Do We Play Ryo Miyaichi or the Twitter Flavour of the Month Next Season?

Not another kid!

We need Eden Hazard, Yoann Gourcuff, Mario Goetze, some other player playing in the French Ligue 1/Bundesliga who I’ve never really seen play, but a lot of people are talking about him on Twitter so I presume we really need him and am going to get really angry about it when Wenger doesn’t splash out £50million on him in the summer.

Of course, these were more than likely the same people who booed Andrey “established star who cost a few bob” Arshavin off the field when he was replaced by Alex “oh bloody hell another kid who cost us a small fortune” Oxlade-Chamberlain at the Emirates against Manchester United.

Now before you worry, this isn’t another pop from a blog at Arshavin. I am very fond of the Russian and do hope that if he can’t find form at Arsenal, he will somewhere else (in a different league) because he is a joy to watch. No, no, this is about the kids, and one in particular – Ryo Miyaichi.

Arsenal signed Miyaichi in January of 2011, and he immediately went out on loan to Feyenoord until the end of the season. In 12 games, he scored 3 goals and made a big impression there. At the time, a Dutch friend of mine told me that he was still raw but was an exceptional prospect. It was on such evidence that he was granted an “exceptional talent” work visa. Ryo was hyped up by Wenger when he signed for us, and again during last summer, but other than two short appearances in the Carling Cup, we saw nothing of Miyaichi. That was until he went to Bolton on loan.

Now, during the Fat Sam era I wasn’t a fan of Bolton, with their pedantic football and aggressive style. Things didn’t get much better under Gary Megson, but under Owen Coyle, Bolton are a decent side to watch, aren’t into the bully boy tactics, and as shown by Jack Wilshere’s successful time there, a good place for Arsenal to loan out some younger players to get some vital first team experience. Young Jack grew up a lot in his time at the Reebok, he was taken away from the comfy bubble of London Colney and thrust into a more no nonsense set-up at a mid to lower league side where everyone had to pull their weight.

The same has happened to Ryo, and he hasn’t even got the benefit of a few years at our academy like Jack had, which leads me to suspect Wenger may be tempted to give him a try-out in the Arsenal squad sooner rather than later. I’m not going to try and sound clever and pretend to have watched every game he has played for Bolton, but I do read all the reviews and in them, Ryo’s name pops up time and again. Reporters often claim he is Bolton’s most creative player, and often their best. In fact, he was voted the club’s Player of the Month for February by fans. His goal and 2 assists in just 6 games probably helps.

I’ve only caught highlights of Ryo play, but he is willing to take defenders on, and can whip in a fine cross. His reaction to Fabrice Muamba’s illness is also telling when it comes to Wenger’s favourite, his “mental strength.” At the time he was obviously and understandably shocked, this turned to a tear when Muamba’s name was chanted on the first game back at the Reebok, and that in turn turned to sheer determination to do well on the field. It is hard to know how he will re-act to playing in the famous red and white on a big night at the Emirates, but like with the Ox and any other youngster, there is only one way to find out – throw ’em in at the deep in.

I’m not much of a betting woman (lost €30 to Paddy Power during Cheltenham – so if anyone has any tips for the Grand National I’m listening) but if I were to harbour a guess, I can sadly see Arshavin and Benayoun leaving the club in the summer and Miyaichi given his chance to shine. That would give us the options of Miyaichi, Walcott, Gervinho, and Oxlade-Chamberlain out wide, and they all have one thing in common – SPEED!

So do we give Ryo Miyaichi a go next season, or some player we’ve never really seen play or heard of before Twitter told us we needed him?

Written by Irishgunner

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  1. I sure hope we do, Sure he would be in the CC and probably go out on load according to how many competition we in still

    i hope Qzy gets a chance this year along with afobe

  2. I’ve seen most of Bolton’s games where Ryo has played and he makes me jump out of the seat every time he’s on the ball. Very direct, very fast, very tricky. The problem is he doesn’t really see as much of the ball as he should, being their most creative player. And he still has to develop the defensive side of his game and his fitness, too. Personally, I am not sure he’ll be ready for the early part of next season but I think Arsene will see how he does in pre-season and take it from there. Exciting times for us, although it’s all potential at the moment, hope both Ryo and the Ox realise that potential.

