Arsène outwits ‘Arry – written by London

Seems as though quite a few were surprised by the strength of the team Wenger put out against spuds including many of our own and certainly many of theirs  most notably of which was Twitchy himself who, judging by his team selection, was no where near anticipating who he would face.

My only guess as to why he got it spectacularly wrong was that for a moment he must have thought he was in the big league, the one he read about in news papers for years in which managers of the big four put out weakened teams in the fizzy cup to preserve key members for imminent Champions League duty, well, talk about misunderstand.

“Arry” you got it laughably wrong to the point that you, your team and all your inbred fans were humiliated during the game before then being unceremoniously dumped out of the only cup final that you are ever going to get near this season.

It was totally predictable that Wenger would put out a strong team, the pattern over the years is there for every one to see: we do not go out in the first round. He also gave us a clue before the game in which he made quite clear that he always puts out a side that he feels can beat the opposition. This is true but only to a point.

It is commonly thought that he doesn’t care about the CC which is true in one sense but false in another: Wenger cares about it up until the quarter finals which happen to be just before Christmas and more significantly in football terms just before the transfer window opens.

By caring about it up until then, he achieves many things, most importantly it gives the youngsters an opportunity to play in a competitive game. Players like Jet, Eastmond, Nordtveit and such need to have some sense of belonging to the club and playing in the CC gives them exactly that before, more than likely, going out on loan in the New Year transfer window.

If they had played on Tuesday night we probably would have been beaten; they would have got a game but what real good would that have done? Far better to beat the scum then hope for a nice home draw against Brentford or someone like that in which the aforementioned players along with the Lansburys and the Gibbs can have a go.

Wenger continues this policy into the quarter finals at which point he throws the completion to the wolves. There is no way he would have picked that team in the quarter finals even if it was against spuds — for the simple reason that they might win, the result being that there will be a two legged semi final to deal with in very early January, that is, just after the exhaustive Christmas playing period and just before the all important Champions League restarts.

No, we definitely do not want that; the plan makes sense, we progress in this competition until the quarter finals and then it is time to say goodbye to the fizzy cup.

When this happens I will wave good bye and say good riddance because I am one of those who agrees with the priorities of the club, those being the EPL followed by the CL then the FA Cup but only if we have been knocked out of the CL, if we are still in that competition then damn the FA Cup as well.

I just don’t understand this call to win the CC, it makes no sense to me, it weakens us in other more important competitions, as to those who say we haven’t won a trophy in 5 years, ask yourself this: would you really want the name of the CC on display in our shiny new ground, you know where I mean, around the pitch there is the long list of trophies Arsenal have won over the years and then the gap……….do you really want the next one to be the CC…… tacky.

We are the Arsenal, a cut above; I want the European Champions League to be the first trophy to be painted on our stadium……now that would be classy.

Written by London, pictures by Rasp

57 Responses to Arsène outwits ‘Arry – written by London

  1. London says:

    Morning all

    I have taken the liberty — it still gives me a thrill to press the publish button.

    Way too early to stop the gloating peeps, so no slacking off today, keep it going lol

    Great news that Gibbs is alright.

  2. London says:

    Actually, I wrote the post before the results last night, if Villa get mancs in the next round it might be harder for us to loose the thing rather than win it.

  3. tommystout says:

    Morning London, nice piece – but how can villa play the mancs when we will surely draw them? 🙂

  4. tommystout says:

    Myself, i would welcome the carling cup aslong as wasnt at the expense of the other competitions. Team selection as per the other night seems a sensible approach to me. Select a team that should beat the opposition. Injurys aside i think we have the squad to cope this season.
    But like i said team selection can never be at the expense of the following premiership game.

  5. London says:

    Morning Tommy

    What you say makes sense.

  6. Rasp says:

    Haha nice one London,

    I agree with the importance of using the competiton to make the youngsters feel part of the team – but I’m sure they (and I) would love to win it. Winning the CC alone is a hollow victory, but to win the CC with some kids and another trophy as well would be great. I agree the CL is the big one, but with the prem a very close second.

  7. London says:

    Looks like we are all in agreement, not much debate today then.

    I knew I should have written about Wenger eating my hampster.

  8. tommystout says:

    For me winning the premiership will be the big one, if we can win the prem playing wengaball, it will be a mega achievement and a 2 fingered salute to the gutter dwellers.
    Champions league will come im sure.

  9. London says:

    And we have a debate.

