Arsenal – Wolves: Let’s Keep Things in Perspective

So we lost two valuable home-points today against lowly placed Wolves, and now we are all feeling down?

Man City drew against West Brom and Liverpool could not kill off Blackburn yesterday, and neither could Chelsea see-off Fulham. I am as disappointed as anybody for dropping two points against Wolves at home. But the boys gave everything yesterday and it was not to be: 23 attempts on goal, 17 on target and only one goal showing for it (according to the BBC website). When Arsenal play at home and  concede such an unfortunate equaliser the most important thing is to find a balance between a calm/focussed approach to find good scoring opportunities on the one hand, and to develop a real sense of urgency on the other hand. The longer the game took the more we lost that balance, as our sense of urgency took more and more control, at the cost of quality.

This can happen. At least our players never gave up but kept believing. I am absolutely convinced that playing 5 games in the space of 15 days will mean that the teams who are closely competing against each other will, more or less, end up with the same points tally at the end of that period.

There are just too many games in succession for any team to make a bigger leap forward than its direct competitors. At the moment, our direct competitors are Liverpool, Newcastle United, The Spuds and the Chavs. Don’t be totally surprised if by the 4th of January all these teams, as well as Arsenal, will have gathered a similar number of points over the five PL games during the Christmas/New Year period.

Last year, most of us leaped to big conclusions when Arsenal did not manage to beat Wigan away at this stage. We had just beaten the Chavs at home and expectations were sky-high. Arsene was criticised for resting too many players back then, and he will probably now be criticised for not making enough changes, or making the wrong changes in yesterday’s game. The masters of hindsight will now start discussing all the things Wenger should have done, and criticising the choices he made before and during the game. But, I say it again: 17 shots on target and only one went in. Wolves scored a fortuitous goal and we just missed a bit of composure and a bit of luck to win this game. We totally deserved it, but it just was not to be. Did we deserve three points against Aston Villa, a few days ago? Possibly not, but we got them anyway. It’s swings and roundabouts.

In a busy footie-fixtures period like this, we need to move on to the next game and try to win that one. And then move on again and try to win the next one. This is a period of getting as many points as possible and to not have too high expectations of catching up with our most direct competitors. We made great progress in the last few months, and we are now consolidating this. Over the next few months, Arsenal will start working towards 3rd and 4th spot in the PL, and to do well in the CL and FA cup rounds. If we can manage our expectations a bit, and I am talking to myself as well here, the second part of the season can become a very enjoyable one.

Let’s keep the faith: the New Arsenal has all the ingredients for success – it just might take a bit longer than we want it to take.


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  1. Morning TA nice post and I can get behind the sentiments.

    I said yesterday in the pre match that three points were more important than the performance to get them. That was from a “I don’t care if we play badly as long as we win” perspective. Yesterday was probably our best performance for a few games and we were unlucky. As I said yesterday the fact we showed such urgency and desire to get the win was refreshing compared to the way some games petered out last season.

  2. Good morning to you all,

    I can’t comment on how we played as I have not seen anything of the game, Wenger put out probably the strongest line-up he could with Walcott falling foul of some sort of bug.

    The stats show a remarkable level of superiority and once again a ‘keeper played a blinder, by all accounts.

    Did the sending off help us? Or did it force Wolves to park the bus?

  3. kome says:

    I was pissed yesterday when we couldn’t get another goal and I kept thinking we deserved to win. But now I remember the villa game and what you’ve said makes sense. We shouldn’t be lowering our expectations of the arsenal though.

  4. wrightydenhenry says:

    Have to agree with your comments but we must win against QPR. Stuart Attwell has to be the worst ref in in the premiership it seemed every time we had momentum he allowed Wolves to waste time through their gamesmanship. I have never seena ref hold the game up when a player is injured and off the pitch and as for Hunt’s fake cramp at the end the minute the trainer went on he got up and started sprinting.

  5. fatgingergooner says:

    If we can get to the end of January,still in touch with Chelsea and Spurs and with minimal NEW injuries then I think we are in great shape.

    We will have players coming back from injury every other week and will only get stronger because of that. Players like Sagna, Santos and Wilshire will give the side a huge lift in training and on the field and push us up the table.

    We fell apart at the end of last season for a period of about 10 games and still finished top 4. It’s a lot tighter this season but don’t be suprised to see at least one of the current top 5 crumble at some stage. Aslong as it isnt us then we will be fine.

  6. Thanks for the report TA – I was not annoyed at our team(apart from Songs casual play at times) as the lads were busting a gut to win it and I don’t slate my team when they DO try.

    However the ref did allow the Wolves players/manager/assistant manager to bully him and lose control of the game and I echo what WDH said about their gamesmanship in my report over here:


    TA, you are a man after my own heart, i agree with your sentiments completely. The Chrsitmas period is tough and all teams can drop points.

    For the first hour of the game we seemed to want to play a controlled game but it proved not to be enough. I am not one for criticising our own players but i was a bit startled by the performance of Song. on 2 occasions he attempted silly back heels with the second resulting in the corner that led to wolves goal. he has had a great season and in my mind is now a great player, but i get the feeling Wenger and Rice were not to pleased with him yesterday.

    After the hour mark we took total control, leading to wolves working double time to contain us, thus resulting in the (harsh) sending off. we pepperd there goal but could not get the goal that we desparatly needed, and i felt we merited.

    I would like to finnish by giving Wolves some well deserved credit. They fought like tigers in that last half an hour, sprinting for every ball and continusly putting there bodies on the line. Thats what the premeiship should be all about, 2 teams giving there all to get a result, and we certainly got that yesterday.

  8. Josh says:

    Problem is that because of the bad start to the season, we cannot afford to have days like yesterday. You could say we’ve used up our nine lives. Truth is that yesterday should have been 3 points.

  9. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning all 🙂

    GiE, fully agreed and that is what makes it so hard to swallow. We played really well: with focus and desire from the start and still dropped two points. From the stream I watched, I thought the Big Ferocious German had a really good game: is that right?

    LG: the stats make you want to cry!

    Kome: yes it might be better for our mental health to lower our expectations a bit this season. Having said that, we are in the CL last 16 which is an achievement, if you look at how we started the season, and maybe we can get far in that competition this year. Like FGG is saying, our injured players start coming back from late January onwards and maybe Arsene will find us another gem before then as well!

    Chary (and WDH), I read your excellent report last night. Yes Wolves lacked gamesmanship, but to their credit, they battled like tigers and were not dirty, except for Hunt who is an absolute idiot anyway!

    Terry, you said it all in a nutshell. Yes Song seemed to lack a bit of focus yesterday,but I also felt that Rosicky should not have allowed for Hunt to get in the shot in the first place. Hunt was allowed a couple of touches, just outside the box, to line up his shot.

  10. Rasp says:

    Morning all,

    Thanks for a sensible analysis of where we now find ourselves TA.

    My main problem with the game was the way we dropped tempo once we scored. Up to that point Gervinho had looked very threatening, but after our goal he rarely featured up to half time. I’m not blaming Gerv in any way, the whole team dropped a notch.

    We did try hard in the second half, but also shunned shooting opportunities. The Wolves goal shows what can happen if you just have a go – deflections, OG’s etc can happen and we have to be more prepared to take a chance up front.

    One last point, Hunt is the most despicable player in English football – worse than Barton and that’s saying something. I remember watching the replay of the Petr Cech incident and thinking he deliberately followed through to kick him in the face. Yesterday He was involved in niggly off the ball incidents, in the refs face at every opportunity, time wasting and just generally being a total scumbag.

  11. Thanks TotalA, as a side note my original title for the report was a bit more incendiary: “Niggardly Wolves thieve a point from the Arsenal”.

    I think it was a wise decsion to tone down the title – Raspers and Peachy know I’m rubbish at good titles for posts.

    I did see a lot of slowing down play when we won a free kick and Atwelll’s weakness at not punishing this led to Wolves wasting more time, and what I’d deem cheating.

    Not to mention McCarthy being on the edge of his techincxal area constantly harangueing the ref/linos at every decison that went agaisnt him. That sort of behaviour gets Wenger sent to the stands, as at Old Toilet last season.

  12. Rasp says:

    Not that it matters, but I thought Mertesacker was our MoTM and TV showed us again that he is not a fullback. Ramsey made a difference as soon as he came on, I think we would have won if he’d started the game.

  13. TA the whole backline for us was good yesterday. Thought Arteta had another excellent game, both Yossi and TR7 put in good shifts. Gervinho was a constant threat.

    LG the red led to them parking bus further they didn’t show much ambition after equaliser.

  14. Red Arse says:

    Well done, TA. 🙂

    That is the most difficult time to write a post-match report, shortly after the team have lost or drawn. You have made a good fist of it, and particularly commendable as it was at short notice too!

    I think your Post has got things right on.

    I suspect your throw away comment about ‘masters of hindsight’ was a little dig aimed at those who use any excuse to pillory AW after a perceived setback — on the other hand are we not all masters of hindsight, in truth, because surely dissecting a game and voicing our various nuances on the team performances, hopefully in a balanced way, is what blogging is all about? 🙂

    Otherwise I will have to get my coat!! 🙂

  15. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Morning all,
    Quality TA. With all the stats,on any other given day we would have won, just needed lady luck !.
    Now to be a damp squib !. I dont think there is going to be a St. Totteringham`s day this season, take the biased spec`s off !. their next 6 games ( inc` game in hand ).
    Swansea (A)
    W Brom (H)
    Everton GiH (H)
    Wolves (H)
    Man City (A)
    Wigan (H)
    By the time we get our Injured player`s back( that`s without getting any ) it could be over. People are hoping they have a blip, but in the last 6 games weve had 3 blips, if they have a couple, do you think we wont ?.
    Our fight Is with the Chav`s and Dipper`s (why are they called dippers ? ) for 4th. Just saying how i see it !.
    Agree with RA yesterday, I was more peed off with that draw ( and the Fulham one ) than the loss to City. TW will be interesting, Lord Arsene has a lot of cash hidden under the floor boards, will he use any of it ? . Use the Force , Darth Wenger !

  16. GliC – Liverpool are called “the ‘dippers” as that is short for “bin dippers” as in impoverished scousers who are forced to dip into bins for food in their northern slums.

    An award winning definition in my book.

  17. TotalArsenal says:

    Rasp, as always, a very well balanced, near rational, comment 🙂 GiE also mentioned the other day the need to go for the second goal with the same vigour (re the Villa game), and we did not seem to do that. An early goal often seem to have that effect on us, it seems.

    In hindsight, I now agree with you it would have been better if MC had beaten Chelsea a few weeks ago. I got carried away with my expectations, believing we could still catch up with both Manc teams.

  18. pat says:

    Yep agree 100% Rasp, Verm has lost his normal verve – CB seems to allow him to play his natural game – doesnt seem to be enjoying himself out there – he spent alot of the game being pissed off with the ref who was a useless fool… If it wasnt for the GK for Wolves having the game of his life we would have won the game by 3-4.

  19. All agreed on Hunt Rasp. He has the ability to inspire hatred, how he is on a PL pitch is quite beyond me.

    What little I saw of Jarvis yesterday I think he would be a good acquisition if possible in the TW. Firstly filling in for Gerv then competing with Theo and Gerv for the wide roles when we are back to full strength.

    The way we ended the game was pretty much 2-1-5-2 as TA says we lost all balance in search of the win. Whilst TV does not look a left back in the attacking sense he certainly appears to have all the ability of playing Centre Mid when needed. But also Koz and BFG played very well together at CB yesterday and leaving any of the three out seems counter intuitive given their current form.

    Here’s a question if we start with three centre backs across the backline as we did yesterday does Song need to start? As Rasp says Ramsey dictated play when he came on but paired with TR7 and Arteta could have coped with the Wolves midfield.

  20. Red Arse says:


    I always hesitate when I feel compelled to disagree with you. Partly because I have a lot of respect for your opinions, most of which I agree with, and partly, following on from that point, I always stop and re-think my own view in case I have missed something and I am just being picky. 🙂

    On reflection, I still find I am disagreement with you about one of our players. I cannot go along with the idea that Arteta is the excellent player you obviously feel he is. Last night, I think he played as well as he could in the circumstances of the game, but ‘excellent?’ surely not.

