Wenger is asking too much of Wilshere – written by London

A moment’s lack of concentration after ninety four minutes and forty seconds in a game that was supposed to last ninety four minutes cost us two precious points.

Perhaps it is more accurate to say that not only was it the poor time keeping by referee Phil Dowd but also the stupidity of Alex Song and an atrocious penalty miss by Tomas Rosicky that combined to deny us two points which could end up making the difference between winning the league and coming second.

As tempting as it must have been to keep an unchanged side after the six nil mauling of Braga it became apparent very quickly that it was wrong. Sunderland were a different animal and it needed a different approach.

Wenger is asking too much of Wilshere, two full on games in the space of a week for an eighteen year old is asking for trouble.   Wilshere is not ready for that and it showed; he gave away possession no less than four times in the first fifteen minutes giving belief to Sunderland that their game plan of closing us down quickly would ultimately reap rewards.

The first half would have belonged to Sunderland if it wasn’t for a brilliant piece of quick thinking by Fàbregas to put us one up. Ninety nine times out of a hundred he would have angled his foot in exactly the right way to score what was, even by his high standards, a very impressive goal albeit one that sadly resulted in his injury and cost us his calming influence for the rest of the game.

A goal behind and Sunderland piled on the pressure being awarded what seemed like a never ending stream on corners which our impressive central paring of Squillaci and Koscielny dealt with professionally.

We just couldn’t seem to get a grip on the game; the half time whistle couldn’t come quick enough for me as I waited in the hope that Wenger would work his magic during the break.

Sunderland tried to continue their high tempo game in the same way as they left off but it became apparent ten minutes after the restart that it was going to be a tall order to maintain it for a full ninety.

Still, help was shortly on its way for the Black Cats in the form of Alex Song who decided to hand out loaded pistols to his many detractors and said, go ahead, shoot me. This weekend he deserves all the criticism that comes his way. Petulance for the first yellow, a schoolboy error, right next to the ref, for the second and off he went.

Finally, Denilson came on and we got to grips with the game, he should have started, his much maligned short passes, the ones that always find their man would have made this a completely different game; one in my estimation that we would have dominated completely from start to finish.

Sunderland were tiring and even with ten men we were running the show, Nasri and Chamakh were working their socks off to keep us in the game, the defence carried on their sterling work and just to tease us just that little bit more we were awarded a penalty after Nasri had his leg clipped, a happy weekend beckoned and I mean happy, then up stepped Little Mozart and hit the wrong note.

In fairness to Wilshere he did improve as the game went on but ultimately his inexperience showed when in extra, extra time he should have cleared, had he done so we would secured all three points and that long journey back from Sunderland for all the players would have been a win rather than what must have felt like a loss.

Written by London


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  1. Ali says:

    Man, you ought to be Arsenal’s manager. Seems to me they wouldn’t lose a single game with you at the helm. You appear to have all the answers, to everything. Why limit yourself to matters of football though when you could no doubt be sorting out conflicts across the globe, and bringing us world peace.

  2. Morning all

    Agree entirely with you London – I was really surprised that Jack started the game and that he was still on the pitch after 60 minutes.

    Sunderland were good for their point though and I wish them luck for this season.

    We need to learn to hold onto a lead
    We need to learn to hold onto a lead
    We need to learn to hold onto a lead ……..

  3. trollz says:

    lol @ Ali.

    nicely put

  4. Rasp says:


    That’s a very interesting take on the game London and I can’t disagree with anything you’ve said. I guess when looking for pivotal moments the sending off of Song and missed penalty were the most damaging although we ran the game with 10 men.

    I think we could view it as a reality check that hasn’t done too much damage. We’re lucky to have W Brom at home next weekend, we should be able to avoid the ‘2 in a row’ losses we experienced last season. The main thing is that we need to learn that trying to score in extra time when you are 1 up is insanity and we should just keep the ball and use the time up.

  5. Feygooner says:

    Somebody needs to stop playing so much Football Manager 😉

  6. Rasp says:


    This is a blog site, its a place where supporters air their thoughts. You’ve taken advantage of that fact, don’t berate the author for doing similarly.

    I’m sick of the ‘thought police’ who trawl websites just looking to an opportunity to imply that they are a better supporter simply because they will hear no criticism.

