Doomer vs AKB: Decoded – written by RockyLives


Written by RockyLives

George Bernard Shaw is credited with having described England and America as “two nations divided by a common language.”* When it comes to supporting Arsenal, it often seems as if we fans are “two nations divided by a common passion.”  We all want Arsenal to succeed, but by God, from the trenches of the blogosphere we sure don’t look as if we’re on the same side.

But are the Doomers and AKB-ers less divided than they seem? Could it be that the problem is all in the language? As an aid to understanding (and as a late bid for the Nobel Peace Prize) here’s a beginner’s guide to the real meaning of the two prevailing languages spoken in Arseland: Doomspeak and Akbish.

In each case we’ll start with a normal English phrase, word or sentence, then give the translations, for example:

“Fourth Place.”

Doomers: “The summit of Wenger and the Board’s ambition.”

Arsene Knows Best: “An amazing achievement given our lack of spending power.”

OK – got it? Here goes then…

“Emirates Stadium.”

AKB: “A great shining beacon of our status as one of the world’s top clubs.”

Doomers: “A great shiny toilet of doom, down which all our potential transfer money has been pissed for the last five years.”

“Cesc Fabregas.”

AKB: “We’ve got Cesc Fabregas, we’ve got Cesc Fabregas…”

Doomers: “Not for long.”

“Arsenal sign French defender Koscielny.”

Doomers: “Oh Christ, he’s even shorter than Vermaelen.”

AKB: “But he looks good on YouTube!”

“Arsenal thrash Blackpool.”

AKB: “The title’s in the bag!”

Doomers: “Chelsea would have scored 20.”

“Board says funds are available for transfers.”

Doomers: “That’ll be half a million for Silvestre’s one-legged older brother then.”

AKB: “Trust me – we’re going to sign Hugo Lloris, Shay Given, Mark Schwarzer, Phil Jagielka, Per Meetersacker, Riccardo Montolivo, Hatem ben Arfa and Pele. And that’s just for starters.”

“The Arsenal midfield.”

AKB:  “Oooh, I think I’m getting aroused in my trousers.”

Doomers: “We’ll be f*cked if Snow White ever turns up and asks for them back.”


AKB: “Great stats. Honestly, he’s made more successful backward passes than Jonny Wilkinson.”

Doomers: “Gnash Gnash – outsprinted by a fat middle-aged referee – Gnash Gnash.”

“Tomas Rosicky.”

AKB: “Take a bow, little maestro.”

Doomers: “Oh crap, while taking a bow he did his tendon again. He’ll be back for 2011/12 though.”

“Abou Diaby.”

AKB: “He has all the attributes to be a top, top player.”

Doomers: “Get your head out your arse you dozy git!”

“The Arsenal Medical Team.”

Doomers: “Who runs that place – Harold Shipman?”

AKB: “At least they get lots of practice.”

“Pat Rice.”

Doomers: “What does he do? I mean, really, what does he do?”

AKB: “Legend. Total legend. Not sure what he does though.”

“Manuel Almunia.”

AKB: “He’s a good shot stopper.”

Doomers: “He should be stopped and shot.”

“Sebastien Squillaci.”

Doomers: “He’s the French Mikael Silvestre. Oh, hang on a minute…”

AKB: “He’s taller than Koscielny!”

And finally…

“Barcelona, Xavi, Puyol, Reina.”

AKB: “Bunch of C U Next Tuesdays.”

Doomers: “Bunch of C U Next Tuesdays.”

See – we can all agree on some things…

*Some sources attribute the quote to Oscar Wilde and others to Bertrand Russell.


167 Responses to Doomer vs AKB: Decoded – written by RockyLives

  1. Morning all

    Some amusing banter from RockyLives. This site doesn’t carry the torch for either side of the fence and we prefer not to use either of those specific terms that are seen frequently on other sites. All opinions are valid.

    Good luck if you’re working near any spuds today – it will be a challenging one.

  2. 1979gooner says:

    agree with peaches, the terms are not helpful, invariably the terms are used by one extreme to polarise the debate and avoid engaging in a proper specific argument on certain issues.

