Hopefully the final trip to Blackburn – preview.

Let me start by stating the views held below are entirely my own and in no way represent the views of the site.

Anyone who has read my pre-matches over the seasons will know that I am not a huge fan of Blackburn, I will go further and say that for many seasons they have represented all that is reprehensible in football – from top to bottom.

Let’s look at their recent record:

Managers: Graham Souness, Paul Ince, Fat Sam, Mark Hughes, Steve Kean.  Only Dalglish brought some respectability to this awful club and he was sacked (by mutual consent).  The last 3 seasons have seen them reach their nadir – from the non-football of the Walrus through to Kean’s  commitment to the “big man.”

Ownership.: Jack Walker (the first man to buy the PL), the Chicken chaps – the chicanery of the promotion of Kean by the Venky’s, whom it is said had no conception there was relegation in football and the PL was based upon the franchise system as in the NFL!

Players: El Hadj Diouf, Robbie Savage, David Bentley, Craig Bellamy (both players of the season!) –  they are united in their awulness.

If you enjoy utilitarian football allied to workmanlike players who are encouraged to “get in their faces,” then Blackburn is the club for you. The management are at best pragmatic.  There is a reason Blackburn are most peoples favourites for relegation.

Detail of Steve Kean’s tactics

What should we expect from a team based around the physical presence of Yakubu, Samba, Jason Roberts? Tactically, I guess they will be very energetic, pack the midfield, look to stifle our creative players, defend in depth to stop the pace merchants,  hit a number of long balls to the isolated front man and look to score from set pieces. They do have quality, Givet and Samba are two fine players, Dunn has been,  and in Hoilett they have the makings of a top player.

To turn to the men in the white hats, we celebrate the return of the violent miscreants: Song, Gervinho and Jenkison, two of whom I expect to play today. Song was outstanding in Germany and I look forward to a more mature performance from him than the idiocy with Barton.

My team:

Gibbs has played twice in a week and being fragile could use the rest, furthermore I would like to see Santos play – he is supposedly a fine attacking LB and despite Holliet being a right winger, should have plenty of opportunities to get forward. Should Benayoun start ahead of Arshavin? In a game which is likely to get physical – yes.

Today’s referee is Andy Marriner (I think). Let us hope he gets early control and that our team can keep 11 players on the pitch.

Blackburn as everyone knows has 400o holes in it  (Lennon was referring to the appalling state of the local roads). What is less known is that Mitchell and Kenyon who were pioneers in the development of cinematography  lived in Blackburn until 1901.

A tough away  game with Blackburn looking to dig themselves out of a hole (sic) having won just one point so far this season but one that Arsenal have reason to be positive about.

N.B. Don’t forget the 12.45 kick-off!


Big Raddy

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  1. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Quite a good report BR, but would have been excellent had you put Theo on the left 🙂
    I know he and Gerv will do some swapsies, but they shouldn’t as Theo should be down the left. Only. Forever.

  2. eddio says:

    Totally agree with the article and your responses to the Blackburn Rovers’ experience.
    Now man up, you soft Southern poncey douche bag and stop drinking that fruit flavoured pish-water that you think is beer!

  3. Matt Moore says:

    First team to buy the title? Look how much Utd had spent when we won the league. Look how much your own team has spent over the past few seasons without even getting close. I don’t like the fact that Steve Kean cannot influence change in a game but our football is a far cry from the hoof ball played by Fat Sam. You need to concentrate on your own plight at the moment, not go round slagging other clubs off. IF we do beat you today what does that say about your mighty Gooners then? Come On You Blues

  4. Fatgingergooner says:

    Don’t want to be picky BR but you have missed the Blonde Haired, cretinous, spit bucket that is El Hadji Diouf from your list of ex Blackburn wankers (for want of a better word)!!

    Micky, could you not see Theo down the middle? I know how you love the opposite footer coming in from the flank but if Gervinho is right footed then we could put him out left with RVP right n Arteta behind. With defences worried about the ball in behind they would drop deep allowing Arteta, and RVP acres in which to work.

  5. Big Raddy says:

    Matt. Read the article. I said the Premiership and taking a little club then buying Shearer, Sutton etc etc IS buying the League.

    But thanks for coming onto the site.

    What would it say should we lose? It would say we had a bad day, the ref was bent and your team was phenomenally lucky 🙂

  6. Nick Shay says:

    How much fun it is to look down with disdain. Truth is your recent collection of silverware is no better than ours, despite your incomparable financial advantage and arguably one of the best managers in recent footballing history. The simple fact is that Arsenal lack heart. Btw you might want to watch the last few matches on MOTD once in a while; Kean is no fan of long ball or big man tactics. Shut up and go back to being a second string club with third rate fans.

  7. Big Raddy says:

    FGG. Are you a referee? You have the eyesight of one!

  8. VCC says:

    Another spot on post from BR. What inspires this guy. BR I wan’t a little of what you are on, what is it?

    Quote from Daily Star (Red top I know) Samba = ” We know we can get in Arsenals faces”
    “We know we can’t let them play their game”
    “It is up to us to make it a living hell for them”

    The one disagreement I have with the master (BR) is I blame the referee’s. Do these guys not read the paper’s or see what happens when certain teams play us.
    Recently Neville admitted on live tele (pre match analysis) that he knew he was going to give Reyes a kicking and put him off his game. Plenty of times we see/hear this. How do the ref’s feel when they watch the replays after the games?
    What does that referee think (can’t remember his name) after watching Rooney take a blatant dive/hop over Campbells leg when we lost our unbeaten record. How can he/they put their head on the pillow at night?
    Our referee’s have to be accounted for their actions and there should be after match reports with them as they do with the Managers. Make them explain themselves.

  9. Big Raddy says:

    VCC. I share your refereeing concerns but anyone who has played/reffed any high tempo sport knows how difficult it is to always be right.

    The CL with 4 linesmen has witnessed some desperate calls.

    Take the red card given for retaliation; It is an automatic response to be unhappy when someone is making a concerted attempt to destroy your health and potentially your career. (see Barton/Diaby last season) yet invariably the first foul gets either a yellow or nothing.

  10. kelsey says:

    A Day in the Life of Arsenal Raddy

    I read the news today oh boy
    Four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire
    And though the holes were rather small
    They had to count them all
    Now they know how many holes it takes to fill Ewood Park.
    I’d love us to turn them over.(say 3-0)

  11. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Its not so much that I’m a fan of a rightie playing on the left or vice versa, its that Theo is so easy to play against down the right. I think we would get 50% more from him down the left.
    I take your points about RvP and Arteta.
    I have just scooted around other sites, and Pedro on Legrove has Theo left! He is clever that Pedro.

  12. Fatgingergooner says:

    Matt Moore,

    How can you possibly argue that your beloved club didn’t ‘buy the league’ as they say?

    Between 93-95 your club spent about 12m
    Between 93-95 Man U made a profit!!!!

  13. Big Raddy says:

    Micky. I happen to know that Pedro is dyslexic

  14. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Right, off out for supplies.

  15. Colonel Blink says:

    This guy is clearly a small man hiding behind his keyboard. Probably one of those troll characters. I do not think he represents Arsenal supporters, whom I have found to be rather gracious and knowledgeable types.Up Rovers.

  16. Southen Rover says:

    1st can i say…. what lil girls you arsenal fan’s really are, from head to toe u seem to wanna pick apart the english rose’s team, i have to say from all supported clubs, yours seem to be the one who complains about us, yes you pretty football but from the days of fatrick vieira,Martin keown,Donkey Adams and “hard man” freddy you aint won F*ck all, It seems just because you are miles apart from likes of United,City,Chelsea and i’d even say Liverpool!!! as for your adopted derby with Spurs, the true north London team i cant pick who’s the strongest club!!! basicly what im trying to say to you muppets is diffrence in attitude between us blackburn fan’s and you mugs is, Atleast we can admit we are now a small club in the EPL and will prob end up winning nothing. rather be relistic then deluded!!!!!

  17. Manx Gooner says:

    For purely selfish reasons I don’t want Blackburn ever to be relegated. This also applies for Bolton and Wigan

    As I live on the Isle of Man, Blackburn, Bolton and Wigan are among the easiest grounds to get to and I can easily get relatively cheap tickets for these games.

  18. Big Raddy says:

    Manx. Yours loss would be others gain.

  19. Fatgingergooner says:

    BR-apologies! I couldn’t see Diouf from where I was sitting!!!!

  20. VCC says:

    kelsey 10:22. Loving the lyrics, your wasted on here man.
    You must get out more. lol

  21. JJ says:

    Ignorant and narrow minded article focusing on the the negatives and ignoring the great traditions and history of BRFC. Big Raddy this is a taboid kind of article and I suspect that maybe your a young man ( maybe 18 or 19) trying your hand at understanding football. Never mind young fella keep at it, just try to see the bigger picture and aim higher. Only the hard of thinking would agree with your views on BRFC. When you get older you will learn that any club is about more than a few individuls that you have hand picked to back up your naive point of view. Back to the drawing board young fella

  22. Fatgingergooner says:

    This is A table of the average amount spent on transfers per season from 92-10. Thought it made for quite an interesting read and just goes to show that you don’t have to spend buckets of cash to stay competitive. It’s on a brilliant website called http://www.transferleague.co.uk which basically lists every clubs incoming and outgoing transfers, and value since 92. It’s good stuff.

    1 Chelsea. £25,248,250
    2 Manchester City £24,593,850
    3 Liverpool. £11,346,750
    4 Manchester United. £9,128,000
    5 Tottenham £8,916,625
    6 Aston Villa £6,393,257
    7 Sunderland. £4,874,250
    8 Fulham. £4,624,300
    9 Newcastle. £4,491,000
    10 Wolves. £2,868,700
    11 Stoke City. £2,749,746
    12 Everton. £2,648,775
    13. Bolton. £2,015,000
    14 West Bromwich Albion £1,835,625
    15 Arsenal £1,060,800

  23. Fatgingergooner says:

    And all we are trying to say Southern Rover, but with better use of the English language than yourself, is that we hope you get relegated.

    Enjoy the game.

  24. VCC says:

    Southern Rover.
    I don’t usually bite on comments on web sites such as yours, but I’m glad to hear you admit to being a small club in the EPL.
    Better be very careful because you might just become a minnow in the Championship.
    If your results remain the same I suggest you ask Santa this Christmas for a Sat Nav, cos you’ll need it to visit places like Portsmouth/Doncaster/Bristol/Watford.
    Your team is just what the premiership don’t need right now, a bunch of kickers, just watch them this afternoon.

