“A” “V”ery “B”ig win for Arsenal and some ratings……..

Wounded, bloodied and showing signs of decline, as a crisis of confidence has seemingly gripped the arsenal squad of late, we stood on the Lunch time death slot where we have failed to win a game in over 3 years [since Sept 2009 when we beat, Spurs 3-0]…..

In our way again, those unlikeable Lily White neighbours strode in complete with their bloated egos, not exactly in great form themselves, but the usual pre-match hype had them claiming that the gap was closing and today was their day and they would go on to finish above us…..

Arsène fielded pretty much the strongest team available, with injuries slowly abating, Szczesny was back between the sticks, he is our number one that there is no doubt for me, Mannone is an ok No2 but lacks the presence of a top keeper…..

AVB was brave from the start as he went with a very attacking line up, with Defoe and Adebarndoor up front, supported out wide by the overrated lennon and bale, pace wasn’t lacking….At least we had Walcott starting, [how many games has he got left in an Arsenal shirt??]

The first few minutes saw the midfield three of Cazorla, Arteta and Wilshere look to dominate possession, but Spurs were pushing up a high line and squeezing the space in the midfield…..

The crowd were up for it as was Tottenham’s Sandro who went through the back of Giroud early doors, but Arsenal were working hard and most notably Podolski was working very hard defensively, however slowly Spurs were getting at us more and more. Sandro then went through Wilshere……

Walcott was looking up for it and getting crosses in, but still Spurs seemed to get stronger, a breakdown the right from Lennon, gained a free kick as Vermaelen blocked him. Bale floated a free kick in, which was headed straight out to Huddlestone, whose shot was blocked into Gallas path by Kozzer, Gallas scored but was ruled as offside, that was a warning that we didn’t heed.

As Vertonghen hit a quality long ball down the left into the path of Defoe whose movement had left BFG stalling, defoe put it across Szczesny, who got a hand to it, but it fell to Adebarndoor, who tapped it in 0-1….just 10mins in……murmurs…..

Moments later lennon pulled an easy one across the goal with Szczesny looking beaten, I really have never rated lennon, thank god he as poor as I think he is…….Poor man’s Walcott for me…
Arsenal weren’t getting totally outplayed but were struggling to get back on terms, then on 16mins another long ball out by Vertonghen was headed down towards Carzola by BFG who out jumped Adebarndoor, but then Adebarndoor launched himself at the ball and took our little maestro out….

Howard Webb gave him a very deserved red card…….In midst of the heated moments that followed Jack had a little spat with Bale, but was calmed down by the rest. Let’s try and keep 11 on eh..?

Anyway, with numbers in our favour, Arsenal started to dominate, on 23 a great cross by Walcott was met by BFG who powered in a header, to redeem himself from his earlier error, 1-1 …..

Fantastic first goal for the Arsenal by the rather large german…..

With the extra space Arsenals’ talented trio in the middle started to dominate, with Theo looking lively, Giroud looking more and more the striker we needed, Podolski was also still working much harder than he has been.

Half time was getting closer, Sandro was also getting closer to an early bath as well, how he didn’t have at least a yellow was beyond me……Sadly Lloris was looking good in between the sticks, could we get in front?, on 40 Giroud had a very powerful header but it was straight at his French team mate.

Moments later, Arteta, drove across the pitch looking for a one two with Jack, but the ball came off huddlestone and fell to Lukas, who managed to dig the ball out across the back of gallas and it trickled into the far corner as Lloris was wrong footed…….2-1….half time was nigh…..

But wait, Lennon connects with Vermaelen, the free kick which comes back out to Santi, who devilishly darts into the box through a couple of stumbles, but manages to keep his feet, play on from Webb, as Santi squares the ball to Giroud, who with Gallas and Vertonghen in his way, manages to sweep the ball in 3-1, thats 5 goals in 5 for Giroud, after me, who needs Van persie when we’ve got Giroud…….I know….

Second half, starts with AVB going for it, 3 at the back, fair play to the Portu’gueser, bold and brave. Spurs did well as their ten men stuck in there, arsenal wrongly sitting back, the fans were restless, next goal was crucial…..Oh by the way, Sandro was still on the pitch despite even more fouls…

A long goal kick by Szczesny was flicked on by Giroud, to Theo who chest controlled the ball and brought it down, then played Podolski down the left of the box, who then crossed for Santi to come in at the far post and slide the ball in, 60mins 4-1…….

Arsenal didnt take advantage as Spurs continued to try and get back into the game, with yes you guessed it, Sandro was still on the pitch, but finally he gets a card on 66. Then on 70 mins a sliced clearance by BFG was headed into Bales path and he ran forward and dragged a shot back across through Kozzers legs, 4-2. Immediately Le boss replaced Wilshere with Ramsey…The crowd was now very nervous even with the 2 goals and a man advantage….Moments later Bale has another chance but it drifts wide across the goal, that was too close for comfort…….

On 80 Santos replaces Podolski, a luke warm reception for the Brazilian, but he is not at LB, so not too much to worry about there and he didn’t seem to take any shirts off anyone…….On 85 the Ox replaces Giroud….he looked very lively straight away….

Arsenal are now dominating possession, as they knock the ball about…Ox gets the ball off a loose pass from Vertonghen and drives forward into the box and plays it to Theo, who comes across and drags a shot back across Vertonghen and pass the helpless Lloris…5-2, 91 mins……

Not quite as exciting as last years match which ended the same, probably not as satisfying either in a way, but a major boost nonetheless……

Some sites claim this is just papering over the cracks, codswallop, look we have a good squad and some very talented players, we might fall short for the title, but I expect a top 4 finish at minimum, we do have the players when everyone is fully fit…..and all settled……..By the way, I am not getting carried away, work is still needed.