  3. dandan says:

    Nice one Rocky, Have been laughing my head off at the Snow white gag, loved it.

    Peaches I have a field full of spuds just down the road and the clouds having been peeing on them all night, a portent of things to come in the C.L. perhaps.

  4. dandan says:

    Twitchy will be Going Berserk today with the prospect of a few quid to spend, wonder if the club will give it to him.

  5. Rasp says:

    Hi 1979 and welcome,

    We knew it would be risky publishing an article of this nature as we don’t want to encourage the sort of comments that characterise the extreme views on either side. Hopefully the humour will get that message across.

    The important point, and the one that is always overlooked is that we are all staunch supporters who happen to occupy a different standpoint. We should be united in our disagreement 😛

  6. adam says:

    The answer lies deep in the psyche of both camps. Glass half full etc, etc. Most, though not all, of the Doomers want Arsenal to succeed but they are pessimistic by nature and find the pain of disappointment too much to bare. I understand this mindset perfectly. Others actually want Arsene to fail miserably so they can tell everyone that they told us so. Then there are the truly sad and somewhat sick individuals who just love to dish out the most appalling abuse to Wenger and the board from morning ’til night. I often think what fun they must be to live with.

  7. boomer says:


  8. 26may1989 says:

    Here’s another bit of glass-half-full-ness: Spurs winning last night is good because it means there’s no chance we would have to play a game on a plastic pitch, which would no doubt have resulted in various injuries to our brittle players.

  9. Morning Adam – good comment.

  10. Big Raddy says:

    RL. Very funny. “Harold Shipman” 🙂

  11. Gooner from Sydney says:

    AKB FTW!!

  12. These are the teams in their pots for the Champions Lge draw. I’d like Roma or Valencia please – we had such a boring group travel wise last season.

    Pot one: Inter Milan, Barcelona, Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Bayern Munich, AC Milan, Lyon.

    Pot two: Werder Bremen, Real Madrid, Roma, Shakhtar Donetsk, Benfica, Valencia, Marseille, Panathinaikos.

    Pot three: Tottenham, Rangers, Ajax, Schalke, Basle, Braga, FC Copenhagen, Spartak Moscow.

    Pot four: Hapoel Tel Aviv, FC Twente, Rubin Kazan, Auxerre, CFR Cluj, Partizan Belgrade, MSK Zilina, Bursaspor.

  13. charybdis1966 says:

    Morning all, good laugh there R Lives, it reminds me of the translation of dating site ads. For example “Free spirit” = Total slapper, sleeps around; “Buxom” = Fat ; “Enjoys the fine things in life” = Gold digging hussy etc..
    Good comment 1979, and dam you for being 13 years younger than me ! 🙂

  14. Richard B says:

    So much of the ‘debate’ between the two extremes is based purely and simply on conjecture. The Doomers claim that we would be better off with just about any other manager than Wenger (particularly one who has a penchant towards spending) and the AKB’s promise that it’ll all come right when the youth team come through and everyone else is out of business anyway!
    Hard facts seem to play little part in some peoples opinions but one thing is for certain. Emirates Stadium costs the Club around £20m a year in mortgage costs and generates five times that in revenue. For the medium and long term health of the Club it’s a no-brainer. And, with the transfer market collapsing all around us, the spending of ‘big’ money now is just plain stupid. It really does seem to depend on whether you’re natuarlly a pessimist or an optimist – and whether you’re blessed with any sort of level of patience. It just so happens that AW is at one extreme and that, for some people, is another land.

  15. tommystout says:

    Wonderful post Rocky
    Theres a few to avoid in Pot 2 peaches.
    I’ve had to turn talkshite off this morning – you’d think they were the spuds main sponsers…. puke fest.
    Last season at blackburn we were without Gallas TV and song, it will be a different storey saturday even with big Al in goal.

  16. charybdis1966 says:

    So Wenger has his weekly press conference “at lunchtime” today according to; let’s hope he has some new signings with him(AKB) or he’ll say “We are not close to signing anybody”(Doomer).

