Robin’s face says it all

Understandably, none of our regular authors were inclined to write a match report following yesterday’s game, so you will all have to suffer the thoughts of someone who will I’m sure, not be expressing the mainstream opinion on this site.

I couldn’t go to the game as I had to work. I followed the live commentary on BBC Sport football, listened to the radio phone in on my way home and watched the lowlights on MotD through the lattice of my fingers clamped to my face.

Due to the horrible language and reactions of many fans on the blogs after the game, I expect there to be a positive response on AA in support of the team and the manager – for that reason I am going to just going to list what I see as the negatives so you can all shoot me down in flames. I have written this very hurriedly so don’t expect wonderful prose or clever puns.

Why did we lose the game? I’ll just list a couple of thoughts……. 

  1. The seeds were sown back in the summer when we seemed in denial that the departure of Cesc and Na$ri was inevitable and yet little apparent attempt was made to bring in a midfield playmaker. Without the last minute signing of Arteta, we would probably be 10 points worse off as he has been our best midfielder and has been sorely missed for the last two games.
  2. Unlike our manager, SAF analyses and targets the weaknesses of his opponents. SAF won the game before it started because we played into his hands in playing Djourou at RB. Yennaris is a proper RB and made an immediate impact when he came on. This is not hindsight as several bloggers commented before the game that playing JD would be a huge mistake – and so it proved.
  3. Having made the mistake of taking Coquelin off in the first game against manu (after which we conceded 5 more goals), AW decided to remove The Ox yesterday to the disbelief of his captain and a large portion of the crowd. The resultant booing was not directed at Arshavin but the decision to make the substitution. Contrary to what has been reported, AOC did not ask to be taken off, AW said in his interview that he thought he was looking tired. In that case a dog tired AOC is still a much greater goal threat than a fully fit Theo. The booing was wrong and did nothing to bolster our little Russian’s confidence, but then he probably shouldn’t have been put in that position.
  4.  The decision to send Frimpong out on loan was ridiculous. He has been Wolves’ best midfielder and should have been on our bench yesterday to shore up the midfield as Alex Song has for whatever reason, failed to stamp his authority as a senior player should. The subs were warming up before AOC provided the assist for the goal. Once we scored, we should have reassessed the substitutions and looked to strengthen the midfield, not put a horribly out of form player out wide right.

I’m sure the PR machine at the club will now decide that we should make every attempt to win the FA Cup as Champion’s league qualification is now out of our hands. It is quite possible that the chavs and totnum will trip up, but can we be confident of putting together a long winning run? – not in my opinion. The return of the injured players will restore us to a very strong side, but I fear it will be too late to claw back this season.

Written by Rasp

Here are kelsey’s thoughts about yesterdays game …………

Both GIE and myself said beforehand that regardless of the result we wanted a performance by the lads. Well for the first half except for about ten minutes we were dire against a United team (who also have injuries) and it was inevitable that we would concede,that it happened seconds before half time was unfortunate but at least we showed a much improved performance in the first 25 minutes of the second half.

The Crowd: They were extremely vocal from the kick off.

As in recent games there were so many missed-placed passes and no real understanding between the players when we attacked.  The counter attack was so slow that United could regather in numbers, but the one time we looked like the team of old we scored, with a quick counter attack.

Tiredness is also a factor, we used to finish games much stronger but now our scoring has deserted us with only 5 goals in 6 home games.

This squad is just not good enough andtotally inconsistent. Many will point out that our first eleven is a match for anyone,which I agree with but only if they work as a team.

Rosicky hasn’t scored a league goal in two years, Walcott not at home for over a year. Is that a lack of ability or are they just not composed enough when it really matters. Ramsey can be excused, he is young, gives his all and his time will come. He is being given too much responsibility and being played too much.

Our biggest loss this season is Wilshere, forget about his age, he is a star footballer. Add in the loss of a motivated Fabregas and even Nasri and that leaves a huge whole in our engine. We are playing with the choke out.

If there was no ANC, Gervinho would have started before the Ox but he was the one shining light.

I won’t have it that the Ox doesn’t track back because neither do Walcott or Arshavin except for the odd occasion.
I don’t care what Wenger says, taking off the Ox was unbelievable and to add insult to injury the totally out of form and ineffectual Arshavin came on and unfortunately we conceded.

We have to face reality. Kroenke will remain silent, Wenger will not buy but I have never seen the crowd in such numbers, turn on a man who has done wonders for our club.  I forsee that enough is enough and he may walk in the Summer.

I  have supported this team for decades but this just isn’t enjoyable anymore. Maybe not all, but a good part of our current problems could have been rectified over the last few seasons.

When you are carrying more than half a team for various reasons such as players being played out of position, a total loss of confidence/form and having to rely on players like Yennaris, Miquel and Jenkinson who still need time and only RVP as the one real goal threat there is a lot to be accounted for.

Written by kelsey

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  1. Morning all

    A double post from kelsey and Rasp.

    I haven’t had a chance to read any of the early morning comments but if any of you want to repost them now please go ahead.

    Please try to be courteous to bloggers who may well be hurting more than you and remember that we have no power and nothing we say changes anything ………. sadly 😦

  2. “Arrggghhhhhh!” – that’s my feelings about the game.
    The result and Wenger’s tactics will give more fuel for the “Wenger out” brigade, but I feel some of the senior players are letting him down too.
    It was a scary afternoon in Peachy’s pocket however inevitable the result seemed.

    As an aside I had a fancy dress party on Saturday night and the evening kicked off like an episode of Only Fools and Horses.

    I was dressed up as a stormtrooper and instead of going to the party room upstairs at the Sports Club I walked through into the public bar, like Del Boy and Rodders as Batman & Robin walking into a wake.

    For a second I thought perhaps I was a victim of a wind up but after the laughter subsided some people in the bar told me where the party was.
    But not after lots of finger pointing and laughing. 😦

  3. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain vs Manchester United

  4. By the way, it is ok to disagree with either or both of kelsey and Rasp …… don’t be afraid, they won’t bite.

    It’s going to be a hard week again, we gooners just love winning and many of us find it very hard to deal with defeat whether its because of the team playing badly or poor management.

  5. Double98 says:

    Rasp – i concur with many of your points – Frimpong perhaps is a little too hotheaded for this tie at this point in his career – a few more reasons to justify our defeat.

    1/ We have known about our fullback deficit for a month – we are over halfway through a transfer window and nothing has been done about it. Half the squad are out on loan so wages can’t be that big a problem – if they are cancel the benayoun deal and get two people in. Vermaelan, Djourou
    2/ Yesterday, Arsenal worked well for about 30 minutes – this is because Ramsay went up front and OX/Walcott played as traditional wingers in what looked awfully like a 4-4-2. Once Arshavin came onwe reverted to the 4-3-3 (which is useless without a quarterback – Arteta or Fabregas)
    3/ Evra expected a red card for his tackle on walcott – he feigned injury and then smiled when he got the yellow – no one picked up on this
    4/ Arsene needs to stamp his authority on the team – he will probably react to the boos by dropping the OX – but he needs to put Arshavin and Walcott in the stands…

    1/ OX – why/how is Arshavin and walcott in ahead of him?
    2/ Rosicky – class act – why/how is Arshavin and walcott in ahead of him?
    3/ Rock bottom – only way is up..

  6. Rasp says:

    Morning all,

    I could have put many more rants in the post if I had the time!

    But here is just one more point to ponder. Why when we’ve known all season that Chamakh was off to the ACN, did we give him all those appearances as a sub (in which time he did zilch) when we knew that Park would be our only other striker and could be called upon if RvP got injured?

    Park did nothing when he came on and I don’t blame him in the slightest as he has had virtually no first team experience.

    Chamakh’s history shows that he is not a natural goalscorer, he basically does not attempt to create a shooting opportunity for himself, and if he does, his shooting is very poor. Park is a goalscorer at International level and given a bit of time would be able to do a job for us. The goal he scored in the CC was pure class and way beyond the ability of MC.

  7. dapson jay says:

    please we need player please wenger

  8. chas says:

    Well done, Rasp.

    Robin’s face says it all.

  9. Rasp says:

    Thanks chas, I was looking for a pic like that but everything was done in a hurry. If RvP goes, we can blame it on our inability to surround him with players of the quality he deserves – its a shame because he has been such a fantastic captain.

  10. g clarke says:

    bloggers have spent season trying to get shot of wenger looking good for them now managers should think twice about joining worse supporters in prem

  11. chakky says:

    I have been a Gunner for the last 6 plus years and despite the defeats, the tags of also rans, or even the scroogieness of Wenger, somehow I have never felt to change sides.. and this match changes nothing. Probably its a bad year for gunners, maybe humiliating, but guys, true fans agree when they are beaten, smile when others poke fun at them and hope our team does better another day. We can only put trust in our players. No use hoping for others players for big cash, then we wont be any different than a ManC fan or a PSG fan..We need the players who want to be at Arsenal because they love it, else it will be a Cesc story in the making all over again. Like SAF said, despite all the injuries he believes in what he has got. Arsene also says the same thing and we should be behind our team, win or lose. Trophies or no trophies..

  12. Rasp says:

    Thanks g clarke – and your thoughts on the game were?

  13. 26may1989 says:

    My depression about football this morning (am feeling pretty chirpy about most other things in life) is only about my fellow fans. I can take disappointments on the pitch, it’s the average experience of almost all football fans. But the behaviour of our fans at home games veers between the quiet-as-a-mouse and the give-it-to-me-now-I-know-everything boo-boy brigade. After 20 years, I am quite seriously thinking of handing in my season ticket at the end of this season; why should I spend a thousand pounds plus every year in order to surround myself with these people?

  14. RedMJ says:

    I’m with you 1989 but I’ll be f***ed if I’m gonna let those wankers put me off. I thought I was gonna get a whack from some idiot in the North Bank yesterday when I asked him (quite politely) to try and be positive and support the team rather than spewing the venom and diatribe usually reserved for the white shite and Joey Barton. We need all the positive people we can get right now so pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back in there. Victory comes from harmony (where have we heard that before?)

  15. Gooner In Exile says:

    Haven’t read post yet just wanted to clarify something from the tail end of yesterday’s comments.

    I am not suggesting RvP does not give his all, I am suggesting we need true transition period to really step up. In RvP we have a player head and shoulders above his teammates, if Song, Theo and others leave as feared we will have a situation much like Thierrys last season with us.

  16. Wonderman says:

    Great post Rasp & Kelsey,

    @ Rasp re:Chamakh and Park, my views are this

    1. Wenger has a heirachy in his squad which he seldom deviates from at this point in time Cham is ahead of Park, I suspect because he already has a season in the perm under his belt. But a question for you, what would you be saying if Wenger played Park and he sustained a long term injury ?

    2. I believe in Frimpong’s case, he is behind Coquelin and Wilshere in the pecking order and therefore benefits from a loan. Wenger was not to know Coquelin was going to get injured

    My biggest concern is that we seem to be making the same mistakes over and over again

  17. goonermichael says:

    I disagree about Park he looked good.

  18. 26may1989 says:

    RedMJ: “Victory comes from harmony” – absolutely right.

    I probably will dust myself off, as you suggest, that’s the nature of the addiction! Perhaps I should just invest in a tip-top pair of earplugs…….

  19. Rasp says:

    OK gm, that’s good news, I didn’t see enough of the game to judge to be hoinest, I was just going on what others were saying.

  20. kelsey says:

    I don’t think we should jump to conclusions about RVP just yet.he is a world class player but there are contracts to sort out with him,Walcott and Song and even Wenger himself in the not too distant future.

    Will arshavin go in the Summer ? probably yes as will Chamakh and of course the others such as Bendtner,Vela,squillacci,Fabianaki,Denilson,Almunia and will lansbury return and will benyahoun be offered an extension to his loa. Personally i would let djourou go as well as he is nothing more than 4thchoice. Thats a hell of a transition period to come.

    Spurs are of no interest to me.they are playing well and will get a top 4 .,maybe for one season as they will lose Harry and probably Modric and even Bale.At least they are motivated and were unlucky to lose yesterday.

    from earlier today.

  21. For a laugh I hope all you guys spare a thought for Twitchy, who is in court today for yet more “wheeler dealing”. 🙂

  22. MickyDidIt89 says:

    26 and Redmj,
    I hear you both. Like Red, I will simply never be able to quit whether I wanted to or not, however along the lines of 26, I do pick and choose games very carefully when taking my son. No chance would I have taken him yesterday. Too vile.

  23. Rasp says:

    Come on guys, lets talk about the game, scapegoating the supporters is a bit naff. I have been critical of the management in my comments but anyone who has sat next to me at a game will tell you that I am very vocal and 100% behind the team whatever the selection. It is possible to give unconditional support at games and to be critical afterwards although I agree we have some pretty poor supporters.

    The fact is the club created the type of supporters we have by building the 60,000 seater stadium that led to an influx of ‘new fans’ and also broke up the traditional areas of support and then compunded that by its cheesy (dare I say americanised) presentation of matches.

    As regards the analysis of what went wrong yesterday; if a train crashes, you question the driver and examnine the construction of the train – you don’t blame the passengers.

  24. Rasp says:

    Hi Wonderman, I really don’t understand the basis of your question. What makes you think Park was any more likely to pick up an injury than Chamakh if he was making 20 minute appearances as a sub to builkd him up for a greater role in the future.

    Chamakh was free, Park cost us money and was part of the influx of last minute arrivals. He has goalscoring pedigree – Chamakh doesn’t.

    I have always said that Frimpong is behind Coquelin, but that doesn’t justify the decision to send a player of his quality out on loan when it was likely we would need his services.

    I’m not talking about you here, but you cannot have it both ways. The same people who say we cannot buy in players because we will halt the development of the up and coming youngsters also say, well you can’t play him because he isn’t the finished article yet – catch22 or what?

  25. Well said Rasp/Kelsey,
    Love this blog, and i love the comments that follow, this is what sets it apart from other blogs.
    My thoughts
    1. poor manu team, there for the taking
    2. low in confidence arsenal side without any fullback there for the taking
    3. wenger should continue with yennaris, just having a mobile fullback elliminates being targetted down the left. JD is an awful left back.
    4. Walcott was terrible, sell him please, the ox has his pace but also has the skill to beat his man, theo will only ever have pace. We will get 25M for theo.
    5. Do we coach shooting, hit the target, make the GK work.
    6. CSI arsenal – get to the root of our injury problems its killing us, if its the turf thats the problem it will be embarrassing.
    7. If wenger walks i hope all the haters will be ashamed of themselves. Life will get harder i’m sure. Our crowd are pants (our away fans excluded).

