A bridge not so far, as Arsenal’s recovery gains pace and Player ratings…..

Since April 10th we have lost 5 and drawn 3 games away from home, a dismal and painful run of games that has seen our defence and confidence take knock after knock.

The abject display in August at Old Trafford saw a very humbling score line result in cries for Wenger to walk now, before we fell apart at the seams was the cry of the naysayer’s. Then at Ewood Park we saw the worst team in the premiership, come from behind and beat us, the wheels were well and truly off………

So yesterday, we tipped up at Chelsea, our recent Nemesis, who seemed to always get a result against us, especially at the Bridge even when we play well. Our actual recent form though had given us a little belief back, with 7 wins out of 8games in all competitions.

The defence has been slowly improving, the team were slowly coming together and at the sharp end, the boy wonder had been on fire, so why couldn’t we get a result……….?

Trust me or do one……..

Well after the first 5mins, there were so many reasons why we couldn’t get a result; I lost count of how many times, Chelsea just seemed to stroll through and around our defence, Chelsea had 3 or 4 gilt edged chances to take the lead, better crosses and they might have been out of sight.

Mixed in between there was some moments for Arsenal, when Ramsey had broke into Chelsea’s area and dragged the ball back, but no one was up with play. Then another clearance by BFG fell to Theo and a one-two with Ramsey, saw Theo away but he failed to get the ball down, another bad at the office loomed……..?

The attacks continue with Sturridge been afforded far too much room, but from been on the back foot, Ramsey intercepted a weak ball in from Lampard, he strode out of the box and lift a chip pass into Arteta, who headed it back to Ramsey, who took it on his chest and then volleyed a delightful ball out wide right to Theo…….who pushed it

passed Cashley and then sprinted round the other side of him and left him in his wake, Cole has more chance of getting Cheryl back than catching Theo……

Theo looked up, stepped forward and delivered a sublime ball across the area, as Ivanovic stretched out but couldn’t get the ball, Gervinho, somehow did a Torres….a woeful miss from 5yds.

Moments later, Santos cut in from the left and laid the ball to Song, who moved it onto Theo, a couple of light touches, a look up and a even more sublime pass arching in over the Chelsea defence, curling to the far post, Van Persie came in, but the ball raised just that little too high and he couldn’t keep it below the crossbar. Two very good chances to take the lead.

The Chelsea fans couldn’t help themselves as they berated our Boy Wonder, for missing the chance, he who laughs last………………..!

Anyway, normal service resumed, we miss, opposition score, how predictable was that, as John “Colour Impaired” Terry, sent a ball out wide to Juan Mata, who turned back on Santos and delivered a ball not to dissimilar to Theo’s, but in came Fatboy just behind 6ft 6” BFG who must have thought he was in a limbo competition, as he got under the cross allowing Fatboy to head pass Sir Chez……..

Arsenal improved slightly, but the game was still ebbing and flowing unpredictably, as players from both sides, made mistakes and gave cheap balls away, but there were no real clear cut chances…….But the worrying thing was that Arsenal’s back door was seeing more action than George Michaels…….

A superb pass from fatboy, put Sturridge away, as he allowed the ball to drop and run forward, he arched his body and for some reason hit the ball with the outside of his foot and away from the goal and Sir Chez, that would have been difficult to come back from……….

The midfield of Arteta, Song and most notably Ramsey were working very hard to sustain a footing in the game. Santos in from the left into Gervinho, who lost the ball, fell back to Santos, who fed Ramsey an inside turn, Gervinho had got up and run into the area, a great pass from the Welsh Wizard found Gervinho, the touch was heavy and the ball ran towards the on coming Cech, but just as you thought Gervinho would clip it into Cech’s body, he slid it to the grateful Robin, who just calmly stroked the ball with his left peg into the empty net……1-1 game on…….36mins.

Moments later Ramires completely sold Santos, into the box and across the area for Sturridge to stab home, but the young forward had strayed offside, tight but a good call by the assistant referee. So nearly we conceded after scoring, frustrating weakness.

On 41, Robin took a free kick just outside the Chelsea area, could he? No it wasn’t to be as we drifted to half time with Robin’s effort curling just over…….

But, hold it, Chelsea get a late corner, Fatboy delivers a ball into the mix, Terry, out muscles the BFG, (is that F for friendly?), and knocks the ball limping into the goal, Arteta had moved from the post, less said. Half time, 2-1 to Chelsea.

We had looked dangerous going forward, but in defence, we had the look of an Essex girl on a night out, carefree and not bothered who got in behind……….

The only player who defensively was sharp was Koscielny, who reputation is growing…..

Second half; more defensive qualities were needed, surely?

Why bother, as we came flying out the traps, first Van Persie and then Ramsey had early opportunities to get us level.

On 49 minutes, Djourou impressed me with his strength and desire to keep the ball; he came inside and got the ball to Song, with a little help from a Lampard tackle. Song, who reversed stepped back across the ball and then picked Chelsea defence apart with a gem of a pass, through to the left where Santos, took the ball in his stride, one touch in front and then drilled it with his left foot across Cech, 2-2…..Get in there….

To celebrate Santos then decided to show the Brazilian Version of the “No dad Samba two step”, maybe he wants to go on Strictly Come Dancing? Who cares, finally we have a left back who knows where the net is…….

Almost immediately, Arsenal tried to let Chelsea back into the game, a looping ball up and over our back line, saw Cashley bear down on the area, an out rushing Szczesny leaped out of his area and sent Cole into a spin, a yellow and a free kick. Should it have been red? Well even our young pole tweeted after the game (not a bright idea) that he wasn’t sure how he stayed on the pitch. For me, it was an either way call, but the referee chose luckily for us only a yellow.

The resultant free kick was sent to the far post by fatboy, but our pole stretched his frame and tipped the ball around the goal, super save.

Arsenal seemed to be getting the upper hand in the middle with Arteta and Song pressing and Ramsey probing.

A long ball out from Szczesny, to Theo, who was bundled over by Cashley. start of a bizarre passage of play. A quick free kick by Robin into Theo, who drove forward, as he did, he stumbled and fell over, but somehow kept his momentum going, in the middle of 4 blue shirts he got up, jinked pass and powered into the area and drilled a shot to Cechs near left post, with some real venom. 3-2 up, to come back twice showed some real bottle and then to get in front, Arsenal were controlling the game now.

Theo, Simply Brilliant……..

A plethora of substitutions on both sides saw Lukaku and Dodgy Barnet on for Chelsea, with Rosicky and Jenkinson replacing Walcott and Djourou respectively. The game got a little scrappy, on 80mins Santos as he came out, gave the ball away, but as he went to atone for his mistake he was clearly blocked by Lukaku, the ball then broke for dodgy barnet and he fed Mata, who managed to unleash a thunderbolt, just before Song despairingly tried to block him, to Szczesny’s right side. 3-3 game truly back on………Subs too early? Should Walcott have stayed on? No time to think…..

Not quite as powerful as Essien’s drive a few seasons ago, but Mata’s just as damaging, as Chelsea seemed now to be in the ascendancy. Were we going to blow it, after all the effort in the 2nd half?

