Greatest St Totts Day Ever

Welcome, my fellow Gunners, to another year in which we faithful worshippers have been privileged to celebrate our favourite Saint’s Day.

And why is St Totteringham’s Day our favourite holy occasion?

Well, I believe it’s because it combines all the qualities of the other, lesser, Saints’ Days that we mark throughout the year.

It has the wonderful drunkenness associated with St Patrick’s Day; the love (for our team, our club and each other) that St Valentine is famous for and the unapologetic pride of St George’s Day.  Best of all, there’s a big dose of St Schadenfreude’s Day, the occasion on which it is acceptable (indeed, obligatory) to laugh at the afflicted.

St Totteringham’s Day bundles all those marvelous feelings into one – and you have to say, this has surely been the best St T’s Day ever.

Lasagna-gate in 2006 was fun, but that season the Spuds were behind us most of the way and only really closed the gap right at the end.

This year, of course, was different. This year they opened up a 12 point lead over us and that tribe of pox-eaten donkey pizzles who call themselves their supporters kept telling us to “Mind the Gap.”

Oh we minded it alright, you fool-born codpiece-sniffers. We minded it right up the Seven Sisters Road and shoved it up your collective jaxey.  How d’you like that gap?

In years to come, happy Gooners will sit around reminiscing about the 2011-2012 season.

Someone will say: “Do you remember when the Tiny Totts thought they were going to win the league?” and everyone else will just fall about laughing…. “ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, aaaaah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…”

Play the clip below whilst you read on…….

“Do you remember when they told us to ‘mind the gap’ and that the balance of power had shifted in North London?”  “Aaah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, aaaaah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…”

“Do you recall a certain Mr Henry Winter saying that Robin van Persie was the only Arsenal player with a chance of getting in the Spuds’ first team?”  “Aaah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, aaaaah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…”

This season has put us fans through the wringer, but it has not lacked for drama. And at the end of it all, the table does not lie. The team that finishes third deserves to be third.

Just pause for a second and consider that.

We finished third. After our worst start to a season for half a century.

We lost our talismanic captain late in the transfer window, followed quickly out the door by a fat greedy Frenchman. Our most creative player suffered a season-long injury. We started terribly and lost 8-2 at Old Toilet. Our new signings were all scooped up in a special edition of Supermarket Sweep (Yossi Benayoun came free with a packet of Daz).

We were as far up Smelly Creek (it flows into Tottenham Beck) as we had ever been in living memory and we didn’t have a paddle or even a boat. We were swimming up Smelly Creek. Without armbands.

And at that time do you know what smelled worse that the River of Runny Stuff? It was the attitude of the haters, those so-called Arsenal supporters who relished every mishap and calamity; who rejoiced in disaster because it meant they could say “told you so” about their campaign to oust the most successful manager in our club’s history.

How many times did they tell us that we would be lucky to finish in the top half of the table? Or that we would face a relegation fight?

Their attitude, just like the quality of their “support”, stank the place out and contributed to a mood of infighting and fractiousness that only made the problems worse.

But through it all Arsène Wenger kept working.

Recovering from that disastrous start and securing third place is undoubtedly one of his most impressive achievements. It proves as a lie the haters’ contention that he could never get his team playing well again, but I suppose the haters will move their goalposts to continue slaughtering him.

By the way, I have no problem with people criticising the manager or his decisions – I just have a problem with the ones who have become so obsessed with their opposition to him that they want Arsenal to fail. That’s like noticing that your brickwork needs repointing – and deciding it would be for the best if the house burnt down.

Anyway, enough, enough.

I am so proud of our team and our Club. I’m proud of every player and I’m proud of Arsene and I’m proud of Pat Rice and I’m proud of the fans (most of them, anyway).

Of course there’s work to be done to make us better next season. Quite a lot, in fact, but we have put ourselves in the best possible position to do it. What exactly should be done is something we can discuss in the days and weeks ahead.

Officially this should be a match report – and there is plenty to talk about from yesterday’s game. But right now I have no inclination to pick holes, talk about defensive frailties, questions Arsene’s team selections and substitutions.

