Wenger and his players in street brawl

Written by dandan

Imagine the consequences if Arsène actually did do such a thing today, no doubt the sky would fall on his head. But that is exactly what happened to Bertie Mee the then Arsenal manager as he left a restaurant in Rome after an Inter City Fairs Cup, first leg tie against Lazio.

Back in 1970 it was usual for both teams to share a meal after the game and this they did. The match itself had already been marred by an over aggressive Lazio side not only sliding right through the Arsenal players from behind in the tackle, taking  the man out, with or without  the ball.  They were experts also at elbowing or  pinching  under the arm when supposedly helping players to their feet, but worse of all spitting, all the tricks in the book came out that night. The Arsenal side had however kept their nerve and battled to a 2 x 2 away draw and left the field happy that Lazio now had to come to Highbury for the second leg.

The players changed and went to the restaurant for the post match meal by coach, which was then parked outside  in a very narrow road waiting to return them later, to the hotel.

During the meal as the players enjoyed a glass of wine it became apparent that tempers on the Italian side were not calming down, away goals counted double and they knew the task that awaited them in London.

Ray Kennedy was the first of the Arsenal players to leave the restaurant and was immediately set upon by 3 Lazio players. Geordie Armstrong and Bob Mcnab saw what was happening, yelled back to those following and pitched in closely followed by George Graham and Frank Mclintock. The rest of the Lazio team were now also involved and the melee grew bigger as the more of the Arsenal squad left the restaurant and were joined by coach Done Howe, George Wright the physio and Bertie Mee as they fought their way to the bus.

McLintock who lost his gold watch in the punch up,says Mee was not rated very highly by a number of the players as he was a typical stiff upper lip, ex Army PI instructor type, a real martinet and disciplinarian. But the sight of this little guy getting stuck in alongside his players did him no harm in the popularity stakes.

The police helped restore order and the players left for the hotel bruised and blooded but swearing revenge at Highbury, as they sought to hold onto the trophy they had won the year before.  Two weeks later in front of the most hostile crowd I have ever been part of, they duly won 2 0, only to lose to Cologne in a later round before, going on to do the league and cup double.

Lazio’s punishment for their loutish behaviour, a small fine, some things never change it would seem.

Incidentally it could be at this match that an Arsenal institution first saw the light of day, as Dennis Hill-Wood when asked about the street fighting, said I didn’t actually see anything . I wondered where that came from?

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  1. Big Raddy says:

    DD. Excellent. I had forgotten all about the incident and was at Highbury for the return leg!

    Love the post and love the black and white photo’s

  2. evonne says:

    Dandan, great piece of history!
    Can you imagine the current squad street fighting? I’d hate to think how many gold watches and diamond earrings would be lost 🙂
    Maybe just as well that the football hooliganism is almost over
    Thanks Dandan

  3. Rasp says:

    Great post dandan, I’m afraid that the current squad would come off second best in a brawl with most opposition teams these days – let’s hope we sign one or two monsters over the summer.

    AW has actually shown he’s up for a tussle once or twice although I’m not sure it was wise to square up to Martin Jol 😕

  4. Aidan Furey says:

    Never heard of that before. Great post, thanks a million.

  5. evonne says:

    GiE – thanks for info re tickets and goalkeeping. I have asked about the goalies because Total pointed out that there are so many good goalkeepers emerging from Poland recently. I am trying to work why this is happening. I know why there are so many Polish builders, but cannot work out the goalies

  6. evonne says:

    Rasp – it was a funny incident with Mr Jol 🙂 Good thing for us that he kept cool head, nice chap Martin Jol.
    And so was the pizza in the tunnel. Pardew scene was less amuzing though

  7. Gooner in Exile says:

    DanDan a great post a part of history that I’d never heard.

    Evonne – Perhaps it’s a result of Dudek showing what is achievable to other youngsters.

  8. Big Raddy says:

    I think anyone taking on Sagna and Vermælen would get a good hiding. And I expect Song could be a bit tasty.

  9. TotalArsenal says:

    DD, beautiful, well-written article with great pictures. 🙂 It’s wonderful to have people like you on AA, who can tell us about the past in such a vivid way. What happened in the 2nd leg in terms of incidents on the field? Did we ‘even the score’?

  10. evonne says:

    Raddy – i’d have my money on Jack 🙂

    GiE – you might be right. Dudek still is a BIG hero in Poland, always on TV and street adverts

  11. wibble1967 says:

    I’ve actually asked a few of the players involved what happened and thought a couple of little additions to your post wouldn’t go amiss.

    Bob WIlson went outside (where a few of the players were for a ciggy) just as Ray Kennedy was attacked. He ran back in to get everyone but denies point blank that he hid in the toilet!

    Frank is the best though – ask him about it and he gives a wonderful blow by blow account (with actions) and told about how he clocked one as he was throwing another off his back. But by far the funniest image is from after the police turned up. Bertie was arguing with them and one of the police grabbed him by the lapels, lifted him up, and put him down on the coach step!

    One thing that they all say is that the team spirit that won the double was really born that night because it brought the squad even closer than they were, and also that Bertie played on that to create a them and us attitude at the club.

  12. allezkev says:

    What a top post! A good book to read :
    Bertie Mee, Arsenal’s Officer and Gentleman, by David Tossell.

  13. wibble1967 says:

    @ evonne.

    The main reasons so many Polish keepers are coming through is down to one goalkeeping coach (who we tried to get a few years back) who has coached virtually all of them including Fabianski and Chesney. His name escapes me right now but I;m sure google will help.

  14. evonne says:

    Wibble – Krzysztof Dowhania

  15. Peter Rice says:

    Wonderful article, which restores some of the magic of Arsenal. The more I read about Bertie Mee the more I like him. Please keep them coming excellent.

    I so so bored about the transfer news and the 250 players who Arsenal are buying its great.

  16. TotalArsenal says:

    Evonne you are the perfect Polka who lives in Polonia. The only logical explenation I can think of is this: Poles are drawn to poles…. 😉

  17. johnQ says:

    RVP apparently looks like a Dutch Bruce Lee. and he actually slap Dani Alves in the face too!

  18. Angelo says:

    I was at the Olympic stadium that night watching the match, and as a Lazio fan I find the content of this post quite bias. Not only the Lazio players did what is described! Surely the Arsenal players were not just watching and taking it, they did return some old, dirty tricks as well. In any case it’s such an old story, still quite vivid in my mind though. Forza Lazio!

  19. Big Raddy says:

    Can’t see Rosicky or Theo getting stuck in ….

    Chamakh could be a bit handy

  20. TotalArsenal says:

    BR, JET and Frimpong would sort them all out in two minutes..

  21. dandan says:

    Morning all, thanks for the comments, wibble thanks for the update would be fun to chat with Frank his enthusiasm hasn’t died.

    Angelo welcome this is an Arsenal blog based on Arsenal memories so it is bound to be a bit biased, thanks for your input though and feel free to post when ever you wish.