  10. Carlito11 says:

    Winning a trophy is winning a trophy and the fizzy cup can be a springboard- just look at Mourinho with Chelsea or in fact our Littlewoods Cup win in 88 which did us no harm at all! Let’s not get too cocky- we still haven’t been to the new Wembley and won yet…

  11. London says:

    Morning Carlito

    The CL final is at Wembley this season so that should take care of winning something there for the first time.

  12. kelsey says:

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    And then he started laughing
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  13. kelsey says:

    Must take the tablets, sorry 🙂

  14. London says:

    Now that is what I call proper gloating.

    Morning Kelsey.

  15. Carlito11 says:

    Morning London- wouldn’t do any harm to get used to winning at Wembley though would it? I saw Malouda saying it was Chelsea’s “lucky ground”…

  16. Jay says:

    i look at mourinho’s 1st trophy – the CC
    i look at fergies 1st trophy after the looong drought, i think in 2006 – the CC.
    the way i look at it, its been a spring board to greater stuff!!
    so i suggest, forget the rest and go for the CC….and for sure we will reign in the future!!

  17. Carlito11 says:

    I’m with you Jay- the Mickey Mouse Cup has often been the springboard for developing a winning mentality- also in our history as I mentioned earlier. A trip to Wembley in February would be just the thing to keep spirits high at the tail end of the season where we have recently run out of steam…

  18. Jaygooner says:

    @kelsey the chorus to that song has been banging around in my head for a couple of days now. I promised myself that I would not gloat but………..

    Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    Dedicated to ‘Arry, spuds everywhere, Chelski Man Shitty and the Bin Dippers.

  19. London says:

    It’s a bit quiet on here today, must have been a fire drill…boom boom

  20. Flint McCullough says:

    For me the League Cup, under its various guises, has always been great whilst you are still in it but going out of it is nowhere near as disappointing as an exit from the FA Cup used to be.

    It is now the League, Champions League (maybe an equal until we win it), FA Cup & League Cup in that order. Any trophy is great to win but the real pleasure is enjoying each game for its own sake 1st & foremost.

    The League Cup in recent years has been wonderful fun because it has been a chance to see the talent coming through in real competition.

    What happened on Tuesday was the culmination of AW’s previous policy. The best youngsters will still have the chance of the game but by & large we now have a totally interchangeable squad with young men now seen as 1st teamers, so that we can virtually make a complete change, from game to game, without being able to see the difference, even with a number of important players being unavailable.

    On Tuesday’s evidence it is clear this is something that Tottenham don’t have, nor virtually any other PL club, for that matter.

  21. London says:

    I whole heartedly agree with you Flint.

    The only same of the comment is that it is so good it could have been a head line post.

    It should be fairly clear by now that this site is run by a collection of authors but none of us are ex professional writers as is the place you are probably more familiar with. Personally, I regard him as the Fàbregas of the Arsenal blog world where as we are a group of people that have put a couple of jumpers down to make posts in order to have a kick around. We may not have the slick professionalism but we do have fun. You are clearly someone who is capable of articulating your thoughts and we are a team that always needs an extra player so if you feel inspired send your idea to the “Be our guest” tab above and join in the kick around.

    By the way this is not my blog, I am just a regular.

  22. rockylives says:

    Thanks for a a good read London. Totally agree about AW outfoxing the Wicked Twitch of the North. And fantastic pics -not sure if that was you or Rasp.
    However, there’s been far too much concensus on here today so I’m going to take issue with you about the Fizzy Cup. I wrote a post on here some time back about the ‘lessons of 1987’. Basically it was the story of how a very young Arsenal team first realised it could be a trophy-winning side when it snaffled the League Cup from the (then) mighty Liverpool in 1987.
    I would rather win the Fizzy in Feb, and get knocked out of the FA Cup early. The problem with FA CUp quarters and semis is that they come right at the business end of the season when, hopefully, we’ll be competing for the league title and the CL, and often we’ll find ourselves up against the likes of ManUre or Chavski, where a cup defeat can seriously damage morale and affect the league campaign.
    I say – let’s take the CC in Feb, and take one of the big two trophies next May to add to it.

  23. Big Raddy says:

    London. Today’s post was a lovely read. Amusing and informative. I believe that had we played anyone but THFC Wenger would have put out a weaker/less experienced team. The 5-1 hurt both him and the fans and he didn’t want a repetition. Winning was a bonus.

    Which blog are you referring to? I know we choose not to deride other blogs as we don’t approve of Blog Wars which are puerile, but there are some fine blogs out there with some excellent posts and it is a shame not to acknowledge them.