  25. Big Raddy, not too much to argue with in your team selection but I would pick Frimpong in place of Benayoun in order to add abit of muscle.

    Manx Gooner, I hope it’s a very short journey to Blackburn, otherwise you’re going to miss the kick-off.

  26. Big Raddy says:

    JJ. That is very funny.

    As a man who watched the wonderful Simon Garner grace your club I probably am more aware of Blackburn’s traditions and decline than you are.

  27. Fatgingergooner says:

    JJ, I do believe that Mr BR does actually praise some of your players during his article and gives a pretty balanced viewpoint on what HE thinks about your club. So actually it is yourself who is backing up your own ‘naive’ point of view by hand picking sections from Mr BR’s article.

    Also, what would his age have to do with his opinion? He has only commented on the recent history of your club, which, if he is indeed aged so youthfully (which I doubt!), then his opinion holds as much weight as anyone else’s doesn’t it?

  28. oz gunner says:

    @ LG

    i’m not to sure i agree with frimpong together with song as yet. It seems like they void each other out positioning wise and song doesn’t play as good as he doesn’t know his role.

    @ BR

    great pre-match, i’ve always despised blackburn, and i hate them even more now that brett emerton has left. That AA goal was brilliant (was it not his first for us)

    @ Southern Rover

    Racism really? grow up mate! Glad that comment was taken off

  29. Rover The Moon says:

    How dare you disrepect a superior club like Blackburn Rovers. We will teach you a footballing lesson this lunch-time. Arsenal are nothing but flat track bullies. All we have to do to win this game is get in your faces, stop you playing and hoof a nice long ball up to Samba.

    2-0 to Rovers.

  30. oz gunner says:

    @ Micky

    you keep saying theo down the left long enough and it will happen haha

    i agree completely, it’d liven up the left alot and bring more out of him. Plus its too much seeing sagna and theo crossing on the same side

  31. oz gunner says:

    @ BR

    seems you’ve hit a nerve today, haven’t seen this many opposition fans on here (even when the post about our upcoming defenders being better than manures brought out some manu fans)

  32. Fatgingergooner says:

    Is that a serious comment Rover the Moon? If so, it is hilarious!!!

    To call us bullies, and then basically describe how you are going to bully us on the pitch is brilliant. Well played!

  33. Fatgingergooner says:

    Has anyone seen the Venkys chicken ad that features the Blackburn team? It’s worth a watch!

    If anyone is on YouTube right now then do us all a favour and post it on here.

  34. Big Raddy says:

    In the few occasions we have seen Theo and Gerv play they are regularly changing wings so I cannot see why it matters where they line up.

    For the Udinese goal Theo cut in from the left with Gerv on the right.

  35. harry says:

    Morning Raddy, Feisty post on the match that the Old blackburn boys obviously have taken personally…..ah bless……..

    To Matt, Nick, JJ, Colonel Blink and southern Rover:

    Get a grip, its an Arsenal site, if you actually read the article, Raddy is extolling your characteristics, he openly admits he doesnt like your team, whats wrong with that?

    And as for slating your managers, you lot do that yourself……..of which 1000 of you are protesting about today, as Micky quinn said and how I laughed, whats the other 1000 doing………

    Nick comparing our lack of success against yours is pointless, we are in different spheres, CL every year mate, cup finals, oh ok we have loss them, but we have been up there challenging……..

    Southern, I’d agree on form we have a catch up job on The manks red and blue and probably chelsea, but Liverpool, your having a laugh, they’ll be lucky to be 5th at the end of the season….

    JJ so wrong mate, never mind young fella keep it up…..

    Tough game today, Samba will be pumped and will fight hard…….

    Early goal and then put them to bed or we might be chewing the finger nails……..

    Blackburn 1 Arsenal 3

  36. VCC says:

    JJ = Your modern players would make these players squirm at the thought of some one wearing the famous blue and white halves.
    Bryan Douglas
    Dave Wagstaffe
    Mike England
    Ronnie Clayton
    Peter Dobing
    Derek Dougan
    Now they were proper players, not the kick and hoof louts you have now.

  37. Big Raddy says:

    Oz. Of the posts I have written my favourite was one I wrote which compared our team to Spurs and concluded that none of the Spurs team would get in ours. It was of course a joke but it attracted so many foul mouthed Spuds that we had to moderate all day.

    Since that time we are more careful how we promote a post – mores the pity as I like the banter, it makes it more like a pub atmosphere.

  38. Come on guys, don’t knock poor old Blackburn, they did once win The Premiership and they’re not the worst footballing team in the league, just think of….err….well how about…err. Oh well then perhaps they are after all!

  39. VCC says:

    BR = so looking forward to going down the pub today to watch live Blackburn Rovers v Arsenal.

    I love the friendly banter within the football circles.

    I’m gutted I have been dragged into the stupid comments made from the Rovers fans. My dear old Brother-in-Law who was ardent Rovers fan (God bless his soul) would be angry with the style of play they adopt nowadays. I don’t think he would carry on wasting his money and tine trekking up and down the country to support them in their current plight.

  40. oz gunner says:

    @ Harry

    I think you’re right samba will be fired up and have something to prove. Which isn’t good because he has always plays out of his skin against us, not only defense but up front. I hate seeing the long balls played up to him, hopefully big per will render him ineffective

  41. Big Raddy says:

    No-one commented on my tactics graphic which I am very proud of 😎

  42. oz gunner says:

    @ BR

    i love football banter too, any sports for that matter but it doesn’t interest me when they know nothing and can’t offer a good debate.

  43. JJ says:

    Is this a school website? Raddy mate you need to stop and have a think. Its hillarious that you cant see how poor and ill thought your article is. And your school mates backing you up. What an awful site. I am daft for rising to it. Tell yer dad good on him for being aware of the mighty Simon Garner.

  44. harry says:

    Raddy, great tactics graphic…… 😀

  45. harry says:

    JJ, I actually feel sorry for you…….

  46. Rasp says:

    Morning all,

    Great pre-match Raddy, I share your dislikie for certain aspects of Rovers, but I can see that the paradox is that when they apparently try to play more creative football they invariably lose – catch 22 and all that.

    I want to see Park start to day with RvP given a rest on the bench until needed. I’m sure it won’t happen. YThe introduction of the Ox on 70 minutes for Theo would also be good to see but equally unlikely.

  47. London says:

    Yes, I second that, great tactics graphic….. 😉

  48. London says:

    My punt at Wenger’s team.


    Sagna, Mertz, Koscielny, Gibbs


    —Walcott, RvP, Arshavin

    I am assuming that if Ramsey is fit that he will rest Benayoun and play him in the week. I also wouldn’t be surprised if he alternates The Gerv with Arshavin. I would like to see Santos play but I think once again that Wenger will wait for the mid week game.

  49. harry says:

    Szczesny, Sagna, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Santos, Song, Arteta, Ramsey, Gervinho, Arshavin, van Persie

    Subs: Fabianski, Gibbs, Djourou, Coquelin, Benayoun, Walcott, Chamakh.

    No park…….

  50. oz gunner says:

    cheers for the update harry

    can’t wait to see santos get a run out. Surprised to see now ox or park but look forward to seeing them in the CC game. Perhaps frimpong is getting rested for it also

  51. goonermichael says:

    Where’s Park and Frimpong?

  52. SharkeySure says:

    Excellent write up Mr Radders, absolutely excellent

  53. harry says:

    Yeah, some missing names there, coquelin is making an impression……

    Should be an interesting line up v shrewsbury………..

  54. Fatgingergooner says:

    Strong line up, will enjoy avin a look at Santos.

    Hope Arshavin has gained confidence from last weeks goal and I think Walcott may make an impact from the bench.

    3-1, Gerv, RvP and Theo

  55. oz gunner says:

    coquelin is a great up and comer, reminds me of flamini, which is good because his energy and passion was great to see

  56. harry says:

    Oh Gervinhooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  57. oz gunner says:

    great finish, and well placed pass from song. first walcott now song whats going on?

  58. harry says:

    just need another soon, lets make it an easy win….Take some pressure off the defence…..

    Without scudding him, santos is looking assured…….

    nearly, samba should have scored there…….

  59. oz gunner says:

    he should of done, maybe he still wants to join the gunners and doesnt want to upset wegner haha. Glad salgado is off AA usually gets nothing from him

  60. oz gunner says:

    fast paced arsenal…love it!

  61. goonermichael says:

    oh no

  62. goonermichael says:

    How are we doing?

  63. harry says:

    shocking goal to give away, said we need that 2nd one quicker, bklackburn have their tails up, need to spark again…….

  64. oz gunner says:

    playing well dropped off a bit though, getting alot more room then you’d expect against blackburn. Howlett is looking bright for them and they have come into the game since the goal (bloody yak breaking his drought against us). Hope the boys have screw ins in because it looks very slippery out there

  65. oz gunner says:

    ARTETA!!!!!!!!!!!! great finish and pass by ramsey

  66. oz gunner says:

    poor from gerv, another great opportunity, he should have composed himself first. Make that two wasted chances from gerv, why not pass to RVP there?

  67. harry says:

    Difficult OZ, looking at the replay if he had passed early to rvp, would have been offside……..

  68. oz gunner says:

    still think the shot was the best option though, took too long

  69. Hi oz – van Persie was not happy with Gerv was he? Still lovely to see a fast breaking Arsenal today 🙂

  70. oz gunner says:

    hi peaches, it is great, its the gunners of old. can’t remember the last team ive seen arsenal given this much space…i like this keen bloke too bad he won’t be sticking around haha

  71. Ramsey playing much better than against Swansea – he must’ve played with an injury last Saturday.

  72. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Great graphic 🙂

  73. I was thinking the same – just like watching Arsenal 🙂

    Mustn’t get ahead of myself though, Yakubu is looking lively and we know that Paul Robinson can get his goal kicks exactly where he wants them 😦

  74. Fatgingergooner says:

    Well I’ve got Gervinho n 2-1 so hopefully that’s the end of today’s goals!

    Great to see Arteta taking the ball off the defence rather than Ramsey. He is quicker moving it forward and speeds up our play. Also, didn’t realise Arteta was a monster, has he lost a challenge yet!? Ramsey was excellent in last 20 mins n like the fact that Gervinho wants to run with the ball rather than having it in front of him. Gunna be a player for us.