  22. evonne says:

    Total – I live in North London and would not swap it for any part of Poland 🙂
    And, I am not an accountant; IT with accountancy implementations/configurations.

  23. TotalArsenal says:

    RvP the Dutch Bruce Lee – I like it 🙂

  24. evonne says:

    Raddy – see what I mean about Theo? Joey Barton would fight our corner though, no?

  25. Angelo says:

    Thank you Dandan, appreciate your reply and welcoming me in your blog!

  26. TotalArsenal says:

    Evonne, I just read that about 20 million Poles live outside Poland (Polonia). So for every two Poles at home, there is a Pole living abroad! You must be top of the league in world emigration… Why is that?

  27. wibble1967 says:

    @ evonne – that’s the geezer.

    @ Angelo – mate, we’re The Arsenal so we have never ever ever done anything at all wrong ever. Ahem.

    @ dandan – happy to add a little. You’re bang on about his enthusiasm not dying as he’s as as passionate now as he ever was. Lucky enough to have met him many many times but the specific time I asked him about this was at a do in the boardroom at Highbury. His eyes lit up and he was on his feet in seconds living every punch. The thing that really struck me was how obvious his leadership qualities were as if he’d asked me to jump out of the window at that moment I’d have been half way to the pavement before it would have occured to me to ask why!

  28. evonne says:

    Total – Polish are adventurous, ambitious and brave. Maybe that is why they are looking to enhance their lives abroad. They are also argumentative, self-righteous, arrogant and racist. I am aware of Pole-hatred in your country and it does not surprise me a bit. I must say the are not my favourite nation

    What about your country, such a small nation with so many outstanding footballers, how come?

  29. evonne says:

    Wibble – how come you were at the boardroom at Highbury. Are you ‘connected’?

  30. wibble1967 says:

    @ Evonne – It was an o2 thing at the ground a couple of weeks after the last game. We were on the pitch and had pretty much free access anywhere we wanted. Amusingly Frank led us into the boardroom and said he’d only been in there a couple of times before himself. Best bit was we got to take a square of pitch with us so I know that I was one of the last ever to kick a football on the (complete) pitch. I’m not ‘connected’ at all these days so no scoops from me I’m afraid.

    As for your comments about ‘Pole hatred’, as someone who studied 303 squadron (and the others after that) and interviewed some for a school project many years ago, I personally appreciate the fact that without the Polish Squadrons we would probably have lost the Battle of Britain. Amazing airmen rightly remembered by the Polish War Memorial.

  31. evonne says:

    Wibble – thank you for your last comment. Different generation though, communism changed people beyond repair

  32. TotalArsenal says:

    Evonne, I am very, very happy not to live there anymore. 10 years ago, whilst life was better than ever in Holland, they made a political turn to the right/ far right. The true nature of my countrymen has come out: intollerant, short-sighted, self-adoring, unpleasant. Not a good place to be.

    Why are there so many outstanding dutch footballers? Don’t really know tbhwy. Holland is flatter than a plain pancake and has plenty of grass pitches everywhere, football is a cheap form of sport / childsplay 😉 , and the total football success of the early 70, followed by the late eighties/early nineties generation, did get many boys (and girls) interested in football. Dutch people are absolutely crazy about football – even madder than the English who also have cricket, rugby and golf as their national sport. Tennis and Hockey are reasonably popular, but voetbal is king in Holland.

    The Dutch also like to be important in the world (just as we once were during the Golden Age) and football is the best we have to get recognised.

  33. Big Raddy says:

    TA. My father was Dutch, so were his parents, and their parents and their parents.

    I am proud of my Dutch heritage. You should be too.

    As to right wing, I cannot think of a more easy going, friendly and non-judgemental race. Dutch politics may have shifted to the right in recent years but that can be said of all the EU countries for obvious reasons. Even here in Denmark, which must be one of the only true Socialist countries, there is a growing antagonism towards “outsiders”.

    But enough of politics, I prefer to think about a fight between Diaby and Darren Fletcher 🙂

  34. Big Raddy says:

    Can anyone explain why Henderson, an untried kid with half a season behind him, cost €20m and yet Ashley Young, who is an established International in the prime of his career is only €15m.

    Is there something I am not getting?

  35. TotalArsenal says:

    BR, there is nothing wrong with being proud of your Dutch heritage, and so am I. As with regards to easy-going, friendly and non-judgemental race, I could not agree with you less. The Dutch think this of themselves, but this belongs to the past now (and probably was never really true). Have you been to Holland recently (not on a short trip to A’dam), have you spoken to any foreigners (including those from other EU countries) who stayed in Holland for a while – having to make a living or trying to settle in? It’s a different place then. But yeah, agree, not a topic for AA, maybe we can talk about it one day whilst drinking a beer or a coffee.

    Best fight I can think of: Song beating up Evra.

  36. goonermichael says:

    Ashley young isn’t that good Raddy 🙂

    In a fight I’d definitely avoid Sammy Nasri and Jack. Song is really laid back so I’m not sure what he’d be like. I think Wenger would kick the shit out of fergiescum. Re the poles abroad.they are beginners compare to the Irish. Population of 3.5 million and 35 million passports.

    Anyone beating up evra would be worth watching

  37. TotalArsenal says:

    Agreed GM 😉

  38. Red Arse says:

    TA, 🙂

    When you refer to the (Dutch) Golden Age, were you referring to the years of the 16th Century,when great Dutch explorers such Dirk Hartog and Cornelius Nay made adventurous discoveries in the New World and Asia?

    Also, when you said, “The only logical explenation I can think of is this: Poles are drawn to poles…. “, is this the opposite of the English phrase – ‘they are poles apart’? 🙂 (a small pun!) 🙂

  39. Big Raddy says:

    TA. I bow to your first hand knowledge but I can only say what I see, though the situation you describe could be said of any North European land except perhaps UK.

    Can I have a couple of digs at the semi-conscious Evra?

  40. Red Arse says:


    A really interesting glimpse of near history, which many of us were not aware of.
    In a way it is a reflection of a very different and perhaps more innocent world to the pampered and privileged one the players live in today.

    Really vividly written, thank you! 🙂

  41. Big Raddy says:

    On a side issue.

    Why are the home nations so opposed to the idea of team GB at the Olympics.

    If it was so important why do we see empty stadia when Wales N.I or Scotland play (OK Scotland can draw a few but rarely sell out). No-one is interested.

    Their fear is that only Gareth Bale would get a place in the squad.

  42. Red Arse says:

    BR, 🙂

    The real reason, I suspect, for the adamant refusal of the other governing bodies to be represented by a GB team, is that the respective Welsh, Scottish and N. Irish FA’s know that they are supping at the big boys table within FIFA as a result of a decades old anachronism. This harks back to the days of Sir Stanley Rous when England ‘ran’ FIFA, before the coup that saw the current corrupt lot and their predecessors take power.

    They are terrified that if a GB team represent the Home nations, other countries (FIFA) will say that in future they should lose their ‘special’ status and not be individually represented on various FIFA, and UEFA committees.

    I think it is called self interest.

