we heard ‘there was contact so it was a penalty.’ It might make rugby fans scoff, but this is the marker for there being a foul. Your point that people feel far more at ease at criticising foreigners is fair, but Bale isn’t exactly getting away with it.

  121. Pete says:

    Cheers guys… I don’t regret clicking this sight, had some very well thought of comments in your section with willingness to see anothers perspective which is entirely refreshing. Good on you.

    I think unfortunately we have to accept the game we love is not perfect and will never be. Although we are discussing a more sinister aspect of the game, you have to admit, it gives us all the chance to discuss it as football fans. It would be a boring game otherwise! Talking points on the weekends games is what we the fans love. We love to hate as much as we do idolise.

    There will always be new inovations on how to gain advantage, its true in all sports. The pressure to win is so vast these days some are willing to gain any advantage in any way they can. It is of course wrong but unfortunately is human nature. The world would be boring if we all acted according to the rules. Who never threw a paperplan in class?

  122. Rasp says:

    Well said Pete, Happy New Year to you.

  123. Pete says:

    And a happy new year to you too… looking forward to your visit to the lane… we have had a terrible time against you in 2012, hopefully we can be a bit more competative this year 🙂

  124. mike says:

    the facts are he dose nnjury ot dive yes he may go down easier than some at that pace and trying to avoid contact when others are clumsy can make it look like a dive but lets be honest 1 he don t role around looking for pen 2 would any of you put yourself at risk of seriously injury just because of what twats think that can t see beyond the simpliest of possible solution

  125. Gerry Watters says:

    There was definate contact with Bales right knee as he ran inside the box. His pace causes problems for most and if you have the side or back of your knee struck into the knee buckles. Have you never done this sort of thing as a prank on your mates where you knock the back of the knee THEY GO OVER. It was a penalty and the ref got it badly wrong as could be clearly seen on the replay.

  126. Big Raddy says:

    Bale is a brilliant player and without doubt the best Spud for a decade – so why does cheat?

    I hope Bale gets hounded out of England & as soon as possible because his leaving will seriously weaken Spurs which can only be a good thing.

  127. Big Raddy says:

    BTW The pace argument is complete twaddle. Walcott is a much faster player and he doesn’t go down with a puff of wind

  128. Rasp says:

    Hi Raddy, nice to have your company, I felt like I was behind the barracades at Rorke’s Drift for a while earlier.

    Yes I’ve made the point that Bale isn’t the only quick player in the prem, but he is the one that goes down the most frequently.

  129. davi says:

    Gerry – you’re talking about when someone really slams into the back of the joint. Of course the knee buckles then, but Bale’s leg stayed straight and he just used it as an excuse to go down. There was nowhere near enough force to bring him down.

  130. Big Raddy says:

    Perhaps it is a physical thing……

    Being an ape, Bale has much more weight in his upper torso than humans and as such is more prone to fall

  131. Big Raddy says:

    Rasp. Thank you – I shall spend a couple of happy hours watching Zulu.

    Great movie

    p.s. did you get my email about tomorrow’s post?

  132. double98 says:

    Big Raddy – Bale is Tottenhams Steven Gerrard – he is their roy of the rovers, he has 2 barnstorming runs per game and 2 motm performances a year.
    He is the reason why we’ve celebrated St Tottinghams day for the last two seasons.

    As Stevie G held liverpool back, so does Bale.
    Both Clubs are blinded by the celebrity of the two that they can’t see the glaring,obvious flaws.
    They are highlights reels and can’t do a 90 minute match, let alone a 38 game season.
    You can’t build a team around them because they do so little. Bale would do well in a side that allowed him to go missing for 75 minutes.

    I say long live Bale at Spurs

  133. slime says:

    The majority of players go to ground far too easy these days, including Arsenal players.

    I think the point is that there does appear to have been a lot more said in the press about Cazorla diving than that of Bale or Defoe (which was by far the worst). The reason for this is simple, Cazorla’s dive resulted in a goal, whereas the other 2 resulted in no advantage being gained.

    If you look at all the dives going on at the moment, and there are many to choose from, it’s always the ones that lead to goals, or an advantage, that are highlighted.

    I don’t think it’s a witch hunt against our club.

  134. Rasp says:

    Hi Raddy, thanks, I just replied to your email and tomorrow’s all yours 😛

  135. Adrian says:

    I’m sorry but Cazorla’s dive was just a really bad one, no other excuses for it. Bale’s dive against Sunderland wasn’t any worse than his. But obviously we know who’s the worse diver(and the worst in the epl too) among the two. One’s a one time offender and the other is a repeated offender who looks like a monkey.