    I can see it in 20 years time that we read wengers biography and realise the constraints and obstacles that blight his arsenal ambitions and we will then realise what a wizard of a coach he actually was.

  26. TotalArsenal says:

    Rasp, Kelsey, well done for writing your reports. You are the right people to comment on the game yesterday as it will reflect better how many Arsenal supporters feel this morning.

    Most of us expected Arsenal not to win yesterday, but in the end it did not really hurt us too much as our direct competitors all dropped points as well. I was so disappointed by the first half performance. The team lacked focus, drive and confidence, and on top of that it lacked shape and too many players were totally below par. Unsurprisingly Theo, Djourou and Arshavin get all the flack, but I was just as disappointed about Ramsey, Song and especially Rosicky and Vermaelen. The Ox, Koz, RvP and the BFG were the only ones really up for the game, and had that extra quality needed for games like these.

    Arsene’s performance was also disappointing and I genuinely believe he does not know how to turn it around at the moment. I blame him more than the players at the moment, as the real issues of concern are with regards to style of play, formation, confidence building and selection of players. Our second halves against Swansea and Fulham were particularly poor in terms of tactics.

    The good thing for Wenger is he has four months left to turn it round and show all of us he is still capable of moving this club forward. The good thing for us is that we will know as well, by the end of May, whether Arsene should stay or a replacement should be sought. Whether he can do it or not, and whether he will stay or not, this will surely all become clear in the next four months.

    If we can win the next two games, get our injured players back in February and can go on a good run of games, the season can still be have a good ending. But I am just not sure whether Wenger has it still in him to lead our team effectively. My brain says yes, but my gut says no, and as I am feeling gutted I am going with the latter.

  27. Arsedave says:

    Good posts Rasp and Kelsey, agree with Rasp point 2. When you think about it there isn’t an awful lot between the 2 sides, however SAF seems to have the beating of AW before a ball is kicked and their recent record against us (except last May) is very good.
    It’s time to tweek, I expect our first choice starting line up in the near future will be


    Only a £52 million investment for a first class team, and when you think Liverpool spent a £100 million and what a mess, it is peanuts really, just 3 quality players needed. Ramsay and Theo can then improve the quality of our bench.

  28. LB says:

    I did have one positive thought yesterday before the train crashed. Walcott looked so much better with The Ox on the pitch, it was if the pressure of youthful expectation was off him and had been passed to the new prince. Theo’s runs were better, more determined, his control is still lite-weight and I would have subbed him, moved The Ox over to the right and put Arshavin on the left but to sub Walcott over The Ox is going to take a lot of courage from Wenger.

    As I said earlier, I think the importance of that substitution has been over exaggerated.

  29. Rasp says:

    😆 LB, that comment looked so much more approprate with your gravatar above the word crashed…….

  30. LB says:

    Ramsey and Walcott would never accept being on the bench and there lies two of the biggest problems Wenger has.

  31. LB says:

    Morning Rasp


  32. TotalArsenal says:

    Rasp, if the passengers keep criticising the driver and the on-board staff, often without justification, on the train and via their handheld devices, than the train is more likely to crash eventually. The way we, the ‘supporters’, aim our anger and vile at players like Song, Theo, Ramsey etc is a big part of them not performing to their potential. They are not robots but players with feelings, who need confidence and support. It never stops amazing me how fans don’t get that very simple principle. We do it to ourselves, we do, and that’s what really hurts.

  33. Rasp says:

    Morning LB, Ramsey and Wilshere should be 2 key elements in our midfield of the future (but i believe there is still room to bring in another quality midfielder)

    I’d let Theo go, he flatters to deceive and we have the likes of Ryo, The Ox and hopefully next season Joel Campbell coming through. I’d still like to see us buy a ‘finisher’.

  34. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    There will be no shooting down in flames from me, so relax, we all have our opinions and should feel at ease to express them and what better site than this to do It on. Anyway , you bastards, just kidding 🙂 As I`ve said previously, I`m a Wengerite, but some of his decisions do baffle me, but whatever I/we think doesn`t matter, he will never change.
    In my opinion, I`d like to see him move sideways or upstairs, head of scouting and youth development or football director or maybe take over from someone like Gazidis or head of finance. We will then have a Coach and assistant.
    I will be Head Coach and TMHT will be my assistant, If we get in any difficulty, then I have Total on speed dial, how difficult can it be, I would have kept the Ox on ( if he was feeling tired, it would have gone after laying on RVP`s goal ). Me and Terry will also be Coaching Arsenal`a ladies team, there will be long after game team talks in the showers, there will be a couple of hard points we may need to get across . Ohh , and they wouldn`t have to pay me, just a spare exec` box for the AAers.
    Another Ohh, and I will be signing “Super Quality” and getting rid of the “deadwood ” 🙂

  35. LB says:


    I am sorry I cannot add a little more controversy to this mornings proceedings but I agree with all your 11.08.

  36. chas says:
  37. Rasp says:

    Hi TA, that’s taking the train analogy a bit too far don’t you think. Of course the crowd play their part but consider this, do we watch say chelski have a bad game and blame their supporters – or man city who have equally poort support? No it seems to be a peculiarly Arsenal thing to put too much emphasis on the crowd – and as I said, the support is created in part by the club.

    I’ve sat next to you. You are a very educated guy and as fervent and committed a supporter as there is, but you don’t make a lot of noise because its not in your nature.

  38. RedMJ says:

    Rasp, football is played by human beings who will grow and thrive based on confidence, even for those on hyper salaries. As human beings they won’t always get it right and when that happens the last thing they need is their own team (fans) turning on them with such malicious intent. With the best will in the world its gonna be hard to keep putting yourself out there to be shot down again by people who are supposed to be on your side. The combination of ignorance (no real knowledge of the subject) with huge intollerance is fatal and is, I believe damaging our team and club.


    from club mascot to arsenals new right back

    (sorry don’t know how to embed)

  40. Rasp says:

    Thanks RedMJ,

    I understand your point. Perhaps you’d like to expand on it by apportioning the responsibility for yesterday’s lacklustre performance.

    Out of 100, what percentage of the following contributed to the result:
    1. The fans
    2. The manager
    3. The players
    4. The injuries

    Mine would be:
    1. 5%
    2. 35%
    3. 30%
    4. 30%

  41. Rasp says:

    Fantastic pic tommy, we can add Yennaris to the list of Wilshere, Frimpong and Jenkinson who have always had Arsenal in their DNA

  42. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Ooo Rasp, good game.
    I go:
    1. 10% (twelfth man and all that)
    2. 40% Absolutely no clue how to set up a three man midfield
    3. 10%
    4. 40%

    And if you’d lobbed in one for the Board, they would have done very well indeed. In fact clear winners

  43. Rasp says:

    😆 Micky, maybe this should be the subject for a poll in another post

  44. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Rasp, well that’s the risk of using an analogy!

    You are talking about two different things though. Noice levels at The Emirates are generally poor and need improving, but the vitriol aimed at particular players/the manager (yesterday) in the ground as well on line etc is another thing. I agree that all teams do the latter – it is not a particular Arsenal problem.

    Rasp, I sing along whenever I can, but I am not a party-starter like GiE. I love to analyse the game and understand what is happening (and so does GiE), so you have got a point there. I cannot recall sitting next to you though, you must have been using your binoculars! 😆


    Thank you Rasp & Kelsey for putting the effort in to post after a rather dispiriting defeat.

    I tend to agree with a lot of what you both say and share many of your frustrations but would like to make some observations on your comments.

    Rasp, i can not understand your vehement opposition to the Frimpong loan. From what i saw of the boy, he needs games to bring him up to the required standard, sure, there is an argument to have kept him but i feel the club made the right decision. I note what you say about Wenger ignoring the other team and agree that this is his philosophy. Sometimes it can realy wind up but in the long run this approach will pay dividends, i am strong believer that you must stick to your principles, especialy when they have served us so well in the past.

    Kelsey, i do not agree with your views on the substitution. Those desisions are always the perogative of the manager, he knows better than you and i on these matters. Correct me if ime wrong, but you seem to be of the belief that there is something fundementaly wrong with the Club (behind the scenes). You may be proven right on that score, though i suspect you are not, but until there is more evidence i will hold fire.

    So were does this result leave us in the grand scheme of things?, well in my opinion nothing has changed. For me the Club is going in the right direction, with a climate slowly changing in our favour. I have every confidence that next season we will mount a serious challange for the title and build a side that will be more than a match for anybody. Our finances will improve whilst our rivals will not, fantastic young players, improving players, owners that will not interfere with the manager etc. The nucleas of the team is beggining to take shape and we as supporters should get behind the Club in what they are trying to acheive. We have a role to play, many managers and club strategies have been changed due to fan pressure, lets not shoot ourselves in the foot. If we stay paitent and calm, this time next year we will be heralding a great team in the making.

  46. TotalArsenal says:

    RedMJ – spot on. To a certain extent it explains why Theo does better away from THOF.

  47. Moe Daher says:

    We have only our management to blame. We have the money, we have the stadium, we have the training ground, we have the coaching staff, we have the fans paying more then any others. Howcome we don’t have the players? Wenger is past it. We have to admit that he did not evolve with the changes that we have in the EPL.Other teams around us are improving while we stay in our place. What good are half the player that we have to the team. We waited so long for Nasri and Fabreags to grow up and become Good players only for them to leave. Blame only the board. The problem is not Wenger. When PHW tells you that Champions League Football is not necessary and Wengers disagrees, you get the idea. Wenger needs to stand up and make decisions. Leave if he has to make a point. The best thing to get a winning team is to exchange places with Mourinho. Real Madrid need Wenger and Arsenal needs Mourinho

  48. Rasp says:

    TA, I meant no criticism of your support believe me. I was just illustrating the fact that the style of play, the eloquence of the manager and the civilised design of the stadium have attracted a new brand of supporter who is more cerebral and less guttural 😛

  49. This is a great thing to do

    I’m not techie enough to make a screenshot and publish it on here but some of the info is astounding. The work that Kos and Mert put in is incredible and their successful pass rate is fantastic.

    Maybe chas will oblige when he’s around.

  50. Arsedave says:

    I’d go
    1. 5%
    2. 10%
    3. 85%
    4. 0%

    Injuries shouldn’t count because the players stepping in should be giving everything to keep hold of that shirt, quality or no quality. After all this is Arsenal one of the top ten clubs in the world.

  51. Rasp says:


    Thanks for your response. Do you think Frimpong would have been on the bench yesterday had he not been at Wolves? If the answer is yes, then that perfectly explains why I am against his loan deal.

  52. I’m going to join in that game too Mdi89.

    My numbers are:

    1. 10%
    2. 35%
    3. 30%
    4. 25%

  53. Rasp says:

    So far the supporters have not been voted more than 10% to blame – you see my point now, its an understandably emotional response to blame the supporters but when you have to analyse it in the cold light of day, the main reasoning lies elsewhere.

  54. TA
    the reason why theo plays better away from home is that the home team has to be more attacking which leaves space for theo to exploit. At the emirates the away teams come to defend and theo has no space to run in to and as he rarely beats a man with skill alone resulting in mostly ineffective games. Bring on the OX.

  55. Red Arse says:

    Morning Rasper, 🙂

    I read your opening para and rubbed my hands with glee. You had given permission to shoot down some rant induced points.

    Actually, I found no such rant. Everything you wrote was perfectly reasonable and perfectly understandable. I concur captain! 🙂

    Then I read LB’s comment and he beat me to a comment I would have made too, (and still will) 🙂 I am very unsure about Theo, but although his end product was still poor yesterday, I think his overall play, with quick runs and wanting to get into the game were the best I have seen from him in quite a while.
    The competition with the OX (he did shout at the kid once) seems to be bringing out the best in him.

  56. Wonderman says:

    Hi Rasp, my point is Chamakh has premier league experience and has shown he could score last season. Park has no prem experience. From my perspective it is logical that Chamakh is ahead of him in the pecking order. You are correct that we would not know if Park would sustain an injury or not, but I suspect in planning the season Wenger is thinking Chamakh aug to dec giving Park 4 months to acclimatise then blood him in the new year. Therefore not risking being short when Cham goes to the ACN

    I agree that Chamakh should not have been signed in the first place based on his pedigree, but then I also look at Park and wonder what his motivation levels must be like especially after we have now signed Henry, pushing him further back for the next 6 weeks

  57. Rasp says:

    Morning RA,

    Competition for places should be a motivating factor for all footballers irrespective of status, salary or any other criterion. Maybe only Messi and Iniesta could feel secure in their position!

    If fear of being superseded motivates Theo to put his body on the line a be more and to be more aggressive in his play then that is a very good thing, but I’m not sure it will endow him with some of the skills he lacks but the Ox has in abundance.

  58. Arsedave says:

    Moe, great post agree with you, my percentages were for that result yesterday only, the percentages would change for the overall situation.

  59. TotalArsenal says:

    Rasp 🙂

    My choice:

    Out of 100, what percentage of the following contributed to the result:
    1. The fans: 5%
    2. The manager: 30%
    3. The players: 15%
    4. The injuries: 50%

    Without proper LB and RB available and Jack to replace a tired Ramsey we really suffered yesterday. But Arsene did not know how to cope with this loss and, as said before, that is a worrying sign.

  60. WiganGooner says:

    Good morning all, nice article guys, really hitting on the mood of the fanbase I feel.

    I am always positive, I believe our football and quality will see us through this period. However, as I stated on my site this morning, it’s mistakes like starting Djourou that cost us the game. He got ruined time and time again and it’s just not good enough.

    I’m struggling to be positive today, I’m getting too much abuse from Manc scum and it’s bringing me down.

    Come on you gooners, lets win the FA Cup and paper over the cracks! 🙂


  61. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I completely agree with the thrust of Kelsey’s view.
    The fact that Arsene said he could write a book about the summer window says to me that much was not right.
    I think the Board have showed an unbelievable level of arrogance. I am convinced they thought we merely needed to turn up for the season to be guarranteed a top four spot. In this respect, I am weirdly greatful to Spurs for showing them up.

  62. chas says:

    Is this what you were after, peaches?

