Koscielny for Captain?

Koscielny to be our new captain, now that he has agreed a new five-year contract?

The Guardian has been reporting this weekend that Koscielny has agreed a new five-year contract, and if this is true then that is fantastic news.

With TV and Mertesacker already on long contracts, it should mean that we can finally expect some consistency in our central defence.

Over the last few days, we have discussed the importance of consistency in our defence, and it also became clear that most of us believe Koscielny is our best central defender at the moment.

I reckon Laurent would also make the perfect new captain for Arsenal, and if it is true that he signed a new contract – and the Guardian appeared to be very sure about it: “Laurent Koscielny, meanwhile, has agreed a new five-year contract”, then he will definitely get my vote.

For many seasons, ever since Vieira left, a great number of Gooners have been saying that Arsenal lacked real leadership on the pitch. Many of us are longing for the powerful, outspoken, ‘heart on the sleeve’ leadership during the years of Adams and Vieira. Henry and Fabregas were brilliant at leading by example but most of us felt something was missing: they were not naturally born leaders and as a result were struggling with some vital aspects of leadership we were craving for.

Robin van Persie was a fantastic captain last season, however much it pains me to say that. But, even if he were to stay, which is very unlikely now, he should never be our captain again.

Arsenal is desperate for a new, very capable leader on the pitch. A good captain leads by example, is extravert on the pitch, can galvanise a team when we face adversity, is an excellent liaison manager between the management and the rest of the squad, has authority and diplomacy in dealing with discipline issues on and off the pitch, and plays for Arsenal with total conviction.

I reckon Koz has all these qualities, although he might have to develop one or two once he has become our captain.

You are invited to vote for our new captain at the end of this article. To help you make up your mind, I have summarised below the key characteristics, as I see them, of good captaincy of our beloved Arsenal.

A good captain:

• Leads by example: not just with good personal performances, but also with high energy-levels/commitment, and a never-say-die attitude. He never spares himself, always gives everything and plays with his heart on his sleeve. He will also stand up for his players and let nobody be bullied by the opposition;

• Is blessed with a high level of social-emotional intelligence: he understands what is going on inside other players, and is able to support them accordingly, on and off the pitch;

• Is extravert: he is not a constant shouter, but he likes to talk to this fellow players and make himself known when things are not going right;

• Is a great communicator with the crowd/fans, and an ambassador for the club. He understands what the fans want and are concerned about, and gives good interviews to the press, by always representing the club professionally and with real passion;

• Is a great ‘liaison-manager’ between the players and management. He has got the respect of Wenger, the coaches and the players, and is able to translate messages, up and down, and down and up, effectively;

• Is a team player/ team builder: he will regularly praise, on and off the pitch, contributions made by others and helps the team in becoming a strong unit.

A new captain should also be on a contract that has at least two more years to run, and ideally more than that. It should also be a player who has a passionate, rather than a calculative, commitment towards our club: one who is likely to stay for a long time.

Luckily, we have a number of candidates for the captaincy role, and I am sure, we will all have our preferences.

Please, feel free to elaborate on your choice for captain with a comment.

Thanks for taking part!


96 Responses to Koscielny for Captain?

  1. goonermichael says:

    73 votes and no replies?

  2. Joseph were,ktl,kenya says:

    T.v-5,think about him.he has been at the club for longer time,poses all those qualities.

  3. Otim john bosco says:

    Vermalen is my true choice.he scores vital goals and has high command of the team with Rosicky

  4. Alaine says:

    Vermaelen deserves this role coz he is brilliant n natural captain who can lead others by example.

  5. Bernard kubby says:

    Vamaleen is d assistant to Rvp, he should take over when Rvp leaves.,4 stability of d great club.

  6. Tv5 capt cos vice wilshere third

  7. Yusuf says:

    TV is our captain

  8. ketose says:

    I go 4 TV5 he shuld b our captain nd assisted by arteta

  9. double98 says:

    Given that we have sold our 3 of our last 4 captains, for 8 figure fees, given the other to the totts and are in the process of flogging our current one to the highest bidder, maybe we shouldnt have any captain?
    Or make Chamakh, then Park, then craig eastmond captain.

