Has Denilson Played His Last Game For Arsenal?

There are certain things Arsene Wenger never does.

These include never inviting pube-scratching meat-head managers of opposition teams to sample his fine claret after a game; never responding to chants of “Arsene Arsene give us a wave” with anything other than the sort of brief, embarrassed arm-flick normally only used by teenagers horrified to have bumped into their dad while out with their mates; and never subbing off a player at half time when they’re playing crap.

On Saturday he broke the last of those taboos.

Denilson was having an absolute stinker in the first half against West Brom. Manuel Almunia may have stolen the accolades for Dick of the Day with the sort of suicidal sprint normally found only in the world of lemmingkind, but Denilson was having his own private meltdown.

Opinion is divided on Denilson. Some men like a neat and tidy Brazilian. Others prefer something a bit more luxuriant.

Myself, I have always felt there’s a role for him in certain games, where we expect to have a lot of the ball and where we have other, more creative, players who can make something happen. In those circumstances Den can play a role in midfield, moving the ball quickly from player to player, switching the direction of play: never incisive, but usually accurate.

On Saturday even this part of his game went missing. Even those simple, sideways passes went too often to a man in a striped shirt.  He played like a cross between Ray Wilkins and Ray Charles.

But, despite his woeful performance, I was stunned to see that he had been substituted at half time. The TV commentator assured us that this was tactical, not due to an injury. Unbelievable.

We have all sat through games where it was obvious that a change of personnel was needed, but Arsene has stubbornly refused to put on a sub before the 60th minute. More often it’s the 70th minute before he’ll make a change, even when we’re losing or struggling to break down a park-the-bus defence.

So for him to remove Denilson at half time feels to me like a significant statement. On one level it shows how desperate Arsene was to win the game (and remember, we were only one nil down at half time); on another level it could well indicate the moment when Arsene has finally given up on the young Brazilian.

Denilson came to us from Sao Paulo in 2006 as the captain of Brazil under 17s.  In his early outings for Arsenal he looked like he could become another Cesc Fabregas, but that promise has never been fulfilled. He just doesn’t seem to have progressed. He has never made the step up into the full Brazil team and it’s not hard to see why.

This season, with the emergence of Wilshere and now Ramsey, he has probably become a sixth or seventh choice midfielder, playing only when others are injured or suspended.

Admittedly, the holding role in which he was cast on Saturday is not his natural position, but that does not excuse his poor performance.

Sadly, it looked to me as if his confidence is shot. This may be a result of being pushed down the pecking order; it may be because of the moans and groans of the crowd at The Grove whenever he does something wrong; it may just be because deep down he knows he’s not good enough.

Whatever it is, Arsene had seen enough by half time at the weekend and hauled him off.  With key players returning from injury I suspect it’s quite likely we’ll never see Denilson in an Arsenal shirt again.

It’s probably for the best. With Almunia showing the mental fortitude of a dormouse, Diaby displaying the focus of a goldfish and Squillaci looking as safe as a knitted condom, the last thing we need for the title run-in is another nut job in the starting line-up.

The most likely move for Denilson would be to Spain or Portugal in the summer, but I could see him heading home to a team in Brazil.

He has played some good games for us (most recently away at Man Utd in the Cup, when he was one of our better performers in a disappointing display). I would much rather that he had fulfilled his promise and become a must-have member of the squad. But that’s not the case. It probably is time for him to go and Arsene may well agree.

If he does ship out in the summer, I will wish him boa sorte but I won’t have any regrets.


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  1. Carlito11 says:

    “Opinion is divided on Denilson. Some men like a neat and tidy Brazilian. Others prefer something a bit more luxuriant.” One of many great lines Rocky 🙂

  2. Big Raddy says:

    RL. Another superbly entertaining post. Every post you write has me laughing, and despite it’s serious intent this was no exception.

    “He played like a cross between Ray Wilkins and Ray Charles”

    “looking as safe as a knitted condom” & Carlito’s choice.

    Just great stuff!

    I would have sold Denilson in 2008 ….

  3. afc says:

    Bentner, denilson, squilaci, almunia, eboue, rosicky, must all go, new players of high, high skill and power must come into the side, we must make these changes!

  4. Red Arse says:

    Excellento Rocky, 🙂

    Amusing but gritty take on a player who I had hoped would take the Prem by storm.

    I cannot fault your analysis but just wish Den could have been a star.

    Incidentally, I have to stand up for a much maligned rodent. Your comment; ‘showing the mental fortitude of a dormouse’ is libelous!

    Muscardinus avellanarius or Common dormice can sleep for up to three quarters of their lives. (Maybe true about Denilson and Big Al too).

    But, although famous for their snoozing, dormouses are incredibly fast when necessary. (Unlike Denilson or Big Al).

    So a little respect for meeses please! 🙂

  5. Adam says:

    That’s the problem with players like Denilson and Diaby. I cannot remember a single game when with either of them really made the difference. Denilson more so than Diaby to be truthful. But neither of them have really moved forward. Denilson is weak in the tackle and gets bullied off the ball far too often, loosing possession and getting wrong-sided in the centre of midfield. His ambling style has no urgency. Any early promise he may have shown evaporated very quickly and in my opinion it is baffling that Arsene has persevered with him for so long. I hope he moves to a club or a league where he can be succesful but he should really have gone 3 years ago. Same with Diaby. His game is too slow and he needs too many touches before deciding what to do with the ball. Most attacks break down on the slowness of his game. Not an Arsenal player in a million years. If he and Denilson had gone years ago, when they should have, Arsene could have replaced them with much more suitable players. This slowness to react to the obvious has cost us at least 2 championships I believe.

  6. jl53 says:

    Loving the line “Some men like a neat and tidy Brazilian” – pure genius

  7. Rasp says:

    Morning all, welcome Adam.

    Another masterpiece from Rocky – the rib tickler is mightier than the sword!

    I see players like Denilson and Diaby as a distraction to AW. They’re in the squad, they’re earning good wages, they have showed promise and most importantly, he has invested a lot of time and ‘belief’ in them. The question is, does he know when to say goodbye? In the case of Almunia it is entirely possible that no-one wants to buy him whereas we know that foreign clubs have been interested in Denilson, Bendtner and Eboue.

    I agree that if we could get £5m plus for Denilson, we should take the money and try to find a player with more grit and attacking prowess.

  8. And i think is tym for Wenger to leave mr floop Fabregas

  9. Fabregas now at days makes me vomit when i see him in arsenal colors

  10. patthegooner says:

    Good Post Rocky

    Denilson has been a huge dissapointment. I remember seeing him in one of his first games for Arsenal and his composure and confidence on the ball made me believe we had a real gem on our hands.

    He simply is not at the level required at Arsenal which is a real shame. Some believe that Gooners uneccessarily pick on him, but believe me it is not the case. I would have loved it for the lad to succeed at Arsenal and that goes for every player but sometimes it just does not work out and it is knowing when to cut your losses. In Denilson’s case I think that was two years ago.

    I also wonder what effect the absence of a senior pro in Denilson’s position has had on him. He was thrust into the 1st team squad by default and apart from the early days, has never really had the benefit of a mentor to learn from.