We had a simple job to do – go to West Brom and win. We did it. We didn’t do it as comfortably as most of us would have liked but we did it all the same.

I will however, give some player ratings:

Szczesny: 10

Jenkinson: 10

Koscielny: 10

Vermaelen: 10

Santos: 10

Coquelin: 10

Song: 10

Rosicky: 10

Gervinho: 10

Van Persie: 10

Benayoun: 11 (joint MoTM)

Fulop: 11 (joint MoTM)


Walcott: 10

Ramsey: 10

Gibbs: 11 (joint MoTM)

Finally, a question: What do T*ttenham H*tspurs have in common with Hank Marvin?

Answer: Always in the Shadows.

And what grows in the shadows? You got it: fungus – stinky, weirdo fungus… the stuff God came up with as an experiment before he perfected plants and animals.

That’s you, Tiny Totts: the fetid, spongy mass that grows on decaying matter (in this case the decaying matter is your hopes and dreams. Enjoy).

Happy St Totteringham’s Day everyone.



126 Responses to Greatest St Totts Day Ever

  1. I have to say I was beginning to think that there was some anti-St Totts Day bias going on but here we are.

    Morning again 😉

  2. TotalArsenal says:

    How strange! I thought I already commented on this post, but it must have been in my GLiC-induced dream, or in a parallel universe?! ~)

  3. TotalArsenal says:

    Afternoon Peachy 🙂

  4. This is my second Deja vu of the day ! 🙂

  5. Mike says:

    What a bunch of losers you are.
    May have had a bad season (although FA Cup and poss CL), but you are cock a hoop that you finished above Spurs instead of accepting the fact that you haven’t won sod all for 7 years.

    Poor. Pathetic. Deluded

    Imagine United or Chelsea and now Citeh winning nothing for 7 years.

    Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Enjoy your Saints day. – its all you are capable of.

    Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha LOSERS

  6. We`ve still got 67 points ! 🙂

  7. Ha ha ha chaps don’t you just love a bit of deja vu 😉

    I hope it’s not too late for the post to get lots of new readers ….

  8. I wonder who Mike Hunt supports ?

  9. Oooh Mike – sour grapes there mate. Finishing above spuds is always a celebration and claiming the ‘third spot trophy’ is worth a lot more than either the FA or Carling cup and gives us something to build on.

  10. Djofils says:

    wahahah ahahahahahahahaha hahahaha ahahahha ahahahhaha i just felt like laughing at them. Sorry guys it just felt soo good lol

  11. Red Arse says:


    I have to go out, but the best advice I can give you is to approach a local accountant! It would pay you back, big time.

    The tax system does recognise a distinction between self employed people and those who are employees.

    Before you do anything else, have a look at the HM Customs & Revenue site.

    This guide tells you about the tax allowances and reliefs you can get as a self-employed business person – including the expenses you can claim.

  12. Mike says:

    Mike hunt supports a team that has won plenty in the last 7 years and won the fa cup this year and is in CL final

    Only your ladies have put anything in the empty new stadium cabinet

    ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  13. dandan – your comment from the previous post made me laugh when you told how your son the Citeh supporter left at 2-1 down – he might just as well been a spud!!!!!

  14. Red Arse says:

    Do we know why AA failed, and then came back to life without the earlier comments? Or is it a Tots plot?

  15. Mike says:

    Peaches. Do you know anything about football

    We are in the CL. CHAMPIONS LEAGUE final
    Not carling cup. Typical

  16. Thanks Redders,
    My neighbour, who me and young glic plays football with, is an accountant, he`s the next house down the lane, that should be local enough ! 🙂

  17. dandan says:

    Mind De Gap. Arry for England, I am told this was written for St. Tots day. ……….

    O when St. Tots, go marching in, O when St. Tots go marching in, Its cos the spuds, are following us gooners, that the Tots are marching in.