It was good to see Giroud bag another along with Podolski and Santi getting goals, the three newest signings are still settling in, but you can see their quality….if you cant, open your eyes……..

There is more to come, thats for sure……….

Ratings: [In my humble opinion]

Szczesny: 7: Steady game, good to have the Pole back. Unfortunate with the first……

Sagna: 8: Although I am warming to Jenkinson, he is no Sagna yet, quality game by our beaded warrior, linked well with Theo.

BFG:7: At fault for Spurs first, but a great equaliser and worked hard throughout….

Kozzer: 7: Steady and pacy when needed, still finding his feet this season….

Vermaelen: 7: Took his time to settle, doesn’t like the left and it shows, but did a job….

Arteta:7.5: Dictated the play well when in control of the ball, worked hard, tired towards the end..quietly effective.

Santi: 9: Wizard….. great goal capped his Man of the Match*performance……

Wilshere: 7.5: Spikey, passionate, skilful and OURS…..Just gotta to love our Jack….

Podolski:8: Thought that was his best game he has had for a while, defensively worked hard, not lazy today, lets keep it at that level Lukas, nicked a goal as well…..

Giroud: 8: Gets better every week for me, strong and tenacious, holds the ball up well and links well, more skill than most give him credit for, great goal…….

Walcott:9: Pushed Santi for MoTM very close, pacy, direct and great assist as well as a good goal. If its just 10k more he wants, give him that pen now, if you think he isn’t good enough for us, then you have me stumped, ok not as consistent as we all want, but wouldn’t swap him for Lennon, Sinclair, Sturridge, SWP, Johnson or whoever in that category you want to mention……..Classy when in the mood…….

Wenger: 7: Put out his best team available, but allowed the team to sit too deep for me in the 2nd half. Perhaps should of subbed Jack a little bit earlier and Ox really lifted the team when he came on too late.

Overall: Great result, pressure lifted a little with a reasonable performance, team need to push on now, a win midweek and at Villa next Saturday, then we can move on and forget the blip, consistency is needed now without doubt. Good day as Chelsea lost, as did United losing to Norwich 1-0 as well, which we got slated for…will they? Perhaps they missed Webb today?

Side note for AVB: Brave and bold, fair play and you did ok in the 2nd half but your team did not dominate, your team had moments, but you had them at Chelsea as well, how did that end?

Written by Harry

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  1. Spurred on says:

    Really? Your team did not dominate in the 2nd half with 10 men, who would have thought……..in the first 20 mins there was only one team in the match, before you get carried away ask yourself why did the atmosphere change when Bale scored? Simple you were worried that a team with 10 men were about to come back into the match!

  2. Gio says:

    As you stated “with numbers in our favour, we started to dominate” when it was 11 apiece arsenal struggled. Papering over the cracks is incorrect as the cracks are so big, no amount of paper can conceal them!!! The decline will continue with the departure of Walcott.

  3. Abdullahi E. A says:

    Kudos to u all.

  4. Rasp says:

    Spurred on … you lost – get over it, go and whine on a spurs site.

    Gio, what kind of Arsenal supporter are you that you cannot celebrate a victory such as yesterday’s? – I despair

    Harry, fantastic detailed report, great to have you back on the site, you’ve been missed.

  5. oz gunner says:

    welcome back Harry, fantastic pre-match, really enjoyed it.

    And out come the tottenham whingers….

    If ade this, if webb that. Get over it, he was reckless and it cost you. It was only 17 minutes in and we hadn’t settled into the game yet. No one knows how it would have panned out if it stayed 11 v 11. All I know is we smashed you 5-2, just like we did last season.

    Bale scoring would not have happened if we were so far in front. He lacked discipline because everyone was trying to get in on the action (you know by belting your team further into oblivion!).

    Thanks again Harry

  6. Rasp says:

    Incidentally I am receiving reports that the behaviour of some of the spurs fans was disgraceful, picking fights, disgusting chants and neanderthal aggression. They need to get themselves sorted out, this bitterness borne of an inferiority complex has been encouraged by recent statements regarding the ‘Y’ word. We’re in the 21st century, this should not be tolerated.

  7. DAVSPURS says:

    Your all deluded yesterdays results prove Ukad are shit at stopping tempo cheat who are swallowing work rate trust me Arsenal chasers where full up even Podolskiand the large thinning German. Lennon his good Wallcot just started playing with Help from the above England with testify to that he is shit under Wada rules

  8. kelsey says:

    Nice post Harry.

    Adebayor now has the unique distinction of being hated by both sides of North london.

  9. Rasp says:

    Dav5pur2, eloquently expressed – you are a perfect ambassador for your club.

  10. kelsey says:

    Nice post DAVSPURS

    any chance you could translate it into English

  11. Sheep Hagger says:

    I did not watch it until 6pm thank god for sky+.
    My mobile was off all day so no mates could text me the score.
    Once the spuds had long legs sent off I knew we would turn them over.
    Roll on villa one happy arsenal fan here in Wales!.

  12. kelsey says:

    As an aside,wasn’t AVB Chelsea’s manager when we won 5-3 at SB ? yes he was

    long may he reign at white hart lane

  13. chas says:

    Cracking match report, Harry.

    Rather large German made me laugh.

    I think Davspuds is a spam bot.
    No real person could put words together in that order and believe it makes any sense. 🙂

    p.s. as far as the lunchtime death slot goes, didn’t we beat Norwich away last season on a Saturday lunchtime?