  17. galteegunner says:

    Love the article, best one I have read in ages. I read loads of arsenal blogs daily (developing OCD I think – I blame the transfer window) and the bickering between the two sets of extremists does my head in. I am happy to listen to both sides but I live in the middle ground and I hope to think that most gooners are the same. lads join us in the middle, its not too cold, not too hot, its just right

  18. terry says:

    Manuel Almunia.”

    AKB: “He’s a good shot stopper.”

    Doomers: “He should be stopped and shot

    l totaly love this

  19. Morning tommy – I’m avoiding the fact that we could get Real Madrid 😳

  20. Rasp says:

    Welcome galteegunner,

    You will be amongst friends on here with that balanced view of all things Arsenal.

  21. Rasp says:

    Morning chary,

    My guess is that the press conference will be to announce the signing of Squillaci. Our other signing will be saved to the last day of the transfer window as per usual – he’s such a tease that Ivan 😉

  22. charybdis1966 says:

    Well Raspers, it would certainly put us out of our misery if we had Squelchy confirmed and although this is too much to ask for, a new goalie too. I think the GK may be the last minute deal we’re going to get.
    Maybe that the puff piece on Flappianski the other day on is merely a way of putting him in the shop window for a buying/loaning club. As has been said many times, it should be a proven GK as our new number 1 and Almunia as our number 2 goalie.

  23. terry says:

    i love the mini league u have made on premierleague official website…

    any suggestions who we should choose as captain for this weekends games.

  24. tommystout says:

    anyway we can hear the press conf live folks – thats other than being there 🙂

  25. tommystout says:

    is big raddy still flying high at the top of the minileague – me with no enemy policy is my downfall and propping up the league… although i have now made transfers and dumped some dippers!

  26. terry says:

    im 5th in the league

  27. I can’t believe how many crocks I chose for my team plus Bellamy !!!!!!!!!

    Should’ve known better ……

    Raddy got lucky – who’d want Drogba??????????

  28. MidnightMoor says:

    good article

  29. 26may1989 says:

    I don’t really think we should get too worried about drawing Real Madrid – it’s the Pot Three team we get that will be more significant for getting through to the knock-out stages. I’m especially keen to avoid Ajax, Schalke and Braga, though an easier Pot Two draw (Werder Bremen, Marseille or Panathinaikos) would make one of those easier to stomach.

    I agree with Peaches though, we want something a bit interesting, though not too much. Perhaps Valencia, FC Copenhagen and FC Twente? Or Marseille, Ajax and Zilina? Or Real Madrid, Rangers and Cluj??

  30. charybdis1966 says:

    I’m not a subscriber so won’t have first view on the Press conference – what does everyone think will happen a signing or “We are not close to signing anyone”? Cast your vote !
    I’m voting for “We are not close to signing anyone” as I’m hoping to have egg on my face.

  31. London says:

    Great read

    The snow white joke made me spit my tea out with laughter.

  32. Rasp says:

    ooooohhh – something’s afoot!

    Press conference has been brought forward and the Armoury has been closed from 1 o clock. That could be because it will be raining and they want to take pics indoors.

    We may be getting a surprise as well as squidgy?

  33. dandan says:

    Rasp..good morning… great to hear you sounding excited….

  34. Rasp says:

    Morning dandan, you know me, ever the optimist 😉

  35. charybdis1966 says:

    Raspers, the presser is brought forward till when ? The last I heard it was said to be at a vague ”lunchtime” – that could mean anything from now till 2pm.
    Could they be closing the Armoury for a stock take, it being month end(almost) ?

  36. dandan says:

    12.45 I think Chary

  37. dandan says:

    Chary it could be anything, but an announcement is more fun, lets stay with that

  38. charybdis1966 says:

    Cheers Dandan – is that from SSN ?

  39. dandan says:

    No arse official site

  40. Big Raddy says:

    DD. Isn’t that the kick off time on Saturday?

  41. Rasp says:

    I’m guessing we’ve signed David Bentley back – ‘arry’s never forgiven him for pouring that bucket of water over his head.