  18. Good for you Mike, we’ve been in the Champions Lge final too, it doesn’t mean you’re going to win it though and guess what, if you don’t win it you’re not in the competition next season …….. and we are 😉

  19. Rasp says:


    Go blog on a chav site, we’re not interested in your views. The clue is at the top of the page – this is an Arsenal blog if you haven’t noticed.

  20. goonerjake says:

    What a great great article. Nows the time for all you supporters who abused wenger abused the team abused the board to come back into The Arsenal fold remember what our club motto is Victoria Concordia Cresit-….Victory Through Harmony….AND A HAPPY ST. TOTTERINGS DAY TO YOU ALL.



  21. TotalArsenal says:

    Mike – you won nothing mate – you bought a few cups, that’s all. You are the mini-Chavs now, dwarfed by the shade of the next oil-for-cups misfits.

    You disgraced yourself with park the bus footie against Barcelona and next year you are in the EL, playing footie on Thursdays, while the rest of us go food shopping hahahahahahaha! 🙂

  22. Mike says:

    Sorry. What have you won since moving into the shiny new stadium?

    Your lives are consumed with finishing above the spurs

    Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha. LOSERS

  23. Red Arse says:

    Just received a text that the men in white coats are looking for a loony called “Double Negative Mike”. He is recognised by saying;

    –” you haven’t won sod all for 7 years.” = ???? who cares???

    and then signing himself off; “Poor. Pathetic. Deluded”; and then laughing at himself.

    ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha LOSER

    Thankfully it is not a fool moon, because then he goes seriously Haywire, poor man! 🙂

  24. Mike says:

    Total dickhead

    I’d keep quiet until we are in the EL. we can still be in CL

    you on the other hand have won / bought nothing for 7 long years

  25. Red Arse says:

    Careful Mike, they are closing in on you!

  26. Mike says:

    Fuck me you lot are deluded dicks aren’t you

    except a fucking saints shit day that nobody gives a toss about


  27. goonerjake says:

    Why Mike Why? Leave my fellow supporters alone and please concentrate on your own club

  28. Mike Hunt
    Just how many would you have won, if every club in the league would have had a sugar daddy spend £500 million on them ?.
    You`ve won nothing within your means ,you`ve ( actually, not you or your mates who cant fill a stadium for a CL semi ) bought some trophy`s in your 8 year history!. 🙂

  29. TotalArsenal says:

    Mike, we gained class over decades – our history is so glorious we need to wear shades when watching footie matches.

    Ooh and Bayern will do you big time on Saturday, and I for one will love it! Thursday night, Chavs’ Channel 5!

  30. Rasp says:

    Wow thanks Mike – for reminding us what a classless bunch of morons you chav supporters really are – you’ve been consigned to our trash bin.

  31. Oh no, I was composing a great chav put down and now he’s gone 😦

    What a loser

  32. Red Arse says:

    Are you still at Jnr school, or have you made it to the big Fool School, yet?

    A little tip, every sentence needs a subject, and an object and a verb, so, sadly, “YOU. WON. NOTHING., does not cut it.

    You are funny tho’! 🙂

  33. goonerjake says:

    sorry i told him to go he was annoying me and obviously doesnt understand football

  34. Rasp says:

    That’s confirmed me as Bayern through and through, thanks for helping me make my mind up Mike 😕

  35. dandan says:

    Peaches I have still not spoken to him though he has texted he will phone me tonight, we will see. 🙂

  36. Rasp says:

    Do it any way peaches, the saddo is bound to still be reading. We can laugh at him as well as the spuds now 😆

  37. Double98 says:

    Well said Rasp come on the Bayern Munchies… i’d rather chelsea out and spurs have to start their season in july than chavs win a cl and spurs have a full preseason

  38. RA – the problem this morning was that some of Rocky’s colourful description of life in the N17 swamp didn’t pass the NewsNow nice language test and so I had to change a few things but as we’d already published we had to publish again to get the article picked up by NewsNow.

  39. Same here Raspy ! 🙂

  40. TotalArsenal says:

    RA 🙂 You. Bought. Everything.

