Why doesn’t Arsene buy? Debunking another Wenger myth.

Last week I listened to a number of end of season podcasts. Needless to say the non-Arsenal assessments were damning of the team and in particular the podcasts made by professional journalists.(SkySports, Guardian etc). Almost to a man the journalists blamed Arsenal’s failure on Mr Wenger lack of activity in the transfer market and his reliance on his youth policy.Their reasoning was thus ….

Arsene is scared of buying because his record with big signings is very poor. They cited Reyes, Arshavin and Wiltord as evidence, stating  AW’s fingers were burned by their “failures”. Is this true? It must be if the Chief Football writers of The Guardian, Mail, NOTW, Sun, and Times are to be believed. Judging by the attitude of other journalists, they are in agreement. One of these men actually said that AW lacked “bottle”.

Total cobblers I say. Firstly, let us look at their examples:-

Reyes – cost an initial £10.5m rising to £17m if he achieved certain targets (which he didn’t).  After winning a PL title, and FA Cup  in his two seasons at AFC he was sold for £12m. Probably what we paid for him. A flop? Well, it was true  Reyes didn’t live up to our hopes for him, but hardly a disaster economically.

Wiltord – Club record signing in 2000 at £13m. Scored a goal every 3.5 games for Arsenal. Voted 33rd in the Best AFC Players of all time (madness!!). 2 PL titles and 2 runners-up, 2 FAC winners and one losing finalist. Played 175 games and saw out his contract prior to leaving for Lyon. Was he a success? IMO in a limited way, he rarely showed that he was proud to wear the shirt and was rumoured to be a troublemaker in the dressing-room, but the title winning goal at OT will live long in the memory.  A flop – definitely not.

Arshavin – 9 years after Wiltord, AW broke the record again, signing the Russian for @£16m. By the end of his first season AA was voted the PL most effective player (http://rt.com/news/arshavin-effective-imscouting-england/) . He continues to contribute scoring 10 with 17 assists last season. It is true that we hoped for more from a World Class player, but a flop? Hardly.

Is Mr Wenger’s record in the transfer market any worse than his direct rivals? Has he spent £100m + for players who sit on the bench every week like SAF. Or loaned out players with a value of over £150m because they aren’t good enough for the squad, like Mancini. Look at every Chelsea manager – how many can say they bought well in every case? For every Lampard there is a Shevchenko. And then there is Liverpool …… !

Spending Big money does not directly lead to winning trophies. It just doesn’t. Best teams in Europe this season? Barcelona and Borussia Dortmund – common ground – Youth Policies. Wenger’s reluctance to buy a proven player is primarily because he believes in the need to develop a player in the Arsenal way. As London wrote recently, MU will go down this road as they realise it is the way forward, and so will all the other top teams. This does not preclude signings but the basis of AW teams will always be homegrown.

So what are the journalists talking about? These men are experts, their job is to inform non-experts, their opinions should be valuable and yet they are completely ill-informed. Is this important? Yes it is, because the majority of football fans don’t accept the evidence of their own eyes, they believe what they are told by an increasingly anti-Wenger media.

What do you think, is fear the reason for Mr Wenger’s reluctance to buy?

Written by BigRaddy

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  1. rob says:

    have you conveniently forgotten that he chased Baptista for a year before we got him and look how crap he was.
    what about Jeffers, Wright, Van Bronckhorst, Edu,- all big money flops
    then again he signed Stepanovs, Silvestre, Squillachi – no money but utter rubbish
    and he let 3 decent players in Flamini,Diarra and Gilberto leave in the same transfer window
    i dont trust him with whatever money we do have

  2. adrian says:

    Nice article….as to why wenger doesn’t dig in hands on in the transfer window, we may never know. I don’t think true arsenal fans are clamoring for AW to make several marquee signings, rather the expectation is that he will beef up the squad with quality. His decision to nurture some of the players (denilson, diaby,traore,) has backfired and the sooner he accepts that and remedies this, we’re in for another disappointing season.

  3. Big Raddy says:

    I left out the discussion around AW’s continual statements of the “he was on our radar”, as if this is proof of his attempts to buy. If it is true (and I do not believe it) that Alonso was not signed because AW would not increase his bid by €2m then he has a case to answer, because Alonso would have been a wonderful signing.

  4. Rasp says:

    Morning rob,

    I thought Edu was a wonderful, if slightly underused player for Arsenal and I was very sorry to see him go.

  5. adrian says:

    Rob, I agree whole with you very much. Arsene’s obsession with picking gems has more often than not backfired.

  6. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Bit harsh, although I certainly agree that letting Flamini,Diarra and Gilberto leave at the same time without a replacement was an obvious blunder. As for your defenders, well simple really, don’t sign any whose name starts with an “S”.

  7. V.C.C. says:

    Great post BigRaddy.

    I know I will be shot down here by the “Arsene knows brigade”
    But IMO I think it is more simplistic about Wengers policy in the transfer market. His history of signings are (almost all) the virtually unknown or untried/household named players. I think he likes to say he has discovered them rather than buy the finished article.
    This is fine most of the time, but I honestly feel we could have taken the title this year if he had bought a top class defender and a back up scorer for van Persie.
    I hope this summer he will clear the dead wood out and re invest the EXACT money received on quality players. The team is not far away and it only needs tweaking slightly.
    Before I get a posse out for my arrest, can I say I still would not change Arsene Wenger as our Manager BUT just wish he would admit that sometimes he/Arsene does not know all.
    I hear almost everybody, supporters/journalists/rivals say exactly the same.

  8. adrian says:

    The other problem Arsenal faces (undoubtedly more than any top 4 club) is the inability to hand on to good players. Flamini,toure gallas, diarra, merida (miles better than denilson in my opinion) and now we have the cesc-nasri-clichy situation. This inability of ours just might be our downfall

  9. Big Raddy says:

    rob. None of the players you mention are big money signings (perhaps Jeffers at 8m) Baptista? He was on loan at AFC.

    adrian. Thanks. Diaby isn’t a flop, he has broken into the French national team and could be an important asset with an injury free season. Like you, I am unsure but it is early to write him off.

  10. adrian says:

    Spot on VCC….I just wonder how much longer wenger will be able to keep getting away with his rather ‘poor’ transfer policies. Six seasons and counting……

  11. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Great, real food for thought as opposed to steaming.
    I am going to have to reserve judgement until after this window. My feelings are that we could shed a few who will simply only ever be average squad members and bring in some experience. I am not sure that the amounts of money have to be especially relevant. Just tip the age scales somewhat.

  12. KING gooner says:

    sorry rob,can’t accept that van bronkhurst & edu were floops both went for reasonable amounts in the end simply because there were better players to replace them & they wanted first team football nor could you call their destinations second rate(barca & valencia!)with regards to BIG money signings as flops,foe me,we’ve NEVER had one.big money is £20 million plus-we,ve never spent that on anyone-the top six have…regularly.

  13. London says:

    Great stuff BR

    I would slightly adjust something:

    Manu will be forced to go down the same route as they realise it is the only way forward for them.

    The reality is that they have already started.

    It is good to know we are a few years ahead of them in this pursuit.

  14. Big Raddy says:

    VCC Agree.

    adrian. WG & Kolo had to go. Has Kolo been a success at MC? & we got very good money for him. Could AW have anticipated a season long injury to TV?

    Diarra? Flamini? I am certain AW wanted to keep them but with player power as it is he faces an impossible task. Similarly with Merida – AW could not offer him a guaranteed starting place with Jack, Aaron, Cesc, Samir, Diaby and Song in front of him.

  15. adrian says:

    I find arsene’s perception of adding ‘ a bit of experience’ a tad bit troubling, given that its come in the form of slyvestre and squillaci over the past two seasons….

  16. rayman says:

    His record in signing players isn’t that bad, I am hopeful if AW gets his finger out he will buy some decent players. Having said that I think Kos and Squill are dreadful players and Kos for £10m was a mugging.