  14. oz gunner says:

    he sure was kelsey! Long may he continue at Tottenham. His attack style plays right into our hands.

  15. kelsey says:


    our posts overlaped while i was checking

    Snap 🙂

  16. oz gunner says:

    @ Kelsey

    great minds 🙂

  17. MAX says:

    Great Match report mate.!!!!! Walcott is getting better day by day he is no more inconistent and he is giving his 100% in all the games… I agree with yu if he want 10k more give him as per me he derserved it… Coming to the match OG is becoming our new brave sir robin the goal which he netted was real class he is getting his feet in epl dont be suprise if he scores 20 goals dis season… Coming to last goal I m really impressed with the ox he could hav tried for a shot but instead he passed ball to theo tats shows how unselfish player he is… Whilsere is our steven gerrard one team man he loves arsenal from bottom of his heart see his agression in all the games,… I just love dis lad….

  18. JOEL says:

    If we played 10 men every week I feel sure that we could challenge for the Premier League title.Perhaps they might bring this in as part of Financial Fair Play!

  19. MAX says:

    Speacially for Adebayor :-
    Born in Monaco, Created at arsenal destroyed at city and burried at spurs 😛 😛

  20. MAX says:

    Joel i agree spurs wer 1 man down but yesterday we played good football atleast while attacking while defending we were not dat good but while attacking we show real class yesterday

  21. oz gunner says:

    also loved the “are you tottenham in disguise?” chant. Crowd put on a great performance

  22. chas says:

    I just watched the first half again on Arsenal Player.
    Sagna didn’t snub Adebayor at all.
    They were first to shake hands and embrace, it was just that it happened before that video clip that someone posted actually started. Weird how the truth can be engineered to be different from it actually was simply by starting the clip from a different point.

    Here’s a screen print showing them hugging behind Vertonghen.


  23. oz gunner says:

    NOOOOOOOO chas!!!!

  24. chinedu says:

    Great post,all afc fanz not happy bcos we won against 10 men are jos pretending

  25. Dakayid says:

    Gooners r sh1t!!! 1 man team!! Weren’t even in the game till we went down to 10. COYS!!!

  26. Rasp says:

    Thanks Daka*** for adding to our pleasure this happy day. Not only did we give you a sound beating yesterday but we’ve reduced the sadder elements of your support to trolling internet sites as blogsnipers and embarassing themselves by displaying their lack of education … very well done 🙄

  27. Carlito11 says:

    Great report Harry- good to see you writing on AA again! The weather matches my mood today 😀
    I took an Italian mate to yesterday’s game. He’s been kind enough to take me to the Rome derby in past seasons and I wanted to show him how good an English atmosphere can be but there was hardly any singing at the Tavern pre-match (sorry I didn’t see any of you there) and was worried the crowd was going to be subdued. In fact I have been thinking of giving my ST up because of our home support’s lack of gusto.
    How wrong that impression was- we were all pretty nervous before the game I guess, but we got behind the team and it was a quality day out- old school with loads of banter, humour and all those around me singing up. Bale’s goal did cause some jitters- only to be expected really given recent seasons.
    Well pleased with the result- glad all 3 new signings have great songs that the crowd loves to sing- wish we had a good one for sagna

  28. GoonerB says:

    A good and well balanced report Harry. I agree about Walcott. Just do what is required to keep him. Letting him go would, IMO, be a very grave error.

    You are right about there still being some work required, but what this game showed me is that it is fine details rather than major surgery. I have always been a believer in not having a knee jerk reaction to a defeat and to look at it more objectively to see what went right and what went wrong. I think the similar is true when we have a good victory. Don’t get me wrong I am relishing the victory yesterday and walking around with a big smile today, but I hope Arsene and Bould will harness the confidence from the victory but at the same time also look at areas that could improve us.

    Early on it looked like they were going to take the initiative and we were struggling to threaten. The main point for me early on, which I feel has happened before, was that Santi was sitting too deep and was in alignment with Wilshere and Arteta. When he does this we don’t get our quick triangular passing going that moves us forward. Giroud was starting to look a little isolated again and although I like him the one thing he lacks is pace. I think that encourages the opposition to play a high line, although with Walcott out there it really ought to be something we can exploit. We look far more threatening when santi plays higher in the spaces between their midfield and defence. It gives us that forward pass option. It is almost as if we are a bit nervy and cautious at the moment at times and we don’t consistently have the confidence to keep an attacking shape when the opposition are in possession. While it is admirable that Santi gets back to help out I would prefer him to be instructed to always stay some 10-15m higher than Wilshere and Arteta so that when we win the ball back we have options going forwards rather than sideways and backwards. It is a small thing that I feel will make us a far better side. It requires a bit of bravery to leave certain players in advanced positions when we are not in possession but we are an attacking outfit and for me we should be brave in our set-up.

    Once they went down to 10 we started to dominate. The spud fans will tell you that it was all down to the numerical advantage and that had it been 11 vs 11 things would have been different. Refreshingly I don’t think that us beginning to dominate was to do with the extra man. I think it was more that once he went off, our psychology changed and we actually started to play like we can. I would want to tell the players that and tell them that they could have dominated like this even when they had 11 and it is just about them having the confidence to play like we did from that point.