    Or how about this….

    Lets hire Tony Adam’s as permanent club Captain and only have on field vice captains….
    TA can put his arm around the right guys, shout at the right time and engage in philosophical discussions with the intellectually conflicted players.

    Failing that i voted for Rosicky – he was a class act last year and lead by example… Plus i don’t see him as divisive

  10. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Wenger yesterday announced that Vermaelen would captain the side on the Far Eastern tour, he was the vice captain last season and it makes sense that he should be captain once that honour has been stripped from the departing Dutchman.

    Koscielny would make the ideal vice captain.

  11. Gooner In Exile says:

    Morning TA, as ever you present a different view to consider.

    Like many others TV would have been my first choice. A new contract was signed last year so should mean he is committed, however there is a big but on the horizon and it is the shape of RVP leaving over the horizon, their friendship has been well documented, will that lead to TV himself looking over yonder too.

    So we have your option of Kozzer as players and as characters there is not a lot of difference between them, although somehow Koscielny seems like someone who is more like us, he has worked hard and slogged in lower French leagues to get where he is now, do you think he will be grateful to be where he is now? My guess is very much so. As you say he leaves it all on the pitch, the only downside is his communication which will come as he gets more confident in his own job.

    I have voted for Arteta, the experience and calmness he brings and he led by example on so many occasions last season.

    As an aside isn’t it interesting that two defenders that Arsene signed are contenders to be captains, we all know he can’t pick defenders though. 🙂

  12. Ahmad says:

    The vermimator is the man, crown him & we wont regret.

  13. Stephen says:

    Vermaelen shuld tak ova de captency, I neva said Koz does nt has de ability but i wuld lyk Verminator to be our new captain!

  14. oz gunner says:

    good idea for a post TA, should get a lot of different opinions.

    As for captain I’d have called you crazy last season but my football team has a captain who is exactly like Kozzer. He leads by an example, gets hit from pillar to post and springs back up, and the fans love him. In saying that i think our next captain should be a fill in for a couple of seasons until Ramsey or Jack develop into leaders. For that very reason I went with Arteta. He is a wise head, a midfield general, gets in there, and barks orders. He is the type of player that would take his game to another level if he got the added responsibility. He mops up, calls players back into position and knows the premier league well.

    Let Kozzer develop further and become the world class defender we know he can be. Two years in the league isn’t enough league experience to galvanise this young squad.

  15. tekena says:

    TV5 is my choice, he got d qualities lead arsenal, and song his assistant

  16. tekena says:

    TV5 is my choice, he got d qualities 2 lead arsenal, and song his assistant.

  17. ezegadi frank says:

    I go for Vermalen ,he has all the qualities mentioned above.

  18. TotAl says:

    Morning to all,

    I really thought it would be a close call between Arteta, TV and Koz. I can live with all three of them – there is not much between them.

    However, it looks like TV is the clear favourite of the fans. The only doubt I have re TV is his performance in the last two games.

    Sometimes leading by example is not enough; a good captain also knows when it is time to change tactics and to get his team to do so, and I think Koz is more aware and capable of this than TV.

    But hopefully by making TV captain, we will see these qualities more and more displayed.

    Good call on Arteta, GiE.

    D98, I don’t think TR has enough stamina to see out games and is also injury-prone. On the other hand, he is probably the most experienced potential captain as per his captaincy of the Czech national side.

  19. Bamaiyi says:

    Thomas vermaelean is an experience leader,he was ones a captain of ajax okey at his age and have alot of support from fan .he is also committed to the team

  20. TotAl says:

    Hi Oz, 🙂

    Good call on Wilshere/Ramsey becoming captains eventually and Arteta leading them there.

  21. Luqman olalekan says:

    He want vameline for captainship

  22. barumgooner says:

    I can see why Kozzer is a consideration but Verm is the man. Fantastic player and leader. For too long Wenger has given the captaincy to the best player rather than the best leader. Rvp was good but TV will be better. Chesney will be captain eventually but not for a few years yet.