    What really annoys me about AW is that he persists with underperforming players for too long, whether they are from the Academy or bought in. If you are going to be tight in the transfer market at least be equally ruthless with your salary budget and ship out the ones that aren’t going to make it.

    The problem now is that years of under-investment and persisting with crap players has left us in a situation where the squad needs an almighty overhaul and I don’t believe AW, the coaching team and the Board have the ability to do such a shake up, they are too used to evolution they are incapable of dealing with the need for revolution. And that is what this squad needs now.

  17. Jamid mohd says:

    The problem is Wenger is obsessed with unearthing gems. The trouble is those days are over due to over competition.Actually when VDS/Friedel were available he didn’t go for them.The two two clubs did not pay over the odds for them.
    Frankly Wenger has no one but himself to blame for the last six years.This coming season will reveal whether he has changed his philosophy or management style.If it is indeed as before and the gunners have a poor season,he should go. No more time need be given.At any other top club he would have been fired three years ago.

  18. adrian says:

    Raddy, well noted. My problem is that of all the top four/five clubs, its only arsenal that appears to struggle with player issues during each off season. There’s something we’re not doing right.

  19. MickyDidIt89 says:

    VCC 10:11
    I don’t know why you think you would be shot down. I, for one, comepletely agree with what you say.

  20. Big Raddy says:

    Micky. Want to talk steaming? Steamed a fine asparagus and prawn salad last night. Touch of ceasar salad dressing …. mmmmm, and healthy too!

    Tonight, I think it will be warm goats cheese affair….

  21. adrian says:

    Rayman. I also believe wenger shud be more ruthless with underperforming squad players. But given that most of them tend to be given long term contracts on very generous wages, shipping them out becomes a problem. Vela is a typical example. What do we do with that lad???!

  22. rob says:

    Rasp -Edu was great and we never used him properly – it was sad to see him go but he left on a free

    Raddy – wish we had a centre forward with your moniker – my point is not about the size of the transfer fee- its about the quality – my point about the Beast was that Wenger was prepared to pay huge money for him – wasnt he the world class player he tried to get the whole summer before he did come

  23. goonermichael says:

    I don’t think letting gallas or toure go was a tragedy. If he doesn’t buy in this window I think we are in trouble though.

  24. adrian says:

    How come we missed out on sahin, oezil, van der vaart??! Not expensive by any means!!

  25. Daniel Marino says:

    Every day I log in, I just got sick while my friends at work enjoying the day listening to their team news, likes of Liverpool and Man utd and Chelsea.

    Why do not we get rid of this evil Bin laden of Arsenal.

  26. goonermichael says:

    I’m worried about Nasri. Even if he’s motivated by his agent he shouldn’t be flirting with those northern scum.

  27. arsenal fan says:

    a good post completely agree..

  28. Greg says:

    Also, I don’t agree with the received wisdom that Wenger doesn’t spend money. He just spends it differently.

    Wenger doesn’t splash big on big name players, we all know that. Arshavin and Wiltord may be the only exceptions to that rule (Reyes was not a big name, he was an up and coming talent) – and I agree with you, they were hardly failures.

    Signings like Reyes, Nasri, Henry, Verm and Kos point towards where Wenger does spend. He often pays a little over the odds for the new talents who are on the way up. Overall, if he does his job, we get world-class players on the cheap.

    Henry 10 million (99)
    Hleb 11 million (05)
    Nasri +/- 14 million (07)
    Vermaelen 10 million (09)
    Koscielny 10 million (10)

    You could say each of those was expensive based on their previous achievements. They certainly weren’t safe bets, or cheap signings like the pundits claim.

    Wenger’s prepared to pay up front for the next four seasons, not the last four. It’s a great policy as far as I’m concerned, and I think it shows bigger balls than getting in some marquee player to please the fans and sell shirts.

  29. adrian says:

    Still curious to know why we have to sit on knife’s edge every season because of contract issues with one player or another. It doesn’t seem to happen at other ‘top 4’ clubs.

  30. WiganGooner says:

    Nice post BR. Certainly started off the discussions well!! 🙂

    I think the papers need perspective. They rarely use it, but if they did their sales would drop.

    Arsene, like every single one of us is human. He has said before that signing players is about several factors and rarely anything to do with actual ability.

    These factors are personality, adaptability, loyalty and availability.

    If the player ticks all the boxes within those factors then if his ability level is at a point where Arsene feel’s he can develop it further then it is a viable transfer.

    The problem is, from those four factors mentioned, all four of them are changeable. A person can become less adaptable if they don’t like the culture. A person’s personality can change if they are homesick or feel under-used. Their loyalty can suffer if they feel cheated, or wasted. Their availability is often down to pound notes.

    Arsene signs consistently potential because he feels its the most economical, profitable and successful formula.

    Will he change this modus operandi? Not a chance in hell.


  31. tau says:

    w gonna finish outside the UEFA CL places next ssn.ths is a sad reality/possibility ol gooners hv to prepare f. wats ths tok about Gervinho, Chamberlain, Argetine player.lets think how t ship out excess baggage.

  32. WiganGooner says:

    @ BR 10:17

    “adrian. WG & Kolo had to go.”

    What have I ever done to you? 😛


  33. Conférencier says:

    Daniel Marino, thankfully there are other clubs you can support..

    Rob, he also found Cesc, henry, pires, ljungberg e.t.c.

    Rayman, Koscielny had his weak moments but showed enough potential in big games to justify keeping him (manU at home, barca, mancity at home…e.t.c.)

    The entrance of oil money (arab and russian) has clearly intensified competition, talent becomes dearer with each season

  34. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Daniel Marino,
    Samaritans 0800 100100

  35. KING gooner says:

    don’t agree”kozzer”is crap?thrown in at the deep end due to wengers lack of foresight,when the intention was to assimilate him gradually-willprove many of the doubters wrong imo for ex the barca game away was superb against messi of all people & was NOT at fault for the brummie goal at wembley before anyone jumps in with that one!

  36. adrian says:

    Tau. True, finishing outside the UCL places is indeed a stark reality. If the team had capitulated much earlier than february, we probly would have finished 6th or 7th

  37. London says:

    There is not evidence what so ever that “Nasri is flirting with northern scum”. The media are just floating these stories and some are foolishly taking the bait.

  38. London says:

    Wow, this post really did shake the idiot tree.

  39. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Idiot Tree 🙂

  40. rob says:

    Conferencier – yes he did, but its been a long time since we had this quality signing – these players had hunger to go with their ability – something we seem to lack these days

    we also heard that we didnt get Shwarzer (not saying that he was the answer but after he undermined our keepers at the start of the season , he simply had to sign him) for a lousy half million and we lost Alonso for a reported 2m. i just feel that his transfer dealings since Dein has left have been woeful

  41. Thanks for the discussion points Radders, can’t stay but I know I’m wrong to think this but Daniel Marino made me laugh in a grimly ironic way. 🙂

  42. rayman says:

    I accept that lots of people rate Kos and hopefully you are al right about him. For £10m I think we paid way over the odds for him. I see a player who is very inexperienced, is skittish, dives in, loses concentration especially at set pieces, is physically short and weak and is not particularly fast or skillful. He may do some things well but he doesn’t inspire confidence. I can’t see what he has that means he should be a CB at Arsenal, he just looks ok sometimes compared with the other options we have (Djourou, Squill, Song, injury prone TV).

  43. Alex says:

    Daniel, congrats you are beyond retarded.

  44. goonermichael says:

    He was interviewed on French TV. He’s quoted as saying let’s see if it’s concrete first when asked if he would like to play for the mancs. If you speak French (or anyone else for that matter) the interview is online so watch it and put me out of my misery. I’ve watched it but don’t understand a word.

  45. WiganGooner says:

    @ Rayman

    How can you say TV is injury prone? Is that based on the serious injury he suffered last season? Seems a ridiculous assumption to me.