    One final area that I think we have to sort out is that, for me, we seem to have developed a bad habit of sitting back a bit when we are in the ascendancy. I don’t know what you guys think but for me we invited them back into the game when we had them on the ropes. We don’t have a great history of holding on to leads and I feel it is more a psychological and mental issue rather than quality of player issue. If I were Arsene I would want to install a more ruthless attitude into the players than this. I think if you practice and breed good habits then when it is really important it happens naturally. If you don’t then I don’t think the players can collectively will switch to that psychological mind set when it is more necessary. We were getting in and around their box and were passing up opportunities to penetrate into their penalty area and instead started to play it back around our defence. The problem is that we seem to start to do everything more slowly like we are playing beach football on holiday. I would love to see the stats on how often we pass it back to our keeper when we are ahead in games relative to when we are not ahead. I am not advocating a complete bombing forward of all players, particularly the full-backs, but I think we are a team that would just be better to keep creating chances which would likely have the effect of keeping their players deeper anyway. It was highlighted to me when Ramsey was on the ball without seemingly a care in the world and was caught in possession. I would never describe Ramsey as a lazy player but he seemed to me, like some of the other players, to become too casual. When the Ox came on you could see that he wanted to make his mark on the game and started to have a go at them. it seemed to pick the tempo of the whole team up again and we finished as the dominant side again. As I say it is only a small issue that I think is more about psychology that I am sure Arsene and Bouldy can sort out just by getting in the players heads more.

    I think if we can get those 2 areas of keeping santi in more dangerous positions and keeping our tempo high even when winning then I think we will become a consistently better team and could really do something this year. As I say minor details not major surgery. I am as happy as anything this morning but I want this team to do what it is capable of so i will always focus on the areas I feel the team can improve on even with a great victory under our belts.

    Anyway, sorry guys another GoonerB post within a post.

  29. slimgingergooner says:

    Whilst the result was outstanding, and our attacking play brilliant to watch, the first 20 minutes yesterday are still a worry for me. The defence for the first goal were all over the place. Merts stepped up, Sagna stood still and Kozzer swept round! Terrible.

    Lets not forget that Lennon also had a good chance to put them 2 up and Gallas had one rightly ruled out for offside. All this before we had really had a shot in anger.

    However, having said that, many a game are changed by referee decisions and sendings off so we shouldn’t dilute the celebrations because of this.

    We gave 5pur2 an absolute ‘mashing’ yesterday and nothing makes me happier than watching Defoe kicking a post in frustration, Gallas close to tears, Bale s**tting himself at Wilshere and Adebayor marching off the field after 20 minutes!!!

    I though Cazorla was outstanding and Walcott ripped Naughton a new one (poor lad will never be the same again!). I absolutely love Giroud and I’m pleased with myself for defending him when my colleague at work was calling for Chamakh to replace him! Humble pie is in the oven as we speak!!!

    Hope you all have a fantastic weekend Gooners and enjoy this result as it should be enjoyed, equal to last seasons.

    Oh, and for those Arsenal ‘fans’ and Spuds moaning about a hollow victory, think about this (if you can read):

    If only my Auntie had bollocks, She’d be my Uncle!

  30. @ chas

    Re your pic – Bouncers at the Emirates?

  31. 1 UMF says:

    Harry….Fine match report. Any one who missed that game would have a flavour for it after reading your post.

    Nice to see you back, as others have said you have been missed. Hope every things alright.

  32. big ernie says:

    Well for me Jack W was the difference, he fought for everything, got stuck in and showed the others how to play in this London Derby. I love this guy and even think that in a year or two’s time should be made Captain …… he has the spirit, desire and will to win and showed the ‘old hands’ how to do it …. Hat’s off to you Jack, yo da Man !!

  33. glic says:

    Excellent report Harry.

    I am not surprised by some of the unintelligible Spud rants, I pity them, what should we really expect from Banjo playing inbred swamp dwellers !.
    I actually have more pity for some of the AAers on here, as some of the above are relatives of yours !. Obviously, your strain of genes were more advanced. hahaha

  34. kelsey says:

    off the shelf (Tottenham Hotspur): If AVB, as reported, thought that we were in control for 90 minutes, then he is certifiably insane and shouldn’t be trusted with a Subutteo team let alone Spurs.(source teamtalk)

  35. glic says:

    A beautiful thought for the day.

    Think how, depressed, moody, sick, melancholy, despondant, gloomy, miserable, sad, unhappy, mournful, sombre, dull, weary, dismal, dejected, desolate, bleak, inadequate, downcast, disheartened, inconsolable, dreary, cheerless, despairing, hopeless, dispirited, unsatisfied the Spuds must feel like or be !

    Apologies if I left anything out ! hahahahahaha

  36. glic says:

    I suppose they`ve always got Spursday to look forward to !. hahaha

  37. Gooner In Exile says:

    Haven’t read report yet, but just saw this on twitter and made me ROLF

    Back later

  38. 1 UMF says:

    GLiC 2-10. So you think their a tad down then?

  39. GunnerN5 says:

    The delusional words of AVB!!!!!


    “Yes, we suffered but there were chances that, had we converted and brought the score to only one goal difference, it could have gone our way. We were very, very good from the first minute to the last, with 11 men and with 10 men. We were in control from the first minute to the last minute.

  40. 1 UMF says:


  41. jnyc says:

    Great, detailed match report Harry. And fine photos as well.

  42. Gooner In Exile says:

    Fantastic report of a fantastic result well played Harry.

    Love that we have had bitter spuds on this morning, the one thing I never think of doing is visiting a Spuds blog, least of all commenting, but maybe today would be funny to go look.

    Just off to check some stats.

  43. chas says:

    This has been posted on Facepalm and one of the comments suggests that even Santi’s stomach is smiling.

    Little Jack takes Tom Cumbersome out of the game.

  44. chas says:

    From the moment this happened the atmosphere was electric yesterday….

  45. Rasp says:

    Hi chas, doesn’t Santi’s head look like it’s been stuck on in that first photo?

