Arsenal Supporters: Put Your Toys Back In The Pram

Yeah, it wasn’t a great performance up at Goodison Park last night.

Yeah, the same faults in evidence at Villa were on show again against the Toffees.

Yeah, we would all like things to be better at the moment.

But for crying out loud let’s keep some perspective.

We have just recorded our second consecutive draw on the road. Aston Villa are always tough opponents even if they are in the doldrums right now; Everton, meanwhile, are being strongly tipped for a top four finish this season.

Neither draw was a bad result, unless you are so ridiculously entitled that you are going to strop out on principle every time we fail to win.

To judge by the reaction of some fans you would think we had just suffered two heavy defeats to teams of no consequence, not two away draws at difficult venues.

Here are a few thoughts to put things in context:

  • We are unbeaten in six games (since the away defeat at ManUre).
  • While our attacking game stutters, we are at least becoming hard to beat.
  • Manchester United lost at Everton this season and Liverpool failed to win (in fact the last team to win there was Arsenal, last season).
  • Our goal difference is Plus 10 after 13 fixtures. At the same point last year it was Plus 3.
  • Our squad is returning to full strength.
  • At this point last year we had suffered four defeats compared with three this season.
  • Last year we lost four of our next nine league games: I don’t expect us to do that this year.

This is not to say that there are not problems with the way we’ve been playing recently.

We lack fluidity up front; we are disconnected in midfield; we are still prone to silly individual mistakes; our midfield seems to struggle physically with a lot of opposing teams.

But this is not a crisis.

We have the players and the manager to put things back on track. If I were to bet, I would say we will be top four by the end of the year.

And I also expect Arsene Wenger to spend some money in the winter transfer window.

If you are feeling down in the dumps about all things Arsenal at the moment I understand: I share those feelings. But, as the saying goes, it’s always darkest before the dawn. And the Arsenal dawn is coming.


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  1. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    Well said Corky.

    You’re a beacon of sanity in a sea of madness

    I expect Mickey will be offering up the Samaritans no. for quite a few today

  2. Well Mr Rock, I’m guessing your title is a bit of sabre rattling in the face of so-called doomers so I suspect this post will draw a fair number of those type of posters – which I assume you anticipated.

    For me, I wouldn’t say it is a crisis either – more the natural end result oif years of selling off better players and replacing them with inferior/half-baked players.

    As Large Randy said at the tail end of the last post, with the oily billionaires fighting out for the top spot we are scraping for 3rd or 4th place nowadays.

    What I would like to take umbrage at is the implication that to express dissatisfaction with our current malaise makes you out to be an “inferior” supporter and offering up the Samaritans number, however tongue in cheek it is done, is a tad condescending and potentially divisive.

    Similarly criticism of our manager is seen as heresy – what next, fatwas for those that dare to question our Arsenal prophet ?

  3. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Thanks Rocky, and a very refreshing alternative to a match report.
    You say two things that for me that are pivotal.
    “This is not a crisis”. True, but my God we have to be careful it doesn’t turn into one. A bad defeat now, and out will roll all the confidence excuses.
    Second is “And I also expect Arsene Wenger to spend some money in the winter transfer window”. Cripes, how I hope you are right.As I said earlier, losing Theo and replacing him with Terry Henry and someone with potential would be devastating.
    Both can, and should, be avoided.

  4. Paul says:

    Bore off and wake up. We are getting worse every year and we are paying through the nose for an average team. Something tells me you don’t fork out a grand a year to watch this crap. You probably live on the other side of the world

  5. Jonas says:

    Its Wenger that is the cancer.The team has not signed many good players since David Dein left. Mostly on sale french players because that league sucks and there national team has not been very good for many years now. Wenger loves Ramsey as much as he loved Grimandi back in the days. He gave away one goal last night and almoust handed Everton another. Mertesecker is no better the Igor Stephenovs we had some years ago. He is super slow. with no power,pace or skillset in this big body. How and lack power,pace and desire. We have a manager that makes more money then Ferguson but he has less balls and desire to try to win games then the Washington Generals that play against the Harlem Globetrotters. I have been an Arsenal fan all my live and i am 47 years old. I have never ever been so sad as watching my club this season. And again and again Wenger comes up with the same speech. ” We showed great spirit”. If i got a pound each time he says spirt i would be up there with Gates and them billionaires. Sack Wenger today!!!!!many headers did he win against Fellaini in set plays when he guarded he last night ? 0. We used to be a fast paced team from box to box. We are slow all over the court now. No pace. To many players want to pet the ball

  6. LB says:


    If you are still around, I am confused, which team did I write off and when?

    “Big Raddy says:

    November 29, 2012 at 8:15 am

    LB The fact is that the side you write of is by far the best in my many years of AFC fandom.”

  7. Hannington says:

    Thanks Rocky,
    I really understand that A. Wenger has run out of ideas!!
    To my understanding, Arsenal Team needs a good holding Midfielder, one to replace Alex Song!
    I think Wenger can now use Vermaline to play in that position with Arteta, and allow Wilshare to move ahead.

    This is proving to be so difficult for AW to try out and its coasting the team dearly.

  8. otuaye Uno says:

    Alwz nice 2 read encouraging articles abt the club i love so much,keep it coming and we’ll keep believing in our team 2 improve on their results.

  9. @babakrdaemi says:

    Very down to earth analysis. Considering the week before these two away games the two draws are not bad. I do think we dropped points at Villa.
    Looking at our next few games and the fact that Jack is coming back to fitness, Rosicky will be back soon. I do believe the club needs a couple of players. Diaby and Rosicky are not consistent enough. They take first team places and are never avaible. In an era that hails squad football and high wage bills we need to use our budget more efficiently.
    However, I expect us to look really strong in Jan which will in turn stop us from buying anyone before we fall again in March.
    All in all, we are better than our league position, this will be cleared up by the time we play Newcastle in December. We are not contenders for a title though. We are 4 quality players away from a title challenge.


  10. Lobster says:

    I think we, the Arsenal fans, thought that the 8-2 match was the dark before the dawn, we thought that miraculously finishing 3rd and having the best striker in the world was fates way of finally kicking us on to succes this season and beyond. Forward to the next season, and we are seventh after 14games and the guy that was suppose to lead us on to great things is doing what he was suppose to be doing for us ever so painfully for the worst of enemies.. I don’t promote the negativity around our club, fans, manager, but I can see where its coming from.

  11. LB says:

    I have now decided that because we drew with Everton away from on a Wednesday night I now want Wenger out.

    So go Arsene, be gone.

  12. kelsey says:

    I think the precedent of the Torres transfer for 50 million (even allowing for the 35 million Liverpool payed for Carroll) has made a mockery of what a player is actually worth and therefore inflated prices are being asked for fairly average players.
    Charlie Adams is another one.

    Therefore however frugal AW is he will find it harder and harder to bring quality into the squad at least for the next two seasons on the money available.

  13. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    Chary..I can’t hang around to debate this….

    Its me that mentioned the Samaritans, as Mickey often offers their no. to those posters who talk as though the world is about to cave in

    Someone who expresses their thoughts clearly and doesn’t sound suicidal is not offered that no.

    Look at the comment above where 80+ German caps Mert is likened to Stepanovs, and Arsene is described as a cancer.

    Do you debate with someone like that or just roll out the tel no of the people who might help him.