  42. tommystout says:

    LOL are we getting excited folks…
    If its only squillaci i will feel somewhat deflated.
    we all expect squillaci and know hes coming, it should have been announced earlier in the week so we wondered about why the delay – one reason could be that we are waiting for the possibility of a double announcement

  43. dandan says:

    You could be right Raddy Sorry about that

  44. kelsey says:

    Brilliant post RL, just my kind of sense of humour.

    Well the spuds will be bringing out a 4 hour MGM epic on how they got through to the group stages, limited edition of course.

    According to some reports in blog land squillaci has gone back to Spain and will return on Sunday

  45. London says:

    I think they are going to announce the signing of more than Squidgy.

    Ooooooohhhhh it’s so exciting.

    I reckon tomorrow’s post will just be the line “I told you so” written by Dandan.

  46. London says:

    Hi Tommy


  47. charybdis1966 says:

    Oh Radders, so “We are not close to signing anyone” it is then. 😦

  48. tommystout says:

    he’s only confirmed squillaci 😦

  49. tommystout says:

    i was hoping he might have somehow snuck MS in!

  50. dandan says:

    Arsenal have announced the signing of Squidgy

  51. tommystout says:

    ‘he’s a good player, at the right price and is a good signing for us.” AW on Squillaci

  52. tommystout says:

    oh well i guess we’ll have to wait for GK news

  53. tommystout says:

    anyone think fabregas will start saturday?

  54. Frothing Inarticulate Loon says:

    Rocky – brilliant!!

    I should have read this earlier, it would have set the day up nicely !!

  55. dandan says:

    afternoon Loony how are you

  56. dandan says:

    If you see that Arse around loony, tell him to move his over to this site

  57. tommystout says:

    Denilson is back in the fold. Koscielny returns and ‘will be involved’ says wenger

  58. tommystout says:

    well we knew about squilli on monday, but i guess its good to have it officially confirmed

  59. SharkeySure says:

    Great post Rocky, some very funny lines in there.

    Richard B…very well said.

  60. kelsey says:

    good question tommy.

    I think Cesc is 50/50 and I reckon RVP got a nasty knock against Blackpool, and he was definitely ring rusty beforehand, so my guess is that he won’t start.

    If we get real madrid and anyone wants a ticket please let me know as I should be able to get some from my friends at BWIN.

  61. Rasp says:

    Ok, just squidgy for the timebeing then 🙄 … I don’t know about dandan and the ITYS button, so far this scenario is precisely following the script of my post “Summer Signings, Expect to be Slightly Disappointed”

  62. dandan says:

    Noooooooooooooooo Rasp you got to be happy today

  63. tommystout says:

    yeah but you’ve got to expect a keeper… and if we get the keeper i wont be dissapointed.
    and we’ve got to get a keeper otherwise arsenals undermining of their own keepers with schwarzer and Given speculation is bordering on negligence!

  64. kelsey says:

    Maybe, just maybe Wenger thinks as he is bolstering the defence,that is the main priority as opposed to a new keeper.
    We usually get done on set pieces which is not always the keepers fault.

    Nevertheless,having said that I would be extremely disappointed if we don’t sign a new keeper,because that would be the “stubborness” in Wenger.He must realise every fan and pundit in the land knows Almunia is no good, and the worst thing is that Almunia deep down knows that himself.

  65. Edmond Dantes says:

    Love it, love it, absolutely love it. Great post

  66. tommystout says:

    have just stated that wenger disclosed “the squillaci transfer is the last of this transfer window.”

  67. tommystout says:

    sorry that was meant to say –
    “talkshite newsdesk just stated”

  68. Rasp says:

    This is what AW actually said…..

    “We are where we are – we have four great keepers and it is important we give confidence to them for the next game, I do not rule it out, but at the moment I say I am not in a position to sign anybody. At the moment, it is all dead.”

  69. tommystout says:

    rasp – did he say that in the press conf???

  70. tommystout says:

    dont answer rasp, ive heard
    so talkshite are talking shite then?

  71. London says:

    Dandan’s point all along is that it is too early to be disappointed as the window is not shut……the window still isn’t shut. If things remain the same then you are right if not then Dandan’s cheerful optimism through out the summer will be vindicated.