    If he is (and I hope he is) to leave this summer, I wish him all the best. ultimately a move to a lesser league will be in the best interests of player and club.

  11. Morning all, as ever I like the cut of your jib Rocky, especially the “Pube-scratching meat-head managers” – I immediately thought of Pullis then.
    The title of your post certainly raised my spirits, however we did allude to this sometime last year(I think at a time that predated your blogging on here),a September post to be precise, where we said “Goodbye Denilson”, sadly that was wishful thinking and perhaps it is today too.

    I remember taking an absolute slating in one of my match reports for a back handed insult directed at Neves; regretfully I have not been proved wrong.

  12. Taxi for denilson says:

    Hopefully its hislast game. USELESS, and he is NEVER Brazilian, i’m sure he’s from Balham

  13. Gunnern5 says:

    Overall a very irritating game to watch.

    It was good to see AW shaking things up by early substitutions and they eventually had the desired effect. The play between Chamakh and Arshavin for our first goal was magical and the type of move that we can produce at any moment, if only we had more of those moments. But why did it take a two goal deficit to wake the team up?

    It was obvious to most of us at the beginning of the season that we needed to strengthen our spine and seriously improve our goal-tending and they remain as our major issue despite AW’s efforts, or lack of.

    We need a serious player shuffle in the summer in order to raise the bar to a trophy level steel, steel and more steel is needed.

    Did I mention steel?

    Once again injuries to key players in key positions have hit us at the worst possible time so the healing time offered by an international break is most welcome – assuming it does not backfire and result in more injuries.

    In our last five games since March 5th we have 2 points in two PL games and have been beaten in all three cup games – it doesn’t get much more disappointing.

    BUT despite all of this we are still in position to win nine on the trot and become PL champs.

    I remain a staunch Arsene and Arsenal supporter but I fear the PL title is compromised by a soft spine and is therefore nothing more than a dream, however I will
    continue to dream until it’s mathematically impossible for us to win.

  14. Rasp says:

    Great comment GN5 – I agree entirely

  15. Carlito11 says:

    Is Chocho Junior Craig Eastmond in disguise? 😀

  16. Rasp says:

    Morning chary, there is zero satisfaction from observing a ‘negative view’ of one of our players be proved correct. In the last 5 years Song and Theo (maybe even EE) have proved many wrong whereas Denilson, Diaby (and maybe Bendtner) have failed.

    None of us can get it right all the time – including AW, the art is in knowing when the time is up.

  17. mickydidit89 says:

    Big fan of Topiary, me.
    A+ post Rocky.

  18. Rasp says:

    You can’t practise topiary on Brazillians micky 😉

  19. mickydidit89 says:

    Is “lacking confidence” pc speak for “utter rubbish”?

  20. Rasp says:

    I see Arsene has alluded to Lehmann’s lack of match fitness = interpreted as a clear statement that Al will continue as No. 1

  21. RGT777 says:

    I’m so disappointed. We all knew what reinforcements the club needed last summer, but not one world class player was brought in. (Oh, why? Why? Why?!) The bashing of Denilson and Diaby is… well deserved, I suppose, but remember that they are only playing because of injuries and lack of investment. Knowing that the necessary funds were (and are) available to grab the title, and that we are loosing huge incomes (and Glory, damn it!) by getting knocked out of competitions, is bitter knowledge indeed.

  22. mickydidit89 says:

    We could start our own Book of Translation!

  23. Yeah Raspers, we were all hoping Wenger Denilson would be part of the player cull lasat summer, yet he stayed and here we are.
    I was at the Sunderland game in the north bank when Clichy failed to get onto a return ball from Denilson in our penalty area and the crowd went ballistic as we conceded a corner.
    Denilson wanted the ground to swallow him up at that point, while I felt sorry that he was being subjected to that hostility the point is the paucity of our squad meant we were forced to play him and he failed to show us why he should play more often.
    I hate the claret conked calendonian as much as the next man( and long time readers of AA will know I hate him more than most), but you can imagine him saying to an under performing player “Play like that and you’re dropped!”
    Hand on heart, can you imagine Wenger saying that?

  24. mickydidit89 says:

    “We showed great mental strength in the second half” = “I gave them a right bollocking at half time”.

  25. Rasp says:

    I know what you mean chary. I have started the last 4 summer interlulls promising myself that unless we reinforced the spine of the team (actually bring some players with a spine?) I’d take a step back from the Arsenal and make my life easier – but we all know that is impossible.

    Churchill was the outstanding figure that drove Britain to victory in the 2nd World War but was unceremoniously dumped by the electorate at the first opportunity thereafter – past glories cannot sustain support for evermore.

  26. Rasp says:

    “We fought back and showed great spirit” = we salvaged a draw from a game we should have won.

  27. mickydidit89 says:

    Mentally fatigued = bone idle

  28. Wonderman says:

    Morning All, Some great points made already. As I have previously stated Denilson is not my cup of tea. But we did not concede two goals as a direct result of Denilson on Saturday. Granted he had a very bad game, but there are others who have had shockers this season as well.

    Goal No 1 : from a throw in Squillici inexplicably breaks the defensive unit and goes in advance of his full back Sagna is oblivious. West brom exploit the space, which results in a corner. Ramsey loses his marker….ball in the back of the net

    Goal 2: Clichy loses the ball in one of his raids, no danger there….WBA go long into our half,Squillaci commits the cardinal sin of allowing the ball to bounce now making it 50:50, despite seeing 3 defenders against 1 striker Almunia rushes out of his area and then pushes Squillaci sending him off balance …Odemwingi says ‘thanks very much’ goal.

    In my opinion Denilson and Diaby often detract from our attacking play, but we concede goals far too often from the most basic of situations

  29. Rasp says:

    Hi wonderman …. in short, we need to improve our defending – but that has been the case for quite a while, Sz and JD have been a major step forward, but without them we are floundering again.

  30. Adam says:

    Pat. I agree. It’s all very well running a happy ship but football at this level is a highly competitive business and the best managers are ruthless when it comes to moving players in and out.

  31. Carlito11 says:

    In answer to RGT777- the reason no “world class” players were brought in in the summer is evident when you look at the OPTA stats for our best players this season. In the top 5 are Jack Wilshere, Johan Djourou and Wojciech Szczesny… In the 3 positions everyone was talking about the need for signings. looks to me like Wenger knew what he was doing but the injury situation is once again beyond bad luck.