    It is all about subjective opinions, and I have been known to change my mind when swayed by a cogent argument. 🙂

  21. TotalArsenal says:

    RA, yes we are all masters of hindsight!! 🙂 However, only you will never have a proper sight of your hind 😛

    You know I have said this before: there are a great many causes that lead to a particular outcome and it is more or less impossible to point to a particular action/intervention, or actions/intervetions, that would have led to a different outcome, in retrospect. Yet, everyone does it and you are right: it is a big part of blogging. So, fair comment Monsieur Cul Rouge, seriously!

  22. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Sounds good to me chary, I only heard the the name when i first came on here.
    This is what i expect from Lord Wenger in TW, ” You ( Mancini, not our one ) will swap,Aguerro, Ballotelli,Kompany and Hart (as back up to worlds No1 ) for Arshavin, Chamakh, Almunia and Squilacci ,” “I will, it`s a bargain, it is done, thank you, have my wife chucked in aswell “

  23. Four centre backs across the back line obviously.

    RA I think Arteta is one of those players who quietly gets the job done. For me yesterday he snuffed out most Wolves possession with clever positioning and tackling and then moving the ball quickly for us. He has been nothing short of a revelation for me.

  24. Red Arse says:

    It does seem a little strange making the following comment, but as no one else seems to have made it — I will! 🙂

    In the last 20 to 30 minutes last night we resorted to a terrific number of high and sometimes long crosses from general play and from corners, only one of which (Mertesacker) threatened a goal.

    We are not very good at crosses — the Gerv, from the wing, was frequently blasting them across, without looking up and picking out a player.

    When Chamakh came on — presumably to be on the end of such crosses — the only time he came close to connecting with one was thru’ RVP’s head. I don’t think I saw him again? 😦

  25. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Very well written Total.
    I only wish Spurs would join in the tradition of a seasonal malaise and drop some bloody points!
    Comments on Hunt are extremely polite although made with hearts in the right place. We were in the underground after the game standing next to a large family of Wolves fans. Now I only understood every other word, but they were extolling the vitues of Hunt and his commitment. The fake cramp..straight red for me! Utterly vile man.


    I must say, i have no issue with snidey gits like Hunt(though he should have been arrested for his assault on Chec). at the end of the day there will always be players that infuriate (to the point were my wig shoots 20 feet in the air), but we just have to get on with it.

    As i said earlier, wolves have a lot to be proud of. They battled extreamly hard, had a man sent off unjustly, and got a vital point against a big team. We sometimes forget its not all about us.

    Going forward, i agree with TA that the jigsaw that has been in the making for several years is beggining to peice together. We have outsanding young talent like Wilshere and Ox to come in, to compliment a strong and mature foundation. If we can keep all our players together, and thats a big if, we will certainly challange the Manc clubs next season and leave the likes of tiny totts and Liverpool in our wake.

  27. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I’d like to pick up on a couple of comments from yesterday that made me laugh and cry. I am not sure in which order, or whether they were tears of laughter or sorrow!

    Comment of the day:
    Allezkev @ 6:44pm
    “Is it just me, or does anyone else think that Arsene Wenger lacks imagination when it comes to substitutions”. You are not alone Kev!
    Most positive thinking comment of all time:
    GiE @ 2:31 am
    “…and to discount AA23 coming on against Villa where his shot led to the corner that led to the goal”.

  28. Red Arse says:


    I hear you and who is to say you are wrong?

    This may be a case of one man’s ‘quietly getting the job done’, is another man’s ‘he is the reincarnation of effing Ray ‘crab man’ Wilkins – ineffectually passing sideways and backwards, as slowly as possible!’

    They say “football is a funny old game” but the fans different views of the same game often come into the same category. 🙂

    Sorry, my esteemed colleague, but in this instance your argument has failed to sway me. He was OK last night, but not excellent.

  29. goonermichael says:

    Great post. I agree with Glic. We won’t be celebrating St tootteringhams day. I was feeling optimistic last night but I don’t think so this morning. We need some players but beyond Henry I don’t think any are coming.

  30. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I don’t believe Theo is ill.

  31. Red Arse says:

    It is always a pleasure debating; discussing, discoursing with you.

    Your intelligent responses are a delight and you have immediately understood my somewhat tongue in cheek comment with a nice rejoinder, rather proving my point. 🙂

    As you point out, none of us really know how we look from the back, unless we have all the attributes of an India Rubber Man! 🙂

    Salut, mon ami.

  32. MickyDidIt89 says:

    It all depends what happens in Jan. If we don’t find more goal scoring options, we have no hope of catching them.

  33. Red Arse says:


    Are you saying he is not the next ruler of N. Korea – Theo Jung ill? 🙂


    Cornwall and GM, ime very confident we will finish above spurs. There are a lot of points to play for and many twists and turns ahead. When they come to our place we will give them a very nice beating and they will bleat and moan about Pasta or something.

  35. TotalArsenal says:

    RA 🙂 🙂 you are in fine form this morning!

  36. Red Arse says:

    On the subject of loaning Titti from Red Bulls, AW said that he did not know where the story came from, and it was a media thing, and then implied he had no intention of doing so.

    AW is the master of mis-direction, but he does not tell out and out fibs – except to his Mrs! 🙂

  37. TotalArsenal says:

    Must admit, Spuds played very well yesterday. I am starting to get a bit worried too. ‘Jay the Spud’ if you are still reading: your team is looking better than I thought. Now you have to deal with high expectations… that will be your downfall – I hope!

  38. Red Arse says:


    You see — a fine uplifting Post raises everyone’s hopes and aspirations, once again! 🙂

    Having unintentionally upset my friend GIE, I am now taking a Time Out! 🙂


    Redders, hahahaha, ime sure Theo would make an excellent Dictator, its always the quiet ones you need to watch.

  40. Red Arse says:

    And that is why I am keeping my eye on you MerryT!! 🙂

    One last thing — and nobody yell, because I will have went 🙂 and I is not here!! 🙂

    —- Bale is an excellent player, he is fast, skilfull, physically solid, tall (6′ 2″) and has a great shot. I am really green that the Spuds got him from Southampton, and we did not. 😦

    Booing can commence ………………………….NOW! 🙂

  41. MickyDidIt89 says:

    That’s actually quite a worrying thought 🙂
    I often wonder what some of these squillionaire footballers will do when they hand up their boots. Running pubs are out, but running a small African Dictatorship should be well within their grasp, and will surley appeal to one of them at some point.

  42. Rob Lucci says:

    The tittle should read ‘Arsenal vs Hennesey’ ..

  43. Rob Lucci says:


  44. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I am so very ready for some serious transfer speculation. I want, I want , I want.

  45. allezkev says:

    There seems a relentlessly driven detirmination about the way that Spurs are accumilating points this season.
    I cannot recall a time when i’ve seen them quite so confident and ruthless.
    Win their game in hand and we’re 8 points behind.
    Gotta say i’m looking at Chelsea now as our main competitors for a top four finish, as it currantly stands.

  46. Pleasure to meet one of your offspring(or “Siblings” as Sharkey would say 🙂 ) yesterday MDi89, I hope the disappointing result hasn’t put him off seeing the Arsenal.

    What’s equally crucial re. January is who Wenger can dispose of during the January window – my vote would be for Diaby, Squillacci and maybe Djourou to go.

    Loans in and out are also going to complicate who we get in.

  47. goonermichael says:

    We need to do something Chary. Wenger has been talking up Ox and Park so I think he may see them as the answer.

  48. True GM, Wenger has to do something decisive, and quick. The later we leave addressing the issues we have in our squad the harder it will be to pull things back to the necessary outcome, i.e we finish at least 4th.
    If he thinks Park is the answer he should have been trying him out already – he’s rarely even in the matchday squad.

    Raspers and Radders know my feelings on the Spuds this season.
    FOYS – they’re due some bad luck they’ve been getting by till now somehow the jammy gits !

  49. goonermichael says:

    They have some tough away games Chary. The thing is though Wolves isn’t a one off. We couldn’t beat Fulham either.

  50. MickyDidIt89 says:

    He loved it.
    In fact, I enjoyed the game so much more than the Everton win!!! Apart from the sensational Robin goal against Everton, I was cold and slightly bored. Yesterday was edge of the seat stuff. Not sure what it says about Micky The Fan, but we had a great day.

  51. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Robin is 100% a Red Zoner and he will go through a goal draught or injury. I have absolutely no idea where the goals will come from. Spuds, tragically, have options.

  52. goonermichael says:

    I think we’ll get Henry on loan. Although it is very short term I’d bring Henry on insted of AA AND Chamakh


    The only business i would like to see in the window is the purchase of some one like Poldoski who can play wide and up front. If we cant get that type of player i wouldnt like to see the club panic buy or rush into a transfer they are not sure of. We look long term not short. How long before Tottenham lose Bale, Modric, Adebayor etc? How long will Harry still be there manager? Have they got the like of wilshere and Ox to come in?

    We are on the right road and our policy will reap dividends, we simply have to remain paitent and not be distracted by what others are doing. Lets just keep this current lot together, in a couple of years Wilshere, Wallcot, Ramsey and Ox will tear teams apart at home and abroad.


  54. goonermichael says:

    I agree about the long term Terry, and it looks very bright. It’s important we qualify for the champions league though otherwise we could be the team losing players.


    Thats true GM. If we keep up this level of play we will get top four and hopefully third.

  56. Rasp says:

    Hi Micky, lovely to see you and little Micky yesterday. Following on from our conversation over lunch ….. a loaded question ….. don’t you think that a player like Podolski would have been just what we needed when chasing the winner in that second half??

  57. Rasp says:

    Despite continual slagging off from the numbskull of a woman sitting behind me, I thought that AA looked dangerous when he came on – unlike Chamakh who did nothing, albeit with even less time to make an impact.


    Rasp, I get the feeling you dont like Chamack hahaha. I feel it will be very difficult for both him and AA to play at a level which would see them here next season, but i would like both to stay this year and prove me wrong.

  59. RockyLives says:

    Very good and balanced write-up TA. There’s no need to panic.

    For me the biggest factor in our recent struggles against Fulham, Wolves and Villa is the lack of any orthodox fullbacks. Having all four FBs out long-term injured at the same time is extraordinary bad luck and it seriously affects the balance and flow of the team.

    I thought JD did better than TV yesterday. There were times yesterday when situations were begging for an overlapping left back and TV stayed put. And other times when he bombed forward when we were stretched. He may have played left back in the past, but he’s not a FB now.

    I firmly believe that with FBs we would have beaten Fulham and Wolves and quite possibly Man City too.

    However, I don’t think AW should buy a FB in the window. We will soon have all four back and we don’t need more.

    Like most people, I feel he needs to buy a striker and possibly a wide attacker.

  60. Rasp says:

    Hi TMHT, I’d keep AA because he can produce that little bit of brilliance that can snatch a winner – I’d pay Chamakh’s fare to go back to France. It’s nothing personal, just that he represents a trait in AW that I don’t admire – sticking with a player who consistently fails to deliver.

    Chamakh was free, surely any money we get and the saving on his wages would be a good deal. He may well return to the type of player he was before we bought him (still not a striker) if he goes back to play in the French league, English football is not for him.

  61. RockyLives says:

    I thought Arsh looked pretty dangerous and was unlucky not to score with an instinctive volley. I thought he also looked OK in the (even shorter) cameo against Villa.

    You can’t judge Cham on 5 minutes, but if Wenger had any faith in him he would have been on for the last half hour.

  62. RockyLives says:

    I enjoyed your piece. Like you, I thought Atwell allowed the Wolves players and management to bully him.

    At one point he even did some time wasting himself, blocking off RvP’s run-up for a dangerous free kick.

  63. Rasp says:

    Hi Rocky, I agree about the fullbacks. I was saying to Raddy yesterday that if we can get through the next 5 weeks and stay in touch with a top 4 finish that will be some achievement. TV needs to play centrally either as a FB or DM, he doesn’t have the instincts to overlap and knit togehter attacking moves. I mean no criticism whatsoever, he is a square peg at the moment but needs must.

  64. RockyLives says:

    GiE and GM
    Don’t worry, we’ll finish above the Spuds.

    They have a lot of points from very fortuitous games they won earlier in the season and when we played them I thought we looked a lot better than them.

    Any minute now the altitude is going to get to them and they’ll hit a really bad run. Just watch and enjoy it when it happens.

