Was Arsenal leaving Highbury a mistake?

In the 1940’s many of us Avenell Road boys used to play football using the Avenell Road gate into Highbury as a goal.

We played with rag footballs (made by my Mum) and each of us took on the name of one of our heroes (I was Jimmy Logie), it was a great time in my life, we were so very poor monetarily but so very rich in friends, family and of course – football.

Due to a job change my family had to move from Avenell Road to Oldershaw Road, N7 (long since been demolished) and I was so distraught that I threatened to leave home and stay with my Granddad in Stavordale Road, N5, but I had second thoughts when my Dad agreed.

Being an Avenell Road boy my heart will always belong on the street where I was born, I estimate that I attended close to 1,000 games at Highbury (including reserve games) so it’s no wonder that I was upset, but understanding of our reasons, when the club decided to move to Ashburton Grove.

I always believed that our familiarity with the snugness of Highbury worked in our favour and by the same token it created big tactical issues for our opposition – this caused me to think that the sheer size of the Ashburton Grove pitch would not be suitable to the style of football that we were accustomed to playing. However looking back over our record in the first twenty seasons of the EPL some very surprising facts emerge – the Emirates has proven to be a more solid fortress than our fabled home at Highbury.

These are the statistics for home games at The Emirates vs Highbury:

We score more goals per game 2.03 vs 1.97

We have fewer goals per game scored against .79 vs .83

We have won a higher % of games 65.79% vs 62.50%

We have lost a lower % of games 11.40% vs 13.24%

We have tied fewer games 22.81% vs 24.26%

We have more points per game 2.20 vs 2.12

We have a higher % of points won 73.40% vs 70.6%

Here are the statistics for our away games, while we have been at The Emirates:

We score more goals per game 1.78 vs 1.38

We have more goals per game scored against 1.28 vs .94

We have won a higher % of games 44.74% vs 43.75%

We have lost a lower % of games 28.07% vs 29.41%

We have tied more games 27.19% vs 26.84%

We have more points per game 1.62 vs 1.61

We have a higher % of points won 54.10% vs 53.6%

The move to the Emirates has proven to be the right decision in almost every aspect with the notable exception of goals scored against in away games and the recent lack of silverware. Looking at the data I can only conclude that while we showed improvement we did not improve at a rate high enough to be consistently ahead of our opposition.

Was leaving Highbury a mistake?

Not in GunnerN5’s opinion.

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  1. Sam says:

    According to reports ,Arsenal one of the top 5 richest clubs in the world. This staius is nor premanent and subject to the club’s fortunes on the pitch. If the gunners continue to be unable to win trophies ie FA/epl/cl ,they could be downgraded.

  2. j says:

    But leaving Highbury without David Dein was.

  3. CB says:

    It was the correct decision and if the world had stayed the same we would have been one of the richest clubs and dominated for a long time. However the only reason we are as high as we are is due to the stadium, given other clubs that have had a huge financial boost unrelated to the inherent capacity of their clubs.

  4. CB says:

    Good article, by the way. Though aware that we are including the 60s and 80s in the Highbury figures, when we were often poor.

  5. JonJon says:

    it wasnt a mistake.
    we needed to move to survive in the modern game..
    we were beginning to punch above our weight at highbury..

    we were paying players 100k a week and highbury only held 38000.
    we were on the road to ruin..

    it was a great move for the club, the problem is that as soon as all the pennies started to roll in the baord got greedy and it turned into a boardroom battle and hid behind the stadium and let the team go to shit when really we moved to keep the team strong.. not the share price

    understandable we left highbury, but the way we operate now with our wages and stuff anyone would have thought we’d have survived that way at highbury so what was the point in moving..
    keeping to a strict wage structure and selling players for 30mil a pop every summmer is something you do in a 38000seater…
    its time we released the shackles and stopped hiding behind any excuse we can muster..

    podolski and jiroo are a good start, now for carzola and new contracts for song, theo and rvp..

  6. GunnerN5 says:


    Thank you for your comments.

    The data used is only for the EPL or the past 20 seasons.

