Park Life: AV prematch

Remember our last FA Cup game? One of the great moments in the history of the Emirates. An average performance completely dismissed by 5 seconds of theatre. Today I would love to see a 90 minute performance which will raise the despair around the ground following 3 defeats.

We have to accept that we are not going to be Champions this year – yes, even you Peaches. With the loss to MC in the Carling, just the FA Cup and the Champions League remain to make this a winning season and although I am convinced we will get to Munich the FAC is the easier target.

The first 35 mins of the  second half of the MU game was our best since Xmas, the aggression, application and potency was back. We can and have discussed why we lost momentum and without opening the subject again we must hope lessons have been learned.

However, Mr Wenger can be a curmudgeonly chap when his decisions are questioned and it would be no surprise to see Oxlade Chamberlain start from the bench despite his fine performance a week ago.

There is a question mark over how seriously Mr Wenger will take the FA Cup but my hope is that he takes it very seriously; whether Van Persie starts will indicate just how he prioritizes the Cup. With Bolton on Wednesday – only a 3 day break – will he play our star man twice? My guess is No. I think he will play Park and bring on RvP only if needed,

My Team

I would like to see Park, he looked better in his brief cameo on Sunday and at some point he has to sink or swim. Having already scored a beauty in the CC, let’s see him get another or ship him out a.s.a.p. along with Chamakh.

More of the same, please

Hopefully, Arteta is back to fitness which will allow Rosicky to continue and Ramsey to have a break – he needs one. The back 5 pick themselves though I worry for Djourou who if un-injured must be reeling after his humiliation on Sunday; to be subbed at half-time (a rarity for AW) for a lad barely out of Youth football must be a humbling experience for a full International, even if he is playing out of position

A little about Villa. Nice team, no-one I know dislikes them, offensive manager who is struggling in the wake of O’Neill’s (relative) success. They are getting back into form and have a potent, pacy attack.

We will concede so it is imperative our strikers are efficient. As senior attacker (in my team) it is important Theo steps up and takes responsibility. Versus MU he was poor and gave little offensively or defensively – we need more from him and at a time when his contract comes up for negotiation Theo has to give reason for a wage hike. Right now, most fans would recommend a long rest in the sun (preferably a few seasons!).

Today’s Gooner:  This week’s topic of hilarity has rightly been the High Court trial of  Harry “Del Boy” Redknapp. The rabble down the road are very proud of their man and it is a source of pride that one of their own has made it to the High Court rather than the youth offenders prison. But once again our neighbours have been trumped – we have a celebrity Gooner with a far more impressive history of blagging: Mr Ronnie Biggs.  Biggs is a huge Arsenal fan as can be seen from the pic. I cannot say I have any liking for him and certainly no respect for a man with a history of violent crime but he is a Gooner and our tribe encompasses all types.

“‘Arry – ‘ee’s 2 Bob……”

Arsenal need to win today. The schisms which were so damaging prior to the good run have re-opened and the malcontents are getting vocal. I trust the players understand those booing are a tiny minority of the Arsenal fan base, but I doubt they do. We need to get behind the team, to give vocal support when things go wrong, criticism has it’s place but not within the Emirates. This is Our House.


Written by Big Raddy

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  1. chas says:

    Lovely, BR.
    Hope all is well with you.
    Cmon you red and white boys.

  2. Red Arse says:

    Another little gem Raddy! 🙂

  3. We need a convincing when today

    the FA is really screwing us how the hell we have to play on Sunday and then play on Tuesday again, the y did us the same thing around Christmas. Also against a side who had a whole week you rest hmm

  4. Red Arse says:

    Chas, 🙂

    I have just listened to the ‘crying in the rain’ vid from earlier this morning.

    It is absolutely brilliant. Seriously. The playing and the voice is really great, but the facial expressions/acting is first class.

    I was genuinely enthralled by the singing, especially the high notes, but just fell about laughing at the pauses and facials. Exquisite! 🙂

    Do you know who it is?

  5. Nice one chas 🙂

    As I’m mentioned in the post I’d better add my two pennith. The FA cup is a glorious competition and when I didn’t know very much about football I always wanted to win it. In fact when I was a young girl I always wanted to be at Wembley on Final day – it didn’t matter which teams had got there, I just wanted to be part of it. Our Arsenal must go as far as we can and I hope our manager feels the same.

    Sadly, I’m afraid the Ems will be a nervy place this afternoon until we’re 3 goals to the good. Looking forward to that 🙂

  6. goonermichael says:

    Great post Raddy. I hope all went well yesterday. not sure about biggs though

  7. good post Raddy,

    i have a feeling coq starts.. wenger says hes fully fit and has been back in training..if he says 4th plc or above is priority then i tend to think coq starts, if not in midfield then i think hes impressed enough to play ahead of yennaris..then again i maybe totally wrong..

  8. Shahr says:

    If Wenger says Ox can crash the England Euro 12 team,surely he should play him in the gunners first team. The problem is Wnger has been signing too may of these kids. As a result they find it hard to get playing senior football. Consequantly they move on .
    The senior team needs players who can play now not in ten years time. Wenger has created the problems with his management.Don’t be surprised Av beat the gunners .Then what? keep the faith in his error prone style..

  9. Shahr,
    i bet you were saying the same things about a very young thierry wen wenger saw the talent and everybody had their bout young jack wilshere, is he too young to be playing for england?? van persie, cesc um who else…NEED I SAY MORE!!

