Cesc Would Have Stayed If…

So, in a piece of shocking news akin to “sun rises in east” or “John Terry proven to be total twunt”, it was finally confirmed that Cesc Fabregas is leaving us to join his DNA soulmates in Barcelona.

I could echo Shakespeare and say I come here to praise Cesc, not to bury him. But there has been no shortage of teary-eyed eulogies around the Arsenal blogosphere bidding farewell to our little Spaniard.

And there have also been many thoughtful (and some less thoughtful) analyses of what his likely departure will mean for the team, for our formation and for our prospects this year. Again, I’ll leave that to others.

What’s exercising my grey cells this morning is this:

Did it have to be this way?

If things had been done differently, might we now be looking forward to the sight of Cesc leading out the troops for a fresh Premier League and Champions League campaign?

Many reasons have been suggested for Cesc’s determination to leave Arsenal, including several that reflect badly on our club and its manager. The main theories seem to be as follows:

Cesc would have stayed if…

…the club had showed some real ambition in recent years by signing other big name stars to play alongside him.

…we had finished last season more competitively, perhaps coming second in the league and not falling down like a pair of Sammy Nelson’s shorts.

…the club had acted early and decisively in the transfer window this summer, thereby demonstrating to Cesc that we were going to put right the flaws that led to last season’s abysmal collapse.

…the club had at least gone out and signed a decent defender early in the transfer window. A solid, English giant of some kind. Ryan Shawcross anyone?

…we had re-signed Alex Hleb. It is well known that he of the mazy dribble to nowhere was Cesc’s best friend at the club after Senderos left. Bringing him back might have persuaded the Captain to stay one more year.

…the fans had not played their part in making the end of last season so ill-tempered. Cesc is one of the best players in the world – yet on a regular basis in March, April and May he found himself walking off the pitch to a chorus of boos. Even if they weren’t directed at him personally, how could he, as captain, not take them personally?

…we had won the Carling Cup. Regardless of what then happened in the Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League, we would have claimed our first silverware under Cesc’s captaincy and provided enough optimism to think that others would follow.

…we had won the league at least once in the last three years (or the Champions League).

…Barcelona had not spent the best part of two years deliberately unsettling him at every turn, eventually making his continued presence in North London untenable.

…Arsene Wenger had tried harder to keep him.

The funny thing is, I don’t think any of those theories are completely right. And most are dead wrong.

If we had invested huge sums of money two or three years ago into players that our business model could not sustain at that time, we might well have been more successful in winning trophies.

All that would have done is hasten Cesc’s departure. I believe that Cesc always intended to return to Barcelona one day – but that he really, really wanted to achieve success at Arsenal first. Had he won the league, say, two years ago, he would probably have left last summer.

So spending more money, buying more superstars, abandoning our careful advance towards financial sustainability would only have had the effect of speeding up the ‘Adios’ moment and might well have put us in bad financial straits. Admittedly, we might be feeling better about his departure with a few trophies gleaming in the cabinet, but he would still be gone.

There may be more of a case to make that a stronger finish to last season would have helped persuade Cesc to stay. If we had fought Man Utd all the way to the wire and forced them to win the league rather than us handing it to them on a plate with stupid defeats to inferior sides, maybe he would have felt that one more year would be enough to land the big prizes with Arsenal before heading South. Unfortunately I think that was the point he arrived at the previous summer, in 2010. That was when he decided to give it one last shot at winning things in our red and white. Regardless of how we finished the last campaign, that bird had flown.

Likewise, early summer signings this year would have made no difference.

Short of signing Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Alves, Puyol, Valdes, Pedro, Villa, Pique, Busquets and Mascherano, firing Arsene Wenger and hiring Pep Guardiola, there was no way we were keeping Cesc.

Our likelihood of retaining him has not been helped by the fact that Barcelona are currently going through a purple patch and are generally regarded as one of the best teams ever, anywhere. Their ethics as a club may be in the gutter, but their football is gazing up at the stars.

So what of the other “what ifs”?