  3. RockyLives says:

    Super stuff Irish

    I have come to think that the daily outpouring of supporter wish lists is actually a displacement of frustration/ disappointment.

    They want success and, in today’s entitlement culture, they want it now and with a quick fix.

    Focussing on “magic bullet” players is just a way of expressing their hopes, fears and frustration.

    Which is not to say we should be blind to the need for reinforcements. For example it seems to me that we need at least one more central attacking option – someone to share the burden with RvP.

    As to who that person should be? I’m happy to leave that up to Arsene and his team.

    What always makes me laugh is how specific some people are about whom should be signed. As you say, it’s all “we must by player X or player Y or we’re doomed.”

    AW has been more successful in his transfer business than any manager I can think of (which does not mean he has not had failures – just that his hit-to-flop record is better than most and, when you factor in net spend, is stratospherically better than most).

  4. RockyLives says:

    (Plane’s delayed 🙂 )

  5. allezkev says:

    Ryo could be a very dangerous weapon, coming off of the bench against tiring defenders.
    Interesting post.
    Ozyakup, from the little i’ve seen of him, is top class.

  6. Gooner In Exile says:

    Morning all, a cracking post Irish. Like you I have been impressed by young Ryo and the reports from Feyenoord and from Bolton now. Another name to add to the growing list of teenagers being assembled at the club. I am not sure the club needs to invest as much this year, one or two more experienced players and no more, and only if experience leaves the squad.

    And also he bucks the trend of recent signings and has a name we can sing. Tune of Rio by Duran Duran.

    “His Name is Ryo and he dances down the wing”

    We must be able to complete that song with a few more lines.

  7. RockyLives says:

    Normally a plane delay would merit a 😦

    But because it allowed me to read Irish’s fine post it gets a 🙂 🙂 🙂

    You New Romantic you…

  8. RockyLives says:

    That’s a very mature assessment of Ryo. Thanks.

  9. Teejabaski says:

    Definitely…he should be given a chance even ahead of gervinho….but honestly, i really fink we should all take it easy on the youngster….maybe he should start with fa and carling cups with the likes of park chu young….but he should be on bench in our premierleaue fixture…he till has a lot to learn…

  10. Mike says:

    Good post and totally agree with RockyLives. These fans who think they know it all are quite ridiculous and no doubt everyone of them would have paid £50m for Torres. AW makes his mistakes (he is human you know) but I’d rather have him than anyone else I can think of and certainly more than a load of plastic fans.

  11. Red Arse says:

    Irish, 🙂

    I can pay you and your Post no greater compliment than to say you are right up there with the other great authors on this site.

    I could not agree more with you, both about Ryo’s potential and the nonsense attitude displayed by some who squeal ” gimme a biggee and gimmee him now, or I will squeam and squeam!”

    On a slightly – (totally?) – different tack, I have been watching a fascinating series based around horse racing called “Luck”. Have you seen it?
    There is a young Irish actress in it who plays the part of an aspiring young jockey trying to break in to the big time US horse racing circuit (sadly cannot remember her name at the mo’), and every time I see her, especially when she is shown racing her horse with her pert little white clad derriere stuck up in the air, and lustily wielding her whip, for some inexplicable reason, my mental image of you springs to mind.
    (There is also a young male actor who plays her jockey paramour, also clad in clean white pants — and funnily enough I have no such sexist thoughts!) 🙂

    Corky, have you taken off yet? 🙂

  12. RockyLives says:

    Taken what off? I’m not sure the other passengers would like it…

  13. RockyLives says:

    Oops… Getting told off by the stern stewardess now.

    Talk later 🙂

  14. Nick says:

    Both Ryo and Oz are gonna have long and illustrious careers at Arsenal. Both have immense quality and I can’t wait to see them as first team regulars as I believe both have it in them. Oz is gonna fill the void that Cesc left (Ramsey just can’t quite do it) and Ryo will show Theo what speed coupled with the ability to cross a ball in looks like.

    Very promising future ahead with the likes of Afobe, Yennaris, Frimpong, Coq, etc. all progressing nicely as well. As long as we can manage them well and loan them out accordingly to get more experience we are well stocked for the future. Here’s praying none of them pull a Bendtner!

