Another drop of Newcastle Brown …

Three vital points on offer tody, 3 points which have to won. Anyone imagining Newcastle will roll over as they did at St James Pk will be sorely mistaken, Newcastle’s first team have power, skill, and a brutal presence. Any team with Nolan, Barton and Carroll are not going to be lilly livered nor will they shirk the need to play football. We will have to be on top form today to get a result after ourmidweek disappointment.

Before carrying on with the post let us all take a moment to laugh at Tottenham ……

I have been impressed with Newcastle this season, their early displays have been a surprise. Any team coming into the PL needs adjustment time, yet all three sides are doing excellently and perhaps this year could be the first when all three stay up. Newcastle are full of confidence having absolutely demolished a strong Sunderland side last week, a feat that we couldn’t accomplish! I watched the game and Sunderland were fortunate to concede only 5. Barton was his usual snarling self but it has to be admitted he can play football as well as jump on people.

In Nolan they have a real leader. Strong, committed, passionate, occasionally dirty but above all else effective. Add in Alan Smith (a dirty little sod) and Steven Taylor and it is obvious that we have to be strong and expect a physical battle. It will be a day for cool heads and girded loins. But the Barcodes have creative talent, Guitierrez may not have the skills of Messi or Tevez but anyone picked to play for Argentina is a decent player, Carroll is a fine frontman who is bang in form and Amoebi has a wealth of experience.

It is a sadness that we will not be able to enjoy the talents of Ben Arfa whose season was so sadly curtailed by another player who was “just going for the ball”. Ben Arfa was on AW’s radar but he signed Samir and I believe we got the best player

As to our team, the return of the midfield four and Koscielny mean that  we almost have the pick of our squad. There will be changes from the team who travelled to Donetsk, Cesc is sure to start as will Song. It is a shame that Diaby is unfit because we are certain to have to endure an aerial bombardment – we will need Chamakh to defend well at set pieces.

My team:

Yes, I know …. no Arshavin. I am sure AW will play him but I believe he needs a rest. Nor young Jack – I am a great admirer of his but believe Denilson will be better suited to the rigour of today’s battle. The problem with this team is that it forces Nasri to play on the left which is not ideal.

Many of England’s finest musical talents hail from Newcastle – The Animals, The Shadows, Dire Straits, the Pet Shop Boys (big Gooners), Sting etc etc.  I wonder how many of those successful musicians still live within the “Toon”

Can we win? Definitely.  Will we win? It will be a hard fought victory.


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  1. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    And Jimmy Nail 🙂

  2. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    That Newcastle Brown ale recipe is the very same swill they use to fatten pigs up for market.

    Oh! 😯 say no more 🙂

  3. Rasp says:

    Morning gnarley,

    You’re in on fine form 😛 it’s not pre-ashes nerves is it?

    I think Raddy’s got it spot on. Today will be tough. It’s a clash of two different philosophies, although Hughton has little choice with the squad he’s working with.

  4. Evo in Oz says:

    ok new post, im here!

  5. dandan says:

    Fine post Raddy, I hope little Jack isn’t playing or him and Barton are likely to get red carded, more so Jack because he wont stand for clogger Bartons nonsense and retaliation is judged the greater crime

  6. gnarleygeorge9 says:


    Good evening to you both.

    Rasp no ashes nerves. I must admit we aren’t looking good.

  7. Rasp says:

    Hi gg,

    The form book goes out the window when it comes to the ashes.

    I feel the same about the cricket as I do about today’s game. I’m nervous!

  8. Big Raddy says:

    I expect a really good game today. It will be a good test for both teams.

  9. Big Raddy says:


    Another brilliant pic. Well done

  10. dandan says:

    Rasp I cant wait, one of the advantages of being retired, can stay up and watch all night if I wish, dont have to get up in the morning.
    As long as Swane stays fit and we dont persevere with Cook for to long as I believe the Ausies have his number. In my view Trott should open, then I think we will win.

  11. gnarleygeorge9 says:


    Not many people down her are confident of us winning. But evo may feel differently about it. But its not looking good for us.

  12. Rasp says:

    Thanks Raddy, laughter’s the best medicine 😆

    I kinda like the toon, but with players like Barton in their side, there’s always an unpleasant edge. Top marks to Hughton though. If they replace him, they deserve to be relegated again.