But on 85, an innocuous back pass from Malouda, to Terry, saw John Terry slip, or did he throw himself down in a very defeatist manner?, who cares, I am sure Wayne Bridge had a chuckle, as Robin Van Persie, ran onto the loose ball, as Cech came out he step round him and slotted in his second, what a game………..

John Terry Slipping Over……

+4mins of injury time and Chelsea threw the lot at us, please hold on you could the silent thoughts of every Arsenal fan, with Vermaelen now on, I felt safe, ok maybe still a tad nervous…

Malouda, then Mata kept putting the ball into the area, eventually Jenkinson headed it out, it bounce in front of Rosicky who bravely won the ball from dodgy barnets high foot with his head, Rosicky brought the ball out, moved it onto Arteta, he shifted it across to the left and Van Persie, who drove an unstoppable left foot swerving drive into Cech’s right hand side, 5-3 game over, the fans were in dream land………..

Boy Wonder settles the nerves

What a game, it had it all, finally away from home, the Arsenal boys had grabbed the 3points. Defensively it was a horror show at times, from both sides, but with some tricks from Robin, Theo, Aaron and GMan, saw the Arsenal fans treated to a result we have been deprived of by the feet of Drogba too many times…….

Ratings: (STC: Subject to Comments)

Sir Chez: 7: Still Raw at times, but he has that edge that sets him apart, some good saves, little chance with Mata’s shot, but he’ll be disappointed with the other two.

Djourou: 6: Quite truly dreadful first half as he was dragged around, but he improved in the 2nd half, having a good contribution to the 2nd goal.

BFG: 6.5: Was at fault for both Chelsea’s first half goals, but he did defend better in the 2nd half. Need to be stronger and more aggressive.

Kozzer: 9: Immense, read the game well, blocked, tackled and was everywhere, without him in the first half, I think they would have been out of sight.

Santos: 7: (that is a 5 for 1st half and 8 2nd half), Defending in the first half was comical, but he gained composure and got into the game, his goal was well taken and gave him confidence. The third goal although came from his mistake, he was fouled attempting to block the ball.

Arteta: 8: Thought his stature grew as the game wore on, did the simple things really well, gave little space, pressed and moved the ball quickly, slowly starting to feel at home.

Song: 8: Powerful and energetic, press and close down Chelsea midfield, some of his passing was sublime. Gave some needless balls away in first half, he is though very important to us.

Ramsey: 9: Super Welsh Wizard, truly a special player who gave his all today, his range of passing was fantastic, he has a great engine and never doubts himself.

Walcott: 9: Proved all those doubters wrong, showed he deserves to wear our shirt, capped a great display with a stunning goal, no football brain? Waddle talking Twaddle…

Boy Wonder:9: Captain’s performance, one on one there was only one winner, clinical and deadly from anywhere.

Gervinho: 7.5: Energetic and difficult to handle, makes things happen, missed a very easy chance, but worked his socks off, unselfish in laying off Robin.

Man of the Match: It could have gone to anyone of 4 today and others like Arteta gave a good account as well. 4 players got 9 off me, a truly fantastic team performance and as Robin said share the champagne between the team……If you were to push me to a choice, between the four 9’s, RVP, Koz, Theo and Aaron, I would go for Kozzer, at times he was on his own, but he held firm………..


Rosicky and Jenkinson :7: Little time but got upto speed quickly and helped see us to the line.

Vermaelen: Only on for minutes, great to have him back……….Best defender in the Premier League……..

The Manager: 8:

Big decision to leave TV on the bench, nearly bigger one to take Theo off, all came good in the game in the end, Wenger and his team deserved this bit of luck that has so far been missing this season, he has asked for the trust in him to remain, well after today, he has mine fully back, not that I lost faith………….

In summary:

That could of gone either way at times yesterday and we still have a lot of work to do, but we have put ourselves right back in the mix, the team seem together and really up for it, lets really get behind them now and see where this crazy journey goes this season……. God I love being a Gooner, thanks Dad……..

Ps. Sorry if that was a tad long…………try writing that up in less!!

Written by Harry

144 Responses to A bridge not so far, as Arsenal’s recovery gains pace and Player ratings…..

  1. evonne says:

    Hiya Harry, I thought the post wasn’t long enough, I could read and read, and read again, beautiful

    How many times we had broken hearts, tears in our eyes and we had to put on ta brave face and the Arsenal coat (in my case), and take the stick. We bloody deserved yesterday and our loyalty has been handsomely rewarded. I am shamelessly gloating !!

    I have my son to thank for being a Gunner, thank you Nick!

    Completely agree about Koscielny and Ramsey, and Arteta and BW, who wouldn’t? Marvellous. But I think you were a bit mean to Gervinho, I thought he was excellent too, no?

  2. Chris says:

    Great post! Enjoyed the humour, and re-living the match!

  3. harry says:

    Hi evonne, yeah Gervinho was excellent at times and more than played his part, maybe deserved an eight, but that missed could have been cruical, and when I was rating them, i couldnt get it out of my head. Similar I marked down BFG for the goals, but he had a good game apart from them moments, he organises the defence well………

  4. Rob Lucci says:

    lucky him..

  5. irish gooner says:

    what time is it????????

  6. barumgooner says:

    Excellent post Harry, exactly as I saw it. Must confess that after 10 mins with the 2 full-backs playing how they were I thought we were in for another mauling. Song is a continual worry for me, as magnificent as he can be he has been a bit careless and casual at times this season. He seems to have been reigned in a bit by AW and not looking so happy having to sit in and cover.

  7. I’ve changed the time but it’s not working …………. I’ll try again, sorry

  8. It is the right time durrrrrrrrrrrr

  9. evonne says:

    Irish – who cares??? It is the Gunner time, time to enjoy!!!! Best time this year???

  10. harry says:


    @Rob Lucci, the guys name is Bully and his middle name is “Arsenal”..

  11. Big Raddy says:

    Harry. Fantastic – worth all the work you put into it. Full of humour. And the descriptions of play were awesome – you must have watched the game over and over again.

    I loved ….. “Arsenal’s back door was seeing more action than George Michael’s…….”

  12. harry says:

    Thanks Raddy, i maybe replayed it several times!! it was such a great game, glad you appreciated the one liners…….

  13. Rasp says:

    Superb match report Harry.

    Let me start by issuing an apology…. Theo, you were magnificent yesterday and demonstrated strengths that I didn’ think you possessed – now I am bothered about Barca sniffing round you. The Board should pay RvP as much as he deserves and get Theo on a new contract ASAP.

    AW won the battle of the managers. I think AVB showed his lack of experience yesterday, if he loses 3 more game between now and Xmas, he could be out of a job knowing the impatience of the owner.

    I still cheer every trime I see RvP’s 3rd goal – pure gold

    On the analysis on MoTD, they highlighted Cashley playing RvP and Gerv onside by hanging back behind the CB’s. What they didn’t explain was that he felt he had to do that to cover Theo as he was getting skinned. Theo played a big part in our first goal by undermining Cashley’s confidence and drawing him out of position.