    I have been a regular reader of Arseblog since initiation, I find his writing very humourous and he keeps me up to date with the current vernacular. As an ex-pat I have lost the ability to express myself in my mother tongue particularly in my favourite language – that of the gutter 🙂

  24. Big Raddy says:

    Rocky. Very good point about the timings, I agree with you.

  25. tommystout says:

    Presser – Wenger says Szczesny ‘is right’ and deserves a chance for us. ‘He must trust us and no club has brought through more young players’
    Wenger says Allardyce and Pulis shouldn’t take criticism on bad fouls so personally. ‘I didn’t talk about them, they shouldn’t.’
    Wenger says he ‘is thinking about’ spending more time in the stands.
    Vermaelen out of West Brom game confirmed – Looks like Koscielny & Squillaci will start… fine by me, take your time TV.
    The presser is today as financial figures out tomorrow. Wenger said: ‘not easy to manage stadium and trophies but we’ve always played at top. Expecting £40-£50m in profits for the year, making the club most well run team in Europe

  26. kelsey says:

    I concur with what London has said,Flint.

    It is not easy to put out a post every day, and we never as far as I am aware try to invent stories or sensationalise a post by a misleading headline.

    We are new at this game,only started this site in February,and as I have said on more than one occasion some can express themselves better than others with the written word,(me being one who often fumbles) but we are all loyal supporters of the club,with differing views,but above all respect each other.

    BR, at a guess I would Imagine it to be ACLF or Untold Arsenal,both excellent blogs.

  27. rockylives says:

    I’m confused. I can’t find any comment from Flint that refers to another blog.

  28. Big Raddy says:

    Rocky. It was London 1.12

    “none of us are ex professional writers as is the place you are probably more familiar with. Personally, I regard him as the Fàbregas of the Arsenal blog world where as we are a group of people that have put a couple of jumpers down to make posts in order to have a kick around. “

  29. Flint McCullough says:

    “The Fàbregas of the Arsenal blog world”

    I, too, am intrigued to know who that might be?

    Thank you for your invitations London & Kelsey, if I can think of anything, beyond my normal nonsense, I will let you know but you do appear to be adequately covered with interesting, well written, articles even if I don’t agree with all of the content 100% of the time.

  30. redarse says:

    Hi Guys,

    I think you must all be referring to that well known professional blogger, Frothing Inarticulate Loon. Or maybe it’s his brother Farting Articulate Limey. 🙂

    Reading Chesney’s complaint on my return to Blighty, it appears he is probably confused and upset that he receives mixed messages from Le Prof, “he will be Arsenal’s No.1”, “he will play an important role this season”; only to be ignored. As keeper No.4 he has probably not played a game this season, as the reserves and youth teams have their own GK’s.

  31. sixxpac says:

    Sharkey wherest art thou? 😆

  32. Big Raddy says:

    RA. I have missed FIL. Hope he makes a return.

  33. chaf says:

    London. About the gloating…

    Had a good day yesterday.

    I had gloatmeal for breakfast.

    At lunchtime I grilled vegetables in my George Four-one grill.

    In the evening, I watched a film about an old champion boxer, he must have been a gooner, he said he would, “Gloat like a butterfly and sting like a bee”

    I am taking tablets.

  34. chaf says:

    Tommy at 1.56pm..

    “Wenger says Allardyce and Pulis shouldn’t take criticism on bad fouls so personally. ‘I didn’t talk about them, they shouldn’t.”

    They won’t get it.

    An anagram for Sam Allardyce is “Salad meal – cry”

    Still on tablets..

  35. Red Arse says:


    I think you very eloquently expressed an exhilarating sequence of events celebrating our victory!

    Now give me back my tablets! 🙂

  36. London says:

    Hi Chaf

    Did you go up the Black Bull to watch the game?

    I got some good messages from Bob P after, obviously some serious gloating going on there.

  37. London says:

    There’s not enough gloating going on. I’m going to have to get the gloating whip out.

    Swish, ouch, swish ouch, gloat you bastards.

  38. SharkeySure says:

    Evening All

    London. Good write up that, although I do believe that the League Cup is sufficiently distant from the season finale to allow us to give it a proper go.

    I think that’s me agreeing with you then Rocky.

    Kelsey..thats proper gloating that is…love it. Same for you Chaf. Sharing tablets ‘eh…seems like you’ve both run out of ’em to me !!

    Hey, Sixx..hows the looting and a shooting in downtown Kingston going these days…?? It must be like a busman’s holiday for you everyday on the ‘site I mustn’t name’ with all the fighting and cursing that goes on there. Anyways, nice to see you hear mate.