    Good half, more direct and much quicker play.

  75. harry says:

    Think Santos has been very good for his first outing,
    Arshavin has had some great touches……

    Movement in the final 3rd has been much better today…

  76. SharkeySure says:

    Oz 1.00pm – Song has been making passes like that for quite some time now. His ability to do that, plus his composure on the ball, are two things that set him apart (and above) most others that play in a similar position.

  77. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Sure The Gerv should have slid that one through to Robin but on the whole I am loving having someone who is direct and thinks Goal.

  78. SharkeySure says:

    Agreed Mickey. If Gerv passes and the flag goes up, we’d be asking why we’re trying to pass the ball into the net.

  79. Fatgingergooner says:

    We couldve had Samba and Dann instead of Kozzer n Mert, interesting stuff!

  80. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Some great performances and really nice to see AA putting in a positive shift.
    Great graphic Raddy.

  81. harry says:

    Sorry your gingerness, we need more goals today, lets build our confidence back and bring that GD down…….what odds did you get?

  82. kelsey says:

    RVP not too happy with Gervinho, hope it doesn’t turn into a Reyes Henry partnership. 😉

    Arteta’s goal reminded me of typical Cesc.

    Still need another goal to make sure.

    our keeper seems a tad nervous.

    I still think Gervinho will be a better bet than Walcott long term.

    Otherwise playing well

  83. SharkeySure says:

    Very impressed by Arteta. Whilst I knew he worked hard without the ball, I didn’t realise just how good he is defensively. Terrific signing.

    Along with Santos and The Mert we look so much more mature as team. I look at Santos vs Gibbs and I can only think of Patrice Evra’s comments. Maybe that little shitbag did have a point after all..??

    Shame we conceded a pretty simple goal, but on the whole, a very good half from the MEN(!) in red.

  84. Gooner in Exile says:

    Right first time to post, fine pre match and I agree with most of your assessments of Rovers. Reminds me of GG days to some extent and whilst successful then does not cut it in modern football.

    As for the 1st half apart from the goal we’ve been good I thought, we just dropped momentum a bit. Like Harry you could see the equaliser coming if we didn’t grab a second.

    Nice goal by Arteta after good thrust from Ramsey, a little bit of zippy triangle passing seemed to lift him and he sped up from there.

    Santos has looked steady, Arteta is bringing something new to the party and AA23 is working hard.

    If only Gerv had laid that last opportunity to RvP it could’ve been game over.

    Now for two criticisms:

    1) when they have a free kick just inside the half we should pull the line up higher, and bloody HOLD it there until he kicks it, secondly we should stand Gerv on the halfway line and Arshavin half way between our defensive line and Gerv let’s see if they risk sending so many forward then?

    2) they are exploiting the weakness of zonal marking corners by sending the big boys at the back post on Santos, just a bit of brain says put Meatpacker on the far post and let Koz do the near, then Sz and Sagna can deal with the middle.

    Here’s to a quick start and an early goal to the second period.

  85. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Shame this game cannot go on all afternoon. Loving it.
    Great graphic Raddy.

  86. kelsey says:

    By the way is Ant of Ant and Dec related to Gervinho ?

  87. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Absolutely no-one here knows which is which out of Ant and Dec so tricky one to answer.
    Great graphic Raddy and Walcott down the left.

  88. Gooner in Exile says:

    😀 Kelsey separated at birth!

  89. 26may1989 says:

    Afternoon all.

    Pretty good half that. Song, Ramsey and Arteta at the centre have been great. Santos has been interesting, by turns great and disjointed. But once he gets a feel for where his colleagues will be, he’ll do well. The commentators’ criticisms of his position for the Yak goal were fair BUT it didn’t cost us the goal, Yak was level with Kos. If anyone was at fault it was Song before the ball came to Yak.

    Ok, here we go. 4-1 please.

  90. Gooner in Exile says:

    Micky Ant always stands on the left

  91. 26may1989 says:

    Oh dear. 4-2 then.

  92. harry says:


  93. oz gunner says:

    bloody hell come off it! is it me or does sagna look flat or is hoilett really that fast (never really see him getting beaten for pace)

  94. Gooner in Exile says:

    WHY is he allowed a second chance after kicking out of touch on his first effort?

    This is being made harder than it needs to be.

  95. oz gunner says:

    bloody hell come off it! is it me or does sagna look flat or is hoilett really that fast (never really see him getting beaten for pace).

  96. harry says:

    didnt think it was a free kick in first place, thought arshavin got the ball………….Why do we allow other teams to get their tails up……?

  97. Gooner in Exile says:

    Top top quality keeping there

  98. goonermichael says:

    can’t we hold a lead?

  99. oz gunner says:

    agreed harry i was waiting for the replay, i thought AA got the ball

  100. What happened to Sagna? Can we stay calm and try and win this game?

  101. harry says:

    yep, best in the world kept us in there……..

  102. Gooner in Exile says:

    Me too Harry but that’s probably not case these days especially when it’s an Arsenal player doing it

  103. Fatgingergooner says:

    We are making this so hard for ourselves. Need to hold out for 10 mins, get Walcott on n finish em off

  104. Gooner in Exile says:

    What a joke!

  105. oz gunner says:

    jesus christ, set piece again

  106. 26may1989 says:

    Oh my god. Can we not defend a pigging thing?

  107. oz gunner says:

    offside come on!

  108. harry says:

    offside blantantly….linesman not in line, but that said, we are folding again……..

  109. kelsey says:

    offside or not it was coming.

  110. kelsey says:

    should have 2 or 3 nil up oh dear oh dear.

  111. I’m not interested in Blackburn getting a break!!! We defended like men against Dortmund and now we’re pathetic again 😦

  112. Gooner in Exile says:

    Sorry you can’t blame the lino for that one, we have invited it.

  113. Fatgingergooner says:

    How can we play so well for 45 minutes n then come out like this? What goes on in that fucking dressing room?

  114. kelsey says:

    anyone for 8-2 🙂

  115. Oooooh Micky – Theo on the left???????

  116. 26may1989 says:

    That’s in very very bad taste Kelsey! 🙂

  117. kelsey says:

    we ship goals like the titanic

  118. oz gunner says:

    agreed peaches, same old same old, get up for the big games and then we see this! happened last year against wigan after chelsea.A game we were flying in now looks like we need to scrap for a draw, quite dreadful

  119. goonermichael says:

    That’s my weekend ruined again. wankers

  120. oz gunner says:

    you wouldn’t read about it!

  121. 2 own goals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. 26may1989 says:

    OH FOR FUCK’S SAKE!!!!!!!!

  123. harry says:

    oh well…………it started well, not my match report!!

  124. Fatgingergooner says:

    Fuck off

  125. oz gunner says:

    djourou is becoming the new squillanci, is it too late to buy cahill?

  126. neamman says:

    I dont believe it!!!!

  127. pat says:

    I want my Vermalean back!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. Big Raddy says:

    FFS. Lady Luck has completely abandoned us

  129. goonermichael says:

    Taking the piss now. Top 4? What a joke

  130. 26may1989 says:

    25 minutes of utter, complete rubbish.

  131. Fatgingergooner says:

    Players can’t get rid of the ball quick enough now. No movement, no interest. They are a joke.

  132. kelsey says:

    This will have unbelievable consequences on the team. i said all season kos is a liability for all his good work.never disappoints.

  133. oz gunner says:

    honestly why do we even cross the ball into the box? who is going to head it in RVP?Walcott?Gerv?AA?

  134. 26may1989 says:

    Walcott has been the only bright spark this half. We need the rest of our midfield to remember what they were doing in the first half.

  135. Gooner in Exile says:

    I am lost for words….simply lost for words. I just can’t believe we as a team of players can contrive to lose this after the first half display. Simply shocking!

  136. goonermichael says:

    We’ll be lucky to get into the top 6.

  137. I’m whispering this but our next away fixture is at WHL 😦

  138. 26may1989 says:

    Song off for Chamakh, that’s a gamble. Can the CBs cope without their main shield?

  139. goonermichael says:

    It has been like this for ages.

  140. goonermichael says:

    according to the bbc they’ve had 3 shots on target.

  141. Gooner in Exile says:

    Sorry Kelsey not sure what else Kozzer does in that situation, he has just run the length of the pitch to get there because Djourou couldn’t do the simple thing of staying on his feet and putting the ball into touch.

  142. kelsey says:

    how many points do we need to stay up at this rate we are on course for 30 😉

  143. goonermichael says:

    Wenger won’t survive this season.

  144. oz gunner says:

    @ GiE

    since the toon game the players have come up with all sorts of ways to shock us. i just can’t believe this is the same team that played the first half.

    Olsson what a joke dive, does simulation ever get paid?

  145. gunnern5 says:

    2 – 4 down with 11 minutes left and you can hear the Arsenal away fans singing. They do us proud.

  146. Big Raddy says:

    At least I enjoyed the first half and the brilliant Irish rugby team.

  147. gunnern5 says:

    GM, So AW is responsible for an offside goal and two own goals.

  148. I really enjoyed the first half too 🙂

  149. oz gunner says:

    djourou djourou djourou! from the great run of games he had to this…

  150. 26may1989 says:

    I could cry with frustration watching this team.

  151. kelsey says:

    bloody hell,chamakh

  152. 26may1989 says:

    CHAMAKH! You remembered how to score. Great cross from RvP.

    Come on Arsenal.

  153. oz gunner says:

    wow what a cross

  154. ……..and enjoyed Cham scoring too ………..

    Listen to our supporters, bet you wish you were there GiE xx

  155. harry says:

    chamakh, wonders never cease to amaze me!!

    6 or so minutes, come on…..

  156. 26may1989 says:

    How did that miss???

  157. oz gunner says:

    mert bugger! love how hes staying up there though,should of finished there!

  158. oz gunner says:

    chamma that your chance to win back the faithful

  159. 26may1989 says:

    If we’d played like this half an hour ago we’d have been fine b

  160. harry says:

    Wheres my quilt……………………………………..bye.

  161. 26may1989 says:

    I’m so so angry about that performance. Truly pathetic.

  162. Gooner in Exile says:

    I’ll say something we nearly got that back, and we showed some real commitment.

    And Theo you could buy a pen there in the last minute.

    Still fuming for that first ten minutes of the second half.

  163. oz gunner says:

    if that was rooney he would of left a leg in and got a penalty

  164. 26may1989 says:

    Well done to Blackburn though, a very good second half from them, a deserved win.

