Tangled up in Blue: Match Preview

Apart from supporters of the doomed bottom 3 is there a football fan who doesn’t want Wigan to escape relegation?  Their PL survival is a mystery given the small ground, low attendances and limited finances – they are the (Leyton) Orient of Manchester. And yet they survive without resorting to hoof ball and dull physical football, maintaining an admirable allegiance to playing attractive football. Their Chairman backs his manager and rightly so, Martinez is a top bloke – calm under pressure, always urbane and intelligent, a man who stayed at Wigan despite the attractive  job offer from Aston Villa. Wigan are a fine traditional club who deserve to stay up at the expense of Blackburn, Wolves and QPR but …….

We need the points, so sorry Wigan, tonight you are the enemy.

You all know the maths (to our American readers, there is an “s”  in Maths), another win and we go 8 points ahead of the chasing pack. True, they will have a game in hand but 8 points with so few games to go is a considerable margin.

More of the same, please

I am afraid I am going to be controversial. This run of wins is surprising because we are not a good team yet. It is my belief that the root causes of our improvement are luck, confidence and a fit squad. We have yet to see a full game of quality . Certainly the team has grown since being 2 down to the hapless crew who got humiliated at Wembley yesterday 🙂 but I still do not feel confident we can compete for the League next season without  surgery.  If we win tonight we will be 15 points behind an ordinary Man Utd  – do you really believe we can be at least 15 points better next season?

Yes, I know the counter-arguments. The dreadful start, the awful summer transfer window, the injuries to FB’s, the loss of JW etc but to counter this, we have found Arteta;  Song has been immense, so has Koscielny. and what can one say about  RvP?  Can anyone guarantee another season like this for our Captain? On past evidence, sadly no. He was not known as Chocolate Legs for nothing.

But enough of this rational thinking BR, which I must point out is purely my opinion and not representative of Arsenal Arsenal website. The bottom line is  – do we have enough to beat Wigan tonight? and the answer is an emphatic Yes.

Beating United last week was a major scalp for Wigan and they will come into tonight’s game full of confidence.  The Latics have tightened in defence and started to score goals. 2 months ago they were doomed but now there is light at the end of the tunnel. However, Wigan have only beaten us once in the last 13 meetings.(we threw the away game in a shameful  2-3 in 2010).

My team:

If fit, I would replace Bennie with Gervinho who is back in the squad. I hope AW sticks to giving O -C cameo appearances. I fear he will be picked for the Euro’s should he make a big impact over the coming month. Better The Ox stays at AFC and gets a full pre-seaso, much like JW. Club over country for me.  Ramsey to come on after 60 mins and score.

Today’s Gooner: Being the Titanic centenary it is only fitting I find a connection and of course there is one. According to Hollywood Kate Winslett was a survivor of the tragedy and she is a Gooner. Although born into the Man Utd stronghold of Reading, Berkshire, she discovered the wonders of Goonerdom through a friendship with TH14 and has remained a fan ever since.

Kate and some fellow sing “Let’s all Laugh at Tottenham”

A big night for both clubs but the footballing Gods are shiny on The Emirates at the moment. We have enough to beat them and beat them we will.

Written by Big Raddy

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  1. SharkeySure says:

    Aaaah….after a weekend of almost constant work and a shit week upcoming, a Big Randy pre match has really alleviated my mood.

    I never have a clue about the music refs, and no time to go google it

  2. dandan says:

    Super stuff Raddy and yes we will win tonight and your choice of a Gunner this week is great, good picker that TH14 don’t you think.
    But to go back to that 2-3 defeat in 2010, I listened to that on the car radio as I drove home and was a bit annoyed at what had happened.
    On arriving home I looked in on AA and could not believe the vitriol that defeat engendered and continued to do so right through into the new season, in fact it made me rather ashamed at the histrionics that eschewed as we went on to have a bad run.
    Now they have done it to the Mancs as their customary end of season revival gets under way.
    What I wonder will be AA’s reaction if we to were to come unstuck , will we get behind our team till season end, or capitulate and sink into a frenzy of breast beating and teeth gnashing again Just as we did that last time when we heaped all those recriminations on the team?
    I have often wondered did one or two players take a look at that reaction and say, yep time to be away I don’t need this, they can keep it. If they did who can blame them

  3. I agree with you Big Randy(and cheers for the "qualidee" post), although Wigan are - largely - a team to be admired we have to hate them tonight.

    For that purpose can I bring up a few thinhgs to stoke up the hatred ?

    When ManUre old boy S Bruce was in charge of Wigan he ordered the postponenment of the relaying of the pitch(after a particularly rough spell of Rugby league had left the pitch in a ploughed field state) till after wew had played and before his lord and master's(bacon face) team played there. This derailed our title bid which was on course at the time. as a golden chance for Bendy went becasue as he drew back his foot to shoot the ball bobbled off a divot and he skewed his shot.

    I seem to remember the Wigan chairman has plently to say in slagging off Wenger in the past and any man who is egotistical enough to name a stadium after himself is not to be trusted.

  4. dandan says:

    Thought this might be of interest
    Koln crept even further towards relegation after slumping to their second successive Bundesliga defeat on Sunday and Lukas Podolski cut a frustrated figure during the 3-0 loss at Borussia Monchengladbach.

    The 26-year-old has been widely tipped to join Arsenal this summer and with Koln without a win in six matches, the move would be almost a certainty if the German club cannot remain in the top flight.

    Podolski’s goalscoring record this season, coupled with his ability to play out on the left flank, means he will be a solid acquisition for Arsene Wenger, who has seen Gervinho struggle to finish his chances during his first term at the Emirates.


    D.O.B: June 4, 1985
    AGE: 26












    GERMANY, 2004




    Oliver Giroud has been touted with a move to Arsenal at the end of the season but he could not help Montpellier avoid suffering a 2-1 defeat at Lorient, despite scoring late on. On-loan Arsenal striker Joel Campbell netted for for the hosts

  5. oz gunner says:

    thanks for the typically good pre-match BR, with a surprising element to it this time around.

    To answer your question, most definitely we can improve by 15 points! You’ve listed the reasons, and if they don’t add up to 15 extra points i don’t know what will.

    Easy win tonight, yes they did well against Man united, upsets happen, lower teams can’t deliver that sort of game all the time, not to mention it being at the emirates. A solid 3-0 victory for the good guys!

    @ Dandan

    Podolskis stats have significantly dropped off since his apparent move to Arsenal. I swear at one stage he have 15/16 from 18 games. Someone said yesterday they don’t think he is the answer, i beg to differ. He nets a lot of goals for a team that is very average. Chuck him in a good team with great service and he becomes a lot better player. Yes he flopped at Bayern but he was young then and not ready to deliver to the hype.

    As for Giroud, i bloody wish! We need that alternative striker, i’d sell MC and Bendy for him in a heartbeat. He will cost a pretty penny though because like huntelaar was a few seasons again he is the flavour of the month. Gignac was a season or two ago and look at how that turned out.

  6. Big Raddy says:

    I recall that Chary. But under Martinez, they have improved.

    Rasp. Tanle up in bru ….That is superb and very funny. Like I sound when singing in Danish

  7. Rasp says:

    Great PM Raddy and I am in agreement with your analysis of our current form. We are not firing on all cylinders at the moment and need to be switched on from the start for this game.

    I suspect AW will start with Ramsey (because that’s the kind of thing he does) and also Gibbs if he’s fit.

    Wigan defended valiantly against manu and have pacey and dangerous forwards. We need to concentrate for 90 minutes, and Sagna will need to cover Djourou when Wigan’s wide players are on the attack.

    An early couple of goals would be ideal, but if they don’t come we need to be patient and keep our composure.

  8. I know Big Randy, but to create that winning atmosphere we have to stir up some hatred somehow.

    I believe one of the their centre backs, Caldwell, is an old school thug in the style of Martin Taylor/(Poor ‘ickle) Ryan Shawcross so if he lunges in at one of our forwards early doors we can have someone to boo at for the remainder of the game.