  41. We won Player of the year, Groundsman of the year and the Emirates Cup, whats Mike Hunt on about ! 🙂

  42. Red Arse says:

    Hi TA, 🙂

    I have made myself late laughing at Mike!

    Thanks for that explanation, Peaches, I re-read the Post and detected some ‘modifications’. 🙂

    I will let Rock know it was a deliberate ploy on your part —- obviously!! 🙂

  43. Now you lovely people, if we’re going to keep the blog going until our boys don the red and white again we are going to have to have things to start the chat off each day, so put your thinking caps on please and write up any thoughts for new posts.

  44. Red Arse says:


    AND it should not be forgotten that we won the “Lasagne Making Championship” – just ask the Spuds! 🙂

  45. Rasp says:

    I think Mike is right, any team that has John Terry as captain is to be greatly admired. We’d need to recruit Joey Barton to have any chance of competing with the chavs at that level 🙄

  46. goonerjake says:

    Can i make a suggestion, no one read Arsenal Truth blog today, it does not have the right tone. Mind you it never has the right tone sometimes like this article pointed out some Arsenal ‘Fans’ only want bad things for the club. Well for now thats me done going to try and take advantage of a bit nicer weather were i am and get some gardening done.
    and once again happy St.Tottering’s Day

  47. And a hear hear to your 11.20 Mdi89 – three cheers for Peachy and Raspers.

    Always good to see the Chavs from the bus stop in Fulham are forever classy.

  48. Yes Redders,
    And not to forget our Goalie of the Year, Marton Fulop. 🙂

  49. Red Arse says:


    I have taken the liberty of re-posting my congratulatory message to you from the earlier version of your ‘naughty boy’ Post!! 🙂
    [In case you thought I did not care – you sweet thing!!!] 🙄

    My taxi is late – damnation!! Your fault, Glic!

  50. Red Arse says:

    OK, now I am posting it! What a clutz — me that is!! 🙂

    Rocky, Rocky, Corky, yet another example of your creatively fecund imaginative despoiling of those poor wretches known as the swamp dwelling, neolithic nose pickers who inhabit the swamps of N17!


    To be fair, I think that the Swampies, in trying to traduce us, were just doing their mealy-mouthed best to boost their flagging morale, while their season was coming to its usual crepuscular conclusion, and to that extent they deserve our pity!

    In contrast, the ersatz Arsenal supporters who were sharpening their crayons in readiness to crassly slander Arsene, when we were losing 1:2, deserve only our utter opprobrium for their continuing odious behaviour.

    They have gone quiet for the mo’, but they will be back, and in the meantime they will soon start picking the bones out of individual players in order to indirectly criticise Arsene for having the temerity to play them, or include them in the squad!

    OK, 3rd is not as good as winning the Premiership, but given our limited resources and the calamitous pre-season disloyalty that initially engulfed us, and which in turn resulted in a dreadful start to the season, as well as the contiguous, unforeseen loss of so many defenders, (all of which you have referred to) that final position is the equivalent of having scaled a footie Everest!!

    You are a wonderful scribe, Rock Candy!

  51. allezkev says:

    90 minutes of stress yesterday, but Benny was a different class.
    Really hope Arsene finds the room in his squad and finance to sign him up…

  52. oz gunner says:

    didn’t the new york red bulls win the emirates cup?

    S- ‘Serious contenders’ hahahahahaha
    C- Cu….I mean front bottoms!
    U- Underneath the mighty Arsenal once again
    M- Mind the gap

  53. Sorry Oz, I didn`t mean this year, In the past we have won it and I was at Islington Town Hall, all by myself waiting for the open top bus to turn up, talk about Billy no mates !. 🙂

  54. slimgingergooner says:

    I say bring back Mike every morning!

    Mike’s Morning Madness, got a ring to it!

  55. WiganGooner says:

    There I was about to comment on the wrong post…Cracking job Rocky, well fixed Peaches 🙂

    It’s so good to be a Gooner today 🙂

    Happy St Totteringhams Day everyone 🙂

    P.S. I’m feeling rather smug after defending Arsene and Arsenal til my eyes bled against the haters earlier in the season.