  10. harry says:

    Firstly SHAHR, stop getting dragged along by the press bandwagon, understand whats happening yourself, understand football and all the factors involved and show arsenal and arsene some respect…….

    Big Raddy, great pre match……..””We will concede”” shows the nerves and honest appraisal………..

    Feeling good today, in posh seats and I feel a stellar performance coming on……..Pick the right team, best available, smash them and then take some off towards the end…….

  11. dandan says:

    Hi Raddy good article thank you. Is there any truth in the rumour Ronald Biggs was a winger, apparently he was the master of the double cross on the run. “Arry” spoke up for him and said in court “He was a very taxing player to mark I couldn’t figure him out or write him off”. 🙂

  12. Gooner in Exile says:

    Right as self appointed Jonah for games vs Villa I am apologising now.

    See you at the Tavern.

    Great pre match as ever Raddy. Haven’t had chance to see vid Chas posted yet, will save for when I’m home and don’t have to preserve battery life.

  13. SharkeySure says:

    CHers Radders.

    We should be Ok today. Surely after three losses we’ll come out fighting today..??

    Fingers crossed. Can;t wait for team news. Are we absolutely convinced that TH12 wil not start..??

  14. gunnern5 says:



    By Richard Clarke

    Could the FA Cup open up for Arsenal this year?

    Much has been made of the Club’s three straight defeats in the Premier League during 2012. However that disappointing run was punctured with a crucial Third Round win over Leeds United on a memorable Monday night at Emirates Stadium just after the New Year.

    Thierry Henry came off the bench with the scores deadlocked at 0-0 and… well…. if you don’t know what happened after that then you have probably surfed onto by mistake.

    That 1-0 win came less than 24 hours after Manchester City had been dumped out of the cup by their cross-town neighbours.

    Aston Villa’s visit to Emirates on Sunday will be similarly preceded by Manchester United’s trip to arch-rivals Liverpool.

    Elsewhere Chelsea go to a QPR side who have already beaten them at Loftus Road. Even Newcastle have a banana-skin of a tie at Brighton.

    This conjecture may add up to a big, fat footballing nothing – especially if Arsenal fail to see off Alex McLeish’s side of course – however perhaps Wenger’s men are due a little fortune right now. The defeats to Fulham, Swansea and Manchester United have all been see-saw affairs in which Arsenal had control for significant periods. Yes, they failed to get what their manager believes they deserved but, each time, there was merit in parts of their performance.

    In football-speak, they ‘turned up’. And victory on Sunday might just allow them to pick out a glint of silverware on the horizon.

    “If you qualify of course there are openings there,” said Wenger. “That’s why it is important that we keep the focus on qualifying on Sunday. Then, you never know, sometimes you can have runs later [in the competition] which can be easier than those at the start. But you can’t choose them, that is the charm of the cup.

    “For us, a win is important. We were on a strong run and suddenly we have hit three disappointments. What is difficult to take is that all the three games we could have won. That makes me think that giving just a fraction more will get us back on track and we will go on a run again.”

    The return of key players in key positions will help. Arsenal have been operating with makeshift full-backs for the past six weeks. That will change if Bacary Sagna passes a fitness test on Saturday. Even if he does not Francis Coquelin, one of the deputies, is back. Henry and Mikel Arteta also face examinations ahead of the game but, on Friday, Wenger seemed genuinely hopeful of their return. In addition, left-back Kieran Gibbs is set to return to training on Monday.

    Henry’s contribution against Leeds was, in part, down to the absence of Robin van Persie, who was afforded time off to recharge his batteries. However Wenger suggested that his side would be virtually full-strength this time.

    “I gave him a week holiday before the last FA Cup game but now we are at a moment when, for the confidence of the team, it is important we come back and win.”

    Villa have lost just once since Yossi Benayoun’s late header secured victory for Arsenal in Birmingham just before Christmas. During that time they have won at Chelsea and acquired Robbie Keane on loan from LA Galaxy. The Irishman announced his return with a brace against Wolves last weekend.

    “They are a good side if you look at the names they have on the team-sheet,” said Wenger. “Any team in the Premier League is difficult to beat, whether it is for qualification in the Cup or points in the League, and you always have a tough job with Aston Villa.

    “They are a side with young, talented players and they are always dangerous going forward. The pace they have up front, with the likes of Agbonlahor and Albrighton, is dangerous. And you see that Robbie Keane has come back and scored goals straight away. That shows you the quality of their players.

    “The most important thing is that we are ready for it and come out of the blocks with full power. We did not do that against Manchester United. I feel in the second half we put in a very good performance but in the first we were a bit jaded.”

    At his press conference, Wenger admitted that if the game’s gods gave him a choice between the FA Cup trophy and a spot in next season’s Champions League he would opt for the latter. It shows why he talks about 15 years in Europe’s top competition when that long-laboured statistic about ‘years without a trophy’ is trotted out.

    Having said that, an hour or so earlier, Wenger had smiled broadly when a couple of FA Cup facts were put to him – namely that he is the only Arsenal manager to win the FA Cup multiple times and his side’s 18-game unbeaten run between 2001 and 2004 is still a post-war record.

    “I was always accused of not treating this competition with respect but my record shows [otherwise],” he said.