  15. Juwon dammy says:

    I think someone like that player surpose to be at arsenal

  16. Bud says:

    watched in in most games being a Bolton Fan.

    Fast and direct. Still a raw talent. Prob best if his loan was extended into the 1st haf of next season.

    Still needs to learn to get his head up and spot the simply pass and not to always take the defender on.

    Given time, he become a better team player.

  17. Rasp says:

    Hi Bud,

    Nice to have a Bolton supporter on and thanks for the feedback. We do have quite a few options out wide so if extending the loan period benefits Ryo and helps Bolton, then that would be very good business.

  18. Red Arse says:

    Thanks Bud,

    That’s very interesting. It has been a terrific step up to the Premier League at Bolton via Feyenoord from college football in Japan.

    Anyway, thanks again for that, it’s appreciated! 🙂

  19. Red Arse says:

    Hi Rasper, 🙂 Snap!

  20. Rasp says:

    Morning RA,

    How are you these days?

  21. Red Arse says:

    Rasp, my man;
    Off to the hospital for a ‘procedure’ tomorrow. I am such a wuz I am really not looking forward to it! (Don’t tell anyone!!!) 🙂

  22. Bud says:

    No probs Rasp and Red,

    No doubt about it, the lad is very talented. He is also being toughened up being up North.

    ps, he wont be going back a shandy drinker 😉

  23. Red Arse says:

    Bud, 🙂

  24. Rasp says:

    😆 Bud,

    From what I’ve seen of him he is a brave player. If you’re quick and on the wings, you have to get used to being scythed down from the side. I believe he has already suffered broken leg about 2 years ago. I’m sure his spell you northern hard nuts will toughen him up before he rejoins us southern softies 😉

  25. Rasp says:

    Oh dear RA, at least you’ll get it out of the way so you can enjoy Easter.

  26. Bud says:

    Rasp your spot on, he is a brave lad, he does get stuck in (just like Wilshere did). I would hope he comes back on loan next season, with Ryo and Chung Young Lee on either flank, that would scare many defenders

    Banter between Bolton and Arsenal…never would have happened when under Big Sam. Probably because we always you to beat/bullied you in them days, under Owen Coyle its 6 easy points for your boys!!

  27. evonnethegunner says:

    Irish – great, great post, thank you!
    You are so right, we are like bloody sheep following a trend. Mind you, that’s why I wanted Ryo at THOF, not becasue I thought or knew he was a good player, but becasue everybody was tweeting about him. Guilty as charged.

    You asked a tricky question – do we give him a chance? Not sure. There will be several youngsters in the team next season, so another baby might swing the team balance too much. However, it all depends if the more experienced players are be available.

    so my answer is – yes, but only if the likes of Arteta, RvP, Song, Yossi, your Tomas, my Thomas are still at the Ems in September

  28. Rasp says:


    Irrespective of whether its an easy 6 points these days, I am entertained by watching Bolton play under Coyle which certainly wasn’t the case with big sam etc.

    Are you Bolton fans nostalgic over the Allardyce era or giving your support to Coyle? As a neutral, I much prefer Bolton these days.

  29. goonermichael says:

    Gtreat post Irish. I’m a fan of Miyaichi. My brother in law is a Japanese gooner and says he’s good. |He’s had a call up to the full Japanese squad since we signed him but I think he was on the bench and didn’t play. I like the Japanes menatality and generally if they have a job to do they do it to the best of thier abilities and always try to improve. There’s a clip around where he totally took the piss out of the chav defence. I think Wenger wants to have him back next season.

  30. Bud says:


    A lot of fans are harsh about Big Sam’s tactics. The up and over was never the case in the days of having players such as Youri Djorkaeff , JJ okacha, Fernado Hierro, Stelios, Campo, Anelka to name a few.

    However, his last 2/3 years in charge, the football did become one directional, and I was not enjoyable to watch (same under Gary Megson)

    Currently under Own Coyle, its great to be able to watch football being played on the deck (when Kiven Davis is not in the starting line up!!). We have been unlucky with injuries with Chung Young Lee and Stuart Holden this year. But hopefully we survive the drop, and get the likes of Ryo back next year with some additional summer signings to improve the team whilst playing some exciting football.