  14. pat says:

    nice report – really good description of the game some great comedy lines too….

  15. harry says:

    Rasp, thanks mate, glad you liked it, still knackered…….

    But also absolutely fair play, an apology to theo, classy and humble, as I have said we need to get that contract sorted asp…….

    Anyway off to clear the garage as I have the weekend off from youth football…….

  16. Andy says:

    i think you shortchanged Gervihno there mate, 7.5? He was a constant threat, made intelligent runs and was always willing to run at Bosingwa to good effect. Overall it was a great team performance attack-wise and we actually showed shades of the type of pacey counter-attacking that we were once feared and revered for. If we sort out our defensive problems, adapt more pressing into our game,continue to attack the way we did and add a couple of world class players that will make the likes of RVP stay then we could really pull off a surprise this season

  17. James says:

    Good game from intelligent lads. go boys. im proud to be a gooner.

    This is a beautiful moment for us… wow .. lads thanks for rewarding the fans, we deserved it. Chel$ki fans didnt believe it, they didnt believe…. i cant wait to have WBA at the emirates cos i want them to cry back home for the stupid damage they caused us last season.


  18. 26may1989 says:

    Lovely match report, thanks Harry. Hope you enjoy that garage!

    I watched the Arse Player highlights and enjoyed Stewart Robson’s reaction to John Terry falling over: “Couldn’t happen to a nicer person”!

    Between now and our next big league game (vs City) we have a run of easier fixtures: West Brom, Norwich, Fulham, Wigan and Everton. Here’s hoping for a good run of efficient victories to build on the last few games and yesterday.

    Have a good day everyone.

  19. James says:

    wowwowoowwoowwo now the lads got nothing to be afraid of instead other teams will be shaking…. good gift for xmass.. cheers

  20. Great Blog this morning cant wait for the next game !!!!

  21. TotalArsenal says:

    Chapeau to King Harry! 🙂 What a superb match report: accurate (and honest), full of great one-liners, and passion for the club.

    I watched the game in Scotland, after which I had a long, hard, 350 miles long drive back home through rain and wind, and the horrible roads at night of the A66, A17 and A47. But I was fuelled by the warm and wonderful memories of THAT match.

    Many lessons to be learnt from the first half, but the second half was phenomenal: we were better composed and organised than Chelsea, fitter, stronger in the one-to-ones and, most importantly, more deadly in front of goal. I agree with all the ratings, except the Wenger ‘8’. The best managers know how to make their team perform better in the second half, and if there is still proof needed that Wenger is one of the very best around, then Arsenal’s transformation in the second half is all you ever need.

    Arteta – Song – Ramsey & Gervinho – RvP – Theo –> the future is bright!

  22. California Gooner says:

    Great write up, Harry! Spot on and entertaining as well — of course I won’t get tired of reading about this game for a long time.

    I think that openness of the game swung on the determination of both teams to attack each other’s wings. Our wingers (Santos and Djourou in particular) were clearly our weak-spot and early on, they could have gotten a couple of goals with wing play had their finishing been better. However, instead of sending Walcott back to defend, Wenger decided to counter fire with fire and force them to defend… we got joy down their wings (particularly the right-side), and spaces opened up in the middle of their defense. And so the game bypassed the midfield for the most part. In the second half, Gervhino did a better job of tracking back to help (that man was everywhere!) as did our midfielders and both Santos and Djourou stepped up their game, and that is when we began to dominate. Still, Cashley broke through on the right and things could have been worse had Sczceney received a Red Card… and had their finishing been better.

    So, back to work… I’ll stop in later to converse with you all.

  23. Jamie says:

    Great match report Harry. Got all the major incidents In there.

    Come on QPR!

  24. Fatgingergooner says:

    I think an 8 for Song is a bit generous. Not one of his best games yday. Obviously the result means more than the individual performances and I would quite happily give them all a 10, but if we are scoring them based on their play then Song gets a low 7. His assist to Santos gaining him an extra point!

    As amazing a result as it was yday, we are still 7th in the league with a long way to go. This must give the team a huge confidence boost though, and with Vermaelen and Diaby coming back we should be able to push on from here.

    I think someone posted about us being in the top 3 by January, but if we carry on like this I think it could happen by Christmas!

    It feels so good to have an Arsenal side with bottle again. For the first time in 5 years I don’t panic if we concede or go behind. This team is willing to fight for each other. It’s great to see.

    I also think we have the best captain since Vieira left the club. Henry, Gallas and Fabregas may have been excellent players in their own right but captaincy was not their strong point. Henry moaned at his teammates, Gallas sulked and Fabregas was too quiet. It’s obvious that the captains armband has changed RvP’s attitude on and off the pitch. He is leading by example and showing his mates the way forward. Long may it continue

  25. kelsey says:

    Lucky lad Harry to do the match report.It’s all pretty well summed up but can I add look at Song’s fabregas like pass to Santos for his goal, it was equisite.

    Boys against pensioners 🙂 take it every day.

  26. kelsey says:

    I just wonder is cesc leaving will be a blessing in disguise.We looked like a team playing for one another and the celebrations at the end will long live in the memory.
    Maybe RVP has a personality that suits the club and the players around him more than I thought.
    Theo, yes he can do it, now move on from there.
    lastly pleased for AW after all the dtress and grieg he has been getting from some quarters.
    Sagna and Wilshere to come back, get Marseilles out of the way on tuesaday and we are in the group stages.

  27. harry says:

    Thanks all……..

    @Total, cheers……I nearly gave him a 9, but just felt, the game could of gone either way, but your right he obviously said the right thing at half time………

    @Kelsey, that pass was truly sublime and probably why I shaded him a 8……….

    @FGG…..Its all about the opinions, and how you see things, i could probably change all of the ratings for various reasons. I felt harsh marking any of the boys below 7, but i have tried hard not to get carried away……Like your comment about the Captains, fully agree, Boy wonder really is leading by example…….

  28. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    What a game, thats what I call entertainment !. It could have been so easily over in the first 5 mins, woefull defending, Santos needs to be given a personal fitness trainer!, I know he improved In the 2nd half , but even then a few of the tackles he was succesfull with were knife-edge ones,could easily been caught out. JD, got caught in dreamland a few times but It`s not exactly his position. Chavs were not much better, but edged the 1st half.
    The 2nd half, fabulous, ball retention, bit tighter at the back and so dangerous going forward,due to their high back line, well worth the 4 goals. Did Arteta make one loose pass ?. Koz was what I allways knew he would be, Class!,great vision to keep eye on players and the ball, like a semi-sweeper. I know we have the BFG, but I honestly think the Koz/Verm partnership will be the best in the league if they stay fit.
    We have to keep our feet on the ground, take each game as It comes, we are steadily getting there with much inprovement (apart from yesterday`s 1st half defence ), so celebrate now.as It will soon be tuesday , with hopefully more celebrating to do.
    Who ever invented the game of football, should be crowned King of the Universe, what would we all do without It ? , Tiddly Winks ?