  14. He’s contracted till 2014 London, so he won’t be out.

    Sharkeysure – if you disagree with someones’s viewpoint there’s no need to be dismissive of their opnion, if they think Mertesacker is like Stepanovs then it is their right, as an Arsenal supporter, to say so.

    In my 8 or 9 years of blogging I have never criticised or belittled another Arsenal supporter for how they express their support or implied I support them in a better way.

    Of course we have to stick together in turbulent times but polarising support by this type of elitism is counter productive.

  15. LB says:

    Oh and you know who gets to chose Arsene’s successor?


    Be afraid, be very afraid.

  16. MickyDidIt89 says:

    That is an excellent point, and something I’ve mentioned a long time ago. Is there one person on the Board you would trust to make the right call.
    Not for me, there isn’t.

  17. Lobster says:

    @LB, a man that has leading roles in the FA and UEFA can’t b half bad, infact, I’d go as far as to say he’s probably one of the best in the world at what he does

  18. LB says:


    We are going to need more like you on this site, I hope you come back and help to fight the good fight.

  19. gooner-girl says:

    I agree. There is a lot for Gooners to be positive about.

    It was good to hear the travelling fans singing their support for the club. Gave no ammunition to hostile journos this time and generally boosted the team and the manager ahead of the next game.

    As a ramsey-doubter I have to congratulate him on his splendid assist for Theo’s impressive goal. Perhaps he is turning a corner in his rehabilitation. Let’s hope so.

  20. SANITY says:

    Guy you said you understand how downtrodden some of the fans are right now after last night result, poor I mean very poor: why do we have to undergo such a trauma each season?, And each season is thesame thing from the management to the manager and down to the players all at the detriment of us the fans. That team is far from average to be sincere to ourselves if we must compete favourably with other elite clubs in England and Europe, and even the players that are given the team such average performance are on their way because contract issues. I must say that am begining to lose confidence and trust on the manager because he has remain adamant and insincere to the fans, I the fans must do something to curb this trend. Thank you

  21. LB says:

    Morning Micky

    Liked your comment this morning, who says it is only women who can multi task? lol

  22. MAX says:

    I am an indian supporter yesterdays match was broadcasted here at 1:15AM in the nite… I was awake after hectic office work thinking of we will win the match but I am really disappointed by result…. As you told Aston villa is the good side then MANURe won 3-2 agaisnt dem and citeh woh 5-0.. But we drew with aston villa by0-0.. EVery seasons we loose or drow to small teams and it is very frustrating… I dont only arsenal are not able to break any small team defence…. Where are we lacking…. Yesterdays match first goal theo scored was luck as it got defelcted after that everton contol the match wenever we got ball we just passed the ball in our half which led to everton goal…. Why we pass ball in our half we never try to go forward.. Yesterdays match we had very less chances compare to everton… Giourd rarely got any service.. Baines was far better then sagna in both the ascepts of game going forward and defending… We have gerv in bench why the hell arsene played ramsey infront of him ramsey is a midfilder we cannot play wide properly how many time he loosed ball yesterday best arsenal performer was jack whilshere he defened well and attack.. Scez made some good saves…. Verminator also gave decent performacne….

  23. Thanks for your comment Max, always good to have a perspective from our overseas supporters.

    The fact both the Manchester sides overcame Villa at home is a worrying sign of our decline and/or not being in their class anymore.

  24. MAX says:

    I agree Sanity with yu.. Everytime we start season thinking we will win but as season pass our goal get changed to finishing in top4…. Arsene only says his goal to finish in top4 we will never win leauge in coming years if something doesnt get change.. Seeing the competition in england its very tough to win leauge if we dont win anything player will lev arsenal and follow the trend set by cashley.BSR and nasri…

  25. MAX says:

    Charybdis Thanks mate for reply but Everytime we here same statement from arsene we were not able to break opponenets defence why always arsenal find it diffcult to break defence…. Yesterday match we never looked dangerous we need one good winger atleast who can dribble and cross the balll…..

  26. goonerob says:

    Spot on with your assessment, we have no god given right to win every match and as you correctly point out the money clubs are the ones to chase and although given our financial restrictions we are doing a good job, hopefully the FFP will make more of a level playing field. We have however bought some mediodre players that are on stupid wages, Chamakh on £65,000 and others so no wonder we cannot offload them. We need to inject more pace in the team from back to front as currently by the time we get the ball up the opposition have most of their team back defending, either that or buy Messi. Hopefully Arsene will spend big money in January, we need a quality LB, a DM, a top goalkeeper and Huntelar.

  27. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    “if they think Mertesacker is like Stepanovs then it is their right, as an Arsenal supporter”

    Rather you than me Chary if you want to take that kind of stupidity on board and debate it, I certainly won’t.

    And you’ll also debate whether Wenger is a ‘cancer’ at the club…??

    An opening line like that renders all that follows it void – for me, and thats my right to disregard it all on that basis.

  28. Rasp says:

    Morning goonerob, that’s a very balanced comment. I agree we need pace and width in our play, sadly I think the chances of meaningful additions to the squad in January are at best slim.

  29. I didn’t say I would debate it either, tell me where I said I would Sharkey ?

    I merely said I wouldn’t belittle their right to an opinion.

  30. Big Raddy says:

    Re: LB 9.53 ”

    The fact is that the side you write of is by far the best in my many years of AFC fandom.”

    Read it again – you have given me an extra “F” which changes the meaning entirely 😀

  31. Redder says:

    Looks like your ambition has taken the same path as the managers.


    Very well said Rocky

    i see no reason for gloom and despondency. On the Contrary, i see the team shaping up nicely. We have a decent shape as a defensive unit and our midfiled is the most talented in the league.

    We need to create more chances and score more goals. We have enough to finish 3rd or 4th this season and hopefully next summer make one or two acquistions to propel us to a title chalange.

    We are approaching a stage were our ability to keep the players we want is strengthening. That is the key to both our medium and long term success, not who or if we buy in January

    I have no problem with people bemoaning our lot or preaching the end is nigh. Whilst they do i will sit back in my comfy chair smoking a big fat cigar, enjoy a fine congac, and watch with delirious delight as we rise to the top.

  33. Izuchukwu Okosi, Lagos, Nigeria says:

    I share your optimism but I’m sure you’re aware of Man City’s record of 14 consecutive wins in two seasons! Consistency.
    The only way Arsenal can make the top 4 will be to win at least 18 of their remaining 24 games in the Premier League and have about four draws in those remaining six

  34. MAX says:

    Hi goonerob I agree with you we need a proper DM arteta is good but den we want some1 who is strong and defensive minded like tiote,Mvila… I had heard in news arsenal are behind some dutch LB i dont remember the name…. we need atleast one proper winger juses navas is good option and he wont cost more….

  35. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    Chary. If you won’t debate it you’ll dismiss or ignore it right..?? In doing that are you belittling them or their opinion…??

    There’s more than a little irony in you pulling me up on my comments re other peoples comments. I do hope you recognise that.


  36. GunnerN5 says:

    I took the liberty of choosing, what I believe is, a very rational match report.


    Arsenal scrap a good point but issues remain

    Posted by Andrew Mangan

    If there was further frustration for Arsenal tonight it shouldn’t be because of the point they earned at Goodison Park. They’ll look back to Villa on Saturday with some regrets, but against an extremely hard working Everton side a point was well earned.