  46. Okay these stats are from 4-4-2 app and cover the 17 minutes up to Adebayors Red Card (Arsenal on Left, Spuds on Right)

    80/99 Passing 53/67
    0 Shots 4
    9/16 Attacking 3rd passes 7/18
    2/3 Clearances 3/9

    So as i said yesterday changed the game? Not so much, if it had been 1-0 for 70 minutes and then Adebayor sees Red, then that changes the game, but their is simply no way of knowing whether Spuds could have kept at their opening tempo, or whether we would have started to impose ourselves anyway.

    On AvB as soon as I see a manager writing things down on a pad I am concerned, worse still when he is reading the Coaches Notebook looking for the answer to what is happening to his team on the pitch. He came up with his answer too late as by then it was already 3-1.

  47. RockyLives says:

    Welcome back – and a top top match report. It was like reliving the game again which was, of course, a wonderful feeling.

    I am slightly worried about how we looked against them for the first 15 (although people pointing to the Gallas offside goal as an example of a close shave are misguided: it was an example of excellent defending with all our back four working in unison).

    But that said, we started slowly against them in the equivalent fixture last year and look how that ended up!

    As for Android Village Bozo’s comment about controlling the game for 90 minutes, I think he would be wise to keep quiet because the scale of that defeat was mostly down to him:

    Firstly, he made a big deal of wanting to start his ex Arsenal players because they would be “really fired up” to win. Which I think makes him directly culpable for Adebarndoor’s red card. There is no question that the Spuds had been told to “get in among us” early doors and there were some really bad tackles from them in the first half. Barndoor, with his pea-sized brain, took the instruction a bit too literally and, thankfully, saw red.

    Secondly, I have seldom seem a team look so disorganised and clueless on going down to 10 men. Football history is full of teams managing to hold on to a lead despite being down to 10 men for long periods.

    When Barndoor went off, it was still 0-1 and the Spuds should have tried to batten down the hatches and make it difficult for us. Instead they looked like a team of strangers.

    And thirdly in my anti-AVB rant, he was given credit for his “bravery” in going three at the back for the second half. Well what else was he expected to do? Thanks to the rubbish discipline and organisation his team had displayed in the first half they were 3-1 down by half time and had nothing to lose by going for it.

  48. RockyLives says:

    I said in comments yesterday that Webb had a good game, which he did.

    But reading Harry’s report did make me remember that I felt he was very lenient towards Sandra who should have been booked much earlier.

  49. RockyLives says:

    By the way, love the clever headline Harry (or Rasp).

  50. chas says:

  51. Rasp says:

    Hi Rocky, the headline was all Harry’s 🙂

    Like you I’m sure we would have improved during the game and won irrespective of the sending off – in fact, it’s a shame because all the puds I have spoken to claim that’s the only reason they lost – deluded fools!

    It was lucky that a lot of the play was down our right/their left as we really are impotent on that side without a proper LB, I’m beginning to wonder if a pacy attacking LB should be a high priority for January – and one of the quality to challenge Gibbs for his place.

  52. 1 UMF says:

    Rasp…would you test Evertons resolve and bid for Baines?

  53. Rasp says:

    Hi 1 UMF (VCC ?),

    Yes if Santos could be sold for £4m ish, I think Baines could cost twice that. However, I don’t get the feeling he is an Arsene-type player.

  54. 1 UMF says:

    UMF (VCC)

    Your too clever Rasp. he he .

    Although I like Gibbs, he is made of glass, we need to take the plunge and buy a top left back. He puts far too much unnecessary pressure on the side. Also it wont be long before Vermaelen gets right peed off if he is kept playing there, he clearly isnt comfortable, and whats more other Managers will attack this area.

    Baines is the obvious choice as he is premiership proved. I cant think of another suitable left back, thats the trouble.

    Wenger must make this top priority this January.

  55. Rasp says:

    😆 VCC/UMF (what does it stand for or shouldn’t I ask?)

    Baines seems very resilient, a tough little bugger in the Geordie Armstrong mould.

  56. Spurred on says:

    Interesting you thought I was whining, read it gain, just stating facts, did I complain about the sending off? No because it was justified, did I complain about he result? No because it was fair, just told you what you would have known if you were there, when Bale scored you could feel the tension. Just tells you what deep down you know you are fighting or 4th just like us, no more no less, so tell that to your well hung Auntie!

  57. Big Raddy says:

    Harry. Excellent report. You were one of the lucky ones who got to enjoy that atmosphere, it sounded great on the tele.

    Very funny MotD with Arry and Kompany.

    As to Spurs fans. You have to be a deluded imbecile to support them, so why should we be shocked at the nonsense written today?

    10 – 4 Over & Out

  58. 1 UMF says:

    Its a mickey take Rasp. Being I am of the older generation and its been suggested that I should have a zimmer frame, it would be wise to have a number plate fitted to said machine. = 1 UMF.
    Ugly Mother F.

    What about taking a punt on Maynor Figueroa of Wigan?

  59. 1 UMF says:

    Is it a coincidence with the 5pur2 supporters on here or are they all illiterate.

  60. RockyLives says:

    If you can’t figure it out you don’t want to ask.

    Spurred on
    No-one can dispute there was tension when Bale scored. We have lost a couple of 2-goal leads recently (Fulham and Schalke) and some of us remember only too well the 4-4 against your lot a few years back. So, yes, there was nervousness for a few minutes. Fortunately the team showed they were in no mood to give up a lead this time round and quickly got back on top.

    As for being on top for the first 15 – well, yes, you were. But that really doesn’t mean a great deal (think of the equivalent fixture last year). We have won games (as have you I’m sure) where the opposition were on top for the entire first half only to be blown out of the water in the second. The only mature way of looking at the game is to say “it is what it was”, and the hypotheticals can never be anything more than just guess work and fantasy.