  43. Big Raddy says:

    RA. I am sure you are correct.

  44. Red Arse says:

    And finally, as there appears to be nobody here, I am going to break the agreed ‘omerta’ on discussions of transfer rumours! 🙂

    Can we skip all the usual caveats about ‘Red Tops’, ‘nonsense reporting’ etc and take that as read?

    I am concerned that there may be a suspicion of “no smoke without a fire” permeating some of the papers reports about Arsenal chasing a dwindling number of ‘targets’ and like a bloody great wheel returning once again to missed targets of previous transfer windows. Names such as Phil Jagielka and Rodwell have started to reappear.

    Now it may be that some of you think that they (and others) would be OK in the great scheme of things, but for me it smacks of either Arsene being priced out of his preferred targets, or there being a sense of not being clear as to who they really want to buy, or “what can we do to appease the more volatile fans?” about matters.

    I hope I am wrong, of course, but there seems to be something in the air, and perhaps AW is more concerned about the futures of possible ‘outgoing’ players such as Cesc, Nasri and Clichy etc, and has quite naturally left recruitment of new players until the future of these important current team members has been resolved.

    Go ahead throw your best shots. I am ready!! 🙂

  45. Herb'sArmy says:

    Hello AA’ers,
    so much for reigning myself in!
    Sometimes I feel that when I leave a comment, it is the equivalent of dropping a grenade. It can change the whole mood, and turn a light-hearted conversation into something dark and unpleasant. And almost everyone reacts as though their very soul has been invaded and savagely attacked.
    I support The Arsenal with all that I am, and I mention other clubs only as a reference to measure where we, Arsenal, are at. This does not make me a ‘Manc-lover’, Chelsea, Liverpool or Tottenham lover, but nor should we be so precious that we can’t acknowledge our faults, or failings.
    My heritage is Scottish, so for me it is natural to champion certain things. Some people have an unhealthy hatred for Alex Ferguson. Why? If it hadn’t been for a disagreement over a press-conference he’d have been our manager. C’est la vie, we appointed George Graham, and October of that same year he took the Man Utd job. Is that his fault? Back when I was a kid, I hated Man Utd with a passion, and one of the best things I’ve ever seen, even to this day, was Denis Law’s goal for Man City to send Man Utd down to Division 2. What an incredible buzz I got from it!
    Supporting a Football Club is a very spiritual, personal journey, highs and lows, and I could never imagine supporting any other club. We, Arsenal are a very special, unique club, as are the supporters, but some of the bile and hatred spewed by some is disrespectful and atrocious. It saddens and irks me to be labelled a ‘Manc-lover’, I’m not going to name names, they know who they are.
    And as for blinkered people claiming there were more positves than negatives from last season, I say this: In our 125 year history, never have our fans been more confused, disillusioned or divided than they are at this time.
    I fully appreciate that this is a Pro-Wenger site, I have absolutely no problem with that, and I try to be polite and respectful to everyone that blogs on here. I don’t think I’ve ever been abusive or swore at anybody, and I always try to respond to people as honestly as I can without resorting to insults. So today you are my Jury. I am putting myself on trial and at your mercy. My fate is in your hands. If I am not welcome on this site, come one come all and put forward your verdict. If you collectively think I am too negative and add nothing to the site, I will respectfully accept your decision. Thanks for your time, good karma to everyone everywhere.

  46. evonne says:

    Herb – with all due respect you have invented four leagues within PL just to prove that we are shite. Dropping of a granede would go better me thinks

  47. evonne says:

    TA and BR – my criticism of Poles and TA’s of Dutch is either an inside knowledge or a form of atavism. Enough

    What I want to know is who is going to take on Rooney?? We would probably have to stab him in the back

  48. Herb'sArmy says:

    If you can’t see what’s staring you in the face and accept that which is blatantly obvious to anyone that knows their football, what is the point? If you really are that ignorant please don’t talk to me.

  49. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Herb, you know my view. You contribute to AA tremendously and I hope you keep visiting this blog. I like your sincerity, knowledge, use of language (in every aspect) and passion for the Arsenal. Your stance on Wenger (his decisions, performance, signings etc) is quite different from mine, although I occasionally agree with you. However, as I know that we come from almost opposing angles, I seldom feel the need to enter in discussion with you – and you seem to think the same, as you seldom enter in discussion with me (which is fine, of course).

    However, others feel a strong need to counter your often critical views on Wenger’s and Arsenal’s recent successes, and it seems that as long as you passionately keep offering and defending these views – including the facts which you provide to support your views – you will keep feeling the heat occasionally.

  50. goonermichael says:

    I have an extremely unhealthy hatred of the scotts alchy (to the point where I can’t mention his name) Sometimes I think you are a bit of a troll (but that may not be the case) You’re welcome on here though and I broadly agree with most of what you say.
    Denilson can have rooney.

  51. goonermichael says:

    If we get Gervinho what is the point in Vela staying?

  52. TotalArsenal says:

    BR, thanks 🙂 I thought again about my comments re Holland/the Dutch, and feel now I should have kept them to myself. This is not the site for expressing such views as it can easily offend other fans 😳

  53. TotalArsenal says:

    RA, yes 16th century was golden-orange.

    Love the pun 😆

  54. Herb'sArmy says:

    Thanks TA, I appreciate your supportive comments. You at least have a great deal of intelligence and common-sense.

  55. TotalArsenal says:

    Evonne, the only one that can take on Rooney is ‘Lucky’ – the one between the poles!

  56. Red Arse says:

    Hi Herb, 🙂

    You don’t need or deserve to ‘stand trial’ on AA, no one does.
    It’s an Arsenal footie site and a particularly good one. There is a broad church on here with quite a few different shades of opinion and room for all.

    As far as I am concerned, you don’t need anyone’s permission and you are entitled to say your piece and to be heard. Equally, you will find some who will want the right to dispute with you, whereas others will agree with you.

    For myself, I think I have occasionally been labelled as a Wengerite, and I do have absolute respect and admiration for what he has done for the club, both behind the scenes, and for what he has achieved, with limited means, on the field of play.

    But I do not fit easily into any pigeon hole. My respect for AW is laced with a cautious concern for ‘idiosyncratic’ management decisions such as playing Big Bendy on the wing, when he clearly is not a winger and equally clearly he is a centre forward. My comment at 1:08 shows this trait.

    I will and do state my opinion and will politely argue it. Just like you! 🙂

    One piece of advice I was given some time ago, by either Dandan or Big Raddy, which I will pass on, is that sometimes it is best, if the discussion gets heated or is going nowhere, is to exercise a little ‘give and take’ and simply let it go. It is not a ‘defeat’, its just that there are plenty of other things to move on to discuss! 🙂

    Go for it Herb. None of us can claim to be perfect or to know everything, so your views are as worthy as anyone else’s. (I absolve myself from that, because, of course, I am “perfick”! 🙂

  57. Herb'sArmy says:

    Thank-you for that resounding thumbs-up RA. I always read your comments because they are often interesting, educational, and very articulate. That for me is what healthy debate is all about.
    I read the article from ‘Arsenal Opinion’ that you pointed out yesterday, very amusing and sobering.
    I don’t wish to disrespect other people’s views and opinions because we’re all entitled to them, but when people are so ignorant that they can’t recognise that there are divisions within divisions it just gets me angry. As if Swansea are going to be title contenders this season???

