Show some flipping pride

Ask an Arsenal supporter what they want first and foremost from any of the players representing them I think 95% or maybe more would say I want to see them show some pride in playing for the club we love so much.

Personally the second thing I want to see from them is an attitude that says they will do their job properly.

I’ll do my ratings first:

Mannone – 8 left with no chance with either goal, made some good saves and nearly prevented the second

Sagna – 6 did nothing going forward, normal self when called upon at right back in the tackle but showed some nervousness in first half with clearances.

Santos – 6 when the “brazilian wing back” did find his way into the danger areas his final ball left a lot to be desired.

Vermaelen – 3 from the minute he cuddles and shakes hands with BSR he has set the tone for his performance and the team. I know it wasn’t only him but he is captain he should have said in the changing room “in that tunnel, look straight ahead, don’t look at them….FOCUS”. I’ll cover the rest of his performance later.

Mertesacker – 7 his normal impeccable self in reading of the game, interceptions and well timed tackles and good blocks. Not as good with his distribution as normal, but not his fault. (See later)

Arteta – 7 unfortunately despite all his effort he was stuck to like glue by Rooney. Very limited opportunities to be proactive with possession, but busied himself well defensively fighting fires on his own.

Cazorla – 6 despite a good finish for the goal did not see enough of the ball in space to cause threat to ManU

Wilshere – 6 battled hard but that’s not what he is in the team for, like Cazorla starved of space and options all match. First booking harsh, second through tired legs, shouldn’t have been on pitch.

Podolski – 5 didn’t contribute

Ramsey – 6 out of position and definitely made Sagna’s life easier, like everyone else starved of space.

Giroud – 7 didn’t see the ball anywhere near as much as he deserves to….can’t be faulted if he doesn’t get the ball.


Theo – 5 offered nothing different.

Arshavin – 5 ditto

Right that’s that out of the way, now lets begin the report with the positives.

Ok moving on to the rest of the match.

Fergie has not won that many titles without being annoyingly good at utilising the strengths of his team and the weakness of others. Yes that’s right he is willing to change his tactics from game to game. The club spend where it’s important, the attacking third, and they spend big, but that isn’t where it stops, they ask those big money signings to earn their corn however the manager sees fit. If that means asking the Premier Leagues most expensive teenager to man to man Arteta when Arsenal have possession he does it. If that means asking Young to run for ninety minutes up and down the flank with very little ball time he does it.

They clearly had two game plans, “if Theo is on the pitch we sit deep, if he isn’t we squeeze the play as much as possible”, there were times with BFG on the ball about ten yards from half way that Ferdinand and Evans were almost providing unique symmetry holding their defensive line ten yards in their half, they pressured the ball from the front, marked tight and we had no space, we needed our full backs and wide men to provide runs and movement in behind we had to play longer, but we can’t, either through inability, lack of pace or not wanting to.

So starved of the space options and possession we need to breathe this was always going to be difficult.

Sorry I have glossed over something, the above was what happened after they went one nil up. If we were facing a side that were set up to make it difficult for us we made it even harder by gifting them the lead. Santos had his first test of the afternoon, marking Valencia tight the ball was played to the on rushing Rafael who played a very Arsenal like nothing cross, which Vermaelen got totally confused by, he must face crap balls like that all week in training yet he clearly hasn’t worked out how to put his boot through the f’ing ball and decided he would gift BSR a nice early chance which he stroked in with ease. Had to happen but would’ve been nice to actually make him work for it.

After that we consistently failed to clear our lines effectively, after the Liverpool game my mainly glowing report focussed on a few things that still weren’t right, one of my suggestions was that it is sometimes ok to put the ball in row Z or beyond their backline to relieve pressure and regain shape.

In the first half we didn’t do this once, we allowed them space in our half without them having to work. Mannone couldn’t clear our half with his kicks, Giroud up front could have challenged Rio or Evans and will do given the opportunity, but instead Mannone was dropping kicks on Carricks head for Cazorla or Wilshere to try and win.

This was one way traffic and the only players looking like they wanted to do something were Arteta, Wilshere and BFG, Vermaelen walked around in a daze reconsidering his error, and hopefully his decision to take the captaincy.

A short corner, where the whole defence switch off – too busy telling each other who to mark and forgetting about the ball – led to the ball being fired at Cazorla from five yards away, his hands covered his face tucked tight to the body and the ball careered into it, nothing like a shout of penalty at Old Toilet to send Mike Dean weak at the knees and the home penalty was duly awarded. Somehow Mannone managed to put Rooney off and he scuffed it wide.

A let off before the break and a chance to get ourselves back in the game.

Could Arsene do anything to lift the team with his half time team talk? Would he make an early substitution which it seemed the game was crying out for?

On the first it didn’t appear so, United came out of the blocks quickly and we were called on in defence to snuff out a few scrambled balls into the box.

Theo was introduced, Ramsey the sacrificial lamb. United re set their back line dropping twenty yards further back. Didn’t really make a difference because not once did anyone try and find a ball over the top, Theo came short like Ramsey had, couldn’t do anything different as he was marked as tightly and again starved of options.

But somehow United eased off on their pressuring we started to get some good possession and move with a bit more pace. Santos was set free on more than one occasion, and on more than one occasion failed miserably to deliver a ball of note, perhaps one ball if Giroud had gambled he could have had a sniff of goal, but he had already shifted his position for a cut back. In reality he should be going for the 6 yard box and his midfielders should be the ones filling the edge of the box. He is still learning the English game and what is required, but it was the only criticism I could make of him.

Just as we had started to give United a test of their own at the back, we allowed them a second. Firstly allowing BSR to drift in unmarked only to see Mannone make one of several good saves. And the not clearing the corner well, not shutting down the crosser and not competing for the ball in the box…I’m looking at our skipper again. He didn’t even get off the ground, did not attack the ball, is this really the player we missed “so badly” for a whole season, the player that apparently “adds 10% to everyone else on the pitch”. I’m sorry I don’t see it, you are the captain, you must be better, you must lead, you must not give up.

The second half got even longer as Wilshere overrun the ball and clattered into Evra earning his second booking, he had been warned after upending BSR, Cleverley got warned by Dean too, when he did Ferguson replaced him with Anderson immediately. Wenger didn’t have the luxury having already removed the natural centre midfield replacement Ramsey.

It was pretty much all United for the rest of the game taking the game into our half whenever they wanted and Arsenal conceding ground obligingly, and I’m about as bothered to write about it as the players looked to be playing it, even then I found plenty to wind me up. Santos received the ball from Vermaelen, Vermaelen bombs past him, Santos loses the ball, sorry what planet do our players live on? Ten men on the pitch, deep in their half, and our centre back is playing a one two with our left back.

There was time for Cazorla to grab us a consolation and something for the away fans to cheer with a sublime finish, but it was way too little way too late.

So in summary, the players do not deserve the support they get from the away fans, I don’t mind losing, I don’t mind getting beaten by a better side, but just allowing the opposition to do what they want, and very few of our players seeming to care I will not take.

This defeat will affect many of us more than last seasons 8-2, that was a freak result, every shot they took first half they seemed to score, we had many understudies on the pitch and had yet to find any of our transfer targets and had just slogged our guts out on the pitch in Udinese to achieve CL qualification. This? No excuses, a week off, time to bond time to work out the kinks, experienced players across the back line, experience in midfield, 7 players older than 25, players who should be able to look at each other and work out what to do and how to put it right. They are not playing for the shirt, they are not playing for the manager, they are not playing for us…..that is not good enough, that is not acceptable.

I love my club, I love my team, I said after our drubbing in Milan last season that I would prefer to take ten paces back and a few leaps forward by doing away with the majority of failed talent on the pitch and letting the youngsters have a go, players hungry for their chance, I can support them, they will need it, this group of players need to stop hiding and start stepping up to the plate, it’s your fault, you put it right.

Despite all the other top 4 contenders slipping up and even Spudders losing at home to Wigan there was still nothing to smile about at the end of the day.

Written by Gooner In Exile


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  1. kelsey says:

    Ah ratings : well here’s mine
    Mannone – 8 left with no chance with either goal, made some good saves and nearly prevented the second. don’t disagree

    Sagna – 7

    Santos – 2 .5

    Vermaelen – 3 from the minute he cuddles and shakes hands with BSR he has set the tone for his performance and the team. I know it wasn’t only him but he is captain he should have said in the changing room “in that tunnel, look straight ahead, don’t look at them….FOCUS”. I’ll cover the rest of his performance later.Agreed

    Mertesacker – 7 his normal impeccable self in reading of the game, interceptions and well timed tackles and good blocks. Not as good with his distribution as normal, but not his fault. Agreed.

    Arteta – 5 unfortunately despite all his effort he was stuck to like glue by Rooney. Very limited opportunities to be proactive with possession, but busied himself well defensively fighting fires on his own.Agrred.

    Cazorla – 7 class act, can’t carry the team on his own
    Wilshere – 6 battled hard but that’s not what he is in the team for, like Cazorla starved of space and options all match. First booking harsh, second through tired legs, shouldn’t have been on pitch.Sort of agree

    Podolski – 4 not his fault, we bought him as an attacker

    Ramsey – 3 played out of position yet again
    Giroud – 6 didn’t see the ball anywhere near as much as he deserves to….can’t be faulted if he doesn’t get the ball.Agreed


    Theo – 5 offered nothing different.agreed should have come on even earlier in fact should have started

    Arshavin – 4 back to being ineffective

    Wenger 4. 🙂

  2. glic says:

    Thanks GIE
    Actually, I was expecting something worse, like a picture of a hungry (and angry) GIE, shoving the last kebab in the world up Vermaelen`s arse !.