  56. Good to see that McLeish has been given his P45 by Villa.

    Good riddance to that ginger nutsack, Fergie wannabe.

  57. WiganGooner says:


    Ah hahahahahahhahahahah

    All I want for Xmas is Steve Kean to get the order of the boot now and my life will be complete!! 🙂



  58. Red Arse says:

    Hi WG,

    What happened to that Post you promised me on the 12th? 🙂

    Glic, you made me my taxi – now missed my appointment, so got to put up with an ’emergency’ 7 a.m. appt tomorrow! [I’m not the emergency – it’s their let’s make him sorry for messing us about stategy!
    And it really was not you who made me late either — but I had to blame someone.They may not have necessarily believed I was giving ‘advice’ to an award winning comedian in Cornwall! 🙄

  59. goonermichael says:

    Mike doesn’t sound very happy. If they don’t beat Bayern the y will be in the channel 5 cup and another new manager next season. You should concentrate on your own team mate. Happy saint tots everyone 🙂

  60. WiganGooner says:


    Aha, I meant the 11th 🙂 and you commented on it so ner!


    How are you good sir?


  61. goonermichael says:

    has that fergie loving wanker been sacked? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  62. WiganGooner says:


    He certainly has. I feel so sorry for Villa fans that have had to put up with that idiot for the whole season. It puts it in perspective how great Arsene is.


  63. goonermichael says:

    What a season. Wenger took us from disarray and 17th to 3rd. If any other manager had done that the twits/trolls of fleet street would be creaming over them.

  64. He was saying his good byes at the Villa training ground this morning, according to the BBC, GM.

    Be really funny to see him tin tacked. 🙂

  65. goonermichael says:

    He was a stupid appointment in the first place I don’t have any love for villa but if I was a fan I would have been seething.

  66. Red Arse says:


    Mystery resolved.

    I received (or read) the email after I had commented on your site. You must have been confused when I said I was looking forward to reading your Post — after I had commented on it! 🙂

    And an excellent Post it was too.

    I would recommend your work to all Arsenal loving AAers! 🙂
    (Altho’ as you have Posted on AA, most of them will already know about your quality!)

  67. jnyc says:

    Related to Mike. The new champions in manchester. And the europa league bound chelskie will also be totally screwed if financial fair play rules come into effect. It will be fun to watch, and Arsene will be smiling. 🙂

  68. Brigham says:

    Oh no, Mike has been binned before I could remind him that he will be another Chelsea fan upset when they bulldoze Stamford Bridge. Getting rid of 8 years of history!

  69. WiganGooner says:


    You are far too kind to me, which reminds me, I need to email in an article I’ve written for AA….I’ll do that tonight if I get chance (in between putting up a tie-rack and building a shoe cabinet…yawn)..

    Oh the vagaries of life!


  70. goonermichael says:

    I’m so glad City won the title. Nasri can show cesc his medal now.

  71. goonermichael says:

    macs really are stupid. Why do people like them. How is this intuitive? One mouse button you’re having a laugh

  72. goonermichael says:

    Give me windows 7 (at 40% of the price) anyway

  73. goonermichael says:

    Anyday (stupid mac) 🙂

    RIP Vidal Sassoon BTW

  74. goonermichael says:

    See you all later. (going home tomorrow)

  75. See you later GM.

    Confirmed by Villa that the ginger scrotum Fergie lover has been tin tacked. HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa !!!

  76. dandan says:

    Should be interesting, hold the back page special, ten PM tonight Sky sports one, Woolnough, Winter,Custis and Dunn. Humble pie time me thinks
    G Neville Signs four year contract for FA as Hodgekinsons assistant, like the sound of that

  77. Red Arse says:

    You have probably noticed that Rocky has not been around much today. A lot of work on, it seems.

    But Rocky has just texted me to say; ………………..

    —- My boss phoned me today, he said, “Is everything okay at the office?”

    I said, “Yes, it’s all under control. It’s been a very busy day, and I haven’t stopped.”

    “Can you do me a favor?” he asked.