  136. It was wet and Bale slipped. . . lolz what a buffoon!

  137. Adrian says:

    I’m with slime. The british media has been known to be bias towards british players in the past but I do not think in this incident it is a witchhunt specifically against our club. The fact that Cazorla’s dive resulted in a penalty which we scored from compared to Bale’s where Tottenham didn’t get anything from his dive probably played a part in this too.

  138. Rasp says:

    For Raddy and Sheep Hagger

  139. double98 says:

    Slime – i don’t think players go down easier today.
    Franny Lee was known as Lee Won Pen and dived his way to stardom –
    Growing up in the 70s and 80s you didn’t get replays of penalty incidents and there was no where near as much post match analysis so diving could arguably have been a worse situation – it could also have been a harder thing to do as Refs where much more lenient to physicality and a brushed ankle would have probably been ignored.

    I think Arsenal are unfairly treated by the press – if Bales dives result in goals there is nothing near the level of character assasination by the “independent” Media

  140. Kettle black says:

    Every team has players that dive, unfortunately for bale he’s shit at it. David Moyes showed the way forward, he fined Phil Neville for diving!. The difference between the press bale got and corzola is because corzola got away with it and Arsenal scored the pen and won the game, so was featured as a massive talking point after, Bale didn’t get the pen, spurs never profited from the dive, infact he is now out of the reading game as a result of it. Players, managers from all teams need to cut it out and refs need to side towards the defenders when someone goes down easy, even when touched, and I use the word touched loosely…,at what point did the rule book change to say its a foul of touched?.

  141. goonerjake says:

    Thank you finaly Destiny has gone! to copy Mr Homer Simpson wahoo!!! Why cant people debate nicely, why do some feel the need to abuse and attack?

    Definitive answer Bale Dives.

    Right who are we going to sign in the transfer window?

    NB. Spurs fans as much as i appriciate your views today apart from the abuse this does not involve you!

  142. goonerjake says:

    Oh no, no one has said anything in a while…. okay go back to discussing the diver

  143. Rasp says:

    Destiny, the fact that you resort to cheap insults is all the proof we need to see that you are the one who resorts to schoolyard behaviour. We don’t want you on this site and have no interest in your opinions. Here’s an idea, why not find a spurs site to frequent, you may find some sympathy with your views there.

  144. jnyc says:

    Great post Rocky, everything in the article is true. We just have to live with this situation. Maybe less of a problem in the future with all the British talent we are amassing. But i would like to point out that i did find it funny that the arsenal supporters went over and over Santis penalty like it was the JFK assasination video. It basically looked like a dive, so you really cant blame the referee. And even on most replays looked like some spanish acting. —
    in general, i would like to see more dives called, even if occasionally harsh, its much better than the alternative- more undeserved penalties for a team like manu. And even more players diving, for a larger share of the penalty kicks. —
    i would love some sort of nfl style replay review. In the nfl, there are so few mistakes made on the field that arent fixed. but there are the big problems with timing and flow of the game.

  145. RockyLives says:

    Er… hello everyone 🙂

    It’s a simple fact: Bale is a diver. The bookings prove it. The evidence of our own eyes proves it.

    When Arsenal last had a serial diver in the squad (Eboue) it was Arsenal fans who were up in arms about his behaviour – to the point where, towards the end of his time with us, he had mostly cleaned up his act.

    If the Spud fans were more vocal about Bale’s diving, it might encourage him to stop and their team might benefit as a result.

    The “running at speed means the slightest touch makes you fall over” argument is demolished week-in-week-out in the EPL by fast players who stay on their feet at speed despite getting contact.

    The rules of the game are clear: exaggerating contact is foul play (ie cheating). Some of Bale’s dives are simple cheating (no contact); most involve a small element of contact followed by “exaggeration.”

    I would like to thank some of the Totts supporters who have contributed well to a debate about this subject (eg Pete). Obviously many others prefer abuse to rationality but that’s no great surprise.

    The allegations that we are a team known for diving are so wide of the mark that you wonder whether the people making them follow football in any real way at all.

    We have many flaws (most recently, including playing too much tippy-tappy football that pretends to be stylish but is really ultra-negative; having a soft underbelly whenever we get ahead in a game and questionable “mental strength”) but diving ain’t one of them.