  13. gnarleygeorge9 says:


    Any well known bands come from around The Arsenal other than Spandau Ballet?

  14. Rasp says:

    Morning dandan,

    They’re predicting a lot of draws over there as they don’t rate either of the bowling attacks particularly. I think Swann and Anderson will be important. Cook is a classy batsman but as you say, Trott is more obdurate – maybe they’ll both play?

  15. Evo in Oz says:

    evening GG and all, 3 points tonight!

  16. gnarleygeorge9 says:


    3 points tonight. I don’t no whether to tape it or watch it live coz I have an early start tomorrow.

  17. barumgooner says:

    Morning all, great pre-match post again BR. It will be a tough one i’m sure. I agree that for a change theres a bit of an embarrasment of riches in the middle and someone is going to miss out. I prefer Nasri to AA today firstly because the little Russian still looks like he cant really be bothered and secondly that Samir protects Clichy a whole lot better and he’s going to need help today. Cant agree about Diaby missing being a bad thing but thats probably just my prejudice about the player, I always fear when I see him on at the start of a game. Where is T.V ? I thought he had a little problem and he’s now been missing for an age. Does anyone know when he’s due back ?
    I’m looking forward to the cricket aswell lads and I think it definately isn’t going to be a stroll in the park for us, the Aussies will find something as they always do against us. I predict it will be won by 1 test but could go either way….hopefully our way.

  18. Big Raddy says:

    Madness are locals but Suggs is a Chelsea fan. To be honest Gnarley I don’t know. Will do some research.

    I know Rod Stewart was born in Islington, but he adopted Celtic. And a couple of Coldplay members come from our manor but support Spurs. Mark Bolan was a local lad from Hackney.

  19. gunnern5 says:

    Great picture Rasp but I think Twitchy needs to get his teeth cleaned.

  20. Big Raddy says:

    Am gutted to discover the Ashes won’t be on Danish TV and streams are not that great for cricket.

    Will be lots of late nights listening to the old codgers on the radio – something I started doing when I went to school listening to Johners and John Arlott chatting away. I had a little transistor radio and a single earpiece with the wire going through my blazer. Happy days…….

  21. gunnern5 says:

    Charie Watts is an Islington boy, he likes football but I have no idea who he supports.

    Part of the new age would be Leona Lewis.

    A few hundred years earlier was Sir Walter Raleigh – sadly his life was incomplete as he knew nothing about The Arsenal.

  22. Morning all

    I’m stuck here with you couch dwellers today as my back went this morning and I’m not going to the game 😦

    Lots of tlc and sympathy required please 😆

  23. Jay says:

    why the bloody harry redknapp are we talking about cricket on an arsenal blog with our game due to kick off in another hour and a half??

  24. gunnern5 says:

    Stumps me Jay??

  25. dandan says:

    Like you Raddy I listened to John Arlott, through my ex.WD earphones as I lay in bed with my head under the covers, the phones were plugged into my first portable radio. (Wireless to us) and the reception was awful, but it was his description of The West Indies kids playing with a stick for a bat and ball made of rags 0n any available piece of wast ground that made me determined to travel and see for myself. I have now been to all the test playing countries excluding Rhodesia LOL

  26. Big Raddy says:

    Peaches. Ah bless. Get one of the kids to warm up a nice hot water bottle, get someone to rub in some Ibubrofen cream, have a stiff glass or two of the hard stuff, wrap yourself in a duvet and take it very easy.

    Let’s hope the game isn’t too tense 🙂

  27. dandan says:

    Would give you a mega hug Peaches but fear that would hurt. So will settle for get well soon and don’t leap of the couch when we score

  28. Big Raddy says:

    DD. I am deeply envious. I have been to most but not to SA, some of the Caribbean Islands or Pakistan. One of the most special moments of my life was a visit to the Hill at the Sydney CC during Ricky Pontings 100th test match – brilliant.

    And only a home AFC game can beat a sunny day at Lords.

    But now I must dress in my AFC garb and put my footy hat on.

    Come on you Reds

  29. gunnern5 says:

    dandan: One of my favourite sentences in sports commentary was;

    Good morning ladies and gentlemen this is John Arlott welcoming you to Lords, it’s a lovely day here at Lords…

    I can still remember his tonality and accent.