    Say hi to Rohan next time your ‘paths’ cross.

  39. SharkeySure says:

    Mark Hughes complaining about Stoke’s violent tackling, and a sort of unwritten code as he calls it which suggest that you don;t attempt to injure other team splayers if the game is already won or lost.

    So other than that he’d have no problem with Wilkinson trying to smash his players in two, so long as the game was still up for grabs.

    What a plank.

  40. sixxpac says:

    He he Sharkey. Me and Rohan were just talking about u last night. Talking abt some of the oldies who had ‘passed on’.

  41. SharkeySure says:

    Kozzer wot a player !!!

    Wilshire the other night….fantastic. What price a player that good on the open market..? You can stick your Melo’s and Yaya’s where the sun don’t shine. Who on erath woul dhave thougt that Jack would break through in that position.

    Arsene’s gone and done it again. GENIUS

  42. SharkeySure says:

    Sixx. Occasionally I’ve seen people make reference to some of the old gang, and put forward theories about why they all buggered off, and where to. Riohan was over here once or twice, but I know his circs have changed now that he’s in the US

  43. SharkeySure says:

    Is it just me or does Denilson seem to have found a new lease of life. He even half convinced Rocky the other night. ;-0 (Hope that works!)

    There was one moment where he just let Lennon ghost away from him (with the ball!!), but other than that he looked like he was trying to be a bit more all action…breaking forward as he did late on against Blackburn.

  44. SharkeySure says:

    I’ll go have a read up of that sixx…cheers.

    Queen of Sub and Chozzer are the two over there who make me laugh the last….some of QoS’s put downs of the Maltese Maestro are ajoy to behold.

    Chozzer gave us trolololololo…for which I’ll always be grateful

  45. SharkeySure says:

    “who make me laugh the last….the MOST

    Me and my

  46. SharkeySure says:

    Anyways I’m off now Sixx…..I’ve been too busy to post much for a couple of days…so I’ve had a quick splurge, but now its the kids bedtime

  47. SharkeySure says:

    ;-0 (Hope that works!) FAIL !!

  48. sixxpac says:

    Cheers Sharkey. Maltese Maestro? Haha. Fucking Spud is what he is.
    Nice little site u guys have. Should read more often

  49. sixxpac says:

    Oh u dont curse over here? Sorry 😆

  50. rockylives says:

    Sharkey – Denilson must have read the criticism, then read all the support that poured out for him and decided to up his game out of a strange convoluted mixture of shame and love.

  51. rockylives says:

    And to pick up on the point about going for the CC and abandoning the FA Cup – I’d be just fine with that. Let’s continue to play strong ‘second’ teams in the CC with a smattering of first teamers. Then in the FA Cup let’s really play the kids, with more kids on the bench.
    I reckon we’ll be in with a shout at the end of this season and I’d hate some gruesome, injury-strewn, red-card-laden FA Cup quarter or semi against the Chavs or the Spuds to derail our march to glory.

  52. Frothing Inarticulate Loon says:

    Ahoy mi hearties, landlubbers, seafarers and those who fly high in the sky.

    After the win the other night, everythings looking alright, and I do think a trophys in sight !!

    Kelsey and Chaf…piss off and get your own tablets, and stop nicking mine. They’ll not help thee one little bit I tell ye…

    They’ve not exactly helped me have they..?? 😉

    Arse! Red One ! Hola amigo !

  53. Irishgunner says:

    Love the picture 😆

  54. rockylives says:

    Yay! Welcome back Big FIL.

  55. SharkeySure says:

    Sixx – “decided to up his game out of a strange convoluted mixture of shame and love.”

    Its top quality prose like that which renders swearing almost redundant over here.

    Its a breath of fresh air to read quality stuff like that as opposed to the constant slating of Denilshite, Koshitney etc….

    Anywats really off now…weell almost.

    Very good point about re-priortising the domestic cups Rocky. The pile up of fixtures in Marto May if you’ve an FA qtr/semi is a nightmare. Throw in tired/tiring players and the odd international break….and I can only agree that fighting on two fronts (PL and CL) is more than enough.

    Having said, if Arsene keeps churning out players like Wilshire and Frimpong, Wellington arrives and sets things a fire, we have some more signings like Asrene’s last 3 gems, then it would almost be rude not to start thinking about a clean sweep of trophies, considering the vast array of talent that would be at Arsene’s disposal.

    The futures red and white and patience is one of lifes great virtues.

    Night all

  56. Rasp says:

    New post ……

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