  7. Lets all cheer because we didn’t manage to hold onto a lucky 1-0 lead. I’d like to know how many gooners couldn’t wait to watch MOTD last night knowing that Cesc had gone off injured, Song was sent off, Rosicky missed a penalty and we conceded in the 95th minute.

    Some supporters need a reality check IMO

  8. tommystout says:

    i dont know what some of these “comments” are talking about i thought it was a good report London.
    Although dissapointed i took some positives from the game, mainly squilly and kozzer who were awesome yesterday. TV can rest in the knowledge that he has some competent back up now. Mind you TV is as daft as it may seem could find it difficult to get straight back in.
    Our GK was assured yesterday, yes it was standard but welcome to say the least.
    Song was done for persistant fouling and chitter chatter, his second booking wasn’t surprising at all. I hope he reviews his game with a microscope. He needs to make sure this doesnt happen again.
    Denilson looked assured coming on, im quite happy for him to start in songs absense.
    What about wengers shove on the 4th official, he’s gotta be punished for it. I bet he’ll feel a little foolish today and will know that he set a bad example.

  9. Rasp says:

    Morning peaches,

    Its significant that the 3 new bloggers have had plenty to say about London’s attitude and nothing to say about the game.

    Do they think that Arsène was happy with every aspect of our performance? I hope he doesn’t major on the extra time added as Sunderland played well and deserved their point, having said that, when you’re gifted a fluke goal like that, you really should show your grattitude by holding on to the lead.

  10. tommystout says:

    one more thing, sunderland played well, they harried us, they stopped us playing without being dirty, other top four team will struggle to get a result up there, so maybe 2 points lost is a point gained – if you know what i mean 🙂

  11. Morning Rasp

    Agree tommy, Sunderland deserved their point and if they had been one up and we’d have scored in the 94th minute we would all feel differently. Its the disappointment of having the lead and then playing like schoolboys and throwing it away.

    The saddest thing for me as a gooner is feeling disappointed, not getting beaten by a better team but being in the position to win the game and not winning it and I’m sure Arsene and the team feel that too.

    You have to love Squidgy and Kozzer don’t you – steely concentration etched on their faces.

  12. London says:

    Morning all

    Thanks for the support, I could have written the report that went, oh never mind it’s only a game, but I was upset, like most I suspect, and they were my thoughts above at the end of the game.

  13. …..and I thought Almunia did really well yesterday – he seems taller to me all of a sudden …..

  14. Morning London

    Spot on with your report, I’m not sure I understand those that aren’t upset but hey ho it takes allsorts.

  15. London says:


    I am the author of the post, I don’t know if you have noticed but there is a facility above that says “Be our guest” We have a game on Tuesday why don’t you write the match report, send it in and we can all judge it on Wednesday.

  16. London says:

    Morning peaches

    It was a difficult report to write without showing some sort of unhappiness.

  17. Rasp says:

    Hi London,

    Thanks for taking on a thankless task, and for managing to produce something different to the general view.

    If you look at the ‘seasons compared widget’ on the right, you will see that we entered into a period of 7 games when we earned 19 points out of 21 last season – I’ll be more than happy if we can match that this year.

  18. Rasp says:

    The ridiculous thing about the points system is that a loss and a win is better than 2 draws. I know this has been debated ad nauseum, but it would be good if extra points were available for goals scored, or if a score drwa earned more points than a no-score draw. Fantasy I know – it’ll never happen.

  19. Teddy says:

    You guys shld stop bitting each others head of. Kos, Squil and sagna werd awesome. Clichy waz just a highway.

  20. London says:

    Hi Teddy

    I certainly agree with you over Kos, Squil and Sagna but what do you mean by “Clichy was just a highway”?

  21. Teddy says:

    Agreed rasp

  22. London says:

    Hi Rasp

    I must admit that when the goal went in I turned the telly straight off, I haven’t seen a single reply or read a single report, so I am curious to know what is the general view that you mention above?

  23. Teddy says:

    Sund’land were just comfortable attacking thro his wing

  24. London says:

    Fair enough Teddy

  25. Teddy says:

    London, i actually went straight 2 bed immediately i saw dowd’s whistle in his mouth and him running excitingly out of arsenal’s box. The man has something for arsenal.