    “You can see now, with the teams at the top of the Premier League, how difficult it is to run for four different trophies. What we tried last year was absolutely exceptional. But then we had some bad luck in the FA Cup because we had to play Manchester United away from home in a Quarter-Final just after having played Barcelona.

    “We had a bad schedule but we still treated the competition with respect.

    “I love the FA Cup, I think it’s a top-level competition and I will always fight to win it. I have won it four times, lost one Final and, as for Semi-Finals, I don’t know [the number].

    “But we always try to go as far as we can.”

    Team news:

    Arsenal: Mikel Arteta (test – calf), Thierry Henry (test – calf), Sagna (test – ankle), Jenkinson (back), Santos (ankle), Wilshere (ankle), Gibbs (groin), Djourou (hamstring), Diaby (hamstring). Gervinho, Chamakh (African Nations Cup duty)

    Aston Villa: N’Zogbia (heel), Herd (ankle), Lichaj (hip).

    Match facts:

    Sunday’s meeting is the first FA Cup tie between Arsenal and Aston Villa in 29 years

    If Thomas Vermaelen plays on Sunday, it will be only his second ever appearance in the FA Cup

    Arsène Wenger’s record in the FA Cup Fourth Round – P18 W11 D3 L4

    Arsenal have not lost an FA Cup tie at home since February 1997

    Aston Villa have taken eight points from their Premier League visits to Emirates.

  15. Rasp says:

    Morning all (or is it afternoon?)

    Thanks for ‘Biggsing’ up the prematch Raddy

    The fact that it is very quiet in here reflects the general uncertainty of this game, particularly as regards AW’s team selection. I hope we don’t risk anyone who is not fully fit.

    I’m afraid the feelings of the players and their personal development comes a distant second to the importance of winning games in my book so I’m hoping that Djourou never plays RB again in his remaining time at Arsenal. I’m happy with Yennaris and if Sagna can be eased back for a while then great. On the other side, I wonder if Miquel isn’t a better option than TV.

    I will never understand why TV hasn’t ever been tried centrally as a DM, we have experimented with many other players out of position in recent years.

  16. Hi all

    Harry has just called me to say there’s a spare ticket in the Red Action area, does anyone want it? Meet at the Tavern, let me know so that I can let him know. I’m around for another hourish.

  17. “I will never understand why TV hasn’t ever been tried centrally as a DM, we have experimented with many other players out of position in recent years.”

    in my book, youve got pat rices’ job wen he retires..ive been wondering that and many other tactical switches for a doubt koscielny could do the job there as well…i mean if nigel de jong is considered to be good in that position, then i question… why not?

  18. Mr Ginger – when you appear, I sent you an email earlier 😉

  19. Rasp says:

    Haha rURp, I see Dalgleish played Jamie Carragher in midfield yesterday and he’s nowhere near as good as TV in the outfield.

    I have to accept that AW’s team selection and tactics are at times mystery unto himself 😛

  20. natty says:

    If Park plays i am going on Betfair to lay us bigtime. Park is a watershed signing for Arsene. With Chamakh going missing this was a vital signing, the back-up striker for RVP. How wrong can you get it. Park would struggle to get in the Bolton first team. Shake your head time!

  21. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi BR, thanks for a fine PM report. I like your line-up, but I hope we’ll go with our strongest possible team, and with the proper attitude of really, really wanting to win this game.

    I have got a good feeling about this one. COYRRG!

    Watching the tennis atm. What a final and a great atmosphere in Melbourne. Our Oz-AA’ers should be proud! 🙂

  22. Jamie says:

    Big Raddy – nice pre match and I think Park may start. I can’t appluad a Blur title being used, even if it may have been unintentional.

    Good point on Rosicky, I would keep Ramsey resting.

  23. GREAT FINAL Total,

    no doubt, its one for the ages!!

  24. tomstoned says:

    Sorry for this late reply,been on Svalbard,but i hope that this still will settle it..

    i have never doubted dandan’s support ,i did not know about the family situation,i really really hope all goes well DanDan,my thoughts are with You in these testing days SIr 🙂
    calling You a zombie was unfair and over the top Dandan Please allow me to ask You for forgivness….
    my heart goes out to You Dandan and i sincerly hope that things will work out !!!
    Sincer and Humble Regards Tom

  25. TotalArsenal says:

    Touch of class there Tom!

    RurP – it was a truly great final. What a physical and mental strength these guys have.

  26. slimgingergooner says:

    Hi Peaches,

    I can do that for you, no probs.

  27. Red Arse says:

    Fabianski, Coq, Mert, Kozzer, TV, Rosicky, Song, Rambo, the Ox, RVP, Theo

  28. RockyLives says:

    Great pre-match BR
    You have gone straight to some of the key issues that will determine our season.
    Ronnie Biggs? IK don’t approve of armed robbery but, hey, a Gooner’s a Gooner.

  29. RockyLives says:

    Thanks Redders
    Pretty decent team, but we can expect at least one Fabianski howler so we need to score two or more.

  30. dandan says:

    Tom thanks for your kind thoughts, football will at times make all its true believers react in ways they later regret. Worry not, I was not upset as I hope my original reply showed.

    Just seen we have flappy in goal today god-elp-us.

  31. when is the draw for the next round of the FAC?..

    i was under the impression by ppl on here that we’d know by the time we kick off?

    good to see fabianski get some minutes, he is out of contract soon and wenger did the same for doubt WS will remain our no1 regardless..