  30. gunnern5 says:

    The AFC game starts at 8:30am here followed by Liverpool/Chelsea at 11am then two American football games at 1pm and 4pm.

    Gee, I’m going to be worn out with all this activity.

    Peaches we’ll score the first goal, you’ll jump up with excitement and your back will pop back into place.

  31. Sorry Jay, usually that means the peeps are a bit nervous about today, how do you feel about he game?

    Having Cesc and Song back in the starting line-up makes me feel a lot better I have to say.

    Also, I always feel having a laugh at the spuds can come back to bite us on the bum.

  32. Jay says:

    i am almost pissing in my pants!!
    sitted in the office, not being able to work, looking for match reviews waiting for the match!!
    dayyuum i hate sundays!! How do you feel about the game peaches??
    btw, i am from dubai so we work on sundays incase you wonderin.

  33. barumgooner says:

    I’m going to say something unpopular…..I actually quite like Harry, good manager imo. Not a lot of loyalty and goes where the money is but hey why not even if it is the spuds.

  34. Thanks all – done the ibuprofen, a hot water bottle could be nice though ……. off to find one.

    Even I’ve been to cricket at Lords and it was a lovely day. Headingly was good too – saw Botham there 😉

  35. bg – I liked him when he was at Pompey in the beginning but then when he yoyo’d between them and Southampton I thought that was a really cruel thing to do. His move to spuds destroyed Pompey ……. he’s a low life IMO

    Jay – will you get to find a stream to watch?

  36. But if you like him ………..

  37. barumgooner says:

    It might have something to do with his interest in racing pigeons, theres not many of us about so its good when someone famous keeps them. Strange reason I know.

  38. Jay says:

    i normally get my link to the streams from gunning hawk, so i should hopefully get one today as well, although no commentary as i gota keep my machine volume down! 😦

  39. I’ve just read on another site that RvP is in the squad??????? Any confirmation from anyone????

  40. Well its on so it must be so and I’m not there to sing his name ….. Robin van Persie

  41. Jay says:

    van the mann is on the bench!!! wth????

  42. kelsey says:

    No doubt in my mind a victory by two goals most probably 3-1.

  43. SharkeySure says:


    There should be streams on

    But I’ve not checked any myself, as I won’t need them today.

  44. Big Raddy says:

    Good day Kelsey. Just got up ?

  45. Neamman says:

    I believe the Kinks were Arsenal fans..I seem to remmebr them having a video with arsenal scarves.
    WTF 0-1??

  46. Bad decision by Fab2, Toons one up against the run of play 😦

  47. Big Raddy says:

    Can’t say a Fab cock up hasn’t been on thre cards … pig’s ear and polish a Richard come to mind.

    But we have other problems. Our passing isn’t accurate enough, and our forwards have been completely anonymous. Nothing from Chamakh or more particularly Theo. Come on boys.

    JW had a great half as did Song.

    Why can’t an opposition GK have a stinker?

  48. kelsey says:

    Fabregas is playing in second gear appears to be half fit and it shows, and did anyone really think we would concede ?.

    lach lustre display so far.Chamakh really ought to try a shot once in a while.Theo hardly in the game.Song and Wilshere excellent.All the others just not gelling,though Nasri was unlucky with a good save by Krull.

  49. Neamman says:

    Fab fab fab!! :<(

  50. Neamman says:

    I am reading text on BBC here

  51. Neamman says:

    I drinking nice wine, one advantage of China is people dont appreciate good wine, i get so many bottles given to me by businessmen who have received it but dont like it. i am the lucky beneficiary!!!

  52. Big Raddy says:

    I forgaot the Muswell Hill chaps. And Fairport Convention

  53. Neamman says:

    Yeah the Kinks had an LP Muswell Hillbillies i think.

    Hey BR doesnt it make you feel old that we are the only ones to remember these things!! :<(

  54. Big Raddy says:

    Neamman. I would suggest that the others have poor memory!

  55. kelsey says:

    who are the kinks ?

  56. allezkev says:

    Why didn’t anyone track Carrolls run? He seemed to have a free run, no wonder he got up so high.