  7. GunnerN5 says:

    We look very poor today and are being ouplayed by KitChee.
    They are running our defence ragged and are well deserving of their 2-1 lead.

  8. johnnie nyc says:

    yeah we played much better vs man city the other day.. today we are a mess in first half

  9. rhyle says:

    Fantastic read, GunnerN5. A very different insight into the move from my own…which is from a more emotional place…

    The move to the Emirates wasn’t a mistake – from a business or a football club perspective, although we’ve yet to see the true benefits.

    Speaking as a fan…it has been a difficult transition, though.

    I’d been going to Highbury for over 25 years when it’s doors closed and have many great memories of titles clinched, an unbeaten season clinched, comeback victories, incredible goals and huge disappointments! The seats were affordable and you had great crowds, free to voice both their support and opinion…many a time when Kiwomya came on he was greeted with a huge, 35,000 strong collective groan…though rarely was a player greeted with a boo there.

    My favourite memories? Woodcock and Nicholas tearing it up back in the day, 4-1 v Notts Forest being a particular favourite. Alan Smith scoring a hat-trick against Portsmouth (the first I could recall from a new(ish) signing…beating Spurs 3-2 in my first North London derby (then beating them again 4-2 in the same season in what was my first away game!), beating Norwich 5-0 in the first game back after Hillsborough, Man Utd ’91 when Liverpool had thrown away the title…another great Alan Smith memory…taking half a dozen of my friends from the RAF to watch Arsenal v Port Vale in the FA Cup and have the Vale fans have a right craic with the Gooners around them. Every time I see one of them they rave about that day.

    There was also bad times – QPR kept coming away with the spoils in the ’80s, including someone throwing beer over my head in a 2-0 defeat (there may or may not have been a scrap involving my dad and his pals on the back of this – not a great memory!), anything involving Don Howe’s period as manager, especially being kept in the ground while 10,000 fans demonstrated against him on Avenell Road…you have to have the dark moments to truly appreciate the best moments, I suppose!

    Closer to the end of it’s time I was treated to probably the greatest moments of my time as a football fan. Wenger’s first and second great teams. Bergkamp, Henry, Pires, Ljungberg, Vieira, New Adams, New Parlour, Gilberto taking a prolonged absence through injury and many Gooners (including myself) being shown through that absence how important he was for the structure of the team….clinching doubles, beating Leicester to go unbeaten for a season.

    The best of Highbury is epitomised, for me, in my last two games in the North Bank. Beating Liverpool 4-2 in what was, for me, Henry’s greatest performance in an Arsenal shirt. Beating Juventus 2-0 as Fabregas outclassed Vieira…hell, even Pires made a great tackle on Vieira that night…

    My point is that, more often than not, Highbury ROCKED. The Emirates, with it’s mix of Corporate entertainment in it’s 100 or so boxes and policy of social exclusion / tourist-favour when it comes to ticket prices (the grounds second mistake) and, at first, choice of leaving the walls of the stadium concrete-bare rather than it’s more recent “Arsenalisation” which celebrates it’s history has yet to reach those heights – I can remember a few big nights but feeling the stadium move beneath my feet has been all too rare. Man Utd 2-1, Barca, one or two others…nothing yet that has actually MEANT something. That, for me, will be the moment that the Emirates becomes our new home proper.

    Ironically, adversity seems to have brought out the best in the Arsenal fans. Whether economic facts of life or our form last season got rid of some of the less committed fans, or whether, typical of us English, we came out swinging when our backs were against the wall is immaterial. Last season, well…the second half of last season…the Emirates started to sway…not quite rock (not until Man City’s Poznan moment). Vocally we were louder and more consistent. Some awesome performances by the crowd. Library no more? You betcha!

    With that in mind, as well as the better pieces of Arsenalisation…it really is starting to feel like home.

  10. johnnie nyc says:

    2nd half –OMG theo looks great..i dont know what it is.. hes going for goal like a striker, i love it, he even attempted a header !… gervinho moving great, but passed up a perfect shot to pass…nice pass, but has to be more aggressive and shoot.——.best player so far is the OX, … best passing ive seen from him, long, and with touch..