  26. London – I think Rasp has left the building for a while.

    I, like you, was surprised that Jack started nevermind played the whole 90 minutes, not quite sure what he means about ‘general view’ but I’m sure he’ll be around later to chat.

  27. Teddy says:

    London, i actually went straight 2 bed immediately i saw dowd’s whistle in his mouth and him running excitingly out of arsenal’s box. The man has something for arsenal

  28. I was surprised how much ground Sunderland got down Clichy’s wing – he got beaten for pace time and again – very unusual

  29. Teddy says:

    I think its time gibbs gets a decent match run.

  30. Bertie says:

    I know I’m a first time blogger but I have to agree with the ‘reality check’ comments, especially in reference to the Fabregas goal. Ninety nine times out of a hundred he would have angled his foot in such a way as to score?
    I think this is pretty unrealistic and I’m sure Cesc would say the same. Great closing down I agree and if it deflected anywhere short of the 18 yard box I’d fancy him to get onto it and produce some magic but a ‘very impressive goal’???… I’m not so sure, however entertaining it may have been.

    Having said that, on the whole, some good points. Wilshere sure is tallented but he did look a bit overrun (and perhaps less snappy) and on the Song front I’d say they were both 50-50 yellows so unlucky overall but I don’t think he can complain too much.

    Concerning the penalty, as we all know, a major component of conversion success is confidence, so to have a player who has struggled to score from open play step up was a mistake in my opinion. Although Chamakh may not historically be a standard penalty taker, neither is Rosicky, and with Chamakhs great start for the club and his confidence high I would have expected him to cover for Cesc (and Van Persie)… if not Nasri

    All this said Arsenal looked good, if not able to capitalise on their (even with 10 men) control of the game and although I’m sure everyone at the Stadium of Light will be saying the ref had to allow the passage of play, with no real reason to add extra, extra time, I’d say the ‘passage’ was ended with the clearance and feel the ref should have blown then.

    Great match though… shame Chelsea are likely to get further ahead today but we’ll have to wait and see if they can do any better up there.

    Unlucky not to get the win but lucky to get the opener. Swings, roundabouts, ‘c’est la vie’ this is football and I wouldn’t have it any other way

    (try being a Wolves fan lol)

  31. Adam says:

    Who put Rosicky in charge of that penalty when every shot he has had for a year has gone in the stands or out for a throw? What’s Chamack there for, isn’t he a striker? Pretty fucking infuriating. You could just tell he was gonna fuck it up from the minute he stepped up, though i was hoping he’d prove me wrong.

  32. James says:

    haha, this clown thinks Fabregas’ goal was deliberate. anyone that titanically stupid should not be allowed to write a blog. last time I visit here.

  33. London says:

    Come on Bertie did your really think I was serious about the Fàbregas goal? I wrote that in responce to the sickening way all the commentators went on and on about how lucky he was….if you step back and think about it he is one of the few in the world who really would have naturally angled his foot correctly.

    Good comment though, hope you come back

  34. London says:


    Try lifting your arms up a bit when you walk, your knuckles are dragging along the floor.

  35. Big Raddy says:

    My word there have been some humourless plums on here today.

    I enjoyed the Cesc joke, and the rest of the post.

  36. Big Raddy says:

    James. Your decision not to return (in which case you will not be reading this!) delights me no end. Stupid people make stupid decisions…..

    London. It is so frustrating that we have to be so literal when we write if we are to avoid abuse. Thankfully we share the same attitude towards these simpleton’s.

  37. rockylives says:

    Hi London – good piece. I agree with most of what you wrote but I completely disagree about Denilson. However, I won’t expand on that now as I have written a post about this (Peaches – I emailed it to you).
    Overall we played a good team with a great home record and a draw was probably a fair result, even though it was frustrating in the way it occurred.
    I hope this serves as a bit of a wake-up call after the easy wins that we’re really going to have to dig in to win something this year.

  38. London says:

    Song will get a one match ban right? But does the CC count as the banned match or does he have to miss an EPL game?