    St Totts day will be late, but it will still be happening this year.

  65. Rasp says:

    I agree about the timing of Chamakh’s appearance Rocky. Park must be pretty crap in AW’s eyes if he still prefers Chamakh.

  66. RockyLives says:

    The first two due back are Sagna and Gibbs around the end of Jan.

    Santos is March (sadly) and Jenks will be a while too.

    I would play Miquel at LB or even that Yennaris lad, who at least plays there in the reserves.

    On current form my back four would be JD-PM-LK-(Miquel/Yennaris).

  67. Gooner In Exile says:

    RA you have not upset me, we are entitled to our opinions….a lot of fans in Twittersphere and Blogworld liked to heap criticism on AA23 after yesterday. As Rasp said and I agree I thought he did ok when he came on yesterday I saw no misplaced passes and there was work rate shown that has been missing of late. He hit a lovely strike which was also close to being the winner….I an beginning to believe he has turned a corner.

    Did anyone actually miss Theo yesterday or think he could have won us the game? They were parking the bus firmly and offering no space to us so for me Theo would have been ineffectual, AA23 has (had?) the skill and vision to unpick that kind of defence.

    Would no one else take Jarvis?

    As for Bale and his two goals yesterday, they were both gifted by terrible defending to my mind, the first one he was allowed a touch to tee it up. The second the defence ran away from him covering passing channels and did not pressure the ball. As I said the other day he does nothing to really impress me he is a bit of a one trick pony. It’s a very good trick but nothing park the bus defending could not counter.

    Let’s not forget whilst ‘Arry sings his praises and the media sing ‘Arrys praises for inspiring the lad, ‘Arry wanted him sold and didn’t dare play him and the Spuds fans criticised him endlessly about three years ago.

  68. RockyLives says:

    Sorry four muddling you up with GLIC – for it was he (not you) who predicted there would be no St Totts Day this year.

  69. On a totally different subject….I watched the Spurs game in company with my Spurs supporting wife last night. Before the kick-off I suggested we try to count the number of times Ray Wilkins uttered the phrase “my word”. Needless to say we lost count long before half-time.

  70. Gooner In Exile says:

    Controversial Rocky no TV? But I actually agree.

    I have no fear that there will not be a St Totteringhams Day. Only 7 times during my lifetime has it not occurred. Some would say they are due one. But I still don’t think it will happen.

  71. RockyLives says:

    I thought Mert and Kozzer were pretty flawless yesterday.

    We only conceded the goal because of a lapse in concentration from Song. The defence (all four of them) had moved up brilliantly when the ball broke to Stephen Twunt… but Song was ambling up slowly from the goal line, playing the big bloke onside.

  72. Gooner In Exile says:

    Rumours abound that Malouda wants to jump the sinking ship, any takers here?

  73. Gooner In Exile says:

    Totally agree Rocky. Was very poor from Song. Watched the replay of the goal again today and didn’t realise it had taken a deflection of a defender on way to Fletcher, the way they all were throwing themselves to block it was proper defending that the famous back four would have been proud of. Just one of those things. Part of me thought also that Szczesny would save it, he has played so well of late I thought nothing could beat him.

  74. RockyLives says:

    I think Malouda would be an OK signing.

    AW has not had a “good” TW in a long time (even though Arteta, BFG, Jenks, Gerv and Santos all look like good business you could hardly say the summer was well handled).

    Wouldn’t it be great if he made a real statement this January and brought in a real world class striker or wide player.

    I know, I know – it’s not his style…

  75. Red Arse says:

    Hi ya, Rocky. 🙂

    You are right about Song ultimately playing Fletcher on side, but there were two occasions during the game when the ball was cleared only to the edge of our penalty area.

    The first time we managed to scratchily clear it, the second time, it came out to Hunt the C***, and Rosicky twiddled while he brought it under control and they eventually scored. I know Rosicky cannot tackle but he should have taken one for the team and clobbered Hunt, even at the expense of a yellow. C’est la vie.

    Nearly all teams (especially the Spuds and Manyoo) station a player on the edge of the oppo penalty area with the aim of getting a quick counter strike in when (and it often happens) the ball is only half cleared.

    We have been caught like that before, and if SingaSong had been there centrally, instead of in the right back position (?) they would not have scored. QED.

    Signed: Master Emeritus of the Great Hindsight

  76. RockyLives says:

    Hello Redders
    Have you managed to catch sight of your hind? TA will be impressed 🙂

    You’re right about us being caught out by the player lurking on the edge of the “D”. It has happened a couple of times this season.

    Song has become a fine player but you get the feeling he has one or two lapses of concentration in every game. Often he gets away with it… sadly not yesterday.

  77. RockyLives says:

    I’m off on hols with the family later today and not back until around Jan 8th/9th.

    I won’t have much access to email or internet so I’m afraid I’ll be out of the loop for writing posts until then.

    I’ll try and check in now and again if I can. I’m not even going to be able to see the games so I’m leaving it to you to ensure we get three points each from QPR and Fulham!

  78. Thanks for your 1.07pm Rocky, although I don’t blame Atwell for our dropping two points I’d like to think we’d get a fair crack from the ref, but save for Song not getting sent off, he gave everything he could to Wolves.

    Also, I looked at clock when the full time was up, it was 4.49 and 6 minutes of extra time should have meant we finished at 4.55 at the earliest, even with Wolves time wasting during injury time being excluded, but he blew at 4.54. A fitting conclusion to a dreadful display by him.

  79. TotalArsenal says:

    GiE, RL, I really like the thought of Malouda (depending on long-term fitness levels). He is a proper winger and would fit very well in our current 5-3-3 system. He is not appreciated and properly utilised at Chelsea anymore. He has the experience and the right attitude et il parle Francais bien sur. I would be a happy bunny if we sign TH14 for two months and Malouda long-term, and an ecstatically copulating bunny, if we can find a ‘shadow-striker’ for the hole position – an Aguero kind of type. Alternatively, I would love it if Arsene would start trying the Ox just behind RvP in a 4-4-2 system.

  80. Red Arse says:


    I wrote a comment to you which disappeared into the ether when I pressed the submit button.

    In brief, I was acknowledging that your view of the pitch and the whereabouts of the ball and the players would give you a wider perspective of the game as a whole, and how each related to the action.

    As an armchair fan, at the moment, I can only see the game from the perspective of the cycloptic camera, which has a tight focus on the action and not the overall field of play.

    That is why we may have somewhat different views on an individual player, but you were there and I was not — so I have no problem in deferring to your better judgement. 🙂

    (now I hope this does not disappear up someone’s hindsight too!!) 🙂

  81. Red Arse says:

    Hi CharyB, 🙂

    If the ref only blew at 4:54 he is to be commended!! 🙂

    After all the turkey, I suspect many fans were blowing off rather more frequently than that!

  82. Red Arse says:

    Going anywhere nice, Rocky?

  83. Redders, I think Atwell had the touch of the Graham Poll about him – he can’t count !

  84. Red Arse says:

    Have just caught sight of TA’s 2:07, and the image of him dressed in a bunny outfit while copulating (with another bunny? Malouda? — this is not clear) has made me feel quite unnecessary.

    Am off to have a strong coffee and try to recover my poise! 🙂

  85. Gooner In Exile says:

    The only reason I can figure for preserving the Ox is the absence of Gervinho for African Nations.

    Just updated my like for like tables. Interesting stuff, and worrying at same time, our draw yesterday lead to us dropping two points behind our like for like, Chavs further back, Spuds win shows them gaining as they lost to West Ham away last year which is the comparison team for Norwich. But the most interesting to me are the goals for and goals against columns in comparison to last seasons games:


    Its not difficult to see why the teams up the top are there, they are all scoring goals and more than they scored in the corresponding fixtures last season, we need to get out of the habit of nick one and defend, we need to become more ruthless from the moment we go ahead and go on to punish teams for daring to attack to get an equaliser.

  86. goonermichael says:

    Have a great time Rocky

  87. Gooner In Exile says:

    RA that is true of so many players I guess what players do off the ball is as important as what they do on the ball which is mainly (as you say) what the TV cameras track, especially with new fangled super zoom cameras which like to get close in on the action, this in turn unfortunately leaves us short of the bigger picture. Its why when it comes to watching on TV I get so annoyed, as it is not possible to judge all decisions made by players when I cannot see all the options (or lack of them) available to them.

    TA I think Malouda could be another positive signing for us in our move to bringing in some “been there done that experience” to assist younger squad members and again he is of an age where he will not stifle the youngsters.

    That said I can’t see us giving him a similar contract to Arteta as he is older now, and as a forward/winger has a much more limited shelf life. So would he be interested or does he fancy making a fortune in China with Nik Anelka?

  88. Red Arse says:


    I’m surprised by your 2:23 re Attwell and Graham Poll, I thought they were both counts?

  89. Red Arse says:

    I heard on the Beeb, this morning, that PSG have approached the Chavs about Malouda, altho they qualified it by saying “a possible transfer”.

    I am delighted that AVB seems to be upsetting the Chelsea camp with his ego driven machinations.

    Lampard, Drogba, Malouda, Alex, Anelka were/are all first team squad players so this likely mass exodus pleases me greatly!! 🙂

  90. Just one letter out Redders. 🙂

  91. Rob Lucci says:

    The most exciting part last night is it seems like Ignasi Miquel had put himself ahead of Squillaci in the pecking order of CB.

  92. RockyLives says:

    Cheers GM

    Redders – I’m off on a little Caribbean cruise out of Miami. And intending to be very, very lazy 🙂

  93. Red Arse says:

    Enjoy, Rocky! 🙂

    Wish I could do the same. 😦

  94. Bon Voyage Rocky, think of us in Blighty freezing our backsides off.

  95. Herb'sArmy says:

    Hi everybody.
    GiE, no doubt you will have seen the question I asked whilst chatting with 26May, about whether Wenger has maximised Arsenal’s full potential with the resources he’s had available.
    26 replied from 2004 – May 2010, saddled with the stadium debt, no-one could have done better, so I accepted that point.
    Since then he’s had three debt-free Transfer-Windows to bring in the quality desperately needed to maintain a title challenge, which he hasn’t done.
    For example, if we say that RvP is our new TH, where’s our new-age Bergkamp, Pires or Vieira? We don’t have anyone fit to lace Bergkamp’s boots, and none of our current attacking midfielders contribute anything like what Pires gave us.Had Wenger been manager a year earlier, we may not have even been blessed with Bergkamp.
    We never used to concede sloppy goals, now it’s almost a given that at some point it’s inevitable.
    Humans are very adept and ever-resourceful at finding different inventive ways for defending mediocrity.
    RA – I think Vilas-Boas is over-seeing a mini revolution at Chelsea. All those players are 30+ and we all know they have money to replace them. The time to judge Vilas-Boas is when his Chelsea side take to the field (if Abramovich allows it, obviously).

  96. kassa says:

    Good stuff, we just need to wait a bit longer till we approach May and we find ourselves still struggling for 5th or even 6th……you also mentioned busy footie-fixture for this period……well mate I have to disappoint U….in case nobody told U Spuds nicked three-points last night!!! Question is, why is not busy for shitty spuds??? With game in hand, they go 8 points clear ahead of us…..this means if we are lucky, 5th spot is possible…..or prove me otherwise.
    Frankly, I’m so tired of trying to find excuses or being optimistic……Now, more than ever, I’m convinced that with people like Cronke, Gazidis, Hill-Wood we will end-up, again’ empty hands, as we did in last 6 years….
    All-in-all We hade a good chance in our hands to grab 4th and make pressure on Spuds, now I have to do my math again…

    Happy New Year Gunners and all the best in 2012 for my beloved Arsenal
    …..from cold Prishtina

  97. All the best to you too Kassa, walking out of the stadium it felt horribly cold then too.
    Surely 2012 has to better to us gooners than 2011 was ?!

  98. harry says:

    TotalArsenal, interesting summation of the result and always hard writing articles after such results so well done, i agree with some but not all, similarly to GIE comments, I agree with some but not all….

    But Firstly, Rocky…….the best defence without TV? sorry never, he adds 10% to every player out there……I would agree he may not be anjoying the LB role and I actually wouldnt play him there, I would rather have him in the CB with Kozzer at RB……….Who I would say is more comfortable in that role (than TV in LB), I would agree LK made the mistake that let city in, he hadnt focused nor had the defence as a whole, apart from moment, he has been outstanding when at RB.