  3. Gooner In Exile says:

    There wouldn’t be room GliC unless I could remove his head which seems wedged up there at the moment.

  4. Big Raddy says:

    GIE. Excellent. Passionate and well-written.

    “the darkest hour is just before dawn” …..

  5. RP7 says:

    Sorry but how can you give Santos 6, his performance was woeful at best. I cannot believe that Wenger started him yesterday, I said to some friends after his performance against QPR, if he played against Manure they would seek to get as much down the left as possible, which is exactly what they did. His positional play is non existent and he has no pace at all. Why didn’t we start with a back four of JENKINSON , BFG, KOSER, SAGNA. At present TV should not get in th steam, but as capt Wenger will never drop him.

  6. WENGOOOOOO says:

    I think you need to rethink those scores. I dont know how anybody gets over a 5 given that performance. Only Mertesacker stood out for me and he would only get a maximum of 6.

    Santos 6…..Really, I thought he was the worst player on the park.

  7. Gooner In Exile says:

    RP7 primarily the performance wasn’t his fault. Same as Ramsey. My ratings are based on what I expect of the player and what they deliver. Doesn’t mean I think they were as good as say Santi or Jack who scored similarly. It means if he had been roasted all afternoon but delivered some good final ball (which is apparently what he is known for) he probably would have got 7.

  8. Rasp says:

    Thanks for a straight talking report GiE.

    On the surface it may appear you are blaming the players, I blame the Board, the manager and the training.

    It was a BIG BIG mistake for AW to list 4th place as one of our highest priorities (even if true). It gives firepower to the media but worse, it gets in the heads of the players.

    Santos should be fined for swapping his shirt with BSR at half time … but that is an illustration of how our players are in awe of manu and see them on a higher plateau than Arsenal.

    The manager lost the tactical battle once again to SAF. Rooney was charged with cancelling out Arteta (consistently our best player) not the other way round because he knew that stopping Arteta destroyed our defensive play.

    The historical reason for our situation lies with the wage policy which is still a millstone around our necks. We have a wage bill that should allow us to play top players top dollar and £75m in the bank to buy them, but decisions to overpay young players more than they merit means that a fair proportion of our wages is just being wasted.

    I don’t want to hear the wait 2 years nonsense from the club or supporters – its been 2 years for the last 5.

  9. Jed says:

    The only thing that is missing from your excellent post is a rating of AW. Ultimately it is time for those of us who love Arsenal to admit that the failings we see – repeatedly – are down to him. Who selects the transfer targets, picks the team, prepares, motivates, organises them? We can all agree that Ferguson makes his teams into something more than the sum of their parts, Wenger somehow does it the other way round. Time for a change before we become the new Liverpool.

  10. Jed
    I understand what you are saying and a change does seem necessary but Liverpool change every 5 minutes and the are still Liverpool. I don’t think we’ll win a major trophy under Wenger again but I also think it will get worse once he’s gone.

  11. Big Raddy says:

    RAsp. That is not what AW said – you are taking the media’s view. AW stated he had 5 targets of which the PL was his priority.

    When asked if 4th was more important than the League Cup he sid “yes”. An incoming player does not ask if we have won the LC but will insist upon a CL presence. And AW is right.

    (Though I realise you question the veracity).

    As to the wages issue, it is devil you do, devil you don’t.

  12. Big Raddy says:

    GM. Now that is a depressing prospect and one I strongly disagree with. AW will hand over a healthy club ready to win everything

  13. Rasp says:

    Raddy I was there, in order of priority, finishing top 4 came 3rd. He looks like a broken man who is in danger of becoming a joke figure.

    He personally has written the instruction manual for every manager to see how easy it is to cancel us out.

    We didn’t press them in possession high up the pitch. Poor Giroud would bear down on a defender in possession while the other midfielders sat back allowing an easy pass and no pressure on the ball – it happened numerous times.

    We are toothless up front because the midfield lacks intelligent movement because we simply don’t have a game plan.

    Wenger’s biggest failing in my eyes is in ignoring the strenghts of the opposition and then failing to have a plan to deal with them.

    That 2nd goal was an absolute joke, we had 3 defenders in place marking space and yet a smaller manu player got the header.

  14. I hope you are right Raddy.

  15. Rasp
    I agree with Wenger on that.
    If we were to win the FA cup and finish 5th. next year we’d be on channel 5 and much worse off financially.

  16. Big Raddy says:

    Rasp. As you say – you were there.

    I understand you frustrations and am a loss to explain how the team which looked so promising a month ago has descended so far.

    We need to beat both Fulham and Spurs.

  17. Rasp says:

    Do you aspire to be the 4th best hairdresser in your street gm?

    Yes of course 4th is vital to our financial stability, but instilling that notion in the minds of the players just tells them that city, manu and the chavs are better than us … and so our best players leave and sign for them …. not great psychology really is it?

  18. Rasp says:

    Raddy, no team in the Prem will fear us. Fulham will be a hard game, I’d hate to be playing Everton next week as Fellaini would tear us apart. We’re still getting outmuscled and coming second in terms of effort.

  19. Red Arse says:

    Well done GIE, 🙂

    Writing a report on a game 99% of us watched and were gutted by is not something many would volunteer for.

  20. Rasp
    I aspire to be the best (as Wenger does, Pl being his number 1) If I can’t attain that then being the 4th best would be better than winning some second rate NHF competition.

  21. 1 Premier league
    2 Champions league
    3 4th
    4 FA cup
    5 League cup

    I can’t see whats wrong with that

  22. I am the best though 🙂

  23. kelsey says:

    from the well respected arseblog today.

    Another disheartening day, more proof that our squad is too light in key areas, and another day when the team looked sluggish and not ready for the fight. Defeat I can take, it’s always painful but not that much of a problem if I know the team has given everything to try and win the game. It’s hard not to be worried when you see the team go out there and appear so off the pace, especially given the intensity of the game and the edge it had before hand.

    To go down without a shot in anger until second half injury time suggests something is fundamentally wrong with the current team. Whether it’s quality of players, motivation, management, confidence or, most likely, a combination of all those things we’ll have to wait and see, but when it comes right down to it, it’s hard to see where this team is going. Four wins from ten league games isn’t any kind of form to shout about and unless we start winning games consistently we’re going to struggle to keep up.

    We’ll hear plenty of talk of January and what we might do, but between now and then we’ve got 11 league games and 33 points to compete for with the squad we have. There’s no point trying to cling to the vague hope we’ll turn it all around with crafty transfer business (What, us spend?! hahaha … urgh), it’s got to be done through hard work and application because otherwise this season is going to go in a direction that none of us will like. If it hasn’t already.

    Well someone agrees with me 🙂

  24. Big Raddy says:

    kelsey. Plenty of people agree with you. Doesn’t make you right 😉

  25. VCC says:

    RP7=. 10:10.

    santos 6 ? I agree, 3 at most.

    TV should be dropped, but Wenger will bottle it and not budge, he is too stubborn.

    Wenger gets a 1 from me, he did turn up after all.

  26. VCC says:

    Rasp 10:15. Can you imagine Adams,Vieira,Keown swapping shirts at half time? I think not. What will Wenger do about it? Answer = Sweet FA. After all, he even had a smile and chat after the final whistle with him on the pitch.

    I salute our away supporters. You won’t find me being one of those for a long time, not under this regime.

  27. glic says:

    ( true and based on length of service )
    We have 5 drivers at my place and I`m number one. Brain “the Iron” is second, John “I dont need a SatNav ” is third, Anne” bury me in a Y shaped coffin ” is forth and Steve “the Spud” is fifth, he only works on a Thursday and has no chance of being number one !.

  28. henrychan says:

    What else can I say.. I had said almost everytime..
    Vermaelen is a bad is his position.. He can’t maintained RvP.. even the tiny Evra..
    Better play him at LB or even midfielder.. cause he’s like to attack alot.. or better let him sit on the bench..
    And he surely not a captain.. he even can’t organized the defend.. And making mistake again and again..
    And the worst thing was his partner was Santos..

    Hope Gibbs will be back soon.. ASAP.. before Schalke away..
    And Esfield and Arshavin play more often..

    Go Gunners..

  29. Red Arse says:

    Unfortunately, these type of games, and it is not just yesterday’s dismal performance, sets fans against each other.

    There are those who prefer, because of their personality traits, to ignore the evidence of their own eyes and cling on to the belief everything will be ‘alright on the night’/’end of season’, and knock those who have different views for being sub-standard supporters.

    Then there are those who because of their personality traits, appear to revel in the team’s discomfiture because it matches their own prejudices and delight in rubbishing the team, and the manager, and the Board, and blah dee bloody blah. These in turn ridicule the other ‘lot’ as being deluded.

    It makes debating and discussion very difficult, and bordering on pointless.

    There are some points that should be looked at without all the ‘my support is better than your support’ nonsense.

    1) At the beginning of the season our defence was a revelation and even the media and other pundits were saying “wow, that must be because of Bouldie’s influence”.

    At that time our FBs were Gibbs and the previously unfancied Corp Jenks. Neither played yesterday – and neither did the defence.
    Sagna and Santos played instead – compare and discuss!

    2) There are rumours that AW and Bouldie have fallen out over zonal marking and coaching issues.
    Is this true? Has this contributed to the defence looking crap yesterday?

    3) We had a good deal of possession yesterday and in previous games. This seems to be utterly ineffectual. Why?

