The Ramsey Problem

Aaron Ramsey’s cameo appearance in our “class versus cash” victory over Abu Dhabi Oil Inc was not his greatest moment in an Arsenal shirt.

He had slotted in pretty well after coming on in the 78th minute to replace Yossi “Busy Bee” Benayoun.

But what we will all remember is the moment at the death where he was through on goal with a chance to make it 2-0 and with Oxlade-Chamberlain and van Persie waiting in the middle to side foot the ball into an empty net.

Young Aaron chose not to pass. He also chose not to stroke the ball low and hard into the bottom right hand corner (from Joe Hart’s perspective) of the goal – which would have been the best option for scoring.

Instead he went for a “Bergkamp” – an ambitious shot curled with the inside of the right boot towards the opposite top corner of the goal.

Unfortunately the execution owed more to Jonny Wilkinson than Dennis Bergkamp – the ball flying high and wide into the crowd. Robin’s reaction – an incredulous gesture questioning why Ramsey had not passed – will probably stay with the Welshman for quite some time.

In the end it didn’t really matter. The game was won anyway. But I have been wondering why Ramsey did what he did.

He has acquired a lot of critics among the fan base during this, his first full season with Arsenal. He has been accused of slowing the game down, of taking too many touches, of trying too many flicks and backheels, of getting in the way of our other midfielders.

At various times he has been guilty of all of the above – especially in his more recent outings.

To me his problems really date from the period when Tomas Rosicky rediscovered his form and became one of the automatic starters in a midfield that also included Song and Arteta.

In away games, most recently at QPR, Arsene Wenger has started Ramsey in addition to the MF three of Rosicky/Arteta/Song, presumably to give us a more solid starting line-up.

Although he has ostensibly taken the place of either Gervinho or Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey is not naturally a wide player and tends to come in field, leading to overcrowding and confusion in our MF.

It hasn’t all been terrible. The same formation played some glorious football for the first 25 minutes away at Everton (with Ramsey taking a key role), but the system faded after that and never recovered – certainly not against QPR.

The other problem with Ramsey’s game is that he has lost his scoring boots.

He has always seemed like a player with the ability to make late runs into the box and pick up goals from midfield. Recently, however, he has missed a bunch of sitters – like the last minute effort against Man City.

So what is the Ramsey problem?

Is it positional?

Is it that he is as limited as his critics allege?

Is it a hangover from his horrendous leg break (Dudu Mark II, if you like)?

Is it confidence?

Before attempting to answer that, I thought it would be good to take a look at some of the ratings and reviews he received in Arsenal Arsenal match reports (from various authors) earlier in the season. Here are a few, all from the November/December period:

Versus Manchester City

Ramsey: brilliant game. Fought like a dragon and worked his socks off for the team. He was everywhere and made so many positive runs into the box. Sooner or later, he will start scoring goals on a regular basis and, ideally, we would have had somebody in Ramsey’s position yesterday, who can do what he did plus score (more) goals. But Ramsey gives absolutely everything and is learning and growing very fast: 8 (Total Arsenal)

Versus Everton

Ramsey: works and doesn’t hide, makes the odd mistake, but works hard to make up for that. Needs a goal and deserves a goal. I read on one website, Ramsey was deemed the worse player on the pitch, complete pony; he was very good and close to MotM for me. How anyone can berate him is completely beyond me. 8 (Harry)

Versus Borussia Dortmund

Ramsey: excellent second half when more space was available. Playing well at the moment and appreciated by his team mates 7.5 (FatGingerGooner)

Versus West Brom

Ramsey: had a good game, probes and drives team forward. His pass for Walcott to get him free for starting the move for the opener was quite simply brilliant. Presses well and breaks play up. 7.5 (Harry)

Versus Stoke

Ramsey: amazing game from young Ramsey. Cesc-like passes (especially the assist to Gerv), great work rate and dangerous shooting. He is going to be an Arsenal legend no doubt about it. Glad Shawcross has not ruined the great career he will have. 7.5 (Oz Gunner)

Versus Chelsea

Ramsey: super Welsh Wizard, truly a special player who gave his all today, his range of passing was fantastic, he has a great engine and never doubts himself. 9 (Harry)

Not bad, right?

It seems people forget very quickly how good a player is once they start having a difficult patch.

Which brings me to the answer to my own question – what is the Ramsey problem?

For me it’s all about a shortfall in confidence caused by the lack of support our young Welshman received from a minority of Arsenal supporters when things were going badly for the team as a whole.

So when we had that terrible run in January (which was entirely down to the fact that we had no orthodox fullbacks available), the critterati decided it was all Ramsey’s fault.

The vitriol that was directed at him by some of the hate blogs was quite appalling and quite out of proportion. Other people picked up on it and spread it. If you hear something often enough you start to give it some credence, so even decent fans began to have doubts about Aaron’s abilities.

And we can be sure that in this age of instant communication, the hatred and bile did not go unnoticed by Ramsey.

The result is that, lately, he has been trying too hard; trying to create moments of magic when all he needs to do is play the simple game and let things happen naturally.

It completely explains his desperation, in the dying minutes against Manchester City, to score a glorious goal that would have fans and pundits alike drooling with delight. That would answer his critics.

The Ramsey of earlier in the season would almost certainly have passed to Robin or the Ox.

So what is the Ramsey problem?

It’s the poisonous, negative minority that have plagued the Arsenal fan base for the last year or two and have done their best to destroy a young man’s career before it’s hardly started.

I dread to think what they would have said about a 21-year-old Tony Adams, who showed flashes of brilliance but was also accident prone at that stage of his career. At least when TA6 was labeled a “donkey” it was NOT by Arsenal fans.

The haters are already having to eat humble pie over Arsene Wenger, over Song, Arteta and Koscielny. Even over Robin van Persie (the “constant crock” who should have been “offloaded post haste”). Next season they will eat a portion more when Aaron Ramsey emerges as one of the players of the season.


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  1. John Gee says:

    Well said. Totally agree. Don’t also forget tjat he was out injured for two months after coming back from a bad leg break. He will be fine. As always, we have those of little faith. Yes, Sunday’s miss was dreadful, but he will learn from it.

  2. tomiabiodun says:

    Lack of Confidence Plus He’s also Limited. If u really watch the games he’s been said to perform well, the only game that stands out as a good game for him is the game against Stoke City, but he wasn’t as good in the other games listed and the club could have done better with another player in that position..

  3. musalia says:

    he jst needs time.and some confidence.he’ll find hez footing.not byet time to give up on him just yet

  4. Gooner In Exile says:

    Rocky, well said sir. Cracking piece about our Welsh Wizard. Is it a coincidence that his drop of form came soon after Gary Speeds death? I imagine he had a lot of contact with Speed as Welsh skipper and as similar players provably got advice, support and encouragemrnt.

  5. Alexgunner says:

    Pls look at z team performance stat when he start. He is full of selfish. He isnt defend, not score chances, not creat chances, too slow z game.. So what makes rambo great, but i know he is so much talent 4 z future. He should hav to c z likes of alex both, tomas n jack.

  6. GILBO says:

    I agree will all you say, I think Ramsey will prove to be one of the best midfielders in the PL

  7. Cosmas says:

    Ramsey will be great forsure. Bt walcott needs to stop runin n inject some skills to his play. I’d hate to ce what happened to arsevin happenin to him. Hopin to see roy n coklin n pliz ersene don’t sell or add anyone. I can see agreat tim cumin.

  8. Blazer says:

    To me, Ramsey had one good game during the entire season. He looked out of place running from side to side, even when he scored in the game, he never found his place and I am not sure what position he could fit at his current form. It will be a win win move to lend him out, if there is any taker, he may find his game.

  9. GOONER4EVER says:

    I am one of those supporters who loves Arsenal before everyone and anything else,and when I critisize someone it dosen’t mean I hate him.
    I love Rambo as I admire RVP,but at the moment he is absolutely not needed in our line up,for the simple reason that we cannot experiment at the moment,and I’ve been saying this on other blogs as well since the fiasco against Swansea.
    Agree with the comments to brought to our attention,but don’t forget that a player is there to perform for the club,and should be praised when performing and critisized when being an obstacle…such as Swansea to take one simple example
    We all hope for the best for him but at the moment he should be given a rest until we are sure of third place

  10. daniel says:

    He is young we need patience to upload his confidence and to see the best from him, I like his stamina and courage go boy

  11. Rasp says:

    femzy @ 9:56

    No the author is not ‘a retard’ and we don’t appreciate such ridiculous terminology on this site. Please show more respect if you wish to continue placing comments on AA

  12. Siyan says:

    A good write up. But how many points are we ready to loose to “help him”? Criticism is part of the game, let the club Psychology work on that. Imagine if we had not scored at that point of the game – 2 points lost, if City had scored before then- 1 point lost. If City had scored after then – 2 points lost. Dont tell me all this are not possible. There is room for assist. For as long as Theo was giving assist to Van (even when he was not really scoring) he was being recognised and commended by all especially Van. I think Arsene is getting fixated upon the boy like he did with Denilson which ultimately killed him. When a manager shows too much confidence in such a young player without self motivation, he would believe he is the best and other criticisms are just cynical rather than constructive. Arsene is killing Ramsey. He can not be playing like that and feature consistently for other clubs like Man U. Tell him the brutal truth to help his future. He is simply not yet good for Arsenal or how long do you want to help him and loose points. He has a great talent of shooting off target and missing important chances. This must be frankly analysed and brutally corrected if he will be any good for any worthy club and for his future.

  13. lanny junide says:

    He can never be significant in arsenal,is just that the monsieur is still blind to that …..ramsey or woteva is a waste of timem

  14. Englishmik says:

    After that leg break we should be pleased he is back. We have a great midfield in Arteta, Ramsey, Rosicky, Song and Wilshire. Add Cocquelin and Frimpong to the defensive midfield and think about Walcot, Ox, Myachi and Gervino wide. Thats not counting some of the new kids on the block. We have had a few seasons of back injury luck. Either up front with Van Persie or Henry crocked. Or in defense like this year with a back four of 4 centre backs. We have had no Wilshire all year and not once have fielded our first team.
    Even without signings a fully fit Arsenal could win title next season easily.

  15. Rasp says:

    Hi Rocky, excellent challenging post as ever.

    I agree with GOONER4EVER. I have never said a bad thing about Ramsey as a person or a player, but I do think he disrupts the chemistry of the midfield in the current set-up.

    He is very talented and a star of the future. It will all be different next season with Jack back, Coquelin and Frimpong available etc etc. It will be interesting to see how AW constructs the new midfield from the available ingredients – but for now, let’s just give ourselves the best chance of getting 3rd spot and for me that means not starting with Aaron.

  16. 26may1989 says:

    “Retard”?? “How dare you”?? Oh my god, Femzy, take the pills and calm down.

    Rocky, I have to admit, my heart sank a bit when I saw the headline on this post: we Arsenal fans seem to love to beat ourselves up (or more accurately, at least one of our players), and the object recently has been Rambo.

    But what sits underneath the headline is perfectly balanced and reasonable (take note Femzy). Ramsey hasn’t been in sparkling form but neither has he been awful, and the boy has plenty of talent. The typical criticism recycled on the blogs is that he slows the game down and doesn’t go forward enough. Like most cliches, it’s sometimes true, but he gives more than others acknowledge, especially in retaining possession, efficient passing and taking shots from distance.