  32. Red Arse says:

    Hi Rocky,

    You don’t happen to own a check “lumberjack” shirt and play a guitar do you? 🙂

  33. Red Arse says:

    About now, RurP.

    Will let you know, if someone else does not! 🙂

  34. we can choose to giv fabianski stick or get behind him, its easy to forget that he did come into some form before injuries..the howlers he had made in the past were at times due to our whole defensive unit running around like blind mice..thanks squillaci!!

  35. RA, thanks mate…we are due some luck, heres Hoping 😉

  36. tomstoned says:

    Dont know if this is allowed but there are many Gooners out there who isnt able to watch the games on TV,also on this site they show football from all over the world direct..
    its spam free and ive checked it for 6 months regarding virus,with avast professional edition and its all needs to download a sopcast player its free and one can be anonymous..
    sopcast player here : choose the free edition..
    furthermore this is a legal site,so there should not be any problems.
    here is the site that offers all the games :

  37. tomstoned says:

    Thank You DanDan :)lets have a go at villa !! may just be the turning point we ALL hope for !!

  38. Red Arse says:

    Szcesney, Henry, Artetaaaa, Benyaoun, Arshavin, Park, Sagna

  39. RockyLives says:

    I sleep all night and I work all day.
    I cut down trees. I eat my lunch.
    I go to the lavatory.
    On Wednesdays I go shoppin’
    And have buttered scones for tea.

  40. RockyLives says:

    Nice to see Sagna on the bench. Much, much missed.

    Arteta too.

  41. sunderland or boro vs ARSENAL

  42. Red Arse says:

    Pool v Brighton; Everton v Blackpool or Shef Wed; Chelsea v Birmingham; Crawley v Stoke; Stevenage v Tottering Hots; Norwich v Leicster; Sunderland or Midds v Arsenal or Villa; Millwal or Southampton v Bolton.

  43. 🙂 thanks RA,

    watched the stream on espn

  44. tomstoned says:

    we all think of Gooners all over the world,and today when the lads spank villa, two Gooners will be cheering on from a pretty isolated place…stationed at a weather station on Svalbard,and i promise you all,,,two more crazy Gooners than them are hard to find..:)but they will be back in time for the annual trip to the Emirates ..this was a little bit out there.still..

  45. Red Arse says:

    Rocky, 🙂

    My reason for asking, apart from reassuring myself that you were becoming properly assimilated into the Canadian pythonesque culture, was because of the vid I watched earlier this morning — end of yesterday’s Post so to speak! have you seen it? 🙂

  46. gunnern5 says:

    We just got Dunn.

  47. Jailhouse Legs Malone says:

    We actually needed that wake up call. Now. Lets be having them.
    Keane still makes me feel sick. The Sherringham Effect!

  48. Jailhouse Legs Malone says:

    RA Bonjour,
    I suspect everyone is being a little cagey because the owner of the lumberjack shirt has no idea that Chas has uploaded him, and he may or may not be happy about it!
    Brilliant though it is 🙂

  49. Jailhouse Legs Malone says:

    Bollocks. That is very very bad.

  50. gunnern5 says:

    We got just what we deserve – I’m sick and tired of tippy tap – ring around the roses football.!

  51. Jailhouse Legs Malone says:

    Why oh why are we so slow out of the blocks?

  52. we always seem to get a hammering before the transfer window closes

  53. neamman says:

    2-0 I dont believe it. Really against the run of play.

  54. now they can park the bus and play the counter all night…no shape in midfield, none at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. SharkeySure says:

    I’m suicidal

  56. Seems like playing fifa 12 is the only place i can see Arsenal win

  57. The draw for the fifth round is academic as far as the Gunners are concerned, is there any way back from 0-2 down? I doubt it.

  58. Let’s look at the bright side it looks like we’ve avoided fixture congestion now.
    Nice preview as ever Radders.

  59. Jailhouse Legs Malone says:

    Absolutely. I have said it a thousand times, we do not have the players for this system and AW does not even play it as well as we could with the available personnel.

  60. Jailhouse Legs Malone says:

    The ONLY way forward given these limitations is 4-4-2.

  61. Jailhouse Legs Malone says:

    Here’s a positive. There are two days of the window.

  62. jailhouse,

    our midfielders are all the same, no one knows if theyre a defensive midfielder or attacking midfielder..

    ox showing great signs, play ox or AA23 in the hole n go back to be surprised if RVP sighns with us again…

  63. Jailhouse Legs Malone says:

    Henry on for a 4-4-2?

  64. Jailhouse Legs Malone says:

    Right. Come on you Gunners

  65. you can fly a fucking 747 through our midfield such are the gaps..thats schoolboy mistakes…


  66. wheres the card ref!!!

  67. Jailhouse Legs Malone says:



  69. Jailhouse Legs Malone says:

    Yesssssssss again

  70. the ball aimed for walcotts boot…lol 🙂

  71. Walcott Finally broke his goal drought @ home

  72. yessss for a third time mickey???


  73. Perhaps there is away back after all 2-2.

  74. Jailhouse Legs Malone says:

    “Come on you Gunners”…seems to work 🙂

  75. koscielny on the wing anybody??

  76. Jailhouse Legs Malone says:


  77. SharkeySure says:

    How the fuck can Dunne stay on the pitch..??

    Another tackle from behind…another non card !!