  58. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Not actually here, and have not read post or comments yet.
    Was in car and heard talk on radio of Sanchez preferring move to Barca rather than City. Barca are offering less wages, but importantly, how much of their supposed transfer kitty would that absorb. You know what I am saying.
    Back later to read all hopefully. Love the look of the pics!

  59. Big Raddy says:


    I like that you are able to argue a different viewpoint. It makes for a much more interesting blog than one which is one dimensional (see LG). Please stay and carry on the good fight.

    TA. Please don’t misunderstand me, no offense was taken. Just another POV given.

  60. Big Raddy says:

    Micky. I do not believe that Barca cannot afford to buy whomever they wish.

    If you know who is wanted this summer he will leave. Kelsey says it is a matter of the fee and I agree with him. Barca excel at briinkmanship & if they can they will delay and delay until the final moments of the transfer deadline thus forcing AW into a corner.

    My fear is that we will not have time to buy replacements for those leaving.

    RA. Transgression from “omerta” leads directly to “vendetta” ……

  61. Herb'sArmy says:

    Thanks BR. How we could do with a big John Radford in our ranks today!

  62. evonne says:

    Herb – don’t call me ignorant. It is you who is ignorant and fails to notice that your negative attitude is boring, boring, boring. The point I was making is that for some reason you tend to go to great lenghts to prove your point, no matter how trivial it is. I don’t want to talk to you either, or read your boring doom and gloom insults. Don’t bother answering, I have made up my mind about you. Cheerio.

  63. Big Raddy says:

    We have Nik B 😀

  64. TotalArsenal says:

    Cheers BR

  65. Herb'sArmy says:

    A grown woman with a ‘Dennis the Menace’ avatar? Enough said.

  66. Big Raddy says:

    Deep breaths. Think of a happy place and time. Let it go.

  67. evonne says:

    Herb – you don’t even have an avatar, is it the only thing missing in your life? I bet not 🙂 You are aggressive, petty and boring.

    Dennis the Menace – think, try to think possitive for a change and guess why I chose this avatar

  68. evonne says:

    Raddy – on your bike 🙂

  69. Herb'sArmy says:

    Well done you. Emmeline Pankhurst must be looking down with an over-whelming sense of pride!

  70. evonne says:

    Herb – I have no doubt that you attacked me because I am a woman. I am used to it, some men hate women in football. I never claim to know as much as most AAers about football, but that does not make me ignorant or unintelligent.

    If you have to use insults and aggression to prove your point, than I feel sorry for you.

  71. evonne says:

    Rasp – please do not try to defend me, I would prefer to fight that one myself. The guy really gets on my tits

  72. Herb'sArmy says:

    You started this Evonne. Yesterday I made a point about there being about four divisions within the PL, after you claimed that Birmingham and Portsmouth were ‘rivals’. But you have rubbished that point and maintained that there is only one division, as if to insinuate that all 20 clubs have a realistic chance of winning the PL next season, which isn’t really true, is it?
    Women are our life-force, the mothers of the earth, without whom us men would be lost. I don’t have a problem with women in football. You chose to attack my comments, to which I have responded. It’s a bit ironic that from all the feed-back, yours is the only negative one.

  73. Big Raddy says:

    Could the content of today’s post led to this “discussion”? 😉

  74. goonermichael says:

    Getting a little bit personal now.

  75. goonermichael says:

    They’ll be fighting soon Raddy

  76. Red Arse says:


    This is one that is best left.

    I have to say that Evonne is one of the sweetest regular AA’ers on here (next to me, of course) . 🙂 There must have been a misunderstanding. Onward and upward!

    BR, if ‘omerta’ leads to ‘vendetta’, I retract my 1:08. No way would I have the nerve to cross Don Raddy! 🙂

  77. evonne says:

    Herb – yep, I have noticed you sucking up to others, Mr Popular.

    On a lighter note – I thought of an avatar for you – the whole bloody Mappet show 🙂

    I am going now, before Rasp or Peaches tell me off 🙂

  78. Red Arse says:

    Oi Evonne,

    I thought your gravatar was a celebration of my undoubted handsome visage.
    Who is this guy Dennis. I will have to challenge him to a duel!! 🙂

  79. Big Raddy says:

    I am concerned about all this discussion of Samba. As far as I can see he is a poor man’s Sol.

  80. Big Raddy says:

    RA. Always best to follow the unwritten law ….. or one can wake up with the fishes!

  81. Herb'sArmy says:

    I don’t suck up to anybody, as most of my previous comments will show you. If you are going to talk football, at least make it sensible. Never heard of the ‘Mappets’. Is that what they’re called in Poland?
    as you are aware, I’ve had my share of disputes and arguments on here, but never one laced with so much under-lying nastiness. It must be an eastern European trait.

  82. Red Arse says:

    On a change of subject, I copied this from a Stoke blog. What a cheek!

    “”- Latest reports suggest that Tony Pulis is willing to include striker Ricardo Fuller in a deal to lure £15million rated defender Scott Dann away from the prying and beady eyes of Arsene Wenger and to the Britannia Stadium instead.

    Stoke have already offered a reported £12million for the 24-year-old defender, but the recently relegated Blues are holding out for more.

    Arsene Wenger wants to strengthen the defensive side of things at The Emirates, and with Scott being 6ft2inch, it`ll give Arsenal a slightly better chance of dealing with Rory Dealp`s rocket missile throws as they usually soar over the generally little Gooners.

    Arsenal were after Phil Jones, but Sir-Red-Nose-of-Ferguson snapped him up for Manchester United. So after being snubbed by the former Blackburn defender, Arsenal are determined not to let the Birmingham defender slip through their trophy-less hands.

    Dann seems to be the man for Pulis, especially as Ricardo Fuller could be thrown into a player-plus-cash offer, so if Wenger wants a shout in the bidding process, he will have to up his game.

    I’m not sure I would want Dann for Arsenal, personally,but if they honestly believe he would choose Stoke over Arsenal, if we made a bid, I will have to re-define the meaning of ‘deluded’. 🙂

  83. Jamie says:

    Top notch post.

    My dad and unle both told me that story but like most other people i had forgotten it. I don’t think it is coincidence that they went on to lift the double. Big incidents often bring a team closer together. Think of Old Trafford 2003 and the whole “stand up if you hate Manc cheats” thing. We went the season unbeaten.

    On a minus point though, you wouldn’t want Samir Nasri and Gael Clichy on your side in a brawl. Would you? Nasri and Eboue clutching there face.

    Could you imagine, “Easy Gael,Sebastians covered in claret”.

    Do me a favour!

    When your players start to have names like Pascal, Gael, Jose and Sebastian, you are going to be out of you depth in a dust up.