    I said, “Of course, what is it?”

    “Speed it up a little; I’m in the foursome right behind you.”

  78. Rasp says:

    Hi dandan, I’m beginning to get quite optimistic about the England management situation. Hodgson has the experience and knows how to make teams hard to score against and Neville has shown what a clever analyst he is in his appearances on Sky. Although I’m a club before country man, I do feel England are in safe hands for the first time since Bobby Robson.

  79. Red Arse says:


    You and Pat Rice might like this one.

    The Hotel Bill

    An older lady decided to give herself a big treat for her 70th birthday by staying overnight in a really nice hotel.

    When she checked out the next morning, the desk clerk handed her a bill for £250.00.

    She demanded to know why the charge was so high. “I agree it’s a nice hotel, but the rooms aren’t worth £250.00 for just an overnight stay! I didn’t even have breakfast.”

    The clerk told her that £250.00 was the ‘standard rate’, and breakfast had been included had she wanted it. She insisted on speaking to the Manager.

    The Manager appeared and, forewarned by the desk clerk, announced: “This hotel has an Olympic-sized pool and a huge conference centre which are available for use.”

    “But I didn’t use them,” she said.

    ”Well, they are here, and you could have,” explained the Manager.

    He went on to explain that she could also have seen one of the in-hotel shows for which they were so famous. “We have the best entertainers from the world over performing here,” the Manager said.

    “But I didn’t go to any of those shows,” she said.

    “Well, we have them, and you could have,” the Manager replied.

    No matter what amenity the Manager mentioned, she replied, “But I didn’t use it!” and the Manager countered with his standard response.

    After several minutes discussion, and with the Manager still unmoved, she decided to pay, wrote a check and gave it to him.

    The Manager was surprised when he looked at the cheque.
    “But madam, this check is only for £50.00.”

    “That’s correct I charged you £200.00 for sleeping with me,” she replied.

    “But I didn’t!” exclaimed the very surprised Manager.

    “Well, that’s too bad, I was here, and you could have.”

    Moral? ——- Don’t mess with Senior Citizens. 🙂

  80. Gooner In Exile says:


    Thought I’d laughed already when I read it this morning, just reading again now.


    Cracking post Rockster.

  81. Gooner In Exile says:

    GM, you just have to know how to set up the secondary click. Or if you can’t be bothered to do that hold down the Option key. But preferences, mouse, secondary click it’s setup, the mouse can distinguish between left/right clicks without having a separate button.

  82. dandan says:

    Nice one RA but when did you meet my MUM. 🙂

  83. dandan says:

    Rasp. Mr Terry will have met his match in that one, as for Mr Hanson what is he gonna teach Garry about defending.

  84. Red Arse says:

    Like many others, I have been very impressed with Gary Neville.

    The sign of a good boss is to make sure you have great assistants, and I think that Woy is already demonstrating that given half a chance he will be twice as good as England manager as our ‘Arry!

    The FA made the right choice there.

  85. Reddawn says:

    Hello dandan, I’m 71. Can you tell me the name of the next hotel your mum will be visiting?

  86. dandan says:

    Reddawn. She is sitting on the seat next to the Queen Mother they are receiving vsitors any time you like, just drop in. 🙂

  87. chas says:

    Great post Rocky.

    I’m posting this because of the question and reaction at 36 seconds. Love it.

  88. Rasp says:

    Welcome back chas 😛 ….. not many highlights to the spud’s season then 😆

  89. Reddawn says:

    dandan….. is Ash Wednesday suitable?

  90. dandan says:

    Reddawn Methinks you might be chancing your arm Mate. Mum left us at exactly 3 0Clock on Good Friday. I kid you not, She always moved in good company 🙂

  91. VCC says:

    Master piece Rocky. I did post earlier but it seems to have been zapped?

    This is fuel for your argument.

  92. Carlito11 says:

    Wierdly enough I’m cooking mushrooms for my dinner tonight! 😀 Happy belated St Totteringham’s day AAers!

  93. Gooner In Exile says:

    Chas that’s quality, made me laugh heartily.