  29. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Sorry Harry, great report.
    Kelsey, Yes them celebrations, I felt a warm glow all over my body, you could see how much It meant to them, just like It means to us. 🙂

  30. RockyLives says:

    Fine, comprehensive report Harry and some very funny lines.

    You also clearly know your football.

    Not a lot to add to the comments except that, to echo Kelsey, the departure of Cesc seems to have changed things. He was a great player and clearly loved Arsenal, but he wasn’t the captain that RvP is turning out to be.

    Some while ago I wrote a post based on some inside information that Cesc was not popular with all the players. I got a lot of criticism for writing it, but maybe there was a lot of truth in it.

    Anyway, one pleasing by product of him going is that we do seem to be breaking much faster than we used to.

  31. harry says:

    No worries GLIC, I agree about the partnership of Koz and Verm, will be the best in premiership and thats a while since we have said that……..

    Arteta is looking more settled every match……..

  32. oz gunner says:

    @ Harry

    great match report, loved every bit of it just like i did the match. Fair play on the player ratings, very fair to all (i wouldn’t be able to give anyone less than a 10 for months thats how stoked i am!)

    My only two negatives was the start by djourou and santos. However they both came out like different players in the 2nd. Santos with a great run and finish, not to mention his one-on-one tackles. While djourou showed in the second half he is not done as an arsenal player by any means (for all his injury troubles and bad luck i hope he regains his confidence, because he destroyed drogba last season and had a great run of games!)

    Sagna, jack the lad, verm, diaby oh and almunia to come back; things are looking great!

    @ GiE

    just wanted to see what all the fuss was about, deeply depressing site, how they can call themselves supporters is beyond me. How can an arsenal supporter predict a 6-1 loss then have a go at another supporter for not opening their eyes.

    love the 7.45 comment

    @ Micky

    i’m still laughing at ‘wenger out’ haha

  33. oz gunner says:

    While Rasp is issuing apoligies i might aswel deliver mine:

    Sorry for doubting you theo, and suggesting before kick-off that you should be sitting on the pine with Rosicky taking your place. After those delightful crosses, great run (fair play to him for getting up and fighting on, because at the start of the season he copped alot of flack for throwing his arms about instead of playing to the whistle) and goal, and terrorising cashley you can have the right side for as long as you like.

  34. harry says:

    Thanks Rocky, from the master himself, it is truly appreciated………

    I understand the comments about Cesc, but it maybe sometime before we can confirm this truly.

    I do agree we can now break quicker more often, but not exclusively since he left, two of our best results last season were on the back of quick breaks linked by Cesc against Chelsea and Barca. The problem when Cesc was here, players looked to him instead of better options, similar to when Henry was in his last year.

    WHEN Robin lifts the silver, I really believe deep down, Cesc will regret leaving us…….

    I think the biggest change post-cesc is the atmosphere around the changing rooms, it seems from outside to be more together now…

  35. Roland says:

    I’m sure there’s a strong chance this won’t go down well with everyone but a bizarre highlight for me last night was RVP’s yellow card.

    Sure it was for being violent, but there was something so resolute about it. He stood up and said something, seconds passed, and then he pushed him down. It wasn’t a crazed act of childish frustration, it was like ‘this is what i believe and i’ll wear a yellow card for it’. He nodded at the referee when he got his yellow card like ‘I know, of course i have yellow card, what of it?’

    Of course it’s not something to idolise, but in this one instance, from our captain, it just felt strong. Maybe I’m naive but i felt like my older brother was saving me from the bullies at school.

  36. oz gunner says:

    @ Rocky

    alot faster, cesc’s passing abilities cannot be replicated but the team was built around his ability to thread the eye of the needle. It was as though we were playing american football with cesc as the quarter back, and the other players the tacklers trying to make room for him. We would pass and pass and pass to try and free him up and we became predictable (just like in henrys last season). Our style of play is alot better and more team orientated, and it will pay dividends in the long run.

  37. harry says:

    Oz, thanks. Glad you enjoyed it, doing the ratings as usual was the hardest thing.

    As you say, Jack to come in, sagna to come back, Diaby and Vermaelen (only on for minutes), so all looking rosy, lets hope RVP now see’s that signing that contract is the right thing to do, he will go down in history as a gooner legend.

    And well done on your apology…….:D

  38. oz gunner says:

    @ Roland

    well said, RVP has always had a temper about him but to me it felt like more of a defiant ‘no we will not be bullied anymore’
    As for Ivanovic, how can you drop like a sack of spuds from a push like that, it was barton-esque! For someone who is built like a brick sh*t house it was quite appalling, as was the elbow to the back of RVP’s neck

  39. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    “Oh and Almunia to come back” 😆

  40. oz gunner says:

    @ Glic

    it’s always good to have the bad guy from mission impossible on your side! and he makes a very good 5th stringer

  41. TotalArsenal says:

    Roland @2.13, very good observation and fully agreed. This is also what a captain is all about.

    He also must have known he would receive a yellow card for taking off his shirt against Sunderland, after he scored with a perfect free-kick. I believe he took that one for both the team and the supporters to fire everybody up. Passion and leadership, and a winning mentality are closely linked and RvP seems to play on this. Like others have said, what a great captain he is turning out to be! 🙂

  42. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    I think he`s lower than 5th, he`s still behind ” Mad Jens” and Bob Wilson ! 🙂

  43. oz gunner says:

    @ TA

    and as a fellow country man you must be very proved! I loved the celebrations and the pulling in of the team at the end of the game. I thought verm was best suited but RVP has turned out to be one hell of a captain, a fighter, and a person who leads by example. Oh how i’ve missed a captain like that!

  44. dandan says:

    Good afternoon gooners all. Harry thank you for a very well put together post,
    I have watched with some amusement over the past 24 hrs. the outpourings of Euphoric Jubilation regarding our team, players and manager. Who would believe reading yesterday’s posts from match end onwards that some of the contributors have been enveloped in a blue funk for most of the season thus far. Indeed you need to just go back to the AGM and the fallout from that and compare some of those opinions, with the post-match utterances of some of our regular AA’s today to see the irony of the situation.
    Football is an emotive game built along often tribal lines and yet what tribe would survive for long if large numbers of its constituent parts had a tendency to doubt itself at the first signs of trouble.
    Yesterday was great, but if you are honest, it could easily have been 5 3 the other way, if our bad luck had held sway, in the way it has many times over the last 2 years. But it didn’t, Chesney stayed on the pitch; Chelsea missed some sitters, Petr Cech normally a rock and a particular thorn in our side for many years, failed with four one on ones and we got no injuries. The gods were with us.
    What’s my point you may ask, well it’s more of a request really. It is accepted that AA is a cut above most blogs because of the quality of a lot of its writing. So would it be possible do you think to add to that by handling the swings of lady lucks whimsicalness with a bit more equanimity, excepting that we will have bad days, but basically we do have a good squad the manager does know what he is doing and a top table finish is indeed within our compass. Criticism is fine and yes it’s a game of opinions, but guys if you were just to analyse the excessive stick that Theo and Ramsey have taken recently you would see how salient my request is.
    Oh and the next time someone comes on and says “ in Arsene we rust” can someone tear his head off and shove it up his Jacksie? Cheers

  45. TotalArsenal says:

    Oz 🙂 whilst you are around: well done, the other day, with a scalpel-sharp, yet warm-blooded forensic dissection of the Stoke game. I loved the Wenger picture as well. Top stuff.