    I watched the Barca and Madrid games last night, and when they had possession there was a shifting, surging sense of movement all over the pitch as players anticipated being brought into the game and jockeyed for position.

    I watched the Arsenal/Manure game again this morning — and the possession we had was set against a background of static movement, without pace which forced the ball to be lost or forced back to the keeper.

    4) Arsene has in his Arsenal career bought and brought on some wonderful gifted players.
    Recently he has bought some very ‘ordinary’ players, that is, players who are OK professionals but are not widely accepted as stars and probably never will be. He has also bought or acquired some players who baffle many fans, but so as not to upset the glass half full types, or inflame the glass half empty types, I will only mention one by name — Park.
    What has happened? It cannot be down to only the lack of money expended — can it?

    There is more, of course, and each of you will have your own views but I hope these and other points can be discussed in a reasoned and reasonable way — can’t they? 🙂

  30. VCC says:

    Jed…..a breath of fresh air.

  31. VCC says:

    Rasp 10:30……as I said in a post last week, you should be our new manager.

    Wenger is becoming inept and devoid of any tactical skill.

  32. glic says:

    Ooops, that should be Brian “the iron”, although, he does have knob on the brain !. hahaha

  33. Red Arse says:


    Interesting comment.

    I understand the media are reporting that Guardiola is looking to come to the premiership next season.

    We all probably suspect that one of the ‘big’ teams, City, Manure or the Chavs will have first dibbs, but do you think Arsenal might ask AW what his future plans are, and perhaps throw the Arsenal cap into the ring?

    Far fetched? But maybe Arsene is beginning to think he has done as much as he can, after presiding over the club during a very difficult period of time, and his legacy is now assured after dragging the club into the 21st century?

  34. Big Raddy says:

    RA. The words you wrote about football are very good, but I cannot and do not accept you as the arbiter of debate. There has been no stifling of opinion nor as far as I can see any unreasonable discussion.

    Is it understandable that those who see life as half full see things differently to those with a less positive view? Yes

    Has there been a single word of abuse?? No.

    Has there been rational and reasonable debate about the pro’s and con’s of our current team? Yes.

    This sentence in particular seems perverse on AA, “There are some points that should be looked at without all the ‘my support is better than your support’ nonsense”.

    Perhaps you are writing about another site. Or more likely I have not understood your statement 🙂

  35. Mannone – 9.9
    Sagna – 3
    Mertesacker – 5
    Vermaelen – 1
    Santos – minus 5
    Arteta – 2
    Cazorla – 2
    Wilshere – 2
    Ramsey – 1
    Podolski – 1
    Giroud – 1.5

    Walcott – 1
    Arshavin – 0

  36. Big Raddy says:

    Guardiola has always stated his admiration for both Arsenal and Arsene. His arrival is not beyond the realms of possibility, but all the top 4 have managers at the end of their tenure.

    AW has always said he will leave when he thinks he cannot take the team forward. I trust his judgement.

  37. I’ve just woken up to this article and still feel angry at what happened yesterday…

    Fully agree our captain and supposed leader in battle – set the tone for not only his own dismall performance by embracing van P In such a way before KO…but appeared to have a psychological impact on the players aswell… Only jack and Bacary done what they were supposed to – no eye contact and a handshake for the cameras and onto the game; no surprises then that to me Bacary and Jack are 2 of only maybe 3 truly world class players we have in the team (third being santi)

    And the fact that santos took van P’s shirt at half time says what it needs to about himself and his desire for the club.

    There’s no way the writer can justify the 6 rating for santos albeit there was an appaling attempt – santos might read his post and think ‘oh shit I had a half decent game’ NO YOU DIDN’T! He was a 3 at best and minimum 5 – the tabloid newspapers will give him the proper shit rating he deserves.

    I don’t care that united played well or anything…. Majority of football at that level is psychological; at no point did we as fans, the media, the manager or our players ever think we could win at old trafford – we’d lost the battle before it had begun – unnacceptable and intolerable.

    As for wenger out…. I’m still not convinced it will improve anything. Historically YANKS have either got a club into extreme debt or just plain ruined a premier league club – and arsenal are no different. Kroenke and gazidis have a policy where they have let our best players leave every year for the last 2-3 years predominantly for financial reasons… While these boys have been taking dividends year on year – not only do they need to go, they need to be shot on their way out… Since Dein left and these cocks coming in we have won nothing!

    Wenger can only do so much…he and his team identify talents like anelka, henry, van p, cesc, wilshere, nasri etc…. And he coaches them from a young age and consistently gets them to out perform themselves until they get to a peak where they are ready to do it properly..this is the time when you give them the bumper contract as our rivals do…and you keep them at your club!!

    Back to yesterdays game, its still hurts sooo much, I can only compare it to seeing your ex shagging a new guy in front of your face at a point where you clearly still have feeling for her.

    Its time all arsenal fans got on the same page… GAZIDIS OUT!


    sharif, hahahahahaha, and hes wearing a Utd kit and a Van Persie mask.

  39. Danny says:

    Can’t believe people would rather finish 4th than win the FA Cup. Brainwashed by Wenger. What good is 4th if we have no chance of winning the CL anyway

  40. Morning all, firstly GiE I agree with Redders, you are a brave man for assessing yesterdays oh so predictable debacle. I have said in the past you are the sort of Gooner who will fight for Arsenal on the trenches, and in rhe trenches of poor form we are in. Secondly – Santos ! What a shocking display and swapping shirts with VanJudas at half time! Doing that at full time is bad enough – he should be dropped and made to publicly apologise. An appalling display.

  41. kelsey says:

    I was asked this:

    topchii ‏@Yoiii

    @robinsbigtoe Are Red Arse and Big Raddy on twitter? (robinsbigtoe is my twitter name)

    I don’t know if you are ?

  42. Big Raddy says:

    No not on Twitter – it is the devil’s work

    Danny. Why is it either or. Why not 4th (or better) and the FAC?

  43. That’s five games on the trot that we have commenced a game with a total lack of motivation. For yesterdays game we were beaten before a ball was kicked in anger. Now that is REALLY something to worry about.

  44. Rasp says:

    I hope there is no truth to the rumours (unsubstantiated) that SB and AW are at loggerheads. That could be one reason the players are not motivated = being told to play one way when they are aware one of the coaches would prefer another and they agree ….. clutching at straws???


    Thanks for the post GiE.

    Though it may not seem like it at the moment, our time is coming. In fact, i believe that in a few years time we will begin an era of succes that will rival our dominace of the thirties. The world, and football is undergoing an economic revolution, and the face of the game in 5 years time will be indistiquible to the one we see now

    The club will grow and go from strength to strength. I dont believe this because i regard Arsene and the current Board as some kind of gurus or genius. I beleive it because i have faith in “Arsenal”, its foundations and hugh potential to succed

  46. Jed says:

    Red Arse,
    It’s hard to tell whether Gazidis and more importantly Kroenke see what we see. If they do then there might well be conversations along those lines. One thing I am sure of is that, for £7.5m a year, if we want a new manager then we’ll have the pick of the world’s best. Guardiola is one of them. Another worth looking at is Jurgen Klopp at Borussia Dortmund. He’s done a brilliant job on not much cash, beating Bayern to the league title. Could be just the man.

  47. Rasp says:

    Apologies to Redders, I see he made the point about AW and SB falling out in his comment @ 11:14

  48. LB says:

    Thanks for that GIE; in fact, I think it is a very classy match report considering the awful circumstances.

  49. VCC says:

    Big al 11:33. What about Wengers mark?

  50. glic says:

    I haven`t looked on Leg Over, I bet their going Bale shit !.
    Dennis knows what will be said if we dont get at least a draw on Tuesday !. hahaha

  51. glic says:

    The problem of replacing Wenger is, any new manager will possibly want the club to spend a lot of dosh, there lies a problem straight away !.

  52. VCC says:

    Or spend it wisely, and have some tactical skills. And STOP playing Santos at left back, and make him apologise to those supporters who were at Old Toilet.

  53. Rasp says:

    Hi glic, I’m sure that any manager will discuss budgets as a priority when deciding whether to accept a job. The strength of our existing squad and the amount of money available should be enough for most. I reckon the likes of David Moyes (not that I’m recommending him for the job) would love to have Arsenal’s resources at his fingertips.

  54. i think people are confusing motivation and confidence.

    when confidence is low, the first things to go are movement and expression, 2 things that are vital in the way Arsene wants us to play football.

    players are not making the forward or penetrating runs in fear that they will be caught out of position. this makes our performances look flat and our players appear like they dont care.

    players are also not looking to express themselves like they did early in the season. Cazorla was beating players for fun, and some of the passes were brilliant. Now, he is happy to bump the ball off short in hope that someone else will make the killer ball. He is not the only one doing this.

    why the confidence is so low, i do not know. it seemed to start when we lost to Chelsea and hasnt recovered since.

    i never thought id say this, but an International break would be a god send right now!

  55. Double98 says:

    We dont need to spend a load of money.

    We need to drop the 433 lark and start playing to our strenghts.
    Start Arshavin and Walcott

    Play Groud and Walcott up front
    Play Cazorla centrally at the top of the midfield and support him with Arteta, Wilshire and Coquelin

    Drop Ramsay
    Drop Santos

    from the panel

    Put a kid at left back until gibbs is back

    Put eisfeld, gnabry on the bench

    drop vermaelan
    Play koz and mertsacker

    sign up walcott… he might be longer at the club than wenger if he doesnt

    Sign leighton baines

    Sign Fellaini

    Spend 30 million on them

    Stop prizing posession… prize shots

  56. Rasp says:

    Hi sgg, when confidence is low, it is the manager’s job to motivate the players. He needs to send them out on the pitch with clear instructions that give them confidence, and a game plan they understand and can apply.