  32. Carlito11 says:

    I’ve got some statistical tweets from Opta’s Arsenal man @Orbinho which I think make interesting reading:

    1. Arsenal’s win percentage with Johan Djourou starting this season in the Premier League is 79%, without him 40%.
    2.Arsenal’s win percentage with Alex Song starting this season in the Premier League is 71%, without him 0%.
    3. Arsenal’s win percentage with Jack Wilshere starting this season in the Premier League is 63%, without him 40%.
    4. Arsenal’s win percentage with Tomas Rosicky starting this season in the Premier League is 75%, without him 52%.
    5. Centre back pairs Win % Djourou/Squillaci 5 games 100%, Djourou/Koscielny 9 games 67%, Koscielny/Squillaci 12 games 33% Others 3 games 67%

    I think it’s clear that there are certain weaknesses that we can do nothing about- we seem to be stuck with the Steve Morrow/ Andy Linighan combination (3rd/4th choice) at CB and I have vowed not to discuss our keeper!
    What’s also clear is that Song is essential in midfield and Rosicky seems to be surprisingly important- although it could be that he is a “neutral” factor and the reality is that his replacement by Denilson/ Diaby is what distorts the stats. song should be back after the interlull and that gives me hope 🙂

  33. Wonderman says:

    Hi Rasp,
    But that is the problem, you mention Sz and JD but in my opinion defending is a team ethic. The number of times Walcott used to just allow players to run past him ( but he has corrected that now). Our forwards dont react robustly enough when they lose the ball. As a team we do not display good defensive know how ,delay the opposition,get back into shape, then either win the ball back via a tackle, interception or forcing a mistake.But even that is’nt really our biggest undoing.Individual errors are really causing me concern

  34. Red Arse says:

    Interesting Carlito.

    The common factors for successful combos is Johan, Song, Jack and surprisingly Rosicky. Without them the % plummets.

    Do you have any stats as to whether Johan and Song were both in or both out at the same time? Ditto Jack and Rosicky.

    In other words, the figures could be slewed one way or the other, if, not just one of the above named were missing/playing, but also one or more of the other key players.

    With 11 players in the team, taking the stats and interpreting them by comparison with just one player being included/omitted could be misleading, even if thought provoking!

  35. Gooner in Exile says:

    Carlito I was looking at some stats along those lines for the basis of a post, there are in my opinion some bigger surprises within but I’ll save those for the post.

    As for Rockys post pure genius.

    It’s a sad day for Denilson, earlier this season Everyon away I watched Denilson have an absolutely cracking game after replacing Jack at half time. (Due to injury) Quite a few travellers talked enthusiastically about him and Djouro coming away from the ground.

    It is hard to deny that he has travelled backwards since then with his passing and defending. I don’t think he has ever regained his engine since his long lay off for the back problem last season. He scored 6 goals that season all from outside the box (a rarity for us) but he is rarely in that position recently.

    Some who say he should’ve gone two years ago are a tad guilty of using hindsight, he was 20 and had only started a smattering of games, ge was a regular in 2008-09 for first time following departure of Silva and Flamini. That is the only season that he played more than 30 games so far in his career with us and as Rocky says he probably won’t manage more than 30 this year given recent form.

    At 23 it is sad that his time has come because I do believe he is still learning but as PattheGooner says has had no role model to learn off so is effectively without guidance on what/how to improve in his position.

    At United RedNose can get players like Anderson and Nani to watch the likes of Scholes and Giggs and show them what the position takes, we haven’t got that.

  36. Sorry but none of the description befits one Denilson Pereira he passing is pathetic its is either backwards or to the opponent he never strings a pass that can open up the defense. His tracking back is pathetic and his tackling insane and his decision making suspect, he adds absolutely nothing to the team. He once made a tackle conceding a penalty that cesc described as childish couldnt agree more. To the point in discussion i wish it wash his last game.

  37. Rasp says:

    Hi Wonderman, I totally agree that the whole team should defend – but if you’ve got better defenders, your defending must also improve, that’s all I was saying.

    I think Rocky was quite kind to Denilson in the post as he chose not to mention the ‘jogging back’ from midfield when we/he has lost possession, I want to see midfielders busting a gut to get back and defend. Unfortunately Diaby is sometimes guilty of the same lack of urgency.

  38. RockyLives says:

    Good day all and thanks for the comments.

    It was me who wrote the “Goodbye Denilson”post in September, which probably makes it look like I’ve got it in for the lad. But the earlier post was an expression of my opinion that Den’s inattention might cost us dearly. I never really expected AW to stop picking him. Today’s post is a rumination as to whether even AW has now given up on him. To be taken off at HT is quite something where AW is concerned. Rasp asked if AW knows when to say goodbye – the answer may finally be yes.

    Good point. I hereby apologise for any unintended slur against mousekind.

    I remember him looking like a class act early on too. That’s why it’s such a shame he’s gone backwards.

    “there is zero satisfaction from observing a ‘negative view’ of one of our players be proved correct.” Amen.

  39. Oh Rocky, my memory fails me yet again – for some reason I thought that September post was a Raspers hatchet job ! 🙂
    I really am getting all the sypmptons of being an old git.

  40. RockyLives says:

    Old git? You’re in good company here 🙂

  41. Gooner in Exile says:

    JN a quote from a match report against Everton away:

    “Within two minutes of the kick-off, the visitors doubled their advantage. Denilson lead a breakaway and fed Chamakh just inside the area. In heavy traffic, the striker slipped the ball to Fabregas whose snapshot found the far corner. It was the Spaniard’s fifth goal of the season.”

    He can so it but as Rocky alludes in his post his confidence is shot.

    Deni played 145 goals 11 assists 13
    Song played 150 goals 9 assists 11

    Stats suggest the increase of Songs form vs decline of Denilson given my current view of the two players.

  42. Big Raddy says:

    I wrote a Denilson post in June ’10


    The last paragraph remains my opinion. He is in the wrong league.

    One can also question what has happened to his shooting? As I recall he has the most accurate of long-range shots, so why not get into position to try?

  43. Wonderman says:

    Rasp – agreed, dont get me started on players jogging back !!!

  44. mickydidit89 says:

    Johnie Njamio,
    I have a sensitive issue to discuss with my wife. Can I borrow you as a warm up act?

  45. Red Arse says:


    You are right to pick up on ‘jogging back’. Unfortunately, it is endemic in the Arsenal team.

    Perhaps because we lack pace, but they all give up rather quickly when tracking back, rather than being made to look pedestrian by the oppo forwards. Wishful thinking on their part if they hope to kid us it was someone else’s problem.

    Many of us, including you, mentioned the brilliant hunting in packs and speedy recovering tackles displayed by Barca, in particular, but other top teams too.

    Fancy a job coaching our defence? 🙂

  46. Rasp says:

    Once again, you only have to look as far as Barca to see how hard a top midfieder has to work – there’s no jogging back from their midfield.

    I can remember Messi defending deep and seconds later leading the attack. I believe the stats from the last game show that Barca covered more ground than us even though they had the most possession and we were supposed to be chasing the game.

  47. Red Arse says:

    You aren’t ‘coming out’ are you Micky? 🙂

  48. Wonderman says:

    Hi RA,

    I’m actually doing my Uefa B badge at the moment and whilst I would love to be involved with a Prem coaching set up I dream on…..It does make you look at games from a technical point of view though.In my observations over the last few years we have become too easy to score against. Mainly because of note respecting basic defensive disciplines.When we compare our goals against column in recent seasons 41 last year, 37, 31 and 35 in previous years respectvely aganst those of the eventual winners 32, 24,,22, and 27 it is obvious there is work to be done. BUT we are still up there despite all the prohets of doom at the beginning of the season 🙂

  49. Red Arse says:


    It is obvious from your comments that you are very knowledgeable, and now I know why.

    Many AA’ers are very clued up too, as can be told from their comments, but your UEFA training gives you a more technical slant which shows thru’.