  165. Big Raddy says:

    20 terrible minutes cost us a game we should have won by 5. We gave it everything in those final minutes and that gives me hope.

    Djourou is having a dreadful run of form, please let Sagna just have a bruise.

  166. Need chocolate I think 😦

  167. Theo and Chamakh were great subs today I thought

  168. Irishgunner says:

    😆 One has to laugh when the opposition has 3 shots on target but yet win 4-3.

    I’m just going to live off Ireland’s storming win this morning so I don’t go into severe depression.

  169. oz gunner says:

    agreed peaches. off to drown the sorrows. goodluck to the one writing the match report.

  170. Big Raddy says:

    Goals against: 14 after 4 games. Says it all.

  171. Hi Irish – you couldn’t make up a story like that could you.

  172. Danny says:

    Why oh why didn’t Wenger start with the same eleven that started against Dortmund – what a disaster.

  173. 63% possession!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  174. neamman says:

    compared to Old Trafford we increased our scoring by 50% and reduced the goals against by 50%. So we should beat the next team from Lancashire by 4-2!!

  175. Rasp says:

    I hate to say it, but I wonder how we’d have fared if AW was up in the stand and PR had prepared the team for the second half. It is not a new phenomenon that our teams lose sharpness after half time.

  176. Gooner in Exile says:

    So will Arsenal get the same sympathy of the media that Liverpool did last week vs Stoke with similar stats?

  177. barumgooner says:

    If only Gerv had made that simple pass to Robin in the first half. As much as it was a terrible result it wasn’t a terrible performance. A freak game where we dominated and the other team scored 4 from only 3 efforts. Only player who needs to learn from this is Santos…not a memorable debut.

  178. Irishgunner says:

    Peaches – Its a disgrace. There aren’t any positives from this game. This is Blackburn, they are probably the worst side in the EPL, no technical ability and no structure like Stoke, and they make a mockery of us.

  179. Big Raddy says:

    Just watched the goals again and Yakubu is clearly offside. Those are the breaks when luck deserts you. Perhaps AW should see the same soothsayer as SAF.

  180. barumgooner says:

    He is off BR but Santos being in there makes the linesman have a hard decision and he didnt even raise an arm to ask for the offside.

  181. Fatgingergooner says:

    Well I’m off to sit under the stairs. I would write loads of angry stuff now but i will only regret it and usually find that I see things differently after a day or 2. I’m still not sure how we just lost that game!!!

  182. Rasp,

    It could hardly have been worse.

  183. Irishgunner says:

    I’m off to Maccy D’s and the shop and going to eat myself sick. Fucking the life of a Gooner 😦

  184. JJ says:

    Have some of that Raddy. See ya next season. Unless ya get relegated. COME ON ROVERS! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  185. It’s not Blackburn’s fault irish, we made a mockery of ourselves really. Maybe a McFlurry will make me feel better too 😦

  186. goonermichael says:

    I didn’t blame Wenger I said he won’t last the season. I haven’t been watching I’m working.

  187. RockyLives says:

    The usual bad luck etc.

    But what concerns me is that, despite our possession, Blackburn were much the better team in the second half.

    And they are arguably the worst team in the EPL.

  188. Colonel Blink says:

    And we BOUGHT the Premiership title? Like nobody else has ever done? Yes, we are a small club mixing it with Metropolitan Giants in the Premiership. But every now and then something sweet like today occurs!!! Up Rovers and Up Yours!!!!

  189. goonermichael says:

    We deserve to have the piss ripped out of us

  190. ………. and I expect we will gm 😦

  191. 26may1989 says:

    Anyone remember the 3-0 home defeat to Middlesbrough years ago: two own goals that day too (one from Edu on debut), and I think Boro only had two shots on target all day.

  192. London says:

    Looks like we are going to have to wait a bit longer.

  193. Irishgunner says:

    I’m not blaming Blackburn, I’m merely stating they are not a good side and looking for positives is clutching at straws.

    We should have been a couple up after 30mins.

  194. The worse part is that it kindof felt like the old Arsenal in the first half, even when Blackburn equalised I felt we were always going to score again

  195. London – did you go to the Pins to watch it?

  196. Gooner in Exile says:

    If I was Wenger and Rice right now is about the time I would be tearing a few players new ones for that second half opening.

    But also I’d be trying to lift their spirits and praise the way they turned it around at the end because that was a huge change from last year and if I’m not mistaken a bit of a plan B?

    It’s a difficult balancing act. For me Sid resting players for Shrewsbury we should put that team out again let’s work out some of the kinks before Bolton.

    Think it’s time for a bit of a team meeting away from the club I think. Get all the players together and let them sort out a few issues. Arteta, RvP and Song should lead it and ask some individuals what they want to achieve in the game, no good having half the team playing with desire and others coasting.

    Let’s hope Sags injury is not too serious.

  197. Irishgunner says:

    Peaches – exactly, really fluid play, having shots at goals. We came out 2nd half and were actually disgraceful.

  198. Gooner in Exile says:

    Sid = sod obviously

  199. Gooner in Exile says:

    Rip Ferdinand now coming out in support of Wenger on twitter…..quoting loyalty in football. He is right tho.

  200. I can’t bare the pain any longer. I’m just going outside…..I may be gone some time.

  201. goonermichael says:

    below blackburn with the worst Gd in the division. Hapy days

  202. Gooner in Exile says:

    Way to cheer me up GM….right time to switch off the interweb and go and do something more productive instead.

  203. I have to go and buy some plants – usually a recipe to cheer me up but my favourite nursery will be full of crowing staff this afternoon 😦 😦 😦

  204. SharkeySure says:

    Freak game today. Very good first half, and lady luck deserted us 2nd half.

    if you lose 4-3 in a game in which the opposition only have three attempts on target, you are entitled to count yourselves a little unlucky.

    Not sure why we zonal mark against a team with such an obvious threat as Samba. Notice how Samba was under or near every corner they took..?? Compare that to how many times we get a corner anywhere near The Merts head.

  205. sadgooner lost in cornwall says:

    It`s only my opinion, but I think we expect to much of this team( squad), from the super quality we lost (inc` injuries),to the mediocre we`ve brought in,were not as good as we think we are.
    Take the rose tint`s off and try to be realistic, no one`s scared of us anymore, we`ve lost the sparkle we once had, it`s been depreciating for a number of years now.
    Stagnation has set in, Manu,City are light years ahead of the Chavs and `pool, then there`s us and the rest of the average, Only FFP can save us, which most on here say`s won`t work , or a Mega Billionaire.
    Arsene ,for all the Greatness he has brought us,has run out of tricks, others have copied what he has done and took it further. Is it time for change? I don`t know, It`s all about money now , It should be called mersenaryball,financialball,moneyball,arabball, the games going to a bad place, footballers used to be paid money for the love of the game, now most play the game for the love of the money.
    Sorry, but I feel depressed, those of you whose expectations for us are miles higher than mine, please phone the Samaritans. 😦

  206. Gooner in Exile says:

    The most frustrating thing about today is that I didn’t think at any point “if only so and so was fit” the first half we were more than capable.

    So how we managed to lose is still beyond me. The first goal I’ll let pass, good pass great finish.

    Second goal questionable free kick AA seemed to play ball without hindering opponent. But abysmal defending of a weak set piece.

    3rd goal abysmal defending and marginally offside

    4th goal what was Djourou thinking, after that not much you can do.

  207. sadgooner lost in cornwall says:

    Peaches, Good idea, I`m doing a landscape job for a neighbour, I think I might sneak off to my favourite nursery! hidden in a cornish valley

  208. Nick Shay says:

    Ha ha ha. Silly little cockneys, you got what you deserved today. Nothing. Beaten by a poor Blackburn side under a very poor manager.

  209. kelsey says:

    The only positive was that it was a great game for a neutral to watch.

    If it’s not Kos one week it’s Djourou and if it’s not him it’s someone else.

    We have lost the art of defending and it’s getting worse.I can’t believe how many goals we have already conceded.I keep repeating when did we put 2 good consecutive game together?

    How often do we take the lead have the majority of possession and just kill a game off or take a slender lead and have heart in mouth time for the rest of the game.
    This was Blackburn a team totally out of form hardly scored all season and we gift them an opportunity to get back in the game and they grab it with both hands.
    Last season different playerss but the last thre months saw the same thing.
    How can one be positive with what might have been today.The result dosn’t lie and I feel embarrassed a a fan. Is this going to be a season of further experiments ? looks like it to me.

    We are in for a long hard season and i see absolutely no chance of us maintainig a top four place.maybe that might be a good thing and then a few arses might be kicked.

  210. kelsey says:

    Are you related to Avenell by any chance slic.

  211. goonermichael says:

    We are a laughing stock

  212. kelsey says:

    I wish dandan would comment as I know he will have a total opposite view from what many have written including myself 🙂

  213. Red Arse says:

    You won’t want to hear this, but ecstasy and despair are both imposters and are the lot of all football fans.

    Remember you cannot have one without the other, and neither emotion lasts. Tomorrow you will start to think of the game next Tuesday, and life will go on.

    When we crunch the Spuds, all this will be put into perspective, if not forgotten.

    I believe that on another day we would have won this 2:6.

  214. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    kelsey, Avenell??

  215. kelsey says:

    But we didn’t RA,

    and this is a daily blog so it’s natural that we comment on how we feel after this match.
    I can’t think of many who would be happy. if only i could say it in a poem.

    The ode of Arsenal 🙂

  216. kelsey says:

    He’s the only other Arsenal fan we know who lives in Cornwall. just a long shot .

  217. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    The battle of the supporters who want their manager out, & Arsenal lost.

  218. barumgooner says:

    Get ur cheque book ready for Cahill in Jan Arsene, and JD start looking for a new employer me thinks. Not that today was all his fault but I think his chance has passed. Maybe its just me but is any1 else thinking we should’ve gone for Baines instead of Santos ?

  219. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    I know some of you on here love Arsene Wenger, but I’m sorry to be so up front with you, but, well, he is past his used by date for greatness.

    Now before some of you blame Le Grove for Arsenal’s demise, stop & smell the roses.

    Yes, something stinks in the state of Arsenal, & its not one single supporter, its………………………

  220. gunnern5 says:

    Well just to rub some salt in our already deep wounds, here are the stats for our last 16 EPL games.

    Won – 3
    Tied – 7
    Lost – 6
    GF – 21
    GA – 30
    Pts. – 16

    So we’ve got a point a game for our last 16 game – which gives us a points won percentage of 33.33% – which in turn is relegation fodder.