  11. johnnie nyc says:

    santos looks slow and exhausted, i would pull him off if anybodys left available.. ignassi has made some mistakes, but i still like him

  12. rhyle says:

    Why is Zlatan Ibrahimovic on BBC1 talking about swimming?

  13. GunnerN5 says:


    Perhaps he’s giving diving tips to the Bosnian team?

  14. rhyle says:

    Like your work, GN5…like your work!

  15. ak47 says:

    id like the stadium spray painted white.

  16. Norfolk Gooner says:


  17. glic says:

    Nice post GN5, you have some great memories there.
    This is not a new post though, way back in 1929 on a telegram site, a certain GunnerSE18 asked the same question, ” Was Arsenal leaving the Manor Ground a mistake ? ” ( he even asked was changing the name from Dial Square to Royal Arsenal then to Woolwich Arsenal and how dare they to just Arsenal a mistake ). We all know what happened the next season, our first real Trophy.

    Your stats show we have made a decent start to a new chapter of an amazing book, lets just hope the name of the book never changes from ” The Arsenal ” to ” Alishers Arsenal “. I think Mansour City is in the pipeline !. ( Although personally , I did like Royal Arsenal and I should imagine our most famous fan does aswell, I have It on great authority that she has “ONE” written on the back of her new shirt !.)

  18. LB says:

    Good question GN5

    And to answer:

    The head says yes but the heart says no.

  19. GunnerN5 says:


    Good to read about your Highbury memories.

    My personal memories are a combination of Friends, Family and Football. I couldn’t wait for the weekdays to pass, the buzz on Avenell Road on game days is something that is everlasting, I would stand under the clock along with over 20 members of my family and after the game we would all go back to one of our homes to hash over the result – really great times.

    When we moved away I was devastated but it was only a 25 minute walk back to Highbury so we weren’t that far away. Moving to Canada, some years later, was a more difficult decision but one that turned out to be the right one for my family.


    Thank you GN5.

    It was the right desicion when based simply on economics, every body knows that.

    For me there is something tragic about it. We left something behind at Highbury that we have not yet managed to recover at the Grove. History, memories, atmosphere, soul, call it what you like but there is something missing at the moment. The Grove will eventuly build its own legacy but its got a long way to go.

    Did you know the Bee Gees were poets. “Tragedy, when you lose control and you have no soul its Tragedy”.

  21. GunnerN5 says:


    I couldn’t agree more, I knew the whole area inside out – I had both a milk and paper round spent many days with my Grandad on his horse and cart when he was delivering coal around Highbury.

    The big white building at the bottom of Stavordale Road, now apartments used to be the Express Dairies and many members of my family worked there.

  22. glic says:

    Come on GN5, your starting to milk it a bit now !. 😆

  23. GunnerN5 says:


    You’re right but it’s double cream not sour milk.

  24. glic says:

    Living where you lived, you must have felt like the ” Cat that got the Cream “, even if times were rough .

  25. GunnerN5 says:


    As kids we never knew any better and didn’t realise we were poor, money never became an issue until later in life when the class distinction eventually drove me out of the country..

  26. glic says:

    You can come back, it`s got better, although I am now sponsored by a Cretian goat herder ( thanks Terry for putting me in touch with your cousin Achilles ) coz money`s a bit tight !.

  27. GunnerN5 says:


    My family is now rooted in Canada so my love for both club and country will have to remain as a long distance relationship.

    I mulled over investing in a flat in Highbury Square but with both the high prices and the poor economy we decided against.

  28. Norfolk Gooner says:

    GunnerN5, Rhyle, Glic and others,

    Such memories! My two brothers and I could never go to Highbury together as we only had one pair of shoes between us. I used to help the milkman push his barrow round the streets of W9 to earn a few pennies, then they gave him an electric milk float and the poor sod died from pleurisy.

    Ah! Those were the days!

  29. glic says:

    I`d love a flat with a view over the new Stadium and would love to down size here in Cornwall and buy a flat , but the wife has no such feeling as mine and we all know who the boss is !. 😦

  30. glic says:

    You should have painted your feet with boot polish and tied a bit of string on them, you could have both gone to the Ball game !.