    When we had Cygan I found myself one day, shouting from the East Stand, “get in there Pascal” I had to have a long hard look at myself!

    I agree that Song, Vermarlen and Sagna might be decent and RVP if you promise not to step on his foot. But unfortunately, like every time we play Stoke, we just can’t give the weight away.

  84. Red Arse says:

    Jamie, 🙂

  85. Big Raddy says:

    Damn right RA.

    The only reason Ashley Young signed for MU was because we didn’t want him (he is an AFC fan).

    I wonder if Denilson wants to play at The Potteries?

  86. Big Raddy says:

    Jamie. Top comment.

  87. goonermichael says:


    Some good news. Now they can try and go through what we have.

  88. Red Arse says:


    I’m with you on the Samba front.

    What puzzles me (and I am skirting omerta here) is that with the CL early qualifier a few short weeks away, we haven’t unloaded the supposed ‘outgoing’ players yet.

    OK, Arsene has already said he does not want Arshavin to leave, or now Vela, but that leaves Bendy, Rosicky, Squidgy, Almunia etc still with us. And if Clichy, Cesc and Clichy do leave that will make us worse off not better.

    Don’t panic Mr Mannering — or you, Red Arse! 🙂

  89. Gooner in Exile says:

    Deep breaths everyone…..

    Raddy my take on Youngs transfer price is he only had one year left on his contract. I’m not sure how long Henderson had left but in addition to shortness of contract Henderson at 20 can give Liverpool 5-10 years or have a sell on value if they decide he is surplus to requirements. Young on the other hand at 26 offers less long term value.

    Herb yes your comments do rub some people up the wrong way, for me they are dogmatically negative and for your first few visits most of your comments seemed to offer little progression just repeating the same message. This led to me simply not bothering to read your comments. I don’t react to the stuff that to me offers nothing new it would (and has previously been) boring for others. Very few of us have the right to stop you blogging here. However taking to insinuation about an avatar is not funny, witty, clever or entertaining and makes you look like a petulant teenager rather than the longtime supporter you are.

  90. Jamie says:

    And another thing, I have never seen so many men say they think samba is a good thing? I mean let’s face it, you only go to a samba class if you are worried about your mrs and the instructor.

  91. evonne says:

    Herb – yes, actually we call guys like you Mappet in Poland 🙂

    Listen, let’s stop fighting, there is no point. I apologise for my part.

    You see, I thought I KNEW about Arsenal until I started to read this blog. These guys really know their stuff. I read, ask questions and learn every day from them. You think you know better than they do, be patient, you will see that they are right.

  92. Red Arse says:

    Jamie, 🙂

    On the other hand — Stop it!
    You are beginning to rival my mate MickydidIt for clever and humourous quips …………. and I will have to refer you to Don Raddy for territory snatching!! 🙂

  93. Red Arse says:

    Well said, Evonne. You are a little star! 🙂

    Not sure about your new boyfriend Dennis tho’.

  94. redarse says:

    Deep breath, GIE! 🙂

  95. Rasp says:

    Evening all, it’s been a lively day, I seem to remember reminding everyone last season that a consequence of the transfer frenzy was often that good bloggers turned on one another ….. so to fan the flames, I am going to say that the Ricky Alvarez strory isn’t going away and may just be the piece of definitive evidence that either Cesc or Nasri (Cesc most likely) are on their way 😦 …. by the way he’s 6ft 2in and an attacking midfielder

  96. evonne says:

    RA – I know you love him too. Rocky’s blog on Monday made me realise how much we miss him; he has never been replaced, can he be replaced?

    Jamie – funny you mentioned Cygan! Now, he was special too! How did Arsene ever managed to get rid off him and actually get some money?? Genius

  97. redarse says:

    Just seen this on AFC.

    The following times have been confirmed for Arsenal’s pre-season games:

    Hangzhou Greentown v Arsenal
    Saturday, July 16 2011
    Meihu Sports Center, Yiwu City
    Kick off: 7.30pm local time (12.30pm UK time)

    FC Cologne v Arsenal
    Saturday, July 16 2011
    RheinEnergie Stadium, Cologne
    Kick off: 3.30pm local time (2.30pm UK time)

    Benfica v Arsenal
    Saturday, August 6 2011
    Estadio da Luz, Lisbon
    Kick off: tbc (will be an evening kick off)

    All matches will be live on Arsenal Player.

    What the hell is “Arsenal player”? Has it replaced the useless ATVO, or just a renaming of that useless broadband rubbish? 🙂

  98. evonne says:

    Hiya Rasp 🙂 did ‘she’ grass me up?

  99. redarse says:


    I was not referring to THE Dennis!

    I was referring to your gravatar, Dennis the Menace, who looks nothing like him, and is only just a bit better looking than me!! 🙂
    Altho’ I do like his striped sweater!! Where can I get one?

  100. redarse says:

    Hi Rasper,

    Knowing Arsene, if we buy Alvarez, he will play him at Centre Back.

    Oohh — you may have cracked why we have not signed Samba or Cahill.
    have you got inside info, you cunning old thing? 🙂

  101. Jamie says:

    I was posting to have a go at someone but it seems Bernard Manning has been ejected.

  102. redarse says:

    OK, I am talking to myself, as usual, but before I go, I have just heard on the BBC that the Spuds have had their appeal against the awarding of the Olympic site to Wham turned down.

    Yaay! So if they want to become a big club like us ( 🙂 ) they will have to move or rebuild their shitty stadium at great cost. So, there is good stuff out there!! 🙂

  103. chas says:

    Very entertaining, dandan, thanks.

    Thinking about Arsenal players and how good they would be at fighting always makes me think of Lauren.


    Perhaps some of the current squad could do with a little laced-up training to toughen them up a bit. 🙂

  104. evonne says:

    Red Arse – I’ll knit you one for xmas. How big are you?

    What if we sign noone?? Providing we don’t sell (purely hypothetical), can we cope? I think that we cannot compete with current defence, so for me at least 1 solid CB is a must.

    Mind you, more managers than defenders have been moving around

  105. Jamie says:

    I think one or two of our current squad might see laced-up action in a very different way.

  106. chas says:

    Every time I go back to Stuart MacFarlane’s photo stream on flickr there are lots more real pearlers…….

  107. kelsey says:

    Order, Order 🙂

  108. evonne says:

    Hey Kelsey, where have you been again when I need you??

  109. dandan says:


    AT last the top man is here, sort em out Kelsey,
    I write em an alternative type blog and we still get negative vibes.

  110. evonne says:

    Chas – great stuff, thanks
    Lots of pictures of Freddie! we have not mentioned Freddie for yonks

  111. evonne says:

    Dandan – you got us into a fighting mood 🙂 I loved the story, never heard it before

    Subconciously I am still sitting here waiting for Herb to acknowledge my peace offering 😦

  112. chas says:

    Evonne, that knee high challenge on Freddie is something!