  46. London says:


    Do you have a link to the Nasri interview?

  47. goonermichael says:

    I posted before you asked 🙂

  48. rayman says:


    “He has said before that signing players is about several factors and rarely anything to do with actual ability.

    These factors are personality, adaptability, loyalty and availability.”

    I think a bit more focus on ability is called for now. I have a great personality, am adaptable, incredibly loyal and am available for very modest money – I don’t however deserve to play for one of the greatest clubs in the world where the fans are paying the highest ticket prices in the world.

    Surely our ambition for signings has to go beyond things like availability. Everyone is available for the right money. Pay up and you get Suarez, shop in the bargain basement and you get Chamakh – a striker who can’t shoot and needs a rest for two months after playing for 3 momths.

  49. jeremy says:

    Wenger wants to prove it’s possible to win trophies with kids. So the last six years have been wasted.
    I’m afraid gooner fans cannot tolearte another season of not winning another trophy next season especia;lly if Fergusonkeeps winning another trophy.j

  50. goonermichael says:

    I thought the Americans got rid of bin laden.

  51. WiganGooner says:

    @ Rayman

    I largely agree with you, though you can hardly call £35million for Andy Carroll good value for money and that is an example of paying over the odds to sign a player that the club doesn’t want to, or doesn’t have to sell.

    Look at the transfers of Lescott to Man Citeh, Everton held out and got a great amount of cash because they held all the cards. Length of contract, club finances indicated they didn’t need to sell.

    Availability is a huge part of a transfer, otherwise you pay well over the odds and still can end up with a flop of a transfer. Remember Juan Sebastian Veron, great C.V. – 28 Million pound for ManYoo, sold on for a tiny fraction of that because he wasn’t suited to the prem.

    Was he worth 28 million? Or did his inability to adapt stop him from fulfilling his potential?


  52. goonermichael says:

    £50m for torres 🙂 carrick 🙂

  53. Dean says:

    just once i would for him to buy someone we’ve actually heard off instead of these no name c**ts he keeps buying and why is spurs better at buying then us if we make more money

  54. steve says:

    “PISS OFF”.

  55. Rasp says:

    It’s great to see so many new names appearing in comments today and testament to the quality of Raddy’s post – but I would like to point out to all newcomers that we run a friendly blog and abusive remarks aimed at other bloggers or Arsenal players/management won’t be tolerated.

    I have left the last comment up as an example of one that oversteps the mark.

  56. rayman says:


    Totally agree. I know it might seem a bit immatire to some people but a big, known, signing lifts the club, the players and the fans. And by God we need that right now.

    We can’t afford to gamble in this window, will AW have any support left if we don’t win something next season? We need proven Premiership players or players so gifted / physically proven that we know they will make it in the Premiership.

  57. Dean says:

    fair play boss but seriously any idea why spurs seem to always gets the players we should’ve

  58. Rasp says:

    All clubs will have a list of players they should have signed but went elsewhere. None of us know the true story of the behind the scenes negotiations. Van D V was signed at the last minute (a bit like AAA) – why?, and why so cheap?

    I think we’d all be quite shocked if we new the true level of skullduggery that still goes on in player negotiations. I’m pretty sure if you compared AW’s buying/selling against profit/loss, he’d be near the top of the list of Premiership managers.

  59. Red Arse says:

    Very good, and very interesting post Raddy. 🙂

    I think all the points you make are probably going to be deemed subjective by some, but are valid and sensible nonetheless.

    I’m not sure I can add much to the debate, as I get tired reading the same old claptrap being churned out by the usual suspects, and can’t be bothered to respond to them, yet again.

    Alex, your 10:57, can I remind you we do not condone insults on this site, so you owe Daniel an apology. He is entitled to his opinion and observations however much you and others might disagree with him.

  60. Greg says:

    rob – look where Alonso went, and look how much he’s getting paid. I think it’s fair to say that a lousy 2 million from us wasn’t going to stop him. Don’t believe everything you read on ANR.

    rayman – I’m a Kos fan. I see some of Carvalho in him. Physically he’s fine – same kind of wiry physique as Skrtel. Wins headers. Makes tackles. Steps out with the ball, classy with his feet. Not there yet on consistency, agree with your skittish comment. But Djourou’s our weak link on set pieces, not Kos.

  61. London says:

    Who are these players at spurs we should have got?

    Van de Varrt? Please, we already had Fabregas, Nasri, Ramsey, Wishere, Rosicky and Arshavin who can all play in that position.

    Perhaps you mean Huddlestone, I despair.

  62. Red Arse says:


    I am in agreement with your comments and hope you visit this site more often in the future.

    We probably won’t always agree but you clearly have thought out your comments rather than simply parrot emotional claptrap.

    Note to fellow AA’ers: I do not know Greg, and I am not trying to buy votes for election to the trough at FIFA!! 🙂

  63. London says:


    After your comment on Alonso, please, please, please come back to this site. Sometimes it gets a bit tough explaining that most obvious of facts.

  64. irish gooner says:

    i dont think he is afraid to buy,,,i think what he tries to do when buying players is to make sure he gets a nice fee when the player is 1 or 2 seasons away from decline (vieira,henry,lunjberg,toure etc) or when certain players leave before they have actually done anything for us adebayor,diarra,hleb,,,,nasri ? cesc ? andrey ?

  65. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi BR, great post in defence of Wenger’s transfer policy and successes (and perceived lack of it).

    You wrote: ‘Spending Big money does not directly lead to winning trophies. It just doesn’t.’ This is very true and our policy of building a team through the youth / talent development, combined with relatively modest acquisitions is the best way to eventual success for our club. It is a slow way though and requires trust and patience, and the ability to see things in perspective, which is hard to find with the average supporter.

  66. Greg says:

    @ London: Sandro maybe. I’ll give him that.

    It’s so easy to say we need better players. Much harder to go out and do. Especially when you look at our squad at the start of the season, like I did, and think yep, that looks pretty good.

    Top hole chatting with you all by the way.

  67. Red Arse says:


    The ‘facts’ of the Van der Fart transfer were publicly revealed by that paragon of virtue ‘Arry.

    The Spuds directors were in Spain trying to buy player X. (the name is not a secret but I cannot be arsed to look it up). They failed to negotiate a deal and at the the last moment, they were offered Van Der F at a knock down price, because of the 25 man squad rules.

    This was agreed by Levy who told ‘Arry that Spurs were getting him, much to his delight. ‘Arry had nothing to do with it, but no doubt there will be ‘fans’ on here acclaim his brilliant acquisition of an undoubtedly good player.

    Ignorance is a wonderful thing …… for the ignorant to argue.

  68. Red Arse says:

    Watching the Test and England have just scored 200 and KP his 50! 🙂

    You see, I am becoming acclimatised!

  69. goonermichael says:

    arry had nothing to do with sandro either apparantly. London did you watch the video?

  70. WiganGooner says:

    RA You’re playing a dangerous game, I hear Cricket is brutal. Almost as bad as egg-chasing by all accounts.


  71. Dean says:

    yeah but potentionally we’re loosing 6-7 key players such as bendtner,nasri,denilson,fab,eboue,almunia,clichy,diaby and what do you have to show for it really

  72. Dean says:


  73. WiganGooner says:

    @ Dean (11:55)

    I have to ask, without a hint of humour, are you sure Bendtner, Denilson, Eboue, Almunia and Diaby are in the “Key-Player” category for Arsenal FC?

    I certainly think they are in the “Squad-Player” category and can be easily replaced.


  74. goonermichael says:

    What do you mean by key? Some of those players just aren’t good enough.

  75. WiganGooner says:

    @ GM..

    SNAP…I win 😛 so ner!


  76. goonermichael says:

    I wouldn’t be worried about clichy going

  77. rayman says:


    As I said I have had this Kos discussion with many people who would agree with you. I simply don’t see it, I don’t see him dominating in the air; Carvalho was/is far stronger and far better in the air. The wiry frame is ok if you are well over 6 foot not if you are Kos’s size – he needs to bulk up and get way better in the air and in his concentration. He is a good back up and may develop but not good enough to be a first choice CB at a top club next season.

