£800m Investment vs. Wengerball

Written by Total Arsenal

Arsenal 0 – 1 Manchester City: Match Review


During the day there was a lot of discussion whether we should take this game seriously or not. Most bloggers felt we should not risk any injuries to our key players and it would not be a disaster if we would be eliminated tonight. After all, it would mean fewer games to play in the crucial and demanding winter months. However, Arsene does not like losing, especially not in front of the home support. The team he put out tonight was a mixture of young talent and experience, but only one of them has been a regular in our first eleven this season: the wonderful Koscielny. Manchester City put out a strong team with the likes of Nasri, Johnson and Dzeko upfront, a decent enough back four and De Jong and Hargreaves in midfield to add experience and steel to their team. After 30 minutes, Kolarov was substituted for Aguero and it became clear that Mancini was very keen to win this match.

Although Arsene had added some experience to the team in all areas, I felt that our team was not strong enough to deal with Citeh’s embarrassment of riches: after all, their team on the pitch had been purchased for the princely sum of £119m, and that is excluding Aguero’s little price tag! Luckily, I was wrong as Arsene once again showed what Wengerball really means, and it almost was enough to reach the semi-finals of this relatively unimportant cup competition.

First Half

Both teams showed great industry from the start, as they were trying to establish a coherent shape to their play and get a passing game going. The biggest battle was in midfield, but it was our boys: Coquelin and Frimpong, aided by the industrious Benayoun and the supertalented AOC, who took more and more control over that crucial area. In the 11th minute, just after Johnson saw a great effort from distance almost dip into the top-corner, Arsenal had their best chance of the match to score a goal. Chamakh, typically playing with his back towards the opposition’s goal, shields off Citeh’s two central defenders and passes the ball perfectly sideways to Coquelin – the latter does not hesitate and puts a peach of cross in towards Park who, although hindered by a defender, makes decent enough contact to hit the target and score. It was not to be as the beautifully named Pantilimon is able to save the effort with a strong hand. Such a shame, as a goal would undoubtedly have given this unfamiliar team a real boost of confidence and purpose. After that, the game continues as before with a lot of endeavour on both sides and a hungrier Arsenal, but very few changes. Out of nothing, the Ox produces a fantastic shot from distance – pretty similar to the one Johnson produced earlier – that looks bound for the top-corner, but the giant Pantilimon makes a great flying stop to deny him. Both Chamakh and Park are trying hard to get involved but are missing sharpness, cutting edge and football intelligence to find the right runs. It is fair to say though that many chances were neither carved out for them on the night.

Second Half

The second half continues down the same lines as the first. There are very few clear-cut changes, but once again Oxlade-Chamberlain keeps driving our attack by trying to create something – unfortunately without success. The pivotal moment of the game comes seven minutes before the end of the game. In the 83rd minute, Djourou collects the ball from his own box and drives forward, and combining with Gervinho they almost find Benayoun in the box, but the MC defence is there just in time to put the ball out for a corner. The subsequent corner-kick by Oxlade-Chamberlain, once again, does not beat the first man and Citeh are able to break. Dzeko, who had a brilliant game last night, uses his strength and speed to get past a few players and plays the ball to Johnson, who had made a clever run away from Frimpong. Johnson combines a fine first touch with spinning cleverly just outside the box to get the ball to Aguero with the outside of his foot who, from that distance, leaves the keeper with no chance. All night Citeh managed only one shot on target – compared to five by Arsenal – but unfortunately they make that one count. Arsenal keep attacking after that but to no avail.

A Few Conclusions

We missed real cutting edge last night, and that was the only difference with Citeh (although our defence did a great job in keeping them from scoring). Unless Joel Campbell is to join us soon from Lorient, Arsenal really need to do some business in January to fill this obvious gap. Park needs more time, although I cannot see him making it at our club: it is just a gut-feeling but something is missing. Chamakh, for me, tried hard but it was not to be. Just like Arshavin, he seems to have reached such a low in confidence that nothing seems to go for him anymore. It is time to move on for both Chamakh and Arshavin, and buy one or two new wingers/strikers of decent quality.

The real positives have been the performances of the Ox, Frimpong, Coquelin and all of our back-four players. Coquelin reminds me of Gilberto. Such a graceful player with real power and determination, and he just did not show any fear or too much humility on the night: a super prospect. Frimpong is just steel and enthusiasm combined: another great prospect. The Ox was simply phenomenal on the night and that at 18 years of age! What a joy to watch, and tonight he proved for me that he can play in the first team from now onwards. The same goes for Coquelin, and that is the real gain of last night’s match.

We narrowly lost this battle, but we made progress in the war with the club of bottomless pockets and weightless morals: Citeh. Our cheap and cheerful team displayed so much quality on the night, and the potential of our second string team is simply enormous. The margin between them and us was very small: in fact, if Arsenal would have played their first-team strike-force, just like MC did last night, we would have won this game with ease. But Wenger has bigger fish to fry with Arsenal and decided to rather take the risk of losing gallantly on the night (words borrowed from Rasp), than the risk of potential injuries to our first eleven players.

Despite an eye-watering investment of £800m in the last few years, MC are no better than Arsene’s sustainable Wengerball, and I am now more than ever confident that Arsenal will show who is boss in a few weeks time at the Citeh of Oil stadium.

Player Ratings:

Fabianski: 7

Back-Four: 7.5, Koscielny 8: all had a good game and worked well together to my surprise. Miquel had a nervy start but really improved after that.

Benayoun: 6.5: had some good spells, but was not consistent/dominant enough.

Coquelin: 8: what a prospect: an absolute joy to watch.

Frimpong: 7.5: another great prospect – has improved a lot since the start of the season.

Park and Chamakh: 6: tried hard enough, but just not enough quality/end product.

The Ox: 8.5: he drove our attack last night. Fearless and never gave up: top-quality performance. Man Of The Match.

305 Responses to £800m Investment vs. Wengerball

  1. Double98 says:

    I thought 5 of the best 6 players on the pitch were Arsenal – Koscielny was superb, Frimpong and Coquelin must be the recent fire in Song’s belly, Ox is the recent fire in Theo’s and last night he was outstanding – he was the player that i was least excited about signing (Young player bags of talent blah blah blah) but right now i want wenger to build a team around him 🙂 Djourou had a great game too.

    If we had Van Persie we would have won that game by 2 or 3.

  2. Brigham says:

    Thanks for the match report and a good read.

    I thought both Coquelin and Frimpong were impressive in the middle of the park last night and they were not out muscled all night. Then again, the pair of them are built like middleweight boxers and the paring reminds me of Thomas and Rocastle in many ways.

    I thought it was a fairly even game possession wise, but we definitely made their keeper work harder with shots on target and even though he made a very good save from Park, I thought Park could have done better. (Being a bit critical I know, but I think he could have)

    The Ox excites me a lot, he has both pace and trickery and for an 18 year old, he also has some power. I think he deserves more starts or at least a place on the bench and then given a good twenty minutes run out at the very least.

    Looking forward to our lads playing at the Oil Rig in two weeks time.

  3. rh says:

    With Wenger’s closed wallet transfer policy you’re more likely to get Sol Campbell.

  4. Double98 says:

    And did anyone hear about the fight between Frimpong and Nasri – i heard nasri challenged him, threw a punch, missed and ran away…

  5. MickyDidIt89 says:

    You are the sole reason that nothing would tempt me to write a match report. Absolutely superb. Thank you.
    I would give Frimpong an 8 and MOTM. The vote is a fix! 🙂

  6. Brigham says:

    Oh, forgot to add – well done Frimpong for putting that little tart Na$ri in his place both on the pitch and at the end. Mind you, men should not bully women really!

  7. chas says:

    Excellent summary of the game, TA.

    Losing by such a small margin to Petrodollar Citeh is a good result as far as I’m concerned. Those extra two games in our 9 game January last season contributed to our downslide. To lose, but lose honourably, is something that the Middle Eastlands outfit is no longer able to do by defintion.

    I very much doubt we’ll buy anyone in January, therefore we have to support the players currently on the books as they may have a crucial role to play in the rest of the season.

  8. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Agree with your Ox comments. I, too, had the “oh here we go again more potential” attitude to his signing. How wrong was I!

  9. chas says:


  10. rc says:

    our formation was 4-4-0, may as well bite the bullet sell cham and AA23, keep young as he will sit on the bench until campbell comes back and he goes to work……. lecoq and frimpong did well as did kozzer and to some extent squlli….doubt wenger will do much in jan transfer window, but if he did it will make sense to blood them in for following season as we will not win owt this season, we are close to having a good squad, but look at the forward lines for manure manck citeh liverpool chelsea and spudz they all have at least 3 GOOD strikers we have ONE !!!!!

  11. Red Arse says:


    A really lovely, accurate and insightful post match. Well done my friend!! 🙂

    I rarely feel good after losing a match, but that performance had me purring with delight, other than the strike force! 🙂

    Actually ‘strike’ force is apt, because the lack of product was indeed frustrating.

    Just a couple of points, and not meant negatively, but we showed great spirit trying to secure a win in the last ten minutes, but both Kozzer, who was superb, and TV went up for the corner, together.

    When Alex’s corner kick was intercepted and fell to Jerkoff, both Benny and Kozzer went for the ball and got in each other’s way, allowing the Jerk to pass to Johnson.

    At the same time, Djourou, who played very well overall, was tracking Aguero near the touchline, but when the Argy moved in field, he let him go leaving their striker on his own to take a very good goal.

    The final point was that their keeper, Pantolimi, is 6′ 8″ with a huge arm spread, which led to his magnificent saves from Park and then from AOC’s wonderful left footed strike that was heading for the top right of the goal.

    That also, in my view, was why AOC was dropping his corners short onto the near post, because any deeper crosses into the box were likely to be gobbled up by their giant keeper.

    It could have been a terrific 2:0 win for us, because we would not have been going all out for a win near the end, leaving us prone to a break away sucker punch.

    I don’t care too much, oddly, because I got huge pleasure from watching so many talented Arsenal players, who went about their work with great heart and showed THEY cared. 🙂

  12. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Good stuff RA.

  13. RealMancsAreBlue says:

    The new Arsenal, when ‘Losing by such a small margin to Petrodollar Citeh is a good result as far as I’m concerned.’

    LMAO. Enjoy your fight for top four ladies xx

  14. Michael says:

    We were great last night the spirit is there at long last .it’s a shame about the result but I’m still happy because we played as a team .a team who wanted to play for arsenal and not themselfs.the crowd were great. Thank god we got rid of some of the negitive players at the start of the season .I’m pleased nasri has gone with his bad attitude and self importantance cherrio nasri .the future looks good .

  15. Rasp says:

    Great match report TA, I had to change your pic as it was blurry.

    As I said earlier, it was a great game, we were the better team except for up front, there were no injuries, we can hold our heads up and avoid any more energy sapping games in a competition that is irrelevant to our season.

    We all talk about the potential of Ramsey and Wilshere in our creative midfield, but I can see that in a few years time, lightweight midfielders like na$ri will go home with the stench of CoqPong in their nostrils and some very sore limbs.

  16. Brigham says:

    Thanks for that significant input ‘RealMancsAreBlue’.

    I imagine it must be great watching your team challenge for the title in colour, rather than black and white?

  17. Scott says:

    A few quick comments.
    Firstly,a big thank you to all Gunners fans at the ground…..if not for your booing of Nasri,those watching on Tele wouldn’t have even realised the little grub was playing.
    Secondly,Wengers policy of playing beautiful football is working- let me explain……
    We dont have a massive budget….no secret there.
    What we have though is a style that attracts and excites fans all over the world,and some of these fans may well grow up to be top footballers…….footballers who want to play for the club they dreamed about as kids.
    Some of these may want to play for Arsenal,even if it costs them money….no doubt the Ox could have gone elsewhere.
    Wishful thinking,but not everyone is a greedy little scumbag,are they………there’s that booing again!!!!

  18. Red Arse says:

    Hi Micky,

    Just belatedly caught up on last night’s comments, and altho’ I know I have said it before, you are a natural comedian, and make me chuckle out loud. GLIC also has a similar gift for great one liners, so maybe it’s the effect the West Country has on you ‘incomers’. 🙂

    Rasp, I know you love Chamakh, but you have got to have some perspective and criticise him occasionally!! 🙂

  19. Rasp says:

    Top comment Scott

  20. Double98 says:

    RealMancsAreBlue – RealMancsWouldPreferToWinTheLeagueThanBuyIt

  21. Rasp says:

    RA, I had my say about Chamakh last night. He’s not good enough – end of.