    It was as typical an advert for the Premier League as you’re likely to see. Despite the number of foreign players on view it was a very ‘English’ game, played at a frantic pace from the start, with the home side pressing and harrying the visitors. It really didn’t let up from the first whistle until the last.

    Theo Walcott’s first-minute goal was cancelled out by Marouane Fellaini’s strike in the 28th minute – and perhaps Wojciech Szczesny will look back and think he could have gotten down quicker to prevent it. Everton looked dangerous throughout, the Pole was forced into a number of saves, including one from a Sylvain Distin header showed excellent reactions.

    As with the game at Villa Park, Arsenal struggled to find an attacking rhythm although Olivier Giroud went close with a header while Santi Cazorla forced Tim Howard into a good stop with a left-footed drive. The issue, once again, is the lack of depth, which prevented Arsenal from really having a go late in the game.

    Everton’s work-rate was fantastic, closing Arsenal down at every opportunity, but it was obvious that they had tired and in the last 20 minutes, if Arsenal had more quality on the bench it’s a game they might have nicked. Certainly the Gunners looked most threatening in that period, but with no striker on the bench, no Andrei Arshavin, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain probably not trusted in a game which required huge defensive discipline from Arsenal’s forwards and midfielders, and a barely fit Tomas Rosicky, the best Arsene Wenger could do was throw on Gervinho for Aaron Ramsey in the 80th minute.

    It wasn’t enough for Arsenal to get on top and turn the screw on a tiring side when in seasons past it’s a game they would have at least been able to try and do that. The manager must know that to make something of this season he’s got to nurse these players through to January, then make swift use of the transfer window. There’s the core of a good squad there but it needs to be supplemented with real quality.

    Arsenal’s next two Premier League games are at home (Swansea and West Brom) and they need to react and make up for the points they’ve dropped on the road in the past five days. In isolation, tonight’s result was not a bad one, it’s what came before that’s the problem.

  37. Sharky, the “belittling” I referred to was suggesting people call a suicide help line which is NOT the same thing as ignoring or not debating.

    Initially I did not mention who said that as I couldn’t remember who it was only you owned up to it later, so the irony you refer to is presumably you getting defensive about when I respond to you about it, yes ?

    I don’t see how that is “pulling” you up on other people’s comments, however it’s best I leave it there so “Night” to you too.

  38. Brigham says:

    TMHT – how many times are we going to see that old chestnut of “One or more decent players and we will be challenging for a title” – I am not having a go at you mate, honestly. But I keep seeing it on here and there is no way we will be challenging for any titles in the immediate future. As soon as we get any of our players playing well, they are snatched from us, so forget that notion as we no longer have loyal men such as Adams, Bergkamp, Pires et al.

    I honestly think we will end up 6th or 7th this time around, unless Wenger does something unusual and purchases some quality in the January sales. Whatever happens, I will support and follow the Arsenal, that is unconditional, but please, no more talk of winning the title until the mindset of our club changes.

  39. Brigham, I largely agree with you their as I don’t believe we’ll see significant purchases in January, mainly because Wenger is averse to that with the only exception being the acquisition of Arshavin in the January window year.

    He rightly says that not many clubs want to let go of their best players mid season so the loan signing of Th14/TH12 aside we have the squad we have for the rest of the season.

    I see ourselves finishing 5th or 6th based on the season to date – not me being gloomy, merely having a fatalistic acceptance of the current postion we find ourselves in as a club.

  40. Danny says:

    I’ve ben supporting the team since the 60’s so I’ve seen some bad Arsenal teams e.g. 74-76, 82-85 and 95. The difference is that back then the managers were all changed but today there is no chance of that happening, Wenger will see out his contract until the end of next season.
    Very sad.

  41. Rasp says:

    I think GoonerB sums up the situation best. This is basically what he has said several times recently: yes we have let top players go and replaced them with ones of a lesser quality (in the main) but we are also failing to get the best out of the players we have. Apart from the top 3, most of us would agree that not many of the oppostiion’s players would get into our side – and yet we struggle to beat them.

    GN5’s article makes a lot of sense. Everton are a very good side put together on a fraction of our resources. If the Everton game had come before Villa and we’d drawn with Villa last night we’d be even more disappointed as we should be good enough to beat Villa. We beat them home and away last season.

    The fact that our players are looking tired and lacking energy at this stage of the season is worrying.

    Unsurprisingly Fellaini scored against us last night. We’d been saying during the day that he is just the sort of midfield/attacking powerhouse we need – and he proved why. I’d like to know what planning took place in our pre-match preparation to deal with Fellaini’s threat.

  42. Brigham says:

    Rasp, to answer your question regarding Fellaini – I would wager nothing at all was planned or if it was, it soon failed miserably.


    Hi Brigham.

    I will continue to talk about winning the title in the near future because i believe very soon, maybe a couple of years we will do it.

    I dont believe those who run the Club require a change of mind set, quite the opposite. The strategy has and remains the same. Move the Club to a new stadium, consilidate our position, and when the financial and legislative envoirement changes in our favour, go for it.

    I am very happy with the direction the club is taking because i know that in the near future we wil compete at the top level and be winning things.

  44. Rasp says:

    Hi Brigham, I suspect you may be correct. Ex players and others who have witnessed our training techniques report that AW focuses on playing ‘our game’ not so much legislating for the strenghts/weaknesses of the opposition. That strategy works when you have players of the quality of the Invincibles, but not when parity with the opposition is much closer.

    I do think AW likes the ‘dope a rope’ idea. Contain them for 70 minutes and have them running around chasing shadows (70% possession to the Arsenal) then bring on the pace for the last 20 and punish them – but it hasn’t worked recently as we seem to be the side tiring.

  45. Brigham says:

    Hi TMHT, fair enough matey, but I just do not share your optimism right now. We have had the whole ‘consolidate’ our position and finances thrown at us fans for the past 6 years and we have not moved on yet have we? I fully understand we had to be a bit frugle with the move to our new stadium, but we are standing still, whilst others are moving up.

    As you can probably tell, I am not very happy the direction the club is taking currently. I am fed up of us selling our best players every season. If we are to improve our chances of winning anything, let alone the title, we need to keep our best players and also improve our standby players. That is clearly not happening is it?

    We will no doubt be losing Walcott, either in January or end of current season. Who else will think about it at some near stage? Wilshire? Vermaelen? Arteta?

    I hate to sound so down, but I have also sat through the bad years in the 70’s and early 80s’ and the resemblance to what is happening squad wise is not too different, trust me.

  46. ArsenalForever says:

    @charybdis1966 – I thought your point was very well made, I think it has become too much of a problem nowadays that some supporters display a sort of elitism in their zeal which belittles the thoughts or opinions of others supporters who do not necessarily agree with them. (Coincidently, I think Peter Hill-Wood was guilty of this at the recent AGM)

    Unfortunately, I think the title of this article is a case in point. It seems more aimed at provoking Arsenal’s critics rather than focusing on the team’s performance. Which is a shame, as some good points are made. I wasn’t at the game, but I didn’t get the impression that the team were booed off at the end so the heading was something of a surprise. IMO the point was a good one at a tough ground, and most people would agree, however critical they may be of the club at this time.