If the mood round The Emirates last season had been better, it might have made Cesc more regretful about leaving than he probably is, but I can’t see it as a decisive factor. Nor the absence of his good friends like Hleb and Senderos.

As for Arsene trying harder to keep him… really? What more could he have done? He made him captain, cherished, nurtured and valued him and undoubtedly was key to him staying for the 2010/2011 season. He tied him up on a long term contract which still has four years to run, so he can’t be accused of letting him slip through our fingers for want of proper planning.

So that only leaves the impact of Barcelona and their concerted campaign to unsettle Cesc.

That’s the one factor that, had it not been there, might well have made a difference.

The massive peer pressure exerted on him at every international get-together by Barca’s Spanish players – and repeatedly in the media in between times – must have taken a toll.

Imagine if Barcelona had not been actively pursuing him for the last two years. He might well still fancy returning to his roots (and Catalan roots grow deep and strong) but the sheer pressure and expectation to do so would not have been there and he might have felt he could stay at Arsenal for longer.

But Barca did exert their pressure in blatant contravention of all the tapping up rules, and there’s nothing we or anyone can do about it.

So, to sum up, there is NO right way of completing the sentence “Cesc would have stayed if…”

And now it’s time to move on, with sadness for the closing of one chapter, but hope and optimism for the opening of another.



88 Responses to Cesc Would Have Stayed If…

  1. WiganGooner says:

    Fab article Rocky,

    Enjoyed every second of it. It is a fitting farewell to undoubtedly our best player at this point.

    Jack will fill his shoes though, of that I have no doubt.


  2. MickyDidIt89 says:

    From yesterday
    “Bend over Chamakh” 🙂
    Just heard on radio gaga that in training yesterday, Theo was playing down the middle.
    Reading Post time.

  3. Red Arse says:

    Rocky, 🙂

    How do you do it my man? Yet another masterpiece off the Rocky stall, so cleverly constructed with an intriguingly well thought analysis of the “Cesc what ifs” summed up with a realistic conclusion.

    No point in us fans gloomily regretting the coulda/shoulda/woulda’s — he was always going to go back, the orchestrated and constant cacophany of beguiling calls from Barca and its players simply speeded up the process, sadly!

    Nice one Rocky! 🙂

  4. Rasp says:

    Thanks Rocky, that is a an excellent analysis and fitting tribute to a great player, a great human being and someone who will undoubtedly go on to achieve further honours – thanks for the memories Cesc.

  5. sleepinggiant says:

    The mood around the emirates might have been better last season if the manager and board hadn’t decided to turn our once great club into a catastrophic mess. Anybody who has even a shred of faith in the manager and the despised self-sufficiency lie needs to stand back and have a long hard look at themselves.

    They say Arsene WEnger transfromed Arsenal? They are right. The club has gone from being one of the great powers of english football to an upmarket version of Charlton Athletic. We dont even pretend to be a club which can be home to top stars or a top team any more. Oh there’s an excuse for everybody – Cesc wanted to go to Barca, Narsi is a greedy so-and-so, Adebayor was a greedy so-and-so, Cashley was a greedy so-and-so. Tell me, has anyone yet prepared our excuse for when jack Wileshire decides he wants out in, at most two summers time? I’ll give it to you already. it will be ‘I love Arsenal (which will have most of the unambitous new generation Arsenal fans clutching their breasts) ‘but an England internation needs to play champions league football, and Arsenal just don’t offer it at present’. Open your eyes. Everybody.

    If Arsene Wenger transformed Arsenal, we badly, desperately need a new manager who will stand up to this disgusting inertia of the current administration and transform this horrific rabble back into the mighty Arsenal of old.

  6. hatchetman says:

    I wonder if barascum were not sucessful in Spain at the moment and not la liga and european champions just a plain old middle to upper finishing team every season with the odd cup here and there would his DNA be so strong to return home and leave Arsenal ??

  7. Danny says:

    A very sad day for us all. Reminds me when Brady left BUT the season afterwards we finished higher without him!