    As for his miscued shot on Sunday, it happens, and it happens to all players, even the best. We ought to focus on what he did so well in that move: he broke into space, gave an option for receiving the pass, attacked the box, and cut inside the defender to open up the chance. And then he screwed up the shot he was more than entitled to take. If the score had been 0-0 his choice might have been different, but I see zero reasons to slag him off for having a go. God knows, we’ve had enough players at Arsenal in recent years who’ve been too scared to have a pop.

  17. fire says:

    He was selfish, greedy to score when the better thing is to pass to van Persie. On top of that, his shooting is SHIT. PERIOD.

  18. ozgunner says:

    great article Rocky. The boy is low on confidence and you can see clea as day that becuase of it he is trying a touch to hard (not helped by playing out of position). Arteta has his spot at he moment so Ramsey just has to bide his time and then pounce when he gets the chance. All our youngsters have to whether it be frimpong, jenks, afobe, ryo, ox, or coquelin.

    I say give him parts of games until the season ends, and then come back stronger then ever in the pre-season. Some of the negative comments others say about him make me sick to be honest. He is going to make a lot of “suppoters” eat humble pie!!!

    thanks again Rocky

  19. lanny junide says:

    Its only arsenal that you can find a mid field player like ramsey,not attack minded, will never pass to his team mate around d box 18……what d f**k is he still doing on our bench. Example is d first leg to ac milan and d game against qpr …..pleaseeee help get this to Wenger to off load. Ramsey and snap up hoilett on time

  20. ziggy says:

    Good article, ignore most comnents on here half of them have never been to Emirates and comment on what they see on Tv which doesnt always show players off the ball work plus none may have kicked a ball in the patk much more in the team. Thats the reason we have a manager because if all these lot were listened to we probably will have and play like Stoke City players.Tippy Tappy and all that bollocks.The reason we are able to push to the final whistle is our style of play, ecpending less energy and making other teams tire themselves out ala Spurs at home. Rambo wants to start but the midfield are on form hence trying too hard and with others coming back from injuries and knocking at the door he is anxious but will come good eventually.


    Thank you for a very fine piece Rocky. Once again, i can not find anything to disagree with. Ramsey has great potential, and one thing a lot of people miss, he also has great character.

    Ime going to be a bit controversial here, but to be honest i dont care. I bet you my last sheckle, that most of the idiots that go on to forums and spout disrespectful crap about Ramsey, and authors like yourself that stick up for him, come from far away foreign lands, are still breastfeeding on there mummys titty, have never been to a game in there lives, and think everyone should play like Lionel Messi. I have no problem with intellegent debate. if someone thinks Ramsey is a poor player and argues his case then thats great. The problem i have is with the idiots who spout vile shit, and need directions to get to the ground from Arsenal tube station.

  22. david mash says:

    Rambo is a good player, but there are times where he slows the gave, pass casual and pass very lately and opponents can read his intend move or who he is to pass to. At the moment must be given a rest – The Ox or Gervhino or Conquelin or Yossi must feel the void. The criticisms he is getting will make him be prone to more mistakes and that might further damage his confidence.

  23. Red Arse says:

    That Femzy guy seems to have breached the etiquette of this site, and has simply been given a small slap on the wrist.

    That sort of juvenile and disgusting personal abuse should not be tolerated, and I would expect that nonsense to be deleted!!

    The careless use of offensive words can lead to banishment from AA — well, I care a lot more about Rocky and his feelings than that, so please set an example and get tough on this kind of tasteless abuse, please!

  24. Ojuk ozigo says:

    If wenger is still interested on ramsey then he better send him out on loan We do always watch arsenal games your are talking about there waz very contribution in some of those games your are talking about. Let send him on loan and he reagain is form

  25. Morning all

    I expected a lively debate and the possibility of some abuse but have removed the comment that was an idiotic attack on Rocky. Sorry if that offends anyone.

  26. Red Arse says:

    Rocky, after a slight detour, I am back to thank you for your intelligently written and reasoned Post. 🙂

    Of course it cannot be denied that Rambo made the wrong judgement call in going for glory rather than passing inside to RVP, but that is symptomatic of the dire crap that is being dished his way.

    I suspect he wanted to take on the shot and show that he is a good player with a grandstand goal (as I would have done in the same position) to try and win over the doubters but instead played into their hands with a dreadful mis-hit (as i would not have done!! 🙂 )

    I love the use of the new Rocky-ism “critterari’ — were you trying to imply there are beasts out there? 🙂

  27. Red Arse says:

    Well done, Peaches!! 🙂 Credit to you!

    Free speech does not extend to allowing personal abuse, and your judgement is spot on in removing that vile terminology.

  28. Dagsofoz says:

    I dont know why at some stage AW didnt give him a run or 2 in the reserves, he did it to AA,Park, Chamakh plus others

  29. mark modi says:

    I think after the article said whenever he scores a famous person dies does affecting him. After that article he just cannot scores no matter how much he tries. A jinx maybe. Let hope he continue to improve in his shooting. We need another scorer from midfield and he can provide that.

  30. Gary says:

    Ramsy was NEVER quality.
    All the high ratings are over hyped British /welsh fans who are desperately trying to convince themselves he is quality.
    Over rated by media and Arsene.
    Captain of a welsh team that is useless in world standards.
    He has no quality, no vision or class.
    Plays a good game once a year.
    We have sold and loaned much better players.
    Arsenal must stop paying the price cos he broke a leg. This ain’t our fault.
    He does not fit the standards and high demand of today’s midfield in competitive football.
    He must be sold.
    Any fool accepting Ramsy in the team will only feel repeated disappointment every week.

    Fans who accept such players should stop feeling anger and pain when arsenal lose or stay trophy less 7 years!

    Glory comes with top class players.

    Ramsy and co gets you 5th and humiliation.

    Wake up people and stop accepting him for his leg injury/ welsh connections.

    He is a rubbish prospect for arsenal.

    Luckily next season he will be wiping shoes for real players !!

  31. i don’t think it down to confidence, if he wasn’t confident he wouldn’t have beat the defender and send him slid ding he just does take his time, thnk god that’s wasn’t to win the game i believe if he take some extra time of shooting he should improve

    also he is rather slow on that fast break everyone outran him

    i also thing he should not be placed on the wings, he would be a great back up to Arteta next season where he can pick his shots

  32. if Ramsey would have at least make Hart make a save people probably might not have been so pissed i know i wouldn’t have been, because passing to RVP or ox then 2 could have missed but they would have made Hart work

  33. Missing the point here Rambo is talented but we have to agree he is wasteful and sometimes makes terrible decisions. He was brought into the first team rather hurriedly he was not ready the problem is that the standards for his role were so high set by Fab and but many of us as stuck in our subconscious a Fab like person which Ramsey isn’t. The guy should be left to develop gradually let Rosicky play and in a few years Ramsey will be phenomenal for now i am sorry we are not ready to have Ramsey play in every match.

  34. goonermichael says:

    Great post. You’ve really brought out the haters though. These tossers need someone to hate because that’s all they know. TV missed a sitter from a yard out and blocked a certain goal from RVP. He also slipped for the 3rd goal in milan and the 2nd goal against QPR. Why aren’t these arseholes hating on him? It’s because they are sheep that follow other negs.

    I think you should leave some up to show what morons they are.

    BTW I actually disagree that it’s the fans fault he’s going through a bad patch.

  35. K says:

    People give Ramsey crap because he doesn’t finish chances. He’s not a striker – he’s a midfielder and he’s a damn fine one at that.There’s a whole clutch of midfielders we revere in world football that weren’t even close to Ramsey’s ability at his age. We forget that Alex Song was a donkey on ice when he first arrived – infinitely worse than Ramsey in every way and we dreaded to see him on the team sheet. Now look at him.

    Our problem is that we continue to look at Fabregas’ example because he was basically a starter at 17. Just because Ramsey isn’t at that level, doesn’t mean he won’t be as good as Cesc one day. He needs to be given time to do so and people need to get off his back because Cesc was an exception – an early developer like Messi – not the rule.

    Many world class players didn’t start off as wonderkids and some peaked pretty late into their careers. Drogba only came into his own in his late 20s, Milito was ignored by big clubs until his early 30s and Scott Parker, having flattered to deceive since his first big money move to Chelsea, is now England captain.

    We always think that we know better than Wenger – saying things like “Lansbury should have stayed isntead of Rosicky.” or “We should sell that permanently crocked RVP.” The truth is that most so-called fans need to learn how to sit down and shut up none of us knows how to run a football club better. COYG.

  36. goonermichael says:

    5th and humiliation? When was the last time that happened?

  37. chas says:

    Great post for debate, Rocky.
    Have to agree with 26. The headline was always going to pull in the ‘Ramsey is sh*t’ brigade.

    How many times have we slagged players off for not shooting when the opportunity presents itself?
    Instead players have passed and subsequent chances to shoot have been blocked. Thought I’d take another look…..

    Tevez coming up fast. The ball to the Ox is not on.

    Ramsey slips Tevez and both City players block the pass to the Ox or RvP.

    Same view, different angle

    Kompany gets goal side of RvP, meaning that if the pass goes to RvP any shot could be blocked.

    Ramsey decides to shoot.

    At the time I thought Ramsey was right to shoot once he’d cut inside Tevez. What he did wrong was make such a poor attempt at a shot through lack of confidence.

  38. chas says:

    I have a comment in moderation because it contains too many links (I presume).
    I think some of the overseas commenters use a word such as ‘retard’ simply because it’s acceptable elsewhere, not through any malice.

  39. evonne says:

    Rocky – good post, excellent topic, difficult questions. You know how to spoil my otherwise uneventful morning, thank you me dear

    My answer is his age minus 1 year spent recovering from the injury. The boy is just 22 for crying out loud! Neither RvP not even TH14 were world class at that age. Give the kid a chance, he will deliver, I am sure of it.

    The mishap on Sunday was a sheer desperation, yes, Aaron is desperately trying to prove his critics wrong. And, if he didn’t misfire he would shut them up. But he did misfire, big effing deal, I happens to all footballers. And frankly, I didn’t like RvP’s reaction, I think he let himself down a tad.

    So I would like to ask the critics to lay off young Ramsey, the lad will do fine for us

  40. chas says:

    While my comment is awaiting release, I’ll try a shorter version.

    Great post for debate, Rocky.
    Have to agree with 26. The headline was always going to pull in the ‘Ramsey is sh*t’ brigade.

    If this was your view, would you have passed?

  41. ozgunner says:

    great comment K.

    @ Evonne

    i don’t think RVP can be blamed, he desperately wants a goal and the frusration would have been building after his poster and verm block. he is human after all

  42. Rasp says:

    As regards Femzy’s unfortunate use of language. I reacted quickly to point out it was not acceptable and left his comment up so others could also get the message on a day when the post was likely to attract some negative responses.

    Chas is correct, it appears that the term is commonly used in parts of Africa and obviously not seen as being as offensive as we find it to be. As with the Suarez situation, it is up to us to inform any prospective user of the situation in advance so as to avoid causing offence on the site in the future.

  43. zamile says:

    Ramsey is a very good player whose tries new tricks all the the time. He has a very good boot. He kicks far! He will come right , time is on his side. Please lets not be too harsh on him!

  44. chas says:

    have you seen my 11:19 in jail?

  45. Cyruz kip says:

    True. We need to give him time. He has talent and i believe Wenger signed him cuz he saw lots of it in him.

  46. Rasp says:

    Hi chas, sorry – yes, I’ve released it. It’s nothing to do with us, WordPress just objects to comments carrying too many links.