    This from the most positive Arsenal supporter I know – myself.

  221. Gooner in Exile says:

    Relegation battle next week then 😦

  222. gunnern5 says:

    Oh no! Our next away game is at Tottenham………………..

  223. Big Raddy says:

    Anyone watching the rugby today will know how to get an all-seater stadium rocking. Allow alcohol, fill it with Irish and then have a team that plays with guts and heart. It was stirring stuff.

    (deflection 🙂 )

  224. kelsey says:

    Great deflection Raddy 😉

    Ah let’s talk about rugby.

  225. VCC says:

    I have supported Arsenal for approx 56 years and after watching that performance I think I need to join the “Off with the rose coloured glasses” brigade.
    This is hurting sooooo much, where do you start?
    1st = Whoever told Djourou he could become a professional footballer should have been shot at berth.
    I hate to write such a column but this is becoming the emptiest I have felt since supporting my beloved Arsenal.
    Boy I would love to be a fly on the wall in the after match talk.
    IMO we need a culling =

    Thats SIX players who appeared in a Red and White shirt today.

    Red Arse = Did you watch the game ?

  226. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    & that coming from someone who lives in a sterile country like Denmark 😆

  227. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    You lot a pretty sad when you have to jump on some one elses bandwagon. & you left the UK to live elsewhere.

    You 2 have no right to talk.

  228. Big Raddy says:

    What are you talking about GG?

  229. MickyDidIt89 says:

    A long walk makes no difference whatsoever 😦

  230. kelsey says:


    are you refering to Raddy and myself ?

  231. gunnern5 says:

    It’s beginning to look a lot like GG’s last two seasons.

    1993/4 Finshed 4th
    1994/5 Finished 12th

    Then GG was gone gone…………..

  232. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Although I did come up with a slightly brilliant idea. In the name of sustainability, Arsene should take a £3M a year pay cut. £2M goes to Martin Keown as defensive coach and £1M goes to Tony Adams for two five minute motivational shouts, one before KO and one at half time.

  233. Big Raddy says:

    Gn5. I seem to remember that brown paper bags had something to do with GG’s leaving.

  234. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    New South Wales & Queensland got beaten by Ireland & Northern Ireland. The other 6 states of the lucky country couldn’t give a xxxx about bum sniffing.

    Actually, we don’t give a XXXX about Europe either, well only that its cheap to go on holiday there 😆

  235. Big Raddy says:

    Micky. That proposal must be worth a 10% finders fee from TA and MK.

  236. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Hey lads, easy on Gnarley.
    He’s probably been on the sauce for twelve hours and feeling very bad indeed. Not only have Arsenal lost, but remember he’s Australian. Things not going well at all 😦

  237. kelsey says:

    Anyone else seen Wenger’s interview. I have never seen him so subduded, as if he is lost for words and can’t take it anymore,yet he says we are 90% there. Where is there ?

    and GG you have now been asked the question three times kindly respond because to me it looks like that remark was directed at Raddy and myself.

  238. Big Raddy says:

    Micky. I think you may well be right about the sauce.

    Gnarley couldn’t handle getting stuffed at home in the Ashes either.

    VCC ,George Graham.

  239. Big Raddy says:

    kelsey. Right now I cannot take watching the man try to explain the inexplicable.

  240. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    Nothing could be as bad as whats going on in Europe

    Poor old Arsene. I guess your old matey is about buggered now

  241. gunnern5 says:


    Yes of course the back handers were the reason for GG being fired, I’m just pointing out the similarity with two of our best three managers.

    GG’s last season was..

    W13, T12, L17, GF52, GA49.

    Unfortunately AW is trending the same way.

  242. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    BR @ least I still live “at home”, me old refugee

  243. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Apart from the money aspect, I really do think we need both, and fast.
    Weird thing is that its a long time since I have enjoyed my football as much as the first half.

  244. VCC says:

    MickyD = I think this is becoming serious. We all want to support Arsene, myself included, but there is some serious issues we must address.
    My take on our performances = We need a Tony Adams/Martin Keown = to stick some f—- into our squad. I don’t know what it is but too many of our squad gets mugged/pushed around ??
    It’s one of the first things I tell my Sunday team, if the other team give you attitude, then stand up and give it back.

  245. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    Come on people, we all know who is hurting now. Admit it. Your long time faith in the manager who is of your own age is shot.

    Give a young bloke a go I say 😆

    No win by a country that hates England over a country that you are all jealous of will help you forget the debarcle that Arsene Wenger masterminded @ Blackburn.

  246. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I thought you were an Aussie. Eh?

  247. neamman says:

    In 50 years I cannot remember usbeing in this position at this stage of the season, yet at half time I was estatic… the old Arsenal were back. So many changes needed, but number one..lets get a screaming captain.. a TA type. There was no one on the pitch who seemed to want to take control.
    Any positives?
    Great first half, Gervinho scoring, Chamakh scoring.. hopefully good for his confidence. Arteta looked good and Sagna wasnt bad.
    Its going to be a long season and we may as well kiss the CL goodbye next year. Stoke, Spuds , Liverpool will all finish above us at this rate… if we are lucky!!! We will likely be in the bottom 3 after tomorrow?

  248. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    We have a decent team, when fully loaded, trouble is ,how many times over the last few years have we had our 1st choice team playing?. I wish we had Manu`s magic formula, when they lose players someone comes in and does a seamless job, Rio/Vidic out ,Smalling/Jones in, no disruption!.
    The defence, Illybongani made a great point a while back, It`s not so much the players but the system , look at our legendary back four(5), Dixon,Bould,Adams,Keown,Winterburn, not great players(except Adams, the only England regular) but they played a great system, trained to a point of being brainwashed by GG, bring back GG as defensive coach( quote on talksport ” I could make Arsenal`s defence better”), How many teams have won the League without a good defence?.

  249. chas says:

    Remarkably I had quite a good day again, until the second half , that is.

    I think you are right about the half time team talk. They came out for the 2nd half as if someone had put valium in the tea.

    Two own goals, talk about shooting yourself in the foot. They were talking on the radio as if there was a certain penalty near the end, too. Anyone see what they meant?

  250. Big Raddy says:

    GG. You have finally pissed me off enough to respond…

    Firstly, you have never been to the wonderful country I live in. As such you can have no idea as to whether the people are sterile. They are not – they are generous and very social.

    I do not give a monkeys cuss about the rugby. I was writing about the brilliant atmosphere in the stadium – it was you who mentioned the Aussies loss, a loss which the Oz rugby Captain took like a man which is more than I can say for you.

    What the hell has it got to do with AW’s age? SAF is older – is he a crap manager?

    You have been absent from the site for weeks – you only come on here when we lose and then just to be abusive.

  251. neamman says:

    My second teams are Orient who languish at the bottom of Div 1and lost today and Rangers who are bankrupt!!!
    If bloody Celtic win tomorrow I am going to drink for a week… and it wont be a happy drunk!! :<(

  252. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I agree with all of that. We now have Shrewsbury, Bolton and Olympiakos all at home to get our shit together, then its off to WHL.

  253. chas says:

    I can take the Rovers fans coming on here gloating, but someone who professes to be an Arsenal supporter doing the same? Very sad indeed.

  254. chas says:

    I’d go to the Shrewsbury game if I was you!

  255. Big Raddy says:

    GLIC. You make a good point about George Graham. However, it should be pointed out that 2 of the back 4 are new, and one has only been at Arsenal for a week – there were sure to be mis-communications.

    Ramsey must be given a rest. He disappeared in the second half.

  256. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Don’t panic. Gnarley gets like this when Australia lose. When the going gets tough for Arsenal he gives up on them. Don’t take the bait.

  257. Fatgingergooner says:

    Is this gunna happen after every bad game from now until the end of the season? Loads of people just coming out of the woodwork to take a pop?

    It was tough to watch, very tough in fact. And there are big problems at the back, no doubt about it. But if TV was fit that would never have happened today. To come on and say sack the manager and offer zero in the way of an alternative is absurd. So is saying ‘we should have signed Baines’ after watching Santos play one game! I dont think he played that badly.

    We were excellent for 45 minutes, and for 15 minutes at the end. We had an unbelievable 30 minutes where everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong. Who’s to blame? Every single player on the pitch and the management as a whole. So either sack em all or shut up!

  258. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    Micky @ 5:30pm,
    Whether tonge in cheek or not, It would work, most sensible comment so far!

  259. Big Raddy says:

    Micky. You are right and I apologise. It is a shame because he used to be a good contributor.

    Umami …..

  260. Irishgunner says:

    Today has been a weird one in the EPL

  261. MickyDidIt89 says:

    That particular brilliant idea took me an hour to come up with. They usually take no more than a minute, so very nice to be appreciated 🙂

  262. Fatgingergooner says:

    The manager and the squad were the right men to take us forward about 5 hours ago, that cannot change in 1 30 minute horror show.

    I just hope the side don’t dwell too much on this.

  263. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I wouldn’t apologise. He’s great when things are going well for him, but you wouldn’t want him in the trenches next to you. When the shit hit the fan, he’d be off like a turd of hurtles 🙂

  264. Big Raddy says:

    Micky 🙂 So would I

  265. Big Raddy says:

    FGG. You are the voice of reason

  266. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Although I understand where you are coming from, I think its time they did alot of dwelling on the second half performance.
    Taking positives is very nice and cuddly, but you learn more from focusing on the bad. As I said, three games to get our shit together, and sure we can do it, although I do think a defensive coach is needed.

  267. Big Raddy says:

    Pat Rice is our defensive coach.

    Could he have stopped JD forgetting the basics of defending (stay on your feet) and playing like a beginner?

  268. Irishgunner says:

    They showed the CL game on TV3 in Ireland the other night and Martin Keown is a pundit on that show. The host asked him outright why was he on the couch and not at Arsenal showing the defenders how to … well, defend!

    Keown didn’t reply.

  269. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I know he is and although I realise that over the past few seasons we have endured horrible injuries which means no stable partnerships could be forged, I still don’t think they are tactically well drilled.
    Take their offside goal. The GG back four would have been arms in the air 🙂

  270. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Evening Irish,
    Congratulations on your Ruggerists.

  271. dandan says:

    Hi Good people; So a day to test the metal of Arsenal fans everywhere, no doubt gloom and despondency will come leaping to the fore “ye Gods we have lost another football match, the end of the world is no doubt nigh”. No decent positives to be found anywhere. The manager must be hung drawn and quartered, as the only way the team will ever get more guts is to share his out.