    Best defence for me:


    JD for me although not terrible yesterday, again failed to impress, some of his passing was very poor again, he was out of position more than several times, he looks uncomfortable and wolves had most of their joy down his side. He lacks pace and that is vital in the FB role, I would rather see LK there and JD in the middle if he has to play, but I feel Miquel does a job at LB.

    @Red Arse, in defence of GIE, in part, Arteta has been excellent this season and one of the main reasons behind our revival, yesterday he was good, which for me summed up the whole team, good but no more, no one really stood out and I would expect 4 or 5 players to have played 8 or above yesterday, but for me not one really……..I would agree that the BFG had a good – VG game….

    Total, back to your article, which I understand the reasoning behind some of your comments, one of your last comments is keep the faith, I havent lost faith at all, but I just feel that was so Arsenal like yesterday, we have had games like that for too long and we all try and justify it…….New or Old Arsenal????????

    GIE, you say at least we showed urgency and desire, which is refereshing compared to last season, the only game where I would agree was Bolton away last year when we did seem to lose heart. I have seen so many games like yesterday when, we have the lions share of possession, shots galore and a keeper have a worldly, for me its too often and even predictable.

    I agree with Rasp, after Gervinho scored we dropped a level, we need to and should keep this momentum going, Gervinho although a threat at times, often went down the wrong side and picked the wrong option, he is very slow in his decision making.

    They were on the backfoot when we hit them with pace in the early stages so why not, bring on Chamberlain as well as AA, who I agreed with in bringing on, he has moments that can make a difference, although he is testing my patience but so close to a goal…….Chamakh shouldnt make the bench……..

    For me, when games are like this we need wenger to change the essence of the match and really stamp his will on the team instead of sitting there and hoping the ball will go in………we had no balance whatsoever at times…..

    These are the type of games that infuriate me more than any others, more so this season as we had that bad start, we need to grab all the points we can to get back in there and irrespective of who dropped points and who didnt, we need to focus on ourselves and not be so accepting……

    I do keep the faith and I love the team and wenger so much, but at times we do need to be critical and seek to look to make that step up, complacency is an achilles heel that we need to rid ourselves of.

    I have been under my quilt for last two days with a huge dose of man flu, so sorry if I seem grouchy and respect all of your opinions, but that was not good enough.

  99. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Where’s Rasp when you want to agree with him, even if only a little bit 🙂

  100. Rasp says:

    Hi Micky, just basking in the recognition 😆

    Have a relaxing break. I don’t know how we’ll fill the Grand Canyon sized void you’ll leave, but we’ll do our best to nag some quality output out of the regulars – a challenge to you all!!!!

  101. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Rose tint`s removed ( not that I wear them ).The Table doesn`t lie. The Spuds are there on Merit. It is (imo) their best team ever ( didn`t see their black & white one). They all of a sudden start playing shite and we stop dropping silly point`s !, look at the Table and form, If the shoe was on the other foot, we would be waving them goodbye and be shouting about our Title chances. I`m forgetting about them and focussing on the Chavs and Dippers !.
    I hope to be ripped apart at the end of the season, telling me how wrong i was, dont forget , i want a mauling ! 🙂

  102. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Woah, slow down Rasp 🙂
    Yes, I would sign Podolski, but only if I can sign a wide boy as well. You see my whole plan was to find a player (Remi) who could play anywhere across the front, and I have now decided Remi is not good enough. You see (and this will take the wind out of your sails) I now think we need to spend even more than Remi would cost.
    Ha! Snookered 🙂

  103. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Have you a player in mind, who will cost more than Arsene has ever spent ? 🙂

  104. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Not yet, but fear not, I’m waiting for Oz and I to get to work tomorrow morning.
    I firmly believe we could afford £25m and the wages no problem 🙂

  105. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Just to recap, it took us all of two minutes to unearth Remi the other day, and I am dedicating a full five towards tomorrow’s hunt.

  106. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    You unearthed a player in the time it took me to have nookie !.
    We are both impressive !. 🙂

  107. MickyDidIt89 says:

    So, you like it Barry White style. Nice and sloooow!

  108. Rasp says:

    Haha Micky, I think Moussa Sow could be the front man coming our way but not until the summer – and for that reason AW will not sign a striker/wide player except for Henry.

    As usual it will be a high risk strategy banking on us not sustaining injuries to significant players but with the ultimate aim of maintaining our prudent approach.

    Bear in mind that if RvP stays we will not be making the large profit from sales next summer that we have the last 2 years and if we do not secure 4th, that will also put a £30m hole in our budget.

  109. kelsey says:

    Interesting comments today and everyone on their best behaviour :).
    Firstly I think we need to concentrate on us not the Spuds. So often we have the opposition on the back foot and just can’t get that vital second goal, sometimes even the first and then we look at the options on the bench to change the game and for the moment without one single first choice LB or RB the balance seems wrong and our play especially on the counter attack is nowhere near as fluid as it has been in the past.
    is that because we don’t have enough qualty in the team ? i honestly don’t know but what i do know is that several first teamers I believe in Song,Walcott and RVP are soon up for renewing contracts and most probably rosicky and arshavin along with the deadwood will be out in the Summer.So the transition period will continue even alowing for sagna and wilshere hopefully coming back in the Spring. I discount Gibbs as IMO he isn’t good enough if we are talking about a team who wish to achieve top four status and beyond.
    the ox must now be givn a chance and why did we actually buy him. Oh i know to sell shirts in the far east but most over there can only afford replicas from market stalls.

    I would say our best performance in recent game was in defeat at city and maybe with such a small squad compared to the other top 4 in qualiy the games are catching up with us. There is definitely some jadiness in the team and more misplaced passes than before
    support we all do, that is without question bu it is going to be a hell of a fight to maintain top 4 and a bit of luck as well.

  110. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    My everythanggg !


    There seems to be quite a bit of pessimism around here today that i just fail to understand. We have clawed our way back after losing 4 out of the first seven, only losing 1 since then. We look solid and are keeping the ball very well. We are going to prove very hard to beat in the New Year and for Tottenham to finish above us they will have to maintain there form, which knowing them they wont.

    We will probably finish 3rd this year, but we have a great chance in the Champions League. We look more equiped for Europe than ever and come May i have a good feeling we will be celebrating our first European Cup triumph.

  112. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Cornish Love God is what you be! You and all those ‘ansome maids!

  113. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Not sure whether I’m in the doom camp today or not. I just know that Injured Robin spells disaster. Still think Arsene knows this and will act.

  114. allezkev says:

    As far as new strikers, be they in January or in the summer, i think that Wenger has both Campbell & even Afobe in mind, to be added to the mix….

  115. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Completely agree with your term “high risk” in this context. Really can’t see us holding on to Robin, so there will be money I agree. Even more if we can bag 4th.

  116. kelsey says:


    we have to look at the present picture and beyond. yes we have clawed our way back up the table and with the luck of the draw we could win the CL but for a full transition to take place there is still quite a bit of juggling to do.

    i wear my heart on my sleeve and sometimes discuss everything about he team with one or two others face to face or on the phone and in general we are in agreement, yet when they post they don’t actually say the same thing. I don’t go with the flow sometimes but maybe age has taught me to be a bit more realistic about our real chances at present.

  117. Red Arse says:

    Herb and Harry, hello to you both. 🙂

    Altho’ you wrote on slightly different matters, you are both showing your understandable disappointment.

    Firstly, Harry, I wish you a speedy recovery from the ‘flu. Everything looks and feels a lot worse when you are under the weather. You are by nature a well adjusted guy full of beans and optimism, no matter what, and I think you will soon bounce back.

    I have been careful to use the word ‘disappointed’ to describe the result yesterday, and also other days when we seem to be on the verge of a decisive result, only to blow it by allowing an undoubtedly inferior team to wriggle out from under.

    The correct word to use is ‘frustrated’!!
    I am frustrated that just when RVP is going thru a slightly wobbly period (I am talking about his general play here not his goal scoring) and he needs more support in the firepower department, we seem to have bought someone in Park who cannot get on the bench, and another in Chamakh who has been clueless for a year, and all this compounded by the injury to Afobe.

    Yes — frustration is the word, I think.

    Herb, I understand what you are saying, but you must also understand that not everyone sees things in such a black and white way as you do.

    OK, we do not have a Bergkamp or a Pires or a Viera, but time moves on and now we have Song, Ramsey, Arteta and Wilshire as well as a potentially brilliant player in Oxo.

    Following the departure of the three players you name we have had Fabregas, Nasri, Hleb, Diaby, Adebayor and of course Henry was there throughout.

    All those players have now either left or suffered injury and been replaced by our current team, but other than Bergkamp, Arsene Wenger has bought them all.

    You know I would not want to disagree with you just for the sake of it, and you also know that I think you have every right to give your opinion and be heard, but the way you express your views can only result in dispute and argument, whatever the underlying merits of your impression of the team or individual players.

    I may be an idiot, I may be incompetent but Arsene Wenger is neither. To lay every misfortune or mischance at the feet of a man recognized by many of his peer group as one of the best two managers ever in either the Premier League or to manage Arsenal just seems pernicious.

    I do not want to seem didactic — I just want you to carry on chatting to us AAers in your own inimitable way, but without the negative comments aimed at Wenger, when none of us know all the facts about why he did or did not do this or that, or how much money the Board did or did not allow him to spend.

    Please do not look upon this as a put down — it is quite the opposite — I for one want to hear from you, I just don’t want to become embroiled in an endless discussion that causes ill feeling between you and other AAers!! 🙂

  118. MickyDidIt89 says:

    You are right about Afobe and Campbell, but my problem is that we are always in the future and I don’t think that’s right.

  119. allezkev says:

    MIck89. Sadly Afobe got that injury that killed his chance in the Carling Cup this season.
    I saw him in pre-season at Stevenage & Dover and he looked ready imho for the step up.

  120. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I actually agree with alot of what Herb says in that I don’t think we have the right mix of quality/experience to youth/potential. We have a massive squad and a massive wage bill. We have the stadium debt under control and sixty thousand paying supporters every week.
    I do agree with you that the future looks bright, but who knows with potential. My belief is that great though Arsene is, sometimes he is a little too loyal and could be a little more ruthless.
    Still, as you rightly say, opinions maketh a great blog.

  121. Red Arse says:

    Kelsey, 🙂

    Do tell my little espagnola, what did you mean by the following sentences? — “the ox must now be givn a chance and why did we actually buy him. Oh i know to sell shirts in the far east but most over there can only afford replicas from market stalls.”

    The ox and the Far East shmutter trade? Que? 🙂



    Your no nonsense approach is very refreshing and makes interesting reading. I agree that there is still “juggling” required both in the short and long term. I am firm believer that the approach the Club is taking will reap enormous dividends in the near future. I must admit that ime not realy bothered about the transfer window, ime much more concerned with the one thing that could derail the Club from certain success and that is failing to keep its current squad together. For that reason getting RVP and Theo to sign extensions to there contracts and in the short to medium term increasing commercial revenues to hold on to the likes of Jack and Ox is the imperitive for me.

    If we keep this squad together it is my firm belief we will be the best team in england in 2 years time and be a genuine challange to the best teams in Europe.

  123. kelsey says:

    Red arse

    I omitted the word Park, as i was typing quickly it was addressed to Park not the Ox..

  124. Love God for 2 minutes says:

    Yes we have clawed our way back ( and to my delighted surprise ), but we will have to buck a trend to have a chance of 4th, as in recent year`s we have stumbled at the last hurdle ( usually to shite injury luck ). I know it`s hard to give the Spud`s any credit, I hate it, but they do look convincing.
    Every year we always seem to be waiting for top players to return, yet it doesn`t seem to effect Manu, when they have the injuries, why ?. As for City, they could injure a whole team and still challenge !.
    You are the most optimistic gooner i have ever come across, dont ever change !.
    Your Rose tint`s are so Rosey, I think if you cried, you could fill a skip load of Cadbury`s Rose`s ! 🙂

  125. goonermichael says:

    Kelsey was talking about Park. They can afford shirts in South Korea BTW Kelsey. 🙂 I’m deifinitely in the doom camp today

  126. RockyLives says:

    Sorry, but I don’y buy the “table doesn’t lie” argument.