    Walcott dived once a few seasons back. After the game he made a public apology and I have not seen him dive since. Perhaps his former Southampton buddie now playing in Spud white could take a leaf out of Theo’s book on how to conduct oneself with dignity.

  146. RockyLives says:

    Thanks for manning the barricade at Rock’s Drift – sorry the time difference meant you were doing it (mostly) single-handedly.

  147. Rasp says:

    Hi Rocky, no problem, hopefully the lack of support was because everyone was out doing family stuff on New Years Eve rather than hiding behind LB’s sofa 🙂

  148. Rocky – it’s interesting what you say about how we reacted to Eboue’s behaviour compared to how the slimy scummers react to Bale. I know a few really intelligent chaps who have amazed me recently when lending their support to the diver ……. scum of course 🙂

  149. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    What was that about all them Spudz invading the site this morning.
    I was unable to help out as I was working until 3pm,then I came home and it took me 30 mins to read all of the replies,
    They invaded us like the flys in Flash Gordon.
    lucky I was working imagine the abuse I would get of the Spudz with this name.
    Can I ask why am I mentioned on the Zulu clip is it cause of the welsh guards.
    Back to mr Bale.
    I have seen Mr Bale many times playing for Wales and he tends to go over easy even for his country.
    But he’s not the only player to do so there are too many to mention.
    We are always going to debate on players ours included was it a dive or not I say “yes it was” and it saddens me to say that as he’s a Welshman like me .
    Rant over,much love
    Ps can u ban people from here , if so I’d better be carefull what I type as I’m not a full member

  150. LB would say i shouldn’t talk to chose chaps 😉

  151. Rasp says:

    Hi SH H, yes because of the Welsh Guards

  152. Rasp says:

    SH H, you are very much a full member and we only ever ban people (it doesn’t happen very often) if they do not behave themselves after we have explained what it is we object to and asked them to play nicely 😕

  153. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    Ok————–> I know nothing 🚮

  154. GunnerN5 says:

    The headline and the topic were bound to create a dispute between the two sets of loyal supporters and personally I find the whole discussion an exercise in futility.

    Most supporters will feel hard done by both the media and the officials and will naturally defend their players – did we seriously expect anything different?

  155. Rasp says:

    Happy New Year GN5 😕

  156. RockyLives says:

    Hello GN5
    Thanks for the comment.

    There is a difference in the way in which “diving” allegations are reported, depending on who the perpetrator is.

    I, personally, don’t think it’s futile to examine why this is.

    If course I respect your right to feel differently.

  157. FCArsenal says:

    The diving rule needs to be re-written to combat those who say ‘if i get touched then I go down’.

  158. GunnerN5 says:

    Rocky, no disrespect was intended. I simply don’t like and will not get involved in circular dialogue.

  159. GunnerN5 says:

    I’ve been wondering about the relevance of comparing season over season results, especially when 6 (15.8%) out of the 38 games cannot be compared.

    I already had a data base of all of our games played in the EPL so I did a study to compare games against the same team.

    The results were very surprising –

    The season with the highest “same” results, IE; win, draw or loss, was 2003/4 compared to 2002/3 where19 results were the same for 59 %.

    The season with the least “same” results was 2011/12 compared to 2010/11 where only 8 results were the same for 25%.

    This season we have 9 same results out of 16 comparative games for 56%

    Overall we have played 652 comparative EPL games of which only 259 were the same for 40%

    I only studied games which were a direct comparison.

    The spreadsheet is available if you would like a copy.

  160. Big Raddy says:

    I have spent many hours discussing both the South and the North Circulars and GN5 …. you are right – nothing changed 🙂

  161. RockyLives says:

    None taken Gn5

    Interesting stats.

    I guess one question to look at would be the direction in which the non-same outcomes have “tipped”.

    In other words, seasons where the “change” games have shown an improvement for Arsenal in points gained, rather than a decline.

  162. Cham’s widget… eyes opened wide when i read your comment, but the photo is a give away, nice try my friend.

  163. Rasp says:

    Hi GiE, I’m sorry I have been slow updating your widget recently. We have a game tomorrow so I’ll wait for the new version and get it up ASAP.

    Happy New Year to you all 😛

  164. GunnerN5 says:


    Yea that would be even more definitive but I’m not sure my eyes can handle looking at spreadsheets for another few hours. But I will give it a shot.