  22. chas says:

    From Pedro on LG,
    “We’re dealing with a club that can afford to loan out a player they deemed worthy of an £170k a week contract, whilst footing half of the salary that our top earner would be lucky to take home. In fact, they’re so flush, they’ve got a player on £90k a week who can’t even be assed to go on loan. They’re a grotesque anomaly in the Premiership, so when our reserves go out and give them a good game, it’s something to be proud of. £35mill versus £119million.”

    As Alan Davies says (paraphrased), ‘City don’t count. Whoever comes second should receive the Premiership trophy’.

  23. Scott says:

    Oh,and Realwanksareblue,how many current City players even knew there were two clubs in Manchester 3 years ago???????
    When they signed Mancini,rumour has it his first words were…..I never though that bastard Ferguson would ever retire!!!!

  24. Gooner In Exile says:

    Morning all a fair report TA.

    It came down last night to the millions spent up the top. As you say one clear chance and they scored, our clearest chance was created for Park and he was unlucky as that was a top save, he was actually very clever in the way he shaped his feet as he could see the defender would get a touch and he made his feet as big as possible to try and get a decisive goal wards touch, for me Park will score goals but I am not sure he has the intelligence to get himself in a goal scoring position often enough.

    As for the MotM vote for me it would have been joint Pong/Coq but unfortunately I can only vote for one do went for Coq, he has that little bit more craft going forward.

    As someone said earlier these youngsters are ready for 1st team football, what they lack in experience they make up for with desire and heart.

  25. Blue says:

    Im not sure that the game at the ethidad is going to be easy for Man city, but I do know if we keep Van Persie quiet we will have a chance. Are people going to use the money against us everytime the loose, because its getting old now.

  26. Gooner In Exile says:

    I’m sure City fans will enjoy a trophy or two this season, but in reality how much pride will it give them? Reckon it would be pretty hollow victory.

  27. Gooner In Exile says:

    Blue what a shame for you that money is being used as an excuse…..aaaah diddums…..you celebrate it while you can then have a look at Stamford Bridge and see your future.

    I’m sure you will all be there when ticket prices are increased by 40-50% in order to make FFP.

    By the way “Champions League? You’re having a laugh”

  28. RMAB says:

    Double88, you’re going to do neither! how does that feel?? 🙂

    Def- ‘Wengerball’ – Defenceless, marauding attack and winning nothing, but doing so with an ill placed sense of moral superiority. Bottling it half way through a season.

    See also – ‘feeder club’

  29. Bluemoon says:

    You have BILLIONAIRE owners,and never complained when you & yoonited dominated finacially

  30. Red Arse says:

    You are quite right Blue.

    Moaning about Citeh spending £800m + over the last three years is becoming a bit old.
    Why don’t we just forget about a little snip of money like that, and wait until you spend another £800m + of the Oildom’s national wealth?

    Respect? You must know you will never get respect that way!

  31. Double98 says:

    Blue – you have 23 players out on loan – those 23 players (many internationals) would probably make a fairly competitive pl squad – your owners are destroying football.
    Of course the money will be thrown at you – you sold the Romance and attraction of City – who cares if you win the league?
    Its not too old – you are the Anna Nicole Smith of football and you will grow Fat and ugly on your sugar daddies money and end up dead and bloated and very unloved…
    so good luck with that

  32. King Nasri says:

    You Arsenal fans are such a bitter bunch. Shame!

    Good luck on your completely ‘unhollow’ 6th-placed finish and NO TROPHIES!

  33. Red Arse says:


    Your ex-mates at Oldham are happy you no longer support them.

    Was it the lure of filthy lucre that turned you into a Citeh fan?

    (clue: that was a hypothetical question!)
    OK, to be fair, that means it is a question that does not need to be answered).

  34. Rasp says:

    Oh dear, what has happened to all those city supporters we used to admire?

    This is an Arsenal blog, we haven’t tagged the post with any references to man city. The misguided blues that have come thinking that they have any cause to revel in triumphalism have missed the point of the post.

    We are very proud of our performance. It was produced by players playing for the shirt not the bank balance. You won narrowly, so what, you have taken 4 players from us in this new era that you believed would improve your squad. Aguero alone cost more than our entire team – not much to carp about really is it?

  35. Double98 says:

    RMAB – I’d rather not buy the title – there is no worth in an empty cup. You are talking to a true disciple of Wenger…
    I am happy to be competitive and sustainable… i would not support Arsenal if they adopted the city model… it would be like watching someone else play Championship Manager on the PS3…

    How come you couldn’t buy your way out of your CL group?

    Oh and the Name is Double98 – thats a reference to a title and FA cup double that was built on the ashes of George Grahams side and a few sustainable buys from wenger…

    In the years to come you can get a user name like Billion2012 with could refer to how much each title cost…

  36. Rasp says:

    King Na$ri, that’s very funny. You have kings on the bench and playing in second rate competitions? Frimpong didn’t seem to treat him with much reverence did he?

  37. chas says:

    The sound of Petrodollar Citeh winning anything…

    [audio src="http://sounddogs.com/sound-effects/42/mp3/489474_SOUNDDOGS__ba.mp3" /]

  38. Brigham says:

    King Na$ri – not bitter at all and if you care to read the post and many of the replies you would understand that, or do you have great difficulty with big words?

    You have recently escaped from United’s shadow and suddenly you feel like the big boy in the playground. Well you ain’t old son and just enjoy it whilst it lasts and take a peek at Chelsea to see the future, as GIE said!

  39. Scott says:

    Nasriboy,we are only bitter when fans who have been forever silent,and quite humble,suddenly believe they are “kings”, though through no planning,skill or strategy,just cash……….can you seriously be proud???
    You’re too bloody ignorant to realise the club is not yours……but enjoy the Qataris success,if that’s what floats your boat.
    You guys gave been in the shadows of the real Manchester club for too long. Enjoy it while the money lasts,because Arsenal will be on top long after you mob have fallen.

  40. dandan says:

    TA great match report thanks a million.

    Was I alone in seeing the ghost of Rocky in that midfield, All the young guys including Miguel had a decent game, but the midfield was awesome really took me back.

    The lads up front well we don’t have a spare PL class striker so hope AW bites the bullet and gets a backup for RVP, But what riches we do have perm any two from Theo, Gerv and the ox and rotation becomes easy on the wings.

    Remember all the crying about our defence last year, Has the purchase of the BFG really altered that or did we have the potential there all the time, Young Miguel is no slouch either IMHO

    How many are rusting in Wenger now I wonder.

    My son the city fan was well impressed with us, but says city fans so need a title they dont care how they win , buy, beg or steal anyway will do.

  41. Double98 says:

    Rasp – Nasri has obviously won the blues over with his bench warming…

    for the Last few years he played in qfs of the CL – this year he is playing in the Carling Cup… hope he gets his 10 appearances in the league…

  42. Rasp says:

    Hi D98, I’ve actually been calling him ***king na$ri for a while 😆

  43. Scott says:

    I am on to these intruders…..they are actually Gooners making us defend our club rather than squabbling about it.
    Bravo lads lol.

  44. Well, only FA Cup to hope for now.Be careful about the top four finish in the PL, you could find yourselves in Europa League next season.Oh, and take care of RVP, injury to him and your season is over.Bring him on to Eastlands in the league game to see if he is that good.CTID.

  45. Red Arse says:


    There are decent Citeh fans who are somewhat embarrassed by this appalling monetary corruption.

    I have disliked ersatz Manure supporters and their gloating for most of my adult life, but amazingly these amoeba brained, Citeh bragadacios who have appeared on here this morning have managed to supplant them in my hate list!

    What is worse, I doubt they have the education or intellect to understand that I have insulted them.

  46. RMABLUE says:

    ‘Rasp’ Sadly, this is appearing in the City section of ‘newsnow’ so it is tagged with Manchester City, and tainted with bitterness. Seriously, you chaps need to concentrate on your own teams shortcomings instead of crying about the playing field becoming more level. You get absolutely ripped off for your season tickets only to watch your team get knocked out of cups by the likes of Birmingham, and go on as if City were the enemy. You couldnt make it up.

    I wonder how many of you halfbakes would be whinging if Wenger spent 35 mill on a striker? What would happen to your moral superiority then?? Sadly, for you thats never going to happen as the owner is more than happy to pocket your money and put no investment in, hence the reason you will always be a third rate feeder club with illusions of grandeur.

  47. So if the Oil City FC “fans” are not bothered about the money they spend why are they so sensitive about it when it’s pointed out ?

    Methinks they doth protest too much.

  48. Double98 says:

    valmir – We have the Europa Cup too – oh whats that?? no sorry we have the Champions League… City will have the Europa Cup… Oh Dear… unless you can slip a few oily quid to a few referees that is… and failure to get out of the groups will mean a tough ould group next season too 😦

    worship your mercenaries elsewhere your very presence here makes me want to spend too much money of crap i don’t need

  49. Red Arse says:

    RMABLUE, you do make me laugh. 🙂 I know I shouldn’t, of course, because it is not nice to laugh at the afflicted.

    Anyway, you whinge away buddy, but surely even you must realise you cannot buy what Arsenal have always had in spades ………….. CLASS.

  50. Rasp says:


    It is not tagged with city by us. I have never bothered to go to an opposing site to demonstrate triumphalism or to be offensive – that is childish and pointless.

    I am happy to discuus the merits of a game with grown up supporters of my own persuasion. Actually if you read back through the site you would see that we are often complimentary about opponents and I do not believe that today’s report says anything particularly damning about your club – or are you suggesting you would have the same team today if your club hadn’t been bought by wealthy arabs?

  51. Brigham says:

    RMABLUE – a third rate feeder club? Jesus on a bike, you really are on some sort of power kick. It is your club who seem obsessed with purchasing quality players from us, not the other way around.

    Talking of feeder clubs, it would appear you have them for your fans also; Stockport, Oldham, Bury…

  52. RMABLUEx says:

    What really makes me chuckle with you morons is this ‘mercenary’ tag. Footballers go to football clubs to win things, further their career and for money. How many of the mighty Arse players are lifelong Arse fans, committed for the rest of their careers to this broken ‘Wengerball’ strategy?

    Nasri – Gone, Fabregas – Gone, Van Persie – Won’t sign a new contract.

    This incredibly blinkered view you have that somehow all your players are their for the love of the badge and yet citys are only there for the money is both hilarious and pathetic.

  53. Double98 says:

    RMAB – we “will always be a third rate feeder club with illusions of granduer”… ROFLMAO.

    City are not even third rate – you aspire to be third rate – if you could sit on santas knee and ask for your hearts desire it would be to be a third rate team…

    Manchester City be out of business in your lifetime – you’ll be supporting the City of Manchester FC convincing yourself that true fans go to conference league games

  54. Brigham says:

    Players move on, they always have and always will and if you cannot see that, then you are as blind to it as you are to the fact you are the ‘boy with all the money’ now.

    How many of your players truly signed for you because they loved Man City and all they stood for? I will tell you, not one of them!

    Form is temporary, class is permanent.

  55. Red Arse says:

    RMABLUEx, can’t you make up your mind who you are?

    Anyway, I cannot disagree with you on this point, “citys are only there for the money” — you said it bud, and you should know!

  56. RMablueX – glad you pointed out what a loss Na$ri was – I’m crying salty tears over the 3 good months we got out of him during 3 years.

    Have you got your 3 months in 36 out of Na$ri ?

    As others have said, you and your fellow “fans” prove money can’t buy you class.
    A good 3 months in the league and you think you have the history and heritage of Barca/Real Madrid and Milan rolled into one.

    You lot are just this decades Chelsea.

  57. Rasp says:

    ‘morons’ RMAB? You just lost the prilege to join in a sensible debate on this site.

  58. chas says:

    At least Citeh’s record is comparable in the League Cup.

    Man City…..League….2…….FAcup….5……..League cup…2
    Arsenal…….League…13……FAcup…10…….League cup…2

  59. Red Arse says:


    Just knew you would find that data!! 🙂 Thanks for the reminder!

  60. evonne says:

    Rasp @ 11:04 – top comment ‘***king Na$ri’

  61. Gooner In Exile says:

    God I’m shit bored of City fans already.

    RMA get your facts straight absolutely £0 has been pocketed by the owners bar the notional directors fees out of Arsenal. To put it in perspective Nasri probably earns more in a month than most Arsenal board members do in a year. Marwood and Viera probably take home more than our whole board (incl Chief Exec).

    Our ticket prices are set so as to afford us to pay the players we employ. And because up until this season the demand exceeds supply.

    Yours are set so fans come to the club and are lured away from the Reds next door and out of surrounding areas. You couldn’t even fill the stadium for your first ever CL match.