  61. RockyLives says:

    Spurred on
    Are you worried about AVB? (Serious question – not trying to pick a fight).

  62. 1 UMF says:

    I don’t think English language can be on the curriculum in London N.17.

  63. Rasp says:

    :P) Rocky, I suspected it meant that 🙄

    Raddy … 10:4 over and out ROLF

    I think 5purr2don is missing the point. This is an Arsenal site, his was the first comment of the day, we had published a report that acknowledged very fairly totnum’s strengths and even went as far as complimenting their manager on his forward endeavour. Clearly his only agenda is to try to convince us that we didn’t deserve to win, he wouldn’t be on here otherwise would he? I’m sure he’ll find a more appreciative audience on a 5pur2 site.

  64. afolabi says:

    G̲̣̣̣̥ọ̥ọ̥ƌ̲̣̣̣̥ article? tns harry Ğoº°˚°ºϑ post

  65. slimgingergooner says:

    Spurred on,

    My well hung Auntie (or Uncle, as most Spuds refer to her) thanks you for your comment and would like me to inform you that she agrees that there were nerves around the stadium at 4-2. She would also like me to inform you that they quickly disappeared when Arsenal decided to keep the ball for the last 20 minutes and managed to score again just to make the result even sweeter.

  66. chas says:

    Not 100% sure about the song, but like the lyrics. 🙂

  67. slimgingergooner says:

    Oh, and Spurred on,

    My Auntie also wanted me to remind you that we are still in the Capital One Cup and Champions League, not just fighting for 4th.

    Oh, and by the way, I only said she may have bollocks…..how do you know she’s well hung……? 😉

  68. harry671 says:

    Evening Guys, thanks for the really great comments and praise, have missed writing on here, Peaches twisted my arm……I am all good, just dont have so much spare time………will try and keep in there…….

    I think some people from down the road need to read before they comment. “Spurred On” I wrote the comments as your deluded manager felt you dominated from beginning to end and you’ll note I did write that we got nervous when your 2nd went in ………Davspurs, as someone said, can you translate…….

    And I am truly not getting carried away, we have work to do. But neither did I get carried away after 4 games, there is a balance to be found when understanding where a team is. We have a significant new compoment to our team that will take time to settle. Jack is just back as is Szczesny, with only minimal injuries we will compete and challange for sure………

  69. Spurred on says:

    Because your Mum told me, at least I think she was talking to me, there were three of us present and she had her mouthful……

  70. harry671 says:

    Rasp, your comment at 4.32 is spot on……as I said, some people need to read fully before commenting……. 🙂

  71. Spurred on says:

    Now who can’t read?

  72. chas says:

    ‘Your Mum’ jibes remind me of being on LG.
    I wonder if there’s a connection.

  73. Spurred on says:

    Rocky, as a serious answer yes a little, to be fair he hasn’t had enough time and a fair amount of injuries, however I still worry as I am not sure he has the experience to deal with the pressure, that said I thought his interview yesterday was honest and would have won over a few, it was actually great to see a Manager admit it was a red card, it was, also think he was right to praise the team, the result was only going one way after Ade went off.

  74. Spurred on says:

    Also Harry fair point the article was pretty well balanced actually, still shame in a way that a great match got ruined by one tackle, for the record to some other comments Ade will still be popular at the Lane, he is a good player and will score plenty!

  75. chas says:

    I think the match was all the better for not having to look at Adebayor for longer than 18 minutes.
    Ruined? Hahahaha. 🙂

  76. RockyLives says:

    Spurred on
    Thanks for the reply.
    I thought the way your lot fell apart after going down to 10 was pretty inept.
    That said, you’ve probably got to give him some time (although I doubt Levy will stay patient if you get a few more bad results).

  77. jnyc says:

    Just want to say theos assist to merts was great, and girouds finish was almost rvp like, i like a striker who will do anything to try and poke the ball in.

  78. dandan says:

    Slim……You have reminded me of a business meeting in Washington during the Reagan years,when a high powered American Lady attendee amused me greatly in the middle of some intense negotiations, when she suddenly said so vehemently. Why the hell cant we have a president like Thatcher? that lady has balls. It made a very pressured meeting bearable and I wore an inner smile all day.

    Having since met the lady in Downing St I have to tell you whatever you might think of Mrs T the american lady was correct 🙂

  79. harry671 says:

    Spurred On, thanks fair play to you. In someways I wish Ade hadnt done that and it did stay 11 v 11, I dont like playing ten anyway, it did ruin what could have been a very good game, but none of us know what would of happened. But on the other a morale boosting win came off the back of his card…..The match at yours will be interesting……

  80. Spurred on says:

    It will, the battle continues, still if you will only admit one thing it must be that a proper Spurs v Arsenal rivalry is much more fun than where we were 4/5 years back, promise I won’t complain if you finish 4th…….as long as we are 3rd 😉

  81. slimgingergooner says:

    Spunked on,

    Great comeback with the ‘your mum’ banter, thanks for illuminating the site with your razor sharp wit. Shame your team weren’t as sharp yesterday.

  82. slimgingergooner says:



  83. Spurred on says:

    Actually thought it was brilliant to be honest, stole it from the genius that is Jimmy Carr so at least it had some pedigree, where as your spunked on comment is in fact comic genius………….

  84. slimgingergooner says:

    Thanks Spurred on, I try……

    Sarcasm and jokes aside, if you read my initial comment you will actually see that I thought we were the lesser side in the opening 20 minutes and I’m not as sure as others that we would’ve won had Ade not been a prized plum. A win is a win though and I think we were excellent going forward after the red card, though our defence leaves a lot to be desired.