    To conclude, Bolton fans should be gratefull for what Big Sam achieved, and how he went about upsetting the big boys under his tenure. But, I would not like to go back to the hoof ball days, and much prefer the ball being played on the floor.

  31. Rasp says:

    Well said Bud, I’m sure if you’d been born down south you’d be a gooner 😛

  32. 26may1989 says:

    Afternoon all, I’m back, have been majorly under the cosh with work and have been unable to pander the football obsession. At least while I was away we didn’t lose to QPR… Eh?

    Great post Irish, love it. And not just for the observations about the great young talent that is Ryo Miyaichi, also for the kind words about Arshavin, a player who performed well for us for his first 12-18 months but whose form took a nosedive about 18 months ago. Like you, I wish him well, may he prosper back in Russia or elsewhere.

    The thing that amazes me about Ryo is how he was spotted, when he was playing school football in Japan. Just how good a job have the scouts done to identify a genuine talent from that pool?

    I enjoyed seeing the snippets of Ryo when he was at Feyenoord, especially to see how warmly he was received by the fans. But having seen more of him while he’s been at Bolton, I’m as excited as anyone about what he could become. He has speed of course, but it’s his understanding of space and willingness to operate in the closest quarters that really impresses. He is a proper footballer.

    I’m sure Bud is right, that he needs to develop aspects of his game, but to be at the level he’s at already, and while playing in the most intense and physical of the principal leagues in Europe, plus doing so while living in a very new culture and being thousands of miles form home.

    Personally, I think he’ll be with us for the start of the season and sent out on loan at Xmas. But if he did explode as Chamberlain has, fab.

    We always beat ourselves up about our record against Bolton, but in the years since 1993, when they returned to the top division, it’s not as bad as we might think: W 19, D 8, L 8, F 56, A 33 (all comps). Allardyce did manage to beat us four times, but it took him a good four or five years before his Bolton side registered a single victory over us.

    And fair play to Bud, somehow they managed to get some tip-top players to join Bolton. Okocha was great but Djorkaef is the one that stands out for me, great player. In the current crop, Chung Young Lee and Mark Davies are the highlights for me, very good players.

    Kevin Davies is still one of my faves to hate though……

  33. Gooner In Exile says:

    Peaches we have a job opportunity for you 😀 You could do for dodgy grass what that Chef did for Spuds Lasagne.

  34. evonnethegunner says:

    GiE – I’ve been to their new grounds yesterday, took a picture and Chas sent me the link yesterday, look:

  35. evonnethegunner says:

    TA – they have a picture of Wenger’s cow on your site, the fat beast looks like Li$a Na$ri

  36. Gooner In Exile says:

    😀 Evonne and TA.

  37. TotalArsenal says:

    Good Post Irish, about an important point. The grass is not always greener on the other side and it does amaze me too how some supporters hang on to a name and a youtube video of a potential new signing, who should make everything all right for us.

    Myachi will get better and better and another loan spell next season is indeed quite likely, as I expect us to buy another quality, experienced (right) winger this summer (all depending on the system/formation we will be playing next season though).

  38. TotalArsenal says:

    Where Evonne, I cannot spot it?

  39. TotalArsenal says:

    I promise I’ll stop after this one. I can see Peaches turning up at her first day at work with this spud-removal equipment!

  40. evonnethegunner says:

    Total, you silly moo, there is your cow, 3rd picture from the top

  41. TotalArsenal says:

    silly moo 🙂 hahaha – it’s an insult to compare her with Lisa Nasri!

  42. evonnethegunner says:

    Total, stop it, first Chas watching dogs, now you and cows 🙂

    Are you going to the Shitty game on Sunday, long time no see

  43. evonne says:

    Irish – thank you for the tip for my cat, sadly it does not work, she is a very determined young lady.

    I want to go to Ireland end of month, but ferries are so pricey this year. Normally there are many promotional offers for Stena or Irish Ferries, but this year – nothing. You live in a very expensive country. It would be cheaper for me to go to Canada then take a trip to Mayo

  44. evonne says:

    Peaches has gone missing!! She left home to meet me in 20mins, but she didn’t say where!!! Peaches where are you??