  31. GunnerN5 says:


    It may not surprise you to know my wife, being a Liverpool lass, does not have the same emotional attachment to the area, so she said “well it’s your decision” and we all know what that means!

  32. GunnerN5 says:


    The milkman I worked with always made me wait outside while he went into a certain ladies house for a “‘cup of tea” it wasn’t until years later that it dawned on me that his tea might have been – very sweet.


    Norfolk, one pair of shoes between you, bloody hell.

    My old man told me that back in Crete (and yes Cornwall, he had goats. hahaha) he didnt get his first pair of shoes until he was 16. He came over to London in the fifties to escape poverty and was imediatly drafted into the British Army, national service in them days. Best days of his life he reckons, brilliant shoes and boots. hahaha. Though after the army he settled in the East End he was a realy good pal of the govenor of the Tollington Pub and he got him into the mighty Arsenal.

  34. glic says:

    No wonder Scientists and Philosohers prefer to try and work out the meaning of life, it`s got to be easier than trying to work out a women !.

  35. richie says:

    I grew up in Avenell Rd and I knew every inch of Highbury Stadium, and loved it, but I believe more than one mistake was made. Not in building the magnificient Emirates (How could that ever be considered a mistake)? But in how it was achieved.

    Mistake No. 1 East Stand Classified as a listed building, now I grew up loving the splendor of the great facade howerver it only worked for me because it was a football club. It was an anomaly, a beautiful building for a football stadium. As a stand alone building its just o.k. It does very little for me archetecturely as highbury square. If the old London bridge could be moved to Texas why couldn’t the east stands facade? We should’ve been allowed to build our new stadium on the site of the old. It would’ve cost us far less (we wouldn’t have had to buy the land and compensated businesses to move) and the money saved could’ve been spent incorporating Arsenal Station fully into the 100,000 seater New Highbury/Emirates stadium.

    Mistake No. 2 If after really pushing for listed facade to be moved if it wasn’t granted then the full 100000 seater stadium with intergrated Holloway tube station should’ve been built.
    The fact is we had outgrown Highbury only because of the all seater stadium rule, we had to rebuild. We could fill the 100K so thats what we should’ve built!

    All the stats tell us the move was correct in everyway its just the mannor of our move that I think wasn’t right, we weren’t bold enough!!

  36. GunnerN5 says:


    My wife is not the most decisive person, in Canada there is a TV show called Dr. Phil and he explores a lot of family and philosophical issues. One show was about indecision and indecisive people and my wife couldn’t decide if she would watch it live or tape it and watch it later – true story.

  37. Norfolk Gooner says:


    Didn’t have to use boot polish, only washed about twice a year. Lol.

  38. glic says:

    I used to get my clothes from ” Tramps `R` Us ” when I was a kid.
    I once complained about the lack of a bath and was made to go and sit in a puddle and handed an old piece of candle as soap. Next time I complained that my friend had a shower , I was told to go and stand out in the rain with my trusty piece of candle, it was cold and I wished I had a hot shower like my friend, all of a sudden I felt a lovely warm glow over my body, Mmmmm, only to look up and see my old man pissing out the bedroom window and my candle melted !

  39. GunnerN5 says:


    We had a tin bath and Friday night was bath night – cold water of course.

    Love your tales……………

  40. glic says:

    I`m going to stop this ” good old day ” stuff, before we get a Spud on here playing an old black and white pathe news reel of when they last one something important !.

  41. GunnerN5 says:


    I forget the fine details but I was under the impression that we could not get planning permission to expand Highbury.

  42. glic says:

    Shame I didn`t know you then GN5, I could have lent you my candle to heat the tin bath up, thats if we could find a rich person who owned a match !. 🙂


    hahahaha. i like your old mans style Cornwall.

    Chist, you lot were skint. The closest i got to poverty was one Christmas when i got a standard subbuteo set instead of a delux one.


    GN5, Norfolk & Cornwall, Did you lot ever give your kids the lecture about how “In the good old skint days” you never had half pennys to rub together and they should be grateful for what they got? hahaha

  45. glic says:

    One of the most embarrassing things to happen to me as a kid was when I brought my mates into my house for a drink of water after playing footie, four of us walked into the kitchen only to see my old man standing there pissing in the kitchen sink !, took me years to get over the ribbing I got .