  85. harry671 says:

    Spurred on, for a Lily white, you’re ok, its good to have some banter without the nasty side. Yes the rivalry is fun, and the fact that you always manage to fall in the gap, no matter how close you have got, it makes me smile…..Like when you got 4th last year for Chelsea to win the CL, your demise made that palatable………lets see how this season goes……..

  86. Spurred on says:

    I know it’s god to see you feel some pain and good natured banter is always good, take care guys see you at WHL to see if we can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory once again 🙂

  87. Spurred on says:

    If I could type…..it’s good to see you feel my pain!!

  88. LB says:

    Can anyone else imagine spending an afternoon on a spud site after loosing 5-2…………very strange behaviour.

  89. Big Raddy says:

    Spurred on. I hope we get the opportunity to feel your pain for many years to come 🙂

  90. Gooner In Exile says:

    Do I think NLD games are more enjoyable now there is actually something riding on them?

    Erm not sure, think there was more likely to be a Spud win when it was the only bragging rights they were to have over a season. After all this is a club only 2-3 years ago was making DVDs of a 4-4 draw in celebration of something.

    Now Spuds have more pressure and we have seen them crumble twice under it at our place.

    As Rocky said it wasn’t the red card that changed the game but the fact that too many show ponies didnt know what to do until the manager opened his notebook at halftime.

    Harry you were right to point out that Sandro should have received a yellow much earlier but I think Webb was trying his best to avoid Spuds going down to 9, Lennon got a yellow for two nothing challenges, Sandro was allowed a fair few before he finally ends up in the book, Lennon was unlikely to make many more challenges like that, Sandro would have given Webb a big decision to make in te second half had he booked him for the repeat offending in the first half.

  91. harry671 says:

    Agree GIE, But as much as I prefer 11 v 11 and I really do, is that right that Webb kept him on? Actually thought Lennon got his on his firts challenge, but it shouldnt matter who the player is….some of Sandro’s challenges were definite yellows…..hence me harping on about him, continually going through the back of players isnt right……

    Anyway roll on wed night, where is everyone meeting?

  92. slimgingergooner says:


    Very strange indeed.

  93. harry671 says:

    Very strange, but entertaining……….

  94. Spurred on says:

    I try and with that I will retire…take care

  95. Rasp says:

    Hi Harry, we hope to make an appearance at the Tavern on Wednesday night, may even be able to fit in a meal at the very good Turkish restaurant a few doors down … will you be joining us?

  96. neamman says:

    What pleasewd me is that in the last 3 games we have scored 10 goals. The attack is finally gelling.

  97. harry671 says:

    Sounds good Rasp, I will have a work colleague with me, get peaches to text me the details…….look forward to catching up with you all……

  98. glic says:

    Imo Sandro should have got two yellows and been off, being down to 9 would have been their just deserts.
    Talk about it turning ugly, If they were giving Reds for being hideously ugly, the Spuds would have struggled to field the minimum 6 players required !.

  99. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    Quality write up Harry…and also good to see you right back in the saddle.

    Completely agree with your write up and ratings.

    Tough old League this year, but I also think we’ll be fine.

  100. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    Oh and those pics in the report, kudos o whoever (Rasp??/Chas..??) is responsible.

    The Mert in mid air got them off to a cracking start…what a pic that is, and fuck me*…wot a header

    * with apologies to Peaches Mum

  101. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    Lukas on the moon…lol

  102. harry671 says:

    Thanks Sharkey, yep tough old league for sure, as Chelsea and United found out this weekend……….

    Exactly GLIC…Sandro should have been off…. reds for been ugly, how many would Bale get….?

  103. Gooner In Exile says:

    Talking of that show pony Bale, when he decided to get involved with Jack he made a gesture holding his hand around his chest, either saying I’m nots are for commenting on Jacks size, either way think Jack was in control and was defending his corner well, I think Bale also targeted him hoping to get a reaction, thought Jack had a very solid game and did not commit to any silly tackles.

    Love that gif Chas posted earlier sat watchingit repeat about 20 times before I stopped cooing.

    Just watched highlights again and Santi is poetry with the ball at his feet. Now if only we could get Diabyback to give everyone a rest on occasion.

    Felt sorry for Rambo yesterday as he came on at a point in the game when the crowd got tense (after Bales goal). But Wenger proved again he knows players better than us because I thought it was Santi that should be removed as he had started to tire.

  104. Gooner In Exile says:

    Bookings for ugliness slightly unfair every Spud would have booked at kick off especially Lennon who Mrs GiE described as walking like a horse 😀

    I’ve got tickets for Norwich v Arsenal U21s tomorrow night, doubt we will see the players we did last year (especially with ECL on Wednesday) but should be fun. £3 a ticket bargain!

  105. Gooner In Exile says:

    Szczesny: “Over 90mins we controlled the game very well. We showed everyone there’s definitely a difference in class between the 2 teams.”

    Love him 😀

  106. RockyLives says:

    Er… did anyone else think Santos looked really good in the left MF position when he came on?


    Just me then?

    Fair enough.

  107. richie says:

    @Glic@2:12 Did you mean St.Totnums Day (The day they realise they’re gonna finish behind us again)
    Oh happy day!
    Oh happy day!
    Oh happy day!
    When Dennis washed! (oh happy day)
    When Thierry washed! (oh happy day)
    When Arsene washed! (oh happy day)
    Oh happy day!
    When Arsenal washed!
    They washed the spuds away!
    🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😆

  108. richie says:

    Great summing up post Harry!