  23. Forza Gunners says:


  24. barumgooner says:

    Nice to see that we have possible leaders all over the pitch though. I think we are going to be hard to beat this year and Robin is going to wish he was part of it.

  25. TotAl says:

    Hi Barum 🙂

    Good call on Szczesny becoming our captain eventually: he has great potential too, just as Ramsey and JW. And you are right, there is a lot of leadership potential in our current squad!

  26. verminator for the captain

  27. Amos kimtai says:

    T.V Is da rit choice 4 da captaincy role he has strong leadership qualities as showed in the pitch n very hardworking player

  28. basil says:

    i think koscielny is a gud n solid defender bt he has no experience 2 lead a band like d *arsenal* take it bak 2 2year ago he woz still in tours french’s second division, i fink vermaelen has got it all, he z just d category of nemanja vidic, john terry, m.skrtel, v.kompany,n ledley king…tv z d best man 4 d job…gunners 4 lyf…kc st’michaels

  29. aresenal passion says:

    Give the armband to Vermaelen assisted by Arteta and immediately stip RVP the captaincy.

  30. Jide meso says:

    The verminator is the perfect replacement of Robin Hood crown him and let the party get started.UP T.V.5

  31. Ejike says:

    Tv is right man

  32. Charlie G says:

    Vermallen without a doubt. He has the attitude, a fighter. Look at his eyes, and you see full commitment. Thats what we want and that will rub into his teammates.

  33. Anyi says:

    Songinho ,he always play his heart out ,as if arsenal fc is his all, like he is the ceo/managing director of institution ‘arsenal’

  34. johnrossy says:

    thomars vermaeln

  35. ngashizm says:

    i vote 4 TV5 but he has 2 raise his perfomances..koscielny and mertesacker are a better defensive partnership

  36. lenn lunkim says:

    i agree with all d attributes dat a captain should possess except for the person most capable being Thomas Vermaelen who since his home-coming to emirates have left no stone un -turn. Also his experience as vice captain of the gunners has made him battle ready while Koscielny has so far yet to start from the beginning.

  37. I like to see TOMAS VARMALEN wit d captn arm band and SZCZESNY be d assistan

  38. George says:

    T.V. Is a quality leader wit example, he’s got all it takes to lead lead a great team, outspoken, skillyful, strong n confident. Let it b verma 4now.

  39. Ayodeji says:

    TV5 is right candidate.

  40. akilapa says:

    Ateta is wordy as d man at d centre he will cordinate both d artaker and d defence.

  41. I vote 4 vermelin 2 be arsenal captain

  42. Tv is our captain so give it 2 him

  43. Shard says:

    Based on all those qualities that you list, Vermaelen ticks all the boxes. Trouble is, I’m not sure his performances merit him being first choice. But he definitely gives it his all, and maybe the captaincy will focus him even more on his responsibilities and performances. It also seems likely that he will be captain.

    Koscielny can be captain too. But I think TV, Arteta, and Sagna must come in ahead of him at this stage. And that is a good thing. Kos can still be a leader, as can anyone else. A good captain will need able lieutenants, and will also allow someone else take the lead occasionally, if required. I disagree about anyone being a ‘born leader’ anyway. People evolve into the role, and in any case, you don’t need the armband to be a leader.

    When I started writing this, I still wasn;t convinced about Vermaelen. But I think he i the obvious choice at this stage. So Vermaelen it is.

  44. Ogbojo kashim says:

    Koscilny poses a good quality both in and out side the pitch,he is a good leadership at back. He deserve to be the given captain.

  45. Choppykenski says:

    Vamarlen is my true captain

  46. Edu says:

    I think Arteta is da correct man 2 lead arsenal 1. He is displine 2.he has da correct age of leadig young players in da team n 3. He is always patient, he isn’t emotional

  47. Abdulsalam says:

    Lt vemenator b as our cptain,w cosny b as asistance.