  165. GN5 the swingometer table is an exercise in fun but also I think its good to remove the chronology, from the second half of the season the swing is probably less relevant than in the first ten games of the season. I am not so sure it is reliable as a prediction but it offers a guide to where we can improve on our results from the prior season, and what we should be looking for out of our remaining games.

    As i said on the tail end of yesterdays comments we have to play City and Chelsea at home in next three weeks, last season the wins were vital in accumulating our points total and third position, we are already down 9 points against last seasons games (using this seasons new boys to replace last terms relegated), if we are to lose these too then we would be 13 points down and i think i would be starting to squeak. However it also offers comfort that there are several games left that we can turn around from last season to make our way back up to a similar points haul (if not more).

    If we started the season with West Ham A, Spuds H, Stoke A, Dippers A, WBA H, Reading A, Southampton H, Wigan A, QPR H, Newcastle H we would be sitting on 28 points (only dropping points away to Stoke). But without having played any of the main contenders, people would start talking of us as Championship contenders, but in reality only 1 result was an improvement from last year (away win against West Ham replacing the away defeat at Blackburn, if we used Wolves rather than Blackburn we would be on exactly the same points). Would we actually be contenders?

  166. RockyLives says:

    Haha – sorry Gn5 – I don’t mean to send you goggle-eyed!

  167. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    Any one had new year yet it 18.00 uk time were u all from

  168. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    And don’t reply
    My mother ™

  169. chas says:

    Barnstorming post, Rocky.

    Thank you, loved it very much and I’ve just spent a very enjoyable time reading the comments.

    A couple of excellent spud commenters also (amongst the dross).
    This always amazes me because I’ve never met one in real life. 🙂

    My older brother always shouts ‘stay on you feet’ at the Arse defenders when jockeying an opposing forward. Perhaps if all forwards followed the same mantra the game would be much more pleasant to watch. I can’t imagine what it feels like to know you are going to hit the deck regardless of whether you are touched or not.
    Doesn’t it make you feel dirty inside, Gareth?

    “There was contact” from the likes of Hansen etc does my head in every time. Don’t they know the rules after playing for umpteen years followed by umpteen more as a supposed ‘expert pundit’?

  170. My Heart Is White says:

    I bet most of you are an ugly bunch of overweight out of shape morons, who think they’re better than the professionals but have never been able to sprint with a ball. You were probably only able to run with the ball at best in your prime. Most have never run as fast as Gareth does, including all the refs in the prem. So this tells me that none of you are qualified to make a decision on a player going down and if they’ve had enough contact to go over at great speed. In each of the cases where Bale was yellow carded he had contact and yet when he doesn’t go over from contact, many players have tried and are trying to take him out of the game. So what would you do when someone tries to take you out and possibly for many months or even ending your career? You make judgements even though you have no knowledge of this experience, only what you’ve seen from a few different camera angles. It’s very sad to see such resentment to such a great player. Even though I’m a Spurs fan I can appreciate a good player in red and white, why can’t you? You all know there was contact each time anyone with half a brain and a bit of common sense would know that only the slightest touch is needed to bring someone down when they’re travelling at speed. Monkey boy? PHA, so what do you call Arshavin then?

  171. chas says:

    Arshavin is the meerkat.

    My Heart is Faye White,
    Do you honestly think Bale goes down because of the contact or because he’s decided he’s going down regardless?

  172. My Heart Is White says:

    No he goes down because he’s been impeded and is completely within the rules

  173. My Heart Is White says:

    Sory but Arseshaggin looks nothing like a meerkat, he looks like an inbred but that’s about it.

  174. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    I bet most of you are an ugly bunch of overweight out of shape morons,
    Listen son I’m none of the above,I’m a 11st male 5 ft11.
    Get u facts right and don’t forget I’m welsh so I see Gareth play for Wales regular.
    And yes he does the same when he plays for our country but hes not the only one.
    Sheep much love xx

  175. My Heart Is White says:

    What’s Faye got to do with anything? You did’t used to be in a bouble act, by the way Chas did you? Did you used to make songs for the Spurs FA cup runs?

  176. My Heart Is White says:

    Yeah SON, but you aren’t most of you are you?

  177. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    And to assist u with u abuse I’m the only welsh gunner here,hence the name tag

  178. My Heart Is White says:

    I couldn’t care less where you come from, I live near Newport so FU(KING what? Regardless of your build and Nationality you still probably have never run with a ball as fast as Gareth does have you?