  8. Rocky…..are u saying that AW couldnt do more?would a guy like SAF have allowed him to let his friends talk smack all the time?CR7 was a classic example.He said he wanted to go.Fergie dictated the terms and he was off for 80mill or so.We were shortchanged coz AW is not a proper taskmaster.Ive never seen him coming out asking barca to shut up abt a player contracted to another club.if he wanted he could have given barca hell by putting cesc on open market-thats the only way we should have told cesc to leave.not for such peanuts.anyways i dont have any great hope for us as long as AW leads us.We need good players and AW is in no mood to buy anyone as far as we can see.

  9. Gooner In Exile says:

    Kelsey from yesterday to clarify:

    My point was that the Board agreed with DF and NBS to sell their shares for a lower price rather than the shares being inherited by DFs children and sold to the highest bidder (Usmanov). And therefore my point was they chose what they thought was best for the club rather than personal gain.

    Postage to read

  10. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Great post Rocky, thanks.
    Every bit of my footballing DNA thinks anyone who does not want to play for The Arsenal is a dribbling idiot, but on this occasion I do understand Cesc, so it is with great regret I say goodbye and thanks for the memories.

  11. A very nice piece Rocky, but the fact is let fab Go and also Nasiri shold olso follow, because they lost interest for the team and that commitment is no more there. better for us let AW buy a hi class midfielder we will be okay.

  12. VCC says:

    Great post Rocky.
    Sad day imo for all Arsenal fans. Lets move on, sell Nasri for £25 mil.

    Tonight = “Stand up for the Arsenal” “Stand up for the Arsenal” Stand up for the Arsenallllll”

    Get behind our boys

  13. London says:

    Great stuff as ever Rocky

    Just a small point that is important to me: I have never said that I thought Nasri is world class; I described him as the most talented French midfielder of his generation.

    It is these small differences that make the difference to understanding me or not.

  14. London says:

    I hope when Jack’s contract comes up for renewal he signs quickly. It will be interesting to see if people make the same dismissive comments like: just sell the ungratful scroat.

  15. mattw84att says:

    A nice piece but I do think AW could have done more, if not to keep Cesc but to get what he is worth and a lot sooner than a day after the new campaign had started. I agree with indian gooner. As soon as AW knew Cesc wanted to go, he should have been placed on the market for what he was valued at (£40m if what we read is true). We all know Cesc would only go to Barca, but if Real or anyone else offered the going rate, Barca would have had to match it to get him as he was still under contract at Arsenal. If Barca offered £40m and Real £45m, who says we have to take the higher bid? The choice is down to the discretion of the club and we should never have sold at such an under value amount, especially as we will only see £25m of that up front. Poor management in my opinion and summarises AW over the last 5 or 6 years.

  16. evonne says:

    Rocky – thank you for the great post and a fitting tribute to my Cesc

  17. evonne says:

    hatchetman – I was thinking the same, had it been another Spanish club, he wouldn’t be in such a hurry. Extremely convenient excuse, that’s all.

  18. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Anyone with a team line-up for tonight.

    ……Back 5
    ..Ramsey Song

    Pretty sure he will start with MC despite Theo tarining down the middle

  19. London says:


    Nice idea but Real have got more important things to do than waste their time on a negotiation they knew they could never win.

    As you say everyone knew there was only one place that Fabregas was prepared to go and would never have accepted personal terms anywhere else.

    We are just going to have to accept the fact that we brought him for five hundred thousand pounds and sold him for forty million.

  20. London says:

    I have just noticed: Sammy Nelson………happy days.

  21. London says:


    Do you mean tearing or turning down the middle?

    “Pretty sure he will start with MC despite Theo tarining down the middle”

  22. Camberwell Gooner says:

    Fantastic post! Many nails hit squarely on the head.

    Let’s just look forward to tonight. Massive, massive game and we just need to get behind the lads and make it a night to remember. And not JUST because it’s my birthday either…

    No pressure Arsenal, but if you concede any goals and miss any chances tonight you will blight every single day of my 35th year!