    If that was true then three weeks ago Newcastle were bang on for Champions League football and third place in the EPL.

    And in 1998 a certain red-and-white team from North London were out of the running for any kind of respectable league finish by Christmas.

    The Spuds have had their good runs before. They certainly have a better squad than they’ve had for a long time but gravity will take its toll.

    I’ll be first in line for the mauling of GLIC on St Totteringham’s Day this year – and what’s more, I know you’ll be loving every minute of it. 🙂

  127. MickyDidIt89 says:

    With my extensive knowledge left in the office, I had to google Moussa Sow. Excellent idea 🙂
    I’ll run it past my man Oz as soon as the land of strange nocturnal creatures arise from their slumber 🙂

  128. Red Arse says:


    I have no problem with Herb raising his points — so to speak 🙂 — I certainly have no problem with my friend Herb.
    I was rather long-windedly trying to steer him away from one of those acrimonious arguments, when it is not needed. He only gets upset — and that is not in anybody’s best interests.

  129. RockyLives says:

    The other thing is that I just do not believe that this team will as disastrous a final third of the season as last year’s lot did.

  130. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Hi Rocky,
    I agree with what you were saying early about yesterday’s game and our FB’s. When are you off on your big boat?

  131. Red Arse says:

    I know, Kelsey, it was just a tease. You often say no one reads your comments, but you can see — I do. 🙂 And so does GM!! 🙂

  132. Gooner In Exile says:

    Harry, I think the games that spring to mind in terms of draws last season were the two i witnessed against Blackburn and Sunderland at home, I remember the final minutes of those games where pace was not stepped up, I seem to remember in one of those games the final whistle being blown as another pass went sideways. Yesterday it felt to me like we were going forward for the majority of the game.

    Even in the spell where we dropped off our pace after our goal we didn’t look like conceding from open play and were still creating the odd chance or two.

    Herb your mind is pretty much set against any positivity for our manager so there is little point in going over old ground. But there are several reasons why I think you are wrong in your assessments. I just point to the changing landscape of the PL and consider whether he could do anything different, at the end of the day it all comes down to who is in control of the clubs money. Given last years financial results I’d say the board had something to say about investing heavily in this and previous transfer windows. The big thing that is holding us back financially is corporate sponsorship, and until the stadium financing cash up front deals have expired we will not really be generating anywhere near the level we could do if we were striking them without the need for cash up front.

    As for on pitch defensively I have few worries, even fewer when we get all our full backs back. Midfield is a concern as is upfront I said the same last season, but I don’t understand why certain players will never be given credit for what they do on the pitch.

    What I will ask though is for you to show me a Bergkamp playing anywhere in the game currently (worldwide). Then a Henry and a Viera. These players weren’t just very good or excellent they were once in generation footballers and they don’t come along very often. We were lucky to have them all, and they were complimented by very good players around them. Will we see their like again? I don’t know, will fans of other teams? I’d say its just as unlikely.

  133. RockyLives says:

    Hello Micky
    We leave for the airport at 4.30pm (in Canada). 9.30pm UK time.

  134. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Jeepers Rocky. Armbands and whistles on!

  135. Herb'sArmy says:

    Hi RA,
    I don’t come on here looking to ‘fight’ or put down people’s opinions, for a start I don’t have the verbal dexterity.
    I’ve said it before, a football team reflects their manager’s personality, and there have been many occasions when we have either lacked balls or the necessary craft, sometimes both, to finish sides off. United beat Wolves 4-1 and Fulham 5-0. That is what you do with smaller clubs. Can any of us, hand on heart, say without fear of contradiction that’ll we’ll give QPR a good hammering on Saturday?
    I just refuse to agree to ‘god-like’ worship. And remember RA, just prior to our humiliation at OT, Wenger was prepared to go into the season with what we already had.
    It’s not how you start (Oct 1996), it’s how you finish. Bergamp was the perfect gift for any manager starting out at a big club. Those days are a distant memory.

  136. Red Arse says:

    If the magic fairy managed to bequeath us a top notch striker, my heart would lift a beat. (not that I am suggesting Arsene Wenger is a fairy – magic or otherwise) 🙂

    Realistically, the chances of a top notch player becoming available in the Jan Sales is remote, no matter how much money we have or do not have.

    Podolski became a rumour when his manager said what a great fit he would be as an Arsenal forward. Two questions spring to mind.

    If I wanted to sell some old claptrap, I would try and put the best spin possible on it — is this what his current manager is doing?

    When Podolski’s manager said he would be a great fit as an Arsenal striker, who was he comparing him with — Bendy? Chamakh?

    How many goals has he scored this season? One or two?

    So if I had a say in “buy – No buy” Podolski, you can include me …. out! 🙂

  137. Herb'sArmy says:

    Hope you have a great holiday, Rocky.

  138. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Oh Rocky,
    I had lunch on Boxing Day with chums and there was someone there working three months a year in Canada. Loves it, and was definately bigging up Toronto. Think I may be in NY around March. Looked at my map, and Toronto is only about two inches away, so might nip up. On a match day of course!

  139. Red Arse says:

    Fair enough, Herb.

  140. Rasp says:


    We’ve been linked with Sow for a while. We’ve scouted him and AW is said to be an admirer. Sow himself has talked about joining Arsenal (he definitely wants to leave Lille) and no doubt he is being encouraged by his friend Gervinho.

  141. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Its a good thing there is more than one group of campers on here. We can call them Herb’s Camp and Camp RA 🙂

  142. RockyLives says:

    Thanks Herb

    If you want to pop over to Toronto you’d be more than welcome to stay at Rocky Towers.
    I get down to NY fairly regularly, so we may even be able to meet up there. The two inches is even quicker when you’re heading south, because of gravity…


    Rocky have a great time on your cruise, it sounds great.

    Dont worry Cornwall, i have no intention of changing, and my last breath whilst snuffing it will probably be along the lines of us been on the verge of football domination…….and of course if we do keep the squad together we will dominate.

  144. Rasp says:

    Happy New Year Rocky, have a wonderful holiday.

  145. RockyLives says:

    Cheers Terry and Rasp
    Same to you both.

  146. Red Arse says:


    I like Herb! Ok?

    I was attempting to help him avoid another upset is all. Enough!

  147. Red Arse says:


    Be careful about the ‘final breath’ thing.

    Before you know it GLIC will be selling tickets! 🙂

  148. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I have feet in all camps. Spider like 🙂

  149. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Rocky thanks.
    Milan and Pool both away early March. I shall try and organise my working life in the right and proper fashion!
    Have a great holiday and Happy New Year.

  150. Red Arse says:


    So you are the perv that sat down besides little Miss Muffet?

    Anyway, what the sod is a ‘tuffet’ or ‘curd and whey’ for that matter.
    Spiders, eh? 🙂



    Your right, cant trust these spiv cockney types. He would probably sell my syrup to some old biddy who would use it as a coat for her dog.

  152. Red Arse says:


    I have been mulling over your departure on this luxurious cruise which you have arranged without any care or consideration to your adoring fans!

    As an unabashed acolyte, I have the solution!!
    Sit yourself down this minute and whip out half a dozen Posts before you depart. You have less than three hours, so no shilly shallying!

    That should keep us going!! 🙂

  153. Red Arse says:

    No TerryM, I have already baggsed that!

    I need a good chest wig! 🙂

  154. kelsey says:

    Have a nice one and don’t spend more than 8 hours a day on AA whilst cruising 😉

  155. Reddawn says:

    I would like to broach the ‘Terry Henry’ conundrum

    Firstly, should Mr Wenger use Terry as a stopgap for the time that Gervinho and Chamakh are away. I would say no! And the reason
    for that is, we have two fine young players in Ju-Young Park and Oxlade-Chamberlain who need as much time on the field as possible, after all, they represent the future for Arsenal and long may that be. As great as Terry is, if he plays poorly it will only detract from the respect the fans have for him, but if he plays brilliantly it will present us with another problem? We will have missed the opportunity to bed in at least one of our young players and at the same time pose the question, shouldn’t we buy another player comparable to Terry Henry. Also, if Terry Henry was to eventually succeed Arsene Wenger, then surely it would be better for him to enter the gates of the Arsenal Stadium with an unblemished record. Finally, in my humble opinion, I would be more than happy to see Denis Bergkamp become our next manager.

    All the very best to my fellow Gooners and Happy 2012

  156. Love God for 2 minutes says:

    I`m not going to fight with you, not with that name !, anyway I`m a two minute love God not a fighter. And by the way what`s all this 2 inch talk ! . I thought the Sharron and Mandy Twin stuff was in the past !. Have a nice break Rockstar.

  157. evonne says:

    Micky – what is all the talk about ‘camp’ today, who is camp?

    Rocky – have good holidays, cannot say I am over the moon about you going away, but I have to be grown up, so bon voyage my friend xx

  158. Herb'sArmy says:

    I appreciate your efforts, but I can only express my own personal views.
    A few, (maybe a lot) on here see me as a miserable doomer, and for that I incur the wrath of LB and GiE, among others. It would be so easy to post on ‘Le Grove’ and jump on the ‘let’s bash Wenger’ band-wagon, but I won’t because he deserves more respect than that.
    But he is far from perfect and has made many mistakes that have been detrimental to our club and supporters. He is responsible for millions of people’s mind-set whether he likes it or not, and from that perspective I think he could do better.
    Is it a crime to expect that?

  159. evonne says:

    TA – very good post, thank you. And you saved the day in total absence of volunteers. Well done Total, AAer of the year 2011 🙂

    And your complete faith in the team is contagious, I always feel less gloomy after reading your pearls of wisdom

  160. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Perv? Moi? Yip, and of the highest order 🙂

  161. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Ah ha, Evonne. Bon Soir.

  162. Love God for 2 minutes says:

    No way RA, That syrup is destined for a 25 stone spud, as a recycled Beaver syrup !


    Herb, you are certainly not a doom and gloomer and i respect your views. Whilst reading your last post i thaught for a horrible moment i was seeing “Wenger is responsible for millions of…….lives lost in the 2nd world war” , but after looking twice i realise it was my mistake.

    Redders, you shall have the finest chest hair known to man sir. But i intend to make you wait as long as possible hahaha.

  164. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Jeepers Lads,
    I spend a reasonable amount of time criticising Arsene for this and that. Tactics, team selection, transfer policy, substitutions and so on. I am beginning to get an “unpicked on complex!”.
    Now, what’s all this Redders and chest hair?

  165. Herb'sArmy says:

    Thanks TerryM,
    and to return the compliment, I think your humour and uber-optimistic outlook are a breath of fresh air.

  166. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Ah ha, its that time of day. We are easing into the surreal zone!

  167. evonne says:

    Bon Soir Micky,
    Did + Son enjoy the game? What did he say?

  168. evonne says:

    We all feel let down by Wenger from time to time, but the truth is that I cannot think of one other manager that would do better for us.

    Take last night – all right, we drew against Wolves, so what? Shitty with their star studded team drew against West Brom. Chavs against Fulham.

    The beauty of football is that it is unpredictable and anything can happen.

  169. Gooner In Exile says:

    Herb why if I offer a counter to your point is it incurring wrath? I simply respond as I do to others if I feel the point differs to my perspective. I asked you a question earlier which you have failed to respond to. So do me a favour ignore what I say and I’ll ignore you. I wouldn’t want to get labelled a bully again for having a differing point of view.

  170. Red Arse says:

    Well, truth be told, Micky, I am after MerryT’s syrup (of wigs?) 😉 but not for myself, I just thought it would look great on my girlfriend!

    I tried to shave my shaggy dog, but the sod bit me. Talk about being touchy! I thought he would look great with a baldy tail.

  171. Gooner In Exile says:

    Evonne well bloody said

  172. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    I`ve been to Plymouth today. Both my Daughter`s bought me grey jumper`s for Xmas, I`m sure it`s because of my Rapidly greying hair !. Why cant they be like my son, he bought me grey Arsenal slippers !. Anyway, I took the items back, got the pre-Xmas full price credit note and then used that to buy a lot more sale item`s, cushdie !.
    Walking through the pedestrianised shopping centre, I was nearly run over by one of them “Hell`s mobility scooter angels “, they are worse than the boy racers, where`s the blue flashing, siren deafening mobility scooter pig`s when you need them ?