    If we want to put things into perspective, then we should try to see where the critics are coming from. Whilst I agree we are not in a crisis, we have repeatedly demonstrated an inability to consolidate and build from a position of strength for nigh on 4-5 years now. As a result, we have looked less and less likely to challenge for the top trophies with each passing season.

    No team has a divine right to win any game, but when we are paying the top ticket prices in Europe (if not the world) then surely we have a right to expect the club to be at least challenging for the major trophies? It is not a case of throwing toys out of the pram, more a case of fans venting frustration at the perceived lack of ambition via the channels available to them. Fans know quality players when they see them, and it is fair to say that while we do have a good first team, we do not have the depth of quality in our squad to challenge for the PL or CL.

    Does this mean we should turn against the team and will them to lose in order to bring about change? Of course not.There is a balance. And I don’t believe in being critical every time we drop points either. I just think the club need to set expectations properly. The reason they will never come out and admit we cannot challenge for the PL or CL is because then they would have to reduce the prices accordingly. So every year, we always achieve the minimum target of “winning” the 4th place trophy, and this culture now pervades the club to such an extent that players who truly are hungry to win trophies want to leave us every year. The longer this goes on, the more likely it will be a crisis…


    Brigham. i remember the 70s and 80s bad years too. i am also pissed off with the exodus of players, in fact it does my nut in. I dont blame you for feeling down about our prospects. If this trend of losing players to major rivals continues then we weve had it.

    We can sit here all day and say Wenger and the Board should do this or that, but unless our financial and envoiremental situation changes we will sadly remain an also ran.

    I am putting my faith in a number of things. Changes in the way football clubs govern there finances, our clubs ability to emerge from the financial shadow of the stadium move, but pehapes more than those factors is faith in the Club we support, Arsenal itself.

    i truly believe that Arsenal has enourmous potential. Everything is in place for a fantastic future, regardless of who owns or manages the club. I cannot and will not believe that this will all go to waste

    I know a lot of people think i am a fantasist or delusional, maybe there right. But i can not hide from logical reasoning. if things go as i forsee them, then Arsenal will soon be chalanging and winning Titles again.

  48. GoonerB says:

    Someone said this yesterday so my apologies for plageurism, but I feel it is a relevant point.

    Under normal circumstances a draw at Goodison would be deemed absolutely fine but currently any adverse reaction to last nights result is not really about that game individually, but is more a reaction based on a collective of performances. On its own last night wasn’t a dreadful result, but combined with the results with say Fulham, Norwich and Villa people add them all together and end up with a negative feeling about last nights game. It may also have something to do with the lot down the road going 2 clear of us when no more than 5 days previously they were 2 behind.

    Busy day, off for a while so will be back later. Just wanted to give some food for thought.

  49. Thank you ArsenalForever – that was what I was trying to say.

  50. kelsey says:

    I admire your optimism and you basically never waiver in what you say. You are banking a big percentage in FPP helping us to win titles.

    Can you be certain that say for an example if Santi or jack have an outstanding season that either or both won’t be tempted by the russian or arab money, as that is the pattern these last three seasons.

    Imagine a committed RVP,Fabregas and Nasri were still with us, woud we be stronger as a unit.?

    Suddenly walcott who had his fair share of critics is potentially our best player. he hasn’t rushed to sign a new deal.
    Can you rely on Rosicky,Diaby or even Gibbs having a near injury free season ?

    Why does Arshavin get so little game time. he may have his faults but on his day he can be a matchwinner,yet yesterday not even in the squad.

    Even the hapless chamakh, got the odd game at Reading had a good game to boost his confidence and then what happens, he is booted out into the wilderness.

    Why when we didn’t get Schwarzer didn’t we try for another older hand to mentor our Pole as the only decent keeper in the squad, the others aren’t Arsenal quality.

    All very unsettling IMO and therefore cannot share your views.

  51. Rasp says:

    Top comment ArsenalForever. The title of the article today was probably inspired by the tone of the blogging on the site yesterday as much as anything.

    I think you make excellent points. I agree the whole idea of focusing on 4th is dangerous and should not be stated in public even if it is what is really being thought behind the scenes.

    The definition of ambition is to aspire to something better – so maintaining 4th is not ambition, it is the norm.

    I acknowledge the achievement of 3rd/4th as being pivotal to our continued ability to attract top players and a very important income stream, but I do not want the idea that it is ‘good enough’ or ‘the best we can expect’ to get into the heads of the players, the staff or the supporters.

    Our ambition should be to win everything we can, not satisfy ourselves with the fall back situation that we at least got into the CL again.

  52. LB says:


    Oooooooo, now I see, I was getting my of’s and offs muddled.


    Hi Kelsey

    No, i can not be certain of any of those things. As for your points about Arshavin, experienced goalkeeper etc these are tactical descions taken primarely by Wenger and we can debate all day as to wether they are correct or not.

    In my thought, what is logical and not pie in the sky is the following.

    Our turnover is about to rocket with new sponserships and tv deals

    Many of our rivals (suger daddys) will subsitute there own investment with the TV money. In other words they gain no advantage.

    We have a settled structure. Our rivals (spurs, liverpool) require new stadia to compete long term

    We have long term footballing consistency and philosophy. Only Man Utd can rival this.

    Arsenal is a great club. When we finaly do crack the nut and start winning things again the growth of our brand will sky rocket. people around the world will understand we will have won things the right way, and played an attractive form of football on the way. Most football analysts understand that form a marketing point of view arsenal is the only club in England that can get close to Utd.

    The history is there, the future is coming.

  54. Alex cutter says:

    “Last year we lost four of our next nine league games: I don’t expect us to do that this year.”

    What are you basing this on? A dream you had? Because they sure haven’t shown anything on the pitch to suggest anything different.

  55. RockyLives says:

    Good day all and thanks for the comments.

    Sorry I can’t stay around to answer individual points – I’m at a work conference and don’t have much spare time.

    I just saw there was no Post late last night and put something together.

    Right now I would say I am worried but hopeful about our prospects, but we need to see the alleged change in our financial position begin to work its way into our player contracts and trading, starting this January.

  56. richie59er says:

    Well said RL it’s hardly a crisis, we might not be firing on all cylinders but I see progress, I think we passed and moved better than we did against the Villains and we fought, so a point on the road against a team above us in the table, when we aren’t at our best ain’t any reason for the doomers to arrive in droves.

    @Jonas@9:44 (by name or by nature) I can’t help but think that either you’re a liar or you didn’t watch a great deal of the team you support. Your 47 you say and you’ve supported Arsenal all you life and you’ve never been this sad watching Arsenal play?
    Its 2012 so you were born in 65ish, so let’s start off by giving you the benefit of the doubt and say as a 5 & 6 year old the Fairs Cup and our 71 1st Double weren’t exactly your priority! You were right into “Action Man” so how badly we were after 71 passed you by? O.K. yet again you get Kudos’. As an 11 year old no one (least of all me) expects you to recall 76 and our 17th place finish so just take it as a given from me, we were both poor and sad. As a 12 year old most people would expect you to remember that Terry Neill took us to 3 successive FA Cup finals, all old Gooners like myself remember the heart break of losing to Ipswich Town, and West Ham in 78 & 80. Just like we all recall Alan Sunderlands header to beat Man U in 79.