  113. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Evening all,
    That is one of my favourite posts I have read. Really brings to life an episode that I had no idea about. Very very good. Thanks.
    Tough? Paul Davis. No pinching, no spitting, just a simple take that.

  114. evonne says:

    Chas – horrid, was it ugly JT?

  115. Herb'sArmy says:

    One little insignificant point became the excuse for you to turn so nasty? You win. I’m all for heated debate, but not when it blows up over something so minute. Time for me to stop blogging.

  116. Jamie says:

    Mannings back

  117. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Oh behave you two. We come here for mucky love!

  118. Gooner in Exile says:

    An employee of my client turned up breathless and late whilst I was there today he had to be phoned several times to get him to work……his excuse is the best I have ever heard…..

    “Sorry I’m late I did not realise it was Thursday already….”

    When my client looked at him with raised eyebrows he added

    “I was still stuck in Wednesday”

    That my friends is the funniest thing I have ever heard.

    Oh and RA just to let you know the Arsenal PLayer has replaced ATVO, and impressively they are giving it to members free of charge, so red members can use their membership number and normal password to log in and watch.

    Bring on Reserves and Youth math reports on AA, we will soon have two posts a day!

  119. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Anyway, moving swiftly on, my new lobster pots arrived today, and boy are you lot about to experience deep hatred and jealousy. It will be lobster for breakfast at this end.
    Not until the next New/Full Moon, so you have 10 days.

  120. chas says:

    Indeed, Evonne, that chav haircut is instantly recognisable.
    I like the pic of Eboue and the Verminator in Ajax red and white, too.

  121. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Love it.

  122. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Who is Ricky Alvarez? I only get my gossip on here as I don’t/can’t do the Newsnow thing you all talk about. Is he a good ‘un? What we need? Defensive or offensive?

  123. evonne says:

    Herb – when I fight, I fight dirty. Being called ignorant and stupid ain’t exactly insignificant. Then my avatar, nationality, being a woman….oh, forget it

    I did apologise for my part, cannot do anymore

  124. Gooner in Exile says:

    Herb….I am going to defend Evonne here, i have read back through the comments and the timeline, and it appears your 4:29 was the cause of her ire…..

    As ever you fail to see how the way you have said something could possibly have caused the annoyance. You then went too far in my opinion spouting some nonsense about Easter European women.

    Perhaps I should present a stereotypical view of Scotsman and assume that your best comments on here come when you are free of alcohol, unfortunately those moments are few and far between so the random outpourings and repetition of words and theories come when you are at the end of another bottle of whisky and have not realised that you have said the same thing before and before and before. But you wouldn’t take offence to that would you?

  125. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Now tell me how good a Polish Kabanos is when at home, because the one I just bought is strictly average, and I don’t believe it should be called Kabanos.

  126. dandan says:

    GIE. I threatened a salesman with the sack if he was late for another sales meeting. Come 8,30 Monday morning meeting starts without him, I am resigned to having to get rid of him. Then I see my secretary on the phone doubled up with laughter, she came out to see me, its Vaughan’s car she said (we gave them Minni’s) yes I said, I know its been stolen ? no says she, the cars OK, but they have nicked the drivers seat. 🙂

    Beat that.one if you can….. he kept his job.

  127. Jamie says:

    Gooner in Exile – that’s smashing.

  128. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Can’t beat that dandan, but I once had a Kiwi who worked for me, and used to come into work on his knees. Last chance saloon it was when the same thing happened: “Micky, you can’t fire me mate, its not my fault, its my girlfriend who wants to “root” all night”.
    He kept his job. What’s a fella to do?

  129. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Actually, just when I must go, I can think of a few more. Damn it.
    Nite all.

  130. chas says:

    To be fair at 2:56, accusing someone of being ignorant is pretty offensive too.

  131. chas says:

    London’ll love it when he finds out there’s blog aggro and he’s not the cause!

  132. Herb'sArmy says:

    For an intelligent author of a few fine posts, you can be very blinkered GiE. If you look at the whole picture, instead of seeing what you want to see, you would have realised that it spilled over from yesterday. So to appease your stereotype of me being repetitive, it all started over a tiny disagreement. Evonne referred to Birmingham and Portsmouth as ‘rivals’, to which I replied that there are three or four divisions within the Premier Lge, which in turn Evonne didn’t agree with and it blew up into some over-blown argument. But as you were blogging yourself yesterday, you should already know this. I’m not actually Scottish, nor do I drink.
    You Jamie aren’t even worthy of a polite response.

  133. goonermichael says:

    Herb you really remind me of someone from a past blog. It’ll come to me

  134. Carlito11 says:

    Can’t stop folks- got back from Sweden to find the video of my skydive had arrived. Not too keen on the edit the skydive company did so will put an edit together myself! Here’s a trailer tho…

  135. Carlito11 says:

    Thanks to all you guys and gals for the very generous sponsorship- you won’t beleive it but I raised £1760. Well pleased with that 🙂 Cheers all!

  136. goonermichael says:

    Well done Carlito. I would have shit myself. Nice scarf.

  137. TotalArsenal says:

    Well done Carlito – looks brilliant!

  138. Jamie says:

    Carlito11- that takes bottle.
    I prefer the bottom ring of the emirates because I get iffy with heights on the second or third tier.

  139. TotalArsenal says:

    Justice and judgment lie often a world apart.
    Emmeline Pankhurst

    Herb, Evonne your argument is going nowhere 😦 This is probably the moment RA referred too earlier, when he wrote ‘sometimes you have to excercise a little give and take and simply let it go’. In fact, you both seem to have gone beyond this point now. I kindly suggest, you both sleep a night over it and see how you feel in the morning.

    You are both great contributors to AA and I hope you both come back. Victory through harmony.

  140. Hi all

    Just flying in to say that we don’t have a post for tomorrow …………..

    Will read the comments and catch up in a while

  141. evonne says:

    Carlito – fantastic, top man!

    Guys, thank you for all your support.

    Herb – I have said that we are in competition with 19 other PL teams and I’ll stick by it. Everyone knows about top 4, relegation zone, mid table, etc etc. However, no matter how you propose to subdivide the Table, we are competing against 19 other teams, not just those above us. Think about all the points that we lost against teams that in your opinion are not our competitors

    And your comment about Jamie is disgusting. He has just joined this blog, wrote a smashing post and is very popular with all. Grow up Herb.

    GM – I thought the same. Suga??

  142. Herb'sArmy says:

    Someone jumps into an argument and calls me Bernard Manning and you tell me to grow up? You are more ignorant than I first thought!

  143. evonne says:

    Herb – you don’t drink? That’s the root of the problem, you should have said from the start. A couple of Perronis would help you to relax a bit 🙂

  144. evonne says:

    Herb – I do try to be as ignorant as I can be, thank you for your appreciation 🙂

    Peaches needs a post for tomorrow, why don’t you put your name forward and write something witty and funny, positive and constructive?

  145. Gooner in Exile says:

    Herb 2:21 : “My heritage is Scottish”

    You’ll understand my confusion. And assuming you drank…well just goes to show one should avoid stereotypical insults and kind of proves my point.