  109. weedonald says:

    Resident shrink here:

    1) Davspurs is displaying all the obvious signs of severe psychotic displacement – illiteracy, confusion, lobotomized ideation, anal retentiveness, adolescent fantasizing, perfidious asymmetry and classic delusional,,,,,otherwise known as Spuditis, a permanent and incurable disease some of whose symptoms are described below.

    2) All Spuds are ¨depressed, moody, sick, melancholic, despondant, gloomy, miserable, sad, unhappy, mournful, sombre, dull, weary, dismal, dejected, desolate, bleak, inadequate, downcast, disheartened, inconsolable, dreary, cheerless, despairing, hopeless, dispirited, and dissatisfied on their best days! This is what comes from living in the shadows of greatness whilst dreaming of evolving into Gooners someday!

    Harry…..very fair and balanced report…..keep it up!

  110. I really enjoyed reading the post and comments today. Yesterday was one of my best days ever in terms of results. Great to see Reading and Saints win. Canaries seem to have more grit than I’ve given them credit for.
    I am still relatively new to this site so I was delighted at the way you all dealt with “Spurred on”. The fellow showed some bottle, spending the day sharing virtual banter with us, the enemy the day after a good beating by our team.
    Maybe a closet Gooner in spudskin!!. ;-).

  111. slimgingergooner says:

    Just to pick up on the possible future left back options, I think Santon at Newcastle is starting to show why Mourinho rated him so highly. He’s now got a bit of PL experience, can attack and is still pretty young. Perfect for Wenger.

  112. richie says:

    @ Slim I agree Santon is a talent and was a bit of a steal @£5.5Mil, from Inter. Undoubtedly he’d have been a great buy for us back then, also unquestionably he would benefit from Arsene Wengers tutelage but, the problem now is two fold. Santon has established himself as first choice left back at Newcastle; his consistent attacking displays were earning him praise through out last season. As an Italian international he was constantly being linked with a move back to Italy through out the 2012 summer, Roma and Lazio were reportedly the interested parties.

    Imagine how much Newcastle would hold out for now if they were to sell him? Then comes the second problem when the Italian clubs came calling Santon underlined his desire to stay at Newcastle, reiterating his love for the city and his club, he also announced an engagement to a local Geordie girl. Look what happened to Sol Campbell he came back to us tightened up our defence immediately, and played so well Arsene was counting on having him back for the following season. Then he met and married Geordie lass and gave everything up to live on Tyne Side with her, there is absolutely no accounting for taste! I couldn’t have moved up there for love or money. I spent a week in Gateshead one Sunday.

  113. Gooner In Exile says:

    Ashley Cole is out of contract in June 😈

  114. Gooner In Exile says:

    But in seriousness I will hopefully get to see Jermaine Meade play there again this evening, he could be the answer and best of all he is free as he is at the club already.

  115. harry671 says:

    Morning all, well in work already, I enjoyed been back in the saddle this weekend and doing a match report, the kind comments make the effort worthwhile…….I suppose it does make it easy when we stick 5 past them down the road……

    @Rocky, Santos is an ok option at LM, would just rather see Gibbs behind him covering…….He has took a lot of stick, he aint a bad player…….”The Brazilian Eboue”………..

  116. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Comments are not appearing 😦

  117. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I’m back, and with seconds left before I have to go.
    Barely time to thank you properly. I did read your fantastic post a few times yesterday, and will continue to do so as I gloat away.
    Thank you very much.

  118. Shard says:

    A wonderful match report Harry. Thanks.

  119. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All

    I agree with GIE. Let’s try what we have before spending on a LB.

    Plus, it is true Santos has had a few poor games but he looked fine last season and it is rare AW spends €8m on a dud. He has been out for a long time and needs to get his confidence back.

    3 games do not make a bad player

  120. Rasp says:

    Morning Raddy, our left flank will be our downfall if we’re not careful. TV is not the answer and yet AW prefers him to Santos – tells you something. It all hinges on whether we think Gibbs can play enough games or whether he really is injury prone. If it is the latter, we should learn from the Diaby experience and cut our losses. We cannot be an efficient attacking or defensive unit against the better sides if we are totally lop sided as at present.

  121. LB says:

    If Diaby is the kind of player who gets injured so often that it seems impossible to predict if he will ever make a meaningful return and BSR who seemed equally seemed equally as injury prone and yet did make a meaningful return.

    Then which category does Gibbs fall into and how can we be sure.

  122. VCC says:

    Im with you Rasp. Gibbs is made of glass, we need to sort our LB position ASAP. I think its our priority.

  123. Rasp says:

    Morning LB, obviously we can’t be sure with Gibbs – but can we afford to take the risk when it is such an important position and unlike midfield, we do not have such good options for replacements.

  124. Rasp says:

    After beating totnum 5:2 twice, what else could we do to them? ……. sell them Nicklas Bendtner 😆

  125. chas says:

    Bendy and Adebayor would be able to reminisce about the time the Pain headbutted the Dane at the Lane.

  126. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    “I spent a week in Gateshead one Sunday.” – Quality

    “which category does Gibbs fall into and how can we be sure.” – Quality

  127. Rasp says:

    OK back to the serious stuff, it’s Rock Monday …..

    …… New post ……….

  128. Rasp says:

    Last word on the ‘injury prone debate’ – if a player gets injured by a bad tackle or an impact/falling, that is one thing, if he breaks down when not under pressure (Michael Owen world cup) then that is evidence that he has a more long term and probably recurrent problem.

  129. Very nice post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed surfing around your
    weblog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and
    I hope you write again very soon!

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