    I thought I recognised some of them, but then I realised its just that my wife has watched too many episodes of Embarassing Bodies.

  94. Hi all

    Looking for a small post for tomorrow to get the day started ……….

  95. Gooner In Exile says:

    Peaches the third Spud on Chas’s video has a very small post from memory, stick him up 🙂

  96. But we don’t really need to know anything more about their season hahahahahahahahahaha

  97. TotalArsenal says:

    Peaches, I will put something together for tomorrow that fits your description. 🙂

  98. Thank you TA, I look forward to reading it.

    I had an idea to write a post about us being the Top Team in London but when I did a comparison of all the London teams results it turned out that the swamp dwellers came out top in the head to head 😳 Binned that one 😉

  99. TotalArsenal says:

    You just have to find another angle Peaches!

  100. The results don’t lie, they were better away and better at home amassing 17 points against other London teams. We only managed 11 along with Chelsea – even Fulham did better with 12.

    Sshhhhhhh don’t tell 😳

  101. I’m pretty good at manipulating stats but I don’t think I can find another angle on those 😉

  102. Gooner In Exile says:

    The other angle is we travel better than Spuds, and obviously are less welcoming to those from outside London (after all we must have gained 7 points more than them in those games) 😀

  103. Red Arse says:

    Well given we ended up with one more point than the Spuds but were not the top points scoring team against London opposition, we are clearly far and away the best London team at beating non-Londoners!

    It’s them stats, innit? 🙂

  104. chas says:

    Happy Totteringham’s from Indonesia.

  105. TotalArsenal says:

    Love the video Chas! 🙂

  106. TotalArsenal says:

    Have a ‘lekker bakkie koffie’ Robin!

    From BBC today:

    ‘Striker Robin van Persie will open talks to determine his Arsenal future at a meeting with Gunners boss Arsene Wenger and chief executive Ivan Gazidis on Wednesday.

    Discussions are scheduled to take place at Wenger’s house at 10:30 BST.’

  107. Gooner In Exile says:

    You know this whole RvP thing.

    As a positive spin on it, what if his meeting with Arsene and Ivan isn’t about money….what if it’s about who will be signed? I think Pod was first step, I think M’Villa or similar will be next step. But also I’m thinking we need proven PL players so here is my list of players that could do the job immediately.

  108. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi GiE, he said during the interview a while ago, he would have a bakkie koffie with Arsene and Gazidis at the end of the season to talk about his future, and that is exactly what is happening. Informal, at Wenger’s home. And I think you are absolutely right – it is likely to be about more than money alone. To me it looks like a good sign as it is consistent with what he has been saying all along.

  109. kelsey says:

    Morning all.
    If I was to give my real thoughts on here I would most probably be told to feck off and post on LG.
    I am concerned about several things at the club but quite frankly though some may agree most will not.
    It’s not about a devine right that we should win trophies, it is not about Wenger “being the blind professor” and it’s not entirely about the club seemingly want to have financial security at all costs, or that it appears that the recession is coming back with a vengence in all of Europe and we have to keep selling our star players to balance the books.
    Randy lerner has a net worth of about half of Stan kroenke and look what has happened to Villa. Ultimately Lerner pulls the strings so after the horse has bolted he has decided to sack macleish.
    Now henry at liverpool is a different kettle of fish. he ordered Dagleish to fly over to Boston yesterday which was not was agreed earlier.He is a no nonsense owner and i fully expect Dagleish to be removed.
    Are American owners or in our case really beneficial to to the progress of our club. How often has kroenke actually attended a game.One or two of you will say he delegates others such as laws and gazidis to deal with all matters.Anyway I might just give my real thoughts later about RVP,, CL and the squad in general. .

  110. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Nothing you say could be that bad (I told everyone here last summer AW should stand down and lived!).
    I happen to think the board will sell Robin, but who knows.
    Come on 🙂
    How bad could it be? Oh god, Terry as player/manager 😦

  111. kelsey says:


    I will write a post later on this week .Have you changed your e mail address but anyway would you kindly e mail me as I want to ask you something non football related.peaches or Rasp has it if you haven’t.