    I understand full well where the argument comes from but looking at the timeline it is very easy to pinpoint the moment it escalated to silliness.

    Carlito – you sir are a brave fool….have you thought about goalkeeping? 😀

  146. Herb'sArmy says:

    This illustrates the point I was trying to make, which football ‘expert’ Evonne rubbished.
    Prices for next seasons PL (William Hill)
    Man Utd 7/4
    Chelsea 9/4
    Man City 7/2
    Arsenal 7/1
    Liverpool 11/1
    Tottenham 50/1
    Aston Villa 250/1
    Everton 250/1
    Bolton 1000/1
    Fulham 1000/1
    Newcastle 1000/1
    QPR 1000/1
    Sunderland 1000/1
    Stoke 1500/1
    West Brom 1500/1
    Blackburn 2500/1
    Wigan 2500/1
    Wolves 2500/1
    Norwich 5000/1
    Swansea 5000/1

    I would say those prices indicate quite a few divisions, and many different clubs have quite different aspirations. Who knows, I could be wrong. Maybe Swansea or Wigan will battle it out for the PL Title!

  147. Jamie says:

    Bernard Manning was a bit strong, i was being playful. Chill out Herb! Like Evonne says catch a Peronni, kick back and get angry at Question Time. If I jumped in to this argument, I’m wading out.

  148. evonne says:

    I think I’ll have all my money on Sunderland

  149. TotalArsenal says:

    Herb, honestly, you have got to let it go. It is not easy to do, but please try. Sleep over it.

  150. Big Raddy says:

    evonne. I have just become a bookie and am very happy to offer you odds of 3000 to 1 that Sunderland do not win the PL.

    How much are you willing to bet? Dandan house?

  151. Big Raddy says:

    Carlito. Well done, you are a man with cojones de acero.

  152. chas says:

    Whatever your argument is, Herb, you’ve still been very rude and still haven’t apologised, as Evonne has done.
    Anyway, I’m off, I don’t come on AA for this kind of sh*t.

  153. evonne says:

    Micky – haha ha, I have a war on my hands with the Herb’s Army and you want me to chat sausages? only you could 🙂

    Herb – good nigth, no hard feelings on my part, shit happens.

    Raddy – I have put a lot of money on Chelsea to win the league a few years ago, it was even money. I won, but the sleepless nights were not worth it

  154. Herb'sArmy says:

    Goodnight Evonne, I’m not one for holding grudges.
    Chas – The whole polint of my argument was lost, and it wasn’t your argument to judge.

  155. I would be really grateful if someone could come up with a few words to start the day off tomorrow.

  156. Jamie says:

    If you have any ideas on a subject I will write it.

  157. Gooner in Exile says:

    Peaches a few words? I’ll try

  158. Herb'sArmy says:

    glad you’re back, so you can clarify your point. Your 7.53 when you said I spouted nonsense about “Eastern European Women”, which surprised me as you’re such a stickler for detail. In my 5.39 I commented that maybe nastiness was an Eastern European trait., which is completely different to your accusation. Very irresponsible and mis-leading.

  159. Gooner in Exile says:

    Peaches youve got mail.

    But if Jamie or anyone else has done something use theirs and save mine for a rainy day.

  160. Gooner in Exile says:

    You’re right Herb you did nothing wrong and said nothing inflammatory to upset anyone …… Poor you

  161. Herb'sArmy says:

    One thing I didn’t do is mis-quote or mis-represent another blogger.

  162. Gooner in Exile says:

    Or apologise it would seem….. but you do stick to your guns so all credit for that….I found the tone of your comments towards Evonne disrespectful and bullying and I was merely trying to point that out…….that’s the last I’m saying on it

  163. Herb'sArmy says:

    I apologise when I consider myself to be wrong. I didn’t initiate the nasty under-tones, and was merely defending myself. If you’re going to wade in and defend somebody you need to get your facts right. You don’t need to say anymore, you got it wrong.

  164. gunnerN5 says:


    It’s a sad fact of life but the reality is that the AA insiders will always become a bunch of groupies to defend their own against newbies.

    I have not read all of the inputs (way to boring) so I really don’t understand all of the hyperbole – except to say that I’ve experienced the same treatment which causes me to wonder why I even bother to still post here.

    The reality is that there are a few, repeat a few, bloggers who are really decent people and that is the only reason I’m still around – not because I’m welcome on here but because I’m a persistent old fart………………………

  165. Herb'sArmy says:

    Hey GunnerN5, thanks for that. I’m sure you’re more welcome on here than me. You’re right, there are a few decent bloggers on here, the rest either ignore you or make you feel about as welcome as a black man at a KKK Convention.
    The only common denomination is we’re all Arsenal fans, which is probably the only reason we tolerate people’s bad manners.

  166. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Morning anyone,
    Transfer window. Can someone tell me what is the significance of July 1? I am guessing it is a European thing as I am not aware of any foreign transfers.

  167. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Forlan? I would. I think it has something to do with the Peaches Diet Theory and all that red meat those Argies get through.

  168. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Ooops, Uruguayan.
    Soth American meat then.

  169. evonne says:

    Morning all
    I would like to sincerely apologise to all for yesterday’s shenanigans. Most of all I would like to say sorry to Dandan who wrote a fantastic post and didn’t get full credit for it due to the argument.

    The fight started over nothing and escalated rapidly. I did try to stop it sooner rather than later, but had no success.

    Thank you for your overwhelming support, now you have been called groupies

    I think it is time for me to accept that I love football, but don’t know enough to voice my opinion. I can have an opinion, but perhaps best keep it to myself.

    Instead, I will knit Dennis the Menace jumper for Red Arse and explain about polish sausages to Micky, great!
    I wanted to be one of the boys, sadly I was deluded 

    A ‘funny’ little story: I was involved in a minor accident with a white van. The van driver jumped out and charged towards me. I was sure that the huge man was going to eat me alive. And then something strange happened – he stopped halfway and smiled!!! When he came over to my car he said ‘Can’t punch another Gunner’  We shook hands, exchanged insurance details and chatted about last game! What a lovely man

  170. evonne says:

    Micky – you and the kabanos! Why don’t you stick to wurst?
    The quality of kabanos vary, depending who made it. Good, traditional producers such as PEK usually deliver best. What was wrong with the one you bought?

  171. kelsey says:

    I didn’t mean to be disrespectful to you or anyone as I haven’t got time at the moment to focus on our site as much as I would like to, therefore I just literally put in a brief comment on last night as I never like to see posters throwing insults at each other.
    We are not I repeat not a pro Wenger site.We are followers of Arsenal hence the title of our blog. We all have different opinions but at the same time never use swear words about our Manager or players. We are all of different ages and have our own opinions and that’s what makes good blogging.Some are fervent Wenger supporters and many others are the same but often challenge his policy.
    There is no inner circle it is just that a few of the regulars live in close proximity to our ground and met before a game when it is possible, which is great and I envy them actually.I hope i have made myself clear and you are always welcome and are a knowledggable poster. Thanks.