  9. oz gunner says:

    ur right chary caldwell is old school,thankfully his brother isnt along side him as well this time around

  10. Red Arse says:

    A typically erudite Pre-Match, Randy, and almost as good as your singing! 🙂

    Thank you for helping out your ill educated, transatlantic cousins by giving the correct spelling of ‘maths’ as the diminutive of mathematics. 🙂
    [Does that mean the correct spelling of the full word should be math[s]ematics? 🙂

  11. Red Arse says:


    As I commented yesterday, I watched the Werder/Cologne game (as well as reading AA) and said that Podolski looked totally out of sorts playing in an abject team.

    Hi Oz, 🙂

    You may have been referring to my comment yesterday, regarding the Pod, but that is not to say he would not make a fine attacking option in a creative team like the Gunners!

  12. We’ll need a pantomime villan like Csaldwell to get us up for it Oz, I reckon.

    Maybe the ref will do an Atkinson and step into that role if none of the Wigan players will oblige.

  13. 26may1989 says:

    Good one BR. You’re right, we all like Wigan. I still find it stunning to think they are in the top division at all, I always think of them as being rooted to the bottom of the old Div 4 and candidates for re-election. Dave Whelan may be a bit gobby but fair play, he’s got the club playing way above its natural level, has brought it out from under the shadows of the town’s rugby league side and recruited Martinez as a player from Zaragoza’s B team. Plus he’s one of the few stuffed suits who actually played the game as a pro.

    As for Martinez, he deserves plenty of respect. He’s a chip off the old Wenger block, for his style of play, his erudite way of operating and his expansive recruitment systems, bringing players from all over the world to play for a small club in Lancashire.

    But tonight we need those three points; miss out and all the good work of recent weeks could unravel.

    I think we’ll do well, not least because many of the players appear to get it now, that they need to press and harry, they need to control the game and they need to treat each and every opponent with the utmost seriousness and respect. Even Spurs.

    I wouldn’t be quite so critical about the level we’ve reached since January. There’s real quality in there, but the real point is quality isn’t enough on its own. We’ve bagged 27 points out of 30 for a number of reasons, including the greater maturity we have (thanks to the likes of Arteta, Song, Benayoun, Rosicky, van Persie, Sagna and Vermaelen). But in that same run, we also lost to Sunderland (should be us in the FA Cup Final) and got thrashed by Milan, plus didn’t turn up to play QPR, so no room for complacency. We still need some more quality up front but through the rest of the side, we’re in good shape, and a genuine title challenge next year is possible. 15 points better? Yes, we can do that, if those with short remaining contracts stay and we get the couple of quality additions we need.

    Am hoping to be at The Tavern this evening – if I see a crumpled mess on the pavement outside, I’ll say hello to Chary.

  14. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Let’s hope this evenings ref, Andre Marriner, passes almost unnoticed and doesn’t have any Atkinson moments. At least the Latics don’t have Ashley Young to dive in with a penalty claim.

  15. chas says:

    Great pre-match, BR.
    Hopefully the lads can give it their full application and bring home the bacon.

    The ‘Chocolate Legs’ name for RvP made me laugh. I think you must have Peaches on your mind.
    RvP’s right leg was called his ‘chocolate leg’ at one point because he never seemed to use it but now he scores when he wants with either leg! 🙂


    Thank you for an excellent read Raddy.

    It pains me to say, but i cannot agree with your assertion that we are not a good team yet. I realise that the term ‘good team’ is subjective, but i cannot allow you to get away with it hahaha.

    In my opinion we are a very good side. Not the finnished article by any means, but still a top team. You cast doubts on are ability to compete next season Raddy, and mention the word surgery. In a round about way i agree with that, but i believe the surgery will come within. I expect our current squad of players performance levels to go up a good 20% next season. all the ingredients are there, what is still lacking is the maturity from players like Jack, Ox, Ramsey etc, that will take us to another level, but that will most certainly come. With the addition of one two players, we will be a formidable outfit next season.

    So in conclusion, Arsenal will win the league next season, and give the champions league a good crack to. We might have to give players a breather during the season so i think the Mancunian clubs will fight it out over the cola cup, and if they play well the fa cup to.

  17. 26may1989 says:

    Tiredness is going to be a big factor next year, coming as it will after the Olympics and the Euros, with another ACN in February. Plus whatever “essential” additional games FIFA and UEFA demand of our international players.

  18. MickyDidIt89 says:

    While I like the opposition bashing Raddy, I also admire his respectful side, and in the case of Wigan, its well earned. Well played and thanks.
    The 15 point gap. Disagree really, and on the playing side, I think 26 has summed up my feelings. I would like to add that 15 points can be seen a different way. Convert two losses against Utd into to wins and the gap drops to 3 (Us +6, them -6).

  19. goonermichael says:

    Kate Winslett Is a gooner? It get’s better all the time. Nice one as always Raddy. We don’t have to be 15 points better than the mancs if we beat them home and away next season. I also think we played very well against shitty and it was only bad luck that we didn’t beat them 4 nil.

  20. Wot a GREAT one BR,i no Gunners will thrive over resurgent Lactics tonight. As for SPUDS is a pity their intoxicating season of last 4 months ago end in ruin yesterday.Laughs. ah…ahh…ahhh.

  21. Norfolk Gooner says:

    I think a fully fit defence would have been worth at least twelve points.

    Next season can be different, a defensive squad of Sagna and Jenkinson, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Meretesacker and Djourou, Gibbs and Santos. If they can all stay fit there is enough cover for the odd suspension and for necessary rotation. What’s more, they will have developed into a cohesive unit with confidence in each other.

  22. Another fine pre-match Randy, but I personally thought we were magnificent against Man City recently.
    I noticed on the commodities market that the price of Laughing Gas has plummeted, aparrantly It`s cheaper to watch Tottnumb for the same effect !.

  23. forbes says:

    Seems the Spudders have gone mental.

    Congratulations on such a strong attempt to win Arsenal’s much coveted Balance Street Trophy

    HR can’t even make a cup of tea unless you sign off on it. HR wanted Parker last season, and Cahill in January, but you opted to continue our fine record of being in the bottom 3 Premiership spenders during the last 3 transfer windows. Hope saving all that money was worth it.

    You see Danny boy, you are in strategic control of this club. No-one is allowed to go the bog without your knowledge, and although your judgement has generally good (10x better than Roman for example), it is much overated in my view. It was you, and your cockney mafia friends of Sir Sugar who forced out Jol for Ramos Now the less thoughtful Spurs fans will be blaming Redknapp for everything, when it Redknapp who told you in no uncertain terms (through cars windows) – we needed Parker, Samba and Cahill.

    Another ridiculous criticism of HR is he hasn’t rotated the squad enough, which now means the fatigue we are seeing. Well yes, this is right BUT what squad does he have to rotate with? With injuries to the likes of Dawson and Hudd there is no squad to rotate to. The strength of Tottenhams squad is decent, but it was been overated since the start of the season. Now with someone like Cahill, you could give Kaboul or King the odd day off.

    As for other fan faves who never get called on it:

    BAE You sir, have been ‘losing concentration’ 1 in every 3 matches since the start of the season. But oh no, it must be our best players fault, not good old Benny (or Walker for that matter). He’s such a nice jazz loving bloke. King has 1 bad game – Spurs demand he retires. Benny makes 10 fatal mistakes every season – Benny

    We would be midtable this season without Parker. No-one else can tackle in midfield in that 4. Look what happens to them when VDV stops dropping back to help out. Redknapp knew about Parker, unlike lots of you fickles who said he wasn’t good enough for Spurs Levy resisted, that is all.

    This is what happens when you don’t fully support the manager.

    As for selling our 2 best players Yea, good luck bringing in class replacements with our mega wage structure and world class scout system If Bale/Modric are sold, it will be because Levy is saving money for the new stadium and building up the balance sheet, not because Hazzard or someone is on the verge of signing If these 2 are sold, I PROMISE to you we will be mid-table (something like 6th or 7th at best) for 5 years or more.

  24. Oh well, off soon so see you fine folks at the Tavern a bit later, where I hope to be a bit tired and emotional.

    UTA !! FOYS !!


    Cornwall, when i broke my leg i was administerd some of that laughing gas. Great stuff. at one stage i thought my sides wre going to split, and my boat would be stuck in a Joker grin permenantly. Highly reccomended.

  26. 26may1989 says:

    Cheers forbes. Particularly liked the bit about “what squad does he [Redknapp] have to rotate with?” Am I the only one who has been told by pretty much every Spud fan around saying over the past 3-4 years that they have a superior squad to ours? What went wrong in N17??