  23. Rasp says:

    I hope to get our first chance to see the Ox play tonight. The Theo in the middle rumour is gaining pace! I guess the front 3 will be AA, Gerv and Theo with the Ox as a sub.

  24. critic says:

    gr8 blog.

    why the fcuk i didn’t find you guys earlier!!

  25. goonermichael says:

    Cesc left because he wants to go home and by all accounts he’s taken a pay cut. Nasri is a mercenary and is chasing the money. So the person who said they lost interest in the club is way off the mark.

  26. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I heard the Theo “training” down the middle story on Radio Talk Gaga this morning. I would actually get quite excited to see that with him flanked by The Gerv and AA.

  27. goonermichael says:

    Does anyone know much about Udinese? I’ve never seen them. I’ve read that they play abit like us which would suit us. Song and Gerv can play so that’s good. I hope we rip them a new batty hole.

  28. MickyDidIt89 says:

    They did play good stuff last season and finished fourth, but they have lost three of their key players over the summer, so should be an interesting contest.

  29. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Rocky, a beautiful post and you are dead right: nothing could have stopped him from returning to Barcalona.

    In the early nineties, I came to the UK for the first time. I was of similar age back then as Cesc is now, and after two years I was desperate to return to my home country. I just felt I was missing something, that I was losing my roots etc. I think something similar is driving Cesc to return to Barcalona. But as I said yesterday, I think he timed it wrongly: there is no clear vacancy for him there and he has to compete with not only Xavi, Busquets and Iniesta, but also with the supertalents of Thiago (?) and Affelay, and one or two others. Does he just want an easy live and be a squad player?

    Sooner or later he will start missing the responsibility and adoration he had at Arsenal. I wish him well though, he has been one of the best Arsenal players ever to have played for the club.

  30. mattw84 says:


    That’s the point, we reportedly haven’t got £40m for him and only £35m – £25m up front, £5m depending on appearance/success and £1m a year for each year of the 5 year contract. £34.5m is a healthy profit but still £5m short of what the club valued him at. Apparently, he also has a £175m release clause in his new contract, that shows how highly Barca rate him. My point was also that we all knew this was going to happen, and if it was this summer, it should have been months ago.

    I do agree Real have better things to do, but being on the open market would have shown Arsenals intent – and you never know, Real may have bid just to p*ss Barca off and push the price up?

  31. London says:


    I do agree this should have been sorted out months ago, so who was stalling Arsenal or Barcelona?

    Real might have put in a bid for Fabregas but they know it never would have happened as he would never have accepted personal terms.

    The other saving the club made was from the fact that Fabregas wavered his fee in the deal.

  32. London says:


    Good to have you back, re your point about right and wrong timing of his move: I think one of the points that has been overlooked is the concern he would have had about his fitness, those ham strings have been playing up on a regular basis of late. Fabregas obviously dreamed of playing for his boyhood club at some point in his career and had those ham strings broken again he may have had to give that dream up forever, that is why I think he has gone there with the view of sod it if I am on the bench I am on the bench but I am wearing a Barcelona shirt on the bench and my whole family are in the stands.

  33. kelsey says:

    great post RL,

    as you know there is always a but with me.

    These two qualifiers are so important to any possible players joining us.If we go through whoever joins has CL football,if we go out the choice gets very limited in quality.So don’t expect any major signings until we know either way.

  34. goonermichael says:

    Apparently we don’t have £25m up front. It is in 2 instalments 1 now and 1 later.

  35. gunnern5 says:

    Yesterday I posted showing the amount of times AFC have finished in the top four positions.

    Here is a summary of that post.

    Excluding AW – 27 times in 93 years or 29.03 %.

    AW – 15 times in 15 years or 100%

    The point is that if during AW’s tenure we had only achieved our historical average of 29% then we would only have been in the CL in FOUR of the past fifteen seasons.

    I can think of at least 18 EPL teams that would love to be that bad!