  172. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Lacked fat which made it dry, which is a strange thing to say for something that is dried. From time to time (when the weather is dry), I make my own salami/saucisson. Last year I made some outstanding venison and juniper numbers.
    No takers for Forlan?

  173. evonne says:

    Micky – some of them are made from polutry, they tend to be less fatty. You make your own salami???? Blimey, fair play to you!

  174. evonne says:

    Diego is too old for a striker

  175. Ted lockett says:

    I was at the match and the fans were as bad as the team.I sat with Dennis hill wood on the flight back and he asked me not speak to the press we landed at luton.bob Wilson got in a wheelchair with John Roberts pushing him as they came through the press scrum wilson leapt out of the wheel and ran onto the coach!happy days!

  176. Big Raddy says:

    I think Lobster is over-rated.

  177. TotalArsenal says:

    Good morning Evonne, no need to apologise. You were entitled to fight your corner as you were challenged to do so. Your knowledge about football is impressive, and I would hate to see you losing confidence in expressing your opinions and views about it on AA. As you will have noticed, almost all of us have a person on AA with whom we easily, almost naturally clash. C’est la vie. However, we have a choice to ignore or engage with that particular person (it looks like in your case it is Herb), but if we decide to engage with them we should know when to heed RA’s advice – which he got from somebody else again 😉 – which is to exercise a little give and take and simply let it go, if and when the discussion gets heated.

    I love your little story – just as well it was not a big Spud supporter: he would have regretted messing with you 😆

  178. Gooner in Exile says:

    Raddy after trying some Porthgain lobster when in Wales freshly caught and cooked I assume by locals who work with the produce every day I have to agree. It was my first experience of the beast and I have to say I won’t be paying the premium again.

  179. Big Raddy says:

    My final word on yesterdays (or any days) disagreement.

    I love this site which brings me both entertainment and a sense of belonging to the wider Arsenal world. It hurts me when two respected bloggers fall out in such a spectacular fashion, it damages not only those directly involved but also those who care about AA.

    In matters of opinion there is no “right or wrong” and yesterdays dispute was centred around a few ill-chosen words. Those few words could lead to the loss of two valued bloggers.

    Herb & Evonne, please do not let that happen. Stay, give your opinions, discuss, entertain, as you have done during your time on AA.

  180. Big Raddy says:

    TA. Fine comment. Hopefully AW will have bought someone today so we can concentrate on football (and poetry and food and cycling and music and history and jokes and …..)

  181. evonne says:

    Total – a traffic warden didn’t fine me because I had the Arsenal stickers in the car (thank you Aziz); but I was given a ticket in Wood Green god only knows what for by a scum supporter. Had to appeal, write, explain…. got away with it in the end 🙂 Up the Gunners

  182. Charybdis1966 says:

    hi all. posting from my phone as wordpress seems to be blocking me nowadays. just a quick hi. i have been reading but just can’t comment. 2 things. first i vote for herb to stay and secondly a big hug to the gorgeous evonne who has been asking about me – I will be back !

  183. TotalArsenal says:

    BR, being a Gooner we must have the patience of a saint. It is hard to remain philosophical, a glass-halve-full person, and loyal to Wenger and the BoD, when nothing is being announced by them for so long. testing times 🙄

  184. SharkeySure says:

    Top top quality DanDan!!

    First task of the day now i’m at work..?? Paste yesterdays comments into a ‘plain text’ mail and spend the next hour reading thru them… inconspicuously !!

    Morning all…back in an hour 😉

  185. Big Raddy says:

    Chary!!! Great to see you smiling gravatar

  186. evonne says:

    Raddy – Herb and I made peace last night, well, sort of 🙂

  187. kelsey says:

    You see everyone ignores me but who cares 😉

  188. Big Raddy says:

    Kelsey. We all care.

  189. evonne says:

    hiya chary xx

  190. Charybdis1966 says:

    alright radders, we do care kelsey.

  191. evonne says:

    Kelsey!! as if

  192. evonne says:

    opening bid for Cesc rejected. Bloody right, £27m is an insult

  193. Charybdis1966 says:

    evonne 🙂

  194. Rasp says:


    Thanks Raddy and TA for your calming influence. I have been reading what’s been going on but realised any intervention by me would be viewed as taking sides which is why I was upset to read ………”the reality is that the AA insiders will always become a bunch of groupies to defend their own against newbies”…… which is particularly unfair I believe.

    We have a great bunch of regulars all of whom are important including everyone involved last night.

    The fact is we are friends even though most of us have not even met. Friendships are not forged immediately but take time to develop as we come to understand one another and that only happens through the exchange of views and the discovery of common interests – Arsenal, food, music, poetry, travel – whatever. The fact is that the regulars have actually formed a strong bond quite unique in the blogworld I believe. No-one can come on to any site and expect to become acquainted straight away, but I would hope that everyone realises that they are welcome to join in.

  195. redarse says:

    Morning you gorgeous people, and you too XXV1. 🙂

    Hopefully peace will break out today or alternatively we can all pile in and have a lovely big ruck! I bags I am on Sharkey’s and GIE’s side. 🙂

    Evonne, thank you for your offer to knit me a Dennis the Menace sweater (Jumper?).
    I am just under 6′ 5″ with very long, knuckle scraping arms, a 46″ chest and of course a red arse. Now go for it girl!! 🙂

    Carlito, seeing you in that video was a terrifying sight, and the jump looked scary too! 🙂 I put a donation into a local charity on your behalf.

    Kelsey made a very good and intelligent comment earlier, about AA and the bloggers on here. Well said Kelsey! 🙂

  196. MickyDidIt89 says:

    So, “I think Lobster is over-rated”. Really, do you? Well, my pots catch crabs too, so there, and if you are trying to provoke me into a fight, you failed. Shellfish can be steamed as well you know! 🙂

  197. MickyDidIt89 says:

    £27m for Cesc. Really. By my calculations, that’s about £7m more than an unproven 20 year old.

  198. Jamie says:

    I’m walking in a seafood wonderland!

  199. redarse says:


    I would like you to become the first president of a society I am thinking of starting.

    It is to be named the Society Against the Eating of Kind Caring Mother Loving Lobsters and Other Crustaceans.

    How could you not accept? There is a tear in my eye thinking how beautiful lobsters are …………. in a bisque!! 🙂

  200. redarse says:


    As a relative newcomer myself, I always assumed that you were a well respected, long term AA’er yourself! 🙂

    Your joke one liners recently were excellent! More please.

  201. Rasp says:

    New Post…….

  202. Big Raddy says:

    Micky, Crabs, schmabs, poor man’s fare..Give me a lump of cheddar anyday.

    Evonne. I agree €27m is insulting but is purely an opening gambit. Perhaps they are looking to repeat the superb bargain they got when signing TH14, the best striker in world football for just €16m. Hence the “wear and tear” nonsense.

  203. Charybdis1966 says:

    sorry radders i have to side with exile there. betty every time for me.

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