    Excellent! I hope you will continue giving us guidance, tho’ I am bound to argue with you, at some stage!! 🙂

  50. fei t zaway says:

    let the WBA game be the last 4 denilson n alumnia they don deserved to wear the jersey of arsenal they both lack confidence when they are on the pitch.

  51. Wonderman says:

    I’m still learning everyday, and if football was an exact science the outcomes would always be predictable. It makes great debates/ conversations.
    But I love this sites exactly because you can have a differing opinion on a particular point, but it is the respectful way in which we disagree that I admire.

    What frustrates me the most about our squad at the moment is you see someone like Jack in his first season a) making such an impact b) running his heart out and c) being seen to be wanting to win every game….then there are others who have been given years to develop who have thus far shown none of the above

  52. Red Arse says:


    I agree with you about the AA site and also about Jack’s impact compared with some other’s disappointing attitude.

    There comes a time when a rocket up the jaxi would appear a good option to instil some urgency and industry, tho’ that is probably not a technical term. 🙂

  53. RockyLives says:

    Or the Richard Gere approach – a dormouse up the jaxi… I bet that would get Diaby moving!

  54. RockyLives says:

    Oh no – I’ve offended dormeese again. 😦

  55. moo says:

    horrible player
    I regret we ever had him in our books

  56. mickydidit89 says:

    Talking of dormeeses again, and thinking back to RA’s “Common dormice can sleep for up to three quarters of their lives” fact, makes me wonder about my love of cheese.

  57. mickydidit89 says:

    and no, I do not need to sleep on it!

  58. Red Arse says:

    Hi Rocky, 🙂

    Just as I was reading your comments, while sitting in my summerhouse doing some work, (yeah right) out of the blue a sodding great dormouse ran across my feet and thundered across the floor before casually looking over its shoulder and giving me the eye!!!

    I do not approve of male screaming, but I was only wearing sandals!!

    I know this sounds weird, but it did not have a tale, it was about as big as my hand, with big feet and had a pink nose. Not a meese at all, I think it was a boss-eyed mole.

    Anyway, I have gone off all rodents now, (I know mole’s are mammals, but I am in a fluff about it), so perhaps, if I catch it, I will send it to Diaby for you! 🙂

  59. Red Arse says:

    Micky, 🙂

  60. mickydidit89 says:

    A rat with no story to tell, and yet no tail. He lied.

  61. Hi Rocky – a great post which has attracted a lot of hits and some new bloggers too. I too am smitten with the idea that some men like a neat and tidy Brazilian 😉 There was a time that I felt sorry for Denilson being Cesc’s doppelganger but he’s never fulfilled his potential and the kindest thing would be to let him go.

    What worries me about players that should be moved on is that no-one will want them and we’re therefore stuck with them forever.

    AA’ers – we have many days to fill with posts until our next game so all contributions of articles will be warmly welcomed. Don’t be shy, if you’ve got something to share with us email to arsenalnuts@live.co.uk

  62. You guys forget that mice are pan-dimensional super intelligent beings. All that scurrying around and the cheese fixation is merely a front.
    I suspect they are toying with you RedA.

  63. mickydidit89 says:

    They are deaf. They live inside piano’s.

  64. Red Arse says:

    CharyB, are you talking about Micky or Micky mouse? 🙂

    Micky, what? Can’t hear you …..wassat? Bloody piano!!! 🙂

  65. Red Arse says:


    Brazilian? I am beginning to see you in a new light. 🙂

    You are the only reason that I withheld a rendition, for Micky, of ‘If I was a marrying man, and thank the Lord I’m not sir’ or even a rousing stanza or two of ‘Eskimo Nell’. 🙂

  66. London says:

    Well, if we could just get Denilson to wear a red and white Star of David on his chest we could really get into some serious collective victimisation.

    Not one of you have had the guts to question why he was picked in the first place?

    Not one of you noticed that he was only there because sweet little Jack cannot do the defending on his own.

    Denilson obviously has no future at Arsenal but it is not his fault that Song and Fabregas were injured.

    Wonderman was the only person who had the courage to point out that he was not responsible for either goal.

    As for lumping him in with Diaby this is wrong: Diaby is a distraction because he is still viewed as a first team player and has to play when fit, Denilson is just filling in. That said the Brazilian would have been the first name on my team sheet for Barcelona away.

    Great post Rocky, very thought provoking.

  67. Rasp says:

    Who says Diaby has to play when fit? He wouldn’t in my first choice 11. As it stands, (excluding TV who has a long term injury) I would suggest that AW’s first choice 11 is GK, Sagna, Djourou, Clichy, Song, Cesc, Wilshire, Nasri, AA, Theo and RvP. I would play a fully fit and match hardened Ramsey ahead of Diaby.

    It wasn’t a matter of guts to question why Denilson was picked because AW made it clear when he substituted Denilson that he felt there was a better option – and he was right.

  68. Micky/RedA – neither of you HHGTTG fans then ?
    Douglas Adams was a gooner apparently.

  69. Red Arse says:


    Other than Wonderman you seem to have taken a very high handed moral tone with the rest of us.

    The others can speak for themselves but I am very angry with you.

    You appear to be calling us (me) racist, gutless, lacking in courage and unable to ‘notice’ things. That is insulting, factually inaccurate, unacceptable and goes way beyond normal AA comment.

    If the perception of your comment is wrong please explain what you meant!!

  70. Ola Kupsy says:

    “He played like a cross between Ray Wilkins and Ray Charles” Hahahahahahaha. In stiches mate!

  71. mickydidit89 says:

    “That said the Brazilian would have been the first name on my sheet for Barcelona away.”
    Why, because its hot out there?

  72. Red Arse says:

    If you put it out Micky, hot or not, you would get arrested, even with a brazilian. 🙂

  73. OK. OK. I’ve tried not to get drawn into the hot debating point from the post, but I feel compelled to join in.

    This topiary question – it reminds me of a topic that returned time and time again to a forum I used to be on a while, it was a –shall I say – “Adult forum”?

    I tended to shy away from it then as I found it a bit vulgar, but as we’re not sweeping this under the carpet(oo’er missus) my definitive answer to this is:

    “Never the brazilian, rather a californian.”

  74. Rasp says:

    😆 chary

  75. mickydidit89 says:

    What’s that. Extreme Topiary? Bonzai?

  76. Yes MDi89 – it is extreme, a clue – Pamela Andersen considers it a bare necessity.

    As this is a family blog I won’t elaborate further.

  77. Red Arse says:


    Are you recommending we should all go commando?

    Too late for the Rasper! 🙂

  78. I was talking more about “preferences” RedA, not choices made by us chaps.

  79. What do you lot know 😳

  80. Red Arse says:

    If it isn’t commando, Micky, it must be vajazzle.

    Not sure what it means but I know the ladies all go coy when I have asked!! 🙂

  81. mickydidit89 says:

    I may have had another of my brilliant ideas. Picture this. Cesc has the ball. He is surrounded by the remaining nine outfielders forming a circle (without linking arms), and they move in unison, spider-like around the pitch. Which bit is against the rules, after all, you are allowed to shepherd the ball out of play by keeping your body between the ball and the opposition player?

  82. mickydidit89 says:

    What other questions do you like to ask on a first date, or is this saved for pleasant chit chat with a prospective mother in law?