  57. Neamman says:

    please dont bring on RVP, give him a few more days.. maybe wednesday.

  58. Neamman says:

    GOOD POINT!!!!! hahahah

    Ok according to the text we dominated so no panic yet, we will prevail. Theo, Nic and Fab. 3-1

  59. Neamman says:

    No.. rest RVP.. give him moe time

  60. Ooooooooh Robin and Arsh on – Come on Arsenal

  61. Big Raddy says:

    We seem bereft of ideas.

    Great to see RvP, perhaps he can create something

  62. Neamman says:

    Nic on for JW

  63. Not only bereft of ideas but allowing Newcastle so much time on the ball ……

  64. Neamman says:

    November is always a bad month for us in AWs reign.

  65. Neamman says:

    damn lost my connection to bbc with 2-3 minutes to go

  66. Is that a one match ban for Kozzer?

  67. Kozzer straight red

  68. Big Raddy says:

    What a dreadful afternoon.

    A Dire referee added to poor choice of pass, stupid tactics and a load of players who didn’t step up to the task.

    But fairplay Newcastle. You played well and deserved the win

  69. Neamman says:

    ok West Brom and Newcastle, the reality is we dont deserve to win th EPL this year unless we can raise our game against minnows. Wolves away wont be easy!!

  70. kelsey says:

    we were no better than in the ukraine, not worth a match report.

    i blame pat rice.

  71. Neamman says:

    Good night all, Im going to finish this bottle of wine and sulk!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Neamman says:

    As i said check it out, we are always crap in Nov

  73. Whats going on with our creative players – nothing today 😦

  74. kelsey says:

    we rely so much on fabregas,and when he is not on top of his game it really shows.the only positive for me was that arshavin looked good when he came on.

    newcastle really dealt very well with everything we threw at them. oh well, there’s always next year.

  75. tommystout says:

    my six year old summed it up by saying he thinks they havent had enough sleep and were playing sleepy.
    easy to blame fab2 but 6 shots on target is not good enough.
    Fab1 was rather poor too!

  76. Red Arse says:

    I need help guys!

    I am so disillusioned by that gutless, clueless disgrace of a performance that I now think, wish even, that Arsene would step down as gracefully as possible.

    The overwhelming sense of deja vu is just overpowering me.

    In the past I always thought to myself, would x or y get into our wonderful “invincibles” team. Now I think, would Fabianski, Clichy, Sagna, Squillachi, Song, Walcott Chamakh, Bendtner get into the Manure, Chelski or even the Spuds teams? I simply don’t think so!

    Help reassure me that I am wrong. Please!


  77. RockyLives says:

    Well, that was depressing.
    The total lack of ideas in the second half was shocking. Punting the ball into the middle of their penalty area to be gobbled up by their giant players FOR ALMOST ALL THE SECOND HALF. That’s not how Arsenal normally play.

    Fabregas was awful and should have been subbed at half time (except that 1. he’s the captain and 2. Wenger never subs anyone at half time).

    Fabianski handed them the three points and needs to be dropped.

    We were unlucky that one of our three decent efforts didn’t go in as that would have changed the game (Cesc free kick onto the bar, Nasri shot brilliantly saved, Theo on crossbar).

    This and West Brom were performances of a team that will struggle to stay in the top 4 this season.

    But maybe I’ll feel better about things tomorrow.

  78. RockyLives says:

    Sorry Redders, I have nothing to offer you right now.

    Against West Brom I was able to console myself that it was the sort of performance you expect when Eboue, Song and Diaby all start together in midfield.

    Today I was really happy with our starting line-up but we were rubbish.

    Newcastle worked their socks off and played really well, but still deserved no more than the point they would have had if Fabianski had not made another catastrophic error of judgement. How many points has he cost us last season and so far this season? 24? 30? If I could be (red) arsed I would do some research and look it up, but I can’t.

  79. Conceding that goal should have given them a real jolt and the 2nd half should have been all us but we just sat back and let them play. Something really wrong, thats three games that we’ve created little.

  80. dandan says:

    Peaches I have just updated that post, dont know if it is of interst

  81. Big Raddy says:

    Everyone including all the posters on this site said prior to the start of the season that we could not win the EPL with our current roster of Keepers.

    It can hardly be a surprise that we and all the pundits are being proved right.