    Referee is a joke

  78. Come on you Gunners is surely working! 2-3 another van Persie penalty!

  79. That should of course be 3-2

  80. yesssssss again mickey??


  81. Red Arse says:

    It’s all part of Arsene’s master plan!!!

    Blow the whistle ref. it must be 90 mins by now!!!!!!!

  82. wenger must av given them a hiding at half time..

    telling the boys who is worthy of wearing the badge over the heart

  83. It only seems that way, this could be very long last fifteen minutes.

  84. ox is worth every penny…so cool on the ball, head up and more speed then a meth lab… i love him

  85. gunnern5 says:

    13 minutes left and we are not playing for the decisive goal, lets hope it does not backfire on us?

  86. C’mon Arsenal CONCENTRATE. stop the tippy tappy possesion football. We need another goal.

  87. ramsey should come off with 10 to go..hes got no legs left…

  88. Bacary Sagna on, what a welcome sight.

  89. Agree rUr – time to give Benny a run out.

  90. Four minutes of added time. Hang on Arsenal.

  91. the ref has a bung eye… hes missed soo much

  92. What a comeback! I should have had more faith, but after the first half I thought we had had it.

    Perhaps there is more character in this side than they have shown recently

    It’s all over. The Gunners win 3-2.

  93. Well, at half time I feared the worst, but what a comeback.

  94. gunnern5 says:

    Now that’s the Gunners we love!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Jailhouse Legs Malone says:

    Great 2nd half. Sagna and Arteta, what a great sight.

  96. im still not convinced… im sorry long way to go..great result, but we should be playing like that every week..(2nd half performance)..


    yessssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! well done sir

  97. tomstoned says:

    first half…the Gunners of late…second half The Gunners we can be,this might well have been the turning point…great comeback !..

  98. dandan says:

    Oh ye of little faith, it was never in doubt 🙂

  99. i still cant believe dunne was allowed to stay on the pitch..he should not be playing next game…

  100. dandan,

    they drained ALMOST every last drop 😉

  101. next up…middlesborough…i mean martin o’neil

  102. Red Arse says:

    Rambo ran his socks off both in defence and up front. Terrific game.

    One day the scoring will click for him and he will become world class.

    The first 20 mins of the 2nd half the team were dynamic, running hither and thither rather than the static – ‘ball to my feet please’ – rubbish of the first half.

    When they move around there are options — when they are stationary they are easy to mark.

    I am not a coach, but that is such an obvious point! 🙂

  103. Jailhouse Legs Malone says:

    RA, my dear fellow, when will you learn. We are all expert coaches, and I’m the best of the lot 🙂

  104. Jailhouse Legs Malone says:

    Definately one or two at The Ems who didn’t bother returning for the second half. Not feeling too clever just now 🙂

  105. gunnern5 says:


    I could not agree more, in the 1st half we were immobile, easy targets, but we came out running the the 2nd half.

    Slow tippy tap football is destined to fail, however add some speed and it becomes – almost – unbeatable.

  106. Red Arse,
    youve just summed up jeckyll n hyde that is Arsenal of late..theyr good if they wanna be good and work hard..but consistency in movement will make us great…

    ox is very very impressive

  107. Red Arse says:


    Who told you my secret?

    I said to Arsene at half time that —– well you know………..stuff, but it was in confidence. Anyway, just as well he listened to me!! 🙂

  108. TotalArsenal says:

    Ramilson my Arse! Super 2nd half and Ramsey man of the match. We needed this so badly. Now bring on Bolton! COYRRG!!!!!!!!

  109. Red Arse says:


    When you say ‘Ramilson my arse’, is that an amusingly obscene Dutch celebration?

    Rambo started the move for the first goal by tackling the Villa player near the halfway line and then streaked forward to win the penalty.
    What lungs that lad has!! 🙂 Fabulous display full of guts.

    Theo was rubbish in the first half (like many others) but in the second half he used his speed AND some trickery — excellent — we need more of that!!! 🙂

  110. TotalArsenal says:

    Ramilson mijn reet 🙂

    RA, why didn’t we play with such a tempo from the start? The difference in the second half was a higher tempo, more forward thrust and a kick up the Arse by Wenger. We were collectively sleepwalking in the first half. Let it be the end of this wintersleep, please!

  111. LOL, McLeish saying our second goal was a handball.

    He’s certainly learnt the art of talking scottish bollocks from his mentor ole bacon face.

    Thanks for the reactions clip SA Tv.

  112. Red Arse says:


    I have just been over having a read of one of the Villa blogs. There are some very unhappy bloggers there.

    They are saying that they were lucky to have been 0:2 up after ‘parking the bus’ in the first but that Arsenal blew them away in the 2nd and some thought it could have been 6:2.

    Mostly they were bad mouthing their own players and their manager. Boy, oh, boy, they hate McLeish!! 🙂 And Randy Lerner!!

    Bad supporters, whatever their club, are just bad supporters.

  113. goonermichael says:

    I nearly left at half time because of the wankers sitting around me. glad I didn’t. Apart from the obvious i thought we were playimg well even in the first half. i knew we were going to score at least 2. I was so bloody cold.

  114. Gooner in Exile says:

    I wasn’t going to leave but was certainly looking for a spare seat somewhere else. Funnily enough they all found. Their voices at 3-2.

    Actually some good noise coming from North Bank Upper for most of 2nd half.