  48. Olatunde says:

    Vermelean as d quality of leadership in terms of commitment 2 d club,4 mi side let giv it 2 him

  49. okonkwo chinedu says:

    vermaelen shud b crown captain of arsenal bcus he derve it

  50. Scott says:

    Evening all.
    At this time last year I wanted Vermaelen as our captain,and nothing has changed.
    He’s a warrior who leads by example,but is also a talker.
    We are actually very lucky,as I think Kozzer or Arteta would also do a great job.

  51. johnnie nyc says:

    i think it would be wrong to pass him up, even though i would like him to have more discipline in staying back. 🙂 We all need to remember that he committed to us in our worst time after the cesc/nasri mess…also after long injury. Just thinking about that makes me sick over Van Persie again !!! what an ass…fake gunner….no loyalty.

  52. Bishir bello says:

    Pls let rvp go we have great nomber of good players that is better than rvp pls let him go we have no longer need his service at the club and give vermailen the captaincy of the club. Gret fans from katsina state nigeria. Shamsu salisu

  53. vamelator has evry necerry quality dt a good leader shu ve,to if can name as arsenal captain it wu being a fantastic for d club cuz he luv club and is ambitous so to is d best.

  54. Olagunju kayode S. Nigeria says:

    I vote for Thomas Vermaelen to be our captain,because I can see a charrisma of a good leadership in him.He is assistance to RVP.,He should takeover.

  55. oz gunner says:

    this post certainly has brought in a lot of new faces, great to see! Now don’t go scaring them off just yet rasp haha

  56. oz gunner says:

    Good article on goal.com

    We’ve grown so accustomed to the loathsome traits ingrained in football, the diving, the relentless badgering of officials, that player power has ghosted into dressing rooms across the land unchallenged and seemingly impossible to eradicate.

    Like a transfer saga that you wish had ended before it’d begun, Robin van Persie has provided us with a target for our disdain for the summer. The Dutchman’s latest mutinous act came on Saturday as Arsenal were forced to creep out a statement confirming their wantaway striker was not to travel with the squad for their pre-season tour of Asia, in order to work on his fitness.

    Ironic, really, that ‘fitness’, a buzzword associated with Van Persie’s time at the Emirates, is now being used to gloss over his dwindling professionalism and loyalty.

    Last term aside, when Van Persie managed to make an appearance in every Premier League fixture, the Dutchman, because of his fitness, or lack of it, has averaged a show of just 22 league games per season since arriving at Arsenal in May 2004.

    Even worse reading for the striker, who will be 29 next month, is his goal return in the Premier League before his glut last season, which stands at an average of nine over the course of seven campaigns.

    But with success being an instantaneous requirement for elite clubs in Europe, Van Persie, regardless of possessing a CV riddled with niggles and injuries which have hampered his ability to contribute to Arsenal’s cause, holds all the aces following his stellar campaign as he attempts to push through a transfer.

    Putting statistics to one side, Van Persie has struggled to remain dignified in his attempts to leave the Emirates. Publicly denouncing the ambitions of the club, thus undermining Arsene Wenger, his statement looked even more hollow given that Arsenal had already strengthened with the signings of Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud.

    His words earlier this month, which were released on his personal website, also reduced his transfer fee significantly as Manchester City, United and Juventus will all bid in the knowledge that Arsenal will want to cash in on a player who will leave the club for nothing next summer. There’s no loyalty repaid in a team and manager who have waited seven years for him to shine.

    Yet during those years when, at some stage or other, he was sidelined through injury, Van Persie seemed content with the club’s ambitions; there were no public cries of concern from the striker then. The subject of money, which the Dutchman denied was any influence in his decision, is tiptoed around when players make it known they want to leave. It will be a refreshing sight when someone concedes their move is motivated primarily by financial gain.

    In a week when we’ve seen Ledley King, a sublime defender and role model for Tottenham, retire from the game due to a chronic knee injury, it’s disheartening to envisage that on the Premier League horizon is a queue of players ready to embark on a similar approach to Van Persie in order to fulfil their own agendas.

    But Van Persie is just one example in the growing trend of player power. Carlos Tevez displayed last year that it’s now acceptable to publicly belittle a manager in the comfortable knowledge that the club still have to pay his extortionate salary, command a reasonable transfer fee should they get the chance to sell or, ultimately, welcome him back into the team because all other options have been exhausted.