  63. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Arsedave: 0% to injuries
    TA: 50% to injuries
    How can you not love debating football in such a civilised environment 🙂

  64. chia says:

    Arsene wenger did a wrong choice of decision.the french man should accept his fault.ox was on fire and d best .substituting ox killed the game and that lives me disappointed and wondering if the coach was reading the game n really wanted a defeat.Arsene kill the game yesterday

  65. chas says:

    1. 5%
    2. 30%
    3. 30%
    4. 35%

  66. TotalArsenal says:

    Tommy, that of course is a good point. I have looked at Theo’s body language home and away and I think he is suffering from the strain of expectation and anticipation of crowd growns more than you think though. He also struggles with making the best decision at times and would fare better in a more direct team imo. I think he would have fitted the ‘old Arsenal ala Bergkamp’ really well.

  67. Arsedave says:

    Micky89 I did back my 0% up with a reason.

  68. gunned4life says:

    the fullback problem! why doesn’t he realize this? the’ ll b back -but for how long (Gibbs & Jenk). Solid bodies (FULL STOP) away from under-performing men

  69. fatgingergooner says:


    Well done for putting up a piece after a defeat, not always easy.

    Personally, I’m being positive today. We were excellent 2nd half yesterday, and the change from the first half performance has to be credited to the managers half time talk. People seem to have forgotten that when bashing Wenger about the sub.

    If RvP, Ramsey and Rosicky had put their chances away, we would all be say here this morning absolutely loving Wenger for having the balls to start with the Ox and for picking Rosicky, who played really well.

    The margins between success and failure are do fine in this game, but the swing of criticism on the failure side doesn’t seem to balance out with the success if we had won.

    Overall, this weekend hasn’t been a disaster at all. We are 5 points behind Chelsea and have them to play at home. If we count that as a victory then actually, between now and the end of the season we just have to win one more than they do. It looks tough at the moment, but a victory against Villa at the weekend and a win at Bolton and we could be back on track.

    Anyway, my point is, let’s not hit the panic button just yet. There’s 4 months left of the season and calling for a change of manager or players isn’t doing us any good. If its still shit at the end of the season then fair enough, but let’s at least put some effort into supporting the team instead of finding new reasons to have a pop.

  70. RedMJ says:

    Rasp. Personally (and maybe cos it makes me feel better) I blame most of our current problems on injuries. When our attacking game (and therefore our defensive one too) is based on two fullbacks who can defend and attack in equal measure, losing all 4 of them at the same time (and then losing those who were chosen to step into the breach as reasonable replacements as well) is bound to cause us problems and is almost impossible to legislate for. I feel this has also contributed to Theo’s loss in form as well. I agree that in such extreme circumstances AW should be willing and able to adjust our formation and tactics to compensate for this loss and it would seem that he has either been unwilling to do so or the players have not been able to adapt as he has wanted.
    There is zero point in buying in new full backs in January when we have the likes of Sagna, Gibbs, Santos and Jenkinson all coming back and all of whom have proved they are very capable. Could Wayne Bridge have done a job for us at left back on loan. Maybe. Is he happy taking his huge paycheck and doing f*** all for it? Most definately otherwise he would have left ages ago and is therefore not likely to be very motivated to come in a do a job for us as though he cares.

    So to answer your question on numbers I would go with

    1. The fans – 10%
    2. The manager – 10%
    3. The players – 10%
    4. Injuries – 70%

    That doesn’t absolve Arshavin from his apparent state of apathy and general lack of effort but when he heard the reaction of the crowd to him coming on I doubt it energised him and made him feel ready to die for the cause.

    The issue of the fans behaviour though is not just about the effect it had on that game but what impact it will have on future games and future signings and contract extentions. We want players at our club that care about the club and its great traditions and history. If you become the brunt of such vitriolic abuse when it goes a bit wrong, why would you?

  71. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Harsh on the players in my book. I think they all put in a shift. Four were played out of position (Verm, Ros, AR ad JD) which was not their fault.

  72. Rasp says:

    Hi fgg,

    I had no intention of writing a post and feel a bit of a fraud because I didn’t see the whole game live, but when the cupboard was bare, I just put together some genral thoughts to get us out of trouble.

    I am very pleased with the level of debate today and feel comforted by the positive comments about Arsenal from friends such as yourself.

  73. kelsey says:


    Thanks for the reponse. I have posted many times that I had a contact at the club via the late Danny Fiszmann and there has been logger heads with the BoD and Wenger over the sale of Fabregas and to an extent Nasri .It was about the fee not that we all knew they were going. I also know that the BoD do not see eye to eye with each other,which may not be a big deal, but what I don’t understand is that our chairman says in so many words that non qualification for the CL for one year can be dealt with yet our total net spend in the Summer was 4 million.
    I still maintain AW’s hands are tied but also that the club is relying too heavily that the “potential” will become a force in the next year. On top of that Lady Nina has had her shout. This club never acted like this before,but my main concern is the majority shareholder .I have had a few businesses in my time and I just can’t see Kroenke’s angle. We all know that Kroenke got his shares purely to block the Russian, and i firmly believe all this has a bearing on AW’s decision making.

  74. chas – thank you for the Mert and Kos chalkboards 🙂

  75. Rasp says:

    Nicely argued RedMJ,

    I like your style, how about writing a post for us expanding on those thoughts to be published some time this week? 😛

  76. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I know. It wasn’t a criticism. Just I love a difference of opinion.
    You are so right about margins. In the City/Spuds game, the Totts were about 5mm from taking the lead with only minutes to go.

  77. fatgingergooner says:

    Oh,for the game yday.

    Fans 20%
    Manager 20%
    Players 25%
    Injuries 35%

    For the season thus far

    Fans 10%
    Manager 15%
    Players 30%
    Injuries 45%

  78. chas says:

    Haha, Micky.
    Harsh on the players but Wenger getting the same score even though he’s not on the pitch is fair?
    Apart from the first 10 minutes, the first half was poor and united should have been out of sight, therefore the players on the pitch must share some of the responsibility for the result..

  79. chas says:

    peaches – Kos’s failure rate passing-wise was skewed by the last 15 mins when he was pushing forward.

  80. Rasp says:

    At the end of the day, I’ll add up all the votes in my mini poll and publish the averages tomorrow – so the more people who want to join in the better,

  81. kelsey says:

    Just read on another blog about the booing and again a diverse of opinion.

    Some say that it was taking off the Ox thus directed at AW

    Others say it was the intro of AA

    Others say it was time wasting by United

    I still go with the first one, but those who were there will know better but it is alleged that the Ox signalled to PR to come off. IMO you don’t come off with a bit of cramp.

  82. Arsedave says:

    Thanks Micky89, I see where your coming from, you’re right, a 100 Arsenal fans in a room and you’ll have a 100 different opinions.

  83. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I just can’t see which players to blame. Its not their fault if thery’re not very good or played out of position, or have serious mental issues come to that 🙂

  84. Rasp says:

    Koz has been the standout performer for us this season. I hope none of the big clubs have noticed how good he’s been. Actually I reckon he’s the kinda guy who wouldn’t be swayed by silly money as long as we were paying him a respectable amount. He is one of the few players who you can say always gives his all.

  85. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Could’nt agree more about Kos. He must have been aware of the shit he got from some quarters, and yet, got his head down and proved them wrong. Love the bloke.
    Theo, on the other hand, I think believes he’s the bees knees and would dump us Nasri-style at the drop of a hat for cash and all that trophy bollocks.

  86. fatgingergooner says:


    To be honest, I think If you had watched the whole game, based on what you’ve said before, you would have probably written a very similar article to the one you did!

    I can totally understand fans frustration. What I fail to come to terms with is the belief that we are ‘entitled’ to be winning things. I can only assume that it’s come from fans being spoilt by things like the Invincibles. We seemed such a humble club when we had that team, because we all new deep down that Wenger had us punching above our weight. For some reason though certain fans lost sight of this and it’s almost as though the success has gone to their heads!

    I suppose it’s a bit like a drug, once you have had that winning feeling you want it again and again. The problem is that football happens in cycles, we are not the Invincibles anymore, far from it, and it could be a while before we see a winning side again. Other teams are having their high at the moment, but our time will come again, we just got to ride out this feeling of going cold-turkey!

  87. fatgingergooner says:

    Rasp, anyone else,

    Would your percentages change if it was based on the season so far?

    Also, regarding the booing, the way I saw it, the fans definately started booing for Ox going off, however, certain sections definately kept the booing going for a few moments more than was comfortable, in the knowledge that Arshavin was the man coming on. It was a perfect moment for them to get their feelings across to the little Russian without getting stick from other fans.

    Maybe this could be the Eboue moment for Arshavin. Time to knuckle down and stop pissing about. Fans are fickle, and could soon be loving him again.

  88. Rasp says:

    Yep Micky, I think Theo already believes he deserves to be playing at the Camp Nou (ish). His reaction to losing the ball or being tackled is always to look accusingly at the ref or his own teammates. Different players have different ways of reacting when they lose the ball, Adebayor used to smile inanely, AA just hangs his head, the likes of Belamy and Kaut tend to go mad and try to chase the ball down.

  89. Red Arse says:

    Sometimes we all need to take a deep breath, be pragmatic and carry out a rational assessment of our expectations.

    Before I go on, I should admit that for a fan supporting your team is none of those things. Pragmatism, and rationality take a back seat to our deep seated emotional human responses.
    But let’s stop and have a look, anyway.

    Yesterday proved that the difference between success and failure is wafer thin.
    It is pointless playing the ‘what if’ game, but to make a point;
    the atmosphere on all the blogs could so easily have been very different this morning — IF RVP had tapped in for a very easy goal, rather than blast wide; — IF Welbeck had not been allowed to stand in the goal area (irrespective of AA’s mad non attempt at a tackle).
    But that is life – that is football.

    Our supporters are as good or as bad as every other club’s.
    The ‘good’ are absolutely brilliant, and are resolute despite their disappointment and stoic in the face of defeat.
    The ‘bad’ are just appalling.

    The fact is tho’ that many of the good are now beginning to doubt our great manager. Again, that is understandable and without knowing what restrictions, if any, that he labours under it is also justifiable.

    But let us look at the major rod that is being used to beat him with today.
    Many are accusing him of wrongly substituting the Ox with AA, and perhaps correctly berating him for doing so, if the ‘facts’ they present were true.

    Look, I ranted too when the Ox was taken off. I honestly thought we would go on and win at that time and my heart sank when AA came on. So when they scored I had convinced myself that the Ox substitution was the cause.

    I have read and heard that AW took the Ox off because he said he was tired. He took the Ox off because he said he is only 18 and it was too much for him. He took the Ox off because he said he was doing stretches for his hamstrings etc.

    Now all those things may have been said, and many fans and papers are reporting them to have been.

    BUT what I actually heard him say with my own lugubrious ears, was that the Ox had been ‘sick’ earlier and he was concerned for him.
    If that was the case it changes everything for me. He was protecting his young charge and what is wrong with that?

    As I said above, the difference between success and failure is wafer thin, and maybe AW did make a mistake with the substitution, even given his concern over the Ox, but mistakes are made by all of us – tho not in front of 60,000 mostly unforgiving fans and millions glued to the TV – and AW is very definitely being stressed out by what is happening at the moment.

    Arsene Wenger and the team need our support now, more than ever.
    It’s what we ‘supporters’ are supposed to be all about! Isn’t it?

  90. Rasp says:

    Thanks fgg,

    I believe Arshavin is a great player but for some reason, like Torres, he just cannot regain his form. I would put this down primarily to a lack of confidence. He will always drift in and out of games (as Bergkamp did) because he is capable of game changing moments of brilliance.

  91. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I think we can agree on that then 🙂
    Work calls.

  92. chas says:

    In my view it was 100% the taking off of The Ox and therefore directed at the manager.

    ‘serious mental issues’ 🙂

    Do we all think The Ox and Rambo would have been the players replaced if AW had managed to make the substitution before the goal? It seemed as though they were ready to come on for about 5 minutes before the goal but either the ball was in play or we were defending corners. Would we have even equalised if The Ox had been taken off on 66 minutes?

  93. gunnern5 says:

    Our season is evolving in exactly the way it appeared it would on day one.

    We would be a wish and a hope for the FA. & the CC. Cup, a long shot for a CL position and a no hope for the CL.

    So in my opinion nothing has really changed as we are still in that position and to have expected more was unrealistic.

    Fate has been against us and has played a cruel hand in helping to determine our destiny. But look at Man U – they’ve had the same wretched injuries but they have had the capacity to overcome adversity whereas we use it as an excuse/reason for our poor performances.

    Although I still get upset when we lose I’m able to see it in perspective and realize that we are simply not good enough to be expecting any better from our current mishmash of players.

    My biggest single disapoinment is that the youth of our squad have proven to be wanting when the team really needed them.

  94. Rasp says:

    Great stuff RA, that could be a very good headline post – I don’t know why you have lost your confidence either 😕

  95. gunnern5 says:


    As you know I am on several BOD.s and frankly if all of the Directors continually agree with each other it’s usually a sign of pending doom.

    The makeup of a sound BOD is typically a successful but diverse group of characters who sometimes disagree for the sake of disagreeing – so that all aspects of a subject are aired for discussion.

    In my experience it’s rare to get a rubber stamp BOD.

    For what it’s worth………….

  96. chas says:

    I presume ‘sick on Sunday’ meant the Sunday before?

  97. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Fans 0% ( only one fan playing yesterday and he did well )
    Manager 20% ( 10% for taking Ox off and 10% for not starting with more fans )
    Players 9% ( 1% Jeff Blockley )
    Injuries 71%

  98. kelsey says:

    Can’t disagree with you RA as at least I understood your post :), nevertheless a blog is a blog and we are focusing (I think) on yesterday’s game though of course any post will drift from the main topic.
    I think the fans are just frustrated not so much anger or hate.

    gunnerN5, the point I was trying to make but apparently not very well, is that I believe there is a conflict in interests between the BoD and Wenger at this moment of time and that can easily be passed down to the confidence and motivation of the players.

  99. TotalArsenal says:

    Redders @12.37 very fine comment Sir! 🙂 Only you and DanDan – where is he btw? – can write such a calm and wise comment.


    Thanks for the replies Rasp & Kelsey, you both make ver good points. I guess we just have to disagree about frimpong Rasp, i feel overall the benefits of the loan outweigh the cons.

    Kelsey, i respect what you say, and as i said before time might prove you correct. I tend to agree with what G5 says that its not uncommen to have “lively debate” in the board room. I would also like to add that i see Arsene wenger as an honurable man who would walk away if he felt the board were undermining him, we shall see.