    In 80 in Brussels we lost the Cup Winners Cup Final on Penalties to Valencia which had to be one of the saddest moments for every Gooner present. But not only did we lose a final we also lost 2 of our own home grown’s, one (A bit like Van Judas) Frank Stapleton who scored one of the goals in 79 win over them went to Man U. The other a truly great visionary player Liam Brady went to Juventus. If that wasn’t a truly sad day for all Gooners I don’t know what? And now we come to the crux of the matter from the age of 15 until you were 20 we were absolutely SAD in all forms. Our highest finish was 3rd in 81 behind Villa, who the following year won the European Cup. We were 5th 6th 7th & 10th Twice we finished behind just about everybody and his dog including the Chav’s and the Tiny Totts. The Pool increased their titles over us Everton drew level with us and they even Won the Cup Winners Cup. Bloody hell I’ll be damned if that wasn’t a sad day the first time I clapped eyes on our great nemesis “the red nosed one”. He wasn’t SAF back then but his Aberdeen side only went and beat Real Madrid in the above mentioned CWC.

    I remember clearly how bad we were in those dark days and I’ll paraphrase and re-state again something that another old time Gooner from my neighbourhood “GN5” said recently on here. Even the worst Arsene Wenger side plays better football than anything we had before he arrived. Of course some harkened back to the famed back 4/5 defence wishing for a return to that era, while conveniently forgetting the rule changes that ensure that, that type of defending and indeed, that type of defender has forevermore been consigned to the scrap heap.

    I find it depressing the way so many of our own are so fickle!

  57. Brigham says:

    @richie, it was not the head of Alan Sunderland which scored the winner at the end of the 79 Cup Final. 😉

  58. Hi Mr Rock, that would explain the tone and title of your post – I wasn’t around yesterday evening, I was at a parents evening, so only gleaned bits of the match from Twitter and BBC updates.

    Like you I am hoping to see a change in our usual January trasnfer window inactivity but am preparing myself for disappointment, along with quotes like “Why should I bring in another player, I have Diaby(LANS) coming back ?”

  59. A great post Rocky. I was a bit harsh saying we were crap last nigfht. I’m always over critical when we lose or draw and I should probably wait til the next day to comment. I would have taken a draw before the game. Having said that with a bit more cohesion and maybe some quality off the bench would could have taken them apart Our forward play is laboured at times. When face with a team that get’s thier player behind the ball we end up going backwards

  60. chas says:

    Nice one, Rocky.

    All the misery is getting me down, so thanks for a few brighter points to focus on.
    It’s weird missing a game and viewing the reaction from afar. It certainly adds perspective.

    One thing I was trying to understand was why half the premiership clubs had two home games and half had two away. Surely with fixtures so close together it can only be fair to have one of each? The spuds were cosy at (their stinking) home in Middlesex, while we had to go to Birmingham and Liverpool. 🙂

    Was Koscielny’s injury partly caused by not warming up properly or was it something that could have happened at any time in the game? Early injuries always make me suspicious.

  61. Chas – what you say about an early injury rings a bell, we had an instance of maybe a sub coming on and not being properly warmed up and then having to go off – or he got injured. Anyone remember who that was ?


    In the 79 final i was in the Utd end and when they equalised they went potty. I was swung from piller to post. When we got the winner they were still celebrating the equaliser so i started going potty. eventylly one of them said to me “stop jumping up and down you idiot, theyve scored”. hahahaha

  63. Brigham says:

    Chas, I would think it was due to not warming up correctly as that is the norm for hammies to go ping, especially that early in a game. Mind you, it was bloody cold last night down here in Kent, let alone oopp norf! 🙂

  64. chas says:

    Chary – I remember Eboue coming on as a sub and later having to go off…….but I don’t think that was down to not being warmed up properly. 🙂

  65. chas says:

    Brigham, I thought it was a groin strain?

  66. Ah ha Chas, that was a particularly inauspicious moment, more embarrassing by the fact tha tthe person who showed the most empathy with Eboue was Adebayor.

    The occasion I was thinking of was in the last season or two; maybe I’m just imagining it and going potty.

    Are you down for the match Saturday ?

  67. Brigham says:

    Ooops, same thing though, ask my missus! lol

  68. Brigham says:

    Chary, it did happen fairly recently. The Ox came on at Norwich and then went off about 10 minutes later.

  69. Bless you Brigham, thank Dennis I’m not going senile(yet) – I knew that feeling of deja vu was based on something that actually happened.

  70. chas says:

    Yep, down for Swansea, chary.

    Brigham, it’s always a pain when something goes ping in the first 3 minutes. 🙂

  71. Cool Chas, I’ll see you down at the Tavern around 1.30, I’ll have 2 or 3 others with me – I believe Maire/Irish will be there too ?

    Envious someone has a first 3 minutes, lucky to get a first 2 minutes nowadays.

  72. Brigham says:

    I think the funniest one regarding subs coming off shortly after going on has to be when a guy called Ali Dia from Senegale came on for Southampton at The Dell. He had telephoned the club stating falsly that he was George Weah and his ‘cousin'(Ali) would be a good purchase.

    Dia played against Leeds United in 1996; he had originally been scheduled to play in a reserve team friendly, but the match was cancelled due to a waterlogged pitch. In the match against Leeds, he came on as a substitute for Matthew Le Tissier after 32 minutes, but was later substituted himself.

  73. Brigham says:

    Chas, THREE MINUTES! You stud!

  74. chas says:

    That’s including the pizza.

  75. richie59er says:

    @Brigham Thanks mate! No! of course it wasn’t AS slid it in at the back post with his right. In mitigation I had Stapleton on my mind and I was remembering his header our second.

  76. Just seen a stat that says that if you take away VanJudas’ goals and assists from ManUres games they would now lie in 13th. So selling him has raised a competitors league position by 13 (!) places.

    So tell me again Ivan, what were these oh so good footballing reasons for selling him to old bacon face ?

  77. Brigham says:

    Franks goal was a lovely goal as well. Great play by Rix and Chipp on the right, pefectly flight cross from Chippy, Frank with a bullet header past Bailey. Two nil and game over, or so we thought!

  78. GunnerN5 says:

    Lets test your knowledge of Arsenal.

    Name the top five league goal scorers.

  79. chas says:

    chary, I think it was PHW who mentioned footballing reasons, wasn’t it?

    Also, if van Judas hadn’t been playing, fat Wayne would have been centre forward. Still, never let the truth get in the way of a good story. 🙂

  80. Brigham says:


    After that I would say maybe two of the following; Ted Drake, Davie Jack, John Radford.

  81. chas says:


  82. GunnerN5 says:


    Who holds the record for the most league goals scored?

  83. Brigham says:


  84. LB says:


    Your 2.59 comment was not wasted, for what it is worth I thought it was brilliant.

  85. My mistake Chas, it’s just the sort of unctuous remark I imagine Ivan would say.

    Shrek was injured for a lot of the earlier part of the season and wasn’t playing when Van judas was scoring and when Shrek came back his form was less than stellar, so how is the deduction of effect of the vanjudas goals/assists not the truth ?

  86. chas says:

    While we’re on quizzes, here’s another little one I did a while back as a fill in post which wasn’t required. Just name the players.

  87. Brigham says:

    Cannot view them Chas – MOD network.

  88. chas says:

    Well that didn’t work.