    That is not to carpet over a poor performance but Fab2’s mistake allowed Newcastle to play their game which they did very well.

    Bob Wilson’s assertion that AW offered big money for Reina is proof that AW was and is fully in agreement.

  82. Rasp says:

    Fab1 obviously not fit, shouldn’t have played
    Fab2 showed his area of weakness, isn’t committed/agressive enough, he didn’t realy jump for the ball. He should have taken the ball and Carol.
    Theo is clueless unless he has room to run onto the ball
    Song had a bad game
    Clichy did his usual pissing about

  83. Rasp says:


    Would it be appropriate to use your post instead of a match report for tomorrow?

  84. Rasp says:

    Wenger’s subs were atrocious. He should have taken Theo and Cesc off and left Chamakh and Nasri on.

  85. Red Arse says:


    I don’t think any of us could stomach a match report!

    Take our minds off it Dandan! 🙂

  86. Big Raddy says:

    What has happened to our attack? 6 shots in the whole game when we camped inside their half. Why hasn’t anyone got the gumption to shoot? Lumping high balls into their box time and time again was never going to work. Chamakf/RvP/NB din’t win a single header all game.

  87. Red Arse says:

    Rasp, I agree in principle, certainly Walcott was poor, but I think Nasri’s ankle injury looked bad!

    AW did not change the team tactics effectively, but at least he did not leave his subs until the 88th minute which he usually does.

    Team and manager were poor.

  88. Rasp says:

    I forgot about Nasri’s ankle.

    Theo is only effective as an impact sub or against teams that foolishly give us space to play. Not only did he keep tripping over the ball today, but hen he stayed down like a spoilt child instead of tearing back to defend.

  89. kelsey says:


    I agree with everything you have said this afternon.I am seriously beginning to think that chamakh just hasn’t got a shot in him,and all the subs were ineffectual.
    Even if fabianski hadn’t made that error we would never have won.
    wenger needs to look at there is more to football than plan A, i would go as far as to say i just can’t stand this tippy tappy football anymore,it is working less and less against more and more teams.

    We need to buy a striker who can shoot and is not injury prone or the wait will just continue.

    next up Wolves away another really hard game.

  90. Gunnern5 says:

    Heres the match report for the morning………..

    Let’s not waste words or thoughts after all we’ve seen it all before and will likely see it all again.

  91. kelsey says:

    if you use dandan excellent post check the dates and alter accordingly.

    i am off to paris now to see some young bird whose defence is wide open. 😉

  92. Rasp says:

    kelsey – can you email peaches with dandans number

  93. Red Arse says:


    The Post I emailed you, yesterday, regarding a new players’ rating system could not be more appropriate in the circumstances. 🙂

    After you publish it, (if you publish it), perhaps we should take a vote to see if it would be adopted by our bloggers! Bet it would be by 99%. 🙂

  94. Gunnern5 says:

    Well there you go – Liverpool keep us in the chase.

  95. kelsey says:

    I am seriously beginning to doubt that Wenger cannot motivate his players any more.As peaches said, that is 3 games were as a team we were completely flat and bereft of any ideas.
    One can’t keep playing the same way game after game.A huge disappointment and regardless of the chelsea result one knows they will be bounce back,but we as has been shown all season cannot be consistant.
    We have the players but …….

  96. barumgooner says:

    On reflection I dont actually think we were all that bad. Fab2 made an error in judgement but that could happen to any keeper so I dont want to see it undo all his recent progress, other than that he did ok. What really caused the problem was Cesc. We aren’t a one-man team but the team fully trusts and expects Fab to deliver every time he has the ball and unfortunately today was the worst i’ve ever seen him play. We committed players whenever Cesc was in possession and he continually gave it away and put us under pressure. It was a terrible game for Cesc and everyone could see it, AW should have acted on it and pulled the captain off imo. One things for sure and thats our consistency is not nearly good enough to win the title. A cup or two has to be the realistic target for us in this kind of form.

  97. Rasp says:

    I, like many thought we were going to lose today (I have witnesses to this fact), but what I don’t know is why I knew we would lose except that it is so typical of this Arsenal team. I don’t predict a loss to many games but I felt it would be ‘just like us’ to fail to take an advantage when the opportunity presents itself.