  45. dandan says:

    Great write up Irish Thank you. Ryo looks to have potential but it will be some fight for our youngsters to claw their way to the first team. Interersting times ahead.

    Happy times in Dandans world Mrs D. is home from hospital, dog has gone megga bananas.

  46. 26may1989 says:

    Well done Mrs DD. Make sure you’re looking after her!

  47. Gooner In Exile says:

    DD what do you expect when you leave the place in a mess…..but that’s no way to talk about Mrs D on first day home 🙂

    I’m here all week don’t forget to try the veal.

  48. VCC says:

    dandan…nice to see Mrs dandan doing so well. You must spoil her now, just like I am tonight with my lovely wife.

    Happy blogging tonight AA’ers.

  49. Red Arse says:

    Excellent news DD. 🙂

    Good on you too, VCC! 🙂

  50. LB says:

    Good post Irish and a very clever choice of subject.

    I am absolutely convinced that the best thing for Ryo is for him to stay at Bolton for another season. Just look at hom much he has flourised since being given the opportunity to play regular EPL football.

    If he returned he would be vying for a place on the wings with Walcott, Gervinho, The Ox, Rosicky and even Ramsey and that is assuming that Arshavin and Vela leave otherwise those two names can be added to that list.

    Far better he be allowed to stay and becasue of that he will be given achance to play and when he is absolutely ready we say thanks Bolton we want him back now.

  51. goonermichael says:

    Podolski can play on the wing too LB

    This is the first time I’ve wanted the chavs to win for as long as I can remember

  52. goonermichael says:

    why doesn’t gareth southgate sort his nose out? It’s not like he can’t afford it.

  53. evonne says:

    Evening GM, the nose job is not a straightforward matter, can be a risky

    Me too, I want Chavs to win

  54. goonermichael says:

    I want the chavs to beat the catalans too

    Then get spanked by Real

  55. evonne says:

    Dandan’s dog’s gone bananas, ha ha ha 🙂 never seen a cat going bananas though

    GM – actually, I have changed my mind. Chavs could not beat the Cheats, so why would I want them to win tonight? I don’t. Come on Benfica!

  56. goonermichael says:

    I think they could beat them evonne. I think we could actually

  57. evonnethegunner says:

    Next year Michael, definitely next year 🙂

  58. goonermichael says:

    If they have more games it could help us too evonne.

    You should ask your cat to move very nicely. They understand if you explain clearly as long as you have good motives. Just try talking to it. Don’t put on a silly voice though. They don’t like being patronised.

  59. LB says:


    Good call GM

    Not sure about wanting the chavs to win though, what’s that all about?

    Your softening in your old age, imagine a smilely face here.

  60. Arsenalista says:

    Irish – nice post on Ryo.

    I watched him a fair bit on the Dutch highlights and a couple of games for Feyernord last season and he was excellent, in fact they were really struggling when he came in and he was a big part of the season. I saw them destroy PSV late last season. He is a clever dribbler and passer and with him and the Ox around I think Gervinho might have his work cut out.

    On the others ;

    Goetze – I have seen a lot and he will be a fine player. He is really in my opinion about where Nasri was when we bought him. I don’t think Arsenal will. Plus he has a new contract. He isn’t going anywhere.

    Hazard – on the other hand is delightful and if Arsenal sign him then it won’t be as a winger, I’m certain of that. It will be to play behind RVP in the Ramsey role. I’m not saying that is the right move I’m just saying that he plays in way that makes you think that he will develop in that position.

    I know Rocky has that position earmarked for JW and I’m not disagreeing with Rocky.

    He famously didn’t score a lot of goals until this year but he has just added a few. If Arsenal get him for £25m he will be worth double that in a year.

    He has pace, close control a good final ball and an unlikely strength. In the same team as JW , Hazard could be a conductor.

    Mrs Arsenalista gets very board of how much football I watch!

  61. evonnethegunner says:

    GM – cannot help not putting on a silly voice, i was born with it 🙂 ok, i will explain to Lilly La La that my bedroom stinks of fags and I want to swap with her, let’s see what she says

    LB – perhaps GM hates Catalan cheats more then he hates the Chavs. Funny word ‘hate’, how can you hate a football club?