  47. Rasp says:

    chas’ comment from 11:19 a.m.

    Great post for debate, Rocky.
    Have to agree with 26. The headline was always going to pull in the ‘Ramsey is sh*t’ brigade.

    How many times have we slagged players off for not shooting when the opportunity presents itself?
    Instead players have passed and subsequent chances to shoot have been blocked. Thought I’d take another look…..

    Tevez coming up fast. The ball to the Ox is not on.

    Ramsey slips Tevez and both City players block the pass to the Ox or RvP.

    Same view, different angle

    Kompany gets goal side of RvP, meaning that if the pass goes to RvP any shot could be blocked.

    Ramsey decides to shoot.

    At the time I thought Ramsey was right to shoot once he’d cut inside Tevez. What he did wrong was make such a poor attempt at

  48. RockyLives says:

    Hello All and thanks for the comments.

    Chas, 26
    No apologies for the title (I know you weren’t asking for one 🙂 ). I want Ramsey critics to read the piece. Also, there are legitimate beefs to be had with the way AR has been playing and it’s good to air them. I agree with Rasp – he’ll be a great player for us but, right now, he’s not a starter.

    You summarised my entire point in two paragraphs – brilliant 🙂

  49. RockyLives says:

    The middle pic – there’s a great opportunity for AR to slip it behind the defender into Oxo’s path. But the shot was also on.

  50. dandan says:

    Super stuff Rocky. One doesn’t always realise just how good you are until the likes of Gary post then all is revealed.
    Rambo is a ball winner, who can also run with the ball; his problem is the weight of expectancy heaped on his shoulders by fans since the midfielder exodus last summer. His elevation to captain of Wales has not helped either, fans for some reason expect these young men not only to rise to the top of their game as soon as they are included in the side, but to stay there week in week out. Never mind that he had a smashed leg not so long ago and he has lost a mentor in Gary Speed all these things matter and the only way through is to play him.
    He is a class young man, a credit to the Arse a leader and I have no doubt, a club captain in the making, the thought of him, Jack and Song along with all the other top midfielders we have, is a mouth-watering prospect for a gooner and squeaky bum making for our opponents midfielders.
    Get off his back, let him learn and make his mistakes the payback in years to come will be more than worth the wait.

  51. evonne says:

    Rocky – I’m too late, I thought you’d be still in bed. I was going to tell the regulars to stop going on about that Femzi, coz Rocky doesn’t give a damn about what Femzi thinks of him, am I right ?

  52. Silver0.1 says:

    In total agreement with this post, some Arsenal fans need to seriously think about supporting Man unite, a team that seems to win a lot of silverware! They only have glory on their minds! Alex Song is a perfect example of Ram’s situation and I beleive the boy will become an Arsenal great, however if he leaves then those fans on his back will regret their dessision of not getting behind the player. Top clubs would be proud to have sush a talented player amongst their squad.

  53. chas says:

    Agreed Rocky, but by that stage RvP was screaming for the ball arms out so I think Ramsey was looking that way.

  54. RockyLives says:

    Some of the visitors have claimed that Ramsey has only had one good game this season.

    I much prefer to accept the views of the excellent, well-informed and balanced match reviewers here on AA. I also watched all those games and Aaron had some excellent performances, as the reviewers state.

  55. Rasp says:

    evonne, when the running of the site is questioned, I am obliged to defend our stance. I know Rocky is not going to be worried in the slightest by such nonsense, it’s par for the course when controversial players are highlighted 😕

  56. RockyLives says:

    Morning Evonne 🙂

    I’ve had a sneak peek in the bin at Femzy’s comment. It’ll take a bit more than name calling to get my dander up 🙂

  57. RockyLives says:

    Rasp 😀

  58. ak47 says:

    take a bow. then send this to his twitter.

  59. dandan says:

    Rocky; Calm as he is today can you imagine how Rasp waxed lyrical when Rambo missed that shot. Hope Peaches had her ear plugs in 🙂

  60. Rasp says:

    dandan, I was at the game but didn’t see the incident, I had to look away when they were awarded that late free kick on the edge of our box.

    I’m not a Ramsey hater. The last subject I fell out with the folks on LG before finding a new site to blog on was over my defence of Ramsey and belief that he will be a great player for us one day.

    He is trying too hard at the moment and should forget Cesc and look at Arteta to model himself on in terms of decision making and positional play. Eventually he will be an out and out attacking central midfielder I reckon, but for now he just needs to keep it simple, move the ball on quickly and make runs and find space for himself.

  61. RockyLives says:

    @12.37 – your last paragraph is spot on.

  62. Red Arse says:


    Why do you feel the need to defend the site?

    I think Peaches handled the matter excellently, as usual.

    The only wrong doer was the person who slated my friend — and I will not apologize for supporting my friends.

    Rocky, unsurprisingly, reacted in a very mature fashion, whereas, if that guy had made that comment in my presence, my fist and the miscreant’s nose would have made their acquaintance.

  63. dandan says:

    Rasp was not suggesting for a moment that you were a Hater, was just making the comment really that your oft demonstrated passion for the team would have come out quite “poetically” if any of the boys had missed by that much. 🙂

  64. dandan says:

    And of course having met our warrior princess, I now know what a genteel soul she is, 🙂

  65. Rasp says:

    I know dandan, I did vent my spleen at the time when the ball was rolling backwards and forwards across their goal line and we just couldn’t get the final touch – but that was directed at the footballing gods, not one of our players.

    I thought, as in previous great performances this season, that everyone had a good game. Had it not been for lady luck and Vincent Kompany, we would have won 3 or 4 nil.

    Not a single shot on target from city all game – that’s a ridiculous statistic!

  66. Red Arse says:

    Hi Dandan, 🙂

    Hands up — I groaned out loud when Rambo blazed the ball high, wide and not too handsomely into Row Z. 🙂

    Not because I thought it might have cost us the match — Citeh were well beaten by then — but because it would give those who delight in moaning more ammunition with which to pillory him, and extend that to any fans who do not subscribe to their deranged creed!

  67. dandan says:

    A couple of weeks or so ago I was moved to write a lead article for AA. Entitled “hate has no place in football” and placed it in drafts. Rasp quite rightly did not publish it, as it would; I fear have been somewhat inflammatory, in what is by and large a reasoned and reasonable site. I therefor removed it from drafts and destroyed it.
    Imagine my surprise then when days later I came across this article by Simon Barnes in the Times. This not only says it better than I ever could, but uses a broader brush and a wider canvas. Given today’s performance by some bloggers to Rocky’s superb piece I have taken a liberty and reproduced it in full. I look look forward to AA’rs reaction.
    Football tolerates everything but change
    Football is a brothel for intolerance. Just as in the ordinary kind of brothel, you can go there for what you can’t get at home, for what you can’t get away with anywhere else. Normal rules are suspended. The impossible, the unacceptable and the downright grotesque are the staples of daily life.

    I hope you caught Gabby Logan’s excellent documentary on sexism in football this week. It’s a big subject, taking us from terrace to boardroom and into top-level administration by way of us lot in the media. Sexism turns up at every level, precisely as you’d expect. “Almost as if it’s acceptable,” said Jacqui Oatley, who was the BBC’s first female Match of the Day commentator.

    The tone of the programme was calm, measured, even cheerful, and, again as you’d expect, it showed that football lags a long way behind the rest of the world when it comes to employing and promoting women. It’s changing, but at a much slower rate than the rest of the world — even though a quarter of the people who go to matches are female and one third of all armchair followers are female.

    And this is all very reprehensible and self-defeating, but it’s hardly a surprise. Football is in the intolerance business. Naturally, football is intolerant of women: it’s intolerant of everybody. Intolerance is a founding principle of the professional game.

    I suppose I should say here that football is also inspiring and glorious and capable of taking us from despair to elation in a minute. Football is great sport all right — but it’s a lot of other things as well. And one of those things is a bastion of intolerance: the last safe refuge for prejudice and hatred.

    It has changed a lot, and it’s still changing. But you can still behave at a football ground as you can’t anywhere else. In what other circumstance can you go and berate a man for doing his job? It’s unacceptable to call a traffic warden a w****r, still less the policeman who catches you speeding. But you can go to a football match and shout what you like at the referee.

    Perhaps future generations will call such behaviour officialism, and launch campaigns to stamp out refereeism in football. But right now, calling a perfectly respectable stranger a w****r is seen as a part of football, part of football’s robust tradition of subversiveness.

    And then, of course, you can insult your opponents and their supporters. In what other circumstances can you call someone a Manc or a Scouse bastard without getting arrested or beaten up? But the cathedrals of sport open their gates every week to offer you this unbeatable opportunity.

    Rival-baiting is part of football. If you’re Watford, you routinely refer to Luton as scum. It’s often jocular: whipped-up, factitious, even mildly ironic. There’s a story about the two Rangers fans who were waiting for a Celtic fan (swap the clubs around if you prefer) to give him a kicking. But he didn’t show up. “I wonder where he’s got tae.” “I hope nothing’s happened to him.”

    Football’s tradition of intolerance begins with local rivalries. There may be historical, social, racial and religious differences between neighbouring clubs, but usually they and their followers are more or less identical to the casual eye.

    Any community can be defined as people united by hatred of their neighbours. Matches between Manchester United and Liverpool are loud celebrations of the cities sharing nothing but mutual loathing.

    But any closed community defines itself by the people it excludes. I had business this week at the Turf Club in Pall Mall; I regret I caused a member in the Gents to suffer severe whiplash (and Lord knows what other damage) when he performed a violent double-take on seeing me inside his lovely club. Still, no doubt he’d collect stares at the Groucho (where I’m also not a member, but you know what I mean).

    A closed community is a celebration of itself: we ourselves — which in the Gaelic is translated as sinn féin. “The friends we love are by our side and the foes we hate before us,” as the ranting Citizen declaims in Ulysses. There could be no better description of football fandom.

    From this centre of local intolerance the expanding circles spread out like ripples on a pond. Foreigners, obviously, when we get to the international game; “No surrender to the IRA” is still sung at England games. Homosexuals are hated even more than women in homocentric societies. Women are just part of this greater pattern of intolerance.

    Logan and Karren Brady, the vice-chairman of West Ham United, talked about obscene terrace chants. Brady said that she explained to her grandmother that they were singing that “I’m 24”; Logan told her daughter they were singing: “Gabby, show us your teeth.” Mild enough, I suppose, but you couldn’t behave like that on Streatham High Road. And Messalina herself would pale if asked to take on the workload that was routinely suggested to Victoria Beckham.

    The exception to this pattern of ritualised intolerance is race. Over the past couple of decades, racist abuse has more or less stopped. It has been heavily policed, and besides, it’s rare to find a team of all-white faces these days. To abuse an opponent for his colour is to abuse your own centre forward by implication. Supporters find other ways to abuse black players: Sol Campbell has been subjected to homophobic chants, Ashley Cole accused of greed.

    There are all kinds of sociological theories about this. I have read that it’s a necessary expression of frustration in an unjust society, or if you’re a Marxist, a sublimation of the anger that should more correctly be directed at our rulers. Some even claim that expression of hatred is not only necessary but healthy for a society, that hatred is better expressed in the play-world of football than in real life. I can’t think of many situations that have been improved by hatred myself, but what do I know?

    These attitudes get under the skin. They are not just something to do with “a small minority of supporters” or football supporters less intelligent than you and me. They are part of the fabric of football and they creep subtly and cumulatively into the system, so that they interfere with decision-making at the highest level.