  78. Dean says:

    laugh all you want but when their gone we’re gonna miss them cos whoever we have left to cover for them wont have the experience to cut it in the league or the cl and we will suffer for it

  79. Red Arse says:

    Hi WG,

    You just watch it. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of dangerous ‘egg chasing’ — whatever that is ! 🙂

  80. Red Arse says:


    Excellent post on your Wigan Gooner blog site yesterday.

    Don’t know why, but it still does not seem to want to accept my comments though, or any others that I can see. Some strange fetish perhaps? 🙂

  81. goonermichael says:

    Red Arse
    Someone has to fertilize them

  82. Red Arse says:


    Your 12:02, other than Diaby, the players you mention have not ‘cut it’ in either the EPL or the CL and we have suffered, in part, because of them.

    I understand your caution tho’, but the remedy is to replace them with better players, which hopefully AW is going to do this Summer.

  83. Red Arse says:


    I’m not sure whether you are bragging or volunteering? 🙂

  84. WiganGooner says:

    @ RA

    How so very wierd…oh hang on. I know why.

    Sorted 🙂


  85. Red Arse says:

    Hooray, WG,

    My comment made it onto the Wigan Gooner blog site!! 🙂

  86. MickyDidIt89 says:

    FarmerMichael more like. What with all the “fertilizing” you get up to.

  87. MickyDidIt89 says:


  88. WiganGooner says:

    My Blog decided you were spam 🙂

    I get a shedload of it, so you got lost in the mire!

    I’ve added you to a safe list, so you will be fine from
    now on.


    Happy days, thanks for your comments 🙂 heheheh


  89. Glad to see you getting into the cricket RedA; it seems Cook is doing his best to bore the pants off us though.

  90. MickyDidIt89 says:

    spam, spam, spam, spam,
    spam, spam, spam, spam

  91. 26may1989 says:

    Raddy, excellent post, I agree with all of it.

    Sorry to say, there’s a lot of inaccuracies in the comments that followed the post and (despite my self-appointed role as class pedant on issues like that) I don’t have time to mop them all up. Suffice to say that the only occasion I think Wenger has spent a significant amount of money badly (i.e., the player produced too little on the pitch and/or we were left significantly out of pocket when the player moved on) was with Francis Jeffers. Compare that record with any other manager and Wenger looks spectacularly good. Schevchenko, Veron, Bebe, Tiabi, Bellion, Djemba-Djemba, Jordi Cryuff, and Boulahrouz all come to mind.

    Wenger isn’t perfect, the signing of “experienced” but crap players needs to stop. And the time has come for us to trade at the top end of the market: with juniors in the ranks ready to be promoted in place of the squad players that are moving on, we don’t need to sign many players this summer but they need to be proven and top quality.

    Am off now, hope to catch up with you later.

  92. TotalArsenal says:

    Does anybody know a proven cure to end-of-season footie cold turkey? Please do not tell it is cricket though (I’d rather poke my eyes out!).

  93. WiganGooner says:


    I understand copious amounts of alcohol fix the symptoms, albeit for a temporary basis and indeed have their own intriguing side effects.


  94. Red Arse says:


    Spam? More like Corned Beef!! 🙂

  95. TotalArsenal says:

    Tried that WG but the effect does not last for 2.5 months!

  96. Red Arse says:


    Excellent rejoinder to some of the comments we have received this morning, and good for you to bother answering them.

    I could not be arsed, myself! 🙂

  97. WiganGooner says:


    Corned Beef eh? *raises eyebrows* 🙂

    @ TA – Not to doubt your commitment but you need to keep raising your quantity of alcohol consumed 🙂


  98. Red Arse says:

    Hi TA,

    MLB on ESPN can be pretty good antidate.

    The baseball season is coming to a nice conclusion over the next few weeks, and even if you don’t support a team it can be fun.

    I am a devoted NY Yankees fan, and we have been doing OK in the American League East (just top at the mo’.)

    There are a whole bunch of games on tonight, so pick a team and we can compare notes! 🙂

  99. Red Arse says:

    antidate = antidote, but then you knew that! 🙂

  100. Great post on Wigan Gooners blog, have a read


  101. Big Raddy says:

    Any b’ball leaves me cold. Baseball, Basketball, Bolleyball, Boftball, Bandball, Betball all crap.

    Sorry RA . I have been won over by American Football the the other US sports are a stretch too far.

  102. TotalArsenal says:

    Worth considering RA: now that we have no date (antidate?) with football, why not flirt with Baseball?

  103. London says:


    Re, the Nasri interview: I am not pretending to have understood all of the nuances but this is what I got. Nasri was initially asked how his contract negotiations were going, he explained that he had said sometime ago that he would deal with them when the season was over but did not regard the season as being over yet as he still had important games to play for France, he was sitting next to Blanc (the French manager). The interviewer asked him if there was any truth in the rumours that Manchester was interested (I didn’t get if this was to mean City or the others) Nasri looked surprised and a bit embarrassed but said if there was any truth in them, that’s to say if they were serious he would consider them.
    After watching this I realise I was wrong to suggest that this was a done deal and the club were simply waiting for the right time to announce the signing; he and his agent are in negotiations and will sign if and when they are ready. This is a classic case of the player holding all the cards. I am sorry I cannot be of any more help answering the question of: Is Nasri flirting with northern scum? Once again, my impression is that he isn’t right now but it cannot be ruled out for the future.

  104. Big Raddy says:

    Multi-Lingual London? Very impressive.

    It is the job of Nasri’s management team to negotiate his contracts. I can see no reason whatsoever for him to say anything. Why not duck the question with the usual “I know nothing”?

    It certainly does nothing to endear him to the fans. Perhaps he doesn’t care.

  105. Greg says:

    rayman – fair enough, but you can virtually buy me a virtual pint if you’re wrong about Kos and I will virtually e-drink it.

    Have just been digging in to rednose’s transfer history over the last 15 years, and comparing it to Wenger’s. These are rough figures:

    Wenger bought 91 players for £261.5 mil, 45 became first team regulars (50%), at average £5.8 mil per first teamer.

    Ferg bought 55 players for £339 mil, 33 became first team regulars (56%), at average £10.9 mil per first teamer.

    Overall Ferg buys nearly half as many players for nearly twice the money. Wenger takes a scattergun approach, lots of smaller gambles rather than a few big ones.

    You can also see that Man U tend to keep their players for longer, as they had to fill fewer first team slots (or else more of Arsenal’s first teamers didn’t work out).

    Ferg had the benefit of getting Giggs, Scholes, Butt, Beckham and the Nevilles as schoolboys in 90 or 91 – he’s had 20 years’ service out of 3 of those players, they must had freed up millions for him to spend elsewhere in the squad. When we look back I wonder how much Ferg will owe that generation of players. It makes you understand why Wenger’s so keen to develop young lads and keep them for life.

  106. Rasp says:

    Hi Greg,

    That’s a great piece of research and very well presented, have you considered writing an article for AA? – new authors are always welcome.

  107. goonermichael says:

    Thanks London. I’m more or less resigned to losing Cesc (although I’ll love it if he stays and is commited) I don’t want Nasri going as well/either. Now plug has joined in saying he’d be good at the mancs (that may just be the press as well I suppose)

  108. RockyLives says:

    A truly excellent post.
    It makes me laugh when people slaughter AW for his signings policy. Who would they rather have us be? Spuds? Liverpool? Aston Villa? All of these have spent way, way more than us and yet regularly finish below us in the league during Arsene’s time in charge.
    And everyone forgets that Henry, Vieira, Ljungberg, Petit and many more legends were hardly household names when they joined us.