  36. neamman says:

    If I were a successful footballer and had the chance to play for Arsenal.. so money was no object.. then I would take a pay cut without hesitation. If I were young starting out etc and had to think about playing tinme and my future..who knows.
    All I do know is I could never play for the spuds…

  37. Big Raddy says:

    Evonne. “If ……..” the fact is that he was brought up at Barca and is a Catalan, therefore such conjecture is pointless.

    RL. Another fine post. I believe he was going no matter what AW or the board did. It has nothing to do with whether we won silverware – look at Ronaldo who left MU having just won the PL. Furthermore we got the money Cesc is worth,only forwards go for above €35m, and it should be recalled that Cesc isn’t even first choice for his national team, let alone Barca..

  38. Big Raddy says:

    neamman. I doubt you would get in Spurs reserves 😉

  39. evonne says:

    BR – ok, I know that and I think you know what I mean. He would not be quiet as homesick if Barca were a midtable team

    I was driving and listening to the radio today; my heart stopped when they announced veeeeery slowely that Arsenal have confirmed that Robin -long pause – van – another long pause – Persi – another long pause – is another long pause – the another long pause – new captain. I was sure that in view of Sunday’s gossip they would announce RvP’s transfer…..TV to wear the armband tonight for obvious reasons and then our new handsome skipper will take over! Happy days

  40. TotalArsenal says:

    G5, that is a fine bit of statistical analysis: simple and yet very effective. You should add that we have also been treated to the most beautiful football played in the UK and most of Europe over the last twenty years during Wenger’s reign at the mighty Arse.

    I have a good feeling about tonight. I guess, I am annoying the doomers by saying that I think we’ll get Udinese on their knees tonight with a KO score of 3-0.

    Possible line up – back 5 as against NU – Gervinho – Ramsey – Song – Theo – Arshavin – Chamakh.

  41. RockyLives says:

    3-0 for me too TA 🙂

    Thanks for comments everyone. Roll on kick-off – it’s time to get the good feelings going again.

    Although many in the crowd are wavering, I think most are crying out for something to get behind.

  42. TotalArsenal says:

    hi London, thanks. You might well be right re ham string / health worries. Did you see him last night at the Nou Camp? He looked quite tired/emotionally drained to me, which in a bizarre way, made me like him even more.

  43. TotalArsenal says:

    RL 😛 Two good home games in the next few days, is all we need. I have got my seven year old daughter into singing ‘Oh to be a Gooner’ – she just cannot get it out of her head – but it is making me look forward to the game tonight even more 🙂

  44. jo'se' says:

    Thank god this saga is done and dusted now.It was really getting boring and sky will have nothing to report apart from Wayne Rooneys visit to the oldest profession fraternity.

  45. London says:


    I couldn’t bring myself to watch it.

  46. Big Raddy says:

    Was Rooney wearing a wig?

  47. Big Raddy says:

    TA. As you say, 2 wins and we go from zero’s to heroes.

    Please le it be so, it is so discouraging to hear any so-called AFC fans booing my team. Really, really upsetting.

  48. oz gunner says:

    Welcome back TA, good to see your opinion back in the mix.

    Just spent 2 hours reading the last 2 days worth of posts, great discussion and a fair bit of hostility.

    @ RA, loved your post 8.25 this morning.

    I’m fairly confident today that we will win 2-0, Udinese without sanchez and Zapata will be alot less menacing.

    As for cesc: great player, pissed off he left before his prime. Sorry but he was a poor captain and leaving at half time, not attending our last game of the season, apparent hamstring injuries, and sulking about for a long time means i will never give him a second thought again. HENRY is a legend, cesc used arsenal as a stepping stone to make it at barca.

    My biggest gripe atm is wegners talk of identifying talent. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again what the bloody hell have the scouts being doing for the last year? Everyone new cesc was going, everyone knows we need a new CB. But now its a scramble to find players?it is gross negligence

  49. oz gunner says:

    @ BR

    didn’t he apparently get a hair transplant?

    i’m also sick of hearing people say manu have strengthened! Where? they brought young when in my opinion they already have better wingers in nani and valencia. Jones? one for the future! DeGea? going to make alot of costly errors this season and not a patch on scezza in my opinion.