  101. WiganGooner says:

    Great comment RA. Well thought out and well presented, if only I had that level of logic and analysis 🙂

    Cracking read and fully agree


  102. Red Arse says:

    You are a sweetheart Rasp. 🙂

    It’s not lack of confidence – it’s that bloody pragmatism! 🙂


    I like your stuff. Sometimes incredibly enthusiastic, sometimes amusingly (to me) 🙂 outraged, often very knowledgeable, but always with a fan’s deep and intuitive take on the matters concerning the enigma which is AFC.

    I feel slightly ashamed of myself in admitting this, but I am beginning to have a sneaking respect for someone I have always disliked with a passion, who unlike us is not a fan of Arsenal, but speaks a lot of sense …………………………. Gary Nevill!

    He has said, more than once, (paraphrasing) that while Arsenal continue to be ‘content’ to be a model football club with a fantastic stadium and sound financial principles, we will continue to fall away from competing for titles with the ‘new’ big clubs, who have owners who are prepared to slew the odds by paying out ginormous salaries and transfer fees.
    Worse, he suggested that we will, if we are not already, simply become another ‘feeder’ club for Barca, Real, Citeh and the Chavs.

    I doubt the FFP will substantially change things with all the vested interests opposing it, and his views, sadly, chime with my own.

    I do not know what the solution is. 😦

  103. WiganGooner says:


    Totally agree with you about ol’ Frimpong. He has looked stunning for Wolves, but like Jack did at Bolton he needs to do his learning on the pitch and we can’t give him that. We can’t afford to carry him if he is having an off game as every game is critical.

    Shame he got “Frimponged” I hope he recovers swiftly to take full advantage of the loan.


  104. Wonderman says:

    @FGG 12:28 absolutely agree mate !!

  105. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Yes , great comment Redders and I understood every word !. 🙂
    I shall now go in the bathroom and slap that chap in the mirrors face ! 🙂

  106. WiganGooner says:


    You want to watch out for him, I’ve heard he’s a psycho…(the man in the mirror..)



  107. Red Arse says:

    Hi Kelsey, liked your Post and wished I had your sources. 🙂

    Hi to you too TA, yet another Dutch darts champion I see. 🙂

    WG, great to see you around. I have been trying to get a response from you for quite some time, via your Wigan Gooner site, and for a while thought you may have become disillusioned, tho’ that did not seem likely, knowing you! 🙂
    Liked your “Square Pegs, Round Holes” Post today on Wigan Gooner, and can recommend it to other AA’ers!!

  108. Rasp says:

    If Frimpong had been on the bench yesterday, it would have been because he was deemed to be the best available sub in his position – I maintain he would have been on the bench due to the injury to Coquelin.

    If that is true ( a matter of opinion) then we weakend our options from the bench by sending him out on loan and therefore reduced our chances of victory.

    We only narrowly beat the team that he plays for so I cannot see why everyone thinks there is such a gulf in class. The spud supporters (they only narrowly beat Wolves too) tell me that he kept VdV quiet throughout the whole game.

    A big part of his game is based on his physical presence, work rate and power and as such he is likely to pick up more cards. He is not the finished article by any means but could be our Mikah Richards in the midfield and may possibly have made a diffference had he come on yesterday – we’ll never know.

  109. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    I dont know if he`s a psycho, but i dont like it when he argues with me, he shouts at me ,then turns his back on me and walks out the room ! 😯

  110. Rasp says:

    I would say that there would be less risk in playing Frimpong in midfield where he has other players around him backing him up than Djourou at RB where he was so often out of position and on his own.

  111. fatgingergooner says:

    Thanks RA, your not too bad yourself 🙂

    I have to agree about Neville.

    He has been ruddy fantastic (in the words of Alan Partridge!) since being on Sky.

    He may be a little tosser, but at least he knows it, and is happy to have a joke about. He obviously knows his stuff and what he said about the Gooners yday was spot on.

    Now we just need to get rid of the tosser that is Souness! Anyone got a video of him slapping a producers arse or moaning about women’s driving!!!?

  112. Red Arse says:

    Hi GLIC, baby. 🙂

    Not sure I am talking to you.
    You got me into trouble the other day by impersonating me and poor old Idaho Kid. How could you?

    Or was it the Eminence Gris, aka Merry Terry, the evil one in the toupe, that done did it? 🙂

  113. WiganGooner says:


    Awww mate, I haven’t been ignoring you I promise 🙂 I’m really trying to get back into the swing of everything now my job’s settled down a bit.

    Thanks for the great comments and for the post recommend, I appreciate it. I just need to start writing a bit more regular and then I can start contributing on here too.


  114. gunnern5 says:


    I see what you mean but I still maintain that conflict is needed on a BOD – but it can also be destructive, especially if the conflict only serves a narrow viewpoint or worse still – it’s political in nature.

  115. WiganGooner says:


    I suggest you tell him that you are sick of his attitude and before he replies, turn your back on him and storm off.

    Take the high road 🙂


  116. TotalArsenal says:

    Good point RA. I rate the red Nevill as well.

    Question to you: of all the players we recently ‘fed’ to our direct competitors, who would have made a guaranteed difference in yesterday’s match? I’d say Fabregas only (and we were forced to ‘feed him away’ anyway), maybe Nasri, but then again Evonne’s favourite Frenchman can have as many bad games as good games. We fed Nasri to the Oilers and with the money we stuffed ourselves with Gervinho and Arteta. I believe that was a case of good cross-feeding. 🙂

    Am out for a while but catch up with you later.

  117. TotalArsenal says:

    RA, the Dutch like anything with straightforward arithmetic challenges and which is cheap and cheerful 🙂

  118. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Hi Redders,
    It wasn`t me, It was that sick bastard in the mirror !
    Ask Wigan he`ll back me up ! 🙂
    I shall meet Terry and his carers on Sunday for some medication.

  119. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Actually, I put the lack of trophy`s since 2005, 100% down to injuries, no injuries and we would have won a cup or two or three or four, definate !

  120. what profit making enterprise am a supporter just like you all and this is my way of that all Arsenal supporter’s can get to see our team


    WG, the soloution is to enter a hall of mirrors were Cornwall can lose himself in a never ending cycle of internal conflict of no escape.

    I have to agree about Neville, excellent pundit….not as good as the first class young man Butch Willkins young Redders….did i say first class, young Redders?

  122. @Rasp what profit making enterprise am a supporter just like you all and this is my way of that all Arsenal supporter’s can get to see our team

  123. Rasp says:

    OK superarsenaltv, thanks for coming on and making that clear. I accept you are not profitmaking, my mistake. But it is not great blog etiquette to be a blog sniper and just come on and put links to your site.

    Why not tell us a bit about yourself and your site so we know who we are actually dealing with.

    WiganGooner runs his own excellent site which we are happy to promote but he also takes the time to chat on here.

  124. @Rasp i was not putting it to see my site my youtube video of alex was blocked and using a link to my site is the only way people could have watched it

  125. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Yes Terry,
    If I wear my Arsenal shirt, I will at least be amongst fellow gooners ! 🙂

  126. Rasp says:

    OK satv, like I said, why not tell us on here about the history of your site and what you are trying to achieve?

  127. @Rasp Well i normally just do alot of videos like Compilations, exclusive’s, Highlights, Arsenal 360 episodes but i have so a person can go one place everything instead of going on youtube, vimeo or dailymotion

  128. Rasp says:

    Where are you based satv?

  129. @Rasp Well i normally just do alot of videos like Compilations, exclusive’s, Highlights, Arsenal 360 episodes but i have the site so a person can go one place everything instead of going to my youtube, vimeo or dailymotion

  130. you mean where i live ?

    am from the Caribbean, Trinidad to be exact

    an yourself

  131. One of the reason i made the site when i was younger i was wanted to know stuff about the players, the club so that why i decide to videos am not a great writer but since i can get my hands on media i decide this is my why to help other supporters who can go to games

  132. Rasp says:

    I’m just shivering in cold Hertfordshire SATV.

    Ok, I like the fact you’re in the Caribbean – maybe I should come visit 😆

    We’ll add a link to you on our blogroll that should generate some hits.

    We’re a bit old fashioned on here. Because we rely on the efforts of supporters to write our articles we feel its nice for anyone who comes on to have read the post and at least make some kind of comment.

    Please keep coming on and let us know how your site is progressing. It is a worthy objective to supply video footage for other supporters around the world who cannot otherwise watch the Arsenal – good luck.

  133. ok thanks, i usually read the blogs put rarely post since am at work when the blog comes out (read it on my lunch hour)

    where is Herfordshire

  134. Rasp says:

    I know what you mean SATV, I should be concentrating on work too 😳

    Hertfordshire is the English county that sits directly north of London. I am about 25 miles from the Emirates as the crow flies – or toucan in your case 🙂

  135. wow that’s so cool, i hope to visit next 2 years, currently doing a course with Reading University (through the internet) so when suppose to graduate i will finally see the Emirates 🙂

  136. Rasp says:

    That’s great, let us know when you’re coming, we should be able to help you find a ticket given enough notice. You can always chat on here in the evening, we have other bloggers in similar timezones to yourself.

  137. Rasp says:

    OK really do have to do some work now, nice talking to you SATV.

  138. ok cool

    so what you thought about Alex coming off

  139. Red Arse says:


    I do not doubt you for a moment, regarding your experiences as a Director.

    I have never been a CEO, but in each company that I have been a financial director (where admittedly there has been no one shareholder with a majority) we were encouraged to engage in frank, open and full discussion on the subject matter to hand.

    Once the CEO had heard all our views he took an informed decision, and at that point we were all expected to give it our full and inclusive support, even if it was not what any specific individual may have recommended.

    Dissension after the event (the CEO having made his decision) only led to the inevitable parting of the ways.

    In Arsenal’s case, it would only be a little different simply because of the make up of the shareholders and their respective stakes.

    The BoD of AFC are answerable to the shareholders but, in practice, despite Usmanov’s substantial holding, that means the majority holding of Kroenke means his way is the only way and they (the BoD) have to do his bidding.

    It would not be feasible, in my opinion, for the BoD to do or agree to do anything substantive which had not already been sanctioned by Kroenke.

    In effect, the directors have an important advisory role in helping the CEO arrive at consensus on decisions affecting the day to day running of the company (and therefore the club), but have no real authority over the policies or aims of Arsenal. That lies squarely with Kroenke.

  140. ok cool, so what type of work you do, am a Quantity Surveying technician

    am on vacation so i have plenty time to talk 🙂

  141. Rasp says:

    Guys, Red Arse etc, have a chat with our new friend superarsenaltv from the Caribbean, I can’t for the timebeing because I’m offf out

  142. Hi superarsenaltv – nice to have you aboard. Do you get to watch all the games on tv or do you have to use an internet stream?

  143. watch all on tv, it either shows on foxsoccer or foxsoccer Plus

    what about you

  144. Red Arse says:

    Hi SATV,

    I have to go for lunch now. But before I go.

    In answer to your question about Alex (often called the Ox here, because of his name) Rasp, who you were chatting to, wrote the Post at the top of the blog, and made an interesting point about it, as did Kelsey who wrote a separate piece on the match.

    I wrote a comment above at 12:37 and you might want to read that too.

    Maybe we will get the chance to chat to you later. 🙂

  145. I’m very lucky and get to go to the home games. If the games aren’t on tv though, we, in the uk have to find a stream on the internet which can be really annoying.

  146. ok, have you ever used

    they have some of the best streams ever

  147. I’m going to add your site to our blog roll which means that visitors to our site can click a link to yours.

    What did you think of the Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain sub?

  148. well rite before the goal, we know there was going to be a sub, i was hoping it was Theo but i had a mine it would of been Ox. but he should have left him on 4 five 5 minutes at least since momentum was on our side

  149. RockyLives says:

    Well done Rasp and Kelsey. Good posts.

    I am as frustrated as hell about yesterday and am definitely in the camp that thinks Wenger blew it with the Oxo substitution.

    However, I am weirdly optimistic about the rest of the season and, as I commented last night, fully expect us to go on a good run now.

    Watching the game, Park looked tidy and skilful. He just did the simple stuff but did it well and looked like he offers more than Chamakh.

    Loving the % game, but…

    If I was to do it I would put injuries at 80%, because with our first choice FBs, and with Wilshere and Arteta, I think we would have much too much for Utd, in which case injuries are clearly by far the biggest factor.

    But, given that the players available were the players available, I also think AW takes 60% of the blame for the way he handled yesterday.

    Obviously that take me up to 140%, so I need to do TWO tables, as follows:

    1. The fans – 0%
    2. The manager – 10%
    3. The players – 10%
    4. Injuries – 80%

    1. The fans – 5%
    2. The manager – 60%
    3. The players – 35%

    There. Now I’ve gone and over-complicated a perfectly clear and enjoyable exercise. Sorry. I’ll get me coat.

  150. @peachesgooner thnks for adding me to the blog roll, so your Heartsfug also, not sure i spelt that correctly

  151. @peachesgooner Rasp told me he lived in a place call Heartfug i think (i believe am spelling it wrong) are you from the same area

  152. Oh I understand satv, yes I live in Hertfordshire too. As far as people’s occupations are concerned on here, they’re either accountants or they don’t want to let on 😛

  153. 🙂

    are you a moderator on the blog

  154. kelsey says:

    She is the blog, superarsenaltv 🙂

    What a beautiful country you love in.

    How long have you been supporting Arsenal.

    peaches and I have about 110 years between us, and that’s no joke.

  155. kelsey says:

    Oh , you are not an accountant by any chance or training in that field.

  156. am a quantity surveyor 🙂

  157. kelsey says:

    I quite like hertsfug, has a certain ring to it :).

    I live in Spain, am not an accountant, nor a robber.

  158. yes satv, there are several on here, we help one another out. As you can see from the list to the right we have had over 50 writers in 2 years. We are an open site that invites supporters to write for us and that would include you.

    kelsey, how do you know satv loves in a beautiful country? 😆

  159. @ superarsenaltv,
    Hertfordshire is the English county that sits directly north of London. I am about 25 miles from the Emirates as the crow flies – or toucan in your case

  160. kelsey says:

    love in, live in, what the hell 😉

  161. around 8 years, i was a basketballer from birth but i always liked sports, so use to watch the world cup by my cousin’s i remember seeing Owen do a tremendous run against some side. so when i was looking for a side to back i was looking for Owen but every time i put on the TV Arsenal was always playing 🙂 i gave up basketball and been playing football (not all the good) and supporting Arsenal ever since

  162. chas says:

    Do we need any other categories for the % game?

    The Pitch
    The Referee
    The Other Team
    The Footballing Gods

  163. kelsey says:

    “I never believe that a player goes on to the field of play and doesn’t try, but I must admit that when you look from the outside it is looking as if he’s completely lacking in confidence.