  72. gunnern5 says:

    Where is all this information coming from?
    I’m ob and tuned into AW’s news conference and all there has been is music???

  73. rockylives says:

    Hello All. Thanks for taking the post in the spirit in which it was intended (mild satire). Depending on the phase of the moon and the latest news on Newsnow I’m perfectly capable of channeling my inner Doomer or inner AKB-er as occasion demands.

    It’s good that Squelchy’s official. And I wouldn’t take AW’s quote about GKs to mean that we’re not signing one. If we are still interested in Schwarzer it’s obviously a comment aimed at keeping the price down.

  74. rockylives says:

    Peaches – thanks for putting the health warning up to scare off the abuse-mongers.

  75. gunnern5 says:

    I,m really bemused; has still made no official announcement on any signings and the press conference that was “supposed” to be shown live, never was and any reference to the conference has been removed from the site.

  76. SharkeySure says:

    GN5 – ATVO is not the most reliable platform. The telecast of the game in Austria finished approx 5mins before the final whistle was blown, leaving a few usbnure of thefinal score!!

    Unbelievable really.

  77. rockylives says:

    GunnerN5 – perhaps it’s all a dream?

  78. gunnern5 says:

    Sharkey: is the official Arsenal site and I’ve always found it to be most reliable. As of this moment there is still no announcement?

  79. SharkeySure says:

    GN5 My comments were specifically about ATVO, not in general.

    As you yourself say, all reference to the ‘Watch the Conference Live’ has now disappeared.

    Add to that the pre-season matches where the kick offs were delayed for ATVO technical issues, and the cutting short of a game at 6-5.

  80. SharkeySure says:

    “ is the official Arsenal site”

    In peace… what on earth made you right that bit…??

  81. gunnern5 says:

    Sharkey: Got ya I’m now in tune so to speak?

  82. gunnern5 says:

    Sharkey: I don’t understand your comment – are you suggesting that it’s not the official site???

  83. kelsey says:

    gunnern5, it is official,trust me.

    On the keeper front, maybe there was an issue with the medical Schwarzer took or possibly Wenger just wouldn’t up his price or Hughes just wasn’t interested.

    Given is out of our price range,going by our recent net spend,so perhaps the boss is happy with the 4 Just Men.(I hope not)

    Almunia is on 50K a week which is hard to believe.

  84. gunnern5 says:

    Kelsey: I know it’s the official site.

    I guess Sharkey was intimating that I was dumb to even say that? If that’s is the case then on another site I would respond in kind but on ArsenalArsenal I’ll just let it ride.

    Like you I think we will be left wanting without a better goalie but if that’s the case then we must hope that the defensive additions will cover up some of Almunia’s deficiencies.

  85. rockylives says:

    I really think we’re still in for Schwarzer but we’re going to haggle until the last day to get the price we want.

  86. 26may1989 says:

    Just noticed one very amusing call on for a song for our new signing: “Psycho Squilla, qu’est-ce que c’est? Run run run run run away.”

    Apparently it’s been on twitter for a while, so apols to those who’d seen this already, but I don’t tweet and it amused me, especially given the let-down of a press conference brought forward only to announce a signing we knew (more or less) was in the bag already.

  87. rockylives says:

    Like it 26may. Always loved that Talking Heads song. Fa-fa-fa-faaa-fa, fa-fa-fa-faaa-fa

  88. SharkeySure says:

    Not questioning your intelligence GN5, but your comment implied that I did not know that was the official site.

    I just wondered why you’d assume that I didn’t know that.

    I also have no clue what you mean by ‘respond in kind’, my post was prefaced with ‘in peace’!

    Have I really managed to annoy you, or have you just misunderstood me..??

  89. 26may1989 says:

    Wasn’t N5 just saying that he’s found reliable because it is the official site?

  90. Edmond Dantes says:

    All hail Lord Wenger and God save the Arsenal

  91. charybdis1966 says:

    This is weird, newsnow is full of stories – with quotes from Wenger – about us signing Squelchy yet has sweet FA abot him.
    The newsnow stories are nearly 3 hours old – which I suppose is nothing when you consider how slow are.