    What a load of collective unmitigated crap we spout, Lady luck continues to treat us harshly; two own goals, and an offside goal did for us. How many teams would come back from that I wonder? Yet comeback we almost did.
    Sure our defence got caught out but they are a new unit, our Brazilian fullback kept pushing up to far and we missed a couple of tackles. But where was the capitulation, so many have gone on about since the CC final last year. Who exactly gave up today, besides some disenchanted bloggers? Did you hear our away fans, they wont be blogging premature death notices. They will be at the Ems for our next three matches expecting our luck to turn and looking for a win.

    How good were some of those crosses we put in. Sod the Rose tinted glasses jibes, they don’t exist we are not that far away. TV and Jack plus the knowledge of playing together will put us back on track. They say that bad decisions even themselves out, well we have had more than our share thus far, so some poor bugger is going to suffer soon.
    Our next away game is the spuds don’t be surprised if the wrath of the football gods sends a traumatised Harry twitching and gibbering C.V. in hand to the England manager recruitment panel.

  272. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    I wasn`t talking about todays performance in particular, just hoping we could get someone to “brainwash “a system for our defence, ala GG,Keown,Adams, or Bould as he is still there! for all I know maybe they still train the same way, does anyone know?.
    I remember a story going about when Arsene first arrived, It was said that,things were not going to well defensively. Adams was not happy, Viera and Petit were “kindly” asked to ,give the back 4 some protection, we all know what happened next after the “kind” words.
    The Invincibles had Viera still and Gilberto protecting the back 4, I guess you get what I would like! 🙂

  273. Colonel Blink says:

    Message for Harry!!!! Thanks for the “get a grip” jibe!!! 3-1 to the Gooners you predicted? Get a grip, Son!!!!

  274. Fatgingergooner says:

    Micky, I totally agree that the defensive performance needs to be assesed, but dwelling is a different thing altogether. Confidence is shot, and until we get TV back then Koz n Djourou are what we have to work with. If I was AW I would be tempted to play 2 DM for the next few games, maybe Song and Frimpong, in order to protect the CB’s as much as possible. We looked again like a team that can score goals and I think another DM wouldn’t upset the balance too much. A couple of clean sheets is what is needed right now.

  275. Irishgunner says:

    MIDI – Thanks, hopefully we can win our other two games and get the easier side of the draw for the knock out stages.

    Doesn’t dull the pain of today’s defeat though 😦

  276. goonermichael says:

    I think Wenger will be finished. I’m sure the uzbek wil take over. we are headed for uncertain times. I agree with Raddy about GG. Why doo people have to come over all ” I told you we were shit” all the time?

  277. MickyDidIt89 says:

    “Clean sheets is what is needed right now”.
    Try telling that to the Nurses on Ward Gooner 🙂

  278. Gooner in Exile says:

    Evening all, GLIC I’m glad you pointed out about the original back four asking Petit and Viera to protect a bit without the ball. Fact is the Invincibles had none of the original back four/five(Inc Keown)/6(Inc Seaman) playing. It was Lauren, Campbell, Toure, Cole all bought or introduced by Wenger.

    People will target the defence again today but in reality it came down to team defending for the most crucial two goals (second and third)

  279. Fatgingergooner says:

    GM, it’s because they are not man enough to handle losses. They hang around in the background, cheering when times are good, but saying things like ‘I told you they were shit’ when times are bad, but never really committing to anything.

    Committing yourself fully to anything means the defeats hurt more, but it also means the successes are tenfold. When our time comes round again then we will know why it was worth taking this shit off so-called fans.

  280. Fatgingergooner says:


    Nevermind Ward Gooner, I have had the shits for the last 3 days! Clean sheets are needed at mine 🙂 thank god for Immodium!

  281. goonermichael says:

    Too much info

  282. goonermichael says:

    I feel like shit

  283. dandan says:

    FGG Well said my friend. Also hurting doesnt mean you have to let it show. positives can be found in any circumstancw if you have the moral fibre to stand up and face the world with a smile.

  284. VCC says:

    BR = 6:02 Ramsey needs a rest. Why did Wenger not give him one?

    Whether you are new or old , bedding in or established, surely our defensive display should have been far better than today?

    FGG = I admire your optimism.

  285. goonermichael says:

    Who did Ireland beat in the rugby?

  286. VCC says:


  287. Irishgunner says:

    We beat a bunch of arrogant Aussies GM, that’s who we beat 😆

    They were saying it’d be pretty easy, was for us in the end 😆

  288. VCC says:

    We play Georgia tomorrow at 7 am.
    Come on England.

  289. Fatgingergooner says:

    VCC, the afternoon nap helped my optimism!

    We can try and make sense of that game but it was a freak as far as I’m concerned. We had 69% possession, 16 shots on goal. Any other time we would probably have won. It’s just unfortunate that the result has come at a time when we needed it least, but that’s usually how these things work. If we had won our first 4 games and then this happened we would be laughing at it!!!! It was THAT ridiculous.

  290. kelsey says:

    When you lose two consecutive away league games by conceding 12 and scoring 5 there has to be something drastically wrong.

    I will accept that the team is hardly recognisable from last season and it is only natural that players need a bedding in time, but not 5 games into the season.
    Whoever is responsible has cocked up big time knowing or at least assuming we would lose our key player in Fabregas and letting the Nasri daga role on when it was obvious he wanted out.
    of course there are are always endless negotiations with transfers but basically to leave it to the last minute to get a squad together is criminal.We know we can’t compete on wages with the big 3 but going into the season we were a top 4 club with the possibility of CL football .Then we lose vermaelen and wilshere key players and experiments start. We were extremely lucky to beat swansea yet one could make a good arguement for the draw at necastle and the loss to Liverpool
    This is not the team we knew quite recently and confidence must be absolutely rock bottom.How can one feel positive at least today.
    If we regain composure, the team blends together better, suffer no further injuries and lady luck shines on us again then many of us will feel positive again.At this moment of time it is a big ask.
    That is reality..

  291. MickyDidIt89 says:

    “Either we heal now as a team or we die as individuals”. We all need Pinkboots’ vid right now. It WILL make you feel better (I know someone posted it last season but it is appropriate).

  292. Fatgingergooner says:

    We had the Swansea game in between Kelsey but I know what your saying.

    What are the experiments that yourself and others have mentioned Today? I dont understand.

    Re the time of the transfers of Cesc and Samir, I don’t see how they can have any bearing on Today. These are top international players that we had at the back, yes, they are not very familiar with each other, but basics are the same for defending. Plus, 2 of the goals were freaks and 1 was offside.

  293. dandan says:

    Kelsey To keep going back gets us nowhere, neither does looking for someone to blame. We either go forward with optimism as the team must or we sit and expect the worst, the choice is ours, Personally I can see no future in replaying old scenarios in my head when. A new game awaits Tuesday probably with a mixed side and our great friends Bolton come to the Ems on Saturday a week is a long time in many professions, football is certainly one of them.

  294. kelsey says:

    Top international players is disputable but i know what you mean. When half the team we put out today haven’t played together or at the most only a few times it an experiment to an extent, and AW always says that there is a bedding in period and for that reason alone all the transfers should have been done earlier IMO, that’s what i meant as it was pretty obvious cesc and samir were going.

  295. Rasp says:

    Evening all,

    My conclusions are not knee jerk or delivered in the heat of the aftermatch disappointment.

    Our problems lie 90% in our coaching. We are failing to get the best out of our players for 90 minutes. Most are underperforming, probably because they don’t believe in the system they are being asked to play because however good we are in patches, they have learnt that it can and usualy does fall apart and we are left nervous and vulnerable.

    I wouldn’t have AW anywhere near the players at half time, I suspect he tries to keep them calm instead of firing them up. In fact I am now convinced that however brilliant he has been in the past, very few believe in him any more and without that trust he cannot be expected to get the best from the players

  296. VCC says:

    FGG + Kelsey.
    I take on board what you are saying, but we have a fundamental problem with our defence, weather it be the personnel or the tactics, no matter, we HAVE to sort this out because it is happening far too often.
    Yes, I agree, today was a fluke/disaster defensive display.
    But look at the simple mistakes and totally stupid decisions we KEEP making. It’s laughable.
    Sorry I can’t emphasis more strongly, there are several of our squad who have little or no spunk in them. Sorry to put it so strongly, but Wenger needs to see through the glasses, and ship out some of his pupils who are becoming an embarrassment to our team!!!!!
    Just sit in the local and hear what every one says, it’s not only Arsenal supporters and my self screaming these expletives.
    Game after game we hear on this site, and others, softly softly with our younger players, it’s as if Wenger protects them.
    Take today (and many others) if I were to perform as bad in my employment as Djourou, I would be history, can you dis agree with that ?

  297. Rob Lucci says:

    many thanks to dandan, GIE and FGG. We share the same optimism with the squad.

  298. Rob Lucci says:

    all hail to the new scapegoat of the season, Johan Djourou!!

  299. Fatgingergooner says:

    To call it an experiment Kelsey is a little bit daft. This is our squad now, these are our new players. If we was playing youngsters I could understand that comment, but this is our first team squad. Apart from Kozzer for TV and maybe Ramsey for JW, that was our full side.

    I do understand the point about getting Cesc and Samir out earlier, but I think AW was still hoping that Samir would sign another contract. Also, if Barca haven’t come in with an acceptable offer then we can’t sell. Plus, just because the money is in the bank doesn’t mean that we could have got the signings any earlier. There’s so many factors about the transfers that we know nothing about that it makes all the argument about getting them in earlier pointless.
    It cannot help the team now and I it’s gunna be a long time I think before we get any answers for what happened this window so it’s best for all if we can move forward. Preferably better than we showed Today!!!!

  300. VCC says:

    Micky D 7:49 = I will be with you in the trenches, I promise you that. But there comes a time when enough is enough, I have seen you are not going to take that extra step forward and improve my team and get us to the summit!!!! therefore you will have to go down a step!!!! Does Wenger know how to say this to some of his kids?
    I’m not so sure. I have seen teachers/coaches push/push/press/press and encourage youngsters, but everyone has their summits. I feel Wenger has a problem when it comes to telling certain individuals that they are not good enough.
    Brilliant Manager as he is, but I think from the outside he has a problem within to admit he has made a mistake.