  83. Rasp says:

    I think all this talk about Brazillians is going down the slippery slope

  84. Rasp says:

    micky @ 4:37 – the floral dance defence … brilliant. Maybe we could adapt river dance too and accidentally kick the opposition in the shins?

  85. mickydidit89 says:

    Evidently, quite a lot!!

  86. Vajazzle!!!!!!! What are we coming to 😯

  87. mickydidit89 says:

    Mind you, I was trying to keep things horticulturally themed. Then Chary and RA got involved, and as you would imagine, things rapidly spiralled out of control.

  88. Rasp says:

    Kindly rephrase that peaches 😳

  89. mickydidit89 says:

    I see it as potentially effective offensively as well, although for winding the clock down, the word genius springs to mind. One word from the skipper…”Swarm”.

  90. Rasp says:

    … good point micky, or maybe we should sign a 7ft 6in basket ball player and train him to balance the ball on his nose like a sealion.

  91. How about the feigning being fouled – we could adopt the Breakdance. That would draw a red card against Rooney even from Phil “ManUres’s biggest summer sigining” Dowd ?

  92. That’s fine coming from you Rasp, ‘slippery slopes’ ‘n all 😀

  93. mickydidit89 says:

    Where in the rules does it forbid one player sitting on a team mates’ shoulders. I don’t believe it does, so here is another brilliant idea…….

  94. I think they should be holding hands 😉

  95. mickydidit89 says:

    Two genuinely spookey things. I had not seen your basketball comment, and I used to train sealions. Weird eh! Do you know how they balance those balls?

  96. Norwegian Gunner Cock Bitch says:


    Denilson, Diaby, Rosiscky, Almunia and Eboue are ALL (not very good in Norwegian). They all need to get out. We need class players to make it through 4 competitions in one season, not crap like this.

    3 class players with 50% higher wages will give us a lot more points than these guys.

    Besides, why do we use crap like Denilson, when we have better players in the reserves? Bring Lansbury home, and play him instead.

    Its a godam shame.

  97. Rasp says:

    Tell me micky 😕

  98. Rasp says:

    Right that’s settled it then, we employ the floral dance defence, the river dance midfield and the sealion up front…. simples…. oh and female brazilian ref’s assistants.

  99. mickydidit89 says:

    They have virtually transparent whiskers, that are like knitting needles. When they point their noses in the air, the whiskers point up and out, forming an invisible basket. The ball cannot go anywhere!

  100. mickydidit89 says:

    Norwegian Gunner Cock Bitch,
    Can you tell me how you came about that name?

  101. I’m not sure I want to know micky 😳

    Really distasteful name 😦

  102. mickydidit89 says:

    I was assuming she was unwell.

  103. Nate says:

    i av seen denilson score free kicks and by the way do you guys remember the cracker he scored against everton in 2009 when arsenal won 6-0.i think he has lost his courage due to lack of games or he wants out cos he sees there is no room for him due to emergence of song,jack and now rambo.but he is only 23yrs we dont kno wat he can turn out to be, i think the best thing for him is a loan to any premier league club like they did with song.

  104. mickydidit89 says:

    Incidently, I do not condone treating animals like that. I was myself, err, unwell myself in my youth!

  105. mickydidit89 says:

    I have long thought that Denilson was capable of doing a Flamini. A few trips to the gym and a sharpening of focus and you may well be right. As you rightly say, he is only 23.

  106. Rasp says:

    Hi Nate, thanks for the comment. I’m not sure Denilson has the physique or the temperament for Prem football and it would be seen (by him at least) as demotion to be sent out on loan. No-one bears him any malice, but I agree with those who think that his game is more suited to latin-style football.

  107. Carlito11 says:

    The things I have learnt today! High class edutainment today! 😀

  108. mickydidit89 says:

    Right, I am going to pretend that I have a real job and leave the office now. I have a train to catch, and some gin to drink. Catch you later.

  109. mickydidit89 says:

    Blimey, the train was on time. Home at last!

  110. mickydidit89 says:

    I expected a ripple of applause over the sealion info.

  111. Nate – if you were 23 and played for Arsenal and had the opportunity to show your worth as a footballer when given the chance – don’t you think you’d perhaps try a bit harder, do more running around maybe?

    I know I’ve risked the wrath of London with that comment but it had to be said. We were playing away from home on Saturday and so Denilson was not subjected to the moans of the Grove in his ears – if he could do better it was the time to show it.

  112. mickydidit89 says:

    Nobody left in offices to annoy, so out for a walk.

  113. micky – I’m dead impressed about the sealion info 🙂

    ……. and by your collective Topiary skills chaps, who’d have thought it 😉

  114. On a serious note which I know you’re all going to ignore but I’m going to mention it anyway, we are going to need some posts for this week and next week – doesn’t have to have a horticultural theme, football is fine, preferably Arsenal 😉

  115. London says:

    Enjoy your victimisation, it is after all the Arsenal way.

  116. Red Arse says:


    When you get back from your walk, you will have to explain the following comment at 5:06;

    — ‘They have virtually transparent whiskers, that are like knitting needles. When they point their noses in the air, the whiskers point up and out, forming an invisible basket’ –.

    Have you been looking at my last two girlfriends? Dastardly stuff!! 🙂

  117. chas says:

    haha, great post, Rocky. Who would have thought a post about our less than luxuriant Brazilian could be so entertaining.

    Some wacky comments today. Most illuminating. 🙂

  118. mickydidit89 says:

    I have not gone yet!! Trying, but light beginning to fade.
    Answereing Rasp in response to my earlier “I used to train sealions”. We know all about your women. The picture becomes clearer with every passing day!

  119. Red Arse says:


    We missed you today, especially with your specialist knowledge of dormouses and sealions’ decolletage. 🙂

  120. Red Arse says:

    I am so pleased that you did not mention the fishy breath, Micky.

    Luckily, the sealions did not seem to notice, so I got away with it! 🙂

  121. Red Arse says:

    Oops, I meant ‘girlfriends’ not ‘sealions’, obviously! 🙂

  122. RockyLives says:

    Good Lord. I go off to do a few hours honest work and look what you all get up to!
    Most amusing.
    Could Bendy acquire some sealion whiskers to help him catch the ball with his head? Then he could just run into the goal with it. Sometimes even the opposition’s goal.

  123. mickydidit89 says:

    Blame RA. Works for me every time!

  124. RockyLives says:

    Good point – he did start with all the dormeese stuff…

  125. mickydidit89 says:

    And very steeply downhill from there!
    Mind you, I think we managed to get away without upsetting anyone.

  126. chas says:

    unfortunately I know very little about a mouse’s ear or blowing a seal.

  127. mickydidit89 says:

    Well you certainly now know where to come for expert advice!
    Just don’t ask technical football related questions!

  128. chas says:

    Is “Socrates, the hirsute Brazilian” an oxymoron?

  129. StarryEyedGunner says:

    Not once have any of you EVER stood behind Denilson and supported him when he was down, why is that??? Yet you get behind other players when they’re down

    I fully agree with London.

    Denilson doesn’t need this, he needs support the same way you’d support JW, RVP, FF or AA.