    “It does look at times that he doesn’t want to be in this country and I think the way that the winning goal was set up for Manchester United – you expect a player in that position to have focus and make it hard for the winger.

    Wenger speaking on Sky Sports about AA

  164. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    On another day, saying Heartfug would have mean`t it was me or Redders under a pseudonym ! 😆

  165. hope you guys don’t mind me posting?

  166. Of course not satv – now we know you 🙂

  167. was thinking of selling up in australia and moving to England, hopefully as close as a crow to the emirates..can anyone please tell me what the average real estate price in ‘Hertsfug’ is??

  168. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    “Fugging expensive”

  169. lol

    @RobbinURpersie do you want a roommate

  170. morning all, afternoon!! been in hibernation!! certain members of the cuckoo club seem to think i needed good to go now..will catch up on all i hav missed very shortly..

  171. Glad to have you back rURp – I thought we’d driven you away when we accepted your offer to write a post 😉 Did you get my email?

  172. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Come on guys and girls, rURp set me up and all of you thought about saying the same thing, dont lie!. 🙂
    e va va vonne,
    You can come out from behind the Sofa now, it`s history ! 🙂

  173. Ramsey the Welsh Denilson.

  174. super,
    trust me im a crap room mate..and GLiC says its expensive over there..being an avid wenger supporter that wouldnt be my style to pay over the odds!

  175. RockyLives says:

    NG the East Anglian Forrest Gump.

  176. @Norfolk he seriously is, Ramsey so slow, he looked so dumb when Giggs ran pass him

  177. hey peaches,
    wasnt really n offer, rather a wicked suggestion thats backfired. Yes i you know the topic at hand is very very very complex nd must be thought through very carefully before im working on my creative writing skills and im as good as theo wen it comes to that..i need the final product. lol..probably gonna end up being an anti-climax, with the way its built up…..story of my life “,)

  178. Right then, as rURp isn’t going to be writing a post sometime soon we are going to need posts this week please.

  179. fatgingergooner says:


    Don’t want to read too much into it but that comment from Wenger sounds like he knows Arshavin wants to leave. Also, when he was talking about a tactical error in the post match interview yday, I saw that as a comment about Arshavins piss poor effort at defending. Espescially the bit where he said it only takes someone to switch off momentarily.

    In my view, if we can get 5m for him and free up the 90k a week then we could get a much younger, hungrier player for 8m-ish on 60k a week. Good business

  180. I am very unhappy that many feel that injuries were a contributing factor to yesterdays result. We are depleted, it’s true, but we didn’t have any new injuries since last Sunday so surely the team had a whole week of working out how to play together – they must have trained as a team in preparation for yesterday.

  181. peaches,i will do my best in coming up with a draft on some topic this week, but as for the video technology, i do believe its more complex than ppl may could debate on that topic till the cows come home

  182. If guys like Theo, Ramsey & Rosicky would learning to put a shot on target then maybe we could have won.

    Per was unlucky not to score that header

  183. fatgingergooner says:



  184. in terms of the percentages game, injuries dont only have to look at manUres’ injury list, if we tally up the quality missing id say that we would be on par with much as i loathe them, manUre are a completely different side with vidic n rio playing..

  185. RockyLives says:

    I’ll have a post in drafts later today.

    Regarding AA – my thoughts exactly (and the subject off my post).

  186. fatgingergooner says:


    A week isn’t going to make JD or TW a better player and it isn’t going to make TR and AR start banging goals in.

    We should’ve worked on defensive shape to make sure JD and TV weren’t exposed during the week, but Wengers philosophy is not worry about the opposition. As far as he sees it, if we play well, then we can beat anyone.

    Put it this way, if Valencia had been one on one v Santos, and Giggs had been faced up by Sagna, do you think we would’ve conceded those goals?

    Personally, I think at least 1 would’ve been stopped.

  187. fatgingergooner says:

    Was it Giggs or Nani who crossed for their 1st!?

  188. My point is that the team had a week to prepare for playing together. In fact they had a boost because Rosicky and Vermaelen were fit to start and I’m sure AW thought about playing the Ox before Sunday morning – or I would hope so anyway.

    So although injuries have impacted on our season thus far, in the past week there weren’t any new ones.

  189. fgg – I agree a week isn’t going to improve the talents of some of our players but extra coaching for Djourou on his positioning might have had an impact on his play yesterday. Much as I love Vermaelen he also hasn’t been a successful left-back. Just saying 😉


    Robbin, when i said kip, i didnt mean hibernation. Hertfordshire is a lovely place to live. Full of Londoners who have escaped the hustle and bustle, and crime ridden streets of London. I have decided to stay though because my telescope would become redundent up there, plus ime the one doing most of the crime.

  191. Sorry fgg, just read the rest of your comment to me after I posted the above 😳

  192. It was Giggs who crossed for their first but the pass to Giggs had come from Djourous side – he’d given Valencia (I think) loads of space

  193. TMHT,
    lol..i knew youd be out soon…

  194. WiganGooner says:


    It was definitely down Djourou’s side. Djourou was sat on the edge of the 18yrd box and just didn’t see his run, nor did he see the danger and try and block the crossing opportunity until it was too late.

    Awful positioning and reaction time. Yennaris showed him how to play right-back when he came on. It was a shame as TV, Kozzer and the BFG had a very good game throughout I thought.


  195. RL,

    In the past you criticised Denilson for the negativity of his game, Ramsey plays in precisely the same way, that is slowing the game, constantly making sideways passes and frequently losing possession. On the odd occasion that he gets a scoring opportunity he shows absolutely no composure and blasts the ball either wide or over. Are you entirely happy with the Welshman’s progress? or have you changed your views, on that style of play, along with your initials. FK, RTK, RL.

  196. WiganGooner says:

    Just a thought…how rubbish would we have been if Benayoun or Arshavin had started instead of Rosicky who had an awesome 90 mins and showed his quality throughout.

    I wish he was ready for selection for every game!


  197. WiganGooner says:


    Totally disagree mate, Rambo plays in a completely different role to Denilson. He also showed some great touches and great energy yesterday and his awareness was very good. Interestingly, despite the fact he has a fraction of the games Denilson has had in the Prem he looks a miles better player.

    Rambo and Wilshire will be the fulcrum of this Arsenal side for years to come I hope.


  198. WiganGooner says: addition Denilson is purely “Norfolk’n Good”.



  199. what sort of contract is rambo on at the moment..does anyone know? timeline,wages etc

  200. Red Arse says:


    The following is just for you as you have been far too concernedly droll after the altercation with your alter ego today.
    Don’t let that two faced, mirror b*stard read this tho’!

    Police are called to an apartment and find a woman holding a bloody 5-iron standing over a lifeless man.
    The detective asks, “Ma’am, is that your husband?”
    “Yes” says the woman.
    “Did you hit him with that golf club?”
    “Yes, yes, I did.” The woman begins to sob, drops the club, and puts her hands on her face.
    “How many times did you hit him?”
    “I don’t know — five, six, maybe seven times…..oh, just put me down for a five.”
    A golfer teed up his ball on the first tee, took a mighty swing and hit his first shot into a clump of trees. Scrabbling around, he found the ball and saw a small opening between two trees which he thought he might just hit through.

    Taking out his 3-wood, he took a mighty swing. The ball hit a tree, bounced back, hit him in the forehead and killed him stone dead.

    As he approached the pearly gates of Heaven, dressed in his golf clothes and shoes, St. Peter asked, “Hello, are you a good golfer then?”

    The man replied, irately: “Well, I bloody well got here in two, didn’t I?

    And GLIC, don’t tell MerryTerry, he has a machiavellian demeanour. Fancy pretending not to know who was writing what about whom! Tut! or Tsk!

  201. @WG we need a AM one who can make a decisive pass and Ramsey clearly isn’t that, with good work rate he needs to have one other quality which are shot accurately or create so i hope he would be a Wilshere’s imagine Songs has more creativity than Ramsey

  202. Big Raddy says:

    Some fine comments today

    Is JD injuries or was it a tactical substitution?

  203. WiganGooner Rosicky only did one thing good whole game that was passing the ball to Ox on the assist, on a few counterattacks he slowed the game down, and he misplaced a few passes, you know it’s 2 years since he has score a premier league goal , but Benayoun would not have done any better

  204. RockyLives says:

    In the past I have criticised Denilson for lack of effort and focus when we were not in possession of the ball (he always seemed to be jogging back while opponents were sprinting forward with the ball). I actually quite liked his passing accuracy and I would rather a player make a sensible sideways pass and keep possession than an over-ambitious forward pass and lose it.

    I don’t see any comparison between him and Ramsey. Ramsey plays a much higher proportion of progressive (forward) passes and has shown in the past his ability to pull off Cesc-like through balls to set up the strikers.

    He also showed (particularly pre-injury) great composure with his finishing (for example the winning goal agains ManUre at the Ems last season).

    Right now he looks like someone who has been over played and whose touch is off. But you can’t fault his commitment, his non-stop running and the fact that even when he’s getting stick from the crowd (which is inexcusable for a young player who tries his guts out and is effectively in his first full season) he never hides.

    On yesterday’s performance I would say his faults were more in the Diaby mould – holding on to the ball too long at times when a simple pass was on. Although his commitment was greater than Diaby’s ever is.

    I didn’t mean to offend you with my 3.30pm – I was trying to indicate in a humorous way that one-line insults are pointless and self-defeating.

    I have no idea what you’re talking about regarding my initials. I have only ever posted as RL.

  205. raddy, if it was tactical, it will never be mentioned so as to protect evry party involved..

  206. Red Arse says:

    Spot on WG.

    Rambo is the most all action, gut bustin’ action man that we have had for years. The exact opposite of Denilson and Arshavin.

    I do not understand the criticism of him, at all. Perhaps on my big TV he just has to run more? 🙂

  207. RockyLives says:

    *that should have been directed to NG
    I seem to have taken to addressing myself – a sure sign of impending madness.

  208. WiganGooner says:


    Gotta disagree mate, Rosicky was tidy in midfield and even put a cracking ball across to RvP which he inexplicably blasted wide when he’d made some space for himself in the middle of ManYoo’s box.

    Rosicky had a very good game, yes he’s not scored a goal in 2 years but he’s not played an awful lot either. Sometimes you have to look at what happens when he receives the ball and what he does with it. He was very fast going forwards and he showed great vision time and time again.

    Fit and on form the Little Mozart is still a great player.

    Rambo did some excellent passes going forwards, but in the first half we weren’t exactly creating a lot of space or putting bodies up there to support him and RvP.


  209. tomstoned says:

    Thx for the posts Rasp and Kelsey .

    nightmare but we have to go on and we will,the ox showed he can be class,lets hope we dont have to sell him eh?

    main prob this season..

    1.) making a total mess of this summer’s transfers and i do mean a total disaster..cost us quite a few points and set us off to a very very poor start.
    2.) not bringing in a cover for pur full backs..again a disaster who have cost us at least imo 4 points so far.

    total dropped points due to this mistakes 9 add that to our points at the moment..we would have been right up there…but wenger cant keep doing these irritating mistakes..grrrr..

    these two dreadful mistakes has made me start to worry about wenger,but im having a problem aith kicking him out,and thats down to the simple fact that i love the man ..

    and yes i’ve cooled off,but dont ever doubt that i still do hate the hollywood looker and mr slick himself the allmighty greaseball (?)azidis..cant wait ti hear from him again,and we will soon when ticket prices are about to take another hike ,and now back to reading the posts



    “A machiavellian villain is a character portrayed in literature who is in sense a “puppet master”. He uses other “tool villains” in order to get what he desires. A Machiavellian villain always operates in seceracy, concealing his true intentions from eveyone” hahahahaha.

  211. I really don’t think Theo will ever get better, hope Ox will take his place in the starting eleven and let Theo and Gervinho fight for the other position, he started the season so brightly, but has dropped form really quicklu

    ivory coast won their game 1-0 but could have been more if it was not for poor finishing by Gervinho hmm

  212. WiganGooner says:


    I would be interested to see his running stats for the game, if he ran less than 12km I would be shocked.


  213. Red Arse says:

    What a disingenuous blogger you are RL.
    Or is that FK or perhaps RTK? Hmmm? Sneaky or what?

    Just for that, I am going to write a block bustin’ comment on the subject of AA, just to bug you.

    Did you notice that the NY Giants are thru’ to the Super Bowl final? 🙂 Yaaay.

    If you are nice, I might not bug you, after all!!

  214. RockyLives says:

    I agree with all of that (apart from the last para – for me the jury is still out on Kroenke and Gazidis).

  215. Red Arse says:


    Thank you for that.

    I would never have known that was what machiavellian meant when I wrote it. Lucky guess, eh? 🙂

  216. RockyLives says:

    Who will the Giants be playing?

    I’m trying to work out what my name could be with the initials FK or RTK. Any suggestions?

  217. RockyLives says:

    Off topic but…

    Isn’t Rooney a huge scumbag.

    And over-rated as a player???



    i always assumed it applied to dodgy politicians. Now i know it apllies to “Tool Villains” i like it even more hahahaha.

  219. WiganGooner says:

    Also, this is from the telegraph website….top 10 key passers of the ball in 2011-2012
    1 Juan Mata 56
    2 Danny Murphy 52
    3 Gareth Bale 52
    4 David Silva 50
    5 Nani 48
    6 Aaron Ramsey 42
    7 Luka Modric 41
    8 Mikel Arteta 41
    9 Samir Nasri 41
    10 Stewart Downing 41

  220. WG,
    me too..hes definately there abouts..although he didnt last the full 90..12km would be his average


    Why do you hate him Rocky?, the poor bastard had to have a hair transplant but still looks like a baboons arse. I wonder what the odds are for Rooney to be the first player to have a face transplant, i might have a punt on that.

  222. Red Arse says:

    See what I don’t get is the math here.

    We are up to our max in the non-home grown player squad. (17) So what was AW supposed to do regarding full backs?

    Look in his crystal ball, back in August, and realise that we would end up with 4 full backs out of commission by January? Maybe not.

    What then, would he have cut the squad numbers to make provision for buying an additional 2 new full backs (RB and LB)?

    Who would he then leave out from the 1st team squad for when the injured fullbacks (Santos, Gibbs and Sagna) become available again in February.

    We would then end up with 6 full backs out of 17 squad members, and let me see — yup that would leave 11 on the roster for the rest of the squad.

    Damn this ‘rithmetic stuff — too tricky!