  46. GunnerN5 says:


    You had a sink??

  47. glic says:

    Yes GN5, A sink and a candle, your mixing with the wealthy here !. 😆

  48. neamman says:

    Not an Avenall Road boy but Kentish Town. Also moved to Canada for family reasons.. Love Canada and my 3 Canadian born kids are all Arsenal fans but they dont have the attachment a local boy has.
    favourite memory of Highbury… Recent ones I had a friend who knew a reserve player and they got me and 2 of my kids tickets to the players lounge. Met TA, Edu, and a few others..Ashley Cole walked through for 2 minutes and looked really upset when people asked for his autograph.
    Also the Liverpool game where TH14 got a hatrick in the undeated season. At half time the mood was so down but within 15 minutes of the restart we believed again.
    1960s moments… the debut game Charlie George played against.. Everton? We all knew he was something special based on reports ..the atmosphere was electric. Seeing us beat Blackpool 5-1 in a cup game and we gave an old favourite.. Alan Skirton.. a good cheer.
    Worst moment.. not at Highbury but at Wembley.. Swindon.
    Nuff said.

  49. neamman says:

    I have been to three finals and we lost each one. [Swindon, Leeds in the 60s, Galatsary in 2000] I was offered a ticket to Chelsea and refused.. saying I was a curse!! What fan could make a greater sacrifice than that!!!

  50. neamman says:

    As its old timers day I have a question re the Y word and Spurs. Maybe my memory is failing me but I dont think we ever used that word in the 60s when talking about Spurs or their fans. My Dad supported them but he always called them the Lilywhites or Spurs. maybe it was too close to WW2. My background was English/Irish so I didnt know any Jewish people anyway and for some reason I thought most Jews lived in the East End and likely supported West Ham, Millwall or Orient. We moved to Romford because of the smog and whenever my parents brought me back to North London for a game or to visit my grandparents I always remember seeing Greeks and Cypriots in the Kentish Town/Camden Town area. Anyone remember the same as me or am I getting Alzheimers?
    To be honest.. I cant ever remember using the word Gooner either. We were Gunners fans. Maybe Gooner and Y-army are recent inventions from when I was in Canada with no real access to London football culture. [1974 to mid 90s]


    Think your right there neamman. From what ive been told and can personaly recall the word started been used on a large scale from the early seventies onwards. Football hooligans started becoming more organised and the firms aquired there names. i can remember standing in the North bank in the late seventies and hearing songs about the gas chambers.

    Your right about the Greeks. They settled in Camden Town in the fifties and then dispersed around North london. Most are Arsenal but a large minority are spurs.

  52. kelsey says:

    Mr neaman,

    kelsey says:
    July 26, 2012 at 1:15 pm (Edit)

    Yid is a derogatory word to anyone of the Jewish faith, and one has to be Jewish to really feel offended, yet I still don’t know to this day why many Spurs’ fan use the phrase” yid army.” Spurs have a Jewish following and a Jewish owner but then again Arsenal had Jewish directors and also have a Jewish following.

    It used to be “come on you lillywhites.”

    Most of us realize that 90% of professional footballers are moron’s, regardless of what shirt they are wearing I would say that Frimpong as others are all guilty of being just plain stupid.and don’t even know that the Y word is offensive to many.

    Brave Blog to put up but i doubt we will all agree on the subject.

  53. neamman says:

    It may not surprise you to know my wife, being a Liverpool lass, does not have the same emotional attachment to the area, so she said “well it’s your decision” and we all know what that means!

    If my wife said it ..shes Chinese .. I know the subtext is..

    move and die!!

  54. kelsey says:

    I lived quite close to you inbetween
    Belsize Park and Swiss Cottage.
    Used to go to Parliament Hills playing fields, do you remember where they were ?