    There is more than one or two in the first team squad that are not any where good enough. This is being proved time and time again.
    It will never cease, until he addresses the problem and simply ship them out.
    Sorry, but I’m a totally pi–ed off Gooner tonight.
    Until he gets to grips with the problem we will struggle.

  301. Fatgingergooner says:

    How long was Djourou on today VCC? I agree that there are problems in defence, and certainly the coaching needs to be looked at. But he is not the only person making mistakes is he? He missed a tackle out wide, but where were the bloody tackles before that? We had men back after that who didn’t stop the goal, do we get rid of them aswell? Do we go out and buy a whole new defence? We bought Kozzer and Squillaci last season and the problems persist, do we get rid of them and buy 2 more defenders? The problems obviously lie deeper than the players. They can’t ALL be shit defenders can they? The coaching needs to be looked at. Making scapegoats helps no-one.

  302. dandan says:

    So Rasp with no proof just gut feeling, you can write off the career of a great manager by suggesting he has lost the dressing room. You can be completely positive that coaching is the key, fair enough.. Just out of interest what coaching badges do you hold. That make your insight so positive.
    From your own admission you meet with Pat Rice from time to time I wonder has he ever intimated that your gut feeling might be in any way correct.

    Of course you like us all, are entitled to your opinion, my opinion for what it is worth is that anyone who is regularly credited by the giants of the original back four to have extended their careers and then assembled the invincibles, probably has more knowledge than disapointed fans sitting in the stand or in front of the box

    But time will tell,

  303. Herb'sArmy says:

    We are allegedly the 8th biggest club in the world! Why aren’t we behaving as such? It feels like we are dying a slow painful death and nobody has a cure.
    To concede 8 at OT is unforgivable, to follow that by conceding 4 at the bottom club (at start of play), who didn’t score 4 against anyone last season is inconprehensible.
    It’s really difficult – almost impossible – to extract any positives from this. Someone somewhere inside the club has big questions to answer, and one hell of a lot of soul-searching to do.

  304. VCC says:

    Rob Lucci + FGG = Today was one game. Watch the history of this guy.
    If you are happy with him at the heart of our defence then so be it.
    I am of the opinion, sell him, because he is another Cygan/Senderos/Stepanovs.

    I will willingly eat my hat, but I feel I will have the last laugh with this guy.

    In life there are hard decisions to make sometimes, it’s soooo hard to tell some one he is not good enough, but, IMO, he is one player I would ship out of Arsenal.

    I hope within the near future, I will be eating my hat as you guys suggest.

    Watch this space.

  305. Gooner in Exile says:

    Rob even my positivity was tested today when Kozzer put in the 4th.

    FGG/Kelsey a fine debate.

    A couple of things I found myself thinking today.

    “We can get this back” at 4-2 down. End of last season the game would have been over for the players. Seeing Per go up to cause trouble was good to see, and though we didn’t manage it they gave it a go.

    Rasp I take issue with your 8:01 as I will ask was the side that started the game set out by AW, did you feel at half time the team looked nervous. I don’t think what transpired after the break was his doing. I think as Harry said we gave Blackburn the encouragement to get their tails up by failing to control possession. I thought after watching the Dortmund game and as I stated in my match report I thought we had found a sense of responsibility, it’s why today I suggested there might need to be a players meeting to sort some issues out between them, bring back the pre match huddle and let’s start proving people wrong.

  306. Irishgunner says:

    This just happened in the Roma – Inter match

    We had a bad day today but at least none of our players were kicked in the head and taken to the hospital unconscious. Birmingham and Stoke were worse days in my view when those injuries happened to Eddie and Rambo.

  307. VCC says:

    FGG = It makes no difference how long you are on the pitch, surely?
    100 minutes or 1 minute.
    If you keep on making mistakes, then time spent on the pitch does not alter the fact that you keep making the wrong decision for a premiership player.

  308. VCC says:

    Irish 8:32. I’m off to bed, ready for shift work, after watching that clip. Nothing what happened to Arsenal today compete’s with that potential disaster.

  309. Fatgingergooner says:

    Kelsey, he is our 4th choice CB! We can’t have a world beater as 4th choice unfortunately. Modern footballers wouldn’t stand for it, espescially in a team that isn’t winning things. Even Man U have Evans as 4th choice, who, for me, is as good/bad as Djourou. Barcelona don’t have a 4th choice CB better than Djourou.

    Now I reckon that Miquel looks like he could be better and can make his way up, but for the time being we have to stick with JD.

  310. Irishgunner says:

    VCC – night night. I’m off tomorrow but getting up to help my brother and his family move house cos I’m such a good sister 😆

    Next game will be better.

  311. VCC says:

    FGG = I agree. Thats all I have been trying to say.
    But to be nit picking, surely there is some one better than Djourou around to act as fourth choice?

    If he is the fourth best Centre half Arsenal can muster then we have a problem, imo.

  312. VCC says:

    Put Djourou out to loan, and have Bartley as our fourth choice.

  313. Fatgingergooner says:

    Sorry Kelsey, that was meant for VCC! Anyone else wanna av a go!!!??? Come on u bastards!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 only joking!

  314. neamman says:

    I think its toiugh to blame Djourou, ALL the defence has to share the blame.. or more correctly.. whoever is coaching them. Even Crawley went to OT and only conceded one goal.

  315. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Just watched the goals again on 101. Yikes, they are all four bad. Collectively bad.
    Song’s through ball to Gerv was sublime, and RvP’s cross for MC to beat both CB’s…mmmm.. way to go?
    For another day I know.
    Night all.

  316. Rasp says:

    dandan@ 8:21,

    Read your own comment and mine again. I categorically did not write off the career of AW. I learn from past experience and I recognise when a pattern develops. There is plenty of ‘proof’ for what I have said compared to any evidence to the contrary. AW is a fantastic manager but it has stopped working at Arsenal. It has got stale and tired and no matter how many times he says it, the belief is no longer there.

  317. dandan says:

    Sorry Rasp I think you are mistaken, but as I said time will tell

  318. Rasp says:

    Following on from your comment dandan. Obviously you know I have no coaching badges but I have listened to the opinions of many commentators who do and I would say that zonal marking and playing with a high line with a back 4 that only met each other 3 weeks ago is highly risky and was responsible as much as anything for today’s loss.

  319. Martin Keown Silky Skills says:

    Thanks for that boys. 2 goals and a right good read of all your winging comments. It’s been a great day. had lots of fun in the darwen end winding your fans up. Oh the look on their faces when that fourth one went in….priceless. Had more fun sending 3 of your city living morons up towards Tockholes to catch the train back to the smoke. Brilliant day, just loved it. Thanks a lot. Can’t wait till next time. Just slurping a couple of cold ones and waiting for match of the day to start so the morth can continue. Your brilliant you lot…..absolutley incapable of taking a joke. That is what has made this day so funny. Loved it. Thanks.

  320. dandan says:

    Rasp If you read my initial post @6;32 you will see I said the defense made mistakes because it is a new unit……… It is the lost the dressing room indicated by your half time talk comments I took issue with…… A manager who has lost that is on his way out and I do not believe that to be so.
    AW and the board are in my opinion on the same wavelength and will remain so.

  321. Fatgingergooner says:

    Hi MKSS, good luck for the season, hope the Relegation battle goes well. Look forward to your last game at the Emirates, should be fun.

  322. Rasp says:


    I would imagine you like many others are not entirely happy with our performance since we lost the CC final. Obviously we cannot bame the opposition so the responsibility lies in some proportion with the players and the management. Since it is the management’s job to get the best out of the players, I believe they should shoulder the majority of the blame.

  323. Martin Keown Silky Skills says:

    Thanks FGG. Good luck with your 16th consecutive attempt at the “Champions League” maybe this year you will win the big cup for that elusive second time.

  324. Fatgingergooner says:

    Cheers MKSS, I’m just glad that as a club we have European football to look forward to. Must be pretty boring battling for a top half finish and knowing that getting to the last 16 of a domestic cup is classed as a good season. Good luck with that though.

  325. Fatgingergooner says:

    Yeah you got your history books mixed up with your school work there MKSS, silly boy. Speaking of history, when were you last in Europe or in ownership of a trophy?

  326. Herb'sArmy says:

    Hi Rasp, Dandan,
    after the Newcastle and Liverpool games, I was mentally prepared to exude positivity concerning all things Arsenal. I thought we were robbed at Newcastle, and were worth at least a point until Frimpong was sent off against Liverpool.
    We even did well against Udinese, and performed heroicly in the away leg.
    Then came OT! Having presided over some heavy defeats there, AW should long since have learnt the lessons of previous visits. To get murdered in the way we did that day having gone into the season so under-prepared is incredibly naive, especially for a manager as experienced as ours.
    He appeased us with some under-whelming last-minute transfer activity on deadline day that does not do justice to a club of our stature.
    There must be something fundamentally amiss if even after introducing so many new faces, the same problems that were apparent against the table-topping side, are still there to cripple us against a side sitting bottom of the PL, and who were struggling for goals.
    At what point does it become the managers and coaching staffs responsibility, Dandan? Can you put your hand on your heart and say with complete honesty, that we look like the 8th biggest club in world football?

  327. Gooner in Exile says:

    For me all the talk of AW possibly being finished is unhelpful.

    Not just out of some rose spectacled loyalty but because if he leaves now I believe we will be in a worse state. If he was going to go this early in the season he should have gone at the end of last.

    We have to give him and the players until November 30th, if things are still not good a new man has to be in with a month to assess the players before the January transfer window.

    Understand this is purely hypothetical, not a wish and not a given just in my opinion it’s too early.

    And for my final comment I will address Djourou, he limped off against Newcastle we drew 4-4 and it was his absence we missed. He came on today and apparently it’s his fault. He has suffered for being part of the team that capitulated at the end of last season and appears to have lost more confidence than many others.

    So a question would be when we have Song on the pitch and he could deputise at CB should the need arise wouldn’t it be better to have Jenkinson on the bench although I’m sure AW is doing some confidence building with him after OT.

    The run of results we have experienced in the PL is awful, yet as Herb mentions we got good results in Udinese and a good pbattling defensive performance against Dortmund. Why we can’t produce that in the PL is a mystery to us and I’m sure to AW most of all. As I said earlier at HT whilst finely balanced I was confident we would take three points, when the players cross the white line it’s up to them, for whatever reason they switched off and let the game get away from them, they seem to fail to realise that a when a team has been on that kind of a beating first half the manager would have torn into them and the opposition will cone out firing and they need to be prepared to weather the storm. And now there’s some experienced pros in there it’s an even greater mystery!