    Do you seriously think that your season ticket prices will not rise when FFP bites or do you hope to keep all your stars happy on lower wages instead?

    As I said earlier enjoy it, but I guarantee I will have got more pride from watching a team that cost less than your substitute battle to a 1-0 defeat than you got from watching an overpaid bunch of mercenaries scrape to a 1-0 win over us.

    I’m done with you all now….enjoy trolling our site for pleasure rather than enjoying the win amongst friends on your own sites. Oh sorry not much to enjoy there is there?

  62. evonne says:

    TA – what have you done?? we have a war on our hands!

  63. evonne says:

    Micky – what’s wrong with “slidded”? should it be “slid”?

  64. chas says:

    I’ve enjoyed this morning. 🙂

    As dandan says, “city fans so need a title they dont care how they win , buy, beg or steal anyway will do.”

    The responses we’ve had here show that even though they will ‘enjoy’ their bought victories, anyone pointing out the manner in which it has been achieved knows that like a nasty venereal disease, we’ve really got under their skin.

  65. chas says:

    Evonne, it should be “slad”.

  66. Chas, Oil City FC “fans” are like a non specific urinary disease, they come back when you think they’ve gone.

  67. evonne says:

    Shitty keeping players happy?? Hmmm…Tevez, Balottelli, ***king Na$ri. I think not.

  68. Gooner In Exile says:

    Chary & Chas that was nearly two coffee on screen incidents in the space of four coffees…..stop it 😀

  69. evonne says:

    Chas – really?? Ok, thank you

  70. Good point Evonne, amidst the venereal infection that are Mank shitty “fans” I forgot to thank TotalA for his report.

    Well done, sir.

  71. Camberwell Gooner says:

    Oh deary me, nothing ruins a blog as fine as this one like the unpleasant whiff of plastic fans trying to lord it over the supporters of a real club.

    I feel genuine sympathy for you, oil fans, I really do. You used to have a likeable club supported by people who behaved impeccably and never stooped to the unholy depths of gloating over others; but then along came the petrodollars and suddenly the pond life comes slithering out of the woodwork throwing its weight around like the fat bully in the playground.

    Time to look in the mirror and face up to some home truths. Two years ago you weren’t really City fans, were you? To extend the education simile further, you’re just like primary school children who choose their club based on who’s winning the most at the moment.

    And just like children, you feel like the big man you’ll never grow up to be if you get the chance to point your grubby little fingers at the weaker kid and have a good laugh at his expense.

    Seriously, what are you doing on an Arsenal blog? Coming on here and slagging off our club after you beat us is just immature. You’re like unloved ginger stepchildren who have been rejected by a string of foster homes for being ungovernable (http://dictionary.com for your benefit).

    In fact, are you actually adults? All the evidence seems to suggest you’re barely of shaving age. Now run along and go play with your toys.

  72. Gooner In Exile says:

    Ok can we go back to celebrating one dyed in the wool Gooner (Frimpongs) performance last night. I so hope there is a future for this lad at the club. I am worried that a combination of Coq/Song/Wilshere/Arteta/Ramsey could keep him pegged back.

    Our start to the season has meant there is a risk from playing these youngsters in the PL but without it they will not get required game time to progress. Really want to see Wenger use the full range of the squad and let’s make sure come next season we are not looking for more TW purchases but applauding a new breed of Project Youth with a love for the club at its heart.

  73. Rob Lucci says:

    Game last night showed us the importance of Ramsey in our team. Whenever the excellent Le Coq and Frimpong broke down Citeh’s attack, there’s no one that they can pass to, the one that linking the midfield with the attack, and most of the time Park and Chamakh position was too far from the midfield. I thought Benny is the one that supposed to do that, but with him having a bad game is not helping at all.

    In my opinion we missed Rosicky and Diaby badly, and it was a shame that they pick up an injury.

    Rosicky provide a masterclass performance in both game against Montenegro. Two assist, tackles, through ball, created attacking move, keeping possession, and it was a shame that he pick up a little injury in the last game.

    If either one or both of them played last night, we would have win by two or more goals.

  74. evonne says:

    CG – they are called ‘Noisy neighbours’ for a reason. If they don’t shut up they’ll be known as ‘Noisy nuisance’ all over the country soon

  75. Evonne, Chas @ 11.30 is having you on, it’s not “slad”, BTW you’re not ignoring me are you ? 😦

  76. Funny how these wankers used to enjoy being underdogs and keeping their mouths shut. A bit of money and they turn into scum like the red mancs. Dirty junkies. Worst fans I’ve seen at the Emirates. Only sang when they scored. Can’t think of a new song for the little french cocksucker so have to use our old one. Oasis are absolute shit neatle rip off while I’m at it. Nuke manchester now. Tossers

  77. arse is my blue feeder says:

    Everytime you hear a cockney sprout spewing absurd two face zealous analysis it just makes you smile even more 🙂 🙂
    Why do you keep ranting on and on about petrol dollars?? if you really strongly feel morally against petrol dollars then may I suggest you stop fekking filling your petro tanks? Just remember everytime you fill your tanks your actually buying us a new player 🙂
    JUST A TAD NOTE HERE FOR THE TWO FACED BLIND ARSES, DO YOU KNOW WHO FUNDS YOUR STADIUM! did you know AUDG are from the EMIRATES you I’ll educated fools? Well I don’t see you faking complaining oil money funding your stadium rights!!!!
    If only you could take your defeat with more grace 🙂

  78. I hate united but even they have more class that shitty. Mind you so do millwall

  79. Good one GM – the trouble with nuking Manchester is you wouldn’t get any ManUre fans in that; they’re all bloody down here as we all know.

  80. go away and think about what you just said and realise how stupid you sound. And get a job. Us cockneys are sick of subsidising your skag ridden hovels.

  81. I don’t go on other teams site when we win. They are like an infection. Anyone else who was there will tell you their fans were total rubbish. The stoke fans were muc better than them

  82. mikey says:

    Never heard a word from Arsenal save for patronising “little Citeh but great fans” for years and years.

    Wonder why things have changed?

    Oh right we have now have owners who, in a short space of time, have swept away the “superiority” given to the “Super Top 4” by their years of being able to gorge themselves on the riches provide by that exclusive gentleman’s club called the “Champions League.”

    I guess you thought that cosy little arrangement was fair eh. The fact that every season the self perpetuating elite moved further and further away from all the rest financed by UEFA’s TV money.

    Well things have changed, for a long time to come..

    I truly hope that Newcastle Spurs keep improving too and maybe other great clubs like Leeds and Everton will get some riches as well. Then we will have a League to be proud of rather than the what you Gooners believe is the right thing, a never changing top 4 and bollox to the rest.

    You have football at heart eh, don’t make me laugh

  83. Chairman Gallant says:

    I did’nt watch the match last night because i knew we would lose,considering the type of team AW put forward-and i hate to see Arsenal lose.
    Anyway, great to hear that our boys put up a very good fight,and i hope we pay manshitty back when we clash with them again in a forthnight.But last night match proved again that we only win these days when RVP plays-and scores,all the more reason why AW should offload and buy a decent striker in January.

  84. Come to think of it Stoke played bettter football than them


    Great stuff TA.

    City fans can enjoy there moment in the big time, even if i dont like the way there owners and management go about things they have suffered long enough and i have no problem with them as supporters.

    It was great to see the leaps and bounds progress made by our young kids in midfield. I am not kidding when i say that potentialy we could have 2 boys, Wilshere and Ox, who could become 2 of the best players in the world.

    i pray to all Gods know to man that in the next few years we can hold on to our players, because if we can our concerns about rivals spending power will be an irrelevance for we shall have the greatest team, playing for the greatest club in the history of the Universe.

  86. TotalArsenal says:

    Morning all! Thanks for the great comments. I struggled through this post last night, but at least it got some good discussions going.

    Nothing is harder than to justify your immorality to yourself and others – in fact it is only possible if you can refer to a greater good that benefited from your unethical behaviour – but it does not stop these Citeh fans from trying to do so. Why don’t you just admit that you are buying the title and that nothing will stop you till you have achieved it, that you do not care whether this is unsportsmanlike, or what it will cost, and what the impact is on other clubs. You are, for now, doing nothing illegal you just want to have those cups. That would be honesty.

  87. Camberwell Gooner says:

    Can we try to stick to matters Arsenal and give the homeless winoes of Manc Shitty what they deserve, i.e. complete silence? If you ignore spoilt children long enough they get bored and leave you alone.

  88. LB says:

    Good match report TA, enjoyed the conclussions a lot.

  89. LB says:

    Woooooo, I can feel a u turn coming on here. I remember thinking when City got promoted that it’s a good thing that a club like theirs are in the Premiership, I thought from a distance they seemed to have a good fan base but from what I have seen today I think I may have got it completely wrong, what a bunch of classless tossers, all I what to see happen to them now is for them to be relegated, AGAIN.

  90. Red Arse says:

    Evonne, ignore that naughty Chas — it should be ‘slad’! Gospel truth!! 🙂

  91. RockyLives says:

    Nice report TA
    For once I was unable to watch the game live, so had set the TV to record, with the plan of watching “as live” just after the game finished.

    Imagine my delight when I realised I had recorded Chavs-Pool instead… 😦

    So I still haven’t seen the game, but will aim to watch it in the next couple of days.

    As for the Shitty fans on here… I detect a whiff of fear. They put out a really expensive team with lots of experienced PL “stars” and got outplayed by our reserves and youth.

    It shows that a good system, a great manager and the right players trained in the right way can be a match for a team made up of simply buying the most expensive players on the market.

    Shitty are not that good and they have a big tumble coming. I fully expect them NOT to win the EPL this year, so the CC or the Europa may be their best hope for a trophy.

    At the moment other teams are afraid of them because even their bench is billionaires’ alley. But if you look at the way the play… dear God. It’s Stoke with bling.

    Liverpool could have beaten them at the weekend and we will certainly beat them next month when we play our first team.


    No gripes to City supporters from me, i wish them good cheer.

    All rival supporters know that Arsenal is the greatest Club of all time. We invented modern football through are thirties teams, and before Arsene departs, we shall create a new history that will leave rivals saying…what was football like before this Arsenal team.

  93. Brigham says:

    Do not judge them all that way LB and I know a fair few City fans who do have some morals, class and dignity. Unfortunately, none of them have been on here yet.

    I find those who go on other teams forums or boards to crow, mock and generally abuse to be the type of fan who is aged 12 (either mental or actual) and have obviously jumped on the bandwagon.

    Is it half-term up north by the way?

  94. RockyLives says:

    The one that made me laugh the most was the Citeh Oil Slicker who said something about the petrodollars providing a democratising influence in football because it was breaking up the old “top four” who kept grabbing the ECL money.

    Apart from the stupidity of the comment, it’s clear his only frame of reference is the Premier League. Doesn’t he realise that we are The Arsenal? Our frame of reference is a century and a quarter of being the classiest outfit in world football. A century and a quarter littered with mighty trophies, great teams built and dismantled, legendary players who love the club and are loved in turn.

    They’ll have to do a lot better than a few years (if they’re lucky) of being a rich man’s courtesan before they can start even thinking of themselves in the same context as The Arse.

  95. Brigham says:

    You are able to purchase success, but you will never be able to purchase class.

  96. Gooner In Exile says:

    Aaaah Brigham you’ve hit the nail on the head Schools are shut hence so many schoolboys on here today.

  97. Rasp says:

    I am impressed by the fact that Koscielny has risen to 2nd in the MotM poll. It shows a level of sophistication in the analysis by supporters.

    If only AW could unearth an unknown gem like kozzer in the position of striker.

  98. Brigham says:

    Mind you, judging by some of the comments written by some of them, I am beginning to wonder if they still have schools up north. Maybe us southern softies had them all shut down as part of the great revolution of 1984.

  99. RockyLives says:

    A shame that our friend BlueValentine hasn’t popped on to have a chat. A City fan you could have a sensible conversation with.

  100. Red Arse says:

    Hi, Rocky 🙂

    You will be well pleased by the performances of the lads last night when you see it. Other than the result, naturally.

    You will probably have read that we lost to a sucker punch of a counter attack when we went looking for the win. Our inexperienced youngsters were getting tired by then, and I don’t care what anyone else says, we were very unlucky, altho’ the goal City scored was well taken, in fairness.

    CamberwellG, your earlier comment (11:36) made me grin, but FGG will bash you for the “unloved ginger stepchildren”. 🙂

    GIE, 🙂 I share your irritation with the sheer rubbish spewed out by the miscreants, but trying to explain the financial truths to them is wasted, I suspect.
    One of them was having a pop at Double88?? ( 🙂 ) earlier and that about sums up the level of their mathematical skills.