  179. My Heart Is White says:

    No he isn’t a diver, but like very single professional player he INVITES a foul, if someone obliges then they care broken the rules.

  180. Gooner In Exile says:

    I have been out today with family, I kept tripping my brother in law up at various times of unawareness, not once did he go down, especially the one when he had a pint in his hand, he is a Liverpool fan we had had the debate about Suarez, I was proving a point. 😀

    Of all the times I was ever fouled on a pitch I can’t think of any where I ended up going down with body in a straight line and legs doing the same, all of Bales bookings this year have come from exaggerating the contact. But he didn’t get booked for the one against Villa, maybe the Spurs fans here would like to bemoan that one. Laughed off on MotD….but for him has meant the other bookings.

  181. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    No correct son but I’m not pro player.
    No need to swear have u run as fast with a ball as bale.
    How do u support spurs living in Newport.

  182. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    Amazes me these spuds can’t post on there own site.
    Brb I’m off to a spud site, post some poo.

  183. chas says:

    INVITES a foul

    You couldn’t make it up.
    If someone obliges, it’s a foul, if not it’s a dive.
    Warped logic or what.

  184. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    Lol nuts eh.
    More Spudz here today than my local chippy.
    For the Americans a chippy is a fish and chip shop.

  185. goonerjake says:

    As fast as Bale? As fast as Bale? arrrrggghhh. Does not make a difference. Ive seen players faster than Bale get more of a tackle than Bale and continue running. From Bales own mouth he condemend himself he claims if you get a touch you go down. CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAATTT

  186. My Heart Is White says:

    I think Van pussy dived and so did Klinsmann and many others, but Bale only goes down either to protect himself or because he’s impeded. Have you seen when he tries to stay on his feet, usually his legs are a target instead of the ball. As a Spurs fan I’ve seen this develop in Bales career, for instance, he never used to get any attention from the media because before he earned a name in football he wasn’t targeted by other players as much as he is now. After a number of horror tackles on him from a number of players taking him out for months, he began to start going down when he felt contact instead of trying to stay on his feet as he used to, especially as many times when players would commit horrific challenges on him the refs never sent the offending player off or even gave them a yellow card.

  187. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    How r u. Spurs fan from new port ..?

  188. My Heart Is White says:

    I support Spurs living in Newport because I’m 39 and have lived in Wales for 12 years, but lived most of my life in Tottenham, Edmonton and Enfield, but I was born in Spurs colours anyway.

  189. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    U welsh ?

  190. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    I didn’t ask u age or where u have lived u
    Much love

  191. My Heart Is White says:

    The reason why I’m posting on this site is because you lot are talking about our player, so the piece ends up on our official sites media list. If you don’t like us writing on your sites stop writing about Spurs and Spurs players. Easy ain’t it!

  192. My Heart Is White says:

    No my Girlfriend is from Wales that’s why I moved there, but you’re the one with a fixation on sheep, must mean something!

  193. My Heart Is White says:

    No I’m not Welsh I was born in England and lived most of my life in London, that’s why I mentioned my age so you could tell how long I lived in London. Anyway You’re Welsh and support a South London club? So why are you questioning my relation to Spurs?

  194. Red Arse says:


    So to summarize, you claim that ,

    “most of you are an ugly bunch of overweight out of shape morons, who think they’re better than the professionals but have never been able to sprint with a ball. You were probably only able to run with the ball at best in your prime. Most have never run as fast as Gareth does, including all the refs in the prem.”

    OK, most of that is true, except for the ‘moron’ part.

    Whereas you, being a moron, obviously think you can run as fast as Bale, can read his mind, and you think you are not ugly, like him, and therefore know more than we do!!

    I think you need to lie down in a dark room and practise that a bit more.

    Let me start you off –“My name is White Hart (oh, god no – you’ve misspelt even that bit) – I am a moron …………….” off you go! 🙂

  195. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    I don’t know how to do it I’m not a mod .
    My wife is English and no I don’t own sheep I use this name as its my x box live name .
    I’ve a welsh son and daughter makes me a sheep 🐑

  196. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    Mines a long story how I’m a gunner.
    I’m hoping to do a pre match post for the swansea game so ill tell all my aa mates there.
    Don’t u come back and read it u may duff me up .
    Sheep xx

  197. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    His line to me check it
    You’re Welsh and support a South London club?
    Sheep laughing here , glad I’m all there.
    Even I know London my wife from there.