  62. goonermichael says:

    I am pro Arsenal LB after that I despise the mancs and the catalans. I don’t want the chavs to win the whole thing but I’d like to see cesc with no medals for a while,

    We’ve got Podolski by all accounts. he can play on the wing.

  63. chas says:

    Nice post, Irish.
    I don’t understand the Championship Manager generation of fans. Seems so pointless to me. Get excited by a player once they’ve signed, otherwise You’re just winding yourself up.

    The good thing about the chavs winning and Benfica being down to 10 is that I can now watch The Apprentice without wondering if they could get stuffed.

  64. Irishgunner says:

    Evening all,

    Sorry I couldn’t get on earlier – had to work a 12 hour day O_O, would have been fine if I’d found out before lunch and be prepared, nothing to eat between 1:15 and 8pm – doubt I’ve ever gone so long without food, me an my first world problems 😆

    RA – No I’ve never seen that film but picture me away whipping a horse if it keeps the mind happy 😀

    Evonne – Darn, thought that would work. You can get spray that cats don’t like the smell off but not sure it’d be a good idea to use indoors. Can you not fly Ryanair to Knock Airport or do you need to bring the car/don’t fly?

    Bud – thanks for the info from a Bolton fan, good to read.

    Everyone else – hello 🙂

    Caught between my usual want to see Chelsea lose and the awful want to see them face Barcelona in the next round.

  65. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Sitting in Welsh hotel room with children ready for morning ferry to Ireland.
    Chelsea win big time, so that our game is sandwiched between their Barca fixtures.
    GM, at that point I want Barca to spank them in the second leg with Madrid giving them a hiding in the final. That would hurt Barca the most and help us in the process.

  66. goonermichael says:

    She’ll think you’re just being selfish if that’s the reason. You better lie to her.

  67. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Really great read Irish. Ryo sounds very very promising.

  68. Irishgunner says:

    Chas – Agreed. Its one thing if its an established player who you say “Well I think Schweinsteiger would bring x, y and z to our midfield and Benzema would bring 1,2, and 3 and I’d like if we signed a player of that ilk.”

    Its just odd that people seem to be the best scouts in the world. When Vermaelen signed remember some blogs saying he wouldn’t work cos he was too small, I actually got on to my said Dutch friend above who informed me Vermaelen could leap like a salmon. People watch a five minute video on youtube and think they know it all – Eboue looks like Messi on youtube.

  69. LB says:

    How can you hate a football club?

    Easy. It’s called totnam, they make my skin crawl.

    I like GM’s extreme views, smacks of a proper Arsenal supporter to me, bit confused about wanting the chavs to win though! lol

  70. Irishgunner says:

    Cheers MiDi – and where in Ireland are you headed?

    And was it you that said tattoos are for sailors? 😆 Each to their own, I like mine 🙂

  71. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Short term pain, long term gain.
    Slow death and all that.

  72. evonnethegunner says:

    LB 🙂

    Hi Irish, no have to bring the dogs with me. Plus Knock airport scares the pants of me, last time I landed there there was a horse standing next to the runway!!

    Micky – where in Wales?

  73. evonnethegunner says:

    Micky – Irish read your comment!!!!!! ha ha ha, whoops 🙂

  74. LB says:

    Ah, I see, people want to see them get humiliated against Barcelona. Yeh, makes sense. As soon as Arsenal got knocked out I lost interest and have no idea of what’s going on. What’s the chav score?

  75. Irishgunner says:

    Evonne – ha ha ha sounds like an Irish airport alright

    I also say you don’t get why tattoos are on people’s back – mine are on my back 😆

  76. MickyDidIt89 says:

    As for Tatts. You are not around first thing, so I knew you wouldn’t see that comment. Although I did include hard core rock’n’rollers as ok 🙂

  77. evonnethegunner says:

    2:0 on aggs; lamps penalty for foul on cashley tonight

  78. Irishgunner says:

    Cork is a night place – even if the accent is horrid. Enjoy it 🙂

    If Benfica got a goal it would be interesting but not likely when they’re down to 10.

  79. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I think its nite from me. Nite.

  80. chas says:

    Ivanovic’s arse must be 3 feet wide at least.