    Lovely website though keep it up.

  130. Gooner in Exile says:

    Have just caught up with comments since my last post, it’s been a bit of a day hasn’t it?

    I agree with Nate at 23 he has a long way to go in future, unfortunately the departure of Silva and Flamini meant he would not get the benefit of a loan and was thrown in the deep end at 20.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t we play 4-4-2 when he first broke into the team? We have moved to 4-5-1/4-3-3 to accommodate Cesc and to give him a free role. By doing that maybe it makes Deni look worse, alongside Cesc he could win it and give it to the man to play (sideways) he has very few options forward due to the way other teams set up and he is not a dribblers like Jack so cannot carry the ball forward, this results in a sideways (to full backs) or backwards pass to keep possession.

    If he carried the ball forward or attempted to pass an impossible ball forward he is in danger of conceding possession in dangerous areas and with himself out of position. As it is ge is often called to support the attacking players and left out of position if the move breaks down.

    So maybe the change of formation has put paid to Deni which have highlighted his shortcomings rather than any backwards progression by the player himself?

    Anyway far too much analysis back to topiary, I believe one LA based lady claimed the Californian the way to go away as it provided a clean runaway, whatever that meant……

  131. Rasp says:

    micky, total respect to you on your intimate knowledge of sealions 😛

  132. Rasp says:

    …. have you seen what my pet parrot can do? – must have the speakers turned on …

  133. mickydidit89 says:

    You are going to think I am pulling your leg, but guess what, I used to train parrots as well. Brilliant video! Again, something I do not condone.

  134. Rasp says:


    It is interesting that we keep coming back to ‘the system’ in our discussions these days. Maybe Denilson and several others would benefit from playing in a 4:4:2. I’m not being obtuse, but I think our system is pretty much 2:2:6. The full backs are often missing when we’re hit on the counter. Presumably at least one midfielder should stay back when the fullbacks bomb forward.

    I quite liked the old fashioned system with a sweeper playing in front of the back four but I guess we’ll never see that again.

  135. mickydidit89 says:

    Until tomorrow peeps, nite all, and keep away from scary men with axes who live in dark woods.

  136. mickydidit89 says:

    2-2-6!!! Who are you, Ossie Ardiles in disguise?
    Really off.

  137. chas says:

    That parrot reminds me of Harry Redknapp.

  138. The Captain says:

    Wenger is well aware of the Denilson situation. He has established a top drawer first 11, being Szczesny, Sagna, Djourou, Koscielny, Clichy, Song, Wilshere, Fabregas, Nasri, Van Persie and Walcott. Problem, 5 of them are injured. Arsene knows Denilson is not 1st choice! He knows Diaby and Ramsey are ahead of him but they’ve both been injured. We can only play what we have! Despite what most people think, I see a player in Nik Bendtner. For someone so young he’s achieved a lot, especially for Denmark. Not sure he’s the man to lead the line though and our 4-3-3 is probably not best for him. I wouldn’t sell him myself, but that’s me. Diaby can’t stay fit long enough to get on a roll. He also needs real quality around him. It doesn’t work for him with Denilson I’m afraid. For me our 2 for each position should be as follows:(Szczesny, Fabianski), (Clichy, Gibbs), (Djourou, A.N.Other), (Koscielny, Vermaelen), (Sagna, A.N.Other), (Song,A.N.Other) (Wilshere, Diaby), (Fabregas, Ramsey), (Nasri, Arshavin), Van Persie, Chamakh), Walcott, Bendtner) . . . We have a host of loanees coming through and Frimpong would have figured in defensive midfield without his injury. On the way out I’d look at Eboue, Rosicky and Denilson with Squillaci given through no choice, until the end of the season to earn a reprieve . . . So, in my opinion we need a right back, a defensive midfielder and possibly a centre half to keep thje progression going.

  139. Good comment The Captain

  140. RockyLives says:

    Welcome Captain
    Excellent comment. I agree about Bendy – I wouldn’t ship him out. He drives me to distraction at times but his contribution has been good more often that no this season. And he is really useful when we’re defending set pieces.
    Do we know of any promising RBs coming through the ranks? We could do with a right-footed Gibbs to understudy Bac.

  141. Gooner in Exile says:

    Nice post Captain.

    Rasp I think you are probably right re 2-2-6, it often feels like that. As I was typing my post about Deni I was thinking about the where he is when he receives the ball, and where others are, and the opponents are (hopefully this will look right)









    Players in brackets are opposition.

    Perhaps our forward players play too high up these days, actually filling the space in amongst their defence, very rarely do we run from deep, this as I said earlier gives Deni very few options to go forward.

  142. Rasp says:

    Some very good points The Captain, we could do with a utilty player who can fill in at RB, CB and DM. Not someone over thirty or under 5ft 9in preferably. We do have some very exciting prospects coming through – Coquelin would fit the bill, I’m hoping he’ll come back from his loan spell a more complete player.

  143. andy says:

    “Even those simple, sideways passes went too often to a man in a striped shirt. He played like a cross between Ray Wilkins and Ray Charles.”

    so, how do you account for the fact that he attempted 65 passes in 45 minutes, 86% of which were successful? wilshere attempted only 11 more than that in 90 minutes and his completion rate was only 82%.

    denilson is just the unfortunate guy who the haters have decided to hate now. i still think he’s a quality player who’s just down on his confidence at the moment because he hasn’t had a run of games.

    wenger made the change so he could go with an extra man up top and have two attacking/creative players in the middle, not because denilson was rubbish.

    please do a little research the next time you decide to bash up one of “our players” in public…


  144. Rasp says:

    andy, Denilson is a useful squad player for certain games when surrounded by the right personnel to compliment his play. You know stats can prove anything – or are you suggesting that Denilson is a better player than Wilshere? AW clearly doesn’t believe so as Wilshere has had more time on the pitch than any other Arsenal player this season.

    Read the article again and you will see that your phrase ‘bash up one of our own players in public’ is completely unwarranted.

  145. Ars says:

    You need to look at Rooney goal last year on the break and see the role he played. He did the same think with Totty first goal….!! bad marking, out of position and not taking one for the team more like spectator….!! watch the two incidents again and you will see that he can’t learn from his mistakes…..!! passing is not the issue here..

  146. Goons_with_Guns says:

    Very well and amusingly written, Rocko.

  147. Gooner in Exile says:

    Andy and Ars both make valid points.

    The perception Andy is that Deni struggles to pass forward so is more successful due to rate of sideways and backward passes. Jack on the other hand passes forward more often than not, and when he does go back it is normally because he is receiving the ball with his back to play. Denilson visibly chooses to turn sideways and backwards. Cesc is another id guess whos completion rate would not be as high as Deni due to the type of pass he is attempting.

    Ars with Denis positioning I think it is not always his fault, the speed of counter attack faced is hard to cope with when you are one man holding the midfield, who should he pick up, if he was in the process of moving forward when someone else loses the ball he is caught way out of position. Maybe it’s his fault or maybe it is due to the way we as a team play.

    I’d like to think he can still do a job for us but he needs his confidence rebuilt and presently it isn’t going to happen with so many vital games upon us.