  57. evonne says:

    GiE – terrific report. I have never known you not finding any positives, that’s a dismal state of affairs.

    slim – motivation and confidence – whichever one of those two is missing is not my fault. Wenger sends the team out game after game, that does not perform to their full potential. That’s not my fault either.

    I have seen United playing poorly from time to time, but even then they would pull themseles togetehr and scrape a result. As I stated earlier, the QPR game shown us they are capable of putting up a decent fight, why don’t they bother their arses is a different question

  58. Evonne,

    even the best players can lose confidence from time to time and this can make them look very ordinary. the point is that just because they have lost confidence does not mean they are not trying, or are not good enough, as some would have us believe.

  59. Red Arse says:

    Big Raddy,

    I have been away from the site for some time.

    To say I am flabbergasted at your 11:31 comment does not do justice to how I feel about your unprovoked and didactic attitude.

    Do you imagine my footballing horizons begin and end with AA?

    My generalized comment reflected what I have seen, heard and read on blogsites, on TV and on the radio.

    Regardless of that just where in my comment did I say I was the arbiter of debate? Just take a look in the mirror!!

    Where did I say there has been a stifling of opinion or that there has been an unreasonable discussion? Or are you insinuating I was guilty of either of those charges? Just take a look in the mirror!

    Where did I say it is not understandable that those who see life as half full see things differently to those with a less positive view?
    Your comment does not even make sense.

    You also ask me “has there been a single word of abuse??”
    All I can do is ask you to re-read my 4th paragraph above. And the answer is YES!

    You also ask me “has there been rational and reasonable debate about the pro’s and con’s of our current team?” Well boringly, even you by now, might understand my 4th paragraph applies.
    And the answer is — not always! See LG as a for instance.

    But I am most upset by your following coup de grace which is deeply disappointing addressed to someone like me who has always tried to protect the integrity and ethos of AA. You deemed my perfectly rational and logical sentence, “there are some points that should be looked at without all the ‘my support is better than your support’ nonsense” and dared to tell me that “in particular it seems perverse on AA”.

    You had no call to address me in this way without first asking for clarification, and if you felt so strongly outraged and morally censorious, a simple courtesy would have been to contact me privately.

    How you could take a perfectly innocent comment and twist it like this is beyond my comprehension!

  60. Neamman says:

    Excellent analysis which mirrored my own thoughts. AW has bcome increasingly inflexible. With all due respects to Raddy..he gets the team selection right most times. Can a football man like Sir Alex not do the same? Where are the surprises in selection to put the opposition off? Obviously not every game but at least some time. We see an MU with a weak defence..perhaps this was the game to put Chamack and Giroud up front?

  61. evonne says:

    Slim – you are right, I am being terribly unkind towards the team and the manager; maybe they are suffering a knock on effect of the lost games and the crisis deepens with each loss? So what needs to be done? Wenger managed to get us out of some deep shit, can he do it again, or is he struggling too?

  62. Neamman says:

    This is a really funny season, perhaps the only good thing. Spurs win at OT and then lose at home to Wigan. If we can get the team up and running again..who knows? Chelsea have a wonderful midfield but a weak elsewhere, MU have a wonderful attack but weak everywhere else. MC just havent shown up ..too many egos I guess. I think Sir Alex, a wonderful manager, will guide MU through as I dont see a manager who approaches him..except perhaps Moyes.

  63. RockyLives says:

    Heartfelt piece GiE
    Something is wrong. The question is – can AW fix it in time to save this season?

    The jury’s out (actually, most of the jury is out to hang him) but I am still backing a strong recovery.

  64. Evonne,

    not sure if thats a sarcastic opening to your comment or not, but i will try and answer anyway! 🙂

    i dont think there is a crisis at Arsenal, afterall, we are in 6th place at the moment after an incredibly tough opening 10 fixtures. confidence will only improve with results, and a couple of hard fought wins (similar to the QPR one) is all that is needed. we are not looking for miracles here to improve our season, we just need the team to get their heads down and i think that the return of Gibbs, Diaby and Szscesny will add a bit of impetus to the side.

    As for Wenger, he often sees things differently from the rest of us, and i dont think he will be panicking just yet.

  65. evonne says:

    no, I wasn’t sarcastic. I am hurting, like the rest of you and reasoning is through the window. The fact that others around me panic even more, scares me. So your calming words are a tonic, no sarcasm 🙂

  66. Brigham says:

    I think there has been some great points raised by both Rasp and Red Arse and many of whi8ch I totally agree with, especially our lack of pace moving forward and the labouredl way we move the ball from defence to attack. We will never again attack with the pacI think there have been some great points raised by both Rasp and Red Arse and many of whi8ch I totally agree with, especially our lack of pace moving forward and the laboured way we move the ball from defence to attack. We will never again attack with the pace we had with the likes of Pires, Henry, Ljunberg, Overmars etc, but this team is so sluggish, its like watching old men get out of a chair for another beer!

    Yesterday was another woeful display as United are not that good, as the Spuds proved. They [Spuds] showed the way to get at United, attack with pace and drive at them. So what did we do? We passed the ball sideways over and over again (Paddy song there somewhere) and failed to test the tug boat that is Ferdinand.

    Play the same way against Fulham and Spuds and we will lose, I guarantee you that and we have been sussed out by many, just look at the games against Stoke, Sunderland and even QPR. We have lost the drive and counter attacking ability we were always famed for. I am losing patience with AW, I really am. He seems to have no motivation at all. Look at him yesterday, he did nothing to encourage the players out on the pitch, he just sat there with a look of thunder on his face. That is not good enough, managers ‘manage’ they inspire and they drive others on with their own ideas and passion. Sad to say, but our manager is lacking in those departments right now and it is plain for ALL to see, unless you are blind to the cause.

    As for Vermaelen, I was disgusted with his attitude pre match in the tunnel; Paddy V would have hit him for that outrageous display of ‘man love’. Sorry, but you do not ever be nice to your opponents pre game, you show them you mean business, you show them that you have no weakness; you show them not to mess with you. Vermaelen was awful all game and I truly believe it was due to his softness in the tunnel.

    I am a very angry Gooner today and that is purely because we rolled over and died yesterday and that is NOT the Arsenal way, or should not be.

  67. richie says:

    From last post
    @Slim8:33 Man-Flu is what Kelsey says I’ve got? Well this bloody man flu kept me up most of the night as evidenced by the time of my posts. Even the “honey,lemon,ginger&overproof” my wife (feeling sorry for me) kindly mixed didn’t do much to help, but I’ve just read your post and I’m feeling better already! Its what I said earlier perspectives, and my perspective is that considering the amount of dosh that’s awash in the “Manu’erChavskiOilymoneyCitehmix” we still have a bloody magician managing our club who (thus far) come May manages to pull not only a Rabbit out of the hat but a Phoenix too.
    Lets get something straight in case someone missed it; We the Arse are now a selling club! We have to be to stay firmly in the black. Is that clear to all? Next up we the Arse have to sell before (or very close to the time) we are gonna buy so that we don’t run at a loss. OK so far? Good! Finally we don’t have a Sugar Daddy owner who’ll spend his ill gotten gains on our team, all clear so far? Fantastic! Let’s move on.
    If someone wants to give us the name of a manager that they think would be able to out perform our current one, considering the tightrope he’s on, I would love to shoot the breeze with all those on AA a discuss his merits.
    Meanwhile I say this to everyone SAF is the prems top man! Put him in the job at the Arse and tell him 1) you can’t pay mega bucks buying who you want, 2) you can’t pay big wages to who you bring in 3) if you manage to uncover a rough stone and polish it until it’s a diamond you’ll have to sell him to the Chav’s or Oily Money when he’s the finished article so we as a club don’t run up a debt. Any one of you out there thinks he’d do a better job under those conditions? Oh and by the way, when SAF asks why all the restrictions? You say well that’s how the owner what’s his club run. Next up does anyone of you think that Arsene couldn’t have done exactly what Mancini did if he’d had his resources?

  68. Rasp says:

    Hi richie, my view has always been that its about getting the most out of the resources we have. We have huge matchday revenue and a mighty wage bill. We have underperformed (by the necessity of the need for instant cash) in our commercial deals and it is promised that these will be upgraded in the next 2 years.

    Its an oversimplification to just cite that we don’t have oil millions or a sugar daddy. If it were simply down to finance, as the 6th richest (I think) club in the world, we should never struggle to achieve 4th as our income is considerably greater than other teams challenging us for that position.

  69. Brigham says:

    Richie – and that is why we will never win another major trophy. We are being left behind and I for one am sick to death of being told there is no money to buy top players, no money to invest enhancing the team. Yet we the fans, are still paying top dollar to watch mediocre players like Santos, Ramsey and Gervinho turn out every week.

    Arsenal have a long and proud history and right now in my opinion it is being eroded by a board who only think of their own profits, who do not give a damn about the average fan who spends his ‘hard earned’ week in, week out.

    Those fans yesterday at Old Trafford were magnificent, just as they were at Reading on Tuesday. I know that, as I have been part of them myself (not yesterday or Tuesday). They [we] deserve better and right now, our club are providing it. SIMPLES.

  70. Brigham says:

    * insert NOT before providing in the last line!