    Final moan goes to jobs worth steward. 5 minutes to go and I was asked to sit down. Bearing in mind I was back row on the corner and had no one behind me and had stood for the whole of the second half. I politely told him he must be having a laugh and he’d be better served stopping the support leaving early rather than getting me to sit down.

  115. TotalArsenal says:


    Good to hear that – Villa were rubbish in 2nd half. That second half was reminiscent of the Arsenal in November – mid December. And don’t we want more of that again?

  116. RockyLives says:

    Totally agree – we were good in the first half. We shouldn’t have given away the first goal (it was too easy for Dunne with three men around him).

    The second Villa goal was a bit of bad luck (good save by Fabianski, who pushed it out to the side very well) plus some amazing finishing by Bent.

    But other than that we were the better team throughout the first half.

    I said to my mate at half time that I though it would end up either 2-2 to 3-2 to us. Not trying to be clever after the fact, just that I thought we were playing well and would step it up.

    Ramsey and RvP were immense. Oxo had another really good game.

    Brilliant to see Arteta and Sagna back.

  117. RockyLives says:

    This is the start of a long unbeaten run!!

  118. TotalArsenal says:

    Hope you are right Rocky. Big test of character against Bolton this week. Bring it on! 🙂

  119. RockyLives says:

    Arteta and Sagna back. Coquelin looking five times more reliable than JD. We’ll beat them.

  120. dandan says:

    So I wonder will our our supporters and the red tops stop saying that the team are not behind Wenger, you dont come back and fight like that if you have no respect for the manager.

    Interesting that Graig Burley couldnt stop rubbishing Theo and yet Neil Warnock thought him man of the Match. Just shows how these co commentators love to jump on bandwaggons, burghley gets right up my nose I am Afraid

  121. goonermichael says:

    Funnily enough the 2 biggest wankers next to me left 15 minutes early. i’m not Theo’s biggest fan but i thought he was doing well. he took a lot of long passes and controlled them really well. i find it funny how when theo makes a minor mistake i have to listen to “i’ll take lennon every day” but when Oxo makes one it’s “bad luck son”

  122. goonermichael says:

    Gordon Stachan walked past me and I called him a nasty word. i’ve got no idea why I actually enjoy him on TV. I had a great time pre-game by the way. had to get a hot dog as I was starting to fell a bit giddy.

  123. RockyLives says:

    Haha GM
    Did he hear you?
    (I don’t mind Strachan, to be honest. I remember being in the Upper East at Highbury and the whole stand was giving him hell for being ginger. He just laughed along with everyone else, which I thought was a classy reaction.)

  124. Gooner in Exile says:

    As GM said it was a good pre match Tavern session, good to meet TMHT, GliC and son but unfortunately lost you both onwalk to the ground.

  125. SharkeySure says:

    You always lose a few on the walk to the ground.

    Chain gang next time..??

  126. Gooner in Exile says:

    Ate the best solution Sharkey. Although I blame it on the Villa fans turning up so I got sidetracked.

  127. SharkeySure says:

    Ramsey’s energy….wow. Agreed with whoevers comment about him getting his first goal. Well, obviously not his first, but you know what I mean.

    I thought Sog loked ore like his old self today…two great passes preceded both pens.

    Kozzers run into the box, swapping passes along the way….yeah Cahill does that as well….lol

    Welcome back to Le Coq and Arteta…and a massive welcome back to our Warrior at RB.

  128. Gooner in Exile says:

    Ate the = May be

  129. SharkeySure says:

    On yer mobile Gie…ate…?? Try as I might I’m struggling to decipher that…

  130. goonermichael says:

    Van Persie stepped up once more, this time putting the ball into the bottom right corner for goal number 25 of the season to complete the turnaround on the hour.

    Villa were left stunned but to their credit, and roared on by a 5,000-strong travelling contingent, they looked to break quickly through Gabriel Agbonlahor.

    I semm to remember them standing motionless once it was 2-2

  131. goonermichael says:

    Alex Chamberlain @Alex_OxChambo
    Reply RetweetedRetweet
    FavoritedFavorite · Close Open Details Great result today! The boys showed fight and character to comeback in the second half. Big thanks to the fans, atmosphere was unreal! #AFC

  132. harry says:

    Back home, good to briefly meet GM, GLIC and TMHT and usual crowd…Sorry it was only for 5 mins, but had to meet my mate for a ticket to the posh seats!!

    Some very quick points on todays match:

    1. The booing at team announcement of Arshavin was disappointing.
    2. Didnt deserve to be behind at half time, did not play bad, but we allowed villa too much time on ball.
    3. Booing at half time was predictable and unwarranted.
    4. Movement in final 3rd was poor in first half.
    5. Theo was outstanding throughout today.
    6. Rosicky was awesome, anybody who doubts his place in this squad rewatch and see how many times he breaks up play and sets us going.
    7. Agree with GM, when Ox makes an error he gets let off others dont, understandable to a point but double standards.
    8. Kozzer was immense on his run forward…….Great performance again.
    9. Le Coq was great again today, great engine and desire, odd positional error, but great tackling…
    10. Great to see Sagna back, and Arteta.
    11. The fans cheered AW’s substitutions, lol, great choice to bring on TH, never going to get booed……..
    12. BFG was much better today……..
    13. 2nd half was such an improvement, movement and pressing was upped by 100%…..
    14. Ramsey is a trojan, those doubters will always exist, but for me he is a star……
    15. Proud to be a gooner always………….