  55. neamman says:

    I wasnt trying to get back into the Frimpong argument.. Its one that the discussion showed we all have different veiwpoints on, depending on our personal experiences. I’m half Irish, I may feel differently if it was Pikey Scum or Orange Scum.
    I was just thinking about old times and suddenly realised that I never heard the word used re Spurs in the 60s.
    Im just glad my recollection was correct and I am not getting Alzheimers. :>)

  56. GunnerN5 says:

    When we were kids a g****wog was a curly haired doll and appeared on jars of jam. Later it become an offensive word.

    Words are words and can be used in many different ways, it all comes down to the inference placed on the word.

    I always steer clear of taboo words and usually I don’t get involved in any dialogue about them.


    Kelsey, from what i remember mid seventies onwards the holligan firms became more organised and the NF started infiltrating the London clubs. In the late seventies i used to go and watch West Ham a bit and there was always geezers handing out NF pamphlets. The word started been thrown at Totnumb fans and by the eighties there own firm took the name to describe themselves. Also with the word Gooner, It originated from the early eighties for the way arsenals firm described themselves and seems to have stuck.

  58. kelsey says:

    You are correct, that’s why I put my old post up with the bold wording.I know you weren’t trying to get back to the Frimpong subject .:)

  59. neamman says:

    Kelsey ..you asking me re Belsize park? I left Kentish Town for Romford as a nipper around 1952 because I had a very bad chest. After that I would come back only to see my grandparents, or when older to go to Highbury [ ok my dad also DRAGGED me to WHL on occasion when a big team was playing]. I ussually would go straight there and after meet my friends in Piccadilly or somewhere close for a night on the town, the get the milk train back from Liverpool St at 4 am. I learned more about London when I brought my kids back in the 90s than I ever did when I lived in Romford.

  60. kelsey says:


    some on here know that i was nearly killed outside the West Stand after a midweek match in the late seventies, not pleasant memories for me, and I can honestly say my life has never ever been the same since.

  61. kelsey says:

    Neaman, i didn’t realise you left Kentish Town in 1952. I only moved into the area in 1958.


    A lot of things have changed in football over the last years, some not so good. But the best thing to have had happened is the diminishing rascism, seeing more kids and women at games, and the decline of the football firms and the violence that went with it. Anyone who used to go in the eighties, especialy away games like i did, will know what i mean.

  63. kelsey says:

    Couldn’t agree more,Terry. Even over here you see whole families go to watch games .The all seater stadium also made a difference though I know many who would still prefer to stand.

  64. neamman says:

    Yeah..I can give a real detailed description of the streets in Kentish Town my grandparents and some family friends lived on.. thats about it!!

    London has changed so much..in the 50s we all looked at the Greeks and Cypriots as something unique ..different..you wouldnt see them in Essex!!! [No offence meant Terry]. I never thought London would ever get so multi cultural, or even I would end up married to an Asian for 38 years. Life is strange!!


    Kelsey, true about the all seaters. Hillsborough changed so many things.

    neamman, no offence taken. hahaha. Ive heard many things about the Greeks from that time. Was it true they were a bit of a rough bunch and were involved in organised crime?

  66. neamman says:

    I heard the Cypriots were wide boys, you would go to them for chaeap stereos etc but hadn’t heard they were particularly rough. But my London friends all came from Kilburn so they were not pushovers either. I was the biggest and tallest, also I had been in the army.. but I bet they could have taken me. I was too easy going to be any good in a fight.

  67. GunnerN5 says:

    Violence seems to be more prevalent at football games more so then any other sporting even, however, in North America you seldom hear of trouble at soccer games but South America is a whole different story.

    I wonder if it comes down to the fact that British, European and South American kids grow up supporting “their” team, which could be the local team or their Dad’s team – whereas here kids don’t seem to have the same tribal instinct. But North Americans are still very passionate supporters but it’s just a rivalry not a war.

  68. neamman says:

    Yeah I think so. Maybe its because we are islanders so tend to be more parochial. My old man wouldnt eat spagetti from a can because it was Italian. It took my Chinese wife 15 years of nagging before he gave it a try. True story.


    “go to them for cheap stereos”, hahahaha. Nothings changed then, accept now its HD tv’s, or knock off suits, the type Cornwall gets from George the Greek.