    Wayne Rooney is another whose public plea to leave Old Trafford in October 2010 was rewarded with a bumper pay deal just two days later. Sir Alex Ferguson claimed Rooney was the recipient of poor advice from his own agent, Paul Stretford, but ultimately the player needs to understand the lack of transparency undermines any credibility they have with fans and supporters.

    The shining beacon in this gloomy haze of bluffing and false anxiety over a club’s lack of ‘direction’ has been Tottenham, who greeted Luka Modric’s transfer request last summer with little more than an acknowledgement of the midfielder’s wish to leave White Hart Lane. Spurs were not forced into any sale, while Modric had no choice but to continue playing.

    Modric is being tipped for a move to Real Madrid this time, but Daniel Levy is using the Croatian’s contract in order to command the best fee possible – and that’s where Arsenal have gone wrong. Their failure to tie down Samir Nasri and Van Persie to long-term deals has seen a repeat scenario at the Emirates, although in the Dutchman’s case, Wenger and the Arsenal board were naive enough to expect seven years of loyalty would be reciprocated.

    Loyalty. It no longer has a place in football.

  57. barumgooner says:

    Anyi, I think Song is favourite to be next years star to leave the club so making him captain probably would be sticking with tradition.

  58. goonermichael says:

    I chose Arteta

  59. Marty says:

    Great post

  60. evonne says:

    Hi TA, great post and a good subject. I guess that most of us are still hoping that He will stay, but like you I doubt it very much.
    Koscielny is a men’s man, he has that swagger that real men have. However, it is Tommy for me, he is more experienced and older, so I voted for TV

  61. TotAl says:

    Cheers Evonne 🙂

    After a week of so many frivolous posts, I thought it was about time we had a ‘tour de force’, highbrow sort of post today! 😉

  62. TotAl says:

    ….many of the regulars are still dissecting it as we speak! 😆

  63. evonne says:

    many regulars are enjoying the rear event ie sunshine

  64. Gooner In Exile says:

    I thought a rear event was moonshine?

  65. glic says:

    The usual Top notch post from my 3rd favourite Dutch man ( you were 4th behind my mate Piet, God and ” I love Arsenal ” Persie ), yes TotAl, you have climbed a place, your in the Bronze medal position !. 🙂
    Vote Verminator , he`ll be back (unlike some).

  66. TotAl says:

    Evonne/GiE, that is a brilliant typo! 🙂 A bit of rear eventing in the sunshine is a lot more enjoyable than blogging on AA! 😆

    GLiC, I am honoured! 🙂

  67. TotAl says:

    10 more votes to go and 1000 Gooners will have voted today. Pretty pleased with that.

    If TV indeed becomes our captain, at least we know the majority of fans believe that to be a good decision. I still believe Koz would make a better captain, but TV will be good too. 🙂

  68. evonne says:

    ha ha ha ha, gosh, that is really funny 🙂

  69. chas says:

    Just got in from enjoying the rear event this afternoon.

    I’m not sure if Kos is fist-pumping enough for me. He is a gladiator on the pitch but is softly spoken and a little introvert.

    Tommy might not play every game but if he does, The Lion of Flanders would appear to possess the necessary attributes for capitan. Besides the role seems to turn otherwise loyal club players into perfidious, scurvy-valiant harpies, which I don’t want to happen to The Verminator just yet..

    I voted for Arteta. He isn’t going to want to leave the club in the next couple of years and would be a similar choice of captain to Brave Sir Robin, uniting the team in a subtle way. His experience and will to win would be his main benefits and perhaps he can break the captaincy curse simply because, coming late to a red and white shirt, has made him appreciate it more.


    Thanks TA

    Had an awful day. Didnt manage to get any rear but did manage to behave like a total ass, so for probably the rest of eternity am now doomed to cold salads. I hear eternity is quite a long time, is this true?

    I voted for Theo. Probably not everyones choice but i can see untapped leadership qualities there. He is inteligent and determined. Look at the way he responded to some hostility form the crowd, that shows character. Plus he loves his mum, so there.