  89. GunnerN5 says:

    Here are the top five – you will be in for a surprise.

    Ted Drake – 42
    Jack Lambert – 38
    Jimmy Brain – 34
    Cliff Bastin & Ronnie Rooke – 33
    Jimmy Brain – 31

    So it’s really a top six.

    I saw Ronnie Rooke play in 19848/49.

    Of the modern era TH14 & RVP are tied at 30 and in joint 6th place.

  90. chas says:

    You didn’t say in one season, GN5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Brigham says:

    GN5 – that was very crafty.

  92. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    “we are also failing to get the best out of the players we have”

    I think you’re right about that Rasp, and that’s what worries me most.

    However I also agree with those who point at the resources of our rivals as being a far bigger ‘problem’ than any of our ‘internal issues’ on or off the pitch.

    On another forum I asked who would sign off the sort of deal that BSR got from Man U, to keep him at Arsenal..?? Not one person said yes.

    I throw the same question out for response on here.

  93. Brigham says:

    Keeping with the most goals thread…

    Who scored the most goals in one match for Arsenal and how many?

  94. VCC says:

    Chas…bhipbo =


    2….Huggy Whyte


    4……Charlie George


    6…….Kenny Sansom



    9…….Mr. Wright

    Thats a poor show.Stumped me there Chas

  95. tomstoned says:

    i guess most know my take on the whole situation,,as far as yesterdays result against everton i agree with rocky,it was a good point and even though we werent clicking,it was if not a good performance it showed some grit and willingness to fight…so im actually quite satisfied with the result…
    but rocky…we can all see that we’re struggling to find form,lets just hope it will get better soon…
    and c’mon Gooners…we may disagree and have different opinions..never going to change..but in the end we need to back Our team.nomatter what…
    c’mon you Gunners !!

  96. Was it Drake or Bastin?

  97. jnyc says:

    Lobster makes sense. I feel like there is alot of excuse making and rationalization going on. Im not a negative fan, but our play is not pushing me in a positive direction. Let’s be real. We can start with remembering how we finished last season, and that was with rvp. I trusted Arsenes re-tooling the team, but i was too optimistic myself.

  98. VCC says:

    13..Bob Wilson
    14..David Price

  99. VCC says:

    20 Giroud
    22 Lauren
    23 Pires
    24 Helder
    25 Seaman
    27 Sol

  100. Brigham says:

    goonermichael – it was Ted Drake with Seven against Villa in 1935. I thought GN5 would have got that one as he was at the game 🙂

  101. chas says:

    I doubt anyone would want to to pay van Pussy what the mancs are paying him. It was sanctioning a deal to sell him to the mancs that most can’t fathom.

  102. GunnerN5 says:

    I knew the answer – and it was before I was born.

  103. GunnerN5 says:

    Name me a player who scored three consecutive hat tricks at Highbury. Yes, I was there for all three.

  104. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    Quality post Richie.

  105. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    Whats the alternative Chas…??

    Bosman has rightly changed all that, but it does leave us in a position where you either sell or take the (£24m) hit.

  106. A commentator mentioned it on one of our games recently I think.

  107. LB says:


    I know where you are coming from but I suspect the reason why you got so little response is that most people aren’t capable of understanding the figures involved nor what is required to make such a deal happen.

    Understanding practicalities can be such a pain sometimes, I’m sure life must be so much easier being part of the wish list brigade.

    I want a new striker

    I want a new keeper

    I want a new manager.

    I want. I want, I want.

  108. I want a new hairline

  109. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    The other question I asked was if anyone would swap Chelsea’s last 10 seasons with ours..taking into account all the shite that that blue lot generate and the managers they’ve been through.

    I didn’t even mention John for this exercise we can simply throw him overboard.

  110. chas says:

    Sell the fucka abroad or let him go on a Bosman.
    Neither of which make financial sense but footballing-wise they do.

  111. chas says:

    Just the thought of having to endure the last 10 seasons of chav history as our own makes me feel ultra nauseous.

  112. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    I know LB, I think they are capable but simply think its too much effort…better to make off the cuff demands and rant and rave about any and everything. I see the falsehood about ‘most expensive tickets’ raised its head again today.

    Even with the resource deficit we have against the likes of Citeh and Chelski, when last did we start a season with zero chance of the PL title or any trophy..??

    Surely thats the beauty of football..not just win at all costs. Ok so things aren’t perfect and some mistakes ARE being made….but its not like we’re in a relegation battle.

  113. Sheep Hagger says:

    We won’t make top 4 this season .
    There are better teams than us in with a shout of 4th.
    Top 3 will be the 2 manc teams with the chavs.
    Yet another trophy less season ,don’t know about u lot but we need a change
    Bring in pep !.

  114. VCC says:

    Chas….. What time are you going to publish the names please

  115. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    GM – if you really can get a new hairline, put a bulk order in please. Ta.

  116. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    Fair do’s Chas (4.22)…but you know what gets said when he goes one year later on a free…’Arsenal let another top player go..and this time its even worse – its on a free !!’

    Complete the following well know phrase..’Damned if you…

  117. chas says:

    Later this evening in case anyone else wants a go.

    At least with his goals and assists this season we would be top of the league (with chary’s reasoning anyway). 🙂

  118. Knowing our luck Chas, if vanjudas had stayed he probably would have got injured in September and had another dose of Diaby-itis(the available for 15 games a season syndrome).

  119. chas says:

    Kn, yourselk

  120. Chas, because of my lap top collapsed comment box I have start each comment on my phone and then edit the rest of the comment. A real grind but wordpress hates me….

  121. chas says:

    chary, just think how great it’s going to feel when he gets an injury at a crucial point in the season and he wins f*ck all as a consequence.

  122. chas says:


  123. GunnerN5 says:


    Doug Lishman and I was there for all three.

  124. I think you are pulling my leg Chas – dam wordpress and out of date browsers !

    VanJudas is about due for his mid season injury break.

  125. chas says:

    chary, delete your cookie, use a different browser don’t log in to wordpress. There must be a way round it.

  126. chas says:

    ………therefore I am

  127. I’ve tried everything Chas – I’m sure it’s a vendetta against me by Newsnow and WordPress when they banned one of my match reports. 😦

  128. “…always good to have a perspective from our overseas supporters.”

    Thanks very much. Nice of you to give us a warm welcome.
    How’s my English coming along?:-)

  129. And why don’t my yellow smiley faces work sometimes and not other times?

  130. And I’d like to say it’s good to have a perspective from you UK folks!
    Splendid. 😀

  131. Big Raddy says:

    Big AL. Most of us are overseas supporters.

    Smileys? Because you are not doing them properly – there has to be a space between the ? and the 😉

  132. Big Raddy says:

    I agree. Where would we be without the men and ladies at the ground?

    Us armchair viewers get the skewed view delivered by TV which is a very different to the live experience. We can never see how players run off ball or how the team is setting up.

  133. Cheers, Big Raddy.
    Testing… testing…

    ? 🙄

  134. Hi all

    It’s so nice to have a bunch of mates to turn to, to have a civilised chat about our favourite club 🙂 Not that I have uncivilised conversation with those that I see face to face but just knowing that you are all here is such a comfort.

    I know that there will be a collective sharing of pain or a bubbling over of joy several times a week and that’s very reassuring.