    Which is why the FA has been so slow to appoint women, why clubs are so slow to appoint women, why there are so few black managers, why to come out as homosexual would be a disaster for the individual who does so. Who are the three people most often referred to as living national treasures? Alan Bennett, David Hockney, Stephen Fry. Each one beloved, and rightly so: but they’d never have made a career in football.

    It is football’s pleasure to lag behind the pace in a changing world. Football is the last easily accessible place in which intolerance is accepted, more or less glorified. The last place on earth where a man can be free to hate. And as with any other brothel, you just pay when you go in.

  68. RedMJ says:

    It’s amazing to recall the huge number of times our team have been berated by our fans for always making one pass too many yet when a player who has done brilliantly to get into a goal scoring position in the first place makes a mess of the final shot, guess what? He gets berated again. Why isn’t RVP getting pelters for missing an open goal with a free header or TV5 for missing an open goal? Of course AR has weaknesses but he’s young, in his first full season and never gives less than 100%. In beating the oil mercenaries we rightly crow about how winning things takes a team not just a bunch of individuals. Well AR is part of our team (squad) and deserves our full and balanced support. There are plenty of others out there that are more than willing to undermine our team and club. Lets stop making it easier for them.

  69. Slimgingergooner says:

    I think he has been overplayed this season through no fault of his own and this has put him in the firing line of the supporters who have every right to judge his performances. Personally, i dont think he has performed that badly and i think the problem lies with certain sections of our support expecting far too much from a young player coming back from a career threatening injury. These are probably the same fans who expected far too much from an injury plagued side during the early part of the season.

    Ramsey COULD be a quality player if he works hard on his game and listens to those around him.

    As for the City game, you cant blame the lad for shooting when in that position. It was just poor execution. No one has been slating Verm or Benny for their dreadful misses from close range.

  70. Rasp says:

    Hi dandan, that’s a great article.

    We are still happy to publish your article, its just that the Muamba situation arose and that demonstrated all that is good about football – and I am quite happy to state that I thought the way totnum and their supporters handled the situation was fantastic and great credit to them.

  71. dandan says:

    Thanks Rasp but I think the above is far better.

  72. kelsey says:

    Another great post from RL.

    Over the years of supporting Arsenal there have always been players that one would cringe at their performances week after wek, but then (and I mean decades ago) we were a fairly average team) but there was no abuse directed at players and I attended games in those days.

    I blame the Internet for the barrage of bullets now being thrown at Ramsey.before him it was Arshavin and Denilson to an extent.

    Do any of you that attend games voice anger at Ramsey, i doubt it.?

    He doesn’t lack confidence IMO if anything he tries too hard.just look at his face when he mis times a shot, but he was at the right place at the right time so often .

    Did he not score the winner against united last season.

    He is a pup at 21 with the honour to captain his country and will be an integral part of our team for years to come.

    These so called supporters like a scapegoat , as when on the Internet they can say what they like and then hide.

    All players have a bad run or are unlucky in one way or another, and Ramsey is definitely one for the future.

  73. Red Arse says:

    I am much encouraged by the general debate on here, today.
    There have been valid views expressed on the quality or otherwise of young Ramsey, both pro and anti.

    It is perfectly OK to agree to disagree on any subject, it is also OK to write absolute drivel, (I do that all the time) tho’ it does curtail reasoned discussion, and, with one exception, it has been good reading too.

    Fascinating Times article, Dandan, and it’s why we all need to stand up and be counted when the unacceptable views mentioned are expressed, and not implicitly condone them by adopting a passive, silent stance. Thank you for highlighting it! 🙂

  74. boyo says:

    Most of those ratings are from one reviewer! I read a heck of a lot where he was slated. What is our win percentage when he starts compared to when he doesnt? Have a read of the stats and tell me he isn’t hurting the team

  75. kelsey says:

    A source of a source tells me that there is credibility that mertesacker will be off loaded. I am honest enough to say he has not impressed me.he is so slow and can’t jump, but again i know he has his attributes and most of you will think he is a good acquisition. vermaelen wants his countryman at arsenal so perhaps it’s not just a rumour. i was surprised we bought him in the first place .my understanding is that wenger will sell him only if he can get Vertonghen.

  76. evonne says:

    Rocky @12:24 – ok, let me try

    As much as I am pleased about our recent form, I still think we have a long way to go to match ManCity’s talent, ManU’s experience and Spurs fighting spirit.

  77. RockyLives says:

    Haha Evonne
    You’ll have to try harder than that 🙂

  78. evonne says:

    Only because you knew it was a windup 🙂

  79. evonne says:

    Hi Rasp – I understand, but ‘internet trolls’ (official name now) want to inflict pain and by responding to their insults, one makes them feel empowered. The only way is not to even mention their contribution.

  80. Doc brody says:

    Ramsey is doing just fine. I like to see Arsenal players shoot rather than making one pass too many. If he works on his finishing, which he’s acknowledged needs improvement, he’ll be a great player for us.

  81. evonne says:

    Doc – yep

  82. dandan says:

    Evonne where on earth did you get spurs fighting spirit from. From 2-0 up to 5-2 down at the Emirates and from 13 points in front to 2 maybe 5 points down by tonight doesn’t show much fight to me.
    Kelsey I have always maintained that Kos and TV was our best pairing, so the BFG leaving if we can bring TV Belgium mate in from Ajax would be no big surprise to me. Rasp and one or two others, I believe GIE was one, have always rated him as a reader of the game. I have never seen this and feel he is easily dragged out of position and slow to get back.
    So I am one who hopes your friend of a friend’s, friend knows what he is talking about

  83. Boswell says:

    Its not the first Ramsey has opted to go for goal when a simple pass to better positioned team mate would have been viable! That my friends is what makes the difference between winning and losing!If Arsenal had lost that game and Ramsey had an opportunity to level the score!Today we would have been different discussion! All of you bigging up Ramsey need to watch videos of the invisibles they used to pass when they countered and not shot missiles to Mars


    Evonne, your probably right, the best thing is to ignore the little runts, but they just do my head in. Its one of the main things that i despise in modern football, the so called supporter who has never been to a game, had never heard of Arsenal until Wenger came along, and knows nothing about the traditions and values the club espouses. I just wish they would go do one.

  85. oz gunner says:

    i will be very shocked if that happens kelsey. I must admit i was disappointed when i realised BFG couldn’t leap building in a single bound, but he brings a calmness to the defence not seen in quite a while. Perhaps there is something behind his injuries?! I’ll be sad if he leaves but at the same time thrilled if we get Vertonghen! Then there’s the podolski rumours that confuse me more. God i’ve got a headache already and the window isn’t even open yet!

    Verm, Kozzer, Vertonghen…might as well hand the title over to us now.

  86. oz gunner says:

    @ Boswell

    The big difference there is experience! the invincibles had it, yet ramsey does not. In time he will know what decision is best for the appropriate situation.
    I think it’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. If he had of passed it and it didn’t come off people would be saying ‘look at ramsey he has no confidence he should have shot it ect ect!’


    Well said Oz

  88. Boswell says:

    @Oz gunner

    Totally agree with what you have said! Unfortunately I have a bad feeling that Ramsey will go the route of Eduardo!Things aint right with Ramsey. Is it confidence, lack of game time, position being played or just misfortune! I had high hope for him when he first signed for Arsenal he was really immense but since the resurrection of TR7 he has been found missing in several games and some have been costly! A loan move next season for a couple of months to Bolton wouldn’t be a bad move at all! Saying that I m prepared to eat the biggest humble pie from Gregs should he come good

  89. Rodger says:

    wont same much, everything has been said by both GOONER4EVER & Siyan. couldn’t put it any better 🙂

  90. goonermichael says:

    I like the article you post but have a couple of issues with it. Calling a traffic warden a w****r is probably as common as calling a ref the same. The (newspaper) journos are probably way behind general football in the equality stakes. I can’t think of any black or female football journalists.

    On a side note I find it strange there aren’t many asian players coming through. There used to be quite a few asian teams on Hackney Marshes.

  91. LB says:

    Another Monday masterpiece from the Rock Star.

    I know that posts like this have to be written and I am dammed if I could have come up with an idea for one today but if you think about it a little closer there isn’t a problem with Ramsey at all.

    In my view the only time a problem does occur is when Wenger tries to force the unnecessary inclusion of Welshman into the team when he is not needed ala QPR. Apart from that Rosicky continues to rightfully get the nod ahead of Rambo and while this happens he has a chance to grow and mature into the role that will eventually be his when Rosicky steps aside.

    As for the Ramsey haters, what do they know about anything?

    On a slightly different subject I agree there is no place for hate in football, next time totnum come to the Emirates we should all hold hands and sing Cum ba ya together. FFS.

  92. RockyLives says:

    I understand what you’re saying, but posing hypotheticals is pointless. You could just as easily say “what if the game had been 0-0 and Ramsey had scored the winner?”
    I was trying to make the point in my piece that the reason Ramsey shot rather than passed is because he is trying too hard to prove himself. As Rasp says, he just needs to have a period on playing a simple game and the rest will come naturally.

    On the BFG, I’m an affirmed fan of his. Yes he has made some mistakes in games (particularly when he was bedding in in his first 7 or 8 games) but he’s made no more mistakes than Tommy V. And his reading of the game and his control in playing out from the back remind me of Bobby Moore. By all accounts Vertonghen is also excellent, so a lead three out of Kozzer, Verm and either BFG or Vert would, I suppose, be fine. But I would be a bit sad to see Big Per departing so soon.

  93. RockyLives says:

    “the biggest humble pie from Gregs” 🙂

  94. LB says:


    I just realised it’s Tuesday



    I would like to bring up the subject of Man Utd.

    Theres been a lot of revulsion and irritation recently about how Utd seem to get favourable treatment from officials, and i totaly understand that, but i appeal for calm. The reason for my plea is that if your getting worked up now (GM hahahaha), what are you going to be like in a season or two when we emerge as there main chalanger for the league? i speak from experience here, back in 2002 i got so worked up about the Utd bias that i caused myself an injury, and not a pleasent one. i wont go into the gory details, but the only thing that saved me was “Wheatgrass Anal Fisssure Cream”. You can work the rest out for yourselves hahahaha.

  96. RockyLives says:

    Thanks for the Simon Barnes column. I don’t pay for the Times website and I miss his writing.

    I agree with most of what he says, but it’s not all bad that football remains a place where the modern tide of political correctness can be put aside for a couple of hours and we can all shout and swear to our hearts content. I certainly find that sort of stadium behaviour far preferable to the poison spread by keyboard warriors on the internet.

    If footy was totally sanitised it would be a shame (although the football authorities would probably like it).

  97. RockyLives says:

    LB 🙂
    I’ve spent all day thinking it’s Monday.

  98. kelsey says:

    Djourou has signed a new deal and IMO is happy to be a good squad player, so if Wenger is happy with mertesacker everything remains as it is. It would be very unusual for Wenger to buy and sell a player within a season.(can’t remember the last one) but

    maybe he is really going to off load more players than we thought and may i stress, may think ,Vertonghen.would strengthen the squad more.
    dandan it was VCC who agreed with me.


    Speaking as an anthropoligical and socialogical expert i find dandans posting of that article fascinating. Going back to before the 2nd world war, the ruling classes viewed football as a means of control. They realised the working classes needed an outlet to manifest there grievences and found that football was an excellent diversion. The masses meed there addictions, wether it be football, alcohol etc this serves the elite well.