  27. goonermichael says:

    Chary. It’s dead here today. I might try to get to the Tavern for a beer if I can. Anyone know of a spare ticket? Not sure if I definitely want it (need to run it by my wife) but it’s a possibility

  28. Terry,
    I can just envisage Harry walking Into the changing room after yesterdays match, room full of Nitrous oxide gas ( laughing gas ) and Harry on the Helium gas (squeeky voice ), ” OK lads, lets get the champions league spot “.
    Dressing room : hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
    Harry : Next we will win the League !
    Dressing room : hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahah
    Harry : we will ! hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahaahhahhaha
    Dressing : stop it boss, it`s kiling us ! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    Harry : I know, I`m having a heart attack ! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    Bale : I`m putting in a transfer request ! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha
    Modric : so am I, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    Harry : Seriously I`m dying !hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha
    Dressing room : We know hahahahahahahahhahhahahaahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahaha

  29. TotalArsenal says:

    A very fine pre-match BR. Fully agreed on Wigan being a decent club. I like your line-up and, like you, would like Gervinho to start tonight. Hope he is ok and ready to rock again.

    Do you really think Arsenal have not played a full game of quality? Wow! What about Milan (home), Marseille away, Dortmund at home and away (home especially), Udinese away, Chelsea away, Citeh away and home, Blackburn at home? We have not been consistent, but with very good reasons. You mention our recent success is due to luck, confidence and a fit squad and I agree. But what is wrong with that? Why are the Mancs winning the PL again: luck, luck, luck, confidence, confidence, confidence and a fit squad. Give me luck, confidence and a fit squad every season, and we will be fine.

    Kate Winslett a Gooner?! Great!! I bet GM has done her hair as well! The lucky b*stard! 🙂

  30. TotalArsenal says:

    G-Glic 🙂

  31. dandan says:

    For those that are interested a very fair Spurs blog on yesterdays game their manager and position.


  32. Brigham says:

    I may be at the Tavern this evening pre-match with my Nephew who is coming up from Kent. Hope to see the usual suspects there if I make it.

    Up the Arse!

  33. Red Arse says:


    Have you been performing a reverse rain dance down in award winning, rusty Cornwall? 🙂

    Every time I have been down there it has bucketed with rain. Now I hear you are having a drought. Cornwall — drought? Impossible.

    I hope that when you have held hands with the lezzer-vamps and circled around the Cerne Abbas chalk man while ululating, you have rotated clockwise, and not anti-clockwise?

    Otherwise that will cause weather problems and all male appurtenances will drop off. Just have a look at the poor old chalk man, if you don’t believe me! 🙂

  34. Red Arse says:

    Ermm, if Cerne Abbas is in Dorset, it is clear that MickyDidit has framed you!! 🙂

  35. Big Raddy says:

    Perhaps I was being a bit harsh about the quality of the of team. As TA says, there have been some fine performances. I guess I was trying to say that we are not as good as our recent record would suggest.

    There are still difficulties; the bias towards the right flank, the lack of cohesion between MF and attack, the lack of a really creative AM, poor finishing from Gerv, etc etc.

    But it is not my intention to focus on the negative, more to get some balance.

    Tonight I expect to see 90 minutes of quality – I just hope it is Arsenal who provide it 🙂

  36. Big Raddy says:

    It is extremely quiet today. Any ideas why?

  37. dandan says:

    BR whatever happens tonight at least we should see a game played with the ball on the deck…. Will be interesting to see how JD copes, is he the centre half we need as cover, I am not sure….. 3 points tonight, 3 on Saturday and smiley faces all over AA. lets hope so.

  38. TotalArsenal says:

    BR, I fully agree with your second paragraph and with the general sentiment there is still work to be done. Arsene has often been accused of not having a plan-B, but for large parts of the season he has been working with Plan B, C, D, E etc.

    He has adjusted the system, formation and style of play this season so we can get into the top-four again, plus the new players needed time to settle in. Next season will be different.

  39. dandan says:

    Interesting fact given recent comments on here….Andre Santos makes 4.5 tackles per game and 3.6 interceptions per game, no player in the Premier League betters this!

  40. dandan says:

    Alex Song has more assists (9) than Cesc Fabregas this season (8). Songinho.

  41. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi dandan, I think JD will cope well as he surrounded by confident players of quality. He seems to struggle sometimes in make-shift formations, but tonight he’ll be fine.

    How is your wife dandan?

  42. dandan says:

    Thomas Vermaelen has scored 5 Premier League goals this season. More than Luka Modric (3).

    All above facts from Opta

  43. Red Arse says:


    It certainly has nothing to do with your excellent scribing. 🙂

    I cannot speak for others, but it seems like there is a bunch of guys with a common interest, where one pops into the pub and says something, then leaves. Shortly (?) afterwards another pops into the pub and says something else, then leaves.
    Each has other priorities elsewhere, so the conversation is disjointed – and boring. After a time no one can be arsed, and popping into that particular pub loses its appeal!

    Just a thought — as you asked. 🙂

  44. dandan says:

    She is asleep but seems a little better today, has been for blood test today that the hosp. asked for and will see Dr tomorrow. His words “have been an Army Dr for 16 years, so I know when a body has taken a beating, yours has had enough young lady, rest is the onlly cure, give yourself another month”. we shall see. thanks for asking

  45. TotalArsenal says:

    Song is a fantastic player. He is a bit shy and introvert and that seems to make it difficult for some fans to warm to him, but his signature on a new contract will be almost as important as RvP’s this summer.

  46. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I’ll have a pint of Guinness and packet of scratchings. Cheers.

  47. dandan says:

    Nah RA that cannot be I never go in pubs, unless it has a restaurant 🙂

  48. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Good news dandan.

  49. dandan says:

    Mickey the young lady bit was good she must be 30 years older than he LOL 🙂

  50. TotalArsenal says:

    Well dandan, you seem to be coping extremely well will with the uncertainty and worries you undoubtedly must have. Hopefully things will improve soon.

  51. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Pure jealousy takes over when there’s a home game and I’m not going to. I spend the entire day dreaming of emerging from Finsbury Park Underground. Savouring the eraly atmosphere. The voices of all the Sandinavian Fans. Then tooling on down to meet the gang, before the lovely walk past the old East Stand and on behind The North Bank.
    I could cry.

  52. dandan says:

    60 years of the Arse TA toughen up the old worry bits a tad and I am lucky we have a large family support group. Only problem she misses gkids cant risk cross infection either way. But I do tell her of the interest you guys show and she is grateful

  53. MickyDidIt89 says:

    You’re as young as the one you feel, and your dear wife has you 🙂
    She’s in great hands I know.

  54. dandan,
    With a Name like that, ” Dr Tomorrow” ( Got to be a Marvel Super-Hero ), sounds like Mrs DD is in good hands ! 🙂

  55. dandan says:

    Mickey I miss the European floodlit nights, standing in the West Stand watching the fairs cup won, seems a lifetime away now, but clear as a bell.

  56. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Sorry, only popped in. Off out into the beer garden.

  57. Sandinavia ? , sands like a nice country, Somewhere near the Baltics ?

  58. goonermichael says:

    I’ve got a late client now. I’ll be lucky if I get home in time for kick off.

    Hope your wife improves dandan. Sounds like she’s well loved and looked after.

  59. Hi all

    Great pre-match Raddy. I agree that Wigan should stay up but tonight I’ll not care about that a jif. I love evening games, really looking forward to this evening.

    I’m leaving in a few minutes so this is my first nag for a match report ……. others will follow.

    Any volunteers????????

    Catch you later, enjoy the game all

  60. Redders, any relation to the Rude man of Cerne Abbas ?
    As a sufferer of Coprographia I can relate to this, maybe my late ancestors were responsible !.
    I`m lucky, technology has helped me, as previously stated, the cold
    helps me control my condition ( something to do with shrivel and shrinkage in the lower regions ). Being an inventor, I have made an award winning ( patent pending ) Cryogenic jockstrap which has to be regularly monitered , as one slip of the dial and something will snap off and I will be talking higher than Joe Pasquale in a Helium factory.