    I said after the game last night that I didn’t think things would be improving soon so we’d better get used to the pain but that doesn’t stop me looking forward to the next game and hoping we’ll get a good result.

    I’ve only had to see two spuds today which was a relief except that one had gone to WHL last night so was crowing particularly loudly yuuuuuuuuk.

    Do I think we’ve turned into a bad team overnight? Well yes actually I do because we just don’t seem to be able to play our game or enough of our game to look like Arsenal at the moment. Maybe Saturday will be better, hopefully we’ll roar them to victory 🙂

  135. VCC says:

    Thanks Chas…..I’ll have a look see how I done. I remembered another one. Stephen Hughes

  136. VCC says:

    Well, I wasn’t that clever at that one chas. my Stephen Hughes turned out to be Arshavin.

  137. kelsey says:

    Both walcott and sagna have been left out of next years calender.what the hell is going on.

  138. Hi kelsey – that’s sad news 😦

  139. slimgingergooner says:

    One thing that not many seem to be mentioning is the difficulty of our fixtures so far this season. I’ve looked at them very closely today and can say that we have had one of the toughest sets of fixtures out of all 20 teams. This will surely balance out over the next few months and I expect to see us climb accordingly.

    Good debates on here today without it getting silly which is good to see.

  140. RockyLives says:

    They’re both off Kelsey.

    But at least we know they are going and can plan for it.

  141. slimgingergooner says:

    Kozzer n Gerv must be off too because there not in it either. Not to mention Diaby, Rosicky, Santos, Jenks etc

  142. VCC says:

    Slim…..I’m pleased with Diaby,Rosicky, Santos, and Gerv not in the Calender, but don’t want to lose Kos and Jenks.

  143. RockyLives says:

    Blimey Slim
    That’s a lot of absentees.
    Who’s Miss December? Squiddly Diddly?

  144. Those of you who seem to remember Alan Sunderland scoring with a header to win us the FA cup final in 1979 are on the wrong track. Without any back reference, I remember Brady @ inside left pushing the ball through to Rix who was advanced in the same channel. Rix’s cross evaded everyone except Sunderland who was there to slide the ball home to win us the match. Check it all out before you post.

  145. Rocky, this such an evocative post. It has, for sure, garnered mixed responses at which you can’t be astonished. To some fans Arsenal is not just a football club, it is a way of being. While some are happy to gaze thru’ the rosy side of our specs and declare that all is well, some prefer not to be like the three wise monkeys who see no evil, hear no evil or speak no evil.
    My toys are out of my pram, but they are not strewn around the room. They are carefully put away until the next time when it will be decided whether I chuck them out or love them up again.:-).
    I am a die-hard fan but I see evil, hear it and speak heresy when necessary. I hereby declare that Arsenal are the most enigmatic team to follow in the EPL right now. We are not erratic like some chavish clubs are. We are not exactly in limbo as some scousers are. However, we get good results at difficult places but fail to do the business to continue when it seems easily done on paper.
    Everton away was a good point, but I am sure that home games vs. Swansea and West Brom are potential pitfalls that Wenger will struggle to waffle away. They are just two of the teams surrounding us at the moment. To have said that finishing in a ECL position is the third ranked criteria of achievement at the club is a gross mistake by the manager. The fixture list is not guaranteed to be kind to any club in particular. Injuries are unfortunate, but such problems are to be coped with. Although we are financially prudent, I fail to be convinced that FFP and bigger sponsorship deals will suddenly see us emerge as top notches straight away. Not with the kind of vibes we have created these last few years. We have always been good under Wenger but disgustingly lacking in pushing for whatever is well within reach. It is almost as if we are afraid to succeed.
    I am loath to see the back of our eminent manager, But if he keeps on being delusional well……
    This is not a rant, it is more of a what the F**k. Come on you RRGs allow me to keep my toys close at hand for a month, so saving the constant tidying up.

  146. RockyLives says:

    “My toys are out of my pram, but they are not strewn around the room. They are carefully put away until the next time when it will be decided whether I chuck them out or love them up again.:-)”

    Haha – fair comment!

  147. Yeah Rocky, I take it out on my toys, dust them down and start all over again. I think you know about chilling out after the heat. Know what I mean? Keep the brain and pets healthy all the time. Could every storm not only bring a calm or be the precipitation of another?
    Best to get real like ..quick quick man!! Still hope for the best.

  148. kelsey says:


    I have a feeling liveonfooty has been shut down.Anyone else have the same feeling.

  149. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Morning Kelsey,
    Had a look again myself yesterday, and looks like you are correct. What the heck are we going to do?
    I’ve relied on that site since Raddy first put me onto it back in the Grove days. Tried that Wizipig site the other nite, and it was very inferior for me, in fact I couldn’t watch the game. Maybe something to do with my poor home broadband width.

  150. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Am I right in thinking that from an Arsenal perspective, even Sky is not the solution as some games are not shown. ESPN and so on.

  151. kelsey says:

    dandann warned me about this Micky.
    If you notice they kept changing accounts and payment details.First in Luxembourg, and now in Derby.

    I wonder how much money they got out of subscribers.
    I have an option to get Canal Plus who show live EPL games including Saturday 3.00 p.m. kick offs,but they are selected games.

    might be a problem for match reports unless we all club together and get you an Away season ticket.

    The trouble with many of these sites like Wizpig is that they often carry nasties,chas would know better.

  152. kelsey says:

    Yes you are right, except extended highlights after the games at night.Not very good

  153. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Just been googleizing the onlinefooty thing, and found fans that have been in touch with the site owner. It does not sound as though they intentially scooted off with our cash, merely trying to avoid the internet rozzers.
    Buying me a HOME season ticket for me is a cracking idea though, although you can forget any idea of another match report from me 🙂

  154. MickyDidIt89 says:

    more coffee

  155. Gooner in Exile says:

    Morning all, a fair report Rocky regarding the result, I haven’t seen the game (still).

    Interesting discussions yesterday on our disappointments and the measure of them. And it all comes down to expectation.

    The strange thing is those that complain about years of dumbing down seem to be most vehement in their criticism, when in reality if we have down graded so much a draw at Everton away is a good result.

    Something is amiss within the team, what I have no idea, why again I have no idea, but I certainly hope they have some answers in house.

    May be round for a bit more blogging today.

    Sounds like we are going to have some good numbers at Tavern Saturday, we will need the moral support

    As for Sharkey’s question about swapping Chelsea’s last 10 years with ours? No thanks, I didn’t like the football they played when Maureen took over and the Chelsea fans are starting to realise they have no say in their club. Apparently some started singing “We Want Our Chelsea Back”. We all want their Chelsea back, easy solution is waving bye bye to Roman.

  156. Gooner in Exile says:

    I haven’t had any nasties from Wiziwig, but I run ad blockers and stop pop ups at source.

    Also tend to watch using SopCast when using their streams which again comes with beter quality and from memory not the issues that you get with the Flash streams.

  157. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All

    I got a miserable 15 out of 28 on chas’s quiz. Mid-table mediocrity…

    I have yet to have a problem with Wizigig and it is on for hours with the cricket. Oz gave me a very good link on Weds which I have forgotten – we must ask him about it when he is next on.