    Also, that person who vote for Giroud please show yourself so i can thank you. For some reason that solitary vote has affected me like laughing gas. hahahahaha

  72. oz gunner says:

    @ tmht

    Probably a good shout because Arsene does like his strong body,and 1 of the ladies are still probably a bit shaken up from that picture and thought the vote was for biggest member?!

  73. Rob Lucci says:

    If Rosicky can have a free injury season, he should be the one to take the armband from VanPersie. Although I don’t think it will happen since he will missed the start of the season.

    He always been the ‘vice’ vice captain since Fabregas take the armband and continue to do so with VanPersie. A great captain for his country and you can tell when he was being replaced at half time against Greece, Czech Republic lost their shape right away.

    You could see the frustration on his face because he couldn’t get a start early in the season. Despite that, 2 year contract extension? yep, he sign anyway..

    Besides, he and Sagna is the only the only first team player left from that amazing 07/08 sides that went 28 games unbeaten in all competition.

  74. richie says:

    Its TV5 for me solely because of communication. I like Kosh and Arteta both but Vermaelen has the better command of English, especially where Kosh is concerned. Also I think Arteta is way too nice to be captain, gone are the days of the bullying rucker type, I know. Encouragement it seems is the only way forward, but Arteta would be too much of a Cesc clone in terms of his abilities to rally the troups when we’ve got our backs to the wall. On those occasions an extrovert is called for, someone with personality, someone who’s a bit of a character, someone who can communicate enough to lift the moral of the boys. If he’d been fit and playing the natural choice (despite his age) would’ve been Jack, because he ticks all the rifgt boxes to be a proper Arse-Cap! But a fit and regular playing Jack is gonna have to be one for the future.

  75. richie says:

    P.S. some of those on the list? I think the Ox would’ve polled more than many simply because we tend to go for the type that wear their hearts on their sleeve. Anyone agree?

  76. Slimgingergooner says:

    TV’s runs forward may leave us short at the back but sometimes (Newcastle) they can win us the game. He leads from the back with his commitment and passion and it’s about time we had someone with a bit of fight as captain.

    Get rid of RvP and let’s get some fresh, young hunger into this team. I’m sick of pansies filling an Arsenal shirt. Wenger seems to be moving away from the technical, lightweight players and going back to the strong, athletic types. Get M’Vila bought and lets get this league won.

  77. Herb'sArmy says:

    Hi Total, I enjoyed the read and agree with you regarding the attributes that make a good captain, but I didn’t vote because ultimately it will be the manager’s choice.
    Hi Richie, brilliant journey down memory lane, you truly lived every schoolboy’s dream.
    Bertie Mee definitely won the Double and it was very much his team. What I was attempting to say was a lot of them were already there from Billy Wright’s tenure, although Bertie Mee added some extra vital components as you rightly pointed out. I felt he changed the dynamics of the side that won the Double, and broke it up too quickly. He didn’t win anything after that and allowed the club to fall into a mini decline.

  78. RockyLives says:

    Nice Post TA
    I voted for Arteta.
    TV5 is undoubtedly the right choice in many respects (current vice caption; has said he would consider captaining Arsenal to be one of the greatest of honours; has the right sort of bellicose personality etc).
    But given that I don’t have him as an automatic starter (my first choice CB pairing is BFG and Kozzer), I plumped for Arteta, who IS one of the first names of the team sheet.

    Song might have been an interesting option, but he may not be a loud enough personality.

    And Kozzer did pretty well for votes – thanks mainly to your writing, I reckon TA 🙂

    He’s a great player, but hasn’t got the age or experience to be captain (yet!).

  79. Scott says:

    Rocky,TV5 should be first player chosen…..as our new DM man!!