  148. RGT777 says:

    Carlito11; “the injury situation is once again beyond bad luck.” Hm, worse than ManU? Honestly, it’s difficult to deny that their bench-players give their all. And that’s part of the problem with Arsenal today, me thinks. Do you REALLY think that certain Arsenal players would be allowed to jog around half-interested without Ferguson ripping them a new one? And that just adds to the frustration: the FACT that our players all in all are better skilled, but DON’T give their best. So what I’m hinting at is: stop blaming lazy players, and pose the question: is Wenger getting tired? Can he still inspire this team to become WINNERS? Christ, for the first time EVER I’m having doubts… Hope I’m wrong.

  149. Wonderman says:

    Hi GIE

    Spot on @ 9:42 . Anyone who goes to the Emirates regularly cannot deny that Denilson passes sideways and backwards more often than not but this has several detrimental consequences

    A) Every no threatening pass give the opposition time to regroup and therefore be tougher to break down
    B) strikers stop making runs as the grow to know that the ball won’t he coming anytime soon
    C) it wouldn’t surprise me if teams encourage Denilson possession for the reasons aforementioned

    The captain made some excellent points also

  150. RockyLives says:

    So why did AW take off Den at half time?
    Frankly I’m not interested in your statistics. For one thing they’re often wrong. The only time I ever counted every pass in an Arsenal game I found that the Opta stats and the Guardian chalkboard were way out in several areas.
    And in any case, I have played and watched football for 45 years and I know when someone’s having a bad game. In the first half v West Brom, Denilson was having a mare. Whatever the stats say.

  151. […] Has Denilson Played His Last Game For Arsenal? There are certain things Arsene Wenger never does. […]

  152. Gooner in Exile says:

    A little time for twitter report:

    Frimpong wrote:

    “Fans need to support Almunia they were not saying he’s rubbish when he played well against barcelona.
    Stick together #realgunnerfans ”

    Way to make yourself popular with teammates (well Manuel anyway) not so sure he’ll endear himself to fans questioning their “real” status.

    I applaud the sentiments and it makes me hope the squad are pilling together.

    In other news Lansbury posted a pic of him angmd Gibbs saying “brothers back together Red Army” again great to see a love for the club evident in what he says.

  153. RockyLives says:

    Full respect to Frimpong for that.

  154. Am says:

    He’s already got a deal lined up. it was a signed deal in the summer, but the Frimpong injury meant he was forced to stay.

    He was also close to a deal in January but Wenger did not want to lose any players in January.

    Rest assured Gooners he is leaving us to go to Germany in the summer, and we can see in his displays that he no longer cares.

  155. RockyLives says:

    You speak with authority. How do you know this to be true?

  156. andy says:

    i wasn’t suggesting that denilson was better than jacko at the weekend, i was merely pointing out the unfair criticism of denilson for his passing, which is probably his strongest asset. the season after flamini left denilson was excellent for us. he has gone backwards since mainly because song has emerged and he now only gets to play intermittently for us. he looks like a guy who is struggling for confidence and badly needs a run of games.

    why do people have to keep picking holes in our fringe players? do you expect us to have a squad of 25+ super world class players? do you really expect a guy (pick any from eboue, diaby, rosicky, denilson, bendtner, squillaci, almunia etc.) who only gets to play occasionally and often out of position to be playing at the same level as the regulars? even fabregas and rvp usually take 3-4 games to get up to speed when returning from a layoff. the game we play is all based around rhythm and it takes time for that to click. people seem to forget that these guys are still human beings, even if they do earn silly money.

    i actually thought denilson was one of our best players in the first half and ramsey was the one having the mare but i reckon arsene left ramsey on as he is more likely to get a goal. at the end of the day, it’s all a matter of opinion, but i’d just like to see our boys get a bit more love and a bit less of the seemingly endless criticism we are hearing these days.

    if we win the next 9 games we are champions. there are 18 other teams in the league who would gladly swap with us! come on our boys!!!

  157. firefly says:

    players to be rid off:almunia, denilson, diaby, fabregas (his value in will give us the money to spend) and fabianski.

    players still useful: eboue, bendtner and vela.

  158. Gooner in Exile says:

    Andy I tend to agree, to be fair we don’t at AA stick the boot in to players too much, sometimes in the freshness of a defeat/draw the pain is too fresh.

    Here we normally stick up for our boys, Arsene and Arsenal when the doom mongers come.

    I don’t think the article was overly negative, it’s written with humour at the fore. And poses a relevant question.

    Most on here that go regularly to the Grove are fully supportive of the players whilst they are on the pitch and refuse to boo, this is the outlet for frustrations that we don’t like to air vocally at games.

    Another blogger on here recently said something very similar re 18 other clubs, he actually extended it to 90. You have kindred spirits here I can assure you.

    The nature of the topiary based comments here today from regular AA’ers is evidence that we didn’t want to be criticising Deni too much.

    Re your squad players I tend to agree, unfortunately this is a failing of Arsene this season, rather than rotate the squad game to game 1/2 players at a time he has made wholesale changes for Cup, this has led to players being used now due to injury who like you say are out of sync with the rest.

  159. London says:

    Andy @ 3:37

    May I compliment you on the best comment I have read on this site in the last month…..absolutely top drawer.

  160. chas says:

    Surely Micky’s comment about a sealion’s transparent whiskers is the best comment of the whole year?

  161. London says:



  162. Mickeyk says:

    Denilson should never play for arsenal again or diaby eboue almunia .the worrying thing is what did arsene see inthem in the first place.we won’t win the league not a chance and if anyone thinks that we will hasn’t got a clue.We will not win anything with arsene in charge he’s got to go people need to open thier eyes.ps at least we have the wonder striker bentner

  163. Big Raddy says:

    Interesting that when one is critical of a player bloggers run to their defence as though the writer is anti-Arsenal, which is ludicrous (except perhaps Danish Gooner).

    In order to evaluate anything more than one viewpoint is required, and criticism is merely one facet of appraisal, as is praise

    The best posts invite discussion. This is one of them.

  164. Mickeyk says:

    I have also read some where that Ray Wilkins should join the coaching staff what kind of idiot wrote that .did they know about his record as a manager.I have supported arsenal since the 70s and even in the early 80s when Stuart (the train )robson was are best player and we where crap at least it felt like a club now these player think there doing arsenal a favour.players like bentner do me a favour.sack arsene wenger.get rid of him hasn’t won anything with out gg defence fact.over to you boys.

  165. In fact the one point that was never discussed yesterday that Rocky introduced was that Arsene made a tactical change at half-time.

  166. Evonne says:

    Mickeyk – your use of keyboard makes your comments difficult to understand, so I do apologise if I misunderstood you. BUT if I understood correctly that you want to get rid of Wenger then I suggest that it is not just your punctuation that is wrong

  167. Evonne says:

    Peaches – you are right, I noticed during the game and was pleasantly surprised that le Boss reinforced the attacking line

  168. mickydidit89 says:

    “sack arsene wenger.get rid of him hasn’t won anything with out gg defence fact”
    Campbell, Cole, Toure and Lauren. Invincibles defence. GG Defence???????

  169. mickydidit89 says:

    What a sunny morning all.