  198. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    Red I’m a lean mean 11 st I’m no over weight moron the rest I may be .

  199. chas says:

    Duff me up. hahahahahaha

    I think you’re doing the pre-match and the match report from what I’ve read!

  200. chas says:

    Sheepy, my Welsh friend, Monsieur Faye White is referring to the fact that the spuds are originally from Middlesex.

  201. chas says:

    …not London at all.

  202. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    He said I’m welsh and support a south London team have arsenal moved

  203. chas says:

    I’m 5′ 8″ and 11st 12lbs. A little over my fighting weight admittedly, but I ain’t no moron.

  204. chas says:

    Woolwich, sheepy.
    An old spud jibe they never tire of.

  205. Red Arse says:

    OK, WHart, now you rationalize the Bale aversion to playing fair because some nasty temas target him, and might bruise his little leggy weggies.

    Do you knoe what some of your Spuds colleagues said today?
    They said Eduardo was a diver when he returned to play after injury.

    Bruises on Eduardo’s legs, or a threat of an injury if he did not dive, pale into insignificance because he suffered a dreadful assault which almost severed his ankle from his leg, but in some perverted Spud logic that did not excuse the one and only time he ‘may’ have dived, , but Bale going down when he thought he was going to be tackled is OK, apparently.

    Look I don’t care to become involved in tribal slanging matches, but ill thought out and illogical comments such as those offered up by some Spurs fans today offend my cerebrum!

  206. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    Ill do are match post on swansea game ,ill give it ago if u want me to and ill try and make it funny with some history.
    U will know how sheeps a gunner and has been if I say the year it was it will give the game away.
    Do t tell this guy to much

  207. chas says:

    Right I’m off to celebrate the end of 2012.
    A fine year, we beat the spuddies twice 5-2.
    10-4 rubber duck.
    Happy New Year.

  208. My Heart Is White says:

    No obliges means that someone has stuck their foot out for example and tripped them, and not keeping disciplined enough not to stick a foot out.

  209. Red Arse says:

    Sheep, @7:28 🙂

    I was addressing White Hart – you silly sod!! 😀

  210. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    Lol I know red my sense of humor daft like faulty towers

  211. My Heart Is White says:

    Yes they may have Red-arse, but I’m not my Spurs colleagues. You are saying the same thing as they did about Bale, even though Bales injuries haven’t been quite so bad as Eduardo’s was but the same thing.

  212. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    I won’t be long I’ve got to go play some golf don’t ask me my handicap.

  213. goonerjake says:


  214. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    White fart u getting boring now son ,
    You’re Welsh and support a South London club?
    Are u all there .

  215. My Heart Is White says:

    But Red-arse, I don’t think any behaviour from fans is as bad tasting as fans hissing to possible Jewish people, to mimic the nazi gas chambers, is it? I can point things out that fans do too, regardless of you being involved or not. Doesn’t really mean anything to individuals when generalisations are made.

  216. Gooner In Exile says:

    I’ve seen 110m hurdles clip every one and not fall over, contact does not mean someone running fast will fall over

  217. RockyLives says:

    Excellent point GiE.

    You could also point to rugby, where you sometimes see wingers who are every bit as fast as Bale take heavy hits but keep going.

    But in any case, we all know the EPL players who “go down easily” and the ones who don’t.

    Pires would occasionally take a tumble without much contact but, aside from Eboue, we haven’t had a proper diver for years.

    A lot of players will do it once in a while (Defoe), but there’s only a handful who make a habit of it: Bale, Suarez, A. Young, Rooney spring to mind.

  218. Gooner In Exile says:

    White Hart go make a DVD or something.

    Sheep….we came from Woolwich (South London), Spudders like White Hart have had a chip on their shoulder (those that are lucky enough to have them after emerging from the N17 swamp) that our behemoth landed on their shores and continued to cast an enormous shadow over the swamp. It stopped their evolution so little was the sunlight cast over N17. Since we moved a bit further away they have been lucky enough to get a few rays of sunlight, but it’ll fade away soon and the swamp will return to darkness as it always does.

  219. RockyLives says:

    By the same token, there are players lie Aguero, Walcott, Van Persie, Balotelli, Dzeko, Lennon, Adebayor, Bent and others who seldom go over easily.