  71. kelsey says:

    You are very authoritive in your posts,richie 🙂 As I said before you know nothing about me, and i would swop anyday with you

    Red Arse don’t get upset as you might get more sensitive than me 🙂

  72. Brigham,

    I totally agree with the majority of what you say, and can see just from reading your last statement how frustrated you are.

    Just one question, you mention that the club has a long and proud history, do you think that by keeping finances tight in the short term, the current board are looking to give us a long and proud future?

  73. Brigham says:

    SGG – I am not sure mate, I can see that they are attempting to ensure that we are financially viable for the future, but you also need to speculate to accumulate and we just do not do it do we?

  74. @ VCC, 12.57pm

    Wenger did turn up. I saw him.

    As for a mark, not easy, as he’s not out on the pitch. He generally sticks to his ‘normal’ position, that is, seated next to Bould, but was seen standing for long periods (I don’t think he and Bouldie are getting on at all well).
    He has always been known to wander over to the fourth official for a bit of a chinwag, but that’s not a concern. When the cameras were on him he seemed to be following the game, so generally I think he did OK.

    Apart from picking Santos, that is. So…

    Wenger – 8

  75. Red Arse says:

    Hi Brigham, 🙂

    This money versus player acquisition can be restated (in a non-accounting way) with a Balance sheet.

    As at: 31st December 2012

    A) Players:………….£250m …………………. players’ contracts ‘owned’.
    B) Cash: ……………£150m ………………….. Cash Asset.
    C) Total assets ….. £400m ……………………Players plus cash.

    D) Share Values .. £400m ………….. Value of shares = [A + B]

    Yaay the transfer window opens and we ‘buy’ two players for £50m.

    As at: 31st January 2013

    A) Players:………….£300m …………………. players’ contracts ‘owned’.
    B) Cash: ……………£100m ………………….. Cash Asset.
    C) Total assets ….. £400m ……………………Players plus cash.

    D) Share Values .. £400m ………….. Value of shares = [A + B]

    Now this is NOT an accurate representation of accounting treatment, but it shows, in essence, that at the end of January, the company (Arsenal) would have converted £50m of cash into player assets, while the overall value of the assets on the balance sheet remains the same.

    An accountant would look at salaries, amortization, impact on the profit and loss etc, etc, but it does show that, like you and i, if we spent some available cash on a new TV set, we are not suddenly poorer, we have just converted some of out cash into another non cash asset.

    If any of the professional accounting bodies are reading this, my real name is Glic!! 🙂

  76. @ Slimgingergooner, 3.07pm
    “…we are in 6th place at the moment after an incredibly tough opening 10 fixtures.”

    erm… err…
    Sunderland, Stoke, Southampton, West Ham, Norwich, QPR.

    Incredibly tough?

  77. kelsey says:

    Yogi’s Warrior of ACLF
    November 4, 2012 at 1:19 pm

    The current mood has all of the hallmarks of the end of an era. It was more desperate than now at the end of the Mee, Neill and Howe eras but the signs are there.

    I put this up as there wasn’t a more pro Arsene/Arsenal blog out there until recently,but the comments have become more critical.

    I said months ago that something is wrong at the club and it appears to be showing itself on the pitch.

  78. Brigham says:

    RA, thanks matey and sure am no accountant, but if we are to compete, we need to improve our squad without doubt as the current one is clearly not up to scratch. I will no doubt be flammed for saying this, but I am an old Gooner and have suffered much worse than our current form, but in those days (70’s and 80’s) we did not expect much anyway, especially during the Terry Neill and Don Howe years.

  79. @ Slimgingergooner, 3.07pm (continued)

    We still have the likes of Fulham, Villa, Reading and Wigan to come.
    Bet that’s got you poopin’ yer pants!

  80. goonerjake says:


    Santos. He got his boots on the right feet at least deserves a– 1(one)

  81. Red Arse says:

    Hi Kelsey, 🙂

    Not sure about that, but what I do know is that there are three kinds of men in the world;

    — Some men remain single and make wonders happen
    — Some men have girl friends and see wonders happen
    — The others get married, and wonder what happened

    — Some clubs have great players and make wonders happen
    — Some clubs buy great players and see wonders happen
    — Some clubs lose their great players and wonder what happened

    You ‘pays’ your money and takes your pick!

    Bound to have offended somebody, but can’t remember who! 🙂

  82. glic says:

    Just back from a lovely (as much veg as you like) Carvery lunch and I`m busting at the seams. I return to see/read people talking of mirrors, how dare you !, mine is the only mirror allowed on site !. hahaha
    And more of this “Manu are not that good” !, really, according to our widget, they are one point better off than last season ( thats without taking in yesterdays result ), a season when they got one point less than our Invincible Season !.
    In that case, that makes the rest of us ( apart from Chavs and City ) f**king shite and Big Raddy`s opinion of us having a better squad than the Invincibles as talk of a blubbering pissed his pants schizophrenic nutter !. By the way Raddy, how is your wife, Queen Victoria ?. hahaha
    Please, no more talk of how, “Manu are not that good ” , at least until we are, “not that good” as them !.

  83. kelsey says:

    you forgot goonermichael RA 🙂

  84. Red Arse says:

    I think you have hit the nail on the head Brigham.

    The level of expectation following the Viera, Pires, Overmars etc eras has changed out of all recognition, so has the cost of supporting the Gunners, so it is totally understandable.

  85. glic says:

    Spot on Big Al, I need to get my sofa ready for them up and coming fixtures !. hahaha

  86. Red Arse says:

    Glicster, 🙂

    If you have been at the Brussels sprouts again, even Terrynutkins and VCC won’t be in your gang!

  87. Gooner In Exile says:

    I think there is something to deal with amongst us all, and that is expectations, what are our expectations?

    That is why I am so upset about yesterday’s performance, the minimum expectation of a fan should be that the team showed some balls and some fight, I know it’s not going to happen I know not all our players are going to become warriors, but we have to win the battle (physically and mentally) before we can win with the football. That’s what early Wenger teams did, fight for twenty show who the boss is score a couple of goals before half time….job done.

    If I was TV I wouldn’t have cared where the ball was for the first ten twenty minutes I would have been stuck like RvP like glue, pushing him, tapping him everything I could to bring out the temperament we all know resides within. We’ve all played football, we’ve all I’m sure come up against former teammates. Even as a GK I wound up the strikers (i had previously played with) who were rattled easily. Example.

    Played with a lad for four years, I left the club, when my new team faced him next season, I verbally goaded him into shooting from distance (he was dangerous in the box) he ended up throwing a right hook at me (which I milked) and he saw red, he walked off without scoring. The next season we both moved clubs again and were playing for the same team and were best mates again. It’s football, what happens on the pitch stays on the pitch you can be friends after, not during, no matter how close you are.

  88. Big Al,

    Dont forget Bradford away!

    I was obviously refering to the fact we have played Stoke away (which you seem to imply is an easy fixture!) City away, United away, Liverpool away, Chelsea home.

  89. Brigham says:

    glic – mate, United are not that good and they have possibly one of the worst squads for many years, they have got lucky at times, but also, it proves that others, ourselves included have also got worse. Its not rocket science. Our squad of 2003/04 would have murdered those northern monkeys yesterday, without doubt.

  90. JM says:

    The players (esp our midfielders & forwards) are confused as to whether we are playing a 4-3-3 or a 4-2-3-1.

    The difference in midfield/ attacking third / forward lines b/w the two systems:

    1x holding midfielder(screening backline), 1x box-to-box midfielder(ball carrier b/w defense & attack), 1x advanced midfielder(link-man b/w midfield & attack and supports main striker)
    The 3 forwards switch positions b/w main striker/false 9 and wingers/wide forwards.
    [[ONLY Barcelona has perfected the 4-3-3 system in recent seasons with the right personnel, esp Messi]]

    2x defensive pivot screening the backline + ball carriers to attackers, 3 advanced/attacking midfielders rotating positions while supporting the main striker. (e.g. Bayern Munich, Chelsea are doing well in their leagues with this system etc)


    “A team’s & its players’ playing patterns/attitudes/characters shown on the pitch during match day usually reflects on the instructions/football ideology/playing philosophy imparted by their managers/coaching staff during training.”

    So when the team played badly, show no motivation or did not bother to give their best efforts, the 1st blame should always fall on Arsene, Steve, Boro & the rest of the coaching staff – The field commanders – for improper instructions and wrong training methods/drills.(Either buck up or ship out and be replaced by new coaches)

    If the field commanders (coaches) have given proper instructions yet their men (players) repeatedly give lacklustre performances, the next(2nd) blame should be on the players. (Either buck up or ship out and be replaced by reserve/youth players)

    If the field commanders(coaches) have lost the respect of their men(players) and their men(players) start doing their own thing on the pitch while the field commanders remain clueless to the proceedings = Recipe for Disaster

    Watch closely how other teams managed to get the right motivational attitude on their players, e.g. Moyes-Everton; Klopp-Dortmund; Simeone-A.Madrid etc with resources less than Arsenal. Even if those teams lost their matches, their players could hold their heads high as they played their best to their abilities with heart, spirit and effort.

  91. by the way Big Al,

    those upcoming fixtures dont have me poopin in my pants,

    but your attempt at sarcastic humour certainly has me pissing in them 😉

  92. evonne says:

    GiE – do you apply the same logic to Darren Deadman from Cambidgeshire? You made me hate the guy and now you are getting all touchy-feelie and want to leave the old grudges behind? psssshhhhh…..