  173. MickyDidIt89 says:

    We had the best Dad and Son day. Two hours of eating chocolate on the train. Dropped into the London Chess Centre and bought things. Lunch with Rasp, Peaches and Big Raddy. Quick drink with Chas and Chary, then a really exciting game. Walking back to Finsbury Park, he said “Dad, I just love football so much”.
    Bollocks to winning sometimes 🙂

  174. evonne says:

    Oh Micky, I am tearful, how wonderful!!

    My mum has just asked me why I am making funny ooooohh noises, I am truly moved 🙂

  175. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Its the Torquay Plymouth derby game on New Year’s Day. I can’t go, but its so worth it just to hear the Torquay fans singing “you dirty northern bastards”.

  176. evonne says:

    GiE – thank you. Did you +wife had a good journey yesterday?

  177. Herb'sArmy says:

    Sorry GiE, I didn’t intentionally ignore your question.
    Who are the Bergkamps, Pires’ or Vieira’s of modern-day football?
    Maybe Kaka or Sneijder for Bergkamp, Hazard or Mata for Pires, and Alonso or Yaya Toure in Vieira’s role.

  178. Red Arse says:

    This Gooner is bidding you all a good evening.

    An enjoyable day blogging! Hope to be around for some more teasing — sorry, chatting– tomorrow.

    (Micky, you are such an old softy — and I love it that you are!! 🙂 )

  179. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Nite RA.

  180. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Whats all this ” no time to change out of my dominatrix suit, last breath of squadomasochism” Is it Bound up Green where you live ?.
    And whats this ” not trusting Cockney spiv ” stuff, from a former Stepney Boy and Accountant, Pot ,Kettle !. Letting Redders think he is special with your “Will leaving” syrup !. I bet you have a container load of Syrup`s down at the East India Docks, you have been shaving them Tibetan monks for year`s in the dastardly syrup slavery business, you evil transplant ! 👿

  181. evonne says:

    nighty night RA xx

  182. Gosh, I feel so mean just coming on to say that we need a post for tomorrow and Friday when you’ve all been having such a great days blogging 😉

    Rocky – if you’re still about, have a great holiday and don’t you worry about us, we’ll be fine 😆

    Anyone got any ideas for a couple of posts to finish the year off ……

  183. Gooner In Exile says:

    Evonne unfortunately we had bloody crap travelling! We had planned to stop at Epping and tube from there, but the journey down A11 had been so awful and fearing the worse on a change at Oxford Circus I decided to plow on to Cockfosters as it would give us more chance of hitting the Tavern. We then sat in more bloody traffic on M25 and even on road down to Cockfosters, and it was gridlocked past there too! Then no spaces in car park so had to wait for someone to come and retrieve their car and slowly follow them to where their car was hoping they were not going to dastardly trick us by jumping cross lanes. Anyway finally got parked at just after 2pm having left Norwich at 10:45am. Not a happy bunny!

    That said after that everything was plain sailing and made it back into Norwich for my brothers stag do.

  184. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    The atmoshere would probably be the only good thing. My daughter used to get me and the boy, Argyle corperate tickets, If you`ve watched Argyle`s football in the last few year`s, your realise how lucky we are to have watched the way Arsenal play. It was dreadfull stuff, gave me a neck ache watching skyball. In the end ,I was glad she changed jobs and didn`t get the tickets anymore !

  185. Gooner In Exile says:

    Weren’t you doing a review of the year Peaches? 😀

    I am working for two days but as one includes a night away in a hotel i should be able to fill the post cupboard with a couple of posts for use in next week or so.

  186. harry says:

    GIE, fair enough, but I just see that yesterday was a mere copycat of many previous games, when a team parks the bus, and we fail to counter this………..

    Sometimes you have to make things happen, we rarely do when needed. Instead of a 5yard free kick to the next man, put the ball in the box and their defence under pressure, when teams sit in two banks of four, and we pass about, it is too easy for them. The keeper has the support he needs and chances are tight, difficult to isolate the keeper.

    We need to expose them and pressure their keeper into mistakes, we could have continued for 2 more hours yesterday and probably wouldnt have scored. Even with the urgency maintained we werent going to score, a little surprisingly we actually lack at times the one thing that wenger is fabled for, Intelligence……..

    @Red Arse, thank you, I am feeling better for now, tablets and lemon tea!! Anyway your right in that it is my furstration that boils over, but I have seen it (yesterdays performance) way too many times, and feel only a slight change of tactic would reap benefits……

    I agree with a lot of what many say, but just get annoyed with an acceptance of its just one of those days, if I honestly believe we gave everything, changed tactics, and their keeper truly had an unbelievable game ( then I would put my hands up and say fair play like when Akinfeev kept it 0-0 in 06/07 best keeper performance against us I had ever seen), but yesterday, there was more we could have done as individuals, as a team and as a mangement team.

    Hennessey was very good, but outstanding? not so sure………

    @Herb’s Army – I concur with much of your viewpoint and at times there is a thaw in your stance, that shows you do care and that for me is enough, for I too have challenged the tenure of our lord and master, but he always gives me belief when it all seems doomed, like this season with the TW supermarket trolley dash that has changed our mantle, if not fully but has given us a grit below not seen for some years………

    But the one thing I would agree with you on, he comes so close but seems reluctant to take the final step, when given the opportunity….

    This transfer window is another example, of where wenger really needs to step up and really make the difference, put real pressure on the under performers……….Get a LB in, yes when fit we have two good ones, but we cannot wait until March for Santos and can we rely on gibbs alone?.

    I dont mind the short term options such as Henry and maybe even bridge, I just dont want us to be scratching about for points in May to nail 4th.

    Buy the right personnel now and we can put real pressure on City and United, I honestly believe we can challenge at the top, maybe the title is just out of our reach, results like yesterday dont help, but we can get to 2nd and pick up the FA Cup and also make a mark in the CL, with 2 or 3 acquisitions to boost and supplement what we have and have injured……..

  187. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Whats that earlier comment RA ?
    You say that Terry M looks good on your Girlfriend, who is bald and she caught you trying to shag your dog whilst shaving ! . that is some tail !

  188. evonne says:

    GiE – Peaches is not reading, she is driving to mine 🙂

  189. Gooner In Exile says:

    Worth a read, if only to remember that £80 million investment in forwards (Suarez, Carroll and Downing) doesn’t guarantee results either.

    Saw a great stat the other day to accompany the above:

    Demba Ba (free transfer) 2011 goals 21.

    Carrol (£35m), Suarez (£25m), Torres (£50m) 2011 goals combined 20…Total Cost £110million

  190. evonne says:

    I would get Demba Ba just for his name, it’s fantastic. Demba Ba. Or Luca Toni, or Agbonlahore.012orry dog typ8ig

  191. TotalArsenal says:

    Enjoy your holiday Rocky 🙂 Your posts will be well-missed!

  192. TotalArsenal says:

    Evonne thanks for your warm words 🙂

  193. Herb'sArmy says:

    Thanks Harry, I only heard the game on 5-live, but your assessment seems accurate enough to me.
    GiE – Maybe I should have said my comments exasperate you, rather than incur your wrath. But I answered your question anyway.
    I’m not surprised that Liverpool are ‘struggling’, Dalglish has never been a great manager, and to return to a job that he walked away from 20 years ago is merely to massage his over-inflated ego.

  194. TotalArsenal says:

    Herb, you are blogging gold-dust, so keep it coming. You help me ‘Herb My Enthusiasm’ and luckily for me there is RA, and especially, TMHT to enhance it again! 🙂

    Harry, 17 shots on target and only one went in. Can Arsene force luck?


    Cornwall, hahahahaha, you dont know how close to the truth you are with that hair business. Its all perfectly legit though.

  196. TotalArsenal says:

    Important message: does anybody have two spare tickets for the QPR game on Saturday, please pretty please?

  197. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    I once said on here my favourite game was the 1-0 WBA game ( Nasri 1st game and goal ), not because of the game, but it was my first Emirates game and also my first game with my boy, to share that special time with him is something I will always cherrish, so know where your coming from.I got loads of picture`s that day, they are my prized possessions !. Also mighty relieved, the people taking the photo`s of me and my boy didn`t scarper with the camera ! I was on the lookout for dubious looking syrup wearing Stepney boy`s ! 🙂

  198. Herb'sArmy says:

    Hi TA,
    not sure whether that’s good or bad, or whether you are referring to the state of my mental health. Hope you had a good christmas.

  199. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Herb, it is genuinely good. Blogging wouldn’t be very good without different points of view. Your view/angle to things is often quite different from the majority on here, and definitely of mine, but it leads to good discussions, and I really appreciate it.

    I really believe in the ‘New Arsenal’ but I had to check myself recently, as I was building up too high expectations too early. So, as the title of one of my favourite comedy programmes goes, you help to ‘curb (Herb being a play on words) my enthusiasm’ a bit, which helps to get closer to the truth. So cheers mate 🙂

  200. goonermichael says:

    Herb. I don’t think snieder is fit to clean Bregkamps boots. I would have loved to get Mata though. I think we lost him because we hadn’t at that time qualified for the champions league (and probably money too).

    I think you can be harsh on Wenger in your comparison with Chapman. When Chapman was manager (as far as I’ve read) The other big team was Huddersfield. Huddersfield was of course his team too. He also lived in a time when bribery and corruption was rife. He used to get people pissed so they signed contracts.

    Wenger on the other hand has achieved what he has against a backdrop of almost total manc dominance. Since the mancs won the first prem titile only Dalgliesh (Jack Walker’s money), Maureen (abramovic) Ancelotti (abramovic) and Wenger have won the league. We could also note that the mancs have broken the English transfer record on many occasions.

    I don,t disaggree with most of what you say, I just think you are quite hard on him.

  201. harry says:

    Total, apologies but I feel that you have missed my point, also check out the 17 shots for what they really were………its not about forcing luck, its about making your own luck, which you would at least go some ways toward by making or doing something different.

    For me, there is no one fit enough to clean and lace Bergkamp’s boots, different gravy………


    GM, “Chapman used to get players pissed so they signed contracts”, hahahahaha, absoloutly brilliant comment of the day.

  203. goonermichael says:

    It’s true Terry (according to Football Emperor)

  204. Gooner In Exile says:

    This is the kind of twitter i love:

    “Gareth Bale’s scored 7 goals this season – 2 vs QPR, 2 vs Norwich, 1 vs Bolton, Fulham and Wigan. Media reaction? —> HE’S WORLD CLASS!!!”


    True or not GM, its bloody hilarious. I reckon Wenger should try that.

  206. Herb'sArmy says:

    Hi TA/GM,
    Wow TA, something we can agree on, ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ – absolutely brilliant. Larry David is comedy gold.
    GM – I cannot compare the two, as you say, two completely different time-zones. If I am too harsh, it’s because I expect the club to match the ambition of the fans, which I don’t feel is always the case.
    Re the Bergkamp/Sneijder debate, I would agree that technically Bergkamp is better, but Sneijder carried his country to a WC Final.

  207. goonermichael says:

    Bale is so overrated. I’m not saying he’s no good, just not Bergkamp 🙂

  208. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    I`d have Bale in the team he supports !

  209. TotalArsenal says:

    Harry, this is what I was referring to: ‘but yesterday, there was more we could have done as individuals, as a team and as a mangement team’. In hindsight, when things did not go to plan, this is always true in a way of course. But for me, 17 shots on target, tells me the team did their best yesterday and it just was not to be. Let’s agree to disagree.

  210. goonermichael says:

    I’d have bale in regents park zoo

  211. SharkeySure says:

    Very good write up TA, and a good call for a sense of perspective.

    No football team has a God given right to win matches before a ball is kicked. Its not even as if yesterday was an off day…the effort was ertainky there, but I think we lacked a bit of nous, and tactics.

    Tactically, in a game like that TV and JD have be told to overlap or support their winger at EVERY opportunity…especially at the start of games. They MUST do this whether it comes naturally to them or not.

    I’ve used the word ‘nous’ and I’m now not too sure that it fits…but what the hell. Once Chamakh is on the pitch we must start firing balls into the box at every opportunity. Give him a chance to win a header or better still, a penalty. In this scenario…when the ball goes wide, every Arsenal player should know what is coming a cross, decent or otherwise.