  223. WiganGooner says:


    Totally agree, He’s a massive arse. Very ineffective against us too.


  224. fatgingergooner says:

    For me,

    I ain’t too fussed about Ramseys running efforts and i dont think It can be used to praise him. I’d like to think that all our midfielders are putting in 12km a game, if not, then they should be.

    But, if people believe that Ramsey is on a par with Denilson for his footballing ability, then I must be a different player to the rest of you! He has shown more technical ability and footballing brain in half a season than Denilson has in 4/5 years. He is relaxed on the ball, has great feet, and has a range of passing. Is his game perfect, no, but I remember a few years ago people saying that Cesc needed to add goals to his game.

    If Ramsey works as hard on the training ground as he does on the field then he will be a world class player. If he does what Denilson seems to have done and let years pass by without trying to improve, then he can be compared to Denilson.

    Ramseys game isn’t amazing at the moment, but he has all the tools required to be a top, top player. I just hope he puts em to good use.

  225. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Redders ,
    I dont like golf but I like to play around !
    and this Frank Machiavellian guy, I liked him when he was at West Ham.

  226. fatgingergooner says:


    New England Patriots.

    As a 49’er I’m a bit gutted tbh. Stayed up and watched it til 3am!!!

  227. Red Arse says:


    The Giants play the New England Patriots, on 5th Feb at Indianapolis.

    Wish I could go. Still TV is better than nothing! 🙂

  228. WiganGooner says:


    That’s why I posted his key passes stats, he is up there with the best in the league.


  229. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    After having all the hair removed from his arse and bollox for his transplant,, If he has a face transplant, he`ll never have to shave again. I suppose It makes sense, he`ll save a fortune in razors !.

  230. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    I`ve always liked the Patriot`s, all because they had England in their name !,
    COYRRP`s 🙂

  231. goonermichael says:

    I’m still well pissed off

  232. kelsey says:

    No brainer for me.If we had less injuries and a few more experienced players,ramsey wouldn’t be playing so much as he is at the moment. If anything he tries too hard.

  233. WiganGooner says:


    I’d rather have someone who gives everything though than someone who strolls about half-arsed…Yesterday I lost a bit of respect for AA, who I felt didn’t hold his end up.

    Though, if I got booed the minute I walked on the pitch I guess I’d be depressed too.


  234. what is ramsey’s contract situation?

  235. kelsey says:


    just to make it clear Ramsey v Denilson is a no brainer.

  236. kelsey says:

    I think his contract is written in welsh and that is a hell of a language 😉

  237. Red Arse says:

    Now you guys might like to see how the Yanks do ‘spin’ 🙂
    This is a true story – have a read.

    — A professional genealogy researcher in southern California, was doing some personal work on her own family tree. She discovered that Senator Harry Reid’s great-great uncle, Remus Reid, was hanged for horse stealing and train robbery in Montana in 1889.
    Both the researcher and Senator Reid shared this common ancestor.

    The only known photograph of Remus shows him standing on the gallows in Montana territory:

    On the back of the picture was inscribed:
    – “Remus Reid, horse thief, sent to Montana Territorial Prison 1885, escaped 1887, robbed the Montana Flyer six times.
    Caught by Pinkerton detectives, convicted and hanged in 1889.”

    So the researcher e-mailed Senator Harry Reid for information about their great-great uncle, without letting on about the photo or inscription.

    Senator Reid’s staff sent back the following biographical sketch for her genealogy research study:

    — “Remus Reid was a famous cowboy in the Montana Territory.
    His business empire grew to include acquisition of valuable equestrian assets and intimate dealings with the Montana railroad.

    Beginning in 1883, he devoted several years of his life to government service, finally taking leave to resume his dealings with the railroad.

    In 1887, he was a key player in a vital investigation run by the renowned Pinkerton Detective Agency.

    Sadly, in 1889, Remus passed away during an important civic function, held in his honor, when the platform upon which he was standing collapsed.”

    Move over, Tony Blair! 🙂

  238. WiganGooner says:


    Totally agree with you. I was arguing the point with Norfolk Gooner as he said Rambo was just a welsh Denilson.


  239. swansea has come out with a dvd of arsenal win..its their 6th dvd this about raping the commercial stakes


    Now thats what i call machiavellian. Bit harsh getting hanged for nicking a horse though.


    Oh, he robbed a train on a stolen horse. Still a bit harsh, 20 years hard labour would have been fair.

  242. fatgingergooner says:

    That’s a shame GLIC,

    He was so close to getting those Gilette adverts off Henry aswell!

    Nevermind, I hear PG Tips are looking for a new monkey, Gareth Bale quit last week over image rights!

  243. LB says:

    For all those at the game and perhaps those watching on telly, did you see all the messages in Korean around the pitch?

    The game had obviously received big billing in that part of the world. I wonder if the fact that the game was shown on South Korean telly might be the reason for our Park to have made his EPL debut?

  244. Red Arse says:


    I was thinking of your recent birthday, when a friend said to me he had been to see his doctor. “What for?” I asked. And this is what he said.

    Well I recently picked a new primary care doctor. After two visits and exhaustive Lab tests, she said I was doing fairly well for my age. (I have just turned Sixty Five).

    A little concerned about that comment, I couldn’t resist asking her, ‘Do you think I’ll live to be 80?’

    She asked, ‘Do you smoke or drink beer, wine or hard liquor?’

    ‘Oh no,’ I replied. ‘And I’m not doing drugs, either!’

    Then she asked, ‘Do you eat rib-eye steaks and barbecued ribs with all the makings?’

    ‘I said, ‘Not much… My former doctor said that all red meat is very unhealthy for me!’

    ‘Do you spend a lot of time in the sun, like playing golf, boating, sailing, hiking, fooling around or bicycling?’

    ‘No, I don’t,’ I said.

    The she asked, ‘Do you gamble, drive fast cars, or have a lot of sex?’

    ‘No,’ I said…’I guess I don’t’.

    She looked at me and said, ……………
    ‘Then, why do you even give a shit?’

    Couldn’t possibly have anything to do with you Kelsey! I bet you are up to all sorts of mischief!! 🙂

  245. Red Arse says:

    I did notice the Korean adverts scrolling around in the background at the post match yaketty yak.

    Never linked it to Park, until you said it!

    Commercialism isn’t dead then, but if it buys us a new player or two – let them scroll! 🙂

  246. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    I thought they were just advertising job korea`s !

  247. a Gooner fan here commenting for the first time on this site(so go a bit easy on me ;))

    The problem of buying new players is dat old players have to be sold first to make space within the team and for adjusting their wages.I dnt know whether it is the Board or Wenger himself, but all the deadwood need to be sold ASAP,even if they go for prices less than wenger’s evaluation. I say, go all out for the FA cup,get the monkey of our backs first,and keep CL qualification a second priority.Coz if we r not gonna spend the extra 25 mil we get from CL, why even bother abt it? Try to win the fa cup this season, tweak the fitness regime a bit(injuries hav really fckd us up), and hav the balls to play the youngsters who r highly touted but r never played(Re. Miyaichi,frimpong,vela etc). With only the EPl to concentrate on nxt season…..fixtures will be less,players will be fresh….and make a full blown attempt to capture it,instead of trying to win all 4 trophies at once…
    Victoria Concorida Crescit \m/

  248. Big Raddy says:

    LB. Now that is Machiavellian!

    Denilson/ Ramsey. Firstly and perhaps most importantly when anyone pulls on the shirt he has my full support – sadly, this is not the case with a minority of Arsenal “fans.”

    Denilson’s was doomed that day at The Emirates when he was seen to be strolling back to the defence. No thought was given to the fact he had been running full pelt to join an attack. Was he good enough for Arsenal? Definitely not. But he is not deserving of the flak he gets/got. Same goes for Eboue.

    Ramsey on the other hand is an Arsenal great in the making. He has the power, skill and vision of a young Paul Scholes. What he lacks is experience but as Kelsey so rightly says, he needs to be rested before he burns out.

  249. Sagar,
    i bet thats what liverpool thought wen they went out of europe..more time to concentrate on the league? well 2 yrs later and 100mil down the drink and theyre still behind us and even the barcodes

  250. Big Raddy says:

    Sagar. Thank you for your comment. Compared to other PL sides Arsenal play a huge number of youngsters. Yesterday, Yennaris, Theo, Ramsey, Song, Chamberlain, Szczesny – all under 24!

    That is over half the team.

  251. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Hi Sagar
    In theory being out of CL next year should make It easier for us to win the league, but without investment in squad and our history of injuries we could be struggling again. 😦
    Adding to what rURp said, I`d be even more pissed off if I was a Liverpool Fan !

  252. Big Raddy says:

    Robbin. Good to see you back – I assumed you were on Mugabe Lockdown due to our poor form 🙂

  253. @robbinURpersie
    Yes u r right. but the difference between us and those mugsmashers is that our academy is 10 times better than theirs, and we hav a great scouting network as compared to them. Wenger wont be spending 35 mil on some piece of crap just coz he played good for half a season.
    Also we r in a far more better financial state than them,a good stadium for the nxt 100 yrs, rising fan base(due to the Asian pre-season visits) and of course the profits over many stars we have sold.


    Very good points Raddy.

    LB, thanks for raising that, i didnt notice. Its a very serious point you make. more important than the game and result in my opinion. If these things are proven to be the case i would stop going football.

  255. Big Raddy says:

    If I were a Liverpool fan I would have a moustache, a wife who wears a “leisure suit”, a beer belly and a stolen car in the drive.



    “Mugmashers”? hahahaha.

  257. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    and a couple of 50″ plasma screens on loan from Comets !

  258. Big Raddy says:

    Nothing like a bit of stereotyping to cheer me up 😀

  259. Raddy, good to be back..form is temporary, class is permanent!! if only certain sections of our fan base could realise that.. boo-ing at home and airing dirty laundry…classless

  260. Terry, when is park due for service?

  261. Irishgunner says:

    Evening all,

    I had such a face on me at work today a Manc fan actually came up and hugged me with full sincerity.

    Wenger out??? Nah.

  262. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Why do think we have satelite`s, we are broadcasting to Mars.We have just bought a player from Marschester Utd, he`ll be playing against Villa. ” He`s big ,he`s green, he`s on the plasma screen “.
    He`s worse name than JT, Bloody aliens with their 3 penis`s ,shagging our Earthwomen !

  263. fatgingergooner says:


    You make a fair point, and one that many have touched upon before. If we weren’t in the CL, then I reckon a year out of Europe wouldn be a good thing. Although, a season in the Europa may not be that bad as it will give us chance to put the youngsters out to see if they can cut it.

    We are so desperate for fourth, for the revenue and CL football etc, but don’t forget that both City and United have gone out already this year. Would it be so devestating to the club if we missed it for a season?

    Look at the hunger that Spirs are showing this year. A year away from the top table might be what this club needs to get everyone pulling in the same direction again. The players, manager and fans would miss it and it may give us all the reality check that we are not as good as we think we are. Just a thought


    I dunno robbin, but by the look of the poor bugger i think he gets serviced every night.

  265. irish,
    did u steralise after your unwanted hug? (“,)

  266. Big Raddy says:

    GLIC 😀

    Irish. Evening. On reflection it was a strange game. It is rare to see such a swing in possession from half to half.

    Wenger out? Not for me but it is the duty of the Board to question if the players would respond better to another manager

  267. Big Raddy says:

    TMHT. Lucky fella

  268. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    He wont need a service yet, he`s only played a few games, Ramsey might, he`s covered a few mile`s and due an Oil change, Arshavin`s blown a gasket and needs a new engine, Diaby`s knackered and probably wont pass an MoT !.

  269. Terry,
    i hate to be cynical but the closer Park gets to be called to service and more alarmingly, the time he spends on the outskirts of the first team along with LB’s 5.29pm eye opener, the more i think he was brought in as a marketing ploy..i know this will piss a few ppl off, but considering the FFP rules coming in, it might not be a bad idea to bring in every bit of revenue we can for now..considering we are in a transition stage???

  270. Irishgunner says:

    rURp – Oh, yes with disinfectant 😆

    BR – Agreed. I think the board is the problem. Judging by PHW comments, Wenger is comfy if he doesn’t make CL as long as he balances the books.

  271. kelsey says:

    Morocco v Tunisia (1900 GMT) Chamakh 😉

    Oh Red Arse i read your comment and the answer to most of the questions is YES

  272. Red Arse says:


    You said, “If I were a Liverpool fan I would have a moustache, a wife who wears a “leisure suit”, a beer belly and a stolen car in the drive.

    Did you mean, “If I were a Liverpool fan I would have a wife with a moustache, who wears a “leisure suit”, has a beer belly and a stolen car in the drive.”? 🙂

    Or were you describing my ideal woman? 🙂

  273. TO wave goodbye to CL and minimum 4th plc would be to wave goodbye to RVP.. we are not ready to bow out of CL..wengers’ own words-“DISASTER”.. Forget what PHW has said to comfort, his words have never impressed in the past nor should they now..i also predict that if we wave goodbye to RVP we may be waving to Wenger as well..(that might make a few ppl smile, but over time they would regret that smile).. Europe is VITAL, VITAL I SAY


    Robbin, if what LB says is true i will stop going. I can just about handle the comercialisation at the moment but if it starts effecting team selection, that will be the final straw for me.

  275. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Terry ,
    Serviced whats that ?, I haven`t had any action in yonks, My groin region is like one of them spaghetti western ghost towns, I`ve got tumbleweed rolling through my pants !. 😦

  276. neamman says:

    It all comes back to the summer. It was obvious both Cesc and Nasri were leaving..yet we let players like Mata escape. Arteta is great but I think Mata would have been better.. PLUS a back up striker to RVP.

  277. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Thats drastic Terry, `cos there`s plenty of them Martian gooners ready to take your place, Gordon Brown to name one !


    Cornwall. Its either the Telescope or the over 30’s action. Ive discovered a new place in Harlow which ime certain you would enjoy. hahaha.

  279. Big Raddy says:

    TMHT. We will never know. My hope is that AW has worked hard on the training ground with Park and has more faith in him now. If it is the alternative, it would be a total disgrace


    Nahh, i mean it Cornwall. It would kill me to stop going but if LB is right and we see more of that in the future then its curtains for me. Browns definatly an Alien though.