    We seem to suffer from a weird blend of expecting to win without trying and expecting to score without shooting

  98. Big Raddy says:

    Kelsey. Here we have to disagree. Surely the point of playing the same system throughout the club is that allthe players use the same method of play,

    Today happened because our passing was off thereby halting any speed of attack. As you said Fabregas could well have been subbed at half time. Nasri lost his way after his knock.

    When the system works and the players are on form we are unstoppable, sadly that hasn’t been the case over the past couple of games, but it is only 2 weeks since we beat MC and all was well in the world.

    As to your suggestion that AW cannot motivate his players, not only do I disagree but I suggest youwash your keyboard out with soap and water!

  99. kelsey says:


    the PL results don’t lie.We fluked a draw at Liverpool,drew at Sunderland just beat Birmingham, struggled against the bottom side in West ham, yes we did beat city but they were a man down after 6 minutes.

    It’s been on the cards all season, and Wenger must take the blame as well as the players.

    The system used to work, but more and more teams now know how to beat us.
    Did any of the subs make an impact to change the game.

    .RVP, no . He wasn’t fit.Bedntner never got a sniff, though Arshavin looked quite lively.

    We have to judge the PL above all other competions at this stage and we aren’t doing that great,are we ?

  100. Gunnern5 says:

    BR: Playing the same system throughout all levels of the club is a great idea as it’s then quite seamless going from academy to reserves and from reserves to the 1st team.

    Theoretically this should give us greater depth than other teams. However theory goes out of window when all we do is play the same way week in and week out.

    Big Sam found out how to beat us 4/5 seasons back and now it’s common knowledge that all you have to do to beat Arsenal is stop them playing football.

    The cat’s out of the bag once you’ve been sussed and we’ve been well sussed.

    Last minute heroics don’t last forever.

    That said, I still have confidence that this be our comeback season and we will win something. All the top teams are losing games,(Man U’s luck will soon run out)and IMHO this will be a season that is contested by 4/5 teams right to the end.

  101. SharkeySure says:

    “would Fabianski, Clichy, Sagna, Squillachi, Song, Walcott Chamakh, Bendtner get into the Manure, Chelski ”

    Sagna and Song definitely would. I thought Song really drove us forward again today. He was always looking for an opening, fought for every ball, always wanted the ball and looked like he really gave a toss.

  102. Big Raddy says:

    I still maintain that Fabianski cost us 3 points today. We would have won had they not been able to park the bus. The fact that they had ONE shot on target tells all we need to know about Newcastle’s gameplan.

  103. SharkeySure says:

    Can’t argue with that Raddy.

    Its not the worst mistake ever though, a fair few top keepers will have one of those moments of misjudgement.

    Whether the visting team scores or not, we generally know we have to break down almost every team that comes to the Emirates.

  104. SharkeySure says:

    “Can’t argue with that Raddy”

    I then proceed to disagree almost completely !!! I guess I agree that it didn’t help, but overall think we should have had more about us 2nd half.

    Thats a big opportunity lost today

  105. Gunnern5 says:

    BR: Here’s an interesting topic to dialogue.

    Most people maintain that Fabianski cost us the game due to a single error.

    I maintain that it was the single error by Chamakh and the multiple errors made by Fabregas and Walcott that cost us the game.

    And to be really controversial i believe that we missed Denilson.

  106. barumgooner says:

    Yep I agree G5. Its easy to blame the keeper given his history but it’s one of those things, an error of judgement from a young player. I dont think anyone is to blame, a couple of key players had an off day but we could still have easily come away with the points. We had chances but lacked the composure and patience which maybe Denilson brings from the little simple passes he so often gets criticised for.

  107. Gunnern5 says:

    barumgooner: In my mind Denilson is as under appreciated as Gilberto was, it wasn’t until Gilberto was traded that folks realized that he did the simple things right and did not (ala Clichy) try to be fancy in the wrong areas of the pitch.

    I don’t think Denilson is great but I do think that he is a steadying influence.

  108. I believe we missed stability in the mid-field, we haven’t seemed in control of the mid-field for the last three games. Having Cesc back only makes the rest attack all the time and because he’s off form we lose possesion too quickly.

    I agree Denilson would make us stronger and have more control.