  46. oz gunner says:

    @ GLIC

    haha good call, i’d take my chances at playing kozza as a rush keeper allowing for an extra player up top. Kozza made more saves yesterday than almunia did all last season

  47. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Oz, I am hoping and praying RvP will stay fit all the way to the European Championship finals. First win something big with Arsenal and then lift the cup in Poland/Ukraine! He deserves it, and I hope Wenger will know when to rest him.

  48. oz gunner says:

    @ TA

    ah my match report is now complete with your very much appreciated comment, you are too kind. I had to adopt a different approach because following the likes of you and harry is tough stuff, so i took the easy option of steering clear so as to not fail miserably haha.

  49. JB212 says:

    That win yesterday must of done a world of good to the squads confidence. Just look at how Mr. Arsenal rounded up the players and celebrated with his team like a captain should !!

    Santos for me isn’t a defending fullback in the same mould as Sagna is. His strength is going forward, not to say he can’t tackle or defend as he showed in the second half yesterday. Andre Santos gets a lot of stick but fans and critics don’t realise he’s coming from a completely different footballing environment to the premiership, the quality of opposition, the pace of the game, everything’s just different. Give him time, from yesterday’s outing we’ve seen he can be a great asset to the team going forward and he can defend as he did in the second half more regularly once he gains more match fitness and gels in with the team more. Just look at his Youtube videos displaying his attacking prowess then the second half the match yesterday for his defensive ability. He’s a very similar mould to Roberto Carlos, even replaced him at Fenerbache.

    Gervinho and Walcott’s performance yesterday was mouth-watering. Those wide positions should always be theirs if we are playing a team that likes to attack and leave gaps in behind. Their pace was damaging and Gervinho’s cut backs are becoming very good now, more or less always finding one of our players.

    Ramsey, Song and Arteta are a very good combination in my opinion. Ramsey and Wilshere could learn a lot of things from our experienced midfielders Arteta, Arshavin and Rosicky. Rosicky is also demonstrating the form he had when he initially came and is showing he still has legs and pace on him.

    Am extremely happy with the form our squad is showing, we’re playing like more of a team than last season and we seem to be more expansive in our play. Last season when Fabregas and Nasri was on the field the team would pass to them and expect magic, this season that magic is coming from all 3 of our midfield trio.

    We drew Man City in the quarter finals. If we do manage to knock them out, I believe we could go all the way as they are the only team in the Premiership which I slightly fear.

    Our squad is A LOT bigger than most people think if everyone was fit, I believe it’s bigger than United, Tottenham, Chelsea and Liverpool. Just look at our midfield. Song, Frimpong, Coquelin, Diaby, Wilshere, Ramsey, Arteta and Rosicky.


    Let’s finally restore our bragging rights 😀

    PS: Sorry about the long post, I just have soo much to say concerning our squad right now. Maybe I should make my own blog 😉

  50. oz gunner says:

    @ TA

    with Parks break out game last week i think we can safely rest RVP when he needs, as burnout to prince robin is something none of us what to think about. Sorry i’ve gathered up all the wool from the sheep shearers down in oz so RVP can be kept safe when hes not playing for the mighty arsenal (i still have nightmares about that challenge by the italian chielleni (sp?))

    Surely you can settle with Huntelaar and Kuyt right?

  51. TotalArsenal says:

    Oz, it was really good to read it. I listened to the radio during the Arsenal-Stoke match, whilst driving up to the north of England. Obviously, it was a mad afternoon for radio-broadcasting with the MU-MC game taking up most of the attention, and only the goals at our game being reported. Therefore, your step-by-step approach turned out to be just what I needed.

  52. Well done Harry, a comprehensive and very readable summation.

    Off topic, There’s no doubt that van Persie is our most valuable player. With contract negotiations looming on the horizon money must be found to pay him his worth. Solution…grant Diaby a free transfer and add his wages to Robin’s. Simples!!


    Great stuff Harry

    The only doubts i had yesterday was what the margin of our victory would be. Why?, coz we are simply a better team than Chelsea. Come the New Year the 2 Manchester clubs will be crapping themselves at the mere mention of our name. I will let them know now if they want, its ‘The Arsenal’.

  54. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    I wonder If you can give me some info on a young talent coming out of Holland, I hear he has great drive and an engine, Hertz Van Rentals.

  55. kelsey says:

    here’s a poser.

    In the long run who do you think will be more benefical by his influence to the team Ramsey or Wilshere.Many will say both and I hope that is right .

    dandan nothing pleases we more to be wrong about Theo but let’s reassess him in a few months. I can be outspoken and have a differing view to many but in Ramsey’s case I have never slated him.That he is is even playing again often with such composure after his awful injury is testament to the young man..

  56. dandan says:

    Kelsey afternoon, my comment was a generalisation you are not alone. I was picking on no one in particular.

  57. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    I think (and hope) the Ramsey/Wilshere act will be part of a solid foundation for now as well as the future of Arsenal,mouthwatering!.
    As for Theo, there is not a player I can think of, whom I`ve wanted to succeed as much as him, he comes across as such a nice boy, the sort you`d be happy to have as a son-in-law !

  58. evonne says:

    Kelsey – very well said, I want to be wrong about Theo; I’d be delighted to be completely wrong about him

    Ramsey is a different ballgame altogether, I am so glad I sent him dozens of ‘Get Well’ cards from all over the world

  59. LB says:


    Will definitely try and help put your last sentence’s request into action.

  60. LB says:

    Wilshere and Ramsey play in completely diferent positions, no reason why both of them can’t be as influential as each other.

  61. LB says:

    It’s funny, but Walcott always seems to play well against the chavs, I can only suppose it is because Cole pushes up which gives Theo the one commodity he needs above all — space. It’s like oxygen to him; he simply doesn’t seem to be able to survive without it.
    It would be churlish not to acknowledge his fine crosses which laid goal scoring opportunities on a plate for Gervinho and RvP; who said the competition of Oxlade-Chamberlain isn’t having a healthy effect?
    His goal was extremely well taken but the lead up was so lucky, if Theo had had time to think about that he would have messed it up, fortunately he didn’t and he scored what we all know was an extremely important goal.
    My problem with Theo is not that he is poor it’s just that others are better, compare the fluidity of Gervinho yesterday with the rigidity of Walcott it really is chalk and cheese and here’s the thing — Arshavin and Gervinho are far more fluid than Gervinho and Walcott, that does not mean I want to see the back of Walcott I just don’t like the fact that he seems to be treated as a must play sacred cow. He should be played on his merits and not, as I see it, becasue of how much he cost or the fact that he might leave if he is on the bench. Walcott played well yesterday and deserves his starting place against Marseille but when he doesn’t play well I want to see him on that bench.

  62. Big Raddy says:

    LB. Agreed re: Theo. One swallow does not a summer make.