  281. Terry, what if its because we cant keep up in the revenue stakes based on the bad business we’v done in the past?
    FFP states you can only spend what your club is earning in revenue ( i think, pls correct me if im wrong) and maybe the board wants to keep up on the likes of $hitty’s dodgy stadium sponsorship and liverpools amazing shirt sponsorship..
    GLiC- cheeky..maybe avoid wearing pants = )



    Its cheating the fans, the game and the spirit of football. Ime not a jumpers for goalposts man, and i wouldnt be the same person without Arsenal but it would finnish me off.


    robbin, to me its like selling your soul, some people think weve done that already. I would rather have my memories, rather than be associated with a game were players were picked for financial reasons as opposed to football.

  284. RockyLives says:

    I can’t believe there is a tie-in between Park’s appearance and the Korean advertising.

    I bloody well hope not, anyway.

    But if we start seeing ads for Costa Rican coffee when Joel Campbell gets a run out we can definitely start to smell a rat.

  285. you only have to look at real madrid signing beckham when they did and going straight on tour to japan..they openly stated that their shirt sales went through the they were more than covered in his position at the time

  286. id like to think that we spend as much time with Afobe as what Park is getting from our coaching staff..JET was let go ( a home grown) only for another foreign player to bide his time…

  287. Gooner In Exile says:

    Right finally had a chance to catch up.

    Some good debating today in our normal AA way, which is good to see with the dust settled a bit there is still a place for people to actually discuss things without name calling or too much bad language.

    As for the game there was one big positive, that was probably the best second half of football we have played for at least three games and maybe even five to ten games (Wigan away being the last?).

    Found Ox’s comments interesting as posted by SATV earlier, commenting that Wenger told them to go out and play better and what they had to do, certainly seemed to work.

    That second half had a lot to build on and probably put the final nail in the coffin of AA’s Arsenal career.

    Heard a Russian footy commentator on TalkSport today (Hawksby and Jacob show the only slot I can bear). Anyway he said AA23 has always been on his website after every game answering questions etc, yesterday it fell silent.

  288. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    I think this Is some kind of Brainwashing, It`s all coming together, When Rooney scores , an advert comes up for Granniebabestation, I noticed when JT fell flat on his face , an avdert for Colonic Irrigation came up, and even our own Robin gets a transit Van advert come up !


    Nooooooooooooo, there not brainwashing me, ime not having it i tell yer, ime a man not a number, get offf me, keep that needle away from me you bastards, ahhhhhg.

  290. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Bounds Green or Launceston, them bastards at the Deli counter at Tesco`s are all the same Terry, just take the ticket !

  291. LB says:

    Transit Van?

    Is this something to do with him being wrongly accused in the distant past?

  292. evonne says:

    Rosie47 – that made me smile today 🙂 Fucking Redknapp

  293. terry, im not saying its true, or that i believe it, but an eyebrow has been raised in the past and an ear pricked up at the korean advertising..there were two parks on the park…

  294. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    What do you know LB ? . My useless remark was about Van sales !, but have I hit on something more sinister ? 🙂

  295. I also jumped to the conclusion that the Korean adverts were because they knew our Park was going to play but of course, there were two Parks that could play ………..

    The game would have had a huge audience because of the Parks but would that have put any pressure on Arsene to play our Park, I hope not but you never know ………………

  296. hey Evonne,
    what happened with Arry today? not much news here on that dept.

  297. LB says:


    No, no I just added two and two together and made five, a simple mistake.

  298. glic – oh no has your madness unearthed something unsavoury?

  299. LB says:

    The game was probably billed in Korea as the “Battle of the Parks”, I am joking about this of course but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if someone came on here and said it was true.

  300. Oooh rURp – I’ll find you link to the coverage, salient facts so far

    He opened a Swiss account under cover, called Rosie47

    Deposited 250k euros (I think) in two deposits

    Rosie47 – his dog is called Rosie and he was born in 1947

    more to come …………………….

  301. sherlock gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Adding two and two together and getting Five, from this deduction, I state that you are a failed Accountant my dear LB ! 🙂

  302. LB – There were two teams that had chinese players weren’t they and they always attracted huge viewing figures. Bolton and ????????

  303. I hate that picture of Robin 😦 😦 😦 :(.

  304. sherlock gooner lost in cornwall says:

    How on earth can you insinuate that I am MAD my dear peaches !. 🙄

  305. Irishgunner says:

    😆 ‘Arry is going to be called Rosie in prison 😆 😆

    How much $$$$$$$$$$$ did Inamoto bring in from Japan?

  306. LB says:

    So it is obviously too far fetched to think that their American owners phoned our American owners and said: lets tell Korean TV that we will both play our Parks and that way we can both benifit from the publicity it will generate?

    What happened five minutes after they sent on their Park? On went ours.

  307. glic – I don’t believe I did insinuate that you were MAD just that some madness had lead you to make an interesting comment 😉

  308. LB says:

    The accusations against Arry look very serious, do any of the accountants or lawyers know if there is a potential prison sentence in the offing here?

  309. LB – obviously much too far fetched 😉 😉 😉

  310. peaches,
    No waaaay!!! how bad does it look for him, are we talking serious jail time? or will he get a slap because of a possible association with the England job..( i remember Stevie G. having a fair go for assault and battery on a dj )

  311. If he could pay his way out of it surely he would have done so by now so it must be serious LB – thats what I think anyway ……..

  312. Red Arse says:

    Sherlock, or can I call you SLIC — mwah, mwah!!

    I can vouch for Peaches. She was very certainly not ‘insinuating’ she was calling you out! 🙂

    But you are very good at deducing what makes a good accountant…………………. and very funny! 🙂

  313. sherlock gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Thats ok peaches, but between you and me, there are some mentally unstable loons on here , sssssccchhhh. 😯

  314. My cousin who is a well respected solicitor and spud told me almost 2 years ago that ‘arry would never get the England job because of this scandal. I don’t know about Prison but if he could have made this go away by paying something????? then I’m pretty certain he would have, don’t you think?

  315. LB says:


    Definitely serious but this could save our season lol if he goes to jail we would have something to laugh about for months.

  316. irish,
    ‘Big Bad Bubba’ says to little frigid man in the corner- “STOP TWITCHING ROSIE, or ILL WHEEL n DEAL YOU MYSELF” LMFAO..

  317. evonne says:

    so, I am not an accountant, but me thinks that Arry opened those accounts in Switzerland to avoid paying taxes and therefore must have been charged with 40% of 250k which is a neat 100k in pound sterling. I know someone who went to jail for stealing good worth less than £1k. So, if he gets away with it, I am going to start thieving

  318. …… and yes, I do believe you can make some nasty things go away if you can afford it …………… not murder but possibly tax evasion?

    They’ve got evidence of the account!!!!!!!!!! Pay them what you owe, don’t get taken to court!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  319. chas says:

    Scouse flat screen tv.

  320. LB says:


    Absolutely, it has gone too far, it is no longer about him paying a fine, this is high profile stuff, this is HMRC sending a message by making an example, oh please let this carry a prison sentence.

  321. Red Arse says:


    We need the resident lawyer to give a considered answer.

    But I think Harry would possibly be fined and given a suspended prison sentence IF found guilty.

    However, I think he would then wave goodbye to the England job.

    But it has taken so long to get to Court I wonder how strong the evidence is.
    Innocent until proved guilty is fair to all accused, and that includes Harry.

  322. evonne – you get yourself in enough trouble already, please don’t start stealing 😉

    LB – oh how we would laugh 😆 😆 😆

  323. sherlock lost in cornwall says:

    Redders, that mwah, mwah is so funny, I wish I was as clever as you and knew how to spell It ! 😆 😆
    mwah, mwah , I luv it . 😆
    I suppose little things please little minds !, and dont say Mrs slic is pleased ! 😳

  324. On a lighter note, we have lost 3 games in a row since Chamakh left.We ARE a onee-man team . 😀

  325. RA – just sent an SOS to the resident lawyer, just don’t ask him how he feels about the last two results if he comes on 😉

  326. LB says:

    Tax planning and tax evasion should not be confused, one is legal and usually ends with a negotiation and the other one always ends with prosecution.

    And I am saying this on a site where there are more accountants than we can shake a stick at.

  327. Irishgunner says:

    Apparently he got £295k under the table O_O Rosie is one rich bitch

  328. chas says:

    Redknapp represented by John Kelsey-Fry QC

  329. Irishgunner says:

    2 in a row – Chamakh left after the Fulham game didn’t he?

  330. Jamie says:

    The manager has lost his way. Whether he can find it again remains to be seen.

    Arshavin is a disgrace. There are half a dozen like him, big wages, no performance.

    According to the year on year account Arsenal constantly have between £60-£80m in working capital if Arsene were being offered even a third of that as a budget I would be surprised.

    Arsenal are owned by a boring, uncaring, hick American who has never owned a successful sports franchise in his life. He thinks small and wins nothing.

    I don’t expect Arsenal to match Man City of Chelsea’s spending but I expect them to live with Man Utd, Liverpool and Spurs.

    Why don’t we? Because the manager has saddled us with Squillaci, Djourou, Arshavin, Chamakh, ,Rosicky Almunia etc who based on a conservative 40000 a week would cost Arsenal a waste twelve million a year before we even get started on anything else.

    That aside sometimes a board have to speculate to accumulate, like we did with Bergkamp and Platt.

    We have a club that doesn’t like transfer windows? Well sorry but that is the modern game. Get to like it or get out.

    Arsene Wenger is a fine man and has been a great manager. He has made mistakes.

    Ask yourself this, If Wenger were being given 20/30/40m to spend then why wouldn’t he do it? Do you think he would stand there and take all this flack and do nothing. I doubt it.

    He is being sold down the river by the board and is too loyal to say anything. Arsenal football club is in the wrong hands.

    The ironic thing is, when they don’t make the champions league they will have to find 40 odd million to get them back in it and they will to stop there investment going down the toilet.

    If you feel bad today it isn’t because the league has gone or fourth place in itself. It is because we are facing a relegation of sorts, from europes top table.

    We are I’m the wrong hands.

  331. Red Arse says:


    Is he an Arsenal fan? Could have been named after Jack!

  332. by the way,does anyone know whether Diaby has been abducted by aliens or what?? Not a whiff of him ………
    And whether Lansbury will be given a chance nxt season or Wenger will persist with Diaby?? Also, Chuks Aneke is likely to make a good impact at that box-to-box position.

  333. LB – how many people get to fly to Switzerland and open a deposit account to avoid paying tax and national insurance? I’m not sure that making an example of him for this will have that much effect ……………. now, if they think there’s more tucked away and this is just their opening gamble then it’ll be a lot more interesting

  334. LB says:


    We are not saying Arry is guilty we are just trying to understand the severity of the accusation.

    Oh tosh, of course, the dirty little toe rag is guilty

  335. sherlock lost in cornwall says:

    From my East End connections, usually taking a long time means they have tons of evidence and he`s gunner be someone`s bitch, but I might be wrong.

  336. Red Arse says:

    LB, 🙂

  337. LB says:


    Don’t get confused with doing something legal like being non resident and having a Swiss bank account etc and being a resident and evading tax, as I said above one is legal and one is illegal.

  338. Jamie is a solicitor – aren’t you Jamie? Stop worrying about Arsenal for a minute and talk to us about ‘arry. Can he go to prison?

  339. Red Arse says:

    I seem to remember Gorgeous George, was allegedly caught with his hand in the cookie jar to the tune of £400,000 (today’s money £10m?) and altho Arsenal may have taken action, I do not think it went to Court?

    I wasn’t around at the time so anyone else know the lowdown on that? Might give us a clue.

  340. LB – I understand what you’re saying. Is it possible then that he’s in the clear and Mandaric is the one in trouble? Nah, why would they persue him ………. he’s got access to good advisers ………

    They don’t start a trial for the fun of it ………….

  341. evonne says:

    LB – no need to be Politically Correct amongst friends! Fecking right he’s as guilty as hell! Hang the bastard and keep him hanging until he stops twitching

  342. RA – this is for you—-george-graham-1591683.html

    As I understand it there was a lot of cash passed around in brown envelopes at that time.

  343. Irishgunner says:

    We’re such bad bastards wanting ‘Arry to go to jail 😆 Can it happen the day the Spuds get food poisoning and we steal 4th place off of them?

  344. Red Arse says:


    It’s not that I am scared of you, but we are friends, right? With no hanging benefits!

  345. RA @8.19pm,
    the low down is that “thats a handsome cookie jar”..

  346. What position does Aneke play CAM ?


    I deal with the taxman every week. Usualy,even when its obvious theres been tax evasion, they offer you section 9, i.e. cival fraud. When they prosecute its because they either have compeling evidence or at the beggining of the enquiry you maintained your innocence.

  348. evonne says:

    RA – course we are mates, you are my extended family, you are a Gunner

  349. sherlock lost in cornwall says:

    Because he owes the Taxman some money, does that make him bad ?. He is supposed to be an Arsenal supporter after all, so there must be some good in him !. peaches can we have some sort of jury poll and decide whether we hang the spud managing traitorous bastard ? 👿

  350. LB says:


    I think we are both getting cross lines, I don’t think for a minute that Rednapp is innocent.

  351. Irishgunner says:

    Piers Morgan is an Arsenal fan AND a prick – they do exist SLIC.


    It looks to me Arry and Mandric were over agressive and then HMRC aquired more evidence

  353. Red Arse says:

    Thanks Peaches.

    So why did that not go to Court, if all the papers were saying he was guilty? And what did they mean when they said he put his hand up?

    On second thoughts, SLIC might still be around and that last question may provoke him to answer! 🙂

  354. LB says:

    So Terry

    Let’s cut to the chase, can they hang him or not?

    And if they can’t do that can they send him to prison?

  355. Irishgunner says:

    AFCAMDEN Harry Brown
    @piersmorgan Cunt CUNT cuNT CUnt CUNT cuuunt CUNT CuNt CUNT cunnnnt CUNT. Whichever way I put it, you are still a CUNT. #NeverAGooner
    4 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply
    Retweeted by Chezzygooner


  356. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    I`m off to give Mrs glic some company, whether she likes it or not,
    see you later suckers, mwah, mwah !.



    In the last 2 years, the incidence of prison has doubled on conviction. Its political because of the current financial climate.

  358. Jamie says:

    Peaches – not a solicitor, just dress like one I think. It is the grey three quarter length coat that does it.

    On to Harry.

    1) Can you be jailed for tax avoidence.

    Yes you can, if any of us did it we would be stuffed.

    2) is the sum large enough to be considered serious enough.

    This would matter to am extent and has help it be high profile enough to get to court.

    3) what sort of fine could he face?

    They could take a huge chunk of his money,
    It isn’t likely.

    4) could he go to prison?