    As I always say, the media always need a simple narrative. For this season, the narrative has been that ‘Wenger’s losing it’, so every story about him and Arsenal has to be played through that filter.

    If the Nasri situation was happening at ManUre, the press would be full of stories about how the player had incurred the wrath of SAF and how he might be ‘shown the door’.

  109. RockyLives says:

    BR, dandan and Redders
    Thanks for your comments about the Rockies. I’m even more excited now.

    Redders – did you really come face to face with a Grizzly? And as for being chased by an elk – that does seem an ungentlemanly way to describe your date.

  110. RockyLives says:

    I really liked your comment about the loss of quality we’ll suffer if Bendtner, Denilson, Diaby etc all go.

    It’s definitely not a fashionable view and I probably don’t even agree with it myself. But there is no question that all these players have some things to commend them and a lot of fans who have written them off may be just joining a ‘pack mentality’ (myself included).

    I would love to see you expand on this defence of these maligned players. If you felt like writing a post about it there’s a ‘Be My Guest’ option in the bar at the top of this page. It would certainly spark a debate!

  111. RockyLives says:

    What’s happened?

    Canada wakes up and the rest of the world goes to sleep?

  112. Big Raddy says:

    RL. 1.50. I very much like your “simple narrative”. It helps understanding the media’s sudden reversal in attitude towards AW. Only “proper” football journalists like Pat Barclay and Martin Samuel stand by him and take the long term view of his management.


  113. WiganGooner says:

    @ Peaches

    Thanks for the link 🙂 Its great to get feedback from you guys. I respect all of your input and it makes me want to be a better writer for you.



  114. Big Raddy says:

    WG. Just finished reading your post. Very good.

    I particularly liked this line “You can’t measure life by how much money you earn, you measure it by how you are as a person and whether you are respected by your peers.”

    Football agents may not agree 😀

  115. WiganGooner says:

    @ BR

    My experience of football agents being what it is, there are some that care about the well-being of their clients. Those are the ones that earn the least.

    A friend of mine used to work in Insurance and one of his clients was Chelski, some of the terms on the insurance agreements were daft. The Agents would get a “Loss of earnings” benefit in the event of a career-ending injury to a player.

    How ridiculous.


  116. RockyLives says:

    The media’s ‘simple narrative’ works in all sorts of spheres, not just sport.

    Politicians and celebs are all either loved or loathed. And when the time comes to stop loving and start loathing, the entire media pack turns as one.

    As you may know, I have some experience of the press and when I was working in it there were certain celebs who were ‘untouchable’ even though the papers had numerous scandals about them. A Fleet Street editor explained it to me this way: “At the moment we sell more papers by having X be a hero. We’ll keep building him up, but when that gets boring we’ll bring all the sh*t out and the story will be bigger than ever.”

  117. goonermichael says:

    Patrick Barclay is a gooner though

  118. Red Arse says:

    Rocky, 🙂

    I went off on my own on a short walk through some open forest/woodland in Banff. The guy who drove me there came running up behind me and grabbed my arm.

    Actually, it turned out not to be my friend but a Ranger. He told me to stand still and whispered “look over there” as he pointed. Down the slope some 2 or 3 hundred yards away was a massive grizzly, fortunately not paying us/me any attention. Did I say massive? Perhaps giNormous would be more accurate. The bear ambled off in one direction we/I scurried off as fast as dignity would allow in the opposite direction.

    It seemed the Ranger was there only because a ‘trekker’ had been killed by a bear the previous week. My luck was in!!

    I was with a female friend in Banff, and we were both wearing light fawn coats against the Spring cold.
    After coming out of a restaurant, one evening, I heard a thudding sound behind us. A quick look and I saw this huge antlered bugger streaking across the snowy road towards us. He was so fast I thought we were done for, but I grabbed my friend and dived sideways to safety between two parked cars and then played hide and seek between other cars until we got back to the restaurant. The area is a National Park and no hunting is allowed, so the elk are quite cheeky and wander around the ‘chocolate box’ town as they like, without fear.

    It seems it was the mating season, and the male elk was not trying to kill us (tho’ it easily could have) but the color of our coats was identical to the rear end of the female elk, (they are two toned) and in the evening gloom, he was probably in love with me and wanted to show his affection!!! 🙂 Bastard men!! 🙂

    Both stories are perfectly true, and in both I was sh.. scared. Funny only after the event.

    I told everyone in the hotel about the grizzly, and they all wanted to see one and some foolhardy types set off later to find him. Unbelievably stupid frankly!

  119. TotalArsenal says:

    Very, very funny Red Elk-Arse.

  120. WiganGooner says:

    @ RA

    As hard as we try stupidity outnumber’s sensibility by a factor that stuns me to think about it.

    I’m happy to sit somewhere in the middle.


  121. Dean says:


    I wanna be completely clear about this I am not a fan of the players I mentioned earlier but I do respect what they have done for us in the past which a lot of us have seem to forgot, cos two seasons ago a lot of Gooner’s myself included thought Bendtner was the man (hes not but at the time we thought he was cos he always got us that much needed goal)

    my only worry is how will our great and wise leader will respond to the fast approaching loss of these players?!!
    Now instead of always spending large amounts on a bunch of players that wfor my money would’ve stayed unknown even if we never brought em,(Remember Jeffers and Reyes)with all the money we’re being asked to part with for match day tickets cant the arsenal board bring in a fantastic player like Radamel Falcao who we know got 39 goals last season

  122. Dean says:

    ok now I might of gone a little off topic but that’s only cos I’m angry at how

  123. dandan says:

    Rocky I used to have dinner regularly with David English and a couple of his cronies their tales of the unpublishable of the likes of Diana and Charles used to have me in stitches. so I know what you mean.

    Incidentally though not a real football man he had a high regard for AW as a man of integrity in a tatty profession who would give a straight answer to a straight question,. Makes all these gooners who have never met the man seem rather ill informed doesn’t it.

  124. TotalArsenal says:

    dandan, forgot to say how much I liked your Al-Gebra joke.

  125. RockyLives says:

    Great stories! I think I’ll stay in my car.

    That David English story confirms what most AAers probably feel about AW anyway.

    I think there’s a strong case to be made that buying some of the “names’ that the media keep linking us with (Jagielka, Samba, Hazard, Cahill, Jones etc) will not necessarily improve us compared with the outgoing players. I still think you should write a post about it – you would think players like Bendy and Eboue were utter crap judging from some of the articles and comments, but they’re quite clearly not.

  126. Red Arse says:

    For any grandparents out there; you may recognise similar events in your own lives! 🙂

    — “When my grandson Billy and I entered our vacation cabin, we kept the lights off until we were inside to keep from attracting pesky insects.
    Still, a few fireflies followed us in. Noticing them before I did, Billy whispered, “It’s no use Grandpa. Now the mosquitoes are coming after us with flashlights.”

    — “When my grandson asked me how old I was, I teasingly replied, “I’m not sure.” “Look in your underwear, Grandpa,” he advised “Mine says I’m 4 to 6.”

    I don’t have any grandchildren, but if I do, I hope they are as cute as this! 🙂

  127. Big Raddy says:

    Nothing happening on newsnow. Just Theo mouthing off about keeping the old and bringing in some new. & more Nasri nonsense.

    If it is true that Samir wants confirmation of an improved squad as well as a shed full of money, AW should just sell him as he is part of the problem.

  128. London says:

    I would bet a lot of money that no recorded interview exists in which Nasri says he will only sign if the squad is improved. People like Pedro make these stories up and before you know it they are moving around blog world before finding their way into the red tops.

  129. dandan says:

    This was sent to me by an American friend has anyone seen it, here on TV. I haven’t

    This is the new “wear your seat belt” ad the UK is doing – started by some dude not hired to do it, but because the cause is important to him, he came up with this idea, and now it’s being hailed across the world as a “beautiful” commercial. …And the video has gone “viral” – so it quickly spread all over the world in a very short time.