    I suspect many of us know decent people who support ManCity, like Brigham, I have a couple of close friends who are passionate ‘Blue Moons’, but other than supporting the ‘wrong’ club, they are just the same as many on here — funny, clever and committed fans. Pity the other type cropped up on AA. 😦


    I am bursting at the seams with pride and affection with our great club at the moment. The Club has turned the corner so quickly its quite a marvel to behold. We go to City in a couple of weeks, and you know what, were so good i reckon just like Chelsea found we will come back with the points.

    we are witnessing something quite extraordinary at the moment. a club that was written off at the start of the season will finnish as the best team in the league, and there can be no greater testament to the Clubs class than that.

  102. Rasp says:

    “Stoke with bling” 😆

  103. LB says:


    That is going to stick

    “Stoke with bling”

    Impossible to better.

  104. Raspers, as you can see we’ve had some pretty disrespectful commnets from last nighrs oppo which have inevitably distracted from gooners enjoyment of this blog.

    If an admin guy had been on would you allow him to tin tack those comments ?

    And yes, “Stoke with bling” – sums up Abu Dhabi FC perfectly. 🙂

  105. Gooner In Exile says:

    Chary they may have been disrespectful about our club but they do show themselves up for what they are.

    In the same sentence one bemoaned our financial dominance from CL money and backed City’s method.

    Far better to be funded for not doing a thing than earning it….explains why my taxes are high and City’s season tickets are so low.

  106. Rasp says:

    Hi chary,

    I had it under control but then had to go out for a while and there was a bit of site contamination in the meantime. I’m happy for anyone with access behind the scenes to use their judgement and bin/delete as they deem necessary.

  107. It’s true GiE, they gave themselves enough rope..to foist themselves with their own petard, to mix metaphors, but having to deal with imbecilic childish comments rather dilutes the fun of this blog.

    It’s a blog for gooners however other teams fans who can engage in a grown up way are welcome here.

    Others have mentioned some city fans we’ve had on before who were shining examples of good fans and representatives of their club.

    Without exception today all we’ve had is the detritus of fan-dom exemplified.

    I asked Raspers because we get our mighty club slagged off enough by mainstream media that when it happens on one of our own blogs you do feel the need to redress the balance.

    Pre pubesecent play ground bickering should not be tolerated but as you and Peachy are the governors here it’s only fair I asked your view on this.

  108. Double98 says:

    القمر الأزرق,
    You saw me standing alone
    Without a dream in my heart
    Without a love of my own.

    القمر الأزرق
    You knew just what I was there for
    You heard me saying a prayer for
    Someone I really could care for.

    And then there suddenly … the moon had turned to gold.
    and our souls had turned to Oil

    القمر الأزرق
    Now I’m no longer alone
    Without a dream in my heart
    Without a love of my own.

  109. dandan says:

    Normally I and one or two others would be around this time of the day after matches chary, but unfortunately today was the day for my weekly pilgrimage to the best chippy in the land 🙂 so could not help Sorry folks

  110. Rasp says:

    No worries dandan, hope you enjoyed your chips 🙂

  111. dandan says:

    Actually guys, rival fans coming on and disgorging their juvenile bile over the site, should have the effect of reminding us how lucky we are to have such a blog. Short of obscene or insulting behaviour I would be inclined to let most of em show themselves up.

  112. evonne says:

    Chary – me ignoring you?? Never!! I am sorry if I didn’t respond, I forget sometimes

    Chas wants me to call him a monster again, that’s all. But I will not.

    GM – you are funny 🙂

  113. Red Arse says:

    I am sorry Dandan, but I must refute your claims on behalf of the best chippy in the land, unless you went to my local. 🙂

    I now have a passion for English fish and chips.
    Previously I could think of nothing worse — thick tasteless, greasy batter, insipid, over-cooked fish and soft slimy chips.

    Then I was introduced to a wonderful plaice (pun intended) with crispy, tasty, battered, just cooked haddock and chips to die for.
    Ironically this quintessentially English dish is beautifully cooked in a Greek Cypriot owned chippy, staffed by cheerful, helpful Romanians.

    A blissful combination, when visited by a large, hungry anglicised American. And now you have found it too, it seems!! 🙂

    I am off for my weekly culinary treat tomorrow, and already I am salivating. 🙂

  114. No worries Dandan – was that “an award winning Chippy” perchance ?
    Evonne, just me being paranoid after I semed to have left a series of blog farts today(a comment followed by long silence) e.g my 2.02 then nothing till 2.44 – still we can kiss and make up at the Everton game. 🙂

  115. Red Arse says:


    Are you arabic speaking?

    Was the arabic translation as far as you were prepared to go? 🙂

  116. Brigham says:

    There is an excellent Chippy in Alverstoke, near Gosport which do indeed make the best Fish ‘n Chips I have ever tasted. All cooked to order and not expensive either.

    Plus, it is near the sea, which is where all the best Fish ‘n Chip shops are to be found you townies!

  117. Redders, I’m guessing Double was quoting from the Koran, with “Oil” slipped in place of some other word.

  118. Brigham says:

    I enjoy the use of D98 as a shortened name as that is/was the pennant number of one of my favourite ships served aboard in the RN – HMS York.

  119. Red Arse says:

    As regards the other clubs’ fans visiting the site, I think DD has it right.

    Some of them can be annoying when they have nothing constructive to say, but as long as they are not insulting or abusive, we can always ignore them, if we want to.

    Not that I am trying to influence the administration of AA — I know my plaice! 🙂

  120. Brigham says:

    Oh Red, you can be such a Cod at times and I had you down as battering the opposition into submission or even not letting them Haddock their way or making them Flounder. 🙂

  121. Red Arse says:

    It is my day for being inquisitive. 🙂

    Brigham, I thought perhaps your avatar name was in some way connected to Brigham Young of the Latter day Saints fame.

    I do not really know of any other connection, but perhaps it has a naval connotation from what you have just written?

    CharyB, that prefix in the Citeh song is the arabic for ‘Blue Moon’ but you could be right, it might also mean oil slick! 🙂

  122. Red Arse says:

    Brigham, I have had a whale of a time today, even though I have been herring around a lot. 🙂

  123. Brigham says:

    Red, it does indeed and the nickname is given to those serving in the RN with the surname Young, after the leader of the Mormons – Brigham Young. I even asked Chary if his username came from Royal Navy connections as there used to be a ship named Charybdis from Greek mythology, but alas, it was another reason, which has slipped my old memory for now.

  124. dandan says:

    RA, Now come on Mr I meekly sit here and allow you to hold open university lectures on all and sundry subjects that baffle my limited intellect and then you an American no less has the temerity to challenge me, a native Englishman about the quality of fish and chips, what bloody cheek 🙂

  125. Red Arse says:

    Also Brig, I have to take you to task about the best chippies being found on the coast.

    On those occasions I have found myself working for a day or two in Brighton, Blackpool (other than Harry Ramsden – sort of) the fish and chips were putrid.

    It seems the fish are sold into London’s Billingsgate (?) then ‘exported’ back to the sticks and the shores! 🙂

  126. dandan says:

    Harry Ramsdens original Restaurant outside Leeds once the blue ribbon of the company, closed yesterday for lack of support. It is now an over priced franchise and nothing else.

  127. Brigham says:

    Red, that is often the case regarding the shipping of fish back to the shores. When I used to live on the coast of Kent, a small town called Hythe. I used to be sent by my Mother to purchase the fish just brought in from the catch, fresh as you like. That was way back in the 1970’s, long before everything was sent to the big smoke!

    I agree with fish in Brighton though, its horrendous and there is often more batter then there is actual fish, disgraceful.

    Norway is another place for cracking fish, fresh, all sorts of variety and the only downside is the price.

  128. Big Raddy says:

    TA. Great report as always.

    I agree with DD and RA that as long as the comments are not abusive and littered with profanity, MC fans are welcome to vent their frustrations – I know I would be very unhappy to support a team which cost so much money and played such dull football. I would also be unhappy that my team’s support has so little class or humour, which is evidenced by the so called fans who have written here today. Furthermore, I would be frustrated that my team have 23 players out on loan who could make up a PL squad that would almost certainly achieve a top 10 place.

    Thankfully, I am not a MC fan – I support the Arsenal and ” We’re By Far the Greatest Team the World has ever Seen”

  129. Ah Redders, are those words the lyrics for the Man Shitty’s theme song, Blue moon then ?

    I’d guess in view of the change in ownbership they should be singing bedouin desert chants now?

    Brigham, in a roundabout way my user name is mythologically inspired.
    It’s from a TV series whereby the story arc suggests the characters in it were mortals who’s descendants later came to Earth and ppopulated it, with the settlers being regarded as gods/mhythological personalities, a bit like Erick Von Danikens theories.
    And Brigham I was in Norway(plus Sweden & Denmark) this August, so were it not for the fact that I’m a life long vegetarian I would have sampled the fish.

  130. Big Raddy says:

    Stop writing about fish and chips! One of my very favourite meals. No-one has a clue here as to how to make them. The chips are oven cooked and the fish are stringy little things that wouldn’t feed a cat. Grrrrrrr

  131. gunnern5 says:

    From Arsenal.com


    I wanted to give something back to the fans’

    By Joe Brewin

    Thomas Vermaelen admits ‘unfinished business’ was a major factor in his decision to commit his future to the Club.

    The Belgian centre-back put pen to paper on a new deal last month and has since returned from injury to play his part in the team’s impressive run of form in all competitions.

    Vermaelen admitted he thought carefully about the decision but says there was plenty at Arsenal to convince him to stay.

    “I thought about it really long and of course I knew there were some doubts about my club,” he said. “For me the most important thing is that I feel happy at the Club.

    “Another thing is that I have only really played one year because I was injured last year and I wanted to give something back to the fans.

    “I felt like for me I was not done here. I still believe in the Club, I think the structure is really good and these are the main reasons why I stayed.

    “I think people think that if things are going difficult it is going to be better at another club.

    “For me if it’s not going as you wanted at the beginning it doesn’t mean you have to quit. It’s always easy to quit and go somewhere else. I feel there is some belief in this team.”

  132. Brigham says:

    Chary, thank you and I do faintly remember you telling me before, but you know what happens to our short term memory as we get older! 🙂

    Chary, thank you and I do faintly remember you telling me before, but you know what happens to our short term memory as we get older! 🙂

    Chary, thank you and I do faintly remember you telling me before, but you know what happens to our short term memory as we get older! 🙂

  133. dandan says:

    BR Just had Plaice chips amd mushy peas. my mate cod chips and mushy, pot of tea Grand Total £11.90

  134. Red Arse says:

    Thanks Brigham, that is really interesting, and something else I can add to my limited cache of English culture.

    Like you, I misunderstood the Charybdis soubriquet as I originally intended to flirt with what I thought was a beautiful and fierce Goonerette, (Charybdis was the daughter of Poseidon – but don’t tell CharyB that 🙂 ).

    Thankfully I realised that our CharyB is a fully fledged heterosexual male before I made an ass of myself.
    Otherwise, I would then have been forced to adopt the name Scylla so that CharyB and I could have been monsters together.

    Very nautical! 🙂

  135. Brigham says:

    LOL @ Reds 15.36 (3.36 pm for civvies) 🙂

  136. Double98 says:

    No i am not arabic speaking but i do a good google translate… i think this is what gets printed in the man city programme tho… 🙂

  137. LOL Brigham – I’m just the same.

    LOL Brigham – I’m just the same.

    (Though not quite as bad !)

  138. Red Arse says:

    DD, on reflection, you have a point about your primacy in matters ‘Fish and Chips’, and so metaphorically I bend the knee in contrite supplication to your goodself! 🙂

    My enthusiasm is that of the proselytising convert to good – nay excellent – English plaice/cod/haddock and chips with mucho malt vinegar, and believe me, anyone who knew me in the past would look askance, given my original intense dislike of the garbage I had previously been given, and out of politeness felt forced to eat.

    But — hallelujah — I found Cod, and became a fish missionary!! 🙂

  139. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Afternoon all,
    Great read total. I would love us to buy Goetze in the TW, but If we dont, It wont surprise me, because we have some great youngster`s ready to step up to the mark, thats the 3rd appearance on the trot that Le Cog has impressed, I like him. Boy`s against money, well done !.
    I hate these ” anti-christ” football clubs, never gave their fans a thought, until now. They are biased,deluded devil worshippers !. 👿
    Since yesterdays job offer for “Head Vagazler ” at my future Hareem, I have had massive interest in this vacancy. Interviews start on Monday at my place,but you will first have to go to Micky`s place about 20 miles away, thats where the queue starts ! 🙂

  140. Red Arse says:


    The parrot in my local pet shop does that too. “Pieces of eight — pieces of eight — get your ….king hand off my knee”. 🙂

    I don’t know why he says that — and he won’t tell! 🙂

  141. Mancini oh oh
    Mancini oh oh
    He went to Italy
    Got done by napoli

  142. Did you know that fish and chips was introduced to England by Italians?

  143. Off to see my bindipper butcher. See you later

  144. Red Arse says:

    GLIC, you naughty boy!