  81. goonermichael says:

    I’ve turned the sound off. They look like they’ve changed ends though. I can’t remember. Actually losing on penalties because terry misses again would be really funny.

  82. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Half an hour west of Cork. On the sea, so probably won’t see anyone. Ideal, miserable old git that I am.
    Nite for good.

  83. evonnethegunner says:

    Irish – cork accent is really funny, they are singing, not talking. but at least you can understand them. The folks in Mayo might as well speak Japanese, I cannot understand a word. And vise versa

    How did Kalou not score?

  84. chas says:

    Wanting Fat Frank, Cashley, Terry and their revolting supporters to win……never.

  85. chas says:

    Off to laugh at the self-important gollum.

  86. evonnethegunner says:

    How did Torres not score 🙂
    Night all x

  87. Irishgunner says:

    Midi – Night 🙂

    Evonne – yeah they do sing, its awful.

    I think it was Rameries that missed.

  88. chas says:

    Last one.
    Fat Frank’s new tattoo.

  89. Irishgunner says:

    😆 That’s just awful Chas

  90. evonnethegunner says:

    Chas!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will have nightmares now, night x

  91. goonermichael says:

    If that’s a real tattoo that is disgraceful. At least if i mess up it grows out. When did abbott and costello sign for the chavs?

  92. goonermichael says:

    By the lookls of this the chavs don’t stand a chance against barca or us for that matter

  93. goonermichael says:

  94. goonermichael says:

    I take back what I said earlier. barca will destroy this chav team.

  95. Irishgunner says:

    I want Barcelona to destroy them – and we destroy them in the middle of it all 🙂

    I’ll gladly join in with cooing of Messi and co. for this game ha ha

  96. goonermichael says:

    I hope Madrid beat barca though. cesc to get sent off too.

  97. Irishgunner says:

    It’ll be fun anyway considering what happened last time Barca and Chavs met.

    Anyway I’m off – night all

  98. robbinURpersie says:

    Hey Irish, classy post :-),

    i pretty much agree with 26M’s comments @ 2.15pm..(i know thats lazy but am busy atm)

    great results for uefa tonight, more money through the gates to support bodgy and farca

    @DD, great news mate, now enjoy

  99. SharkeySure says:

    Eboue is like Messi on YT…lol

    M&S banning Mrs Terry

    Oh and I also agree with 2*13’s 2.15 (cheers RurP!)

    Cheers for the ‘by candlelight’ post Irish, and sorry to hear about your shit day. I got caught out like that many years ago…never again. I always buy my desk biccies in packs of six now, and never let stocks get as low as the last ‘break glass’ pack.

    You lot still going on about tattoo’s…jeez, who brought that shite up in the first place. I’ll go look.


    Night all

  100. Yes. I’ve Watched Him Play for Bolton and He impressed me in their 3-0 loss to chelsea. He gave Ashley Cole Hell.. He Can Only Get Better. Far Better Than Theo At this Stage.

  101. 26may1989 says:

    Have just looked at Chas’s 8:58pm. As my daughter would say: OMG.

    Pity the woman who ends up under that.

  102. i will like miyaichi 2 play next season because i like hin and he can dribble and can pass the ball like chamberlain,pls i will like Arsene wenger 2 give him a chance we dont nid any player dan podolski and m vila and Giroud

  103. Gooner In Exile says:

    Kev that’s a great video. Love the band and chose some good clips.

  104. Gooner In Exile says:

    Back on the Ryo as much as I think a loan will be useful for him I can’t help thinking that he has only had 6 months around his new teammates. For that reason I’d like to think we will keep him at THOF for at least 6 months.

  105. evonnethegunner says:

    Morning GiE, nobody blogging today 😦
    Did you watch the Chavs last night? They do not look like European Champions, no way Jose. We play much better football

    I am already worried about Shitty game, are you going?

  106. Gooner In Exile says:

    Morning Evonne…..very quiet!

    Didn’t watch game but judging by stats Chavs will get hammered by Barca unless they can invoke the spirit and bloody mindedness of Jose.

    I’m not going Sunday….next game for me is Wigan Home.

    But my parents are so a win is guaranteed 🙂

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