    Theoretically yes he could but you may have noticed that famous people don’t get locked up anymore even if they are guilty.

    Likely outcome, £100,000 fine and a suspended sentence. Maderic could go to jail potentially, he owned the firm that allegedly organised it and could be worse of than Harry if they take that view.

    I think we all know dozen of other managers were at it.

    Even in today’s game there are people at it.

    The game is as bad as it ever was.

    During the writing of the book(which is ongoing) I met with a player agent who is a mutual acquaintance.

    His words, bungs, gambling, drugs, alcoholism are as rife in the game as they ever were, if not more so. Murky old game.

    I heard one storey off a club paying 250000 to a mob so they didn’t break a players legs over gambling debts. The first day back at training another player(who had played many times for england) offered him three bets.

  359. LB – it’s ok I know the difference between tax planning and tax evasion.

    RA – if you google ‘george graham brown envelopes’ theres a very long reference on the 2nd page that I don’t appear to be able to get a link for.

    Brown envelopes were an agreement between clubs and GG was found out when it appeared £50,000 had disappeared from Teddy Sherringhams transfer to the totts. He denied it and the money couldn’t be traced so the police case against him was dropped.

  360. Red Arse says:

    Can’t — I meant – can’t type that.
    You imprinted that on my brain, you naughty personage!! 🙂

  361. Red Arse says:


    I think that’s a typo. Tax avoidance is OK – tax evasion is an offence.

    Best not to mix them up if they come for you! 🙂

  362. Gooner In Exile says:

    On Redknapp I’m guessing HMRC have enough to prosecute otherwise they would be accused of wasting more public money…..not a good time for Revenues PR dept as it is with Vodafone etc.

    Not having read up yet I assume ‘Arry and Mandaric defence will be gifted money?

  363. Irishgunner says:


  364. Here’s a little inside story – when a player that I know was at Tottenham, he was about to be transferred to Sunderland when suddenly Stoke decided they wanted to buy him. The player didn’t want to go to Stoke and publicly berated the Totts chairman for offering him into a deal with Stoke that he knew would mean a back hander for ‘arry. In the end he got his wish and moved to Sunderland but his family were shocked that he could be sold to one club rather than another because of a back hander!!!!!!

  365. RockyLives says:

    I’m no expert, but I expect Twitchy to get a heavy fine and a suspended sentence if (when) found guilty.

    So he won’t miss the rest of the Spuds’ season – but he will get plenty of stick from the fans everywhere he goes.

  366. Hi Irish, bye Irish

  367. RockyLives says:

    @8.41 That’s a terrible story. How unkind of Gerrard to do that to Owen…

  368. all i can say is that with a (balkan-ese) name like Milan Mandric associated…it smells like GUILTY…

  369. RockyLives says:

    Presumably you’re referring to Darren Bent.
    I wish he’d have come to us 😦

  370. Rocky – he would love to. His whole family are gooners but that’s not enough is it sadly …….. 😦

  371. Red Arse says:

    I suspect that any case would be treated by HMRC as ‘tax evasion — fraud’ which is a criminal offence.

    Anyone accused of that will try to argue it is simple tax avoidance.

    However, HMRC who’s chief tax inspector famously quoted a judge as saying the “the difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance is the thickness of a prison wall”!

    He went onto spell out that HMRC will try to categorise “tax avoidance” as actually being tax fraud wherever it can.
    “If an ‘avoidance’ scheme relies on misrepresentation, deception and concealment of the full facts, then “avoidance” is a misnomer; the scheme would be more accurately described as “fraud”, and would fall to be dealt with as such.

    Where fraud is involved, it cannot be re-characterised as “avoidance” by cloaking the behaviour with artificial structures, contrived transactions and esoteric arguments as to how the tax law should be applied to these structures and transactions.

    Fraud is fraud, common cheat is common cheat and the application of tax law to ‘pretend’ situations is something of an irrelevance.” (John Gribbon, Tax Journal 22/9/97)

    So evasion – you are a dead duck.
    But avoidance is either “tax planning” 🙂 or “tax evasion” depending on the facts!

    My money is on Harry’s “tax avoidance” = “Tax planning”. 🙂


  372. Herb'sArmy says:

    Hi all,
    Peaches – Forest played Tottenham on the opening day of the season, Sheringham scored the only goal as Forest won 1-0. A couple of days later it was alleged that Cloughie and Venables met at a motorway service station, Venables handed Clough a brown envelope, and before the next League game, Sheringham had moved to Tottenham. George Graham was implicated in the John Jensen transfer.

  373. Red Arse says:


    Will you have difficulties getting your book published in the current climate, invasion of privacy, super injunctions, not in the public interest blah, blah?

  374. Gooner In Exile says:

    OK so basically having a quick read up on sentencing, Piggot went down for 3 years but he evaded on earnings of £3m.

    Current sentencing guidelines suggest 7 years is max in Crown Court for Income Tax Evasion. Page 32

    I’m sure legal peeps will suggest there is more subtlety, i have read a couple of other sites which talks of fraud and a max penalty of 3 years for £50k evasion.

    It don’t look good if HMRC took it this far…..or at least I hope not.

  375. Red Arse says:

    If the case is proved on the alleged facts, GIE, it is still down to the Judge as to what sentence would be appropriate.

    IF the case was proved, there may be mitigating circumstances and it would presumably also be a ‘first offence’, which may well attract a fine and possibly a suspended sentence or community service, but I am no lawyer – so what do I know? Nuzzink! 🙂

  376. Big Raddy says:

    In the unlikely event Harry does go down then Spurs will have an excuse as to why they didn’t get a CL place when we overtake them.

    Better he is fined, his reputation as a wheeler dealer confirmed and then we shall see how THFC handle it.

    Will they sack him or will they have a criminal and a cheat as their manager?

    I am certain that if it were AFC, Redknapp would be sacked the moment a guilty verdict was given. We have standards.

  377. gunnern5 says:

    A acquaintance of mine is an agent for Canadian footballers. Back in 1996 he had a great young talent on his books. It went as far as the player spending time with a team in East London, a deal was struck but fell apart when a certain manager wanted an extra payment for himself.

  378. RockyLives says:

    Wow! Good work Redders

  379. TotalArsenal says:

    ‘Harry Rednapp has reported Roberto Mancini to the FA after Mancini waved an imaginary tax return at him’


    The evidence is certainy mounting against Harry on here. hahahahaha


    Raddy, hahahahaha

  382. barumgooner says:

    Evening all. Nice post(s) and pretty much as I saw it unfold on sky. I think that to lose all 4 full-backs is a very legitimate excuse for our failings this season and who knows what would have been should Sagna and Santos been playing these last few months…..but to me the real failing has been the acceptance over many seasons to accept mediocrity in the squad. The Arsenal is a massive club with huge expectancy and yet the management continue to keep players on the books that will simply never live up to what is needed from them. I see a continual flow of talent being sent off on loan for a few seasons before being shipped off without being given a chance in the team they signed for whilst our bench and sick-beds are full of second-rate failures who just keep hanging around. I have always supported AW but i am getting sick of the same old story with no real change in sight. Sadly the next player to leave will be yet another of our best after getting fed-up the same way we fans are at seeing players who simply dont belong in the red and white. Arsene needs to get tough and wield the axe in the summer or fall on his sword and allow a new man to breathe life and hope back into the team.

  383. goonermichael says:


  384. nice video, can’t stop laughing

  385. goonermichael says:

    I can’t stand baca the cads

  386. goonermichael says:

    barca cads

  387. RockyLives says:

    cads 😀

    I’d forgotten how blatant the fraud was against the Chavs.

    It convinces me even more that the ref was bought in our game when RvP was sent off for shooting.

  388. goonermichael says:

    That was even more blatant Rocky. I’ve found a new C word to get me out of the habit of using the more common one.

    The dirty cads. boundahs every one of them.

  389. RockyLives says:

    I spotted that GM, and it made me smile.

    Just don’t call anyone a fuckin’ cad 🙂

  390. RockyLives says:

    Do you think that “diving and feigning injury” training is real?

  391. Ebuka Ifiorah says:

    True talk. Greedy Kroenke and stingy Wenger are the bane. I advise our fans to back out from buying tickets for our subsequent matches. Heart breakers, i ll not die from heart-attack our game brings. We sell big players big and refuse to replace them. What a shame and scam! From Flamini to Nasri , no meaningful replacements. We need no more apologies. Who is sure RVP is going to sign a new contract?

  392. On Fifa 12 Walcott plays so dame good

  393. RockyLives says:

    super 🙂

  394. goonermichael says:

    I like your site, I’ve added it to my favourites.

  395. goonermichael says:

    I just watched your oxo compilation, Really nice. He was the best player on the pitch. His first touch and ball control is fantastic. he could (should) turn out to be world class. He’s strong and reads the game well.

  396. goonermichael says:

    I’ve just subscribed to it. Look at mine (you tube channel) it is so different to yours 🙂

  397. ok where are the footballers 🙂

  398. yea alex was great yesterday, Wenger goes to all the Reserves games now and in those past games he wasn’t all that but he really step up for the occasion, something Theo and Ramsey should learn

  399. but you site has girls guess thats better, are you a designer?

  400. goonermichael says:

    Do you watch all the reserve games?

  401. RockyLives says:

    GM spends all his time putting his hands on beautiful women 🙂

  402. off course, the onliest one i miss are Champions league and that’s i don’t get to run away from work in time, what about you

  403. my bad, not i watch the highlights of the reserve games

  404. Wengers is actually a ball boy at the games lol

  405. goonermichael says:

    I’m a hairdresser super. i specialise in avant garde and underwater hair.

  406. RockyLives says:

    Right, I’m off now.
    Goodnight Super and GM.

  407. goodnight RL what the time on your side

  408. cool job GM, am a QS

  409. goonermichael says:

    I’m off now see you both later. I’ve got my Mums funeral in the morning.

  410. Am sorry to here that, how you holding up

  411. goonermichael says:

    I’m fine super. It was delayed for my nephews wedding. My mum had Alzheimers for 10 years. I can remember her as normal again now.

    Bedtime now. See you on here again super

  412. yea you to and all the best to you and your family

  413. RockyLives says:

    OK, I’m back.

    Many condolences GM.

    Super – I live in Canada (Toronto) so I’m probably in the same time zone as you (or no more than an hour different).

  414. Big Raddy says:

    Ourforwards misfiring again in the ACN. Both Gervinho and Chamah spurning chances.

    GM. Doubt you will read this but Peace be with you.

  415. Gooner In Exile says:

    Thinking of you this morning GM.

  416. evonne says:

    GM – be brave, I am thinking of you xx

  417. kelsey says:


    my thoughts are with you today as I am sure are all the others on AA.

    Peaches it was Hull not Stoke with Phil Brown.

    Mandaric and Ridsdale are the most corrupt chairman in the PL. A close friend of mine who is one of the “Dragons” and was chairman of Milwall has told me much about Mandaric but I don’t feel it is right nor does it benefit this blog.

    Redknapp is guilty as hell, but to prove it is another matter. He paid 6 million for a houe in Poole some 14 years ago, what is that value today.

    Interesting debate about our squad,,manager, an BoD.To me it is a like a a marriage that has declined to such an extent that a break up is inevitable..

    I wouls like to write a post about our current squad and there are more questions than answers.

    When Yanarris came on he was the 31st player to play for us this season

  418. evonne says:

    Morning all
    Kelsey – write the post, you get 6 brownie points from Peaches for midweek posts and 3 from weekend publications.

    Balotelli is sick, not only he stamped on Parker, but then had rolled on the pitch as if he was fauled. He might be a great player, but he is unhinged, I wouldn’t want him anywhere near Emirates

  419. evonne says:

    ha ha ha, I think I misspelled ‘fauled’ 🙂 still don’t know how to spell it 🙂

  420. Gooner In Exile says:

    Read this and cheer up a little bit:

    “I was not having a go at the boss on Sunday — I was just sad to see Alex leave the pitch as he just gave the assist for our only goal.

    I was not questioning his judgment — I know it’s not my place to challenge what Arsene Wenger does.”

    “He is one of the best football coaches in the world, with a brilliant record of success here at Arsenal.

    I wouldn’t be here or the player I am without him.

    The manager and I are fine and my relationship with the club is good.”

    All written by RvP… what do we think?

  421. Red Arse says:


    fauled = fouled 🙂

  422. evonne says:

    GiE – very carefully worded, too perfect to be emotional. No good

  423. evonne says:

    RA – thank you
    I guess fauled = pooed his pants 🙂

  424. kelsey says:

    Morning GIE,

    Not sure what to think.Was it cramp,exhaustion,sick ? If it was anything that was not quite right with the Ox Ididn’t notice it
    Players do talk to each other on the pitch, so why the expression of NO by our captain.

    Wenger admitted he made a mistake and then covered it up,which is not the sort of comment one would associate with him about 18 months ago.His comment about Arshavin was also strange.
    The man speaks 8 languages I believe but suddenly his wording in english is not as fluent or clear as it has been in the past.I put that down to stress.

  425. VCC says:

    GM. Thinking of you today.

  426. Rasp says:

    Hope the day goes well for you GM, my best wishes to you and all the family.

  427. GM – best wishes to you and yours xx

  428. Rasp says:

    As far as the subsequent comments regarding the sustitution of the Ox are concerned, its just the usual PR driven damage limitation.

    AW has deflected some of the criticism towards AA and showed an unusual level of defiance in his post match interview. Obviously RvP has been encouraged to allow them to put his name to the press satement about his reaction on the pitch – what a shame they can’t muzzle PHW in the same way.

  429. Rasp says:

    peaches – can you check out the pic I’ve put in today’s post before publishing please.

  430. Red Arse says:


    Condolences for your loss!

    I lost my beautiful mother 2 years ago. Still not over it.

  431. Rasp says:

    kelsey, for some reason it appears our combined effort yesterday encouraged the most comments ever on one day on AA – mainly due to the late night discussion of ‘arry’s court case so we can’t take the credit 🙄

  432. kelsey says:

    Shows how they missed me 🙂 I will take the credit you can please yourself 😉

  433. i remember watching a few Reserves games last week and Wenger was at those games, were Ox, Ryo and Park started and ox wasn’t that impressive in those games so that probably why he made the call even before the goal

  434. LB says:


    Be strong.

  435. New Post ………………….

  436. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    A hard day for you GM, It`s been 14 years since my mum passed away and I try not to think of her, because If I do, I cry.

  437. chas says:

    As you say, a chance to say goodbye and then to remember her fit and healthy. My thoughts are with you.

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