    Bedtime, up at 4.30………….

  133. chas says:

    Great day out at the ems.
    Cracking to meet a section of the cuckoo club.

    The complete and utter onanist who sits to my left didn’t come back to his seat after half time. We were picturing him on the way home getting the score as he went.

    We’re planning a little official looking sticker with the Arsenal crest on to attach to his seat before the Blackburn game.
    Any suggestions?

  134. SharkeySure says:

    Cheers GiE….

    I’m chained between E-va-va vonne and Peaches. Well it was my idea so I should get first dibs.

    Night all

  135. FrothingInarticulateLoon says:

    Is ‘Twat’ a little too blunt and to the point Chas..??

    More subtle…’which half will you be watching for this game..?

    I can let you have either of those two for free, but if you want both you’ll have to pay.

    Get back to me via Sharkey…he’ll pass any message/fees on.

  136. chas says:

    We were thinking more like…
    Arsenal Football club requests that you remain in your seat for the full 90 minutes just in case you miss a barnstorming comeback of epic proportions. Thank you for your custom.

  137. VCC says:

    .Dalglish, Wenger, Redknapp, Boas and Ferguson all sitting in a pub. Wenger goes up to the bar, buys the first round. Boas buys the second, Redknapp buys the third (via his accountant). Fergie buys the 4th and Kenny buys the 5th, but doesn’t return with a drink for Fergie. “Where’s mine?” Fergie asks, “Sorry” says Kenny”….” this is the 5th round and you’re not in it….” ….. ha ha ha

  138. Gooner in Exile says:

    Thoughts on players.

    Fab- Okay
    Coq – Good
    Kozzer – Immense
    BFG – Steady and clever
    TV – Okay
    Theo – Okay
    Song – Okay
    Rosicky – Good
    Ramsey – Good
    Ox – Ok (but love his swagger)
    RvP – Good

    Sagna – Good
    Arteta – Good
    Henry – Okay

  139. VCC says:

    GIE…I would change Rosicky to superb.

    and Ramsey’s second half display = superb.

  140. goonermichael says:

    and Kozzer to gargantuan 🙂

  141. goonermichael says:

    Highlights on ITV now. The presenter is a right tosser. there’s the man I called a bad name 🙂

  142. VCC says:

    gm = true. how much is he worth now?

  143. goonermichael says:

    How can anyone slate Fabi for the second goal?

  144. goonermichael says:

    Now I’ve seen it again why wasn’t dunne sent off?

  145. goonermichael says:

    Fantastic header by theo for the second

  146. VCC love that joke

  147. RockyLives says:

    Dunne should have gone.

    Fab did really well with the first save for their second. Not only did he make the save, he also pushed it well wide. It was only a brilliant piece of play by Bent that made it a goal. (Brilliant not just because of how he executed the finished, but because he was ready for it when the save came out, not turning away in frustration at having missed the first attempt).

  148. RockyLives says:

    And sorry to be pedantic, but Kozzer, despite having a brilliant all-round game, was partially at fault for Villa’s opener. He was right in front of Dunne and still got beaten to the ball.

    So, GM and GiE, I would mark him as “very good”.

  149. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Well that was exciting, £41, give me some more !,
    What a great day, peaches,Terry,rasp,gm,GiE, harry,chas and founding member, you were my cream cake, the pulsating 2nd half, the cherry on top. I wish I could have had a lot more time getting to know you all, thank you for the warm welcome , next time I shall get there a lot earlier.
    When we were 2 nil down my son and I both said, what odds can we get to win 3-2, just had a feeling !. My throat is sore from singing!.
    One slight embarrassment, when the final whistle went, I jumped up and without thinking shouted , ” I love it coming from behind ” !. 😳
    Only just stopped shivering, need to move that stadium to sub-tropical cornwall ! 🙂
    Oh, and Me and Terry also got some weird looks going round to differant tables asking ,”are you an AAer “, `till we found chas !

  150. oz gunner says:

    haha GLIC i’ve always wondered how you one would find a fellow AA’er, glad you enjoyed it, can’t wait until i go in the future.

    Great come back by the boys, will be watching that second half again and again. Agree with those who have said positive things about rosicky. I love how he goes about it (yes he hasn’t scored for a while but he hasn’t played much), i’d be disappointed if he left in the summer because he surely has a place in the squad. Ramsey my MOtM

  151. evonne says:

    Chas – good idea! Alternatively you could inform him that his ticket will be sold to a supporter who is willing to remain in his seat when the team are fighting back!

    I must admit I was tempted to switch the telly off and do some duvet diving for the rest of the day. But, boy, am I glad to be brave for once? Fantastic comeback. Ramsey my man of the match.

    Off to read other comments, laters

  152. evonne says:

    GLiC – you should have gone round making the ‘cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo’ noise

  153. Rasp says:

    Morning all, instead of reveling over a magnificent comeback, I am seething. That potato faced, disloyal jock piece of sh*t McLeish is campaigning to get RvP a retrospective ban over an alleged elbow aided and abetted by another equally hideous sweaty in the form of Alan Brazil on Talkshite.

    McLeish is such a bad loser. He spent the entire game on the edge of the technical area shouting at the ref and his assistants. If Mancini is getting told off for waving imaginary red cards then surely what McLeish is doing is far worse. Dunne should have received at least 3 yellows yesterday and certainly should not have been on the pitch to the end, I didn’t hear Arsene complaining.