  61. Red Arse says:

    Micky, I thought that………………………….damn he’s gone orff again…………now where is that bloody beer garden???

  62. Danny Boy says:

    To all of you lucky souls heading for the game show your presence in the Arena by being as loud as a vuvuzela.Unfornately some of us can afford tickets to games anymore thanks to Mrs Sprogs and her entourage hammering my finances.

  63. Danny Boy says:


  64. Red Arse says:


    Yep, MerryT told me about your little problem! 🙂

    The Cerne Abbas Giant is indeed also known as the Rude Man, and Merry told me he was trying to emulate him…………….but I did not have the heart to tell him the Rude guy has no ‘bits’. (Is that something TerryM is keeping from us?) 🙂

    Anyway, I do not want to lead you into trouble — so we need to be circumspect in our discourse! 🙂

  65. Big Raddy says:

    I too am in the Deeply Envious Gang. Spring evening games are the best. Especially surrounded by friends and good banter.

    A pre-match kebab followed by a few shandies, the walk to the ground, finding the seat, the view of the pitch under floodlights, and then the game.

    What could be better?

  66. Big Raddy says:

    True story that resulted in my being persona non grata this week and relegated to kitchen duties.

    My wife asked me what was the most beautiful thing in the world.

    I answered ” a football”.

    Trouble was, I really meant it!

  67. Redders, Did you say the other day that you have a relative living in Rock ?, If so , I hope your in their Will as only the Mega Rich live there !, could well be worth bumping off and you could be my neighbour, how lucky you will be !, Tourettes, Witchcraft, Cryogenics, Lezzers, Conjoined twins , Bearded ladies, Feels on Wheels , Arsenal talk and loads more I`ve probably failed to mention ! 😆

  68. goonermichael says:

    Everything you said and 7 nil

  69. Big Raddy says:

    GM. I forgot the 7 nil!

    RA. Thanks for the plaudits. Fortunately, I don’t take quiet days personally.

  70. Red Arse says:


    I do have an uncle who lives in Rock. But he is not actually a blood relative. He is a really nice English gentleman, who married my aunt (mother’s sister) and they have off spring, so no chance of an inheritance! So ‘bumping off’ is not an option. 🙂

    The way things are he will long outlive me anyway!! 🙂

  71. goonermichael says:

    I was going to go to the Tavern but I have a very nice DJ lady in and I’m waiting for her colour to be done. I think I’ll go and watch the game in the pub around the corner. It’ll be full of cockney mancs probably.

  72. robbinURpersie says:

    evening all, morning 🙂

    just got up from a perfect pre-match snooze and i hope the team is as re-energized and raring to go as i am..unusually no anxiety…………….Yet!

    top shelf Raddy, always look forward too it and agree with your line up and also share your thoughts (in some ways) in not being the finished article..although close to being perfect in patches i believe our squad is a little thin to compete on four fronts..another year on and we will find a renewed faith in our squad simply because of the experience of having a year under the belt to gel and settle in…
    In saying that, i believe with a few wise inclusions (if possible) it could be the missing cog to get this machine purring consistently…

    Wigan? i know we shouldnt get complacent….ever (QpR cut me 😦
    but i see no reason why we cant go into a game spewing confidence? We are a top club and we play better when we go out guns blazing, even a tad arrogant…thats when the Arsenal is at its best..we always seem to cock-up when we play within ourselves (just saying) so i say go out and play with flair and fight like its your last chance to play at the gunners and the 3 points are in the bag…theo should have a field day against a 3 man backline, with all that space and all…right?

    Redders, how you going mate? 🙂

    i did that axis/tip/one leg/ jump thingamagiggy during the spuds game..out of the 5 attempts, chel$ki got in 4 times….i of the goals had nothing to do with me, i swear (i went to the bathroom and missed it)….who said refs dont influence a game? 😉

    anywho, i take it most part of the gang are already at the tav’ havin a few quiet ones 😉
    So whos with us here during the game?



  73. Raddy ,
    This is true, earlier( and the reason she asked me escapes me ) my wife said to me , ” who was it that parted the Red Sea, was it Jesus ? “, I said “No, It was Moses “, she then said, ” So who was it that walked on water ?”, I said ” Dennis Bergkamp ” . It came so natural, I shall enjoy telling all my friends and relatives of yet another mrs glic dim moment. 🙂

  74. kelsey says:

    Enjoy tonight.

  75. Big Raddy says:

    Glic 🙂

    Robbin. Us armchair Gooners have to stick together. I will be on the site through the game, though the signal (stream) is often behind the play

  76. Big Raddy says:

    kelsey. What the heck! Are you well my friend?

  77. Fabrice has been discharged from Hospital 🙂

  78. robbinURpersie says:

    for real GLiC,

    thats fantastic news..really is 🙂

  79. Yes robbin, from BBC Football Website, he looks good too ! 🙂

  80. robbinURpersie says:

    absolute miracle!

    i remember watching it live and shit…even now…. goosebumps..

    i doubt he’ll ever get back to playing at the top, but to be able to see his boy grow up is just awesome..happy days. 🙂

  81. For someone who was technically dead for 78 minutes, your right it`s a miracle, what a guy ! 🙂

  82. goonermichael says:

  83. Big Raddy says:

    Just an hour to kickoff.

    Those barstewards will be supping their Peroni’s outside the Tavern. Enjoying the sunshine and generally having a fine time.

    At least I am in Peaches pocket

  84. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Peaches, I emailed you earlier to say I cannot do the Match Report tonight. I have a feeling though that LB would love to do another one of his gems today… 🙂

  85. TotalArsenal says:

    That Muamba smile says it all. Truly fantastic news – a mini-miracle!

  86. robbinURpersie says:

    Oz, Micky, where are u guys? wheres that beer garden?

  87. robbinURpersie says:

    well done Raddy, 11 from 11 with the line-up…and didnt you just lose a horserace by a whisker, to a 33 to 1 shot ? now im wondering what next weeks lotto numbers are gonna be ? 😉

  88. Big Raddy says:


    Tonight I predict a win for the men in red and white 🙂

  89. evonne says:

    Raddy @ 5:32 – should have married me, I wouldn’t be ofended, but you’d be on kitchen duty anyway, I can’t cook 🙂

    I like your post, I also like Martinez, lovely guy. No sympathy for Wigan though, we must win

    Oh, glad you don’t take quite days personnaly, I was in and out of hospitals all day today. On the way back i met some guys going to the Ems. They were from Paris and we chatted about Arsenal and Wenger. One thing I didn’t like is them considering Le Boss German! German!! No, I am not having that. They recon that Strassbourg is more German than French. I don’t care Arsene is French, end of

  90. evonne says:

    TA – what Muamba smile? Is the boy out of hospital yet?

  91. robbinURpersie says:

    nice..very nice..but i see one or two more than that..Wigan have nothing to lose and must open up, if theo finds his rhythm its game over…Tonight Robbin starts to rock Shearers record 😉

  92. Big Raddy says:

    OK. I am ready. Beer in hand. Lucky socks and shirt on.

    COYRRG ,,,,,

  93. MickyDidIt89 says:

    There’s gunna be a rumble in London tonight
    Come on you Gunnnnnnnnners

  94. evonne says:

    Robbin – what do you mean nothing to lose? They are not out of danger of being relegated yet. There is more at stake for them than for us, no?

  95. Big Raddy says:

    evonne. I have been to Strasbourg, it is a beautiful city.

    It is only Northern French who consider Alsace German.

  96. evonne says:

    Aha, Strasbourg, sorry, didn’t even check spelling. Everything French is beautiful, just look at AW, TH14, Robert Pires

  97. robbinURpersie says:

    we are both playing for 40mil and survival, just different levels…we’ll talk about that later 🙂 game on baby


    hey Micky good to see you out 🙂

  98. Big Raddy says:

    I do not like that…. All from a dreadful corner

  99. robbinURpersie says:


    unbelievable….im in shock..we can still do it..

    rambo needs to step up..(i think arteta is injured 😦 )

  100. RockyLives says:

    Well, Fergie said if Wigan scored they would win… I guess we’ll see if he’s right.

    Nice pre-match BR (if a little surprising for the cautionary note). Been working hard so I could bunk off in time to watch the game.

    Come on Arsenal!!!!