    Man city on the otherhand, they will be a scary prospect. Aguero is a great addition. Him along with silva and kompany would be players i’d love to see in a gunners shirt. How will nasri ever get into the team?

  50. oz gunner says:

    As for bendy, i’d love to see him stay. We will be quite short in the striking front if he goes. At 23 his best is yet to come. Definently better than MC who appears to never want to strike the ball (how many times last season when he was past the last defender did he double back looking for a pass?! countless)

  51. Brigham says:

    I think most of us knew he was going to leave and obviously to Barca scum. However, the fact that we let him go on the cheap (£14.5 million now and £14.5 Million in October) followed by add-ons is quite frankly, disgusting. Wenger should have put him on the open market and let the bidding take place.

    We have been royally shafted over this, both in monetary terms and how long it dragged on for. Still, it is now done and can we (Wenger) sort out the Nasri situation pronto!

    Lets put the Italians well and truly to the sword tonight.

  52. oz gunner says:

    @ Bringham

    Cesc would never have agreed personal terms with another team though. It is just sickening to see Barcelonas under handed tactics pay off, and our ‘staying strong on 40mil’ meaning nothing. As someone said in yesterdays post we definently came off looking second best

  53. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Oz, good to see you have become a ‘regular AA-er’ 😛

    You might be a bit harsh on Cesc there. In the end he is only young and he wants to go back home. He is just a human being like you and me, and i don’t know about you, but I made some pretty decent errors of judgement when I was 23-24, and to use Arsenal as a stepping stone – if this is the case indeed – is not a crime. I believe you should remember him for all the quality football he brought to us. I never forget his performance against Milan in the CL (2008?) when he and Henry ripped them apart at the San Siro… top top class. One of the best games of football I ever watched.

    Agree with you on the need for a fourth CB, but we still have 1/2 month to go in this TW. Are there any good Australian CB’s around at the moment? With Jadson possibly joining from South-America, we only need a player from Downunder to have player-representatives from all continents of the world!! Wouldn’t that be fun: an Anglo/six-Continental team of worldbeaters 😛

  54. goonermichael says:

    I’ve just deleted mail online from NN. I’vce only got about 5 sources laft and they are dodgy too. Eboue part of “Arsenal Exodus” do me a favour. Wankers.

  55. goonermichael says:

    I’ve just been told by someone on FB that we are close to signing 2 players. He says he’s gout “sources”. If we draw barca again there will be some serious hate going on. I think I’d even support the chavs over them.

  56. evonne says:

    London – I cannot bring myself to see Cesc’s photos in new shirt; have not seen it and don’t want to see it

    At least we have a proper skipper now

  57. goonermichael says:

    Just deleted f365 from my favourites. They are a bunch of manc loving idiots.

  58. oz gunner says:

    Cant leave the site, to many top supporters with a great array of opinions.

    I’ll never forget some of the great moments cesc gave us. My personal favourite was vs Villa two seasons back. We were struggling, he was on the bench under an injury cloud, he comes on for a 21 minute cameo next thing you know we are 2-0 up and cruising. No-one would slice a defence like cesc could. However i may just be being petulant but being an arsenal supporter my whole life i do take it to heart when a player leaves (an henry/viera style exit is good), but i don’t like how he handled it. Yes im biased but to me if your playing at arsenal why would you want to go anywhere else?! Loyalty is a rare thing in football

    Haha i wish, i get excited everytime an aussie is linked with arsenal (only recall mark and a young RB by the name of luke wilkshire). I have always wanted to see cahill at the gunners though (never seen a player score so many late header goals in matches and can’t fault his heart). A multi-cultural arsenal good luck communicating in that change room haha

  59. evonne says:

    GM – can you elaborate?

  60. VCC says:

    3 – 0 for me tonight. OHHH to be a Gooner.

  61. oz gunner says:

    @ Evonne

    well said, i don’t want to see the pictures or videos.

    RVP will be a great captain, but unsure if it was the right choice over Tommy V.