  154. Rasp says:

    The equally horrible Warnock also tried to get RvP into trouble when his mediocre side was beaten. Its about time managers were held accountable when they criticise other teams in interviews.

  155. Red Arse says:

    Rasp, morning, and you are spot on! 🙂

    Quote from Ferguson’s special friend “I don’t like pointing the finger at players, but ………….” what a total tosser!

  156. Red Arse says:

    Are you referring to the ex-QPR manager, Warnock?

    If so, he was commenting on TV with Keown and was extremely glowing and expansive in his positive comments about Arsenal.

    I thought he was a Gooner and actually sneakily liked him!!! 🙂

  157. chas says:

    Morning all.
    Personally I’m still revelling over a magnificent comeback. 🙂

  158. Morning all

    Who’d have thunk it???? You know how they say ‘anything can happen in a cup game’ well our boys seemed to have read the script yesterday. The question did cross my mind as the whistle went for half-time ‘can we come back from 2 down?’ Very exciting stuff.

    I’m revelling in our magnificent comeback too 🙂

  159. Rasp says:

    I am going to call a temporary halt to my tirade about that potato faced, talentless, slimeball of a maggot McLeish as someone else has also picked up on his disgraceful behaviour and has written a post for tomorrow on the subject – so keep your powder dry on that aspect of the game and celebrate a super Henry induced comeback 🙂

  160. Gooner in Exile says:

    Raspi watched the ITV highlights.

    RvP looks to see where Cuellar is, moves in front and he moves both his elbows back as he tries to make a barrier and looks for the ball, to think that he knows Cuellar is going to put his head where he does and elbow him intentionally is sore losing of the highest order.

    I must have missed Cuellar being put out with a broken cheekbone.

    Anyway back to the positive glow…. 😀

  161. evonne says:

    Chas – me too 🙂

  162. Gooner in Exile says:

    Some Gooners who I saw whingeing away on the concourse at half time would be eating huge slices of humble pie.

  163. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Morning all,
    I could hardly get to sleep last night and I`m still buzzing !
    GiE, sorry for getting detached from you onway to ground ,but my boy went off ahead to a burger stand and I was looking for him .
    e va va vonne,
    Good idea, but that glic was left in cornwall to save my boy cringeing with embarrassment, anyway where was you ?.

  164. Rasp says:

    Hi GiE,

    I hold you personally responsible for my lack of a voice today – one ‘Red Army’ too many, but I had to try to keep up with you 😕

  165. chas says:

    We were talking about you at half time, driving up from Cornwall just to see Skinny Legs jinxing the team again. How wrong we were 🙂

    I don’t know if anyone else noticed on the way out how obnoxious the Villa fans were. They were constantly trying to goad the Arsenal fans into fighting. W*nkers.

  166. Rasp says:

    Morning glic,

    A pleasure to meet you and your son yesterday and great that your trip was heralded with an award winning comeback by the good guys.

  167. Gooner in Exile says:

    I’ve never liked Villa fans too much Chas they definitely have an element of that nastiness. Highlighted by the number of police around before and after the game (unusually high for a home game i’d say). Compared to when Dortmund fans who also came in large number who were some of the most amicable fans I have met.

  168. chas says:

    I’m sure I just saw a comment about Warnock from LB that has disappeared. Is wordpress playing up?

  169. Rasp says:

    Don’t think so chas, Red Arse mentions Warnock @ 8:31 and apparently quite likes him – no accounting for taste 🙄

  170. chas says:

    I’ve just had a look on Arsenal player and I’m not sure your comment about Robin moving both elbows back is true, unfortunately.

  171. Jailhouse Legs Malone says:

    Morning all,
    Like the rant Rasp. All will be well, there’s a referendum on Scottish Independence looming, and if it goes to a Yes, there’s bad news for them. We’re flogging the place to Qatar.

  172. chas says:

    LB said something like, ‘ you can tell Warnock isn’t a proper gooner because he didn’t find a way to slag off the team’ !

  173. Jailhouse Legs Malone says:

    I did comment during the game on here about some not returning for the 2nd half. Ha ha.
    I think its fine to have a good old whinge on here or the concours at half time, so long as you get right behind the lads once play starts. Loved your bit about standing up in the back row!!!

  174. New Post ………………

  175. Rasp says:

    😆 JLM,

    chas, you cannot go on the evidence of one still. The whole situation has become ridiculous, the degree of shirt pulling, jockying, pushing etc etc during corners is excessive – if the law were followed to the letter, virtually every corner would result in a penalty.

    That saint Shearer was one of the worst for backing in and using his elbows but was hardly ever penalised.

  176. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    rasp ,
    My only regret was not having more time with you fine lot of gooners, cant wait till nex time and I love the idea of a box for a game, I know I`m a newbee but count me in if there`s a spare place if it happens, not too soon though as my voice needs to recover, it`s so sore ! 🙂
    This sticky dog was still confident at half time, it was a Black eyed peas “I`ve got a feeling moment” !

    e va va vone was right about GiE, he`s like some big bubbly bear you want to cuddle (not a broke back sort of cuddle ! 🙂 ) Huggy Bear would be a fitting name !. 🙂

  177. WeightLoss says:


    […]Park Life: AV prematch « Arsenal Arsenal[…]…

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