    Of course the Hillsborough tragedy changed the nature of football. It is now a much more sanitised and accomodating place, but i believe that the right balance has been struck. No body wants to go back to the 80’s, but at the same time we do not want football to turn into an experience akin to watching a play or an opera.

  100. Rasp says:

    evonne & TMHT,

    You misunderstand, I was responding to the suggestion that we were wrong in not binning the comment immediately, and I am not the one prolonging the debate.

    My response to the comment was:

    “No the author is not ‘a retard’ and we don’t appreciate such ridiculous terminology on this site. Please show more respect if you wish to continue placing comments on AA”

    My response to the suggestion that it should have been removed was:

    “I reacted quickly to point out it was not acceptable and left his comment up so others could also get the message on a day when the post was likely to attract some negative responses.

    Chas is correct, it appears that the term is commonly used in parts of Africa and obviously not seen as being as offensive as we find it to be. As with the Suarez situation, it is up to us to inform any prospective user of the situation in advance so as to avoid causing offence on the site in the future.”

  101. Rasp says:

    If anyone has any further issues with the handling of this matter please send us an email and we respond away from the site..

  102. barumgooner says:

    Excellent post RL. I think Rambo is an absolute star. His problem is only that for once we have quality more-experienced players ahead of him in his position. This imo is where as a squad we have failed for years. Ramsey just needs to bide his time and learn the game from the likes of Arteta, Song and Rosicky, as will Jack when he returns from injury. Yes he’s trying hard to prove himself but he is class will be fine.

  103. RedMJ says:

    Terry, on Sunday I was accused of being just one of those “so called fans” that you described albeit with far more colourful language than you employed (never been to a game, had never heard of Arsenal until Wenger came along etc.) because I, and many others around me asked two people to stop unfurling a large banner at inappropriate times during the game that prevented us from seeing the game. The banner in itself was fine and commendable but that doesn’t give the owners carte blanch to disrupt the view of others around them without consideration and then for someone else to unleash a barrage of abuse on those that politely requested them to stop. But this and your post got me to thinking (dangerous and painful, but thinking nonetheless) – SO WHAT if that had been my first ever game and I had only just discovered the joys of being a Gooner. Does that make me any less of a fan or less entitled to an opinion? I don’t think it does. It might make my opinions less well informed and I might be of “the new breed” that demands instant success and couldn’t give a toss about yesterday or tomorrow, but I’m still a fan and still entitled to a view (literally and intellectually) and I might just have a valid point. My point here is that fans shouldnt be seen as more or less of a fan because of their longevity or time served and we should welcome all new fans, young or old into the fold without prejudice. Let great sites like AA debate and unpick any opinions they choose to share but don’t castigate them for being newbies or armchair fans.
    For the record, I have been going to Highbury/Emirates for 40 years and the fan that was most offensive in his abuse always arrives late, leaves early at half time, comes back late for the second half and leaves early. Does that make him any less of a fan? No comment.

  104. dandan says:

    LB Rivalry I can live with hate no. Hate is a cancer that the hater has to live with, hatred consumes the hater from the inside he who is hated probably doesn’t even know it.
    History is littered with the unspeakable actions of the hater. The spuds you profess to hate are in all probability no different to you, other than they were born in a different street or in a spud family. Had he been born next door to you he would in all probability be a gooner would you still hate him then I wonder? To profess hatred for someone you do not know is in my book not only senseless, but self-delusional. You cannot realistically hate that which you do not know.

  105. Slimgingergooner says:

    I can understand people being annoyed with Ramsey for missing, but i dont understand the reason for people being annoyed that he shot! He had got himself one on one and defenders were coming back all the time to cover the pass to RVP. Shooting was the right option, it was just a poor finish.

    People arent moaning about Arteta not passing when he decided to let one go from 25 yards. Would we be berating him if he had missed?


    RedMJ, fair enough, my comments were more a generalisation and can see how that might irk some people. I dont propose to be better than any one else but i would be telling porkies if i said that some of the comments today didn’t annoy me, and yes, in general, they tend to come from people who have never been to a game in there lives.


    Cornwall……wellcome back.

  108. chas says:

    I didn’t know it was used commonly in Africa. I was talking about LG.

    “the fan that ……. always arrives late, leaves early at half time, comes back late for the second half and leaves early.” is most definitely less of a fan. 🙂

  109. RedMJ says:

    Terry, agreed. Thats why AA is so great cos it will expose or educate those that are poorly imformed or appear misguided and will hopefully encourage some of them to try and see the glass as half full, which it most certainly is. COYG

  110. Rasp says:

    Hi RedMJ,

    Thanks for your comment. I am in broad agreement with the point you make. Pigeonholing of any kind is either lazy or evidence of a weak argument. As you say, every supporter’s view carries equal weight whether they go to matches or not.

    New supporters may not have the same understanding as those of many years standing when it comes to the history of the club, and that knowledge would help them to put the current golden era into greater perspective.


    Oh dear…….gone again

  112. Rasp says:

    Hi chas, its just that I’ve seen the term used a couple of times by bloggers from that region but I could be completely wrong. I am usually entertained by the colourful way our African bloggers express themselves – it’s like their football – exuberant 😛

  113. evonne says:

    Dandan – I was only trying to Rocky’s dander up :)Gosh, I don’t even know what’s ‘dander’, maybe i don’t want to get it up, whoops, sorry, off to check ‘dander’


    Rasp, no. The weak argument tends to come from people who have no knowledge of the club but are quite willing to spout rubbish when it suits. A generalisation yes, but still true.

  115. evonne says:

    Dander is material shed from the body of various animals???

  116. kelsey says:


    I think we have had this discussion many times.We that really support do so in different ways and as said before it’s part of our life.

    The funniest thing that i have read recently was a guy talking about Alan Sugar when he was our chairman. God’s honour it was on ACLF a few months back.

  117. Red Arse says:


    Can I say that I agree with your @1:0.

    I also understand and agree with your sentiment regarding the validity of other fans’ opinions.

    Terry can speak for himself, but, as far as I understand it, I think he agrees with you too.

    I thought he was having a chip at those fans who have a nihilistic and puzzlingly acerbic way of expressing themselves whenever AW; the club; the players or other fans upset there sense of what is right, and in doing so offend ‘right thinking’ Gooners.

    Where I agree with you and slightly disagree with my man Terry, is that I do not believe this attitude/behaviour is confined to, or even specific to, new fans or those living abroad who cannot attend games.

    There are many instances on the blogs (not AA) of some self confessed ‘long-term’, season-ticket-holding fans who can be cantankerous and do say unfortunate and unhelpfully critical statements — which non-the-less they believe they have the right to say, however unpalatable there views may be to others, and to to be fair it is difficult to gainsay them as there is no judge and jury to weigh up the rights and wrongs of ‘opinions’ or attitudes.

    We all have the right to disagree with, argue with or ignore them as is our personal wonts! 🙂

  118. goonermichael says:

    dandan. I hate the mancs and hate the spuds, cyclists, tube drivers and people in general. I think it’s my default mode. However, my brother is a spud, I have several manc supporting clients and aquaintences and Raddy is a cyclist and I like him. Am I confused?

  119. chas says:

    I love it that those ‘fans’ who have given up their season tickets because they disagree with Wenger have missed out on being at the stadium for the past half a dozen or so games. They don’t deserve the good times and as far as I’m concerned their opinions are worth less than mine even if I’m talking complete and utter bollix. 🙂

  120. evonne says:

    GM – very 🙂

    Would you like Theo’s picture back? I am a cyclist and people in general

  121. kelsey says:

    Raddy is a cyclist and I like him. Am I confused? 🙂

  122. Rasp says:

    Terry @ 4:05,

    Agreed, of course, that definition applies to all topics, not just football. The people with the least knowledge or the heaviest chips on their shoulders tend to shout the loudest and make the least sense.


    Thanks Redders. I agree with everything you and MJ say. When i wrote that, i knew it was controversial and a sweeping generalisation, even if Rasp finds it lazy or weak.

  124. Red Arse says:


    ‘Dander’ also means to get riled or to lose your temper. 🙂

    So were you trying to get Rocky to lose his temper or get him riled?

  125. evonne says:

    Chas – agreed. A few months ago I met a couple I know going with their childred to the tube station on a Saturday. I asked them if they were going to the game. The woman said ‘What for, to see them lose again? No, we are going to a museum’. Feck them, I hope they will go to a museum every match day for the rest of their lives. We are going to have much more fun in a meantime 🙂

  126. RockyLives says:

    I think some people use the word “hate” in a casual way. It doesn’t mean they’re eaten up with hatred.

    My teenage daughter seems to “hate” new things on a daily basis. This morning she “hated” the butter because it was too hard to spread. But I don’t think she spends her nights sleeplessly plotting to take revenge on the butter dish.

  127. Rasp says:

    chas, your bollix is very stylish 😆

    Funnily enough, I have just spoken to a regular customer who is very wealthy and holds 4 season tickets. I have been pee’d off with him for a while now as he hasn’t been going to games due to what he saw as underperforming and yet was deaf to my heavy hints that maybe he should allow someone else less demanding (i.e. me) to fill his otherwise empty seat.

    He completely missed the irony when I asked him this morning if he had started going to games again and said with a beaming smile – yes, I wouldn’t want to miss these games for anything …. I suppose you pays your money and you takes your choice 😦

  128. RockyLives says:

    Redders 🙂
    I think she was trying to get me to shed body material 🙂

  129. Red Arse says:


    If you had said you liked cyclists but did not like Randy – that would be controversial and confused! 🙂

  130. evonne says:

    RA – you are a devil’s advocate, aren’t you 🙂 I have a soft spot for Rocky, so to get his attention any way I can is a new hobby 🙂

  131. Red Arse says:

    That would be dandruff then, Rocky. Euurggh! 🙂

  132. Rasp says:

    TMHT, I wasn’t calling your style of blogging lazy or weak, I was responding to redMJ’s comment

  133. Red Arse says:


    You have misjudged me. I am not the devil’s advocate —— I am a little devil!! 🙂

  134. RockyLives says:

    Great comment.
    We have fans from all around the world (many of whom read AA). Most of them may never have the opportunity to visit the UK and go to a game. We should welcome them with open arms.
    The same goes for new UK-based fans who haven’t been to the ground. If I can turn someone into an Arsenal supporter I feel I have done them a great life service – and I wouldn’t want people resenting them for being johnnie-come-latelies.

    I know that’s not what you were really saying – you were having a pop at the ‘poison’ brigade and in that I support you.

    What happened to Cornwall?

  135. Red Arse says:


    I was going to agree with something you had written earlier, but by the time I got around to write it I forgot what it was — so I’ll agree with you anyway – even if we are both talking bollix!! 🙂


    I apologise Rasp, i thought you were having a pop at me.

    Ive just realised what a hypocrite i am. Its ok when i dish it out, but when i feel somethings directed at me i have a hissy fit. hahahaha

  137. evonne says:

    RA – you are in a great form today!

    Rocky – it is very hard to be a teenager, the whole world seems to be against them, butter included.

    Refs to apologise to Martinez, bloody right too!

  138. Rasp says:

    Not at all Terry, your are very consistent in the upbeat nature of your support and your comments on here serve to lift the spirits of other less optimistic bloggers 😛 – you have nothing to apologise for.

  139. evonne says:

    Terry – only because you and I have paranoia, it doesn’t mean they are not going to get us! Beware my friend.
    Dogs, walkies!