  92. SharkeySure says:

    26M I thought it was just a regular press conference, we tend not to do the ‘here’s our new player’ live presentations these days.

  93. SharkeySure says:

    26M….yeah he was, I clarified that I was talking only about the ATVO bit not generally.

  94. tommystout says:

    anyone want to see theo start on saturday? if he plays then blackburn will sit back

  95. tommystout says:

    sagna, kozzer,tv,gael
    diaby song
    theo cham aa


  96. SharkeySure says:

    Tommy – Whatever team we put out we shoud be fine really. Whatever approach B’burn take, they’ll be banking on set pieces.

    So yeah I agree, start Theo and play our own game.

  97. tommystout says:

    yep sharkey im not worried at all really last year we were bullied without TV Gallas and Song, we also had flaps in goals.
    Minimise corners and we’ll be ok.
    Keep the ball and we’ll be ok.
    Win the ball back quickly when we lose it and we’ll be ok.

  98. SharkeySure says:

    Eeek !

  99. London says:

    Absolutely bizzare

    Does anyone know if Wenger has given his Thursday press conference and by this I mean seen it first hand?

    BTW I agree there is a difference between ATVO and

  100. London says:

    This is a good game, guess Wenger’s team, here’s mine.


  101. tommystout says:

    rasp has seen it first hand i think London.
    I’ve been getting twitter updates from some of the journalists i follow who were attending.
    Whats do you want to know?

  102. tommystout says:

    Wenger has already said Kozzer will be involved saturday!

  103. gunnern5 says:

    Sharkey: The written word is never as clear as words spoken face to face. I was annoyed, but now accept that I misunderstood your post.

    I remain bemused as to why has not confirmed the signing. Over the years I have only believed a signing when it’s announced by


  104. SharkeySure says:

    No worries GN5.

    Agreed, a very strange day indeed. Press conference held but not broadcast, all media bar reporting Arsene’s verbal confirmation of the signing.

    I really don’t go in for slating my own club so I’ll just say that todays ‘non reporting’ is pretty odd, and leave it there

  105. Rasp says:


    The recorded press conferences on are always delayed by at least an hour behind the event – maybe this is to do some ‘constructive editing’; I don’t know. Most of the reports of what was said have been word of mouth from those present although some journalists may have had their own recording devices.

    The so-called report on TalkShite was simply a mobile phone account from their man at the meeting.

  106. tommystout says:

    its funny rasp how sky decided to echo the talkshite report – they are all wankers all from the same boat who love to report negetive publicity when it comes to the arsenal even if it comes to making it up.

  107. charybdis1966 says:

    So the Squelchy transfer news embargo goes on.

    Profoundly odd.

  108. Rasp says:

    Hi tommy,

    I don’t subscribe to ArsenalTV, but I know many who do – it will be interesting to see exactly what AW said. As you say, instead of focusing on the fact that we’ve signed a quality player (that was the point of the press conference), they are making a fuss about the fact we may not be signing a new keeper – what’s new about that piece of info?

  109. Rasp says:


    You almost get the feeling that is trying to wind us up! But actually they are probably all geared up to react to the CL draw which is potentially far more newsworthy.

  110. dandan says:

    I subscribe Rasp and nothing has appeared yet.

  111. charybdis1966 says:

    I’m scratching my head about this that’s for sure Raspers. All I could come up with was that they were editing the pictures of Squelchy taken in the Armoury(which was closed for this purpose)
    While the Champions League draw is important don’t the club realise that signing new players helps to create a feel good factor at a club.

  112. Being a woman, I just had to check ATVO for myself and sure enough there’s nothing on there 😳

  113. charybdis1966 says:

    So the Spud dwarf hand-ball cheat Jermaine Defraud has been found guilty of using a mobile while driving. Suppose he thought if he can get away with a blatant hand ball than evading a driving offence should be doddle.
    Spud scum.

  114. Irishgunner says:

    Evening all,

    This whole Squidgy transfer is odd….

  115. Hi irish – very odd I agree. Didn’t get a chance to tell you how good I thought your piece was on Rosexy – hardly noticed your love oozing from every word 😆

  116. charybdis1966 says:

    Hello Maire, it does seem uneccessarily drawn out. maybe a 3 day delay after the medical isn’t enough, has to wait 3 to 4 hours more to confirm the transfer.