  80. richie says:

    @ the Herbsman I know looking back I was fortunate, but it just seemed so normal to me when I was growing up. Even later as an adult it seemed normal. Then one year I ended up in the Nike box at Highbury as a guest of the boss of Nike Europe. At the end of the match a group of the old guard came to the box because Charlie G had seen me on my way in and told everyone I was there.
    Radders, Chas himself, Nelson and Pat Rice all came by to ask after me and the family. I grilled Pat over why we hadn’t bought another striker because Henry couldn’t do it all by himself etc etc
    When they left the whole box sat there in stunned silence, until the chief of Nikey said “I’ve been a Gooner all these years and I’ve been coming to this box for 5 years and thats the first time I’ve met all those Legends and the assistant manager” And they all came to see you who are you thats amazing! After that I kinda realised I hadn’t had such a normal upbringing.

  81. chas says:

    richie 🙂
    Did Pat say ‘we have a young Dutchman waiting in the wings who will win the golden boot one day’? (and then sh*t on us from a great height)

  82. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Can’t vote as I don’t think we’ve signed a captain yet. In the interim, I’d go for Diaby.
    Damn it, go away for a couple of days, and the Brave one still hangs around like a bad stink.
    Morning all.

  83. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Wow, anyone else watch The Tour yesterday? Made a point of getting back in time to watch Les Ros Bifs take The Champs. Boy, that was impressive.

  84. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Of course Gospel, masses of drugs and alcohol, go well together 🙂

  85. evonne says:

    Morning Micky – phenomenal achievement from Wiggins! I just don’t understand why I AM so proud 🙂

    Tour de France is humongous in Poland, always has been and as a child I watched it every year, loving every minute of it

    If I had money I would open a bike shop, it’s going to be a big buiness for years to come

    Wiggins! Wiggins! Wiggins
    Cavendish will win the olympic medal, he deserves it

  86. Morning richie, I must have missed something – you’re on first name terms with all these Arsenal legends … how come?

  87. evonne says:

    some good pictures from the lads arriving in Malaysia; Ox is such a joker, Song a bling king, Arteta and Theo true professionals and the Malaysian fans truly happy to see them

    They travelled on a plane with beds, bloody hell that is nice

  88. SharkeySure'sGhost says:

    I actually voted for Sagna, mainly because the poll on polldaddy had two comments bemoaning the lack of votes for our blond braided warrior (thats Sagna not Evonne!)

    He’s actually a very good choice

  89. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Ahoy Evonne, Peaches and Sharkey.
    Good call on Sagna, not that I think he is Captain material, but he is one of the few outfield players who is a guarranteed starter.

  90. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Neither Arteta or Verm are really shouty type players, and I think that fist clenching gurning type has been lacking since Tone. To my mind, Arsene has always favoured the more tree huggy “eleven leaders on the field” approach, which I think is utter claptrap. Hey Ho 🙂

  91. evonne says:

    Hiya Angel – you are right, Sagna doesn’t get enough credit, he is solid, dependable and good team player. Not sure about his leadership skills, perhaps not mouthy enough? He smiles a lot and is ever so nice to all approaching him at the Miracles in Cockfosters (me including)

  92. Morning all

    New Post …………..

  93. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Every footballer should be made to sit down and watch Le Tour in it’s entirety. Too tired to play two games in a week? Need to be taken off after 60 minutes? Have to be carried off after a powder puff tackle?

    For sheer guts, stamina, endurance and determination there is nothing in world sport like a Grand Tour cyclist.

    Congratulations to Brad, Mark, Cav and the rest of the boys in the Sky team.

    Job done and now it starts all over again on Saturday in the Olympic road race.

  94. richie says:

    @Chas no “G” RvP wasn’t on the horrizon back then but Pat told me about a “Robin” and how screwed up things were even back then. He said they had a pre-contract signed with a totally unknown Brazilian wonder kid, that Arsene wanted to partner TDH but Real Madrid had stepped in an offered the kids poor family €50Mil to sign for them. I asked what happened and Pat said Arsene tore up the contract because the kid might play and get injuried and not be able to support his family. With the €50mil the family wouldn’t have to worry ever again.
    In gratitude for tearing up the contract that all grown up “kid” recently scored against us in the CL his name coinsidently was “Robinho.” Don’t know about you but I think we shoud become pigeon fanciers.

  95. Tv5 is an exceptional leader that can control his temper and communicate with both player and staffs.

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