  130. London says:

    It’s easy to fill up a blog with negative bile day in and day out but it takes a bit more effort to show support.

  131. Big Raddy says:

    Damn right London.

  132. London says:

    A beautifully shot add, I feel that is what we do on here: throw our arms around and pretect our beloved Arsenal.

  133. RockyLives says:

    Amazing ad.
    I just watched it without any volume (I’m in a doctors waiting room) and it made me cry. Beautiful.

  134. dandan says:

    Cesc. seems to have had a bad day. but mum will sort him out. his tweet.below

    cesc4official GM. Great weather in London. I took my wisdom teeth out yest but feeling very good. Good to have my mum around to bring me breakfast in bed. 9 hours ago · reply · retweet · favorite

  135. London says:

    Being a bit bored I just had a look on El Mundo Deportivo the Barcelona sports news paper cum mouth piece, Real Madrid have Marca, Barcelona have this. Any way, I was interested in what they were saying about Cesc. There had been a recent article that pointed to a possible switch of Cesc and Thiago Alcántara do Nascimiento he is 20 midfield, born in Italy grew up in Spain and for some reason has a Portuguese name (no idea why) Anyway again, there was a survey in the paper asking who they would prefer at the club and 80% of supporters wrote in saying they would prefer to keep Thiago and that Cesc was unnecessary, expensive and injury prone, in short they have fallen out of love with him. If you want to know how representative this kind of poll is the answer is a lot. Barcelona the club and El Mundo control everything. There are no independent blogs, it is all controlled by the paper. Anyway for a third time, I am even more convinced than I was before that Barça are not interested in signing Fabregas.

  136. PeggySue says:

    Dun dun dun

  137. Hey sharkey – thats the name of my daughter’s band 🙂

  138. SharkeySure says:

    Cheers Peggy !!

    Quality post (as ever) there Mr Radders. Wiltord (my twin?) a flop, oh dear. Reyes…lol. Arshavin.

    I agree, it is complete and utter madness that these guys are actually paid for their baseless opinions.

  139. 26may1989 says:

    @London: “Thiago Alcántara do Nascimiento he is 20 midfield, born in Italy grew up in Spain and for some reason has a Portuguese name (no idea why)” – I think Thiago’s dad is Brazilian and (if I remember rightly) was a footballer in who played in Spain. I could have got that last bit wrong though.

  140. Wiltord could definitely be your twin 😛 How are you, where you been hiding?

  141. SharkeySure says:

    I prob also need to add that I do think that there is some part of Arsene that does believe that big money signings can be a big gamble.

    I agree with that notion.

    £50m on Torres who seemed to crumble under the pressure..?? I’d also prefer to spread the risk and the cost

  142. Thiago Alcántara do Nascimiento – He is the son of the former Brazilian footballer and 1994 World Cup winner, Mazinho

  143. SharkeySure says:

    Its been mad Peaches. I popped by last week, had a a blast, read some wonderful stuff, and promised to myself to ‘do better’.


    Now it looks like I’ve been away a long long time, where even the layouts changed.

    Re the Wiltord twin. I used to regularly get shouts of ‘hurry up Sylvain’ as I approached Highbury in the old days

  144. 26may1989 says:

    @peaches: This is your girl’s band isn’t it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8HoxQ84VeA&playnext=1&list=PLFA57F0216D99DEA3.

    And Sharkey, you are Sylvain Wiltord, I knew I’d seen you before!

  145. SharkeySure says:

    My 10 yr old is looking over my shoulder. ‘Dad, you sending an email to SharkeySure’. No I’m SS, I reply.

    Oh is that you’re middle name or something..?? After my raucous laughter had died down, he follows that up with ‘ you could of told me !’

  146. TotalArsenal says:

    RA, children’s logical thinking can be very funny indeed, as you illustrated with some great examples. My six year old daughter said recently: “Mummy you never have to worry about paper cuts again, do you know why: ‘Kindle’!” (just after my wife got her long desired electronic reader for Christmas). Made us both giggle.

  147. SharkeySure says:

    Alright 2^7-33 !!

    I can’t believe I’ve never mentioned it before, the likeness. It would certainly allow most people to pick me out in a crowd

  148. Yes 26may thats them. The sea the sea is one of my favourite tracks, it’s amazing live but they only ever released it on a vinyl EP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  149. 26may1989 says:

    But Sharkey, I thought you had a squadron of Little Sharks at home! Or doesn’t your lad know what he is??

  150. 26may1989 says:

    Peaches, that’s the mark of class, keeping the best tracks to vinyl. Not good as a career strategy mind…… 🙂

  151. Where did all this new stuff come from under the comments box?

  152. SharkeySure says:

    Peaches – Your daughters band are the Peggy Sue’s….and Dun dun dun is their hot new single..??

    Lets just hope and pray that Nicole ShirtSigner is not amongst their ‘musical influences’. Her performance on BGT (family forced me!) left me needing a lie down. Lyrics of a 5 yr old, dance moves of a trailer park tramp.

    Superstar. ?? Wtf

  153. Sadly, you’re right 26, we still have loads of vinyl EP’s, can’t play them but the artwork is beautiful, as you say very classy 🙂

  154. SharkeySure says:

    Oh is it your nickname..?? Yes.

    But its nothing like your real name.

    My real middle name is Arnaldo, unbelievably. I’d actually rather see SharkeySure on my official docs if I’m honest !!

  155. Sharkey – I’m pleased I wasn’t the only one disgusted by that performance on BGT – it should have been censored, there must have been loads of small girls watching it – I feel sorry for their parents. Have you got any girls amongst your sharklets?

    Luckily I’m pretty certain my Peggy Sue wouldn’t even know who Nicole ShirtSigner is 😆

  156. 26may1989 says:

    Actually peaches, I might be able to help there: I have a record deck that transfers vinyl to MP3 and WMA formats. If you want me to sort out your Peggy Sue vinyl, am happy to do it. Just let me know.

  157. dandan says:

    London, you have been very interesting today, it would appear from your research, that there is a good chance we could hang on to Cesc and Nasri, that would indeed be a bonus.
    As it is I am struggling with the downbeat tone of so many bloggers. In many cases it is an almost triumphant air that they portray, because it would seem they want there to be trouble at the club. The main annoyance for me is that it is all built on self perpetuating rumour and innuendo.

    It It is rather like pushing a snowball down a mountainside the further it goes the bigger it gets. Publish some rubbish on a blog and it is guaranteed to be picked up by one of these guys and passed on as the gospel..

    Blogs it seems have become in many cases an electronic version of the old party game chinese whispers, which is a shame given how well the actual lead writers on many blogs write and the variety and depth of knowledge they portray.

  158. SharkeySure says:

    2*13 The little sharks live in ignorant bliss of who;ll they become. No point frightening them now ‘eh.

    My eldest is 24 and lives with her mum about a mile away. Then its 10, 8 and 4 here with me and my wife.

    I’m not particularly religious but I do feel truly blessed, or lucky I guess.

  159. Red Arse says:

    Sod me! Is this AA — surely not!

    It’s that flippin’ Sharkey playing jokes on me!! 🙂

  160. 26may1989 says:

    Sorry to sound like a 70 year old judge, but who the hell is “Nicole ShirtSigner”? And what is BGT??!

    Arnaldo – excellent! Your parents had a fab sense of humour, Sharkey!

  161. Well for what it’s worth I think Cesc is staying but sadly for him it maybe because he’s now injury prone. Is that because we’ve overplayed him?

    Talking of Chinese whispers – Rasp and I started the rumour a couple of years ago that Arteta and someone else from Everton were coming to Arsenal in the January window, it was gospel by 10.30 that morning after I’d posted it at 9.15 on LG 😆 Didn’t mean to do it honestly

  162. Red Arse says:

    Sharkey, did you see Dandan’s brilliant ‘Al-Gebra comment this morning?

    It’s on ‘yesterday’s’ Post. Give it a read if you get a chance.