  101. RockyLives says:

    Oh shit

  102. evonne says:

    It’s ok, fluke goals. Our boys thought they were going to have an easy game, well just as well they have 80mins to wake up.
    I am off to the bookies to bet Arsenal to win

  103. oz gunner says:

    ummmm, this is disasterous!

  104. RockyLives says:

    If you’re going to 2 down, best to do so with 80 mins left to play.

  105. robbinURpersie says:

    tonight we find out what Arsenal are made of and find out what we lack in the attacking department…we already know we have heart …..

  106. robbinURpersie says:

    thats if we lack in attack…fingers crossed!!

    Come on Arsenal!!

  107. oz gunner says:

    Bloody el-habsi

    every time he plays us he plays like the best keeper in the world, it’s the damn away keeper curse. Yeck it got green te England job!

  108. robbinURpersie says:

    i have a feeling Ramsey could be key?

  109. robbinURpersie says:

    Tommmmiiiiiiii GUNNNNNNNNNNNNN

  110. Big Raddy says:

    Get in TV. Great stuff

  111. oz gunner says:


    that’s one back. Now time to keep pressuring. I think 4-2 is on the cards!

  112. oz gunner says:

    oh so close!!!!

  113. oz gunner says:

    You have to love how tommy v goes about it, he challenges for everything and is going to make sure caldwell and co don’t go unchallenged in their box.

  114. Big Raddy says:

    Don’t like the scoreline at the moment but this has been fantastic entertainment

  115. robbinURpersie says:

    very true..rambo now needs to stick to the arteta role more than ever, when he pushes to support it leaves rosicky limited to the defensive role which suits neither…i still believe

    come on Arsenal..Wenger wont let this play out if it goes stale

  116. oz gunner says:

    a yellow for that?! that’s a complete joke, moses knows he had nowhere to go so he fell over! Bloody time wasting!

  117. Big Raddy says:

    Wigan cheating. Why when they are leading? Need the ref to be strong and add extra time

  118. Big Raddy says:

    This ref is getting conned over and over again

  119. oz gunner says:

    god every little touch and they go down with the ref calling a foul. is wigan barca in disguise?

  120. robbinURpersie says:

    oh get stuffed…this ref is a joke.

  121. Reddawn says:

    I see AW is playing the headless chicken again!

  122. Big Raddy says:

    Here’s my half time report.

    Terrible start and for once it was Sagna who got done. Probably Bacary’s worst half since his return.

    Theo is being outplayed by his FB and needs to get into the game. Why can’t he switch wings occasionally? The Wigan LB is a decent player and he may get more joy on the other wing.

    As usual nothing coming from the left. Santos is trying but has little support.

    We have to beware the break as our MF’s are getting drawn too far forward. Thankfully Ramsey is holding his position when Song goes forward but he must keep discipline. This also applies to Santos .

    All in all, a fine half of football and we have an exciting half in front of us.

    An early goal for us and …..

  123. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I simply do NOT believe we won’t win this.

  124. Big Raddy says:

    Reddawn. Is Modric playing?

  125. oz gunner says:

    well said BR.

    I agree, Micky likes the winger switch, and it mixes it up. Walcott is getting nothing so try him down the left and let yossi support Sagna with him being on a joke of a yellow card.

    Come on Arsenal!!!!!!

  126. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Right, come on lads.

  127. robbinURpersie says:

    Raddy 🙂

    agreed with everything..

    micky. me too

  128. Big Raddy says:

    Come on Arsenal ……..

  129. oz gunner says:

    santos!!! tommy v had that one

  130. Big Raddy says:

    I’m getting nervous now

  131. robbinURpersie says:

    i must admit a little…amazing how much Arteta is missed..2 fluke goals and a tedious ref 😦

  132. Big Raddy says:

    Come on lads, try shooting.

  133. oz gunner says:

    Good sub, unfortunantly it means tommy v can’t get forward and we need his aerial ability late on!

  134. oz gunner says:

    agreed BR, RVP should be letting rip instead of looking for passes out wide

  135. oz gunner says:

    come on ref let them play for christs sake!

  136. oz gunner says:

    shit if that was young it’d be a penalty and a red card! alright for some teams i guess

  137. robbinURpersie says:

    your f**kn kidding me?? ref

  138. robbinURpersie says:

    too late, damage is done ref

  139. oz gunner says:

    hit him Arsene!

  140. oz gunner says:

    wasn’t there some law passed that if Arsenal lose you don’t have to work?! this is bulldust! Man City result = nothing now!

  141. robbinURpersie says:

    squad too thin without arteta..night all 😦

  142. Piresleepy says:

    told ya Ramsey is crap.Arsene should have taken Ramsey off for the Ox.How many times have we seen Ramsey lose the ball when stakes are high???come on Ramsey good Brigade

  143. RockyLives says:

    Well played Wigan.

    They deserved the win despite the time wasting.

    Seems BR’s pre-match got it right again 😦

  144. RockyLives says:

    You’re an idiot.

  145. Big Raddy says:

    Wigan were the better side and deserved the win.

    How many chances did we create in the last 30 mins? Walcott was poor and Gervinho even worse. Neither had a shot on target or even off target.

    Only TV, Song, Santos TR and RvP played well. The rest were well below par.

    Losing Arteta probably cost us 3 points.

  146. Piresleepy says:

    How can i be an idiot when last week i mentioned Ramsey is overhyped?Tell me what he did well tonight.The only thing he did right was jogging around like a mo fara.

  147. Irishgunner says:

    Poor tonight. No ideas how to break them down – they pushed us wide and we couldn’t open them up. Surprised at how off form Sagna was, and Walcott was piss poor, surprised he lasted the 90mins but Mikel going off so early he’d little option although I thought Benayoun offered more than Theo.

    They kept RvP quiet didn’t they?! Good luck to them, apart from the time wasting they went about the game the right way.

  148. Carlito11 says:

    Will mr and mrs gie’s parents please return swiftly! 😦

  149. dandan says:

    Nah he is not bright enough to be that Rocky

  150. Piresleepy says:

    We missed Arteta big time.Ramsey should have been taken off for Gerv or Ox he was hopeless tonight.good luck team GB.

  151. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Oh dear. Still, Totnum will lose their next game and lets face it, how hard can it be to beat Chelsea. So no change it will be.
    Wigan are playing very well.
    I’m afraid its an early night for me.
    Nite all, and don’t worry.

  152. SharkeySure says:

    Pires…I think you’re on the wrong site for that kind of rhetoric. I don;t know if you;re an idiot but your gloating (at a time like this) really does you no credit.

  153. Big Raddy says:

    RL. Let him have his opinion. We don’t have to agree.

    But perhaps he can tell us what exactly Gerv or the Ox did that was any better than AR?

  154. oz gunner says:

    Just like when we played QPR we offered nothing in the last 20 or so minutes. It’s inexcusable!

    Bugger off Pires! do you get some joy out of trying to say i told you so? it falls on deaf ears here. We are actual supporters, not ones who hit players while they are down over and over again!

  155. Slimgingergooner says:

    The ref allowed Wigan to waste 20 minutes of that game. They were time wasting after 30 minutes FFS!

    Poor performance, we never looked like scoring. How many times did we run the ball down blind alleys? It puts a big downer on the City result, but Chelsea is the perfect opportunity to get things back on track. Let’s just hope we play better than that!

  156. Piresleepy says:

    Well no denying it Ramsey cost as the game pure and simple.If you dispute man up? we would have won it if Wenger had brought in Ox for poor Ramsey and moved Yossi to Arteta position.I m as dissappointed as you guys by the way.My dinner s gone cold.

  157. RockyLives says:

    You’re an idiot because we were poor as a team (Sagna had one of the worst games I’ve seen him have in an Arsenal shirt) but you want to pick on Ramsey because he’s flavor of the month for the haters.
    It’s a stupid response to that defeat and it’s part of the poison that is damaging young players at our club.

  158. Piresleepy says:

    I have alreay sent in a time delayed email to my boss that i m not well and wont be in tomorrow.

  159. SharkeySure says:

    Randy 10.02 – I’m not even sure that Song played well, although I do give him credit for putting a shift in.

    Agree re the rest. I give Walcott some leeway, as home games against packed defences are not ideal for him. I would be happier if I’ d seen more effort from him though.