    Getting Micky involved is downright wicked.
    All the vajazzled will leave his abode with a smile on their faces and he will die young — but happy, with a smile on his face!! 🙂

  145. Redders, I feel a Monty Python reference coming up. 🙂

  146. Red Arse says:


    I understood that battered fish was introduced to England by Jewish immigrants selling battered fish in the East end of London.
    The addition of vinegared chips was a fortuitous inclusion to a perfect meal.

    I think DD told me that — anyway someone did, in the recent past! 🙂

  147. Red Arse says:


    Micky does not appear to be around, so I am making myself scarce before he comes back — GLIC is always getting me into trouble — yesterday he tried to convince me he milked bullocks, today he says he and Micky are vajazzling all females over 21 — whatever next!! 🙂

  148. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Sorry RA , the queue only starts at micky`s place . 🙂
    Unless he`s being sneeky and trying to start up a rival Vagazle salon !.
    Thats `it, Vagazle wars has started, Bling it on Micky ! 🙂


    Bahhh, best fish is to be found diving on the Cretan shore, spearing the little blighters, grilling them immediatley and then proceeding to scoff. Delicious

  150. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Vagazzling Bullocks, a new “award winning” sport brought to you from Cornwall, that should keep the tourists amused when it`s peeing down .

  151. Best fish is eaten raw from any Japanese fish market Terry. Or grilled hokke for breakfast.

  152. Red Arse says:

    Kelsey, or anyone else interested,

    “liveonlinefooty” the football site, has just rejigged their website, so anyone prepared to invest £6 for a 60 days subscription to watch Arsenal via your computer (can be linked to your TV) might now be able to register with the site.

    Next Arsenal game v Wigan is shown live next Saturday at 3 p.m. (UK time).

    I am only a subscriber (recommended by BR) and I have no other connection with the website, but I know that Kelsey had some problems registering earlier in the season and thought you might like to know. 🙂


    Raw fish GM? Not for me, Theres nothing like spearing them yourself GM, trust me, it provides great satisfaction when its scoffing time

  154. dandan says:

    Thanks RA but I am a subscriber and was able to invite Kelsey on board a few weeks ago.
    By the way have you noticed with the new HD site you cannot expand it to full screen. I cant anyway unless some one can tell me ow

  155. Gooner In Exile says:

    I will have the final word on Fish and Chips there is only one place I know that is worth the wait (and the drive).

    I give you the Magpie Cafe in Whitby. Quite frankly unsurpassed straight off boat in fryer to plate. Perfect.


    The queues

  156. Red Arse says:

    DD, I have not tried the new format yet, but will let you know if the full screen works for me.

    My computer has a full 64 bit OS and Adobe has only just brought out the new 64 bit compatible Flash update.

    If yours is also 64 bit, you might want to check whether you have the latest release yourself.

    (If it sounds like I know a bit about what I am talking about — that is just an illusion! 🙂 )

  157. wally says:

    I thought it was an unfortunate result. The team were cohesive and efficient. Good defending, Koz was superb and Djourou and Ignasi, despite being out of position were good enough.
    Usually we’re seeing more balls into the box which plays to Chamakh’s strength but i saw very few of those last night. Chamakh is never going to beat a defender on the turn with a shot. I wish we’d seen a few more balls put into the box for him. the problem with playing long to him is that he always holds it. He’s never a threat to turn his man and create more space or lay it off to someone. Park is still a work in progess.
    The kids in holding were great. Coquelin has a bright future, he seems much steadier on the ball and gets himself in better positions as a holding. Frimpong is strong and reckless, needs more aging.
    Need to see more of Benny and the Ox. Benny was very solid last night. What the Ox has is apparent to all. Hopefully he continues to grow.
    I’m very enthused about this team. Great grit, lots of desire, just get another man up top to compliment rvp and we’re going to compete for the title.

  158. Gooner in Exile says:

    I remember when my computer was a Commodore 64K. The 64 representing the Kb’s of RAM. Wooooo what a computer!

  159. Hi wally,

    That’s a fair assessment. Personally I don’t think it is such an unfortunate result as the only negative would be that the player’s confidence had been dented by the experience – which I doubt.

  160. Red Arse says:


    Just watching Brum v Sparta and it is shown on full screen.

    Possibly your Adobe Flash needs updating (it’s free). 🙂

  161. Red Arse says:


    You were going to advise (x)? on how to do smileys. 🙂

  162. kun>messi says:

    Fuckin’ hell you lot sound even more bitter than United fans. If you hate billionaires why not have your club owned by fans and offer the players modest wages rather than the 60k+ most of them are on, which if they were deprived of, they would quickly be en route to other clubs.

    Let us not forget that your money and nothing else deprived Southampton of two classy young players that might have helped make THEM a Premier League club. Hypocrites to the last man.

    And go on yur moral crusade all you like, 8 or so of our players didn’t even put in a shift last night and walked their way through the game and we still won.


    Ive always been on a moral crusade.

  164. TotalArsenal says:


    Arsenal were able to pay for those players from the club’s income though, no need to rely on a sugar daddy. How much was your loss this year?

  165. kun>messi says:

    TotalArsenal: Tell me why it matters where the money comes from, it’s still a cutthroat game. We’ve cut throats, you cut throats, it’s a money-driven game and has been since several clubs INCLUDING YOUR OWN used power and influence to force the invention of the Premier League. That’s why your club is making your fans pay 1k for a season ticket when it used to be a working man’s game. You are gigantic hypocrites and are a major guilty party in the “money gone mad” football world. You’re just twisting things to suit the current low influence Arsenal that have to prey on teams like Southampton instead of teams like Villa.


    Kun, lets be friends. Do you prefer Cretan fish or Japenese like GM?

  167. Red Arse says:


    We have made profits over the last three years
    You have spent £800m + made losses last year of nearly £200m.

    Our whole team last night cost less than £30m
    Your Centre forward cost £35m + huge wages
    We bought Walcott for £12m — and stopped S’hampton going bust.
    We bought Oxo for £12m

    Go! And don’t bother us with your inane drivel!
    By the way does your mum know you are playing on your computer and not doing your homework?

  168. Red Arse says:


    Careful — i think he might be a fish! 🙂

    Got to go – cannot stand more of these arseholes today.

  169. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    RA , I have tried that “liveonlinefooty” site, but It said , they are not taking any new registrations at the moment and to keep on checking.

  170. kun>messi says:

    Red Arse, we are speculating to accumulate. We have had to accelerate our spending because of your good friend Platini’s attempt to close the door on anyone who dares challenge the status quo (read MARTIN SAMUEL’s recent article for a full explanation of this).

    We’ve rushed in just before the drawbridge was raised. The spending will slow, the squad to challenge is built and will be tweaked like any top club from now on. Revenue is shooting up, stadium expansion is set to go ahead, sponsorships are pouring in with a massive kit deal next in line, and down the line much like a similar business in another industry – Etihad airways – several years of significant financial losses will reap rewards. Look at Chelsea’s progress from gigantic financial losses to modest ones at best, except consider we are in a less bloated area of the country for football and have a bigger stadium to bring in revenue.

    As for your self-justification of keeping Southampton afloat, consider how much money City have put into the English game with these “inflated” prices. It’s not our fault your owners pocket half of it and reinvest something like 25% of what you get for players from us.

    Keep hatin’, the bitterness only seems to be strengthening the siege mentality among City players AND fans and bringing everyone closer. Team spirit is amazing, fans are joyous, everything is great!

    Oh but the owner will walk out soon, the last thing you sad, bitter people cling to…


  171. Gooner In Exile says:

    A tweet from my hero (Safehands):

    @Frimpong26AFC if that’s true about the shirt you’re a Lege !!

  172. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Being a decent person sets you aside from the “devil worshippers” of sugar daddie clubs.

  173. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Biased Blue
    Will this massive kit deal come from an unrelated source, yeah.
    Should be ” Felchers R Us” !.

  174. harry says:

    Evening all, firstly thank you very much to total arsenal for doing a superb match report that saved me from getting even less sleep than i did.
    Didnt get home till midnight and was up at 5.30am, so i am very grateful or i might have had the RHWP ringing me and threatening untold pain.

    Firstly the completely pathetic ramblings from CitehOil Lemons is unreal, the article was neither bitter or derogatory towards their club, why cant fans just stay with the banter and restrain from bitter insults.

    Anyway, Total great report mate and generally agree with the ratings.

    Massively disappointed with Park, I thought Chamakh worked harder than usual and more than people perhaps give him credit for, but he does lack an edge.

    It is plainly obvious that we do need another striker, although I do feel that Benik Afobe has the potential to do as well as Coquelin and Frimpers. But we risk all by relying heavily on one or two players. If Arshavin and Chamakh do not step up soon, we need to replace.

    I thought at 60mins last night Wenger should have gone for broke and brought on AA, G27 and TV, and put the Ox through the middle. Giving AA 3mins at the end was pointless.

    There was some outstanding performances last night, Kozzer is what I and only a few gooners knew he was last season. A quality defender.

    Coquelin, is knocking so hard on the first team door, that the hinges need changing,…………Someone compared him to Gilberto and someone else to Flamini, the quality thing is, that I believe he can do both Jobs!! and more……..

    He senses danger, intercepts and breaks play and keeps the ball moving, (Gilberto), he can also tackle with a ferocious tenacity, drive with a deceptive pace forward, has an engine of a warrior and moulded with a skillset to get himself out of a tight space. Thats the extra bit. He is a diamond, that we cannot stop sparkling, we will lose him, if we are not careful.

    Frimpers is a gooner legend already giving the one with no name, some grief in the first minute and never let up. He is strong as a Bull and has desire to win. Not scared to shoot (needs practice though), tackles with power and also has canny footwork. Slightly less composed than Coquelin.

    I hope to see both start against Olympicaos next week.

    Disappointed to go out, but we must not dwell, 3 points against wigan is imperative.

  175. kun>messi says:

    gooner deluded in cornwall: No mate, it’ll come from Umbro as part of the clause that allows us/them to revise the terms of our agreement. It will go from around 6mil-a-year to approximately 26mil-a-year. Don’t worry it’s fair value as Yarnited have a 30mil-a-year deal.

    But by all means come up with a theory about how Sheikh Mansour’s cousin’s girlfriend’s best friend is going out with an exec from Umbro making this imminent deal unfair.

    Chortle chortle.

  176. Red Arse says:


    DD said that he was able to enroll Kelsey recently, so maybe he can explain how he did it. It might help you to stop counting cows down there! 🙂



    Ime not botherd by City, i believe we will overtake them. Dont like Satanists though.

  178. Gooner in Exile says:

    I’m not surprised Etihad made losses before coming profitable, judging by the business sense that says strike a large sponsorship deal with a team that can’t get out of the Group stages of the CL. Clearly not the smartest tools.

    Ask yourself this Kun>Messi (by the way he really isn’t) anyway ask yourself this, if City hadn’t been controlled by a corrupt Thai politician and available for sale would you have been first in line for investment from ADUG? It could have been any mid table run of the mill side. To be honest i’m just relieved it was anyone but the Spuds.

    And what would you be saying now if it had been Bolton, Blackburn, or Blackpool, all clubs with equal histories to you and based in the north?

    So for a second realise what it is your trying to support. We have earned every penny we have spent, have you? No….have we got a moral high ground? You’re damn right we have.

    Anyway do me a favour and do one otherwise i am bringing the ban hammer you are not going to convince us any difference just as you are not going to admit you are supporting a team that is ruining football far worse than the Chavs down the Kings Road ever tried to do. Oh you may wish to have a look at Blackburn too, they were a similar buy a PL Trophy side. One day you too may employ Steve Keen. Oh to be A City Fan

  179. Gooner in Exile says:

    £30million wow what a kit deal that is….that’ll pay for what three players on loan for a year?

