Arshavin lifts the November blues

Written by peachesgooner

It was hard to imagine that November could get any worse, with two dreadful results behind them the team took to the field for the early kick-off against a struggling Aston Villa. Cesc was not in the squad following further excacerbation of his hamstring injury on Wednesday night against Braga but Arshavin, Nasri, Song and Chamakh returned. Tomas Rosicky was the captain for the day.

The added spice for the commentators came in the form of our very own Robert Pires lining up for Villa. Bobby had been training with the Arsenal squad and expected to go to a lower league side but AW had bigged him up and Houllier had snapped him up. Was this to be another performance undone by a former Gunner? No chance.

The opening 10 minutes were as exciting as any we’ve seen so far this season. Arsenal were rampant and imperious, creating 6 really good chances. We seemed to have our shooting boots on today even though the cob-webs were preventing some clean finishing. Arshavin was playing like a man possessed or at least like the Arshavin we always hoped he would be, finding space for himself, running at players and seeing the pass to set up a shot. Chances come and go for this Arsenal team and there is always the nagging doubt that we’ll have squandered ours and the opposition will get a lucky break.

Arsenal were in total control of the first half with Villa hardly managing to get the ball out of their half of the field. With six minutes left Arshavin picked up a ball just on the half way line and set off on a run, jinked pass a couple of Villa players, found himself the space to shoot and scored. Within a minute it should have been 2-0 as Arshavin put a great ball through to Nasri who rounded the keeper but put his shot just wide of the post. A corner gave Chamakh the chance with a great header that was stopped by Freidel. Another corner swept in by Arshavin was met by Nasri who thumped it through several players and into the back of the net. 2-0 at half-time.

How many of us knew the second half was not going to be so easy?

A defensive mess up allowed Villa to score early in the second half and there we were 2-1 again and looking shaky. Another great collapse in the making ……………. not this week. The combination of Jack, Arsh and Nasri feeding Chamakh and Song putting in a great shift meant that although my heart plummeted when Villa scored I felt we were in good shape to ride a small storm. A great pass from Arshavin to Rosicky put Chamakh in to score our third but of course we had to let Villa score again before Chamakh floated a ball to Jack to head home.

Another great win on the road and we were top of the league for a couple of hours. It doesn’t disguise the fact that this could be a great team that will in all probability be undone by lapses in concentration. We flatter to deceive, we let the opposition back into games and  we undo all our own good work. But it’s only November and the season isn’t over until May.

If anyone  wants to add some player ratings I’ll tuck them on the end.

35 Responses to Arshavin lifts the November blues

  1. Carlito11 says:

    Fantastic write up Peaches- a sense of calm contentment today 🙂 Really happy AA has hit form and we were able to weather the storm.

  2. Carlito11 says:

    Only say this twice a season- come on Liverpool!

  3. 🙂 agree there Carlito.

    Just seen on NN that our favourite Carlos might be off on loan in January to a championship side. What do you think has gone wrong in his progression?

  4. Brigham says:

    A much better overall performance yesterday, but we still have enough defensive frailties to worry me too much these days and we always look as though we will concede. Long gone are the days of clean sheets I feel and it’s an area where Arsene really does need to invest and soon.

    Arshavin looked up for it from the first minute, as did most our midfield and strike force and we could and should have been 4-0 up at half-time in all honesty as we were that good and Villa were that poor.

    Still, three points, a better performance and hopefully it will restore a bit of confidence in both the players and us fans.

    Come on the Scousers.

  5. Carlito11 says:

    CV11 looks overweight and unkempt when I see him this season- from this and his ban from the Mexican national side I deduce that he’s living a playboy lifestyle and it’s affected his development and the trust of his manager. I might be wrong though!

  6. Carlito11 says:

    Brigham- another site is saying we’re like Keegan’s Newcastle side- I wouldn’t go that far though! For me, today is not a day for complaining about the defence but for celebrating a high tempo sumptuous attacking performance achieved without Fabregas.

  7. Carlito11 says:

    I’ll be gutted if Vela doesn’t achieve his potential with us. I really thought he could develop into a DB10 type player for us but something hasn’t clicked so far

  8. Carlito11 says:

    What’s your take on him peaches?

  9. I also thought he would have cemented his place in the team by now. We know that peripheral players are often given a chance by Arsene following good effort in training – he’s obviously a bit of a lazy so and so and needs to work a bit harder.

    A bit of a chicken and egg situation I feel with him, he’s not a lightweight and has great tricks. His understanding with Nik was excellent a couple of years ago but then Nik got promoted to first team following an injury to ….. Robin for a change ….. and Carlos seemed to get left behind.