    Words fail me for Gervinho tonight. AOC really should be coming on ahead of him in the next 5, as Gervs loss of form is quite startling.

    Overall I was disapointed with the work rate of a few players who didn’t chase and compete as they should, or put in the extra effort to support the man on the ball and give him an option. At one point Rosicky was surrounded over on the left and managed to hold onto the ball for ages with not one red shirt going to help him.

    And just for you Pires…Ramsey wasn’t good. He really wasn’t at it tonight. The longer the game went on, the more fragile he became,…and you want to know why..?? Cos of ‘fans’ like you, who get on his back. Why do you think Arsene doesn’t start him in home games..??

  160. spanishgooner says:

    That was joke football from Arsenal . How many times did we give away possesion through misplaced passes ? How basic is that? That was very poor . Out thought and out fought tonight .

  161. Big Raddy says:

    SGG. We will have to.

    Thankfully, they will have time to think about the awful first 10 minutes and not let it happen again.

    Fairplay to Wigan. They played very well. Defended intelligently, worked extremely hard and were a constant threat upfront.

    They have some fine players. Moses and Figueroa in particular

  162. robbinURpersie says:

    hey Sleepy,
    My Arsenal just lost and you want me to care about your dinner or what your boss thinks…dont insult me…go email someone who cares..

  163. SharkeySure says:

    Pires you think Ramsey scored both Wigan goals …or contributed to them..?? You know its ateam game right..??

    I take back what I said about not knowing whether you’re an idiot or not. I haven’t got a final answer yet, but I know which way I’m leaning.

    You give me a sensible critique of Ramseys game tonight and we’ll re-open the case…

  164. Big Raddy says:

    SS. Your final paragraph is spot on.

  165. SharkeySure says:

    Spanish….the misplaced passes were generally under heavy pressure. Wigan harried us from minute 1. Look at Di Santo…running harder than anyone all night. y

    You really do have to give Wigan some credit

  166. Rob Lucci says:

    Is Coquelin still injured?

    I know that Ramsey is a very good player, but right now he offers nothing to the team, neither offensively nor defensively. He didn’t challenge for the ball, no through ball, no key passes, no drive, sloppy passes, slowing the game down, and it feels like we were playing with ten man. If he is the true heir to Arteta, he needs to improve a lot, and fast.

    I feel sorry for him really, although I know that we didnt have much option left for a midfielder in the bench.

    And it didnt help at all with referee with referee being a dick.

  167. SharkeySure says:

    Cheers Randy. Late in the game the ball is sat up for Ramsey to shoot..instead he sends it wide.

    Funny thing is that I hardly remember a misplaced pass from Ramsey tonight…thats mainly cos he played it too safe first half, and almost went into hiding second half.

    None of us know what its like to play with 60k (-200 in blue) on your back, none of us know the fear that can instil into your game. Even with a good crowd, to keep wanting the ball in a congested midfield is no mean feat

  168. Slimgingergooner says:

    Wigan were excellent and worked their arses off. You have to earn the right play and we didn’t do that. I don’t think any of our players won their personal battle and we played to their game plan by going 2 down so early on. We made it easy for them.

    I was a bit annoyed by the lack of movement and felt the support for the player on the ball was terrible.

    As for this Sleepy fellow (I’m not gunna insult a certain Frenchman by calling him Pires), why is it that he’s failed to mention any other player in an Araenal shirt tonight? Or was Ramsey the only one on the field? I admit the Welshman had a poor game, but to put the sole blame on him for a defeat is utter bollocks. Was he even on the pitch when we went 2 down!?

  169. TotalArsenal says:

    Wigan played very well tonight, but boy did we let ourselves down tonight. Only TV, JD and TR (first 60 minutes) played well tonight, the rest were clueless and missed composure. Bollox!

  170. robbinURpersie says:

    Rob Lucci,

    unfortunately agree,
    but many were under par, maybe this team set up wether it was on purpose or through injuries just doesnt have a chemistry and makes a whole team look down and confused..too many holes in midfield tonight..and the squad is way too thin even with jack back

  171. SharkeySure says:

    Note to Pires. Look at RobL’s analysis of Rambo tonight. It invites agreement or disagreement, generates talking points.

    Rob. I really don’t want to agree with your ‘ten men’ comment…but its hard.

    Ordinarily our MF 3 interchange and sparkle and a smart pass or killer play can come from any one of the three. I’ll leave that there…

  172. Piresleepy says:

    BR and SS Ramsey let the team down by slowing the game and not bothering to regain possession when he lost the ball.As team we were poor.I must admit Arsene experiement with Yossi and Rosicky back fired.How we conceded the goals is a big ?? to me.

  173. Gooner In Exile says:

    Sorry ….. My bad 😦

  174. Big Raddy says:

    Especially when you haven’t played too many full games in the PL. Ramsey is still a boy.

    But such is the modern game. Scapegoating is what happens.

    It was the same with Walcott. A few months ago, he was the one getting the flack but now when he has a terrible game people find the reasons rather than make knee-jerk criticisms.

  175. SharkeySure says:

    Not too sure about a thin squad RurP…its done quite well these last few weeks.

    Tonight we’re without Jack, Diaby, and Coquelin, then Arteta goes off.

  176. Big Raddy says:

    Bring back Bendtner.

  177. Piresleepy says:

    Big Raddy says:
    April 16, 2012 at 10:36 pm

    Bring back Bendtner.

    Hope Arsenal insurers are More Than.com

  178. Big Raddy says:

    GIE. I blame you.

    There …. if scapegoating is to be done, lay the blame in the correct place and on a man with broad shoulders.

  179. Piresleepy says:

    whats up with Van the man.He seems a bit weird of late has he head been turned???

  180. goonermichael says:

    That was garbage

  181. goonermichael says:

    Well I hope they get relegated

  182. robbinURpersie says:

    get stuffed Sleepy

    stop insulting me, and dont talk about Robbin like that, cynical wanker

  183. goonermichael says:

    Thank god I’m drunk

  184. TotalArsenal says:

    Here we go again…’Ramsey slowed the game down’! FFS What about Benayoun moved towards the middle too much, Rosicky only lasted 60 minutes, Sagna and Santos had off-days, nobody is able to play close to RvP to help him, Theo’s first touch and crosses were shit tonight, Song through-passes were inaccurate, RvP lacked composure, nobody was able to hold on to the ball in front of the D: the area that matters most, etc?!

    It is a team game: individual performances are strongly influenced by the performances of others. We lost as a team and Wigan were better on the night. Now bring on the Chavs and give them a hiding!

  185. goonermichael says:

    You can’t blame that on any one player. We were poor. play like that against the chavs and we’ll get beaten. I’m still confident about 3rd though

  186. SharkeySure says:

    Fair’s fair Pires…I’m re-reading your 10.12 and I’m actually chuckling quite heartily about it now.

    The first 17 words of that post are truly incredible.

    Apologies for any offence caused..but you really want to have another read of that and ask yourself why you wrote it, and, then ask why you also hit the ‘Post comment’ button. It really is a classic case of something you’ll (hopefully) be embarrassed about in the cold light of day.

    Night all….

  187. goonermichael says:

    this might cheer you up

  188. SharkeySure says:

    “I’m still confident about 3rd though”

    Me too GM.

    I was on the phone to Wonderman earlier and said ‘so thats 24pts out of 30’ at this stage of the season. I’d have taken that. Only Utd are ahead of us over the same period.

    Really going now…


    Dissapointing result, and very frustrating. At one stage i attempted a flying kick at the TV but only succeded in injuring my arse.

    Artetas injury cost us big time, 2 goals down because of that. We responded very well for 20 minutes, but then lost our way. These sort of games and results are going to happen now and again, how ever good we are. Lets keep perspective and realise that though we are not the finnished article, we have a tremendous future and next season have a great chance for the league.

    As for you SleepyP……………………………..I hope you enjoy your dinner hahahaha.

  190. LB says:

    Just back

    First comment I read was TA’s at 10.47

    That’s the match report really.

    Very, frustrating.

  191. SharkeySure says:

    Your new Gravatar GM…??

  192. Piresleepy says:

    goonermichael says:
    April 16, 2012 at 10:45 pm

    Well I hope they get relegated.