    Going back to my thoughts.our 4 last captains have now said “Iwill always be a gooner or words to that effect”

  112. MickyDidIt89 says:

    My email is the same, but I’ll ask Peaches for yours.
    You talk a lot about American owners, so perhaps you hint at a change of ownership. Strangely, I have been wondering to myself exactly what is meant by “buying the title”, and I think this may be related.

  113. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I don’t know what it is you want to discuss, but do not even think about asking me the exact location of my lobster pot beach 🙂

  114. evonne says:

    Kelsey – feck off and post on LG 🙂

  115. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I’m on school run, so bye for now.

  116. evonne says:

    Aha, so I am not the only one to be impressed with Gary Neville
    ‘England manager Roy Hodgson has heaped praise on his new recruit Gary Neville, admitting his role as a media pundit played a big part in his selecti’

    Keley – I remember your emails were not reaching me

  117. Gooner In Exile says:

    Morning all.

    Kelsey as DD said yesterday holding a point of view is one thing….hoping that things go horribly wrong for the sake of being able to say ITYS is another. You are in the first camp, as anyone reading your comments over the last few weeks as we limped over the line can see you supporting the team and manager. That is the most important thing isn’t it? Having a view on the ownership or boardroom shenanigans is just fluff when it all boils down.

    I guess it depends how you view Kroenkes ownership, is he a profiteer, is he a football lover, is he a tool of the board being used to prevent Usmanov, is he to be viewed like a Institutional Investor of PLCs?

    Whether he attends matches is irrelevant (for me) if he does best by the club. Ask City fans whether they care that Mansour doesn’t attend matches. Didn’t even show up on their most important match for 44 years. Obviously the question is is he doing best by the club or has he got the right men in place? Henry obviously felt Comoli was not so he removed him, for what it’s worth any club that gets Comoli will do well.

    We have been owned by traditional owners (board members and a few small holders) for quite some time, longer than any other top club, we are still getting used to it and working out how it affects us. I think I hope that we continue as we have been, the recessionary effects on us should be reduced now we are not reliant on property sales so it’s whether the board follow through with promises of investment now after years of prudence.

  118. Evonne, having joined the England set up I wonder how much Woy will have read his autobiography where Gary Neville said this:
    “I don’t see us competing seriously for a major tournament for at least 10 years,” & “There have been times when I’ve reflected on my international career and just thought: ‘Well that was a massive waste of time.'”

  119. evonne says:

    Chary – yeah, but it was 10 years ago, time expired 🙂
    And how right was he? England with all the fantastic footballers getting nowhere tournament after tournament. I think his honestly is refreshing.

  120. Evonne, I think he said that last year, but anyhoo I’m not that bothered by it just thought it was a case of foot-in-mouth from him.

    A bit like when Shrek said he couldn’t wait to work for ‘Arry as the next England manager when Capello stepped down (in support of John Terry), lolz. 🙂

  121. Gooner In Exile says:

    I think Neville is a good choice, he reduces the age gap between Manager, Coach and Players, the younger members of the squad will not question his ability or knowledge as they know what he has achieved. His Sky analysis has shown him to be a good thinker of the game but first and foremost a fan of football, his commentary on the Milan second leg summed him up, imploring Ox to run at his man and make hay because he could see they were scared of him.

    The more worrying question is is time up for him on Sky, he has been the best pundit for years and has not bought into sensationalism, it’ll be a crying shame if we have to back to Jamie “tight trousers” Redknapp

  122. Morning all

    New Post …………..

  123. Dan says:

    “Lasagna-gate in 2006 was fun, but that season the Spuds were behind us most of the way and only really closed the gap right at the end.”

    Well, that is a lie.

  124. goonerjake says:

    morning … well when i say morning i mean late afternoonn… actually when i say late afternoon i mean evening. Evening peaches.
    Anyway just got back from work must get a move on soon to get ready for 5 a side with some mates when i say mates i mean….

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