  180. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Biased Blue,
    I`m getting to like you `cos you make me laugh.
    Are you related to Sheikh it all over,`cos that theory is spot on! 🙂

  181. kun>messi says:

    Gooner in Exile, MUCH like when Chelsea were taken over I’d get behind them as I was sick of seeing the red scum (not you’se, not even the Dippers, but the faux Mancunian side) winning far too much. Whilst supporting City in the lower reaches of the professional football system or in better days in the lower reaches of the Premier League I naturally gunned for anyone but the red scum of near-Manchester to win the league and welcomed any new challengers be it Leeds, Newcastle, Blackburn, Chelsea, or even Ars-er-nal.

    If people hate football being a money game they,

    1). Should support a lower league team. It’s still like a working man’s game down in Leagues One & Two with good ticket prices, blood and thunder, not too much quality but a feeling of England in the 80s.

    2). Should roll back time and stop their club (this includes ARSENAL) for combining with others in a powerplay to kill off working man’s football at the top level to form the money-spinning Premier League which long-term a very select number of teams have benefited from more than others.

    We merely have continued the “evolution” of the money mad football world that was started in 1992 and which YOUR VERY OWN CLUB had a hand in doing. David Dein was one of the main men in ensuring the Premier League formed and that “outdated” Division 1 was no more. Look at yur ticket prices.


    Must be terrible not been a gooner

  183. Red Arse says:

    GIE, damn right!

    GLIC, stop it — you are making me laugh too! 🙂

    I feel sorry for the Barca supporting Kun<Messi, he can't have any mates, and wants to play with us. Spotty little erk I suspect. 🙂

  184. TotalArsenal says:


    I understand MC wants to compete and for that it needs to spend money. What your club has done is totally out of order though: how can you justify a loss of almost £200m in one tax year and the total expenditure of £800m since the arrival of the oil men?

    For for that £800m you won an FA-cup and you beat MU 5-1. That’s all you can show us. Big deal. You have just been all but eliminated from the CL by the number 7 of Italy at the moment. However, success must be achieved and therefore more money will be spend. You just announced you made a loss of £194m pounds, but you believe all the spin about more revenue coming in an that it all does not matter. Well it does.

    I am sure you can see why so many football fans across the UK and beyond hate the way your club goes about in order to win something at any cost. Your view that Arsenal are just the same shows how little informed you are.


    Kun, you do realise that you come over as though your on a crusade. Any way, good luck to you. We will beat you in a couple of weeks and soon overtake you on and off the pitch.

  186. Gooner in Exile says:

    Oh god i’m pressing ban any second, i know Kun is not being offensive, except to my eyes having to read the drivel, but i had my fill of City fans and there pre rehearsed arguments this morning and I’m not sure many of us want our evenings full of them either.

    Any objections from the regulars?

  187. kun>messi says:

    I can justify it firstly by saying £300m was to pay off debt that threatened to kill our club when we were that likeable lickle underdog who rolled over like good doggies, took out 5-1 thrashings, and were everyone’s “2nd team”.

    The next part is harder to justify but has a reason and that is the man we refer to as Clueless – better known as Mark Hughes to you – spending a fortune on very average players with a few exceptions.

    Mancini became manager and ridded of many of Hughes’ players, kept the few of them he liked, and brought in his own to make us REAL challengers. And look at the signings: Aguero, Silva, Milner, Dzeko, Suuuper Mario, Yaya Toure, Nasri (oh he will come good! He is better a couple of months into his City career than Silva was, our system needs time to settle in to), and our bargain buy of the season, the outstanding Gael Clichy! All of them have been bought with a role in mind to slot into Roberto Mancini’s elaborate and disciplined system of football that not only now makes us a joy to watch going forward in most games (admittedly not yesterday but teams have their off days) and hard to score against (as seen yesterday).

    We have speculated to accumulate and the investment is starting to pay off on the pitch. No more massive spending sprees will be needed, a player here and there to shore up a position, but the days of 120mil transfer windows are over, done and dusted. I’m sure we’ll incur the wrath of fans like your own with the occasional 30mil jackpot signing but never in such accelerated fashion as before.

    There was a financial expert on Sky Sports the other week who said we’ll be one of the most profitable sides in the world in eight years time! Sheikh Mansour makes investments and 99% of them pay off. This one will too!


    GiE, he never answered my fish question, so no objections from me.

  189. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    The ref will step in and stop this, as the heavyweights like RA,GiE and Total are way above your league in the knowledge and moral stakes.

  190. dandan says:

    RA once you have entered the site there was a facility to invite 2 friends in, I invited Kelsey and My son they both paid the 6 quid and have been members ever since.

    Check if you have that option on yours RA, mine obviously have been used.
    Will look into the flash option as you suggest, don’t know if the fact I am on windows 7 makes any difference.
    Don’t often agree with SAF, but must say noisy neighbour is perfect description of that demented messy blue guy. Bless him it’s been a long wait.
    Actually I worked in Manchester in the Mercer, Allison, and Book Days, how they would have hated to be owned by oil money. They were all proud brits used to see them regularly around town and in the pub just down from the ground lunch times. Happy days.

  191. LB says:

    Why exactly are you on this site?

  192. OX>Kun says:

    Kun, what did you think of Mancini little substitution after 30 minutes yesterday? He had already out in attack: Dzeko, Nasri and Johnson, but he could see you were not getting anywhere against our second string defence, and what did he do? Put on even bigger guns by bringing on Aguero. He did not want a fair fight, cause we had the out of form Chamakh and Park out there. No, for this relatively unimportant game/competition, Mancini wanted to win at all costs and did not care about a fair fight. Of course, he was entitled to do so, but don’t expect any respect of me.

  193. harry says:

    GIE, he isnt been offensive, so let him banter, thats what football is about………


    LB, hes on a moral crusade…and hes no fan of fish.

  195. Gooner in Exile says:

    Kun, look at Chelsea for a second, look at all the players they bought look at how they have now got a team full of old men. And look how they are still spending money £80m + in the last 12 months because they cannot be bothered to invest time in developing youth, I know City are claiming that they are doing it but are they going to be able to keep this squad for ten years without investing more? (thats how long it takes to get players through at the required level…i give you Wilshere, Frimping just two of our youngsters now emerging)

    And word to the wise it is not what you are spending on transfers that is causing your financial losses that is solely caused by wages.

    To be fair lets just look at numbers:

    Loss £194m

    Stadium Sponsorship £40m per annum, Kit deal £30m.

    Well thats still a loss of £124m, and you’ve bought more players and sold how many?

    Wheres the rest of the income coming from to breakeven? Will it be your pocket?

  196. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Terry, do you know what he`s on about, like where`s all this money coming from, from now till 8 years time, if it`s not coming from the sheikh `n` vacs ?. I didn`t know Umbro were that big !

  197. Red Arse>Kun says:


    I am on win7 too, so should be OK.

    Harry, he is just irritating, but he does seem to know what the mathematical signs mean — he just got them the wrong way around.

    It should be Kun<Messi, or perhaps Kun<crap!! 🙂

    Got to go – again – there is something demeaning in this pointless conversation.

  198. OX>Kun says:

    Kun, thanks for your explenation. Do you really believe that no longer being in the CL and not winning the title this year, which is still a strong possibility, will not lead to further heavy investments in the region of another £100-200m? Your Sheikh will keep investing till he gets what he wants, and you must understand that most fans detest that attitude: what has it got to do with sport?

  199. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Terry, I`ve heard that John West are going to sponsor City, Kun doesn`t like Fish, so he will change support to manu.


    Cornwall, He makes some very good points. City and Chelsea will both be self sustaining in several years. The problem that they will both have however is that at that stage, clubs like Arsenal and Utd will overtake them again.

  201. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Kun will probably try to justify that extra “investment” as well.

  202. chas says:

    Evonne, I really thought it was “slad”. Sorry. 🙂

  203. chas says:

    Spare a thought for Steve Bruce.

  204. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Hope your right Terry, oh and it`s time you started that post ! 🙂

  205. Red Arse>Kun says:


    Look I did not want to tell our Citeh friend, but rumour has it, among the chartered accountant circles, that Sheikh yer Money is not happy with the quality of the Citeh fans, and he will be buying suitable replacements, in the near future.

    He intends to send the current lot out on a permanent loan to support Chelsea, the Spuds and Oldham!

    Sad. Not! 😦


    Redders, ha ha. Poor Kun, no fish for him tonight.

  207. Red Arse>Kun says:


    When you were grilling the fish, did they give you any useful info, or were you just wanting to get to know them, before you ate them?

  208. evonne says:

    Scum are two nil down in 14 minuted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Redders, Ime sure they enjoyed the experience as much as i. I think they were particulaly enthraled by the chase.

  210. dandan says:

    Spuds 2 0 down after 15 minutes lol

  211. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Vicky Beckham calls David, Golden Balls.
    I`ve heard Sheikhie is going to stick Diamonds, Ruby`s,Emerald`s etc` on the city players knackers and they will be sponsored by “Sheikh your Vagazleballs ”
    Ballotelli will be placed on top of the City xmas tree with Vagazleballs ringing !

  212. gunnern5 says:

    RA, You don’t skate around do you?, I could have smelt that coming, even from my perch..

  213. pat says:

    Hey lads – got tired of reading the Citeh lurkers here – must suck not having a decent blog of their own to hang out on…. get lost!

    I liken Man City to a guy I know who works at the local supermarket. He was working there when I had a part time job after school there 20 odd years ago. Around that time he / his family won a few million dollars in a lottery – good times for him. However he spent all that wealth, and now STILL works the dead end job in the supermarket. City have won the lottery and are riding those (artificial) good times but one day the money will be gone and have to slink back to the job at the supermarket…. enjoy it while you can

  214. evonne says:

    Dandan – I am watching too 🙂 We should really be sad, because we want them stretched in all competitions. But the silent Shite Heart Lane is music to my ears 🙂

  215. Gooner in Exile says:

    There goes that strong strong Spurs squad again

  216. Red Arse says:

    TerryM 🙂

    GLIC, you have probably gone to bed already, but following Dandan’s advice, I went back to ‘onlinefooty’ and it appears they have closed the registration for new and invited users.

    DD must have invited Kelsey and his son during a ‘window’. Sorry my man. You can check it out yourself by clicking their ‘help’ button, and if it opens again, I will be happy to help.

  217. eboue > kun says:

    sorry temporary name change from pat – thought I would jump on the “players greater than kun(t)” bandwagon…

  218. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Thanks RA, I will keep checking incase they open It again.

  219. evonne says:

    Pat – I am old enough to be absolutely sure that tere is justice in this world. I don’t know how it works, but virtues are ALWAYS rewarded in the end. I have no doubt that our Club will go down in history as one of the greatest and proudest in the world. Chavs and Shitty will be remembered for the greasy money. No matter how well they’ll do, they know and the rest of the world knows they bought it, end of.

  220. Jeff Blockley>kun says:


  221. Red Arse says:


    Thanks for that – altho’ your blue and white swirly gravatar was a bit of a clue! 🙂

  222. gunnern5 says:

    Arsenal’s Park & Chamakh fail audition to be Van Persie’s understudy as ruthless Manchester City show the difference clinical strikers make

    Stark contrast between quality and composure of backup highlights the Gunners’ reliance on their captain, as the hosts dominated but lacked quality in front of goal

    Nov 30, 2011 8:49:00 AM

    By Joe Doyle at the Emirates

    Arsenal’s reliance on Robin van Persie was highlighted further in their 1-0 defeat to Manchester City in the League Cup as Park Chu-Young and Marouane Chamakh stuttered when given a chance to impress.

    The Gunners’ captain has been in superb goal scoring form this year and was given a thoroughly deserved rest in a competition that is well known for the rotation policy employed by the so-called ‘big clubs’.

    And even without Van Persie, Arsenal’s younger players dominated the cup tie against Manchester City’s second string team, though that side in itself is still a strong one.

    But the team had one major downfall: they lacked a killer instinct in the final third. While Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain had a good game and looked to be the most likely source of a goal for the hosts, both Park and Chamakh were ineffective replacements for the form players of Van Persie and Gervinho.

    Oxlade-Chamberlain forced a fine save from Costel Pantilimon, who was in outstanding form, from long range, and was a threat with his pace and skill while on the ball.

    Park, however, contrived to miss his only opportunity from close range. While he did force a fantastic save from the City goalkeeper, he fluffed his lines and didn’t make a proper connection with the ball and should have scored.

    Expecting the Korean to fill in for Van Persie may be a touch harsh, as he is still adapting to English football. Chamakh, however, has had plenty of time and yet is still struggling to find his feet.

    His overall performance was one of a player who lacks both time on the pitch and the confidence to get going when he does have an opportunity to show what he can do.

    The longer he goes without grasping at these rare moments when Van Persie is not playing, the less likely he is to make a real name for himself at Arsenal.

    The Moroccan has been at the club for over a year, and arrived on a free transfer with high expectations that he is yet to fulfil.