  39. barumgooner says:

    Good post London. I like every other gooner felt very low as the last-gasp goal went in but dont feel that we should condemn little Jack. At 18 Cesc was playing week in week out and if you are good enough it shouldnt matter. At the end of the day Song was daft to get himself sent off even if the first was harsh the second was just sheer stupidity. Why Chamakh or Nasri didnt step forward for the penalty surprises me and looked more like we were trying to share the goals out and be nice to Rosicky rather than kill the game. But in saying that I would have taken a draw before the game. As and when Chelsea finally get a competitive game to play they will struggle up there too as will most teams. All in all lots of positives with just a few little errors.

  40. jacob says:

    There was nothing wrong in playing Wilshere for 2 games in a row. Nothing at all. The guy struggled initially but then so did the whole team. I cannot argue with your comments regarding Rosicky’s penalty (it was awful.. like a bad effort at Hackney marshes) or Song’s idiocy in getting himself sent off just as we were starting to stamp our authority on the match. The guy will learn, that’s for sure.

    What I find baffling with all these Arsenal bloggers who feel the need to nit pick is why they don’t actually look for a point that makes sense. Jack was very, very good in the second half and did nothing to suggest that he was too knackered to continue and I’m willing to bet that if Wenger had started Denilson in Jack’s place you’d be moaning about that instead. Why raise the issue when everyone can see that Jack deserves his place? As for what is a fair workload for him… I’d suggest that the Arsenal coaching staff with their GPS’s and other Gizmos are in a better position to know when Jack needs a rest. It’s not as if Arsene has a reputation fot flogging his players to death!

    It was annoying to concede the goal at that point in the match but sometimes it happens… both for and against us. I’m sorry but Jack Wilshere was not an issue yesterday. Not unless you were watching an entirely different match.

  41. Neamman says:

    Good article and your comment on Cesc’s goal was obviously tongue in cheek.. come on ..lighten up guys!!!!
    I saw the first 55 odd minutes and, to be frank, based on the first half we didnt even deserve a point, especially after Cesc left!! Hopefully we were better in the second and I did think in the 10 minute I was able to see that we were in control, as opposed to the first 45.
    I echo the poster who praised Sunderland, I have no problem with them they were hard but fair and they worked their socks off.
    As I didnt see the second half[mainly] i cannot comment on Song but it sounds like he erred badly!
    I was watching the min by min update on my pc and my first thought was how does 4 minutes of extra time become almost 5 minutes!!!!! A 25% increase…

  42. rockylives says:

    To echo Neamman’s words about Sunderland: Coyle, Allerdyce, Pulis etc should take note of the Mackems’ performance: they were hard and committed throughout but at no point did any of their players make a reckless challenge that could have endangered a player’s career.
    It’s not hard play that AW and the rest of us object to – it’s illegal, dangerous play.

  43. kelsey says:


    I am glad you did the match report, I just couldn’t set my mind to it,in fact I am still annoyed at the result regardless of the fact that a draw was just about right,but there isn’t always justice in football.

    I put some thoughts together early this morning before your post went up, which you may wish t consider.

    on other matters, Shawcross the Stoke player deliberately elbowed Cole across the upper chest, which was unnoticed by the ref as it was an off the ball incident some twenty yards from play.

    Wenger,the great manager that he is, worries me.his weekly comments amount to changing the rules of the game,and he is not doing us or himself any favours.The cloggers will always be cloggers and the first thing I noticed yesterday in our game was the sheer size of the Sunderland players compared to others.It was awesome.

    Onto injuries and they are mounting up too quickly for my liking.Vermaelen is prolonged, Cesc has damaged his hamstring yet again and Diaby and Ramsey are long term casualties and RVP who knows.Hopefully walcott will be back in a couple of weeks.that’s a lot of players out after only 5 PL games.

    Now we play the enemy away, not an important game as others but confidence must be regained.

    Final a word on Almunia.He looks more assured with every game.

  44. barumgooner says:

    I agree about Almunia Kelsey. He does seem to be playing like a man with a point to prove and fairplay to him. Long may it continue. I hope anyway.

  45. Song is the most overated Arsenal player and I notice hes going back to hes old donkey ways. We Still havent got that real solid DM what has been needed at the club since Viera left

  46. Seems that AW has high hopes on JW to some day in the future to back-up Fabregas role just in case our Maestro inevitably keep on persisting to move to a club of his choice.