    Hi Rocky, it was aimed at the “poison brigade”, and no one else. Its great that people who previously had no knowledge of football and may live on the other side of the world, can get into the game and enjoy it like we do. On hindsight, i wish i had worded things a bit better but i allowed my annoyance at some of the comments get the better of me. I apologise to any one who may have taken offence.

  141. Rasp says:

    kesley – sorry, I missed your comment @4:08

    Yes we’ve trodden this path a few times. I just thought I’d add the ‘chip on the shoulder bit’ as some supporters seem to harbour bitterness just because others refuse to agree with their view and so some depart on some kind of mission to use any miniscule event as evidence to prove their point and take delight in things going wrong.

  142. robbinURpersie says:

    your forgiven merry terry 😉

  143. Red Arse says:


    You and the simile of your daughter and ‘hating’ butter because it was too hard to spread, neatly explains the difference between a figure of speech and an emotion.

    For myself, I have been known to curl up my lip and reject a cup of coffee with the comment ‘I can’t drink that — I ‘hate’ cold coffee.

    But there are those who express ‘hate’ as an emotion, and Dandan @ 3:42 has made a cogent comment on that.

    Apologies to all, for some reason, earlier today, my fingers were confusing the use of the possessive pronoun “their” with “there” the adverb, noun, pronoun. Tut bloody tut! 🙂

  144. RedMJ says:

    I didnt take offense Terry. I knew from your previous missives that you are on the “bright side” (as opposed to the dark). It was just that your comments coincided with what happened to me on Sunday and gave me an opportunity to recount it and exorcise the demons

  145. Red Arse says:


    I am glad you did not read the Post on the Arsenal Truth blog yesterday.

    It was one of the most hate filled, anti-Arsenal essays I can ever remember reading, and it left me stunned that a supposed Arsenal blogsite could carry such sentiments.

    Amazingly a number of Citeh fans responded and chided the author for his ungrateful, disgusting, ant-Arsenal attitude.
    Thankfully, most of the Arsenal fans repudiated the bile too.

    And this after we beat the £300m Man City team 1:0.
    Extraordinary. The guy needs help! 😦

  146. dandan says:

    See you lot, you got me at it, my 3 yr old grandson just told me his sister “ate” his Easter Egg. Damn language 🙂

  147. Red Arse says:

    Hi 1TG

    I know an award winning Cornish resident who would say you are getting your bollocks and bullocks mixed up. 🙂
    [Watch out for those heifers!]

  148. dandan says:

    Red we round here have trouble with our bollards whilst in Cornwall I believe it is Rowlocks causes problems 🙂

  149. LB says:

    Dandan @3.42

    Of course you are right, I think I am correct in saying that your brother supports spuds? I have five brothers and they all support Arsenal, I had the experience of coming out their ground with just one of the five when we were set on, I was was helpless to stop them punching my brother, the memory remains.

    So let me be clear, I fucking hate the bastards.

  150. Red Arse says:

    Dandan, 🙂

    I was told some years ago by a friend that a certain young lady was wont to tell anyone who would listen that she really ‘ated me.

    As we were working together at the time, it was her ploy to put others off the scent that we were dating.

    Love and ‘ate, eh? Can get confusing! 🙂

  151. Red Arse says:


    I understand that in England it is OK to scratch the bollards and kick the rowlocks. Or is it the other way round.

    Could be painful if I get that wrong!! 🙂

  152. kelsey says:

    dandan is to say the least a bit occupied and I admire him for even blogging.Mrs dandan has got to go back into hospital tomorrow, she is quite poorly.
    Puts it all into perspective.

  153. Red Arse says:


    Really sorry to hear the latest on Mrs DD. Hope all goes well.

  154. RockyLives says:

    What Redders said.

  155. Hi Redders,
    Without being abusive and keeping to the ” About AA” guidelines of supposedly being able to ” express myself freely on all opinions and viewpoints “, I have had three comments removed. The moderators on here like to play “God” and are contradicting their own rules, so I expect this comment to be removed aswell. Maybe one of them will grow some and freely express what was wrong with my comments, as I am confused as to what I have done wrong since being allowed back from my enforced exile !.

  156. GunnerN5 says:

    Dandan @3:42

    To profess hatred for someone you do not know is in my book not only senseless, but self-delusional. You cannot realistically hate that which you do not know.


    Well I guess I must be an unrealistic, senseless, self delusional individual. To prove the point here are some people that I’ve never met – but genuinely hate.

    Idi Amin
    Nicolae Ceausescu
    Saddam Hussein
    Joseph Stalin
    Augusto Pionochet
    Josip Tito
    Kim II Sung

    And the list goes on and on and on and I glad that I hate these types of despots.

    Hate is not a bad four letter word – when used in the correct context.

  157. chas says:

    I saw some on LG bigging up Arsenal Truth. Some just like to hate. 🙂

  158. Rasp says:


    None of your comments have been removed today. If you have tried to put up a comment that has not appeared on the site then it has become lost somehow in the system and is invisible to us. As far as we are concerned you are free to blog.

    We do not appreciate being told we are ‘playing god’, or having ‘supposed’ rules or being told to ‘grow some’. We agreed that any grievances should be addressed by email and not aired on the site and the first thing you do is to flout that ….. what’s the point?

  159. Rasp says:

    Dandan, best wishes again to you and Mrs DD.

  160. Total,
    I dont know where you are or for how long ( or how long my comment lasts ) you will be in cornwall, but If your anywhere near Launceston on Thursday@ 6:30pm, your welcome to join in some 5-a-side ( could be more or less ) on an astro turf pitch, are you as good at playing the game as you are at talking the game ?.
    It could be gooners vs scousers, we have 4 of each.
    I`ll try this again……… Talking of scousers, there will be 90,000 of them at Wembley on Saturday, The Guinness book of Records have noted this and will be in attendence to record a world record for the largest ever Police Identification Parade !.

  161. Rasp,

    If It has been lost somewhere In cyberspace , then I`m sorry, but just step back and look at it from where I`m sitting, I placed comments on site, they were there on AA, then they disappeared and after reading someone had been binned earlier , I just assumed the worst. appollogies.

  162. God be with you Mrs DD

  163. Rasp says:

    That’s OK gllic, I have no idea what happened to those comments, we’ve looked in spam and trash and they are not there – its a mystery?

  164. RockyLives says:

    Nice to hear from you Spooky GliC
    Let’s just all talk football from now on.
    And keep the humour PG rated 🙂
    You’re too good of a contributor to get yourself binned again and leave us all missing your entertaining comments 🙂

  165. Red Arse says:

    Hi GLIC, 🙂

    Rasper is as straight as a dye, so I am sure that there must have been a technical glitch with any earlier comments.

    We have missed your pithy comments and I am pleased you have sorted out any misunderstanding.

    Mind you, we have had some great wins in your absence, so if we (sschh whisper it) lose on Wednesday, I suspect all the regular AAers will railroad you out of town – bullocks and all!! 🙂

  166. We need Shaggy and Scooby on the case ! 🙂

  167. goonermichael says:

    Balotelli hasn’t been charged. From what I gather atkinson saw it and thought it was ok. The fa is a total farce and disgrace. He could so easily have broken his leg.

  168. Red Arse says:


    Your update about the LG comment seems to confirm my worst impressions of that Arsenal Truth Post! 😦


    Cornwall, its great to have you back. if you get yourself binned again, ime coming down to Cornwall to beat you sensless with my toupee and then force my telescope on you. hahhahahah

  170. RockyLives says:

    Bloody hell.
    The FA are taking no action against Balotelli for his attempt to cripple Song. Apparently “at least one match official saw the incident” so they’re not going to do anything about it.
    If the statement was followed by the sentence: “The match official involved has been relieved of all duties for the rest of the season,” you could argue that the FA was at least acknowledging the seriousness of the challenge. Instead it’s just carte blanche for the leg breakers.


  171. RockyLives says:

    If we get Shaggy and Scooby onto it you know it will turn out to be the janitor.
    Although I’m not sure we have a janitor on AA…

  172. Redders,
    I`d take a railroading anyday ,If it mean`t winning all our last games !.
    Off for a 4 miler, dodging the bullocks ! 🙂

  173. Red Arse says:

    Anyway, whats the “Ghost of Garlic” handle all about?

    Has that MerryT been trying to kiss you again — in a totally footballing way, of course? [Rocky’s stricture is engraved on my heart!] 🙂

  174. Rocky,
    I know kelsey has Juanita, who polishes his bowls !

    With the promise of your toupee , It`s going to be Hard ! 😉

  175. Red Arse says:


    That decision not to charge Balotelli, when even his manager said he should be, is frankly ludicrous.

    The FA are spineless at best – and corrupt at worst!

    From what I have seen, the only official who apparently had a clear line of sight was Andre Marriner, the fourth official.
    He needs his eyes or his brain tested immediately, and suspended sine die!

  176. robbinURpersie says:

    are you serious, balotelli let off??

    well thats me and football…done!! im over it, and the FA make me fucking sick to the stomache..i will love Arsenal forever but football will not take up my time…so long as we accept this shit in football it will continue just like racism or anything else..

    does it take an Eduardo for the fa to say “oh my, we need to do something”

    BLIND BATS run our game and im supporting it no more..

    What happened to the beautiful game…

    People, it was nice…later

  177. Red Arse says:

    RurP, come back.

    This is the statement the FA have issued;

    “Retrospective action can only be taken in scenarios where none of the Match Officials saw the players coming together. The normal scenarios in which retrospective action is taken are for ‘off the ball’ incidents.

    “Retrospective action was introduced for off the ball incidents where there was no contest for possession and could not be deemed to be re-refereeing an incident.

    “In agreement with FIFA, this is how ‘not seen’ incidents are dealt with retrospectively in England. It is a policy that is agreed with all football stakeholders.”

    So the gutless FA are blaming the corrupt FIFA.

    We need you on here RurP and this crap does not change anything we did not already know about FIFA and its acolyte FAs.

  178. Let me explain Redders and this will be my only and last near the mark remark.
    I told Haircules that glic was no longer, his ashes were scattered on a secret location somewhere on Dartmoor, If you can remember he was last heard of as being King “Lucky Bastard”, pollinating a Tribe of Lesbians, his demise was painless, being suffocated between Two lesbians thighs, his last words uttered were, “Mmmmmmmm” !.
    Now I really must go for my run, laters.

  179. dandan says:

    GN5 Had you taken the time to read my post properly you would have seen, I Wrote that “history was littered with the unspeakable actions of the hater”, obviously the people you list are part of that history and it goes without saying such hatred is reciprocated.
    We however were talking of rival football fans, in particular Spurs fans. You of course are old enough and experienced enough to have realised that, But as is your won’t you seek to trivialise things by deliberately misunderstanding your own written language..
    GN I wish you well.

  180. chas says:

    You don’t have to support the game, just the Arse.

  181. Makumyx says:

    Good piece to read. My view is that Rambo serves a defensive purpose more than an attacking one. If Rambo was as bad as some deem him, would the boss give him the starts he has given him? I doubt. With the Ox, The Bald Rasta Gerv and Ozy all available, wenger still plays him. Lets give him a breathe. Dont kill the guy. IN WENGER WE TRUST? Right. Then trust his choices. Remember how we vilified Walcot? So who’s next after Rambo? RobinVanPire? Well, the guy has not scored for longer than an eon. IN WENGER I TRUST. He trusts the welsh man, i trust the welsh man. Caput.

  182. dandan says:

    AA’ers thank you once again for your good wishes you really are to kind.