    Yesterday was the best AFC game since Barca at the Emirates and will live long in the memory. If only all teams would commit to all out attacking football.

  63. harry says:

    Thanks DanDan, LG and all others…………

    @DD_ Agree totally with your comments, some have been (not necessarily on here) quick to slate ramsey, theo, rosicky too has had stick, but all have proved themselves this season……

    :@LB “”His goal was extremely well taken but the lead up was so lucky, if Theo had had time to think about that he would have messed it up, fortunately he didn’t and he scored what we all know was an extremely important goal.””

    Many players are better when they dont think about it, it comes naturally, which is even better, Messi moves so fast he can hardly think, pure ability to caress and control a ball, all theo needs now is some consistency…..

    The thing with Chelsea amongst others is that they worry less about out theo, and put only one player on him, whereas lower clubs might double up on him and then as you say he suffocates…..

    Agree about that Ramsey and Wilshere, play in different positions and certainly together with FRimpers are our future, as someone says above, our squad has to be the deepest with so many options….

  64. LB says:

    Good write up Harry

    Messi is a class above, no one can think as fast as he, while retaining control in the way he does…………………but I am aware that this is a bit like telling you that grass is green.

  65. LB says:

    I have been racking my brains all week trying to work out why Kelsey suggested that Theo change his first name to Albert?

    The only idea I can come up with is that Messi’s first name, when pronounced the English way, is very old fashioned — Lionel

    So on that basis, if Walcott changed his first name to something equally old fashioned like Albert he would surely start playing as well as Messi.

    This made me chuckle and I started thinking which other Arsenal players might benifit from a name change:

    Reginald Arshavin anyone?

  66. dandan says:

    LB Didnt a certain reciter of monologues use to tell us” Yon Lions eaten our Albert and im in his best sunday clothes to”.. 🙂

  67. Big Raddy says:

    Harry. Long term, I see AR, JW and Song as our starting MF. Song turned 24 in Sept, hardly an old fella.

    It is just we have grown so used to seeing him.

    Due the youth policy we have very experienced players who are still very young – Theo is just 22, AR 20, JW 19. WS 21

    Gerv is just 24, Koscielny turned 26 last month. So the heart of the team should have a number of years to develop together.

    Then of course we have the young lions coming through – Frimpong, Coquelin. Ox, Miquel, Jenkinson, Ryo, Aneke etc all 20 or under.

    The future is bright, the future is Arsenal

  68. Big Raddy says:

    I forgot Gibbs whose 22nd birthday was in Sept.

  69. harry says:

    Your right radders and I wasnt writing song off, one of my favourites and as I put in the article, very important to us. We do have a very strong and young core, after all the moaning, we are not in a bad position………I think Wenger did very well with the cutting of the cloth throughout the summer……..

  70. dandan says:

    BR I like you see our young men as the future, but how much pressure will the fans continue to put on AW to spend on established talent from outside thus reducing the chances for these youngsters to fulfil their destiny, already in many areas his youth policy has been rubbished and derided as a failure.

  71. harry says:

    @Dandan, I think finally we have the mix just about right, and quite a few of our youngsters have considerable experience as well….

  72. LB says:

    Fortunately, Wenger hasn’t taken a blind bit of notice of the calls to spend more money; he obviously has the backing of the board as I am sure they see it as sound business model.

  73. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Oz, sorry had to go out. It would be good to start Park against Marseille with RvP on the bench. I cannot wait to see him play a full-on, proper game.

    Huntelaar and Kuyt are decent enough alternatives, but this is RvP’s year.

  74. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi GLIC, yep Hertz van Rentals has been tipped by those-in-the-know to become world class: a great engine, can change through the gears quickly, likes to park the bus, and – a Wenger pre-requisite nowadays – he comes without handbreak 😀

  75. TotalArsenal says:

    Peaches, Raps, I love the ‘header’ of the AA blog. It makes the result look even more significant! 🙂

  76. kelsey says:


    you make me laugh.You are very similar to my wife. I mention something and a week later she responds 😉

    no you are on the wrong track with Albert, think of a famous Albert.

  77. dandan says:

    Kelsey did he have a cane with a horses head handle 🙂

  78. kelsey says:

    Do accountants only blog on week days when they are at work 🙂

    Anyone watch th Spurs game.
    Wilkins was creaming himself about Adebayor who was by far the worst Spurs player on the pitch.laughable.

  79. VCC says:

    Abramovich…..Mourhino…..Terry…Osgood…..Tambling….Harris…Webb…Bonnetti….Arse Hole…..Drogba….Lampard….
    Your boys took a hell of a beating.

  80. chas says:

    Victoria Albertia Crescit.

    Great write up, Harry.
    Like the name Sir Chez.
    Still not sure who dodgy barnet is. All of Chelsea’s subs had dodgy barnets!

  81. chas says:

    Oh yeah, and Cole dived after running into Sir Chez’s knee. 🙂

  82. LB says:

    Bang on Chas

    That was a blatant dive by that cheating so and so.

  83. gunnern5 says:

    Some football phrases can be very irritating and somewhat childish and along with the verbal assassination of the management, board and players can be upsetting.

    But I contend that the right place to express ones concerns about various aptitudes and abilities is right here on a blog. I’m the eternal optimist but I still find it impossible not to emote and be critical of what has transpired over the past 6/7 years,

    To hide my true feelings behind a mask, would be tantamount to pretense and asking for silence..

    We get more than our share of silence, negative emotions and criticism at the Emirates – which is undoubtedly the wrong place.

    Long live our resurgence but lets feel free to emote and express our inner feelings right here – good, bad or indifferent.

  84. evonne says:

    LB – careful, one of the regulars on AA is called Albert! And he has a nasty streak to him 🙂 I believe you already have one duel in the Tavern, now you are going to have another 🙂

  85. LB says:


    As I was writing it I thought to myself, please don’t let anyone be called Albert on here.

    My appologies to anyone I may have accidently offended.

  86. evonne says:

    LB – ha ha ha ha, that is hillarious 🙂 Well sorry, but we have an Albert and he has been told he has a bad attitude 🙂

  87. Fantastic report. Thanks. I’ve watched the football first version of the game 4 times. I think we have a team spirit that is much better than last season. RVP is a great captain. Pay him whatever he wants, I said I’d sell Walcott yesterday. I’ll be more than happy for him to shove my words down my throat. I really like Santos and Gervinho. I can’t see why Chesney shoud have got anything but a yellow. arsehole wan’t through on goal and it wasn’t dangerous. Still laughing at captain fantastic (the legend). Best I’ve felt so far this season.

  88. SharkeySure says:

    Harry …no apologies required, sterling effort there.

    Too many great lines to list…although I will be having a night out in Essex asap, and steering clear of anyone who tries to pass on a careless whisper….

    I think you;re ratings were spot on and rather you than me calling a leader out of your four nines.

    I had RVP in my Fantasy League team as skipper, and had added Rambo yesterday morning. Unbelievably Rambo had only two points at close of play (no goals no assists – but I’ll be stunned to find he got no bonus points.