  158. Big Raddy says:

    Oh dear. Bright pink skies this morning —– Scandi snow on the way 😦

  159. kelsey says:

    Morning GIE,BR

    GIE you said

    “Something is amiss within the team, what I have no idea, why again I have no idea, but I certainly hope they have some answers in house.”

    This is somehing i have repeatedly said for months. I may have said “I can’t put my finger on it”.
    Wenger has got rid of the descenters or bad influence in the dressing room or so we are believed to understand, but with Sagna now added to the uncertainty of leaving plus Theo how are we going to get a settled quality squad.
    I like others have run my own business and all I can say is that we At arsenal have a strange way of rewarding our players .
    One can’t turn the clock back but the basic wage is obviously too high be it relevent if the players are actually playing, only used as cameo role players or just on the books without ever playing.
    I can’t see progression for the minute.

  160. Big Raddy says:

    My problem is that I don’t have a problem with our team.

    Two away draws to decent sides – yes, I know AV were struggling but we played them as Lambert finally got them organized – is OK. not PL winning but OK.

    And this followed after the thrashing of the cave dwellers.

    As RL says we are unbeaten in 6 Our defence is looking secure with the return of Sagna and now Gibbs.

    As to the contract saga – what else can AFC do? If a player will not sign then absolutely nothing.

    kelsey …. If an employee, even a vital employee comes to you and asks you to more than double his wages what would you do? You would offer him a raise but not one which would ruin your carefully constructed wage structure. If he refused you would show him the door. So would I and so will Arsenal. No player has the right to hold the club to ransom.

  161. LB says:

    Morning all, the sky is clear icey blue here in Central London.

    While there are clubs willing and able to pay our top players much higher wages than Arsenal can, rumours about players leaving when their contract comes close to its end will continue.

  162. Gooner In Exile says:

    Kelsey I’m sure if you did a survey of most PL fans they would all question certain players in the books and their wages.

    Last season when Alex Forty Nine posted his wages schedule that were from an “unnamed source”. Apparently Arshavin earns £15k for starting a game but his basic is £70k. How true any of this is is anyone’s guess. Anyway back to the point it declared Theo was on £70k a week and it was heavily questioned – “is he worth £70k a week?” – now Arsenal fans want to pay him £100k+ a week.

  163. LB says:

    Morning BR

    There is no doubt that the team isn’t collectively performing to the standard that such a collection of individauls should.

    But have you noticed how hard Wenger is trying to find a solution? If you canpare his team selections to any other season this year has been a veritable merry go round.

    I could list all the changes but I have just realised the time.

    I only tell you this as I think you are one of the few that appreciates such things.

  164. MickyDidIt89 says:

    We don’t have a wage structure. We have a wage policy.
    Our wage bill is not that different to some clubs that pay 150k a week to some players, and we should do the same.
    This wage parity thing is a Wenger concept (his wages excluded, of course) that will always ensure no world class players.
    As I said yesterday, we must stop paying mediocrity so much.

  165. Big Raddy says:

    Micky. Semantics. We already know that some players at AFC earn more than others.

    I agree that paying Squillaci €30k a week seems madness. Mistakes have been made but no club is perfect – do MC get value for money from Santi Cruz etc etc? Or were Liverpool right to give €100+k a week to Downing?

    Do you think that AFC should have given BSR a 4 year €200+K contract as a 29 y.o?

    I don’t have an answer but there is no simple solution.

  166. Big Raddy says:

    As to players. I am worried about Ox. What is his place in the team? Why is Ramsey starting ahead of him? What has happened to the player who electrified us last season?

  167. kelsey says:

    Of course you are right but I don’t like players leaving to strengthen our direct opposition.
    It’s happening far to frequently these past three seasons and therefore we won’t get a settled squad if this continues.

  168. chas says:

    The Ox has been a puzzle this season, BR.
    His best performance this season was when he played for England.
    Watching him in the flesh, he often gives the impression he isn’t giving 100%, almost as if he’s walking about in a dream. I’m sure this isn’t true but it’s just another element of a perplexing season so far.

  169. chas says:

    Clattenburg is the ref tomorrow.

  170. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Of far more concern to me right now than anything else, is how to watch the games.
    GiE talks about stopping blockers and pop-ups. Que?

  171. Brigham says:

    Micky – totally agree with you regarding paying mediocrity as much as we do, it is not right at all and something I have always disliked. I think that is the root cause of a many of the wage problems at Arsenal. If you pay a kid (17 year old or under) a large sum of money, he will only expect even more when/if he finally breaks through to the first team. Understandable to a degree, but why pay them so much in the first place?

  172. Gooner in Exile says:

    Micky very simple, theres this place called the Emirates, and when you go there you see live footy 😀

  173. chas says:

    Google adblock, Micky

  174. Big Raddy says:

    Micky. I downloaded a chas/GIE recommendation called Adbloc. It is excellent – takes all the ads out of websites.

    If you do download please do the decent thing and pay them a few shekels for their time. I gave €4 and it is worth every cent

  175. chas says:

    If you move abroad you can see most of our live games, too. 🙂

  176. Gooner in Exile says:

    Okay according to the Alex Forty Nine article Jack is on £55k, the Telegraph reported when he signed the contract in 2010 that it was £40k a week. But he was 18 when he signed it…..was it too much?

  177. Big Raddy says:

    Brigham 8.44. Because everyone else does. Why would you got to AFC if Chavs were offering you 500+ a week more as a 16 y.o.?

  178. Gooner in Exile says:

    Sod that Raddy, pay them indeed, surely they make their money from ad revenue……oh hang on maybe i need to donate

  179. chas says:

    I wonder how the internet reaction to Arsenal would change if the only people to see the games were the ones who attended?

  180. chas says:

    I didn’t pay them anything. You have great integrity, BR.
    I’d never download anything unless it’s free.
    Adblock should come as standard. It’s like the mute button on a TV.

  181. Big Raddy says:

    GIE. Exactly 😀

    chas. It should but it doesn’t.

  182. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Gloat away my friend about going “live” tomorrow.
    I’m fully aware of the approaching match’day’stopper about to arrive in a certain Norfolk dwelling.
    Will I then gloat back?

  183. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Thanks lads. Adblock it is. Then, do I need to download anything for Sopcast or Wizipig? I always tend to push the wrong download button, and my very expensive laptop starts hissing, then hurls all over the floor.

  184. Morning all

    I’m looking to download the Adblock for googlechrome but how do you know if it’s the real one you’re downloading. I’ve just done a search and there are three different ones!!!!!!! I end up with a new toolbar every time I download anything that’s free if it’s a hookey one – even if I say no to the toolbar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  185. Brigham says:

    BR 8.51 – Because you WANT to play for Arsenal and not those west end rent boys for starters! 🙂 I can see what you are saying and most of us want the best wage we can get, but they are already on obscene amounts at a young age (allegedly). Pure greed in my humble opinion and that is what is ruining football, just like it is the world!

  186. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Whatever Jack is on now, becomes irrelevant in my book, if he knows he can now start running down his contract in the knowledge that his next deal would be worth £120k a week.
    He should know that top rewards are on offer at the club he loves.
    All it really means, is depriving someone like AA of his £60k a week.
    You could easily find an AA replacement for £30k, and what’s more, they would likely be a better investment.

  187. Rasp says:

    Morning all ……

    …. New post ……..

  188. chas says:

    I really hope I’m one of the chosen few who understands football as much as LB does.

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