    From that default setting, the switched pass, or ball slid down the side, should be the surprise element which takes advantage of the spae created by opposition dropping deep to defend the aerial bombardment.

    Harry said it earlier…its bloody annoying to see a 5yd free kick in injury time, or to see CB’s swapping passes in our half when the ball needs to be put in the mixer. We’re not Cambridge United in the 80’s (?), but if 5 mins of John Becks(?) tactics had gained us the extra two points that our play deserved I’d have been happy enough.

  212. TotalArsenal says:

    Bale is definitely not a Bergkamp. Never ever!

    Bale is more like Overmars for me. Him and Ekoto, I would not mind having in our team, the rest of Spuds is ok but not more than that. Modric is totally overrated. I would not exchange him for Rosicky, let alone Wilshire or Ramsey.

  213. SharkeySure says:

    GM. As succint and as funny as ever !

  214. SharkeySure...GoesSlightlyOffTopic says:

    This place is truly amazing.

    Its a 10min wallk from my house so we are fairly regular there. Had a lovely afternoon there today with three of the sharklets…who seemed strangely at home (not to mention peckish) in the aquarium

    Told you it was ‘slightly off topic’

    Oh and they’re fundraising !!!

  215. goonermichael says:

    Thanks Sharkey and happy Christmas

  216. goonermichael says:

    How many sharklets are there?

  217. goonermichael says:

    Has the Horniman always been there?

  218. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Sharkey, great comment there. MU have to deal with parking the bus teams all the time, and they seem to solve it with more heading-power in the box, and with one or two players waiting just outside the box to put a shot in when the ball comes back from the opposition’s defence. They have the wingers to provide the width and crosses as well. I still feel we did well yesterday though. RvP just lacked something yesterday and the BFG and Arshavin got very close too.

  219. VCC says:

    T.A. 8:02. I hope you get your QPR tickets, I have managed to get two. Going with my Son and hopefully going to put faces to the names of a few AA’ers.
    Does anyone know how far the Gunners pub is from the Tavern?

  220. SharkeySure says:

    GM…yes in one form or another, since about 1890 I think. I really shoud know as I was reading a short biog whilst there today.

    No. of Sharklets…only 4. I know ‘3 of’ reads like it could be anything up to 7 or 8. Its a bit like when I accused you and Radders of having had 12 wives between you !!

  221. TA – there are still loads of pairs of tickets on Arsenal Ticket Exchange, if you need membership numbers you can use mine and evonne’s. Email me if you want to use them, I’ll be at The Tavern and can give you the cards. Let me know if you need any help and I’ll sort it for you – the tickets exchange is open until 3pm on Friday.

  222. chas says:

    Nice post, TA.
    I have one spare for QPR, not that that’s much use if you’re after 2.

  223. SharkeySure says:

    TA…partly agreed re Man U, as they do seem to deal with it better than us overall, but this season they had a stretch of 1-0’s which is what we were on course for, but for one of the flukiest goals that you’ll ever see.

    I completely agree that we played well enough to win 3 or 4-1 yesterday, but once you get to 80mins and still haven’t secured the points, then its time for the Alamo.

    Arsene has done quite well lately in taking off defenders to secure a win, but there was one moment in particular, when someone looked for TV to run outside of him…and Tommy just didn’t go, allowing the defender a bit of peace of mind.

    Maybe Miquel on was the answer. In the little that I’ve seen of him…he seems to have the natural instinct to get forward, and stretch the oppositions back line, by coming thru late as an extra man. I keep hearing that he’s not really a LB, but he looks so comfy there.

    Miquel has the look of a Maldini about him to me, and I fully expect him to overtake Gibbs (fit or otherwise) before too long. Then its just between him and Santos. Nice.

  224. TotalArsenal says:

    Peahes, you are a star. I have just emailed you! 🙂

    Chas, thanks. Maybe GiE wants to come along on the journey and he could pick up your spare ticket?!

  225. TotalArsenal says:

    VCC, would be good to meet up with you in the Tavern 🙂

  226. TotalArsenal says:

    Skarkey, Horniman looks very interesting. You are a cultured man!

    Fully agreed on Miguel. I have high hopes for him too. I also like Coquelin: both are stylish, confident and quality players who can also pick a long-distance (diagonal) pass. Two for the future!!

  227. Harry – your comments are realistic ( as opposed to negative ) and your knowledge of team management makes them closer to the truth.

    I sat between Holly and Big Raddy at the game and Holly will tell you that I wasn’t impressed with Vermaelen’s play as Fullback. It may not be his natural position but I believe he’s an intelligent player and plays with Koscielny enough to know that if he goes forward Koscielny would cover him in the same way that he himself covers Gibbs or Santos when they go forward. So why is he reticent to play intelligently as a fullback? He’s going to have to play that role for more games so if he needs to be told to go forward then Arsene should do that. I hope he improves.

    I feel that this team do have more fight about them but they did drop off after the early goal and Gerv seemed to disappear out of the game. A win isn’t a given, any team can beat any other team on any given day.

    For a team that has prided itself on the number of different goal scorers in previous seasons we’re missing a lot of goals from other positions and that needs to be sorted.

    Saying that, the second half was very exciting and I was really suprised that we couldn’t get another goal – when 6 minutes of extra time went up I was sure we would score. Ho Hum ……..

    My Thierry Henry loving daughter was interested enough to watch the game on a stream with her housemate and told me she wasn’t sure if she could get back into football as we didn’t seem to play how we used to. When Thierry left she stopped watching ……… she took it personally you see 😉 I’m sure I’ll be able to entice her to walk round the corner should Titi return if only for a few weeks.

  228. SharkeySure...GoesSlightlyOffTopic says:

    Apparently we’re visting two lots of friends out in Essex tomorrow (Ilford and Chigwell). Earlier (8.30ish) my wife said that she was going to phone the first family to check they were going to be around.

    I thought to myself…what sort of half arsed unplanned shit is that..??

    Just asked her again if either family now know that we are coming. She replied with a dead pan ‘No’, as if its the most normal approach in the world.

    If we (two adults three children) were visting you tomorrow, wouldnt you want to know already..??

    Sorry for boring you lot with this but I had to tell it someone and the Samaritans were engaged !

  229. SharkeySure...GoesSlightlyOffTopic says:

    Alright Chas – Evonne’s previously told me the wonderful story of your ‘Dad’s ticket’.

    Funnily enough you never ever mentioned a spare on ‘the other site’ to my knowledge. Can you imagine some of the complete loons that you might have ended up with sat with if you had !!

  230. SharkeySure says:

    TA …cultured..?? moi..?? Not too sure about that.

    Whilst putting my kids to bed I told them both that it really isn;t that normal to have museum practically at the end of your road.

  231. Why are Coq and Miguel for the future? Surely we need to be using them now. They have both played as fullbacks.

    Our play is really being hampered by the lack of ‘thrust’ from the fullbacks. I know I’m not the first one to say that, it’s ok for one or two games but we’re going to be without them for more time than is comfortable.

  232. SharkeySure...GoesSlightlyOffTopic says:

    Its very very child friendly all year round. Its a God send for my wife in the holidays

  233. TotalArsenal says:

    Sharkey, she must be banking on your great interpersonal skills and your every-layer-of-ice-no-matter-how-thick-breaking-smile to sort out any awkward social situations tomorrow 😀

  234. chas says:

    Never ever, Sharkers.

    It’s funny how I trust everyone on here implicitly.
    The last thing I’d want is to end up with some nutter for 120 minutes.

  235. SharkeySure...remembers its a FOOTBALL Blog says:

    Coq and Miquel are the type f player of young player who you look at and have almost no doubts about.

    You just hope they get a chance to break through. Santos is hat 28 or 29 I think, and not exactly the fittest around so unlikely to still be going string at 32 or 33. Good news for Miquel then.

    I don’t want to spell out the hurdles for Coq to overcome, in case he reads this blog and gets disheartened.

  236. SharkeySure...remembers its a FOOTBALL Blog says:

    “It’s funny how I trust everyone on here implicitly”

    That was one of my thoughts as I wrote that. I feel exactly the same.

  237. TotalArsenal says:

    Peaches, you are in fine form tonight. When I say future, I mean that’s when they will become world stars. There is nothing holding them back to be used now as FB’s.

    Re dropping off after an early goal: I am sure this happens a lot. The curse of an early goal: it must be some sort of phenomena/um(spelling?) Citeh had it the other day against Chelsea too. When a team scores really early it very often struggles to continue with the same focus/concentration to score another goal. Chances are still created, but the real hunger to finish these off successfully is often missing/diminished. It really seem to happen a lot and Arsenal have struggled with this for a long time now, it seems.

  238. goonermichael says:

    My Dad took me to the Horniman a few times when I was a kid. i have no idea how we got there or where it was.

    I’m watching a film called “born romantic” for about the 20th time. Low budget , I’d recommend it if anyone ever needs cheering up

  239. SharkeySure...remembers its a FOOTBALL Blog says:

    True Peaches…I say ‘future’ in terms of being a regular first choice.

    Miquel coming on was a possible change for me yesterday, and I’m not sure why Djourou was needed ahead of Le Coq yesterday.

    Someone pre game mentioned Jarvis being tricky, and maybe thats why DJ (older & more exp?) was selected. In my mind, we were always going to massively dominate the ball and therefore Jarvis should have spent the afternoon chasing Coq (!)

    Less of an argument on the other side…but I’d have made sure that some Dani Alves and Roberto Carlos videos had been dropped down TVs chimney. Might have helped.

  240. VCC says:

    TA. If you can get tickets would love to meet you. I.m looking forward to having a couple of pints in the Tavern

  241. Exactly TA – get Coq and Miquel in the team now!!!!!! I don’t want them to become stars in another team. Anyway Coq is a very versatile player, I’ve loved him since I first saw him play at Barnet in 2008. He can play DM comfortably too. You give him a job and he does it, I want him to be a star in our Red and White.

    Anyway nobody said it but how many thought that Gervihno was going to fluff his lines in front of goal yesterday? Maybe that’s why the effort dropped off they were all in shock 😆 😳

  242. SharkeySure...remembers its a FOOTBALL Blog says:

    “My Dad took me to the Horniman a few times when I was a kid”

    Luckily its you said that GM and not DanDan or Kelsey. I’d have replied with
    1. I said 1890 not 1790 !!

    2. Were they still offering dinosaur rides when you went…??

    I’ll get mi coat….its getting late

  243. TotalArsenal says:

    Peaches, So true – Gervinho took his chance really well. I really like him through the middle, where he often is very effective.

  244. TotalArsenal says:

    OK VCC, we’ll sort it out before then!

  245. VCC says:

    Great stuff TA.
    I’m off to bed now.
    Hablo pronto.

  246. A footballer is a footballer is a footballer – Arsene likes to switch players around to play in different positions, we’ve moaned about square pegs in round holes for 3 or 4 years now.

    I think if TV isn’t cutting it as a Fullback – although I love him to bits – don’t play him there.

    Sharkey – off topic, I’d happily traipse my husband and small children to someone’s house in a kindof uninvited way in the past – I’m blessed with a winning smile too 🙂

    VCC – looking forward to meeting you at The Tavern if you get there. It’s in Blackstock Rd at the top of Gillespie Rd, looks like the Gunners is a couple of minutes away.

  247. Jamie – if you’re watching, thanks for the posts.

  248. harry says:

    Peaches, Chas = Spare for QPR going? I am feeling better…….

    TA, Lol, I shall explain what I mean when we meet again one day….

  249. SharkeySure...remembers its a FOOTBALL Blog says:

    GM – Opposite end of the spectrum film wise is ‘Old Boy’. Brilliant (but odd) Korean movie. Whilst I’m at it Brotherhood (also Korean) is amazing.

    Cheers TA – ice breaking smile…lol. I’ve just been genuinely happy to meet every single AA’er that I have.

    No offence to anyone else but Chas was the absolute stand out. Partly cos I didn;t know he was going to be there…but then to find out that I hadn’t made the connection between him here and him on the other site.

    Its not as though there weren’t many clues !!

    Nite all

  250. Ha ha ha ha Harry 🙂 Do you know how to get in touch with him?

    You can explain to TA on Saturday.

    Hey we’re gonna have an early NYE party 😆

  251. Nite Sharkey – you did miss Big Raddy yesterday though you know 😉

  252. goonermichael says:

    I’ve got both of those Sharkey. brotherhood was massive in japan (like most things Korean at the moment).

    have you seen Ichi the killer, Visitor Q or Audition?