    We all know he was talking about you, and it explains where you have been recently!!! 🙂

  163. dandan says:

    My case rests oh mischeiviouse lady

  164. SharkeySure says:

    Mine are 2 of each Peaches. G-B-G-B

    That was spooky watching your daughter Peaches. She looks and carries herself so like you part of me thinks its some sort of mind trick or wind up.

  165. TotalArsenal says:

    DanDan, rather than being philosophical about things, a attribute that suits you rather fine, most people prefer to be anxious, as illustrated by a quote I recently read in a change management book:

    “Anxiety is essential to the human condition. The confrontation with anxiety can relieve us from boredom, sharpen the sensitivity and assure the pressures of tension that is necessary to preserve human existence” (Rollo May).

  166. Where have you been 26……………………………..

    BGT – Britains Got Talent

    Nicole ShirtSiigner – Nicole Scherzinger, former Pussycat Doll, girlfriend of Lewis Hamilton

  167. desigunner says:

    Loved your last paragraph. There are too many people who just don’t have the ability to observe and think for themselves and eventually end up regurgitating second hand opinions from the dorks in the media.

    Another related myth that many don’t realize is that there is nothing like a proven player. If Ibrahimovic can flop at Barca and Shevchenko at Chelsea, anyone can flop at any club. There are absolutely no guarantees.

  168. Sharkey – she is so much like me it’s really scary …….. more for her I think 😦

    Luckily for her I can’t sing at all by any stroke of the imagination but I make a great groupie.

  169. SharkeySure says:

    Hey Blonde Bombshell, kidnapper of 26 and general all round lovely lady.

    I do the ‘I can give you the first 6 letters of my 7 letter middle name and you prob still wont get it’

    I win every time. Apparently my fourteen year old sister picked it when i was born. Get my real first name from Peaches if you don’t already know it. Shocking.

    My neighbours kids. 3 and 5. Wilfred and Stanley !! They’ll be dialling ChildLine as soon as they are old enough

  170. dandan says:

    TA Tonight BBC 5 live have had Michael Vaughan leading a two hour discussion and documentary on depression among sports people, I think you would find that of interest if they put it up on I player.

    Having listened to it i woudnt mind betting some of the posters on here are chronic depresives.

    IF you can get the programe, I highly recommend it

  171. SharkeySure says:

    26 – you too. I think you already know my real first name…hence your reference to my parent’s sense of humour.

  172. Red Arse says:

    Hi Peaches, having come to terms with BGT, not being ‘Be Good Tonite’, I take it that it is a show.

    If so, was your daughter really on it? If so, can I see it on BBC repeat thingy, or is it a different channel.

  173. dandan – that was in my frivolous blogging days, I’m far more responsible now 🙂

  174. SharkeySure says:

    Please forgive me going off topic for a mo, and talking about signings. !!!

    Qulaity comment Desi, thats what I intended to write before getting sidetracked by all my old pals. I didn’t have two examples as briliant as yours though.

    Ok, I often use Shevchenko, but excuse him a little as an ageing player in a tough league. Ibra at £70m odd in his mid 20’s. Shocking. He goes back to Italy and he’s back to his old self again, bringing the title back to the Rossoneri’.

    As you say no guarantees

  175. dandan says:

    Hmmm I am not sure, I sense a definite hint of naughty girl in your persona 🙂

  176. 26may1989 says:

    Peaches, thank you for bringing me into the 21st century, I needed that. I’m such a complete snob about reality TV it means I’m completely ignorant of what everyone else is on about….

    Shame Hamilton’s girlfriend is contributing to the sexualisation of children, a bit of a hobby horse for me that one.

    And I’ve just been very busy – lame excuse I know!

    Having read Dandan’s 9.27, I went back and read some of the stuff from today I’d skipped over. And when London said “Wow, this post really did shake the idiot tree”, he was on the button. I know the summer is a time of neurosis for the Arsenal fan, and the team’s lame finish to the season was only going to make that worse, but some of the comments today have plumbed new depths (for AA) of stupidity. Wenger the Bin Laden of Arsenal? Where do you start with that sort of shite?

  177. Red Arse says:


    Is Arnaldo a reference by your family to the fact that an anagram of Ronaldo is better than being a Wiltord clone? 🙂

  178. SharkeySure says:

    Britains Got Talent.

    I generally mange to avoid it, but it was half term and it coincided with my wife bathing the kids (later than usual?) and them lounging around our room waiting for bed. Oh and it was semi final week !

  179. No RA, my daughter wasn’t on it.

    Sharkey came on with a new pseudonym which by some fluke was the name of my daughter’s band – how bizarre you would think and 26may put a link up to one of their youtube clips.

  180. Red Arse says:

    Quite right 26.

    I was very restrained (and bored) and could not be bothered to put finger to keyboard to argue.

    Apart from the fact that reasoning with some is such hard work and totally pointless.

  181. SharkeySure says:

    You might have something there Red. Get my first name from Peaches, and you ‘ll know the full double whammy of my name.

    For years I’d meet a girl out and simply say my name was Michael, if asked. One girl refused to believe my real name when i told her on the phone later in the week. Flat out refused to believe me, amidst howls of laughter.

    Funnily enough we’re still pals. She now teases me by only calling me ‘Ianaldo’ as a corruption of my middle name.

  182. Desi – I agree, Ibra and Sheva are two really good examples of huge money signings that flopped and the jury is still out on Torres …………………………..

  183. 26may1989 says:

    @Sharkey: I’m a naming victim too – in a state of blissful ignorance, my mum gave me the same name as this Yankee comedian: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3c-WBn5cCg. Often draws tittering comments from Americans….

  184. Sharkey – you are so naughty 🙂 On the subject of names – I have a new puppy dog, a little pug that looks more like a piglet than a dog. I called him Romeo 🙂 Mind you, my son wanted to call the piglet Derrek

    Dandan – you are right, someone blog a bit of goss, true or not and in no time it becomes reliable news on all blogs. So, why don’t we start something and watch it snowballing? For example – Nasri has just bought a new house in Cockfosters; the house previous owner was Cashley and amongst neighbours are Cesc, Robin and Arshavin. This of course could only mean one thing – he is staying at Arsenal

  185. Red Arse says:

    Thanks Peaches. 🙂

    It is a bit scary but 26 seems to have uncanny similarities to me in that we both seem to know sod all about similar things.

    BGT? Nicole Shirtlifter? How have I sailed thru’ life not knowing these things? 🙂

  186. I know that house Evonne – I’ll go stake it out tomorrow 🙂

    But Arshavin lives in Arkley, I know that house too 😦

  187. dandan says:

    Didnt there used to be a pro footballer called Shirtlifter. 🙂

  188. SharkeySure says:

    New pseudonym Peaches. Moi..??

    You accusing me of posting under different monikers..?? I’d best be careful be careful not to protest too much though.

    I did it because the Layout has changed and my email and tag name had reversed. So I threw in a suspenseful test post, before reverting to my usual (main?) name.

    FIL says Hi to you all by the way.

    One last request Peaches. Can you mail Desi Gunner and tell him that someone (me) thought his post very good and responded to it. He’ll struggle to find it amongst everything else thats been written this last hour.

  189. 26 – I have to say as I knew what your name was before I met you I was surprised that you weren’t a twinkly old man – not that you’re not twinkly of course 😉

  190. Peaches – Arkley? damn, damn, damn there goes my goss!
    Did you see graffiti on Cashley’s house when he accepted his salary in rubels? I thought it was funny

  191. Sharkey – did you use Sharkey or one of your many other blog names?

  192. TotalArsenal says:

    Thanks DanDan, sounds like a heavy topic but if you say it is worth it, I shall look out for it.

  193. SharkeySure says:

    Alright 13*3/1.5. I already knew yours.

    You once emailed me in a very poor attempt to cover the the tracks of – a ticket stealing pole, who then sat behind the goal – with your hand on her knee.