  183. chas says:

    Excellent, Makumyx.
    Best wishes, dandan.

  184. goonermichael says:

    I HATE the FA 🙂

    No seriously. Did anyone see kaboul kick a Norwich player yesterday? I don’t think he’s been charged.

    I do hate them though dandan

  185. GunnerN5 says:

    My views on Aaron Ramsey have remained the same and are unaffected by either empathy or sympathy.

    A professional footballer should be expected to play out of position when asked by his coach. It is not always successful but at least players like Henry, Bendtner, Vermaelen, Djourou, Koscielny, Arshavin all tried their level best to adjust and adapt even though they may feel out of place.

    In AR’s case (QPR) he reverted to his natural position, leaving the team naked and vulnerable to a right sided attack and also clogging up the mid-field.

    To blame his lack of tactical nous and poor play on a few yobs in the crowd is close to pitiful, his is responsible for his own issues.

    I don’t share the opinion that he is a future Arsenal mainstay and Captain, His poor games for both Arsenal and Wales far outweigh his good games

    I think he will end up as another Denilson – great potential – but?

  186. evonne says:

    LB @ 5:01. That’s a sad story, I hope your brother is ok.

    I had a friend who is an obsessive Chelsea supporter, always has been. We are no longer friends because of Abramovitch. Anyway, many years ago Chavs were playing Cambridge and there was some fighting after the game. When Chelsea went to Cambridge for the second leg, the fans there prepared a revenge. They dressed in identical navy tops and waited for stray Chavs. My friend was walking along on his own and they set on him with broken bottles. They slashed his neck from one side to another. A cop on a bike has spotted my friend going to the ground in a pool of blood and saved his life by pushing his whole knee into the wound. The victim wasn’t even 20 then and one of the nicest man you can ever meet.

    Funnily enough, his brother is a big Arsenal supporter (yipee) and a famous boxing promoter. Years after his younger brother’s incident he presided over a selection committee when the gang leader from Cambridge applied for a licence to train young boxers. My friend’s bro recognised the front bottom and asked him if he had any criminal convictions; the answer was a definite NO. And then the front bottom was ripped to shreds and refused a licence without right of appeal.

    My Chav friend still goes to all games, home and away and takes his young son with him.

  187. robbin says:

    i will always support the Arsenal Chas, that is a love affair that im pleased i will never shake off..

    in the last 2 weeks alone we have seen decisions that could well cost a club relegation ( a possible 40mil), decisions that will, in the end hand out undeserved trophies, and a decision to accept what could have cost a player his career not to mention the ramifications had we lost him..

    Redders, even during the commentary in the shitty game they stated that the fact that the ref(s) had not seen the incident that it would be forwarded to some tribunal, now theyve done a u-turn and we have to accept it..thats a joke right?

    when is this farce gonna end, if i knew a petition or something similar would help change things, then im all for it..but the fact that fifa the fa or any other monkeys we wanna mention know that we are quite simply put “hooked to football”, they feel they can run rings around us and i dont want to let that happen..every time we spend on pay tv, we help those mugs.

    i know, i alone cant make a difference but quite frankly i find it disgusting..i mean what is even the point of debating FFP or any fairness for that matter.. F*** that, id rather watch dvds of bergkamp and the past than be part of the corrupt game

  188. Arsenalista says:

    Sat in a meet the players thing with Walcott, Ramsey and Gibbs on members day. Ramsey was smashing.

    He said to the crowd that his idol was Roy Keane and that got a few boos.

    Positional – We have a problem there. He can’t play behind the striker like he has been for half the season. He takes up the wrong positions and gets ahead of the ball too much and ends up getting the ball with his back to goal. You need to be side on playing that role. He is best when running from deep and has a good finish which brings me to confidence.

    Confidence – he is obvouisly lacking in that respect. He always looked like he had a goal in him before. But before he was coming to the play from deep, he could see the picture, further forward he is forced to be instinctive.

    Injury- has effected him. The flick he keeps trying always seems to be when a defender is rushing in behind him. He wants to get out of the way. Eduardo did it too after his comeback. Entirely understandable but he will have to beat that.

    We don’t play to his strengths right now and he does hamper the pattern of play.

    Good players find a way to fit in and I’m sure he will do just fine.

    Good players also develop at different rates and Ramsey may take longer.

    Wenger often uses a phrase with a player, “he needs to find where to be on the field” and I think that applies to Ramsey.

    He isn’t first pick right now and it will on get tougher when Jack gets back.

    Ramsey will be a top player as long as he can master the mind.

  189. Makumyx says:

    The fa won’t charge! Hogwash. Bring the video technology not just the goal line tech. Wigan should be awarded a point in retrospect, Carroll sent to the gallows for tripping and man u deducted ten ‘stolen’ points. That would be fair. Damn you FA. Ball-Oh-Telly tells me You Only Live Once and goes scott free sturds up and all. Wenger talks to a ref in protest and he is banned for three games. Damn all officials. A WAKE UP CALL FOR A FANS REVOLUTION. Damn the regime. Damn it Damn it.

  190. GunnerN5 says:


    It is not I who trivialise – but you who add a different interpretation to you own words; which were-.

    “History is littered with the unspeakable actions of the hater”

    Which eludes to them being the “hater” not the “hated” and your whole point is about the hatred of hating.

    By the way I doubt very much if one of them hated what they did- but I sure hate them for doing it………………….

  191. goonermichael says:

  192. Red Arse says:


    Excellent, well thought out comment. Totally agree.


    I know you have other rather more important personal matters on your mind at the moment, but can you please improve your typing or your proof reading?

    The ‘d’ is just below and to the left of the ‘r’ on the keyboard.
    Then ‘hey presto’ hateR becomes ‘hateD’ — after all first class typing skills are a must for some on here. (as if) 🙄

    Personally, I could not give a flying f**k for smart arses trying to be clever, and I suggest you do the same. 🙂

    I said earlier that I support my friends — consider yourself supported. 🙂

  193. Gooner In Exile says:

    Evening all, quite some day blogging on AA.

    First off DD best wishes to Mrs DD.

    Back to the post and debate, I have to say I am ultra confused by the criticism of Ramsey for not passing, as others have said it is exactly that extra pass that has so often been criticised by Arsenal fans in recent times.

    Secondly Rambo’s goal in Marseille pretty much guaranteed us progress from the group stages, his equaliser coming off the bench against Sunderland set us up for the first comeback of a four game run.

    I will not deny that he has appeared to slow up our play, but unfortunately in those games he suffered from few outlets as he was having to wait for wide players to reset their position having needed to track back to cover for the novice fullbacks.

    As for the stats I will ask that anyone who wants to use them as a case for his release have hopefully removed the games where we had no fullbacks from the equation and get back to me with his win percentage.

    TA has said recently that Rambo is becoming one of the many fans self fulfilling prophecies, he is 21 and as such deserves support and encouragement from any Arsenal fan. We have to stop this unnecessary demanding of youngsters to be the finished article at 19-20, Rocky names in Adams in the report, I would add, Thomas, Davis, Rocastle, Merson and probably many other youngsters to that list who were allowed time by the fans.

    I used to compliment Arsenal fans on the fact that young players always got encouragement from the fans, I fear this is starting to disappear and its not good.

  194. GunnerN5 says:

    Red Arse,

    Quite frankly I don’t need friends like you!

  195. Gooner In Exile says:

    Oh and by the way when will we fans and the media stop allowing the FA to hide behind this “ref saw it so we can’t act” rule, it is blatantly untrue and breaches FIFA Disciplinary Code 2011 (the latest code):

    Click to access DisCoInhalte.pdf

    Part 77:

    The Disciplinary Committee is responsible for:
    a) sanctioning serious infringements which have escaped the match officials’ attention;
    b) rectifying obvious errors in the referee’s disciplinary decisions;
    c) extending the duration of a match suspension incurred automatically by an expulsion (cf. art 18, par. 4);
    d) pronouncing additional sanctions, such as a fine.

  196. Red Arse says:


    Why am I not surprised by your views? You are spot on.

    It’s interesting that the split in the views on Ramsey comprise one camp, the majority thankfully, of those who are capable of empathizing with a young player finding his way in the game, both for his own benefit and that of the club too, and those who are not.

    Who is right? Time will tell.

    Where have you been all day? Well on your way to your second million, I suppose. 🙂

  197. Gooner In Exile says:

    Arsenilsta good points, one thing that I noticed earlier in the season there were times when he could buy the foul, but instead tried to keep possession and turned away giving the defender an opportunity to nick it.

    I see Ivanovic has been charged with violent conduct, any action taken on Kaboul yet for kicking out at Holt?

  198. Gooner In Exile says:

    RA my second millionth headache! Clients! grrrrrr

  199. Irishgunner says:

    Evening all,

    Great win on Sunday. Piss poor decision from the FA today but then were we expecting any better?

  200. goonermichael says:

    Hi Irish. Haven’t seen you for a while. I noticed that Lady Gaga is playing Twickenham this year

  201. Red Arse says:


    I saved this one for you and your headache! 🙂

    TheLone Ranger was ambushed and captured by an enemy Indian War Party.

    The Indian Chief proclaims, “So, YOU are the great Lone Ranger” … “In honour of the Harvest Festival, YOU will be executed in three days.”

    “Before I kill you, I grant you three requests”

    “So, what is your FIRST request???’

    The Lone Ranger pondered for a moment and responded,
    “I’d like to speak to my horse,please.”

    The Chief nods and Silver is brought before the Lone Ranger
    who whispers in Silver’s ear, and the horse gallops away.

    Later that evening, Silver returns with a beautiful blonde woman on his back.

    As the Indian Chief watches, the blonde enters the Lone Ranger’s tent and spends the night.

    The next morning the Indian Chief admits he’s impressed.
    “You have a very fine and loyal horse, but I will still kill you in two days.”

    “Now, what is your SECOND request???”

    The Lone Ranger again asks to speak to his horse.
    Silver is brought to him, and he again whispers in the horse’s ear.

    As before, Silver takes off and disappears over the horizon.

    Later that evening, to the Chief’s surprise, Silver again returns, this time with a voluptuous brunette, more attractive even than the blonde.

    She enters the Lone Rangers tent and spends the night.

    The following morning the Indian Chief is again very impressed.
    “You are indeed a man of many talents, but I will still kill you tomorrow.”

    “Finally, what is your LAST request ???”

    The Lone Ranger responds, “I’d like to speak to my horse, …. alone.”

    The Chief is curious, but again he agrees, and Silver is brought to the Lone Ranger’s tent.

    Once they are alone, the Lone Ranger grabs Silver by both of his ears, looks him square in the eye and slowly says,

    “for … the … last … time … — Go bring POSSE —!!!”

    (Don’t let Rasp see this, or I will be in trouble!!) 🙂

  202. Gooner In Exile says:

    😀 RA

  203. RockyLives says:

    Redders 😀

  204. goonermichael says:

    I’ve got an invisible comment

  205. goonermichael says:

    no it’s back. I’m off though.See you later

  206. Red Arse says:

    Hi Irish, 🙂

    Still dreaming of tight white riding jodhpurs and a whip. 🙂 (Me that is!) 🙂

    ‘Luck’ isn’t a film, by the way, it’s a US TV Series now being shown on Sky in the UK.

    If you get a chance have a look and see how you look racing a beautiful horse, and with a lovely lilting Irish accent — not at the same time — obviously, and not the horse either — the girl I mean — with the accent! 🙂

    That sounds a little odd — but I am sure you will understand — won’t you? 🙂

  207. Red Arse says:

    Me too, I am off before they come for me!! 🙂

    Nite peeps!