  117. London says:

    Squidgy Gate.

  118. charybdis1966 says:

    Talking of your Rosexy piece, I pretty much agreed he was MoM on Saturday in my match report on the Spetic site.

  119. Irishgunner says:

    Peaches – Whatever could you mean? 😳 😆

    Chary – Don’t they know by now that the secret is out ha ha maybe we’re still getting another player?? I live in hope

  120. dandan says:

    Maybe just maybe, they have trouble with the site, there is no doubt the deal is done. Chary be cool my friend.

  121. Rasp says:

    Hi Irish,

    Its definitely been announced at the press conference. I’m sure poor old squidgy is underwhelmed by the lack of fanfare accompanying his signing.

  122. Irishgunner says:

    Werder Bremen, Braga and Auxerre please for me.

  123. charybdis1966 says:

    Yeah Dandan – I know it’s a done deal, but I can’t remember such a delay beetween a press conference confirming a signing and dong the same.

    As the spetics would say the delay was ok before but “now they’re just screwing with us”

  124. Irishgunner says:

    Rasp – Yep not exactly on par with the reception AA23 got eh? 😆

    Dandan – they are updating the site, just did it now as the CL is the top story and AW confirmed today that Denilson is back for the weekend.

  125. Oh they just love to keep us guessing don’t they ……. Sqidgy Gate – sounds like a title for a post 😉

  126. dandan says:

    get typing then peachy. lol

  127. dandan says:

    I hate all this bullshit and clap trap these TV companies stick in as padding why don’t they just get on with the draw.

  128. London says:

    OK I think I know what is going on, Wenger has given an interview for Sky in which he has confirmed the transfer, he won’t be playing on Saturday etc. As to ATVO my guess is that he will give an interview after the Euro draw is made.,,12040_6339359,0.html

  129. dandan says:

    Think you got it in one, London

  130. gunnern5 says:

    Irish: It’s been that way for over an hour. I’ve had the site on live since noon (5pm) and they took off the reference to the press conference around 2:45 (7:45). Still no mention of a signing.

  131. Irishgunner says:

    Gunnern5: I’m not too sure cos I just logged on like 30 mins ago but at the time Denilson was the top story and now its the CL draw

  132. Irishgunner says:


    make with the draw already…

  133. dandan says:

    Bet Sky will love having Gary Linekar on the show

  134. Rasp says:

    Group H … big deal!

  135. Irishgunner says:

    Eddie’s coming home

  136. Rasp says:

    Shaktar Donetsk

  137. 26may1989 says:

    The draw so far:

    Group A: Inter, Werder Bremen
    Group B: Lyon, Benfica,
    Group C: Man U, Valencia
    Group D: Barca, Panathinaikos
    Group E: Bayern, Roma
    Group F: Chelsea, Marseille
    Group G: Milan, Real Madrid,
    Group H: Arsenal, Shaktar Donetsk

  138. dandan says:

    Lets hope we play them early, don’t need the snow

  139. 26may1989 says:

    Bollocks, it’s down to Braga, Ajax and Schalke for Pot Three….

  140. Rasp says:

    Totnum lucky … again

  141. SharkeySure says:

    Chance to say bye bye to Eduardo !!!

    He better not score against us…unless we’re winning 5-0

  142. London says:

    Another culinary nightmare draw.

  143. Irishgunner says:

    Serbia and Ukraine will be a bit of a trek

  144. Big Raddy says:

    A good chance for the boys to top up on airmiles.

    I am happy with the group, it could have been far worse. THFC got lucky 😉

  145. London says:

    OK, I have just seen the mini Wenger interview on and he makes clear that Djourou is “Not quite there yet” so I will stop that one. In which case my guess at Wenger’s team will be:


  146. Irishgunner says:

    What do ye think?

    Tricky draw

  147. London says:

    I could have been better and it could have been worse I don’t agree that spuds got lucky.