  220. My Heart Is White says:

    Sheep Shagger, stop calling me son, you haven’t got the brains to be my father and if I’m not mistaken you’re the one who’s Welsh not me and you’re the one who publicly named yourself a sheep-shagger or very close to. Your club is from S. London not mine, so I suppose I’m alright it’s the others! Yeah I’m boring you, I’ve just answered you’re stupid website and the in the closet love you all have for Spurs, why can’t you stop talking about Spurs and our players? Not all there, you’re way past not all there, infact you’re nothing there!

  221. My Heart Is White says:

    Gooner in exile, what a crap name, you forgot to mention your clubs dodgy dealings with the FA and how you managed to get voted up to the top instead of earning it even though you were nowhere near the top of the league. You’ll have to change the tune soon I’m afraid if Spurs keep going up and Arse keep going downwards.

  222. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    Oi I’m sheep hagger not sheep shagger it’s banned.
    That was over 100 years ago we was a south London club .
    Get over it white fart son .
    I’ve got brains I left school with ten fags and a love bite stop taking
    The pisx .
    Much love sheep
    Brb spice girls on MTV

  223. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    My wife goes over easy on pay day she’s from London
    Say no more sheep

  224. RockyLives says:

    There have been some good comments made by visiting Spuds fans today. The throwing of insults is just boring.

    I think you may be right about Bale taking evasive action for fear of getting hurt, but it still sometimes results in him taking a tumble when there has been either no contact or too little contact to knock him over.

    No-one on here disputes that he’s a good player (I even stated the fact in the original Post).

    Surely you are prepared to admit that Bale sometimes goes over too easily and that it might be better if he didn’t? It doesn’t mean he’s not an excellent player – but it would be better for both him his club if he cleaned up his act and shook off this reputation.

    As I mentioned above, when we had a serial diver (Eboue) we got on his back until he stopped it. We were embarrassed – and you would have been hard pressed to find an Arsenal fan who would defend his diving.

    The reverse seems true with Spuds fans and Bale (with one or two honourable exceptions).

  225. RockyLives says:


  226. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    According to white fart we all got useless names .
    Cheeky from man from who’s called white fart
    Sorry I can’t spell I’m welsh

  227. Sheep Hagger ™ says:


  228. My Heart Is White says:

    I can’t be bothered to talk with arse fans all night, stop talking about our players and club and we’ll stop commenting on your dull ignorant and backward websites. I hope this years even worse for the Arse, so sad new year to the arse!

  229. My Heart Is White says:

    Before I go rocky you lot started the insults. I just obliged. I was talking sensibly at first, but had to deal with backward insults so I’m not gonna just take it, if you lot don’t like it don’t dish it out.

  230. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    Zzzzzzzzz💤💤💤💤💤zzzzz.go make love to u welsh bird make sure she’s no sheep .
    Come back soon son don’t rush

  231. My Heart Is White says:

    Honourable, ha, you just want people to agree with you, there’s nothing honourable about shitting on your own. I only agree with fans from other clubs when they don’t talk shit.

  232. My Heart Is White says:

    I’m not your son, you backward beastiallity loving freak. How’s that for an insult, FU(K OFF and sad new year to you Sheep shagger!

  233. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    Ok I’m off may be on tomorrow fellow Arse fanz
    In off to the gym now then a 2 mile run .
    Happy new year
    Much love sheeps
    I kiss u all not in a gay way
    Take care

  234. Rasp says:

    White watsisname is in trash I’m afraid, I couldn’t go out and leave him to trash the site. Thanks for your tolerance … Happy New Year to gooners everywhere 😛

  235. RockyLives says:

    Actually Rasp it’s good that he showed his true colours.

    It’s funny how some people start with insults (because that’s the norm in much of the blogging world) but when they realise this is a grown-up site are able to engage in reasonable debate while others, like White Heart go the other way.

    I imagine it’s a basic intellect thing.

    The bitterness of living so long in our shadow seems to poison some sad souls.

  236. RockyLives says:

    Good night and Happy New Year Sheep.

  237. Red Arse says:

    Same to you too, Rasper!! 😀

  238. Sheep Hagger ™ says:

    I was joking about glint to the gym but once I left he was not far behind me .
    Check his last post

    My Heart Is White says:
    December 31, 2012 at 8:19 pm
    I’m not your son, you backward beastiallity loving freak. How’s that for an insult, FU(K OFF and sad new year to you Sheep shagger!
    Long live sheep roll, on 2013
    Come on Arsenal we can do it .

  239. Wolfe says:

    Bale consistently pancake flops.