    Great shout re Song. His defensive work for us is so important to wat we are trying to achieve. The way that he is now so ably assisted by Arteta is fantastic. We just do;t get on those 3 v34 counters anymore. Artetas defensive work has been a revelation.

  89. 26may1989 says:

    Re our best defence, the Verm-Kos axis is probably going to be our best CB combo, but it seems to me we now have alternatives for different needs:

    Speedy, attacking unit: Jenkinson, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs/Santos
    Aerial game unit: Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen/Koscielny, Santos
    Maximum solidity unit: Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Vermaelen

    As yesterday showed, there is still a need to build the defensive understanding but once Sagna is back, much of that will follow.

  90. SharkeySure says:

    Hey ETL !!! *quizzical*

  91. LB says:

    Talking of Sagna, does anyone know if he has a complicated break or is the regular kind?

  92. SharkeySure says:

    Yesterday I joked about borrowing Kelsey’s Beta Blockers. Today I watch my son’s U11’s side playing on a pitch the size of the Emirates. We start incredibly sloppily with a very poor stand in keeper.

    Inside of 10mins we are 3-0 down. At h/t (30mins) its 3-1. I tell the boys that if we get the next goal then its game on. Inside 6-7mins its 3-3.

    Glorious chance for 4-3 to us is rolled wide of empty net. They take their chance for 4-3. Our CM hurts his arm…we play on with ten (no sub). We continue to press and are rewarded. 4-4

    In my mind we have two mins left…we’re pressing hard, and keep the ball alive in their box, shot blocked, rebound stabbed home. 5-4 to us.

    About to restart I’m frantically trying to position all our players defensively. They kick off ref blows up. We’ve won it with the last meaningful kick of the game.

    Then its fifteen miles to our home turf, and head straight to A&E where our manager has taken our CM to have his wrist x-rayed !! We’re there 90 mins with him plus 3 other boys incl mine. He has a hairline fracture, but he still wants/expects to play next week !!

    I’ve ordered my b-blockers on line. Had to….I won’t/can’t go thru another w/end like this one without them.

  93. SharkeySure says:

    @ 9.29 – I’m trying to say that we don’t seem to have those 3 v 3 counter attacks to defend lately.

  94. 26may1989 says:

    Don’t know LB, but physioroom.com reckon he’s meant to be available around 11 Dec.

  95. harry says:

    LOL Sharkey cheers, think I will be joining you in Essex, when we going?

    Arteta really is a diamond, just goes about his job, ice cool customer for me…….

    @GM, thanks…..Your right a yellow was justified, could have gone either way with the inconsistent refs we have to suffer….
    Ex ref Dermot Gallagher was on Talk sport and to my astonishment said that the ref was 100% correct, normally find him anti-arsenal.

    Anyway hitting the sack soon, early rise in the morning……..

    Altogether now……….

    Oh to be oh to be a, gooner……….!! get in their you rip roaring reds……..love em……….lets now smash Marseille…….

  96. It’s a minor fracture LB. More like a crack apparently.

  97. On another site I had an argument/discussion with someone about a year ago. I was defending RVP. I was being ridiculed because I said that RVP was in a different league to shrek. I also said If Rvp had an injury free season he’d be top scorer. I’ve put money (not much) on Robin being top scorer twice in the past. Wish I’d thought about it this season. He’s scored twice as many goals as any other player in the prem this calender year except shrek and that’s 31 to 19.

  98. SharkeySure says:

    4 times GM…well played. The FF version is a briliant way to condense a game into all the important bits without 30secs of nowt before every corner and throw in. You get a great feel of the overall spirit and a good idea of how a game has ebbed* and flowed.

    *I must ask Frothing or Red Arse about the etymology of the word ‘ebb’. Its a very odd word. A bit like ‘odd’ itself I guess. I’ll leave that there….prob for Red to pick up.

    Mickey…your comments about Red Arse’s match reports were hilarious.

  99. I’m going to watch it a few more over the next week or 2 Sharkey

  100. SharkeySure says:

    GM – That’d be the same site that listed Mr Gael Clichy, Mr Kolo Toure and Mr Emmanuel AdeNuff as some of the ‘world class’ players that Arsene has let go in the last 2-3 seasons.

    You really couldn’t make most of their shite up.

    I read it for a good laugh on days like today and yesterday !!

    Night all (yep, thats just you and your rats GM)

  101. Gooner in Exile says:

    First chance I’ve had to post, nice report Harry, you’re right who else could write that up briefer (well apart from Rockys two liner) 🙂

    Can’t disagree with any ratings either.

  102. Gooner in Exile says:

    Now read all comments and more fine work by all. Now about to watch MotD2 just to see what they make of JTs slip/fall/MLKtrip.

  103. Gooner in Exile says:

    Anyone see Yossi’s tweet?

    “What a great win today!!! Well done guys!”


    “Shame that some of the chelsea fans here take my last tweet in a wrong way..”

    Then …..

    “Its obvious i would say well done to my team mates. This is what’s sports is all about”

  104. Gooner in Exile says:

    Hahaha love our away fans, apparently when Frank Sinclair was introduced at half time our fans sang

    “you don’t know who your clapping”


  105. Gooner in Exile says:

    And now for my final twitter update the most amazing stat I have read:

    In the calendar year 2011, Arsenal (12) have had more clean sheets than MUFC, CFC, LFC & Spurs. Only City have more (13)

  106. Gooner in Exile says:

    2010-11 v 2011-12

    (A) Newcastle D – D
    (A) Man Utd L – L
    (H) Stoke W – W
    (H) Bolton W – W
    (H) Blackpool/Swansea W – W

    (A) Spurs D – L
    (A) Blackburn W – L
    (H) Liverpool D – L

    (H) Sunderland D – W
    (A) Chelsea L – W

    We’re on 16 points which is exactly the same as the corresponding fixtures last season 😀

  107. oz gunner says:

    great stats GiE, very suprised with the clean sheet record. Apparently yossi copped alot of flack for that tweet. Suits me just fine because from what hes shown he can stay on past the loan deal

  108. LB says:

    From today’s Guardian.

    “Robin van Persie has been moved to rebut suggestions that he celebrated one of his three goals in Arsenal’s 5-3 defeat of Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Saturday with a Nazi salute.

    The Dutchman used his Twitter account to answer claims made on the internet that he performed the salute in front of the Arsenal fans after scoring his second goal.”

    Van Persie, who touched his right shoulder then his left shoulder with his right hand before raising it in the air, said it was nothing more than an expression of his joy at scoring such an important goal.

    He tweeted: “It has been brought to my attention of some ridiculous allegations concerning my celebration of one of my goals yesterday.

    “It is totally ludicrous to suggest that my action of brushing my shoulder and pointing to my fans could be construed as anything else but of a showing of joy and celebration.”

    “To suggest this meant anything to the contrary is insulting and absolutely absurd as nothing else came into my mind.”

  109. Gooner in Exile says:

    LB i’m glad he has come out and explained himself, shouldn’t have needed to as any journo worth his salt would surely read up on him a bit before making such an allegation.