    Contrast that with the strike force at the other end of the pitch, and it is astounding. As Arsene Wenger pointed out, Manchester City have the likes of Craig Bellamy, Emmanuel Adebayor and Roque Santa Cruz – “I don’t even know where he is,” he quipped – out on loan.

    While City have had huge riches lavished upon them, they have spent well since Roberto Mancini’s arrival, acquiring some of the world’s finest strikers, though they did come with a hefty price tag.


    A night to forget for the striker, who was abject throughout the game. His touch was lacking, and he never really threatened to produce the goods.


    Should have scored early on, but failed to get good contact on the ball. His shot still produced a spectacular save, but really should have had the net bulging.

    Eden Dzeko cost upwards of £25 million, and after an initial rough patch is beginning to show what he is really made of.

    Sergio Aguero certainly cost a bundle, but he was cool enough to slot home his one and only chance of the match to send City into the semi-finals.

    It is a question of philosophies here, and though Wenger’s is laudable, he could be facing a seventh year without a trophy after being knocked out of the competition he said was “the easiest to win”.

    While City’s approach may not win them many fans, you can’t deny that it is successful as they sit five points clear at the top of the Premier League.

    Should Wenger splash out in January for another striker? Perhaps. He is banking on the fitness of his captain for any success this season, and, as shown by the understudies, he really does need to stay fit for Arsenal.

    However, there were positives aplenty to take from the performance. The form of Oxlade-Chamberlain is improving, and the consistency with which he is beginning to play is setting him apart from some his age.

    So too were the performances of Emmanuel Frimpong and Francis Coquelin in particular as they dominated a midfield consisting of Champions League winner Owen Hargreaves and World Cup finalist Nigel de Jong.

    As well as that pair, Laurent Koscielny continues to impress after struggling with early season form, and is beginning to show what he can be.

    But ultimately these players are out of another competition that they should really still be in and they will most likely, at least for Coquelin and Oxlade-Chamberlain, be restricted to bit-part roles for much of the season to come.

  223. evonne says:

    I didn’t know Scum supporters are fluent in Greek 🙂

  224. critic says:

    I don’t like mere bloggers who are mostly part time writers to state “it’s time to move this and this player on”, absolutely hate it…


    Jeff Blockley hahahaha, briliant.

    Evonne, you are spot on, no one can match our history.

  226. Glen Helder>Ken says:

    I actually feel a bit sorry for Ken and his fellow Citeh supporters. He supports a team that looks like winning big things in the near future, and yet we are already telling them those cups will be of no real value as they are not won fairly. This is exactly the reason I would not like Arsenal ever to come into the hands of a oil billionaire. I must be similar to how some rich children feel when their parents land them a fantastic job in their own company.

  227. pat says:

    hmm blue and white gravatar, havent paid it much attention until now – might have to do something about that!

  228. pat says:

    this may be a dumb question but is Ox a striker or a midfielder? I would be tempted to play him up front…? At least I had him wanting to be the one on the end of a chance rather than having to create something from deep…

  229. kun>messi says:

    Aguero came on for Kolarov because Kolarov was injured, Kolarov said it himself to that ponce they have on the touchline looking for trouble.

    @OX>Kun Of course us going out of the champions league will mean less revenue this year but it’s early doors and we’ll be in it every year from now on unless we have a shit season down the line but even that is likely to be a one off if it happens. We’re now #10 on the worldwide revenue list despite low ticket prices and only 47,000 seats before expansion plans, we’re all good.



    He reminds me of a young Rooney, a striker for me.



    You have more 3rd party sponsers than Utd or Barca, why is that?, political influence?

  232. Jeff Blockley>kun says:

    Terry , I`m sure the Ox said his best position Is CM. I think he`s got the lot though. I really think we`ve got some great young talent, a mouthwatering lot.

  233. Glen Helder>Ken says:

    Pat, he reminds of a young Ronaldo; a wingker.

  234. TotalArsenal says:

    Critic, you are on a fan blog: what do you expect? Having a go at bloggers stating it is time for players to move on is on a par with a walker who choses to be walk through a nudist beach starting to complain about people being naked.

    If you don’t agree, fine: tell us what you think and why? Or is that not part of your blog identity, Critic?


    I think your right Jeff.

    Glen, whos Ken? haha

  236. pat says:

    yeah jeff I had vague memories of him talking about CM being his preferred position but definitely has some abilities in the attacking department…

    Just to chime in with TAs response to critic – I dont want any arsenal player to do badly – just the opposite… Chamakh is having a hard time, I want him to do well but in the critical criteria of converting chances to goals its not happening. At some point you have to make a call on whether someone else can do the job better – that time is very near if not already here… we also want the arsenal to win games! Park I am a little more positive about and may come good (he has something) but its by no means certain. Unfortunately for better or for worse the players are under intense scrutiny and ultimately their success is defined on how they do on the pitch…

  237. Jeff Blockley>messi says:

    Le Cog

    Probably left out a few, but we really do have some great young talent playing or waiting in the wings. Two are already world class imo. Total cost £20m? , Worth now ?, 2 years ?. Just keep them !

  238. gunnern5 says:

    I see that Rooney feels there should be a statue of Giggs outside of the Theatre of Dreamers – does that mean an erection depicting his best encounters……………

  239. gunnern5 says:

    Damn journalists – Man U tie the game against Palace (with the obligatory penalty) and the headline reads –

    Palace force extra time against United…………



    A statute of Rooney with a knob protruding from his head would be more appropriate.

  241. Fatgingergooner says:

    Some interesting banter on here today. Shame some couldnt behave like gents but still good to see a bit of passion.

    Man City may be the dogs at the moment but so far they have won nothing but an FA Cup, and so should behave like a club who have won nothing but an FA Cup.

    They are the big spenders right now, but once the FFP rules kick in they will be bidding for the same players as the other top clubs and if their books don’t balance then they won’t be signing anyone. When this happens they will be left with a squad that gets older every season, just like Chelsea’s. Young players won’t want to develop at a club where limited opportunities are available and will choose to go to clubs like Arsenal where they know the set up will provide them the chance to become top players. Arsenal already have the stream of youth coming through that is going to be needed to compete once the FFP kick in and it will take City years to get anywhere near this level.

    Let them enjoy their moment because it won’t last long.

  242. gunnern5 says:


    It’s not a matter of once the FFP kicks in it’s more a matter of – if and in what form?

  243. evonne says:

    Scum lost 🙂 good night all

  244. gunnern5 says:


    You’re right that would make Rooney very proud and he would want to keep it well polished……………….

  245. TotalArsenal says:

    Night Evonne. Sweet dreams of Rory Delap’s flappy ears 🙂


    G5, ffp is already having an impact. Chelsea looking for a stadium, City looking to trim there squad.ffp will have a seeping effect.

  247. Fatgingergooner says:

    The FFP HAVE to come in because of clubs like City. They are pushing the prices up for every club in the world. Higher wages and transfers lead to higher tickets and merchandise which ultimately will ruin clubs.

    What their fans don’t realise is that they could potentially end up with players on wages that no other club can afford. The players arent gunna take pay cuts and will just run out their contracts before moving on. If they lose their sugar daddy whilst this is happening then they will be left with massive wage bills and no money. £200m losses cannot be sustained and unless it’s controlled it will only end in misery for them and football.

  248. gunnern5 says:


    I don’t diasgree with the point that there will be incremental improvements but my concern is – do FIFA have the backbone to impose punishment or will the big money clubs use the clout to find a loop hole………..?

  249. Gooner In Exile says:

    Oh he is back avoiding the pertinent questions again.

    Who pays to get you from 10th (would like to know who has you at 10th by the way).

    Forbes 2011 Football report has City Revenue at $153m, your anticipating adding around $100m with Stadium rights and kit deal. That’s still $200m short of ManUre, $300m behind Madrid and $100m short of Arsenals revenues. Yet City are still paying higher wages than all three. Are you going to pay to make up the shortfall? Gate receipts are going to need to increase markedly to achieve parity as you will have already exhausted the main sponsorship deals. Altho the kit deal with Umbro was already renegotiated in 2009/10 according to Deloittes.

    Arsenal Matchday revenue £93.3m, City £24.4m BIG gap there to make up, are you going to pay? 13000 extra fans is not going to add a great deal now is it?

  250. gunnern5 says:


    A bottomless oil well knows no boundaries.

  251. Gooner In Exile says:

    Evonne ManScum or SpudScum? Oh they both with their all conquering deep squads lost haha!

  252. TotalArsenal says:

    GiE, you are in fine form tonight 🙂

  253. Gooner In Exile says:

    I’m beginning to think an increased home grown numbers rule could benefit us more than FFP….

  254. gunnern5 says:

    Full time.

    Man Who 1- Crystal Palace 2………………..

  255. SharkeySure says:

    Cracking write up TA. More than just a match report, its a great summary of two conflicting ideologies in football today.

    GN5 9.45. Lol

    Had(dock?) a quick scan..and I can see there’s been some fishy fun today. I’ll ‘catch’ up with the rest tomorrow….

    Night all

  256. Fatgingergooner says:

    That’s G5,

    But what happens when all the other clubs have gone bust!?

    Do you think the other clubs would just allow City to wreck football?

    Rules have to be brought in for the sake of the beautiful game, after all, it is a game, and games need rules.

  257. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Rasp, forgot to say thanks for changing the pictures of the post.

  258. gunnern5 says:


    Tiddley Winks is a game, football is an ingrained way of life.
    I know of no other “game” that consumes the lives of so many people around the world.

    Tell me another game where a bad league result result can ruin hundreds of thousands lives?

    At 74 years old I still tingle with anticipation before an Arsenal game, no other game – nay- sport has ever affected me in the same way and I’ve been involved in rugby, cricket, darts and track – nothing compares to the SPORT of football.



    ffp is a compromise, but in the long run it will benefit us. It was strange for me reading that kuns posts, i agreed with his notion that in 8 years city will be self sustaining.


    G5, I take my hat of to you sir. Top man.

  261. TotalArsenal says:

    Chas @10.59 ‘The sound of Petrodollar Citeh winning anything’: that was brilliant!

  262. pat says:

    or bankrupt

  263. gunnern5 says:

    Keown: Vermaelen as important as RVP

    November 25, 2011

    By Mark Lomas

    What was once the solid foundation on which their success was built, Arsenal’s defence has lately more closely resembled the work of a cowboy builder than a master mason. The days of the legendary back four of Lee Dixon, Tony Adams, Martin Keown and Nigel Winterburn – the bedrock of the Gunners’ 1998 double triumph – are long gone, replaced by the palest of imitations. The backline responsible for shipping eight to Manchester United earlier this season – Carl Jenkinson, Johann Djourou, Laurent Koscielny and Armand Traore – was an embarrassment to a club boasting such exemplary defensive traditions.

    Injuries to key players obviously played a part in the Old Trafford massacre but there is no denying that the area of the pitch once considered Arsenal’s greatest strength has become their most frustrating weakness. Although all managers are liable to make signings that fail to settle as expected, the list of Arsene Wenger’s defensive additions makes for pretty grim reading; from Igors Stepanovs to Sebastien Squillaci, via the likes of Efstathios Tavlaridis, Pascal Cygan and Mikael Silvestre, Arsenal’s defensive recruits have, on the whole, been more inadequate than impenetrable.

    The aforementioned names may seem to prove otherwise, but a propensity for calamity has not in fact been a pre-requisite of playing at the back for the Gunners in recent years. The likes of Sol Campbell, Kolo Toure and William Gallas have all proved to be shrewd acquisitions over the past decade while Thomas Vermaelen, the man currently charged with halting Arsenal’s opponents, has consistently shown the sort of assuredness that could one day see him mentioned in the same breath as Messrs Dixon, Adams, Keown and Winterburn, as well as other former stalwarts like Frank McLintock, David O’Leary and Pat Rice, in the Gunners’ defensive pantheon.

    Since arriving from Ajax two years ago, Vermaelen has become a firm fans’ favourite at Emirates Stadium, with his aerial prowess and physicality endearing him to a set of supporters and a manager whose team has often been accused of being bereft of those qualities in recent times.

    One of those supporters is former centre-back Martin Keown. As a boyhood Arsenal fan, a three-time winner of both the FA Cup and Premier League and a veteran of 17 years at the club as a youth-team player and first-teamer, the former England defender certainly has the authority to scrutinise the Gunners’ defence. And while prolific captain Robin van Persie has been stealing the spotlight as Wenger’s side have enjoyed a renaissance over the past few weeks, Keown is convinced that the return to fitness of Vermaelen has been just as crucial.