    GB was quality

  194. Evonne – do you know he’d only been in that house for a couple of months before he was whisked off to the chavs? He and Cheryl had an even bigger house built near Cobham.

  195. SharkeySure says:

    Peaches – I never used Sharkey with the ladies, but there are a few people out there who know me firstly as Sharkey, and secondarily by my christian name. They’d pretty much only use my first name if they tried to ring me at work.

    How mad is that..?? I’m 44 years old !

  196. 26may1989 says:

    Sharkey, that GB was absolutely NOT quality! OK, I admit it, I spent years waiting for him to die, in the hope it would make my life easier (should I feel guilty? probably) but he just went on and on. And on.

    Thanks for the reminder about that knee though….. 🙂 (Just kiddin’ Evonne!)

    Peaches, thanks for confirming my twinkliness!

    And Mr Arse, you and me, in a state of wilful and blissful ignorance!

  197. SharkeySure says:

    DanDan 9.27. Exactement mon ami.

    I call those people wifebeaters. Always knocking something that they profess to love so dearly

  198. Red Arse says:

    While we are all in confessional mode, a close relative is a famous, but wierd, comedian on UK television shows, and much lusted after by young ladies.

    I have written loads of stuff for him, but he rejects it all because he reckons I am seriously eccentric, if not more wierd than him!!

    Can you believe that? 🙂

    And all I wanted was to be the one the girls ask for an autograph from, just once, when we are sitting having a coffee!

  199. SharkeySure says:

    ” I admit it, I spent years waiting for him to die”


    Did you send him hookers and tickets for rollercoaster rides, once he’d got past 95 and was still going !!!

    I’ve been trying to get off this site for like 45 mins now.

  200. SharkeySure says:

    What news of Carlito and his big jump..??.Not rained off I hope..?? It was monsoon like in S.London on Sunday gone.

  201. Red Arse says:

    You may have seen this on Sky, but to reassure fans about the Manure rumours, Nasri posted this on Twitter;

    Nasri wrote on Twitter: “I just want tell you don’t listen (to) the newspaper and the rumours I will let you know if something happen.”

    He will let us know if something happens? Yep, I am really reassured now!! 🙂

  202. FrothingInarticulateLoon says:

    Hey Red-Centric,,,hows it hanging..??

  203. FrothingInarticulateLoon says:

    “my fellow agent in the axis of co-ordinated equilateral triangulation”

    Spare bed here in the Happy Home for the author of the above..??!!

  204. Red Arse says:


    I used to think you were a fellow nutter, but you have gone all upmarket lately, but the final straw was seeing your article in ‘Inarticulate and Incontinent Monthly’ a truly posh middle class Magazine.

    Et tu brute?

  205. 26may1989 says:

    Why didn’t I think of those ideas Sharkey??

    Arse, did you see that Nasri also tweeted to an obnoxious fan, saying he (the fan) was a c**t?! Love it, none of that bland PR nonsense., just unvarnished honesty.

    I had a proper look at Nasri’s interview on Telefoot (yup, I do speak Froggie) and, while he does say the stuff about waiting to see if United is a concrete possibility, the tone was anything but a Rooney/Tevez-style veiled ultimatum, more just a “My season isn’t over, I’ve got a game to play against Poland, the agent’s dealing with it, I’ll see where things are once the season’s finished.” I wish he’d said nothing of course, and I’m sure he’s angling for plenty more of our cash, but my bet is on him staying.

  206. Red Arse says:

    Well the nurse is here with the white thingy.

    it makes me mad that they put the buckles at the back. You can’t scratch your belly button or anything else!

    When I say ‘it makes me mad’, I didn’t mean like FIL or Sharkey … but you knew that already.

    Yes nursey …. I’m coming …..

  207. SharkeySure says:

    My in-laws live in Edmonton Ca, and your early morning comments about Banff warmed my heart. Fantastic place.

    What a site this is !!!

  208. SharkeySure says:

    Not sure if leaving on a bum note is de rigeur, but Reds mention of ‘Inarticulate and Incontinent Monthly’ is surely a sign not to be overlooked.

    Back tomorrow.

    NIte all

  209. 26may1989 says:

    Laters Sharkey.

  210. Carlito11 says:

    Hi Sharkey- The jump’s next Saturday! I’m bricking it! Will defo be about later in the week- Fri or Sat morning to try and chat- not much time for blogging in Summer in my line of work- probably just as well until Wenger makes those big signings!

  211. 26may1989 says:

    Carlito, is that a static line jump on your own, or a tandem freefall?

    I did two static line jumps years ago, was one of the best things I’ve ever done – shit scary just before you jump but utterly beautiful as you come down. Such a serene feeling. You’ll love it!

  212. Carlito11 says:

    Tandem Freefall 26m. 14,000ft 45secs of freefall before we pull the parachute cord… not too sure if it’ll be serene!!!

  213. 26may1989 says:

    OK, the 45 seconds won’t be serene! But it’ll be wicked!!

  214. Carlito11 says:

    Check this out before they sensor it! Nasri’s c*** tweet is on the official website http://www.arsenal.com/news/playertweets
    Think RA had it right saying Nasri’s later tweet that he’ll let us know when something happens is far from reassuring 😦

  215. Carlito11 says:

    I know you’re right 26M but under normal circumstances I would not even contemplate this sort of malarky- only managed the “bungee rocket” a few years after bottling a proper bungee jump. Can’t hack heights although I was reassured by MDi89 that you only get vertigo if you are in contact with the ground… I look forward to having the video next week to post a link to…

  216. 26may1989 says:

    From 14000 feet, it’ll feel pretty abstract. I remember being more scared when I had to jump off a practice platform about 30 feet off the ground than I did from the plane. Not that I wasn’t scared!

    Honestly, it’ll be great, trust me!!

  217. barumgooner says:

    Evening all. Excellent post Raddy. I always felt a bit sorry for Wiltord, he was treated a bit like our Theo, being forced to play as a winger rather than a centre forward. Edu also imo was far from a flop and was infact sorely missed when he left. Arsene is indeed a very frustrating manager and I do believe that he is often too proud for his own good seeming to be more interested in proving the critics wrong than doing what is demanded but we do I feel have the basis of a great side and I think AW realises that this year is probably his last chance to gamble with nobody’s. I have said it before that I dont actually think we want massive “stars” in the squad but we are crying out for a bit of grit. 2-3 experienced pl battlers in and 2-3 failed experiments out and we will win the league of that i’m sure…… but will it happen or will this summer be all about keeping the status quo and being happy at keeping SN and FF ?

  218. MickyDidIt89 says:

    “I was reassured by MDi89 that you only get vertigo if you are in contact with the ground”. Just to clarify that one, what I meant by “contact with the ground” is by way of a ladder, rope, scaffolding etc or in the case of 26may, a platform. I am terrified of any of the aforementioned, and yet not frightened at all by the height from a hot air balloon/aircraft for example.
    My thoughts will be with you on saturday Carlito. As 26 says, it’ll be great.

  219. chas says:

    Great post, BR.

    Football journalism has gone the way of the rest of society, sensationalist, appealing to the lowest common denominator and therefore, ultimately disposable.

  220. Morning all

    There’s a New Post

  221. Big Raddy the Mendacious says:

    I am pleased the post opened a debate, though not many shared my dismay about the behaviour of the media..

    They should be held acccountable for their misinformation. Hanging is too good for them.

  222. Chairma Gallant says:

    Liverpool has just finnished signing Herddersson from Sunderland,Jones[from Blackburn whom AW has been dreaming of signing] is now undergoing medicals at Man utd,and who has AW signed-an unknown kid from Finland,cant even remember his name,what a travesty,AW is insulting the fans and the earlier he is got rid of, the better -a Leopard can not and does not change his spot AW can never change

  223. euro cup 2012 wallpaper…

    […]Why doesn’t Arsene buy? Debunking another Wenger myth. « Arsenal Arsenal[…]…

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