  93. glic says:

    Redders, I should have had them brussels, to give me muscles, as that Bounder Brigham has said, ” United are not that good ” again !, when I specifically banned the use of that language on AA ever again !. hahaha
    I now want Raddy to come on and tell that Bounder and Cad Brigham how we have a better squad than the Invincible one !…….now…. if I could only remember where I locked Raddy away !. hahaha

  94. Red Arse says:

    Very interesting take on things, JM, as usual. 🙂

    The proviso I would also add is that the coaches can forgive the players for not carrying out their instructions once. They might even excuse them a second time, but after that strong action needs to be taken.

    The Board should take a similar attitude, that if the coaches allow slipshod displays and are incapable of rectifying matters then they should be spoken to.

    If the Board don’t take appropriate action against the coaches — well we are buggered — because the Board and the owner are basically one and the same.

    That said, I think Arsene has to be cut a lot of slack. he has been brilliant for years in very difficult circumstances. Directors have come and gone over the years but he has been the rock of stability.

    You should write a Post on tactical set ups and how they can and should be amended for different teams! 🙂

  95. glic says:

    My puppy, Max Gooner, puts us to shame. He sits there, in his Bergkamp shirt just wagging his tail and giving me kisses, not once has he mentioned yesterdays result.
    He never talks about FFP or the Oiley f**kers. All he does is sing Arsenal song`s and curse the Spuds.
    He can see when I`m upset and just puts his paw around me and say`s, ” Ront Rorry Rad, It rill ree ro k. rup rur rarse ! “

  96. Red Arse says:


    I can see from your lovely dog’s picture on your avatar that he is a ….. well he’s …. umm …. he’s ah …. I know — got it 🙂 — he looks just like you!!

  97. Brigham says:

    glic, keep off the cider buddy, its not good for you!

  98. glic says:

    They do say that dogs look like their owners and as you can see from my avatar, I`m a…….sorry ….he`s a handsome bastard !. hahaha

  99. @ Slimgingergooner ,4.54pm
    I was obviously omitting Man City away, Man United away, Liverpool away, Chelsea home (all difficult) – leaving 6 fixtures which you seem to think are difficult.
    As regards Stoke, it is normally a difficult fixture (in past seasons) but this time around they were poor and were there for the taking. There is no implication on my part. We missed out on a win.

    Your view, quite clearly, is that ALL fixtures are difficult.

    My view is that ALL fixtures are not difficult; examples already given – Sunderland, Stoke, Southampton, West Ham, Norwich, QPR. Hence my follow-up post at 4.45pm.

    The fact that four of the above six games were problematic goes down to Arsenal’s inability to punish ‘inferior’ sides. “On paper’ we could have, and should have, won them all.
    Points lost.

    And as dear old Brucie would say “What do points make?… points make PRIZES!”

  100. Red Arse says:

    A woman went to her doctor and said, “I’m really worried about my husband.”

    “Why is that?” said the doc.

    “Well” said the wife, “he talks so much during his sleep about all sorts of things! What can I do?”

    The doctor looked at her and said “Give the poor b*stard a chance to open his mouth during the day! Just saying”

  101. @ Slimgingergooner

    Sorry if I came across as sarcastic… didn’t mean to. I am merely trying to get the point across that you shouldn’t be so fearful of such ‘ordinary’ sides. It’s one thing to respect them, and all professional deserve respect, but… well, I won’t repeat myself as regards the rest.

    Hope I didn’t offend you. If I did, totally unintentional.

  102. glic says:

    I think Redders asked the question. Is Wenger too nice to bollock the players ?
    Well he could always delegate Stevie B to do it !. Actually, I will email Stevie B to tell him to set up a Monday morning Tea Bagging session. Lets hope Stevie B doesn`t have Space Hopper size balls !.
    Now Arshavin bouncing around London Colney is a picture I`d like to see !. ” It takes me back to pre-season training with Zenit in Syberia hahaha ! “

  103. evonne says:

    FA has decided that Chelsea won’t play Swansea again; this is to avoid any complaints from Chelsea about Swansea playing Monk and Ki 🙂 not funny really, but hey

  104. glic says:

    Just seen them Bindippers getting a soaking at Bindipfield from a faulty sprinkler. They were livid….when the sprinkler got turned off, for some it was a first shower in years, makes a change from a bar of soap in the rain !.

  105. Big Al,

    no offence taken on my part.

    just to clarify, when i said we had a difficult opening 10 fixtures, i didnt mean all of them. i was simply saying that it was a difficult set of fixtures compared to other teams due to the 5 difficult fixtures mentioned earlier…phew!


    My opinion on Arsene Wenger is this.

    He is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, football coaches in world football. This was true 10 years ago and is true now

    He has transformed Arsenal Football Club. Created a world wide brand, delivered titles, cups, remained unbeaten, taken us to a champions league final and finished top four every year

    He guided the club to a new stadium, its biggest transition ever, and has presided over a period when the premeir league trulely become the money league with the arrival of Abramovitch and the Sheiks.

    Despite all of the above, if during this period the club had been able to keep its star players he would probably still have won things by playing great football and operating on a breakeven transfer budget.

    Just saying like.

  107. TMHT,

    all thats great, but he didn’t sign Alonso!



    hahahaha, forgot about that Ginge. Sort it out Wenger you bloody mug.

  109. glic says:

    And he wanted to make Ibroh…Ibraim….Ibranosa…..that Swedish Big nose a bitch….have a trial !.


    Cornwall, hahaha, forgot about that too. Wenger you stupid twat, sign a striker now, that Van Persie bloke will do.

  111. Gooner In Exile says:

    Evonne Deadman was a ref, no grudges ever dropped!

  112. glic says:

    And he could have had Drogcula for £100k !.


    and that yo yo toure. Instead he wants to give that kid wilshere a chance. Ahhhhgg, ime gona hunt you down Wenger, you stupid stupid twat.

  114. and he made us draw 12 games during the Invincibles season…..pfft!

  115. evonne says:

    GiE 🙂 that’s my boy 🙂

  116. and he wasted £20.5m on Vieira, Pires, Henry and Campbell……amatuer

  117. glic says:

    He also turned down the chance to have Messi`s leg`s transplanted on to Chamakh in a transplant exchange in the Summer transplant window !. I know this, as I was waiting outside Messi`s apartment with some cheap chloroform bought from “Pound Shop Terry” my getaway driver. He also supplied the Capri Ghia getaway car !.

  118. Rasp says:

    I appreciate you guys are trying to introduce some levity after a day of introspection … but…. we will have to play a lot better than Saturday to get anything against Schalke, they are a class act and will run riot if we cannot rediscover our early season form.

  119. Gooner In Exile says:


    We forgot for a while 😦

  120. LB says:

    Probably unsurprisingly, I completely agree with Richie’s comment at 3.34. But, I sort of expect that from him. What I didn’t expect, and it remains my favourite comment of the day, is GM’s 10.22.

    Kelsey, declaring that you have said for ages that there is something wrong with the club is not a great insight; it’s just a punt in the dark.

    It is the equivalent of me saying that I think there is something wrong with the United States, well yeah and one day that empire will come to an end. Somebody probably said the same thing about Rome and eventually they got it right.

  121. glic says:

    Dont worry Rasp, Arsene has a secret weapon ready for Schalke and Vac……Santos will be Left Back…….Please Dennis, let that be left back in the changing room after kick off !. 😥

  122. Brigham says:

    SSG – how long ago was that though eh? You tell me one GREAT player from the last 8 years of his signings that has done as well as the ones you quoted above?

    Go on, go for it.

  123. LB says:

    With Gervinho out for four weeks and Gibbs soon to return and replace Santos who will be out there that we can pick on then?

  124. LB says:

    ACLF……staunch supporters of Wenger, puh, they should look up the words staunch supporters in the dictionary.

  125. glic says:

    I shall pick on……wait for it……Arsene !…..oh no….how dare I !.
    Once he dispose`s of Santosser at LB and the Ramsey / Pod wing commanders, we will be better !. I just need Arsene to accept or return my calls, not too much to ask for, infact he can talk to me face to face as I`m only in his loft !. hahaha


    Brigham, thats not Wengers fault. Van Persie, Fabregas are great players. Nasri and Song are playing for 2 of the richest clubs in the world. All these guys were not much when Arsene first procured them

    Your point just highlights the Clubs weakness, not Arsene Wengers.

    Arsene Wenger is one of, if not the best coaches in world football.

    The Club will rise again, and the biggest compliment i can pay Wenger, is that a massive part of it will be the legacy he will leave his successors.

  127. West Ham away was a difficult fixture for the champions. The mancs are only top because the officials gave them the Liverpool and Chav matches not because of that red nosed alchy.

  128. Brigham says:

    TMHT – true I suppose matey. I suppose I am just another long term Gooner who is currently a bit down in the dumps with the board and the lies they are throwing down our throats.


    I would also like to add that wenger has had to compete in a different “market” since the Henry and Pires days. Procuring young players with resale vaule became a nessicasty. The market for ready made stars also became haevy laden with new rich suger daddy clubs.

    As ive said, despite all this, Wenger could still have won the league if the club had the financial clout to hold onto its players.

    Wenger can be critiscied for many things, all managers are there to be shot at, but the critics will never eradicate what he has done and continues to do for the club, or convince me that he is not a great manager.

  130. jnyc says:

    I dont know where to start. Ill try to write a post, but im afraid it will be too rambling. I can forgive tommy v physical errors, but i was always worried about the fact that he was close friends with vP, so that sends the wrong message to the team. This could be just as much a problem at the emirates. we Need killer , mercenary instinct.