  253. goonermichael says:

    Hi Peaches by the way. How are you? I always miss you on here. sorry i can’t write posts 🙂

  254. Have to sleep, nite all xx

  255. goonermichael says:

    Night Peaches

  256. Hi gm – I’m sorry you can’t write posts too but your comments are always good. See you soon I hope 😉

  257. goonermichael says:

    I may suprise everyone one day. I used to write a column in a hairdressing magazine but I could hide behind my PR as she would re write it

  258. goonermichael says:

    If I’d known the Wolves game was going to be moved I would have gone. Hindsight eh

  259. goonermichael says:

    I think it is a good move. i know a lot of people disagree.but I think off the bench for 20 or 30 minutes he must offer more than Chamakh.

  260. allezkev says:

    Totally agree.
    His return, albeit temporary, will give us all a bit of a boost.
    And RVP a bit of a breather.

  261. goonermichael says:

    Just noticed our avatars

  262. allezkev says:

    Do you think there is any truth to the Podolski rumours and what do you think of him?

  263. allezkev says:

    Yeah, lucky i didn’t choose Herbert Chapman… 😉

  264. goonermichael says:

    I don’t watch much football apart from the premier league so I don’t know. I think he’ll wait for Campbell to get a work permit. He looks really good.

  265. allezkev says:

    Campbell looks a very good prospect.
    Not sure Arsenal would have signed Park if Campbell had got a work permit.
    Not sure about Podolski myself.
    Price will probably be the factor.
    As always.

  266. goonermichael says:

    Bedtime for me. See you later. Henry will be wearing n Arsenal shirt next week 🙂

  267. allezkev says:

    Night mate.
    Hope your right.

  268. Gooner In Exile says:

    Hmmm the Mail story may be accurate but it looks to me just another story but as it only says offer it could go away and only the club will end up looking bad as if it doesn’t happen there will be another stick to beat us with.

    Surely we have to make an offer to Red Bulls rather than the player himself?

    On the United beat park the bus sides it’s because they force the opposition to break the bus up. They do it by delivering crosses from deep something we don’t want to do this forces the opposition to come out to stop the cross which in turn gives space to other routes. On Tuesday we did put a lot of crosses in but always from the between the goal line and the 18yd box. United are also more content to switch the play with long high passes which we rarely do.

  269. TotalArsenal says:

    GiE, agree with you re Mail story. There are no quotes so could be totally made up. Like your MU analysis as well. Would be a good topic for a post 🙂

  270. TotalArsenal says:

    It is surreal that Thierry could return in 2012. What a legend!

  271. pat says:

    check out Podolski on wiki – 16 apps in 2011-12 bund season – 14 goals. Pretty good stats.

    Agree with the sentiments on park the bus teams – shooting from the edge of the area or just outside would force the defense to close down – those sort of teams just flood the penalty area knowing we will try to pass / dribble into it… also helps to have a spastic as a referee like vs Wolves.

    Getting Henry back seems like a great option to me in the short term – just pass it in to him so he can do this –

    he can head the ball too:

    He wont have forgotten how to do that. So I would be greedy and get both of them (Podolski + Henry)

  272. ozgunner says:

    @ Rocky

    enjoy your holiday, hope you have a good time. Did you run your holiday by peaches? bloody selfish i rekon, what are we to read?what are we to do?

    @ Micky

    Sow huh, i’ll have to send my scout out and give him the once over.i’ll get back to you on that one

  273. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Bingo Oz Morning,
    No no no, Sow is Rasp’s plan for the summer. I had lunch with Raddy, Peaches and Rasp before Wolves and ran our Remi plan past The Board. Nothing. Bearing in mind I have bets with BR and Rasp who both say we’ll sign no-one, you and I need to get cracking.
    Blackburn are skint, how about Yakubu. Great name, 10 goals so far this season and he comes with the “Feed the Yak, and he will score” slogan.
    Then there’s Bent whose a Gooner.

  274. Gooner In Exile says:

    Micky I would take the Yak can’t fault his goals per game this season, would also look at Junior Hoilett there too. A Canadian and only 22 (which may put off our boss) Stoke have allegedly bid £8m for him so I think we could match that and nick him.

  275. Gooner In Exile says:

    TA I’ll have none of that post suggestion nonsense 🙂

    Hope you get tickets for QPR, would live to make it but I have a NYE party to attend with many of the family so would not be worth living if I went to the game and missed the party.

  276. Gooner In Exile says:

    So my list of players I would have no worries seeing join us for sensible money:
    Rhodes (from Huddersfield)
    Olic (out of contract in Summer I believe, but is 32/33)

    All could do better jobs in better teams.

    Players I’d like to see come in for top prices:
    Pato (who seems surplus to requirements at Milan)

  277. MickyDidIt89 says:

    The Yak is out in front for me down to his name.
    Sorry we missed you on Tues, and I can’t get to NYE Game for similar reasons.

  278. MickyDidIt89 says:

    How do you get multiple desktop’s on a PC like those smooth Mac users have? I know its possible.

  279. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Its all about second best I fear.
    If we had three of yours, Pato (my top choice), Goetze and Baines, we would have realistic chances of everything.
    I would rule out Baines and Goetze immediately as I don’t think AW will go for players in either position and frankly the TH situation terrifies me as I have an horrible feeling that he will see that loan as job done.

  280. chas says:

    Here’s some instructions from a 12 year old for XP, Micky. 🙂

  281. Gooner In Exile says:

    Multiple desktops? You mean two monitors? Two monitors is do-able on Windows not sure about “Spaces” style multi desktops on one monitor (altho that’s disappearing with full screen apps).

    Podolski story seems to be gathering pace and it seems according to quotes the BFG is encouraging his mate to come to the club. If reports are to believed Podolski is now asking Koln for a move. (Guess we can’t get upset with Barca style tapping up in future)

  282. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Is Pato surplus or just injured?

  283. MickyDidIt89 says:

    No not two monitors, I mean multiple desktops. There is software about, just don’t know which one. Like Mac people, you can flick from say Diary to Emails or Excel and multi-task.

  284. evonne says:

    Micky – not easy, need a pro to make partitions of the disk

    GM and Sharkey had so much fun last nigth, I laughed my pyjamas off today 🙂

  285. MickyDidIt89 says:

    A 12 yr old eh? Just a sniff of a chance I may understand 🙂 Thanks, I’ll take a look.

  286. evonne says:

    Rasp – happy birthday old boy!! xxx

  287. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Fantastic. That’s exactly what I’m after. Brilliant 🙂

  288. evonne says:

    Chas Micky – that is so cool, I didn’t know there was such programme!! Brill, and it works!

  289. MickyDidIt89 says:

    We can now do everything those Mac Boys can do without the nasty little menu things they have on their screens! Yippee

  290. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I spent an hour trawling the Net last night and there are quite a few. Cripes you can get some cool looking ones, but this one from Chas looks so simple and its from Microsoft, so its going to be more trustworthy.

  291. evonne says:

    Micky – yes! There is such programme for Windows 7 too. What would we do without Chas??

  292. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Happy Birthday Rasp.
    (Thanks for the tip off Evonne).

  293. kelsey says:

    Happy Birthday Rasp, nearly time for your free bus pass. 😉

  294. kelsey says:

    I would say if AW has one fault is that he persists with players far too long that just aren’t good enough for a top club chasing honours. otherwise on a shoe string budget he has worked miracles but from 7 years ago being a straight fight with United there are 6 teams challenging for a top 4 position and the games get harder regardless of who is playing who in general.

  295. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Can’t argue with any of that Kelsey.
    When are you moving? Are you online now?

  296. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Evonne Help!
    It doesn’t work with Vista. What do I do?

  297. kelsey says:

    Hi mickey,

    Should be back by the end of march, a few hiccups. i need a structul engineer (sp)

  298. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Ask Chas 🙂

  299. evonne says:

    Micky – I will google a few things, but I assume you already have?

  300. oz gunner says:

    @ Micky

    so the powers to be knocked it back huh, back to the drawing board then. Personally i’d love to see demba ba come, he’s been immense at toon! Podolski would be my number 1 though (pato would be dream move, and why not he isn’t getting a look in at AC). Goetze is out for me because he stated he wants a move to real or barca (if arsenal ain’t on your list them you can bugger off).

    I just worry that arsene will pull the ‘you have to pay more in the winter window so we will wait until the season’ I thought the arshavin deal and how quickly he made an impact would change his mind.

  301. oz gunner says:

    Not a fan of that big unit yakubu. I think he’s lazy and over weight. Plus i think he’s had his birth certificate doctored because there is no way he’s the age he said he is. Not to mention he had one awesome year then did nothing at everton for ages

  302. evonne says:

    Micky – it works, but with a third party software. Microsoft is not always the best, far from it.
    I read a few good reviews (just now) about Dexpot freeware

  303. VCC says:

    Happy Birthday Rasp.

  304. MickyDidIt89 says:

    One of them comes nicely packaged with a Trojan!! Dexpot?
    Simplest is to upgrade to Windows 7 I think.
    What’s the alternative to Microsoft?

  305. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I’m a long way from being a Yak Fan, but we must get someone who can bundle the ball over the line for the rest of the season. He’s the bottom drawer option!

  306. MickyDidIt89 says:

  307. Gooner in Exile says:

    Micky buy a Mac simples……and if not you do need to lose Vista as it is awful!

  308. Morning all

    I’m just sorting the post, be about 10 minutes, back soon 😉

  309. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I’ve tried really hard to go Mac, but I cannot get beyond those nasty icons along the bottom. I spent ages in the Mac shop, until I asked the bloke if he could modify the desktop and make them go away. He said: “No”, and that was that.

  310. Red Arse says:


    Get Win 7. I have up to 10 different programmes on my tool bar at any one time, Excel, Word, some specialist software, and others as and when I need them.

    One click and I can switch — the only way I can work and blog. 🙂

    probably worth the upgrade cost, and if you still like Vista (why?) you can have it as a ‘virtual’ icon on the tool bar too.

    How is it done? I haven’t a clue, it just does it for me! 🙂

  311. Red Arse says:


    Just read about your dislike of icons. On Win7 you can ’tile’ them on a desktop and click when needed. How? Again I don’t know! 🙂

  312. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Specialist software eh? I have a friend who frequents Specialist Clubs. Is this what you are referring to? 🙂
    On a less serious note, my machine came with Vista and I have not done anything about it. I am terrified of change!

  313. Red Arse says:


    I have to stop speaking to you. 🙂

    Linux is a windows alternative — my programmers swear by it — I have no personal knowledge however.

  314. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I’m actually quite well sorted out like that. I have AA open on one side and whatever I’m working on on the other.

  315. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Sounds like a beast that roams the forest by night. Ever more terrifying!

  316. Oh thats good, you’re all talking macs and windows alternatives 😉

    I’m going gaga looking at photos for the post so I’m going to publish and slot them in after …………

    New Post ……………

  317. Red Arse says:

    Micky, “A friend who frequents specialist clubs” — oh yeah?

    Most guys try that one on at 14, in the pharmacy — “my friend, outside, wants some birth control products … “, usually greeted by smug grin and “wait until you grow up sonny” 🙂

  318. MickyDidIt89 says:

    RA 🙂

  319. pat says:

    Go for Win7 / PC – Mac hardware is overpriced (if you are geek enough you can run win7 on macs)

  320. Gooner in Exile says:

    Micky there is an option to hide the “dock” you can also remove a number of the icons and it can be moved to the left of the screen.

    Since OSX Lion the only icon you need is Launchpad which brings up all your applications. Also the dock can be made ultra small. But to dislike it is to not understand its simplicity and effect.

    For alternatives to paid software the popular OpenSource choice is Linux bassd Ubuntu.

  321. Gooner in Exile says:

    Pat Macs are expensive but value for money.

    I bought my Mac desktop nearly three years ago, it still runs pretty much as new, software updates have not retired it and normally OS upgrades cost under £50. I have never had a Windows machine last so long without slow down and needing a OS reinstall. And when upgrading to the next version of Windows the cost is so prohibitive its better value to buy a new machine. Final thought with Windows you are at the hands of the manufacturer putting capable components in, with Mac the software and hardware developers work together.

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