  62. evonne says:

    Oz – I feel the same about the Poles and am delighted that there are 3 of them at Arsenal. Jagielka would make it 4 and Close or Podolski – 5! And red and white are my national colours, so how could I not support the mighty AFC?

    Ok, ok, ok. Koscielny and Jagielka are not 100% Polish, but with names like that they could not be anything else

  63. oz gunner says:

    oh and gokhan inler

  64. evonne says:

    No, RvP has been with us for yonks and deserves the band.

  65. WiganGooner says:

    Double-Dip post today guys, Big Raddy’s written a pre-match and it will be up at 4pm.



  66. oz gunner says:

    @ Evonne

    your fascination with polish players is hilarious. god why stop there! why not:

    sell mannone for Boruc
    Euzebiusz Smolarek
    Michał Żewłakow
    Dariusz Dudka
    Robert Lewandowski

  67. goonermichael says:

    He’s kissing the badge. Made me ill.

  68. oz gunner says:

    He has but i haven’t seen him string a season together yet (injury wise), also swayed by the fact that i prefer a bullish defender/midfielder to have the armband.

  69. Camberwell Gooner says:

    GM – Second that. Bunch of self-important idiots with an overinflated opinion of themselves.

    The reality is they’re just a gutter rag masquerading as something better. They should rename themselves Tabloid365.

  70. goonermichael says:

    A black cab just stopped outside my shop window with a driver (in a red vest) the spitting image of EE. I’ll miss him. EE not the cab driver 🙂

  71. goonermichael says:

    selfabusers365 🙂

  72. goonermichael says:

    Evone is Kozzers name “church” in English? Some one told me it was.

  73. goonermichael says:

    Oh Evonne
    I can’t eleborate that was all I got.

  74. goonermichael says:

    tHis happens everyday.. 😦 blogus fartus

  75. Big Raddy says:

    I am sure I saw Eboue outside Irma Supermaked in Østerbrogade. Perhaps he is here for a trial at FCK?

  76. Rasp says:

    Afternoon all,

    We will win tonight, but most importantly we want to keep a clean sheet so scoring out there will put the game out of their reach.

  77. peachesgooner says:

    Salut cheries, it was worth keeping the faith with the chocolate legs now that the very handsome and distinguished looking Mr Choc Leg himself is our captain. Well done aw, good choice.

  78. Rasp says:

    I see RvP has been awarded the captaincy, fair enough I suppose, he is now our highest profile player, I don’t know if TV has been made vice captain – can anyone tell me?

  79. Rasp says:

    Haha peaches – you pipped me to it 😆

  80. WiganGooner says:

    New post all.

    @Rasp – Arsene said TV will be assisting….I’m assuming that means he is vice captain.


  81. Big Raddy says:

    Disagree Peaches. We have never won doodleesquat with a forward as Captain (maybe something with TH14 but can’t really remember).

    TV is the man.

  82. oz gunner says:

    Eboue was another one like clichy. At one stage one of the best in europe, but then all of a sudden their talent declined and became to error prone. Sagna brought about the demise of eboue, along with the attempt to move him to RW. It is sad though because he had a great attitude and never once whinged about being a squad player

  83. Rasp says:

    Post ahoy …. NEW POST ……

    Raddy’s pre-match is up, please press the ‘Home’ tab …..

  84. evonne says:

    Oz – I know, I don’t even like my countrymen very much, but as soon as I hear a Polish name I claim my right to gloat 🙂 Euzebiusz Smolarek was such player, ruined career.

    GM – Koscielny is someone that works in a church, but not a priest or Jesus. The guy who opens doors, lights the candles, that kind of stuff

  85. Mattflamini says:


    First time post….

    Really enjoyed this, especially the “time to move on” bit.
    Difficult times at the mo, but I for one will be begin the team tonight, and have high hopes that we have players that can step up.

    Be nice to get some good transfer news though.


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  88. babyplanet says:


    […]Cesc Would Have Stayed If… « Arsenal Arsenal[…]…

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