  208. evonne says:

    second pool goalie red carded

  209. evonne says:

    3rd Pool goalie saves a penalty!! nice one kiddo

  210. Irishgunner says:

    GM – Hi 🙂 Yeah been out and about over the bank holiday weekend, and going nuts when Arteta scored in the local pub. She is indeed, I might go over for it if I get a ticket, she’s playing the Aviva (Lansdowne Road) in Dublin the same week – have time booked off work Monday morning to get my tickets ha ha

    RA – Not many would understand but I do 😉 I’ll have a look out for it.

  211. evonne says:

    Hi and bye Irish x

  212. Irishgunner says:

    Hi and bye Evonne 🙂

  213. Gooner In Exile says:

    So ‘Pool have 3rd choice keeper in Semi plus a youth teamer on bench!

  214. Hi all

    We have a problem. I’ve emailed oz to see if he wants to write the pre-match for tomorrow but he hasn’t responded and I don’t want to wake up tomorrow to find we don’t have a post 😦

    Anyone fancy volunteering at this late stage to put together a pre-match for tomorrow ……….

  215. Irishgunner says:

    I’ll throw one together Peaches but it mightn’t be much

  216. Irish – you star!!!!!!!! Thank you so much – stick it in drafts when you’re ready 🙂

  217. Irishgunner says:

    Just doing it now Peaches

  218. Gooner In Exile says:

    I’ve done a pre match:


    that is all

  219. Gooner In Exile says:

    Worth a watch for the Poznan in full effect

  220. Irishgunner says:

    A form of a pre-match done – I’m not very good at them but I gave it a go 😉

    Hi and bye GIE – night all 🙂

  221. SharkeySure says:

    Corky…sterling ever

    Ditto Chas and the angles.

    AK47….brief but quality

    Things that have done my head in today…

    Derry’s card upheld.

    FA spewing complete and utter shite about seen and unseen decisions. Fuck right off if you think leg breaking tackles are OK. ‘Respect..’?? What a joke

    Brad Jones is actually a half decent keeper but he really does have to get a red tonight

    Carroll. Lol. Worth every penny now…yeah right

  222. 26may1989 says:

    Re boyo’s argument that our win/loss ratios with and without Ramsey on the pitch would show how much of a problem he is, here are the stats:

    With Ramsey (starter or sub): Wins: 24 [60%]; Draws: 5 [12.5%]; Losses: 11 [27.5%]

    With Ramsey (starter only): Wins: 17 [53%]; Draws: 4 [12.5%]; Losses: 11 [34%]

    With Ramsey (sub only): Wins: 7 [87.5%]; Draws: 1 [12.5%]; Losses: 0 [0%]

    Without Ramsey: Wins: 6 [66%]; Draws: 1 [11%]; Losses: 2 [22%]

    I haven’t run the figures for other players, though I think van Persie, Song, Koscielny and Szczesny for example all played in more of our defeats than Ramsey – are we going to start slating them too?

    Using these stats as a tool to beat Ramsey with is misleading: as others have pointed out, no account is taken of specific match situations or contributions. But while the loss ratio for games Ramsey started looks bad at 34% (relative to the other stats re Ramsey), I would look at the figures the other way around: we have not lost a single game when Ramsey has come on as a sub, and have won all but one of those matches. That might show Ramsey to have some seriously valuable qualities as a closer, something that shouldn’t be ignored.

    The truth is stats as crude as win/loss ratios cross-referenced with individual player are almost bound to be misleading. His pass completion rate seems more meaningful to me, and a quick glance shows him to be as good as anyone in the squad other than the stunning Arteta, whose completion rate is about 4% higher than anyone else’s in the squad.

    I still can’t believe people are using one screwed up shot as evidence against Ramsey. Going for goal was the smart choice, the passing options being poor percentage selections. He just did what many, many others have done and skied the shot. Big deal.

  223. RockyLives says:

    Brilliant 26 🙂

  224. 26may1989 says:

    Cheers The Rock! And night night.

  225. Rob Lucci says:

    the only way you can get red carded in Premier League is when you broke someone leg, or if Wayne Rooney told you to do so. No wonder England is shit in any cup competition.

    The difference between England FA and arsehole is that arsehole actually let the shit out, but Fa keep them as long as they can..

  226. jnyc says:

    I have been posting for months now, about ramsey. I love his spirit, hard work, energy. He disappointed me with lack of creativity as attacking midfldr. We struggled to score alot when he played there. He can be a great holding mdfldr with his skills. I keep saying a scott parker type, with more to offer going forward. Scoring will come to him more easily when less pressure.
    also, he can play in artetas place when he needs rest. With mikels age and injury history, he will need to be rested more next season to continue at such a high level.
    i also like ramsey as a late game sub to bring energy, defense and posession. BUT ONLY when we have a lead.
    and stop putting him down. Support your players, especially when they return from injury, even more especially when they tragically lose a mentor like gary speed,AND, even more, when they give so much EFFORT on the pitch. U cant write off a young talent who works so hard. At worst, i will say he has been disappointing as a ccreator. But has so much to offer in future in other ways, and will improve scoring and assisting i hope from a deeper midfld position.

  227. chas says:

    Loving the full effect Poznan.
    I was hoping there was some more video of it.
    It looks as though the cameraman didn’t know where to point his lens. Too much to take in all at once.

  228. Red Arse says:

    Morning, Chas, 🙂

    The Poznan is really funny and I hope we reserve it for the Spud and Manure games especially!! 🙂

    Have you started a new job? If so, how is it going? Won’t stop your vids and comments I hope! 🙂

  229. chas says:

    Morning, RA.
    I was just doing a short stint to earn a few quid.
    I don’t really spend much money.
    Except indulging my one true passion. 🙂

    This is quite a nice gathering together of the joy of Sunday….

  230. Red Arse says:

    Love it Chas.

    There has to be a niche market for someone with your talents, if you extended this ability beyond just Arsenal activities. 🙂

    It’s just a feeling, but I am so ignorant in areas like your skill sets I would not know how to advise you on where to start.

    But you are really talented! 🙂

    [WordPress is so slow this morning and keeps throwing me out after ‘hanging’ for ages.]

  231. ozgunner says:

    Im very sorry peaches thats my alternate email,i must give you my uni one because that’s left open 24/7.thank you to both you and rasp for your email on the weekend,much appreciated.

    Great comments on here yesterday,glad to see you back the ghost f glic

  232. chas says:

    I think you’re overestimating my ability to cut and paste, RA, but thanks anyway. 🙂

  233. DublinDidIt says:

    I am passing on a massive thank you all from WestCorkDidIt as you all saved the day with great coverage of the City game.
    A word of warning to all: avoid NorthWalesDidIt at all costs. Truly awful human being.
    Home tonight in time for the game.
    Catch you all later.

  234. LB says:

    “I shall harvest the tears of this grief-stricken City supporter, mix them with my lovers breast milk to feed to our new born child. And thus shall I raise a next generation of Uber Supporter.”

    Hilarious, nice one Chas

  235. Gooner In Exile says:

    That blog page of tweets, pics and press clippings is a bit good.

    My guess is Chas works in IT, 5 days work and an annual salary is earned 😉

  236. evonne says:

    RA – here is something for you, in case you didn’t already know:
    ‘Stewardesses’ is the longest word typed with only the left hand.

    And ‘lollipop’is the longest word typed with your right hand.

    No word in the English language rhymes with
    month, orange, silver, or purple.

    ‘Dreamt’ is the only English word that ends in the letters ‘mt’.

  237. Gooner In Exile says:

    Problem with that list is RA will now disprove it 🙂

    Doesn’t turtle rhyme with purple? And surely

  238. evonne says:

    GiE – it does, you genius 🙂

  239. Gooner In Exile says:

    TC talks about how they’ll beat us:

  240. Gooner In Exile says:

    I don’t want to do the Poznan anymore…

    I think it’s only a one game a season pisstake anyway…..gutted I missed it. 😦

  241. evonne says:

    Match day!! Sadly, after today only 5 to go 😦 😦 😦

    I have to admit to being very pleased for Pool last night. Despite their 2nd goalie being sent off, the 10 men team gave their best and they deserved to win the game. And Carroll’s face after he scored the late winning goal was ecstatic, he deserved it

  242. Gooner In Exile says:

    It does to me Evonne but our linguistic expert RA will know better.

  243. evonne says:

    GiE – sorry to spoil your Poznan fan 😦 But they really are not a good example to follow; destroyed several stadia, Legia Warsaw including. Before each game police are better prepared than the london bobbies were in Tottenham last summer, helicopters, riot gear, big alsations, the whole shabang.

    And I walked from Barca game with 80k of other fans and there was not one cop in sight. Very, very impressive

  244. chas says:

    What was that video all about?
    The Arse fans copied a goal celebration, not a whole hooligan culture.

  245. chas says:

    Tickets for Stoke have arrived.
    Must try to get some Baggies tickets. 🙂

  246. evonne says:

    Chas – I know that only their celebrations were copied, but they are not a good example to follow full stop. I don’t want to associate myself with anything that those hooligans ‘invented’. It sends a wrong message to the Poznan mob, they are being copied across the world.

    Just on a different subject – the owner of Polonia Warszawa has stopped the players wages for March because of their poor performance 🙂 Fantastic!! Fair play to you Mr Wojciechowski

  247. chas says:

    He might struggle to make any summer signings.

  248. evonne says:

    Chas – yes 🙂 But I’d say that there are plenty of talented footballers in Poland getting paid less than £100 a week.

  249. chas says:

    ……who don’t mind missing out on a month’s pay…..

  250. meaner says:

    Ok.. let me conclude. Cut loss. Sell Ramilson.

    Convince the buying club his talent but need not to highlight what sort of talent because it would be tough. Tell them he is promising, and he would improve, and just back from injury. He has 5-6 good games this season. Great buy.

  251. chas says:


  252. evonnethegunner says:

    …only if they play shit. They have lost 5 consecutive games and blew their chances of winning the league.

  253. goonermichael says:

    I’m watching “talking tactics” with Stewart Robson. he thinks Clichy still plays for us. You’d think someone would spot it and edit it out.

  254. Rasp says:

    Morning all…….

    ….. New post …….

  255. Mahatma says:

    A very well thought out and objective assesment. In my opinon though the issue with Ramsey is far less about his technical abilties work rate etc. and more about his mindset and his decision making.
    His much acclaimed work rate – his stongest asset- needs to be examined more closely. Yes, he is always husltling, chasing the ball but what is usually the end result of all this effort? Usually turn overs, often if we are lucky an unspectacular, uncreative lateral pass. So much for his strengths
    Ramsey is not a team player. Puts his own individual play ahead of the team. I suspect he may consder himself equal to or better than most of his teammates and may even resent all adulation that RVP gets. Not the type of sentiment you want in the locker room.

    He is young and may mature eventually but as long as his high work rate continues to disguse the fact that he is a liability Wenger will continue to include him in the line up and the team will pay the price.

  256. jobs says:


    […]The Ramsey Problem « Arsenal Arsenal[…]…

  257. Hi all. Today using yahoo. It is a really intelligently written write-up. I’ll be sure to take a note of the idea obtainable back in find out more of your respective handy information and facts. Basically posting. I’ll certainly return.

  258. chas says:

    I fancy Ox to play instead of Rambo.

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