    Thats exactly what i was thinking they were wasting time like a cog on a ford Granada.I know i have been insulted by people here but i m sorry if i have gone overboard.I m really sad that we lost this game as much as you guys.My only hope is we do turn up for Chelsea.


    Very fetching GM hahahaha


    Of course we will turn up for Chelsea Sleepy. How many times have we responded this season?

    One silly result against wigan means nothing to me. i look at the big picture, and like what i see. There will even be blips next season, but the difference will be that at the end, we will lift the title.

  195. Rasp says:

    The loss of Arteta was crucial, he is the only proper playmaker at our disposal.

    Too many identikit midfielders who somehow couldn’t read the game.

    The Wigan wide midfielders were so much better than ours – they attacked our fullbacks whereas ours just pulled up and passed the ball backwards.

    It was a poor performance from most of the players. I don’t think we would have lost if kozzer was playing. Vermaelen and Djourou were miles apart for most of the game.

    AW was late with his subs and should have brought on the Ox for Theo much earlier.

    We forgot once again how to attack at pace and faffed around with ineffective short sideways passes and rarely got into the Wigan box.

    The Wigan game plan was simple and very effective, our game fell apart when Arteta went off.

  196. Piresleepy says:

    Terry you have brightened up my evening my dinner is in the microwave as i type.good night chaps remember we were in the bottom half in september and Wigan are going down.

  197. Rasp says:

    Raddy’s assessment of the game and our current form in today’s pre-match was uncannily accurate.

    I fear for us if Arteta is not available for the chav game – can anyone tell me what the injury was?

  198. neamman says:

    well done Wigan, saturday is huge now for us. Hopefully Chelsea are knackered

  199. goonermichael says:

    Someone on twitter says that Arteta left on crutches Rasp. Doubt he’ll be playing on saturday

  200. RockyLives says:

    Let’s not go overboard.

    We were unlucky with the second Wigan goal (the ball could have bounced anywhere) and we certainly did not get the rub of the green tonight.

    But as a team we were well below par apart for the 20-30 minutes after their second.

    In the second half our poor performers included Ramsey, Song, Benayoun, Walcott, Rosicky, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Sagna, Santos and Gervinho. Arguably RvP too.

    Of course only one from that list will be singled out. Ramsey was pretty ineffectual, but Sagna, Gervinho and Oxo were worse.

    I also thought Szczesny could have done better on both the Wigan goals. But like Oxo, Chezzer is bullet-proof at the moment, so there will be no slating of him.

    Where do phrases like “heir to Arteta” come from regarding Ramsey? Who (in any position that matters within our club) ever suggested that that was his destiny?

    Of course, no-one.

  201. RockyLives says:

    I thought our best performers were TV5 and JD.

  202. goonermichael says:

    Song wasn’t great either Rocky. the ref was a tosser though. Why didn’t he give a foul on Theo but give them fouls for the slightest touch? Oh yes it was andre mariner the wanker who thought ballotelli didn’t foul song. we have the worst refs in europe because the fa are a bunch of dickheads.

    Onwards and upwards though. i’m still ok about our future

  203. Before I snuggle into my bed I’d just like to say that if someone wants to write a post relating to this evenings events that would be very acceptable ……………….

  204. RockyLives says:

    The Ref was poor GM – he bought all the Wigan dives and didn’t give us much, but I don’t think we can blame him for the defeat.

    Mind you, if he had booked one of the Wiggers for time wasting in the first half it might have made a difference.

    There must have been 10 minutes of that game lost in the time it took Wigan to take throw-ins, goal kicks and free kicks. It’s cheating the paying public really.

    That said, I reckon we could have played 15 minutes of added time and still not scored.

  205. goonermichael says:

    I wasn’t blaming him Rocky. He was poor though. Jack is out of the Euros and olympics. Hopefully he’ll be rested for next season

  206. RockyLives says:

    I know you weren’t GM.

    But the reffing this season seems to have reached an all time low.

  207. goonermichael says:

    It is down to the fa Rocky. They don’t punish bias and they don’t punish terrible ref decisions. They uphold a ban on a player that was sent off becuase of an out and out cheat (and offside) instead of punishing the cheat (young). The fa is spineless and run by stupid wankers. Watch us get humiliated at the euros. they deserve it. we’ll have a racist captain. The black players will love that.

  208. goonermichael says:

    Arteta is serious apparently. i bet he misses the rest of the season. still think we’ll be ok

  209. goonermichael says:

  210. goonermichael says:

    Oh well. see you all tomorrow

  211. Rob Lucci says:


    No one suggested the term “heir to Arteta”. It’s only my opinion that he will the perfect substitutes for the position that Arteta was playing right now and also because he is the one that replace Arteta tonight. With the talent that he have I expected that he will performed well in that role.

    And when I say ‘slowing the game down’ I don’t mean that he slows the game down all game. What frustrated me the most is when we want to attack at pace and a player passes the ball to him, he takes too much time on the ball when only simple passes is needed.

    Apologies to everyone but he shows lack of fight tonight.

    I’m not trying to slating him in any way, it’s just my opinion of him for the game tonight. He reminded me a lot of Diaby after coming back from his horrific injury. Great few games and then he started to slow the pace of the game, and playing with Denilson didn’t help at all. That’s why I said earlier that I hope he develop at a faster rate if he want to cement his place in the first team.

    Though I agree that most players were really really poor tonight.

  212. goonermichael says:

    Asked whether the Football Association, who are still searching for a permanent successor to Fabio Capello, had been informed of Wilshere’s situation, Wenger said: “The FA know.

    “At the moment, the manager is invisible, so I cannot tell him.”

    Classic. Invisible manager

  213. goonermichael says:

    A cement mixer collided with a prison van. Motorists are asked to be on the lookout for 16 hardened criminals.

    I had a dream last night that I was cutting carrots with the Grim Reaper. I was dicing with death.

    The recruitment consultant asked me ‘What do you think of voluntary work? I said ‘I wouldn’t do it if you paid me.’

    I had a meal last night. I ordered everything in French, surprised everybody. It was a Chinese restaurant.

    My Dad used to say ‘always fight fire with fire’, which is probably why he got thrown out of the fire brigade.

    I tried water polo but my horse drowned.

    So I said to the taxi driver, ‘King Arthur’s Close.’ He said, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll lose him at the next set of lights.

    Tommy Cooper

  214. RockyLives says:

    Thanks for explaining Rob.

    Sorry if I seemed over aggressive. I actually agree with you about Ramsey tonight, but he was one of many who were below par and I get cross at people who just want to single him out.

    Funnily enough I didn’t think he lacked fight and I didn’t think he particularly slowed the game down, but he was pretty ineffectual, like many of the others.

    I couldn’t understand why we were so narrow for much of the game. Theo seemed to be inside all the time, as did Benny and Santos on the other side.

  215. RockyLives says:

    Thanks GM
    Cheered me right up 😀

  216. goonermichael says:

    I don’t think we’ll see Arteta in an Arsenal shirt again this season. i still think we’ll get third though. can’t see the spuds winning all thier games and the chavs have to play the barcodes. barcodes play man city and i think we’ll get at least a point against the chavs

  217. RockyLives says:

    Agreed GM – I think we’ll get third, but the Chavs game is suddenly a lot bigger than it might have been.

  218. RockyLives says:

    Mind you, we need to be careful. One more slip-up and we could be back in the dogfight just to get CL qualification.

    We’ll miss Arteta for the run-in but we’ll be OK.

  219. RockyLives says:

    Early this morning Chas said…

    “Slack, lazy, complacent thinking will cost us. If the fans turn up tonight assuming we’ve already beaten Wigan, will they support the team properly? Will they heck.”

    Hmmmm… Mystic Chas….

  220. RockyLives says:

    To continue your bar analogy from earlier, I am now the drunk bloke in the corner who stayed behind for a lock-in only to find that no-one else stayed with him.

    Ho hum.

    Landlord, another whisky please…

  221. RockyLives says:

    regarding your 1.47am, from watching on the TV it certainly seemed as if the crowd was not as vociferous as in recent games.
    Chas’s complacency factor at work, perhaps?

  222. RockyLives says:

    Not sure Rocky
    Going two goals down in the first eight minutes would be enough to take the wind out of any home support’s sails.