  109. I just hope Arsene doesn’t think its Diaby we’re missing in mid-field 😳

  110. SharkeySure says:

    Is funny that you mention Diaby Peaches. He might just have been the one to unlock the door today with his driving runs and quick feet.

    As a mimimum, his size, pace and trickery c/would have severely worried Barton and Co today.

  111. SharkeySure says:

    I’m neither agreeing or disagreeing about the need for Denilson today, but would be interested to know who should have made way for him.

    Subbing him in for Fab is the obvious choice with hindsight, but pre match who would you have replaced..??

    I’ll read your replies tomorrow am I guess..??

    Nite all

  112. Neamman says:

    What is frustrating is if we had beaten WBA and the Toon, as we should, we would be top of the league. Referring back to BRs article yesterday. yes MU are not at thir best BUT..they are unbeaten and only 2 points off the lead.. with their best and most dangerous player yet to hit anything like top form!!!!
    Thats what Champions do!!

  113. Neamman says:

    I only followed the game on text and cannot comment on form but I think we all believed AW made the right team choice when fist announced. Surely JW can do what Denilson does.. at least thats what we would think. If Cesc was half fit then AW did err, that makes it 2-3 times already this season he has come back when not on top form. I rather they give him a reserve game or two first to get some match fitness, same with RVP.

  114. barumgooner says:

    Peaches @ 10.12…..very good and sadly probably true.

    SS the guy who delivers post at work is 6’4″ and can move about quite quickly but I still wouldn’t want him to start in the red and white.

    Seriously though I agree that it was the best line-up and I was happy with it but you could see Fab was having a mare and it was upsetting the flow and putting others under pressure. Anyone can have an off day and had it been any other player they would have been subbed but AW didnt want to take the captain off. IMO he should have done.

  115. kelsey says:

    Morning all, and still feeling rather depressed.

    I would question the subs yesterday .Nasri obviously got injured,couldn’t run it off and was thus replaced with Arshavin,who to be fair looked lively.
    But why take off Jack who along with Song was our best player for about an hour and replace him with Bedntner who never got into the game.Then chamakh who either didn’t play well or wasn’t allowed to is subbed for RVP who was clearly ring rusty.
    Cesc had the worst game for months but yet again was he fit.

    Why do we continually field players who are still recovering from injuries or just aren’t match fit.

    Therefor do we really have a squad with strength in numbers.

    Walcott starting is never a good sign,he like many others is good for a cameo role against tired legs, so for the time being the jury is out on him.

    Next up Wolves,Everton and Spurs with only two available centre backs available.

    The signs are ominous and as I said yesterday where is the motivation from either the captain or the manager.

    We are fortunate that other teams around us are also dropping points,so are we in a false position?

    Chamakh may have a good strike rate with his head but his shooting is pants, RVP can never be relied upon for a decent run, bedntner has an awful first touch, so where are the strikers.

    kos has now two red cards to his name,albeit one for two yellows but he is not top level.

    Too many average players and i see a repeat of last season,with a a forth place finish.

    i would argue that we are not improving.The whole gallas,toure and beforehand Adebayor caused unrest,the Fabregas wil he or won’t he stay all summer and now Wenger’s private life which though shouldn’t have any bearing on the situation, has raised it’s ugly head, so is he really focused on the job(excuse the pun.)

    the signs were there at the end of last season, winning only 4 of our last 11 PL games, and i feel this year will pan out as last year and the year before.

    I think we are kidding ourselves to believe anything else.maybe the job has just got too much for Wenger, we can’t continue to live in the past.

  116. Statics says:

    this site turn into ‘Untold Arsenal’ when we win, and become like ‘Le Grove’ when we lose…

  117. kelsey says:

    morning/evening Statics.

    Would you like to expand on your above comment.

  118. kelsey – you put so many points in your comment it could have been a post 😉 as London would say I’ll consider my answer and get back to you.

    Statics – the point about this site is that everyones opinion is valid, whether things are going badly or well for the team we allow comments that may or not be the same as everyone elses. Therapy and discussion not bating and arguemnt.

  119. Theres a NEW POST

  120. Antonio says:

    Everything is possible. Just do you best.

  121. […] Another drop of Newcastle Brown … […]

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