  328. Rasp says:

    Its not really a mystery GiE, the answer is staring you in the face. As an example, our coaching staff are the ones who believe that zonal marking is best – I never saw a zone score a goal.

    Whenever we have a corner our players are being manhandled, blocked and balked and the referees turn a blind eye, when we are defending a set piece we allow the opposition to make runs into our box unhindered most of the time.

  329. Gooner in Exile says:

    It’s a mystery in that the very same coaching staff have changed their techniques so much then.

    I have no problem with zonal marking. It can work if everyone does their jobs.

    Ask me whether the famous back four marked zones or players. Ask me what the Invincibles did.

    Keown has already answered this on many occasions btw, it was indeed zonal marking. Much better to attack the ball irrespective of trying to track a run. Which creates more issues than marking an area.

    And before anyone quotes Liverpool at me, ask me who had the best defensive record from set pieces that season, that’s right it was Liverpool.

    The goals from set pieces today had nothing to do with zones, one is a player not ready for the unexpected, the second is failure to do what was required after the original delivery ie push out and close down. Do you really have to coach a player to shut the ball down? It should be in built. It comes down to players taking responsibility on the pitch for their own actions.

  330. oz gunner says:

    @ Herb

    very well said, couldn’t agree more.

    @ GiE

    i agree zonal marking is the way to go for our team, and i think its helped alot in set pieces. My only gripe is it needs to be pro-active. An example of this was blackburn stacking up there players at the back post on santos, surely per should have swapped to the back

  331. Gooner in Exile says:

    I said as much at half time Oz, although the problem with that is they probably look at where the tallest player is and send Samba where ge isn’t which then brings him to the near post and gives us a lot more to worry about.

  332. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Peaches, I just emailed the match report to you.

    Night all.

  333. pat says:

    zonal can work if all players attacking or defending are around the same ability. However for the case of someone like Samba I think you would have to have a different approach. Also as many have said no system is going to work if players are not 100% committed to getting to the ball first. Some serious work on the training field is required. Was also distressing to watch DJ trying to cross the ball and looking generally very uncomfortable. At least we know not to put him in at RB…

    Also again shades of the Man U game – playing high line without a team pressing defense. The boys just couldn’t win the midfield battle and get to the ball first. We were also guilty of turning the ball over far too easily.

  334. Gooner in Exile says:

    This is where we’re at in the Hate Campaign


    Arsenal lost their 100th PL away match

    Arsenal started a side of 11 foreigners, the first team to do so in the PL this season, not a single Englishman in their line up”

    On that basis SAF is a foreign manager and if Swansea field players from the home town they are foreigners too. That kind of reporting winds me up.

  335. Gooner in Exile says:

    Pat are you saying we missed Eboue yesterday? 😉 I agree he is not a RB so the winger doing him is one thing, however the missed clearance for the 4th had little to do with playing out of position but basic defending skills forgotten.

    What would the reaction be to NikB missing the chances that RvP had at the end yesterday I wonder. We Arsenal fans certainly have our favourites.

  336. oz gunner says:

    The djourou missed tackle is unforgiveable. It’s amazing what confidence can do to a man. From bossing drogba to what he is now.

  337. kelsey says:

    Reading through all the comments last night I think it is a very valid point in that if we weren’t passionate about our club we wouldn’t be debating so strongly hours after the game and it will continue for days.

    Without wishing trying not to repeat the problems on a day to day basis there have been huge miscalculations by several people who have a vested in the club.

    At this moment of time we are at best going to finish mid table.I would chuck the CC even if some disagre as i bet you the actual attendence against Shrewsbury will be an all time low at our new home.

    Bolton will be a key game for if we don’t achieve three points I suspect the pressure for Wenger to go will be escalated to a degree never seen before.
    Every PL team will want to play us. Wenger stated the obvious last night that there is a lack of confidence in th squad.The man is going senile and too proud to step down, and with all the money in the bank from pre sold tickets the board will just be oblivious to everything instead of having the balls to take desive action. 16 points from 16 games is no laughing matter, the club is in crisis.

    We have too many substandard players be they internationals or not,strangely they seem to play better for their respective countries than they do for us.

    I am annoyed and frustrated that things have gone down hill in such a comparitively short time yet the writing was on the wall for months.

    Anyway I am going to relieve the tension and go out in ths sun and play bowls 🙂

    Dandan said to m i shouldn’t go over old ground but that is exactly why we have the problems at the moment. I don’t think Wenger is telling the fans the truth, maybe under instructions. Sad time for the club at the moment.

  338. pat says:

    GIE you read my mind! 😉 At some level (yes a very twisted level) I did actually wish he (eboue)was there… you are right DJs crossing ability had nothing to do with his confidence being absolutely shot. Unfortunately it seems to be a creeping indecisiveness throughout the team….

  339. Morning kelsey – hope you enjoy your bowls. How is your daughter doing after her tonsil op?

    Did a bit of complacency creep in at half-time – we were playing them off the park – what was said in the dressing room? We were completely switched off when we should have been going for a third goal straight after the break.

    The first half was so ‘Arsenal’, I loved it, unfortunately the second half was also so ‘Arsenal’ sadly 😦 Someone needs to learn from those mistakes ……………….

  340. No-one has mentioned it so I’d like to commend Theo for his excellent weeble impression in yesterday’s game – he must have taken all the namby pamby criticisms on board as he proper bounced back up at one point following a tackle and he still got the free kick. Well done Theo 🙂

  341. evonne says:

    Ginga – you dealt with that MKSS very well indeed 🙂

    I am numb, for the life of me I cannot understand what happened yesterday.

  342. Big Raddy says:

    evonne. Me too ….

  343. Mickeyk says:

    Arsene is doing his best to get the sack but they won’t sack him because they haven’t got a clue(hillwood what a joke)he won’t leave because he wants compensation .then he can go to PSG were there waiting for him but the arsenal board are so scared they don’t know what to do without him.arsene will not win anything with arsenal again.ancolotti or moyes as soon as possibile please before it’s to late.

  344. evonne says:

    Mickeyk – thank you for your contribution, pretty useless as it is

  345. evonne says:

    Raddy – we have to forget it, it was just bizzarre, cannot even blame anyone in particular. My 2 biggest worries are players’ confidence and the noise from the likes of Mickeyk getting louder.

  346. Fatgingergooner says:


    As much as I disagree with what you have to say, at least you are willing to offer an alternative to AW. Something that most fail to do.

  347. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I think Mickeyk touches on a valid problem. Life after AW is fairly terrifying as there is not one person on the board I would trust to make the right call over his successor.

  348. evonne says:

    Come on Ginga, what kind of alternative is Moyes or Ancelotti??? They are no alternatives

  349. Mickeyk says:

    I bet every team in the league can’t wait to play arsenal what a rubbish team we’ve got .we won’t beat Bolton

  350. evonne says:

    Mickeyk – nothing has changed then, all the teams always look forward to playing the mighty Arsenal

  351. Mickeyk says:

    Evonne please

  352. Fatgingergooner says:

    Morning Evonne,

    I was in no mood last night for MKSS!

    Will be interesting to read peoples views today now that they have had chance to sleep on it. I’m still at a loss to explain what happened yday or in fact the best way forward from here. all I know is that sacking a manager 2 months into a season is not the answer. Confidence is low, and as AW has already stated, it will take time to rebuild. Results like yday certainly won’t help, but the return of JW and TV cannot come soon enough as they are both players who’s confidence remains in tact and that can rub off on others. CC may be a good chance to get some confidence back and I think we should put out a decent side.

    AW needs to get the backs to the wall mentality installed in this club and he needs the players to have siege mentality. Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s his style. Arsene must must must look at himself and his training staff and not just use confidence as an excuse because things obviously go deeper than that. I would love to see some new coaches brought in, but just cannot see that happening.

  353. Fatgingergooner says:


    I never said the alternatives were good ones! I was just pleased that he put a name in there as most don’t!!!

  354. evonne says:

    Morning Ginga – new coaches is a good idea, sadly we have somehow missed out on PV. Bring Tony Adams back from Azerbejdan, he has experience now

  355. Rasp says:

    We mustn’t lose sight that it is Arsenal we support. Many managers have come and gone, the good and the bad. Countless great men in history have done amazing things (Churchill) but have been replaced when many deemed it unthinkable.

    Arsenal needs a serious jolt, the club is far too Arsène-centric. Everything revolves around the manager and yet many do not hold him responsible. My heart goes out to the new players who came in expecting great things and have been a part of the collective collapse. Gervinho and Arteta’s first goals should have been a joy but were tainted as part of a losing performance. Something has to be done before the new players suffer in the same way as the rest. How many times has RvP thought he’d scored the vital goal ( CC final, Dortmund, pool at home etc etc) only to see it thrown away at the other end of the pitch?

  356. Sorry to interrupt ………………

    There’s a New Post

  357. Rasp says:

    Thanks for that peaches 😦

    I wanted to get that off my chest 👿

  358. Big Raddy says:

    Evonne. There is only one ex player who has any reasonable chance to be our next manager and that is Remi Garde who is the current manager of Lyons. Should he do well there he coud get the job. Remi is very well thought of at AFC and has maintained his links.

    Long term, I can see PV4 or DB as our manager but let him get some experience first. TA, much as I love the big fella hasn’t got a hope.

  359. bazza says:

    This articles says it all about Arsenal fans, they are up there own ar*se,s and toatally deluded.

    great result on Saturday keep up ther good work goooners.


  360. Jeff says:

    The tit that wrote this article is an embarrassment to true gunners everywhere. We lost to a better side on the day, end of.

  361. Benjani says:

    Great Read. Especially knowing that it could be your last trip to Blackburn. Burnley beckons for the gooners. Muahahahahahah

  362. AucklandRover says:

    I’m a Rovers supporter. Some of you have forgotten that types of luck even themselves out. We played with great spirit in the second half (and more skill than you will acknowledge), but there is no doubt we were lucky, overall.
    However, against Everton, we had 23 shots, hit the woodwork twice, missed two penalties, and lost to a “penalty”, given for a perfectly good Samba challenge in the 92nd minute.
    That’s football.
    I know some of you are referring to a bigger picture than one match, but you aren’t going to be involved in many games as odd as this one – surely!

  363. black friday e4200…

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  366. […] September 17, 2011 at 3:19 pm  (Edit) […]

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