  47. London says:


    Thanks for your comment.

    Of course, the coaching staff at Arsenal are better placed than I to judge when Wilshere should and shouldn’t play but the coaching staff did not have to write a match report for this site — I did.

    Finding something to write about after that game was no easy task, I was unhappy, like most and the post above reflects my thoughts. It is still my opinion that Wenger was asking too much of Wilshere and I would have preferred Denilson. As a supporter I am as entitled to my view as much as the next person and if we all agreed on everything this site would be very dull.

    That said, I liked your comment, I don’t know if you have noticed but there is a box above that says “Be our guest” We have a game on Tuesday why don’t you have a go at writing the match report….if we win it will be easy, in fact it will be fun……but if we lose what will you write…….could you write a match report…….give it a try.

  48. Rasp says:

    One observation I’ve resisted posting up until now. Has anyone else noticed that Cec’s body language is all wrong when he’s not involved in a passage of play?

    You won’t see it in highlights but any who attends live matches may have seen that he hangs his head as he walks and doesn’t give much eye contact to the other players. When he came off yesterday, he sat apart from the others on the bench. I don’t question his commitment but I reckon he is not a happy boy.

  49. London says:

    Van Arend Smit

    What evidence do you have that Fabregas has ever “persisited in a move to a club of his choice”

  50. London says:

    I have never seen a player that is more unhappy to be on the bench than Fabregas.

    He looked equally as miserable when he was on the bench for Spain.

    Did he look miserable on Tuesday………

    Nah, not for me.

  51. kelsey says:


    I don’t think he is unhappy just a bit overwhelmed with all the barca talk by everyone associatd with that dam club.Do you remember when you were 23 ? He has now had three seperate hamstring problems in two years,maybe that is on his mind.

    You will never get an Eboue type celebration from him.he has a lot on his mind,but to me he was coming back to his best these last two games and I am sure is committed to us for now.If and when he goes to barca i don’t expect to see any different facial expressions.

  52. Rasp says:

    OK London, I hope you’re right. He won’t be making any statements to the press about his feelings that’s for sure.

    Here’s a hot tip for you London if you’re a betting man – a double; Blackpool to concede the most goals ever in a premiership season and to stay up 😉

  53. Big Raddy says:

    Rasp. Being an armchair supporter I can’t comment, If hi last 2 home games are evidence of an unhappy player, let Cesc remain so 🙂

    Good to see the recognition of how good Sunderland were. I agree that many sides will struggle at TSOL.

  54. Big Raddy says:

    Kelsey. I expect to see TV and Diaby in the squad next Saturday

  55. Rasp says:

    Hi kelsey,

    Yes, I’m not sure his hamstring problem has completely cleared up from last season. I know from personal experience that the the slightest tightening is a worry and that may also be playing on his mind.

  56. Rasp says:

    Hi Raddy,

    His play is as good as its ever been. I think he shares Arsène’s emotional honesty and finds it hard to hide his feelings. Maybe it is him just being a bit uncomfortable following the speculation over the summer rather than wishing he was back at Barça.

  57. Rasp says:

    Footote to you regulars – I hope you’re around tomorrow – we may need you 😕

  58. Big Raddy says:

    BTW I totally agree about JW. He went missing for most of the first half and his passing was poor. IMO he is not ready for an extended run in the team. To his credit he came more into the game later in the second half but that could have been because Sunderland were tiring.

    Wit a fit Diaby, Denilson Song Nasri Rosicky Ramsey and Cesc, JW doesn’t get on the bench for me. At 21 he will be fantastic but no Cesc.

  59. London says:

    Apparently I was watching the same game as someone else 😉

  60. Me me me – I was watching the same game but I don’t count 😦

  61. Big Raddy says:

    It’s always “me” with you girls!

    Where’s Irish? Have we upset her?

  62. Rasp says:

    I think Rosexy may have upset her 😦

  63. kelsey says:

    By the way,wordpress is playing up again today.Takes ages for a comment to get on and I had two hours of red and white alternative posts.

    I think jack should play.He has made mistakes in all his games,but he gives something we are missing.he is feisty, has a football brain and yet is only 18.If he is uninjured two games a week is nothing, in fact he would relish it.