    No problem Brigham, you are just asking questions about how the club is run, like all of us.

    I dont pretend to have all the answers and it is possible that the promise of jam tommorow could turn out to be pie in the sky, but my respect for Wenger remains.

  132. kelsey says:

    LB: I thought it wouldn’t take long for you to to get back to your old ways. thanks for the comment, was that really necessary. ? A punt in the dark, eh. we will see.

  133. A Spanish player has just been knocked out by a ball to the face

  134. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    Thats a masterpiece GiE. Fantastic analysis and very well written.

  135. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    “Wenger can be critiscied for many things, all managers are there to be shot at, but the critics will never eradicate what he has done and continues to do for the club, or convince me that he is not a great manager.” – TMHT – 8.22

    Same here Terry, same here !! Some arsenal fan are just spoilt brats ..plain and simple. It really is an irony when you consider who has given them cause to be spoilt.

    When was it that Arsene made his sausages and caviar remark..?? Anyone. I know it was pre 2004, and prob pre 2002.

    2004 was a truly historic moment, but as achievements both 98 and 2002 run it close due to the circumstances in which both titles were won – ie so soon after his arrival in 98, and overtaking Man U in 2002. Plus the small matter of completely outplaying them at OT to clinch it (and the double)

    There’s a much bigger picture beyond just the results from game to game…

    Night all

  136. SharkeySuresGhost says:

    Oh and I agree re Podolski contributing nothing. Is it really just that he is missing Gibbs so much..??

    Man of his stature and experience should be giving us more on days like yesterday

  137. Gooner In Exile says:

    Interesting you pick up on that point Sharkey, watching Sky they showed some pre match warm up stuff and Santos and Podolski were seen discussing who should do what. Hard to translate pics to words, but my interpretation.

    Podolski : when I have ball, you go round outside of me I play you in.

    Santos : but I stay here you pass the ball to my feet, I do this, this, this, this, score

    Podolski : no when I have the ball you go behind me.

    Santos : but you pass my feet I do this this this ….

    Okay this is from sign language and slightly tongue in cheek but my guess is Santos doesn’t speak much English and they are struggling to communicate, secondly I ask why they are having to have that conversation literally during the warm up?

    If anyone can find the clip with Chas away I’ll be interested in others readings.

  138. Neamman says:

    I have been a huge AW fan but for the first time I am starting to think he needs to either change or go. He seems too stuck in his way and there doesnt appear to be a plan b. None of this takes away from what he has done, perhaps as SB gets his legs he will bring in some new ideas and this managemnt team will shine as the Mercer/Allison one did for City all those years ago.

  139. Podolski is apparently carrying an injury

  140. Gooner In Exile says:

    GM and has been for a few weeks (since being injured in National training….why always us?)…worrying that we still play him….but I guess Wenger feels we need his experience on the pitch.

  141. richie says:

    @Rasper3:46 Hi my friend I’m sorry my old china but that’s not factually correct our income is greater but it doesn’t take into account the sugar daddy factor! We are above Money Citeh and Chelski in the income generated list but because the 2 above clubs don’t have a massive homogenous fan base.(they’ve got no history) Also it’s because the amount of money behind the other clubs isn’t calculated. We generate money as a club but whatever we generate goes towards paying off our stadium debt and the general running of the club. Stating we are either 5 or 6 depending on if you take Forbes or Deloite is misleading. Basing your status on income earned without factoring in the outgoings as well isn’t helpful.
    The true calculation would be how much do we spend in comparison to other clubs who want to “win” the fourth CL spot.

  142. richie says:

    @Rasper et al @10:30 Sorry Guys I’m finding this increasingly hard. I love to blog, I love to engage in barter, but so much of this is totally illogical crap! Has anyone ever tried to debate a racist? Point out that black people are intelligent and creative, they’ll say yes but they look like monkeys. There is no arguement if common ground isn’t found. I can’t find common ground because logical arguement is being replaced by passion. I’m passionate about Arsenal but logic is needed to support a position or point of view. I need a logical point of view expressed to take exception to. If you take the position of our song we’ll win coz we’re Arsenal, how can one take up a counter point of view?

  143. JM says:

    @Red Arse (November 4, 2012 at 5:15 pm)
    With all our players fit and available.

    In a 4-3-3:
    Holding midfielder: Arteta
    Box-to-Box midfielder: Diaby
    Advanced midfielder: Cazorla
    Interchanging forwards/wingers: Walcott, Podolski, Arshavin/Gervinho

    In a 4-2-3-1:
    Double defensive pivot: Arteta & Diaby
    Interchanging advanced/attacking midfielders: Cazorla, Wilshere, Rosicky/AoC
    Main forward: Giroud

    (Of course, in no comparison with the personnel that Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, PSG etc have in their teams)

  144. Sav from Australia says:

    Only just read the article. Thanks Gooner In Exile, I think you summed it all up beautifully.

  145. Gooner In Exile says:

    Richie….I get where you’re coming from but occasionally the battle is better left for another day. Or it is best to accept you can’t convert the other position to your way of thinking. And it’s most unlikely that a rational argument approaches resolution given the performances recently.

    Personally i think the reporting of our club affairs make matters harder for those of us who think the club is doing the right thing in keeping spending under control.

    The profit is £x headline never helps as the media latch on to it….

    “Are you happy Gooners, paying as much as you do and it all sitting in the club”, without any knowledge of how a set of accounts work. Turnover and Profit are irrelevant if the profit is absorbed by cash payments out for non P&L items…player acquisition, debt repayment. Which actually shows we spent cash of £6m during 2012 financial year, a further £40m or so went out during this year (and we only received money for BSR and Song).

    The real question that should be asked is, “should the club speculate to accumulate, and use future known increased revenues to fund transfers and wages now?”

    There are two schools of thought…if I own a convenience store and Tesco are set to open two doors down, do I:

    a) Try to compete and price match, and spend on big advertising campaigns, refurbish the store to make it new and shiny.
    b) Accept that I will have to cut cloth accordingly, reduce overheads (wages) to survive.

    For Tesco read an oily sheikh or Russian gangster. Fact is no matter what my efforts financially to attract new customers I am not going to stop the march of a store supported by however many nationwide. I am going to have to find another way to keep customers and revenue.

  146. LB says:


    The problem I have with your comment is that you seem proud to point out the problems that you perceive exist behind the scenes.

    “I said months ago that something is wrong at the club and it appears to be showing itself on the pitch.”

    You may accuse me of reverting back to my old ways to which I would say that my defence of the club never went away. On the subject of old ways, the same seems to be true of you: one dip in fortune and you can’t wait to start kicking the club.

    Flights to the UK from Malaga cost as little as £40 you should try coming over here and watching a game or two and then you may start to remember why people like me are as passionate about the defence of the club as we are.

  147. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I was ROLFING reading your Tesco’s example.
    Funny thing is, what I do, in a roundabout kind of way, is similar.
    The actual answer is to sell something way more expensive than they could possibly offer their customer base.
    Try to compete and you are buggered.
    Have no idea how that translates to Arsenaldom 🙂

  148. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Ahem LB, bad move matey.
    You are making the wrong assumption that Kelsey could just turn up for a game.

  149. LB says:

    Morning Micky

    Why, should I assume any different?

  150. slimgingergooner says:


    You could make your store into a sweetshop to attract the young kids, only problem with that is when they get older they will piss off over to Tesco for beer and fags!!!!


  151. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Because over the years on here, he has made constant reference to it.

  152. slimgingergooner says:

    There’s just no loyalty in the shop game anymore!

  153. kelsey says:

    Morning LB and Micky.

    LB, that is totally unfair and unjustified. nearly everyone is concerned at the moment about players, style of play and some the way the club is now being run.

    I am not kicking at the club but if you want to take certain comments I have made as me kicking the club you ought to read other comments which put mine in the shadow.

    I don’t create rumours, i sometimes get first hand info which i pass on here as it may be of interest to the club. I know for a fact that the club’s negotiations with barca were handled very badly and for a club that is saying that it is substaining a financial stability model, they contradicted themselves big time and finished getting less for Fabregas than originally offered.Believe it or believe it not.

    There are others who are far more pessimistic than me on here so i can only take it as a personal dig, but never question my support.

    What i do miss is non attendence and the feel of match day but that will never happen again.

    When i said dempsey didn’t want to join us despite two offers from the club, why would i make that up, it showed me that he didn’t think arsenal were ambition enough.Spurs actually paid less than we offered. i don’t have to go through all that again, you may not comment much but you are always there in the background.

    if you are happy with everything to do with the club that is your perogitive but I wouldn’t respond to any of your comments they way you have done to me last night.

    Coming over to games is totally irrelevant, I can see with my own eyes what i feel is going on. I maybe totally wrong in the long term or even by the end of this season, but please don’t assume I don’t support the club.

  154. MickyDidIt89 says:

    In part, the small high street shops have not adapted. In the face of supermarket competiton, they have to offer better service and niche products.
    On the service front, many fail dismally I’m afraid.

  155. LB says:

    So Micky

    What is this reference Kelsey has made to “it” ?

    I haven’t got a clue.

  156. Rasp says:

    richie, I have never once in any comment said we should spend beyond our means. What I have repeatedly said is that we are not making the most of our resources.

    We generate an enormous amount of money and then break even by virtue of making a profit on player sales.

    So our turnover is large but our profit is poor – that’s not a particularly efficient business.