    Watch the penalty he won against Arsenal in the 5-2 game (the first 5-2 that is), and you can see once past the keeper he collapses. Avoiding injury? My arse.

    Cazorla went down far too easily on that one occasion. However he has generally shown he is a player more inclined to get up and carry on than hold up the play – just look his play in the second 5-2 victory over spurs when he assisted Giroud’s goal.

    Debating Bale’s blatant cheating seems a waste of energy – the whole footballing world can see what he’s about, and if he wants to continue to tarnish his already bad reputation and suffer at the hands of refs, fine by me.

  240. RockyLives says:

    Well said Wolfe

  241. RockyLives says:

    And it’s always nice to remind ourselves of those 5-2 wins 😀

  242. RockyLives says:

    I just re-watched Bale’s “pancake flop” (great expression Wolfe 🙂 ) in the first 5-2 win against the Spuds. Total disgrace.

    By the way, isn’t it nice to be able to use the phrase “in the first 5-2 win against the Spuds…”? 🙂

  243. RockyLives says:


  244. oz gunner says:

    Happy New Year AA’ers hope you all had a great night and have an amazing 2013. The champions league is ours!

    Some great comments today, some very laughable as well. Well played rasp for dealing with it.

    At the end of the bale is soft as mud. GiE hit the nail on the head, he flops to the ground each and every time. If you are hit side on at that speed momentum shifts and you move.

    As a male I just don’t know how players who dive look at themselves in the mirror. Being labelled a cheat/diver ect would be one of the biggest slaps on the face, yet people like Bale do it constantly.

    This is always good for a laugh:

  245. mickydidit89 says:

    Very Happy New Year Everyone.
    MSsive thanks to Rasp Peaches and Rocky for givinv us all such a wonderful site
    I do have new year Predictions and Wishes
    But not from a mobile I don’t
    Bye for now

  246. Gooner In Exile says:

    Happy NewYear to all AAers

  247. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    Wishing everybody at Arsenal Arsenal a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!

    Rocky, thanks for the fireworks display on this site. Really enjoyed reading the comments from yesterday 😉

    I also have to commend London on a great fireworks display, particularly enjoyed the London eye.

    Rasp, Peaches i would also like to echo Mickys thoughts and congratulate and thank you both for giving us this wonderful site, and fighting our corner well yesterday. Hats off from this Aussie boy

  248. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    GiE, Happy new year mate. Is it out of the oven yet? 🙂

  249. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    Im a capricorn too. Stubborn in our persistence, they say.
    Seems fitting 😆

  250. Gooner In Exile says:

    PPP still sitting tight…..this is my driest Festive season since I was 13. I’ve had one glass of champagne and one beer.

  251. Prince-Purrfect-Poldi says:

    I feel for ya, i really do, but as they say ‘all good thing come to those who wait.’
    1 beer, geez that would be tough.

  252. Gooner In Exile says:

    Especially tough as there is a keg of real ale (from one of my clients) waiting to be opened in my Garage.

    I probably received about fifteen bottles of wine/champagne plus the keg leading up to Xmas and haven’t touched one!

  253. Big Raddy says:


    BR was silly last night. Ended up playing guitar until 4a.m. and then cycling 10 miles home in the wind and rain in a condition that can only be described as drunken.

    Shame on him – I expect better 😀

    (it was so windy that I passed a fallen Bale on the side of the road)

  254. At least your perfecting your waistline 😆

    Trust me GiE, hangovers are overrated

  255. chas says:

    Sounds like it’s going to be fun wetting the babby’s heid. 🙂

  256. chas says:

    A new year’s dip anyone?

  257. Big Raddy says:

    Superb Chas.

    Mrs Raddy went swimming in the sea yesterday. Mad these Vikings.

  258. chas says:

    Chapel hat pegs?

  259. A happy and prosperous New Year to everyone on AA.

  260. chas says:

    You too, GM

  261. Rasp says:

    Happy New Year everyone 😛

    ….. New post ……

  262. 20/20Vision says:

    sperz mafiosi run the media especially the BBC, no apology from Hansen or MOTD for saying WBA Reid was” nowhere near him”(Cazorla) for the penalty when he clearly connected square on Santi’s shin. You could write a book about the Eduardo V Celtic saga! Uefa verdict finally cleared him but they still winge about the incident . Anyone noticed they won’t put their money where their mouths are and go to UEFA with counter forensic proof there was no contact on Eduardo fron Boruc.

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