  64. I’m sure it would take a lot for Rosexy to upset her, us “girls” can be very forgiving you know 😆

  65. Big Raddy says:

    We disagree Kelsey. I would play TR 7 games out of 10. And I hope JW would relish playing in one of the World’s most succesful and attractive teams.

    His time will come

  66. rockylives says:

    The more games JW plays the faster he will mature. Yes, he makes mistakes, but he won’t iron them out in the reserves. He can only do that in the blood and thunder of a real match. When he does a little trick in his own half with an opponent bearing down on him I’m sure it comes off most of the time in training and in reserve games. In the real thing, like yesterday, you get caught out.
    But as Kelsey says, there’s no doubting his footballing brain and he will get better faster if he plays.

  67. barumgooner says:

    I think Jack will get 15-20 games, the same target as was set for Ramsay. He is a good little player but is still prone to silly mistakes but as long as he learns from those mistakes he will be just fine. If and when we have a fully fit midfield LJ would struggle to make the position his own at the moment but his day will come.

  68. At least he’s getting to play, sitting on the bench can’t be much fun but I was still surprised he was in the starting line-up yesterday.

    What’s happened to Diaby?

  69. kelsey says:

    and he’s english 😉

    We need a new hero at the club,could it be him.If you are honest with yourselves is there one stand out player,committed to the club that we are just in awe of.

    That sounds awful, but you know what i mean.

  70. barumgooner says:

    RvP if he can stay fit

  71. rockylives says:

    Diaby still recovering from the Bolton assault.

  72. barumgooner says:

    I think Chamakh is going to be a fans favourite though

  73. Big Raddy says:

    I agreere Chamakh, Barum

    And that JW will get 15-20 games this season

  74. kelsey says:

    RVP yes and no.Just doesn’t play enough,but a glass act.

  75. kelsey says:

    I am dreading tuesday,anyone else.

  76. London says:

    I remember the season when Wenger insisted on playing Walcott practically every game in the understandable belief that he would mature quicker……he did but often he was so poor that in many of the games it was like playing with 10 men, the inevitable result was that we dropped precious points which ultimately cost us the league.

    Two ninety minutes in a week will certainly speed up Wilshere’s maturity but we will drop points which could cost us the league.

    Which do you want a mature Wilshere or a shiny trophy?

    I can wait for Wilshere to mature in two season’s time rather than this one and have a parade through Islington this May.

  77. London says:

    Hi Kelsey

    I think that Wenger will put out a stronger team than we expect, he doesn’t like going out until the quarter finals, that way the younger players get a bit of experience before Christmas then go out on loan in the new year.

  78. barumgooner says:

    I know what you mean about RVP Kelsey. What I like about him most is his love of the Arsenal. True i’d like him to be available more often but what I want from a player is for him to love the club the way I do and Robin gives me that….
    “glass act” very fitting.

  79. Edissimo says:

    Firstly, well done sunderland, I must echo some of the comments already, they were great and deserved something out of the game.

    A few thoughts after reading your article London and watching the game on a terrible stream…

    A Song was unlucky to be sent off, but his sending off gave the side a bit of shape and steel and surprisingly made the team look better (what’s that, only 1 defeat in 12 games in which we’ve had reds?)

    I don’t share your view on wilshire londpon, only because he got better as the game went on. Two games in 4 days looked too much for most of the team, and there were players n the side who gave the ball away far more than JW in the first half, particularly in the face of Sunderland pressure

    I do though agree that the introduction of denilson earlier would have given more balance to the side, but given the repeated silly knocks Song was making I think perhaps he should have replaced him (but then hindsight is a wonderful thing!)

    Someone has kidnapped clichy – and replaced him with a clone whose batteries can only provide power for about 70 minutes of any given match – he seems to spend a good 15-20 of any given match staring in to space while the opposition wreak havoc down his wing.

    On the plus side the CBs both look like they’re settling in nicely, and the team showed that it’s eginning to learn how to get something about these sort of games.

    Squillaci’s practicing of the ‘dark arts’ was particularly pleasing to see. I still imagine him as third choice but his no nonsense style looks great alongside the game reading ability of koscielny.