    The revenues should improve, in the meantime I am advocating channeling our resources in a way that will give us a greater chance of success on the pitch which will in turn increase revenue by recruiting more supporters for the Arsenal and all the add-on income that generates.

  157. LB says:

    Fair doos Kelsey

    I have made my point, I don’t intend to labour it.

  158. kelsey says:

    I will tell you why you haven’t got a clue LB.

    I have built up a friendship with several people on this site,mainly by e mail and I may add many have total opposite views to me about the club but we are respect one and others opinion.

    I have e mailed you on more than one occasion, and you never respond, and if you want to know about “it” don’t go through a third party, ask me direct, but not here, please.

  159. chas says:

    Morning all.

    Thanks, GIE, a brilliant match report on a truly embarrassing performance.
    Thank Dennis I was watching it through an alcoholic haze.

    I keep seeing references to the Santos van Persie shirt swap.
    I don’t know if anyone’s said this already, but it wasn’t a swap; van Persie didn’t want Santos’s shirt.

  160. evonne says:

    and Schalke tomorrow 😦
    As Slim has already said, the team’s confidence must be pretty low at the moment and my guess is that we are looking at another defeat 😦 😦 😦

  161. LB says:


    The beauty of a blog is that you can see in which order comments are made and so if you look up you will see that it is Micky who refers to “it”, I mearly point out that I have no idea what “it” means.

    If this is something private, it has nothing to do with me; my comments are football based and shall always remain that way.

  162. glic says:

    Dont worry e va va vonne, If Arsene reads my notes that I leave under his pillow after climbing down through the loft hatch, then we have a great chance to win !. hahaha

  163. Shard says:

    Morning everyone (afternoon here)

    I apologise for my long absence from AA. I took a long break from blogging, and have slowly eased back into it. Career related stuff was weighing me down, and constant bickering online wasn’t helping any. Nor have Arsenal performances been lifting the mood much, though the Reading game did provide some excitement.

    The mood’s been pretty bad since the defeat at ManU, but I’m looking to see improvement from everyone in the team. We’ll win tomorrow. I just know it. Long standing issues with the team do need to be sorted however, and one or two players deserve to be kicked up their arse(nal). Vermaelen included.

  164. LB says:


    I can tell you have been away or you would have realised that manu’s first goal was Santos’ fault and not Vermaelen. Same is true of Jack getting sent off, did you see where Santos was at that moment?

  165. evonne says:

    Glic you sillieness 🙂

    Yep, Santos out of position, there is a surprise

  166. Rasp says:

    Morning chas, hope you enjoyed your break.

    I don’t know if you saw anything of the game, but it appears that Cazorla should get the assist for his own goal. He took the corner which was defended by manu players and then scored without it being touched by another Arsenal player.

  167. ManthanDavda says:

    Honestly i feel van persie is not a traitor like cashely cole and nasri… He was 29 n had little time in his carrer.. And arsenal dont pay much of the wages.. Why he will stay in a team who is very inconsistent and pay less.. Team which we have is not capable of winning titles we have money but we dont spend. I was a MANU Fan in 2005 but i switched to arsenal because of Arsene and RVP after 2009 But let be honest as time passes tatics and rules need to be changed which arsenal never changed… If we pay lmore money to the player they will stay and we can hope for winning titles but looking at the current scernario we can never win anything unless and until we spend next one to leave arsenal is theo… I love dat lad he is very commited to the club but our greedy board is not ready to pay extra money to him.. After walcott sagna god knows who and all will leave arsenal.. Again we will buy some players and we will expect to wait for 2 years to gel them again after 2 years players will leave… I hope this time we don’t qualify for CL because if we do we will forget all dis defeat and again history will repeat if we dont finish in top 4 den fans will start asking questions and board will have to changed something… I am really fed up watching arsenal playing like dis they don’t have attittude of winning.. I hope something changes soon.. I dont wanna see theo wearing different jersey and scoring agaisnt us… We want more singings and improved wage sturcture why gazidi is taking highest salary… Let be honest money comes first everybody wants money if some club is paying more and title hopes are more there… Why will player stays here they will go to that club that is wat happneing from past 7 years… Coming to the match arsenal did’nt even so enthusiasm to win the match 1-0 down in third minute was the worst… Thanks to poor finishing by MANU else scoreline wud be 5-1 instead of 2-1…

  168. Shard says:


    Santos might have been AWOL, but it was still Vermaelen’s mistake. He also nearly handed ManU a second goal at the start of the second half. Vermaelen is captain, but he was definitely no leader in that performance. He either made mistakes, or hid the entire time. I hope he doesn’t start tomorrow. His tendency to make silly mistakes is not new either. It’s been nearly a full season since he gave an assured performance.

  169. LB says:

    See what I mean Shard?

    And Santos should have cleared the cross for manu’s second.

  170. evonne says:

    Manfan Dawda – you switched clubs you supported?? Wow, how do you do that? May I suggest that you switch again, and good luck

  171. Rasp says:

    Stories of Santos wanting to move on due to playing second fiddle to Gibbs may point to a lack of team spirit on his part. I would hope that SB would at least point out to him that his actions would not go down well with supporters.

    As for TV cuddling up to BSR in the tunnel …. I consider that also to be wrong. He can be a friend in any other scenario, but pre and during the game, he is the enemy as far as I am concerned. You can show respect but give no quarter.

  172. evonne says:

    Rasp – two men cuddling in the tunnel is wrong no matter what circumstances 🙂

  173. ManthanDavda says:

    @evonne I support arsenal and I am a true gooner and i have gut to say i switched club but reality is reality we cannot win trophy without spending mate….

  174. Shard says:


    No I don’t see. Except you seem in a feisty mood today. Making up for some of the players’ lack of the same in the match?

    Look, if your point is that Santos was poor throughout the game, yes he was. But so was Vermaelen.

  175. Rasp says:

    😆 evonne, you’re right, they should save it for the showers

  176. Shard says:



    I agree. It sends the wrong message. Did you see Sagna in the tunnel? He was all business. Any chance Van Persie’s tackle on him was a result of that? I think it might have been. Too bad none of our players thought of doing the same to him, especially after he went in on Sagna like that.

  177. evonne says:

    Manfan – like I said, if 2 months into the season you can write us off, then I suggest that this time you switch to Shitty or Chavs, they have plenty of money to spend. Because I believe that we can win trophies.

  178. Rasp says:

    Yes Shard, Sagna looked focused as you’d hope they all were. Jack’s fighting spirit maybe went a bit too far, but I love him for his passion. SAF took Cleverly off to protect him from a 2nd yellow, AW obviously hoped that Jack would be OK but that gamble failed. We did have Coquelin on the bench so a replacement was available.

    I want to see Eisfeld on the bench more often, that lad has real quality, particularly in the final third where we are currently lacking.

  179. LB says:

    Shard, Shard, Shard

    It was just a bit of English sarcasm.

    Santos has been getting blamed for everything recently I was merely trying to point out that it has gone a bit over the top.

    Many have tried to say that Santos was one of the worst on the pitch on Saturday, he wasn’t but that is not to say that he was particularly good although he was a darn sight better than Vermaelen and streets ahead of Podolski, he was probably as effective as Sagna and at least he stayed on the pitch for 90 minutes.

    The shirt swapping didn’t do him any favours but that wasn’t what lost us the game.

  180. ManthanDavda says:

    @evonne see I support this club.. I love arsene but our board buy young players and sell them.. I know its bit harsh but dis is the time to wake up mate we shud protest agaisnt board not agaisnt arsenal or arsene… leave MANU see performance agaisnt Norwich we want a another striker and a LB.. Giourd will take time to settle is very gud lad but we shud have a plan B alwas which current arsenal is missing no matter whatever happens i will support arsenal but will never support board and gazidi…

  181. chas says:

    Fantasy Football has given the assist to Arshavin. If you look on here it does look like he heads the ball especially from the behind the goal view.

  182. Shard says:


    Haha..Ok..i see it now, and I apologise for being as dense as Osmium. Guess you’re right and I have been away too long.

  183. ManthanDavda says:

    @evvonne I am not asking to pay shit like sittys and chaves pay.. Pay what dey deserved or atleast dont allow thier contract to go in last year.. We have money den invest wisely and buy some new players we want trophies now… Why gazidis get highest salary in EPL for dis shits because board wants money and he generates it…

  184. Rasp says:

    Thanks chas, Arsh it is. Once again, he comes on and has a hand in creating a goal 😕

  185. Shard says:


    I think it’s a bit of a false comparision with Cleverley being subbed and the Wilshere situation. Arsenal were chasing the game and we needed to have our best players on. If instead of Coquelin, there was Diaby or Rosicky available on the bench, I think we’d have seen a change. Though he could have brought on Coquelin and moved Arteta up I suppose. But he chose to trust Jack to not get himself sent off, and you can’t really criticise him for that (not saying you are..the You is used here as a generic term)

    I like Eisfeld too, and think he could be a good option. I still really hope we look to purchase some players in January. The squad could do with a lift.

  186. evonne says:

    Manfan – I have to go out, so I cannot answer fully, but in a nutshell my answer to you is – look at Rangers and Pompey and be happy with what’ve got. laters

  187. Red Arse says:

    Morning Chas, 🙂

    I was being flippant when I responded to the Rasper request for ‘assist’ info.

    It was a superb goal and hopefully there will be more of them in the near future.

    I take it Ant’s celebration was a great success. 🙂

  188. Red Arse says:

    Morning all, 🙂

    Some interesting chat this morning, and good to see Shard back in action.

  189. Morning all

    New Post ………………

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