    And there were period in the game when the support sounded good, although we did seem to have reverted to the OTT groaning when anyone (particularly Theo or Ramsey) misplaced a pass.

  223. RockyLives says:

    Fair point Rocky, but it’s worrying all the same.

    We seem to be able to get ourselves up for the big games (so hopefully the Chavs will get the backlash on Saturday), but BR’s pre-match hinted at an underlying weakness and he may well be right.

    Very smart, them Danes. Even the ones who aren’t Danish.

  224. RockyLives says:

    Drinks are on me!

    (heh heh heh – cheap round) 🙂

  225. RockyLives says:

    Oh bum.

    I’ve just realised that with this much time on my hands Peaches will be wondering why I haven’t done the match report 😦


  226. RockyLives says:

    This must be a record-breaking blog fart 😀

  227. NSgunner says:

    If there were “thumbs” on this blog, I’d give thumbs up to Terry Mancini Hair Transplant.
    “These sort of games and results are going to happen now and again, how ever good we are. Lets keep perspective and realise that though we are not the finished article, we have a tremendous future and next season have a great chance for the league.”

    I really like the sense of perspective bit and so many forget that we are “not the finished article.” Couldn’t put it better, so I just didn’t try. Comments on the Arsenal facebook page today show an almost complete lack of perspective; best not to visit after a loss, I guess.

  228. NSgunner says:

    Big Raddy, footballing gods were not working today, alas. RvP is a football god, and he’s well past the seventh day when he needed a rest.

  229. Gooner In Exile says:

    Morning all, firstly let me state again my apology, fear not Exile Seniors are at the remaining home games. So 6 more points guaranteed.

    Regarding the atmosphere it was very subdued pre match, on the walk into the ground it is normally possible to get a bit of singing going in the tunnelled stairs going up to the North Bank bridge there was little response. But in ground I was pleasantly surprised to start with. It turned tense after the two goals.

    I find it hard to judge the individual performances. But needless to say you rarely give two goals away in the PL and win. Fair play to Wigan tho, they played well.

  230. Big Raddy says:

    GIE. First bit of good news this morning. Your parents need season tickets.

    Bad news. Losing Arteta, JW and 3 points.

    And BR had a poor nights sleep due to drinking tea during the second half.

  231. Big Raddy says:

    NSgunner. The football gods are fickle on Monday nights.

    We could have rested RvP last night , Chamakh or Park would have done as well on such meagre service

  232. kelsey says:

    Morning all.

    Interesting to read all the diverse comments after the game, some borne out of frustration, others picking out certain players but the fact is that bar the opening half an hour we were second best to a well organised team who play a different system to most.martinez has got Wigan on a roll, the third best results in the last 6 weeks, and dare I say it, he outwitted our manager on the night.
    I doubt if Kos had played it would have been much different as Djourou played as well or below par as anyone.
    I am usually a critic of walcott,but last night he wasn’t allowed to get into the game, and basically was inafectual..We will never know if the loss of Arteta changed the game dramatically..Both Wigan goals came as a shock especially the first which resulted from an Arsenal corner, and possibly our keeper could have done better with the second.
    Vermaelen took the inititive at 0-2 down and he, Rosicky and Benyahoun seemed to have lifted the team, and it was fitting that Vermaelen scored.On another night we might have scored again in that opening half, but the disappointment was hat the team as a whole under performed in the second half, and Wigan grew in confidence and to me had the game under control.
    The Chelsea game is huge and as after QPR the team need to be fully focused.

  233. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I am not sulking, I am helping my wife sort things out as she’s away to a conference.
    All GiE’s fault.
    Will be back later.

  234. dandan says:

    Mikel Arteta‏@_MikelArteta_Reply

    · Open

    Bad news to everyone, my ankle is not in a good state. I have a check up today and it could be serious. Thanks for all the support.

  235. dandan says:

    Oliver Kay‏@OliverKayTimesReply

    · Open

    RT @JamesOlley: Just seen Arteta walk to the players’ lounge on crutches and with right foot in a protective boot. Doesn’t look good. #afc

    Oliver Kay‏@OliverKayTimesReply

    · Open

    RT @JamesOlley: Just seen Arteta walk to the players’ lounge on crutches and with right foot in a protective boot. Doesn’t look good. #afc

  236. dandan says:

    Sam Wallace‏@SamWallaceIndyReply

    · Open

    Fair play to the Arsenal fans around the tunnel. Applauding Wigan players off. Excellent

    50+ Retweets
    3 Favorites

    9:58 PM – 16 Apr 12via web · DetailsReply


  237. Rasp says:

    If Arsenal could be accused of being a one man team, then that man is Arteta not RvP. Losing him for the rest of the season is a huge blow. We don’t have any other midfielders who can fill his role as the team demonstrated perfectly last night.

  238. kelsey says:

    Bit over the top there Rasp, if you don’t mind me saying.

  239. Rasp says:

    That’s your opinion kelsey, I stand by that statement 100%.

    We had 3 identikit midfielders all holding onto the ball too long, making rambling diagonal runs instread of moving the ball on quickly, slowing play down, allowing the opposition to get 10 men behind the ball, compressing our play in the middle third and making us vulnerable to being hit on the break.

    We never looked like scoring in the second half because without Arteta we don’t have a player who’s prepared to have a shot from outside the box.

  240. robbinURpersie says:

    i agree rasp..hes the anchor man the lynchpin if you like..when he plays he somehow defines the roles of others around him and the team find a natural sense of direction and purpose..big loss

    his winners in terms of goals were also invaluable..

    morning all 🙂

  241. kelsey says:

    Sorry Rasp, can’t agree. just because we have recently had two scorchers from Arteta, in your opinion he is the only one who has a shot on him, oh really. RVP and Vermaelen have, Rosicky has but he isn’t in zinc at the moment.With all due respect that is a knee jerk reaction.
    If you were to say as a team certain players chose the wrong option and pass instead of shooting when a shooting opportunity arises, I would agree.

  242. Rasp says:

    I didn’t say he is the only one with a shot on him. He is the only one who knows when to shoot and when to pass, the rest are all trying to be too clever.

  243. goonermichael says:

    We didn’t have Arteta for the home game against Milan (unless I’m mistaken) The Ox can do a job there

  244. Rasp says:

    He could gm, but he has to be on the pitch in the first place. Actually I think Coquelin is the player with the best skills range to fill Arteta’s boots.

  245. robbinURpersie says:

    the goals and winners were just icing on the cake that incidentally got us a few points and dare i say has put us in a position for champions league football, which Arsenal desperately need in its quest for titles..

    its Artetas general play and authority in midfield that has made this team tick consistently and with real threat..yes others like the ox can play but i dont think it can be done consistently and with any run in its crucial to keep some kind of momentum..

    Arteta is a huge loss, our hoover!!

  246. TotalArsenal says:

    Arteta played when we got beaten by QPR, Fulham and Swansea this season. I love him too Rasp, but he is not THAT important as you make him out to be. After Arteta left, we played very well. The main reason we we did not push through and score more goals was fatigue by Rosicky after 60 minutes.

  247. Rasp says:

    New post ……..

  248. Rasp says:

    I disagree Total, go back and have a look at how he plays in games, he knits everytthing together.

  249. Gooner in Exile says:

    Losing Arteta last night was a blow, but we had already conceded two sloppy goals from unrobust defending when it was needed.

    TR7 was pick of the midfield first half, Song tried too many chip balls into a congested central area, our game was crying out for width, Yossi, Santos, Theo and Sagna didn’t provide enough of it. Their attacking strength was Moses down our right flank. I would have switched Theo and Yossi.

  250. Rasp says:

    Hi GiE, Arteta wasn’t been at his best for the last game. I think the injury has been brewing for a while and he just broke down yesterday. He’s played a hell of a lot of football this season and covered an incredible amont of ground.

  251. dandan says:

    Well said Kelsey, Arteta is a fine player but he is not the only one, Playing the ox and Song further forward and having Ramsey or Le Coque if fit sitting in front of the back four will work for us.
    My problem is the Gerv he tends to run into blind alleys so leave him on the bench. IMHO Gerv and Santos should not be on the pitch together either, they are too alike in the final third.
    A hiccup not the end of the world, when Saturday comes smiles will return.

  252. green jobs says:

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