  148. Big Raddy says:

    Just kidding London. Though I believe thfc (no reason to give them capital letters) will get through at the expense of WB.

  149. 26may1989 says:

    Pretty good draw for both North London sides (we’ve only got one long trip, to Donetsk, and the sides are all manageable). Tougher for United and Chelsea, but not too worrying for them. Nightmare for Ajax and Auxerre!

    I’d have liked something a bit more interesting than we ended up with, but I might take in a trip to Belgrade or Braga, might be fun.

  150. Irishgunner says:

    ” From David Wanjiru, Thika, Kenya via text: “The Arsenal group looks too easy to be true, considering we could just as easily have drawn Real Madrid, Ajax and FC Twente. I’m deeply suspicious. And knowing our propensity for arrogance when the opposition is weak on paper, I’m worried for us.”

    Am…okay 🙄

  151. tommystout says:

    good draw i think for us, nice draw for spurs LOL, i think theyll do well not to finish bottom of that group.
    It will be nice for eddy to come back for a proper send off.

  152. kelsey says:

    good draw, but as always the timing when we play the away fixtures will be important .

  153. kelsey says:

    Harry reckons on their day Spurs can beat anyone. They may have too. 🙂

  154. Irishgunner says:

    Okay, this has been put up on the “official” Arsenal facebook page:

    Arsenal have completed the signing of the French defender Sebastien Squillaci from Sevilla.
    The Gunners manager, Arsène Wenger, has confirmed that the deal for the 30-year-old centre-back has been sealed after the Spanish club accepted an offer last week.
    “We needed a centre-back of quality and experience if possible, and at the right price – he was all of that,” said Wenger. “He is a real defender and is good in the one against one, good in the air, and can score goals on set-pieces as well. I believe he will be suited to the English game.”
    Squillaci will not play in Saturday’s Premier League game at Blackburn but will be eligible for the Champions League campaign.
    The former Lyon centre-half, who joined Sevilla two years ago, asked to be left out of the side for the Champions League play-off against Braga last week so he would not be cup-tied for European competition.
    Squillaci will strengthen an Arsenal rearguard weakened by the departures of William Gallas, Mikael Silvestre, Sol Campbell and Philippe Senderos.
    Arsenal are also keen on the Fulham goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer, with the Cottagers turning down two bids for the 37-year-old. Wenger refused to rule out bringing in any more players ahead of the transfer deadline, but insisted no deals were imminent.
    “We are where we are – we have four great keepers and it is important we give confidence to them for the next game,” Wenger said. “I do not rule it out, but at the moment I say I am not in a position to sign anybody. At the moment, it is all dead.”
    Wenger, though, indicated players could still move overseas, with full-back Armand Traoré looking set to leave for Benfica.
    “I believe the transfer window should have been over already for a long time, because it should stop when the championship starts for domestic transfers, internationally it should go on until 31 August because not everybody starts at the same time,” he said.

    This article can be found at

    It just links to another facebook page on an article by the Guardian but its not on the official site

  155. Big Raddy says:

    Do you think that a rival club may pay an ex-manager/player to refuse the sale of their GK ?

    Or could said club be prepared to pay the GK in question to stay where he is and refuse the blandishments of the mighty Gunners?

  156. Hmmmmmmnnnn who could you be talking about Raddy – not airing a conspiracy are you??????????????????

  157. kelsey says:

    Can someone please explain, why Totenham could only land in group A, when they came up?? They should have been able to land in any group that didn´t include the other English teams. Irish will know, I am sure.

  158. Irishgunner says:

    Kelsey I’ve no idea – I’ll go snoop

  159. It must have been the order they came out of the bowl mustn’t it – they couldn’t be in an group with an English team.

  160. Irishgunner says:

    probably it peaches cos I can’t think of any other reason

  161. kelsey says:

    peaches, that is not correct as I see it as there were several other options, and they came out of the bowl nearer to first than last.

    never mind, my main concern is cesc’s body language.I hope we see a less embarrassed figure on Saturday.

  162. Rasp says:


    If you’re about, your entire article was lifted and reproduced on this site …. take it as a compliment 🙂

  163. Morning all

    Theres a NEW POST

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