  10. Shhhhhh but I think he’s better than Theo

  11. Carlito11 says:

    CV undoubtedly has more “fantasy” to his game than Theo but I’m a diehard supporter of Theo’s because he works hard at his game and shows improvement this season and is likely to develop further in my view. CV hasn’t done the same

  12. Brigham says:

    I actually prefer CV11 to Walcott as well peaches and my reasoning for that is quite simple. He delivers the goods more often when given his chance, he can run with the ball better than Walcott and his awareness is better. All my opinion, but one I hold quite strongly.

    I agree with Carlito’s comment, he does look as though he has put a bit of pork on, one too many Fajitas perhaps?

  13. Carlito11 says:

    Do you think he’ll get a last chance against chance against Wigan? Can’t believe he’ll take kindly to the Championship!

  14. Carlito11 says:

    Puerco Pibil Brigham… Lovely stuff but hardly healthy

  15. RockyLives says:

    Nice write up Peaches (especially for those of us who didn’t see the game).

    I like Vela, but there seems to be something wrong with his whole body language this season. I do think that too many supporters write him off though, given that he has never had a run in the side.

    On loan in the Championship would probably do him a power of good.

  16. Brigham says:

    I don’t do healthy Carlito. LOL

  17. Carlito11 says:

    Newcastle 1-0 up! Chelsea’s bench looks very inexperienced and all. Weird how a squad could thin out so quickly but I ain’t complaining!

  18. Dedie says:

    Andrei ARSHAVIN!! One of the few world class players we have.. A genius!.. His name will echoe across England someday

  19. RockyLives says:

    Full time 1-1 at Newcastle – the Chavs drop points again.
    Come on Liverpool!

  20. Big Raddy says:

    Fine post Peaches and a good synopsis of the play.

    Good result for us. As has been said – Come on the Scouse. Though the Reds roll over whenever faced with decent opposition (did I really write that about the Spuds!!)

  21. neamman says:

    Thailand is great.. we even have Arsenal 360 on the TV here.

    Two thoughts on yesterdays match.

    a] Are TW and RVP ever going to get back into our starting 11?
    b] I havent chasnged my thoughts posted here a few weeks back. For me our starting CBs should be TV/JD.

  22. Big Raddy says:

    No surprise Liverpool roll over again. Good game though

  23. RockyLives says:

    You called it BR.

    You can’t fault the Spuds’ comeback record this season. But then this was a game I always thought they would win. Fortunately they will continue to slip up against unfancied teams and finish fifth or sixth.

  24. Irishgunner says:

    Hi guys,

    Must be so disheartening for Liverpool fans to now expect to be beaten by Spurs – I was shocked when they beat us but Liverpool fans were half expecting it…

    Still, we’re doing okay near the top.

  25. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Evening AA’ers,
    Great write up Peaches. Thanks.
    I am the sort of bloke that gets lots of “feelings”, but the Arsenaly one I am having today is that we might need a very big signing in the january window, and here’s why. It may be the case this season that there are very few points between 1st and 5th. This means that the opportunity to cruise into 3rd’ish and a guaranteed CL place is not a good option. City and Spurs may well strenghten and go on a run. I have a fear that we would really struggle if we had a sustained injury to Song, which is why I think we ought to pull out the stops for that big German fella. Not only may it prove the difference between CL footie and the unthinkable, but due to the small 1st-5th points thing, then possibly the title.

  26. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Hi Irish,
    Doing ok indeed. 2nd in November is very good, but I think we are too fragile to go all the way. Possible, but iffy. A strong driving, shouty type of winner in midfield with bad breath and foul language would be my choice.

  27. Irishgunner says:

    Hiya Micky – yep totally agreed, hopefully we’ll strengthen somewhat in the new year because this league is up for grabs

  28. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Kinda like last year when a striker may have done the trick. I was in a hotel this morning and enjoying the News of the World with my Full English, and they were on about a £27m bid to bayern for said German, Shweinsteiger, from some Prem. team.

  29. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Freezing my nuts off out here in the sticks, so its comfort food. Cheese on toast. Here’s how Boris Johnson said to do it: “Make some toast. Put cheese on it, then cook in the oven until its nice”.
    Over and out.

  30. Big Raddy says:

    I agree Micky. I would sign the German and sell Almunia and Vela to pay the deposit.

    And if we needed to raise more dough – Denilson and Diaby.

    I would also buy a backup Right back.

  31. California Gooner says:

    Regarding the speculation on Carlos Vela, I had a conversation earlier this year with an Mexican acquaintance asking why Giovanni Dos Santos can look so amazing with the Mexican team and yet fail to make a mark at all with Spurs (or any other team). Apparently HE is a partier, a drinker, perhaps an alcoholic. I know nothing, however, about Carlos Vela on that score.

  32. RockyLives says:

    Hello California. Sounds like there’s a bit of a discipline problem among those young Mexican players.

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  34. […] Arshavin lifts the November blues […]

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    Arshavin lifts the November blues |

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