    On fabregas – who cares how he’s feeling? A long as he’s pulling on the shirt and putting in the kind of captains performances we’ve seen recently I couldn’t care if he’s crying in to his cornflakes each morning before the game. Keep getting the goals, lets try and win something this year, then lets talk about fab and barca again.

    And finally – London, I agree with much of your analysis except of wilshire, but thought the titling of the article was a bit harsh. given he wasn’t any worse than the ret of our team in the first 45 I’d have been happier with “Wenger asks too little of first team regulars” 🙂

    Good Sunday all.

  80. barumgooner says:

    I agree London. We aren’t going to just throw this one away. I would imagine only a few changes will be made.

  81. barumgooner says:

    Nicely put Edissiomo, I cant believe what seems to have come over Clichy either. He does seem to have gone from being as good as or even better than Cole to being about as reliable as Cole was to the ex mrs Cole

  82. London says:


    A good comment but I am afraid I do not agree with it all. You say that you “don’t share my view on Wilshere only because he got better as the game went on.” Well, Edi that is pretty much what I said in the last paragraph of the post, isn’t it?

    The other thing you say is that Wilshere never gave the ball away more than anyone else, well, that is not strictly true either is it? Wilshere lost possession far more that any other player in the first critical fifteen minutes.

    Wilshere had a great game in the week and should have been on the bench yesterday fit as a butcher’s dog for a full ninety minutes on Tuesday.

    Glaringly obvious to me.

  83. Edissimo says:

    @barumgooner says:
    September 19, 2010 at 7:54 pm

    Hahahaha, priceless!

    @london, yes you did, apologies, after 80 comments reading I’d forgotten that para.

    On ball loss statistics, wilshire may have lost it in the first 15 most (though I differ as to how crucial they were as snderlands dominance far outlasted them and proved resilient enough to withstand a goal) I’m pretty sure that song lost the ball more than jack jack over the course of the half, though I’ve neither the self flagellatory sensibility to watch the game again nor a shelved statto to provide the answers, just how it seemed from one watch through.

    Re tuesday – I think the injury to fabregas gives strength to your point about resting jack as the midfield threatens to look a bit threadbare but that’s with the benefit of hindsight. Had the forwards managed to finish some of the moves jack started in the second half we might have been celebrating his inclusion as a masterstroke. Without fabregas on the pitch and with rosicky tiring as the game went on he increasingly looked to me our most direct midfielder and the one likeliest to create something.

    I wouldn’t be all that surprised if we see a midfield including denilson and rosicky on tuesday.

    Who knows, london, if Wenger goes with those two maybe I’ll do a ‘be our guest’.

    Finally, I’m pleased at the healthy debate here. you guys have one of the best arsenal blogsites – particularly for the discussion your articles generate – don’t be put off by the whingers -thanks for another thought provoking article London.

  84. London says:

    You are obviously a man of good taste Edissimo

  85. Edissimo says:

    touche sir touche!

  86. Neamman says:

    I think, I hope, AW sticks with his guns and plays the fringe players. From the better known players I expct to see Fabianski, Djourou, Eboue, Gibbs,Denilson,Vela from the beginning plus some of the younger ones given a start. Yes the spuds may win and let them laugh, but with our current injury list I dont want to risk other big names.
    Im an old timer and to me the spuds are still the main rivals, but its the CC.. so I dont care,given our injury list.
    I do feel if we had a full squad then we could have played more established players a la Nic, Theo, Ramsey, RVP and still have beaten the spuds. but tomorrow.. I may be too pessimistic but I see an easy spuds victory, 2-0 o r 3-1

  87. London

    JUST IN CASE our Maestro inevitably keep on persisting to move to a club of his choice.

    Rather than being caught by a shocking surprise by next January 2011, wouldn’t it be easier to imagine that there is still a possibility of the worst scenario to happen. Such a possibility could happen as a private deal of the Boss and the Maestro.

  88. Big Raddy says:

    Van Arend.

    Of course what you write is true and I am certain AW is planning for a future without Cesc.

    I do not believe JW will be the answer to the loss of Cesc (should that come to pass). Nasri is only just 23 and is the more attacking player, I believe it will be him who becomes our playmaker.

    The future with the combined talents of Ramsey, Nasri and JW is a mouth watering prospect.

  89. Rasp says:

    New post ….

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