  170. Mickyk – it’s not going to happen – no-one is going to sack AW.

    I was surprised that the discussion yesterday didn’t attract a debate about finances. Are the players that we feel haven’t progressed enough a throw-back to AW not having enough money to buy what we needed/wanted during the move to the Emirates?

    If Flamini hadn’t walked away or Hleb eaten the ice-cream would Denilson have got to the first team at all?

  171. Morning micky and Evonne

  172. johnQ says:

    almunia picture!! 🙂

  173. mickydidit89 says:

    What the heck was a panda doing in Geordieland in the 50’s? Really odd pic!

  174. johnQ says:

    your sentence should be translated into:

    What the heck was a panda doing in Emirates in the 21st century? 🙂

  175. Big Raddy says:

    MickeyK. I am writing as someone “who hasn’t got a clue” because I believe we will win the title.

    As someone who watched Arsenal in the 70’s you will have seen some rubbish football, you will also have seen how clubs have changed in unimaginable ways. Who would have thought that AFC would attract 60k fans a week? Who would think that we could go a season unbeaten, or that we would have not one but 2 players break the AFC goal scoring record.

    You are right when you say that back then it felt more like a club than a business, but that is not the fault of AW or even AFC. I like many others have an emotional attachment to HIghbury that I will never have to the Grove, but we have to move forward or wither.

  176. Big Raddy says:

    Peaches. 8.26. There is a post in there – write it!

  177. mickydidit89 says:

    I am not ignoring your comment, it is just that I never comment directly on anything related to our finances, as I simply don’t know the true picture. I do think many of the comments yesterday relating to the fact that the likes of Diaby, Denilson and Rosicky are not first XI’ers is fair. The problem is that we do constantly have a weighty injury list which is historically predicatable.
    Have to say, going into the final stretch, Chelsea look mighty strong to me, with the soundest defence of the main contenders.

  178. Thanks Raddy – I thought someone else might like to 😳

    In truth I don’t know enough about it either but it strikes me as odd that we’ve been carrying players and keeping them and no-one seems to want to buy them from us.

  179. But its probably a very dark place to go so I’ll shut up now.

  180. Except ….. obviously we need to have enough players to cover injuries and I’m whispering now but some of them probably aren’t good enough shhhhhhhhh

  181. Big Raddy says:

    Micky. I thought at the start of the season that Chelsea would win the league comfortably. They have the best defence, a very powerful midfield and the best attack – to have written them off was dangerous.

    But the PL is within our control now thats to the “Wilkins Effect,” it is ours to lose.

  182. What was worrying watching the chavs play each other the other day was how poor the manchavs were – if they don’t pick up the scum will be in the top four again 😦

  183. Big Raddy says:

    Like whom Peaches.?

    Almunia is our 3rd/4th choice GK

    Squillaci our 4th choice CB

    Denilson our 3rd choice DM

    The only area that concerns me is if Sagna gets a nasty injury. The idea of a prolonged run for Eboue is frightening!

  184. Big Raddy says:

    Peaches. Fear not, the fools will throw it away at the last moment.

    Remember LasagneGate

  185. mickydidit89 says:

    I agree with everything you say.
    We will concede goals, so it is very much going to depend on our attacking play. Scoring one more than them will be the mantra.

  186. I was thinking mainly of Denilson. The keeper and defender situation is just really really bad luck.

    You’re right about no cover for Sagna though – scary thought.

  187. In previous years AW has introduced youngsters that have impressed him into games at the end of the season even to cover injuries but by holding on to players like Denilson and Diaby the new crop have been sent out on loan. Being out on loan is good experience but it means AW doesn’t get to use them if he needs them.

    Difficult choices I’m sure. I don’t love him any less 😉

  188. micky – so apart from the ‘swarm’ idea I think the 2-2-6 should be introduced immediately 😆

  189. mickydidit89 says:

    The “Swarm” idea was mine, and therefore brilliant, whereas the 2-2-6 was Rasp’s and not 🙂

  190. mickydidit89 says:

    I am going to try very hard to not be here all day again, and focus on doing less useful stuff.

  191. London says:

    Morning Peaches

    You are right, no one focused on the question: why was Denilson subbed at half time?

  192. Good luck micky

    New Post

  193. Morning London 🙂

  194. Rasp says:

    Why was Denilson subbed at half time? The answer to that question, like so many, will never be truly known by anyone except AW. Our opinions and what is written by ‘experts’ are pure speculation. The things that are not speculative are the details of the events that have taken place rather than the interpretation of why they happened.

    Denilson was subbed and we looked a better team thereafter. In another game, Denilson may come on and that would be an improvement. Neither side of these debates can ever have access to Arsene’s thoughts, he can only be judged on the effect of his actions/inaction rather than what anyone thinks they know about his motivation.

  195. Gooner in Exile says:

    As an aside to the debate and those calling for Arsenes head I recommend a listen to Whistleblowers podcast 15-3-2011.

    Listen to how funny a Liverpool fan thinks it would be if Arsenal pushed AW out. He rightly said there would be a queue a mile long for his signature. He goes on to say 6 years is not that long when the level of investment is what it is, and said if you’re Chelsea or City and you spend what they do then it is far too long.

    Let’s be honest no one knows the true level of spending allowed by the board. To look at it you would assume not a lot, perhaps only what we make in proceeds for those who we sell?

    I was disappointed to here Peter Hill Woods negative comments about Arsenes open criticisms of UEFA. Quite bad given the company line that AW has towed for the board in recent years regarding spending. Does he not deserve a similar courtesy from our Chairman.

    Ivans comments about £110m cash are not helpful either as it would appear Arsene has not got that to spend, he allegedly offered for Reina and Jagielka but not enough, hampered by the board? It’s why we lost Ashley Cole (£10k per week) it’s why we lost Matthieu Flamini (okay we couldn’t offer him what he was going to get at Milan).

    To explore the finances you’d have to spend a lot of time reviewing the accounts, and the comparative transfer dealings. I believe Wengers hands are tied, but there are others who don’t the only ones who know are the board and the man himself.

  196. Mickeyk says:

    Get wenger out .Maybe I was wrong about denilson maybe he needs a loan spell up north for ten years.who was in are defence when we went unbeaten.the board will not sack him because thier getting thier money they don’t care about the fans where the dearest club in the WORLD.We will not win the league this year people know that in thier heart of hearts .wenger is like a con man who keeps people living in hope.

  197. Mickeyk says:

    RVP also needs to be replaced as are main striker he makes a good squad player but is to injury proan .

  198. Mickeyk says:

    Wenger out.bergkamp-bould or keown in

  199. Leon says:

    I gotta go with what Chocho says – i dont have a fucking clue what its talking about but what the hell. The only way Denilson will be good is when you get play him in a 4-5-1 formation with his stats souped up – no wait thats football manager 2010/2011 – oh there’s no hope for him then……

  200. Moving to California…

    […]Has Denilson Played His Last Game For Arsenal? « Arsenal Arsenal[…]…

  201. motorcycle mechanics school…

    […]Has Denilson Played His Last Game For Arsenal? « Arsenal Arsenal[…]…

  202. fit says:


    […]Has Denilson Played His Last Game For Arsenal? « Arsenal Arsenal[…]…

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