    “It was a difficult start, but they’ve shown a lot of character since losing at Manchester United,” Keown tells ESPNsoccernet. “There are key players back in the team – Thomas Vermaelen especially. Vermaelen is absolutely key to what they do. He satisfies the needs of the manager because of his technical side, his passing his crisp and it’s almost perfection the way he passes the ball.

    “But he satisfies me, and other supporters too, because of his physical side – that’s what I want to see. I feel he dominates people, he attacks the ball, he organises and I just feel much more comfortable when he’s playing. For me, he’s equally as important as Van Persie now that he’s back in the team and playing well.”

    Keown’s assertion about Vermaelen’s importance is certainly supported by the statistics; since the Belgian arrived at the club two years ago, Arsenal have won 61% of games with him in the starting line-up compared to 53% without, while in the current campaign the Gunners have conceded an average of 0.7 goals per games when Vermaelen has been present compared to 1.83 without and have also kept clean sheets in 40% of the games he has started, compared to 25% without.

    The centre-half has appeared back to his imperious best this term and his latest contribution was another telling one, scoring a vital equaliser against Fulham after his own goal had put Wenger’s side on the brink of a shock home defeat. His return to the first-team action has been a real boost, especially after he missed almost the entirety of last season with a serious Achilles injury that led some to proffer concern that his career could be curtailed.

    Vermaelen’s role as senior defender is one that allows parallels to be drawn with Keown who, as Wenger’s elder defensive statesman played a vital role in helping future ‘Invincibles’ Ashley Cole, Sol Campbell, Lauren and Kolo Toure, acclimatise to life in the Arsenal first-team. Vermaelen, too, is responsible for being the reliable constant in an ever-changing defence, one that Keown recognises isn’t perfect but that he feels has the potential to come good.

    “I’ve been pleased with the new signings,” says Keown, whose articulate responses are a world away from the aggressive, spiky persona he exuded on the pitch in his playing days. “I think Arteta has been a very good character to have in, they need someone with his leadership and that experience. Mertesacker as well, whether he plays in the team or not, is bringing experience to the back four, which is invaluable. Andre Santos is a roaming left-back, I’d like to see him defend more but he’s in the typical mould of a left-back for Arsenal – Wenger likes them to get forward.

    “Lately, Koscielny has been playing right-back, with Mertesacker alongside Vermaelen in the middle – I think Mertesacker still has a lot to offer, whether he’s No. 1 or not remains to be seen. I think the other two are maybe the future. They’ve all played their part but while they’re doing okay at the moment, we don’t want them to be complacent though. As soon as Arsenal seem to get pats on the back, the form dips – if you go by recent years. There’s a lot of work to do but they’re going in the right direction.

    “If you look at the side that beat Barcelona 2-1 at home last season, there’s Wilshere not playing because of injury, Nasri gone, Fabregas gone – they were all were instrumental. The heart of the team was ripped out and they were the players that gave Wenger real belief so you have to give him time to rebuild his own belief in the team, get the key characters back in and start to develop it -and they’re doing that.”

    When it comes to the future, Keown is forthright that Wenger is the man to continue to lead Arsenal and having experienced the Frenchman first hand – enjoying a reinvigoration under him – he has no doubt that when the 62-year-old eventually decides to call time on his spell in North London, it will be on his terms.

    `Having played under Arsene Wenger Martin Keown has the utmost confidence in the Frenchman’s abilities

    “He will decide when he leaves, that’s how powerful he is at the club. He decides not anyone else; he’ll know when the moment’s right. He creates an environment where it’s just great fun. It’s great to come in every day. You learn a great deal. When he first came in, we were working with mannequins, doing technical stuff that we’d never done before. It really improved me, he’s great to be around as well. I wasn’t sure if nice guys can win things – we’d all been a bit of an angry bunch before Wenger arrived but he demonstrated that you can still get along with everyone, you can still have a smile on your face and win and when you do that it’s more enjoyable and tastes better.

    “He and [former Arsenal boss] George Graham were like chalk and cheese, George was quite confrontational, to say the least. There’s nothing wrong with that but some of us respond to different styles of management and the approach that Wenger had, my record was much better under Wenger, I preferred that. I don’t think anyone enjoys getting a rollicking in any industry. I just needed to unravel my talent and Wenger helped me to do that.


    Martin Keown was speaking at an event celebrating ESPN’s coverage of the FA Cup.

  264. TotalArsenal says:

    Final thought for the night:

    “We take a handful of sand from the endless landscape of awareness around us and call that handful of sand the world.”
    ― Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values

    Night all.

  265. Fatgingergooner says:


    Football may be important to people, but it doesn’t ruin lives. The death of Gary Speed is proof that the real world is much more than football.

    Whilst I love your enthusiasm for the game, it is in fact still only a game.

    I have often been known to sulk for a week after a bad result, but football is not the be all and end all.

  266. Gooner In Exile says:

    TA I couldn’t help myself today 🙂

  267. 26may1989 says:


    Good match report, Total.

    Shame today’s exchanges were dominated by classless Mancs, kun>messi being an honourable exception. As a football fan who has a love of the game at every level, I disagree with everything kun says, and see only destruction for the game in allowing a cash-rich foreign government to use a football club as a vehicle to promote itself, while destroying the sporting challenge along the way. But at least kun debated the points properly. The rest of them just go to show what a bunch of twats they are, and twats who have almost no good points to make.

    Truth be told, there’s only really one City fan now: HH Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The rest of them are irrelevant now, at least until the Abu Dhabi Government is done with MCFC. Anyone who seriously believes City are about to become financially viable is living in cloud-cuckoo land – Chelsea failed, so will City. The lines that are being spun are lies, plain and simple.

    City may have been a club of dignity, humour and attractive football. Now it’s just a joke that most football fans feel disgust for. Such a shame that those in blue seem now to be embarrassed by their past. Other fans weren’t patronising City when it was one of those clubs they had an affection for, it was just an antidote to the likes of Leeds, Chelsea, United, Birmingham and Millwall, clubs all football fans knew to hate. Arsenal are often cited as often being other fans’ favourite second club – I don’t find that patronising, I quite enjoy other fans’ appreciation of my club. City have lost that because none of what they are doing has any meaning, it doesn’t deserve respect and from those who matter it won’t get any.

    Oh and by the way, I like Aguero, but he was absolutely rubbish last night. And two kids most football fans hadn’t heard of a few months ago, Coquelin and Frimpong, dominated in midfield. We lost but we know there was more than enough to take from last night’s performance.

    Amusing results this evening: United’s second string beaten at home by Palace and Spurs beaten at home by PAOK. Something to enjoy.

  268. 26may1989 says:

    Am catching a bit of the Aussies vs NZ test match – some very interesting looking young bowlers are being brought into the Aussie side, looks like the new generation has arrived. The kiwis are in trouble.

  269. gunnern5 says:


    A mere game does not affect the mood of hundreds of thousands of people.

    Chess – no, Scrabble – no, Noughts and Crosses – no, Black Jack – no, Poker – no – the list of games is endless and non plus.

    Football creates passion, emotion, love, hate, like. dislike, and a whole bunch of varied opinions – it is simply the most emotive sport that we know.

    To call it a mere game is to lower it to the Hop Scotch level.

  270. pat says:

    Funny you should mention that 26may1989 – I just finished playing against former NZ test bowler Daryl Tuffey at 5 aside footy…

  271. pat says:

    I also echo your points about Coq and Frim they were very very good against City – did not take a step backward at all…

  272. Gooner In Exile says:

    Nice summation 26. Bit of a closing argument 🙂

    Don’t forget that United side included 8 full internationals 😀

  273. Gooner In Exile says:

    Wonder if Bruce regrets leaving the safety of the JJB where he worked under the ever loyal Dave Whelan.

  274. Gooner In Exile says:

    Third and out for me….starting to wonder whether the City fans we had yesterday were those Arsenal “fans” that at the end of last season declared they would be supporting City until Arsenal released Usmanov’s money. They just haven’t found a City blog yet.

  275. oz gunner says:

    Seems i missed all the fun yesterday.

    Funny how a team has a year and a bit of good form and all their supporters come out of the wood work as though they are the best thing since sliced bread! How they justify the spending is quite comical as well.

    Well done to all the AA’ers who blew them out of the water.

  276. oz gunner says:

    true GiE, spectrum comes to mind! They would probably rather support City, rather than hearing i told you so’s from us.

    Humble pie needs to be eaten for the following:

    * Kozza is not good enough
    * We need an experienced goalkeeper, szcz isn’t good enough to take the number 1 mantle
    * song isn’t good enough we need a DM like Essien
    * RVP needs to be sold, he will never string games together
    * Santos and Jenks aren’t good enough.
    * Arteta has had it
    * We wasted money on a promising youngster who has only player league 1

    the list goes on!

  277. jeffers>kun says:

    As someone stated earlier keeping coq could be a problem, he thinks he is ready for a starting role, and based on his game the other day he could well be. Hopefully he has the patience to hold on. Surely now though we can use him when arteta needs a rest, and frim when song needs a rest.

  278. evonne says:

    Morning GiE – excellent results last night!
    I read your FFP explanations, but I still don’t understand some of it, mainly when are the FFP regulations to kick in, what are the repercussions of not adhering to the rules and will sanction those?

  279. evonne says:

    I googled FFP – fresh frozen plasma (FFP) ? I hope not

  280. 26may1989 says:


    Been meaning to ask you for a while, where are you in NZ? My brother has lived in Wellington for the past 20+ years, proper little kiwi patriot these days! He plays loads of footy as well, 5 a side and 11 a side.

    NZ’s a great country, I love it. Will be there again in Feb.

  281. evonne says:

    26may – hello there, are you back in UK? You are a proper jet setter, travelling all over the world!

  282. 26may1989 says:

    Hi evonne, yup, am back and will be able to get to games again. Shame I missed a run of home matches and rare visits from overseas AAers – another time!

  283. ozgunner says:

    i bet bassong and pienaar wish they could turn back the clock. At newcastle and everton they were heroes amongst the fans. Now look at them, barely get games, and it’s ruined their careers as their form is woeful

  284. evonne says:

    Yes, Fulham game was a big get together. Rocky promised to be back soon and TA knows the route to my house now, so he’ll be attending more and more games

  285. chas says:

    This made me laugh.

  286. evonne says:

    Chas – ‘slad’ didn’t make me laugh

  287. chas says:


  288. evonne says:

    Chas – Park the Manc looking like an excited puppy 🙂 whose voice is it?

  289. chas says:

    Just a manc supporter who thought he’d share his misery with the rest of the world, Evonne.

  290. Chas
    Is that meant to be a send up. Sounds like the bloke who does the Arsenal ones

  291. chas says:

    The last ten seconds of this made me laugh too.

  292. Typical non manc voice though. The commentary last night was stupid too.

  293. chas says:

    Not sure GM.

    Here’s another from Mr. Charisma.

  294. evonne says:

    Defoe’s disallowed goal was the best last night, I could not stop laughing when they were going through start and stop celebrations

  295. pat says:

    hey 26 sorry had to duck out to fetch daughter from grandparents – we are up in Auckland, Wellington is a cool town – home base of the Wellingon Phoenix football team in the a-league (aussie footy league). They are starting to get a good following – the home fans have some great character, if they are leading at 80 minutes the fans take their tops off and start twirling them round their heads! Phoenix got to the a-league final (they have playoffs at the end of the season) so there was a fair bit of shirts off during the season!

  296. Morning all, lets hope we don’t get any more defeacatory contamination from Abui Dhabi FC “Fans” on our blog today.

    At the risk of blowing my (less than satisfactory) own horn Evonne, here’s a discussion we had at AA on FFP(the post penned by your humble scribe) here : https://arsenalarsenal.wordpress.com/2011/08/27/how-will-the-Financial-Fair-Play-rules-affect-Arsenal-and-others

  297. Hey Pat, my brother in law is from Wellington – unsurprisingly he supports ManUre. *rolls eyes*

  298. Oh dear, Bloggus Fartus……

  299. I’ll clear it up chary …….. New Post …….

  300. pat says:

    hows this for torture: (my condolences re your brother in law 😉 )

    The guy that runs our monday 7 aside is what you would politely call a recent Man City fan. So our team uniform is sky blue – ugg.
    At least another team mate – man u supporter appreciated the arsenal when we gave Chelsea the beat down at the bridge… he said he ended up watching that game rather than the Man U one which was on at the same time….

  301. Otto’s Music Metal 24 7…

    […]£800m Investment vs. Wengerball « Arsenal Arsenal[…]…

  302. It’s very straightforward to find out any topic on web as compared
    to textbooks, as I found this post at this website.

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