    Oz agree about Yossi, also I felt it showed the spirit in the camp.

  110. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Fabulously detailed and well thought out match report. Thank you very much.

  111. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Just a quick thought on comments yesterday about Theo, really prompted by excellent comments from dandan and LB. I do think criticism of him has been fair before saturdays’ game and in the spirit of the site, it has been polite, merely opinions. Two points made were so true. One is the result on virtually any other day would have gone against us, and the other that Theo needs the space that only gung ho teams like Chelsea will afford him.
    Nothing alters the fact that it was a great result highlighted more than anything by the return of team spirit and togetherness which when combined with the undoubted skillsters we possess bodes well.
    Much work to do so off again.

  112. kelsey says:

    Morning all,

    so the media are at it again this time the target RVP.

    RVP is not a Muslim though his wife is and is Moroccan. Actually this is cheap journalism at its worst. One could start a whole conspiracy theory with the various hand gestures in the clip shown on various sites after celebrating the forth goal but i would rather concentrate on his wonderful form on Saturday.

    Rasicm and now apparentlt anti semetic remarks are being high lighted by the media which goes hand in hand with high unemployment throughout the western world. It has been seen before,but this is not a topic for a football forum IMO

  113. Big Raddy says:

    GIE. Thanks for both the stats. Fine work.

    Surprising to find we have the same number of points, as is the defensive stat.

    I cannot agree about Yossi. He is going to be a good signing for this season but with JW, Ryo, AA, Diaby and a host of other MF options, I cannot see him at THOF next season.

    Still basking ….

  114. evonne says:

    GiE – you are as good at manipulating the stats as the hateful media 🙂
    I have just looked at the goal difference tables…not for the faint hearted, bloody Shitty

  115. Big Raddy says:

    kelsey. There are loonies all over the world. Unfortunately most of them have access to a keyboard.

    If I were Robin I would want to identify these morons and go and give them a good shoeing

  116. evonne says:

    Raddy – character deformation is a serious matter, he might decide to take legal action, why not?

  117. Big Raddy says:

    Evonne. …. at the moment MC look unstoppable, just as Chelsea did at this time last season. How many trophies did the Chavs win last season? 🙂

  118. kelsey says:


    It actually annoyed me seeing the various pictures on several sites on newsNow, instead of concentrating on the man’s incredible form this year.

    Anyway onwards and upwards and if ever a team should be brimming with confidence it is this team and marseilles should be ripped apart tomorrow.

  119. Big Raddy says:

    evonne. A shoeing is more efective.

  120. Big Raddy says:

    kelsey. Have you met your new nipotini?

  121. evonne says:

    Raddy – I hope you are right, I am so waiting for the wheels to come off the Shitty, and a big bleep for the scum

  122. evonne says:

    Raddy – naughty!!!

  123. kelsey says:

    nipotini ? nipper you mean.no not as yet,he only came home on Saturday.

  124. Big Raddy says:

    Watched the Spurs yesterday and I am afraid to say they are a fine team with a number of excellent players. Monkey-man is awesome and the sooner he goes to Spain the better.

    VdV has that unpleasant ability to be in the right place at the right time.

    The Chavs will surely up their interest in Modric – they need him.

    Should they sign a new GK in Jan they will be serious opposition this season. Though if we going to WHL after yesterdays win I am convinced we would beat them.

  125. Big Raddy says:

    Kelsey. Sorry I got my Italian mixed up with my Spanish!!

  126. 26may1989 says:


    Lovely stats as ever Exile, bears out what a lot of us have been saying, that we’re at the same standard we were at last season, even if the Manc clubs have moved away again.

    And if the officials had done the basic aspects of their jobs in the Newcastle, Blackburn and Spurs games, we’d have six more points in the bag. But apparently it’s just whinging to complain about suffering at the hands of consistent incompetence and we should just wait for it all to balance out magically.

    Re Walcott, Micky, my feeling has long been that Theo has been subjected to much higher standards by fans than other players. He had two weak games before this weekend but did well for much of this season, but that was usually not reflected in assessments of him. For those who’ve been backing him, his excellent performance at the Bridge wasn’t such a surprise. I’d better stop, am getting dangerously close to ITYS-ism!

    Catch up with you guys and gals later.

  127. Big Raddy says:

    Feeling a bit chatty this morning pre-work.

    I watched a programme on George Best last night which reminded me of what a stellar player he was. I was lucky enough to see him play live on a number of occasions and without exception his every touch would lift the crowd.

    It wasn’t just his ability, it was his chutzpah and courage, and of course his off field persona

    I have been lucky enough to see Maradona, Cruyff, Ronaldo, Figo, Brady, Charlton, Henry, DB10, etc etc etc play live but Georgie was the One (though Messi is very very special and still a lad).

  128. Big Raddy says:

    26. “But apparently it’s just whinging to complain about suffering at the hands of consistent incompetence and we should just wait for it all to balance out magically.”


  129. Big Raddy says:

    Humbug. No-one around and no excuse not to work ……

  130. Gooner in Exile says:

    Morning all….was it me or was there some pretty offensive chanting at RvP by Chelski fans thought I heard some very old muck being raked up….I know I’ve definitely read it on a number of sites.

    Raddy as for your assessment of Spurs I can only invoke the lyrics of one of my favourite Arsenal chants…

    “and here’s what she said to me…….

    Wash your mouth out son, go get your fathers gun…….”


    VanderFarts goal was lucky and if Traore and SWP weren’t standing holding hands on the corner of the 18yd box would not have scored. QPR pressured them for the opening 20-30 mins of the second half and their defence was at 6s and 7s a better team would have scored more than one and not conceded the second. And when they cut to Defoe and Pav on the bench they both looked very peeved….I’d guess unhappy and I would happily see a bid for Pav in the transfer window as a proven goalscorer in the PL.

    Maybe I’m biased.

    Those stats are not mine, they are found.

  131. kelsey says:

    QPR are a pretty ordinary team, the result proves nothing to me, except every single team in the PL seem to have more holes in their defence than seen for many a year.technically some of the defensive failings are awful but it makes for more open games.

  132. evonne says:

    where can I see all the scum, pool etc fixtures for the next couple of months? I need to convince myself that they are going to drop points soon

  133. chas says:

    She fell over…

  134. evonne says:

    Chas – why are they chanting ‘she fell over’ ? i don’t get it….

  135. Rasp says:

    Great stuff chas, I can relive those goals for ever.

    Evonne, it goes back years in football, it’s just a way of demeaning an opposition player by calling him a ‘girlie’ when he goes down cheaply.

  136. Rasp says:

    Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness yet another fist pumping masterpiece from our very own RockyLives…..

    ….. New post……

  137. chas says:

    Sorry Evonne, I’ve just realised the “she fell over” chant is highly sexist. 🙂

  138. compra e venda de carros…

    […]A bridge not so far, as Arsenal’s recovery gains pace and Player ratings….. « Arsenal Arsenal[…]…

  139. Live|Live Stream|Live Channel…

    […]A bridge not so far, as Arsenal’s recovery gains pace and Player ratings….. « Arsenal Arsenal[…]…

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