    Good point GN5. I think when you start putting a historical, combined with a geographical context to your support, it becomes more tribal.


    One more thing before i go. Back in the ealy to mid eighties i knew a lot of Arsenals “Firm” and looking back it surprises me how many of them had well paid jobs and young families. One common theme was that they tended to have historical family links to there support and a lot of them came within a radius of 3 or 4 mile from the ground. They definatly saw themselves as a “Tribe”.

  72. Is there anybody there ?
    I`m looking for…a Dick and a Fanny, last seen at the old Manor Ground in the late 1800`s to the early 1900`s.

  73. Fanny Gooner says:

    Yes, It`s me , Fanny

  74. Dick Gooner says:

    I`m here too, It`s me , Dick !.

  75. Hello Fanny
    Is there anything you`ld like to say ?

  76. Fanny Gooner says:

    Yes, I love Dick !.

  77. Hello Dick
    Would you like to say something ?

  78. Dick Gooner says:

    Yes, I love Dick too !.
    Finally, I`m out of the closet !.

  79. richie says:

    @GN5@2:14 Yeah that was the rub we couldn’t get permission to expand highbury because the East Stand is a listed building. so it couldn’t be touched. That was the only reason. I love architecture and I fully support having listed buildings but the east stand is/was only special architecturally as a football stand. Islington has enought “art deco” buildings of equal value and besides I’m sure it could’ve been moved and put to great effect, like for example as the facade of the station at Kings Cross alongside the new St.Pancrass Station.

  80. Gooner In Exile says:

    GN5 lovely post.

    I loved Highbury, but mainly the terraced Highbury that I grew up on and I stood on with my Dad. Do I love the Emirates? Not yet, I haven’t got enough treasured memories there, that will change though with time.

    Was it the right decision to move? Yes

    Went to the Ricoh yesterday, what a fine stadium, can think of quite a few PL teams who would like something as good as that. 28000 people turned up to watch the games yesterday, we left at half time of the Switzerland v South Korea game. It was a bit dull. And then it ended 2-1 to S Korea, and I missed Park scoring a fine goal.

    I would sign at least two of Gabons players especially the right back and their midfield enforcer.

  81. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    Was Arsenal leaving Highbury a mistake?

    Short term pain for long term gain.

  82. oz gunner says:

    good reading everyone’s stories from highbury, very jealous. By the sounds of it though the Emirates is starting to build its own atmosphere, with the fans making it a great place in the second half of the season

  83. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Wonderful article GunnerN5, thanks.
    Absolutely the right thing to move, however, I thnk the desgn of the new place is awful. It wll always be a souless shell where we play football. All I can say is that ts rounish, big and clean.
    I completely agree with Rchie earlier about movng the East Facade, but I’d take it further. Highbury was more famous than anything for its Marble Halls (any visiting team and manager were impressed, f not slghtly daunted), and I believe ths should have been moved brick by brick with the facade.
    The gradual elevation of the stands is a disaster from both a viewing point of vew as well as atmosphere. Finally, the stands should be so much closer to the pitch. Think Millenium Stadium or Nou Camp.
    Hey ho,
    Great move, shite but shiny stadium.

  84. Rasp says:

    Morning all,

    …. New post …..

  85. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I think this may fall on deaf ears, but in the Kitchee game yesterday, which I didn”t see, we started with Ryo, Theo, Cham AND Ox.
    Ox in midfield? Did he play central? Anyone?

  86. Nice article, of course everyone misses Highbury, however you have to move on, I feel at last we’re beggining to see the benefits of the new stadium, we seem to have money to spend and don’t forget the Emirates is the best stadium in the country, top class, we should be proud of it.

  87. Piooner says:

    Ashburton grove shift… highbury rules !!!!

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    of media is a enormous source of information.

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    this write-up very forced me to try and do it! Your writing style
    has been amazed me. Thank you, very nice post.

  90. nak belog says:

    i think arsenal didn’t make a mistake leave highbury
    highbury is very small stadium for arsenal

    arsenal didn’t win premier league since leaving highbury is diferent problem

  91. Cannondale Road Bikes For Sale

    Was Arsenal leaving Highbury a mistake? |

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